Fake Trump Recording, Bidenomics Tanking, Smoke Poison

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (WNW 588 6.30.23)

Could the Trump phone call being leaked to CNN be an AI fake?  Some say yes, and today’s AI technology would make it easy to do.  Remember all the evil Deep State made up on Trump and the so-called Russian collusion?  There was the fake “Dossier,” fraudulent spy warrants and FBI and DOJ lying at every turn.  Pulling off an AI fake audio recording of Trump admitting guilt is outrageous and should be investigated thoroughly.  I want to see and hear the original recording playing on the original recording device that was used.  I think they are just making it all up—again. 

They have a new name for Biden’s dismal economy, and that is “Bidenomics.”  Does the Biden Administration think the economy is going so well it needs the name of the cheated-in President?  According to a recent NBC poll, 74% of Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction, and only 20% think it’s going the right way.  Remember, this is NBC of the Lying Legacy Media, and that’s the best they can make this look?  It’s looking dismal, and people think the economy is getting worse, not better.  Meanwhile, Fed Head Jay Powell says he is raising rates again and again by the end of the year.  That should help the economy.

The fires that are burning over a large part of Eastern Canada and the Northeast have spread to the Midwest.  Severe toxic smoke is causing breathing problems in Chicago and elsewhere.  Some are saying the smoke is not just wood smoke, other dangerous chemicals are in it.  Are people trying to poison us at every turn?  How can these fires start all at once if someone or some group is not coordinating setting these fires?

There is much more in the 54-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 6.30.23.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Financial writer and precious metals expert David Morgan will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He talks about the new BRICS currency and why it’s going to be very hard to get started.

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  1. Marie Joy

    Was Greta vaxxed? Just curious.
    CAF calls this time “The Great Poisoning”
    My younger brother is having trouble with the wildfire smoke. He’s outside a lot.
    Trusting the wrong doctor can get you killed.
    This is the time to look at some of Greg’s advertisers, especially, water and air filtration.
    http://www.airnow.gov can show you the quality of your air.
    http://www.ki4u.com has free information about radiation and protection. You can also buy radiation detectors.

  2. Tony DeAngelo

    Greg, the viewers who fight with you the most are the ones who love you the most. So don’t get annoyed when someone makes a comment as to something you are doing or not doing. Did your mother and father not give you correction? Does the Lord not chastise you when you step out of line? . . . Why should the community of saints treat you any differently.

    Be grateful for those who tell you nice compliments. However, it is with the indifferent veiwers that you should be concerned. These days are such that everyone should be very aroused at edge. But so many are numb.

    open your Bible and read: Revelation 3:15–16

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t need the crap on my free site. These folks are not my mother or father.

      • Gary Horton

        Bravo, Greg!


        Hi Greg, I think you are right on the 1/3 of shots being given to turn on later with 5G this way the people still got the shots they were obedient and will take the next shots”See nothing happened bad, you anti-vaxers are 🥜 nuts”. With giving 3 strengths of poison it makes everyone confused ( how did that happen to you? It didn’t happen to me there something wrong with your brain🧠) The people with the worst shots just die can’t stick up for themselves their out of the equation now just the dumbbells to deal with (I’m one of them not because I wanted to I did it to be able to see my grandsons) I figured I don’t want to be alive if they die. One third of us are running around (NOT REALLY we’re TO tired), I’ve been trying to buy the proper items but there expensive and I’m dealing with my husbands health, cancer. When our daughter Kim who has Type 1 Diabetes at 2 yrs old after she got a baragge of CHILD PROTECTION injections Kimberly took her Dad and self and granddaughter to get the shots to PROTECT them because they are at high risk. WHAT A LIE 😡. My husband with in a month had miocardites and almost kidney failure only working 1/4 % I rushed him to Philadelphia to the
        U of Penn emergency room doctor said he would have been dead by morning in hospital 5 days. Then following month went to Ashplund Cancer Center in Pa Rt 611 he goes to for 6 yrs. All the cancer came back that he fought against for 3 yrs is still fighting 3 more yrs. Thank God our son Daniel a Wonderful Teacher & son who helps us with everything(we’re in our 70s) he does food shopping, picks up meds,our Xcar 🚗 (husband had zaxadent car totaled), Dan cooks dinner, feeds😺 🐈🐈🐈Dan also
        has Type 1 Diabetes from the childhood injections. Their 💀 monsters. I always wondered ??if those childhood injections caused Type 1 Diabetes when I watched RFKjr on Joe Rogan it came right out of RFKjr mouth (that why we have so much
        Type 1 Diabetes ). I screamed
        “I knew it, I knew it, you 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀!) Our youngest & wife & sons are dealing with all this too.❤️😔
        Father God 🙏 Have mercy on us all , we’ve repented, we’ve prayed now we ask you for mercy in Lord Jesus Christ wonderful name. 🙏 ❤️ 🕊️ We thank you Father for your presence. Peace
        Peace, Restore unto us the JOY of our salvation Lord Jesus 💓
        Thank you Holy Spirit for your guidance 🙏♥️
        Thank you Greg for all you do.


        LOLOL 🤣😂

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Greg The LOL was for when you told that guy “their not my Mom and Dad”. 😂

      • sam

        Go Mr Greg (Patriot) Hunter….GO!….USAWATCHDOG is by FAR the most FAIR and People Friendly website there is…….these “Misguided” Bible quoting fools ……slinging around bible verses without knowing the ancient scripture meanings….are like idiots trying to convince us that “big farmer” is raising us like cattle to be consumed by our superior overlords…….I guess “It Takes All Kinds”! haha :-)….

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for your support but please stop posting things like this. Nowhere in the Bible does it say the elite will be eating massive amounts of human flesh in the “End of Days.”

        • Ray

          It must be a terrible thing Sam, to be completely obsessed by someone you have had a disagreement with.
          I am in your head, it would seem, all of the time.
          CONTINUALLY regurgitating it up……post after post…..not able to move forward with anything new to bring to the table.
          As I mentioned to you early on in our little joust, this is a site where people come together for INTELLIGENT DISCUSSION.
          Sometimes, we disagree……then we move on.
          That is tradition here.
          As in Martin Armstrong’s recent interview, I made an effort to agree with one of your posts, to see if we could move past our disagreements, and find an acre of common ground.
          It would seem that effort was unsuccessful, as you reveal yourself to be a bitter, bitter person, with an ongoing vendetta to spew denigrating comments toward me.
          I pity you.
          I note that Greg has also shortened you up with a reply here.
          Good for him.
          Greg……Brother……as I said earlier……this person is lowering the bar at your wonderful site.
          He is unable to disagree with people’s opinion/ comments without bringing venom and bile into the conversation.

          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Sam, Only a Fool says there is no God. One who believes in God Almighty the Ancient of Days and His Son Lord Jesus Christ the Dread Champion 🏆 also known as AKA Lilly of the valley, King of Kings, Lord of lords, Emanuel, Healer Savior, Lord of the Heavenly Hosts, Deliver, Provider, Wonderful, Counselor, All in All are wise. We also have Holy Spirit who has come to lead and guide us into all truth.
          You also can know all of this and have the tangible presence of God by just asking for forgiveness, repent and ask the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart and ask Lord Jesus to fill you with the Holy Ghost. I pray Holy Spirit hovers over you until you receive Lord Jesus like how Holy Spirit hovered over the Earth in the begining. Lord Jesus Christ said He would give us the Heathen for our inheritance 🙏 🙏 so you don’t have to be a heathen anymore.

    • Galaxy500

      And Satan’s minions hide as the Servants of the One True God and seek to confuse the flock.
      When and IF Greg makes an error, he corrects it. This isn’t one of those times

  3. Jaun Valdez

    Trump Tells FORBIDDEN Truth About U.S. Foreign Policy!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 183,160 views Jun 27, 2023
    During a recent rally, Donald Trump bragged that if he’d won the 2020 election (or it hadn’t been stolen from him, to be precise), his administration would have successfully overthrown the Venezuelan government by now, and all that nation’s oil would be in the U.S.’s possession. This is of course delusional and doesn’t acknowledge that 8 months before he left office a coup attempt failed miserably in Venezuela, but whatever.

    “He Disrupted the Money Flow” – Why Trump Is Despised by Washington
    Col. Douglas Macgregor Valuetainment 81,790 views Jun 29, 2023

    “Hitler was Obsessed with Ukraine!” Why It’s the Hidden Gem of Europe
    Col. Douglas Macgregor Valuetainment 66,890 views Jun 29, 2023

    “They Have No Chance” – Col. Douglas MacGregor Predicts Ukraine is Doomed. Valetine 391K views 13 hours ago

    • stefan

      Distinctly the better of the useUal 2 choices but also a fresh approach? DJT’s [in]actions regarding “0peRat210n WARpspeed” in spite of dr Zev Zelenco’s open letter to him re inexpensive, but truly safe + effective R0na treatments do cast DOUBT on his ROLE, as well as do many of his staff/cabinet member choices, from Pense/ Minuteskin/Kushler/Vindmans to MaDDog/Kelly and the FauXi-BiRx RONA-team, etc. Why do T’s Trump Tower Suites seem to follow a notable [UN_Free?] Masonic Decorum, not to mention his warm relationship to [geo]political 210n!sm, ‘King Bibi’ and The Wall, etc? “C’mon man!”

  4. Jay Jordan Cardone

    postmortem June 27, 2023
    What I Learned on a Titanic Sub Expedition Unraveling the enigma of Stockton Rush — and understanding the Titan tragedy.
    By David Pogue https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2023/06/what-i-learned-on-a-titanic-submarine-expedition.html

    • Smith

      The sub side show is crap.

      More importantly breaking News: Grannies false teeth need replaced, while America has a verified Nat Sec COMPROMISED vegetable puppet Manchurian in the Oval.


        Smith, 😆


      Jay, I read an article on Dave Hodges that the four Bankers 🏦🏦🏦🏦 that did not want the Federal Reserve Bank were on the Titanic and that J P Morgan was
      supposed to be on the ship but last minute said “all of my 🎨 artwork isn’t on the ship so I’m not going”. What? Wonder if the SHIP was imploded OR exploded 🎇 after that we got the FRB. Something is fishy. Did they kill more people over this? Why not what’s a few more in the scope of things? 🐁🐀 🐁🐀 🐁 🐀 🐁

      • Tony

        The sinking of the Titanic was planned in advance by evil men – just like this war in Ukraine (to sink the US deep in the quagmire of nuclear war) was planned in advance by evil men!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OKXLIQIthg

      • Farmer Ron

        The Titanic did not sink!
        John Hamer is a historian and author who has written extensively on the Titanic conspiracy, revealing how it was switched with its sister ship, the Olympic.

        Whitestar line had commissioned two steam liners ( the Titanic and it’s sister ship the Olympic), back in the early 1900s.
        The Olympic was first to set sail, but as explained by historian John Hamer, it had several accidents rendering it uninsurable and basics unsafe for sea faring. Whitestar line was owned by JPMorgan! There was a switch and bait and the doomed Olympic was put back to see as the new Titanic and the Titanic became the Olympic…
        Morgan increased the insurance on the Titanic ( worthless Olympic) and set a trap for the Federal Reserve opponants,
        The ship was sabotaged on the way ( no iceberg) and rest is history. Morgan got his insurance money, all investigations into the tragedy where bought off, and amongst the 1500 deaths were JP Morgan’s foes! Brilliant plan! Kill your enemies, make it look like an accident, and reap the insurance bailout of a worthless piece of sea unk in the process….
        It really fits with all the other criminal acts the Morgan’s have committed over the past 100 years!
        Listen to the interview it’s well researched, and well documented….
        Farmer Ron

    • Galaxy500

      In the scheme of things, the entire world on fire, why is this Minutia worth a mention here?

      • Coal Burner

        Hey 500, Greetings! Minutia: We must always watch our back and understand, they will gladly kill hundreds of thousands of “innocents” to get three or four enemy. Uhm, reminds me of Ukraine too! Don’t buy a ticket on the most notorious passage. Wait till off season and no bigg wigs are on the train. Another reason I have limited my flights since Clinton’s “buddy” , was it Ron Brown and an incidental load of nobody Government Bureaucrats crashed and burned after Brown threatened Clinton back in the day. Hope I remembered that name correctly. Lots of aspiring young “innocents” on that plane to eastern Europe.

  5. Tony

    “They have a new name for Biden’s dismal economy, and that is “Bidenomics.”
    Yes true, but that’s only because the name “Freakonomics” has already been taken.

    • Craig

      More like Biden-comics instead of Bidenomics!

  6. Putin Loesing Iraq?

    Col. Douglas Macgregor | PBD Podcast | Ep. 283
    PBD Podcast 364,782 views Streamed live 19 hours ago PBD Podcast
    In this Episode, Col. Douglas Macgregor joins PBD and Tom. They discuss Russia, Ukraine, the woke military, the Trump Tape, China, and much more. Douglas Macgregor is a decorated combat veteran, the author of five books, a PhD, and a Defense and Foreign Policy consultant.

    Judge Napolitano-SCOTT RITTER Post Russian Rebellion, Now What?
    Judging Freedom 135K views Streamed 15 hours ago.

    • Observe and learn

      Greg. I’m complete viewer of every episode. I like the real unbiased content. The real hard work. Searching the Truth. Not the narrative. Anyway. I’m not Austrian. Never been to. Don’t plan to. Don’t care to. But I can do an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression that is dang near spot on. I can even do bevis and butt head. As well as Hank Hill. A.I. is not necessary to frame him. But it certainly is possible. I don’t buy a word they claim about him. Our country is in shambles. 12 years of election interference on their hands. They can magically find and nonstop investigate Trump. Everything with a fine tooth comb. But the Biden family has had them for years. In a car and in multiple locations. With exposure to whoever over 20 plus years. But orange man bad? …. Huh? Observe and learn. Form your own opinion. God bless you and your guests Greg.

  7. erick

    20th amendment biden was sworn into office at 11.47 violating the constitution…

    • Shania

      So what?

      No one cares or is going to do anything about it.

  8. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for you clarity.
    Here in the UK we now have Memebers of Parliament using their position within Parliament to lie abou their opposition,in this case Mr Farage was lied about by Mr Chris Bryant MP in the Houses of Parliament,declaring Mr Farage received money from Russian agencies some years ago. Immediately Mr Farge’s bank de-banked him and no other banks will touch him with a barge pole.
    Yet Mr Bryant was paid by Russia Today for an interview.
    The same bank that “de-banked” Mr Farage also has a branch in the USA just to suck off the Federal Reserve teat for the whole worldwide branches! Thank you American tax payers.
    Still our economy is awful here in the UK and salaries are barely meeting the costs of living.
    Let’s remeber the truly horrendous sacrifice Christians made for their religion and the brilliance of those who watched and wrote of their suffering.
    Tacitus, many Christians were put to death “not so much of the crime of firing the city, as of hatred against mankind.”
    Today we have hatred of mankind on full display by the Neo-Cons out of Washington and their puppets worldwide.


      Dear Maria das Santos. May Father God bless you all in Scottish Ireland England and Wales with safety, miraculous provisions and God’s Peace as you all go through this horrendous trying of our faith. Because we will get through it,
      Great is God’s faithfulness. Lord Jesus Christ said He would never leave us or forsake us. Lord Jesus Christ is our Dread Champion 🏆🙏 None of this caught the Father off guard the Angle Armys are here to minister to those who are hiers of salvation with our Lord Jesus the Christ their leader. The Holy Spirit is our comforter 🧥 to rest in. 😘 ❤️

  9. erick

    It is a small group like myself that monitors these and why is it every major city and freeway they use these to data collect on american citizens. Everything you hear other major things are going on. ACLU did a FOIA on illegal usage. Harris corp now another name tax payers gave ukraine these devices to locate russian troops.
    Plus the DHS goes after people selling illegal nfl or other merchandise. Everything you see is a rouse.
    List of items we gave ukraine.

    Docs Show FBI Pressures Cops to Keep Phone Surveillance Secrets

  10. NH Watcher

    As David Brooks points out in the NY Times this morning, while 74% of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction, at the same time, 83% of Americans report “satisfaction” in their personal lives. See: https://news.gallup.com/poll/470888/americans-largely-satisfied-personal-life.aspx.

    This reminds me of the oft-repeated disconnect between Americans overwhelmingly holding the entire U.S. Congress in low esteem, but their individual Congressman, conversely, they hold in high esteem. What will it take then for Americans to overwhelmingly “rock the boat” and re-elect Trump? (If we ignore, for a moment, election fraud.) If they are overwhelmingly satisfied in their personal lives, do they want to risk upending that all? And unless they also elect supermajorities in both the U.S. House and Senate, what ability will Trump have to get anything done? He will spend his second term largely defending and protecting himself and his fortune, not without reason, with the Deep State so against him.

    I live in a purple state. NH is overwhelmingly fiscally conservative yet socially liberal. I do hear those who intend on supporting Trump no matter what, say they are doing this “for their grandchildren.” And yet, at the same time, I find it laughable that Trump insists Social Security and Medicare “will not be touched,” when the CBO’s latest report projects insolvency of both programs by 2035 and 2032 respectively. For anyone supporting Trump for the sake of the next generation, the next generation is already screwed. It is overwhelmingly guaranteed.

    For all the criticism of COVID, the vaccines, and the pandemic (all warranted), I am certain no one on this forum or anywhere else returned their stimulus checks to the government. I sure didn’t. But then I am one of the 17% minority of Americans NOT satisfied with their personal life. Not enough, though, to support Trump again.

    I await the “life to come” and our Lord’s return.

    • David Dansker

      NH Watcher,
      I humbly suggest you tap your compass of parables again:

      And as they heard these things, he added and spake a parable, because he was nigh to Jerusalem, and because they thought that the kingdom of God should immediately appear.
      (Luk 19:11)
      And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.
      (Luk 19:13)

      1) The Lord’s return was, and is, imminent – In the meantime; engage, exercise, use your gifts as the merchandise of your ministry to profit the kingdom.

      2) Stimulus checks – any pittance of the fortune the government confiscated from you that gets returned while they continue profligate spending of the rest on causes like U-Drain makes ‘return’ a moot point.

      3) Donald Trump – we have been given a place in time and geography as a special gift of opportunity. There will be upon our arrival in heaven a host of witnesses to be encountered who gave their last full measure to make this opportunity possible, and to preserve it. None should dare dream of boasting their reluctance to spend twenty minutes to place a marked paper coupon in a tabulator once a year.

      4) David Brooks and the NY Times – If the NY Times called me today with an offer to run one of my articles I would tell them to take the phony poll numbers and jump. Brooks describes himself as a moderate. There is not one thing palatable about moderate, not in beverage, nor in the fight to preserve liberty for salvation. He might as well describe himself as a Laodicean, about whom it is written:

      I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
      (Rev 3:15)
      So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
      (Rev 3:16)

      5) Awaiting the “life to come” and the Lord’s return – While we are to look for His glorious appearing, the very thought inspires us, makes us all the more zealous perform redeemable works while there is yet time:

      Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;
      (Tit 2:13)
      Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.
      (Tit 2:14)

      • NH Watcher

        David, you cannot claim one poll as legitimate because it suits your narrative, and another pool as illegitimate because it does not. You are suggesting that Gallup’s poll of 83% of Americans reporting “satisfaction” in their personal lives is phony? As I stated, there is a disconnect between Americans commenting on the nation as a whole, versus the situation in their individual lives.

  11. LondonCenter

    Canadian Prepper 102,430 views Jun 29, 2023


      Londoncenter, We’re getting lots of smoke down here in S New Jersey they’re obviously starting the fires in Canada to destroy our air quality and the news down here is “😷😷😷😷 MASK UP AGAIN”.
      NO, HELL NO.
      ## Maybe they’re ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 burning down the forests in Canada so they can bulldoze the burnt trees and then Trudeau can Bum Rush the USA. Trudeau is a disgrace of a human being, he must have a legion inside of him like in the Jesus said in the Bible. Will someone in Canada please cast out what’s in Trudeau in Jesus name. Through us a 🦴 bone down here. How can we come and help you if we can’t see. 👀 👀

  12. KravWarrior

    Madonna very ill.
    It looks like Bo Polny’s black knight has begun with his duties 😀


      Krav, Madonna’s new song called “Vulgar” I guess she bit off more than she could chew. My Dad used to say” Your eyes are bigger than your belly” I guess her’s were. She was used to destroy a generation of girls.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Linda,
        Not wishing to promote ‘Vulgar’ but here is a link including lyrics. Youth has a right to express itself BUT Madonna does not represent youth. IMHO, ‘Vulgar’ is intended to corrupt otherwise innocent youth. The UN want to legalise paedophilia / pedophilia! Anyone else see a connection?


  13. Roger Stamper

    tks for post greg

  14. Graham Leadbeatter

    JFK and RFK were ardent anti-communists.

  15. James Hall

    Trump Kennedy would be the best move !

    • Truth in Tension

      Both are anti- second amendment.

    • Catherine Cronin

      I agree. Trump and Kennedy ticket. A SIGNIFICANT WINNING TICKET

    • Marie Joy

      IF he was NOT a Kennedy, would you be so enthusiastic? He is a democrat and he is saying and doing whatever he needs to say to be elected, just like they all do.

  16. Don W.

    We also have a very large fire in the Colorado Mountains that brings all the smoke to the Denver area a lot of the time. We can no longer sit outside and enjoy the fresh breeze we use to do so much.
    Also, a lot of what is going on today with the race relations and much more, I feel it is because this Nation is falling away from the original values of CHRISTIAN FAITH. The more we move away from God and our Lord Jesus, the more problems we are having in this world and especially in the USA.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Don,
      “We can no longer sit outside and enjoy the fresh breeze we use to do so much.”
      I live in Northern Ireland under an international flight path, and almost every day the sky is blighted with chemtrails. A minority of high altitude planes only leave vapour trails that evaporate rapidly. This contrasts with the majority of flights that leave chemtrails extending from horizon to horizon. These chemtrails start to spread out sideways. Many days they merge and cause a ‘whiteout’ of an otherwise clear blue sky. How long it takes for all the chemical shit to percolate down to me and my garden, I don’t have the answer! But it’s many years since I was able to “enjoy the fresh breeze” you refer to . . .

  17. Linda

    Trump/Kennedy ticket! Yes, I would vote for that! That would be a fabulous turning over of the tables.

    • Jerry

      RFK wants an “assault weapons” ban. He”s a democrat. It’s in his genes to control people.

      • Danny

        Jerry, did you forget that Trump was/is a NYC Liberal Democrat who pushed Red Flag Laws and said “take the guns first due process second”?

        • Greg Hunter

          Trump changed his mind on the issue.

          • Wavers

            Correct Greg/

            However, Trump constantly changes his mind on many issues, sometimes on a daily basis.

            His value system is transactional – rather than core or enduring -and says whatever serves him at the time.

            Society is divided in a dangerous way. We are no longer interested in other people’s opinions nor are we interested in scrutinizing data behind our own assumptions and opinions.

            Instead, we invert the truth value of information that comes through from other groups and sources.

            In so doing. we denigrate those we disagree with. Ad hominem attacks are used as a diversion tactic to shift attention to an unrelated point like a person’s character or motives and avoid addressing the actual issue.

            It is common tactic used in many formal and informal situations ranging from political debates to online discussions.

            If good people don’t stand up, we will go the the way of authoritarian regimes where people are imprisoned for disagreeing with the state.

            • Greg Hunter

              We need to stand up I agree. What do you think I am doing here every week?


      Linda, I’d vote for that too if they would drop the Republican/Democratic names and have the AMERICAN PARTY 🎉🥳

  18. The Seer

    Just a note that I had a darkfield live cell blood analysis. Been doing it since the 80s. Haven’t had one for 9 months and was curious if any shedding penetrating my body- effecting me.
    Using NAC, nattokinase, black seed oil, occasional Iver, quercetin, zinc, D, C, glutathione , detox baths, EDTA crème, etc etc plus personal and hone unit Blushield and CarryIon I have no spike proteins and no graphene hydrogels or other metallic nano debris. You can keep yourself healthy! My blood was clear no infection from shedders!
    The Blushield only does some 5G protection. I will post a sound frequency antidote to restore blood health while you sleep rebalancing your cells soon. I use a silver blanket but blood still effected by 5G. Just driving by the towers effects the body.

  19. Raymond Millhand

    OH SH*T, This PROVES Trump Is Right?!
    Russell Brand 463K views 17 hours ago
    As CNN broadcasts “bombshell” audio of Donald Trump appearing to brag about possessing still-classified military documents about Iran after he left the White House – are we actually still in the same position as we were – a potentially illegal technicality about a potentially much more catastrophic – if not illegal – war with Iran? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2TeeltckhE
    Anderson Cooper Is Not Bad Sick people? CNN will be Sending Old CIA Coop, To cover THE Russian Front! __World war’s come in three’s!
    WW1, WW2, NOW WW3! ! ! ⏳🎬📽🚧🚀🌪⚰📉

  20. RayMillhand

    A unique feature of the last of the last Days​—
    🌐 1 Thessalonians 5:3 While people are saying, “Peace and security…”​
    “Oppenheimer [who helped design the atom bomb] was right in his basic perception that history changed its course in 1945. Never again can a major war be fought in the style of World War II.”​—Weapons and Hope, by Freeman Dyson. [At least not for long,⏳!]Ukraine?🍦

    THE use of the atom bomb in 1945 changed the world. It marked another turning point in the history of war. That is how one of the bomb’s inventors, Robert Oppenheimer, saw the situation. When the test explosion took place in New Mexico, Oppenheimer quoted the Hindu Bhagavad Gita, saying, “I am become death, the shatterer of worlds.” Oppenheimer also stated, “The peoples of this world must unite, or they will perish.”

    In 1949 an advisory committee of scientists to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, which included Oppenheimer, warned against developing the much more lethal hydrogen bomb. Their report stated: “This is a super weapon; it is in a totally different category from an atomic bomb.” This was because the hydrogen bomb’s destructive power could be multiplied by adding very inexpensive deuterium fuel. In a matter of four years, the atom bomb had become a mere toy.

    Enrico Fermi and Isidor Rabi, also members of the advisory committee, gave an even stronger warning. “The fact that no limits exist to the destructiveness of this weapon makes its very existence and the knowledge of its construction a danger to humanity as a whole. It is necessarily an evil thing considered in any light.” They knew that man could now destroy himself. Their advice against developing the hydrogen bomb was ignored.

  21. Stephen Ryals

    700,000 on your site said Tbone has to renounce the death shot. He has not. Why? Covid 19 was first isolated in 1965. 2014 Elon Musk helped design the vax. Tbone invested in big pharma prior to 2020. Do the math. Talking politics is stupid. Waste if time. The rapture is about to happen. While ur left behind with ur maga socks and hat. The Bible doesn’t say the USA will be great again. So ur following a demon con man. Presidents don’t run the country. the fallen angles do. Nuff with the stupid. Repent for supporting the demonic and paying taxes to murder babies. U can’t pay taxes then talk crap about the evil when ur the sponsor.

    • Greg Hunter

      We all worship our Lord and Savior Jesus.


      Stephen Calm down! Lord Jesus Christ said” where 2 or more are gathered together in my name there ” I Am” in the midst of them”. Lord Jesus Christ also lives in me in NJ and others around the world so Jesus is living in the USA.
      . ###Also, To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord Jesus Christ 🙏🇺🇸

    • Glenn

      Hi. There has not been any isolation of Covid 19. This so called virus is computer generated . No evidence at all so far. And NONE no scientist has so far demonstrated the existence of a virus. This article is interesting :


      It may be time to question the whole narrative around viruses and vaccinations. If there is no Covid 19 virus, there have been no variants of it. Hmmm.

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes It’s an mRNA bioweapon as Kingston has told us and shown from the patents.

    • Galaxy500

      Read your Bible, I know strange concept. You appear to only have a passing knowledge and limited understanding

      Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s

      • Ray

        That’s great advice right there G500.
        Thank you.
        With regard to your question earlier regarding mRNA in the Australian food supply being mandated by the Australian government…….I haven’t heard anything mate.
        I will try to put my ear closer to the ground on that one, and come back to you with anything I can find.
        Take care mate…….testing times, stay the course.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

  22. Linda

    OH, I have a solution for the bad air qualify…just wear a face mask. That’ll surely work.

  23. jomer

    the best info I can find is the Government spent $30billion on vaccines. if 30% were placebos that means big Pharm made close to a $10billion selling vials of saline solution. I guess this is one time their greed could be a good thing.

    I forgot who was tracking where the placebos and the deadly vaccines were going and if there is still a correlation that the deadlier ones went to the red states. I’ll bet donuts to dollars that DC got placebos.

  24. S woenhker

    I was all in with the idea of T n K . Not so much any more. K just not like jfk.

  25. Ron

    Nigel Farage has had his bank accounts shut down in the UK, presumably because of his high profile resistance to Central Bank Digital Currency.
    Why not see if you can interview him?

  26. Galaxy 500

    I am part of the Martian Royal Family that escaped from the Hive. My pronouns are Your Royal Highness and Your Majesty. I demand that you accept my reality. I also demand reparations because your probes to Mars decimated my people with bacteria.
    Pay me NOW. I deserve it. It doesnt matter I have a soft life and never endured the hardships of 150 years ago.
    Oh, and did I tell you that while I have external male genitals, I am female. Follow the science…
    OK, OK… I will stop the nonsense, and that is exactly what all of this is. Utter nonsense.
    Read Atlas Shrugged and Orwell’s 1984…
    Everything that is going on is to control you and to FORCE compliance. The electric car isn’t about the environment, its about limiting your mobility. The entire Ecoterrorist movement is about beggaring the common man, stealing their wealth. Driving up the cost of everything, making it less useful and less available, stealing the middle class dream.
    The Ecoterrorists Elite that is trying to force us to eat soy or bugs. Why, to make us weaker and dumber… Hard to believe we could get dumber, right?
    In school, they inculcate instead of educate.
    Our Forefathers would be “Bus’ing caps” decades ago but we don’t have the metal that they had.
    The Gates of Hell will not prevail, God the Father and his Only son, Jesus, will utterly destroy evil and it wont take a lot of effort. When Jehovah speaks it, It WILL BE DONE and over.
    There is always a point on the runway that is called the “Point of No Return.” Once you cross that line at takeoff speed, it doesn’t matter what you do, you either take off or crash… Stopping is not an option. The Principalities of Power and Evil want us to think that we are past that point. Otherwise they wouldn’t be attacking us on every front. They are desperate.
    Do not loose Faith in God and vote Trump in 2024, even if you have to write him in.

    • sam

      You don’t sound like a “Martian”….You sound like an “Earthian”…or “Afrian”…must have the same “baby-daddy”

    • Ray

      Smashing post G500……..EXCELLENT!!!
      Loved your introduction.
      Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

      • sam

        Sam, This is Greg Hunter. I deleted your comment to Ray. Please stop this.

      • Galaxy500

        Morning Ray
        Thanks for the kind words. Very disjointed post.
        Hope you guys can take back the land down under. But then I hope we can take back our land of America as well.
        I have read that they have pasted regulations down there saying that the cows etc are going to have to be mRNA vaxed.
        I can see to good reason for this. You are there. Can I trouble you to tell me what is going on?
        Warmest regards,

        • Colin Maxwell

          Are you by any chance the same commenter that once upon a time stated that it would be a blessing if the Mosul Dam in Iraq collapsed?

          Of course, an event like that would have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and impacted around half of the cultivated land of the entire country, causing a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions. As if the 100’s of thousands of war casualties and infants starved to death by the sanctions weren’t enough.

          The reason the dam was in danger of collapse was precisely because of the US invasion. All the carnage and destruction was premised on a completely blatant lie – which disrupted Iraq so much that it was impossible for them to adequately upkeep this vitally important infrastructural icon.

          As outrageous and obscene as this comment was, equally as alarming though was the fact that I was the only commenter that protested it being aired on this site. Even Greg let it go completely unchallenged.

          From that day on my involvement here has been very limited. That statement would just about take the cake when it comes to evil, despicable, and hypocritical comments. It virtually defined the thinking of a blood-thirsty archetypical Neocon.

          If you are indeed one and the same person and yet remain here large as life getting away scot-free with this brazen hypocrisy, then this represents an astonishing degree of evil audacity – particularly when you continue to hide behind a holier-than-thou Christian facade.

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Colin if this person is the one who said such a horrible thing he did not get away with it Jesus said if you think something in your heart it’s as if you did it. By our words we will be justified and by our words we will be condemned. We are responsible to Almighty God for every word that comes out of our mouths and God sees the heart. 🙏 All life is precious. “A person’s a person, no matter how small” Dr Seuss. Dr Jesus said it would be better for you to have a milestone tied around your neck and thrown into the sea than to hurt one of my little ones. I had 5 miscarriages I have 3 live children and I will meet and love my other little ones when I get to Heaven. I hope he has repented for his evil words. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Peace 🕊️🙏 Have a great day.

  27. Fred Engel

    Agenda 2030 the UN.

  28. John Duffy

    Don’t Let Them get away with it:

  29. Russ Holmes

    The biggest thing, and yet again another outrageous example of fascism, about the indictment of Trump is that they DO NOT HAVE THE DOCUMENTS. The so-called recording is taken totally out of context BUT it DOES NOT MATTER what Trump says about anything—it’s a little thing Democrats never heard of called freedom of speech. A person could say they sold sex slaves to Martins but if there’s no evidence they CAN NOT prosecute (not in a sane world at least). Then just to prove we’re in the Twilight Zone President Joe Brib-en is on VIDEO saying he sold secretes and the mainstream Maoist media totally ignores it!

  30. Ray M.

    ‘Prophecies of Doom with a scientific basis?’
    The incredible power to destroy that man now has is exemplified in one fact quoted by Dr. Lown, copresident of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War: “A single modern submarine has approximately 12 times the total firepower of World War II​—sufficient to destroy every major city in the Northern Hemisphere.” Note​—that is the destructive potential of just one submarine! The great powers have dozens of submarines and surface ships carrying nuclear weapons. Adding to these the land and air weapons, it makes a total of over 75,000 nuclear warheads!

    When before in history has man ever had such awesome and dreadful power in his hands? Dr. Lown admits that every historic period has had its unheeded prophets. What is the difference now? He explains: “Our era is the first in which prophecies of doom stem from objective scientific analyses.” If there should ever be a nuclear conflagration, he says, “it is sheer hubris [arrogance] to pretend that there would be human survival after such a man-made catastrophe and nuclear winter.” Were getting a taste of nuclear
    winter here in mid-west America, with smoke from the Canadian wildfires, where you can’t even see the sun mid-day!
    Increased “Anguish of Nations.” In 1945 man released the evil genie of nuclear warfare from his magic lamp of scientific knowledge and has no way of ever getting it back in again. He may destroy his nuclear weapons, but how will he annul the knowledge that can always lead back to them? Therefore, the actual events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki plus the development of super hypersonic nuclear weapons have increased the potential for “fearful sights” and “great signs” from heaven, for “anguish of nations . . . not knowing the way out” since 1945.​—Luke 21:11, 25.
    Anguish of nations has also been multiplied by our ability to achieve instant communication. Only in since the end of the 20th century have modern systems of communication (radio, TV, computers, satellites, Mobil and satellite phones) allowed all mankind to know instantly of wars and disasters, thus spreading fear and anguish of nations in a way that was never before possible. Not only does the world public know of them by TV and the web, but by Zom and Viber, they can watch from the battlefields of wars and bloodshed as they occur, live from friends and family half way around the world!
    In this year of 2023, there are millions of families all over the world that have experienced part of the proof that we are in the last days. How? They may have lost one or more loved ones in the two world wars or in the one were in now, or of the other major conflicts (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq-Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan ad-nausem and so forth) that have decimated mankind. Perhaps your family is one of those that can remember a lost father, grandfather, uncle, or brother. Also, millions of mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts died in wars and in the European Holocaust.

    In addition, during our generation, armies have raged back and forth across Europe and the Far East, raping and pillaging the civilian populations. Thus, the survivors, especially the women, carry the scars of their mistreatment with them to this day. Has man ever sunk so low on such a scale of degradation and stupidity?

    The fiery-colored apocalyptic horse of war and slaughter and the pale horse of Death have surely trampled across the earth in an unprecedented way since the first world war.​—Revelation 6:4.
    But what about the “black horse” of famine? (Revelation 6:5) Has it struck our generation? We know it did in our parents day and with nano tech going into our foods, can starvation be 9in our immediate future of higher and higher prices for poisoned food! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwLelDK5ygE

    As things stand now, world war can occur only once more​—as a nuclear war. Then there will be no nations or kingdoms. This one factor alone makes our times unique and adds strength to the description “the last days.”​—2 Timothy 3:1

    “A single modern submarine has approximately 12 times the total firepower of World War II​—sufficient to destroy every major city in the Northern Hemisphere”

  31. Claire Robin

    There are so many satellites up there. Ronald Reagan talked about star wars type weapons with regard to satellites. How do we know there isn’t a satellite weapon that can start forest fires? And drifting forest fire smoke could have other things mixed in with it from the ground. Finally, are they intentionally trying to empty California because they are going to give it to China as settlement for debt? In Canada, Trudeau seems to have been working closely with the Chinese, not only to get elected. He was going to let the Chinese army train soldiers in Northern Ontario, train to survive harsh cold winter conditions. And he’s allowed several Chinese police stations to operate in Canada, mostly in Quebec.

  32. Led Skeletor

    re Harvard. See how many woke banks will get away with not lending, refusing to loan money to people based on the applicant’s response to the ‘how race affected his or her life’ during the application process. When they Redline the red states.

    How many woke landlards could get away with such a question to prospected renters.

    And if the woke wins and everything goes to hell, imagine trying to buy anything judged on how racially hurt you and and ancestors were imagined to be harmed.

    THAT SHIT IS HERE NOW. OUR GOOBERMINT and most mega corporations have been COVERTLY actively discriminating against 70%+ of the population since 1965 because certain woke people are retardidly sexually confused or woke persons that haven’t heard the Civil War ended in 1865 and they are “free”.

  33. Sara

    Dear Mr. Hunter, My deepest respect to you, for your work. I am writing, for it appears the there’s a chemical release located in the bread basket of the USA, and is affecting all the states, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, etc. My concern is this may be related to the 60,000 lbs missing? You are the only one who goes into depth with news, and the Geo Engineering with the Experience of Dane Wigington. Do you have any idea what he says about this? I appreciate you, Sir. You have given the USA hope. Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your street reporting. Keep doing it.

  34. Dave

    Interesting about possible placebos and the Dutch results. It’d be nice to see vax injuries in the US mapped by location. Did some areas purposely get placebos? I live in the progressive Bay Area and know many who got the shots. I know of only one case of an injury among those people. I know many people outside the Bay Area who took the shot and there seems to be many more vax injuries. Were red /conservative areas targeted? Just asking as my experience is anecdotal, but it is what it is.

  35. Dean Winchell

    Thanks for weathering the storm Greg. Evil is having it’s season and we’re grateful that we have news that helps us to prepare for the days ahead. May God Bless you and yours.

  36. Breck

    You seem to have joined the Bannon, Dinesh Dsouza group suggesting Trump should run with RFK Jr. RFK Jr. is on the right side of the vaccine – it’s a bioweapon with the purpose of depopulating the earth.
    However, RFK Jr. is for affirmative action (siding w/Ketanji Brown and against Clarence Thomas) and he is anti 2A. Worst of all, he is pro abortion, which is on the wrong side of God, the Maker of heaven and earth and in Whose image, we (male and female) are created.
    No compromise that puts us on the wrong side of God – He never changes and His word stands forever. I remember we were told to accept NWO CIA Bush 41 as Reagan’s running mate. The rest is history – Clinton, Bush 43, Obama and the resident jackal are the heirs of NWO CIA Bush 41. No more compromise.
    By the way, Mike Pence has exiled me from the GOP because I do not support the Ukraine war, which we started (46 bioweapons labs). I became a Republican in 1969, when Pence was 10 years old, but I am out now by his decree. That’s okay because I, along with 100+ million other voters will vote MAGA. No more treasonous backstabbing GOP for me, much less the demonic backing democrat party.
    Thanks for your good work. My wife and I support your advertisers.

  37. Dan Gowin

    Greg please review these two episodes Stan and I published on the “Stan and Dan Energy Show” last night.
    Real Money is Vital Economic Energy – Stan and Dan the Energy Men 06/30/2023

    The Dollar Saved the World! Who Will Save the Dollar? – Stan and Dan the Energy Men 06/30/2023

    There is a catastrophie coming in August. Look at the Comments. I left the links for the legal documents from where all of this is from.

  38. Bill Hughes

    Steve Kirsch Testifies About Why Amish Communities Suffered Such Low Covid Death Rates

    • Wayne

      The reason seems to be obvious as to why the Amish fared better than the non-Amish. They were in better physical condition with a lot less obesity and a stronger immune system, and they do not have a high percentage of older people all of which is opposite of the non-Amish. Did they get sick? Sure but the vast majority of cases were very mild.

  39. Farmer Johnny

    Greg, I’ve noticed several cameras with solar chargers attached on poles throughout my state of Georgia. (like wildlife cameras but much nicer and on a 20 foot pole in the Right-of-Way grass ) These are located in city and rural highway settings. I was told that Kemp (governor) has a grant program for these. I’m wondering if this is happening in other states. Please look into this if you can. I have pictures of the cameras. They were in stalled by an unmarked white van a few weeks ago and I’m sure they are installing more elsewhere as I type. From my information, the cameras monitor and track tag and vehicle movement. The information is collected in a central computer. They claim this is for crime prevention and investigation. I see it as a civilian surveillance program because it is monitoring more non-criminals than criminals. Also, there’s no court issued warrant for them to track a certain individual. The system tracks everyone. Just want to give you a heads up on this from the blue state of Georgia.

  40. Lyon Barbara

    The United States national debt at the end of the Reagan administration was approximately $2.6 trillion. During his presidency, the national debt increased significantly, largely due to a combination of tax cuts, increased defense spending, and economic recession.

  41. Marie Joy

    RFK liked Affirmative Action and is unhappy SCOTUS overturned it.
    RFK is a democrat and because he’s a Kennedy, you all have your heads in the sand.
    Would you all like him if his name was Smith or Jones?
    I agree with Armstrong’s 26% inflation.
    Why isn’t everyone suing the pants off anyone involved with the Bioweapon? I understand some are immune, but most are not… Employers, universities/schools, airlines, and many more should lose their shirts for their mandates. At least.
    Since Biden/Harris don’t know where they are, who is running the country?
    Organic Seeds and growing supplies, canning jars, and equipment.
    In America, WHO will be in charge of future plandemics.
    A smiling Bill Gates said, ‘”The next one will get their attention.”
    Expect the grid and/or internet to go down. When that happens, Welfare, Social Security (and more) recipients will not receive their digital payments. Expect chaos.
    When the grid goes down, you will not be able to make your monthly payments.
    Hide your preps the best you can and stop talking about them.
    UPS may go on strike very soon. That will slow all deliveries.
    FRAUD/MURDER/DEMOCIDE vitiates immunity.
    Justice will have to come from the people.
    Get your firewood now before it’s all burned up. Woodstoves.
    http://www.airnow.gov to check the air quality in your area.


      Thank you Marie Joy for the slap to wake up. Because RFKjr is saying so many of the right things, corrupt government, evil VAX, he starts to sound good but we have to remember they LIE, they LIE. When do we know a Democrat is lying? When his/her lips are moving.
      ### have to remember RFKjr SAID “I am a Democrat”, he voted for Hillary and probably Biden and Obama. he working on his third wife, his second wife hung herself because he was going to take their 4 children, was cutting all her income, take their home which she totally restored, she quit her job to raise their 4 children, she had no job no income, he had an in her face lured affair with an actress from Larry David’s show( Larry David’s wife in the show) Cheryl. He destroyed the woman he married and had 4 children with and he says he Catholic. But is he a Christian? His first wife said he was a good father but not a good husband. He doesn’t have an excellent character. Second thought I don’t want him as a Vice President, plus he’s a lawyer and Danny Davito in “War of the Roses” said something like,” What do you call a 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea? A good start”. Maybe Devin Nunnes he seams honest or Kari Lake she doesn’t put up with their cra-.
      Thanks again Marie Joy for slapping some sense back into me. ❤️

  42. Youstice McCoy

    Mounting Death Toll: Russian Bank VP Dies After Mysteriously Falling From 11th-floor Moscow Apartment Window: Radar Online by Connor Surmonte • Yesterday
    Remember in the west when all the bankers were jumping off buildings or dying mysteriously? Now it seems it’s plaguing the Russki’s. Is it more than Putin? As the project Mockingbird brained media assumes. Time will tell on you! Whomever you is.

  43. jon

    An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away. Advice. Buy a bag of apples and dump the doctor.

  44. lara bell

    Scientists have uncovered startling evidence that a substantial portion of the batches of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine deployed in the European Union may in fact have consisted of placebos – and that the German regulator knew this and did not subject them to quality-control testing.
    Evidence Proves Survivors of EU Pfizer Jab Took Placebos
    The Alex Jones Show June 30th 2023, 7:23 am
    Why some jabs may have been intentionally less dangerous;

  45. John Maskell

    Great reporting Greg . Greg have a break soon and spend some time with nature , you deserve it ! Things can get on top of you and sometimes a rest can do wonders ,especially when you connect with the great outdoors . This political juggernaut never stops , it never does. It can really grind you down if it allows . Refresh yourself and come back to it after a short break away with family . These maniacs in charge are not normal people . They have no values , we do so reconnect with God’s garden and you will feel a lot better for it. You’re a great guy who deserves a holiday !

  46. Josepha Uyghur

    _____Here Weiger again:_FROM the Russian Front
    Russia ‘Eliminates’ Two Ukrainian Generals, Up to 50 Officers in Precision Strikes in Kramatorsk \ Hindustan Times 55,234 views Jun 30, 2023
    Russian Army has claimed that two two Ukrainian generals were killed in Kramatorsk in the Ukraine’s Donetsk on June 27. The Russian defence ministry said that its forces also killed up to 50 officers of the armed forces of Ukraine, as well as up to 20 foreign mercenaries and military advisers participating in a staff meeting were destroyed.

  47. Del Tacovich

    Zelensky’s Ultimatum to West; Says “No Reason to Attend Vilnius Summit If NATO Leaders Lack Courage”Hindustan Times 35,978 views Jun 30, 2023
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has once again slammed NATO over Kyiv’s application to join the alliance. Zelensky has now set conditions for attending the upcoming NATO summit. Zelensky’s office said the President won’t attend the NATO Summit if its leaders “lack courage”. Ukraine is seeking an invitation next month to begin the process of joining NATO. However, the Western allies remain divided over how fast Ukraine should join the alliance. Watch this video for details.

  48. David Dansker

    Greg, good point about AI impersonating voices for audio recordings. Another draw back to audio recordings is the absence of visible gestures made by the speakers at the time; for emphasis, for facetiousness, or for maliciousness. Other interpretive motions are also absent in sound recording, such as sliding a folder towards a person, and then retracting it. The compromise made by the absence of these qualities in interpreting meaning can be demonstrated in an inverse fashion with audio version rendered to text version:

    Interrogation Room –
    Sheriff: “Let’s talk about that for a moment. You paid for the groceries, and then what?”
    Suspect: “I went out to the car. And that’ it.”
    Sheriff: “When did you shoot him?”
    Suspect: “What?”
    Sheriff: “At what point did you shoot the clerk?”
    Suspect: “I shoot the clerk?”
    Sheriff: “Yes, when did you shoot him?”
    Suspect: “I shot the clerk?”

    With this ‘confession’ in audio we can hear the incredulous tone of the suspect. However, later when his ‘confession’ is flatly read in court without tone and inflection it sounds like a confession:

    Testimony In court –
    Sheriff: “I asked him if he did it, and he said: I shot the clerk.”
    Sheriff: “I asked him again, and again he said: I shot the clerk.”
    Attorney: “Your honor, no further questions.”

    – My Cousin Vinny

  49. Liam Bartmess

    YouTube Pulls Roseanne Barr Podcast Episode for Hate Speech Violation After Holocaust Denial Jokes Story by Todd Spangler • 5m ago

  50. Doug

    Greg with maybe 30% being cold loads and the rest hot what would really be the chances of getting 2 or 3 or 4 cold loads? I don’t like those odds but maybe it was so those folks would not have problems as fast. My thought is everyone who took the 676 million jabs you say are now in trouble. Like the rumors of a bar give a already drunk person a weak drink, he is still drunk. Sad people got lied to but also when they start offering free this and that to do something the light should come on. Everyday in life people have to take some responsibility for what they do, don’t wear a seat belt kiss the window etc. Try to get Ed back if you can

    • Greg Hunter

      The only source is Denmark. No other studies were done anywhere else to my knowledge.

    • Galaxy500

      If you took 2 shots, even if there was a 30% placebo rate (not buying that for a dollar), your rates for not getting to kill shot are much lower than 30% and if you took 3 or 4… the odds are so low that you didn’t get it it’s silly to even think you didn’t. Have you bought a winning lotto ticket lately?

  51. francis m reps

    This Ginned up Concern by Enemies of Donald Trump’s mis handling of some Top Secret documents ; in which our “former” President is currently being described as a man who is putting our Nation at Risk ; must be examined in light of our former president’s conduct and behavior during his term of office from 2016 to 2020. Not only did the American people elect him with an overwhelming majority ; they also “overwhelmingly” entrusted him with his finger on the Nuclear Button. Now….just a little over three years since his term of office ; he is being accused of “ENDANGERING” our Nation ?. Come on people…in light of Donald Trumps past conduct as President ; this whole document issue is a Non Issue.

    ‘concern” about the Topsecretr Documrntys

  52. Poochiwoo

    There is no doubt a coup happened and the DS is after Trump. I am concerned the DS is by far more powerful than a handful of so-called white-hats. From what I am gathering the plan is to drip information until the 2024 election. Hoping people will be so outraged they’ll vote for Trump again. They call that the “Storm”. I am sorry to say it is a very naive plan considering most still don’t care about politics because life is going very well for them. Not to mention, the voting issue was never solved. Lastly, I use my friend as a frame of reference for how much awakening is happening. So far, it has not reached the mainstream of the population.

  53. Shiloh1

    I’m a Nigel Farage fan. If he came over here for political sanctuary that would be great.

  54. Carrie

    This Bioweapon shot is a piece of 💩 – Please keep up the great work of exposing it❗️About 50% of my immediate family members who received it have had some sort of severe reaction 😒 I just found out yesterday that one of my aunts, who got her 6th shot end of last year, lost major weight from Jan to Feb so they did CT – stage IV cancer 😡 3 masses removed – aggressive and turbo❗️

    • Wayne


      How old is your aunt?

    • Wayne

      Never mind Carrie. I know that she is old or you would have said so if she was not.

  55. Enrico

    For several months this is what I see when I try to go to shadowstats.com

    Have you heard from him?

  56. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    Me thinks – chem trails – we know the stuff they spray lands on veg and the ground that stuff grows out of – and we eat the plants as do the cattle and chickens – which we turn eat and it gets in us – but what if beyond that it was meant to be on everything that would burn – and when it was burning it would then release the chemicals that had been in the chem trails – and we have had years of different ingredients no doubt that has integrated itself into trees and wild plants – so that eventually you have a real toxic mix of poison. — one way or another (it seems) they have the whole agenda covered.

    Can not even buy bottled water anymore without thinking what chemicals have been spilled into it – Can’t even go to farmers markets and buy cooked chicken or beef stuff because pretty sure those venders are not growing the beef or chicken themselves – and are unaware of what is going on.

    Love and Compassion to all you reading – I hope you find your center in your soul as I too seek mine. It is the only safe place left.

  57. BioWreck

    Greg, there are exactly three genders: Male, Female, and Totally F%$#ed Up.
    Excuse my French.

  58. Paul in oz

    Greg you could be right, it might be a deep fake … could also be a full on sting where Trump set up the DS again … the walls are closing in on them and they are getting more desperate and making more mistakes … God Bless America … Happy 273 year birthday in 3 days.

  59. Justn Observer

    Greg, Deja Vue = an oldie but a goodie!
    How things change but the problems stay the same because ‘they’ never fix them…

  60. James

    Of the vaccine injuries data been collected so far.
    Is there any difference between Red & Blue Sates or cities???

  61. TONI

    I live in CT and our air quality from the fires, plus humidity is really bad. I have asthma so I haven’t been outside a lot, but I do need to go outside a few times a day with garbage, feed the birds and the stray cats. Everytime I go outside I have trouble breathing and I get an awful headache. Just today I was thinking there is something in this smoke that is really bad, some kind of chemicals.

  62. Michael

    Greg – Thank you for discussing the very unnatural wildfire smoke. I was living just outside Yellowstone during the catastrophic 1988 fires and I only saw the orange skies and < 1-2 mile visibility once, when huge fires were within just a few miles. I live in North Dakota now, and in mid-May this so-called smoke rolled in one day. Skies were completely clear in the morning, light rain came through with moderate wind in the early afternoon, and then right after the rain, the sky turned orange, visibility dropped to about 1 mile, and the air was filled with a caustic smoke like smell. The sky looked like there was a huge forest fire just a couple miles away, except that was impossible – This was early in spring planting, and there was nothing but nearly bare crop fields for miles around. It’s also completely unnatural for smoke to roll in immediately after rain. Rain clears smoke and particulates from the air, not the opposite This was completely unnatural, and it appeared in a huge part of the state simultaneously

  63. Dan Hawkins

    Greg: I beleive it was Dr. Jordan Peterson who said it best…I will not affirm your new identity because by doing so I will agree to your delusion of reality. (My paraphrase)

  64. Robert says no

    Just remember, this government we now have can do to us too,what they’re doing to Trump. They can recreate our voices and make our image do whatever their creepy minds want us too. That’s how creepy the future is.

  65. regaleagle

    Everyone must realize that at least half of the information put forward is totally subversive by design. It is meant to confuse, change a narrative, create a new narrative that is totally irrespective of current events by design….again to confuse and subvert the truth. Fox News is a leader in this kind of journalistic paradigm…..just ask Tucker Carlson. Just sayin……regardless of any and all topics covered by Lying Legacy Media. Be strong, aware, and stand firm for Truth……not lies and subversion.

  66. Dan Hawkins

    Greg: If I was Russia here’s how I’d attack the US will plausible deniability: 1) Use Directed Energy weapons to start forest fires, and target infrastructure under the disguise of fire damage. 2) Cyber Attack on the 4 big banks and/or NY stock exchange. Wait for chaos to subside: 3) Cyber Attack the electrical grid at every Chinese made transformer in the US and followup with local physical attacks (if needed)…then wait. I believe these type of attacks will achieve the same destruction, chaos, and death, as a kinetic attack. I heard an estimate of 9 months if there is a major grid failure, and a potential of 90% deaths as water, food, and medicine go offline.

    As they say, if I can imagine it…

  67. Kelly Hamilton

    I do have to respectfully correct you. There is another sex other than a male and female. The third sex is called hermaphrodite, or now called intersex. It is when a person is born with both male and female parts. It is rare. Interestingly, 11 people with both sex organs…ovaries, testes, and uterus have actually given birth to male babies.

    Kelly H.

    • Greg Hunter

      What is the percentage of this type of anomaly? .00000001%?


        Greg it’s a birth defect a mistake I worked at a preschool where a little girl was like that and at a certain age when she knew who she wanted to be she would have surgery. But it is definitely a birth defect not normal.

      • unum

        It is around %.05, which means there are millions worldwide.

  68. bert trim

    I don’t do Insanity. And walk away.

  69. Dan Knight

    Re: The Jabs …

    I think you were right the first time: All of the shots were lethal.

    And Pfizer also varied the cocktails to do lethality studies.

    But I don’t think anyone appreciates how screwed up “the system” actually is. And that’s all ‘sides’ – the good guys, the bad guys, and the normies.

    I’ve posted this before, and I haven’t mentioned it because most of ‘our’ experts – such as Dr. McCullough – have acknowledged some of the problem with studies and guidance.

    But most of us cannot wrap our heads around it – because the numbers are so big, and the problem has so many moving parts – we cannot understand how utterly incompetent, ignorant, and ill-informed people really are – in all fields.

    As a reminder – I’m one of the youngest boomers to receive an old-school tech education in engineering – that is, I had to study the most advanced science of the day, and respond with nothing but a pen and paper. Meanwhile – my own counterparts do not even take practical labs in school. And because of my sex and race, I spent years fixing mistakes made by Quota Quacks earning 6-figs … for three of those years, I worked for a temporary, day-labor employer. …

    Pardon the self-promotion – but I’ve seen dozens of engineering projects by almost a dozen agencies. And the mistakes are unbelievable.

    After years of this, I secured a job as an environmental regulator … and discovered that the staff was tampering (falsifying) data in virtually every database we had. This is incredibly confusing … because people believe all the apples in the barrel are good apples, or they all wormy apples … but when the staff tampers with the data to make it fit their own ideology – some apples are still ‘good’ because they were not affected, and others are dangerously ‘bad’ because that data conflicted with the ideology of the staff.

    And … when the staff is ‘woke’ … they don’t even know how to tamper with the data to make it look real … they don’t even understand how to make it ‘fit’ their ideology. An expert can look at it, and know it’s “sus” after a brief inspection.

    And … in a ‘health’ department … none of the original data can be examined – whether for health, safety, or environmental concerns – due to HIPPA.

    HIPPA ought to stand for Hide Information for Profit and Progressive Activism … or something like that.

    So when the jabs were rolled out … I’m pretty sure all of them were filled with a cocktail of garbage, including both ‘active’ ingredients (mRNA) and ‘inactive’ (the graphene and lipids, etc) … but something or someone mishandled the rollout.

    Why? … As bad as the jab injuries are, they should be 10x or more worse according to the trial data we’ve been allowed to see.

    I think we ‘dodged’ a bullet that could have been far worse than it appears to be now.

    And, here’s where I go off the rails … I believe our guardian angels interfered with this democide project because all too many of us would have to our Father in Heaven with too many unrepentant sins. I know our secular atheist friends don’t believe that, but … as Sherlock Holmes noted … when one has ruled out all other causes, whatver is left must be the answer.

    God bless, and keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Were there some who got a placebo? I agree with you. It looks like there is some evidence of that, but I think that is a very small percentage as this was a depopulation program from the beginning.

      • Dan Knight

        Thank you for the reply, Greg.

        I don’t know if any of the jabs were placebo or not. All I know on that score is second-hand. But remember, this ‘tech’ is complex. I want to call it ‘witch-craft.” These stews have to be manufactured, distributed, and administered correctly in order to work. My expertise and background does not go to that part (at least not directly in this field).

        Rather – based on seeing the same issues in many similar complex activities – it’s very likely that there were a lot of mix ups. Perhaps multiple errors. (And privately, I think this was organized by our guardian angels to save many eternal lives.)

        Let me add too, that we cannot be sure of what’s happening. As you’ve reported, VAERS, e.g., is only reporting 1% if that. But there’s many moving parts in collecting such data. (I set up guidance and data collection for 5 different environmental programs – trust me, it’s complicated.) So our only reliable sources (h/t to Brian Stelter LOL) … are the independent investigators and post hoc studies of the after-math. These correlate adverse effects to the jab at sufficient rates to establish a strong suspicion. But correlation is not causation; ergo, we know some causes cause some injuries, bot we cannot prove which ones were which in most cases. (albeit, I think we all know the clot-shots create the myocarditis)

        Pardon the rabbit trails. The upshot is that we cannot exclude the possibility of ‘placebos,’ but it is unlikely.

        When you think about what I’ve posted here … consider this.

        What would happen if one company issued a ‘placebo’ – say for the ‘special’ people only, and another company issued a ‘placebo’ for lethality testing? The result would be chaos.

        First, a ‘placebo’ could be made at the point of manufacture. It could be a ‘hot’ shot that was deliberately disabled after manufacture. It could have no active ingredients, but it could have ‘inactive’ ingredients that were dangerous. Only the perp would know what to expect. And the response data would not be reliable, and could be misleading.

        Now consider the Project Veritas leaks – think of these incompetent individuals spewing confidential information to the informant. They don’t even understand that they’re admitting to crimes. These are the sort running the tests and evaluating the data? …

        See the point? … They would not understand what a ‘placebo’ was. So if any shots were a ‘placebo’ – it would have to be a program designed and implemented at a much higher level. And such things do happen, and they do exist – both for nefarious purposes (thinking of the new movie), and also for quality control and to root out systemic manufacturing errors. Obviously the latter type is not applicable in this case.

        Again, pardon the long rant, but I have a lot to say and nowhere to say it. 😉 (I’m cancelled on all Google platforms and woke platforms. I should start a locals/Truthsocial/rumble channel.)

        God bless you and your family!

  70. Ms. Georgiana Orwellian 🤦🏻‍♀️

    This is BIG! Richard Vobes 322K views 4 months ago
    The answer is in our hands. I speak with William Keyte about the UK Constitution and how, together, the people of this great nation, can change our destiny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mBC873TSEE

    Australian government’s plan for ‘Orwellian style’ misinformation laws
    Sky News Australia 80,964 views Jun 26, 2023
    Information relating to the Wuhan lab and the origin of COVID that was once censored and dismissed as a conspiracy has now been laid bare in black and white, according to Sky News host Sharri Markson.
    Ms Markson said all of the declassified intelligence was first uncovered on Sky News, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and in her book: ‘What Really Happened in Wuhan’.
    “The reason I’m talking about this tonight is … because it clearly shows why a new move by the Albanese government is extremely dangerous,” she said.
    Social media companies will be fined millions of dollars if they allow the spread of disinformation and misinformation on their platforms in a new crackdown by the Albanese government, a move Ms Markson labelled as “Orwellian style laws”.
    “I’m sorry, but who decides what is misinformation? This is extremely dangerous,” Ms Markson said.

  71. rick

    You would think an independent researcher would have tested the air for toxins by now.

  72. Cain Mutineer Abelson

    Did A Cataclysmic Deluge Cover The Earth During The Days Of Noah?
    by Red Pilled TV | Banned.video June 30th 2023, 7:48 pm
    The Great Flood unveiled: Dr. Kent Hovind lays out scientific data pointing to a cataclysmic global flood. https://www.infowars.com/posts/did-a-cataclysmic-deluge-cover-the-earth-during-the-days-of-noah/

  73. F. Doubleday

    Putin Joins Hands With America’s Staunch Enemy; Russian Defence Minister Shoigu Visits Cuba / Hindustan Times 195,852 views Jun 28, 2023
    Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu met with his Cuban counterpart Alvaro Lopez Miera in Moscow on Tuesday. Calling Havana Moscow’s greatest ally, Shoigu said that Russia is ready to help Cuba, which has faced more than 60 years of trade and economic blockade by the United States. Watch this video to know how Russia and Cuba date back to the 1960s.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please post one story at a time. I vet the before posting the links. Thanks!!

  74. Lisa Mooney

    Greg, as you know, I am an actively working RN (going on 30 years now). I have never seen access to needed care and shortages of all types of supplies this bad. It is taking it’s toll on the frontline staff. To say we are burnt out is an understatement. I have anxiety attacks now every Monday morning. Between sicker patients and no where to have them seen other than the ED, it is fast becoming 3rd world healthcare. If you need a clinic appointment, it is about 2 – 3 months out now for primary care and most specialists. The RN shortage affects the ability for the patient to receive ordered Rx, IE infusion. I am not sure if I will last the 4.5 years left to collect my small pension. Which may not be there or not but much anyways now we are headed for Hyperinflation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting and please keep posting what you see here. Ed Dowd predicted this sort of thing in all walks of life more than a year ago. It is going to get worse. I am seeing it on my end too, but not with the professional up-close view as you do. Thank you for the street reporting.

  75. Roger Winkelman

    “It Is Written” Jesus reading from a scroll in a synagogue.
    “Today this scripture . . . is fulfilled”
    What vital conclusion does Jesus want the people of Nazareth to draw, and what evidence does he present?
    IT IS early in Jesus’ ministry. Christ has returned to Nazareth, his hometown. His goal is to help the people draw this vital conclusion: He is the long-foretold Messiah! What evidence does he present?
    Many would no doubt expect a miracle. They have heard reports of the amazing works Jesus has performed. He gives them no such sign, however. Rather, he goes to the synagogue, as is his custom. He stands up to read, and the scroll of Isaiah is handed to him. It is a long scroll, and Jesus carefully winds the document from one rod to the other until he finds the passage he seeks. Then he reads aloud what is now Isaiah 61:1-3.​—Luke 4:16-19.
    The audience surely knows the passage. It is a prophecy about the Messiah. Every eye in the synagogue is fixed on Jesus. Silence hangs in the air. Then Jesus begins to explain, perhaps at length: “Today this scripture that you just heard is fulfilled.” The audience marvels at his winsome words, but many evidently still want to see some spectacular sign. Instead, Jesus boldly uses a Scriptural example to expose their lack of faith. Soon, the people of Nazareth try to kill him!​—Luke 4:20-30.

    So this brings up a good question, with an, selection taking place. Betwixt two men, Donald J. Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., backed up by the people and globalists with money and power, like the Rothchild’s, King Charles, Bill Gates, George Soros and 4 eyed son, along with Klaus Schwab wanting a new world dis-order and a great reset along with massive de-population. Will we ever have one government for the people, the sheeple people of the whole world?
    People of all nations united by one world government? This is where we are today, along with a rising of a resource rich eastern block, ready to knock our western collective block off!
    How could a world government come about to unite we the people of all nations, in peace and security as it’s goal? Isaiah 32:1, 17; 54:13

    Imagine how a world government could benefit mankind. Today many people suffer because they are so poor, while others are very rich. But a compassionate world government could make sure that all have what they need. Do you think humans will ever create such a government?​—Read Jeremiah 10:23.
    No, of course not! Not of this world, we need an alien invasion!
    Throughout history, governments have failed in many ways to care for their subjects, especially the poor. Some governments are cruel. (Ecclesiastes 4:1; 8:9) But an Almighty God, not of this time and space continuum, has promised to provide a government that will replace all others. Its Ruler will really take care of people.​—Read Isaiah 11:4; Daniel 2:44.
    This almighty God has has an ideal world Ruler​—his Son, Jesus the Christ! (Luke 1:31-33) As a man on earth, Jesus was interested in helping people. As King, he will unite people of all nations and relieve people of all suffering.​—Read Psalm 72:8, 12-14.

    Will everyone accept Jesus as Ruler? No. But the father God, his father is patient. (2 Peter 3:9) He is giving people the opportunity to accept Jesus as Ruler. Soon, Jesus will rid the earth of bad people and will establish peace and security worldwide.​—Read Micah 4:3, 4. Until then hang on for dear life!
    King James Bible
    But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.
    ◄ Matthew 24:13 ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR1U6MNoVXk&list=PLXDEv276vS1uZ3LbMxkHr0zKrNZ9IEDMb

  76. DJW

    I’d love to see you interview RFK Jr Greg. He may be running as a Liberal/Democrat but the man truly transcends politics. While Trump is allegedly engaged in some game of 4D Chess preventing him from speaking ANY truth, RFK Jr is calling things as they are – as any sensible person who is not hypnotized by the media or suffering cognitive failure due to the kill shot should be doing. We need to unite behind this true American hero.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not predicting a Trump/Kennedy ticket but right now nothing would surprise me. I think both camps are thinking about it. We will see.

      • DJW

        That is an intriguing thought Greg. For now I remain disappointed and mystified by Trump’s output, but if he suddenly changes his tune and aligns with the truth and with Kennedy it would be amazing…and very powerful.

  77. Vernon Locke

    Putin Dares West; Promotes Property Purchase By Russians in Mariupol Amid ‘Dud’ Offensive Hindustan Times 3,534 views Jul 1, 2023
    Russians are rushing to the besieged city of Mariupol to buy properties near the sea. This comes following the demolition of over 90% of the residential structures in Mariupol. Around 1,500 civilians were killed & 350,000 evacuated the city after Russian forces surrounded Mariupol between February and May last year.

    Russia’s Kramatorsk Claim, No Kremlin Funds For Wagner, Mike Pence Makes Surprise Visit To Ukraine /CRUX 126,655 views Jun 29, 2023
    Ukraine has arrested a man accused of treason by helping Russia carry out a missile attack on Kramatorsk. Russia’s defence ministry claims it killed two Ukrainian generals and up to 50 officers in a missile attack on the city of Kramatorsk. This comes as Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin has refused to sign a contract with the Russian Defence Ministry. TASS reports that after his refusal, Prigozhin was notified about the termination of the Wagner Group’s participation in the Ukraine war. Amid the turmoil in Russia, Former US Vice President Mike Pence made a surprise visit to Ukraine to meet Zelensky.Watch the video to get the latest updates from the Ukraine War. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cupQTkWR7Ao

  78. Lon Bell

    It’s going to be unstoppable! Richard Vobes
    115,960 views May 18, 2023
    People are rising up against the tyranny of government. Grassroots movements all over the world are uniting.
    I talk to Joe and Adrian from the Great Rising movement.

    Jefferson on the right to change one’s government (1776)
    Thomas Jefferson
    Found in The Works, vol. 2 (1771-1779)

    The most famous and perhaps most eloquent expression of a people’s right to “dissolve the political bands” which tie them together was penned by Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) in the Declaration of Independence:

  79. Carol Bolt

    Greg, I would not advise voting for anyone just because they carry the Kennedy name. I also think if I was Biden I would not link my name to Bidenomics. That name in both cases will be going down in history as disgraceful. What a terrible legacy to leave behind. We are not bothered by smoke from wildfires in my area of Canada. What if all parties started to use AI and make false recordings against one another?? I love this reporting you do each day. It is my favorite news site. Please keep up the good work and know you are loved.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not advising voting for Kennedy, but I am speculating that Both the Trump and Kennedy camps are at least thinking about joining up at some point if this can help them win. We will see.

      • Tomas

        They are exact opposite on the vaccine issue tho- and that’s the issue facing humanity

        • Greg Hunter

          I have said it many times. President Trump is going to have to come out and admit he was duped. His Pfizer contract shows he was not in on the genocide. The contract makes him look good. he talks and people think he’s one of them.

  80. Pete

    I believe you’re THOR…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Pete! Now, if I can only convince my wife.

  81. Jeremy Warren

    Hey Greg,

    Hope this note finds you well, thanks for all the hard work you do .
    I was just looking at the title to this thread and noticed that if you re-sort the phrase Bidenomics you get “BioDemonics”

    Ain’t that just something ?

    God bless – take good care .

  82. Mark Harrison

    Hi Greg, I think to fight our governments corruption we will need to join forces with folks that you don’t 100 percent agree with. JFK Jr., Tulsi Gabbard, Jimmy Dore, Glen Greenwald, Tucker Carlson, Cornell West, etc. Folks that will sacrifice their livelihood to share their image of the truth need to be appreciated.

  83. erick

    she speaks the truth.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkRjcShlKk0

    Plus what about the hong kong killings of students by the ccp friend there sent me video dead students still twitching media silent or live organ harvesting of christians/muslims children sold into saudi/dubai… people are so brainwashed. same with the jab

    Greg had a guy on last year who is not well known he spoke the truth about china

  84. lewis mohr

    this is for you. no need to post. Give this a think. Before Barry can give demented Joe the toss over the side, the democommunists MUST run the play in the playbook called “The Agnew.” Can you even imagine having Clamidia Harris rising to the POTUS?

    You are the greatest in your industry. Thank you for all that you do.


    • Greg Hunter

      Too good not to post Lewis!! Thanks!!

  85. Dawn

    Greg, May want to ck this interview & speak with Dr Been. He is able to really explain about the vax and presents the right questions about the vax pushers.


    Thanks for all you do !

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