FDA Criminally Approved Bioweapon as Safe & Effective Vaccine – Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who has researched and written about many aspects of Covid 19 and the so-called vaccines.  It’s now become obvious, with dramatically rising death and injuries, the CV19 injections were bioweapons passed off as lifesaving vaccines.  Kingston has many documents from the government and vax manufacturers to prove this point.  Kingston says, “In America, you cannot legalize murder. . . .  The original timeline was they were going to submit for FDA approval (for the CV19 injection) in June of 2025.  Because they were trying to push the mandates, and Americans were saying you cannot mandate an experimental product, they said, oh, it’s now FDA approved.  They moved that timeline up exponentially.  The reason why that is a problem is that it is legally distinct from an ‘emergency use’ product.  Once the approval happened on August 23, 2021 (Comirnaty), that broke the liability shield for the ‘emergency use’ product.  So, the FDA fraudulently and criminally approved a bioweapon as a safe and effective vaccine. . . . People were under the impression they were getting an approved product. . . . they were actually getting a bioweapon. . . .If they never had done the approval, you could not bring these civil charges against Pfizer, and there are dozens and dozens of them as well as criminal charges. . . . Call these shots what they are.  They are bioweapons.  I don’t care what our government said in the past.  I don’t care what little memo they got from HHS or their employer.  What they have done is wrong, and they need to be held to account.”

Kingston goes on to say, “I know people are saying anyone who says there is technology in these shots is a conspiracy theorist or crazy.  I just showed you Pfizer says on their website that this is technology.  The lipid nanoparticles are technically called biohybrid microrobots.  That sounds bad, so they call them lipid nanoparticles to make it not sound so scary. So, there is technology in the CV19 injections.”

The CV19 bioweapons can cause a variety of deadly health effects.  Kingston thinks, “25% of the fully vaxed could die of a heart attack or end up with severe heart problems such as Myocarditis.”

Kingston lists many other deadly or debilitating effects of these bioweapons such as neurological disease, autoimmune disease, extreme and fast spreading cancers and severely weakened immune systems, just to name a few.  The shots did zero good and massive damage that people are now waking up to.  According to Kingston, this is what these CV19 bioweapons were supposed to do.

Kingston says, “More experts are coming together in January and calling these bioweapons.  They will be sharing this evidence from the manufacturers and our government.  People also need to recognize there was never a virus.  We were attacked with a nano-weapon. . . .  Not only is the so-called vaccine a bioweapon, you cannot vaccinate against a technology.  The whole thing was a lie.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 26-minute in-depth interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she gives an update on the bioweapon injections and criminals behind them for 12.24.22.

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After the Interview:

To look at some of the data and documents Kingston shows to prove the CV19 vax is a criminal act of releasing a bioweapon on an unsuspecting public, go to the [email protected].

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  1. Rodster

    Merry Xmas everyone and Happy Birthday Jesus Day to Greg. In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful Christmas Carol.

    “The Twelve Doses of Christmas”


    • Anthony Australia

      Fritz Springmeier, author of Bloodlines of the Illuminati, is back tonight to discuss the manifestation of the Illuminati’s plans in the form of the Great reset, famine, weather modification and more.


    • Shirl

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

      The Brilliant Karen Kingston gets better with each interview…so much there had to do a few rewinds with it..WOW!!!

      Another Epic interview Mr Greg Hunter, God Bless you.

      • Rant

        I can not post on this forum and the show?? Why??

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s monitored.

      • Thomas Guitarman

        Indeed this brilliant and brave women is heroic we all need to be the same and support all doing this work and ACT upon it

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      So so sad but just so true.

  2. Bob the Blessed

    Dear Lord, thank you for Karen Kingston’s brilliance and bravery. I speak life and healing to every part of her being and command the biohybrid microrobots attacking her to die/dissolve/disintegrate and disappear in Jesus’ name.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that!

      • Tom parankewich

        Thanks Greg for all your great interviews, all your guests know what they are talking about , I advertise your site to those willing to open their eyes

      • Laura Ann

        Me and friends aren’t taking any antiviral shots ongoing
        incl flu, since mRNA technology (who knows what else) is being put in various shots. Blessings to all incl doctors and nurses that put out info. exposing shot dangers. Title 7 of the civil rights code gives people religious freedoms, incl not to take vaccines. Husband and I took Shingrix vaccine over five yrs ago, but now I would Q if these shots were safe .

        • Greg Hunter

          Good move!!! Don’t take ANY shots. All will have Lipid nanoparticles, mRNA and who knows what else.

          • Phil

            Greg – Gen. Colin Powell found out “what else” when he died from cancer a few weeks back of Covid-related symptoms (despite being fully vaccinated) – what’s in the vaccines “has been proven to accelerate the formation of cancer cells” – and anyone already with cancer is going to see their cancer growth accelerate according to Karen Kingston – “one highly aggressive and very deadly cancer stem cell line (the HeLa stem cell line) is now in the vaccine (and it accelerates cancerous cell growth in all those who took the shot) – Karen Kingston says “the code or genetic sequencing from that HeLa stem cell line is now in the vaccine”. “This is not disputable”!! – “nor is it up for debate”!!!

          • Laura Ann

            Update on Shingrix:https://www.biopharmadive.com/news/pfizer-biontech-shingles-vaccine-mrna/616673/ FDA trials coming on new formula for this vaccine that’s mRNA w/ nanoparticles.

        • mark deacon

          I have chosen the same path on all medical treatment.
          Right now I feel it is unsafe too trust any doctor or nurse on this.
          Sad really a once great profession threw themselves onto the bonfire.
          To repair truth we have to recheck so much of the health data we took for granted as now potentially being false.
          On top of that because if I am too go it alone and I have had Transverse Myelitis I should be exempt from all universal healthcare especially as it appears over 3 incidents in my lifetime I may be allergic too vaccines.

      • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

        And a further Amen

      • Theresa

        it seems many avenues are putting out these facts, not only these facts but facts connecting this to elections. We all say WOW!!! The deeper question is this, if all this is true then what is being done about it by all the people who say they have all the facts because people are still dying right? There is no information given regarding this.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart.
    Seasons greetings from Australia.
    Bless you Greg Hunter, fear not and keep spreading the truth as it will prevail.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Kash Patel: The FBI Colluded To Overthrow The US Government! The House Has The Ability To Get It All!


    • Robert says no

      So if there was never a virus, it was nano lipid particles, what did I catch last December? I’m still struggling to get my taste and smell back? I never got vaccinated so how did I get the nano particles? I think Kingston is losing credibility.

      • Greg Hunter

        You were infected with “The lipid nanoparticles are technically called biohybrid microrobots.” You were infected with a bioweapon! Not a virus. Are you actually watching the interviews or just commenting? I think you have zero credibility. Kingston has gone over all the evidence in her last two interviews and shows it on screen share. Looks like you are a troll or simply lazy or you just are not smart enough to get it.

        • Sharon

          I believe Dr. Kingston and other Doctors you’ve had on here regarding these bio-weapon shots are correct. In January 2022, I attended a monthly luncheon I volunteer at in town. Most of the ladies in this group had just gotten vaccinated, some getting 2 shots. Exactly 3 days later, I became ill. It was like having a bad flu and it lasted for 3 weeks. Few days later, my husband got sick. We both refused to get the vaccine because we have natural immunity. We both lost our taste and smell first few days, then came back thankfully. I believe it was the spike proteins/nano particles that infected us. It’s really scary what these bio-weapons can do to the human body.

        • David Gordon Dunne

          I think Karen has more knowledge in her thrum nail than all of us have. I am confused on this one point though. What was all the talk about the Lab taking a Virus and doing gain of function to make it more lethal and more easily spread? I think Dr. Francis Boyle called it a Bioweapon too. Greg, Can you tie together all of this as why did they go to such lenghts to scare everyone into geting the Frankenshot if it were not a Virus? I know some said the Virus has never, ever been isolated so I think I am just confused. Was it sprayed down and spread that way all over the world just so they could then come in with the real Bioweapon, ie, the jab to finish the job with the uncontrollable spike protein replication like Dr. Yeadon said, like a foot all the way down to the floor with no off button? Or if it was a spray, then the spray is what spread all over the place but in the end, the EVIL wanted to get all to get the Frankenshots so they could control and and kill all of us? I pray so much to God to save us all and mostly our kids and grand kids. Merry CHRIST-mas Greg, Karen and to all of you and your families. In the end, we all know who wins and who goes into the Lake of Fire.

        • Robert says no

          I’m not denying COVID19 was a bioweapon. I’m saying I never was vaccinated and I wasn’t taking insulin that has lnp in it until January 2022. So how was this virus aka as a bioweapon infecting us? I’ve always believed COVID was a bio weapon but I’ve also believed the vaccine is the real intended weapon. The virus was never the deadly disease it was pushed as. Even a funeral home I spoke with said the overwhelming deaths he got ready for final disposition told the overwhelming deaths were with COVID not from COVID. He also said the annual deaths that first year of COVID never exceeded normal numbers that death counts change. In other words there wasn’t dine huge increase in death counts, just how they categorized as cause of death. He said that all funeral homes processing bodies with COVID on the death certificate were also compensated $9000 by the federal government for each death they processed as long as it said COVID on the death certificate. Stop with the troll bullshit.

          • Art

            I’ll tell you how you go whatever you got. What do you think they are spaying in the air all the time? Chemtrails are not debatable. It’s a laughably obvious fact if it wasn’t so serious. It’s incredible how so many people are oblivious of this when it’s being done constantly all over the place for decades. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out these are not simple contrails caused by ice crystals like the government wants you to believe. They are spaying all kinds of God knows what on the populous. It’s not simply geoengineering the planet, but bioengineering us. I know several people who not only have not gotten the jabs, but take very good care of themselves and very knowledgeable of alternative medicine and they have gotten the same weird sickness that with the same symptoms that they all say they’ve never experienced anything like it in their lives. The feeling of dying, severe aches and pains all over, the huge headache unlike anything they’ve experienced before, the chills, the lingering congestion, even the feeling of being possessed. Obviously from crap they are spaying in the air.

        • Brian Dougan

          “Looks like you are….simply lazy or you just are not smart enough to get it.” Man; that likely drew blood. Greg; Matthew 7:12: ““In everything, [In word and deed] do to others what you would have them do to you. . . .” This is a hard lesson; I fall short at times. It’s a human failing; not just among Christians. (Having listened to Karen’s carefully documented evidence; several times–I do understand your reaction to Robert.) Nevertheless; I’ve also been on the receiving end of the “Lazy/not smart enough” knife thrust. It draws blood; believe me. Especially the latter. That’s hitting below the belt.

      • Anthony Australia

        Classes case of Trauma Based Mind Control.

      • Michael Janket

        Isn’t there some way to transmit these technological bots to others by touch? If so, one could get the “disease” without ever having gotten the shotz. However, I’ve asked a simple question and have not gotten an answer. If viruses don’t exist, what did people get when they came down with “Covid”? Now that germ theory has been exposed for what it isn’t, under the rule of terrain theory, how do our bodies end up succumbing to some entity that we call the Covid disease?

        • Felix

          I am no doctor read alot about health for 20 years,but the way I understand it is the terrain theory,is that our immune systems keep getting beat down with pollution,gmo frankenfoods,glyphoste poisoning,antibiotic resistance and on and on.Our GOD given immune system is the most incredible thing ever by perfect design but of course man is destroying it,with his evil intent.So we are all suseptible to many forms of toxicity,hope that helps.I also got sick from my mother in law that was just boosted.Never believed in satanic pharma or the sick care system they control.Its rockefeller medicine,he was a eugenist

        • Will Anderson

          Research Radiation Poisoning (5G wuhan was the 1st in the world to go wireless Nov 2020) and also Graphine Oxide (people were finding meats were magnetic). The symptoms are the same for the two and covid. I think it was a combination of the two, and perhaps a bio weapon. ? God bless you Greg and Karen for putting yourselves on the line for truth.

      • ken

        Several years ago, long before ‘the fake virus’ I got a bad case of flu,,, lost my taste, smell and appetite.

      • The Seer

        Jabbed exhaled air and skin shedding is everywhere plus some colds and flu are being labeled cv. People need to keep up their supplements and the protocols to block the bad expanding in the body. Start turning off Wi-Fi and avoiding it. They have venom in the material causing loss of taste and smell that experts are saying nicotine patches and B1 help to resolve.
        If people can’t get a blood transfusion there are labs with precovid donated cryo frozen bags of blood by blood type that can be shipped and to some countries overseas. I would use this as
        Know the lab and seen the results for indications for many medical situations. It’s very expensive though but less than hospitalization.

      • JayJay

        what did I catch last December?

        The engineered version of a flu.

        There is no thing as ‘covid’; it was always an engineered flu.

        • Robert says no

          Yes but Karen is saying there never was a Covid virus.

    • Cash N. Carrie

      WOW, Anthony! Looks like they got that scum-bag Ryan by the toes! What a fake SOB! Mr. clean, is nothing but a dirt bag grifter! I feel for his children. When they’re grown and find out what a monster, their baby blue eyed, creepy dad, actually was.

    • Cash N. Carrie

      WOW, Anthony! Looks like they got that scum-bag Ryan by the toes! What a fake SOB! Mr. clean, is nothing but a dirt bag grifter! I feel for his children. When they’re grown and find out what a monster, their baby blue eyed, creepy dad, actually was.

  5. Marty

    Merry Christmas to two of many truth warriors, Greg Hunter and Karen Kingston.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Marty!!

    • Ceci Pettijohn

      Brian Ardis spoke about it being snake and snail venom (perhaps in the nanoparticles). If I recall, he recommended nicotine (patches or gum) to get your taste and smell back. Apparently, venom does this.

      • Guy Azbell

        What doses of ivermectin should I take I was forced to get jabbed twice because I needed a kidney liver transplant and without shots no transplant

  6. Motto

    Funny conmentary from zerohedge :

    I have the next Terminator manuscript in development, at the time of this writing.

    Gelbot will pop in from the future, directly into Sarah Connor’s body to kill her. Another gelbot (a less sophisticated one) will pop in to talk to her brain to battle it. Sarah will smoke crack, snort coke, huff bug spray, get drunk, screw strange men, and shoot heroin to kill it, all at the Gel-a-negger’s direction. When she wakes up from it all, the waste product will have exited her body, into the toilet and her parents will not believe the story about the gel bots from the future fighting for her life.

    The gelbot in the sewer will come back for the next sequel, having multiplied in the sewers of Washington D.C. and taken over Congress…oh…wait…

  7. Paul

    Thanks for all you put up with and what you do,
    Karen and Greg.
    Merry Christmas to all

    Paul from arkansas

    • Paul

      Karen is one of the hardest workers out there. My hat is off to you.

      Paul from arkansas

    • Tyson Bryan

      It appears that Karen may be cracking the spoof code.
      There is nothing in patent law that says the patent description may not use allegorical terms to describe the new invention. Google: bat meaning in hebrew and click the links to get some idea of the insider code being used to describe the intent of the patent mentioned by Karen. Bats are incredibly intelligent human-like mammals.

  8. Steve Bice

    ABC News Producer age 37 dies suddenly of heart attack…


    • Greg Hunter

      Sag/AFTRA forced all members of the union to get fully vaxed. I am sure the others were also forced to get injected with this bioweapon.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I Hope to God that you are right that the narrative of the death jab will fall apart in 2023 and the majority of the people who took the jab will realize that they have been poisoned and therefore the death jab will be banned.

        Great interview and God bless you and Karen


        • Cheri Rodriguez

          The problem is, people hate to admit they’ve been fooled. They’ll stick by a narrative no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary. For example, for all the murder and mayhem that’s gone on in American cities since 1964, many still stick to the lie that the biggest threat is “White Supremacy.”

          • Better Chetter

            People do hate to admit they’ve been fooled. My friends got the shot; one worked with a healing device that scans the body with a frequency generator, to determine how different neutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals, probiotics, etc.) allow disease to be filtered out of the body.

            My son still doesn’t believe in the intentional poisoning of a society. He got a Pfizer shot, & today I wondered, if he dies without a will – if his wealth will go back into the courts or the US system – and not to me, or any other charitable organization he would want it to benefit. Thus, people dying young, from the shots, might not have wills drawn up, and may have their wealth redirected back into the vampire-like gov’t. that authorized the use of the drug that killed them. I hope I can get him to watch these videos, while there is still time to act, to save his life, or lesson the side-effects of the bio-weapon consumption.

      • Rodney

        Wonder if they believe it’s still safe and effective you think.
        Thank you for your steadfastness, dedication and conviction for your work Greg.
        A Merry Christmas to you and yours in this hour of history, God is still in control, He will have the final say and His declared outcome.

      • Ben Robinson

        Thank you Mr. Hunter and hope your Christmas was great with family. Hope kind people are taking Dr.Z type items like Zinc,vits C and D quercetin.

      • Xavier Pennywhistle

        Worse yet, many TV stations require their staffs to get jabbed, or no job! I used to work in this industry years ago. They love all the HHS money too. Perhaps they should lose their broadcast licenses for continuing broadcasting this fakery, fraud and filth to a gullible and desperate public. I was so blessed to retire early but I have to worry about what quack doctor I get when Medicare kicks in.

  9. larry

    YesYes….Merry Christmas!….Greg Hunter stands for honest reporting…Karen Kingston IS the proof that healthy intelligent free thinking IS the antidote for all that ails us…How do you harness the truth warriors in a point of the spear manner…This is an information war after-all…Currently lacking sufficient mass in order to prevail against massively organized propaganda…glta…god bless

  10. Loren

    You should put Karen in contact with Tom Renz. He is a lawyer out of Ohio. I listen to Dave on X22report.com. He is doing some good work.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Karen gives Renz information all the time.

      • Nick Reynolds

        Hi Dr. Eads! Merry Christmas! Fancy seeing you among the commentators. Thank you for all your efforts.

        • Elizabeth Eads

          Karen is one of my closest friends👍

          • HairyHerry

            Dr. Eads,
            Merry Christmas and sincere thanks for all you do! It’s appreciated.

      • Justn Observer

        Elizabeth Eads, I am assuming this is Dr. Eads?
        Would you have anything to offer as to what ‘threat’ there MIGHT be IF they are putting mRNA into food, and how that could/might affect the blood, body, organs etc.? Maybe you have not heard of this so could look into it for comment in a later interview IF a relevant concern?

  11. Susan D

    Merry Christmas Greg and thank you for all you doing putting TRUTH out there. Thank you for having all these fabulous people on who are also just trying to get the TRUTH out to save Humanity. Looking forward to all the lies to come crashing down on these evil ones come 2023. Here’s to military tribunals!

  12. Frank Murphy

    Just dreaming. Just say that there is a Hollywood happy ending to all of this. Who would play Karen Kingston? Don’t think that there is anyone who compares to her, even in a renewed Hollywood. She is class.

  13. Cry Me a Ruble

    When you think about what Karen is saying, it all makes sense. These people on the left are the same cowards that defected to Canada rather than fight in Vietnam. They are gutless punks. Yet they rose through society and into Congress and the swamp. They are still gutless cowards. If they have no backbone to kill us on the field of battle then they will destroy us through science by injection. They are against guns but have no problem with needles or doctors destroying life in the uterus. These people are scum.

  14. Doug Hains

    Greg, todays Forbiddenknowledge.tv is the most damning of all the info to date.
    Go to the site and see todays abstract and video by Lara Logan,et al.

  15. Alan R.

    Love this extraordinary, brave, beautiful lady!!! Karen has continued to step up on the part of all of humanity and I believe history will speak admirably & unequivocally of her willingness to stand for the truth and for the human species as a whole.

  16. Steve

    Another great interview Greg . All I have to say is …… Lord Jesus come quickly.
    P.S. And I don’t want the finger of God…..I want the hand of God to make things right

    • Rodney

      Oh He will and sooner than most can imagine.
      Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.
      Have a most Merry Christmas!

  17. Robert Coleman

    Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha collapses after heart attack, on life support – SHE WAS A ADVOCATE OF THE COVID EXPERIMENTAL SHOT AND HAD TWO SHOTS AND BOOSTER https://www.dailyo.in/news/thailand-royal-family-says-princess-bajrakitiyabha-lost-consciousness-amid-death-rumours-38267 / https://edition.cnn.com/2022/12/15/asia/thailand-princess-bajrakitiyabha-heart-hospital-intl-hnk/index.html / Vaccinated Thailand Princess Bajrakitiyabha dies suddenly at age 44

    King & Queen of Thailand also contracted Covid and also were VAXXED.

  18. Shirley Thompson

    Merry Christmas and Blessings to your family. To bring greater background and depth to Sasha Latypova’s public statement and also Karen’s presentation, I encourage you and others to check out Operation Crimson Contagion. Perhaps his is Latypova’s reference point. Many of us researching covid origins came across this CIA/Pentagon 2019 operation back in 2020. They also conducted a “training” session on Crimson Contagion during World Military Games in China. Many believe there was race specific bioweapon developed in Ukraine BSL5 Lab coordinated with Fauci/Baric’s Gain of Function and Charles Lieber nanotech at Lieber’s lab in Wuhan. There is well-founded suspicion that the bioweapon was intentionally contact released in Wuhan and also aerosolized version released at the World Military Games to attack China’s economic war against US. To cover those tracks a second bioweapon against China. There’s also believed to be several maybe up to 7-10 variants identified that hold different dosages released in and around quarters of other participating military nations. As US military participants and other nation’s participants returned home, the bioweapon – some weaker and some more virulant – returned with them. Recall the first case in US was flight from Germany offboarded at JFK which would have been the US mil route back to US. Soon all over the country, various groups of cases sprung up. Jeffrey Tucker of Brownstone Institute has written about this several times – this last article is a good broad overview. https://brownstone.org/articles/what-is-crimson-contagion/

    To complicate this origin hypothesis is it appears the WEFers took advantage of covid to advance it’s goals and China to continue using the viral attack as cover for collapsing banking industry.

    There’s more to know about this but Crimson Contagion is now a known CIA/Pentagon operation and many of us believe the origin of covid – NOT China’s Wuhan Lab but Lieber’s lab instead.

  19. Jerry

    Here’s the next strategy that will go into play in 2023.

    They don’t care who knows because they don’t believe the
    public will do anything.

    • Bill


      Look at this recent omnibus bs bill passed by these freaks. Omnibus, omnicron, omni wtf ever. At least half of the US doesn’t have one single clue that they have been “potentially” murdered.

    • MCasey

      Hi Jerry. I guess I have missed your comments for awhile. What I have noticed is what you told us several years ago about Covid has indeed developed. Hope all is well with you.

  20. swimfinz

    Greg… Fantastic podcast featuring the renowned Karen Kingston. Sad travesty being foisted on America and the World. You are the News now.

  21. Really Awake

    This woman is really awake to what’s going on. She is far more awake than most. For example, she has figured out that humans are part of a larger science experiment. Of course, the public is unaware of what’s being done to it just like a lab mice don’t really know, either. Actually, very few understand 20% of what’s really going on behind the scenes.

    Read and reread the Bible. That’s where the answers are found.

    “I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, ‘Come!’ I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague”…… Revelation.

    I ask you: “They were given power” by whom? Who is behind the sending upon mankind the “sword, famine and plague?” Is it the Deep State? The WEF? Human devils like Bill Gates? Or is the real authority the unseen forces of evil ruled by the Prince of Darkness, aka, The Father of the lie, aka, The Murderer? Who really is pulling the stings and making the BIG decisions to cull billions of living souls? Who’s the big boss running the operation to kill off a “forth of the earth?”

    I think you know.

    • The Canuck

      I drove a splitting axe through the middle of an 18 inch long snake in my back yard last summer. Unbelievably, I noticed the next day that the leading end had wondered off. The lesson – I should have aimed much closer to the head.

      Folks, Mr. Armstrong is revealing that some pretty serious events are shaping up ! The 2nd Horseman is taking things to another level.

      I keep asking myself “what happened to those financial freedom 55 commercials that we were being peppered with back in the new millennium ?”

  22. Rodster

    “Stephan Bonnar dies at 45: UFC Hall of Famer ‘one of the most important fighters’ in history“

    Stephan Bonnar, a UFC Hall of Famer known for being the ultimate underdog in the Octagon, died Saturday. He was 45 years old. Bonnar died of presumed heart complications while at work, according to UFC, which announced his death.

  23. Kay

    Wonderful investigative journalism! Thanks to both of you for blessing us with your gifts.

    Merry Christmas, and praying we find solutions in the New Year!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kay!!


        Merry Christmas to you & your wife and puppy many happy years.
        Karen Kingston is a wonderful person who is risking her and her son’s life, she’s what I would call a Treasure of God/Family/Country she’s a true blessing to the USA. We need good people like her to inform us and souls like Dr Malone to inform us, watched him on Diamond & Silk he looks so sad God bless him and his wife. Now in my sm amount of understanding on all this we need people Stopped/ arrested // tried / jailed put to work on farms producing food they distroyed and make them pay$for it / the most evil executed on Tv. Then good people with wisdom (the principal thing) understanding to try to repair & explain to the people of the USA & the world what happened & good ethical fearless experienced, excellent doctors and others figure out how to help heal and treat people help those that are hurting mentally, emotionally physically spiritually with loving non- judgemental people working along side of all these we need ministers, clergy of all faith to stop fighting and help not for big $$
        ministers working with all these to bring about a new world filled with loving and caring of all. All the big companies in on it have to pay for everything.
        Father God sent Lord Jesus Christ for all. If you don’t want God’s gift you don’t have to take it but you don’t have to be evil mean or kill, just go your way.. Never once did Jesus mentioned a denomination. People need to go to the church that God leads them to the Lord Jesus Christ is my shepherd I shall not want for any good thing. Thank you father for letting Lord Jesus come to Earth and thank you Lord Jesus for coming for us and thank you Holy Spirit for coming down to Earth with Lord Jesus encourageing Lord Jesus all the way because Jesus was giving up everything in Heaven all riches, honor, glory to live down here with us.
        His name is JESUS. Thank you Father,Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit for all the help you be are sending us including all the good doctors and others I don’t know all their names but God does Eves, Cory, Karen, Greg, Dave H, Douglas, Tyla, Michael, DonaldJ & fam, Jim Jordan, Ron Johnson, Kenneth & Gloria, Marylin & Sarah Robin&Robin, Kat Kerr, Steve S.,Joseph Prince, Ken E Hagins Keith M, Pastor Nancy so many more.
        And Please send help Father God in the Northeast & Penn & NJ we really really need it they gave up so much in the Civil War and we’re still under their boot. The taxes are so high & they keep people so poor they can’t leave and have no money to repair deliver us from this evil. Today is the day of salvation.
        Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night.
        Song; All over the world God’s Spirit is moving. All over the world like the prophets said it would be. All over the world is a mighty revelation of the glory of the Lord as the waters covers the sea. Down deep in my heart His Spirit is moving….. God bless.
        I plead the blood of Jesus all over the Earth just like Father God did in Egypt to let his people GO. In Jesus mighty name. I and send 10s of thousands of the Mighty Hosts Angles of Heaven to remove distroy the evil demonic influences that are hurting killing oppressing depressing God’s people and families and countries and propertied and expose all liers in Jesus name.
        And those who have walked in darkness will see a great light.
        The light of the world, Jesus
        Amen Amen

  24. Frank S.

    Its great to see that other Pureblood experts are networking with Ms. Kingston. As she remarked, the collective conscience of our knowledge base grows exponentially with each new “like-minded” contributor. Thanks for helping “weave the fabric”, Greg.

  25. Anita

    K Kingston excellent as usual, thank you both.

  26. Joe

    The death of that food fighter ought to be a lesson to everyone.

  27. Ben Golan

    What would the purpose be to use an acknowledged bioweapon on your own troops??? Your own population? Why isn’t this treason? Where is the GOP?

    • Greg Hunter

      Remember, the House and Senate got exemptions from the bioweapon.

      • Ben Golan

        Absolutely have a point. I just wish the American people would wake up to this insanity. More confirmation that our votes are a sham and someone else is running the show.

      • Ben Golan

        Merry Christmas Greg. Appreciate all you do!

    • Shiloh1

      I think Justin Trudeau is a complete sellout and the CCP is already the de facto owner of oil, gas and minerals in central / western Canada at this time.

  28. Elizabeth Eads

    Greg another mic drop from you and Karen !
    Karen’s work to expose this bioweapon is the best investigative work I have ever seen-all in the name of God and Humanity! I love and and respect her and pray for her daily🙏
    Dr Betsy Eads

  29. Victor

    Merry Christmas Greg!!

  30. Ed Mustafo

    BOOM BOOM BOOM ! The bio weapon was created under the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION The legal protections for the medical community were created under the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. “They “ launched the operation on Trump’s watch so he would get stuck dealing with the crisis and “ they “ could use it to steal the 2020 election with mail in ballots, six feet apart etc etc etc….. We just got the gift of truth as to who is really to blame for this whole thing. Merry Christmas!

  31. The Oostburg Lion

    Next year with inflation exceeding Weimar levels as workers are fired by the tens of millions, where do I go to sell my 100% pure non-molested Grade A Negative blood?

    I’ll sell when the economy goes down the toilet. I know it is wrong not to give freely but I have had enough of giving, and giving, and giving, government picking my pockets my entire life — AND IT IS NEVER ENOUGH!!!

    Wouldn’t that be a kick if the only way to escape this Covid Massacre is to get 100% total body blood transfusion with “the non-believer CONSPIRACY THEORISTS” that refused to get poked by Doctor Falsie. Literately a trillion dollar industry born overnight for big pharma. Can’t tell me these bungholes aren’t in Irkutsk with each other.

    If this ever was to happen, 3/4 of the planet ops in to get their 100% blood transfusion, I bet they would kill non-vaxxers just to get their blood. Am I working on the new movie script? I’m checking on how I can save my own blood for my own and my family use, as an interested prepper. With the way the USA runs, we will all be forced by gunpoint into donating our blood for the common good, and still we will be treated as persona nongranulars.

    I will really – really think twice before ever getting poked again. I always went in for ten year tetanus rusty nail, I’m going pass all future injections. At my age I am truly blessed, I Thank GOD for my stubborn discipline. Best wishes to all the readers here, you’ll be just fine.

  32. Danforth Cunningham

    Karen’s info in this video here might explain why Trump keeps saying he is the father of the vax. He knew all along it was a really a bioweapon, not a vax.

    • Shiloh1

      Someone posted the rumble link to this interview a few hours ago on a comment on Denninger’s blog asking for his opinion. He couldn’t be bothered because of 90 minutes. He is evading the issue. In spring of 2020 he was talking about lack of plumbing traps in China toilets as the probable cause like it was an episode of This Old House. Very disappointing.

      Interesting that Dowd and Holter come to same conclusions as Kingston via entirely different approaches.

    • Ed Mustafo

      WRONG Damforth. Karen’s information in this video does the exact opposite. She points out documents that prove that this whole “ vaccine operation “ was set up before Trump was even in office. Which means that “ they “ set him up ( just like they always do) to take the blame ( just like they always do) while carrying out a plan that was gonna happen anyway all along. Nice try though, but the whole blame Trump narrative is now officially dead.

      • JayJay

        I have read several accounts that the pcr tests were sent to countries before 2018!!!!

  33. QuantumRhino

    Here’s a documentary about the bioweapon jab plan they have for us. Get ready for pandemic 2, coming soon by Bill Gates and his team.

    The Plan (2022) documentary…

  34. Allen

    So true.. I know two “friends” who left the country, now living abroad, and are rabid lefties, hating America.. too cowardly to defend the USA… they fled the draft,,, coward libtards

  35. Eddy Nevarez

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks you so much for doing your part to inform all of us by inviting these wonderful guests on your program. Happy Jesus day. Your my go to for the truth, keep it coming.

  36. stanley skrzypek

    Jared Kushner…..if there is ANYTHING President Trump needs to Apologize for is ….Jared Kushner……

    • Greg Hunter

      I always hated Kusher, and not because of his religion. He is a traitor and he undermined President Trump for 4 years!!!!!


        Hi Greg, I understand that we want to hate a person that is so evil but remember he doesn’t know Jesus his eyes are blinded to the truth. I’ve told my children if you hate someone God can’t forgive you and He can’t work on the heart of that person. So even though we don’t want to we have to say with our mouth” Father I forgive that person in Jesus name and give them to you to deal with”. We can’t do anything with them anyway physically but God can if we let them go to Him. Plus hate only blocks out blessings from getting through to us and we carry them around on our backs like dead weight.
        Song; Count your blessings, count them one by one. Count your blessings see what the Lord has done. Count your blessings, count them one by one. Count your blessings see what the Lord has done. Rev Keith Moore.
        It might not be easy to forgive them and let God have them but we care commanded to do so.
        Merry Christmas Jesus loves you.

      • Ed Mustafo

        Trump just officially announced on Truth Social that Jared and Ivanka will not be part of his 2024 campaign. There it is.

        • Greg Hunter

          Best move he has made yet. Two less people stabbing him in the back.

          • LINDA J CREAN

            See Greg, Father God already answered one of your prayers NO Jared. Yes. Now we have to pray for Ivanka and the three little ones. In Jesus name.

        • Phil

          The fact that Jared (a WEF lackey) and Netanyahu were buddy buddy – and Netanyahu “was likely in on the Big Pharma plot” to jab the entire nation of Israel – Trump was likely unduly persuaded by Jared to jab all the American people!!

    • Heath


      You might be the biggest Trump boot-licker on the USAWD message board, which is saying something.

      Jared Kushner is one of the favorite scapegoats of the Trump cult.

      If you think Trump should apologize for Kushner instead of the KillShot, you’re insane.

  37. alfy

    I’m happy to see her health is looking better than months ago. courage is not what most people think. it does not come from anger or indifference to death or wanting to be a martyr for a cause. courage is directly proportional to the selfless love we have for others. the bravest of the brave are not fearless, they are without fear in their actions born from a love for the wellbeing of others that is completely beyond self. fear not is well said by angels. she is very brave when it comes down to it, and that makes her rare among humanity. my heart goes out to her, salute.

  38. Neville

    Absolutely good sound solid sense coming from this brave wonderful women.
    May our LORD GOD protect her and keep her safe from all foes both domestic and foreign.

    Yes this corvid scam is a military offensive against everyone both inside and outside of AAcrime.
    There is no such thing as a vaccine the absurd idea of one is a downright insult to GOD.
    Our LORD GOD CREATOR gave everyone mankind and animals alike a fantastic immune system which indeed is the object of all these chemical bio-weapons to destroy it and create havoc in our bodies so that we may destroy ourselves.
    The sooner people wake up to the facts of life all thebetter but unfortunately there has been a lot of collateral damage done to 100’s of MILLIONS of people already and a lot of them may not be with us next year.

    Thank you Greg and Karen for your 126,o6 minutes of TRUTH TELLING and once again confirming who the real enemy is in this world.

  39. Roger Stamper

    tks greg karen

  40. Waiting4HisVengence

    It’s going to get worse before it gets better.
    Those who seek and find Jesus will witness the end times.
    Those who reject Jesus will experience the end times.

    May God protect His people.

  41. Naomi from Israel

    Hello Greg, season’s greetings.
    Thank you for an eye-opening interview.
    I don’t understand why you talk only about the American people in regard to the bio-weapon. I would have thought that this concerns a large percentage of the entire world population. I for one, am hearing about all kinds of things happening to people in Israel; although the mainstream media does not report these things. I know about a youngish man who got a heart attack and when in hospital he had a stroke. He needed to learn to walk all over again!
    Someone I know who works in a dentist’s office told me that they know about many people affected by these clot shots. She even knew about aneurysms that happened after getting the shot. I have heard about someone with shingles after being injected 4 times, etc… so this does affect other people besides Americans. This is simply evil.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Greg talks about many countries: UK, Canada, Sweeden, Netherlands and Israel!!!!

      • Naomi from Israel

        Thank you for your reply. I stand corrected.

  42. MJ Quinn

    Moratorium on all childhood “vaccines.” Kingston is correct, Wakefield was correct. They have to demonstrate “safety and efficacy” – they have not done so !

  43. Marie Joy

    This will NOT be their last attempt at genocide.

  44. Martin Coombs

    Forgive me for being so blunt. You can call them out ( they lie) you can call the out ( they are openly telling you what their agenda is) it all has to be revealed (the majority are unaware) nothing will be done by man to stop it ( it is written) lawlessness abound. A high court judge in uk was removed from office for writing to the international criminal court ( Nuremberg) 20yrs as top judge. Biden is there in office until it’s decided to bring in the one of perdition ( who will reveal his rescue plan & show the world his kindness & justice???? He is creating ( they are for him) his mind altered bio altered hybrid children who will worship him , the favoured ones bill gates,Obama, klause, horrari etc ( who don’t believe in God ( want to become like gods?) a quarter of the population will die ( it is written) the gates of hell may not prevail but he will get his time & the pit will be open . Agenda ( DNA AGE) (DAN AGE) the word was with God & was God , ( IT IS WRITTEN) be bold, finish the race fight the good fight with all your might ( God told you the beginning from the end, as in the days of Noah. god bless y’all ( trust in Jesus ) 🙏❤️🕊

  45. Stephen Weber

    Merry Christmas Mr. Hunter and thank you for all you have done. May the lord Jesus keep watching over you and keep you safe.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Stephen, for the very kind Christ mas words and wishes.

  46. Madi

    Dear Greg and Karen,
    As I am listening to this broadcasting investigative report I want to say thank you for reporting the truth educating and informing the public. As a caregiver for more than 40 years I see what happened to good health care providers all over the US.
    Look at AAPS, who is the leading organization that
    Sued the American Board Association who go after
    Physicians that reported fraud. You speak up , you will have to spend 100 K of your money to find a honest attorney to defend you in a court of law.
    Thank you , Bless all USA watch dogs family.
    Thank you Karen, you have a lot of courage

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Madi for adding your experienced voice here!

  47. Jay

    Here we are nearly 80 years after world war 2 and we are still hearing about Nazi war criminals being prosecuted. Those who have pushed the vaccine agenda should probably execute their escape plan right now while they still have that option. But it won’t do them much good in the long run.

  48. James PTY

    OK, I am not the sharpest tack in the box, and continue to struggle reconciling some concepts Kingston speaks about: 1) The spike protein is a synthetic toxin, 2) mRNA turns cells into spike protein factories, 3) shedding of spike proteins poisons ambient environment. Questions: A) Does Kingston proffer that spike protein AND another separate element she refers to as a “nano particle” can be distributed and dispersed independent of the injection causing poisoning while also able to self replication similar to the genetic programming achieved by injecting the mRNA technology? B) If so, what happened to the mRNA being so fragile it needs to be protected by the nano lipid technology kept extremely cold, or it degrades hence the necessity for controlled delivery via injection? C) Why inoculate at all and instead contaminate air, water, food? That the injections are a bio weapon is easy to recognize. However, for my mind to more readily grasp Ms. Kingston needs to provide a more focused distillation of what are multiple complexities.

    Anyone thinking this mess has a solution centered around legal processes is, in my opinion, deluded/crazy. The legal system is by design a major component of the problem/attack, and cannot provide a solution, rather another tool in this hybrid deadly conflict now directed towards humanity.

  49. Pam

    Greg………..If sending snail mail, how should the check be addressed? To Karen or to Mifight. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Either one. She will be happy for the help. Big Pharma has tried to destroy her financially and maybe physically too.

      • Pam

        I hope that there will be more people listening to this vid that will donate too. It is time to rally folks. We need to beat these whatevers at their own game.
        My dad would be so ashamed at what is going on in our armed forces today. I’m glad he is not here. We need to pick up the Mantel now or there will ne no tomorrow………..

  50. S W

    Thanks Greg for a doing a great job this year in getting much needed information out. And thanks to all the guest who gave their time to bring us the information.

    I think the answer for why the globalist have chosen the current genocide plan has two answers. First is a spiritual one. They are satanic. The second reason is a lot more complex. The earth / sun relationship is going through some changes. The magnetic poles are shifting and that is causing the Jetstream to move out of their normal flow patterns. Then the earth’s magnetosphere is weakening. I think it is down around 25%. They have stopped reporting on this from what I understand. This allows more solar and cosmic energy to effect the earth. The sun is going through a long 400 year cycle known as a Grand Solar Minimum. They have named this cycle Grand Solar Minimum Eddy. There will be low solar activity on the sun causing the earth’s weather to change. All of these events set the world up for global famine. In history during the GSM events empires fall. I think the globalist understand this and want to increase their odds of survival by reducing the earth’s population. Ben Davis reports on the daily space weather and current research papers on the topic. https://www.youtube.com/@Suspicious0bservers/videos
    With all the current headlines I believe the time known as the Day of the Lord is at hand.
    Luke 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near.
    Numbers 6:24-26 The LORD bless you, and keep you: The LORD make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you: The LORD lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

  51. f reps

    A flood tide of good good l but simple Sheep have always existed throughout Human history. This is the reason Our Savior is ; and continually referred to the merits of “Good Shepherds”. Most of the World’s people today do not even have those cowardly Biblical “hirelings” tending the Flock. Pure Satanic Evil now abounds everywhere . Karen Kingston is one of the ” Good Shepherds”. Keep her…..and others like her in your prayers.

  52. Marie Joy

    The next genocide will be more aggressive. It could be something real, like Smallpox, Dengue, or Marburg with the accompanying genocidal clot shots. and the mandates will be worse.

  53. Nick Reynolds

    Merry Christmas, Greg. Yes, this is a bio-weapon, and that’s why the military brass has gone along with the insanity. It’s a much better weapon than, for example, nuclear bombs that destroy everything. The ideal weapon is one that injures but doesn’t kill immediately. “Injures” because that debilitates two or more people, the victim and the caregiver(s), and doesn’t kill immediately because then the nation against which the bio-attack is directed doesn’t even realize it’s being attacked.
    But watch out for 5G. That’s a major part of the conspiracy. Good luck to us all in 2023.

  54. ken

    Karen is correct… I knew (easily guessed) at the very beginning that the entire Sars 2 was a ruse to get people scared enough to take a shot that would do them great harm. It was/is a no brainer.

    Only one thing that one needs to keep in mind. Everything they do, from the disease angle, to starvation (you will eat ze bugs) reducing fertilizer available, buying up farms so they remain fallow, to shutting down power plants for the fake global warming and carbon scam where many will likely freeze to death,,, they simply want you to die and they don’t care how,,, just die.

    When you finally figure this out then everything they’re doing fits and makes sense.

    If you don’t want to bother defending yourself,,, at least defend the children…

  55. Dr. Daniel Hall, DC

    It’s interesting that the virus they are working with is the Rabies virus (seen about the 10 minute mark) which is one of the few that can cross the blood-brain-barrier. Is this “gain of function” just a whistle stop on the end goal of ultimately producing a “zombie” virus that would give the aggressive biting of Rabies and a slow, staggering gait??? : which is a disconnection from the higher motor function. Why else all the predictive programming movies and US Army Manual on Zombies?

  56. ken

    Note to Karen

    Be careful! Be very careful. These people are very dangerous!

  57. Rick B.

    Even if you have not received the Cov-19 shot is it possible you could get the results of another person’s shot from a blood transfusion.

  58. Dr. Daniel Hall, DC

    If they are combining the DNA of Vampire bats with the Rabies virus… what are the implications of that? Blood thirsty Zombies???

    • Dr. Daniel Hall, DC

      It would be good if you could ask Karen if she could comment on: from all the data you have seen, what is the likelihood that the “gain of function” of combining the Rabies virus (which crosses the blood-brain-barrier) with the DNA of Vampire Bats, is currently just a “whistle stop” to the production of a Zombie virus?

  59. James PTY

    I am not doubting anything Ms. Kingston reports. There appears to be three mechanisms at work, an alleged retrovirus, spike protein “nano particle”, and the injected bio technologies. The SARS-CoV-2 is suppose to be a retrovirus capable of tricking cells to reproduce the spike protein that when migrated to organs with high ace 2 receptors the spike toxins causes covid 19. Ms. Kingston claims there was no virus, rather in order to justify the claimed prophylaxis of injecting the bio operating system other methods of dispersing the spike took place to mimic viral infection: Why bother researching and patenting gain of function using the spike if just the spike was going to be physically dispersed from the start? Is it within the realm of possibility for an injected person to shed something other than the spike also capable of self replication, or is it only the toxic spike protein absorbed by another individual?

  60. [: stewart. ]

    i get it in any group of people there is bad and good.
    but the truth of WWII has been so well hidden,
    if you can stomach the truth then i suggest you
    watch ‘Europa the last battle’
    very long.
    A teaser wait til you learn about the ‘good guy winston churchill’

  61. Robert Dotson, MD

    Greg… One of your best interviews. And, on ef KK’s best, too! Thanks for hosting this.
    Sadly,there is no uncorrupted jsutice or law enforcement entitiy in this failed state. The guilty – the traitors – the thieves and criminals that run our corporatist State are free to do what they do best – loot and kill Humankind. Who will rid us of these ghouls?

  62. Tod Mills

    They’ve made it clear that they believe the earth has way too many people and they want 15 out of 16 of us dead. (8 billion down to 500 million). The 500 million figure was listed on the Georgia Guidestones and it is roughly the same figure that Jane Goodall cited here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUheKiH_GqM) Estimated global population in 1500 was 450 million according to this web page: https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/world-population-by-year/

    As CAF noted, if Trump wasn’t aware of the dangers of these bioweapons, then he wasn’t competent enough to be President. I concur whole-heartedly and would add that nobody is fit for the job because the job is inherently immoral to begin with.

    Let’s not forget that Trump tried to use the government to take an elderly widow woman’s home (Vera Coking) from her through eminent domain. Decent people don’t try to do that stuff. Trump is not a decent man.

  63. Richard Jordan

    Greg merry Christmas,
    I have been watching worldometer for some time now but last year decided to take screenshots of the data at years end. I think it is interesting data not real sure how they arrive at there numbers. Below are the numbers for 2021&2022
    In the year of our lord 2021,
    Total births 137,573,302
    Total deaths 57,756,568
    Net population growth 79,816,734
    In the year of our lord 2022
    Total births 131,353,899
    Total deaths 65,775,879
    Net population growth 65,578,020

    2021 had 6,219,403 more births than 2022
    2022 had 8,519,311 more deaths than 2021
    2021 net population growth over 2022 was 14,239,714

    The saddest statistic is abortions 2021 had 41,909,915 where 2022 had 41,196,134 or a drop of 713,781. How evil is this.
    It appears the globalist’s are getting the numbers they are looking for doesn’t it.

  64. Shane

    Trump also promoted the ClotShot as “safe and effective”and to this day claims it saved millions of lives as well as bragging about how great his response to the Scamdemic was.

    Is he a lying traitor or is he an incompetent dupe…?

  65. Alberto Thomas

    Hey Greg

    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a healthy 2023.

    I’ve followed the entire pandemic hoax from day one. And yes, I’ve previously seen the WHO website documents calling for a respiratory aerosols to be released in 2020. However, this doesn’t explain what happened around the globe. I see it as a part of many things to distract you from what is really happening.

    There were no bats on sale in the Wuhan market, and there was no Bioweapon release from Wuhan bio lab. But, there was a planned switch on of 5G cell towers in Wuhan.

    Therefore, I’m not sure why Karen Kingston or Stew Peters has not mentioned this? Happy for anyone to correct me.

    But to ignore the 5G frequencies in Wuhan and other cities across the globe makes me suspicious that we are being distracted while the criminals carry on installing more death towers.

    5G running at 60GHz absorbs 98% of the surrounding oxygen – making it impossible to sustain life. Hence, the reason you saw people dropping dead in Wuhan. I’ve been stating this fact for the last three years.

    New York City ICU’s were filled with patients suffering from Hypoxia. As Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell said: it’s as if people have been dropped of Mount Everest. Verizon installed 5G in September 2019.

    I have previously shared many videos and substack’s from Karen Kingston interviews, but unless she addresses the 5G issue, I can’t see how I can share her work anymore.

    You can find my work on Gab: @GAlberto

    I‘ve been banned from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for two years.

    Please ask Karen Kingston about the 5G issue, because we know the mRNA vaccines have Graphene Oxide inside, and these interact with the 5G frequencies.



  66. Michael

    So if not a virus that spreads please explain what is happening in China right now.
    They locked everyone down, they complained and so the CCP immediately started poisoning the entire country after they freed them?
    That seems to be a stretch. Please explain.

  67. Felix

    Love karen kingston,not only a beauty but smart as a whip and she has the true light of CHRIST in her by the way she fights evil.I have been down the rabbit hole for 20 years now and let me tell you it wears on your psyche.If you have no spiritual ties to GOD the FATHER you will never understand how evil man can be.You have to love GOD because this evil wears on the truth tellers,I could see the wear on certain peoples face that have been exposing evil for decades and we thank GOD for the stregnth because we could not do it alone.Good against evil,GOD against satan from day one.I will be donating to this fighter for the good of humanity.GOD bless to all christians world wide,the real fight is on.

  68. Denise K

    Trump also authorized the 5G. Anyone can easily find his memos about this online. He was also for the anti2nd-Ammendment redflag laws and which Biden now wrote into law. Trump also pushed LGBTQ internationally and applauded when Biden instuted a new law recently that will destroy Christian churches. Trump also gave threw his daughter away to Kushner. There are older videos on youtube where Ivanka wears a cross. She rejected Christ and married the tribe.

    When you are part of a cult, you ignore what Jesus commanded which is to judge by their fruits.

  69. Sara

    Dear Greg & Karen, Thank you! We have reached the point where this has been a coup–of our health, heart, and family. We have been treated like a cult –simply like Jim Jones–who had everyone drink the Kool-Aid–ending in a genocide in French Guyana. May your life be restored to peace, love, and serenity, as we stand in the truth. Blessings to you!

  70. Jimmy

    People are too mind controlled to fight back. Take from Dr. James ZGiordano and search his videos before the gootube take it down. The U.S. corp. is running under Marshall/Admiralty Law since 20th century. One’s rights is null and void if the U.S. constitution is just guideline and under Marshall law the US Constitution is null and void. Don’t support any big pharma. use natural hebs.

  71. tabitha

    this precocious little girl told her mother that by Christas* everyone would awaken:

    (2-min clip)

    * keep in mind that Christmas is rather celebrated on Jan 7th by those of the Orthodox Rite. And also the Epiphany (3 kings day) is on Jan 6 in the Latin Rite. Epiphany commemorates Christ’s manifestation to the Gentiles.

    ……… there is that case said to be getting heard by SCOTUS on Jan 6 regarding the 2020 election.

  72. Rodster

    “Died Suddenly”

    ABC News was in mourning this holiday after Dax Tejera, the executive producer of This Week With George Stephanopoulos, died suddenly at the age of 37. The network said the father of two young girls had a heart attack.


  73. JLMichaels

    Bottomline: This will all follow the same program and procedures of the HIV virus which was one and the same operation. Wash, rinse and repeat.

    Back in 1969 I was selected to work in secret operations for the NSA. Upon arrival in Europe and expected to work with and near all heads of state of the European Union my first briefing was on the bioweapon that was created and released simply known as HIV. Just who created it and how it was released and spreading around the world. Just who initially received it by various vaccines being tainted with it and the need to avoid such people.

    Again, one and the same operation, no doubt that will have the exact same outcome.

  74. Mike S

    GREAT interview, thank you both.

    Have you seen this yet Greg?
    The trainwreck of all trainwrecks: Billions of people stuck with a broken immune response

    • Justn Observer

      Mike S. Interesting line of inquiry and comments as to the dampening and destruction of one’s immune response system…Do wonder if it and the comments are PLAUSIBLE concerns. Way out of my knowledge base as to the finding presented. But if true…sound bleak as the GENE E seems to be out of the bottle with little ability now to put it back in very easily, any time soon?

  75. Deacon Whitherson

    this is what is pouring over the US border thanks to Biden.

    soon this will be NYC, Chicago, LA

  76. Scott

    Greg you and Karen are on the trail of the truth, Your right when you said they never isolated a virus . It’s all a Pay-op to terrorize the world into taking their toxic mRNA lipid nanoparticle bioweapons. I hope you can interview on your show, Dr Tom Cowan and Dr Stefano Scoglio , to get the final piece of this puzzle…check out their recent discussion here to see what it’s all about please, your so close Greg to it all… https://www.bitchute.com/video/ezlCumMBFwE8/

  77. GunnyIsPissed

    The Gardasil vax destroyed Christmas forever in my house.
    It gave my only daughter cervical cancer at 17 and killed her 8 days after her 20th birthday.
    She died on Christmas Eve at 5:15 PM on 12/24/2013.
    RIP Jessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

    • Cat Kid

      So very sorry to hear it Gunny. Gardasil of course was a Gates/Fauci creation. They were also involved in the ebola “study” with remdesivir which killed >60% of the recipients. I share you pain and wish you peace.

      • GunnyIsPissed

        Peace will come when I find the BOD of Merck Pharma.
        Peace for me and eternal peace for them.
        Interesting that most of the BOD of Merck Pharma are WOMEN.
        Women are EVIL and have been so since EVE bit the apple.
        Stay away from women.

        • Phil

          Did you see Nancy Pelosi and VP Harris laughing and giggling as they approved more Billions for Ukraine?? – most of the women in government that have really dumb brains are pushing the “jab” and pushing for nuclear war – but they were put into those positions by some really evil men!!

          • Greg Hunter

            They have made inflation much worse. Wait for it

            • GunnyIsPissed

              Hi Greg,
              Inflation is out of control with food and grocery prices (bologna at $6 a small tub) and even the uber-libs in my area are starting to complain, get worried and be angry about it.
              Had some interesting discussions with my son’s millennial friends this weekend as well.
              The communism runs deep in the 25-40 year olds and it’s scary.
              Biden DISSED on Christmas while making a big deal out of the fake, commie inspired “kwanza”.
              Hope you and yours had a great Christmas.
              Spokane, USA

              #GardasilKilledJessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

    • Kin

      So sorry to hear about your Daughter. I was lucky that my daughter called me at the clinic Before the shot… I loudly voiced my concern and thanks to GOD she listened. My heart breaks for you,

    • Diana Brown

      I am so sorry for your loss. Heartbreaking.

    • Shiloh1

      GunnyIP, I am sorry for your loss.

      Remember Rick Perry?

      Merck Gardasil Whore.


      Dear Gunny, my heart feals for you and my eyes cry for your loss. But we have hope in Jesus This is the Hope we have. When you get to Heaven Jessica will greet you and show you all-round Heaven and her mansion and yours and there’s a Christmas Town in Heaven so you’ll have plenty of time to catch up. And Heaven is forever with Lord Jesus Christ and Father God the Holy Spirit is still busy on the Earth. Kat Kerr speaks of it often, it’s wonderful there I hear. Jesus said ” in my Father’s house are many mansions if it were not so I would tell you, I go to prepare a place for you and will come again for you”
      In His love.

      • GunnyIsPissed

        Thank you very much!

        • Greg Hunter

          I remember debating this at a CNN news meeting in 2008. My view was: “This Gardasil HPV vax is experimenting on young girls, and we have no idea what the outcome will be. We may all be very sorry for not investigating this in the years to come.” this is almost verbatim, and I kid you not. I was asking, “If it really was necessary?” I was mocked as being “unscientific.” I thought we should as least investigate and do a story on it. It was a huge roll out and Big Pharma commercials were everywhere. I was voted down. This was CNN. Most in the news meeting came from Ivey League schools, and I was viewed as a dumbass from the Midwest. I went to University of Missouri and paid for it myself.

          So sorry the Lying Legacy Media (LLM), which I was part of at the time, let you down!! I am MOST sorry about your daughter. Back then, this is what I thought might happen, and it did! I would have loved to be wrong.

    • Coal Burner

      That hurts Gunny, I have one Grand daughter! That would do to me what it has done too you. Unspeakable.

      • GunnyIsPissed

        Yes, It still stings a lot.
        She was amazing and is missed by many.
        Hope all is well for you and yours,

  78. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Ms Kingston.
    Merry CHRISTMAS.


  79. Wanda

    My prayers for the new year. Enough real Republicans can start impeachment on you know who. Then Senate hearings going to the Supreme Court on all the individual players involved in all of this we see happening, from the Border crisis to sending money from US To Ukraine out the back door to their off shore accounts, including the sales of US Military defense weaponry. Nothing less than charges of treason for every one of them. Including Obama. Now that Karen has the proof he also was involved in making these bioweapons to be used against the people. Hope fully they will all be living in a Federal Prison, and every thing they have including the off shore accounts will come back to the Treasury. Sell those million dollar homes they have here and in other Countries, bring the money back to we the people. Lock these treasonous players up and throw away the keys. Lindsey Graham, Pelosi, Obama and so many more.

  80. JR

    Pure Blooded Song

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ4eCFczjgs 4 minutes

  81. Barbara

    Karen is correct. No one will be charged. It’s too corrupt.

  82. Steven Kayser

    Hello Greg

    I would like to address the emotional pain you expressed on your face from 17:36 to 17:48 in this video. I cry almost everyday at the horror, and have found this verse helpful:

    Revelation 21: 4

    “And our Father shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”

    Greg, May our Father bless you with the strength to carry on.


  83. NightHawk

    So, if this was a mitary operation. It was approved by the President.

  84. Stephen Ryals

    Greg,. Charlotte NC here. I am a VP of a coatings company. I think your the best reporting in the USA hands down. I agree with you on what ery topic and your guest are the most credibil sources available. In regards to Cathrine A Fitts. Suggestion. Don’t undermine her. When she says Tbone was in on it, don’t undermine her. U have only one blind spot. We call them Trump tards here in Charlotte. I am also a health insurance producer NC, SC,Tx. I knew day one this was a depopulation event. Warp speed. Not a accident, Tbone was in on it from day one. He is pure demonic. Soros funded him and Kushner. It’s all a big club. There has only been one president who shut down the church. Tbone. Where is his executive order that ever citizen get a covid packet HQ Iver and z pac? He is still a vac advocate. 3 years later. Come in man. After 5 years of watching u respecting ur quality of content. This is your only blind spot. Don’t have guest on and undermine their clarity of FACTS. Tbone new period. Call him out for the scum he is. He could have used the army to implement the cure Ivermecton. The NWO was not ready so they used Tbone to buy them time and they are now ready. When they crank up the 5 G all vaxed will drop dead. It’s a kill switch. U got to walk on Tbone. 700k on your site agree. U need to admit u got it wrong . Not Tbone admit. This is the only thing u have ever got wrong. Pretty goood. Remember the devil is the master deciver. Who is he decieving the lost. No the saved. He already has the lost. This isn’t critical to you. Tbone and the devil got u on this one. Keep bringing ur quality content. Ur a light in a dark world. Much love NC brother.

    • Kat Kerr

      Steve, sorry chum. If it wasn’t for Trump you wouldn’t be posting here, because you’d be in jail. Whatever Trump did, it put him and us in the cat-bird seat! One day you’ll realize it, like you realized it. So, so many times before. Nothings going to stop Trump. Because he is real, he is honest and he is a MAN. Two attributes that have a guarantee of success, you do not have and most likely. Will never and you have his word on it, the WORD!

      It’s Judgment Day — Where are the Men? — High Noon Video Essay /Thomas Gary Nuila
      The classic western High Noon shows that Judgement day isn’t some religious notion for believers in another life. Judgement day comes frequently, for all of us. And when it does come, one question that will be asked is “Where are the men? @ USAWatchdog.com


        Thank you Kat. I love you. Every time I hear you speak of Heaven I cry longing to be their/ I have three children and 3 grandchildren on Earth but I also have 3boys and 2 girls miscarriages in Heaven I never met I my Mom and Dad are probably busy with them fives a lot of work.
        Merry Christmas to you and husband and Mom and Jen. I live in NJ hope to see you in FL I’m making a jacket for you size 12 okay? The material is ; lovely. 🤗 And 😘

  85. Wadsworth Binghamton

    Russian Airbase Hit by Explosion as Moscow Blames Ukraine for Drone Strike
    Story by James Bickerton • 3h ago


    Adrone attack on Russia’s Engels-2 air base, more than 350 miles from the nearest Ukrainian controlled territory, left three servicemen dead, according to Russian authorities.

  86. Paul Daghlian

    Greg, I think you should interview Dr. Knut Wittkowski. In fact a debate between the professor and Ms. Kingston over the covd virus or “non-virus” would be fascinating and perhaps highly informative. Why not moderate that debate?

    I have Dr. Wittkowski’s phone number.

  87. Jaun Valdez

    Tags: donald trump | joe biden | ukraine | russia | wwiii | armageddon | nuclear war
    Trump Hits Biden for ‘Armageddon’ Remark, Warns It’s ‘Exactly the Wrong’ Message
    By Fran Beyer | Monday, 10 October 2022 08:20 AM EDT
    President Joe Biden’s speculation about a possible “Armageddon” amid Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threats of nuclear war is “exactly the wrong thing” to say, former President Donald Trump is warning.
    Instead, the United States should be urging Russia and Ukraine to negotiate for peace to avoid an even more dire outcome for the more than 7-month-old war, Trump said at a Sunday rally in Arizona, the Washington Examiner reported.

    Aunt Nancy gets asked the 100-million-dollar question, are you a crook?
    She made it clear; she is not a crooked crook!

  88. Kerry

    Well, I’m toast no matter what and so is everyone else who is receiving Chemotherapy. The ultimate paradox, if you take the Chemo you get zapped and if you don’t the cancer depending on the type will get you. Christ died for sinners like me, and I know where I will be for eternity, but all these evil doers are going to be in for a real shock someday according to scripture. Make everyday count.
    Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas Greg!

    • Chazzz

      Gerson Method. eBay for the book(s). Cut all sugar out of your diet now if you haven’t already done so. Fast often, drink (Berkey) water or distilled. Stay the course.


      No . Kerry I call you healed in Jesus name and cast down every evil word spoken over you now, No weapon formed against you will prosper in Jesus name. Start saying out of your mouth “I am heald, I am blessed , I am whole in Jesus name. You are the healed, you are saved, you are the blessed you are whole.
      Whole means nothing missing, nothing broken. WHOLE, with God’s love.

  89. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg and Karen for an excellent presentation and explanation of what we are really dealing with. I appreciate your work.

  90. Justn Observer

    Greg, reports CDC is still removing data from vax injury reports? Seems that Congress should immediately order them to retain all records for a review by Congress, State Governors and AG’s and Doctors who might need to see what the ‘real’ data IS ! = ‘ In an interview with Dr. Naomi Wolf on DailyClout, Dr. Henry Ealy specifically noted that, between September 2022 and December 2022, the CDC had removed at least 32,844 records of injury related to myocarditis, pericarditis, and heart inflammation. What were 45,388 reports three months ago has now inexplicably dropped down to 12,544, he said.’ =


  91. 423897489

    Franco Harris of Pittsburgh Stealers died suddenly.
    Franco Harris promoted the vaxxx for the NFL as safe and effective.

    • Nika

      That’s a shock!

  92. Kate

    Dr Francis Boyle seems to believe that there IS a virus- actually a frankenvirus of a number of things all spliced together- including HIV and SARS and MERS, citing the Indian researchers who claim to have studied the CV19 virus and can show the “snippets” of each one where it was inserted.

    This is all so confusing to know what to really believe. From snake poison to parasites, from 5-G to a gain of function frankenvirus, to no virus at all….this is absolute insanity. The only things we can really be sure about are 1. DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THEIR INJECTIONS and 2. THE US MILITARY, US GOVT, BIG TECH and the MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX are conspirators complicit in genocide of their own people and the people of the world.

  93. Self Exiled

    I don’t need to go to Karens sight or sub stack because she is so knowledgeable and effectively delivers her position and facts on her interviews.

  94. Art

    Anyone who thinks the main purpose of these bio-weapon shots is to generally depopulate the planet is fooling themselves. If that was the primary objective then the first people they would have gone after with these shots and the people they would have gone after the most aggressively are black Africans since they are by far the fastest growing population on the planet and are not far at all from being the group with the largest population on the planet. That said, the exact opposite of this is being done. Black Africans are far and away the least “jabbed” people on the planet and that’s because the governments there have not been pushed nearly as much as other government around the world to inject their populations with this nano crap. That is a fact no one seems to bring to light, and since that IS a fact, you must look for ulterior motives. I’m pretty sure I know what the plan is but I won’t mention it here as it may be too “politically incorrect” to expose at this time, and I don’t want my comment to be censored.

    • Chazzz

      Art, i for one would like to hear more on your theory. I agree with your take so far.

    • anon

      Furthermore, European people’s already have a low birth rate below replacement. Given a short amount of time the European populations were dwindling anyway.

      Yet it wasn’t good enough for THEM.

      One problem for THEM is that European people’s can rebuild after a catastrophe. THEY can turn off the power, the water, the fuel… and Europeans will immediately fix it. There’s few other groups in the world short of Japs who could deal with sudden loss of infrastructure. The third world proves it.

      So THEY want to destroy the ability to rebuild after a disaster. It’s possible that all these immigrants are being used in the same way as the clot shots were used – as a weapon – nothing more. When the lights go out then European’s will end up fighting the invaders over tins of dog food rather than working amongst themselves to fix the infrastructure and re-establish civilisation.

      In a disaster Europeans would come together to deal with adversity… now they’ll just end up fighting and dieing to invaders in the streets and / or murdered in their own homes.

      THEY also specifically targetted professionals for exection, those who worked for large corporations. People who know how the infrastructure works.

      THEY now apparently possess these Huxley-like baby incantation chambers. I think they’ll repopulate the smart cities with them.

      If there is no resistance soon then there will just be a few Europeans left who need to bug out and sit this out for about a year, then try to survive and hope that THEY don’t send out their drones to exterminate the few remnants of humanity that made it.

  95. Marie Joy

    Poplar Preparedness on YouTube speaks of 80 attacks on our American power grid, some of them on Christmas Day. He says SOME of our US power grid is on the verge of collapse. When the grid goes down, it’s on. Do you have alternative heat?

    • Nika

      There were recent power outages in my area, luckily they missed me.

  96. Marie Joy

    This is ALL about genocide, OURS.

  97. Pat

    God Bless you Karen. Please ask for God’s shield of protection. Also command evil to be gone from your presence in Jesus’s name.

  98. Warren B.

    KK says it …..”CV19 vax…. is a criminal act of releasing a bioweapon on an unsuspecting public”.
    But what we really need to fully understand is that it is not Pfizer nor is it Moderna nor Johnson & Johnson that are responsible or liable for what has been released. These Pharmaceutical companies were in FACT contracted by the DOD to manufacture the DOD product. This is indeed a Bioweapon developed by our very own insidious corrupted MIC for the sole purpose of GENOCIDE. Our Government, along with every other participating Government in the World, are complicit in this criminal act for which there is no legal remedy, for they have aided and abetted and intentionally utilised the fine art of mis-direction at every available opportunity to ensure we cannot connect the dots. Use of reverse psychology ….”we need to accept the Vaccine as Safe and Effective”…was paramount in their duplitious behavior (keeping us safe whilst poisoning us).

  99. henry carbine

    Dr Taylor Marshall confronts Trump’s baggage.

    (5min clip) Dr. Marshall’s advice for President Trump:

    • Greg Hunter

      But Biden has no baggage??? WTF is this crap.

  100. Brian Blackburn

    I have a question for Karen Kingston,
    Since this a bio-weapon and not a virus, how does this affect someone’s health who has been infected and survived without taking any shots? Before the information out there was after being infected your body took on an immunity and you would no longer get it again (virus). So what happens now to someone’s body after they beat this weapon? Are they at risk of dying like the people taking the shots or does your immune system become more stronger?

  101. Mike R

    Much of this information is FINALLY spreading fast on Twitter, not that majority of censorship is gone. Of course all these folks on Twitter are many months BEHIND the folks here on Greg’s website….
    Front page news in Ireland about Pfizers killing jabs. Says Pfizer KNEW…

  102. HairyHerry

    Wow! When Greg becomes speechless more than once in an interview, there’s truly something to this. A kick ass interview for what gets revealed.

  103. Nika

    ABC News Producer, Dax Dejera age 37, dies suddenly of a Heart Attack. Vaccine conspiracy theorists claimed he died, due to his Covid shots!

  104. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Finally! got to listen to the whole interview without it freezing. Not blaming USAW, I recon it was controlled interference. Anyway – WOW – what a fantastic interview! Karen’s frustration must be off the charts. She reveals so mush damning evidence gleaned from the government’s and big pharma’s own web sites and – crickets! I hope your predicted ‘great awakening 2023’ happens. People need to get ‘Mad as Hell!!!’

  105. Ardo Ardmore

    Business Insider
    The UN has said nuclear war is ‘back within the realm of possibility.’ Here are the places in the US most likely to be hit in a nuclear attack.
    Story by [email protected] (Alex Lockie,Abbie Shull,Sonam Sheth) • 6h ago
    Russian President Vladimir Putin also suggested in December that Russia may abandon its “no first use” military doctrine.
    A Russian nuclear attack would likely focus on high-value targets in North Dakota or Montana.
    The UN secretary-general António Guterres said that nuclear war is “back within the realm of possibility” following Russia’s warning earlier this year it was putting its nuclear forces on alert amid its war in Ukraine, which threatens to draw NATO into direct combat with Russia. Since then, nuclear threats have continued to raise concerns a nuclear weapon could be used in a conflict for the first time in decades.
    Apparently somebody wants us dead, whom could it be? .Gov? Big pharm? Sore Ass? Hitlery, we came he died? Chum Vicky, F#*CK the EU! Obomber, virtual president. Vlad the Impaler?? The Anglo-American dual world LGBKQRSTUV IN YOUR FACE WORLD SUPER POWER wants Putin’s massive Russki gas station, AT THE SAME TIME BLEEDING US OUT, OF OUR OWN LOW-COST OIL AND GAS ENERGY. TO BRING THE ANGLO-AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS TO POVERTY AND REPLACING US WITH SLAVES FROM THE THIRD WORLD!
    ALL THE ABOVE : CONTROLED BY, Satan the Deviled! You have his word on it!
    WILLING BROWN SLAVES FROM tyranny, to create tyranny, in the west!

    Shock: 10-Inch Clot Removed from LIVE Person who was Vaxxed
    by Adan Salazar
    December 26th 2022, 4:21 pm
    Entrepreneur-turned-Covid-jab-skeptic Steve Kirsch reports on long fibrous blood clot removed from living vaccinated patient.
    A massive 10-inch blood clot was removed from a live person who had received a Covid-19 vaccine.
    The startling discovery was reported Christmas Day by renowned entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, who indicated the specimen was sent to a lab for further research.
    10” clot removed from LIVE person who was vaxxed. Anyone ever seen this before vax rolled out?? pic.twitter.com/5ZwiWxgCq2
    — Steve Kirsch (@stkirsch) December 26, 2022

    You’re Being INSTRUCTED Not To Notice This!!! | Jeffrey Sachs Last WARNING

    What is going WRONG with OUR HEARTS?
    Dr. Scott Jensen Something nefarious afoot?
    The best thing about being a conspiracy theorist is not suffering from Myocarditis.
    @athena3865 22 hours ago (edited)
    I’m a retired professional nurse with a biology and nursing degree. If people knew about and understood what RNA does, they would not have gone along with political science. The largest vaccine hesitant educated group is the PhDs. I admire your stance and your work, Dr. Jensen; Thank You thanksdoc

  106. Bill's Stilled!

    How Nazis Infiltrated America’s Intelligence Agencies | Nazis in the CIA | Timeline
    Timeline – World History Documentaries Dec 20, 2022
    Florian Hartung and Dirk Pohlmann have reconstructed a previously unknown dimension of the collaboration between Nazis and the CIA in the Cold War. Drawing upon recently released documents, the film exposes for the first time a perfidious, worldwide net that reaches deep into the power structures of the Federal Republic of Germany. Lending their authority to the factfinders’ mission are high-ranking statesmen, journalists and historians.

  107. Glenn

    This – see links – has stuck on my brain. Is it a normality that authorities seek repositories for the dead on a larger scale “in advance.”? See the time line.
    Please read and respond


  108. Larry

    This agenda was planned years in advance and all involved dhoulvbe executed for their crimes. Including warp speed Epstein Trump. Remember the announcement when Trump and fat CIA liar Mikey Pompous were on stage? Mike’s days “This is a live EXERCISE.”. To which warp speed Trump mumbles “They should have told us.”.

  109. Linda Walling

    I do not know why most of the researchers on this topic do not talk about the Bluetooth mac address which almost every vaxxed person has. Maybe the researchers think that this subject is even more terrifying than all of the died suddenly and veins full of some foreign rubbery protein substance and brains full of scar tissue. I did my own research with this using a low energy bluetooth app on my older LG phone for a couple of months before I just stopped looking because it made me so sad that I could see mac addresses on most people I know. There is only one person that I knew for sure was vaxxed who did not appear to have a mac address. I am a retired physicist so I understand the scientific method very well and did my experiments carefully. This is something I mentioned to one of my ex-colleagues who I thought to be a person capable of being objective and he is extremely competen in his field. He is officially retired, but still has a lab full of rf/microwave equipment and I thought maybe he could do some experiments using better equipment than a cell phone, but he freaked out and said he wouldn’t even look at it. I have worked with him in the past on several projects and he knows my work and my reputation, (I also specialized in rf and microwave) He, his children, his grandchildren, all jabbed. He told me I had better get jabbed and make sure everyone I care about gets jabbed as well. I have stopped mentioning this to anyone. Here is an article that goes into the subject deeper. I think if people knew they had this kind of technology in their bodies and understood how jabbed people’s bodies are networked together, they would be more careful around wifi and bluetooth devices and certainly not wear them on their bodies. I disconnect my smart TV from the wall when I am not watching a movie; I power down our cell phones at night and put them in a metal box. I keep my wifi off except for the rare times I need it for some purpose and connect our laptops with ethernet cables. Same thing for bluetooth devices, etc, and my husband and I aren’t even jabbed. https://circleofthedolphins.wordpress.com/2021/09/16/a-readers-message-to-henry-makow-the-jabbed-are-connected-to-bluetooth-through-their-personal-666-mark-of-the-beast-microchip-certificate-of-vaccination-id-covid-barcode-2/

  110. Steve

    It took me a while to realize that the people who idolize Trump are the same ones who nominated/voted for Mitt Romney & John McCain; who elected GW Bush & supported his War Of Terror & increased domestic police-state apparatus; who elected GHW “New World Order” Bush; who still think Reagan cut the size of govt.

    In other words the fools who’ve voted us into the situation we’re in now are the same fools who think Trump is “the real deal”.

  111. Linda Walling

    She mentions that the patents disclose that people are being tracked. And I consider you complicit if you are unwilling to disclose how they are being tracked so that they could take measures to protect themselves. Very sad, Greg.

    • Linda Walling

      I am so sorry, Greg. I thought you had deleted my earlier comment. In my earlier comment. I described some precautions that can be taken to reduce exposure to bluetooth, 4G, 5G and wifi. The problem is that like smart meters, if this system is fully operational, one jabbed person’s body coming within bluetooth range of another passes their information on to the network, and so on and so forth. Here is a description of how that may work, and I can’t verify it but if it is correct, it would explain the purpose and function of the bluetooth connections and mac addresses which I have observed. https://everydayconcerned.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/12-intracorporal_nanonetwork.pdf
      I have purchased shielding materials from the following company to put around my router and other appliances that are hooked up to the network of things. This company (lessemf.com) also sells all kinds of things that can help, including rf meters, clothing, bedding, fabric, absorptive paint (if someone’s smart meter is attached to a wall adjacent to a bedroom or living area of the house). In our last house we simply replaced one of our fiber window screens with metal screen because our dining area looked out onto a smart meter attached to the back of our garage, and my rf meter confirmed a couple of order magnitude drop in the pulsed emissions coming from the smart meter. I have mainly focused on protecting myself and my husband and pets, and since we are unvaxxed, it wasn’t difficult to take measures to reduce our exposure. I really don’t know how to approach helping vaxxed people since I don’t have any vaxxed people in my household to experiment on. At some point vaxxed people need to understand their situation and find solutions, otherwise I believe there is a real possibility that their bodies and minds can be interfered with remotely beyond just tracking people’s biometrics.

  112. Fred

    The endless “Nazi” nonsense is not helpful. Nazi scientists were scooped up by the Soviets and the US. They have had zero influence in the direction of the nation. The “Nazis” in Ukraine are an ultra-nationalist remnant of WWII. Zelensky is a jew put in power by the jewish oligarch, Ihor Kolomoisky.

    “If I put on glasses and look at myself like the whole rest of the world, I see myself as a monster, as a puppet master, as the master of Zelensky, someone making apocalyptic plans. I can start making this real.” – Ihor Kolomoisky, New York Times, November 2019, https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/13/world/europe/ukraine-ihor-kolomoisky-russia.html.


  113. Jeffrey A Moore

    Dr. Bryan Ardis on an interview said his wife lost her taste & smell, and with him not knowing took nicotine gum. Shortly after her smell & taste came back.

  114. Chin Chin

    “If we know the vax is toxic, how is it Trump does not?” – patriot Scott McKay
    ffw 43:00

    “SG Anon” offers a rationale for why Trump has been into the vax. Says 5G is worse than vax, but then fails to explain they why of Trump’s possible role in authorizing 5G.

    ………. maybe if we had more of the intel pieces, then Trump would make more sense. That’s supposed to be what Mark Taylor could provide, a from the mountaintop perspective as it were, but unfortunatley Mark Taylor has been AWOL.

    this brief clip from the iconic movie Dead Zone, shows prophet Mark Taylor (Christopher Walken) meeting Joe Biden/Obama (Martin Sheen).

  115. Son Of Ethan Alen

    I was arguing with my pharmacist yesterday that I should get the covid and flu shots. Hardee har har

  116. LStDenis

    Purchased 1 yr sub at Karen Kingston Substack to get all the links of child vaccines being under EUA, parents have no right to informed consent under PREP Act amendment, Pfizer website stating mRNA being gene editing. It was well worth the subscription to save me countless hours on research. Going to use this to attempt to get a Religious Exemption for my young grandchildren in Cali. Thank You Karen!

  117. Prospector

    Greg , keep tabs on DR Chris Martinsen, PhD posts.
    @chrismartenson – twitter

    Information about known bad batches being used and covered up is coming.
    Source info : @Jikkyleaks

  118. Prospector

    I am sure I’m not the first to suggest this but feel it must be repeated often. Based on my own reading and research I was aware of the long standing desire of globalists / NWO gang for massive depopulation. William Coopers 1991 book : BEHOLD A PALE HORSE , covers this in chapter 9 ‘ Anatomy of an Alliance ‘ ,pp 167. The Baby-Boom really scared the planners so they wanted ways to reduce population without all – out – war destroying everything. Quote – ” War was put on the back burner to simmer , but may become a reality. ” ” The only alternative left to the worlds ruling elite was to increase the death rate. ….. Neither did they relish the possible consequences of an enraged public upon discovering they were being systematically murdered .” ( note : the new spending bill gives millions to all members of congress for home security , and they were exempt from vaccines too. ) They needed something that could be blamed on Mother Nature. ” What was needed was the bubonic plague or some other horrible but ” NATURAL ” disease. ”

    Now, today Dr. Peter McCullough tweets / posts another Doctors work. Dr. Jessica Rose on how all this is destroying the immune system . ( jessiecar.substack.com )

    Agree or disagree here , but think on it…… What if Covid-19-SARS , Round One , is only the beginning ? To weaken the body defenses in preparation for the next bio-weapon ?
    Lord I hope I’m wrong.

  119. Johnny Carsick

    If George Carlin were alive on stage tonight:

    “I went to the store and some fruit cake called me a cis,
    I turned around and called him a c***ks****** q**** a******!!
    We’re both were right!!”

    “Here is an update to my 1972 Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television,
    I now present to you, the 7,500,000 words you can not use anywhere!!”

  120. big nasty

    Watch Pfizer, Moderna and J&J vaccines react with live blood:


  121. An Oostburg Lion Sighting

    The super rich that got their jabs must me climbing the walls in fear of sudden death.

    2023 Rod Serling (smoking a $5 cigarette wearing a Hugh Hefner bathrobe): “The crappy zombie movies during the past 30 years were CIA programming for what comes next… THE VAXXED WALKING DEAD harvesting and killing the un-vaxxed for their pure virgin blood!! It would likely begin in China where several million people can disappear off the streets not noticed. You’ll know the end is rear when the world billionaire elites all fly their planet killing private jets into China on “secret business” The Satanic ultra rich vaxxed won’t be denied their pure virgin blood sacrifices. Fertile imagination? File this under plausibly undeniable in the Twilight Zone” Do♪ – do♪ – do-do♫, Do♪ – do♪ – do-do♫

  122. Robert says no

    I sent the following to one of our city council members who also has a moderator role on the Nextdoor app for our city. This was in response to her response to my questions about the new WHO TREATY that is being reviewed in Feb 2023 by the Biden administration at their next international meeting.

    “I think vaccines for children when we were young was sound medical choices. MMR and a few others but seems these days kids get way over 50 vaccines by the time they’re 18. I think there’s some revenue goals there. RFK Jr has done some incredible research into the advent of all the required childhood vaccines that began in 1989 and corresponds with the increases in childhood allergies and certain brain related conditions. It’s all very well documented.

    I think adults should be able to have a choice with no restrictions placed on them. I think mask are theatre and should not ever be required.

    There was a time when our nations best interest was in preserving our health. I remember in the early 60s going to Jefferson on Ohio Pkwy and getting a pink colored sugar cube for the polio vaccine. I also remember getting a tuberculosis shot in 9th grade at Jefferson. There was a time when our nation needed us and our labor. It doesn’t need all of us now. Technology will soon replace most of us in what we use to offer our nation.

    I don’t trust these overhyped pandemics and the solutions they’re bringing about, these experimental mRNA technologies. I think theres sinister agendas in play. I don’t believe that COVID 19 was the scourge it was presented as and I don’t believe there ever was ever a pandemic. It was a huge, vast well planned conspiracy to prepare the whole world for a new way, a great reset. I no longer believe my federal government has my best interest in mind. Our nation is being bankrupted with all this money being printed. I think there’s evil in high places around the world. I think Bill Gates is evil, I think Dr Fauci is evil. I think the CDC FDA NIH and much of what is presented as science is corrupted by money power and a depopulation agenda. The world can’t handle a 7, 8, 9 billion population. I believe a great reset is in play. I saw this coming when 911 happened and the Project for a New American Century was launched and sound financial policy was thrown out the window in favor of ongoing wars for ongoing profits to the worlds elite. All of this was planned decades in advance of what we’re living through now. It’s all documented. The paper trails is there and there’s 1000s of doctor’s and scientist and lawyers rebelling against this madness being posed as a Green utopian future. I bet you never watched Michael Moore’s planet of the humans. The transition to EV and the new energy sources is going to devastate the worlds remaining forest and pristine areas in search of these new minerals to make these batteries and solar panels.”

  123. Susan R

    Very late to comment but necessary. I wondered how much more could Karen say? A lot! The coverup is that they are stealing our God particle, where we become machines for whatever purpose. Life is imperfect and not nice at times but until I go back to my maker for the last time, I choose imperfect.

  124. Prospector

    WOW !! Following the money , with documents and receipts . $ 10 Billion. Ties to China.

    ” The role of the U.S. DoD ( and their co-investors ) in ” Covid Countermeasures ” enterprise ”

    Sasha Latypova – sashalatypova.substack.com

  125. larry


    Milgram Experiment….Testing and confirming the overwhelming conformity to authority exhibited by people….Explains how Nazi policy was followed so well…sad

  126. EasyEnergy

    Sometimes I wish Karen Kingston was bat shit crazy but she’s not. She’s spot on. Even as I write this my father lies dying in a hospital bed from pneumonia some 2 1/2 weeks after getting the “booster”. I told my parents not to get it but a sibling told them they should. He’s gone down hill ever since. Most likely a spike in his IgG4 (immunoglobulin) from it’s normal 2% of total serum antibodies to around 50%. Can’t fight an infection on your own when the clot shots mess with your natural immunity. DON’T GET THE SHOTS!!!!!!

  127. Mike R

    this CV19 deadly vaxx thing is now FINALLY getting out on twitter. you were sounding the alarm early and often by having some of these same people as guests on your website !
    These are the Experts who spoke truth from Day 1. Not the ones who now act brave because
    gave them a safe space.

    2. Dr. Carrie Madej
    3. Dr. Bryan Ardis
    4. Dr. Christiane Northrup
    5. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
    6. Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vilet
    7. Dr Tau Braun⤵️

    Thank you Greg ! I have been re-posting links to your website with Karen’s warnings too, on Twitter. Millions More people need to find out about you, and also learn what these people have to say.

  128. Lynn Burgen

    I truely admire Karen Kingston and others like her for giving us the truth and am so grateful that 4 of my 5 children do not vaccinate themselves or my grandchildren with ANY vaccines thanks to the truth tellers! I do have one question: is it safe to be around people who test positive for covid 19 since it is not a contagion?
    Love your show, Greg! NEVER miss it!!

  129. Tim Bitterman

    Greg. You still think the virus exists. How many times does Karen have to tell you it’s a hoax?
    The only thing that really exists is the bioweapon. You have been overwhelmed by cognitive dissonance.
    You admit you struggle with IQ so at this point all we can do is pray for you to eventually understand.
    Please say a prayer for Greg everyone. This eugenics nightmare will end when the perpetrators are brought to justice and their weapons of mass murder collected and destroyed.
    Even so called vaccines for flu are only 14% effective because viruses mutate so fast. There is a hidden (occult) motive for “medicine” and it definitely isn’t for our health and longevity.

  130. Tim Bitterman

    Tim Bitterman 01/03/2023 •
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Greg. You still think the virus exists. How many times does Karen have to tell you it’s a hoax?
    The only thing that really exists is the bioweapon. You have been overwhelmed by cognitive dissonance.
    You admit you struggle with IQ so at this point all we can do is pray for you to eventually understand.
    Please say a prayer for Greg everyone. This eugenics nightmare will end when the perpetrators are brought to justice and their weapons of mass murder are collected and destroyed.
    Even so called vaccines for flu are only 14% effective because viruses mutate so fast. There is a hidden (occult) motive for “medicine” and it definitely isn’t for our health and longevity.

  131. Geir Roald Hodne

    Hi Greg, one question……….. the vaccine goes pass brain barriers into the brian! How is it then with the placenta? Does it sneak by its barries and into the umbilical cord.

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