Fed Fears Complete Economic Collapse – Peter Schiff

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Money manager and economist Peter Schiff said in October the Federal Reserve “could NOT win the fight on inflation by raising interest rates.”  As inflation just turned up anew, it looks like he was right—again.  Schiff explains, “Based on the recent data we got . . . the inflation curve has bent back up.  The months of declining inflation are in the rearview mirror.  Now, we are going to see accelerating inflation . . . and I think before the year is over, we are going to take out that 9% inflation high last year in year over year CPI (Consumer price Index) . . . and what that is going to show is what the Fed has done thus far in its inflation fight is completely ineffective.  If the Fed is serious about fighting inflation, and I do not believe it is, it’s going to have to fight a lot harder than it has.  Interest rates need to go up much higher than anybody thinks, but that alone is not going to do the trick.  We also have to see a big contraction in consumer credit and lending standards rising so consumers can’t keep spending. . . . Consumers are running up credit card debt.  That is inflationary.  That is an expansion of the supply of credit.”

It gets worse when the Fed has to save the economy again.  Schiff predicts, “I think the Fed is going to have to throw in the towel on the inflation fight because it will be fighting something it fears more, which is a complete economic collapse. . . .The federal government may be legitimately forced to cut Medicare and Social Security instead of illegitimately cutting it through inflation. . . .We have this collapsing standard of living, but think about it as a tax.  This is what Americans are paying.  This is the price of big government. . . . Higher prices are the price we pay for big government, and inflation is a tax.  Instead of raising our taxes, they are just printing money, and that devalues the money we have.”

What is the answer?  Schiff says, “We have to let the phony economy collapse so we can build a real economy on the rubble of this economic house of cards.”

There are going to be lots of losers in the coming collapse.  Schiff says, “People are going to suffer the consequences of this experiment gone bad. . . . We know how this experiment is going to end.  They are not doing anything that Zimbabwe didn’t try, or Argentina didn’t try or the Weimar Republic.  They didn’t reinvent inflation.  It’s the same old thing.”

As a result, Schiff predicts big losses in many stocks (but not all), bonds and bank deposits.  Schiff contends, “They can’t cover the deposits at the FDIC.  They have to acknowledge that the FDIC is bankrupt and people are going to lose money at a bank.  The losses are going to dwarf those in the Great Depression because we have a far more leveraged system now thanks to government intervention.”

Schiff says he also likes gold and silver as a core investment and thinks they both go way up in price in a world where the dollar is eaten up by inflation.

In closing, Schiff says, “We already have inflation.  So, prepare for the consequences of inflation.  It is going to raise prices, but it is also a massive transfer of wealth.  You have to position yourself to be a winner and not a loser. . . .Creditors are going to get wiped out.  People think they are playing it safe in a bond portfolio.  Look how bad bonds did last year.  It was the worst year in history, and you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

There is much more in the 47-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with money manager and economic expert Peter Schiff, founder of Euro Pacific Asset Management  2.25.23.

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After the Interview:

There is free information and articles at Peter Schiff’s website  EuroPac.com.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    I really admire Peter Schiff for his honesty and integrity in this distorted world.
    More importantly I respect you Greg Hunter for making my Sundays informative and ever more enjoyable than they already are.
    No additional reporting needed from me today as I am totally immersed with the appreciation for the simplicity of my life.

    • Ray

      Peter Schiff……the Thinking Man’s Thinking Man!!!
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • jomer

        One of the people who I admire the most is Peter Shiff’s dad Irwin Shiff of his standing up for what was morally right.

        Irwin Shiff died in prison for tax evasion. He would have gotten an early release if he of stopped and disavow his Freedom Book business, which proved there was no law requiring most people to pay income taxes on their wages.

        • Lucas Doolin

          American political prisoner.

      • Anthony Australia

        Ray Mate – OMG, not that we need anymore evidence why we follow USAW.

        These clowns below are clueless liars.
        Big Australian bank makes huge call on rate cuts
        One of the big four Australian banks has made a shocking prediction about the future state of interest rates.

    • Dennis

      I love your program (and you too) and have followed you for years. But Peter Schiff’ is a nothing burger. I tried to get something out of what he said but it offered nothing to me as I am on a fixed income. So all his words are totally worthless. The problem is it takes money to make money. Most Americans do not have huge amounts of money and are not invested in stocks, silver, and land. Get someone on that actually relates to the general public which I suspect are most of your viewers. If not, perhaps I need to go someplace else.
      Sorry to be so negative but that is the way I see it.

      Our enemy is our government and the solution is not some great investments bla bla bla.
      Dennis in Central Texas

      • Greg Hunter

        If you think Shiff’s words are worthless you are in big trouble. This tells me you are going to sit and do nothing. Nobody’s coming to help you. Figure out a way to help yourself. There is no magic bullet or plan to keep you from suffering. This is going to take work on your part.

        • Jack

          Since 1980 when gold and silver went exponential, the world’s pop has almost doubled and the money supply has increased by 55 times, they have become far more sophisticated in manipulating metals and lying about the real rates of inflation. Death rates are up 40% and over a million more people per yr are dying in the USA. This also adds to inflation as wealth gets passed down. They will have to raise rates to over 20% to tame inflation and much of this inflation was caused by Covid shortages, as the middle class got less of the stimulus money. Do they want total system collapse of shares ,bonds and real estate ? Will the billionaires trust CBDC’s to save them ? In the crime of 1873 silver was demonetised and the bankers who had most of the gold, stole a lot of wealth in causing the 1890’s depression.Bonds ,shares and real estate are going down. How do we protect our hard earned savings ?

      • Jimmy

        Dennis – As you say “most Americans do not have huge amounts of money and are not invested in stocks, silver, and land” – they keep whatever little money they do have “in the bank” (supposedly protected by the FDIC) – but the FDIC only has enough money to pay out a maximum of 2 cents on the dollar when the re-set (bank crash) occurs – so the peoples money in the bank “is not protected” (by design in the evil Dodd Frank Law that allows bail-ins) – this knowledge “is keep secret” from the general public as “they do not have a need to know” and it gives the elite’s time to move their money out of the banks and into physical gold (at purposely suppressed prices) “so only they” will come out on top after the reset – the result being – the general public “will have all their money stolen” – and they will “have nothing” as Klaus Schwab gleefully says!!!

    • Coiln Maxwell

      Yes,I too Anthony/Ray/Jomer etc, have always had great admiration for Peter. And also for his dad Irwin, who so bravely challenged the status quo and the unjust and completely unconstitutional taxation of the US labour resource.

      Of course, because of his stand, Irwin was jailed and tragically he died in 2015 in a hospital prison at the age of 87.

      Because of this tragic background, I came away from this otherwise excellent interview extremely puzzled. Peter didn’t mention either of the two giant elephants in the room…

      #1 Firstly that if money and credit were created as a public utility this would completely disenfranchise the FED and its private bankster ownership. It would also solve the problem that his father saw so graphically and tried to fight. IOW as soon as banking became a public utility the need for taxing the US labour resource could conceivably cease to exist as all of the interest that the private banking cartel gobbles up could go straight into the treasury coffers instead… displacing the need for a tax on productive labour.

      #2 A gold standard as a lone hard backing for sovereign currencies would never work because of the reality of mass redemption events. This system completely unravelled leading into 1971, and it wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of working 50+ years later. It’s a completely dead duck, especially for the US, most of whose so-called reserves are completely fictitious.

      Why is Peter not familiar with the huge raft of BRICS+ initiatives which include backing sovereign currencies, and by extension the new trade currency instrument, with ~ 20 major commodities including gold and silver? On a population basis ~90% of the world is clamouring to join this bloc. This mass exodus event alone turns the status quo Zone A sphere completely on its head.

      I find these omissions even more puzzling because now that Peter is geographically domiciled in the LatAm sphere this conversation should be literally deafening.. yes I know Puerto Rico is an incorporated territory of the US, and holds official US “Commonwealth” (choke, cough) status. This to me though, is all the more reason why this conversation should have been mentioned in this interview.

      I am certainly not suggesting anything untoward here, as I have the utmost faith in Peter’s courage and integrity… I simply remain utterly puzzled that both of these massive subjects were glossed over.


      Yes I believe you are correct

    • Mark

      The problem with GDX SLVP is that when I sell I will be paid in CBDC. I see no alternative to gold and silver in a place where I can buy physical gold or silver and use them for money.

  2. Mungo

    We know all of this already Pete!

    • Russ 2

      Some of us know this but many are just waking up; Schiff’s message bears repeating.

      That said, my monthly incomes and day-day expenses are still in US greenback FRN’s. So very difficult to leave the system entirely. Then one day it will all just stop — interesting times.

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Russ, There has to be a few strong currencies in other countries that will not go to 0. Some of these countries over here in SE Asia have the hardest working people on the planet and are not in terrible debt like the USA, Europe and Japan. I have some G and S but have money over here in Thailand in cash, Like here, if you want to move money to the Baht, you have to come in person and open the account at one of the big banks here, then you can wire back and forth. Thailand is ranked #25 in dollar reserves at 225BB dollars. When things hit the fan, that has to hurt and offset the low Govt. Debt to to GDP of 53,6% That is the kind of question I would like to get an answer on.

    • Tom C

      Mungo, speak for yourself.

      • Astraea

        Thanks Mungo! You are right. There is something about him I just do not trust or like.

        • Andrew

          Mungo and Astraea,
          why are you following this channel? Because ALL financial people on the channel say pretty much the same thing. Respond with something called substance, and spare us your feelings.

        • Jimmy

          Astraea – Do you trust Janet Yellen (who is now visiting Ukraine with pledges of more American taxpayer money for the perverted queer running that country)??

  3. Led Skelton

    What is certain is there will be no cuts in spending, only increases of the existing, and a glut of new social justice equity programs [for blacks only] now entering the DC for Big Joe’s scribble.

    For the 2nd stolen election, Big Joe MUST MAKE HIS UNWORKING BOTTOM DWELLERS happy [excepting the working taxpayer and savers] with even more free unearned money for the bottom 50%.

    Joe knows he must outspend the previous year of the economy gets it.
    There will be no cuts, a cut is political suicide.

    FOR PETER SCHIFF: The spending only stops when no one shows up for the Treasury Auctions. Foreign nations are not showing up as much, but ordinary people are buying up the t-Bills-Notes. Until no one wants any of the Treasury garbage, and it may take decades for this to happen, until then it is SPEND, SPEND AND SPEND. — Do you understand Peter?

    Soon you’ll see stories of non-working people on taxpayer-paid welfare assistance “earning (begging/gold-bricking)” $100,000 per year in monthly checks from the working taxpayers. $50 per hour flipping burgers at the remaining un-robotized WacDonnas. $20 dz eggs.

    To the workers, work harder and even longer hours to barely keep pace with inflation.

    To the people that refuse to work, keep refusing, soon you’ll get six figures for doing absolutely nothing.

    • Keith

      Don’t forget that Ukraine will require a Marshall plan bailout of 500 billion when Putin brings to an end the special operation in eastern Ukraine. The country which the Biden administration has already invested 120 billion in military equipment since the conflict began. France went bankrupt and collapsed into revolution after supporting the American revolutionary war of 1776. Looking like American will go the same way after moron Joe Biden is chosen to become president for another term. The patriots who joined George Washington and followed him into battle against the redcoats must be turning in there graves. Is there anyone with a pair of balls going to bring this clown show to an end and restore democracy to American and kick out the Democratic party which has destroyed America ?

      • Jimmy

        Your right Keith – the Demon-ratic party has Destroyed our nation – these Demon-rats are Despicable Devils – Determined to bring our nation to Damnation and Darkness – like Dazed Degenerate zombies these Demon-rats are Diabolical Deadbeats intent on Defrauding, Dehumanizing and Demoralizing us – there is no Denying that these Depraved Deplorable Demon-rats are Desecrating our nation and have Devastated our people – the Dilemma we face is these Demon-rats refuse to accept truth and reality – and our Discontent, Discouragement and Dismay is heightened by the fact that these evil Demons are now blowing up gas pipelines, food processing centers, electrical grid and nuclear power stations here in our nation and around the world and their latest tactic is Derailing our trains to create chemical spills Death, chaos and Disorder!! – IT IS TIME!! – It is time to forcibly remove these evil Demons and get these rats off our sinking ship of state which is now Descending into the very WWIII whirlpool the Bible has warned us of – Armageddon!!

      • Pete+only

        Keith, it is becoming more obvious everyday that the WEF and the IMF wants a collapse in order to force the Central Bank’s Digital Currencies upon all of us.
        Richard Werner is an economist who was once invited to the WEF years ago, and he quickly realized that they had a firm agenda and rebuffed anyone who asked questions or suggested new things, and they went from trying to recruit the brightest indiviuals to recruiting those deemed to be obedient and able to be shaped by the WEF agenda, which is all about total control over the population.
        Attached is a recent interview hosted by Kim Iverson where he outlines what is happening and what people can do to fight back, which matches Catherine Austine Fitts suggestions of dumping the larger banks in favour of your local banks and credit unions among other things.
        He explains that Germany for 200 years had many smaller well run banks that kept its economy running efficiently, but with the EU’s policies towards bigger banks, such as Deutche Bank, their banking system has been compromised. This is what Greg Hunter has been saying all along.
        Here is a recent interview with Richard Werner which is over an hour long, but well worth listening to.
        Also discussed is how the Japanese banking system was able to hang on for so long despite having such a high debt to GDP ratio. The last 45 minutes of the interview is probably the best to hear if you are short on time.

        • Amanda

          Thank you so much for posting that summary–it really helps when we are all pressed for time. I recall a video (still up on youtube, something like “Professor Richard Werner Central Banker end game in less than 3 minutes”) where he talks about how they have RFID chips ready to implant in us for the new digital currency and they will turn off your money if you speak out.

        • Pete+only

          I forgot to say that Richard Werner believes that Central Bankers have a habit of creating recessions, and manufacturing banking crises to come out of it with even more powers.
          They will have the ultimate power with Central Bank Digital Currencies after they collapse the present U.S dollar as the reserve currency, coupled with the coming 15 minute cities.

      • Andrew

        See, fixed it for you 🙂
        …The country in which the MIBCC (Military Industrial Banking Congress Complex) has already invested 120 billion in military equipment since the conflict began, notwithstanding the decades of money laundering for the MIBCC, the biggest crime syndicate humanity is plagued with.
        Wonder why THEY need that war to carry on…

    • Jim

      I think they have been buying back their own bonds and treating them as assets. Maybe someone can elaborate about this issue. Like you writing yourself a check you know won’t cash so you don’t cash it then borrow against it. Won’t work in my business.

      • Jimmy

        And as Peter Schiff explains inflation will be coming back – look at the Baltic Dry Index (which leads the price of oil) – it is now headed up – https://www.investing.com/indices/baltic-dry-chart – and higher oil prices will lead to higher gas prices at the pump – and unless the price of gasoline is removed from the CPI – inflation will be moving higher – a higher CPI means Powell will need to continue to raise rates (to crash the economy and thus lower the demand for fuel) – Wall Street will not like to see the Dow crash by 50% – but what can they do about it – except bribe Congress and Biden to remove Powell and get someone new into the Fed “who will lower rates and print dollars again” – which will simply lead to higher inflation and higher gas prices at the pump (the screwed Fed is in a box)!!

    • Magik

      Stop paying them . Starve the beast .

    • Jimmy

      As you say Led Skelton: “What is certain is there will be no cuts in war spending or new social justice programs – thus requiring new money be printed by the Fed (to fund all these Demon-rat expenditures) reducing the purchasing power of our US currency – so bond yields will have to be raised by the Fed to make people willing to buy the bonds that are losing purchasing power – and as bond yields rise “the value of all existing bonds tumble in value” – diminishing peoples wealth and thus their demand for goods and services – so businesses begin to fail – leading to unemployment and loan defaults – such is the world we live in – so we all need to take protective action – and buy physical gold and silver to preserve our wealth!!

  4. Sam

    Schiff has been saying the same thing for 15-20 years. He called the housing crash of 2008-09 but has been wrong about most everything else.

    Broken record who’s every interview is identical.

    • Neville

      Surface to air missile Sam for short ….Shooting down the messenger .Peter is perfectly correct in what he saying now and all of what he has said in the past.I was at church today and you know what Sam the sermon they gave is the same sermon which generations of congregations have heard before.
      Now do you know why the church repeats its sermons……IS because we the the congregation have a very bad habit of not taking on board the good advice given to us.
      The same applies to the ignorant investment public that want the exact date when an event is going to take place….well we are all operating in “THE MOST DISHONEST OF TIMES” that it is always going to be difficult to pick the exact time .So, therefore Peter GOD BLESS HIM keeps schmucks like you focused on the fact that the economic system is in dire jeopardy of collapse.
      I was once told by two of the smartest men that I have ever known both of whom died multi billionaires ,well they said 37 years ago that AAcrime would NOT be the country that it was and that Gold would be in the multi thousands …We are getting there if and when THE DISHONESTY LETS UP IN AAcrime……So I think you owe The Honourable Peter Schiff an apology .That;s of course if you are man enough

      • Sam


        Gold bugs and perms-bears have been predicting imminent system-collapse since 1971.

        Doesn’t mean they’re dumb or dishonest, but take what they say with a grain of salt and be aware that they’re always talking their book.

    • Better Chetter

      No one could understand the deep pockets of the PPT – Plunge Protection Team.
      Past mkt corrections were ’94, ’01 and ’08 – so ’15 was to be next, till PPT acted – and has been acting ever since to keep the crash at bay, and prolonged.

      Came across this Abe Lincoln quote that was telling (from 11/21/64):
      “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country… corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”
      – letter from Abraham Lincoln to Col. William F. Elkins

      • Tin foil hat

        Peter Schiff was not the only one; I didn’t expect how crazy and how deep the PPT /Deep State would do or go just to kick the can further down the road.
        Now, I suspect they are not just kicking the can further down the road but they are kicking it all the way thru the NWO goalpost.

  5. Henry K

    no wonder ObamaNWO is trying to poison circa Virginia farmland where grows tobacco

    get your tobacco products and American whiskey now. The whiskey distilleries of Kentucky and the tobacco lands of the South are being targeted. Whiskey enables men to quickly gain courage to fight. The history of the British Empire and American revolution depended upon liquor.

  6. Edward Ulysses Cate

    One example of that transfer of wealth:
    Blackstone’s Schwarzman receives over $1bn for second straight year

  7. Jerry

    The banking system will collapse into digital currency.
    Mission accomplished.

  8. Divingengineer

    All your guests are saying the same thing. I hope your listeners are paying attention.

  9. Lynn

    Hi Greg:
    Why don’t you have Clif Hign on your show anymore?
    Please REPLY….
    Thank YOU 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      I have asked.

      • Scott

        WIN or Whip Inflation Now was not Jimmy Carter, it was Gerald R Ford. Carter appointed Paul Volker as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, but unfortunately for Carter, it was late in his term as president, and by the the time Volker tamed inflation, Reagan was president.

      • Tom C

        As always, thanks for another great interview Greg. Your great work and dedication is appreciated so much. God bless us everyone.

      • Magik

        Can I ask about XRP ?

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        Please share the following link about the cartel and election fraud in Arizona

        Fantastic interview as usual. I was lucky to find you (several years ago) and God may have played a hand in it.
        Take care my friend

  10. Allen ols

    Greg I’m tired of this guy, I listen to Armstrong, clif high, bo polny, Michael Snyder,. Putin tried to get Georgia, then took crameia, now he wants Belarus, Moldova, and more.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hmmm. Are you vaxxed?

      • Magik

        LOL !!!

    • Rex Jones

      Schiff is the best of that lot. Maybe you need to listen closer

    • G. Patton

      Give him Jim town!

    • Jimmy

      Allen ols – What Russia wants is chicken feed compared to what “AA-CRIME” wants (The Entire World)!!

  11. Charles Tas Maniac

    Well Myorkiss was down at the Darian Gap in black op’s helicopter. Seeing for himself the unwashed masses of Chi-com capitalists wanting a piece of the American wet dream as we face runaway infraction and stagflation.
    All that money swishing around the Gap for the cartels. They could easily crash the west by buying as much gold as they can with the soon to be worthless dollar on the brink.

    • Jimmy

      Lets hope those running the Drug Cartels keep their worthless paper dollars and believe that the Fed can print more currency without destroying its purchasing power – these dumb bastards deserve to be screwed for what they are doing to our children!!!

  12. Jimmy

    According to Jim Rickards the Fed will have gone to far if they raise rates beyond 5.5% and we will have a nasty market downturn of 30 to 50 percent!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQajCZtT4uc&embeds_euri=https%3A%2F%2Feskaymining.com%2Finvestors%2Fpresentations%2F&feature=emb_rel_end

    • Joe

      Hey Jimmy, there’s a lot of people saying that the Market’s going to do a downturn this year of 30 to 50% and we are definitely due for correction. I like Kevin O’Leary’s response “You printed 7 trillion dollars in 18 months what do you think’s going to happen”? You can’t keep printing money and hope that it will retain its value that’s just insanity on steroids

  13. Cathie Merry


    We are not a democracy, the US is a Republic. Interesting you sold your company to someone you would need to be involved with because you are afraid customers could get ripped off?? Who did you sell too? If you are going to sell to someone like that, why even care.

    • Joe

      Hey Jimmy, there’s a lot of people saying that the Market’s going to do a downturn this year of 30 to 50% and we are definitely due for correction. I like Kevin O’Leary’s response “You printed 7 trillion dollars in 18 months what do you think’s going to happen”? You can’t keep printing money and hope that it will retain its value that’s just insanity on steroids

  14. Mike

    Just heard we are sending TEN BILLION more to Ukraine.
    U SA really disgust many Americans. Am waiting for the Calvary to head to DC.
    With that money we could border America. I am sure Zelensky will return most of that money to the pockets of all of the bureaucrats in this Country in it’s money laundering business..
    Love your show and Peter Schiff.

  15. Toby Seiler

    Greg, You need to get ahold of a book first published in 1982 called “Truth in Money”. It’sa must for anyone wanting to predict the growth of the money supply and that it follows the curve of compounding interest. Think of this. Dollars are made when a loan is made by a bank. That loan then carries interest until it is paid off. Take a home mortgage for example. Over the life of the loan you may pay 1/3 to 1/2 or more of the total payments in interest. In the US system, dollars are made when the loan is made but there is no corresponding system to make the interest….that portion must be derived from ones labors. But the public-private debt has so outstripped our ability to make enough from tax on our labors and products to come close to even pay the interest. The Ponzi scheme of a 110 year old FED debt based money supply will not continue to function without equity….like a money limited in quantity but spent into existence. Please look at the Truth in Money book.

    • Andrew

      Good book, but a bit outdated.
      I am sure Mr Thoren did not phantom the enormity of market manipulation. Research the Euro-Dollar System and the Petro-Dollar System, which are intermingled , but have nothing to do with Euro or Petro- or even Dollar.
      And that phantom lurks in world financial transactions, totally under the radar because totally unknown to even BIS, because of the intricate non-centralised ledger system , that has inflated to unknown entries. Jeff Snyder is THE man to check out.
      Greg, try to get him on your show, which BTW I always look forward to, Thank YOU.

  16. Jeffrobbins

    I’ve always liked listening to this guy and you to Greg- think he had some problems with the feds. No reflection on Peter, just out of control feds- makes me believe him more. As a long time viewer- Mannarino has one thing right. If the fed was serious about inflation control they would raise reserve requirements on banks, rates are a different medicine and in fact we still have a negative real rate.
    It’s more likely they want elevated and prolonged inflation to bring our debt to gdp levels back down to something under the 90% threshold- pretty much the point of no return for a nation and currency. In my humble opinion the main issue at the time is raising rates to attract foreign capitol. We’re being lied to. Emerging markets and counties with dollars or lack of them are going to suffer terrible. Maybe lots of pain is how counties get back to some type of gold backing. Lots of pain for sure. What i know for sure is i want some homestead insurance. In fact, each year i become more convinced of the value of gardens, fruit trees, live stock, and various skills.

  17. Prospector

    If you know your future history ….. you will know that you are to be ‘ Montage ‘ the hero from the novel ‘ Fahrenheit 451 ‘ ….he was banished for doing the right thing . He , and others like him, formed an alternate society, where books and knowledge were cherished .

    The same theme is found in ” ATLAS SHRUGGED ” where the embattled heroes fight against the monster stupidity of the state, and then pull back, and just let it fail.
    They go to ‘ Galts Gulch ‘ , where thinking and Freedom is valued …. and Rebuild .

    Or, you will be , John-the-Savage , in Aldous Huxleys – BRAVE NEW WORLD .
    John was a normal, rational man , that refused to CONFORM to the Grand Inquisitors demands, John preferred to live as an outcast …… rather than give up his personal RIGHTS and Autonomy.

    You ,my friends, must read the books. If you DO…. they can never bullshit you.

  18. swimfinz

    Greg Hunter… My CarryiOn arrived on Thursday, it is going great guns! Thank you for having Weston Warren on. I hope his product is garnering the attention it so richly deserves.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Swim”!!

  19. JimG

    The Fed lost control of the supply of money by allowing the creation of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. I know friends who are regular guys but bitcoin millionaires. It’s a conspiracy of insiders bidding down the dollar and creating money out of nothing. I like silver as the spread between US mint coins and the price of an ounce of silver is the highest I have seen since 2000.

  20. Ian

    I like Peter’s analysis. The reason why his TIMING has been off is not because his analysis logic is wrong . He was wrong in the past as NO ONE could believe how totally crazy and irresponsible the US Govt monetary authorities could actually be. It wasn’t just shocking it was traitorous and unbelievable irresponsible. Now regardless of Mr Schiff’s past wrong timelines the rubber has not hit the road and consequences are right before our eyes for all to see. Those that aren’t brain dead and blind that is. It does worry me that Mr Schiff has moved out of the USA as I’m about to move into it for the love of a woman. What does he know I don’t? From a mate of the mighty USA in Australia.

  21. Dave

    You’re only get rich(er) if you CONTROL the digital dollars – and THEY let you.

  22. Ballsyone

    The FED doesn’t fear economic collapse, they are causing it.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Ballsyone,
      Totally agree.
      The FED is not Federal, it is owned by the dynastic criminal banking families who created it.* These families, for the most part, are NOT Americans. They are neo-monarchist globalists and live above the laws of any country. They fear the ‘middle class’ – from their perspective, those with less than a trillion dollars – because these are the class of people with the intellect, ingenuity, and means to usurp them. Thus, the middle class are being systematically taken down. The majority, ‘we the people’ are merely serfs who are to be constrained by neo-feudalism. The FED is actively engaged in this task.

      The dynastic banking families are few – very few – and we are many. Despite all their censorship, the internet has been a game-changer. It has enabled many millions to see the ugly truth behind all ‘their’ lies and controlled media propaganda – USAW would not exist without the Internet. More and more of us are WAKING up! That’s why they fear us and seek desperately to reduce our number and to control our every thought and action.

      *Source: ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin.

      • Andrew

        You truly made my day with reminding me/us of these words, truer and more important have seldom been uttered.
        ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin should be mandatory reading and not only in the USA.

  23. Scott

    I love Mr Schiff’s passion about the looming financial collapse. However the return to the gold standard he describes it’s just a re-invention of the gold certificates that became popular during the renaissance and enlightenment. That system and its failure or what you are living in today. The banks that held the gold who issued the certificates have the same printing press problem as the federal reserve. They always over produced certificates on top of that. You have the issues of auditing and assaying the gold stores. We already know that a significant amount of gold that China holds was spiked with copper ingot. What makes you think they won’t do that in the future.? Further his marriage of Blockchain technology was gold has already happened. There are multiple gold vaulting services that issue digital tokens. Yes, the future will be digital, but in order to be successful, it has to result in the separation of state from the creation of money. Gold will always be there, but it is unlikely to be able to be employed as a standard.

  24. Johnnie

    Norges Bank manages the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund which was built on oil & gas sales. Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund lost $174B in value in the first half of 2022. Norwegian nat gas sales to Europe have doubled in the last 4 months. Norwegian military had a hand in the Nord Stream 2 demo.

    • Greg Hunter

      If proven beyond a doubt, they are on the hook for damages to Germany and All of Europe.

      • Andrew

        There WILL be proof.
        This will NOT be 911 where the deep state terrorist attack was on home soil.
        This time the terrorists attacked an oversea alliance.
        It is a colossal betrayal.
        It is an ACT OF WAR.
        Sometimes your best mate -or you thought so- betrays you.
        And it just might need a little time, before you can digest reality.

        • Jimmy

          You know – the Globalists (showed their extreme hate for Russia) by blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipeline – which now makes me think these evil Globalists decided to kill off 95% of the world population with their “jab” Clot Shot – “just to destroy Russia’s oil and gas business” – figuring that – with a world human population of just 5oo thousand (as stated in their Georgia Guidestones) world demand for goods and services will fall off a cliff – and thus demand for Russian energy to generate those goods and services will also fall off a cliff – so they decided “to kill everyone” – just because “they are consumed with hate toward Russia” (who has dared to resist their New World Order plans to put “them” in charge of ruling the world)!!!

  25. Cheri Rodriguez

    Mining stocks? Are you really going to trust some operation in Africa, Latin America or Indonesia? Oh, no, you go for a safe jurisdiction like the US. But then you end up getting robbed in a phony bankruptcy like with Allied Nevada. Okay then, gold and silver coins and bullion! But then you get screwed by scammers like Tulving and Northwest Territorial Mint. Or you get screwed by JP Morgan and the DOJ. JP Morgan paid a $920 Million dollar fine in September 2020 for gold & silver manipulation. Has the DOJ reimbursed any private investors yet? I haven’t seen a penny.

    • John

      Someone is counterfeiting Northwest Territorial Mint. NTM has never been accused of selling bad silver to my knowledge.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        Northwest Territorial Mint was a Ponzi scheme. They went bankrupt in 2016. The former owner and vault manager were convicted of mail and wire fraud in 2021. During the bankruptcy, it was determined that there was an asset deficit of $55 million dollars, $8.3 million of which was missing gold and silver bars and coins that they were supposedly storing for its customers.

        • Jimmy


    • Tin foil hat

      I, too, was swindled by Allied Nevada and Bullion Direct. However, at the end or at this juncture, I’m doing quite well in PMs regardless.

  26. Matt Jaymes

    Thank you Greg and thank you Peter!! Two erudite and honorable men!

    Phenomenal interview!



  27. R barclay

    The public had better get a hell=of-a-lot smarter than they are now. I don’t think there is too much hope for it. So sad.

    The stock market MUST be sacrificed to accomplish the goal.

    • Randy Best

      I agree with you 100%. However, the masses traditionally only care about being fed and entertained-RIP Rob Kirby.

  28. Shiloh1

    Another angle in East Palestine –


    Would explain why they blew the chemicals up and destroy the evidence rather than have someone take samples of what the contents actually were.

    • Earth Angel

      Yes, it sounds plausable. And the now dioxin poisoned (for a hundred or more years) American people in Ohio and their lands, groundwater, plants and animals, and the surrounding areas are simply collateral damage to the scumbags who did this. It would not surprise me one bit. Its a good angle Shiloh1, definately worth considering; unless this was done to purposely target the area for some reason. Its very hard to figure when one is dealing with complete psychopaths. Praying for all those directly affected by this tragedy.. which is ultimately ALL of us. Some just got it more immediately and worse than others. The criminal b@$$$ta*&’s responsible for this have GOT TO GO. I would suppport the death penalty for guilty parties involved in this- all the way to the chemical companies making these toxic compounds. What the hell do they do with vinyl chloride for god’s sake?! – I say shut every spawn of I.G. Farben down, for GOOD!

    • Jimmy

      Yes Shiloh1 – Why is it?? – No news reporter is asking a very logical and simple question – Where was the 5 train cars loaded with “vinyl chloride” (or vinylidene chloride) going??? – We know it was heading “East”?? – But exactly where in the East would such a lethal cargo be delivered??? – the Edgewood Chemical Weapons Arsenal???? – and to produce what????? – Phosgene?????? (for injection into canisters, bombs and artillery shells) with the objective of using the chemical weapons on Polish civilians and blaming it on Russia “to justify a full fledged NATO attack on Russia”??????

  29. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Schiff. Like how you Mr Hunter ask the questions and step back and allow Mr Schiff give his thesis and then you come back with the akward questions ,clever. Bothe clever warriors for the truth.

  30. Gary Horn

    The truth is the FED has CAUSED the vast majority of inflation by increasing the money supply, most of which has gone elsewhere and has not benefited the majority of USA Citizens. So don’t blame it on consumer spending Peter, consumers aren’t excessively spending Peter, they are excessively borrowing because they are not able to work (produce). It’s all designed to prop up the dollar, a effort in futility as the (non-petrol) dollar will soon collapse anyway, and I think they know this. I have heard others say that reducing the money supply would work better at controlling inflation, what with the decreased productivity currently seen. But truthfully I think the FED anticipated these effects from their likely PLANNED collapse of the dollar, simply wanting the timing to be right for the CBDC world currency changeover, long planned as their UN-WEF China-style social credit score control mechanism facilitating a tyrannical world government takeover before 2030.

    • Jimmy

      GH – At the rate the US dollar is losing purchasing power – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 – do you think it will even last until 2030?? – to compete with the BRICS the Fed may be forced to back their digital currency with gold (like China has done) – don’t know what Trudeau in Canada is going to do (as Canada sold off all their physical gold reserves) which begs the question “is Trudeau planning to seize and nationalize all the Canadian gold, silver and copper mines (the way he seized the truckers bank accounts) to back up the Canadian digital dollar??? – and if so – only “physical gold and silver you have in hand will protect you”!!

      • Jimmy

        Think Canada won’t nationalize their mining industry? – the evil scum running Canada are introducing legislation so that young children “will now have the right to commit suicide” (and many children may want to die “to be with Mommy or Daddy” who recently died of the “jab”)!! – Down here in the States I just learned that our Demon-rat scum used “the most deadly Pfizer vaccine vials” in the Red States to kill off the Republicans (where most deaths due to the jab occurred in States that supported Trump and the least deaths in Blue States like California and New York)!! – We are under attack by “Demons” folks – It Is Time – it is time to rid our world of such diabolical evil !!!

  31. tim mcgraw

    I read the preview and will now watch the interview, but why doesn’t Schiff mention cutting the military budget vs. SS and Medicare? Oh, that’s right, the military has all the guns and us old boomers only have walkers and canes.

  32. Vincent Mc Cooey

    It’s always great to get Peter Schiff’s point of view, he is great at knowing at what’s coming down the road. Although gold has gone up a bit over the last year and is still good value, I personally think Silver is great value and people should load up on it. God Bless Greg, Vince in London.

  33. Randy Best

    Peter mentioned “In the years and decades ahead” Do we even have that long? Months and years maybe…………….

  34. Shirl

    Peter is still making perfect sense in a nonsensical world that will correct itself one day, the best you can do is to Be ready for that correction.

    Thank you Greg and Peter for sharing truth and wisdom when both are such rare commodities, like Gold and Silver, HA!

  35. Bruce

    great interview Greg!!!!!

  36. Martin Coombs

    I buy your business & let you tell me how run it mmmmmmmm. Meanwhile while your trying to get rich or wealthier ( the blockchain system??) you mean the system your going to be involved in ( medical id et al etc or your OUT that wonderful system ( en block? Chain ? ) & I look up & the sky is like a hash tag, & thousands are ill & dying due to medical treatment, the bigwigs around the world do as they want & it ain’t stopping , the world did what they wanted per plandemic & now the who gets their treaty agreed 27th feb, the respite is coming to an end & ding ding next round of lawlessness is coming through the ropes . Get right with God , ya mammon money wont stop the end game 🙏

  37. robert

    Not a well known video i say record the thing save it off a computer suprised this is still up after all these years what i said in this on 3 different parts is astounding.

    Flash Crash 2010 | VPRO documentary | 2011

  38. Marie Joy

    Is Puerto Rico still a tax haven? Which way is the wind blowing on that?

  39. Roger Stamper

    tks peter greg

  40. Astraea

    You should remember that all those places were RUSSIA. Putin is doing what he just has to do – and he waited a long time, Look into the history of Kiev. It was built a thousand years ago by Russia and that cathedral was built by Saint Olga! It is a long, long history. Kiev as the first Christian city built by the Russ. The people, oriiginally from Mongolia and the very same ones who used to overrun Europe – in the most devastating ways possible – extremely cruel – steeled at last in the region between the Black Sea and the Caspian. They were forced to become either Christian or Muslim or Jewish – they were given the choice by the authorities in Constantinople because their habits were so obnoxious and disgusting – so they chose to become Jewish.
    They are not and never have been Semitic.
    Victoria Nuland and her husband are descended from the same “Jews”.
    And it is the same old battle. They drove the Russians out of Kiev . and the Russians settled in Moscow – only about four hundred miles away. they retreated to Moscow –
    Amazing history, Apparently Zelensky – or rather his backers – wanat to take the Ukraine to create another Jewish state which they intend to call the New Israel!

  41. Phil

    This is what will be the new world. The FED will be liquidated. Banks liquidated. The new dollar will be launched. gold-backed currency, the American Federation Dollar (AFD) .The world will be renewed.


    THREE HUNDRED DODECALLION” that is represented as $300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00.

    • Jimmy

      The Fed will tell the people “they need to go digital” – because there is not enough trees in the world to print all the US dollars they need to keep their system going ($300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) – here is what Andy would tell them: – https://goldswitzerland.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/madness-14.png

    • Jimmy

      And the three Hundred Dodecallion “in electronic debt money” created by the Banksters on computers will be loaned out to the American people (and many others in the world) – so everyone “can then pay them interest on all this debt money they create from nothing” and lend out to us with the simple click of a mouse (this is going to be one hell of a lucrative racket for the Banksters – if we all let them get away with it)!!

      • Jimmy

        Even if the Banksters lend out the Three(3) Hundred Dodecallion $300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 at 1% interest – they will collect $3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars for themselves!! – now that’s Fractional Reserve Banking at it’s finest!!!

    • Mark

      The problem with GDX SLVP is that when I sell I will be paid in CBDC. I see no alternative to gold and silver in a place where I can buy physical gold or silver and use them for money.

  42. Astraea


    P:EASE wake up!

  43. Marie Joy

    The goal is genocide, Your’s, Mine, Ukrainian’s, and Everybody’s, and when they make themselves rich, in the process, all the better. That group controls the Military Industrial Complex, Wars, and Worldwide Finance, and when we die while we make them rich, so much the better. Fluoride works. Common Core works. Drugs work. They all drive us toward worldwide genocide. This has been going on for more than a century and people do nothing because we are programmed to do nothing.

  44. Marie Joy

    When TSHTF, Peter Schiff is the place to be. MO.

  45. Mark

    As usual Schiff is 100% wrong when it comes to Bitcoin and blockchain.
    The whole point of bitcoin is that their is no counterparty risk (if you take custody of the bitcoin yourself), the same as holding gold coins has no counterparty risk.
    As soon as you move it on the blockchain you are entrusting a 3rd part to actually have the gold, keep it safe (Esp. from governments) and not rehypothecate it or use fractional reserve. Therefore gold on the blockchain will never happen.
    Peter is not dumb, I’m sure he understands bitcoin and gold, so why is he misrepresenting the facts in golds favour? This would lead me to the conclusion that the guy is being less than honest especially as he seems to have a vested interest in hawking gold.
    Don’t fall for the digital gold crap, it will never happen and never be allowed to happen, imagine if you sent 1oz of gold tokens to a relative in Russia what will happen to your remaining balance? And if they build a system that is uncensorable the US government will simply seize the gold. Get real Peter and stop misdirecting the public.

  46. Slvrwllwn

    11:11 ” Central bankers received a cut for their cooperation,” That is exactly what the miners are doing to help keep precious metal prices down. Central banks and the fed have got to go!!!

  47. Dale Edward

    Greg, everything is going as planned. It is all part of the one world system. It will all go Digital and you will throw your gold and silver out into the street because it will hold no value. The Lord’s words and not mine. Enjoy the time we have because war is on the horizon , Nuclear War and many of us won’t survive the EMP for more than 14 months. So I say don’t sweat the small stuff we take nothing off this planet when it all comes to a head. Want to know history then look to Prophecy in the Bible I have since 1963 and you would be Amazed how many things have been full filed and remaining others are on the door step.

    • Greg Hunter

      The “plan” looks disjointed and uneven to me.

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Greg, Another HR with Peter. I think it would be very interactive if, as you always do announce is is coming on ahead of time but you had a place to say pick out 5 questions each guess to answer to our questions, that would be good. I had one for Peter. What are the top currencies to not go to 0? Another option to just buying value stocks or physical G and S or gold stocks or dividend paying stocks.

      • Self Exiled

        Yes,it is schizophrenic. he who is behind the scenes orchestrating this chaos knows exactly what he is doing (destroying). But God is calling those who have been inoculated and others who are suffering from this plan.

        And I will bring the blind by a way that they new not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known. Isa 12:16

    • Jimmy

      My plan is to pick up some of that gold and silver thrown into the streets by the elite “when things come to a head” (and the elite try to show God “they qualify” to enter his Kingdom) – I’ll pick up just enough so that I won’t be considered “a rich man” – as for government digital, Bitcoin and crypto “forget about it” – they will all be as worthless as fiat paper when the EMP’s in those Chinese balloons are set off across America)!

  48. James Hall

    We need to bring back the silver standard as well as gold.

  49. Stephen

    Inflation inflation inflation. But nobody talks about the big die off! In relationship to the jabs !

    • Jimmy

      With regard to “the big die off” – you know how the money in an inactive bank account is automatically claimed by the State – well – “when all money is digital” – and you die – the State “will make claim it all” (because they will say “all digital money – is State money” (and that you were simply given the right to use their digital money while you were alive) – unlike physical gold and silver coins (that you can pass on to your heirs (without the State knowing about it or making claim to it) – but you must buy your precious metals “with cash – before they abolished cash”) – there is not that much time left to buy your precious metals – in 2030 the “cashless society” becomes reality (if we like sheep let them get away with it)!!

  50. Stephen

    Greg not Craig. It wasn’t Senior Bush, it was the last Bush after 911. Can’t blaming though, Hope he’s enjoying his retirement.

  51. Joseph V

    It’s funny some people are saying we all know this yes, people who pay attention and who understand Economics. I work with about 150 people who do not know anything about anything not their fault, they just get information from their TV sets.

    • Jimmy

      In all American schools across the country from kindergarten to 12th grade – “nothing” to taught to our children regarding money – all they know is that it costs a lot more money each year “to get this lack of education”!!

      • Jimmy

        Nothing about money – but they do teach inflation 2 + 2 = 5 !!!

  52. Steve Bice

    As Greg predicted, the worm is turning and the wall is coming down…


    • Jimmy

      Cheers to Woody!!

  53. Mark Gunderson

    Thank you Greg,
    That was a great interview.

  54. Rodger

    Great interview with Peter. His quote about being right, but the timing is always a question is so true. He KNOWS he is correct, and it is playing out in real time. You also did a great job doing the interview Greg. I could tell you were really getting involved in what Peter was saying. Great questions.

  55. Thomas Malthaus

    The title should have included “Democrats.’ Biden has confirmed that over the last ten years.

  56. Lucy C

    the KM wants to restrict access to tobacco because nicotine protects against spike-protein & Covid, etc (it does this by how it binds with acetylCoA receptor sites in body).

    likewishe, the KM is attempting to destroy liquor production in Kentucky by polluting the Ohio River and elsewhere. Liquor aka “liquid courage” enables reluctant men to fight tyranny. The historical facts of the British Empire and early America-USA prove, when used properly, liquor is essential to freedom.

  57. Amanda

    Thanks. I always enjoy hearing from Peter. But I’m confused that he thinks we will eventually get back to gold—doesn’t he know about the WEF/Banking Cartel plans for the Great Reset and their digital slave grid (CBDCs and Digital ID)?

  58. Robert Chase

    Peter Schiff is right, but neither he nor any of the precious metal advocates could have foreseen how manipulated that market is with insider trading which must come to an end someday. I have never trusted Bitcoin since when if first started exploding Catherine Austin Fitts said she couldn’t imagine the creator(s) not having a back door into it. CAF also said when COVID first started manifesting itself she would trust the virus more than the vaccine. Great guests Greg. Always my money’s worth.

  59. francis m reps

    It might be advisable if Martin Armstrong critiques { for your audience } what Mr. Shiff is talking about. The American public ; by and large ; is oblivious the machinations of the Banking Class. A kinetic movement to rectify many of the ills of the current hegemony of the US dollar is now underway in Central Europe. We should all thank the Christian Orthodox soldiers and their leadership for their efforts to free mankind from Satanic money changers.

    • Jimmy

      The BRICS nations, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa understand how the Fed and its global allies have weaponized the US dollar to threaten their national sovereignty and the dollar sanctions have accelerated during the Ukraine war – so the BRICS are accelerating their move “out of dollars” and into the gold-backed Chinese Yuan – the infrastructure for a BRICS “gold-backed standard” is now in place (Moscow has a gold exchange and Shanghai has Futures markets for oil and gold) – the US Globalists are trying to destroy the fossil fuel infrastructure that gives the Bricks their power (blowing up Nord Stream in Europe and oil refinery and pipeline infrastructure in the US) – Saudi Arabia sees the writing on the wall and is now abandoning its close ties to the United States and is partnership with the BRICS nations that consume fossil fuels – “a non-US dollar Asian gold back currency” is now entering our financial world – which is not dependent on the ability of debtors to repay their creditors but upon gold (which has no counter-party risk) – the days of our enslavement by the Fed is over – and this US dollar tyranny – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 – stealing our purchasing power will finally end!!

  60. Jimmy

    Believing in Jesus is the only way to get through what is coming. Jesus listed what is coming on the earth in Matthew 24 and in Luke 21.

    Luke 21:28
    When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.
    What redemption? The Rapture. Whatever you do, you don’t want to miss the Rapture. How do you not miss the Rapture? Get saved.

    If you are not saved, what are you waiting on? The opportunity won’t be there much longer, because the Bible says those who reject Jesus will be given a strong delusion, so that they will believe lies.

    2 Thessalonians 2:10-12
    …..because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    You see lies everywhere now, lying media, lies about God and creation (called evolution), lies about the injections, lies about ufo’s, and on and on, and it will get much worse).

    How to get saved? Repent, turn away from your sins. Ask God for forgiveness, and declare that Jesus is Lord of your life.

    Romans 10:9-12
    9 that if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with your heart you believe and are justified, and with your mouth you confess and are saved.
    11 It is just as the Scripture says: “Anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame.” 12 For there is no difference between Jew and Greek: The same Lord is Lord of all, and gives richly to all who call on Him, 13 for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

    There are only two masters. You have to choose one or the other. If you don’t choose Jesus, you have chosen His enemy, Satan, by default. Choose which master you will serve very carefully.

    The anti-Christ will soon be revealed on the earth. He will be possessed of the devil. There will be 7 years of Tribulation. Things will get so bad, on earth, the Bible says no flesh will survive, if the days are not shortened.

  61. ken

    “The federal government may be legitimately forced to cut Medicare and Social Security instead of illegitimately cutting it through inflation”- Schiff

    I have been seeing a lot of articles lately explaining the horrors of SS and Medicare. What I notice is the complete avoidance of the REAL welfare,,, WIC,,, Aid for Dependent Children, Food Stamps,,, free housing,,, Medicaid,,, etc, etc.

    Nope… only SS and Medicare are bad. Yes, I am on SS and Medicare. Medicare is required at 65. My wife and I pay roughly $350-$400 per month for the ‘free’ medicare everyone says we have, that is if we want to see a doctor. Medicare ‘A’ (aka free medicare) only pays for in hospital expenses.

    Lately I have only seen people admitted if they had Covid which is impossible as the virus does not and has not been proven to exist. All the same the federale’s pay tens of thousands to hospitals that diagnose Covid,,, put you on a vent,,, Shoot you up with the killer Remdesivir, starve you, no food or water and claim your death was Covid. In the “free” State of Florida hospitals are ‘given’ $250,000 or more for your death. I intend to try dying at home to cheat Florida out of the money!

    We still pay property lease payments to state, county and city, especially screwel taxes as teachers demand nice pensions paid for by home owners regardless if they ever had children in their screwels. Any non stop write ups about them, or the outlandish pensions many gov workers get upon retirement. Nope.

    Any suggestions to cut the military spending…. Gosh no!!!! You would be hanged, drawn and quartered for even mentioning that! Even Shiff never mentions this as he probably invests bigtime in the arms industry as it about the only ‘industry’ America has. We can’t even make toaster ovens. The Chinese make them for us very cheaply and are now called our enemy.

    Only Grandma and Grandpa. They seem to be on the list of the first to go just as they were in the Covid fiasco. Tens of thousands dead,,, Hear any whining about that? Nope.

    Granny gets $1000 per month. First thing out is the ‘free’ medicare payment, now she is down to about $800. The average property tax is $2500 per year as well as the screwel tax. Thats $5000
    or 5 months of Granny’s SS. That leaves Granny with about 9600 for the rest of the year. Rent averages $700. That is $8400. She is left with about $100 per month for food.

    There is another word for this,,, called euthanasia. Why not just bus the elderly up to Kanada where euthanasia is FREE and Save a lot of money!

    • Colin Maxwell

      Yes, Ken… but it seems to me that many Americans still react to the mere mention of the word “socialism” with a mixture of abject shock and horror.

      The tragic reality is that the US financial reality is technically and blatantly an obscene example of reverse socialism. In this system less than 1% (aka the financial “elite”) get to pocket 90% of the financial windfalls .

      No purely capitalist model can ever work in any modern-day society. Today’s world requires a certain level of realistic and well-managed components of socialism to act as a safety net, and to keep society functioning instead of self-destructing into social mayhem.

      Until this massive problem of kleptocratic reverse socialism is addressed, the degeneration of the American dream will continue. The quickest way to tackle the rot is to begin creating money and credit as a public utility.

      There is a successful model, more than 100 years old, functioning in North Dakota with the BND. However, this working model is only a partial cure as the public ownership model has to extend right through to the ownership at central bank level, in order to make the model fully functional.

      The complete public utility blueprint is a way to turn almost any country on the planet into a thriving dynamo. This allows investment in long-term wealth creation for the good of all strata of a society. Furthermore, all infrastructural spending over a 30-40 year pay-back time frame, is reduced to less than 30% of what the cost would be financing the project through the private sector.

      The Grand Coulee and Hoover Dams, the Key West Highway, the Lincoln Tunnel, and the Tennessee Valley Authority, are examples of projects created using this system – 90 years on and they still continue provide wealth to the country.

      There have been 120 years of pillaging under the unconstitutional FED model and as long as the financial kleptocrats (who own every single share of the NY branch*) own and control this money spigot, the social and economic degeneration will continue because of the contrived debt death spirals and the everything bubbles that this system spawns.
      * (~72% of the shares are owned by Citibank and JPM combined)

      If the overarching problem is identified and broken down into component parts, the entire problem is fixable, simply by addressing it top down. All of these solutions have successful working models scatterred around the world and can be found in seemingly the most unlikely places.

      It is tragedy that it will take a chaotic and destructive systemic meltdown of Zone A for the a new financial paradigm to be implemented. Natostan, which BTW includes both NZ, Aus, and occupied territories like SK and Japan, will be the last to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel.

    • Marie Joy

      I watched what happened to my parents and grandparent as they aged and died. Mainstream medical seemed more willing to document their deaths than save them. I didn’t understand it at the time. Pushing vaccines was a major, major thing for the elderly. They even have vaccine days at the Senior Center. The main lesson here is to stay out of the hospital as long as possible. Beware of the mainstream.

  62. Michele Anderson

    Dear Greg,

    Please have Egon Vongrertz and John Williams on. Other than Bill Holter, these gentlemen are the folks I have confidence in. Your guest is intelligent but his primary goal is covering his assets.
    Blessings to you.

  63. Phil de Basquertte

    Thanks SO MUCH for all you do, but I need to fix a spelling error in the aticles headline – SHOULD BE – “Fed FEEDS Complete Economic Collapse ” There, fixed it for you !

    • Jimmy

      Higher rates will decimate the Real Estate market -Powell will be remembered as “the greatest enemy of all time to the middle class” who will see their home prices collapse – and as their homes collapse in value – the bankers will tell homeowners that need to come up with more assets (to cover their home equity loans) or lose their house to the bank (as the banksters planned)!!

  64. Jeff

    Schiff is an amazing economist but he does t see things through a biblical lens. America is being removed as the worlds lone super power. Obama said he was going to “fundamentally change america” and he’s doing it now. To hike back better you must destroy what’s im place. There will be a one world government run by the ac and soon America will be an insignificant after thought. Stop learning Catholic and read the Bible. It’s coming. Ye just be born again John 3:3. Roman’s 10:9-11

    • Thomas Aquinases

      since it was the Roman Catholic Church who assembled the Bible, what you say is rife with ignorance and bigotry. And you would be a slave of the muslims, if it were not for the Roman Catholic Church.

      Furthermore, anyone nowadays can search any online Bible translation and discover that all men shall be judged according to their deeds. It says this in Revelatoin and many other places. Furthermore, bornagains ignore John 6 (also that of St. Paul) teaching on the Eucharist as necessary to eternal life.

      1 Cor 4:15 is an amazing statement by St. Paul because bornagains, esp Jimmy Swaggart would tell Catholics they were wrong to call priests “father”. But in recent years people were able to search the Gospel for “father” and realize the bornaagins were speaking halftruths.

      The problem here is that USAWD will not host traditional Roman Catholics like Cardinal Vigano, Mel Gibson, Dr. Taylor Marshall, Jesse Romero, Fr. Ripperger, Fr Altman. These men are on the front lines battling the deepstate & deepchurch. Furthermore, most of them could talk about the Vatican bank which is central to world finance.

  65. Charles lape

    Putin could have waited for 2024 to see what happens. He’s obviously involved in this depopulation plan!!!!

    • tim mcgraw

      Charles Iape: Putin has reduced abortions in Russia by 50%. Women in Russia who want abortions must now go through counseling. Putin wants more Russians, not less.

    • Marie Joy

      NATO has surrounded Russia. Putin had no choice. Ukraine was going to join NATO. The intent is to destroy Putin and Russia. Putin loves Russia. American politicians and their owners, want everybody dead. That’s dead as in worldwide genocide.

  66. MustangGal60

    Greg, back up the cart a minute. Quote from the transcript: “Schiff predicts, “I think the Fed is going to have to throw in the towel on the inflation fight because it will be fighting something it fears more, which is a complete economic collapse. . .” How exactly can the central banksters at the Federal Reserve (& all global central bank national locations as they are ONE entity) fear what they caused through a methodically laid out agenda since 1913? Collapse is their end game! You have said ourself “they want us poor”. Thanks for your time and tremendous efforts.

    • Jimmy

      Lisa – Since 1913 they have been working to make us poor – this is were they have gotten us so far – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    • tim mcgraw

      Mustang: I think the bankers just want to make money i.e. rob us.

    • Nika

      The Central Bankers “Feel”, if they aren’t allowed to Win, then nobody else will be “allowed to win!” They will blow up everything!

      • Jimmy

        Nika – Even Hillary feels that way – Hillary Clinton claimed last Wednesday that Russian president Vladimir Putin “made it his life long mission to deny me the presidency” – and she wants to blow him away just like Biden blew away Europe’s economic lifeline (Nord Stream II)!!

  67. Hula Who

    because he is a teetotling Evangelical, Snyder fails to make the connection to a threat upon Kentucky whiskey. But what he is saying about food, applies to bourbon. Kentucky’s northern border is the Ohio River valley. . . . This applies to tobacco too. And tabacco is a barter trade good, but also a medicine against Covid, etc (nicotine).


  68. Farmer Johnny

    Schiff is right 90% of the time. That’s enough to put my money behind him 100% of the time. Jim Willie is another great one to watch. Greg Hunter is spot on as well. Good crowd! BTW.. Jim Willie has found a Christian path lately.

  69. Farmer Johnny

    PS. Please tell Schiff to stick with a close shave and a close haircut. My profession stylist has mentioned this before and I see it as well. He looks so much younger and more professional with a close clean look.

  70. tim mcgraw

    Gold and silver mining stocks are very speculative. NO thanks. Buy stocks from companies with assets, cash flow, and dividends IMO.

  71. Robert Hood

    There is an explosion of truth from Twitter since Musk took over. Over the next three months, only the most indoctrinated will still trust the pharmaceutical industry and the leaders they’ve bought and blackmailed around the world. I pray it’s not too late. We are the “White Hats” . The future is up to us.

  72. Marie Joy

    I expect Social Security and pensions will stop and there will be an immediate elderly genocide. It’s time for generations to come together.

  73. Darren


    Schiff, Holter, Rickards & Armstrong is my financial Mt. Rushmore….Thanks so much!!!


  74. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg. I like most of what Mr. Schiff says, but he’s just out of it when it comes to cryptos. Maybe he’s never taken the time to delve into them, but his knowledge and opinions are so limited. Yes, transactions can be tracked in the blockchain, theoretically. It is an open ledger, after all. But it’s not easy. He couldn’t track me for example. There has to be a real good reason and some quite sophisticated equipment. But his closed-mindedness prevents him from seeing advantages. Incidentally, I’m not knocking silver or gold. We should all have some.
    But cryptos are part of the Internet Revolution and very possibly an “idea whose time has come.” Maybe you should interview someone who knows about cryptos. For example, I’ve never heard anyone, with the exception of dedicated crypto users, talk about “micro-payments” and the effect they are going to have. I’ll try to explain. I’m not an expert, but I know more than most. I know what UTXOs are. Very few people know what they are.
    To begin, you can send a lot of money very cheaply with, for example, Bitcoin. It costs 3 percent to send money using a credit card. That’s reasonable because the credit card company has to deal with fraud. Western Union costs even more. In one case, someone wanted to send $6,000,000. To do that using a credit card, or PayPal, would cost $180,000. Western Union would cost about $250,000. The person would up sending the 6 million dollars using Bitcoin, and it cost 9 cents. That’s one of the reasons businesses like Bitcoin. It’s cheaper. A saving of 3 percent may not sound like much, but if you’re dealing with large amounts, it means a lot. And if you’re a business with a small profit margin, 3 percent is a nice savings. Also, there are no chargebacks.
    On to micro-payments. Sending money with Bitcoin is basically free. But also, you can send very small amounts. Bitcoin can be divided into 100,000,000 parts. The smallest unit of Bitcoin is one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin, called a Satoshi, after it’s supposed inventor. Even if one Bitcoin were valued at a million dollars ( which it very likely someday will be) a Satoshi would be worth one penny. Transaction fees are calculated in satoshis. So, suppose you wanted to send 25 cents to some earthquake victim or suffering soldier in Ukraine. Normally, the postage would cost more than the amount you’re sending. But with Bitcoin, you can send a quarter, or a penny, or part of a penny, at very little cost.
    That opens up new possibilities in business. A newspaper instead of selling subscriptions could sell for very small amounts one particular article you wish to read. A search engine could charge a thousandth of a penny to do a search, without having to make its money by advertisements and selling the data it collects. Step aside google. This could even apply to your business. Micro-payments are going to change the way people and organizations do business.
    Governments, especially bankers, do not like Bitcoin or cryptos, because it takes away their control. I believe stopping Bitcoin is one of the main reasons this covid insanity is occurring. Most of the governments in the world, and all the big ones, want to establish centrally controlled “digital currencies.” It takes away the power of those who control the monetary printing presses. I’m talking Rockefeller and Rothschild. That’s partly why this is going on now. They have to stop China, and they have to stop cryptos, not necessarily the currently expensive BTC Bitcoin. In my humble opinion.

  75. Prospector

    The Current Thing – is just another PSYOP !

    It is no co-inky-dink that we have now a Biden Admin. / DOE admission and finding that weaponized COVID leaked from a China lab and at the SAME TIME we have Woody Harrelson on SNL matter of factly joking about Big Pharma VAXX lies and their total capture of the legacy media MSM. Add to this the new study / admission that Natural Immunity is far superior to the toxic Vaxxine.
    These all just days before scheduled COVID response hearings this week in congress.

    They Lie. They always LIE. So what is going on here ? The logical bet here is to point at ChYna , and pull all attention from the clandestine Bio-Labs in …. Ukraine.
    Distract & Deflect = Change My Mind.

  76. Marie Joy

    Today, 2/27/2023, is the day our? American government is giving control of our health to WHO. This is a very bad thing. WHO will force mandates, shutdowns, and worse.

  77. Prospector

    Things MSM doesn’t want you to see , to justify yet another war :

    Ukrainian national television says that tying people to trees and beating them is:
    “A tribute to great Ukrainian culture and a display of the free Ukrainian spirit”

    So according to the Polish National Defense Minister, Poland began to supply ammunition to Kiev before the start of the Special Military Operation.
    That means a NATO partner assisted the Ukrainian army to fire on civilians of Donbass….

    Richard – @ricwe123 ( Highly recommend )

  78. Mr70111

    Did this guy really say consumer spending drives inflation? I can’t believe you let him get away with that, Greg.

  79. John Barry

    Stock market tanking Trump prophecy


  80. Nika

    Matt Pobereko, age 31, pitching prospect (athelete) for the New York Mets, died suddenly from a heart attack a few days ago!

  81. Prospector

    If you are dumb enough to think Woody Harrelson just by accident got to say bad things on SNL , about the vaxxxines and big pharma corporations , and how they own the press…… if you think that happened……. ‘ just by accident ‘ .. YOU are a fool.

    NOTHING gets on Tee-Vee by accident. Ever !!!

    Just at the same time the lab leak story ( from CHINA — ignore Ukraine BIOWEAPON – LABS ) hits the CFR news cycle………..LOOK >>> a distraction !!

    YOU are being played , again !

  82. Charles Shattuck

    Iraq is accepting currencies other than the dollar and they completed a new oil refinery – I have seen this commented upon almost nowhere!

  83. Marie Joy

    I am not anti vaccine. I am anti genocide.

  84. larry giglio

    Hello. I’m no economist, but when we donate free money to another country, seems to make inflation go up here. Had we given them gold or commodities, instead of fiat currency, my guess is inflation would not have gone up. There is no crash coming. If people keep going to work every day, because they hate being poor, or they want to keep all their toys, there will never be a crash. Stock markets are being manipulated. Our only worry is mental illness. and mass murder can be more contagious than bird flu. Pray.

  85. Mark

    Higher interest rates are not sustainable, because if interest rates continue to rise,
    the interest payments on the US debt will be greater than the taxes the US government collects from the public. And since inflation is still much, much higher than interest rates, they cannot succeed. It’s just simple math. Inevitable.


    Also, because of the above issues, the Fed cannot do a Volker 1980s interest rate increase to 18%. In the early 80s, US debt was around 30% of GDP…today it’s well above 100% of GDP. Not possible to get to 18% interest rates, which is probably the real inflation rate.

    Because of this, I think the Fed will pivot.

    If the Fed does not pivot, they know everyone will blame them for crashing the economy, because they increased interest rates into a slowing, contracting economy. If the Fed does pivot and decreases rates, they can blame economic conditions on something else besides themselves, like war in Ukraine, climate change, COVID, whatever nonsense they think we will believe. The Fed can live more easily with higher inflation than a huge economic depression.

    • Greg Hunter

      How are they going to cut rates and sell the debt?

      • Mark

        If the Fed won’t be able to find enough buyers of the debt from the market (I think this is likely), then, at the time of pivot, the Fed will buy the debt (buyer of last resort) to lower rates to stimulate the economy…just like the BOJ did in Japan. QE to infinity.

        The Fed will pretend a victory of sorts by redefining inflation, perhaps to a higher level. I don’t see how the Fed has any choice because of the huge amount of debt.

        Your thoughts?

        • Greg Hunter

          Hyperinflation here we come. This is why the biggest buyers of gold in the world are central banks. They know how this end. A new currency and a New America can rise from the ashes and the Deep State knows this too. This is why they are totally destroying all they can, including the children with all the LGBTQRST, Social injustice, Critical racism/communist entrainment theory.

          Pray to Jesus and buy gold for the rebuilding.



  86. Prospector

    When the DRAFT was talked about , just weeks ago , it was ” crazy talk “.


    Zelensky has no idea what he just did.
    Taking our tax dollars is one thing. We are already not used to getting any of it anyways.
    But now he is talking about taking the lives of the American children for his war?
    If there is one bear you don’t poke, it’s the American parent.

    NEW—Zelensky warns the US what will happen if Ukraine loses:

    “The US will have to send their sons and daughters exactly the same way as we are sending our sons and daughters to war… because it’s NATO that we’re talking about, and they will be dying.”

    ( IT cant happen ….. until a suitable false flag event happens , then the captured media says — LOOK , your children must go fight !!!! )

    You will all tell them to ……… F__K OFF

  87. ZMasterFlash

    I have been listening to you for the last three years and to Peter Schiff for the last 15 years. This was the first time that I heard Peter mention a gold-backed blockchain based token aka cryptocurrency! I was hoping that you were going to ask him “which ones?”
    Now that would be an interesting question for your next interview. I agree with Peter that Bitcoin is not the one. Why? It uses too much energy! It’s been calculated that if only 10% of the world’s population used BTC for money transactions that it’s proof of work architecture would use as much energy as “every” thing that we use energy for today worldwide. It would crash the world’s electric grids!

    • freedom

      There is already Gold backed crypto launched in September 2019.
      PAX Gold $1,823.11

      Peter is not one to consult about crypto, he has debated several times against owning crypto.

  88. freedom

    Hey Greg, I have listen to Peter Schiff since 2012 before he moved to Puerto Rico. I actually was interested in moving their because of what Peter was saying.

    I have some Gold, Silver, cash, beans, rice, a ground water well, solar panels, gas generators, land & bullets.
    But the government will band gold, silver, bitcoin, & bullets, than what will you do.
    USA will become the “Hunger Games”.

  89. mark branham

    The FED does not “buy” treasury debt because they do not print money, they print reserves and reserves by law must remain within the banking system, they’re not money. The FED only swaps reserves for treasuries with primary dealers and at some time the dealers return reserves for the treasuries. No new money is created during QE as the FED does not print money, it’s instead only a propaganda tool.

  90. Colin

    It’s always good to listen to Peter Schiff. I met his father, Irwin Schiff, at a tax freedom conference back in 1999 and had him sign a copy of his now-banned book “The Federal Mafia”. Irwin was framed for tax crimes and subsequently died in jail. A terrible travesty by our “Justice” department.

    You are doing great work, Greg.

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