Fed is Enemy of MAGA – David Stockman

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Reagan White House Budget Director and best-selling author David Stockman says Fed policies over the last couple of decades hit the middle-class hard. Stockman contends, “The Fed drove up costs, prices and wages at 2% come hell or high water. You do that for two or three decades and, all of a sudden, you are totally uncompetitive. You have the highest cost structure in the world economy, and the jobs and production migrate to where companies can find lower costs and better profits. So, the Fed hit the economy and the middle-class, what I call fly-over America, with a double whammy. The Fed’s 2% inflation drove jobs offshore and undermined wages and the middle-class economy. At the same time, it vastly inflated and subsidized a massive gambling spree and financial asset inflation on Wall Street. . . . Not only was this (Fed) policy the enemy of MAGA . . . it also created a dangerous distortion in the distribution of national wealth.”

Stockman points out that debt is the highest ever in almost every sector of the economy, and much of it is never getting paid back. Is there a big global default coming? Stockman says, “Yes, it is very likely, and this is why it is so dangerous to be in the stock market today because the whole thing is propped up by debt. As soon as the defaults begin to cascade through the system, there is going to be a tremendous correction. At the same time this debt was exploding from $40 trillion to $250 trillion (globally), the balance sheet of the central banks went from $2 trillion to $25 trillion. . . . The central banks of the world have taken their balance sheets from $2 trillion to $25 trillion in roughly two decades, and all of that is one giant fraud because to buy all those assets . . . they just made it up. It was fiat credit. They issued credit . . . made out of thin air. So, what we have in the world economy underpinning this $250 trillion of debt is a massively bloated and fraudulent central banking system and balance sheet that made all this possible.”

Stockman goes on to say, “The key point is that it is all coming to an end. . . . Central banks are beginning to shrink their balance sheet for the first time in the last 20 years and not just a little bit. . . . In the inverse, the opposite effect is going to happen. Bond prices are going to fall . . . Yields are going to rise. . . . You hear from Wall Street and Fed Heads don’t worry, it’s all priced in. . . . That’s all complete baloney. It’s not priced in. Yields are going to go up, and we are going to have a day of reckoning in terms of this whole massive artificial structure of debt that’s been created. . . . The growth rate is a third of what it was historically . . . there is no magic way out of it. So, I call it a ‘Fiscal Doomsday Machine.’”

Stockman has been touting gold as a must-have insurance policy. Stockman says, “The essential attribute of gold is that it is a contra central bank asset. It’s the one asset that can’t be influenced, manipulated, created or destroyed, for that matter, by the central banks. It’s the one asset that history has proven, without a doubt, can retain its value regardless of the mayhem and financial disorder caused by governments. . . . Gold is the alternative asset to a bubble ridden financial system that is driven by the central banks.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with David Stockman, best-selling author of the brand new book called “Peak Trump.”

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After the Interview: 

You can get a daily dose of Mr. Stockman on DavidStockmansContraCorner.com but you will need to click here to subscribe. If you want a copy of David Stockman’s latest book “Peak Trump” click here. It comes in electronic format with a Kindle version and you can also get the paperback too.


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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,

    • AL HALL

      Greg: this man though speaking well now was there with Reagan and Fed was there then- and they did nothing to get rid of the Fed. He talks about trump like Trump knows nothing and doesn’t have a plan? Dave Janda thinks there a plan in place, and coming down soon. I have heard that many connected to the Fed are on the “jail” list, along with the “banksters”!! Trump hold a lot next to his chest- he is smarter than many think.

      Dave is due to come back on for updates!

      Don’t get me wrong, Stockman knows his stuff, but easy for him to say now when he did nothing about the Fed back then.

  2. mike

    We keep hearing about debts getting higher and about to explode. But in this crazy new world of fake statistics, fake money and fake markets there’s no upper limit to debt. The new “normal” is this central bank doctrine which says that we now have a debt-based economy which is good for the global economy. If you add one, two or three zeroes to all the debts in the world it makes no real difference to anyone except those who are not in debt. There’s only a problem if the debt we owe the banks increases but no one else gets into debt. Government debt, corporate debt and central bank debt is carried on into the future forever. But when we die and leave a big debt our children will suffer. So we should try not to die!

    • K, Wayne

      Those that control the printing press…control the Debt !!
      (Fiat) Money is Debt.
      The World is leveraged on obscene amounts of Debt with diminished collateral.
      The World doesn’t run out of Debt …..it runs out of capital/collateral.
      When the Debt is called in (and it will be called in)….the collateral will be vacuumed up. At that point Debt reaches it’s limit.
      The BANKSTERS created this debt based system for their own purposes. You think they don’t know what will transpire? No Debt = No Fiat Money.
      This all goes to say that the economy is based on Debt growth ad infinitum. Without which all economies must either stagnate or deteriorate. That is the dilemma facing the CB’s and the Governments. Controlling the issuance of Debt to stimulate growth.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg, I have always felt David to be a very nice man indeed.
    Did you see Pelosi facial expressions sitting behind Trunp during the State of The Union, priceless. We have our own affair here, it’s called The State of Origin, much better TV viewing.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Ray from Canberra, this ones for you. We are rooted.


    • William Stanley

      I had to look it up. Yup, Royally rooted.

    • Ray

      Hi Anthony,
      Ahhhhhh……….mate, that Opal Tower thing really is just a barometer of what the Australian economy has dishevelled into: a property binge brought on by the banks to keep mums and dads in perpetual debt. Absolutely sweet FA in terms of proper construction norms……just slap up a 30 storey, 110 apartment block monstrosity and watch the imbeciles purchase off- the -plan rubbish. Now they’re saying us tax payers might be footing the bill for compensation, because the NSW government has a stake in 40 odd apartments……UNBELIEVABLE!!! How many other “Opal Towers” are out there Anthony not yet found out for their dodgy building code? It’s a worry Murray!!
      Anyway, our US friends won’t have a clue what we are on about here, so let’s leave off.
      State of Origin mate……CAN”T WAIT!!!!!! For our US friends….State Of Origin is NSW v Queensland in rugby league…..best of 3 series…..every bit as good as Super Bowl!!
      Time to smack those Queenslanders again 🙂
      Take care mate.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

      • William Stanley

        Enjoy the State of Origin! (I hope it’s better than the Super Bowl, which I hear was a dud. Still the Patriots won. Quarterbacked by one of league’s oldest players, no less!)
        10 degrees Fahrenheit here. Still a beautiful day. Enjoy the beer and barbie.
        Well, I’m off to the coin shop to look at palladium coins. Just bought some more of Sprott’s platinum/palladium trust (100% metal-backed). Those of you who don’t approve, let me know your thinking.
        Looks like the Democrats (and Republicans) are trying to push for universal background checks for gun purchases (no unregistered private party sales). Could be a good investment opportunity for those who act early (black-gun lower receivers and pre 1899 firearms that still fire modern ammo, say model 94? lever action 30-30Winchesters — for some reason the “antiques” aren’t classified as firearms).
        We even have a state-level semi-secret gun-restriction hearing that’s been found out about and scheduled for next week. I just hate politics.
        Next stop to get some heavy grease, large-diameter PVC pipe and end caps. I might have to bury some stuff. Just kidding: when it’s time to bury some stuff is the exact time you need to use it. Really, I’m off to buy “pussy hats” and other grey-man and camouflage clothing (then, again, maybe even some gilet jaunes (yellow vests?) for diversification purposes. Viva la France! — I think that means F’ Macron and the Global Fascists).

        • Ray

          Hi Will,
          Always a frosty beer here in my fridge for you you should you wish to come and visit Australia at State Of Origin time. n fact……I’ll take you to the game at ANZ Stadium in June as my honoured guest! We’ll get “Anthony Australia” and “Paul In Oz” along for the game as well.
          I know we cross swords here at Greg’s sight, but it is healthy debate which I enjoy. Thanks also to Greg who allows me to parrot on with opinions that I know he doesn’t always agree with.
          Now that IS freedom 🙂
          Ray, Half Back, NSW 2019 State Of Origin side, 2019

          • William Stanley

            You did say FROSTY, right? Yum.

        • Shawn G.

          “Those of you who don’t approve, let me know your thinking.” If it is not in your hand, you don’t own it. My humble opinion 🙂

    • Boris Badenough

      Tony, been there done that! We Americans like to do things first and much more spectacular and were not even all from Texas!

    • Freebrezer

      Think of all the crocodile tears that are going to be shed by all the distraught bankers!

  5. paul ...

    As David said: Not only is Fed policy the enemy of “Making America Great Again” (MAGA) … but these banksters have created a dangerous distortion in the distribution of national wealth … to the greedy banksters the acronym MAGA in their mind means “Money Always Generates Affluence” thus “Making Assholery Generally Acceptable” (MAGA) because they only pay small fines for their theft … why aren’t these “Misogynistic Autocrats Getting Arrested” (MAGA)? … has the public’s “Mental Awareness Gone Astray” (MAGA)?? … we have boat loads of “Malevolent Atheists Gone Amok” (MAGA) in America… why do we continue to allow “Morons At-the-wheel Governing America” (MAGA)??? … like Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, Meuller … they all sing the same song “impeach” before “My Ass Gets Arrested” (MAGA) … the Fed and all these Demon Rats running America are truly “Malicious And Gravely Amoral” (MAGA) … then we have caravans of illegal aliens trying to “Make America Guacamole Again” (MAGA) … we have perverts trying to “Make America Gay Again” (MAGA) … it’s time we stop these “Morons Against Genuine Accomplishment” (MAGA) … we need more “Mom’s Against Ghoulish Abortions” (MAGA) … we need a Wall to “Make Aliens Grow Anxious” (MAGA) … America needs is “More Artillery, Guns, Ammo” (MAGA) as we grow “Mad And Get Angrier” (MAGA) … Trump has passed “Meaningful American Governance Acts” (MAGA) … beginning by “Making All Gangsters Accountable” (MAGA) … the GITMO trials have begun … now let’s make “Mueller Also Go Away” (MAGA) … and finally … “Make America Godly Again” (MAGA)!!

    • DBCooper

      Paul, Excellent post !! Meaningful Acronyms Get Attaboys !!
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • William Stanley

      paul …,
      I’d try to add to that, but I can’t spend all day and still run the risk of failure.

      • DB Cooper

        AW Come-on WS … Give it a try !! Might be fun !!
        Yours in Laughter, DB

    • FC

      Paul… Brandon Smith from Alt-market wrote an article a few weeks ago describing the Central Banks as suicide banks as they destroy the country’s economy around the world and then self destruct for the greater good, being the IMF and the BIS.

      I have too agree as they have all the money they can ever want or need, but it’s total control over the world’s population is their ultimate goal.

  6. Jerry

    New hearing dates set at Gitmo.

    While one can only speculate about what’s really going on at Gitmo some news is allowed to leak out. Apparently March is the new date set for hearings to begin. The reason given seems a bit shady to me.
    It should be noted that under military law, the public is not entitled to any information involving military tribunals.

  7. FC

    Donald Trump – nobody knows bankruptcy like I do………. That’s just MAGA-nificent.

    • William Stanley

      Another good one!

  8. al

    Trump knows this information. He partially ran on the falsehood of Wall Street.
    He has no choice at this point because a high percentage of Americans know what the Enemy Media vomits out so they expect consistent stock market growth.
    Short of opening public alternative real news channels to counter the Enemy Media, each and every one, the public will not understand a market fall and blame Trump for it.

    At the SOTU he mentioned 3 things that would topple the market. War, Politics, and rogue investigations, all of which are happening today and will not stop. I believe he is setting up the table to point the finger on the radical left for an inevitable market fall.

    I really wish he would go the “fairness act” way and have an opposing channel for each and every Enemy Media channel. One headed up by Mr. Hunter.
    I would love to see that! I may even subscribe to TV service after a decade of not having cable.
    When the public is informed he does not have to play these stupid games any longer.

    Great info, had to listen to it twice and take notes. Wow!
    Thanks again Greg

  9. andyb

    Greg: the problem, of course, of Stockman’s analysis, even though it is factual and real, is that the Creature from Jekyll Island is seemingly omnipotent. It will not ever be defeated or cede power under any normal legislative procedures. It has too much control globally through the bribery, extortion, and blackmail of legislative, judicial, and executive political bodies.

    Hopefully, a global revolution seems to be occurring. Let’s hope it succeeds.

    • Dan

      You know full well what “KIND” of revolution would be required to REFORMAT the “Operating System”.

      And if it comes, you will most likely not be sitting on your couch eating potato chips and watching FOX NEWS in between football games.

      I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
      Take a bow for the new revolution
      Smile and grin at the change all around
      Pick up my guitar and play
      Just like yesterday
      Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
      We don’t get fooled again
      Don’t get fooled again, no no

      Meet the new boss
      SAME as the old boss

      (WHO – “We don’t get fooled again”)

    • paul ...

      David Stockman knows the Fed Creature (from Jekyll Island) is not omnipotent … he will tell us that “gold is the one asset that history has proven, without a doubt, can retain its value regardless of the mayhem and financial disorder caused by governments”… some may dismiss Stockman’s words as just conjecture for how can anyone know “for sure” that gold is such an asset … one way to tell is to do a scientific experiment … take $50 dollars worth of Zimbabwe dollars, Mexican pesos, or Canadian dollars down to your local supermarket and see just how much food you can buy with this foreign government fiat … then take out a $50 gold coin (which should be “universal money” according to Stockman and others) and see exactly how much food you can buy with it (for we know that one day the US dollar will be someone else’s paper promise to people throughout the world) … then report your scientific findings back here in the next few weeks … for all our benefit!!

      • paul ...

        As for the coming revolution … Nikita Khrushchev well knew what was coming to America … he stated many years ago “Your children will live under Communism” … the neocons at the time thought that meant the USSR was going to attack America and impose their system on us and so they set out to destroy the USSR … what they didn’t realize was … it would be Demon-rat traitors to the Constitution right here in America that would impose Communism upon the American people!!

  10. Mike

    David Stockman correctly identifies problems caused by the Fed but he is wrong to give credit to a policy of Fed QT when that is an illusion. There is no real market for US treasuries with eager buyers. This is a transfer from the Fed to the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF). Moving debt from your left pocket to your right pocket does not solve any problems. Trump wants to properly put the blame for the guaranteed crash on the Fed rather than support propaganda designed to render the Fed blameless. The actions needed for a solution are not possible until the criminal activity of the deep state and globalist cabal are revealed.

  11. Keith Miller

    I have a suggestion. Could you ask God about counterbalancing the prophets of financial doom and gloom you have on your show by having on guests with a more optimistic prophetic view at the same time on the same show? I think the limited human perspectives need counterbalanced. Mark Taylor tells us to stop repeating the enemy’s words of chaos, worry, and fear. These last several guests, as brilliant and learned as they are, seem to be missing two critical components necessary for accurate assessment and forecasting: hidden knowledge and prophetic revelation.

    Catherine Austin Fitts said it is impossible for anyone to accurately forecast how the financial markets will rebalance because there is too much off balance sheet wealth and activity that we do not know about. For example, how many patents are held by the black budget military/intelligence organizations, preventing development of valuable health, energy and transportation assets? What will those be worth? Secondly, fiat money is created out of thin air when the central banks create fiat reserves and when commercial banks create fiat debt. How much fiat money has been created and funneled into undisclosed projects? These are 100% assets with 0% liability (fiat currency has no repayment obligation). What will be the impact to the balance sheets of the nations who nationalize these assets after they are exposed? How much inside first hand knowledge do your guests have about the private banking activities of the legacy bloodlines and their public face central banks? What will be the balance sheet impacts of the nationalization of assets gained through illegal, unconstitutional, fraudulent contracts?

    Mark Taylor has repeated many of the prophetic messages spoken by/through Kim Clement. These messages tell us things God is allegedly going to do, things with enormous financial impacts. If the Beast/Babylonian system in the Book of Revelation is a figurative reference for the current global banking and finance system colluding with the kings, governments and businesses of the world … Revelation says that both the system and the cabal will be dismantled in the final years before the millennial reign. Clement said God will inspire his future US President with a plan to dismantle the financial system that will be so clever that people will only say God could come up with a plan that clever. If that is true, none of your very smart guests will be able to figure it out in advance. Genesis 6:3 says the age of man is 120 years. If those are jubilee years then the verse signaled God would contend with mankind’s banishment to mortality for 6000 years (120 x 50 year jubilees). We are almost at the 6000 year mark since Adam. If the Israelite’s 40 year wandering after rejecting God’s offer to take them into the promised land is a figurative foreshadowing, and if the referent of the metaphorical years are jubilee years, 40 x 50 = 2000, then we are there again. April 2033 will mark 2000 years from the crucifixion, which marked the Hebrew’s first rejection of his offer to take them into the promised land.

    My point is that we should recognize that these very bright guests are limited to what they know, but God is not limited to what they know, he knows everything, can do anything, is not limited by the deep state or anyone else, and he may have revealed to us through prophets some amazing things he is doing and will soon do. So we should not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by prognostications of financial collapses. We should take some prudent measures, like payoff debt; store food, water, medicine, cash, junk silver; store wealth in real assets. At the same time, believe in, work towards and speak forth words of faith and hope in God’s soon deliverance of humanity from the enslavement by wickedly motivated humans, demons and fallen angels … so he can pick up where he left off 6000 years ago, and ascend humanity to the glorious destiny he originally intended.

    Suggestion: consider putting together shows where you can have the doom-crash apocryphal marketing gold bug guests on at the same time with some conspiracy prophecy minded guests so you can host and moderate a more complete discussion. Consider talking with Chris McDonald about this. If you put Mark Taylor and Catherine Austin Fitts on the private-banking prophetic voice side opposite any of the last several guests I think you may achieve this kind of faith-reason combination.

    Love your work and your spirit.

    PS. Some of the recent guests need more humility. They cannot presume to know President Trump’s motivations and strategies. The president needs to navigate a well entrenched deep state and a largely uninformed electorate. Some truths cannot yet be said.

    • Patriot Bill

      Keith, your recommendations for presenting a new Hunter interview format, I think, is a good one. This would give us an opportunity to see and hear counter/convergent opinions and information that we now only get on an individual basis. This seems to be an idea that Greg should give some serious thought to as a means of presenting a more complete picture and analysis from divergent positions of thought and experience.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not going to happen Bill. It’s hard enough the way it is and I don’t have the help or money to pull it off. You do realize this is a free site?

        • William Stanley

          Mr. Hunter,
          I very much like things the way they are. Great guests and interesting comments. Though, as you may know since I’ve mentioned this before, I worry about you getting harmed (and your time and energy wasted) by even laying your eyeballs on all the troll comments and engaging them in any way. As you no doubt have recognized, they are using increasingly subtle ways to try to sneak past your defenses. I sure wish you could have someone else screen out the obvious troll comments and, at least, mark those aimed at you personally with a warning label so, at least, you approach them warily.

    • mike

      Mark Taylor’s “prophesies” give believers a boost but are vague and dubious. David Stockman is right: During the past 3 decades, policies for financial and economic activities, state budgets and rules for regulating fair and honest contracts for bank loans have created a situation where the rich have become progressively and dramatically richer while common people became poorer and more numerous. Money is power and the common people have lost so much power that they are now virtually powerless and incapable of calling governments to account, or changing policies and rules to give everyone a better chance to earn a fair wage and improve their lot. This situation has come about by design, not by accident and top politicians and the mainstream media have programmed the public to believe their lies and accept this dishonest and fraudulent situation as normal. It certainly is normal now but not fair and honest. The public have been totally brain-washed, confused and misinformed concerning all the injustice and serious problems facing the world. Many of the problems derive from unbridled industrialization driven by the greed of corporation owners and executives, who say they are concerned about such things as population explosion and pollution but make only token efforts the address the problems. Government propaganda has been so successful that the world is generally unaware of the realities. They don’t know that things are getting slowly worse and that the only solution one day will be a totalitarian, global, technocratic government which gives people the impression that every aspect of life is managed in the interests of the public, but which in reality only serves the interests of the super-wealthy elite. All evidence indicates that we are already halfway towards that goal and it’s interesting that this goal is exactly which the Ancient Scriptures predicted 2000 years ago.

      • Greg Hunter

        No Mike they are not “vague and dubious.” You have not read them?

  12. paul ...

    The atrocious hammer attack on the tomb of Karl Marx (located at London’s Highgate Cemetery) is an unforgivable act … Karl Marx is the hero of neo-socialists (like that “fake Indian” commie Elizabeth Warren and pinko Bernie Sanders) … Demon-rat commies looking to run for President in 2020 are now demanding that the Demon-ratic lawmakers in the House and Senate immediately pass a law banning hammers along with guns, knives and trucks in America … to show such disrespect to a commie hero is an outrage … the hero of the Commie Revolution should never be treated with as much disrespect as commie pinkos (like Obama) have shown to our American revolutionaries like Washington, Jefferson, etc. by totally removing their statues … this is just outrageous … the “well respected” English newspaper The Guardian states: “the world will never be the same again after this vicious hammer attack” … while the neo-socialist ideas of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have taken America’s left by storm … not everyone seems enamored with the idea of wealth redistribution in general or its founding father Karl Marx in particular … some tin foil hat weirdos think that wealth redistribution to the 1% and to the crooks on Wall Street is a one way street and a bad idea … these malcontents actually think redistribution of wealth means “they should be getting some money too” and are voting en-mass for every commie they can find in the Demon-ratic Party … hopefully thinking that the cash flow redistribution can be reversed some how … but the neo-commies running for office have deep pockets … and the crooked banksters know exactly how much it takes to fill them … in-order to keep the redistribution going in the same direction!!

    • paul ...

      Young millennial neo-socialist Demon-rats … brainwashed by Marxist professors while they were in college … will likely go all out to elect a commie in 2020 (as the US will likely be in a depression by then) … the commie politicians will promise (as they always do) to give more to the people and less to the 1% by raising taxes to 75% … but the sad fact is … ordinary people will be pushed into this higher tax bracket as America goes broke printing money out of thin air for all the commie social programs … the problem is … America does not have all the additional monies needed to squander “on more social programs for the people” … especially while giving the 1% their normal 98% cut of the pie … so this means any additional money needed for the people … will have to be printed up by the Fed out of thin air with a massive “QE to infinity” program … so all you commies out there better get ready … for some very real hyper-inflation … and begin buying your gold now … while it is still cheap … for (just like Bitcoin) gold can rise very rapidly to $20,000 dollars per ounce!!

      • paul ...

        You know … with the proposals Ocasio Cortez is putting on the table (to give the average Joe the same benefits the 1% are now getting) she stands a good chance of winning the US Presidential election in 2020 as every neo-liberal commie in America will vote for her … even I like some of her proposals … like planting trees everywhere to remove carbon and provide oxygen (as increasing atmospheric oxygen will prevent most cancers) … and we should not be flying in planes high in the atmosphere where very high radiation levels from cosmic rays are now dosing millions of travelers … her method for paying? … it is simply the same method used “to provide welfare to the banksters” (simply print money out of thin air) … will the neo-liberal millennials go for it? … I don’t see why not!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-07/here-are-most-shocking-proposals-ocasio-cortez-green-new-deal

        • paul ...

          This is why China and Russia “are scared as hell” that America “will turn commie” … they have (had in the case of Russia) piles and piles of US dollars that are going to get more and more worthless as the Demon-ratic “socialist agenda” gets implemented with printed Fed Notes out of thin air … and they are buying gold hand over fist to protect themselves from the coming “American Commie Revolution” (their buddy Karl Marx was responsible for starting) … even the 1% and all the Central Banksters have been buying up gold in massive quantities … as they know all the commie programs the Demon-rats have planned is going to create hyper-inflation … so we’ve fought many many Wars (two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, etc, etc., etc.) sacrificing and maiming our children to save the world from “the commies” … and now we are actually scaring the hell out of commies by becoming the “Greatest Of Them All” (GOTA) … and the commies are GOTS to protect themselves!!

  13. Fred Haight

    Trump nailed it!
    The problem is, everybody watched it. Propaganda fake news is not and will not work in that environment. The look on Nancy Pelosi’s face said it all. The emperor has no Clothes, no matter how they spin it now. President Trumps State of the Union proved them all liars and is even now still proving them liars. No matter how big they try to spin the big lie now, Trump did it for all to see. You could see it also on the face of Kamala Harris , when about half way through the second half, she realizes the presidency in 2020, isn’t going to be as easy as she thought!
    You know it musta been a great speech when John King of the Clinton New’s Network say’s the speech was a disgrace! What a laugh, when the quick poll of the American people said they liked it, all approved, proved CNN, a total, Christine Falsie Fraud!!!
    Rumor has it CNN immediately put in a call to the expert lie detector liar, on how to recapture the narrative of the bigger the lie, the bigger the fraud, committed on we the people of the 20th and 21st century of CNN, bull Shiite!
    Sing along CNN, as you eat Trump’s soap, to clean out that lying filthy hole in your faces, and Erin please go on a diet, or we wont be watching your figure, like you don’t seem to any longer either!

    Doesn’t this lady bear a striking resemblance to our first lady! Mmm,
    oh what a gal!
    Is it coincidence, Slovenia borders Italy? Those Former Yugoslav’s!
    Everybody wants to come to America! The Land Of The Free! Do you blame em?

    For all USAWatchdog.com followers overseas who want to know what all the commotion was about and a chance to see the real Donald J. Trump, unfiltered and welcome to the Still United States, of the America’s! Your Anglo-Americano world super power in action, achtung! And P.S. Check out Ted Cruze with a beard, lookin dapper Ted!

    Last But Not Least, Our Greatest Generation’s Devotion To Our Hometown Gal’s!

  14. Jerry

    The caravans approaching our borders, based in Honduros, are embedded with terrorist from the Middle East. Here’s proof.

    In a matter of days or weeks we will find out what their true intentions are. According to my sources they will most likely target the grid in Mexico to create a humanitarian crisis on our border. While such speculation is hard to prove, I have seen reports of weapons such as RPG’s, mortars, and heavy machine guns being smuggled into Mexico. Anyone who thinks the government in Mexico is stable is delusional. I would suggest that everyone heed the warning that Homeland Security put out in December to have a six months supply of food on hand.

  15. paul ...

    You know why Pelosi was clapping? … she didn’t get an envelope in her papers!! … https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/06/sotu-how-the-world-reacted-to-trump-speech.html

    • al

      She kept looking for it. Every 30 seconds she would look at them and shuffle them as if people didn’t know she was extremely uncomfortable and ticked off. ROFL!!!!

  16. Paul from Indiana

    What’s “priced in” is the status quo. “Adding zeroes” is what’s priced in, because the elite profits from the scam. Here’s how it works: they trade inflated paper for real assets, and the middle class loses whatever it had. It’s basically what produced the French Revolution. Big Tech’s job is to protect the status quo. It’s been going on my whole adult life, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Best always. PM

  17. H. Craig Bradley

    Mr. David Stockman may indeed be our greatest curmudgeon.

    • William Stanley

      I’ve got to hand it to you on that one: you made me smile. Pretty clever!

  18. Rob

    Finally a guest who understands that Trump can not drain the swamp as he is playing by the IMF’s handbook called pump the debt markets until it all explodes just like David Wilkerson’s vision declared will happen soon:


    Italy looks like the canary in the coal mine:


    Could the “ides of March” that happened in Rome, Italy also be the date that Italy defaults setting in motion the 6 months of horror that Wilkerson saw? Wilkerson’s vision declares that once a “European” nation defaults within two weeks Mexico will default bringing the contagion to the USA. Six months from the end of March brings us to the end of September when the fall feasts commence and when I expect a firm covenant with many to begin the “week”(7 years) of tribulation:

    Daniel 9:27 And he shall make a firm covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall come one that maketh desolate; and even unto the full end, and that determined, shall wrath be poured out upon the desolate.

    Just some things to ponder as we patiently prepare spiritually for the tribulation that the church must endure:


    • TSI

      Rome is the beast system. It was a warning against the persecution of Christians by the pagan emperors and their mystery cults. I guess the events of revelation could extend out to today as the mystery sun cults are on the rise again.

      • Rob

        Rome WAS the 6th beast system that existed during the earthly ministry of Jesus’ day called “the one is” from John’s perspective in 96 AD:

        Revelation 17:10-11 and they are seven kings; the five are fallen, the one is, the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a little while. (11) And the beast that was, and is not, is himself also an eighth, and is of the seven; and he goeth into perdition.

        Please remember that John was recording the things which must come to pass hereafter from 96 AD:

        Revelation 4:1 After these things I saw, and behold, a door opened in heaven, and the first voice that I heard, a voice as of a trumpet speaking with me, one saying, Come up hither, and I will show thee the things which must come to pass hereafter.

        The 7th king(dom) is presently a global kingdom headed by the USA’s financial system governed through the G7, the IMF, the BIS, the FED along with the central banks globally:

        Revelation 12:3 And there was seen another sign in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon, having SEVEN HEADS and ten horns, and upon his HEADS SEVEN CROWNS.

        The beast of Revelation chapter 13 that was, and is not, is himself also an eighth will rise up in the midst of the tribulation out of the seven heads with 10 crowns on its 10 horns:

        Revelation 13:1-3 and he stood upon the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having TEN HORNS and SEVEN HEADS, and on his HORNS TEN CROWNS, and upon his HEADS names of blasphemy. (2) And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his throne, and great authority. (3) And I saw one of his heads as though it had been smitten unto death; and his death-stroke was healed: and the whole earth wondered after the beast;

        • TSI

          The date at which revelation was written is up for debate. Some put it earlier during Nero’s reign. Rome WAS and IS the beast.

    • Bernard V

      The great majority of Italian debt is owned by italians.
      So if Italy were to either leave the euro (and have a de facto devaluation of their new lira) or if they default while still in the euro, foreign institutions won’t be that much affected.

      Now I agree that the next crisis might very well come from Europe (as David Wilkerson vision attest to it) but there are 4 factors that might cause such scenario
      1) Issues with Brexit
      2) Italy pulling out of the euro and the subsequent crumbling of the euro
      3) Social unrest in France
      4) Financial issues in Germany (DB for instance, but not limited to0)

      Furthermore the transcript you posted the link of (what David Wilkerson said in a private meeting, that was recorded , seems fake since no records are provided) It seem way off being unsubstantiated, and should be taken with proper discernement.

      Finally cemeteries are filled with prophets that have countlessly tried to have specific dates of events.

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t know why you are coming here because you already know it all.

        • Jerry

          Snicker, Snicker,
          Greg I think Bernard has been working on his economic doctrinal thesis at Harvard. I’ll take common sense any day. Hey Bernard, how do pay for 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities using 3 trillion dollars in tax revenue?

        • Bernard V


          I always, ALWAYS, look forward to your weekly uploads.
          You have sometimes great guests, sometimes not so great …that is the blessings and the curse of interviewing people from different backgrounds, and I salute you for it.
          I simply sometimes cannot let comments go without being challenged and I appreciate the fact that you posted my reply.
          I do not pretend to know it all, far from it, but I like comments and interpretations to be based on facts if at all possible.
          Continue the good work!

      • Nick in UK

        Bernard V

        About 58% of Italian debt is held by Italians. The current total debt is over 2.6 Trillion.
        Italy would be too big to rescue. In 2012, the European Central Bank (ECB) stepped in with a dramatic promise to do “whatever it takes” to prevent contagion. The EU and the International Monetary Fund bailed out Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Cyprus. The largest bailout package, to Greece, topped $300 billion. But with a GDP of nearly $2 trillion, Italy is the bloc’s third-largest economy—there simply aren’t enough funds to bail it out. There are also concerns that the ECB used up all its firepower fighting the last crisis and has few tools left to make cheap credit available or buy up troubled bonds.

        On a personal level I had never heard of Lehman Brothers before 2008 and the contagion that collapse caused was worldwide.

        About 30 Billion of Italian debt is to Deutsche Bank which is considered the systematically most dangerous bank worldwide. Furthermore we already have had contagion happening in Italy as so many regional banks have collapsed that Banca Carige (Italian 10th largest bank) is now under ECB control. (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/02/business/ecb-italian-bank-banca-carige.html)

        Bernard ….If you don’t understand contagion take a look on YouTube to see what the Guinness book of record is for dominoes toppling all started by one man flicking one domino. Now imagine that same fat finger pressing the wrong computer command at a big bank anywhere in the world at any time.

        • Bernard V

          Hi Nick,

          you said it! the majority of the italian debt is owed by italians.
          So yes there will be a domino effect, but the italians will be better off compared to others.

      • Rob

        Hi Benard!

        I think you forgot how interconnected the banks are when it comes to any debt and how much money the Fed sent out in 2008 and 2009 to shore up other country’s banks as a result of our crisis started with subprime lending:


        David Wilkerson’s vision was not meant to be wide spread but according to that link, “evidently someone taped it in that special meeting and circulated it. David Wilkerson never set any dates other than saying “very soon” which in Father’s timeline could mean a decade later :o)

        • Bernard V

          where is that tape of Wilkerson comments?

      • William Stanley

        How is “Italy pulling out of the euro and the subsequent crumbling of the euro,” consistent with “foreign institutions won’t be that much affected”? Obviously, I’ve misunderstood you. Please clarify.

        • Bernard V

          Hi to all!,
          I did not say that foreign institutions will NOT be affected, i wrote that foreign institutions won’t be “THAT” much affected.
          Obviously Italian debt to foreign institutions will affect those institutions (ie, DB) , but unlike Greece or other countries, the majority of the italian debt is italian owed!
          In other words their are the masters of their ship!

          • Greg Hunter

            You really don’t know what is going to happen as the derivate leverage is enormous globally.

          • William Stanley

            Benard V,
            Oh, it’s kind of like EMP radiation: IT doesn’t kill you directly; you die from the secondary effects.

  19. iwitness02

    I would much rather have a silver certificate in my wallet, than a federal reserve note. I would much rather have a silver coin in my pocket, than a copper nickel alloy coin.
    Of course that would be asking to much. So how do we get from where we are, to where we were? Get rid of the Fed. Of course that would be asking to much.
    I would like to pay high taxes, and exchange my time and labor for fake money. Ok, now I am not asking to much. I want to have life long debt. Ok, now I’m really getting with the program. The secret of happiness. (but not my happiness) The world is a mess. The world central banking system doesn’t fix anything. They lie, steal and kill for their own happiness. Basically destroying everything in their path. What a fine national treasure we have in the federal reserve system. And our uni party system.
    What a mind blower to know this, and still be helpless as a nation, to defend ourselves from these criminals. Doomsday Machine indeed.

    • iwitness02

      On a more positive note, I hear there is a plan to end the fed and the irs. Can it be done? Time will tell. I hope so. I do believe that President Trump is our best hope for a chance to escape.

    • Mohammad

      Get rid of the feds?
      And give the free press machine to china so they enjoy for the next 300 years what we had for the last 300 years….?
      Do you understand the magnitude of “get rid of the feds”
      You will be Venezuela in a heartbeat.

      I say work it with feds, and get good people there, and keep the free press machine in US maybe , maybe we will have an extension on our life support for another decade or two.


      • Ray

        Mate…….the ENTIRE PROBLEM is the “free press machine”.
        As long as any nation has it, the fraud goes on and on and on.
        Recommend you watch “Money As Debt”……you can find to on the net, and is a fantastic eye opener on why modern money has failed humanity.
        So……I will ask you plainly and with respect: Are you for or against fraud sir?
        What say ye?
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

      • Montana Guy

        Mohammad, speaking as an old coot, if you have ever experienced liberty you would have no appetite for living on life support.

        With true American grit and spirit Samuel Adams stated, “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

        • Mohammad


          You have been on life support since 1913…What the hell are you smoking?


          • William Stanley

            Montana Guy’s got you pinned. Just say “uncle,” and the pain will stop.

      • Freebrezer

        M – I agree! the first and most important step would be to put the crooked bankers in jail! And for a long time! This would send a strong message through out the banking system … crooked = jail time. Unfortunately the US Gov (and most all other world governments) is/are in bed with the crooked bankers and they all smoke cigars and laugh! … And steal the wealth from the populace.

        • Mohammad

          Who will put the bankers in jail?
          the sheriff who is bought and paid by the banker?
          or his boss and boss’s boss all the way to DC who’s ass is bought by the banker?


      • K, Wayne

        You can’t be serious…..”work it with feds”!!!
        Who are you ?
        The FED is neither FEDERAL nor is it a RESERVE.
        It’s Independence is an aberration.
        It is a foreign owned/controlled entity that serves the needs of its masters not of the American people. Suggest you revisit the creation of this monster.
        The country doesn’t have any legitimacy financially & monetarily with Debt levels akin to a Banana Republic.
        The policies of the FED are devised to appease the Wealthy whilst the rest are left disengaged and impotent.
        Other than stealing from every man, woman and child for the last 100 years (currency debasement/inflation), give me one example where they (FED) have actually made your life more enriched. Just one !!

        • Mohammad

          You are living by the feds, your ass is had by the feds, and your wallet is filled with the feds, and you cannot get a loaf of bread without the fed nor get a medicine if you are sick without the fed, unless you live on Mars,


          • K, Wayne

            Oooohhh you are a happy camper aren’t you. You love the control they have over you….I can tell with all the detail you provided…and the fact that you are willing to let them continue to own your ass. Do you prefer it that way?
            Tell us all how you really feel. Do you enjoy being a slave to them?
            Like I said “work with the Feds”??? Crazy talk!!
            You have stated the bleeding obvious about how much control they have and yet are willing to “work with them”…..are you lost, uninformed or just being facetious?
            How’s the view from Uranus?
            I can live without the FED as can the rest of the country. It’s just that we gave them ( A Foreign Owned / Controlled Entity) the right to control the US money supply …..and ipso facto control of the American people.
            Your quaint little comment /argument doesn’t hold steam. It belongs in a trash can alongside the FED and all its members (BANKS included).

          • William Stanley

            What an interesting way of admitting that K and Wayne are right!

    • Montana Guy

      iwitness02, ‘how do we get from where we are?’ What do you want? Liberty? If you want liberty you use self-reliance.

      Globalists need dependency (slavery) and a lack of self-reliance to implement global government. The solution is building individual self-reliance and our own systems; raise and grow our own meat and produce locally, school our children at home, provide our own security and emergency communications, build and maintain our own shelter. This site that Greg built is an example of ‘our own systems’.

      Sadly Americans are too busy trying to save a system clearly designed to reduce us to absolute Despotism and saving land masses full of Commies. We need a divorce.

      • iwitness02

        Montana Guy, you nailed it. Yes I want liberty—— independence, self-reliance and thinking for myself, is the only way I see of getting there. We think the same way. I have hopes along spiritual lines also. There could even be some political help too. But, I don’t like waiting around. I started years ago to achieve as much independence as I could with the brains, resources, and skills that I have, and I am always learning. As an added blessing, my wife is totally on board and we work as a team.

  20. Dan

    Yes…gold will do just fine in preserving purchasing power….but you best get as much of your’s AND yourself OUT of the country that’s ABOUT to FAIL, because otherwise, and ONLY if your’re lucky, you will need to use ALL of it to get your ass OUT of the country when the time comes. Just ask the VENEZUELANS, or the CUBANS, ETC, ETC, ETC.

    And there’s going to be ALOT more “ETC’s” if things really do go south.
    Alot more.

  21. Da Yooper


    What people need to realize is that we have an economy – of – by & for the corrupt wall street globalist bankers at the American citizens ….expense

  22. Mohammad


    Please tell me what is the difference between Mr. Obama (Syria) and Mr. Trump (Venezuela)?


    “Venezuela Says It Intercepted Covert US Weapons Shipment From Miami”



    • Greg Hunter

      Really? You don’t see the difference? A few guns were intercepted and there is no real proof who sent them mean while Obama and Hillary created millions of refugees and destroyed the country with terrorists. Venezuela was destroyed by the last few leaders. America did not do that. You don’t know the difference? I guess we should just let Russia and China have it??

      • Mohammad

        When will you see that ALL ARE IN CAHOOT?
        Utmost respect though we differ in seeing SOME things.


      • Ray

        To be fair Greg……..Russia and China have a greater claim on Venezuela (if anyone can have “a claim” at all that is), given the investments they have made over many years. Far greater than US investments as I understand the situation.
        Your nation got to have Ukraine lets not forget after that US endorsed coup de ta a few years back now.
        Agreed……Venezuela may not have been run very well…….it is also a fact that US sanctions have hurt the nation in a big way, and they were designed to bring about the situation that now exists.
        All Venezuela wants is to be Venezuela, and not YET ANOTHER puppet state of the US, and I think that is a fair thing for any nation to want. Shame my country can’t cut the puppet strings over here, but, we are a very weak nation.
        US has most of this world already……time to let this one go, before Russia and China give the US two very big black eyes, a few busted ribs and a couple of weeks in hospital.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

        • Greg Hunter

          To be fair you are wrong. Let’s let Russia and China take over New Zealand and see how you feel.

          • Anthony Australia

            New Zealand is not ours Greg, the Motherland Union Jack owns it.

            • Greg Hunter

              So you would be OK with Russia and China splitting New Zealand. You think you guys could fight them off if they attacked from there?

              • Anthony Australia

                No, not at all Greg.

        • Anthony Australia

          Mate we are punching above our weight, as per usual, trying to save the whole world.


        • William Stanley

          Your bias against the USA has, IMO, clouded your judgement.
          Are you suggesting that Russia and China have the military capacity to go toe-to-toe against the US military in the Americas? Sure, they could inflict a lot of damage. But if they tried such a thing, do you think it would end well for them?
          I take as a given that the USA will not give China or Russia free rein in the Americas (the example of Cuba notwithstanding — and Cuba would have been better off without Communism).
          You’re talking about WW III. Ray, China is already talking about attacking Taiwan and, it seems, within the last year or so has twice used container ships to electronically disable and then deliberately ram and severely damage US destroyers near Japan. I hope that their sense of scale and desire for self preservation exceeds yours. This is much more dangerous (and in progress) than is widely known.
          Ray, you live on a resource-rich island that, so far, is protected by the US Navy. They need your natural resources, not your people. Would you really prefer that the US leave Australia to the tender mercies of the Chinese?

          • Anthony Australia

            Willy, with the amount of Chinese here they aren’t bombing us. They are too smart for that and the Globalists are allowing the Chinese to buy up all the land, resources and businesses.

            • William Stanley

              So you’re confident that the Chinese wouldn’t take a more “kinetic” approach if the US military were not in the background?
              “My house seldom gets burgled. Therefore I don’t need the police.” That might be half true if potential thieves think that you’re sufficiently armed. If they think that they can act without personal risk . . .

          • Ray

            You see Will…..THIS is the exact problem that you, Greg and many Americans harbour in your heart of hearts, and it is exactly what will end up turning your nation into a glass car park one day.
            You seem to think that it is fine and dandy to have military bases surrounding Russia and China…..armed to the teeth, and nor may they dislike it (according to America). BUT……if Russia or China get a foothold / military base on Central American soil, you squeal like gutted pigs!
            What exceptionalism!!!!
            Mate…..listen to me please, just for the smallest moment. China has been around for thousands of years……Russia many centuries before America also. When all USA’s war mongering and financial skullduggery is over, China and Russia will still be around…….not too sure about the USA though.
            Russians and Chinese are also very sturdy, intelligent and hard working people.
            In the US, basic infrastructure is rotting (because $$$$ go the The Global War Machine instead of basic national infrastructure), and your society itself is rotting…..from the inside.
            As for your military…….strong, yes, yet severely depleted from many decades of unjust wars.
            A VERY tired and weary army in terms of actual human capital.
            The military hardware of the US is basically junk these days due to the bloated, profit driven contract system of the MIC (case in point: J35 Joint Strike Fighter…….asphyxiates its pilots and would lose very quickly to both Russian and Chinese latest fighter aircraft.)
            In a military conflict……the US would lose……big damage on both sides, but, the US would lose, because once the war was started, US society would freak out. I mean really…….just look at how US society acts toward each other during a Black Friday sale!!! Real barometer right there of the fabric of US societal bonds!
            But I will finish as I started…….the US thinks it can put bases under Russia and China’s noses, and they will just have to accept it. That stinks of hubris and that right soon.
            You see Will……..A NEW GAME is afoot globally now.
            It’s called “Let’s treat America as America treats the rest of the world”……and best you good folk get used to it would be my gentle advice to ye.
            By the way……US Navy protecting my country?
            No thank you……people with honour, oh that small, dwindling band, would rather not have the tarnished assistance of a nation that treats the rest of the world like its garbage patch.
            If the Russians and Chinese invade here, I’ll do my best to turn them back, but will never dishonour myself by fighting alongside those who treat the people of my planet with utter disdain……as if they are superior and have the right to lie, cheat and steal worldwide, whilst claiming to be morally righteous. The world has had enough Will.
            Don’t mean to offend……just my passionate view.
            Russia and China are no perfect friends either……but I don’t see them doing what America is doing to so many nations.
            Regards and my best wishes be with you and yours.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

            • Greg Hunter

              You didn’t answer the question. Would you feel differently if China and Russia were splitting up New Zealand? I think you would. That is what Venezuela is to the US. You should be scared to death about the South China Sea as it’s a lot closer to home but no worries mate?? I really like Australia and New Zealand by the way.

              • Ray

                I really like the USA as well……it’s your government’s foreign policy that I have the problem with.
                Islands in the South China Sea??
                A review of post World War 2 history reveals that many islands that the Japanese took during that war were returned to China after the war. These areas, under international law, are under Chinese dominion. If the Chinese wish to build other islands in these areas, I have NO PROBLEM with that at all…..especially at a time when the US reserves its’ right to build empire anywhere on the planet. If America can do it, so can China……FULL STOP.
                Now, you raise the prospect of China invading New Zealand, our friend and neighbour. What an interesting prospect!
                I will put it to you this way Greg, for your deep reflection later on today.
                Let’s say that China comes up with a reason to invade……I don’t know…..maybe something like “There’s gosh darn terrorists in NZ……terrorists I tells ya, and we have to go and invade that nation and takes it all over, all in the name of Liberty & Freedom…..and stay there for 18 years” (sound like a few wars that America has justified its presence in recently?).
                In such a scenario, I imagine the average imbecilic Australian would have to go and fight on the side of the idiot Chinese……just as they have done same in fighting alongside the idiot Americans in Afghanistan & Iraq…….”Gotta stope dems terrorists I tells ya!”
                You see…..I am not fooled by any idiot nation that goes around warmongering and destroying the hopes of Humanity, whether it be America, Russia, China or Calathumpia!
                Just stop the BS in justifying it……all of you.
                Moreover, if anyone here at this site…..owner or visitor, states that he or she has faith in a God that created and loves us all, then they really ought to think long and hard on what I have outlined above before stating that “my nation’s claim on endless war is just”, when these claims are supported by nothing more than cleverly spun lies and deceit.
                Thanks for the opportunity to debate here with you and your learned guests…..always appreciated.
                Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

                • William Stanley

                  Hmmm. You hate it when the US does it but have “NO PROBLEM” when China does it?
                  You cite to international law and then ignore it when China breaks it by building islands in the South China Sea.
                  You’re heartbroken by bullying, but it doesn’t bother you when China lays claim to waters belonging to Vietnam and the Philippines and, moreover, tries to interrupt the free passage of international ships through the area.
                  Are you at all bothered by China’s occupation of Tibet? How about their treatment of the Uyghurs? “NO PROBLEM” there either? How about the threats against Taiwan?

            • William Stanley

              Well, Ray, I agree with most of your comment. Take that!
              Like you, I don’t like US foreign policy for the most part. Still, I don’t like China’s or Russia’s too much either.
              As for feelings of superiority: Do you actually know any Chinese? I know someone who was born on Taiwan . . . her grandfather was murdered by “Nationalists.” That she’s a gold bug isn’t enough for me to get past her overarching sense of superiority.
              (BTW, I’m curious if you know the origins of the owners of the construction company that built that high-rise that’s falling apart? The construction fraud seems so Chinese-like, doesn’t it? Not saying, though, just asking).

        • Mohammad

          Ray ,

          There is an old say back home (Syria) :
          Do not push the drunken Jack, he will fall on his own.

          US is in a falling motion, they are defeated in every war they fought so far, the only one war they won was won with Nukes dropped on two cities filled with civilians and nowadays almost every nation has nukes, so this element is out of the equation.

          What I differ from most here on the forum is I see ALL IN CAHOOT.

          They are performing a play written by the elites that put those clowns in the driving seats of all those countries and they pit them agains each other to burn humanity down.

          I do not see good guys/bad guys.
          I see ALL IN CAHOOT.


          I see the solution coming, and it will be decisive and swift and will set the record straight , it will come from the sky when Jesus comes back and those Babylonians will wish they go back to their mother’s womb.

          It is coming Ray , crystal clear like the sun in mid sky of a beautiful summer day.


          • Ray

            Interesting point of view Mohammad.
            Sometimes I do wonder if the entire shebang is just nothing more than a pre written play on a stage.
            Other times, I wonder if our planet may have been visited many years ago by some “advanced civilisation” (technologically, not necessarily spiritually) that may have offered World Leaders a life of total luxury FAR beyond ANY riches we could imagine, all in return for keeping the planet fighting amongst itself for eternity.
            This would certainly prevent us from reaching our ultimate potential as a species, and a small 0.0000001 % might be endowed with a 30,000 year lifespan on some distant world, complete with human like, mind controlled people whose only waking existence is to be compliant, subservient slaves to their every beck and call.
            Maybe that’s what they are trying to install here on Earth…….and if so, judging by the rise of the celebrity obsessed masses, trapped inside an electronic oblong life, they are WELL on their way to establishing it.
            Anyway Mohammad, this is all just abstract theory……I have no proof of any of it, just the wonderings of a deep and thoughtful mind, which we all have been blessed with, and our enemy is seeking to stealthily take away.
            Take care mate……best wishes be with you and yours.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

          • William Stanley

            Where do you live now? I’m not sensing any allegiance with the people of your adopted country.

        • K, Wayne

          “Claim” on Venezuela ???
          No one has this right.
          It is a Sovereign Nation.
          China, Russia nor the USA has any such right. This rhetoric is nothing more than justification for NWO talk and One World Government.
          Let’s all step back and assess what’s really transpiring here.
          Overthrow of Government
          Oppression of the masses
          Economic Deterioration
          Supplanted Puppet Leadership
          Gold & Oil

          • Ray

            Well said K….well said indeed.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • paul ...

      Mo … the difference (right or wrong) is the Monroe Doctrine … which does not extend to Syria (as Obama tried to do) … nor for that matter to Libya or Iraq or Afghanistan, etc., etc. … the fact that Russia and China are now deeply involved in the affairs of South America attests to the fact that the power of the US has diminished greatly from what it once was!!

  23. Larry G Carter

    David Stockman’s view on Trump and his failures belays the fact that he followed 8 years
    of Obama as president and his attempts to bring down America and change the nature
    of our country for ever. Naturally President Trump had to continue programs and keep the dollar floating if he was going to prepare the people for the crash. In that regard he is a total success and hopefully will have lessened the blow of default for our citizens. The blows of the previous 4 presidency’s was not going to be totally reversed. God bless

    • paul ...

      Larry … Trump is sending an awful lot of American companies to Antarctica “to change the nature of that continent” for ever … perhaps … by Making Antarctica Green Again it will help to Make America Great Again … perhaps by opening up a new contenent it will prevent these companies from crashing into bankruptcy and thus lessen the possibility of a US dollar default???

  24. Paul in oz

    Mr. Stockman is a brilliant economic mind which this interview very well demonstrates. The two things I have difficulty with are 1) that gold is the one thing central banks can not influence. Through derivatives (the paper market) and massive leverage the price of gold has been artificially manipulated. That has been publicly acknowledge and without a doubt it has been sanctioned by central banks. As other guests have indicated, when the physical market is back in control true price discovery will result. 2) It seems to me that Mr. Stockman does not view the government to also be the enemy of the people and the cause of the countries downfall. They have been more than just observers they are complicit in the Fed’s massive ponzi scheme which has been authored through monetary policy, but also through its fiscal policy which has resulted in a unpayable level of debt. The post 2008 actions simply allowed the spending orgy to continue. Without properly operating free markets we only have the illusion of freedom and the rule of law is suspended. I have felt that if President Trump is going to make a difference demonstrative massive changes must be evident before 2020. frankly I don’t really believe the country can wait that long. If he does not do something major to prove that he is not one of them, he is undoubtedly one of them. One thing that is never specifically mentioned by any guest but is an extremely sound approach to prepare oneself, is where possible if you are due a pension or receiving one and you can cash out, DO IT. Even those pension funds which are not under funded are full of stocks and bonds which will eventually be worthless. As the song goes come on take the money and run. GLTA

  25. Matt M.

    Stockman nails it with the discussion of leveraged purchases of real assets on the back of ZIRP or near ZIRP. This has aided and abetted the consolidation of assets to that 2:1 ratio. The problem is the general public’s reaction when currency’s start to recede to zero. Who will they blame first? Trump, maybe? How about the top of the 1%’s? More likely. Will the masses focus their anger and demand for change towards Fractional Reserve banking and a debt based currency? No. And this is what saddens me. A real opportunity affecting us all will allow for open dialogue for a solution. Never before have the masses had such easy access to educate ones self. Yet, I feel too many will blame those that took advantage of this current system instead of pointing the finger at the system itself.

    • Freebrezer

      MATT – I would bet that 95 % + of the masses have NO freaking clue to how the banking system works. Thus the blame game all comes down to the propaganda game … Right now the big wall street bankers control the game … Take 2008 crash, not one top bank exec went to jail. Their banks committed fraud and absolutely no accountability/finger pointing at the FRAUD via these big banks. The big banks (wall street) control the Fed, control the media, control the SEC, and control way too many politicians … and when the sh!t hits the fan, it will be none of the above or the elite that take a hit … main street can dream, but that is all it is … A DREAM. This is the new paradigm.

  26. Anthony Australia

    If and when things go down, will we see any indication in futures markets beforehand?

    • Paul in oz

      IMO, the smart money will not allow anyone to get out. The most likely warning will be somebody that is teetering goes. I also agree with Greg Mannarino … the bond market will provide more clues than the stock market. More importantly if you are in the market now and you are trying to squeeze out more, you must realize that your upside potential is nowhere near your downside risks. The old adage in the market is pigs get slaughtered.

      • Anthony Australia

        I will look for that, I tired to research previous dips and crashes, but having difficulty finding data.

    • paul ...

      Anthony … You will likely see the price of gold futures move downward as the price of physical gold moves upward … as people will be dumping their gold futures “for any price they can get” as 299 people out of 300 won’t be getting any real gold for their paper contracts … because the Wall Street crooks sold the same “single gold bar” to 300 different people!!

      • Anthony Australia

        1 to 1000 soon, this will be stretched to the max.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “If and when things go down, will we see any indication in futures markets beforehand?”
      Good question.
      My guess is “not much if any.” Information that is available to participants in the futures “markets” is also available to participants in the other “markets.” I think the only warnings that we are going to get will be delivered by Greg and his guests (and some of his commenters, and a few other sources of information and analysis).
      We were incredibly lucky to have early access to information by some well connected and informed people. By and large the warnings have already been delivered, IMO. Note that some of those warnings include major civil unrest, economic as well as financial breakdown (e.g., the trucks will stop running and delivery of food to the stores will stop) and, even, nuclear war.
      As Greg has often said: “Get ready and stay ready.”

      • William Stanley

        BTW, Anthony, the fact that you (and other people around the world) are asking such questions and discussing these topics is, in itself, valuable information.

        • Anthony Australia

          Just trying to open eyes Willy, with Greg allowing us to communicate on this forum is a blessing.

    • Jennifer Ohman


      • Jennifer Ohman

        Yes, even though the markets are heavily manipulated, especially the bond market, you will get an indication from the futures markets.

  27. TeeBird

    I appreciate your perspective and your desire to encourage folks through scripture while bringing the audience news NOT covered by MSM.
    Regarding D. Stockman I don’t know where he gets the idea gold isn’t can’t be influenced or manipulated. Is he not paying attention to the fact that the major central banks been fined 100’s of millions of dollars for price manipulation!!! You yourself have made this known! It’s not touted in the MSM but it’s been done and so Gold IS influenced and manipulated. When the time comes for the system to collapse THEN MAYBE gold will rise. It should be trading around $5,000/oz. today but can be had for approximately $1,300/oz today…IF it does skyrocket you can bet your “bottomed dollar “( pun intended) the Central Bank/Federal Government will confiscate it once again! See FDR administration for example.
    I own gold too but it’ been a loser since 2011…

  28. Tim McGraw

    I like David Stockman. I read his book about the Great Deformation.
    So…..what do we do…do?
    Did President Trump talk about ending the fed, the Income Tax, bringing back sound money, bringing back our troops, balancing the budget in his SOTU speech?
    What’s the point?
    It’s the same old run around. I doubt if a Pelosi or Trump is dying in the sands of the Middle East and their bank accounts are full.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you think what has been going on since the JFK assassination could be fixed in 2 years? You do realize the Deep State-Globalists are fighting tooth and nail behind the scenes?

      • K, Wayne

        Unfortunately the problem is systemic.
        You cannot attack one element to resolve the issue.
        The whole is infected. Every single organ is diseased and ridden with cancer.

  29. Anthony Australia

    CNBC on the Gold bandwagon


  30. Jerry

    At the risk of being redundant I continue to post information about the true state of the nation, which in my opinion is on the verge of martial law. What impact do you think the national emergency will have on the markets come February 15th?

    The bigger question is what will the globalist do to counter it? They know once a national emergency is declared that the trials at Gitmo will ramp up under martial law. If President Trump fails to follow through on his threat, then he will have lost all credibility and we will sink into a total abyss of chaos as the globalist go after his scalp with impeachment proceedings. Greg this is really serious. A line has been drawn, and the American people had better take it serious.

  31. Boris Badenough

    US News
    Apple Gives Deep State Access To Roger Stone’s iCloud Account – Refused To Violate Privacy of San Bernardino Jihad Terrorists
    Pamela Geller — February 7, 2019 I guess we can say that Apple was not being American when it came to the San Bernardino jihadis, but covering for them. When an actual American needs those protections, they are all too willing to sell out. So much for Steve Jobs’ way of doing things. Apple: the new technological domestic enemy of Americans… and yes, I hope their stocks tank after this. Stop using icloud and any other products “in the cloud,” and create your own that stays in the privacy of your own home.

  32. Michael

    David Stockman was just on television complaining about Trump and said that Trump needs to stop bashing the FED. He said of the FED, that at least someone is trying to do the right thing. Now, here he is on watchdog saying the opposite. Hmm???? So which is it Mr Stockman? Or are you just a whore fire hire? Obviously, I already know the answer.

    • Paul in oz

      Michael … did you even watch this segment … I didn’t see Mr. Stockman on television, but this was no ringing endorsement for the president … based on this interview my take is that he thinks the fed need to keep raising rates, and that Trump made rookie mistakes … sorry man, but your comment might be the all time stupidest comment any one has posted here.

  33. Jerry

    Epstein provided documents to Mueller.

    Hmmm….I wonder who’s name was at the top of the list ? My guess is his name ends with Ton.

  34. Jerry

    This goes down in the category of “ the dog ate my homework”.

    Yea sure.

  35. June Bug


    Twitter Turns on Ocasio-Cortez After SOTU Behavior

  36. Mohammad


    This is very serious:


    What Ocasio-Cortez says is in line with HyperLoop one:
    “Build trains across oceans and end all air travel!
    “Build out highspeed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary”.”

    And that rhymes with :
    Which is really scary, she has a force behind her that is part of the Hyper loop One that includes S.A./UAE/Israel/ (am not seeing that far from Trump who for a glance looks on the opposite position from her…??!!!) and the rest of the world, the map for Hyperloop One is scary:

    “The Virgin Hyperloop One Global Challenge kicked off in May 2016 with a call for comprehensive proposals to build hyperloop networks connecting cities and regions around the world. More than 2600 teams registered, and we narrowed the field down to the 35 strongest proposals. The Challenge drew broad support from government leaders, and unleashed bold ideas from some of the world’s most creative companies, engineers, and urban planners. The final assessment was difficult but, along with our team of expert judges, we selected the ten routes below as winners of the Global Challenge.”

    You can look at the routes from the site I linked to above and you can see clearly what the congress woman was talking about when she spoke on replacing air travel with under ocean Hyperloop One…!!!


  37. paul ...

    Interesting … what goes around comes around … the US goes to play in the Middle East sand box and Hezbollah doesn’t like it … now Hezbollah comes to play in the US (Venezuela) sand box and we get all upset about it … lets calm down … and begin to think rationally … can we afford to keep printing dollars to fight all these wars around the planet (and now one in Venezuela??) we have got ourselves involved in? … if not … let’s bring our boys home … we have enough of “our own oil” … and in the not to distant future “free energy” will be available … the dividends to our economy “free energy” provides will be profound … there will likely be enough money saved in our economy from “free energy” to pay off not only the National Debt, Social Security and Health Care but even fund all the Demon-rat’s new social programs!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-07/pompeo-claims-hezbollah-active-venezuela-justify-possible-us-intervention

  38. paul ...

    Finally in the name of God the Father … all religions have gotten together to profess “Thou Shall Not Kill” … to many Demon-rat commies in this world they believe it is perfectly alright to kill a child “right after it is born” (to sell the child’s organs) or put a uniform on the kid at the age of 18 and send the kid to war (to Kill or be killed) … it is about time religious leaders get a little religion!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-07/snyder-one-world-religion-looms-pope-islams-top-imam-sign-historic-covenant

  39. K, Wayne

    We all know that those that have the power to control the nations money….also have control of the Nation. Rothschild was quoted as saying something similar…but was referring to the possessive context of the phrase.
    MAGA doesn’t include ratcheting up debts and deficits. This is counterintuitive to Trump’s policy. POTUS knows a thing or two about debt and leverage….and yet !!!

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