Fed Knows LIBOR Rate Rigging is a Criminal Conspiracy-Ellen Brown

Fed Knows LIBOR Rate Rigging is a Criminal Conspiracy - Ellen BrownBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Journalist Ellen Brown thinks one of the biggest banker frauds on the planet is the rate rigging of the London Interbank Offered Rate, or LIBOR.  Hundreds of trillions of dollars’ worth of interest rates are set off of LIBOR globally.  Many claim in court they were cheated, and that includes the FDIC.  Brown says, “The FDIC suit is different from the others.  Most of the previous suits were about anti-trust and RICO, which is racketeering and are federal claims. . . . It involves 16 of the world’s largest banks that Professor Bill Black called the largest cartel, and illegal cartel, in history . . . clearly a criminal conspiracy.”  Brown, who is also an attorney, goes on to say, “The interesting thing about the FDIC case is this:  They’re bringing ordinary common law claims for fraud, breach of contract and conspiracy to commit fraud.  The University of California should bring that type of charge.  They were one of many victims just like Harvard.  That’s why all these tuitions have gone up, or a major reason why.  They have to have these huge costs from their interest rate swaps that went against them.  I would argue that they went against them not only because of manipulation of LIBOR but also because the Federal Reserve is the head of the private banking system and pushed rates very low.” 

Brown says, “I would love to see a California jury get a hold of this.  Juries can give 30 times damages; they don’t just give three times like in a RICO claims.  You could get very high damages from an outraged jury.  The reason why the University California hasn’t brought a suit is because the man who is their chief financial officer actually worked for Lehman Brothers in 2007.  He was instrumental in setting up these interest rate swaps, and he’s been doing swaps ever since.  He went through the revolving door, and he’s not particularly inclined to sue his own people, but I think a claim should be brought and I’d like to see what a jury did with it.”  The big bankers are not prosecuted with crime.  They are just fined.  The fines are not helping society, and Brown contends, “These fines are the cost of doing business, but they don’t really help us.  That’s why I find the possibility of bringing civil actions so interesting for actual damages.  If we get all the state and local governments that are involved in interest rate swaps, all the hospitals, pension funds and universities all across the country, if they all sued for fraud . . . we could actually have some serious judgments that would go into the pockets of the people.  They could go into the state and local governments, and that could reduce their taxes, lower tuition, etcetera. . . . Another thing they can get out of these deals is . . . for fraud and breach of contract, you can get out of the deal.  If you didn’t get what you bargained for, that’s grounds for terminating the contract. . . . This was a major factor in bringing down Detroit.  Chicago, L.A. and New York all have these burdensome interest rate swaps.  They are all over.” 

On bank bail-ins coming to the EU, Brown says, “This banking union that they have been working on for a long time where all the Eurozone countries would effectively bail out their bankrupt banks, it’s 130 banks that could be bailed out under this fund.  But before they tap the fund, they are supposed to go after the creditors.  The creditors would be the stockholders, the bond holders, but the largest class of any bank is the depositors.  It says the insured depositors, under a 100,000 euros, are exempted, but the problem is . . .  deposit insurance was supposed to be covered by the EU and they didn’t agree on that.  So, what you are stuck with is the deposit insurance of your local bank. . . . It’s like the FDIC fund covers less than 1.5% of the deposits.  You can just imagine a meltdown in Europe which seems likely because the banks in Europe are so incredibly shaky.  If a number of those banks go down, they are not going to have the money in the insurance fund to cover the deposits.”  Can bank bail-ins come to America?  Brown, who has written two books on the advantages of public banking, says, “It could, and I think it will.  They don’t have any alternative if they are going to keep these banks alive.  This is the solution:  They just knock down the liabilities, and they will be solvent again, but what that means is they’ll be taking the depositors’ money. . . . They are making it legal.  This is what will be done in the event they are not solvent.  They are too big to fail.  They can’t allow these banks to fail, so what will they do?  They will take the deposits and case solved.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Ellen Brown, whose blog is called Web-of-Debt which can be found on EllenBrown.com. 

(There is much more in the video interview.) 

After the interview: 
Ellen Brown’s latest article on her Web-of-Debt blog is called “Wall Street Greed, Not Too Big for a California Jury.”  It’s about the continuing LIBOR fraud and what can be done to combat it.  It’s posted today, and can be found on EllenBrown.com.  

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  1. Stephen Griffin

    Hey Greg,
    I really love your videos on youtube, please take a look at the youtube playlist below titled The Republic of the United States, & The Act of 1871. This partially explains why the economy is the way that it is, you reach so many people and if you are interested, please feel free to help spread the word.


    Thanks and best wishes,

  2. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great interview, sadly it is shorter than the these from last year.
    About the bank bailins. Well the wests banking sector is tightly interconnected. Which means if 1 bank fail, all will fail. So if the EU’s banking sector fail, within a week the bailins comes to the bank near you.
    About little people money. Well not just the little people keep money in banks, but companies to. So bankruptcies will coming near you (after the bailins).
    About bank frauds and theft. Yeah if you heard ever about fractional reserve systems, then you know, this kind of business model is here at least for 100 years.
    Conclusion: Get your money out of banking system, or at least your savings.

    Your thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      I Agree,

    • JBN

      Thanks O911. To your conclusion…Take my money out and put it where??? If a stock and/or bond market crash seems imminent, then putting it there would be foolish.

      • Oracle 911

        Gold, silver, small agricultural land or marketable knowledge generally or more like how to grow crops, how to rise animals for food, how to clean water, carpentry, etc.

  3. bob

    greg, ellen has a very big hill to climb. we need 100 of her per state. we need 30 of you to be evrywhere, like t.v. running your stories 24/7. not one channel, several like informecials, every few channels. can’t get away from it. God love her to run for treasury. i hope she wins. but ellen will need alot of backing and prayers. the whole fine thing going on sounds so wrong. when the big wigs just pay a fine and the little guy goes to prison for little things it shows who is running the situation. the avarage joe seems to be targeted. all of what was talked about, will hit the avarage family, we will be the ones who pay. it’s been a war for a long time.

    • Calgirl

      And sadly, the entire coastal area including L.A. and the San Francisco Bay Area are infested with Democrats. So unless she runs on the Dem ticket, she has little chance. I left there a decade ago before I caught the bug! Sure miss the beauty tho.

  4. woody188

    Very powerful stuff. I too would love to see the cities sue the banks for fraud and leave their swap deals at the banker’s feet.

    I’m beginning to question the assertions that these banks are too big to fail. I’ve seen recent polls where it was asked which bank people used. The major nationwide banks were all listed, as well as Other and None. 83% of respondents claimed Other.

    The statistics say the big banks maintain some 85% of American depositors money. But 10% of Americans control 99% of the wealth of the United States. So if these big banks actually fail, how many people will it actually hurt?

    The other question is, how many of these accounts these big banks have are actually credit accounts with negative balances to begin with?

    It seems the big banks might be counting their credit accounts as cash on hand, which they certainly are not.

  5. emeniag

    We seem to be at the end of our rope, or should I say noose. We took away Glass Steagel under Clinton, then it didn’t take the Banksters to many years to lose all the money in the stock market, then the very same men ‘traders’, that stole it fair and square in that same stock market, kept it, but recouped the Banksters trillions in TARP money’s to make up for the losses. You, me and Joe the plumber six pack were left holding the bag! Jim Cramer say’s a prayer every day for Alan Greenspam “remember Lehman Jim”, and Hank Paulson for making and keeping him in the money. But now soon it will be every man for himself, the old pump and dump is going to go under like the African Queen! Try to play it again Jimbo and smoke it while your at it!
    P.S. Hey lets take all restrictions off the banks and Banksters this time so they can gamble, er excuse, me start gaming in Vegas, Monte Carlo, Macau and when they lose all our money again this time, Obama can make Putin pump up the market this time, because we wont have a dime and he will be the only one left with a chair in this game of musical chairs, L O L ! Hey buddy, er comrade, can you spare a dime?

  6. RGT

    Great interview Greg.
    My question is this. If an investor has stock holdings in a Canadian TD Waterhouse account, can these holdings be bail-in? Should I move everything to a credit union or could these institutions get hit too?

    • Greg Hunter

      In a systemic crash, that’s really what we are talking about, I don’t think any paper asset is safe.

      • Calgirl

        I think you are correct Greg as I have also read that Andy Hoffman of Miles-Franklin got all of his money out of the system and only keeps immediate bill paying money in a Charles Shwaab (sp) account. And we have to remember that bank safe deposit boxes are not safe either.

  7. Jerry

    Discussing prosecuting Bankers is a waste of time. Almost 30 Bankers have lost their lives mysteriously in the last 3 months, and to date no investigations have been done. The Banking Cartel owns the justice system and the news media. That’s just the way it is. There no one left that represents the protection and interest of the American people?

    While the Chinese government just released vast amounts of Gold to the general public in China, our government just put in an order for several million rounds of 00 shot gun shells to be delivered by the end of May to DHS. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Duck season in November?

    The Chinese know all about fiat money. They’re the ones who created it, and they know all to well how this is going to end. Like Rob Kirby said. Its the old game of” hide the baloney”. The problem is, I think the Russians and Chinese know where it is , don’t you?

    • Galaxy 500

      I disagree. Not only can the bankers be sued in civil court they should be. Yes the bankers own Obama and Holder but its a lot harder to own the jury in a civil trial.

      • Jerry

        Name one Banker who has been prosecuted. Bernie Madoff doesn’t count.

    • emeniag

      Jerry__Your ah sit-tin duck, If it walks like a duck and it squawks like a duck it’s ah dumb cluck, to be plucked. That’s part of the bankster man and wo-manifesto. Just remember.
      T h i s _c o u n t r y _w a s _ b u i l t _ b y _ B A N K S T E R S _ f e r_ B A N K S T E R S _ an_ b y _ g o l l y _ i t-t a l l _b e _r u n _by _Central B A N K S T E R S !

  8. JC Davis

    Smart interview Greg. Timing is perfect. One may ask when will the people realize what has happen? I compare it to home robbery. The thieves rob when the owner is away, or asleep. When returning home the owner receives a great big shock to see they have been robbed. Many still think blessed are the ignorant for they know not what is happening. Thanks again for keeping awake folks informed.

  9. Jerry

    Greg here is the real story why Obama is in Japan. Guess who just dumped 90 Billion in UST’s ? Japan has just lined up with the rest of the east buying Gold and dumping dollars. Lets see that’s 390 Billion in UST”s being dumped in the last quarter . I guess Japanese decided they didn’t want to get thrown under the bus to prop up our dollar.
    Hello Belgium ….want to buy some more ? US media….shhhhhh……don’t say anything ….talk about the missing plane.

    • Greg Hunter

      OMG Things are getting worse!

    • Galaxy 500

      Japan understands that the treaty signed for us to defend it against attack is only valid with someone other than Obama in Office

      • art barnes

        Yea, I think I would like to play poker with Obama, I’ll bet every time he puts chips in the pot he is bluffing, Syria & now the Ukraine, and don’t forget the Iran deal, he got caught bluffing on that pot as well. Once in a while you have to have a hand and know how to use it or else you can never can bluff. Maybe the President needs to just leave the table and let some new players sit down as he doesn’t have any chips left.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Yeah Jerry,
      I enjoy your comments as we are very much on the same page.
      The whole charade looks decidedly shaky now.
      The two biggest holders of UST’s are obviously China and Japan [over 2$trillion in total] and they can see the big fat fat elephant in the room. It will be impossible for them to get out of these holdings without the US$ crashing. Add to this situation the ridiculous and delusional behaviour of the Obama regime in the Ukraine and you will have numerous countries as well as the BRICS trading bilaterally and not requiring US$ for trade any longer. The approx. US$16Trillion sitting around overseas is a time bomb.
      There was already a gradual exodus out of $US before the Ukraine nonsense:
      In 2000 approx. 55% of foreign exchange holding were denominated in $US
      In 2013 this figure was down to 33%
      This exodus will become a stampede.
      Belgium as a country buying huge amounts of UST’s is just a very sad joke. This is really the FED and the central banks of the world playing ” hide the salami” [to coin a phrase from Rob Kirby’s awesome recent interview].

      I very much enjoyed Ellen Brown’s interview. She is iconic in her work in exposing the swindling by the worlds biggest banks. People like her and Greg and Paul Craig Roberts are the real heroes of our times.

  10. Ugly

    These are mostly ‘what if’s’. Such as ‘what if’ Americans woke up, started prepping, paid their bills, voted incumbents out, and did all this. But none of this will happen because we have too much attention towards ‘income inequality’, fiat money creation, government assistance, voting rights for non-Americans, and the ‘what is in it for me’ crowd. Most Americans don’t know the difference between a million, billion, or even a trillion. We are fooling ourselves if Americans wake up before all this crashes. When it crashes, the ‘blame’ will be on the ‘fall guy’ and not the Govt. It will be on anybody that actually prepared. It will be the ‘Have-Nots’ versus the ‘Haves’, while the responsible parties laugh and rest and rakes in the dough. The best to do is prepare and adjust your lifestyle. Relying on people and courts will be futile….

  11. Galaxy 500

    http://mahb.stanford.edu/blog/chances-of-climate-catastrophe/ Is it ironic or predictable that Harvard’s President, Drew Faust, would enter into a Faustian bargain over climate change and the University’s investments in carbon-intensive companies?
    Let’s suppose that, by pure chance, it turns out that there is a 90% probability that the climate denier campaign paid for or organized by those companies is correct – that human caused climate disruption is not occurring (or if it is it is inconsequential). History shows that the consensus of several thousand honest scientists working in any area can be dead wrong (near universal opposition to Wegener’s idea of continental drift was an example in my lifetime).

    Suppose there were only a 10% probability that business as usual would bring about global climate disruption sufficient to cause the deaths of billions and misery for survivors. What, if anything, should or would society do about it?

    Obama wants to give Al Qaeda manages (man portable surface to air missiles. What could go wrong?
    Why would we tell the bastards that they told us too much?

  12. Lissa

    Are credit unions also implicit in this scandal? Would we be safe in withdrawing our money from the big banks and depositing the funds into a local credit union?

    • Greg Hunter

      You have to ask yourself this question: What is money? Federal Reserve Notes FRN’s are loaned into existence. It debt can go sour cant debt money go sour? The short answer is yes no matter where you put your FRN’s.

    • JBN

      Thanks Lissa! This was my question 2 days ago. I guess that if the local or state credit unions are heavily involved in swaps, then they are vulnerable to costs associated with interest rate changes, but what if the local credit union is not??

      • Geo. T (Formerly George)

        Everything is interconnected

      • Felicia

        lissa & jbn…Go to http://weissratings.com/ to see who they give high ratings to. Bob Prechter in his book..”Conquer the Crash” believed that independent ratings company could be trusted…

  13. Sam Grant

    With every interview, I am reminded that you consistently have the most high quality, learned guests on your show. It takes a lot of work and smarts to maintain such high levels of consistency and I want to acknowledge and thank you for striving as hard as you do to be the best.
    I love it when a guest delivers an AHA moment and Ms. Brown certainly did. Who KNEW that everything from bankrupt municipalities to high tuition fees (and who knows what else) are a direct result of the interest rate swap scam! It just goes to show how much stink is lurking beneath the surface about which we have absolutely no knowledge until someone like Ms. Brown sheds the light of truth on it. It is scary to think what other financial hand grenades are ready to go off that we are completely unaware of.
    Ms. Brown mentions that when the bail-ins occur, the banks will throw up their hands and exclaim, “Oh noooooooo! It’s not our fault! The BIS (Bank of International Settlements) told us to do it”. My conscience would not let me rest if I didn’t point out that that statement contains PROOF that the ROTHSCHILD’s CRIMINAL HEAD OFFICE, the BIS, has direct complicity in setting the laws and groundwork for the worldwide theft of billions of peoples’ money straight out of their bank accounts via bail-ins, that the BIS is indeed at the very pinnacle of the criminal cabal ruling the world and is the steward of all the financial criminality that’s been the scourge of the world for over 100 years. All told, there are only a few thousand Rothschilds, partners, deputies and minions vs. seven billion “regular” folks. Need I say more?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not just the Rothschild’s but bankers globally involved in this LOBOR scam. Thank you for your comment.

  14. Larry Carter

    Can we all spell corruption . We are living in a world gone crazy with power and corruption. Their days of coverup and concealment will end and they will be lucky
    to get away with their lives.

    • art barnes

      You don’t give the elite enough credit, they have the police, military, national guard, arms, bureaucrats, FEM A camps, prisons, jails, oil & gas reserves, national food banks, armed guards, security guards, etc., etc., etc., they won’t go easy and they intend to keep their lives at the expense of others, the old saying may your enemy die for his country not you for yours is their model. I’m sorry, but the truth is the elite are solidly protected and its only going to get rough for moms, dads, the ordinary joe’s like you and me.

  15. VShook

    I do not believe bail-ins will be put into effect for any American bank. Such an action would precipitate a massive run on all bank deposits in many, if not all, US banks. Any bail-in would thus precipitate a US banking system collapse. Who would leave money deposited in a bank earning only .5% interest (= nothing) and subject themselves to losing a good portion of it through a bail-in? Better to keep it at home under the mattress. The Fed would instead print, print and print “money” to purchase or guarantee the “assets” and/or “liabilities” of any too-big-to-fail bank.

    • Greg Hunter

      I sincerely hope you are correct.

    • Galaxy 500

      How do you do a run on a bank that has your money and is closed as they did in Cyprus? By the time the bail in is announced, its too late to get your money

      • VShook

        You don’t. But those with money in other banks do.

    • Jerry

      Its already happening in increments. My son who lives in Florida told me his Bank has placed limits on how much cash can be drawn out of his account. That’s seems very fishy to me since he has more than enough in his account to cover what he needs to come out.

    • emeniag

      TPTB complain about climate change, yet the climate is not as temperate as before because of all the tree’s needed to cut down to make and cut dollars to print, that will one day end up clogging all the septic systems through out the homeland anyway.

  16. mohammad


    Great interview thank you.
    The wealth, real wealth, is the live stock and farming. That is the back bone of any nation.
    We lost those long time ago. The rest is just minor details.

    • Charles H.


      I would add one more pillar to your suggestion: manufacture. First class products – like tools and cars, etc. – are needful. Ask Germany.

    • art barnes

      I suggest the manufacturing base went with them, a country that doesn’t make anything but only services things is destined to become slaves, which we now are.

    • Ugly

      That is true. A good and healthy economy surrounds agriculture, energy, water, and education. Fiscal responsibility can make or break those variables.

    • mohammad

      I was referring to the amazing power god put in the seeds.
      You put one seed in the ground it gives you 700 hundred seeds of wheat or corn…. etc!.
      You put one bull and one cow in the ranch they turn after a while into a big heard.
      Manufacturing is turning one shape into another, no propagation, no multiplication, it is important though i realize that.
      That is the truth wayne have opened my eyes to when he described it elegantly in his case:
      Hage v United States.


      • mohammad

        herd i meant.

  17. Galaxy 500

    News FLASH
    Congress miss led by national Intel…yet again

  18. Charles H.


    So the Banks have bitten into the Universities, hospitals, large cities , and what-have-you in Interest Rate Swaps. Then they write into code the legal theft of Savings for the Average Joe. Again, this is defining others in inferior terms: we control, and you lose. It looks like the Banks are harvesting the Western world. The question is: will there be another season? (Not according to the Holy Bible. Hint: increased volcanic activity worldwide.)

    And I don’t think that a California jury justice thing would wash. Just like the Judge, that someone “Got To” – members of a jury could be dissuaded. How many Dirty-boys are out there; and how many ways to intimidate?

    Good interview. Each one is more paint on the canvas. And what a delight when Ellen Brown Smiles! (And don’t you look distinguished when the glasses get on, Greg!)

  19. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg. Just to clarify – when I say the Rothschilds, their partners, deputies and minions, that description includes the global bankers and all of those organizations’ top people total only amount to a few thousand people. That being said, it must be acknowledged that the Rothschilds started it all and built it up to include all of the other criminals involved with them.

  20. Calgirl

    Central Banks Have Realized Their Worst Nightmares Are Approaching

    “I can only say: I’m sorry, America. As a former Federal Reserve official, I was responsible for executing the centerpiece program of the Fed’s first plunge into the bond-buying experiment known as quantitative easing. The central bank continues to spin QE as a tool for helping Main Street. But I’ve come to recognize the program for what it really is: the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time…

    It wasn’t long before my old doubts resurfaced. Despite the Fed’s rhetoric, my program [QE] wasn’t helping to make credit any more accessible for the average American. The banks were only issuing fewer and fewer loans. More insidiously, whatever credit they were extending wasn’t getting much cheaper. QE may have been driving down the wholesale cost for banks to make loans, but Wall Street was pocketing most of the extra cash”.

    I have to wonder if the above Fed Official had his startling realization before or after this:

    “ November 2013: Former Fed officials admit QE was not meant to help Main Street”.
    And then this note from the article:
    “Investors take note. One of the primary market props of the last five years is being removed. What happens when the markets finally catch on?”

    • Greg Hunter

      This was good. I posted it on the site!!

  21. windcatcher

    Total corruption, is total control.
    How bizarre that the only hope for the American People in bringing the parasitic Bankster/ Big Oil/ Military Complex corporate conglomerate criminals to Justice lies with a Russian president and BRICK nations actions! Ha. Ha.

  22. Rodster

    Tell me things aren’t escalating and getting nuttier by the day?



  23. Diane Ryan

    Just a caution regarding cash withdrawals. Banks are required to provide the IRS with a Large Currency Transaction Report (LCTR) on individuals who withdrawal more than $10,000 in cash within a 24-hour period. You may try structuring withdrawals so that the bank does not complete an LCTR. However, the IRS requires bank employees to complete a report called a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) on anyone who seems to be attempting to avoid detection and makes one withdrawal or series of withdrawals of more than $2,000.

    Yes, $10,000 is a lot of money. But that limit could disappear faster than our Bill of Rights disappeared on New Years Eve 2011.

  24. Derrick Michael Reid

    A warning to Ms Brown, you are getting close, way to close. please honey, watch your back, please take care, there are powerful entities out there who may not like what you are saying.

    Vindication Common law fraud

    Realizing that many here have not even bother to address my proposal last year to take down JPM in the bullion space, that was based common law fraud, (you listening cal atty?), saying that the case could not be filed on the coasts for court fraud.

    Go to 3: min in, and humble yourselves. Sure glad the FDIC finally got there.

    • Calgirl

      Derrick Michael Reid

      Your Pastrami Cartel just froze out the sandwich shops on the next street over, and the street after that.

      They grew so powerful that they created a chain. To freeze out the remaining shops, the cartel colludes to under-cut prices, thereby ruining the few straggler sandwich shops.

      Now they expand their product line and use the same process. Soon they go global and are able to buy legislation and their cartel needs become law. Shazam, now all you have are low paying jobs at Walmart and only one Pastrami sandwich chain with no competition.

      That’s why we have/had anti-trust laws, Glass-Sreagall, etc.

      Is it worth it, to screw all the other sandwich shops so that you can make a buck? Of course, now all those ex-employees can’t afford to buy a sandwich. Are you happy now? How does the populace feel about you as you live in luxury? Ah, but you don’t give a damn, right?

  25. Derrick Michael Reid

    If Ms Brown would like a copy of my proposal (267 single line space), just send me an email, watchdog has it. Best of luck Ms Brown. DM Reid BS JD Laguna Beach CA

  26. If you think no more wars are coming then you don't know Dick (Cheney)

    I rarely have more than 3 or 4 hundred dollars in the bank. Looks like I could lose even that.

  27. Jerry

    Per my source.
    Confirmed what I had suspected for some time. The Japanese are quietly dumping $UST and are buying Gold. 270MT last month!!! They are swinging East and with the desire to be part of the RCEP trade zone has them dumping the dollar to save their own ship. Many leaders in Japan recognize that they were to be thrown under the bus for the dollar. The instinct for self preservation has kicked in and the Japanese have reversed course while paying lip service to America.

    $90 Billion UST dumped and 270 MT of gold purchased.

  28. Albert Tesla

    I hate the word cartel….its so demonizing…

    Why can’t it be called a conglomerate?

    Why is it so “evil” for people in the same business to do business together?

    Example….if there are X amount sandwich deli’s on a given street, and they all buy Pastrami…wouldn’t it be logical for them to meet one day and purchase Pastrami all in bulk so they can get a better price?

    Not only that, perhaps the Deli’s from there can decide on a “minimum price for pastrami sandwiches”, so that way everyone sees a minimum profit…

    Rather then competing constantly…this seems like a better strategy ( to me)…everyone wins, no one has to worry about going under…

    Eh, some people call it fraud, i call it logical. If i was banker/”deli” i would do the same thing….

    So…based on that logic, why it so “outrageous” to hear that this is being done on a larger scale?

    Insider trading, again, seems like a demonizing word….I call it utilizing information. 🙂

    Don’t blame the chess pieces, blame the chess BOARD,

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah, I’m one of the people who calls it fraud and you would too if you were on the wrong end of the fraudulent trade.

    • mohammad

      Albert Tesla,

      I t is a plot to take over the earth that god gave to Humans by SATINS.
      It is the anti-Christ mastermind that we do not put in context and any one talks about it will be tagged as lunatic or fanatic.
      It is the plan that will culminate in Damascus when Jesus comes back to stop that plot, hold it at bay and turn it upside down on their heads when he kills the anti christ.
      If you are too close to the picture you cannot see well, you need to step few back, only then it is crystal clear!

      • Albert Tesla

        “It is the plan that will culminate in Damascus when Jesus comes back to stop that plot, hold it at bay and turn it upside down on their heads when he kills the anti christ.”

        My “beef” with organized religion is not really an issue of denying an ever lasting eternal creator. I personally do avidly believe that there is “that which has existed before existence itself”, some call “it” Jah…others call “it” Allah, some call “it” YHVH…etc etc.

        But see, when someone(you) uses an example like “the only way this can be fixed if a man comes down from the sky with superpowers” …i literally cringe.

        These entire concepts of “needing the divine” in order succeed completely hinders humanity from progressing as a whole.

        We become in essence, like little children, crying for cookies that are on the table. waiting for our mommy/daddy to give them to us, when we can just use a stool and climb up and get it ourselves.

        Why do we need to wait for Jesus?

        What if he’s late?
        What if hes going to be awhile?
        What if he doesn’t show?

        “I t is a plot to take over the earth that god gave to Humans by SATINS.”

        Well, if you ask me, they are doing quite a bad job. Although i love America more then any other nation in the world and my loyalty is to this flag and none other, Russia is embarrassing our political prestige on a daily basis for little over a year now. These “demonic figures” you speak of can’t even get an approval rating of over 50 percent and they suck horribly at strategic advancement.

        Religions…they preach all this “goodness” yet still after thousands of year they can’t even remedy the problem of starvation and children dying of thirst.

        The Vatican is flowing with gold. Yet Somalians who remain one of the few Africans nations who hold faith in the Christ stare…

        The Saudi kings who’s wives bathe in milk while kids starve a few countries away

        Etc etc

        You can keep drinking the Kool-Aid, i say adios Jonestown.

        Thomas Paine should be as famous as George Washington….I highly suggest you got read some quotes from him in regards to all things related to organization religion.

    • windcatcher

      In reply to Albert: Your augment is a good example of an existentialist propositional “logic” that is not based on fact but is based on consensus.
      Yes, that is the “logic” that American global children are being brainwashed into believing in our schools today. The new math for example is that 1+1 does not necessary equal 2. Ha. Ha..
      You see, United Nations Agenda 21 Century is here today and active. The Police State is here as well today, those facts are Aristotelian Logic based on empirical science fact with the thinking of Deductive Reasoning ie: “Common Sense”.
      Your propositional logic thinking is based on easily corrupted consensus, not fact.

      • Albert Tesla

        “You see, United Nations Agenda 21 Century is here today and active.”

        Okay…it’s here, and its active. and?

        Meanwhile in the middle east…. there are a bunch of men missing teeth, using 50 year old soviet union weapon technology and donkey’s to hold back the strongest nation this earth has ever seen….

        Power determined by “sheer size” is an illusion…Bruce Lee would tell you the same thing. He weighed 160 pound and revolutionized the entire image of what really is strength.

        Apply that to politics, nation building, etc, it indeed applies.

  29. Albert Tesla

    Greg first and foremost, i just want to to say i love this site, truly.

    Your work is indeed admirable…without a doubt, your a pioneer in terms of media.

    I never met you in the flesh, but i respect you beyond belief. You know…I know you can easily not allow my comments to be posted on your site, but you are an indeed a fair man who allows opinions to be read/heard on your comment section as long as they are respectful and logical.

    I don’t mean to come off as “hostile”, its just my opinion i’m presenting to you and your devoted posters…

    Truth be told, i lost a hell of money way back during Enron. Ever since then, i never even looked at investing money into “the market”.

    What was the lesson I personally learned from that?

    These issues of corruption, insider trading, etc are not problems entirely blameable on the system….but rather human nature.

    Laws can’t entirely stop people from doing “unfair things”.

    I see laws as a vaccination for the disease unfairness….

    But the problem with vaccinations, is they only create stronger strands of bacteria that evolve and manage to find new loop holes…

    I have been on the same end as you, when it comes to being fraud-ed believe me. But sometimes, you have to call a spade a spade.

    I am no banker,stockbroker, etc., I’m straight up working class to the bone/core…It’s just i’m infected with this disease of being a realist 🙁

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the clarification and for your perspective. From my perspective, we should have enforced the existing laws and jailed bankers. Fear is also human nature, and when you have zero prosecutions of top bankers, there is have no fear of breaking the law. A big financial institution can not break the law without the officers of the company breaking the law. We have lawlessness, and no economy will ever recovery with this backdrop. Also,thank you for being polite and civil.

  30. Albert Tesla

    I’m sorry for the separate post but i just wanted to add a quote from a hero of mine.

    “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”
    ― William Arthur Ward

  31. wddeni

    U.S. home resales hit 1-1/2 year low, but may be stabilizing…..

    They blame weather, blame prices, blame inventory, hard to get mortgages, but never overall economy, complete lying psychopaths.

    Like I said before I spent 7 years in wholesale lending, 4 years in subprime and 3 years in prime lending. I have see 2 very “hot” markets, when people can buy; they will buy!!
    Thats it, there is nothing else. It does not matter the commodity.

    People ar CHOOSING not to buy becuase of this dead economy and no income. This is such a lie it is fraud…thats it. This manes me sick!

    • Greg Hunter

      As I have been saying form the time USAW went on line, there is no (real) recovery. Thank you for backing me up!!!

  32. Jerry

    I think its safe to say that with Russia, China, and now Japan dumping UT”s the dollar is beginning to unwind and loose its status as world reserve currency. The bigger question is when will it crash, and the dual currency system start with the Yuan? My guess is its tied to Gold availability like Rob Kirby said, but is there some type of market indicator that can show us how much Gold is available in the COMEX for purchase, or is it all based on speculation ? I’m not in the Gold markets so I’d really like to know how that works. Thanks Greg.

  33. Geo. T (Formerly George)

    A US Sen. wants big government…a surprise to anyone

  34. Geo. T (Formerly George)


  35. Stan

    Thanks again Greg, Just put a little more federal reserve notes into the rainy day gold/silver eagle holdings . Also took some of the left over green backs and bought 6 pair of my favorite work shoes (on sale) and 4 pair of my favorite running shoes (on sale) all online and will put those up in the closet. I figure that inflation will rise faster than any safe return on my savings so its a good investment to buy now and store for later use…

    • Greg Hunter

      Smart, real world commodity play!

    • mohammad


      They will.

  36. Jerry

    This will undoubtedly finish off the dollar. All roads now lead to the East.

    Gold backed Yuan as reserve currency. Dollar as debt backed currency. Pretty clear from where I’m sitting. MSM media……..shhhhh…Obama’s getting tough with Putin. He put 150 troops in Poland.

  37. Galaxy 500

    Why should the American taxpayers give them weapons? I really dont see why we are involved in overthrowing the Ukrainian elected govt. Why did Obama think Putin would walk away from his only warm water port? Because 21st century man negotiate and do und we underhanded back room deals while a 19the century man walks in, kicks some assets and dares the “dandy” to do something other than talk.
    and here’s some other news


  38. Pat Fields

    Ellen Brown is a provocateur subversive set up to convince Americans to give government openly blatant power of infinite printing that it currently hides as bank-issued. The real truth is that ALL paper ‘securities’ are government issued already! Proof? Here … READ it … CAREFULLY and SLOWLY … until it sinks in …

    18 U.S.C. § 8 – “Obligation or other security of the United States defined:
    The term “obligation or other security of the United States” includes all bonds, certificates of indebtedness, national bank currency, Federal Reserve notes, Federal Reserve bank notes, coupons, United States notes, Treasury notes, gold certificates, silver certificates, fractional notes, certificates of deposit, bills, checks, or drafts for money, drawn by or upon authorized officers of the United States, stamps and other representatives of value, of whatever denomination, issued under any Act of Congress, and canceled United States stamps.”

    This ‘interest free’ claptrap is aimed at folks who … don’t think things through … because a sober examination reveals that credit CAN’T be floated without subsequent costs as a result. STUFF CAN’T BE FREE FOR THE ASKING.

    • emeniag

      Pat, Just stock up on your tennie’s!

  39. nichole

    Atlas some solutions for this massive fraud committed by the banks. This interview filled me with a lot of optimism for the future.

    It appears they are indeed bankrupting the states which is placing a large strain on our land rights. So how do we reconstitute our power with a corrupt court system?

    1. Establish grand jury’s that supersede the supreme court, which can hold the appropriate trails.
    I came across this video from the National Liberty Alliance and I think it may hold some keys to resolving these issues:


    States are now working to install grand juries so we can get to work prosecuting the criminals while building a more solid court system. Personally, I am not educated enough in this field to explain all the details but I know there is a very intelligent community of listeners here that may need this information.

    2. Re-instate Gold and Silver as legal tender the the states. We need to get back in compliance with the Constitution which states only coined money is legal tender. This is a competitive alternative for us on “main street” to exchange our good for our own local market value. Many US states, Arizona, Utah, Washington, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Texas are already working toward this goal. (Good money will drive out bad money)

    3. Utilize Metacurrency and local money exchange systems to do business with each other. These are online “exchange clubs” that serve as alternative exchanges. Some people may argue that this is totally socialist, but do the research before making up your mind. Is free market capitalism really free when the instrument you use for exchange is based on a debt backed illusion? We are losing the preservation of the value of our labor. I think we need to ask what is modern capitalism? How do we implement systems that are not corruptible by a few people?

    Check out these systems:
    “ELM Street” (exchange local money)


    4. Address our land issues by redesigning how we use land in our communities. Employing LAND TRUST and FOUNDATIONS that cannot be bankrupted and taken from one family alone. Instead using a co-op approach where the “TRUST” owns the land and everyone has a mortgage free house sitting on top of it. No matter how indebted our future generations get with STUDENT LOANS, they will always have a home if they are part of a community like this. I am not educated enough on this subject to explain all the inter-workings of this but I think it is worth brain storming. I also think this may help bridge the gap between the Boomer and Millennial generations. My boomer parents simply cannot survive another 2008 crash and if they leave all their wealth to their children who are “student loan slaves” won’t their assets eventually end up in the hands of the banks anyway?

    These are interconnected problems that need broad interconnected, mulch-generational solutions if we plan to win this war waged against us. What are we trying to accomplish? Are our minds and hearts open enough to see the solution?

  40. nichole

    What happens to the King’s game when the pawns decide they no longer want to play and simply/peacefully walk away?

  41. Robert David Steele

    Picked up by the SchwartzReport and cross-posted to Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog (http://www.phibetaiota.net). The following comment was added:

    Phi Beta Iota: The most important point made is that the USG is imposing token punitive fines that are well within the cost of doing business to the banks that have exploded national economies and destroyed societies. Instead the author suggests various kinds of lawsuits that can award up to 30 times damages. In a nutshell, the USG is de-frauding the public by failing to represent the public interest properly in the aftermath of high crimes that were legalized by the Clinton Administration under the guiding hand of Robert Rubin. This is the second of two great financial crimes against the Republic. The second was courtesy of the Reagan Administration under the guiding hand of David Stockman, in which the USG agreed to borrow one trillion dollars a year from then on to subsidize Democratic welfare to individuals and Republican welfare to all of the industrial complexes. In brief, the USG cannot be said to actually be representing the public interest in financial matters.

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