Fed Trying to Stop Global Economic Contagion – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Legendary geopolitical and financial analyst Martin Armstrong says, “The Fed is trapped. If it stops (injecting money into the repo market by billions of dollars daily), interest rates will rise.”

Armstrong goes on to explain, “The Bank of Japan came out and said we’re going to buy government bonds unlimited. They, too, are trying to prevent interest rates from rising. . . . The ECB cannot afford rates to go up. . . . This is a global contagion that’s developing, and it’s pretty serious. The rise in interest rates has tremendous implications all the way around the globe. . . . Interest rates are rising because there is increased risk – period.”

The big risk, according to Armstrong, is global governments, including the U.S. Armstrong says, “You have to understand, at some point in time, capital begins to figure out who is the greatest risk, and the risk is government. At that stage in the game, when that point is reached, then you have shifts. The capital will move from public types of investments, such as government bonds and things of that nature, and then will move into the private sector. That’s equities, and that can be gold and real estate in different places. You try to go to tangible assets.”

So, what could go wrong with the Fed trapped in the repo market and cannot stop liquefying bad debt? Armstrong says, “What can go wrong is that they lose the game. They are doing this to try to prevent interest rates from rising. If they did not do this, the short term rate would be up dramatically.”

What could go wrong is the Fed can continue to fuel the repo market with cheap money and interest rates can rise anyway? Armstrong says, “Correct. They have already lost control, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing this. . . .They are trying to keep rates down. If the Fed loses, rates are going to go up, and you are going to see this in the Treasury auctions. Then it won’t matter what the Fed is trying to do in the repo market. You will see this stress in the Treasury auctions, and the government will have to start paying higher prices. This is what’s going to take place.”

In closing, Armstrong says, “The central banks are losing power. That’s what my new book “Manipulating the World Economy” is all about. It’s about all the manipulations. Governments have tried to control it, and they are losing it on every possible level. This is like the last ditch effort, the last hurrah or last battle for the central banks. If the Fed loses, you are talking about central banks can no longer function in controlling the economy, inflation or anything.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned financial and geopolitical analyst Martin Armstrong.

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After the Interview:

There is some free information, analysis and articles on ArmstrongEconomics.com. Armstrong’s new book “Manipulating the World Economy” is temporarily sold out. If you want to know when the stock of Armstrong’s new book is replenished, you can keep checking by clicking here. There is also other research and analysis you can purchase by Martin Armstrong by clicking here.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Super Duper Greg!
    I recall during the last interview that Martin called that the Dow and Gold would rise simultaneously.
    Spot on!
    This bloke didn’t do time for being a Dodo.

    • Warren B.

      Armstrong said that “Stocks are going much MUCH HIGHER”.
      I agree entirely.
      I also note that Dalio has said “Own Gold” whilst having 60% of his Investment Capital in Stocks.
      Both Armstrong and Dalio are in agreement on the importance of having Stocks in a Diversified portfolio.
      I maintain DOW 100,000 by 2050. Come on board or move aside. This ship is only for winners and those with a clear mindset and positive attitude. Those with an unhealthy thought process will remain poor, whilst those who choose otherwise will experience life changing wealth creation.

      • Dianthus

        You are kidding right? All who is in stocks are REKT soon and the time as come that speculation will go away and now see to your empty scam stocks. LMAO

        ps. everyone that says stock will go higher higher higher …run far away bc they live in the old times… good luck.

        making money with money = dump as fuck. Why? Is only worth the paper where it is printed on and life has nothing to do with it in the first time

      • Davy Jones

        Wow 100,000 Dow by 2050, that is a 3.6% per year return -pretty big call given that most bulls expect 10%+ returns every year!

      • Beverly

        Warren B.,
        I really don’t believe that world economics as they are today, will last much longer. Maybe just a few years at most. The problem is, is that the people who are in power, trying to manipulate the global economy, don’t know what they are doing, like Martin said. And, they are not going to give up the power they have gained so that the world can be saved. The devil is really the one who is controlling these people and does the devil want this world and the people in it to succeed? Heck NO! The devil wants people dead and this is the goal of these people who want global government as well. So, war fits right into their scenario. It’s their excuse to help kill off half the people in the world. They also like to cause civil wars and famine and plagues. Anything to kill the people so they can control the population easier.

        • Warren B.

          We’ve had 2 World Wars in the last century along with countless civil wars and a Great Depression. Millions of lives taken. These so called Evil people have pervaded this Earth since the days before Christ. They will continue with their evil ways and always be overrun with others seeking the same power.
          In the context of this, somehow the Stock Market seems to survive notwithstanding the manipulation and desires to control the human race.
          I find that the Economics of today is an evolving beast. It adapts to the environment as would a living creature. It will not die, rather it will take on a form unlike that which is pushed through the media and educational frameworks.
          A change of mindset is the only way to understand this paradigm.

          • Greg Hunter

            Funny Warren,
            I see massive money printing by central banks, interventions, manipulations and outright fraud propping up the markets.

            • Warren B.

              All of the functions of the Central Banks are for the GOOD of mankind. The sooner you come to terms with that equation the happier you will be.
              Consider if you will – what would (according to your thesis) the world look like should there be a more hawkish approach adopted by the Federal Reserve ? If it were not for the so called “Interventions”, civilized society would not exist. This is the world which is created for us. You don’t have to like it or accept it. Its reality. I deal with it the way I know how. Explain your story to someone like Martin Armstrong or Ray Dalio. They are experts you have quoted in the past. Do they know what they are talking about ? I have skin in this game as do a great percentage of Americans.

              • Greg Hunter

                Warren B,
                You are a troll. Central Banks operate for the good of their globalist buddies. Go away looser. You are too stupid or too delusional to understand you are playing a rigged game.

    • Dan Mason

      The guy I am referring to was Bo Polny. His prophetess had a direct line to God as I recall Bo claimed. Well, we know he was wrong about both now. I suggest you have him back on to explain why? Also, Jim Sinclair and his partner have been at odds with Martin Armstrong over the years over Martin’s predictions. Ask Jim Sinclair about that.

    • Dan Mason

      Both Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter have categorized Martin Armstrong as a shyster in the past! Put them on together and have them debate please! “So Mr. Armstrong, please do not insult the intelligence of those of us who can still add 2+2 together. Tell “these people” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKosd0xJadE there is no manipulation, they will believe this …or anything else for that matter. To run around and talk about the complete collapse of the Western financial world in one breath and scare people into selling their only crash insurance for protection in the next breath is dastardly indeed! I believe your opining the collapse of the Western fiat system is 100% correct, this however cannot happen without capital flooding and finding it’s way into a safe monetary haven. What “is” the safe haven?” – Bill Holter 2015

      • Dan Mason

        “A few years back while opining of a market/financial collapse from behind bars, Mr. Armstrong was adamant that gold would move to $5,000+ per ounce or higher as a result. He called them cause and effect at the time and gold would be the safe haven from a dysfunctional system, what has changed? This is a very important question in my opinion… what has changed and why did this change immediately take place after they sprung the prison doors open? Did sunlight give him a change of “heart” (and logic) or was the federal “company mantra” part of the key to his release? According to Martin Armstrong (and Ben Bernanke), gold is not money! As George Straight has sung many times before …I got some oceanfront property in Arizona …and if you buy that I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free! Enough said.”

        Standing Watch,

        Bill Holter
        Holter-Sinclair collaboration

  2. Edward

    What was all the noise coming from?

    • Greg Hunter

      I was on Mr. Armstrong’s end and I could not control it. Please concentrate on what he is saying.

      • Gary C

        Greg, outstanding interview with Marty, I am glad to see that he still reaches out to the little people at no charge plus he consents to you interviewing him on a regular basis.

        Marty & Ron Kirby back to back you just can’t get better than that.

      • Freebrezer

        Greg – Great interview – and great questions, and great job keeping Armstrong on topic! And also to getting answers to the questions that the little guys like me want answered! Basic take away … We are all screwed! Politicians, the world over, dictate the direction, and the world over elects buffoons that talk and talk and talk, but very, very few understand the complexities of world economics!

        • Freebrezer

          And I should add – most are in it for their own greed and Aggrandizement … and almost none give a crap about us, the little guy! Look a Biden, his son and brother made hundreds of millions off the government contracts (the tax payers), and selling/peddling influence this with no experience. Trump is an outsider and that is why the career Politicians want him out … He is disrupting the graving train of wealth that they can loot and steal from the Taxpayers!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Free.


  3. GH Hanssen

    Since when is hyperinflation antiquated ? Is Venezuela’s hyperinflation a figment of our imagination? Since when did the science of economics change ? I’m I missing something?Martin Armstrong seems to be dancing around the inevitable and somewhat confused.

    G H

    • BoomBustProfits

      Armstrong is referring to the idea that it is caused by money printing…It is caused by a loss of confidence…no confidence=no one wanting your fiat=printing more than people want=hyperinflation

      • Beverly

        I thought it was interesting that Armstrong didn’t refer to the fact that the whole existence of the Federal Reserve in the first place, is really our problem. The Federal Reserve is a private bank and Pres. Wilson was a manipulated man who let Communists control him. It’s like Wayne Jett said in his interview—they are a Cabal. Really, we have banking Cabals around the globe and these people do it for their own profit. They don’t care about the populations of any country. They see the common man as cannon fodder/dog crap. So, they don’t care if the people of this country die, as long as they stay in control. They have their underground shelters with food storage and electricity of some kind, I’m sure. I’m sure they have connections to wells or springs in order to have water to drink. I mean, what is the Denver Colorado airport all about? Why is the wall painting depicting a war? Colorado is a special place in the eyes of these people and the airport is no coincidence. And, by the way, freeze dried food is selling like crazy lately. People wherever you are—-grow food and bottle it as much as you can, or dry it however you can.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Who needs a war with Iran when you have people dropping th the streets from a virus.

  5. JC

    Mr. Armstrong has been saying for a long time that there will be a shift from “public” to “private” assets. And that we can consider stocks to be “tangible” assets, along with gold and real estate. Fascinating.

    From what Mr. Armstrong has said I’m thinking that The “Permanent Portfolio” might not be a bad place to put money.

    “In pursuit of its investment objective, Permanent Portfolio invests a fixed “Target Percentage” of its net assets in each of the following investment categories:”

    Swiss Franc Assets
    Real Estate and Natural Resource Stocks
    Aggressive Growth Stocks
    Dollar Assets


  6. Jack Morris

    You do a dis-service to your viewers when you routinely interupt your guests. Its getting worse with each month that passes! Chill Out!

    • Greg Hunter

      Please go some place else for free content.

      • Sebastian

        Hysterical, I think it’s funny you respond to your most useless commenters. Love the guest selection and interviews

        • Greg Hunter

          You mean like you?

      • Tony V

        Exactly. Complaining about background noise or how you conduct your interview. Please ignore them, Greg. Most of us are very grateful for the work you’re doing!! Keep it up!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks tony. Armstrong is a difficult guy to get as he travels globally all the time. He cancelled and rebooked twice which is OK with me.

    • JC

      Jack, I didn’t notice any interruptions. Greg asked some questions here and there during the interview. What did you want him to do, sit there like a mute?

  7. Hugh Whinfrey

    Hey Greg – I’m a busy guy and I don’t have lots of time to spend watching videos. What I’ve always done with your shows for years is run the video link through a service that converts it to an mp3 file that I can listen to on the go. Your new source for this broadcast can’t be handled by the set of such on-line conversion services that I go to for this. So I can’t benefit from your work without incurring a time penalty of having some 40 minutes or so of my day totally wiped out. This severely restricts your audience and limits the influence of your work to people who don’t have lots of things going on in their lives. I’m all in favour of you moving away from YT, but please make sure it is functional for your fans. It would be great if you could provide a download button for the mp3 versions of your interviews – it will allow you to expand your audience IMO. As it stands now, I’m going to have to miss this Armstrong interview, which I’m not particularly pleased about, but that’s life.

    • Greg Hunter

      I run a free site. How am I supposed to keep doing this for free? You are welcome.

    • Ray


      If you haven’t got 40 minutes of your day to listen to important information, then brother, you probably need to re-adjust YOUR life and schedule, not Greg, for you just might be caught up in the BS of modern lifestyle.

      Best Wishes,

      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • D. Cook

      People make time for what is important. You can play the YouTube on your computer, tablet or phone and just listen to the audio only without it being necessary for Greg to strip the audio for you and convert it. That would not only take more of his time but then he also would have to host the mp3 on his server and increase his bandwidth costs. Unless you want to underwrite the additional costs not to mention his time then we need to settle for what he has provided for us.

      I’d love to see him get an overhead projector with camera for his paper files instead of holding it up to his camera and trying to peer around it but that costs money and he might need a better switcher as well. When he has to virtually cover the costs himself he has to be on a shoestring.

    • Hugh Whinfrey

      Sorry for having tried to be helpful Greg. To answer your question, you make the business model work by ramping up the VOLUME of the folks who you reach. You make it fly by VOLUME – kapish? Take a good look at X22, while we can debate the guy’s biases, etc., etc., i.e. the content, he does what it takes to draw in the audience – nobody has any excuses not to tune in due to his platform. I promise not to be such an ungrateful slob again. I’m also an independent businessman, and occasionally I find myself thinking “business would be great if it weren’t for all these damn customers”. That’s when you know you’re both stressed out and hitting your stride at the same time.

      • Greg Hunter

        I am working on testing player alternatives. It is part of growing and not being subject to being de-platformed”.

  8. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thanks for another fascinating interview.
    The seemingly-imminent coronavirus pandemic may prove to be the final straw in bringing down the economy and financial system. My preps this week are focusing on dealing with that. Chris Martenson (an expert on the subject) gave a good interview about that today:

    • Hockey Puck

      Thanks, William. Listened to the whole video. This is, by far, the best information I’ve heard on the virus so far. Chris leaves you not only understanding the risks, but also how to prepare for it.

  9. Graham Moreton

    Hi Greg,
    It appears as though your videos are only viewable through Dailymotion, but in fact they are on youtube also. I usually download them to watch them later but this isn’t available with DM. Is this a new arrangement?

    • Greg Hunter


  10. JC

    There is a lot to think about here in this latest post by G.A. Stewart. Such as….

    “As I mentioned above, the Chinese Corona-Virus becomes the perfect nameless excuse to tank the markets just as the world banking system is obviously on the verge of collapse. The United States Federal Reserve has been supporting the banking system since The Repo Market Apocalypse began in September. The outbreak of this Chinese Corona-virus just looks too well timed for me.”


  11. Aga Khan

    Peter Schweizer on the Biden Family Corruption Racket
    199 views•Jan 22, 2020

    Giuliani: I can’t sit by and watch my country be sold out by Joe Biden
    1,234,243 views•Jan 24, 2020

    America does not need to see the tax returns of a billionaire who became a public servant
    America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who becomes millionaires while being public servant’s!
    ROGER STONE BREAKS SILENCE: Pelosi, Democrats are ‘in deep trouble’

    South Carolina official switches support from Biden to Sanders
    62,339 views•Jan 23, 202

    Witch Liz Warren handmaiden to the Deep Creep’s

    • Curly Curruthers

      WOW Aga,
      Does Gaga know what deep s**t the states in?
      That’s the state department, to you deplorable, imponderable, disposable’s!!

  12. W. Martin

    Stopped listening early after he minimized gold. He and Jim Sinclair had a major falling out. . Armstrong was once pro -gold and since his prison release he has bashed it. I suspect this was a condition of his probation for release from FEDERAL INCARCERATION . A release that Sinclair fought hard for. I would not trust Armstrong. He is just trying to peddle his market timing machine.

    • JC

      W, he didn’t minimize gold, he didn’t say not to own it, he pointed out that it doesn’t have the same portability as it did in the past. He also implied that when traveling wearing a gold Rolex watch that has a value of more than $10,000 it could be confiscated.

      • JC

        He also mentioned new reporting requirements in Europe for gold purchases (actually it’s Germany, not all of Europe).

        “Until January 1, 2020, the maximum amount of gold an individual could purchase in Germany, without disclosing personal information, was €10,000. However in response to a European Union directive targeted at money laundering and terrorist financing, the German government set a new, far lower limit of €2,000.”


  13. Hockey Puck

    Can Democracy Be Saved?

    Great interview, Greg. Armstrong’s worldview is so outside the box that it always forces me to rethink my own paradigm. What I hear are echoes of Plato, 2,400 years ago:

    Quote #1: Democracy does not contain any force which will check the constant tendency to put more and more on the public payroll. The state is like a hive of bees in which the drones display, multiply and starve the workers so the idlers will consume the food and the workers will perish.

    Quote #2: Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.

    What Plato observed is exactly what Armstrong just said. So the question that “We, the People” must HONESTLY ask ourselves is this: Can democracy be saved, and if so, what has to happen?

    In light of this question, let’s examine some of Armstrong’s key insights:

    Insight #1 @ 3:15. The fundamental cause of the repo mess is that markets perceive global risk going up, which is forcing interest rates up, which will bankrupt the global economy, so central banks are trying to repress interest rates to prevent a meltdown. OK! It also sounds impossible. In the end, central banks will lose? Do you guys agree or disagree? What are the consequences?

    Insight #2 @ 7:20. Governments are going broke. This is the crisis that we face. Armstrong gives it a 5 year timeline. OK! Can a monetary reset fix this or is a 30 year depression inevitable?

    Insight #3 @ 15:15. We’re (S&P500) going to go much higher. At some point in time capital figures out what is the greatest risk, and the greatest risk is government. Hmmm! So governments go bankrupt, but corporations do not? I don’t get it. What are the implications? Seems like Plato is right once again. The Big Money (Elite) will demand tyranny. No?

    Insight #4 @ 27:40. The Fed’s funding of the repo market is non-cumulative. It expires every day, so there is no effect on the money supply. Its fundamental purpose is to keep interest rates down. BUT!!! The Fed is gradually losing control, so 1) Interest rates will go up, 2) the Treasury will have to pay higher interest rates on the national debt and 3) at some point, the US government will go broke. Timeline? 5 years?

    Conclusion: The bankruptcy of western democracies seems inevitable. The result? Chaos! Is this why the Elite chose the China model? The only way out is tyranny? And what about Leninists like Shifty Schiff and AOC who can only tell lies? Is that their worldview?

    In this context, what is Trump’s long term strategy? By reorienting the supply chain away from China, can this outcome be avoided? Can America insulate itself economically (i.e. reverse globalism)? I wonder.

    To the USA Watchdog Gang: Your thoughts, as always, are really useful.

    • Ross Herman

      Hello Mr. Puck,
      Any discussion of democracy is a deflection of reality.
      Democracy is an undesirable political structure.
      In a democracy two wolves can vote to eat the lone chicken for dinner.
      The United States of America was founded as a: Constitutional Republic, where the rights of the individual are healed as paramount.

      • Hockey Puck

        Fair point. Thanks for the input, Ross.

        My point, simply, is that despite the best efforts of the Founding Fathers, no elected government, anywhere on the planet, could have anticipated the subtlety and sophistication of 1) information warfare, 2) technological warfare (i.e. 5G & AI), 3) economic warfare… and now 4), Oh my God, the possibility of biological warfare as some are suspecting with this recent Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

        Abraham Lincoln did see the great evil that would be inflicted upon the world by corporations solely motivated by greed when he wrote to his friend William F. Elkins:

        “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

        Within 6 months, he was assassinated. You think this is a coincidence? I don’t. That’s most likely the date that America went from being a republic to being a plutocracy, though a hidden and insidious one, which today so very few even recognize. To even speak it earns you the label of “conspiracy theorist”. That’s how sophisticated information warfare has become.

        Was it not the top capitalists (CEOs of the Fortune 500) who sold out America with the ascent of China into the WTO in 2001? Lincoln saw what was coming 156 years ago, and still, today, most politicians are clueless.

  14. Arizona

    YEP ,hes right the governments are broke,I got $900 dollars out of the bank to buy a new computer in colorado springs,I got stopped for a bogas U-turn,they took me to jail,where they stole my money ,then forced me to sign a waver saying I had no money or I couldn’t be bailed out of jail by my son,THERE must have been TWO HUNDRED OLD PEOPLE in the day room at the jail,same story with all them,they came out of the supermarket with their SS money and got stopped and robbed by the police gang,WHEN I GOT OUT OF JAIL,I went to the sheriffs office and talked to the sheriff,HE TOLD ME WE ARE BROKE,so we ‘re just taking what we need from anyone with money,(he just spit it out,he didn’t try to hide what their doing),SO THEIR ROBBING THE POOR OLD PEOPLE,and these pieces of shit are the hero’s of america,common thiefts,With guns….GREG this isn’t going to end well you know,WAR IN AMERICA IS COMING….you can’t steal anyones food and rent money…ALL the police dept.are doing this,no one cares till its them..take care my friend..

    • Gary C

      Hockey Puck, here goes
      #1 Central Banks loose, governments go broke, look at Greece
      #2 Currencies Reset, re Dines The Invisible Crash
      #3 Governments take your money at all levels , federally, municipally, state
      #4 US is BROKE, if they loose the Petro Dollar than game over

      Trump: A expert at going bankrupt, good thing he is running the country as he will devalue the Dollar, and screw the creditors, “it’s our dollar but your problem”

      PS Buy property in Costa Rica while you still have a strong dollar.

      • eddiemd

        Panama would be a better choice. Northern Panama near David.

        The Southern Zone of Costa Rica. San Vito inland or along the coast from Quepos down to Uvia de Osa.

  15. Arizona

    GREG,LISTEN to the LORD,HE SAYS THE RUSSIANS WILL BOMB MANHATTEN OFF THE MAP …WITH NUKES…their not going to take being ripped off by the bankers,then they’ll bomb Miami next…this is coming greg…

    • eddiemd

      More likely Norfolk/Virginia Beach. All those aircraft carriers in dock present a better target.
      San Diego on the west coast. Again aircraft carriers/amphibious ships, other ships in dock and air assets.

      Houston/Galveston with the oil refineries.

      Long Beach. China owns it. They may want to save this port.

      Not much in Miami. Cruise ships and some shipping but nothing really strategic. Too far south. Better targets north.

    • JC

      Arizona, in your first comment you claim to have been taken to jail for a bogus u-turn and had your cash confiscated, as well as 200 other people, and after that the Lord told you the Russians are going to bomb Manhattan and Miami?

      Are you ok?

  16. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Awesome interview. I was somewhat shocked by the Daily Motion transition. Know nothing about it. I don’t know how Mr. Armstrong can sleep at night knowing what he knows.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      YouTube does not pay when I embed videos from YouTube or count the views. I get as many views on my site as I do on YouTube but they do not count. They do now. That’s to short answer.

  17. paul ...

    Armstrong presents us the “big picture” … the Fed is doing Repo, QE, etc. because if it doesn’t … interest rates will rise making the US dollar stronger (which Trump does not want because it hurts our ability to sell US products to the rest of the world) … so the Fed is trapped into doing “continuous money printing” to keep rates low which destroys peoples confidence in government … and they begin avoiding buying Government Treasuries … instead they put their money into private investments like gold and silver … Armstrong goes on to say that eventually the printing of money will fail to keep rates down … because all the money printed up by the Treasury to fund and government programs running and keep the 800 US military bases around the world operating … will all have to be bought by the Fed … which becomes a ridiculous hyper-inflationary situation … so money will need to be pulled in from the rest of the world to keep the US government and its military running … thus interest rates will be allowed to move higher and higher (like Volcker did) … to draw money away from private investments in gold and silver … but we are not there yet … and so the stock market will continue to rise as the Fed prints money … and so will physical gold and silver (which is far safer then stocks as physical gold has zero risk of going bankrupt in the crazy money printing monetary environment the Fed is creating to keep rates down and the US dollar weaker)!!!

    • paul ...

      Actually we basically knew all this … and that is the reason we have been buying gold and silver all these years (except for Stan) … what most millennials are probably not aware of is that … “gold is the better private investment to be in” as gold returns the highest yield over time compared to both the S&P 500 and US Treasuries … gold has increased more than 37-fold since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 giving us a compounded annual return of 7.8% … a much better rate of return then “both” Treasury securities and the S&P 500!! … https://topforeignstocks.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Gold-vs.-Stocks-Long-term-Price-Chart.jpg

      • paul ...

        You know … S&P 500 stocks go bankrupt all the time … and they are simply taken out of the S&P 500 list … but such bankruptcies has an affect on the performance of such an index … so why take a chance buying into a list of great American companies “that can go bankrupt on you” … when gold (disparagingly called “a pretty rock or relic”) can never go bankrupt on you … as has consistently exceeding the returns made by both stocks or Treasury bonds!! … https://www.cheatsheet.com/money-career/great-companies-on-the-brink-of-death.html/

        • paul ...

          Remember … even Apple … the most valuable tech company in the world today … teetered on the edge of bankruptcy twenty years ago … many back then predicted the death of the company as it was losing $1 billion dollars a year … luckily founder Steve Jobs returned and launched the iMac and iPod … but such tech companies always have competition and it takes a lot of effort to remain on top … gold has no competition (silver is good but will always be second best)!!

          • paul ...

            But millennials continue to blindly buy stocks as global trade volumes contract … https://www.zerohedge.com/s3/files/inline-images/annual%20chg%20world%20trade.png?itok=PQzumkwu … monetary authorities around the world have slashed interest rates 80 times over the last 12 months and printed upwards of $1 trillion dollars over the last four months “to counter the slowdown” (the Fed doing it’s share with over $400 billion in repo purchases) … apparently the central bankers believe the solution is to create “a liquidity-fueled massive stock market melt-up across the world” so huge it will rival the Dot Com and Y2K bubbles … these “un-elected banksters” are spending the peoples money “on a very shaky assumption” … that by destroying the value of the peoples currency it will create “a real economic recovery” … but to their chagrin world merchandise trade volumes will now probably contract even more as the Corona Virus pandemic spreads … https://www.zerohedge.com/s3/files/inline-images/world%20trade%202.png?itok=nTYr2gEf … so while hope was high that the so-called “trade deal” would lift all boats … the irrefutable data (even before the pandemic) showed the global economy continuing to slow into 2020 (as represented by the Baltic Exchange Index) which has crashed 70% in the last four months (the biggest down move since right before the Lehman crisis in 2008)!!

        • paul jr.

          You are not including stock dividends in your rate of return as you should if you want to be honest about it. If you did, gold did not have a much better rate of return since 1971. Stocks did better while the 10 year Treasury had an average of about 7% per year.

          • paul ...

            Paul Jr. … Gold pays no dividend … so why do you want me to include dividends in my raw comparison between gold and stocks? … I’m also not including negative interest rates in my raw comparison with bonds!!

            • paul jr.

              I want you to include dividends because it is a part of the total return of an investment. This gives you a much more accurate picture of how well an investment performed and shows you just how much money you would have made over a time. And by doing so you would have made much more money in stocks than in gold over the long-term. I can’t help that gold pays no dividend. Would you compare what you would have made in a bank or credit union CD to gold over the last 10 or 20 tears and not include the interest or dividends that was made on that CD?

              And as far as negative interest rates, the U.S. has no negative interest rates as of yet.

              • paul jr.

                And even if you did not include stock dividends, while gold did do better than stocks it was not by a lot. 7.8% for gold versus 7.3% for the S&P 500.


                • Greg Hunter

                  You cannot apply this metric. Strip out QE1,2,3 twist and the Fed repo market and all the other manipulations and law breaking and see what you would have in the stock market. None of that happened in the gold market to prop it up–NONE of it. You are applying a 1970 measurement to a 2020 market bubble fueled by the Fed and global central bankers money printing and manipulation since 2008. The comparison is simply NOT valid for any kind of long term value you think the stock market deserves–it does not and you can simply strip out all the money printing to prove it.

                  • paul jr.


                    Do not get me wrong. As you know I am an advocate for precious metals and not one for stocks. I am just reporting the fact that stocks have had a much better total return over the long-term than gold. I did not get into the reasons why. I am very aware of why the stock market has gone higher in the last decade as much as it has and why precious metals has not gone up as much as they should have. Sorry for not stating that in previous comments. If people want to compare the return of stocks to gold and correctly state that stocks did have higher returns than gold long-term and then explain why that was, then that would be OK. But they do not. They wrongly say gold has higher returns than stocks long-term when the data clearly shows it does not. So I think we really do all agree.

        • paul jr.

          Gold has not consistently exceeding the returns made by both stocks or Treasury bonds. Just look at what happened from 1980 to 2000. Just saying.

          • paul jr.

            In fact no asset or investment has consistently exceeded the return of all other assets or investments. Gold and the stock market has each had their periods of outperformance over the other. For the 1970’s it was gold. For 1980’s and 1990’s it was stocks. For 2000’s it was again gold. For 2010’s it was stocks. For 2020’s it very well be gold once again.

            • paul ...

              You can nit pick shorter time periods where stocks outperformed gold … but my analysis is over the entire period from 1971 to the present … and gold beats everything (when you leave dividends out of the equation) … and for investors who are concentrated in growth stocks (that hardly pay dividends) the raw comparison with gold would be a good fit to reality!!

              • paul jr.

                You are mistaken to think that investors who concentrated on growth stocks received very little in dividends, especially from 1972-1995. While it is true that the dividends for growth stocks were less than that of value stocks, you made up for it in higher price appreciation over those years.

                When I compared U.S. growth stocks to gold since 1972, they still had a compound annual growth rate of 10%.

              • JC

                paul jr. is correct. I’m not going all in on stocks, bonds, or gold. Have to have some diversification. I think the “Permanent Portfolio” that I mentioned in another comment is a good concept.

  18. Jerry

    Let’s lay this notion to rest that Stan (the man without a plan) keeps peddling on your site, about shorting gold. He’s lying.

    These are the facts. The central banks are buying gold at record levels for a reason. The reason? They’re building a backstop for a global currency reset, pure and simple. Whether it’s conversion to digital currency using blockchain technology, or creation of regional currency using the yuan, it is clear that the current reserve system is coming apart and that whatever form the reset takes, it will involve a standard backed by gold.

    The only defense the naysayers have is, “it hasn’t happened yet”. Wrong! The transition has been happening the whole time right in front of your face in stages. You just haven’t seen it because the central banks have been using QE, stock buybacks and repos to cover it up. It’s not a single event like you’d want to believe. It’s a gradual process that takes time. Three years ago I talked to contacts (family members) who worked at Wells Fargo. They told me then that their computers were being converted to handle a new global currency exchange system using quantum technology. It’s taken time. They’ve had beta test the system before they went live. Time is all we have left.

    • Jerry

      Things are beginning to get a bit shaky out there.

      From where I’m sitting 50 billion dollar a day repos may not be enough. The fed may have to increase its injections.

      • paul jr.

        I like how the article says that “there would be no “haircut” on deposits at banks due to the country’s financial crisis”. I think they left off saying “at this time”.

    • Stan

      Ok Jerry, then why isn’t the Federal Reserve of the US Treasury buying Gold? Why isn’t Canada or Japan buying gold? The only currency reset that would make sense is if certain countries ditched their currency and adopted the US Dollar.

      • paul ...

        I believe the US “is buying gold” Stan … it can be inferred they are doing so right from the Debt Clock numbers (currently $9,093)!!

        • paul ...

          If they are buying gold … it is very very bullish Stan … it could mean they have finally thrown in the towel on their gold manipulation efforts and want to get in on the upside action that is coming in gold!!

          • paul ...

            Look how gold is reacting Stan … https://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/au24hr3day.html … are you going to short more?? … gold is powering up to test the $1800 to $1900 level … and that will bring in the millennials who are now sitting on their hands!!

      • Stan

        Sorry, I meant Federal Reserve OR the US Treasury

      • paul jr.

        Well Japan is probably not buying gold because they are too busy buying up their stocks and bonds. The same could be said for the U.S. to some degree. And as far as Canada, who cares about them. They are a relatively small nation compared to the U.S. and Japan and to most of those countries that are buying gold like Russia, China, India, Turkey etc…

      • Gary C

        Stan, the reason Canada and Japan central banks are. not buying gold is that they want a weak currency . Canada has one of the best mints in the world and absolutely NO GOLD reserves, which is why I buy gold because
        my government wants to destroy my purchasing power.

        Let me spell it out for you, you really need help on this and are very ignorant about history
        Cando Dollar gold bought at 1265.00 now worth 2006.00 in Cando funds.
        Eventually all FIAT fails, and that will include the Greenback

      • Jerry

        Here you go paper man Stan,

        Who says they’re not buying gold? Were you there? Does repatriation mean anything to you you? Wake up…..Stan.

    • Jc Davis

      So jerry what is the end in your view?

      • Jerry

        I think Greg has been right all along. The collapse from 2008 was papered over with QE, and market manipulation, to buy the central banks more time to create a new exchange system. I wasn’t sure until I saw Hank Paulson and Timothy Geithner on “The Working Group” Bank board, and Michael Bloomberg as president. The reset is coming, and gold will be at the heart of it. It’s either that or mad max.

    • Jerry

      Once again Stan, the facts don’t lie. Gold is outperforming the dollar by any measure you want to use.

      I was wrong. You’re not a fraud, you’re a disinformation agent spinning a web of lies on a free site. You post no real facts. No links. Nothing of value.

  19. Mike


    You always have great guests. Do you and/or your previous guests believe the Coronavirus is possibly the black Economic doomsday swan no one was expecting? The Chinese consumer is fearful to go shopping and is this a possible global scenario in the near future?

    Zerohedge is reporting China May have Stolen Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponized It. Obviously the reported Coronavirus infected and death numbers in Communist China are fabricated and much higher. Has anyone raised the possibility a covert war may be in play? Can this pathogen cause an economic reset or challenge the dollar world reserve status? Is it possible this pathogen outbreak was caused by a covert US military operation to crush the Chinese economy?

    • Jeff Justice

      How do we know they are NOT buying gold with all their computer QE money printing out of thin air. It’s not like we’re ever going to get an official audit and accounting for where billions and trillions of dollars have been spent and gone missing. It’s all fuzzy math funny money musical chairs and we best own something real when the music stops.

  20. paul ...

    This finally comes to light … Chinese agents were caught smuggling Corona Virus from Canada a while back … to weaponize it … against a perceived enemy (Trump)?? … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/did-china-steal-coronavirus-canada-and-weaponize-it

  21. Justn Observer

    Greg, Great interview! Smart man…look forward to the book.
    Sidenote…ah hum… more ‘inadvertently mis-placed docs found CON-cerning Gen. Flynn?
    not one, not two, not three …but four with different dates and ‘disappearances?

  22. Rob

    Bill Gates ran a simulation of the “coronavirus” last November:

    This could bring the major political reform that Martin sees the need for and Daniel declared will come in the form of a covenant:
    Daniel 9:27 And he shall make a firm covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall come one that maketh desolate; and even unto the full end, and that determined, shall wrath be poured out upon the desolate.

    This covenant will give the new global structure complete control over buying and selling:
    Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    This control will come through the phasing out of paper fiat that they will blame for carrying diseases:

    As they phase in digital currencies that the central banks have been running beta tests on for awhile now:

    This “covenant” will begin the last 8 years:

  23. donatella

    Greg – FANTASTIC interview!! Thank you for bringing him onto the show. No one is talking the truth about what’s happening but you always find a way to get to it and shine the light so all of us can be in the know! wonderful job!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Donatella!

  24. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview, very understandable. The current fiat system is dying, collapsing under its own weight. There’s a reset coming.

    As for Martin Armstrong’s new book, “ Manipulating the World Economy” in Hardcover… That last word is why I won’t buy it. I have a Kindle that could easily hold a 500 page book and I could carry it with me (along with most of my library). If Amazon is the primary retailer, they should be able to sell unlimited versions to the Kindle market of which M.A. gets a %. Near zero publishing costs. Either the Kindle version is in work, or someone made a decision to not sell to that crowd.

    • Ray

      Hey Russ,
      Fair point…..well said.
      Just wondering though……do you think that it would be possible for the NWO crowd to remotely “edit” a book you downloaded on your Kindle?
      You know, take out certain paragraphs that might not suit the political climate that exists a few years from now?
      You’d never know…….one would just read through the Kindle pages and perhaps be oblivious (especially if it were the first read of the book).
      On the other hand, to edit a hardcover book, one would have to physically rip out the pages I suppose.
      Maybe I’m getting too old and too distrustful.
      Think I’ll stick to The Flintstones version of books a while longer!!!
      Kind Regards,
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Russ

        Interesting question. If someone wanted to edit a Kindle download they’d need to edit it at the Amazon source, their cloud. Once it’s downloaded on my Kindle, the Kindle goes off-line; battery life is shortened when you leave the wifi active.

        If someone at Amazon wants to edit a book after it’s on a Kindle there may be a way, but Amazon would probably need to participate. Editing a book like that would be tough since it’s compiled and more or less a single file. They’d need to remove that file and replace it with an edited version. I think someone at Amazon would notice someone editing and substituting books in their cloud. So it would need to be an inside job, but IMO they’d be hacking Amazon’s cloud, not individual Kindles. Then again, a hacker might find a way, but an inside job would be more probable.

        For the record I like the Kindle, I’m on my second. All the books I bought with my first one “magically” showed up on the second. The books are also available for download onto my iPad using the Amazon Kindle app. My Kindle paperwhite has selected works of many classic authors: Herodotus to F. Scott Fitzgerald and a number of authors between and since. Philosophy to Celestial Navigation and classic literature to classic fiction. It even has an Oxford Dictionary of English. Not bad for something less than 7” x 5” and 1/2” thick including the cover/case.

  25. Arrowflinger

    I told my family 4 decades ago “When my (baby boom) generation gets old, they are going to knock us all in the head!” It is the nexus of demographics, our debt-money system, and math. Now you see fraud instruments throughout the medical sector, insurance sector, and government sector poised to take your money and then your life.

    That is my take away from this excellent interview with Martin Armstrong.

    Live every day to the fullest. Every day you rejoice in God’s grace is a day you deny to the fraudsters, who foolishly think none of us saw them coming our way.

    • Self Exiled

      Absolutely: Though a sinner does evil a hundred times and his days [seemingly] are prolonged [in his wickedness], yet surely I know that it will be well with those who [reverently] fear the Lord, who revere and worship Him, realizing His continual presence. Ecclesiastes 8:15

  26. uncommon sense

    Just some thoughts off the top of my head…

    1) Why are eastern central banks buying gold on such a massive scale? To escape the dollar, hedge against deflation? Martin Armstrong doesn’t explain this.
    2) If interest rates go up won’t that cause private sector companies to go bust and effect the stock market? Many private companies have become uncompetitive zombie companies living off free/low interest credit.
    3) ‘its an international political reform that has to be done’. So great opportunity to strengthen one world government. Was this international crisis orchestrated (with implementation of a financial system designed to fail) in order to justify the introduction of a one world economic and political system.
    4) Isn’t the increase in debt a result of creating money as credit? Won’t debt just grow exponentially as it has always done unit the whole system collapses?

  27. Stan

    Did Marty tell you to buy Gold or hold Dollars? Paul? Did you listen to the interview?

    • Greg Hunter

      I listened to it Stan, and Armstrong said buy gold and other tangibles. Maybe you need to listen to it again??

    • paul ...

      Stan … If you don’t like gold … buy silver … as long as silver holds the $17.40 level … fractal analysis shows silver is about to explode higher!! … https://hubertmoolman.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/silver-fractal.png?w=1024

      • paul ...

        Take a look at the chart Stan … https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

        • paul ...

          A move through $18.80 will confirm the fractal chart analysis Stan … and then we are off to the races!!

      • Stan

        Silver is worse than Gold. The world is flooded with Silver.

        • Greg Hunter

          Source and proof please. By the way, when are you going to give me a verifiable name?

    • Jc Davis

      Dollars stan. But i never trusted armstrong. Still dont.

  28. Canadian Prepper


    Interesting interview and no nonsense from Martin as usual. One thing I would question though is he tends to be dismissive of precious metals as a viable option. I would ask that if it isn’t that valuable why does the state confiscate it at every opportunity like he mentioned?

  29. asmith

    I like to listen to Mr. Armstrong, but his assertion that you can’t move large amounts of cash or PM out of the US, as his story about public employees not paying into their pensions, are, in my opinion, canards. Maybe in New Jersey it was difference, but my almost 80 year old retired school teacher sister paid into her pension all her working life and for the first half of her career was significantly underpaid compared to someone in the private sector with her education.

    Since MA says he flies all the time, I’m sure he’s heard of flying private. Landing a private aircraft at a small airport eliminates most of the hassles of flying and I’m sure it’s pretty easy to bribe the custom agent who comes on board and is probably standard operating procedure now in many countries.

    So let’s say the economic crisis has arrived and you have 2,000 troy ounces of gold with a value of $15,000 per ounce. 2,ooo ounces weigh ~138 pounds so you should easily be able to add the gold to your luggage. And at a value of $30 million, I don’t think it would a problem hiring a charter to get where you want to be. Or say you liked silver better and own close to a ton and charter a yacht instead. I think the custom inspections are even more lax, though the cost of transit much higher.

    Now of course, there will be more rogues operating charters, so there is the risk of bodily harm, but if you do your due diligence, hire security, etc., you should be able to make it.

    Or to make it even easier should you wish to leave the US and live near the Canadian border and believe Canadian society will hold up better than the US in the event of crisis, it’s pretty easy to plan your crossing right now. Thousands of Vietnam draft dodgers did it 50+ years ago.

  30. Michelle

    Hi Greg,
    Your new video platform will not play. Says an unexpected error: (reportId: 1dvhamaqi53mnfek0v3)

    Hopefully you will be able to resolve the issue.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s working on my end. Clear your “cashe” (Press “Ctrl” key and the “F5” key at the same time) and/or try another browser.

  31. Arlene Hadzima

    Why is the video screen black? I’m using Internet Explorer. Are they doing something to your site?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s working on my end. Clear your “cashe” (Press “Ctrl” key and the “F5” key at the same time) and/or try another browser.

  32. Matt M

    Phenomenal interview!! Thank you Greg for this poignant and insightful look into the global economy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe the title should have been “Fed Fighting a Losing Battle”?? I was surprised Armstrong was that direct about what the Fed was doing.

  33. paul ...

    If things get as bad here in the US (as in China) … we may be ordered to quarantine ourselves at home (or simply volunteer to do it ourselves) … I hope everyone has enough rice and dry beans stored away to ride out the storm … the H2N2 virus that originated in China in 1956 lasted until 1958 … and the 1918 influenza pandemic caused by the H1N1 virus (the most severe pandemic in recent history) lasted for four(4) years … a half pound of rice and a half pound of dry beans per day should be sufficient for ones family … that adds up to 182.5 lbs of rice and 182.5 lbs of beans per year (or about six 30 lb pails of rice and six 30 lb pails of dry beans) … a thirty pound pail of rice will cost about $50 dollars and a thirty pound pail of dry beans will cost about $40 dollars … total cost for a “one year supply” will be about $600 dollars (so a four year emergency “survival food supply” will cost you $2400 dollars) … best to buy your rice and dry beans in pails (not bags) as mice can eat through plastic bags!!

  34. Matt Jaymes


    The central banks are buying, repatriating gold or both. So that’s exactly what I’m doing, buying gold!



    • Greg Hunter

      Sounds like a good idea Matt!! Don’t forget silver. It’s a deal. (I sell nothing by the way. I just think everybody should have some insurance.)

      • Diane

        Could it be that central banks are buying gold because there could be a situation in the future that a global currency would be backed by gold?

        • Greg Hunter

          You Bet!

    • Dale Georgia

      Read the comment by Joey Romanus here back in 2014. He predicted the Bankers would engineer a pandemic as a scapegoat from themselves who actually crash the economy. The blame will go to the pandemic, not the Bankers.


      • Nick in UK

        Very well remembered and thanks for the link.

        Just imagine what may happen to the silver price if the public become aware of the benefits of collodial silver in light of the current coronavirus situation.

  35. al

    I wish more was said about President Trump stating he wants negative interest rates.
    Lots to think about here.

  36. Bill B

    Zero hedge has an interesting article ” Why Germany is going to war on gold. ”
    I would recommend usa watchdoggers to read the article
    Recently in another article. it was stated that Swedens economy is now 85 percent cashless. I hear nothing on these subjects from those on the left running for POTUS.
    Why the silence?

  37. Lake M

    Armstrong is correct to place the blame on the leaders of government, banks and corporations for our economic dilemma. I was surprised he was so dismissive about gold and its future role in a new monetary system which will be birthed from the collapse of today’s fiat currencies.

    Throughout history, empires collapse due to excess debt. The last 100 years the US deviated from gold and silver being the base of our money, the US Dollar. This enabled the accumulation of debt to current levels which will lead to the destruction of our economy as we know it . The real value of our money, currently represented by the Fed Reserve note or dollar is approaching zero.

    Remember money is used to store excess labor. That’s why money needs to be stable. If not, your excess labor is lost and economy fails to function. The empire total collapse.

    A new system must be devised and implemented. One wonders if that is even possible?
    If gold and silver are not the base for a new monetary regime, then what.. Mr Armstrong?

    If we find ourselves living under a new global totalitarian system, it’s likely our money (savings) will forcibly be converted and moved to a digital platform, with the government then controlling everyones financial life. Welcome to the gulag.

    In fact it’s already happening in Greece, where a new law started in 2020 that requires citizens to spend 30% of their annual income on a bank card. Government’s attempt to
    reign in the black market which is a prominent feature in Greek society.

    We must make sure it doesn’t happen here. We need much less government in our lives,
    from local to global.

    • Gary C

      If your a member of the IMF yo can’t back your currency with gold.
      You will end up getting a digital currency, the head of the Bank Of Canada admitted
      last week they were in exploratory discussion papers with other central banks.

      Translation: Currency Reset

  38. paul ...

    When things go bad … and your life depends on it … it is better to have your gold in hand … rather then depending on someone 3000 miles away to keep their promise to you!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/tether-launches-gold-backed-stablecoin-begins-trading-bitfinex

  39. Auntie Seize

    Excellent interview.
    The money manipulation shenanigans will continue… until they cannot.

    • K.Wayne

      Any time-frames there?
      Consider where we are now (The FED and its $415 BLN in REPO madness) as opposed to the $29 TLN bailout of Wall Street Banks and international counterparties during the GFC. If the FED could bailout to the tune of $29 TLN back in 2008-2010, what is the limit on the current crisis? Open ended…. !!
      Put simply, the FED has control of the Yield curve throughout duration/volume.
      POTUS will get his wish, because that is the only direction rates can go (that’s what I’ve been saying for more than a year now – we are headed to ZIRP and then NIRP here in America).
      This was made abundantly clear by Armstrong (and Greg made absolutely sure about by posing the question more than several times).

  40. paul ...

    An outraged father who worked double jobs to put his daughter through college asks “commie rat” Warren if he will get his money back if she provides a free college education to American children … Hiawatha laughs and say’s: NO! … so now this father will have to provide the funds necessary to educate people who don’t save money for their own education … commies are noted for giving away our money for free … promoting free love … and then have us pay to give free abortions … even to those who are not American citizens or to people like Warren who are disadvantaged American Indians!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/youre-screwing-us-warren-defends-plan-cancel-student-debt-after-father-confronted-her

  41. paul ...

    Hillary and Soro’s team up against Facebook (claiming the slowed down Pelosi video makes her look like she is slurring her words) … I think she always slurs her words … see for yourself … https://thehill.com/policy/technology/445434-facebook-says-it-will-not-remove-doctored-pelosi-video

  42. Mellowbird

    I was hoping for more detailed explanations. Instead he repeated some of his old stories and dodged answering your direct questions, probably because he does not want to release the info he gives to his Socrates subscribers. You handled it well by not showing any irritation or repeating the questions.

    • K.Wayne

      He was held accountable by Greg on a few slightly embarrassing moments though !!

  43. paul ...

    German’s more then any other people know that governments can lose control of fiat money (as the Weimar Republic did in the 1920’s) leading to devastating hyper-inflation … so a new German law “severely limiting the anonymity of citizens’ buying gold” has resulted in panic gold buying by German citizens (with long lines of customers queuing up outside the country’s precious metals shops and gold dealer showrooms) during the last days of December 2019 … ask yourself this question … why does the German Government need to know who owns gold? … Stan likely knows the answer (and is buying Deutsche Bank stock at every opportunity)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/commodities/why-germany-going-war-gold

  44. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview. Martin is always interesting. His book looks like a winner.

  45. messianicdruid

    When it all goes south, some time before November, Trump will have it tied around his neck.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dear atheist “druid”

      Yes spoken like a true Trump hater. You do realize America has $40 trillion in overt and covert debt the day President trump put his hand on the bible to be sworn in? You should be thinking God for him but your god is the black hole of nothingness.


      • T-Train

        Greg, you should quit pointing out the sawdust in others eyes, and worry about the plank in your own eye. Your mouth is writing checks your body will not be able to cash.

        • Greg Hunter

          Are you stupid? What you are saying is nonsensical. This is news analysis. It is free and you are free to go someplace else.

  46. Greg Hunter

    It’s working on my end. Clear your “cashe” (Press “Ctrl” key and the “F5” key at the same time) and/or try another browser.

    • Stan

      Very funny Jerry

    • Mike

      Stans wallowing right now in his gold shorts. he cant get enough of the carnage. he’s too busy to worry about wuhan virus and people in another country dying.

  47. oneno

    Cannot play video.

    Consider posting on flote.app, bitchute.com, or LBRY

    • Greg Hunter

      Change you browser and no on the other platforms.

  48. Barry Colbert

    Greg, why in the HELL do you give the comment section —– sorry, mostly TRUMPTARDS the time of day. Looks like you give lots of responses. Screw them. Your doing just fine.
    I completely disagree with you loving of Trump and his fascist group. What r ya gonna do, each his own I guess. For me, the good times are gone,and I am loaded with PMs. We need 1975 regulations and tax on the .1% – 5% to make a better economy.,force money down to us heathens.
    Take care bro, ignore the haters
    Barry Colbert
    Newark Delaware

    • Greg Hunter

      So Barry are you a Hilltard? So you think Trump should have crashed the economy the day he walked into office instead of setting the economy up and buying time to get the country ready for restructuring?? You don’t even understand what a fascist really is. Fascism based in socialism like Mussolini in WWII Italy. Fascist is an off shoot of Progressivism. Nazis called themselves Progresives in the 1930’s. So, you are pretty stupid, and don’t understand the Dem/Progressive’s talking points that are really all about you weasels in the corrupt, lying, thieving, godless, satanic Dem party. Trump is a man that believes in the Constitution and God. You believe in the black hole of nothingness. Sounds like YOU are the “Tard” to me.

      • Jerry

        It sounds like Barry had his brain rinsed over at the MSNBC sink. You have to forgive him. He’s doing the best he can with what he has to work with. Rachel mad cow? Yikes! I can still see her crying on election night.

  49. FC

    Exactly MG, and that’s how they will deal with the Second Amendment.

  50. Mimi

    Tis is off topic–but need to say this–the reason Natty Nancy held up the impeachment papers for 33 days is–she wanted to sign the phony impeachment papers AT THE SAME TIME that PRES. TRUMP was signing the CHINA DEAL!! Then the NEXT DAY the Dims. funeral procession marched the papers to the Sen. when he signed the USMCA!!
    She planned it that way to take the wind out of his sails—but she failed again!
    This is just my opinion, of course.

  51. Hank Riehl

    Economic condidence plunges in the public sector and as a result money flees the public sector (Treasury bonds/governments) and moves into the private sector (U.S. stocks, gold coins, etc.). Although we may be on the cusp of a small market correction today, U.S. stocks ultimately are a prime beneficiary pf very mobile money and they move much higher. The money flows are from highly troubled places like the EU, notg just the USA. As Armstrong says (paraphrasing his words well before the 10-minute mark) “we are by no means near a stock market peak.” In other areas on his website he mentions DJIA targets of 3200 by year-end 2020, DJIA 42000 and even as nuch as DJIA 60000+ sometime later. For US investors, the bubble is in our Treasury bonds that get sold (meaning higher rates), not U.S. stocks. The Fed has lost control and ultimately, he believes that we need a global fix for global financial markets.

    • K.Wayne

      **** THIS IS A KEY POINT ****
      What Armstrong actually said was that we need to have “major political reform” 40.50.
      He hesitated and stopped short of giving his real view. Its not political reform that’s required when those in Government are beholden to those with the REAL POWER….
      In America (and across the world)…the true power lies in the hands of the BANSKTERS, the Aristocracy and the Corporate Elitists. They are the ones pulling the strings and dictating the Politics of today.
      As to Armstrong’s hesitation (on a number of occasions) …. he knows very well how powerful those Bankers can be and how they can instantly destroy you …… should you take a negative or opposing view of them….hence his deflection to the benign “Political Reform” comment. We know (as does Armstrong)… that we cannot have political reform without removing the Hidden Hand of Government. Its that simple and yet so very complex. The Solution will not come from the so called elected Governments of today…..even Armstrong said they were all clueless (As are the Central Banks).

  52. Mike R

    Confirmed. Chris Martinsen is pretty smart. and honest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=DLu2DaKXdE8&feature=emb_logo
    PHD in
    China has now locked down 30 major cities, including Beijing. LEVEL 1 lockdown. That means no one in, and no one leaves. Thats good news they are taking this seriously. The bad news is its too late, and this has spread across the globe. 4 cases confirmed in AZ. Several in CA, more in IL. The problem is the latency period between symptoms appearing, and people actually recognizing they are in deep doo doo. Its 9 to 14 days. If you are infected, you can spread this for the first 9 to 14 days at least. Imagine how many people get infected. Well I’ll tell you. the transmissive rate is 2.8. Folks thats way worse than Sars. There is no vaccination either.

    Finally, it’s three bullet points that should set off your alarm bells here:

    no one has been vaccinated
    no one has had the disease before
    there’s no way to control the spread of the disease

    Check, check and check.

    Combine those with a high R0 and now you know why China has just clamped down and quarantined 30 major cities.

    So how long can millions upon millions of people in those 30 cities last with no food or water coming in ?????

    The economic impact will be noticeable in China and beyond. The low number of REPORTED confirmed deaths coming out of China is very low. Too low to be believed. You dont lock down 30 cities, where one like Beijing is twice the size of the largest cities in the US, with so few deaths. Millions are likely already infected, and likely thousands have already died. Very little news of this magnitude is likely to get out of China in a timely enough basis, for WHO or the CDC to issue a sufficient warning to arrest the spread world wide. Its tragically probably too late, and we just wont know for a while, until way too many cases show up here in the land of ‘honest’ news. (sarc)
    In our state, every single Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, Pharmacy, etc etc, is completely sold out of N95 masks, purchased mostly by all the chinese population here having received CORRECT news from their relatives in China, and them sending those masks to their family members back home. Except if nothing is going in, or going out, that includes package deliveries, so those too are too little too late.

    US mainstream news might catch up with the seriousness of this, weeks later after they watch Donald get acquitted (while they hoped – and rooted for- he’d be impeached), and at least 100,000 in China have already died.

  53. breamrod

    thanks Greg! I was one of the lucky ones who bought the book. It’s a great history lesson in economics and human behavior.

  54. Mike R

    Coronavirus now confirmed. In every single Chinese province, and 11 other nations.

    They claim 56 deaths.
    I’d say multiply that by at least 100.
    In Wuhan alone, a nurse indicated 10,000 people have already died. Somehow she got her video out to relatives, and they posted it on line somewhere. Have not seen it yet. China will likely sadly imprison her or worse for leaking it. Her video may save millions of lives.

    • Steve Bice

      Hi Mike: This story is moving so fast, my comments may be obsolete by the time they post. But here is my take:

      It is hard to evaluate, given the conflicting reports coming out of China and major health organizations. Perhaps more so than in other situations, the old adage, “Watch their feet, not their lips” is apropos.

      1) Putting 56 million people under quasi-quarantine is a big deal. It has huge economic implications, particularly during the Chinese New Year. One doesn’t close Disney Shanghai (12 million annual visits) until further notice without a compelling reason.

      2) Trying to build a 1300 bed hospital in 10 days is not a normal occurrence…at all. Why not nationalize existing hospitals and convert them to coronavirus care units in the hot zones? 1,300 beds is really a pittance in terms of potential impact if this virus goes pandemic.

      I wonder if the construction of a new facility is more of an attempt to segregate the seriously ill and dying from the public eye. None of this makes sense in terms of routine patient care. Are they planning on building 1,300 negative pressure isolation rooms? I’d love to see the design specs for that…

      3) They are not reacting as you would expect for a virus with an extremely long latency period. Reports suggest that symptoms may not develop for up to two weeks…and patients are infectious during all or most of the period before they show symptoms.

      With the virus emerging in mid-December, this could easily be all over the world, as thousands of asymptomatic coronavirus Typhoid Marys traveled unimpeded in advance of the Chinese New Year. The next generation of silent carriers could already be out there. The wide distribution of cases suggests this could be the case. If so, we will know soon enough, because the number of cases will explode. It is unsettling to think that authorities may know that a pandemic is underway…and simply are not telling the public.

      So, what do we do? Don’t ignore this story. Could you stay at home for weeks or months if you needed to? Each of us must decide what is an appropriate level of preparation for any emergency including an acute pandemic. It is not time for panic…but the lips of the authorities are not in sync with their feet…and that should concern us all.

      The next 10 days to 2 weeks will reveal much about the true nature of this virus (R0 and lethality). If the R0 is 3 or 4 or 14 (as in the wildest accounts), the misery and fear indexes will overwhelm the ability of governmental agencies to shape the narrative. Let’s hope for all of our sakes, this is the one time they are actually telling the truth.

  55. Open Eyes

    Good interview! Thanks for sharing it, Greg!

    • Mike R

      Anything over 3 for R naught, is extremely dangerous. Way worse than Sars, with also a much longer incubation and infectious period than Sars. Simulation runs of virus with these characteristics, showed more than 60 million dead globally. The number of ‘confirmed’ cases china is showing are way low, principally because flu can have same symptoms, and its time consuming to discover and confirm this virus. And to confirm the deaths takes even longer. Thats why if they are only reporting 80 deaths, and 2600 confirmed cases, you can probably figure there are 10 to 30 times each of those numbers in reality. How do we know that those 2 ‘hospitals’ being built in Wuhan 2 weeks flat aren’t really morques and places to do autopsies ??? They probably got bodies lying all over the city, and that nurse that said 10,000 dead in Wuhan, may be closer to the truth. I think the Chinese authorities shutting down 30 cities, is more consistent with 10,000 dead than only 80 dead, and only 2600 confirmed cases. Some serious stuff is going down in China, and they aren’t likely sharing critical details with the outside world. They probably can’t even get a handle on it, its flying so fast. An R naught of 3 or higher, is absolutely scary in a city of 11,000,000 people, and as crowded as most Chinese cities are. Then imagine that those 5 million people who already fled, apparently going back to their rural farms, and spreading it to many other places throughout the entire country. It could take many months before this flares out. even in 2 more weeks, we still might not comprehend how bad this is going to be. Its an exponential to the 3rd power at least.

  56. Open Eyes

    Greg, your USAWatchdog video (non-YouTube) is working fine on Apple iPad.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Open eyes. Thanks for the feedback. I think we have some codding work to do. I got to do this to diversify away from YouTube. You never know when you are going to get the Alex Jones treatment.

  57. Dave

    It will be interesting to watch the markets, gold and silver this week as the corona virus and the Bolton bombshell plays out. The impeachment trial just got news that guarantees witnesses and new evidence will be forthcoming. Some GOP Senators like Braun are criticizing Trump today. My guess is many more than 4 GOP Senators will now vote to call witnesses. Doug Jones is a bellwether. Strong criticism of Trump today. A Dem up for reelection this fall who is showing surprising strength in a traditionally GOP state. Folks thought he was one and done. Maybe not so and not good for GOP as they look right now set to loose a net 5 seats in the Senate.

  58. susan

    Just thought this may be of interest to someone. The bank in my little rural town has been rated one of the most solid and solvent banks in the country. I could go into this, but that is not the point. This is a community of cattle and farms mainly. We have a lot of natural gas wells, too, but agriculture is our mainstay. Well, at the last shareholders dinner, it was reported that dividends are being cut in half. That really shocked everyone. Everyone is reeling from this information. The president said the last two years have really taken a toll on the agriculture community due to the weather. We are doing a lot of praying. Everybody still does that up here.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Susan for your street reporting from you town. What state do you live it?

      • susan

        northeastern Montana.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Susan! Big Sky country.

    • MCasey

      Susan, Just wondering if you are in agreement with the bank president that the reduction in dividends is the result of loses due to the weather? Thank you.

      • susan

        Most of us do agree with the president. While some farmers like to keep up with the Jones’s, most are very diligent. The weather had given the crops a very hard time two years in a row. Most of the board are famers and ranchers so they know what is going on.

  59. Joe T

    We are now headed into the perfect storm and 2020 will likely turn into the worst year for everyone who is alive today.

    Everything is lining up – natural/man made disasters, worldwide conflicts, a potential pandemic that could rival the catastrophic 1918 Spanish flu virus and the pending 2020 US presidential election that whatever the outcome, will not go well with half of the country and could turn violent.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to prepare for all this. It will become the luck of the draw as to who survives this and we are not just talking financially. The day of reckoning is upon us and how it will all end is anyone’s guess. I do believe, however, it will be much worse than anyone can conceive but that is just one man’s opinion. Unfortunately, I have made accurate predictions before that people discounted and was proven to be 100% right. I just hope I am wrong this time.

    • JC

      Joe T, you may be correct.

      “In the coming weeks, G. A. Stewart’s interpretations of Nostradamus’ prophecies gets put to the test. If Donald J. Trump does not get removed from the Presidency by impeachment or coup d’état before the Tokyo Summer Olympics, then my interpretations of Nostradamus’ prophecies are wrong, and maybe life goes on and there is a happy ending for us all. I do suspect that the impeachment will fail to remove Trump, but a coup d’état will not fail. In fact, I suspect that it will be Trump’s impeachment acquittal that will lead to the coup d’état.


    • Joe Doakes


      When they say peace and security?
      ◄ 1 Thessalonians 5:3 ►
      1 Thessalonians 5:3 While people are saying, “Peace and …

      We could be in the calm before the storm? To a lot of people this is, or getting to be, peace and security, think about it. . . ..You’ve been warned. By the master himself!

  60. Lake M

    Theres a story out there saying a US gov. research facility provided a sample virus to a Canadian bio research facility located in Winnipeg,CA which employed a couple of Chinese researchers who may have provided a China biolab located in Huhan with samples of the lethal virus where it may have escaped or dropped in a bowl of bat soup.
    First there was the pig virus, now this virus emerges ??? Very suspicious. Especially the timing. False Flag? Baby Kim has some bioweapons? Has the economic war with China
    just escalated? The media is all over the story, delivering a big dose of fear to the US populace. This has the potential to be a bad ass black swan with major negative repercussions if its the real thing this time. Everyone who’s over 65 can feel comforted that our scientists are busy experimenting with new substances that can specifically cull the weak and elderly, to protect SS and Medicare from going bust? A good old-fashioned
    epidemic just might do it. Or as a scapegoat, something to blame for the faltering economy.

  61. Karrl A

    Martin is wrong about interest rates, they have not been going up…………

    7//29/2019 30year bond……2.592%
    1/26/2020 3o year bond……2.098%

  62. Theta Lion

    Greg….the Chris Martensen interview William Stanley posted above is priceless…… “Chris Martenson (an expert on the subject) gave a good interview about that today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_o624hesB4 ” Chris gave the numbers…..sobering. Everyone should watch it and prepare accordingly. Already have a supply of N95 masks. Ordered my dried elderberries from Amazon tonight.

    Great Martin interview…..he has to grit his teeth to recommend PMs but at least he’s acknowledging they’ll get the job done.

    God Bless

  63. Mike

    Hi Greg

    In the past many of your guests have said:
    When all else fails they take us to war.

    Is it possible the Coronavirus pathogen was created and delivered by the elites and/or CIA/NSA? The elite got to Epstein awaiting trial in a prison facility used for El Chapo, Bernie Madoff as well as other high profile convictions.

    Has anyone raised the possibility a biowarfare covert war may be currently in play? A calculated military and/or elite operation with casualties on both sides that comes with complete deniability with a helpless population crying out to Big Government for economic and health assistance.

    A Conventional and/or Nuclear WW3 would create uprisings, anger, and rebellion within the populace. An unwinnable scenario for the elite and government. A covert top-secret man-made epidemic event would pacify the unsuspecting populace making the reset and transfer of wealth an easy and seamless event. A war no one has previously considered that causes an economic reset, transfer of wealth to the elites and loss of the dollar world reserve status.

  64. Jerry

    Don’t you love it. The fed telling us they’re reducing the repos while injecting more cash.

    It like an alcoholic telling you they don’t have a drinking problem because they’ve switched from quarts to pints. Addictions always have plenty of excuses.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think it so bad that outright lying is necessary to extend the game as long as possible. What is going to happen to the $40 trillion in Chinese debt with this virus???

  65. eddiemd

    One known corona virus case here in Maricopa County in the city of Tempe. A student at Arizona State university which has 40,000+ students. The local media is talking it down stating that the student had traveled to Wuhan and does not live in student housing. I suspect that much is being covered up by the state/county health authorities, the media and the university itself. It may already be too late if this is really a droplet spread infection. No one is demanding accountability. The public is asleep as usual. The light rail transit crosses the campus and many students travel on it from Mesa and Phoenix. Sounds like a good fomite/vector.

    I did a medical student rotation at this facility in 1996 in the virology lab. Quite interesting. At that time the focus was on emerging viral syndromes (FUO) popping out of the Amazon, HIV strains arriving to South America, dengue, Venezuelan Encephalitis (VEE), HTLV-1, and Hep B. The Peruvian river navy based out of Iquitos provided sailors with unknown syndromes. We studied the Machupo and Mayaro viridae.

    Of note is that the Navy website has been taken down. Strange.

    With the technology far more advanced now, it does not take much to alter the virulence of any particular virus.



  66. Mike R

    This guy is good. Chris Martensen – His BS meter on China Wuhan Virus is up there with mine. He’s identified 49 hospitals in Wuhan alone, so lots of beds. Enough to handle 2000 cases, if they were all that serious. Why would they need to be building 2 new hospitals ? He thinks number of cases and deaths, is actually 10 fold what they are reporting. Again much more consistent with China shutting down 30 cities, and making everyone stay home, and not be mobile. Massive feat if you ask me.

    Update #3 last night, on Sunday around 4 pm.


  67. Diane

    Greg or posters, I log on to USA watchdog. com
    Click on your video, and ever few minutes a strange ad comes up.
    Never happened before.
    What can I do?
    I’m on a galaxy 7 android
    Thanks in advance for any tips.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am testing a new video player on the site it’s from a company called Daily Motion. I am testing to try a diversify away from YouTube. You can still go to the Greg hunter channel on YouTube and find the video and paly it from there.

  68. Diane

    Okay, I got on You Tube with no problem.
    I’ll continue to use You Tube for your videos.
    I’ll go to your website to read poster comments.
    Hope you get it sorted out.

  69. tim mcgraw

    I checked Amazon for the book. They say the book is currently out of stock and they don’t know when or if it will be back in stock.
    Nice to see that Lew Rockwell put this interview up on his website.

  70. James Brown

    Greg, Thank you!
    Great interview.
    They have lost control!!! SCARY

  71. Sally A.

    Bob Moriarty at 321gold has posted, regarding a stock market crash, “it’s here and it’s now”. He’d be a good get for an interview. I liked the way he made a too-early prediction on that in the fall and then wrote a piece on how he’d misjudged the timing. That’s integrity. Be interesting to hear where he thinks gold is going in this mess.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bob Moriarty is a good man. He recommends cash as well as gold and silver.

  72. Lon Gilbert


    I can not get the video of this interview….What the hell is going on???? Why do I get a ‘black’ screen and no video??? Does not…NOT happen with any other blog site. If you are telecasting on some other medium….what the hell is it????? How do I get it????

    Lon Gilbert
    [email protected]

    • Greg Hunter

      I am testing a new player on Daily Motion. I still have come coding work to do to smooth it out. You can view it on a different web browser of go to the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u35IIu9FhuE
      So sorry you are having trouble.

  73. GoneWest

    Hi Greg,

    I see you are now using Daily Motion for video. Glad to see you move away from YT, presumably because they demonetize your videos and/or block your feed. Damned censors!

    I don’t mind commercials if that’s how you support your website. However, the Daily Motion player interrupted Martin’s discussion every 4 minutes with the same add each time. Plus the ad had no audio so my perception as a listener was that every 4 minutes your interview just stopped (I am doing other work on the computer while I listen). I then had to click on it to skip over the (silent) ad. I can tell you that this behavior totally interrupted the flow of your interview with Martin.

    I don’t know Daily Motion and its capabilities. But if there’s a way for you to control the presentation to do smoother transitions between the video and the ads, it will greatly improve the experience. If not, I guess we’ll need to get used to it.

    Thanks for all that you do! And Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Best regards,


    PS: Don’t feel like you need to post on the Armstrong thread. Just wanted to pass this information along. Feel free to direct email me if I can help in any way.

  74. regaleagle

    What started with simply a Hitlery defeat 3 yrs ago has morphed into a beast the American people in general had no idea about. Now 3 yrs later just look at all the demonization, theft, and all kinds of evil that have been exposed since Trump took office. Thanks to Greg Hunter and his USA Watchdog site, his background as a professional journalist, and his Christian belief system that WE the People of the USA have this platform each week and an ongoing basis to hear interviews from qualified guests concerning many of the broad spectrum of delemmata now facing this nation and the world at large. Just think where we would be WITHOUT Greg and USA Watchdog.
    IN GOD WE TRUST………Amen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Eagle”!

  75. JohnD

    Fastest selling book on Amazon – how many copies were sold? I find this claim completely bogus and insulting. If Martin said the first edition of 20,000 copies sold in 3 hours then sure. But no mention of the print run. How many copies Martin? I can put a book up on Amazon with 10 copies and claim fastest selling book ever. Cmon we are not idiots

  76. Jerry Falsetto

    I listened to this interview when it was hot off the press and I know what I heard but wanted t0 listen again, and I did. The reason is that Martin is pretty hard to nail down on future market predictions but he is very clear on bragging about the way that he called it. Greg asked him at 7:45 “do you think we are heading for a market crash?”. Martin dodged and Greg let him escape (for a moment). At 14:41 Greg circled back and asked the same question and this time he said (paraphrasing) yeah, a temporary high, a brief correction, record high of all time, NO, we are going to go much much higher. Fast forward to March 18, 2020 and we are down more than 25% and Martin is patting himself on the back and this is what he always does. He should have been screaming GET OUT ! from the roof tops. In short Martin is a fraud. And that’s the way it is.

  77. Colman

    Let us hope that Trump can pull a rabbit out of a hat. My guess is that he more then anybody else can soften the blow and maybe bring our economy back into balance with currency back by gold and silver and make gold and silver money that people can hold and know they actually have something. God bless Greg Hunter for this site.

    • Colman

      I never trusted Martin and put my hope in God and Trump second.

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