Federal Government is a Money Laundering Operation – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Financial expert and investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts contends the Federal Government allows pension funds to be robbed. Fitts explains, “Our pension funds have real money.  Those pension funds basically finance the government and what the government is doing.  So, they buy Treasury securities, and then the government turns around and gives that money to the black budget firms.  It goes down the rabbit hole, and, meantime, what we get back in our pensions is an IOU from the government, which now we owe ourselves.  We are giving up real money, and what we are getting is an IOU from ourselves back.  If you step back and look at it at the highest level, it is a huge money laundering scheme.”

And if you think because you don’t have a pension that this problem does not apply to you, then think again. Fitts says, “The liability that can come back and bite you is enormous.  This is going to roll back and bite you one way or another as a taxpayer, whether federal, state or local.  The other thing is if your parents show up at your door with their pension funds cut and say, ‘Hey, can we live with you?  What are you going to say?  No, you can’t come in?’  You are talking about something that can cut incomes all over your network of friends and family and that will also affect you.  So, this is going to affect you one way or another.”

On President Donald Trump, Fitts says he’s not going away. Fitts points out, “Clearly, purges are happening, and this looks like a major purge is on the way.  We don’t know what it means yet.  I will say this, it seems to me Trump’s position is stronger  . . . and one of the reasons it’s strengthening is if you look at the promises he’s made, he’s doing quite an extraordinary job given the difficulties on delivering on many of those promises.  The challenge is the way he talks and the way he communicates is not presidential. . . . The question in the 2018 election is how’s he going to do?  You need Republicans to pull together. . . . Now that he’s engineered the tax reform and the repatriation of cash, the economy should be relatively strong in the military and corporate sectors. . . . But you still have the middle class getting squeezed.”

In closing, Fitts, who was an Assistant Secretary of Housing in the Bush (41) Administration, says, “The reason why we did the pension fund study is because if we are going to stop the corruption, you have to stop our money being used to finance the corruption. So, you and I have to make sure our money is not financing the thing that’s killing us, and that’s what’s going on.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher of The Solari Report.

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After the Interview:

There is free information on the brand new version of Solari.com. The new website is in the process of coming back on line, and it will be up soon.  In the meantime, the page that says “Our New Solari Report Website is on the Way!” has some links, data and free information like the Pension Fund Report.  So, don’t freak out if you don’t see it, just keep checking back and it will be online soon.



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  1. Rhonda Raymond "noodle"

    Did God choose Trump? What it means to believe in divine intervention
    By Lauren Markoe | January 17, 2017


    Democracy may be based on the principle of “one person, one vote,” but some people who supported Donald Trump believe the Master of the Universe cast the master ballot.

    • Paul ...

      Divine intervention! … yes! … but the “Devil” Citigroup (then threw an albatross around Trump’s neck) … what did Citigroup want from the Trump Administration in the spring of last year (when it provided a $325 million loan to Jared Kushner)? … the Justice Department had just recently charged Citigroup (in May 2015) with criminal felony counts for its participation in a “foreign currency rigging” Cartel … and Justice Department regulators were fining Citigroup (for money laundering and serious felonies) … however after the loan to Jared Kushner the Justice Department announced that Citigroup was being given a non-prosecution agreement (NPA) … admissions contained in the NPA showed Citigroup was involved in illegal transactions with a total value of more than $8.8 Billion … now how can Trump “drain the swamp” with Jared going around making deals “with swamp creatures” getting them off the hook for $8.8 Billion for a measly $325 million??

    • Rhonda Raymond "noodle"

      This one will shoot through!

      Did God choose Trump? What it means to believe in divine intervention
      By Lauren Markoe | January 17, 2017

  2. Paul ...

    When I was a kid … and took a cookie out of the cookie jar … I was too innocent “to think like an evil bankster” … and simply put “an IOU note” in the cookie jar (promising to replace that cookie someday when I grew up and got a real job “instead of living off of others”) … and I could have avoided having my Mom yell out “who stole a cookie out of the cookie jar”! … the current Fed crooks stealing our pension funds learned all about how to take our money and replace it with IOU’s a long ago (from their “money changer” relatives Jesus hated)!!

    • Paul ...

      Although … if I took 21 Trillion cookies out of the cookie jar … and all that was left in the jar was 21 Trillion IOU notes … I bet my Mom would have slapped my hand … just like CA Fitts wants to slap the hand doing the outright theft, fraud and corruption stealing our Pension Funds by “a cookie monster” better known as the Fed! !

    • Arthur Barnes

      Paul, replacing the cookie with an IOU may be immoral but under the deep state’s system its legal, something the learned Ms. Fitts forgot to mention. You can’t out think the bankers, they invented the system of theft, sold it to our esteemed traitors (Congress) for trinkets, and will take any action necessary to maintain the status quo. Its keeps working as long as there is a middle class to rip off, after thy are gone they will have to rip off themselves to continue their wealthy expansions. Frankly, the shrinking & the ultimate demise of the middle class may well be the only way to get rid of the bankers & their deep state/elite supporters. The middle class is much weaker than their statistics indicate and is sliding downward at accelerated speeds. The good news, if there is any, may well be that the once great middle class of America may well decide the bankers fate after all, but it will take their demise to do it!

      • Paul ...

        The demise of the middle class?? … I’m not so sure … the demise of Jesus didn’t do it … it seems God the Father has infinite patience choosing to send his Son to teach and save these people … even Moses had to smash the Ten(10) Commandments when he came down the mountain … because they were already worshiping a “false” God … a God “who prized money and riches” and doing “unethical things” to accumulate as much money as possible was considered “normal business” … like having no moral qualms emptying out our Social Security cookie jar … and now going after our private pension money too!! … enough is enough already!!!

        • Paul ...

          Arthur … as you say … we may not be able to out think the bankers … just as we likely can’t out think Satan with his IQ of 2000+ … but we can still “defeat them” all … by not going along with their evil tricks and schemes … simply controlling our greed (like Christ did in the Garden) and all their evil shenanigans and well thought out globalist plans amount to nothing … and we checkmate them as Trump is doing now!!

    • A. HALL

      Paul- you are 100% correct. I have a connection with one of the elite’s of the world. He has said that within 1 year after any new congressmen are elected they are “bought and paid for” to do the elite’s(banksters) wishes. Thus, the whole of Congress and most top office holders-elected or appointed- are corrupt and work for the fascist/communist take over. Trump is pretty much by himself- working against both Democrats and established
      republicans= plus a corrupt FBI, CIA and justice dept, and not to mention the corrupt media!!!

      • Rhonda Raymond "noodle"

        Not alone Al! He’s not alone and neither are we. Think about that one. Check out Ken Ham in my last post. There were those in the past who seemed alone yet even history still knows them, yet their enemy’s are nameless in the sands of time, forgotten. We are not forgotten, not now or ever. We trust in the one who stiled the waters, still!
        Elvis the pelvis!

      • Silence is Golden

        Trump has the M.I.C. behind him…..don’t forget that!! That still counts for a great deal notwithstanding the other Domestic Terrorists and Traitors you mention who are working in tandem to usurp their power.
        It is interesting how these Reptilians/Luciferians/Fascists/Globalists work….they employ the technique of Entrapment/Illegal Coercion. Many (if not all) Politicians have fallen victim to this game. We know full well about the existence of the Hidden Hand/ Hidden Government/Unelected Rulers.

      • Frederick

        You didn’t need an elite friend to know that fact A. hall it’s so obvious

      • Paul ...

        Trump like Christ … just overturned the Goldman Sachs table … by getting rid of one of their “money changers” … who was promoting “the globalist banksters agenda” … which is still at complete odds with doing “what is right for the American people”!

        • Paul ...

          The banksters may be smart … but being smart does not make a person moral … someone with an IQ of 130 or less (who has morals and ethics) is many times smarter then someone with an IQ of 230 (who has no morals, scruples or ethics) … so ones IQ is not a good measure as to how smart people “really are” … only a measure of how “devious they can be”!!

      • DaDiz

        Yes, and is one of the reasons why only independents should be receiving our votes and absolutely no incumbents.

    • Scout

      Mark Your Calendars. This Sunday 3-11 Cabal Arrests Begin – Spread the Word – Care

      Confirmation Growing – Prepare – Pray – Stay Out Of the Way – No Fear – Support All


  3. John

    Regarding the pornography and pedophelia….

    • Paul ...

      Hollywood should be presenting Academy Awards to the “real actors” … who are best at pedophilia and Satanic rituals (having not only sex with children … but killing and serving them sliced up as appetizers (at their $2500 dollar per plate pizza parties) with a nice warm bowl of “spirit soup” on the side!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      “Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 31:2
      The chiefs of the Church will be backward in the love of God, and several of them will apostatize from the true faith.”

      Yep, totally agree. The Freemasons and Church are amalgamating by stealth in order to create a one world religion. Many priests are freemasons and it was the Vatican that commissioned the Knights Templar to excavate the foundations of the ruins of King Solomon’s temple. Here they resurrected and restored the lost arts of alchemy and sorcery. This is why Freemasons trace their roots back to king Solomon’s temple and it is from this lineage that they derive their spiritual power.

      • This sceptred Isle

        This comprises the western arm of the spiritual conspiracy

        • Old Ranger

          TSI, Do you know the Mason handshake?

          • This sceptred Isle

            thumb on knuckle?

        • Paul ...

          The Vatican tables (that also deal in money laundering, drugs, pedophilia, etc., etc.) must also be overturned!! … regular Christians won’t do it … we need someone like Jesus with the Holy Spirit of God the Father within him to do it (Trump??)!!

        • This sceptred Isle

          “also known as the Order of Solomon’s Temple, the Knights Templar or simply as Templars, were a Catholic military order recognised in 1139 by papal bull Omne Datum Optimum of the Holy See.[4] The order was founded in 1119 and active from about 1129 to 1312.”


  4. Anthony Australia

    So tired of getting screwed over. We can create whatever reality we want and this is the best we can do!

    We are all completely stuffed no matter what.

    Outrageous that we have to endure the suffering of worthless beings.

  5. Anthony Australia

    Love one another. This is free to do!

    • G. Donnelly

      Yes Tony but as Bob Hawke used to say, don’t get caught till after the election, old son!
      60 Minutes, Australia!
      Bob Hawke and Blanche d’Alpuget – “Endless Love” (2017) [1080p] [HD]

      • Anthony Australia

        Classic, thanks.

  6. Bondo

    Central States (Teamsters) stole my pension. Don’t believe it isn’t happening. If you are under age 55, you better not be counting on a pension, social security, or retirement benefits. (I wouldn’t be comfortable with a 401k either.)

    • Paul from Indiana

      Bondo, they asked a famous bankrobber why he robbed banks, and his answer was, “That’s where the money is!” So… right now in the US, where is the real money? So where is the government going to go? It’s a form of bail-in. What I am going to say is likely unpopular, but it is going to be easier, quicker, and more effective for us to just let this whole thing fail than it is trying to reform/fix it. It’s too far gone. Best always. PM

      • Frederick

        Yup No doubt they are after our pension money First they go after lunch the guns and then the pension money

      • allen ols


        Jim Willie says 5 countries, gold backed currencies dollar euro yuan yen british pound will come soon.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Paul, I wholeheartedly agree! Regards, a b

    • Winston smith

      Deliberate pension underfunding is nothing more than a wealth transfer mechanism virtually all public pensions could not withstand a ten percent downturn in the market for three months without going belly up, most within forty to forty five days

  7. Silence is Golden

    Remarkable insight from CAF. I applaud you for bringing her back on.
    The state of the Global Pension Fund Crisis now implies…
    – Self Sufficiency
    – Self Dependency
    – Self Reliance.
    The world has devolved into Feudal System: Version 2.01.
    This is The Industrial Revolution post modern era …where the riches of society are NOT shared equally amongst the citizens. The Lords/Kings …the Elite….the Unelected Rulers…the Aristocracy… want to ensure that “The Workers” are not rewarded and remain in serfdom for their natural life. They will achieve this end by any and all nefarious means.
    Catherine is 100% correct…. it will bite you where you least expect it. Everyone suffers …except those that devise such systems. Her example provided on the Solari report (GE)…stands testament to the actions of this Demonic Inbred Race.

  8. Mark Billings

    How under funded are the Pension Funds ?
    California pension funds are so underfunded that there is a
    need to increase taxes in most if not all California municipalities.
    That means higher sales taxes, real estate taxes, license fees.
    When are these politicians going to realize that they are driving
    people out of the state by having the private sector support the
    public sector? Many other states are facing this same issue as are
    private sector pension funds. The major reason that the stock market
    has been on this nine year unicorn fantasy melt up is because of the
    pension funds. If the stock market takes a major hit for any prolonged
    period of time it is truly game over for the pension funds. Most if not
    all pension funds are working off a 6-7% assumption projection of
    annual return. That also does not include the skimming that the managers
    take as their “cut” to manage the fund(s). So if you are planning on collecting
    a fat juicy pension or two, you better rethink your plan cause odds are it won’t
    be there to collect.

  9. Jared


    I can only hope Trump realizes he has the power to be a modern day Andrew Jackson and he will act accordingly to destroy the Federal Reserve and the evil bankers behind the scenes!


    • Silence is Golden

      Wishful thinking Jared.

      • Paul ...

        Wishful thinking? …Trump has put an outsider (Powell) in as Fed Chief and just got rid of his Goldman Sachs economic advisor … so perhaps there is some hope … that Trump will be be a modern day Andrew Jackson who will “destroy the Federal Reserve and the evil bankers behind the scenes”!!

        • Silence is Golden


          • Paul ...


  10. Elusive Joseph

    Hang ’em High

  11. Bernie Google with the Goo Goo Googlie eye's

    “Meet John Doe” is about a “grassroots” political campaign created unwittingly by a newspaper columnist with the involvement of a hired homeless man and pursued by the paper’s wealthy owner. It became a box office hit and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Story. It was ranked #49 in AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Cheers. It was the first of two features Frank Capra made for Warner Brothers, after he left Columbia Pictures.
    A reporter (Barbara Stanwyck) writes a fictitious column about someone named “John Doe,” who is distraught at America’s neglect of the little people and plans to kill himself by jumping off the city hall roof in protest. The newspaper then finds it has to hire a ballplayer-turned-hobo (Gary Cooper) to pose as John Doe. In a series of radio addresses by Doe written by (Stanwyck) and bought and paid for by publisher D.B. Norton (Edward Arnold) with fascist leanings, like youtube’s Google today. Doe then captures the public’s imagination. When he finally realizes he has been used, Doe comes to his senses and becomes the man he never knew he could be, by really jumping off city hall!

    A Free Press Means A Free People!_

    The southern poverty law firm has been hired by Google to put us all into poverty! Because the United States without a free press means a dis United States in poverty. Poverty of a once free people, in slavery of fascist thuggery helots, a lot of heels!

    The fascist bullies took free speech out of our University’s. Now Google wants free speech off the INTERNET, starting with youtube as the test case and then were all next.

    Meet John Doe was written as a warning to the people of the United States against Fascism sweeping Europe in the last century and now threating the whole wide world in the 21st. That warning is sounding out all over again and fascism will disastrously and disarmingly fail once again Google!

    Meet John Doe – Full Movie – GREAT QUALITY PRINT (1941)
    Watch it now before Google gives it three strikes, your out!

    • Botswana Don

      YouTube attacked over Neo-Nazi National Action video
      7 March 2018_ Fascism On The March!

    • susan

      Bernie Google, I have to jump in here and also encourage everyone to watch “Meet John Doe”. It is excellent!

  12. Jerry

    The curtain on this economic soap opera is about to come down.

    The purge that CAF is talking about is taking place right in front of you on the stock market. Between now and the 26th you will see the central banks literally squeezed to death between a dollar sell off and a stock plunge. With liquidity beginning to seize up inside the central banks all of the traditional escape routes have been cut off.

    FYI- What we really have going on right now is a “quiet bailin” occuring inside the banking system. Even my bank has a sign on the drive through window that says there are limits on the amount of funds that can be withdrawn. Why? It’s obvious they dont have enough liquidity to meet the demand. Pensions are just the tip of the iceburg.

    • Jerry

      These are the sounds of the last Trump. Not Donald.
      Traditionally shofor horns ( spelling may not be correct)were blown in ancient Israel announcing the approach of a king.

      • Mohammad

        The false one?
        Or the real one?


        • Jerry

          The only “ ONE”.

          • Mohammad

            The only ONE will descend in Damascus not in Jerusalem..!


      • JC


    • JMiller


      I have to believe that the sign at your bank’s drive through window is referring to limiting the amount of physical cash one can withdraw.

      • Jerry

        They can’t even cash a $5000. Check. That used to be considered chump change.

        • JMiller


          It is obvious that you are talking about getting $5000 in physical cash. I myself can get as much physical cash that I want from my bank. Just not all of it in the same day that I ask for it and may be not without some cost to me to have the it deliver it to the bank.

    • Bob

      They don’t have infinite cash at bank branches.

      One told me that to make a large withdrawl of for example $100,000 you had to warn them in advance so they could make sure they have enough cash on hand.

      Normally this isn’t a problem. In a bank run it is a problem.

      A former reserve bank governor of NZ, Alan Bollard wrote a book about the GFC. The most remarkable things I remember are:
      – He had bank staff reading the Internet 24/7 to “find out what was going on”.
      – He printed 100,000 extra $100 notes to distribute to banks to prevent a bank run. It worked, according to him.

      Then it all blew over, he wrote his book, he retired – and that was that.
      And here we are still waiting for the big one.

  13. Chris Foster

    The Stolen money is never coming back. I like Catherine lot, but all of these trillions of stolen money is never coming back. It is in the thieves hands!!! Once the money was stolen, it was spent on “Whatever” black budgets, whatever. This system is coming down in a very bad way. That said, Buy Gold and Silver bullion bars and coins. And pray. cheers….

  14. Diane

    Thank you for all you do, Catherine and Greg!
    People like you will help us all build a
    HUMAN WORLD, instead of an inhuman world.
    Keep telling the truth!!!!!! Fear not!!!!!
    I am a SOLARI report subscriber and a supporter of USA WATCHDOG.
    Support Catherine and Greg with your prayers
    and donations.

  15. Rob

    Catherine is right we do have a hole in our bucket(bag) and God put it there:

    Haggai 1:5-6 Now therefore thus saith Jehovah of hosts: Consider your ways. (6) Ye have sown much, and bring in little; ye eat, but ye have not enough; ye drink, but ye are not filled with drink; ye clothe you, but there is none warm; and he that earneth wages earneth wages to put it into a bag with holes.

    Catherine is right the USA is run by a bunch of children and God put them there:

    Isaiah 3:4-6 And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them. (5) And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbor: the child shall behave himself proudly against the old man, and the base against the honorable. (6) When a man shall take hold of his brother in the house of his father, saying, Thou hast clothing, be thou our ruler, and let this ruin be under thy hand;

    Think about it for a minute. If adults with the cognitive reasoning of children are ruling over us doesn’t it stand to reason they become pedophiles because of their need to find someone to associate with who makes their bloated egos feel greater?

    Please read Revelation chapter 18 because that is the destiny for America in the next decade after Father through His Son Jesus pulls out His children after the tribulation:


  16. G. Donnelly

    Greg, Popular Science or Mechanics covered one of the new space weapons called the Rods of God. It’s thought that when China had the gigantic explosions that left a crater that became a small lake in an industrial section of I think Beijing, China the US. was saying don’t mess with Texas.

    • Chet

      Wow – great vids. Thanks, G.D.

  17. Roger D

    Yes, pension funds are being robbed. Yes we must stop the corruption. Yes we, you have to stop financing that which is killing us.

    But do folks who call themselves conservatives really believe this? Wake me up when they end 27 years of perpetual wars in the Middle East!

    • Paul ...

      It may wake everyone up … if Trump can actually begin to reduce the number of US Military Bases around the world (to under 1000) … imagine what those bases are now costing us US Taxpayers … say $.5 Billion is spent every year for each of them … ($500,000,000 x 1000 = $500,000,000,000 ) that’s $0.5 Trillion dollars we can deduct right off our foreign exchange deficit!!

  18. Mr. Byrd

    This is an important interview. But Greg, you need to think a bit about who Catherine is talking about when she says “”I think you have foreign intelligence services that have had way too much influence and freedom to operate in the United States, you know as part of their syndicate relationship with people like the Bushes and the Clintons.” Wake up Greg! She is NOT talking about the Russians.

    Catherine then goes on to emphasize the “control files” on pedophilia. Again, she is not claiming that the “Russians” are behind this control file network. She doesn’t come right out and say it. However, the suggestion is that the individuals who are exercising these control files are the same as those who have had “too much influence and freedom to operate in the United States.”

    Something to think about.

    • Jallen

      Mr. Byrd,
      Are you talking about the MOSSAD?


      • Frederick

        Sure would appear that way How many of them were arrested on 911 and released to return home after Chertoff interviewed on their behalf The US is infested with these people and has been for a VERY long time people

    • William

      Mr. Byrd, thank God for someone paying attention here.

      Do the rest of you have a clue? She is talking about the Israelis.

      • sk

        A clue? Many of the rest are Hoffer’s “true believers”. I quote “,The facts on which the true believer bases his conclusions must not be derived from experience or observation, but from the holy writ….It is the true believer’s ability to shut his eyes and stop his ears to facts that do not deserve to be either seen or heard, which is the source of his unequaled fortitude and constancy. He cannot be frightened by danger, nor disheartened by obstacle, nor baffled by contradictions, because he denies their existence. Strength of faith as (Henri) Bergson pointed out, manifests itself not in moving mountains, but in not seeing mountains to move. And it is the certitude of his infallible doctrine that renders the true believer IMPERVIOUS to the uncertainties, surprises, and the unpleasant realities of the world around him.” What say you all?

        • Charles H


          Why would you solicit an unbeliever to describe a believer? All this does is provide a platform for portraying believers as ignorant and obstinate. Nothing is farther from the truth.

          Believers make a choice between a document of Divine origin; and the misstated, or misinterpreted pretensions of ‘science’, so called. The VALUE of each system of knowledge speak for themselves. The divine, or Holy Bible has for centuries proven itself in spiritual and moral term without impeachment. Science has lied and changed it’s mind, or altered theories all along. Some day they think they will get it right; just as they think they will reach godhood – for which they are consistently WRONG.

          As a “true believer: I am certainly NOT impervious to the realities of the world around me. I work, and save, and suffer disease and disability the same as all do. But as one who knows from experience the teachings of the Bible: they are practical and good in this life; and eternally profitable in the next. I tire of those demonizing the divine: mainly because they are ignorant outsiders who only sense the indictment of difference. I have had operations go well; and others leave life-long suffering – medical science. I have suffered at the hands of other true believers: there is no perfection in this life. Nevertheless: a true, born-again Christian enters into a sphere that science can never follow. Christians, on the other hand, can learn and use science as it suits them. True believers then exist and work in BOTH worlds, the spiritual and the Natural. Science only muddles and meddles in the Natural – so which then is truly inferior?

          Christianity only reject science where it contradicts the Holy Bible – we are free to judge and believe and use of science what proves true or useful. Science off-handedly rejects Christianity as ignorant superstition. The presumption and ignorance of science to lambaste what it does not know by experience, when it bases it’s foundation on experience of repeatable phenomena: is ironic hypocrisy too deep to words.

          Those who are truly “saved” – may lament their outnumbered and out-gunned place in this world; the trial and tribulations of adhereing to authority and principles higher than themselves: but NO ONE ever regrets the event of becoming Christian. There IS a peace of God and a peace with God that the world cannot know. Lamentably – those who will shut their eyes and stop their ears to the Gospel of Jesus Christ – will find their imperviousness to be their own undoing in the eternity to come.

          • William

            Same goes for you. Look at the facts and get off your ass and do something other than hide behind the “writ” get out in front, pave the way for his return.

            “I tire of those demonizing the divine”…blah blah…A bit judgmental are we?

            You have no idea who I am or what I do, I am choosing to stand and fight with the Lord using my own mind and body.

            If and when he shows up, I’ll be the one of many standing next to him.

            • Charles H


              I am a twenty-year veteran missionary in the Third world of Mexico. I left my comfort-zone long ago to do battle where it counts; where God called me.

              You certainly are right – I don’t know who you are or what you do. I can only respond to what you write or share. I can only ‘presume’ by the material you present that it seems good to you to “throw down” on true believers; then take up the moral high ground when challenged on it.- even if it by agreement to sk.

              The matter of His return is not “if or when”: for it is certain. I, again, do not understand this stance for a believer.

              Maybe you and sk are a couple of Apostate birds-of-a-feather. Either way – I still defend the Faith once delivered to the Saints (Writ); and I have earned the right to so do by a sacrificial life of service. And, yes – I still tire of those who demonize the Divine: there’s no blah, blah, blah – or yahdee, yahdee, yahdee about it. Keep your ridicule and confused material – or embarrass yourself publicly. Your choice.

        • William

          Just as I suspected, someone who ignores what is right in front of his face and is afraid to use his OWN mind to see the truth. God gave you a brain and strength, why? To use it.

          He can’t do everything. They have altered everything about his teachings. Look at our corrupt society. Look at who is behind all of it. Look at the bankers, the msm, the dual citizens in our govt., those that run Hollywood, the porn industry, the gambling, the sports, etc. Step up and help him, not hide. Sitting on your ass waiting for his return is not the way to solve this problem.

          It is easy for you to attack me and what you do not wish to see. This lady has all but laid it out for you.

          God help’s those that help themselves. Frankly, I am a “true believer” in the fact that he wants our help…and maybe needs it.

      • Paul ...

        Yes! … but don’t forget the Saudi’s and their syndicate relationship with people like the Bushes and the Clinton’s … and the Chinese also wield a big purse to bribe Congress to do their bidding! … the problem we have … is “moral degenerates” run for political office with the idea of becoming filthy rich … who supplies them the money is irrelevant … what we need is 500 Jesus Christ’s in Congress who can’t be tempted with offers of fabulous riches by the Satanists! … it is not impossible … we got one in as our President (Trump)!! … and he’s already got all the evil snakes squirming!!!

        • William

          The Saudi’s do what we tell them. We do what the Israelis tell us.

    • Silence is Golden

      ….”way too much influence and freedom to operate in the United States”….this applies to many different groups.. not just foreign intelligence.
      But CAF is getting to the crux of the matter nonetheless.

      • William

        It is only one. They control everything that you are allowed to see…and these days, the holes are being shot in their lies every hour.

    • marcus

      Totally agree , quiz her on her expertise, we all know your pressure points, and opinions about Trump……but as she said I think he got to become president from support of the Military….. te guys with the space weapons……. The Rod Of God…….Now is he the same God as yours Greg…….worry about those secret weapons Trump can put his thumb on.

      • Paul ...

        When evil is totally out of control … God the Father “pressed the red button” and put a “Nuclear Hot Rod” right up the backside of all the Sodom and Gomorrah perverts … I wouldn’t worry so much about Trump’s finger on the button … as God the Father’s!!

  19. Tomm

    Thanks for having CAF on again. She’s is my favorite guest. Every time she is on I hear something new, something that no other guest has said and something that isn’t a reiteration of her previous interviews. She is an original thinker.

  20. Dblu

    Did I hear Catherine say she doesn’t think President Trump needs to get rid of all of these criminal politicians? I agree with much of what she says, but I really don’t know how to evaluate that statement because she didn’t give her logic behind her thinking. I want to know – I need to know – why not get rid of the criminals and take them to trial. As she likes to say, she’s “got some ‘splainin’ to do.” Have her on USA Watchdog again soon, Gregg.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Plus Trump is such a hypocrite. He uses women for his equipment and discards them like trash. Just ask Stormy Daniels the porn star who he gad sex with numerous times while he was married so all that talk of him being such a loyal Christian and all that falls flat. Greg, I know you wont have the balls to publish this cause the truth hurts doesn’t it ? Do not worry. 2018 midterms are coming soon and its going to be an avalanche of victory for our liberal base. We are tired of being ruled by white middle aged white male buffoons who care nothing for anyone but white male privilege. Women are standing up and ready to go to war !

      • Greg Hunter

        The only thing the lying cheating Dems have is voter fraud and election fraud. You don’t have a single idea that will help American citizens. NOT a ONE.

        • Diane

          That’s the God’s truth.
          Thank you Greg

      • Frederick

        Hahahaha Gina has her war boots on Bring it Ms. Snowflake

      • Clive Bondi and that aint no beach

        Gina your as phony as a $3.00 dollar Bill, Clinton.
        We all know your a spook. You monitor this site to know how much we the people know about you guy’s. No other site does that for you. You fear us and should! It’s got you guy’s in so much trouble and were not even colluding with ourselves! We hope you have a my pillow so at least you can get some zZ, sleep. The only smart thing about you goof balls is being here, except for the lying flapping trap, Clapper! Living a lie has made him into Yoda, without the brains of course, only the looks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9t-slLl30E
        G, you have failed to fool us all the time, some of the time. As Scotty would say on the USS Enterprise, fool the American people once shame on you, try to fool us again and again and again, then were gonna have to get you and please Giner, don’t ever try take this site down again. It’s not lady like

      • Russ McMeans

        Gina! You’re back! Nice! So we all know that the Donald has his shortcomings, but since a lot of us us voted for the m’fker, he now has “executive privilege” ….. yes! Just like every other President before him. And that includes Bill, Bush and Obama. SO IS TRUMP’S ‘privilege ‘ better than the other presidents??? NO! But it’s EQUAL….. do you get it???

      • Jerry

        You kill me. A Clinton bootlicker talking about morals . It’s like hearing a nun talk about sex. LOL !!

      • Old Ranger

        Can you prove it? Trumps buddy said he did it of his own volition. Trump says like Sgt. Schultz, he knew nothing. What we do know is Trump didn’t sign any papers. That’s what Desert Storm says. Sounds like to me if I knew some porn star was trying to bamboozle me, i’d at least sign dem papers, baby doll!

      • Paul ...

        Gina … With all the Demon-rat pedophiles out there that are taking our children “against their will” … having sex with them … then killing and discarding them like trash … you want us to feel sorry for a porn star? … who “voluntarily” screw’s people for a living??

        • Paul ...

          And what about the Demon-rats using women as equipment to produce all those aborted babies used and sold for their organs? … your claim that Trump is “using a women” who is a “professional sex toy” … also falls flat … if you still have problems … try looking at men “using sex toys” as a form of “birth control” (to prevent their wives from having an abortion)!!

      • Charles H

        A world without white male buffoons? Is that anything like South Africa without white Afrikaner farmers? I think I have a contender for the root of evil in this world! Instead of the love of money: it might be the pursuit of not being careful in getting what you want in life. It takes character and discipline to determine good things in life. Regurgitating the mantra of disorganized thinking – hardly fills that bill.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Be careful in those heels!

      • Justn Observer

        And that will be just fine Gina– bring it on ! lol…but likely we will not see your or your ilk at any of the Military Recruitment centers ! lol And why is it ya’all do not demand to be given a draft card? No one defends the ‘conduct’ you are suggesting…yet…that is nothing new…in the historical scheme of things? Ask YOKO ONO ! LOL I notice you speak nothing of Hillary’s or Eleanor Rosssevelts ”’relationships”… Nor do you mention the percentage of ‘odd’ lavender relationships in Wash. AC/DC… of which I will only state… which ever you are…do not let the ‘fact you are’ become a point of bribery via the ‘blue lighting’… It is that ‘dishonesty’ that leads to being compromised and ripe for bribery… As for the ”’white priviledge’ thing… laughable. An Alinsky and Marxist ploy…as is all of pitting women against men… race, and class – as being victims one of the other… What women do …is spend in inordinate amount of money and time looking and dressing as to be a desired or attracting being …and trained from an early age to use seduction… which if ‘white men’ in U.S. were as you say…you might end up being treated as in some Muslim, China or African nations…If you’d like this country to degrade to that level….be advised… ””white privileged”’ men might just side with Muslim brothers views at least in some respects…and the only ‘safe zone’ seen thereabouts -is the Green zone….last I looked. Count your blessing – Gina ! Or maybe it’s just ‘lucky stars’…you can contemplate where those came from later ! lol

      • Tad

        “We are tired of being ruled by white middle aged white male buffoons who care nothing for anyone but white male privilege. Women are standing up and ready to go to war !”

        Apparently white, male buffoons can only be Republicans, not Democrats.

      • CODE PINK

        You go girl ! Spot on ! But ladies ? Let’s not get mad. Let’s get even and then lets take everything from them. We finally outnumber the guys in college so we are on course to overwhelm the best jobs and break all the glass ceilings. We control most of the monetary wealth and can divorce them and put them on the hook. Lots more fireworks to look forward to. Oprah ! Hillary “3rd time is a charm” ! Kamala ! and the list goes on and on. Lets organize like never before and put these deplorables on their heels ! Unless you are being serviced by a man for your own pleasure, keep your vaginas closed !

        • sk

          Zipper or buttons? LOL

        • Charles H

          Misogynistic rule? Dream on. Divorce them and put them on the hook? Go ahead and ruin the best thing women ever were given: marriage. Well, men aren’t marrying women for that very reason. MGTOW has got a lot of traction.
          After you have worn yourself down with work, to pull your own weight. Get yourself in a jam – and find out just how much camaraderie there is between females: you will hit the wall and face life very lonely. All because you don’t understand where what you want will lead you. Besides – the people who brought you Abortion and Birth Control: will replace your sexual service. Men will find better satisfaction in the technology to come.

  21. Da Yooper


    The next time you have CAF on could you ask her where she stands on a complete comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve. I have listened to her for some time & would like to hear her answer answer to that very question.

  22. STFB

    Catherine is my favorite of your guests Greg… Thanks again

  23. Lake M


    Thanks for having Ms Fitts on USA Watchdog. It is always interesting to hear her perspective on the global milieu.

    The idea that the repatriation of cash will energize the domestic economy is not reliable..
    More like political/cultural propaganda.

    First, the government will get their cut up front for a quick boost in revenue. Then what does the corporation do with the remaining cash? The FED will have plenty of Treasury bonds for sale. Stock buybacks, dividend increases, wage increases, debt reduction, increase savings, mergers and acquisitions and plant equipment capex are most of the choices available to companies involved. If there is any left, it will trickle down to the average worker. That new cash will likely go to the financial and insurance sector as US consumer debt is at a record high at $3.1Trillion. That is auto loans, student debt and credit cards. It will unlikely boost income or create good paying jobs.

    The elite have all the cash folks. They aren’t going to give it back.

    They are likely to continue to invest in machine technology, artificial intelligence and medical technology that will provide unthinkable life extension for those able to afford it. One can see why the idea of culling the population is popular with the 1% crowd.

    Ms. Fitts would be likely correct regarding how things could turn out more positive if there exists a secret energy technology that has been hidden in order to promote fossil fuel commodities when a much cheaper and reliable source was available. There may be other technologies hidden away as well but cheap energy would be monumental. Ms Fitts mentioned the US Space force a couple of times during the interview.

    When trying to figure out what’s going on in the world and to judge what may occur in the near future, I try and remind myself, that what we do not have the privilege of knowing
    could easily destroy what we think we know and understand.

  24. Mickey

    the fraud in pensions is there. She outlined it in wage spiking. All of a sudden someone who was earning the equivalent of 70k a year for 30 years gets extra hours etc to push it to 80 or 90k and its rampant.

    Then there is double dipping- someone gets two public workers pensions by working 25 years at each jobs. Retire at age 70 and get more than twice your average salary.
    Then there is drain from investments and fees.

    So were else is the drain?
    the funds are far underfunded because people were promised high benefits; part of that was they usually would go on strike for higher wages and there money was not there so higher and higher pensions were promised.
    elected leaders are under the same pension system s the more others got, the more the elected leaders would get.
    But the leaders forgot to tell taxpayers they should have been paying more for these pensions going back 30-40 years ago and if so, they the taxpayers might not have been so quick to end school strikes.

  25. Lake M

    Athens, Greece
    Digital Cash Collection forced on business owners

    A new rule created by the Greek government to force digital cash on the population to attempt to stamp out tax evasion. 58 service professions were chosen and they will all
    be required to have a credit card payment machine to process their clients payments.
    The fine is $1500 euros for failing to comply.

    This is a premiere goal for many of the financial elite (like Visa) here in the US. Seems like the population doesn’t care. They better wake up…. if the deep state gets its way in creating a digital cash society, freedom as we know it will have gone extinct. Its probable a fee will be charged for every debit and credit on every account.

    Today Greece, tomorrow the USA?

  26. G. Donnelly

    Remember John Kerry? The Guy who couldn’t keep his mouth shut?

    2015 WW3 Update:John Kerry warns US dollar to lose reserve status =Shooting war
    Watch some of these threads! You can see the tangle were about to get T angeled in again! Don’t mess with TEXAS!

  27. Jim

    While we are talking money: Who buys the bonds to keep Illinois, Chicago, California and similar operations running? I wouldn”t think seasoned investors would, or do they to get the small untaxed return? In the event of default no way would the bond insurance dollars stretch enough to cover the abyss in my opinion. What would these types of bond ratings be without the insurance? Are these bonds subsidized or made possible by off budget Washington transactions or other manipulations. Where is the money coming from to keep the entities operating. State comptroller for IL said they could no longer cover their bills months ago.

  28. Mohammad

    Obviously, 2018 elections will be the make or break of either sides of the stand off depends on which way it will go, if Russian meddling is the big concern, then WHY THE F%$# THEY DO NOT VOTE WITH PAPERS and put this matter to rest?


    • JC Davis

      You got that right ! Why cant we vote at our banks ? Get a paper trail that we could see our vote was counted correctly. Also let us vote for 2 months, and counting should be mandatory 3 weeks min. They have no intention of a fair vote. Its not who votes its who counts the votes. We have not had a election that has not had voter fraud. No change expected.

  29. JC

    21 million lost money are not lost but it is in the hands of sheiks in Arabia.

    • allen ols


    • Frederick

      Yeah sure It’s ALL in the Arabs bank accounts Well you are close JC

  30. John M.

    My fear is that the Globalists do have the covert capabilities to carry out and disguise a first-strike nuclear attack upon Russia. Russia would then be forced to retaliate with a full counter-strike against America.
    We must assume that the godless Globalists have spent some of that 20 trillion-plus (missing money) on space-age weapons of mass destruction (satellites, missiles, subs, etc) , in addition to funding ISIS, Al Qaida, opium sales and distribution, Mexican drug cartels, child sex trafficking, fantastic state-of-the-art orgies, etc. etc.

    • Justn Observer

      NOT SO SURE….THEY HAVE HAD TO TOW THE LAST FIVE AEGIS DESTROYERS HOME….LASER GUIDED MISSILE DEFENSE …KA PUT ? Pacific sub-cable lines cut to allies? China owns 60% plus of FED… Your last paragraph might have been the only ‘cash flow’ keeping the U.S. going? And with Trump trying to clean that mess up…maybe a few well placed nukes say —WASH.D.C , NYC, SEATTLE , SF and a host of others could be seen as a good thing? lol Not likely – and I do love my countrymen…so would not like to see it…but…all the wisha would a coulda…and the fretting about when the ‘collaspe’ – MORALLY- we already have! Ethic following like a dog on a scent…shark to blood in the water…. And we expect the current ‘leadership’ to guide us out of the mess? Those that put the U.S. into this mess ! Like all ‘fundamental transformations’….they will need a scapegoat….it appears they have chosen Christians and ‘the white privilege class’… Take heed….once the 2nd Amendment goes the ’round up’ will start ! As will the ‘pre-crime’ thought police !

  31. ken

    They did the same to Social Security. Is it now important because ‘government’ pensions are at stake? Maybe Miss Catherine can explain why we always hear SS needs cut verses we have to save government pensions.

    • Frederick

      The very LAST thing SS needs is cuts Its nearly impossible for many to survive as it stands right now are they insane?

  32. Julia

    Thank you for the interview. To be truthful I really don’t care if Europe is laughing at us. Doesn’t Ms Fitt’s know we are laughing at them? Look at the mess they are in. I am glad President Trump speaks as he does. At least he is not a fake. Maybe we prefer the deceitful speech of President Obama. (Europe laughed at him also). As for the criminal enterprise called the Federal Govt, the truth is America is collapsing because the people are corrupt.. Fraud by the people completing mortgage applications, fraud by Home School parents filling in the paperwork, fraud, fraud fraud as far as the eye can see. Who is the One really laughing? Ps 2 says its God. I agree with Rob and Silence is Golden above and you Greg who constantly say to us…. Never fear God is in charge. Secondly be prepared emotionally, financially and most importantly spiritually.

  33. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Catherine is right-on. And the only way to start getting our country back is NO INCUMBENTS. Never vote for any incumbent ever again. Forget political parties. Make your district representation a paid community service for ONE term. Then they have to come back to their neighborhood and live with whatever they voted on.

    • Flattop

      Edward U Cate
      Right on Bro, I am praying the Nov election will bring honest, sincere God fearing new people into our congress. Whoever is now in office, send them back home so they can experience living under all the stupid laws they created.

  34. David

    “Our pension funds have real money….”
    How can that be when every US dollar is based on debt? The entire economy is a Ponzi created through factional reserve banking and the issuance of debt by the government. Fitts, like many other guests, won’t acknowledge this fact. There is no way the country survives with such a structural defect. And Trump is doing absolutely nothing substantive about it. He hasn’t renounced the Fed or lifted a finger to reign in the banks. Like all other presidents he’s a shyster who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

    • William

      There are pension funds that actually had real money in them. It was money put in by an employer or an employee after taxes were paid to the feds. The interest used to be good when we had a real system…or a least a reasonably real system. Not this inflationary paper environment. Want to know what is valuable? Look at the real things that they don’t value well in dollars. It is to discourage you from having anything that will save your life. Paper doesn’t have all that great a history.

      We used to call this money “savings” when the system was a bit more honest. That is the real money.

  35. coalburner

    This is one of the most complex discussions I have heard on this site. Catherine is brilliant. One of the most interesting discussions is the Space Weaponry and Putin’s discussion of the underwater high speed torpedoes. I do not know if we are weak on that point but Putin knows we far outgun him from space, land and above water. He knows we would win a contest but he is saying it will cost us, mainly our coastal cities. Catherine is right on target with Putin strategy. He is simply saying we cannot threaten him into not doing what he wants to do. Ultimately our sanctions against Russia are nonsense just pissing them off and making them look for ways to hurt us. Putin is also wants to strike fear into moron Dimocrats and Libtards who have no idea what is going on in the world. No one who knows crapola in the military is worried about winning. OR being able to neutralize most of their weapons. But as Putin says we cannot go unscathed. The danged Deep State should leave him alone because the real threat is a Terrorist or false flag on our coast. There are half a dozen countries that could do that. Look at FRance, they are a nuclear armed country ready to fall to the Muslims which will instantly go to Sunnni, Shia war.
    As for Trump, he has the military backing him and that is keeping the organized traitors from doing anything. I have said it before and will again. The military is us , we are them, our families support Trump, as she said we elected him. It is our Fathers, daughters, and smart grand kids that are and will be both building the new technologies, and carrying them to the battle fronts.
    Oh yes EU is deceiving themselves if they think we are the circus. They are the failing states on the way to all dead or enslaved white people. Destroyed cultures there, so let them laugh. We Deplorable s still know the truth.

    Now I am going to listen again to try to get my head around the financial discussion.

  36. Robert Collinge

    Always the stickler I am. On her site she says, ‘Jerry:

    You can download this web presentation. The hard copy will be available for purchase by subscribers in two weeks at Solari.com


  37. coalburner

    Greg; Mr. Byrd, makes a great observation. My guess it is Soros and the richest Global EU Government monsters she is talking about. . They need to be stopped and Trump is quiet while he builds the Power in the USA to take them on. Bringing back our money and outsourced brainpower are both prerequisites. Getting our country back on track so their counter offensives will fail is a prerequisite. Also getting our Military power together by accelerating our new technologies and getting them deployed and into Space Command! Trump has to keep the Deep State operators out of that newest Technology.

  38. Tad

    “The other thing is if your parents show up at your door with their pension funds cut and say, ‘Hey, can we live with you? What are you going to say? No, you can’t come in?’ You are talking about something that can cut incomes all over your network of friends and family and that will also affect you. So, this is going to affect you one way or another.”

    When that moment arrives, almost everyone will be broke, without work, and wondering whether they’ll lose their house while having been long or short term unemployed. That would seem to occur under deflationary circumstances.

    A hyper-inflationary phase of unknown duration will probably accelerate the parents’ move and destroy while little pension they receive.
    Wondering whether a default would be declared across asset lines, and those citizens here legally would be re-capitalized with a $20,000 gift. Government liabilities would be nearly zero; no more federal pensions, social security, health care, etc.

    Legislatively, we would start anew other than common sense law enforcement statutes remaining e.g., street crime, petty theft.

    Just a thought.

  39. marcus

    First greg you should just allow her to finish her train of thought.
    I loved the facts that she stated, as I have said many times on your blog, There are many smart humans that exist in this world and Americans need to wake up and realize that we are sick and tired of your dumb games played by the military industrial complex machine.
    What would you do if you were a leader of a sovereign nation and you were surrounded by missiles and you know the owners are HELL bent on controlling the world without freedom of rights. Does it sound familiar as all gun owners have a right to defend your home????. …..I sick and tired of the double standards Americans live by.
    As I have said before what secret weapons do you Americans have????> to end this world ! …. and why will your secret Government won’t allow the millions of patents to refresh this world and allow us all to live in a clean world????…..POWER HUNGRY ELITE WARMONGERING NARCISSISTIC BLOOD LINES. …. believing they hold the keys to the world, and as we the people wake up to these Bloodline monsters they are shitting their pants as we are now to many to be controlled…….SO THEY WILL NUKE US ALL. ……Our only hope is the Russians & Chinese to work cohesively together…… and that my friend is the truth.

  40. marcus

    Just one more thought.
    Is it Putin the man that God has chosen to cleanness America .
    I put my money on it.

    • Paul ...

      Just because Jesus chose Trump as “one” of his Apostles … doesn’t mean he can’t have 11 more Apostles around the world … I think Jesus would make a very good choice choosing Putin as one also!!

  41. Russ McMeans

    The Grand Ripp Off continues…. and I have a front row seat here in Calitopia. ( Jerry’s dominion, mind you- never voted for the bastard of course).. Re: CAF’s comment on Trump’s style of non presidential communication: a lot of us love it. Screw the elites! I’m very happy he’s our President despite all his flaws. Maybe someday there will be a book: “AGAINST ALL ODDS” God bless Greg and Catherine too.

  42. Russ McMeans

    This pension funding problem will bite very hard when the dog decides to bite. I’m not in that system but used to work for a lot of retired pensioners. Most are not paying attention to this issue or maybe they aren’t talking about it. Watching the corruption in our country is very discouraging for sure. My only hope is for JC to return and make things right. So much lawlessness these days.

  43. Russ McMeans

    As I just looked at so many great comments by our community here: Catherine was very correct in pointing out that “the middle class is still getting squeezed”
    Anyway: I keep smelling Greece. We’re so like their situation except for our ‘reserve currency ‘ status that we find increasingly difficult to hide behind! Running a 1 trillion dollar deficit now. What could go wrong?

  44. Robert

    I could swear Catherine mentioned an order that Trump recently signed creating domestic military tribunal courts . That seems quite alarming I would think, but I cant find much about it in the mainstream media. There are a couple of websites that discuss it though. I’d think the left would be freaking out about it. Nor did I see many if any here discuss it. I think that was the biggest bomb Catherine dropped and not many people seem curious. If people think Mueller is on a witch hunt, I’d think domestic military tribunals could become on steroids and who knows just how many could be rounded up, even amongst the masses. Why is nobody really talking about this, or did I not hear things correctly?

  45. Frederick

    She’s GOOD Best interview in years Greg Very honest and sobering indeed

  46. John

    Catherine Austin Fitts is the most informative financial guest on USA Watchdog.

  47. Charles H

    “INTEGRITY” – what an interesting concept! Isn’t it a ‘zero-sum game’ when you print trillions out of thin air – so you can steal it? It never existed: so who will miss it?!?

    All must be tied back to physical labor, which produces a product or direct service: otherwise there is no measurement of value. Like “fiat” money – if there s no BASIS to tie it to: it is only a declared value – and it is worth whatever you can convince the next sucker you want it to be.
    All must be tied to agreed value in the moral realm. Right and wrong; true and false; honest and dishonest – can only be established by agreement, to commonly shared values. Good luck with that! INTEGRITY? Once upon time, when there was a ‘God fearing’ people. Nowadays, the crowd is much more evolved, cosmopolitan, and scientific. Why believe in something that is True, when you can believe in what you want? It’s a Burger King world.

  48. RTW

    What happened? Did Hillary kick you off the bus? You told us ad nauseum that she would be the President and assumed the position as her main cheerleader. How’d that work out for ya? Now you’re back spewing nonsense regarding democrats who are becoming the party of illegal immigrants, “winning it all”. You might be glad you’re off the bus because Hill might wind up behind yet. Stormy Daniels? Really! That’s the best you you can do? You are aware what she did for a living, right? Now, if you want to talk about people who abused and then discarded woman, over and over and over again let’s talk about the leader of the pack, William Jefferson Clinton. He probably didn’t limit his debauchery to females of legal age either as he was/is friends with a convicted pedophile. We could go back to Camelot where some of the biggest womanizers, outside of Hollywood be resided, one of whom killed a woman. What do they all have in common? Why the democrat party, that’s what. I hope I’m not going to fast for you. I’m typing slow so you can get all this. Finally, let’s not overlook the piece de resistance. That’s when all those staunch card carrying democratic perverts in Hollywood not only gave Roman Polanski an oscar but gave him a standing ovation to show their admiration. I’m sure a savvy person such as yourself knows why he wasn’t there to accept. That thirteen year old girl he drugged and repeatedly raped wasn’t a willing partner, like a porn star. So there you have, in a nut shell what the DEMOCRATIC party is all about.

    • Paul ...

      Everybody loves Gina … she has “a certain quality” we all enjoy responding to … she probably also enjoys sparing with us too (in a teasing sort of way) … however God the Father in his infinite wisdom didn’t create Gina just for our fun and pleasure … but to prod our minds … to do some serious thinking about “what kind of world” we truly want to be living in!

  49. Hello

    Well, Catherine, I’m european, and I can tell you that our governents are much worse than yours right now, and the lie is bigger, and we have no leader able to drive in a right way. No matter about communication, i don’t agree, with all my respect to you, and we will think about it in some days or weeks in another way I’m sure, because for sure I’m sure its good guys, and massive arrests coming, we’ll see ! Hoping for gold standard

    • Frederick

      Depends which part of Europe you’re talking about Germany and France are definitely gone to the crapper but places like Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria are just great “New Europe” is leading the way forward today

  50. Tad


    Great news. I hope President Trump has given some consideration to removing nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula.

  51. Country Codger

    Dear Ms. Fitts,
    I have always said that you give Greg fits and now you have graduated to giving the government fits. You are aptly named.

  52. H. Craig Bradley


    Genesis 6:3
    “And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be One hundred and twenty years”. Moses Lived 120 years.


    So, the former President of Facebook ( the Billionaire) reportedly smarts-off he is going
    to live 170 through technology while most of the young people (Millineals) he exploited for $ are going to die much sooner and younger. These are the words of a FOOL.

    So, no matter what he envisions, this (foolish) Gentile has no more than 120 years of life, at best (Genesis 6:3). More likely than not, statistically, probably much less (<100 years). His attitude is precisely why there won't ever be any more 900-year olds like Noah ( Pre-Genesis Flood). That approach proved not work-out for the Almighty. Ultra-long lifespans are now toast. Former President of Facebook has already been overruled by a higher, controlling authority. He better make amends while he still can.

  53. H. Craig Bradley


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