Financial Facts and Shemitah Predicting Calamity Coming-Jeff Berwick

4By Greg Hunter’s

Financial expert Jeff Berwick says you don’t have to wait for the next market crash. Berwick contends that financial facts and the so-called Shemitah are lining up and predicting a coming calamity. Berwick, who recently produced a video titled “Shemitah Exposed,” explains, “I think it’s already started. I put up that video in July, and by the end of August, we were already seeing major crashes happening around the world. The Chinese stock market has been in complete free fall. Of course, what happened in Greece, everyone knows about that, and there are actually 20 other stock exchanges . . . have all been in a crash in the last few weeks. My question is did the Shemitah start early this year or are these going to be pre-shocks to something that is going to be much, much worse? . . . September is going to be incredibly volatile and risky, and it might not just be September.”

Berwick says the Shemitah is 7 year cycles, and every seven years, especially in recent history, there have been financial calamity and crashes. Berwick points out that’s been the case going back to 2008, 2001, 1994 and 1987. Berwick says the financial warning signs are flashing again in 2015 and contends, “They’re talking now about possibly doing another round of QE, quantitative easing 4. That’s essentially counterfeiting money and doing the same things they have been doing for the last 7 years. If they do that, I think the markets finally start to wake up. We might see an initial uptick or pop because that is just the habit of people. Every time the Federal Reserve says it will print a lot of money, the stock market goes up. I think, this time, a lot more people are aware of how this system is hanging by a thread. If the only answer they have to fix it is to keep printing money and for government to keep going into debt . . . I think a lot of people are going to wake up and say we’re headed for Zimbabwe. We are headed for complete hyperinflation if this keeps up.”

On gold, Berwick thinks, “Just in the last few weeks, I have noticed a change. When the markets have been crashing, gold has hung in very well, and even gold stocks have started to bounce. That is unusual because that didn’t happen the last few times. It is actually getting very hard to buy physical gold or silver anywhere in the world. You definitely can’t buy it at its current spot price. A lot of them are selling it at multiples of the current price. The physical price of gold and silver is totally diverging from what they say the price is on the futures market. I think this divergence is only going to widen. If they do go to QE4, we are going to see gold skyrocket. It is looking very good for precious metals and very bad for the stock market. If the stock market does rise, it will only be because of massive money printing that will cause massive economic destruction.”

The wild card is the war card, and on that, Berwick says, “There is a lot of calamity out there, and it is not just in the financial markets. Look at military around the world and wars. The U.S. is all over the world right now trying to start wars everywhere, including in the Ukraine and Syria. There is saber rattling in China, and now with Russia as well. If they continue to attack Syria, of course, Iran has a pact with Syria they will get involved. China and Russia has said if Iran is attacked, they are getting involved. I see nothing but black swans ahead. So, to be in the market on the long side is insane to me at this moment.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jeff Berwick, Editor of The

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. Patrick White

    Greg, I respect you a lot and I listen to every single interview you publish, but Jeff Berwick is a scam artist, he has sold passport services from paraguay illegaly to people and he also had some real estate deals in Chile go bust., where the investors lost so much money they now live out of their car. You need to do some research before you have this guy on again. He might say the right things about the economy and its collapse but he uses that knowledge to sell products that are either a scam or just badly missmanaged.

    • GA

      I must concur. In the past I decided to find more information on him. What I read disgusted me and and I will not repeat what he wrote.

    • Frank

      Martin Armstrong, New York Times
      Adviser Jailed Since 2000 Pleads Guilty in Securities Fraud Case
      Published: August 18, 2006
      Martin A. Armstrong, a financial adviser who has been in jail
      since January 2000 on a civil contempt charge, pleaded guilty
      yesterday to a charge of securities fraud in a criminal case stemming
      from trading losses incurred by his firm in 1999.

      At a hearing yesterday afternoon in United States District Court
      in Manhattan, Mr. Armstrong, founder of Princeton Economics International,
      admitted to deceiving corporate investors and improperly commingling client
      funds in a case that prosecutors said resulted in commodities losses of more than $700 million.
      Martin Armstrong
      Ex-Money Manager Stays in Jail for Contempt
      Published: November 28, 2006
      Martin A. Armstrong, the former money manager imprisoned for almost seven years for contempt of court, will remain behind bars for defying a judge’s order that he turn over $14.9 million in rare coins and gold bars in connection with a federal lawsuit.

      Yesterday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in New York, upheld a decision in 2000 by Federal District Judge Richard Owen jailing Mr. Armstrong for failing to surrender the assets.

      The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission sued Mr. Armstrong in October 1999 and ordered him to surrender the gold bars and rare coins to the government; Mr. Armstrong has maintained he does not have the assets.

      The ruling has no direct impact on a related criminal case against Mr. Armstrong, 57, who pleaded guilty in August to a federal conspiracy charge stemming from what prosecutors said was a $3 billion Ponzi scheme. He faces up to five more years in prison when he is sentenced in that case in January.

      “Fifteen million dollars is a life-altering amount of money,” the three-judge panel wrote in its 58-page decision issued yesterday. Mr. Armstrong may conclude “that the risk of continued incarceration is worth the potential benefit of securing both his freedom and the concealed property.

    • JMiller

      From what I read and seen I think there is enough reason to believe Berwick is trying to make a money off of the Shemitah and the coming financial crisis.

    • Tom

      I agree with you Patrick. Berwick is not reputable. Also, this Shemitah stuff is pure nonsense. How can anyone believe there is a 7 year biblical cycle. It’s ridiculous. People will slobber over anything with religion and numerology co-joined. Martin Armstrong’s thing about using Pi to predict markets is for the stupid or the gullible. Both of these guys wreak of sleaze. In Armstrong’s case he cost Japanese investors over $600 million. He’s not competent or honest. Please, Greg. No more of this.

    • BlobMan

      And everyone that disagrees with Hunter is a shill, paid informant or some other deleterious nonsense….

      • Greg Hunter

        I always think that especially people that use stupid anynomous names such as “BlobMan. Man up and use a real verifiable name and yes I deleted every one of your other comments. I don’t think you are a shill. I think you are a jerk using a stupid name.

      • frederick muhlbauer

        @Blobman that is not true about Greg İ have dissagreed with him on various occasions and found his responses to always be respectful. frederick

  2. 8Ball

    In the prior thread, BRF commented:
    09/01/2015 •

    “Good interview with Hemke. You gotta like Hemke’s style passing out the same old message of buy buy buy precious metals. What still troubles me and that no one seems to able to give a definitive answer to is if the coming economic infarction will move to a deflationary or inflationary settling point after the initial break. Steve Keen’s modeling shows everything moving towards zero, while others suggest a deflationary cycle at first then moving to a hyper inflationary period? If we know that debt from financial parasitism is choking the productive economy then why can’t the brainiacs figure out which why the cookie will crumble. Do they know that the banksters have a game plan that they are afraid to get wrong ?”

    My own take is that the FED has always known that their debt ponzi scheme has had a finite lifespan. They are preparing to transition to a cashless system that was not possible without the modern tech that exists today. Never underestimate these devils, they are very clever. Your PM’s will be outlawed in such a system so PREPARE for that possibility…

    • Mark_BC

      Cashless society will not be possible in a collapse scenario since basic social functions will be unreliable, especially internet. What are you supposed to do for trade in the middle of nowhere or if the internet goes down? Write your IOU’s on a piece of paper and enter them in to the internet the next week when you have access to the internet? Yeah right. If they attempt to ban cash all it will do is skyrocket demand for precious metals. They may try but they will fail, it’s just a matter of hanging on until they fail.

  3. ChapulinColorado

    Are the San Francisco 49’ers (7 X 7) going to have a Shimitah year? Their quarterback wears number 7 and the Super Bowl L is happening there at Levi Stadium. L is 50. Levi is also a biblical name. A touchdown is 6 + 1 = 7 points. Is American football a Shimitah. Sport? Doesn’t the football season start at the Shimitah weekend? Is anyone really concerned about a crashing concussion? Why don’t people pay more attention to the impact the Shimitah has on football, Every real American should be very concerned.

    • ChapulinColorado

      This is not a joke, die hard 49er fan is also worried about the economy, but is this Shimitah stuff is real, it can’t just be a coincidence that the RedAndGOLD is collapsing leading up to the blood moon. Maybe I’m injecting a little humour using football, but this economic stuff is just too distressing.

    • Sayonara

      I was a loyal 49er fan until they moved to Santa Clara, let Jim Harbaugh go and became the pathetic Santa Clara 49ers. I have attended games since I was kid back in the John Brodie – Kezaar Stadium days. God, I miss Eddie D! They are going to get Sh?mitahed this fall along with the market, the dollar and the rest of the world!
      Go Seahawks! and back to prepping!

      • Paul Jean

        Kezar….. Woooow True San Franciscan Park Rec bball games there were the best. Never heard of the Niner games being played there though. You must be a bit older than me. But wow. Trip down memory lane for sure 🙂

      • JM

        The 49’s are going to switch to basketball this fall. They will do this for 7 seasons and then switch back to football. I think the uniforms will be gold to reflect their mining heritage. Smh..

  4. Silence is Golden

    Excellent interview here Greg. Thank you for presenting it.
    Very sound/astute mind has JB….across all topics with a financial flavour.
    On the issue of will they intentionally bring about a crash (via interest rates)……
    I said a few weeks back…that “China had beaten the US to the punchbowl”…in terms of the devaluation and the mischief that has caused in terms of Indexes crashing and massive derivatives losses. China has already done what the US was intending on doing. Bill Holter refers to it as the credit unwinding. Jim Sinclair says the crash has already started……because they lost control (PPT). The system apparently has limits and so too does the Government.
    Speaking of which….( and Jeff quoted Henry Ford in this regard) the secrecy of the “HIDDEN” QE …if discovered by the Public….would unleash hell on earth. The FED has been creating DEBT to buy non-existent DEBT from the ‘DIRTY’ US Banks… simply re-liquidate the BANKS with new CAPITAL. Massive Short selling (US Govt. Treasuries) on a scale that is unfathomable. We don’t need QE 4 because the bubble is deflating in the midst of unaccounted for QE…..a publicised QE is merely canon fodder for the public.
    I would seriously consider another round with Paul Craig Roberts or David Stockman to obtain their insider perspective on the Govt./ FED at this juncture. I believe one or the other or both would confirm the inexplicable occurrences in the financials markets and the loss of control are long overdue. More importantly how the USD will become irrelevant very soon.
    China has already worked out the game plan…ahead of the maestros of the FED. It’s not waiting around like a sitting duck, for some announcement to be made. Its actions speak louder than a decade worth of verbiage out of the Fed Chairman’s mouth.

  5. frederick

    I have read people who attack Jeff as a disinfo agent but i believe in my heart that he is the “real deal” especially what he said about the biggest deception of all time 911

  6. John Murphy

    Hi Greg! Ive been enjoying your website for some time now! Im starting up a website in Ireland to digest our real issues as ignored or misrepresented by our media.
    I would really appreciate any help contacts or tips you or your users could suggest!
    Im currently working on the website and will have it live by mid sept.
    Keep up the good work!
    John Murphy

  7. James Hastings

    Good interview. It’s going to be a good month.

  8. Solomon

    Without a doubt, your recent guest speaker is a rather confident, intelligent, and knowledgeable young fellow as well as a smooth talker. However, there seems to me a bit too much arrogance, grease, oil, or staging involved in his appearance and presentation.

    • brian

      good eye, if you look into this guy a little bit you’ll see there is a lot of baggage he is carrying as well.

  9. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    I think Shemitah have very simple rationale. The debt saturation of an economic system. I wont burden you with math, but approximately 7 solar year (or exactly 7 lunar year) is needed to saturate an economic system with debt. So if the debt is not written of, then the system collapses. And another factoid the debt write of done by Jews (the old testament is theirs) can be done only toward other Jew, not non-Jew (i is in the Bible). Why? Well, one should figure out himself/herself. (Hint Jews can use usury only toward non-Jews-also in the bible.)
    No-one should get me wrong. I’m not accusing Jews from some sort of conspiracy, they are only following a program (or more precisely a sociological doctrine) from Bible. Most of them are good and honest people whom want integrate (or integrated) into the society. But there is a margin who think about themselves as master if not the Universe then as the planet Earth. And either this derived from some sort of darwinism (the master race) or from the religion (the chosen people-but chosen for what?) .

    Another thing if the Fed start the QE or just doesn’t end the ZIRP, USA became the 3rd world country. And the Chinese and the Russians are aware what the US elites and what the globalists are aiming for (they are not the same thing). Simply put the globalists want the NWO and USA as mainly agrarian (3rd world) country, and the elites of the USA (and Anglo-Saxons) want preserve the status quo. Which means they already made or making countermeasures.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Mary Casey

      Oracle 911,

      Just for fun: On January 14, 1784, America won its independence when the American Revolutionary War officially ended and the Treaty of Paris was ratified by Congress. (Factoid: Later that same year, on August 30, 1784, the U.S. began trade with China, when the American Ship Empress of China sailed from New York, arriving in Canton, China.)

      2015 – 1784 = 231 years or 33 cycles of 7’s.

      As you stated, “exactly 7 years is needed to saturate an economic system with debt… if the debt is not written off, then the system collapses.” We will not go into the Number 33.

      God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:24); His laws applies to all.

      May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you and (multiple) your 2 cents.

      btw….there are 14 years or two 7 year periods from September 11, 2001 to Friday, September 11, 2015. The end of the Shemitah year is Sunday, September 13; but because the markets will be closed, everyone is waiting to see what happens on the following Monday. But, what if the collapse occurs on the last day the markets are open, Friday, September 11, 2015.

    • Sven

      ‘the Chinese and the Russians are aware what the US elites and what the globalists are aiming for (they are not the same thing).’

      One of multiple points of friction within the upper echelons, which suggest proposed fixes such as SDR’s etc will not work, it seems.

  10. Mike from the North

    Anyway you look at it we are entering a very chaotic time.

    I have zero confidence that some Governments will do the right thing. I have a fear that they will play the blame game card.

    • Sven

      Hmm, one wonders where they will place the blame..?

    • brian

      yeah, and if you happen to be living in an area where there are some snipers now operating, taking pot shots at motorists, that chaos is proving itself to have a very real and very ugly face.

  11. paul

    QE4 is the only answer the Fed has to “fix” the economy … they must keep printing money (US dollar negative) and keep going into debt (so must raise interest rates) which is US dollar positive … they will do “a Zimbabwe” in slow motion … so we are headed for hyperinflation … and both gold and silver will rise like “dough” … they say you can’t eat this “dough” but the reality is you can … silver is an antimicrobial that kills a wide range of organisms from bacteria, molds, fungi, etc. and is not toxic to humans … but the true “magic” of silver is that it turns sunlight into electricity … according to State of California officials in the summer months the State of California generates almost 50 percent of the electricity flowing into its power grid “from solar panels alone” … the cost of producing electricity using solar panels has come down a lot and is now very competitive with fossil fuels (even at the currently reduced oil, gas and coal prices) … each solar panel uses 20 grams of silver (or about 2/3rd of an ounce) … to supply a million homes with solar powered electricity one gigawatt (1 GW) of electricity is required (to generate 1 GW of electricity 2,821,920 ounces of silver is needed or about 80 tons) …   the beauty of silver is that once installed it continues to generate electricity without the need for humanity to continually search for “new” oil,  gas or coal supplies and does it all without the production of CO2 … the US is not the only nation moving rapidly toward solar … China, Japan, India, etc. are installing billions of solar panels and are currently building electrical capacity at a rate of 45 GW each year (80 tons of silver for every gigawatt means the world is currently gobbling up silver at a rate of 3600 tons per year) … world production of silver is 26,000 tons per year so “solar alone” uses about 14 percent of the world’s silver supply (and the percentage is increasing each year) … solar demand has now pushed the silver market into deficit (57.7 million ounces in 2015) making this the third consecutive year that the silver market is in physical deficit … talk about “magic” … how do the bankers explain the recent “fall” in the silver price in the face of a constant worldwide supply deficit? … and how do the bankers explain their recent short sales of 19,125 tons of silver (in just a few hours) when the US Mint had to raise premiums on its silver Eagles and begin rationing them to dealers and the Royal Canadian Mint had to suspend sales of its silver Maples because they Can’t Keep Up with DEMAND !!!

    • paul

      Once our electrical power needs are satisfied with silver … we will need even more silver to generate electricity to disassociate water to replenish the limited oxygen in our atmosphere that is currently being used up burning fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal as the plankton in the world’s oceans (that produce most of the oxygen we breathe) are being killed by UV radiation (the ozone shield around Earth is down) and being killed by Fukushima radiation … the entire fish population on this planet will likely be dead in 6 years as they depend upon plankton as a source of food and oxygen … we humans can survive without eating fish but we do need oxygen and that is why silver is so important … it can produce oxygen for us to breathe without putting carbon dioxide into the air the way fossil fuels do!

      • paul

        When we use silver to generate the electricity to break the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen … the hydrogen gas can be stored to be used as a clean fuel while the oxygen is released into the atmosphere for us to breathe and to rebuild the ozone shield … when hydrogen burns releasing heat it turns into water unlike the burning of natural gas, oil and coal which releases carbon dioxide … in fact the hydrogen produced by silver solar panels disassociating water during the day can be used to produce electricity at night in hydrogen fuel cells … just by using the simple intelligence God gave gave us we can overcome many of the problems created by a few unintelligent and very greedy men trying to corner the energy market … God gave us his Sun to save the world and provide free energy and a beautiful home for all his species i.e. plankton, fish, man, etc.

        • paul

          For those interested in a more “biblical” explaination the disassociation of water into hydrogen and oxygen by the light of the Sun has a close correspondence to the “water of life” and the Sun of God that brings light to the world and frees us from our energy bondage can be easily linked to “Jesus” …

          • paul

            As for eating Gold … it must be turned into a white powder first (the way Moses did) … this powdered gold can increase ones life span … has anti-gravitational properties (can make things weigh less like the massive stones making up the pyramids in Egypt) and can open star gates for travel to other parts of the universe … don’t let the bankers fool you … gold just like silver is very very valuable … begin your own research here with what the Ark of the Covenant was …

      • Freebreezer

        Pleeeeeeese, this is the silliest comment I have ever read. I do not even know where to start in showing what junk this is. The atm is 21 % oxygen (210,000 parts per million). With all man kinds burning of fossil fuel, CO2 has gone from ~270 parts/million to ~350 parts/million. We have used 80 parts per million of the 210,000 parts/million of oxygen available. Said another way, the atmosphere is still 21 % oxygen. Also, do note that plants grow better in higher CO2 environment and produce more biomass which releases oxygen back. I would suggest not buying futures in oxygen production!

  12. Tommy

    I’ve read Cahn’s “The Harbinger” and it was a very good read. However, I always have a problem when people start to back fill a timeline to prove their theory. You can take any 7 years period, or 5 or 10 year period, and go back and find some “big” thing that happened. Some of the events in the Shemitah years were not earth shattering to say the least. That said, we are in very dangerous and uncharted water

  13. Evan J

    Hello Greg,

    Great interview as usual! You asked Jeff what this would look like for the man on the street so here’s an example. I was just visiting friends in Nova Scotia, a province on the east coast of Canada, and they are experiencing widespread gasoline shortages RIGHT NOW. On the national TV news last night they reported on this – they can’t really hide it (showing people trying to hoard gas, gas stations with signs saying “we are out of gasoline”, and American tourists trying to get home, etc.), but interestingly they did not speculate or give any information as to the possible cause. The MSM simply said, and get this, that the fuel infrastructure system is fragile with just enough supply to satisfy current demands “just like supermarkets”. There’s an interesting analogy for you, of which WDs would be aware, but that may catch the general public off guard, assuming they were listening/thinking at all.

    When have we ever run out of fuel in North America in our lifetimes? I can’t think of a time. And Canada fared better than the US in the 07-08 crash so this appears to be tied in with Jeff’s and others’ predictions. Yes, it is happening right here, right now. The link below is to an article on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) – toward the end, one of the people interviewed is speculating as to who controls the flow of gas as there is no way to account for the shortage. As he says “there is no crisis anywhere, no storm…” No crisis?? Another example of the average person having no idea what is going on. Here’s the link:

    Thanks for your work Greg. God bless.

    • Evan J

      1973 is the only time I can remember when we were short on fuel, and we all know what caused that…

  14. Rob

    Hi Greg!

    Many do not know this but the Jewish calendar dates are set by computer models but the Jewish new year marking the beginning the next Shemitah when calculated by observance of the new moon and the stage of barley ripening in Israel called “Abib”as the Word of God demands:

    This year the Jewish new year begins September 15th if the new moon is sighted the evening of the 14th:

    The Jewish cabal knows this for they follow the moon very intently and have plans surrounding those dates thus the supposed ending date of Jade Helm being the 15th.

    Some of your readers may be interested in these things as the tribulation has a high probability of beginning this fall :o)

    In CHRIST! Rob

  15. HTC

    Haha, shemitah baby. Greg it’s FINALLY SEPTEMBER!! Great interview! I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready!!!! Can you tell I’m excited?? Folks, this will “most likely” be the beginning of the end this month. If you haven’t read the list of things converging during this month please look it up.A couple major key points is a decision to announce a Palestinian state and splitting up parts of Israel (prophetic) and the pope addressing congress for the first time in history. Blood moon Sept. 28th visible from Jerusalem and a supermoon at that. And of course the shemitah year wrapping up on 13 sept. Followed by jubilee year! Too much excitement for me to handle!! God is good, trust in him and all those who believe on the name of Jesus will not be ashamed. Prepare yourself and enjoy the ride!!

    • brian

      Rather than a ride to be enjoyed, this will more resemble an excruciating forced march with a terrible and rough born burden on our whip striped back. You oughta pray and rethink your exuberance.

    • Matthias

      Don’t get too excited. Paul Craig Roberts said once that they have been delaying this thing far more longer than anybody could have thought possible. Maybe we will just see another hilarious “kicking the can down the road” event.

  16. Thomas

    September 2nd, No Collapse.

    • Greg Hunter

      So the manipulation by the ESF and PPT, zero percent interest rates for the last 6 years, phony accounting by FASB since 2009, massive QE by the Fed in bond buying, massive fraud in rigging LIBOR, massive fraud in rigging the FOREX market, massive fraud in the rob-signing fraud with the real estate market, phony numbers coming in from the government in everything from unemployment and GDP, program trading, which is in fact front running the market, with thousands of trades a second is the way to run an economy? What do you think would happen if all that was withdrawn? “No Collapse”? Stop the juvenile postings please.

      • Thomas

        Greg, I agree with all the manipulation, no issue there. It’s the new norm, and the game will go on. The middle class will become smaller, the poor will become larger. The 1% richer, but no collapse, no war in the streets, nobody wins if it were to happen. Yup, a Schitt storm is coming, but NO COLLAPSE. Things will change, adjust accordingly.

        • Greg Hunter

          I guess this is about perspective. You are some sort of stock broker and you have a motivation to see the game go on. I was an investigative reporter and I investigated fraud for may years at local TV and at two networks (ABC and CNN). The one thing i noticed is frauds end quickly. One weekend Bernie Madoff, who had a $60 billion dollar frauds going for many years, went to his South Hampton beach house for a wonderful weekend. He returned to his fraud on Monday morning and by 9:30 am he was in hand cuffs and will never return to that beach house. You and I both agree the economy we have is one enormous fraud and frauds end quickly. Heck, even Berni Madoff once proclaimed the what the Fed was doing was the “greatest manipulation” he had ever seen. He should know. One of us is right and one of us is wrong. I suspect the downside is much greater for you my friend.

          Oh, and by the way, You should read and listen to this. It’s from Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Shiller:

          • Thomas

            First let me say Greg that I’m very appreciative of the hard work and forum you have created here, it has changed my life and how I proceed with my Faith, Family and Fiancial well being. Nun of us really know how this will play out, and that it is a big mess, globally. I wish for the best, but you and I can agree on that, that that’s not gonna happen. TPTB, have to keep it going, and they’ll do whatever it takes to protect themselves. If they do loose control, you are correct that it will flip very quickly. I’m pretty protected, but I still hope n pray for the best. I’ll read the link you provided, and again am very appreciative of your hard work and words of encouragement and advice you provide. Lastly, I do work in the financial industry, my only motive is to not see armmeggadon in the streets of this once great country. I question pretty much everything in life, maybe that’s why most perceive me as a prick. It must be my DNA, who knows. Change is coming, adjust accordingly. Thanks for all you hard work Greg.

      • Mikie

        What Thomas and myself have been telling you is the system will not collapse BECAUSE of all the reasons you have stated. The USG will do everything in its power to keep the jig running. Of course, we must take extraordinary measures to protect ourselves in case things get out of control. This is what all the rigging is all about, CONTROL. Nobody can predict with any certainty when the bottom falls out or if it ever will.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hope you are correct Mikie.

        • brian

          Mikie, what it ultimately means, that the government will do whatever is necessary to keep “the jig running” is that we are going to war and we are going to be forced to accept a much lower standard of living and we are going to be forced to give up a large percentage of our wealth.

          When it falls the guys on top on not only gonna land on their feet, they are going to land right on our backs and crush us.

        • Mark_BC

          Mikie, when they run out of physical gold and silver there will be nothing they can do to hide it and prevent a collapse. Gold is the anti-dollar and when there is no more physical silver to be had, silver price will inevitably skyrocket and gold will have to follow suit. Seeing that supplies are so tight right now it seems likely that TPTB have rationed their hoarding out to drain supplies right around when this 7 year cycle ends.

    • Collateral Damage

      Hey Thomas,
      September 3rd, and you are still an Arse. 🙂


    • susan

      Thomas, get with the program! If you have no faith, you have nothing. So don’t push your idiocy here.

    • Silence is Golden

      What you cannot see …will not harm you. 😉

      • Hairy Herry

        So says you, but I don’t think I want to do something like snorting carbon monoxide, because of it’s odorless and colorless properties.

        This Hairy Guy will even go out on a limb and say that God created that as a reminder that oversimplification doesn’t always equate properly.

    • brian

      define collapse tommy.

    • Mikie

      What have I told you about your behavior?

      I am considering buying another 500 gallon propane tank. Propane is better that money in the bank…if you use propane of course.

  17. Craig Adamson

    Greg, excellent interview with Jeff Berwick, thanks for having him on. I would like to visit his web site but looks like “technical difficulties” have occurred (Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘–‘ (T_DEC), expecting ‘,’ or ‘;’ in /home/tdvmedia/public_html/ on line 599) maybe .gov doesn’t like this kind of news.
    Another good guest to have on would be Anthony Patch if he is still willing to speak in public, it has been said he was “paid a visit” to please shut up about the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

    • Hairy Herry

      Or toilet paper! Case in point? Auburn, AL at the intersection of College and Magnolia where the Toomer Trees once stood. (transplants are in place now, I’m told)

      When the Tigers get a huge win or playoff, especially a championship – the whole square is overrun with Tee-Pee. It puts Halloween pranks to total shame, and Wal-Mart often runs out.

      Just wait until it hits the fan. Having those extra rolls are fantastic, and they won’t be as likely stolen as cigs, to some ‘Bamans – gold on a stick!

  18. Ted

    I am not troll. I have tried to buy gold in Spokane Washington and San Diego California in the last three weeks. Gold dealers have refused to sell. I finally found a fellow to sell me an ounce of gold 1900.00 dollars.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ted!!

    • brian

      you should have gone to a place like Gainesville coins; you could’a got a one ounce gold buffalo for just over 1200 bucks…with a credit card and they would have delivered it to your door within 2 weeks or less.

      • Hairy Herry

        Surprised they remain in business! My Au/Ag broker won’t accept credit cards, and for good reason! Neither will my local bullion dealer. Fiat cash got me my last 100 Oz Ag with a $140 premium, and it was the very last of their Johnson-Mattheys

        This Gainesville outfit must possess brass huevos or be the biggest kept secret. Through A-Mark, most silver as a rule has 21 day or longer delivery times, and gold ain’t much better.

  19. Valerie Robles

    Fantastic interview with Jeff Berwick, Greg. It really covered all the bases, in a very rational way. Time will tell what happens this month of September 2015. At least you are helping people be aware of what could happen, so they can prepare. And like you say, fear not.

  20. Mary Casey

    Click on link for cartoon on the planned destruction of the United States which Jeff referenced. Very revealing. What do they say, “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.” ( Other stuff on this site, but this was the most readable copy of cartoon).

    Loved your interview with Jeff……there is so much talent out there trying to warn us. God bless them and you, Greg.

  21. Pink

    Greg he flashed satanic illuminati hand signal at the end. Could be he is telling us Bitcoin is controlled by the banking cabal and that Khan, the market crash, 911, etc are all out in the open now.

    The peace sign is also called the victory sign and represents satanic goat horns.

    • JC Davis

      Pink I think you are reading too much into his hand signal. True the oligarchs use these signs, but this was not one of them. Look for movement in body shift to the questions. The selection of words. Reactions tell everything. He was simply being friendly. Good eye tho

    • Buck

      Has anyone noticed the prominent black cube on Nomi Prins’s website?

      • Buck

        I have a financial favorite’s folder with homepages of people I respect. Along with Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog, I noticed NP’s black cube logo (occultists claim Saturn was our first and best sun) right next to CAF’s yellow Sun/Solari logo. It seems like a financial crips vs bloods turf war.

      • Greg Hunter

        The link you posted does not go to Prin’s site. I took it down.

  22. David

    That is the BEST and most informative interview I have heard on these topics. Jeff has a wide angle lens view of the global events unfolding. I have been wanting something like this to send to those people who still think things are “business as usual” in the USA. I have been trying to warn people for years and most just look at me like I have 2 heads. For those who reject the Biblical account of reality, I would say, look around at all of the events occurring now, and soon to occur and connect the dots.

    Thanks Jeff and Greg for putting this out …..

  23. Drdew

    Nice article

  24. NC Gal

    A stunning interview, to be sure. My main takeaway is that this collapse is ALREADY in motion and that it is a process (as Greg pointed out repeatedly), made up of many discrete “events.”

    The Shemitah cycles only go back a few thousand years. We are also approaching the end of a much larger cycle, the 4.5 billion-year cycle of a given Creation. In other words, our entire Creation is drawing to a close, to be followed by an entirely new Creation. I am already seeing evidence that the 12 timelines that will emerge from this process are experiencing different scenarios, and this divergence will continue to increase over time. When the financial collapse fully arrives, the elites plan to let chaos reign for a while, and it is during that chaos that the timelines will separate more fully from each other.

    My sources say that the elites have met with some complications (I suspect that at least some of that consists of errors in the JadeHelm 2 and GeoInt computer systems) that will delay the collapse for a month to six weeks (to mid-October or early November), but that it cannot be delayed further than that because of other factors, such as geological events.

    (For example, according to a well-connected colleague of mine, the Fukushima cores are still drilling down through the earth’s crust and are expected to reach a level that will result in one cataclysmic event (among many) that could sink a major part of Japan. The expected window for this event is September through December of this year.)

    I am as prepared as I can be, and am now waiting to see what shows up.

    • Silence is Golden

      The Hegelian Dialectic is alive and well.

  25. Mr. Lee

    Very Good Interview Mr. Hunter
    You may want to look at interviewing Keith Fitz Gerald from His take is that the Fed will raise interest rates by a quarter point so to position themselves to run QE 4. Counter intuitive, yes, but a very interesting point of view.–chief-strategist.html

  26. John M.

    I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Berwick. I have tremendous respect for what he is trying to do. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to him give an amazing slide-show presentation many years ago at a SF precious metal conference. He was getting married at the time, and I couldn’t help but jokingly warn him in an email about the pitfalls of marrying a woman who might not share the same enthusiasm for hard money and fighting against economic tyranny. (Most women tend to be more practical) He’s a good guy with a sense of humor, and even his strong libertarian philosophy does not preclude his understanding that our battle has a very big spiritual dimension to it.
    I think it’s a given that America has already died economically and spiritually, but Americans are perhaps too self-absorbed and easily confused to notice that the nation’s body is getting cold and seizing up. The nation is in a state of denial and disbelief, but the mourning and grieving process should soon start to kick in. I think hyperinflation is inevitable, and it will be the least of our worries as bad as that event always is.
    I don’t think the Fed will raise interest rates in Sept, but I do know this cabal has a treasonous game plan to profit from what will eventually screw and put the American people into decades of poverty and global slavery, presuming we are not overcome by countries who would like to take our land and property too. American ideals and values cannot be allowed to co-exist in the birth of this new one-world godless government, and we better pray that Pope Francis is not also an agent of this diabolical socialism and fascism dressed in his white robes. Some claim he might be the biblically foretold “false prophet” in the Apocalypse, only pretending to be the good shepherd of the Christian flock . Right now, I can see first-hand and close-up how this sinister warm-and-fuzzy environmentalism is destroying basic industries where I live.
    Who cares about our material goods and savings, as important as they really are to existing in a physical world? I worry that our Constitution is all but dead, and therefore our remaining liberties and freedoms will soon be outlawed by the new American dictatorship, whomever that person or persons may be. There are so many things in America that are contrary to God and His natural laws, and our dying money and economy should be a warning to all Americans that the pillars of our nation are crumbling.

    • Mark_BC

      Oh please John, you don’t actually believe that do you? You actually believe that America can continue growing an economy fully dependent on oil indefinitely without running out or environmental consequences? Please do some research, especially relating to Peal Oil which the US hit back in 1971. The US is far, far from socialism. Socialism is the redistribution of wealth from the wealthy to the poor and middle class. I don’t know how anyone can argue that this is the case in America today; it’s about as far from that as you can get. They only support the poor with food stamps to keep them from rioting. In fact I would argue that we are seeing the inevitable end result of capitalism, because capitalism simply doesn’t work, because it requires perpetual exponential growth in the economy to function (so that the vast majority can earn profit and realize their dreams — profit is a percentage return which would grow exponentially year after year). Of course this is totally impossible when a country hits Peak Oil. And blaming this on a lack of spirituality in the country is absurd when 71% identify themselves as Christian, 23% do not formally identify with a religion, and a paltry 3% of Americans are fully fledged Atheists.

  27. Matthias

    About BitCoin:

    Jeff states about BitCoin “it’s an alternative digital currency that can’t be controlled by anybody”.

    Since BitCoin has also been recommended by other guests in the recent time I’d like to point out now that the statement above is not true!

    BitCoin is technically just another fiat currency that is based on a so called “peer-to-peer” computer system, which means there is no central authority but the integrity of the system is managed by a set of computer nodes on a “democratic” basis whereas the amount of votes of a node depends on it’s computation power. See:

    This results in the problem that anybody who can afford to own more computation power then the “honest BitCoin enthusiasts” can take over the system. See:

    So to think BitCoin is a hedge against COUNTRIES abusing their power is just foolish, since those very countries (and especially the Unites States) are in control of the most powerful computers on earth.

    If they wanted to they could easily wreck the BitCoin system by taking over the majority of the computation power of the network.

    Even worse arstechnica reported that such a scenario (“51% attack”) was already achieved by a BitCoin mining pool called “Ghash” in 2014.

    I’d therefore like to quote Cornell professor Emin Gün Sirer from the article above:

    “Bitcoin’s value proposition stems from its technological foundation, which in turn is based on building distributed trust. People flock to Bitcoin because they do not trust the fiat infrastructure, they hold Bitcoin because they are worried that the people in charge of USD can inflate it at will or usurp money from their accounts. But now, with a monopoly miner, they are suddenly in a position where they have to, once again, trust a single entity to remain benign.

    This completely collapses the Bitcoin narrative that the Bitcoin community has been using to draw in new users. If we are to trust GHash’s good will and ongoing benign behaviors, we might as well do away with the entire Bitcoin protocol and replace the system with a simple database server kept on GHash’s premises.”

    So please Greg, the next time somebody elevates BitCoin to the status of gold, mention the “51% attack”.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not a fan of bitcoin or better put “bit-computer program.” Thank you for commenting.

      • Matthias

        “bit-computer program” – you’ve hit the nail on the head! Thanks for your reply Greg.

    • Michael


      You make a series of observations about Bitcoin which are more or less correct, only to depart into complete fantasy land in your comments, extrapolating into falsehood.

      First, let’s just agree on spelling – it’s Bitcoin if you talk about the protocol, and bitcoin if you talk about the unit of account.

      > BitCoin is technically just another fiat currency

      Bitcoin is the opposite of fiat. The word “fiat” refers to mandate from govenment that imposes use of some kind of notes as currency. Bitcoin is completely voluntary.

      > (…) anybody who can afford to own more computation power then the “honest BitCoin enthusiasts” can take over the system.

      Yes, and it may have been the case in 2009 and 2010, when nobody cared about Bitcoin. Now, total computational power of Bitcoin network is multiples of TOP500, which you referred to. This threat is greatly exagerrated and the best person to dismiss its practical applicability is Andreas Antonopoulos in his talk “Can governments take over Bitcoin” (recommended watching if only for a good laugh).

      > those very countries (and especially the Unites States) are in control of the most powerful computers on earth.

      Contol over computer power is meaningless if you don’t have control over clients, too. What good is 98% hashing power if wallet software rejects your blocks as invalid (were you to make some breaking change to Bitcoin protocol).

      > Even worse arstechnica reported that such a scenario (“51% attack”) was already achieved by a BitCoin mining pool called “Ghash” in 2014.

      This is an important study, as it goes against the intuition. What really happened, Ghash started discouraging its users from participation in order to not pose a threat to its income source. It is in their best interest to keep Bitcoin network going, because it is only then when they make money. Plus, Ghash is only a pool, and it does not control what miners mine. You would have to incentivize each pool member somehow to act against their interest.

      > (Quote from professor Emin Gün Sirer)
      > But now, with a monopoly miner, they are suddenly in a position where they have to, once again, trust a single entity to remain benign.

      It is purely a theoretical threat that goes against the incentives built into Bitcoin protocol. Those incentives are the same as in capitalism and are grounded in self interest.

      > (quote continues)
      > we might as well do away with the entire Bitcoin protocol and replace the system with a simple database server kept on GHash’s premises.

      Do you remember what happened to Liberty Dollar? It wouldn’t have been possible had the LD operations been fully distributed.

      And finally, I’m not that delusional to think my counterarguments have any convincing power. But just think about it for a moment. There is so many potential threats to Bitcoin it should be long since dead. How come it continues to operate just fine? Government scheme? Not really – remember that such radical level of opennes Bitcoin provides is not really governments’ cup of tea.

      • Matthias

        „Bitcoin is the opposite of fiat. The word “fiat” refers to mandate from govenment that imposes use of some kind of notes as currency. Bitcoin is completely voluntary.“

        To store your wealth in US Dollars instead of other assets or currencies is also “completely voluntary” (which is a regular theme of the show here). “Fiat” is Latin and means “there shall be” which refers to the fact that such a currency is not backed by any real asset but is made of “nothing but thin air”. The only difference here is that the US Dollar fiat system is managed by the presidents of the FED while Bitcoin is managed by the computer nodes participating in the mining process.

        „Yes, and it may have been the case in 2009 and 2010, when nobody cared about Bitcoin. Now, total computational power of Bitcoin network is multiples of TOP500, which you referred to.“

        You are right about the supercomputers here. I have underestimated the effectiveness of the specialized Bitcoin computation chips (ASICs) that have been developed in the meantime.

        Nevertheless the US Government could also get into the ASIC business if they feel like they have to crush Bitcoin because it poses a threat to the financial system. After all they spend billions of dollars for things like “cyber warfare”, DARPA or the gigantic data centers of the NSA. Or they could simply ban the production of ASICs (except for themselves of course). High end computer chips need extremely sophisticated production facilities. You can’t produce them in your backyard.

        Furthermore Bitcoins “proof of work” concept relies on the SHA 256 algorithm. It is known from the “S-boxes” of the DES algorithm and the recent revelations about breaking VPN security from the Snowden documents that the NSA has more knowledge about cryptographic algorithms then the public sector. In case they have a shortcut for SHA 256 they wouldn’t even need to win the race purely relying on processing power.

        „Contol over computer power is meaningless if you don’t have control over clients, too. What good is 98% hashing power if wallet software rejects your blocks as invalid (were you to make some breaking change to Bitcoin protocol).“

        Bitcoin works the way that the main database (“block chain”) is regularly amended by computation nodes adding new blocks to it. The problem is now that the Bitcoin client gets confused if there appear several “new versions” of the database with different statements about Bitcoin transfers. The client then chooses the version of the database as THE Bitcoin database which has the most amendments assuming that “more amendments” = “more computation power was invested” = “this version was created by the majority of the miners”. So it’s enough to control the majority of the computation power to fool the system. Therefore it’s called “51% attack”.

        „What really happened, Ghash started discouraging its users from participation in order to not pose a threat to its income source. It is in their best interest to keep Bitcoin network going, because it is only then when they make money.“

        I guess you mean their pledge to stay under 40% computation power to save the system – which shows in itself that Bitcoin isn’t free from third party risk – like every fiat scheme. Also they want to set up a “watchdog committee” because of the issue to enhance trust in the system. Sounds like the FED to me.

        „Plus, Ghash is only a pool, and it does not control what miners mine. You would have to incentivize each pool member somehow to act against their interest.“

        The incentive of joining a fraudulent pool would be to participate in the fraud for profit of course.

        „It is purely a theoretical threat that goes against the incentives built into Bitcoin protocol. Those incentives are the same as in capitalism and are grounded in self interest.“

        In case the government would step in they wouldn’t be doing it as investors but precisely because they wanted to crush the system, so “business logic” doesn’t apply here.

        „How come it continues to operate just fine? Government scheme?“

        Could be because they don’t see it as a threat at the moment. Could be because the secret services find it convenient to use for their “underground” operations. Could be Wallstreet wants it still alive to make it their next pet to rip people off. Just like they jumped on the “social media stocks” bandwagon (which I personally consider nothing but a bubble).

      • Matthias

        Regarding Ghash I’d also like to add that pool operators can already control the block creation process if they use instead of Getblocktemplate a protocol like Stratum where the pool participants merely “lend” their computation power to the pool operator and do not create the blocks themselves.

        And apparently Ghash uses Stratum:

  28. R. Boice

    Just listened to the latest presentation by Jeff Berwick, wherein you ask, as you most always do, “How is this going to affect the man on the street?”. The answer is almost always the same. The man on the street may only be living from paycheck to paycheck or have 2 jobs and his spouse have another. Can you get someone to come down to that level and actually spend time addressing what the “little” guy can do to get prepared and maybe protect what is left of the IRA or 401k. People like Sinclair, Berwick or even yourself, will perhaps have enough to get through, but most of us won’t.

    I know that you are doing your best to inform but maybe for one day you could bring it down a notch. Thanks /Bob

    • Greg Hunter

      R. Boice,
      You need to cut your cable off. Get rid of your data package on your smart phone. Stop eating out and cut back every item you have that is not as necessity to sustain life. This includes driving. Get a used bicycle if you have to. Then you need to divert any and all money to buying food and water for storage. Then you need to start fixing and repairing your vehicle and home. This need to happen ASAP. There is no magic way for people not to suffer. There is no easy path to navigate what is coming. Al;l you can do is soften the blow. The problem is people don’t want to do what I just said above. They want someone to unscrew them and go about their lives. Not going to happen, and I really don’t know how to save the masses. We are in very deep here and all you can do is try to put yourself and family in the best position possible, but that will take effort and sacrifice. I am not trying to be mean or caviler, but what is coming is Biblical and certain. It is really only a matter of when. I hope this helps.

      • Daavid


        • Margie

          touche Twice!

          find a way to cook without gas or electricity – google “block rocket stove” and select “images” this will give you a cheap and easy solution for cooking that does not use a lot of fuel. Learn to cook on it now. Depending on where you live, find ways to stay warm in winter, get a wood stove and some wood or build a rocket mass heater which uses less fuel. have WARM blankets and sweaters. Learn to eat sprouts and get the grains/seeds so that you can eat them, they are higher in nutrients. You also need less quantity per serving.

          Figure out what you will do for protein. print out useful info or get a few books that you can fall back on. If you can, get a pair of really good boots or shoes that will last a long time.

          Find out what grows wild that is nutritious in your area. Get a small book on herbal medicine. Etc. This may sound extreme, but you will be very thankful you implemented these things later.

        • SharkBit

          Greg, you are a saint. I work with a chap from Missouri. Are you all so humble, honest and kind? I think Missouri should secede from the USSA. Keep up the great work. My family and I really appreciate your efforts. Cheers.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you David. No there is Senator Clare McCaskill. She too is from Missouri and is voting for the Iran nuke deal.

      • art barnes

        Greg, but that would mean not being able to watch fools ball this Sunday with a six pack. You know, watching some millionaire drop a ball on the 3rd yard line and some pretty woman interviewing him saying “gosh, wow, gee, you ran 40 yards last year & I think you caught the ball twice as well, how did you do all that?” Greg, my point is its useless to preach to all the American dummies. How many even have 5 gallons of gas stored much less their bicycle tires inflated; if they have a bicycle. And, I suggest you don’t tell you neighbors you have any stored items, as they will demand you share it and lose your family in the(ir) spirit of giving.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Art. I have given up telling anyone because I just do not need the grief. Getting prepared is hard enough.

      • Diane D

        Greg, that is valuable, sound advice. I remember a comment from Watchdog Paul from Indiana. He said, “At this point, the only way out is through.” That is where we are.

    • Shawn G

      Regarding your IRA or 401K – look at converting them into a “Solo 401k” with “checkbook control” – google it….. You manage your own fund…. If done properly, can by real gold and silver, real estate, etc.

    • brian

      Get to know your neighbors, get to know them good and well; and if you find that you are surrounded by people who cannot be trusted and people who are living in total denial of what is going on get the hell out, because if you got food and you got water and your surrounded by a bunch of people who do not…..well try going on a three day fast (water and electrolytes only) and then you can use your imagination on what happens.

  29. Jerry

    This is the proverbial “Well We Tried” move with the IMF, before China and the BRIC nations pull the plug on the dollar with their own currency system in September.
    Check out Karen Hudes comment about the Federal Reserve Bank being insolvent. That would explain a lot wouldn’t it?

    • Jerry

      Greg I am increasingly becoming more in tune with the Chinese agenda concerning the Yuan and the future of the dollar as world reserve currency. It appears to me that China is trying to make a case that they deserve a place at the worlds financial table. Once again they are meeting with the IMF behind closed doors. In my estimation the IMF will not give them SDR drawing rights, but will give them their blessings to use the Yuan for trade in place of the dollar with members of the BRIC nations. This will essentially create two separate exchange systems in the world to compete with one another. The United States and the EU in west, and China and the BRIC nations in the east. Vladimir Putin has essentially tipped his hand recently, by making the statement that Russia would no longer use the dollar in trade.

      The chips are on the table. We will see in the coming weeks, how they will be divided.
      Make no mistake, China has been planning for this for quite some time with the creations of:
      – AIIB banking
      – CIPS exchange system.
      – The China Gold Price Fix
      The China Gold Price Fix is the biggie. That will put an end to market manipulation in the west by the Cabal. When that happens then what?

  30. oneno

    26:33 No not 10 cases of bottled water. The Besphonel A in the plastic bottles is poisonous (read Kevin Galalae – Chemical and Biological depopulation).

    Instead consider, the “NEW !! TRAVELER … 12 liter Stainless water filter JMCCSCI.COM name branded stainless steel water filter (photo above) WITH 2 GF WHITE CERAMIC FILTER ELEMENTS – NOW WITH INTERNAL FLUORIDE ARSENIC FILTRATION plus removes chlorine chloramines pharmaceuticals heavy metals and much more from drinking water … ALL FOR $179.95 + flat rate $20.00 shipping to the 50 states”.

    This version is smaller than the 18 liter version so you can easily collapse it and carry it with you if you do a lot of travelling – and best of all is it is gravity fed and will work when there is no power.

    The filter spec sheet describes it’s effectiveness

    Also consider the “6 PACK – 27 OUNCE STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOTTLE with hoop cap – $20.00 each x 6 = $119.00 plus $8.00 shipping = $127.00”. This is besphenol-A free also.

    Stay away from plastic bottled water – it is your health.

  31. karl

    What scares me recently is the tslk of banning cash. The Ft , telegraph and Gordon Brown have been getting on this band wagon. They could tgen force people to spend with begative interest rates if the economy was depressed.
    This is insane as its not savers who cause depressions but debtors if they go this route than the normal man is screwed and the government has complete control over us.

  32. Ted

    GREG, THANKYOU!!! FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!!!! Remember, fear is not a word. It is an ancronym. FALSE EVIDENSE APPEARING REAL THANKYOU!!!!

  33. art barnes

    Greg, CNBC’s little bald big mouth is touting the buy signals in every sector again. Old mad money is in full court press as he knows he has but a little time left to be relevant; sounds kind of biblical in a way.

  34. dee garmon

    Even a blind man can see it coming and that’s the most scary part of it all.
    As Jim Willie puts it most still think ” America always comes on top” .
    So, keep watching Kardashians and Monday Night Football and don’t
    worry about anything!

  35. Diane D

    Two of the most powerful weapons of the PTB are printing presses and war, using the US military to do their bidding. Jeff Berwick (and other guests) alluded to both.

    Protecting financial assets if possible is important. But don’t lose sight of Priority #1: Protecting your loved ones.

  36. O.W. Emu

    This sounded like a late night get rich quick flipping houses or stocks scam artist. I am trying to give a sincere opinion here. Greg, you are interviewing people that make their living off of gullible people, hence, usawatchdog is an infomercial. It is sounding a lot like coast2coast AM here. 99% Certifiable Kooks. The Shemitah doesn’t say anything at all regarding 2015. Not a single 2015 is found in it. Therefore, everyone using it to make money is a shyster.

  37. O.W. Emu

    12.22.2012 end of the world crap, see what that got ya?

  38. John

    I’m sorry but I don’t believe in superstition and magic 7’s.

    • Mark_BC

      It’s irrelevant what you believe, it only matters what our masters believe and clearly they find these numbers very important. You cannot deny the previous cycles and events.

  39. Clint Bower

    China is selling our treasuries to rise $ ? Who’s buying them?

    • brian

      either the issuer buys them back through proxy/puppet buyers using freshly created money or the issuer finds a way to pressure the largest sellers not to sell.

  40. Damon Harrington

    Hi Greg, really appreciate your site and your in put. Thanks for having the courage, truth and soundness on major issues that mainstream media like to twist. Blessings from Australia.

  41. Collateral Damage

    History repeating itself in rhyme…

    For a sober eye-opening experience read, “Economics and the Public Welfare, A Financial and Economic History of the United States, 1914 – 1946”, by Benjamin M. Anderson.

    From the inside front cover of the book, “No one could have been better situated to write a study of the ‘turbulent years between 1913 and 1945. From his vantage point as economist for Chase Manhattan Bank and Editor of the Chase Economic Bulletin for many years, and as a participant in much of what he records, Dr. Anderson provides and inside view on the climactic events that shook the world.”

    What was most chilling about reading it was the parallels one can draw between the general economic and geopolitical events that were going on then and the general economic and geopolitical events that are going on now.

    Sadly, it is impossible to read that book then view the general trend of economic/political events that we are living through now and NOT understand that the world is headed for major human conflict.

    From History, it is interesting to study the formative years of Herschel G.:

    From East Coast:

    To West Coast:

    To Europe:–business.html

    To the Far East:

    I think it would be highly enlightening to research global headlines from 1935 to 1938 to see how many parallel forces were/are playing themselves out in our headlines of today.

    Frodo: “I wish none of this had happened.” Gandalf: “So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

    Best Regards to All,


  42. Angie

    First of all Greg I do respect YOU. I believe you to be an honest man but I do question some of your guests and have questioned some of them more than others. I have however been forced to think and that is why I am so grateful as you do not push one ideology with selective guests.

    My biggest concern is when any of them talk about investing outside the US. “This” is not an isolated American implosion but a world wide one. The banking system has roots that go through all countries. In addition, to believe that other counties would be respectful of assets belonging to citizens, depositors, and holders of certificates is about as believable as the Easter Bunny running and winning the presidency.

    In the pit of my stomach I feel something bad is about to happen…. I have never had this before and do not trust in readings, fortunetellers or anything of the like – but I cannot shake this. As you end all your Friday wrap ups… “Prepare spiritually” is the most important advice of all.
    Thank you for all you do

  43. Pondering

    Any thoughts on the exodus of civilians from Central Europe eastward? Are there any nonbiased ground level reports of why they are fleeing in droves? Or is this localized?
    Rumors of war to come (Ukraine)? Social change? Economics? Persecution? Just looking for clues as to the coming developments.

    • Collateral Damage

      Hi Mr. Pondering, aka The Thinker. 🙂

      Read my post above, then read the links I cite, then read the book I reference above and you will have ample food for thought for pondering on such things as, “…exodus of civilians from Central Europe eastward. Are there any nonbiased ground level reports of why they are fleeing in droves? Or is this localized?
      Rumors of war to come (Ukraine)? Social change? Economics? Persecution? Just looking for clues as to the coming developments.”

      Incidentally, the last reference I cite, quote from J.R.R. Tolkien’s, ‘Lord of the Rings’, was inspired by his personal experiences in the trenches of Europe during World War I.

      I just looked it up, old Eddie said, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
      ― Edmund Burke

      It evidently appears that those of us who do study history, are also destined with the a similar fate. Maybe this is just because there are cycles in this world, like living through another fall and winter in the midwest. 🙂

      Regards, CD

  44. Chris M.

    I have to agree with some of the others here Greg. This guy nust seems to be jumpimg on the Shemitah bandwagon and rehashing current day news. He is articulate and well spoken, but given the gravity of the developing situation in the financial world and the world political stage it may be a good idea to spread your interview net a little wider.

    A few ideas for interview questions and topics:

    1. What, outside of silver, gold, food production and cash might qualify as a great alternative investment for the rough times ahead?

    2. Can you interview a politician or industry financial operator (someone actually down in the trenches) who is willing to speak honestly about risks?

    3. A lot of your interviews tend to focus on preparedness. Why not interview a couple of experts?

    4. William Forstchen’s follow up to “One Second After” is due for release soon. He might be a great guy to interview in advance. He has strong views on our lack of preparedness as a nation.

    Thanks for all you do. I will continue to tell others about


  45. Aussie Al

    Greg excellent interview with Mr Berwick. Very interesting to note the for and against comment about your guest though. What are we measuring his character against, world gov’s, Federal reserves? 1% of the 1%? come on seriously!! if people that read this column are that stupid and think that everyone that works in the markets world or an inner sanctum scenario has no baggage — PLEASE!!!!
    Sad that more people up the top of this link will not read my post, But I am an Australian living in Australia who has probably a bit more sense than most as have been watching your site for a good while now. I can tell you that you need to be living where I am at present that is Perth WA, you might have heard of it, the place with the worlds biggest Iron Ore, and just about every other conceivable natural resource known to man.
    After the Biggest commodities boom in History, “IN HISTORY” the WA Gov, in six months has had its triple AAA Rating slashed to AA- and is now effectively in massive Debt in “6 MONTHS” you can all read about it on Google is you want. Also ypou may want to check out the fact that once again After the Biggest commodities boom in History, “IN HISTORY” the Australian Natianal Debt has Just Hit $1trillion, so we are flat broke!! don’t forget that we are only 23million people, and we are a country that has goods that non one wants! so we are soon going to be the new Zimbabwe, if you think I’m kidding look at the Aussie$ and or interest rates oops! go up screwed, go down screwed!
    I would say to all the Nay Sayers out there one thing, you missed the convoy going to “WALLY WORLD” With the GRISWALDS.
    Greg as for yourself it cant be said that what you have done and continue to do for run of the mill people like myself and others, is a debt that can never ever be repaid, so I will leave it as a big, big THANK YOU, AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU! you have and are literally saving lives with your content and that my friend is one of the biggest callings in life. Big Al

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al!!

  46. James Sullivan

    Hello Greg;
    Just had my 5 kids down for a week to spend with their old man, here in the boonies of Nova Scotia. My three girls are well educated and actually listen to the old man once in a while….they have some cash in their mattress and some have silver …( i must e the only person in the world who has actually convinced otherwise un-knowing persons to protect themselves (LOL). The boys are typically 5 years behind their sisters in maturity….no assets to build reserves, and still playing computer games on their phones.
    I have a large garden, water piped off the roof, a hothouse , and food stocks in the cold room in the Basement. I follow many alternate sites, yours especially…..and i notice there is a macabre current of “Let it happen, let’s get it on!” from many readers….who are tired of the vigilance required since 2008 , waiting for the crash that must come, but who knows when. They are worn out.
    When the crash occurs, IMHO, nobody will be able to stand alone against the misery and chaos.
    To answer the critical question of “what do i do?” …….i believe the first and foremost answer is to gather whatever like minded friends, family and neighbors you can and form a self defense organization with enuf depth for 24/7 guards, and fortify yourselves against the storm.
    This is crazy stuff, but i firmly believe you have to cover the worst case scenario first….if it doesn’t get that bad, well, we can all laugh, shake hands and move back out into the newly rebuilding world.
    The question for me is how do i build this organization before the fall occurs. I’d appreciate any of your readers comments on that.
    Its a crazy world. Keep the faith, and god bless all of us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James Sullivan for sharing your story here.


  47. European American

    Actually, October is the month that will send shivers down our American spines. You’ve got a month.

  48. Brian

    I love your program and the thought provoking persons on a regular but if one would follow the Jeff Berwick site he is promoting things I do not know that you would want to align yourself with.

    Please be careful it seems that Mr Berwick is seeking insights from a practice that is seeing guidence from the what I would say is an occult….. practice….

    Jeff Berwick on Free Your Mind: My Iboga Experience –

    Please consider removing this from your website as someone may follow his advise and …. I will pray for your wisdom.

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