Get Rid of Debt, Crime & War–Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s 

Financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says if you want to have a really good economy, you have to “get rid of debt, crime and war.” Fitts says, “Instead of having more debt, more crime and more war, we need to get interested in shifting.  The President is getting very, very frustrated because he is in the machinery, and the machinery has no interest in changing.  If you look at what’s going on, it’s very dangerous.  Many of the people that got him elected are systematically being taken out.”

Still, Fitts thinks President Trump “has done a much better job than I expected considering he has no government experience.”

The fraud in the budgets, according to Fitts, has got to stop. . . . More than $11 trillion has disappeared from the federal budgets, and it’s all documented on

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of Housing during the Bush (41) Administration and Publisher of The Solari Report.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

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  1. Mac

    Anyone and I mean
    anyone who thinks that any of this
    can be fixed has “Titanic syndrome” which
    I coined eight years ago. When the Titanic hit
    the iceberg there were three types of people.
    1) Those that thought that nothing major really
    happened and decided to retire to their cabin.
    2) Those who were concerned but not enough
    to have a sense of urgency. They decided to go
    have drinks and listen to the band.(most Americans).
    3) Then there was are final group who knew that
    something was terribly wrong. Those people were
    aware that the lower half of the ship was flooding
    and that the situation was becoming dire by the
    minute. Those people knew they had to find a way
    off the ship or at least get their children and wives
    off the ship.
    When Miss Fitts tells us that all we need to do is
    stop wars debt and crime she takes the position
    of those on the Titanic who went to listen to music
    and have drinks. Not very realistic. The ship is listing
    and I have already made my plan and decision and
    I bet that Miss Fitts has her lifeboat ready to go also.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I disagree….Catharine will take her stand with the little folks in the Tennessee she loves.
      There was a fourth choice on the Titanic, Mac. It was to help others and reassure them there was a Heavenly Father who was waiting to take them into His arms.

      However, I don’t believe the USA will go down. I believe it will go through a sea change and survive purified. We are revolted by how our military has been used for genocide and theft to our dishonor….and the pedo culture has aroused the beast of American vengeance. The ship IS turning…

    • This sceptred Isle

      Apparently a lot of the passengers refused to get into the lifeboats, preferring to stay on the Titanic thinking it was safer. I guess in your analogy the band is the mainstream media…

    • Tin foil hat

      You missed two other groups of passengers.
      4) Those who knew that something was terribly wrong, got off the Titanic, waited inside the lifeboat, got tired of bobbing up and down, cut loose the liferaft and got back on the Titanic for the drinks and dance.
      5) Those who knew that something was terribly wrong, got off the Titanic, waited inside the lifeboat, sneaked back on the Titanic for the drinks and got right back on the liferaft.

    • al

      The fix is simple down to the micro level. Take out the top, make an example out of a few key players who hold the control files and the system resets. The outcome is a new system with possibly the same players but they are free to do the good they wanted to, and if not, they’ll be taken out by natural processes related to a good system. Simple. Trump is setting up his people to do just that.

    • Russ McMeans

      Excellent anology Mr. Mac. And yes I felt the ship shudder, like a slight earthquake when you wake up in the middle of the night. You’re not certain, but you awoke and that’s good enough evidence. You know something bigger may come.

  2. terra.laser

    Catherine Austin Fitts’ words and viewpoint continue to stand and clarify political and economic truth over time – of all your guests her integrity and truthfulness are second to none – thank-you.

    • Cspokane

      This is the comment I agree with.

  3. jim

    She is terrible to listen to. NEVER answers the question directly . Why do you keep having her on.

    • foggygoggles

      I think your frustration stems from the fact that as a past insider, Catherine knows that there are many more factors at play than would appear at the surface. As a consequence, her answers might be more nuanced than you desire. As terra.laser commented, Catherine’s integrity and truthfulness are second to none. In this time of universal deceit, people like Catherine are rare and a blessing.

    • This sceptred Isle

      She is not the most listener friendly guest. However, she does have some useful information.

    • Russ McMeans

      Some people who are really smart answer directly and in simple ways, and some reply in a more subtle way.
      Read between the lines dude! It’s like listening to politicians; you have to pick apart what they are saying. It’s actually fun to do.

    • Concerned american dad

      ‘Kind of agree with jim there- she tells a different story or mentions some other anecdote or something else she’s written or read as an answer to a question.

  4. Jerry

    The dollar selloff continues as the central banks transfer assets into the new AIIB alternate exchange system.

    The 11 trillion dollars in missing funds that CAF was referring to, has most likely been transferred into the new exchange system for redemption. As I have stated, the reset is happening internally right now within the global banking system. The central banks will not go public until the transfer is complete, or until gold orders used to back the new currencies with, can’t be delivered.

    In either case, I am hearing from some of my sources (which I can’t confirm) that the release will happen simultaneously with a congressional Trump impeachment proceeding. That’s a little hard for me to swallow?

    • Jerry

      Need more convincing of a new global banking system?

      • Russ McMeans

        We will sure miss are beloved KING DOLLAR….. it was a good run and great party! Oh look, there’s still a bit more in the punch bowl!

    • Jerry

      Chinese finance minister summoned for emergency meeting.
      Sometimes I get the distinct impression that the financial reset will not go as smoothly as many of the central bankers think it will. All of us here should be reminded that a global transition of this magnitude has not been tried before since the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944. If the transfer is not synchronized to perfection, and there is a financial hiccup, it could bring the markets down globally. Once that cat is out of the bag, the central banks will not be able to weave their manipulation magic any longer and the truth will be laid out for all to see. History in the making folks.

      • Russ McMeans

        Don’t panic folks! There are plenty of life boats. Please be patient and form a line. Allow the women and children first and God bless you all and the Queen!

    • JCD

      Jerry what is the trigger point when we all realize it is happening moment. Bond sell off ?

    • Spurr

      Jerry…if the reset is replacing treasuries with gold backed certificates has you say…why is gold being SMASHED down again??? You’d think that realistically they would let gold go up if gold was being used to back treasuries! Your theory is out of whack with reality! What is really happening is the dollar is crashing and the only way they can keep it from going down is by smashing gold!

      • Tin foil hat

        The last thing the Federal Reserve wants to do is to replace the Treasuries with gold back certificates. The squids are willing to risk WWIII to prevent that from happening.
        If gold price goes higher as the Treasuries go lower, the world will recognize the fact that Treasuries are not settled account of exchange (wealth/gold) but merely a derivative of a medium of exchange (the dollar).
        We don’t want the world to act on the knowledge that the Central Banks should hold real wealth as their national reserve rather than the dollar. So the gold price must be smashed to avoid a gold back treasuries.

        • Frederick

          Tin Foil I agree and so I’m buying more gold and waiting

  5. John woodhead

    It’s the rich that get the pleasure,it’s the poor that get the blame,it’s the same the whole world over,ain’t it all a f__king shame……yes it is and what I like about the clever Catherine Austin Fitts is she knows it does not have to be this way ,there really is something that can be done about it

    • Will Wonka

      John woodhead 05/10/2017 •
      It’s the rich that get the pleasure, it’s the poor that get the blame, it’s the same the whole world over, ain’t it all a f__ shame……
      She Got the Goldmine, and I Got The Shaft !

    • Russ McMeans

      That ‘black budget’ money will never be given back to the people. Never. I owe a bank $8786, then $5008, then now downgraded to $3786. Still can’t pay it.
      They will never be paid. Never.

  6. diane

    Those of us who read and listen to this report are so fortunate to have honest people like Catherine and Greg telling us the truth.

  7. Barbara Higbee

    My, oh, my …. I don’t normally comment on Mr. Hunter’s site but this exchange between him and Catherine Austin Fitts is spellbounding! When you exclude all the noise about daily political events and listen to what is the actual problem, “the black budget”, you understand what President Trump is up against! Not only is he up against those that would like nothing more than to oust him from power, he is faced with roadblock after roadblock from achieving what he campaigned on for the American people! The issue on pedophelia, a psychological disorder, is hard to imagine at this point and I honestly have paid little attention to it because it seems unbelievable. But Ms. Fitts has convinced me that this is a serious problem and needs to be dealt with.

    Thank you Mr. Hunter for the great guest you had on! (Not to mention the great insight!)

  8. Noel

    The best ever. So much red pill. So much truth. Precious little time remains to stop the machine before it takes us all down. Spread this far and wide. Red pill your friends, family and colleagues with this best ever USAWatchdog report.

  9. Paul ...

    Greg … As Fitts says we have to get rid of debt, crime, war,fraud, lies … but even more … we have to get rid of fluoride in our water, the vaccination of our children, the sterilizing GMO’s in our foods and the nano-aluminum in our air and on our ground killing our trees, bees and crops … it seem to me that just like in the days of Noah “a great extermination of humanity” is now taking place … perhaps you can book Linda Moulton (who is doing an excellent job disclosing the truth) … and if in fact Earth is an “alien” laboratory for reptilians, tall blond humanoids, greys and insectoids genetic experiments … then humanity should be informed about it and fast … because as our Founders proclaimed we humans have in”alien”able rights … to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness … and we must defend those right against all entities trying to exterminate them … these “alien” scientist can’t just flush us down the drain at the end of their experiment … so it is vitally necessary for us to know who among these “aliens” are our friends and who are our mortal enemies … and Linda Moulton is doing an excellent job disclosing this truth …

    • This sceptred Isle

      Problem is if you get rid of the debt, war, fraud and lies the system collapses.

      On the subject of chem trails and aluminium particles in the air this pubmed article is about how toxic aluminium is to plants. Interestingly the abstract states that:

      “To develop high tolerance against Al stress is THE major goal of plant sciences.”

      So these multinational agro-chemical companies aim to develop crops that are resistant to this aluminium toxicity.
      Firstly, these companies acknowledge aluminium is THE major pollutant to crops and so acknowledge it is widespread.
      Secondly, if the soil become so polluted with aluminium particles these multinational companies will control the food supply as their aluminium resistant crops will be the only crops that will be able to grow and produce food.

      • This sceptred Isle

        If we assume, for the sake of argument, that chem trails are nothing more than a conspiracy theory, where do the agro-chemical companies see all of this aluminium pollution coming from that justifies the statement:
        “To develop high tolerance against Al stress is THE major goal of plant sciences.”??????????
        Surely water supplies would only carry trace amounts of aluminium, otherwise we are all in trouble!

        • This sceptred Isle

          I know the experts say that aluminium is a constituent of soil naturally and that acidic soils make the crops absorb more aluminium but is it a coincidence that Monsanto stands ready to gain from this environmental catastrophe?

          • Paul ...

            Since the age of the dinosaurs plants grew fine with the naturally occurring aluminum in the soil … it’s the “very fine” nano-aluminum that is so insidious … as nano-aluminum can penetrate right through human skin and right into plant leaves and stems just by the microscopic aluminum dust getting on a person or vegetable … the major goal of human health sciences should be to prevent Alzheimer’s and Autism!!

  10. Chip

    Great interview! Thanks Greg and CAF… Chip

  11. Bill Moulyn

    Hey Greg,
    I cannot understand what Catherine Fitts is saying because the audio is poor quality.

  12. Russ

    Hey Greg, great interview w/ Catherine Austin Fitts. We’ve all heard of the black budget, but I had no idea it was in the $trillions, let alone $11.5T. I’d say that’s an excellent reason for the folks involved with the dark side of the budget to play serious hardball when someone they consider an interloper starts to mess around with the sand in their sandbox.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on former FBI Director Comey being fired. I’m not sure that improves things in the near term, but it will certainly put government employees on notice.

    • Russ McMeans

      Can I have $3786 of that black budget money to pay the white budget money I owe a bank?

  13. Hatemail

    She didn’t mention anything about the UFO’s and aliens in Antarctica.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I always thought that santa claus must be an alien or at least has access to alien technology…

    • Paul ...

      And she also didn’t mention … we are not simply dealing with “immoral aliens” (intent on killing and dumbing down the human race) but we are dealing with “immoral men” too … look at the doctors who inject our new born babies with 28 vaccines as soon as they are born … these doctors are a bunch of hypocrites … pretending they don’t know the evil they are doing creating an exponential increase in autism (to dumb us down) … they all swear to do no harm … but instead follow a Hippocratic oath because they are all hypocrites!!

      • Paul ...

        And another thing she didn’t mention (as if dumbing us down is not bad enough) … the US Military under DARPA wants complete control over our dumbed down minds (using microwaves and other methods) … like a “Great Satan” the US Government wants to combine the thoughts of “many brains” … to give us a “hive” mentality they can more easily control … their goal is to completely destroy our individual souls …

    • Russ McMeans

      Aliens don’t hold our debt or have to pay taxes, so they simply have no say in our affairs!

      • This sceptred Isle

        There is probably an intergalactic central bank waiting to bail out earth when it goes bust!

  14. Paige Barent

    Okay, this is the second time that I have heard Catherine Austin Fitts COMPLETELY misrepresent the Convention of the States movement as some type of wacko attempt to subvert our Constitution. What a bunch of bonk! The calling of a Convention of the States is NOT, I repeat, NOT a “Constitutional Convention.” Rather, the Convention of the States movement is seeking to invoke an ARTICLE V Convention to AMEND the Constitution which our Founding Fathers deemed to be a legitimate and LEGAL procedure under our Constitutional structure. (See Article V of the Constitution of the United States.)

    Now, the reason for a Convention of the States is simply this: the political elites in Washington D.C. have absolutely no inclination to rein in their abuse of power on a wide range of topics–which, of course, we are all quite aware of. Thus, given the current state of affairs, the only LEGAL recourse that is available to the American People is to call a Convention of the States which, prior to convening, will deal with a set of PREDETERMINED & MUTUALLY AGREED UPON topics such as term limits for Congress, balancing the budget etc.

    I encourage Catherine Austin-Fits as well as all my fellow citizens to go to the Convention of the States website and spend some time reviewing the information contained there within as this group has gone to great lengths to clarify the differences between a Constitutional Convention and an n Article V Convention–(which this group is calling for).


    Paige Barent

    • Chip

      Thank you for that well presented explanation… Chip

    • Charles H


      Although the Constitution allows changes in the forms of Amendments – those changes COULD produce very negative results. And since you do not cover ALL the proposed changes such a convention would consider: much “pork” could be attached, which would not be substancially agreed upon. If, then, other agendas are also included in such a proposed Convension of the States, this then COULD introduce issues – like LGBT Rights: that would absolutely fit the whacko description that subverts the Constitution.
      Impetus’, like Public School education: have started-out well; but become a complete disaster. And no one is going to go back to the way it was when it worked well. I am skeptical of such a convention – for the simple fact that it could be hi-jacked to purposes NOT originally considered. Guarantee the platform of said convention – with no modifications: and THEN solicit support.

  15. Mike Weston

    The following is from The News-Press Sunday newspaper (30 Apr 2017) in Fort Myers, FL. Looks like worries are increasing about what may be coming down the pike…
    ” ‘When the Shelves Go Bare’ is the title of a workshop series in Fort Myers, FL dealing with concerns about a future food shortage. ” This was on page 1 of the Business section, upper left corner. Whole piece is about 6 column inches long.

  16. Linda

    Love Catherine Austin Fitts, such a smart aware level headed in the know women. Yeah, compromise has to be part of the hell hole Trump finds himself in. Now with the firing of Comey things will get even more interesting AND dangerous.

  17. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    You quit too soon! You never got to the Puerto Rico default. We were in SW MO this past weekend. It was not as hard hit as the eastern part of the state. There will be some lost crops in some places but nothing on the scale of Kansas because of the snow.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Russ McMeans

      God bless all the farmers in the world! Boy are we forever indebted to them!

  18. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Catherine said that in “draining the swamp Trump had to avoid offending the military industrial complex” . We’ve all heard Eisenhower’s famous warning quoted ad nauseam for nearly 60 years now. Usually those quotes start by noting ” Eisenhower, who was no flaming liberal said…”. Few people have ever listened to that entire speech. In that same speech nearly 60 years ago Eisenhower warned that the university would cease to be a place for the free exchange of thoughts and ideas. He warned about the dangers of government funded research. He warned that the government contract would become the holy grail of academia. With 11.5 trillion dollars disappearing into second, secret civilization swamp, with universities categorizing any dissent or disagreement as hate speech, with government interference throughout the entire educational system it’s clear that Eisenhower’s valedictory speech back in January of 1961 was one of the most insightful speeches ever given by an American President. Catherine Austin Fitts could have written it for him.

    • This sceptred Isle

      It is interesting to note, for people who dismiss conspiracy theories, that two of America’s best presidents were conspiracy theorists: Eisenhower (military industrial complex speech) and JFK (conspiracy speech).

  19. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Catharine is right, of course.
    Yet it reminds me of a sensible therapist or pastor saying, ” You need to give up drinking and smoking and using credit cards whenever you’re too tired to cook…then everything will be so much better.” or a doctor advising, “You are borderline diabetic and must give up beer and sweets…a diet I have here will really HELP: carrots, celery, veggie juice, and lean organic beef. You’ll look and feel like a million bucks! NOW DO IT.”
    In short, and as she knows, we’re Junkies as a nation….personally and collectively. Only the church going very poor growing butter beans in Mississippi are truly prepared.

    • Russ McMeans

      You summed it up on your last sentence dear Deanna; growing your own food and eating critters from the wild will be our one great survival skill that the elites won’t have. Though they will try to buy it.

  20. Terry

    Thanks for some real news Greg..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU for supporting USAW!

  21. Jerry

    The last leg of the petrodollars three legged stool is about to be cut off.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry for all your links and analysis. Keep it coming!

    • donna

      just saw story how( Saudi) ARMACO just took 100% control of the Port Arthur refinery in Texas which is North Americas largest refinery.

      • Jerry

        That’s scary stuff.

    • Jerry

      The man who took us off the gold standard and put us on the petrodollar just met with President Trump.
      One can only speculate what they were discussing, but I find it incredibly interesting that just about the time that the oil companies in the middle east are about to cut a deal with China, he shows up. Dubai has already staked out their claim as the main clearing hub for RMB. Its to little, to late.

      At this point all that is left to appease the house of Saud is to take down Assad in Syria. But then again that would trigger WWIII with Russia. The neocons are trapped like rats.

    • Chip

      Interesting stuff Jerry. Will China win a majority of Aramco in that IPO? And if so what will be the affect on the petrodollar? Chip

      • Jerry

        The day the Roosevelt Carrier group sailed out of the Persian Gulf was essentially the day the petrodollar died. The Saudi’s have cut new deals with the Chinese ( oil for gold) so they no longer need us. The ball is in their court at this point and Donald Trump knows it. That’s why he signed off on the Canadian pipeline with executive order so quickly.

        • Chip

          Thanks for the response and insight Jerry. I enjoy your posts… Chip

  22. Vlad_ The Impaler


    Serbia warns of new Balkan war if Albania unites with Kosovo
    Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that the mooted unification between Albania and Kosovo “will remain only wishful thinking,” and called on the EU to react. “If I said that all Serbs should live in one state, I would be hanged from a flagpole in Brussels,” Vucic added.

    UK risks being ‘wiped off the map with nuclear counterstrike’ – Russian senator
    The UK, said it could launch a preemptive nuclear strike “in the most extreme circumstances.”
    In case the UK strikes a nuclear power, then “the UK, which doesn’t have vast territory, will be literally wiped off from the face of the earth with a counterstrike,” Klintsevich said, the deputy head of a Russian upper house committee.

    Election exodus: Canadians invite 4 states to secede from US
    “Dear California, Oregon, Washington – I’m sure we can work something out if you want to join Canada,” tweeted Chad Harris, a reporter from Kamloops, British Columbia.сanadians-call-states-secede/
    Is the invitation still open? That is the questgion!

    N. Korea warns of ‘disastrous consequences’ after McCain calls Kim Jong-un ‘crazy fat kid’
    This aint going to be over untill it’s over and the fat kid’s sister sings. Hope she’s fat too!

    Ukraine bans Steven Seagal as ‘threat to national security’

    It’s not all just in the Enquierer

    • Bill

      VLAD: Election exodus: If British Columbia knew of the inside politics of the communist state of Kalifornia, they would quickly retract any invitation.

  23. Macray

    Paul from your May 9th post…………………………..
    ” I want to make a proposal to President Trump.
    3) sign an Executive Order issuing one(1) million dollars of Treasury credit to every legal citizen of the United States of America … total cost (320 million dollars) … ”

    320 million “legal citizens” multiplied by $1 million dollars … total cost (320 million dollars)??????

    Unless I am completely missing something here, my math calculates a total cost of (320 trillion dollars).

    If my calculation is correct, you may want to hold off on this proposal : )))
    Some of your other proposals are pretty good!!!

    • Paul ...

      Macray … you are completely right … but figure by the time the government gets around to implementing my idea … the dollar won’t be worth 1 cent but only 1/1000th of a cent … so in today’s dollars that million everyone gets will only be worth about 1 ounce of gold … but that is better then the government defaulting on all its entitlement programs and us getting”nothing” in return!

  24. L. Crain

    Warren Buffett Pens a Dangerously Misleading Letter to Americans
    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens
    Warren Buffett, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, authors an annual letter to shareholders that receives wide media coverage for the nuggets of wisdom dispersed to the masses. His latest letter, trumpets American exceptionalism, the miraculous market system Americans have created, while it blithely dismisses the greatest wealth and income inequality in America since the 1920s.

    President Trump, This Is No Way to Drain the Swamp
    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens:
    The good news is that there is growing awareness among the American people that regardless of who is occupying the Oval Office, Wall Street continues to have an outsized, and dangerous, influence and that has to change before any meaningful reform can take root.

    Has Former Goldman Sachs President, Gary Cohn, Gone Rogue on Glass-Steagall?
    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens:
    There are a few important things to know about Gary Cohn. Until Donald Trump tapped him to be the Director of the National Economic Council, he had worked at Goldman Sachs for a quarter century, rising to the position of President of the firm and second only to its CEO, Lloyd Blankfein. Cohn walked out of Goldman in December with approximately $285 million, comprised mainly of Goldman stock, some of which had been granted early vesting. Since his exit from Goldman, Cohn has wasted no time in selling large chunks of his Goldman shares according to his financial disclosures. While this serves to reduce his conflicts of interest with Goldman, it also provides a face-saving means of exiting a massive position in a Wall Street bank without the appearance of panic or disloyalty.

    Against this backdrop comes the widely reported news that on April 5 Cohn met with Senators serving on the Senate Banking Committee and expressed support for bringing back a modern-day version of the depression era Glass-Steagall Act – legislation which was passed as a result of the Wall Street collapse of 1929 to 1933, which erased 90 percent of the market’s value. (Yes, 90 percent.) That legislation created Federally-insured deposits and barred insured commercial banks from being affiliated with Wall Street investment banks. It protected the U.S. financial system for 66 years until its repeal in 1999 under the Bill Clinton administration. We know how that worked out, Billy Bob! It took only nine years after its repeal for Wall Street to implode in the same epic fashion as the ’29 crash.

    The only reason that Wall Street survived at all from 2008 to 2010 was that the Federal Reserve was secretly funneling a cumulative $16 trillion in almost zero rate loans to any Wall Street bank, foreign or domestic, that could fog a mirror and claim to be viable. On top of that, the Fed engaged in a toxic securities cleanup program benignly known as Quantitative Easing, where it bought up Wall Street’s dodgy mortgage-backed securities, putting the mess on its own balance sheet — where much of it remains to this day.

    Theories abound as to why a long-tenured veteran of Goldman would want to earn the ire and backlash of his colleagues on Wall Street by taking on such an unpopular Wall Street position as breaking up the biggest banks on Wall Street and forcing them to shed their commercial banking operations. Goldman itself became a bank holding company at the peak of the financial crisis in 2008, allowing it to borrow with abandon from the Fed.

    One theory is. . . …Trump hit Cohn upside the family, cohnojones, [jewels] in a world wrestling federation strangel hold, learned while avoiding a WWF haircut!

  25. Big Jim

    The questions needs to be asked …. Can we trust a proven money launderer ? The short answer should be no ! How do you like your president now ? Yep. This is your new reality. It will be Tricky Dick Nixon all over again. Only this time, the current POTUS will have to be physically removed after impeachment.

    • Charles H

      Talking about the CIA?!?? And it is conjecture to suggest that President Trump would have to be physically removed. President Clinton WAS impeached; but not removed.

  26. Robespierre


    I think there probably is a bigger chance of you winning the Lottery than the missing $ 11 Billion from the Defense Dept. ever being returned to the U.S. taxpayers. Those that benefited from all that unaccounted money are too powerful and can’t be held to account. Its already gone too far (way past the point of no return).

    So, it will all have to crash and burn first, then rebuild from what is left from the ground up. Next Generation kind of thing. Same thing in Europe. France has had 21 Revolutions since 1290. Revolution Number 22 is coming-up in a few more years. History cycles and repeats for a good reason: Human Nature ( unchanging ).

  27. Lake M

    Greg, Ms Fitts talks about the purge at FOX news. I always thought Murdoch and Sons
    were part of the elite MSM group and active players in the journalistic circus that is presented daily for ordinary citizens. Lot’s of drama was created from the left/right nightly news fight and that sells papers and tv broadcasts. Were the Murdoch’s forced
    to initiate the changes or did they volunteer to shut down O’Riley et al? Corporate advertisers could have threatened to pull the plug? Deep State forces are also attacking alternative news sites. Definite “silence the enemy” operations are going on against many purveyors of the truth. Many getting squashed like a bug on the windshield.

    Existing MSM organizations simultaneously demonized Trump with the phony Russian narrative, disrupting his first 100 days with a fair amount of success.

    Deep state forces scored another victory with the French election of the puppet Macron.
    What a joke this guy is… I’m sorry but 39 is too young to be the president of France.

    Frau Merkel probably felt some relief from the Macron victory over Marine LePen. Soon the Germans will have their chance to express their confidence in the EU and Euro by retaining Ms Merkel or getting rid of her and the Euro Deep State cabal. After being assaulted by more than a million muslim immigrants, seems like the Germans should have enough sense to vote out Merkel and gang.

    Thanks again Greg for the great guest interviews each week.

  28. eddiemd

    Sounds like JW doctrine to me.

    • Greg Hunter

      Killed it. Thank you.

  29. Michael Spevacek

    Ms. Fitts said that government agencies are not complying with the Chief Financial Officers act of 1990. However, Douglas A. Brook has documented that:

    ” All departments and agencies are producing financial statements and
    21 of the 24 major government agencies have achieved unqualified
    audit opinions, 2 have qualified opinions, and only one, the
    Department of Defense, remains disclaimed (Executive Office of the
    President, 2011).”

  30. Glenn Marks

    The Rothschilds controlled South Africa before and after the truth and reconciliation commission. What changed was instead of black genocide you have white genocide. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a ruse to allow criminals to, not only get away with what they have done, but to continue their criminality. Promoters of Truth and Reconciliation are often the very people committing the crimes themselves. Moreover many of those responsible for what transpired in South Africa opted out of Truth and Reconciliation.

    • Keith wilson

      Would it not be a great idea for Germany and the European states to offer asylum to all white south Africans.They are being butchered by the coloured natives at the rate of 150 a week.Give a generation they will be virtually extinct.We don’t hear there plight of genocide on any TV network.Germany could do a swap 2 million Muslims for 2 million white christian educated south Africans.Might sound racist and anti Islamic,but what’s wrong with trying to save your own people.Also you will not have a build a single mosque for your new arrivals.

  31. Peter

    Trump is doing far better for the country than what Hillary would have. Reducing taxes will help businesses and the middle class. Jim Comey allowed Hillary Clinton to break the same laws Edward Snowden did, without any consequences. At least Comey is now gone.

  32. Miro Markovic

    We are told in the schools that the Government of the USA is organized on the principles of checks and balances. If it is true, then how come that the Government of the USA is allowing its budget to go out of control? If my family decides to behave like our Government, i.e., spending more money than we are earning, our family will fall apart very quickly.
    How long our Government can manage our country with so much of debt of its own making? If the printing of a fiat money is the only solution in our current fiscal crises, then we are all in a big trouble.

    • Paul ...

      The principle of checks and balances we learned of in school … means nothing to the banksters … who write Checks out of thin air which then Balances their cooked books!!

  33. Flattop

    Do you believe CAF would agree to lead an organization to begin making the general public aware of what she discussed. I for one would gladly support the exposure of some of the people involved in pedophilia. May God judge them severely for their lusts

  34. coalburner

    M Paige Barent;
    The problem with an Article V convention is only one. Open the door to the Constitution and the criminals, Demagogs, Demons, anti-Americans, communists, anti-Second Amendment, anti-free speech, and Progressive tyrants will swope in and destroy us. I hope the door is never opened for Homo-Satin to destroy our Constitution..

    • Paul ...

      Homo-Satan not only wants to destroy our Constitution … but is the type of pedophile that goes after little boys!!

  35. Wayne D

    Fitts tells us that to aid President Trump in draining the swamp (what I call Washington, Despicable Cesspool) the people must start a grass-roots movement to take back their government. To become effective, first their angst – over absent rule of law, a total disregard for the Constitution and an enclave of rogue factions operating as a shadow government so oppressive to them – must approach the fever pitch portrayed in the 1976 movie “Network.” In it, the character of TV announcer Howard Beale did so implore his viewers:

    “… I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell: ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore!’”

    That was 40 years ago. Things are far worse now yet the likelihood of this happening is much smaller. Why? The elites’ orchestrated games of Divide & Conquer (Let’s You & Him Fight) have left Americans so disenfranchised, alienated, economically-challenged, morally and geopolitically divided that it seems a state of “irreconcilable differences” exists. Could a consensus to restore the Constitutional Republic truly be viable within such a dystopia?

    Is a softer landing possible? Several of us commented following Stockman’s 5-7-17 interview that we believe the current leviathan and enormous US government does not appear to be fixable. But Trump just yesterday fired FBI Director Comey. Some believe this is (finally) a step in the right direction and might be a prelude to his taking off the gloves, realizing he now must play hardball.

    But we also know that TPTB, united behind the privately-owned bankster Fed, will not relinquish their power to control the economy through Wall Street. Nor will the unaccountable military-intelligence-security monstrosity pack up all its undeclared wars, stop its saber-rattling and go away. Nor will the healthcare-medical monopoly stop its price-fixing collusion.

    All of this gives one the sense of watching an inevitable train wreck in slow motion and feeling unable to do anything about it. Long odds, because Trump does not appear to have many allies left, as Fitts notes. But with so many factors in the mix, including international, the law of unintended consequences may actually throw the bad guys a curve ball.

  36. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, a little off the subject but I know the firing of Comey will be first on Friday’s WNW, but let me say Comey deserves to go to jail for violating his duties as the FBI director and trying to rig an election; in Hillary’s favor of course. Frankly, he is probably having cocktails and celebrating his dismissal as it is far better to be fired than face jail. Can’t wait to here your take on this very large story of this week on Friday. a b

  37. Cspokane

    I agree 100%. Thank you Mr. Hunter and Ms. Fitts

  38. JimH

    Hey Greg excellent interview! Catherine is very interesting. Perhaps since the 12 trillion is not returned Trump should use the 50B from the Dept of Defense or shall I say “D Fence”. Use the money for the border wall on defense. After all they spent 100 billion on vault 7 which is now in the wild west and everyone has a copy.

    Greg, Did you read the comey letter? I look forward to Friday on your recap. You may talk about it. I saw something interesting in the letter which trump spells the words “I WIN” Very much an in your face letter to Comey.

    Sentences each line starts with the words “I W I N” The words
    I thought this was very interesting.
    Many Regards,

  39. Pepsi

    Same old guests with the same old message.

    Starting to get bored now Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Then leave, Pepsi.

  40. Catherine Austin Fitts

    Solari Report: American Suicide: Proposals for Constitutional Amendments and Conventions with Edwin Vieira

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Catherine for coming on to comment!!!

      • JCD

        That clears up some. What is going on now has never been seen. Not that it has never happened, but it has never been seen when it happens. There is no correct value for the information at our fingertips.

    • Charles H

      Yeah, – that would be whacko.

  41. Flattop

    GREG: Whats going on with silver.?? it is down about a buck and a half in the last couple weeks???

    • Tracy Welborn

      It’s a short selling assault. Remember this is PAPER silver. Hang in there:-)

  42. francis m reps

    Ms. Fitts ; as usual has a keen insightful handle on our nation’s problems. Thanks for interviewing her. I am of the opinion that the structural timbers in the ” Ship of State” are too rotted to sustain our Republic. A pronouncement by the Supremes regarding marriage without gender differentiation, and the completely un warranted recent murder by our present POTUS of innocent Syrians gives lie to the idea that our Republic still exists. When you and Ms. Fitts hit eighty years of age ; you will be in agreement with me. As an aside ; I believe a sizable portion of the Missing Trillions can be seen quite openly if one simply looks up at our particulate laced skies. Please interview Dane Wigington who ; LIKE YOU and Ms Fitts…..speaks truth to power.

  43. Steve L.

    Hey Greg,
    You should check out for posting your videos. Gregory Mannarino and Jeff Berwick are there. It’s competition for YouTube.
    Jeff Berwick would be an interesting guest.
    Steve L.

  44. Frederick

    Only in America could these cretins rob us of 11 trillion dollars and not lose their heads It reminds me of a movie where a bald guy is holding the world hostage and grins and says “One MILLION” dollars It’s so freaking bizarre its like 911

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