Greatest Time Point in History Coming April 2021 – Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Evening Post)

Biblical cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny says we are approaching the “Greatest Time Point in Human History” near the end of April.  In the last year, Polny has calculated time points and big events such as his prediction of a “new era of time” that would unfold after his February 2020 interview.  It certainly did with the age of Covid lock-downs that started in March of 2020.  Polny also predicted a 35% to 40% decline in the stock market in mid-2020.  (The market sold off 38%.)  Polny also predicted “something epic” would happen on September 18, 2020, and that was the day Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg died.  So, what is Polny’s cycle analysis telling him now?  Polny says, “What started in 2020 will end in 2021, and we have related that actual cycle to Noah’s Ark.  When oil went to zero (April 21, 2020), that would equate to when the door was closed on the Ark. . . . This is the time when Noah is on the Ark and doesn’t step off until April 26, 2021. . . . The world we are presently stepping into is the new era, and it does not start until April 26, 2021, and right now we are in transition.  The greatest time point in history is about to happen.”

Polny says there are other biblical cycles ending as well in 2021.  Polny explains, “One of the cycles that we are following is called the Red Sea Moment, and the cycle time point for that is April 25, 2021.  (This is when Moses parted the Red Sea to escape from Pharaoh in ancient Egypt.)  So, we are about a month away right now. What will happen, I don’t know . . . but it is truly fascinating that things are happening right now at the Rea Sea.  (A massive container ship is currently blocking the Suez Canal.)  The United States is replaying biblical cycles.  April is going to change our world forever.”

Then there is the 50 year debt jubilee concept talked about in the Bible.  The U.S. dollar was taken off the gold standard by President Richard Nixon in August 1971.  August 2021 is the 50th year.  Polny says, “God is going to force the hand of this event.  So, when the dollar drops sizably in value, expect an immediate reaction, and the immediate reaction would likely be some type of a war event.”

What about Bitcoin and the U.S. dollar?  Polny says, “Bitcoin is up $40,000 in God’s New Year, and we are in the 50th year in a jubilee cycle.  So, this year, the dollar itself is supposed to tank.  When it drops, that’s going to be the fuel for Bitcoin and the crypto currencies to accelerate even faster vertically. . . . We have talked about this before, and I have said the price point for Bitcoin could be over $200,000 in 2021. . . . The price moves we have seen so far are only preliminary pricing for what is still coming for Bitcoin. . . . Wall Street is front-running the trade and piling into Bitcoin because they know something.”

What about gold and silver?  Polny says, “When gold and silver go up on this move that’s coming . . . this move coming for precious metals will destroy the banks.  It will destroy the financial mechanisms that are in place right now.  When it starts to destroy the mechanisms used to hold down precious metals, that’s going to cost them billions of dollars a minute when gold and silver start to skyrocket.  So, they are doing anything and everything to not let precious metals go up.  There is a point of time coming, and it is based on Leviticus 25:9.  It specifically talks about the 50 year jubilee cycle. . . . That event is going to cause a drop in the value of the U.S dollar.  That event is going to cause a jubilee cycle for precious metals where they lift off and go vertical.”

On President Trump returning to office, Polny says, “Cycles do nothing more than replay themselves with different characters.  Look at Saul and David.  Saul ended up chasing David out because he knew he was anointed.  David ran and hid in the wilderness, and, basically, he was hiding.  What did they do to Trump?  They chased him out of the White House.  As in David, he was chased out, but chase him out all you want, he was still anointed. . . . We are replaying history with different characters.  In this case, Saul is Biden and Trump is David . . . but when Saul falls, David returns.  That’s what’s coming.”

In closing, Polny contends that God will not turn over America to evil.  Polny predicts, “America will not fall . . . God will not forsake America.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with biblical cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny, founder of

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  1. Rodster

    Hey Greg, I just wanted to say thanks for always doing a great written summation of all your interviews. There are times when the subject matter on hand is not my cup of tea but I always read your summations on each of your interviews, faithfully.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing!!

      • InYeshuasHolyName

        Bwaaaaha…… could’nt help but to wonder if anyone else is ” catching the word’s (God’s new year)” and put in what the gentleman was saying about Very soon seeing God’s wrath ….. I’ve been saying it for awhile now Of the Total disrespect to Yah’s Exodus 12:I-4 explicitly Says the day that the world call’s April fool’s day ….. He’s teed off alright . People who supposedly believe in Yeshua Hamashiach Jesus Christ – must understand that It Was He Who Made The Spark In Mary’s Egg ….so what He say’s goes . All this (dropping of ball on the first of the “january” year) …..sad state of affairs when those who claim to believe in Who shed His precious Blood for Them are literally living a lie / participating in a Grand lie ( everything is attached to that lie )……so think , WHY ? …..on such a Grand scale …..this whole thing is garbage – Sabbath = Saturday not Sunday …..” I can pronounce Yeshua … why push the teaching s of Jesus….to my understanding the letter J candy about – about 500 yr’s ago ….. date’s mean ALOT people so , go along to get along Butut know the truth …..the truth – election stolen – everything birthed from it is a lie – evil and to believe in it is to give it Power – to give it Power is to be a slave to it
        Arthur C. Clarke .

        • Paul ...

          Jesus … Guess what happened in God’s New Year … the German’s figured out a way “to implant false memories into peoples minds” … … this gift from God can be used to our advantage to get all the Deep State criminal pervert eugenicists to turn on one another … we can get all the Demon-rats arrested “by their own” Criminally Insane Atheists (CIA) … all we have to do is implant in Demon-rats minds “that they are Trump supporters” … we can use this on Hillary first … and finally put her in prison “for being a Trump supporter” … then we can proceed to go after the rest of the immoral trans-gender trans-human criminal commie eugenicist Demon-rats!!

      • Sylvia Sires

        Hi Greg, your video had me on the edge of my seat, thoroughly enjoyed it! But I have one scary problem and that’s Trump! He’s still pushing the vaccines to his voters, and I hate him for it! I can’t bring myself to support him. What are your thoughts about this? Plus the Israeli coin and Israeli’s call him the King of Israel, very disturbing to my soul. Plus it’s well known he became a Jew in 2017. This is all a total mess and a trap.

      • Kevin

        Always trust in God ! If you are a true believer he will guide you if you listen to him ! Greg you
        have put your faith in God and he will reward you for not leaving his side ! The day you left MSM was the day you were freed ! The day I left corporate America was the day I was freed !! God bless America ❗🇺🇸

    • Dr. G

      I think Christ addressed your concerns in Matthew 5:17 when he said “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.”

      I’m fairly confident that what intended by that was that all the ancient prophecies regarding the birth, life, crucifixion, teachings, ordinances like baptism, and example he would fulfill by the way he lived, taught, and died. The Law of Moses was fulfilled in terms of the life and mission of Jesus Christ. However, the prophetic parts of the Law of Moses pertaining to the events of Christ’s second coming are still in full force.

      Just one example: the three holy feast in the spring of each year prescribed by the Law of Mosses focus on the first coming of Jesus Christ. The first was passover which prefigured the crucifixion. You’ll recall that Jesus was crucified as the sun was setting on Passover, The second was the feast of firstfruits also called the feast of barley sheaves celebrated three days later by lifting barley sheaves from the temple altar and pointing them to heaven which prefigured the resurrection. Recall that Christ was resurrected three days after passover. The third was the feast of Pentacost which was a second celebration of passover for those who lived in far away countries to allow them fifty days to travel to Jerusalem to celebrate he feast. Recall that Jesus returned 50 days after his death and told the apostles and all the leaders of christian churches, who spoke many different languages and who had come to Jerusalem from around the world to celebrate the feast were told to, in their own tongue when the holy ghost inspired the apostles to speak in foreign languages so that all could understand, they were told to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world.

      Christ fulfilled all those prophesied events embedded in the Law of Moses. However, he has yet fo fulfill all the prophesies embedded in the High Holy feast of the Fall, which prefigure his second coming. The first celebrated in September or October of each year is Rosh Ha Shannah–the turning of the year. But in Moses’s day it was known as Ha Zikaron–the Day of Remembrance. It is the day when God restores his covenants to the world. The second feast, celebrated ten days later, is Yom Kippur. The day of Atonement, when the world is to repent of their sins and look to their savior. The final feast, celebrated five days later, is the feast of tabernacles, when God will shield and protect the covenant keepers from the devastation and evil of the last days leading up to his return.

      So you can see, that though the sacrifices stipulated in the Law of Moses, for example, that prefigured the crucifixion are no longer in effect and are essentially fulfilled. And the prophecies regarding Christ first coming are also fulfilled. The many hundreds of Old Testament prophecies regarding Christ’s second coming are still in full effect.

  2. Jerry5

    You do know the term “ Bible “ means the books don’t you?
    The Old Testament is a record of the Jews. As far as I know, they never accepted Jesus Christ as the messiah, so I’m not sure how Bo
    draws his conclusions. What does he say about Revelations? Or the prophecy’s of Isaiah? How do they play into his predictions?

    After watching this video, here is my prediction.

    We are screwed as a nation. I used to say people are like sheep, but I think now it’s more like lambs being led to the slaughter.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Oh ye of little faith” comes to mind.

      • Jerry5

        It depends on where you put your faith. I for one do not put my faith in man. Especially one holding a needle saying trust me. I personally look forward to the return of our lord Jesus Christ, and have trouble understanding why anyone would not want that? But that’s just me. If you enjoy where the globalist are taking us, carry on.

        • Greg Hunter

          Either do I Jerry. I also post using a real identity. I stick my neck out. Do you?


          • Jerry5

            Greg I’ve been coming to your site every since I heard you on coast to coast. I recognize integrity when I see it and that is why I come here.
            FYI I went to university of Missouri laboratory school growing up, which was next to the university of Missouri school school of journalism so I know something about reporting.

            • Greg Hunter

              If you are such a journalist “Jerry 5” then use a verifiable name and own your words as I do.

          • anthony vanzant

            has your show been removed from youtube ? how can i find your new posts or contacts to your information brother greg ?

        • Hope4All

          Jerry, lean not on your own understanding.

          • Jerry5

            The best part about heavenly fathers plan is in the end you get to find out how right, or wrong you are. In this test, you get to grade your own paper. Judge not, least ye be judged. Try reading the parable of the ten virgins if you want to really know where my heart is.

            • allen ols

              Jerry/Greg; 11 minutes, of John Mcarthur, who gavin newsom tried to shut down sun valley grace ministries, jailed one of their canadian pastors, and Pastor John has paid no legal fees, has a pro bono legal team in chicago defending them for free, and they have paid no fines, taken no collections on sunday ; and yet more money has poured into grace ministries this year than all of the yrs that john has been passtoring there. view Mcarthurs latest 11 min. clip on america.

              • Greg Hunter

                Total bull crap Allen. I is never too late. Just ask the “Good Thief” when you get to heaven.

                • allen ols

                  greg, we are being conditioned for the mark of the beast, and many agree with you, and greg laurie out of so. calif. agrees with me, as does erwin lutzer from moody church in chicago. these men are not lightweights. solid theologians.

              • Rick

                I agree with you Allen. America is under Gods judgement. A study of Romans 1 proves this. Believers should have faith but misplaced faith is no better than having no faith at all. If a persons faith is outside of Gods will that faith is misplaced. John MacArthur is a top theologian of our day and is exactly right.

                • allen ols

                  greg, jerry, rick; listen to this in full;


                • Steve Bice

                  Even Ruth Graham…although the statement was credited to Billy, said some years ago that if God did not judge America, he was going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

                  The apostasy is all around us. 2 Timothy 3 has lept from the pages of the Bible to describe our culture today:

                  “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.”

                  Just read the comments on most any internet forum to see what emerges from the hearts of people and spews out in vulgar all consuming rage.

                  It is hard to ignore the breakdown of our cultural and moral underpinnings. All you have to do is contemplate what your parents or grandparents now gone would think if they turned on the television today. What passes for entertainment alone would shock them beyond measure. Not good…

                  • Greg Hunter

                    The USA is 10’s of millions of believers in Christ. How many believers would have saved Sodom and Gamora??

                • allen ols

                  greg, jerry, rick; see this by lutzer; when god judges a nation;


                  • Greg Hunter


                    What about China? When does it get judged?


                • allen ols

                  Greg; the lord does not abandon the believers, he abandons the nation, an allows them to go their own way and withdraws himself from the nation, not the true church. china has/is judged. Look at this verse; acts 14:1-28 “In generations gone by God has permited the nations to go their own way; but did leave for Himself a witness/remenant, and still sent rain/sunshine/ etc. Like Mikael snyder of the economic says all the time look at the constant trouble/drought/famines, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, northeasters, ice storms, and like pharoah , God keeps ratcheting up the pain. We know we will go to a one world govmnt. one world currency. The stage is set, and just like israel turned, and God lassoed babylon and brought them down to ransack jerusalem and carry off the children of israel. He abandond the first gen. in the desert. Chuck Swindoll has a chapter 8 in his book on Elijah called ” WHEN GOD SAYS THATS ENOUGH”. Dr J. MacArthur says, judgement is not coming, IT IS HERE”

                  • Steve Bice

                    My thoughts as well Allen. With regard to Sodom and Gomorrah, contrast with Nineveh when Jonah was sent to warn them. They repented from the King on down. Everyone…and Nineveh was spared.

                • Charles H


                  Thanks for nailing it! The Bible is clear concerning what must transpire before Restorationn.

              • allen ols

                u asked how many believers would it take to save sodom and gamorah, none, they were destined for destruction, he removed lot and family to the hills, lost his wife to salt, got drunk, screwed his daughters. He should have rejoined abraham and found husbands for his daughters.

                • Greg Hunter

                  The point was God would have saved Sodom and Gomorrah with a few that believed in HIM. We have 10’s or millions.

        • Hope4All

          Jerry. You are being so deceived, Greg is 100% correct, oh, yea of little faith.. Have Faith, Watch. Be still and Listen to that still small voice. We are not to argue. Ask to be given eyes to see, and ears to hear. And then sit back and watch, Be still.

          • Jeff

            Jerry reeks of arrogance. You will know them by their fruits. Prideful posts of how knowledgeable you are of God and always ” above” the rest is a sure sign. Is it Jerry5 or just Jerry who always exemplifies this character (both or brothers in pride)

            • Charles H

              Those who throw mud, do not always hit their target: but certainly soil themselves in the attempt.

        • Gary McCollom

          My friend surely you know God works in mysterious ways and further to that he works through his children to change the world.

          Thanks so much for the writeups as well Greg.

          God bless you.

      • Kevin W Kilgore

        i use my real name too 🙂 . stand by what i believe as you do also 🙂

      • Juli Barbato

        My dad used to say that to me all the time. He’d tell me the two things I need more of were patience and faith. After being consigned to live in the wilderness (going broke taking care of my little brother w/Down syndrome by myself for 7 years while the govt. screwed us both and killed him), without running water or paved roads or HVAC or any of it, I more than have patience. I’ve learned to be flexible. I had to take care of myself after what doctors said was a “game ender” pulmonary embolism. No friends or family (family? meh!) in deep-blue Taos County, NM. Given my personal history, I’m still working on faith that all will be well. I certainly believe in God, but I’m still a bit of a fatalist. I just don’t see him intervening when so many other atrocities were left to take place, and are taking place, seemingly, without the hand of God on them. Are they necessary lessons for our souls’ growth? That’s how I console myself regarding the absence of divine intervention. If you have Bo on at least once a month, I might be able to see things differently. In any case, thanks for giving him so much time and for introducing us to Lois Vogel-Sharp. It’s great to hear her NYC accent (mine’s more Jersey).

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks for sharing Juli. Don’t lose your faith!

      • Christopher Whitmer

        Keep up the Great work Brother Greg!

      • Danna

        Unfortunately I to agree people are so mislead on the Bible. I’m no expert at all, just alot of listening & learning over the years. There is something/someone coming & it is not God & Mr. Polney… personally I believe he has this one all wrong… ?

    • FC

      The Bible was first written in Hebrew, then translated to Greek, then to Latin and then finally English.

      How accurate is the translations over the Centuries when words can mean something different in another language………..the term ‘get lost in translation’ comes to mind.

      • Albert Dziennik

        Fairly accurate because they’ve been compared to the original manuscripts and scrolls prior to the translations in some cases. Do a bit of research on this for yourself to see what I mean. It’s rather easy to do and costs you nothing. Most verses, if not all have been poured over by bible scholars over the years to compare them to the known original works. Plus, the Holy Spirit is involved in the process.

        • Glenn

          We have no original manuscripts. What we have are copies of copies that have thousands of variants between them. There are no known two Hebrew or Greek manuscripts that are exactly alike. So we do not know what exactly was written by the authors of the books of the Bible since all we have are copies that all are different, lucky most are relatively small differences. Do know that we do not have all the Gospel accounts that were written in the first century and we do not have all of Paul’s letters? Do you know about the copyist errors and contradictions in the Bible?

          • Charles H


            You ignore that God, by divine sovereignty and unspeakable power: inspired and preserved His Word, in the form – meaning content; and by both these same means – insures His Word is perfect for each language, in that language uniquely. To allege that God Almighty can’t deliver and preserve His Word through Time and Languages as exactly what He means to say: is to undermine any foundation of faith. It is tantamount to saying that there is no Truth in the world: but you are wrong.

            “He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in that day.” John 12:48 You deny the authority of the Holy Bible at your own peril, as does anyone.

      • Self Exiled

        That’s why thru the last 50 years I have used at least 5+versions of the Bible, a different one every few years. Each language has it’s own descriptive versions even in nouns. Example: the Lakota Sioux of South Dakota have seven different names for snow, all descriptive [nouns not adjectives] with a separate meaning. Hebrew is a more descriptive language than English, so currently and on Greg’s Gift I use the Amplified Version, mass market, 1987 edition. I think this version merely helps the reader comprehend what the Hebrew and Greek listener instinctively understoad as a matter of course. I’m sure no matter what translation a believer may use The Holy Spirit will complete all things to our good.

        • Jerry5

          Self Exiled,
          That’s a very good point. I have very good friends who are Japanese. They have told me there are concepts in English that can’t be translated into Japanese. Many nights we spent hours trying to define concepts of scripture. Luckily the spirit was felt and we were able to understand each other.

      • Glenn

        Actually the Bible was not first written in Hebrew. Only the Old Testament books were first written in Hebrew with a small amount being written in Aramaic. The Old Testament was latter translated into Greek called the Septuagint. The New Testament was original written in Greek. The Bible then was translated into several different languages early on, not just Latin.

      • Trinacria

        FC: If I recall, the Old Testament was written in Hebrew and some in Aramaic. Also, if memory serves me, the New Testament was written in Greek, as it was the language of scholarship at the time.

        • susan

          As I read all these comments about the languages used in the Bible, I wonder how many years, for instance, that any of you studied Greek. The Greek New Testament was what they called Konai Greek. It was the “street language” of the day. Today we would probably call it slang.

      • MediaMike

        Actually, Biblios “The Books” were written in Assyrian first, Hebrew 2nd.

      • Jeff

        The Old Testament was written in Hebrew, and still have the manuscripts. We have many resources to determine whether the English translation of Hebrew is accurate.
        The New Testament was written in Greek, and we have the manuscripts. Some differ, of course, but we have many resources to determine whether the English translation of Greek is accurate.

      • joyce

        Hi there.
        I’m new to all this,stumbled on this, I was introduced to Bo Plony,felt he was a “Godly Man”
        I decided after many Eons of years looking for answers,joining many religions and not really getting the satisfaction and TRUTH.s out of any of them. My answer came when I sat still/but prayed that God would lead an guide me to understanding the Bible really understanding it. I was given a Bible “The Holy Bible in it’s Original Order” with the Old testament and The New testament both. Fred Coulter has devoted many,many,years in clarifying the most difficult scriptures in his Ministry of 45 plus years, has been a blessing to me and my Family. My eyes are open, as well as my mind and especially Blessed with the “HOLY SPIRIT” for showing me the Way,Truth an the Life.” God Bless”

    • Freebrezer

      I watched a little of the video – Yish, I’ll bet all of Stan’s bentleys that this family (in the video) will not eat any GMO foods, they most likely shop at whole foods or such … And they say – GMOs. they have been genetically modified, and who knows what it could do to you (A very valid response!!!) . But when the government say go out and get a vaccine that modifies your DNA, i.e. a GMU (Genetically modified you), Well hell yes, can I be first in line, and please jab my kids why you are at it! All I can think is Hmmmm!

      • Jerry5

        Modified you? Now that’s funny! But true.
        I’m sorry but every since Bill Gates created windows 8 I haven’t been able to trust him. I’ll be damned if I let that psychopath put a genetic altering vaccine in me. But like P.T. Barnum said. A sucker is born everyday.

    • Glenn

      The Jews however will one day accept Jesus as their Messiah. Interesting video btw. I feel bad for those little girls who were forced to sing that.

      • Jerry5

        I find it humorous that they chose the vaccine to be so compassionate about. Why not alcoholism or cancer, or a host of other things people die of?

    • Juli Barbato

      Jerry: How sad to see those beautiful little girls with the angelic voices being misled by their dad. I’m not sure how you can think that Greg or his loyal followers have caved to globalists. And when all is said and done, no one has to stay to willingly suffer oppression. I’m personally for a 19-state secession absent any intervention by God. After the crazies, criminals, and anti-American freaks in the 31 have self-immolated, we can reclaim the land. I’m for making MAGA on a small, constitutionally sound scale, but I tend to always looks for solutions. I personally think patriots should be concentrating on helping fellow and sister patriots who want to get to red states, then prevailing on them to pay the help forward.

      • susan

        Juli, we in Montana are with you.

    • Anne

      Mostly a good post. However, Yashua HaMashiach was executed on the stake, not as the sun set, but rather in the afternoon when the unblemished lambs for the Passover were being slaughtered. He was taken to the grave before sunset , before the Passover began.

      Additionally, there were no leaders of “Christian” churches in Yashua’s time on this earth, nor, when he walked this earth following his resurrection. He walked this earth as a Jew from the House of David and spoke with his Apostles, all Messianic Jews.

      Christianity did not come into play until Roman converts from Paganism split from the teachings of the original Apostles and in an anti-Semitic move to define themselves as different from the Messianic Jews, incorporated Sun Worship into their services (backsliding). Constantine brought the syncretism (mixing of the Pagan with that which was to be set-apart (holy) unto YHVH ) to yet another level…….eventually leading to the observance of Easter (Eostre) and Christmas (Saturnalia). Clue: Read Jeremiah, YHVH hates syncretism.

      Yashua HaMashiach brought the fullness of understanding of his Father’s Torah (the Word),. The laws and instructions He gave to Moses on the Mountain are still very much in effect (Matthew 5:17-18), despite the Levitical Priesthood and Temple Sacrifices being suspended and the Melchizedek order being raised up by Yashua at the ‘Last Supper’ with his original Disciples.

      The Beast System is the Roman system that instructs followers that the Torah, the Word, of YHVH has been done away with at the cross. Lawlessness (Torahlessness) is the anti-Christ system. (Matthew 7:21-23)

      YHVH is no respecter of person or of ‘the nations’. His covenant is with Israel (a covenanted people, not the 1948 state). Bo Polny is wrong. The USA has the blood of more than 60 million unborn screaming out to YHVH, our heads of state have embraced homosexual marriage and transgenderism. YHVH does not abandon those who draw near to him in repentance but America has become modern Babylon and this Empire is failing/falling fast. It brings me no joy but reality cannot be denied. The usery banking and debt of this nation along with the embracing of abominations is doing her in.

      • Mark Heuer

        Anne, I agree with most of what you say. But when it comes to Christianity, it is true that there were no “Christians” per say in the time of our Lord’s crucifixion, but we are called “Christians” because of the Name of our Lord that was given to Him by our Father, being Christos, The Christ, The Annointed One. Yes, the Roman Catholic is Satanic, and hi jacked
        the Christian faith around 2 or 3 hundred AD and went on a MASSIVE killing spree of millions of Christians who would not go along with the “Roman Catholic Church”. I was baptized Roman Catholic, I renounce my Catholic affiliation, I pray God Yashua excepts my affiliation. Anne, your a very smart Lady, God Bless.

        • WD


          You have absolutely no idea of what you say. The Catholic Church was just really starting in 2nd and 3rd century. It was “the only game in town” It would have been impossible to kill millions of Christians b/c they were not even close to that number. At this point it was St Peter’s church and had not been corrupted. Roman Catholics are not satanic….but there are people who have penetrated the church that are. Learn to speak without the ignorance…..

    • Mark Heuer

      You still watch YouTube? Shame on you!

    • Anne

      I had posted a respectful and well constructed reply to your post. However, it would appear that Greg did not allow it to post. Perhaps he finds the Hebrew name instead of the Hellenized ‘Jesus’ offensive?

      • Mark Heuer

        Anne, that post I made about YouTube was not directed against you. This is a crazy format that Greg has for comments. Satan is a snake!

    • Joseph Serino

      Jerry, the Old Testament is all about God’s laws and covenant with His people who hear His voice and obey. It is also about God restoring the perfect relationship with His creation by sending His Son Jesus Christ into the world to defeat death and evil. Many prophets of the Old Testament foretell of the events and coming of Jesus, particularly Isaiah. It is why the current Jewish religion doesn’t study Isaiah. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    • virginia clark

      That little gingle is dangerous and misleading. Those girls are cute and dad came up with w nifty tune but they are ignorant and probably follow CNN. Worse are all the people who got the shot based on this stupid song and are bragging about their ignorance without doing one shred of investigation. Yes, I agree, if this keeps going we are screwed. But that;s what Agenda 2030 is all about. Isn’t it.

    • Jason Shepherd

      The Old Testament is not merely a record of the Jews. From Genesis 3 forward, men of God understood that all of history was moving forward to a day when the Savior would come, and He would fulfill all that was written about Him, revealed often through type and shadow.
      1 Peter 1:10-12
      10 Concerning this salvation, the prophets, who spoke of the grace that was to come to you, searched intently and with the greatest care, 11 trying to find out the time and circumstances to which the Spirit of Christ in them was pointing when he predicted the sufferings of the Messiah and the glories that would follow. 12 It was revealed to them that they were not serving themselves but you, when they spoke of the things that have now been told you by those who have preached the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven. Even angels long to look into these things.

    • Charles H


      I watched it; but couldn’t go farther than the first line of the second girl. THE NEW JAB?

      First – this song is a variation of some ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ abomination of an interpretation of religion. Hallelujah ?!? The song is a stinking dirge and mockery. No wonder it it is so popular.

      Second – the claims in the song are patently FALSE. What are they going to sing next? ‘Get the new TAT’ – for the Mark of the Beast? Screwed is right.

    • Reebo

      Yeshua came to live the prophecies of the Old Testment and follow the Torah (the instructions) given to Mosheh by YeHoVaH, thus fulfilling them. One need go no further than John 14:15 where Yeshua tells John “If you love me, follow my commandments” . The Torah is still in place and valid today, thus all of the commandments, statutes and ordinances are to be followed.

  3. Kevin Fernandes


    • Paul ...

      No need to look back all the way to Noah in the Bible “for clues” as to what is going to happen in April … everyone already knows without any doubt … a “Grim Reaper” is coming in April … that will claim your money as Theirs … all The-irs … THE – IRS … and this will likely require a “big selloff in the stock-market” … to raise the money needed “to bribe the bringer of Death” … into allowing us another year “to lie” around … and to listen to “other peoples lies”!!

      • JC

        And what do we do when the aliens unleash their plan to have the dead walk the earth?

        • Aaron

          Scientology is not a real religion. It’s not too late to be saved.

        • Paul ...

          JC … You ask “when”? … most people are already walking zombies … lining up for their “experimental” vaccine shots … perhaps hoping to change their DNA back to being a thinking human!!

  4. aps

    Greg, today Amanda Grace had a word from the Lord. One thing she said, that during praying she saw “25” flash before her eyes. She was not talking any month but 25. Bo is talking the 26th of April something is going to break.

    This may be nothing but on the other hand it could be something really big. All one can do is wait and see. Just keep telling yourself God has this, he really does.

    Exodus 14: 13-17 But Moses said to the people, “Do not fear! [h]Stand by and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will perform for you today; for the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you will never see them again, ever. The Lord will fight for you, while you keep silent.”
    Then the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to Me? Tell the sons of Israel to go forward. As for you, lift up your staff and reach out with your hand over the sea and divide it, and the sons of Israel shall [i]go through the midst of the sea on dry land.

    Greg, God even questions Moses – “Why are you crying out to Me? God has this, keep your faith in the Lord (I know you do by your Friday sign off).

    • Lynn

      I also heard Amanda Grace and the following from Curt Landry -

      The timelines all line up. I don’t believe everything I see/hear but I listen, pray, wait and see. God speaks through a multitude of ways.

      Thank you Greg Hunter. You’re a blessing.

      • Self Exiled

        But those who wait for the LORD [who expect, look for, and hope in Him]
        Will gain new strength and renew their power;
        They will lift up their wings [and rise up close to God] like eagles [rising toward the sun];
        They will run and not become weary,
        They will walk and not grow tired. Isaiah 40:31

        I too wait and see. Waiting on Him has been my most Blessed experiences. Waiting on Him has been as long as years and as short as seconds. The experiential knowing/knowledge of Christ here and now in eternity is what I live and wait for.——–I think it is also interesting He waits an us [as suffering servant], Lord and Savior.

  5. John

    God did also give us the time of Anti-Crist. Bo mentioned the Seals but what of the rest of the Book of Revelation

    • Greg Hunter

      Why don’t you actually watch the video John?

      • John

        I did

        • Angie

          That is what I am saying too. Polny is leaning towards good times yet know this is the time tribulations …

  6. Greg Hunter

    Yes Bob and Trump won on election night by a an electoral college landslide. That is a fact. Then, it was stolen over the next few days from Trump. Karl Rove actually called Trump on election night at around 10:30 pm to congratulate him. Trump won and Biden is illegitimate.

    • Russ D Hadick

      So true Greg and we Christians/Conservatives KNOW IT!!!!

    • Lynn

      🙂 <3

    • MediaMike

      German television showed the vote totals without the manipulation.
      Trump 88 million
      Chiden 25 million

      This is what your eyes told you all year was going to happen. The world saw ALL of the elections of the last season manipulated by the same equipment, and same software.
      Myanmar DID something about it. Will the USA?

      • Self Exiled

        So few know why the military intervened in the election in Myanmar [CIA and Dominion]. Also I think the financial terrorism of George Soros against Thailand is also unknown. I think, I read some where lately, how Thailand has brought some sort of international legal action against Soros. It is telling that the proponents of world government are so well organized and developed that they even control the elections by satellite into the USA and all these other countries by possible CIA hub in Germany. The extensive element of this type of world control I believe constitutes the end of the age.

  7. John Devereaux

    when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him. Deuteronomy 18:22 – enough said.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bo is not a prophet and he says so in the video. “Enough said”

    • Jeff

      That’s the problem when you take one verse and not meditate on the whole word. You have to have the Holy Spirit direct you not your carnal ego and pride.
      Many examples in His word where God’s highly regarded prophets prophesies did not come true. God is allowed to change His mind for His purposes. And you are not allowed to judge according to Christ’s word.

  8. Jeannette+Rowden

    Thanks for having Bo Polny on again. Great interview.
    The Red Sea moment is upon us. The tanker is a child trafficking ship, and, as things unfold, the exposure of this horrific problem will be viewed by the sleeping world.
    Amazing days ahead.

    • Phill

      Very interesting take, and I hope you are correct.

  9. Lura Thuneman

    What happens to our money that is in our bank accounts? I am on an annuity from my Mom passing away and now worried that i am gonna lose it all? Please reply to me and let me know what I should do….or is my money going to be safe?

    • Greg Hunter

      Gold and silver in hand protects you in the extremes. We are facing extremes. Default and inflation or both. I am not saying bet the farm and put all you have into metal, but you must own you stuff with clear title. House, car, gold, silver and a business that produces income. This is simple and robust for the extremes. I am not a financial advisor, but just giving you something to think about.

      • InYeshuasHolyName

        Here here Greg……. tell it like it is ! Gold n silver are tangible …. can’t go wrong ” they have been currency the longest and it’s Yah’s currency ….. Yeshua was sold out for 30 pc’s of silver and a kiss , he played his part as a whore .

      • ConcAmDad

        …. and gold’s down another $23 today. ….

        • ConcAmDad

          And there goes anothe $25 down the tubes…… think about a round table woth all the gold guys……

    • Major Payne

      Buy US silver coins. Change you can believe in….

      • Paul ...

        MP … Even ordinary copper pennies and nickles will be “change you can believe in” when the Fed goes crypto and they tell the Treasury to stop making them!!

        • Stan

          Paul: Keep dreaming. Your Gold is crashing thru major support. I implored you to sell all your Gold but you laughed. Do you want to be holding sub $1000 Gold? Stop acting like an old fool!

  10. Not So Free

    I always go to your site first, then watch the video on Rumble.
    I have found a downloader for rumble if I am allowed to share it..
    It works pretty well and gives you the option of quality,

    • Greg Hunter

      This screws me. So please don’t share it. I want people to come to

      • Not So Free

        OK, I won’t.
        I thought that by using the link from your site (USAW) you would still get the views.
        Not really a computer guy. Sorry.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Not.

  11. WEG

    Thank you Greg Fantastic presentation by Bo. “Fear not” and Stand firm!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks WEG!!

      • Lazlo

        Truly Biblical and with Bo’s track record, how can you not be smiling?

        Thank You Greg and Bo! And GOD Bless America!

      • Kevin W Kilgore

        Fear has a place in my world. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Do NOT fear those that can destroy your body but the one who may destroy your body AND SOUL … etc … So i have FEAR and i work out my salvation with FEAR and TREMBLING of the Lord. :). These evil people need an education in FEAR. Someday God will give them that education. I appreciate you Greg,
        Thanks for what yo do

  12. Steve Carter

    Thank you Greg and Bo. Fear Not !

  13. Eric M.

    To say our Government does not know where the 90 or more Trillion went just isn’t true. Our Government knows exactly where it went, they just refuse to tell us, for the reason they believe we can do nothing to make them disclose it.

  14. Jack

    Bo means well, but this is simply an exercise in data mining as so many have done before and of course have been dead wrong. I will give him credit for making such bold predictions as to timing , as if he is wrong, his reputation will tank . it would be nice if he were right. Yeah the dollar is losing value but so is very other western currency who are now printing to infinity , so as the dollar trades against other fx paper I don’t see it tanking. try now have gold and and silver locked down so hard , the only way to blow the COMEX would be for sovereign , like China to stand for delivery , but China is very patient , it is not yet time for them to play this card + Biden has given them access to the whole US political and financial system , so along with Israel we have 2 foreign powers running the US into the ground , then they only need to come over and pick out the scraps without firing a shot. BTW don’t ever take the phony Covid -19 vaccine , it’s evil and will kill you in a short time. better look out for yourselves folks because nobody else is going and that means don’t rely 100% on “God” to save you ( nice if he did) but in the interim , you have a duty to protect yourselves again evil in all it’s forms and to destroy it wherever you are able .

    • Greg Hunter

      Wrong Jack. Data mining is not how Polny does his cycle work. I won’t take the shot either.

      • Jack

        Greg , You have become much more static in the last year , and not tolerant of other opinions , you are starting to come off as arrogant, just like the left. it is palpable to see the stress on your face. you need to calm down. Nobody really knows how the collapse will go down and when it will happen. anybody that is dead sure about this, you need to run from them. a good stat guy could rip Polney’s view apart , and YES he is data mining . wake up before you start losing readers .

        • Greg Hunter

          What I am intolerant of is people getting the facts wrong. Bo Polny does NOT data mine the internet for his analysis. Now maybe I will just lose you as a reader. This report was totally free.

        • Juli Barbato

          Different strokes for different folks. I was marveling at how wonderful Greg’s face looks in this video. Even peaceful. And I don’t interpret passion as arrogant. We get to spout our views, so why can’t he do the same, especially on his own forum? Greg has graciously withstood my differing views over the years. It’s pretty clear he can discern my unstinting support and appreciation, even though we don’t always share the same perspective. The 80+ million for Trump are a diverse lot. What we have in common is basic decency and sincerity, a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility, and our desire for a stable and constitutionally sound republic. I don’t see that the vibe here has changed, despite the channel being unjustifiably booted from a spot it earned.

  15. Robert

    I’m not a religious person but I hope you’re right Mr Polny, because there is something truly evil happening not only in the USA but the whole world…but particularly the western nations. I don’t want the USA to become a satellite nation of that totalitarian regime in China, but that’s what the transnational corporations, the msm and the social networks are pushing us towards. Even professional sports is in bed with China. There’s no war on Asians or people of color here in the USA. Thats all propaganda from China trying to divide us as a nation, and CNN MSNBC ABC CBS NBC and even parts of FOX are giving China our airwaves to further divide us. Many people see through this but are shut out of the conversation. I think that many people like Dr Redfield, the former director of the CDC, are turning on the globalist and exposing the evil of the past years over response to covid-19 and the roles Fauci and Gates played in the destruction of the west to favor China, and all the people in power that forced Trump to acquiesce to the fascists. Now Trump is being scapegoated by the propagandist and blamed for violence against Asians because he called Covid the Chinese virus because that’s where it started or was created more likely, but how many decades was the annual flu called the Asian flu and nobody said a peep. Now that the globalist are trying to sink their last dagger into the USA, all of a sudden it’s a problem.

    My gut feeling says China is going to make a move to takeover the west coast and maybe deeper. When? I don’t know but in the next five years is my guess. Many of our politicians ( not all) have sold us out. And why is there such a push to get the world population vaccinated? These vaccines are not traditional, they’re therapies and employ nano technologies in their formulations. The only one that’s close to a normal vaccine is Johnson and Johnson’s.

    • Self Exiled

      Your last thoughts fit in with a post that referred to events and an article I referenced concerning China’s aggressive occupation foreign policy. I will post it to you also. If vaccines have an adverse effect on the population, military, and/or our national guard resulting in debilitating health and/or death counts the Chinese as a UN police force could be called in by our present government. Any more I rule nothing out of the question. Even a US come back in a weaker but more Godly format is possible. God is definitely and definitively moving. His Will will be accomplished.————Previous post to ”al”.

      We are not a country, the people are not represented; elections are invalidated. The USA does not exist; the CTA [Corporate Technocracy of America] exists and is represented by 5 board members; financial officers [bank representatives from the five major banks] who each sit on five other corporations [125 total] boards and they make the financial decisions [control] for the corporate companies. The corporations right the legislation for our dully elected [wink, wink] representatives. Now when the CTA finally figures out the CCP does not make deals but has an agenda and are hung on the new rope they handed to the CCP; their wisdom will fade into the pockets of their business partners. Possession in Asia is 9/10’s of the law. Island bases in the South China Sea, 200 Chinese ships sitting of the coast of Palawan, military incursions into Taiwan air space, Hong Gong take over, Hawaii complete and total Chinese social style lock down for over a year. Basically a Chinese social style system———–and then we have Biden. Thank You al for the correction. See what happens when you get me thinking. Things start to make sense and the plan falls into place. Just another conspiracy theory. Oh and a China town in every major city. Oh, I’m just being cynical again,

      China Could Be in Reach of Hawaii After Kiribati Elects Pro-Beijing President

  16. wayne hardin

    Show we where GOD made a covenant with the USA .
    God never made a covenant with the usa .
    The founders made one with God if anything .
    God did make one with israel .
    And what happened to them when they turned from God ????????
    The way i read it / he did not bless them but he judged them .
    At least that is what the Bible says .
    I will stick with it .
    Enough said .

    • Greg Hunter

      The USAW made one with Israel when Harry Truman was President. Truman recognized Israel as a state within one hour of them declaring it. Many think USA and Israel are linked as one.

      • wayne hardin

        No comment I think the Bible speaks for its self .
        I guess we you see what happens .
        All i know is when people turn away from God it is not a pretty sight
        with what happens .

      • DasReBooT

        Ever noticed what’s right in the middle of “jerUSAlem”?

        • Self Exiled

          Wow, never noticed that. It is sad Israel is being used as the national vaccine test case for the world.

          Maybe another potential Holocaust????????????

          • Paul ...

            SE … It is way beyond sad … that “US too” … is being used “as a test case” … by the Criminally Insane Atheists (the CIA) … who have made a bargain with Evil EUgenicist Satanists like Klaus Shwab, Bill Gates, etc., etc. to bring about the End of Humanity by both War and Pestilence!!

  17. Kim

    Thanks Greg and Bo for such glorious optimism . Jesus is the antidote to fear and chaos. His blessed hope is priceless!!!

  18. Jerry5

    I really hope Bo is right, but I think the globalist have other plans.

    I think it’s a forgone conclusion that the current fiat system is on life support like Dave said it is. The biggest question is what is its replacement? A few years ago I crossed paths with a banking insider who told me that the banks were going digital and using blockchain technology to replace the current system. After watching what has happened the last year, I’m not so sure? It appears to me they are planning biometric technology to link people directly to cryptocurrency via the cloud. I’m still wagering that the vaccines, 5G, and star link are all part of it. I’ve seen the Gates patent on this technology so I’m convinced that along with the World Financial Forum steering the course, that’s the plan. But you know what Mike Tyson said about plans? Everyone has one, until they busted in the mouth.

    • Jerry5

      In you missed it, here’s the link.

      • I beieve

        And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

        First, it is not the Antichrist which will require people to accept the mark of the beast. The beast, spoken of in Revelation 13:1-4, is the end-times global government, rather than the Antichrist. At that point, however, they will represent each other (Revelation 13:5-7). Yet, in Revelation 13:11-17, we see that it is the False Prophet, or the second beast, which will require people to receive the mark of the beast.

        Many have suggested that the Mark of the Beast will be some sort of personal identification number, required by the government in order to buy or sell, or to even function in society. In recent years, many have suggested that it will be a RFID chip, implanted in the hand or forehead. Some have suggested that it will be a bar-code tattooed into the skin. In the consumer world, thumb-print identification is becoming popular as a required method of conducting business. Some even suggest that the mark could be our cellphones, which already track us, and have the ability to allow or forbid us to buy or sell.

        An important point to remember, is that the Mark of the Beast will be enforced globally, by the last-days one-world government. Any national method of identification is simply a stepping stone in the future acceptance of the mark. The Mark of the Beast will not be enforced until the Antichrist has come to power, and has begun persecuting Christians (Revelation 13:5-7), which will apparently be during the Great Tribulation. It will be implemented by the False Prophet, which only has power under the global government (Revelation 13:11-17).

        Revelation 13:17 says that the Mark of the Beast can be in one of three forms: as its symbol,

    • Paul ...

      J5 … The way to “bust” them is by continually buying gold and silver … boycotting all the products the Banksters want to sell to us … the same way we will bust the “experimental vaccine” producers by boycotting all the products Big Pharma wants to sell to us … the same way we will “bust” the Main Stream Media by boycotting all the products they want to sell to us … etc., etc. … this is “the immense power God gave to us” (if we simply use the brains he provided) … and we can change the world for the better … and totally defeat the evil Deep State (Criminally Insane Atheists)!!

      • Paul ...

        By buying from evil people … we not only become their slave but make them continually stronger … if you know some businessman is a crook (and he wants to sell you a lemon for big bucks) you don’t buy from them (and tell your friends not to buy from them) … that’s how you get free of evil and build a more moral world … use the power the purse we all have and “direct it against the evil entities” (i.e. like we did to Monsanto for doing evil things) … you boycott all their products and services and force them into bankruptcy … say you are on a Town Council and know an immoral politician (who sent the Covid-19 virus to kill your grandmother in a nursing home) also owns a road repair business … you use your power to stop giving contracts to that evil entity … if a doctor working at a hospital wants to irresponsibly vaccinate your children with an “experimental vaccine” … you boycott their private practice, etc. etc. … we “don’t need” a politician to change the world for us … we simply need to have the courage do the right thing to save ourselves and our children from evil … and if it means not buying Apple phones or J&J baby powder or the New York Times, etc., etc. you make that “Holy Sacrifice” for your children’s sake … the same way Jesus sacrificed … to save us!!

      • Stan

        Paul: The Gold crash is now in full swing. You can sell now or wait till $1200 Gold. The choice is yours.

    • Anne

      Slaves were chained and sold up on blocks (they still are thanks to Obama-Hillary), Just my opinion, but while others toute how great Blockchain technology is as a replacement for ‘fiat’ currency, I see it the enslavement of humanity from an economic standpoint. Every single resource on this planet catalogued and entered into the blockchain. No one will be able to buy or sell without it (Mark of the Beast).

      • Paul ...

        Yes Anne … blockchain crypto was specifically designed to take away “our power of the purse” … we must resist its temptation as Jesus did in the Garden when offered “unlimited wealth” … it is a very difficult thing to do … but we must steel ourselves to temptation if we don’t want to become slaves of evil … Jesus provided us the moral lesson … and showed us “it can be done”!!

  19. Deb

    Words can not Express my gratitude for your presences in this very difficult passage we’re moving through… you are the Calm in the midst of the storm.

  20. Jay A.

    Thank you both Greg and Bo Polny for this great presentation. You are correct when you say “God is firmly in control.” April will catch a lot of people by surprise!

    • Paul ...

      Q also told us “things were firmly in control” … we need to get out of our “inaction trance” … if we want a moral world … “we must act en-mass to boycott immoral evil corporations and businesses” … it is so simple … simply use the power of the purse “we still hold” (to boycott buying the products of evil immoral corporations) and when they are put out of business they won’t be able to saddle us with their “New World Surveillance State/Crypto Currency Order” … the evil Corporations using AI computers foresaw this possibility … and are now using a fake plandemic to put Mom and Pop businesses into bankruptcy (so we will have no place to go “to get alternative products” when we boycott the evil Corporations) … if we “simply do without” and just hold our cash … their plan is to charge us negative interest rates on our savings … however we can take our money an put it into precious metals to get out of their system … and if they keep the price of precious metals low … all the better for us … as we wait for their evil immoral Corporations to go bankrupt (which will break the current price manipulation)!!

      • Paul ...

        To “End the Fed” is easy … simply don’t use the big banks that make up the Fed … do all your banking through Credit Unions … when the Fed dies … you get an added bonus … you will see your Gold and Silver holdings rise!!

  21. RJ

    Thanks Greg and thanks Bo… can’t wait to see what happens in April!

  22. Kurt

    30:00 In order to break the slavery, the property tax (mandatory yearly rent) would have to go away as well as the “income” tax. If I see those go away, that would likely convince me that all this is true.

    • Paul ...

      Kurt … Our Founding Fathers “knew” that if they let some “perverted” King impose a tax on tea … it would lead to” other taxes” (and a loss of our freedoms) … we now have another “perverted” King who will be raising taxes on us sitting right here in Washington AC/DC (surrounded by a fence to protect “him” from the people invading his space) … while removing the fence protecting the people’s space from invaders!!

  23. jorma

    Gee’s, talk about a ripping interview…best part is that God loves each of us and what a blessing it is for us to be in His family. Thank you Jesus.

  24. JW


    The fact that people are still waiting for Trump to come back into the picture is downright insanity. Embarrassing too might I add. The Trump thing is history. Instead of spending time and energy wishing and waiting for some Trump MAGA event to save them from the great reset, they should do everything possible to prepare for it. No matter who is in the oval office, “government” will still be the biggest threat to we the people. And btw…… for all the forever Trumpers out there , maybe check out “PRECEDENT TRUMP” on the Corbett Report for a little reality check. Thanks

    • Paul ...

      JC … When we truly come to understand (by listening to this Corbett Report) …
      … we realize … that the only way to “vote” … is by “boycotting evil” … we simply have to “use the brains God gave us” and not buy the products of evil doers … and we can change the world for the better “ourselves” … without being beholden to “fork tongued” politicians …. who always turn out to be in bed with … Criminally Insane Atheists (CIA)!!

      • Paul ...

        Err … my reply was to JW!!

  25. Laureate

    I can’t figure out how to send a private message. Sorry I’m using the story comment section. I was shocked by a Meditation Yoga pop up on your site. Yoga is Hinduism, the position are not exercise. The individual is offering themselves to the god’s aka demons. It’s very evil. You said you don’t understand somethings in the scriptures. Look up Jacob Prasch of Moriel ministry. Awesome Bible exspositor. Also John Haller attorney and Christian does a wonderful profecy update on Sunday. Both on YouTube. I was once a Catholic, was saved by reading the very words of GOD in the KJV. Those other translations are very poor. Look up Christian Pento of Adulum films. His stuff used to be on You tube. He has done a lot of work on those aledged translations. All seem to point to Rome.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a google AdSense that I have not control over. You can stop seeing any ad they post. I do that all the time when adds pop up I don’t like and please do so. Thanks for supporting USAW!!

    • Mark Heuer

      Laureate, download the Brave app, and use duck duck go as your default. I have been using the Brave app for 6 months now, NO POP UPS, NO ADVERTISEMENTS, EVER.

      • Greg Hunter

        You do know this site is free because of advertising?

        • Mark Heuer

          I am not trying to take money out of your pocket Greg.
          I had to switch my search engine because of the over the top censorship by Google, youtube,facebook,Facebook,, and many others I’m sure. The no advertisements is just a perk of using the Brave App, I will not feel guilty for using it.

  26. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for this Greg,
    Really enjoyed this interview.
    I’ve always kept an open mind to anyone that does research in their given field or profession, irregardless of opinion and core belief. Time will tell one way or another, I do hope you are right on this occasion Bo.

    Message for Ray from Canberra;
    My good mate, we are truly living in the lapdog nation, where our political leaders are overwhelmingly plagued with corruption and scandal.

    • Ray

      Hi Anthony,
      Hope you are well mate.
      I enjoyed your comment, but let’s look at it even deeper.
      Notice the low, low ebb that the Australian news media (and that’s an insult to the word “news”) is currently at. For over a month they have been FROTHING AT THE MOUTH about women’s rights. I mean, FAIR DINKUM…….hasn’t that been done again and again and again over the decades?
      Now, if a man so much as says ANYTHING against a woman, he is instantly chopped at the knees. I am 100% against violence against women, but the subject ought not UTTERLY CONSUME the news cycle, 24/7 for 5 weeks!!!!!
      I am seeing through it mate……and I’ll tell you why.
      Remember the age old magician’s trick of distraction?……..Look over here at my left hand whilst I do the trick with my right.
      I reckon similar is going on in this country, and probably many others.
      In Australia it is woman vs man. In the US, it is coloured vs white, in France, it is workers vs bosses……the list goes on, but in each case, the news media use it as a blitzkrieg bombardment to distract from the REAL NEWS…..which I and I imagine many others here believe to be the impending total implosion of the global economy.
      So hang on to your rabbit felt Akubra my brother, and don’t forget that Bo Polny’s BIG DAY is around our Anzac Day (equivalent to Veterans Day in the US).
      I wouldn’t be surprised one iota if some imbecile sets up a false flag around Anzac Day, which may be the spark in the powder keg.
      In this video below (which has been on the net for over 10 years now), it is mentioned that WW3 begins in a place no-one expects. I always find this video quite sobering, for it says that “People in the US, Japan, Europe and Australia are forced to leave their countries…..they cannot live there anymore……”
      Take care mate,
      Regards, Ray, Canberra, Weak Kneed Male Whingeing Sook Nation.

      • JC

        Hi Ray,

        Thanks for your post, I’ve been reading all the comments and I feel like my head is going to explode.

        Look at this headline…


        Is it not all a massive worldwide Covid PsyOp?

        Think about it… the wayMSM presents this pandemic to us, one would think we would hear ambulances racing back and forth all day and night long with sirens blaring…

        Does anyone here agree or disagree?

        And how are things on China? Haven’t heard a thing.

        I’m tired. Another ruined Easter.

        • Ray

          Hi JC,
          As always, your comments are 100% spot on……..well said.
          I am with you on the Covid psy op……..what else could it be?
          Image in if a REAL PANDEMIC were to arrive, like say a proper outbreak of Ebola.
          The imbecility……the TRUE FRAGILITY of this weakened – to – the – brink – of – failure messed up society would be INSTANTLY laid bare.
          Mate, I always love your input from G.A Stewart……..keeps me reading for hours.
          Keep throwing out the left jab Brother.
          Always a frosty beer and warm welcome for you here.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Anthony Australia

        Hi Ray,

        I’m well and hope you are too. No it hasn’t gone unnoticed, particularly an article from Andrew Bolt the other day in the Rag, ‘Why now is not a good time to be a white male’, I mean fair dinkum talk about mental health hey!
        They should be more concerned about the following issue in Adelaide, which they’ve allowed to happen.

        Take care brother, a jingle for you.

        • Ray

          Thanks for the jingle old mate……a deadset ripper!!!
          I wonder what our US friends here thought of it if they played it??!!
          It’s quite a famous old tune down here in Australia……speaks to our love of a simple, free and open lifestyle (something our American friends also share to be sure).

  27. Cole Davis

    I am always encouraged listening to Bo. Thank you. PLEASE do what you can to have an interview with Anna von Reitz as soon as possible. I believe that what she has been working on for over 40 years will be part of what occurs in/to America when the four biblical cycles intersect. Everyone has to see how they can become an active part in restoring America to God’s design. Interested? Go to: You will become as excited as I am.
    Blessings Greg!

  28. Angie

    With all due respect and I am by no means an expert on the Bible but this guy needs to read Book Of Revelation again. The United State is not mentioned in the last days and we are not involved in Armageddon. Remember our ally Israeli will be out there all by themselves and God will intervene at the last minute and the world will know Him. What would keep us out??? – a civil war, natural disaster(s), or a combination of events but the United States is not on God’s list of chosen.
    Logically speaking we are due for some world scrimmage of sorts as that will drive those involved (Russia, Iran..) into a treaty — the 3 year treaty comes to mind. In addition the antichrist has not taken the stage YET .. a blow to the head and he will miraculously get up and be alright .
    Talking about something Biblical by the end of April .. we are entering Holy Week and Easter does not end on Easter Sunday as it goes though Pentecost. I would not be surprised if the antichrist takes the stage this Easter season.
    I am putting this out there because this guy is flawed in his thinking and logic. I know you will not like this but I must put it out there.

    • Greg Hunter

      With all due respect I do not know what video you watched but it was not the one Bo polny just did.

      • Angie

        At the 33: mark he states, “God is not going to forsake eh Unites States.” He also goes on to state that God has a covent with the United States.

        The united States is under the control of of Lucifer. We have abortion on demand and even sell baby parts and nothing from this government! They are bringing these children in over the boarder for unthinkable purposes… it is evil!
        The good and decent people are few and far between and our US Congress is the most deceitful bunch of vipers. We are NOT on God’s good side as a nation. A christian nation would NOT allow abortion, normalize transgenders , celebrate homosexuality, murder the sick, or justify sins against nature — that is not what a Christian nation with a covent with God does.

        • Greg Hunter

          The “good and decent people” are the majority, a wide majority. This is why the cheating in the election was so massive and even involved foreign powers. The majority is not for any of the above. This is your opinion and you are not the final arbiter of what happens. I am going to keep praying and posting on this site.

          • Mark Heuer

            I agree, there’s more good people in the US then there is evil, Trump received at least 70% of “legal votes”, but the evil control’s all of our media, so we get the evil far lefts agenda. No matter what happens, the Holy Good Son of God will be victorious! As long as we have the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we will be blessed with eternal life forever.

        • Paul ...

          Angie … Your a bold girl to say “the King has no clothes” (like the current pervert running things) … likely most everyone (except the immoral evil Demon-rats) agree with you … but they will still tell you “to be silent about it”!!

        • Mario

          Hi Angie

          I think the USA is mystery Babylon. I watched a video recently and it explains how USA fits the description of mystery Babylon. Right done to the Statue of Liberty and the number of points on her crown. I will try and find and post link.
          God bless.

          • Mario

            Right “down” to the….

          • Self Exiled

            Back in the late seventies I had those same thoughts. Would very much like to see that link. A certain line comes to mind “I shall destroy you and all your dainties” don’t remember which version of the Bible it was in. I was trying to correlate these thoughts with the timing of the rapture.

  29. Annaliese

    Bo was really good tonight. Great show.

  30. Bill

    Hi Greg

    Great job on everything you do . We are living in a time or great awakening but it saddens me to know so many have fallen for the hoax of Covid . The research I’ve done has led me to understand that taking the jab will be the billion soul harvest . The supposed cure will be the real pandemic . The vaccine is a prophylactic vaccine not meant to be given to millions at once . This will cause the virus to become a super bug with devastating consequences. Changing DNA is only part of the equation. I am taking HCQ , a maintenance dose . It’s cheap and will prevent any illness because it keeps the body in a
    Alkaline state. Stay well and thank you for your service to the light .

    • William Bissell

      Yes Bill Luciferase, Hydrogel, RNA replication of DNA and Nano chips are all part of the equation. Dr. Sherri TenPenny and Dr. Judy Mikovitz say as many as 50 million may die…. Just because people have Bitten the Apple of the FAKE MEDIA. Deagle Report says 100+ million will die here in America by 2025 Hold on for a wild ride.

  31. Annaliese

    discount code doesn’t work Bo–says expired Dec 2020

    • Greg Hunter

      Just talked to Bo Polny and he says he will get this fixed and to check back. (Update) It’s fixed.

    • Annaliese

      Fixed now. Yay!

  32. Stan

    Nothing will happen in April except Gold will continue its slide down. I’ll wager 145k on it – any takers?

    • Jerry5

      Sorry. But something IS going to happen in April. The inmates will get their stimulus checks.

      I guess it’s not enough to feed and house them?

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Be a man and wager pulling the trigger on a Colt .45 aimed at your head (with a single round in the chamber) “each time” a margin call comes in on your gold short sales!!

      • Stan

        Paul: Still time to sell your Gold before the crash

    • Beligerant

      Stan everyone knows the game. There’s about 6 large banks that are doing everything possible to cap the metal prices and make anyone’s life that is investing in gold or silver a nightmare.

    • Ray

      The only “145K” you likely have would be 145 kilograms of fat hanging off your belly.
      Fair Dinkum mate, I’ll give you one thing……you sure have a ton of gall to come out and say the things you say on this site.
      When you trip up and make a goat of yourself, you bring out some crocodile (I can’t remember his name……was it Alistair??… me guys!!!) to make posts on your behalf (like when you whimpered over to Las Vegas a year or so back, like Gollum in Lord Of The Rings, to lick your wounds and apparently busted Steve Wynn’s casino…….yeah right!!!!)
      Weren’t you supposed to be involved in some Eval Keneavel bridge jumping event around that time, related to your ridiculous speculations and musings surrounding the price of gold?
      That’s right… chickened out…….I remember!
      We laughed at you then, and we continue to laugh Stan.
      And, come to think about it, it really is masterful marketing ploy on the part of Greg to have the absolute BUSINESS SAAVY to realise that his site needs a Court Jester, you know, to lighten the mood here and there as we pursue these dark subjects.
      Stan The Court Jester!!!
      You where it well.

      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

  33. Carla

    So good I watched it twice in a row. Thanks you for having Mr. Polny back on your program! 🙂 Grateful for all you do! Blessings…

    • Stan

      Ray, Canberra: I put you on my ignore list. Go bother someone else on your break time at White Castle

  34. Bob Lamb

    The US was talked about in scripture in the Book of Mormon:

    Ether 2:7 And the Lord would not suffer that they should stop beyond the sea in the wilderness, but he would that they should come forth even unto the land of promise, which was choice above all other lands, which the Lord God had preserved for a righteous people.

    8 And he had sworn in his wrath unto the brother of Jared, that whoso should possess this land of promise, from that time henceforth and forever, should serve him, the true and only God, or they should be swept off when the fulness of his wrath should come upon them.

    9 And now, we can behold the decrees of God concerning this land, that it is a land of promise; and whatsoever nation shall possess it shall serve God, or they shall be swept off when the fulness of his wrath shall come upon them. And the fulness of his wrath cometh upon them when they are ripened in iniquity.

    10 For behold, this is a land which is choice above all other lands; wherefore he that doth possess it shall serve God or shall be swept off; for it is the everlasting decree of God. And it is not until the fulness of iniquity among the children of the land, that they are swept off.

    11 And this cometh unto you, O ye Gentiles, that ye may know the decrees of God—that ye may repent, and not continue in your iniquities until the fulness come, that ye may not bring down the fulness of the wrath of God upon you as the inhabitants of the land have hitherto done.

    12 Behold, this is a choice land, and whatsoever nation shall possess it shall be free from bondage, and from captivity, and from all other nations under heaven, if they will but serve the God of the land, who is Jesus Christ, who hath been manifested by the things which we have written.

    If the US becomes fully ripe in iniquity, it will fall.

    • Paul ...

      Ether 2 Chapter 2 … Effectively says: “The promised land … is a land whereon men must serve Christ (by boycotting evil) … or they will be swept off the land” !!

  35. Jo

    Have been following you since you began USA Watchdog. You have done more single handily to wake me up over the years than anyone or anything else.
    God bless you for being our voice in the wilderness!
    PS…great show. Love me some Bo!

    • Stewart

      @Jay Jackson … Excellent points. And the Beau / Hunter observation was great, and fun. Cheers.

    • Mark Heuer

      I was a huge Trump supporter, but when he came out with this Warp Speed Vaccine, I said to myself, oh my God, he is part of this global takeover. Trump called all of his supporters (sheep to the slaughter), to that rally on Jan 6, in his speech, nothing new was revealed, same old, same old. The cell towers picked up all telephone numbers of who attended, people need to wake up, Trump is not a good man, and he surely is not Annointed by God.

  36. Mr Mike S

    I would have lost heart, unless I had believed That I would see the goodness of the Lord In the land of the living.Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord ! – Psalm 27:13-14

  37. Albert Dziennik

    In the final analysis (the one done by God), all you see today will seem like it insignificant when we look at the ‘big picture’. It is a matter of faith, hope and love that will enable all of us to continue in whatever form we are in. I’ve kind of gotten away from the big dates and major events as much as I can. Life is much saner when I refuse to suffer the fear and apprehension that Satan has laid out. With God on your side, who can be against you?

  38. Ben Nielsen

    Interesting that Mount Etna has awakened during what Polny describes as the end of the Moses cycle. The parting of the reed sea (red sea) was apparently attributed to some kind of seismic event (natural disaster). I guess we’ll know shortly.

  39. Mike Crowley

    These things are all indications of the beginning of the reaping. Do not fear. Have faith in the everlasting. This world is only here to test our faith. Faith in the material will fail. Be grounded in your faith. The part of you that is forever is ripening. The fruit of your soul is the envy of darkness. Keep the faith.

    • Paul ...

      Mike … The “fruit of our soul” is rotting because we will not stand up to and boycott evil wherever we see it … why are people buying NIKE shoes “being made by slaves in China”? … the American people won’t even boycott buying NIKE’s latest “Satanic sneaker” brought out this Easter “with drops of blood printed all over it”?? … the American people won’t boycott going to China controlled Hollywood movies (made by pedophiles and queers)??? … and willingly subject “the souls of their own children” to seeing men dressed as a woman or playing the part of a woman in almost every movie made???? … if American’s won’t boycott evil “wherever they see it” … this Promised Land … will become a Living Hell … where we will be locked down so tightly … we will no longer have the freedom to run our own households!!!

      • Paul ...

        You Know why the Globalist eugenicists who control China … are slowly brainwashing our children with Hollywood movies “that continually show men portraying themselves as women” don’t you!! … so that today China controlled Bribe’n could put “a transgender wearing a hideous blond wig” in charge of asking our 9 year old children if they would like to have their breasts and balls cut off “without parental consent”!!

        • Paul ...

          Wake up people … to the evil “now almost sterile world” the eugenicists have planned for us and are very close to achieving with their vaccine … if we don’t boycott this hyper-Satanic evil “NOW” … these psychopathic eugenicist atheists (and the many corporations they run) “will very soon achieve “their total and complete sterilization goal” … whereby our dunbed down male children (without balls) are going around trying to procreate a new human baby into the world … that can’t even be fed by a women (without breasts)!!

          • Paul ...

            Do you get it now?? … in a world without children … the family becomes obsolete … there are no fathers or mothers any longer … that is why … they are currently removing from our very language words like father and mother (from the English vocabulary) … do you yet “see” … what is going on??? … we as individuals must “boycott evil” wherever we see it … don’t depend on any politician “to save us” … we must “do it on our ow” as moral individuals” … and mount a counter-attack so devastating to the evil ones … that they are all forced out of the eugenicist business … the business of exterminating the human race with chem-trails, fluoride, GMO’s, vaccines, wars, droughts, famine, etc., etc. … and tear down their Georgia Guide-stone flag now flying over America and replace it with the American flag of freedom “we once knew”!!

  40. JC

    At 8:00 Bo speaks of war coming…

    The twist to my decade-old interpretations is that I thought a NATO war with Russia over Ukraine would have been the third domino to fall in a series of quickly falling dominoes, the first two being wars with Iran and China. As I have pointed out in my books, a war with Russia, China, and Iran will happen so quickly that it will appear that they are simultaneous.

    This, of course, matches much of what Dumitru Duduman was shown in his visions.

    • JC

      G. A. STEWART:
      All of this will most likely unfold very quickly, and without a doubt worldwide communications in every form will be under attack. I always told people in my circle to have a plan the day the electricity dies, including that necessary to run modern vehicles.

      We have entered the danger zone of my timeline.

      • Jerry5

        I completely agree with your analysis. The military industrial complex is now running this country under the direction of the WEF. Trump was an impediment to their plan and had to be removed. Anyone who thinks Trump is coming back, probably believes in the Easter bunny to. The globalist are hitting us from every side. Lockdowns, vaccinations, and soon war with Russia. Russia is the only country standing in the way of the NWO. Imagine that?

        • Paul ...

          If it wasn’t for the sacrifices of many ordinary Russian people we would have never gotten rid of the Rockefeller/Globalist Elite backed Hitler … … problem is … many of Hitler’s henchmen fled to the US and have embedded themselves into the Deep State/Military Complex swamp of Criminally Insane Atheists (CIA) that is now suffocating us making our Republic into a Dick tator (a banana shaped potato) ship!!

  41. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Polny a disturbing analysis of the word of God in this Holy Week.

  42. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    Many folk have belittled Bo P. Not any longer! Thank you both for such inspiration.
    This Easter will be truly special!!

  43. Jane Reynolds

    Thank you Greg for this conversation of Hope with Bo Polly the messenger of Time from God. This fills me with such Hope. God bless you all and your families. With love from France. This madness of evil has to end.

  44. Jane Reynolds

    Test comment having trouble posting.

  45. Jane Reynolds

    God bless you both for this uplifting message. The madness of evil has to stop. God bless all those who believe in goodness and pray that the tyranny ends. Thank you Bo and Greg true patriots of God and country. With love from France.

  46. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    As you know – and have admonished me for – I am a sceptic regarding matters spiritual. And, before you say it (again) I am not a believer in, ‘the black hole of nothingness’. That said, what I love about Bo Polny is he has the courage of his convictions. Unlike most other ‘commentators’ who hedge their predictions (to protect their reputations) with multiple ‘maybes’, Bo tells it as he sees it. After the HUGE ‘in your face’ election fraud, the blatant failure of the justice system, the on-going global genocide of the elderly – assisted by the medical establishment (!!!) – and the trafficking of innocent children for who dares guess what despicable ends, who can doubt that evil exists. Bo has provided a counterpoint, and hope, that the world is on the cusp of a huge in direction. So, even as a declared sceptic, I thank Bo for his positive perspective and shall look forward to April 2021.

    • AndrewB

      Correction: a huge change in direction . . .

  47. Jim Yost

    Hi Greg

    I don’t want to come across as a stick in the mud, but Bo’s Noah’s Ark analogy and his Red Sea analogy don’t jive with me as they sound more like something conjured up by a religious spirit than by the spirit of prophecy (i.e. the Holy Spirit). I realize he means well but using those analogies isn’t the right way to go about making predictions, I don’t think.

    I’m 74 years old now and I’ve been a Christian for 50 years (I accepted the Lord as my savior on April 28, 1970) and I’ve heard all kinds of predictions based on scripture that didn’t pan out. However, there are several verses of scripture that foretell of an end-time outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Maybe that’s what Bo is picking up on. Hopefully so. Time will tell.

  48. Tony Campisi

    Not any disrespect but I just don’t see it.
    The course has been laid out in the book of Revelation. Jesus’s words in Matthew 24 , Luke 21 and the O.T. prophets about the last days and I believe we have entered these days.
    How can we see the seal judgements of Rev. and blessing at the same time?
    Also how can anyone speak God’s blessing upon a nation that kills babies, embraces every corruption, advances sexual perversion, hates believers of Jesus, where Christianity is close to being illegal and more than all this hates The Lord Jesus Himself?
    The country is not mostly good people. The country is most unbelieving lost souls.
    These ups and downs in the financial system may occur but we live in a godless nation and a godless world.
    Mr. Polny speaks of the feasts and times God ordained and I believe these things were never meant to be abolished and replaced but there is one chance. That like Israel in the Old Testament had to do our country need to repent of its sin and turn to the Lord Jesus.
    I don’t see this happening and this is why I don’t see it.

  49. Stewart

    I admire Bo for being explicit about the timing of the major events he foresees. Leading forecasters all seem to agree that while certain “Whats” are easy to predict, the “Whens” are almost impossible to predict. So for Bo to place such specific and near-term dates on his predictions really demonstrates conviction and belief. If he is correct, then he is clearly in tune with a Higher consciousness. BTW, I didn’t hear a shred of “data mining” in his presentation. I thought his views were bold and original, and that they came from the heart. The probability that he will be correct, given the very specific timing he outlined, is extremely low, but I would certainly like him to be. The sooner we can see signs that the rampant evil that plagues our nation is starting to be overcome, the better.

  50. H.Craig Bradley


    Its certainly gratifying to hear from Bo that GOD favors gold, silver, and yes-even bitcoin but not necessarily the U.S. Dollar (Our favorite). If God favors and won’t (yet) abandon a wayward America, then why bring about the demise of the U.S. Dollar? Chemotherapy for the Body Politic?

    I suspect the one other item on the world financial stage that could cause an upset would be any action, such as a new war or conflict in the Middle East, which has the effect of causing $100 oil next month. This would cause a recession and severe stock market decline not unlike the one we had way back in 1973 when the Arabs “embargoed” their oil exports to the United States in retaliation for our support of Israel during their six day war.

    So, by wiping-out paper wealth we then enter a new political-economic era which then causes other changes to existing arrangements and valuations. So, April could possibly bring about such a financial catalyst, resulting in a new financial order of sorts. In this scenario, its about relative performance. The dollar might not go down per se, but seem that way as liquidity or cash flows into dollar surrogates such as gold, silver, and bitcoin (the new kid on the block ). After all, “Technology” favors the new digital money not the stodgy or the corrupt.

  51. Pete

    I would like to mention that the Greek (Eastern) Orthodox Holy Week, which is based on the old calendar happens to begin on Palm Sunday, April 25th this year.

  52. al

    I enjoyed this show Greg, thank you.

    It’s obvious that we are living through a STEALTH WORLD WAR 3 !
    All the attributes are the same except for the visible military kinetic action.

    What if the financial event downs the Internet? It is possible but will take a massive collaboration… or… or …. or… an 1859 style Carrington Event, that would fall under a true Biblical Event.

    A perfect segue would be Mark Taylor (just a suggestion)

  53. Pete

    … as does the Russian Orthodox also.

  54. Andrew Cox

    We are seeing a huge surge in seismic and volcanic activity around the world. Perhaps a major volcanic eruption will take place in April (or later this year). This could severely affect agriculture and cause major economic disruption. Everyone shuld keep their food cupboards well stocked and prepare for possible disasters.

  55. Jim

    So Bo, Does the great events you expect include what may be thought of as the “tribulation?” Would not think what you infer conquers evil without some Biblical level difficulties. Attempting to prepare sounds advisable.

  56. al

    Gold up seven fold? from here? That will take it close to $12,000/ounce !
    then I gather there’s a rest period where the blessings follow to 30 to 100 fold..
    at max gold can peak at $ 1.2 Million per ounce of gold ???? That’s in Dollars.

    If this is to pass Greg, we are looking at the TOTAL destruction of the old system in to the new. Preparations are essential.

    Excellent interview, even if he’s wrong, it was uplifting and made sense

  57. Jared

    Check this out! Dershowitz and Lindell working together to present overwhelming evidence to the Supreme Court to overturn the 2020 election to get Trump back into office. 👍🏻

  58. Michele

    This latest interview with Bo Polny is incredible.
    I am reminded of Isiah 41:10 “Fear thou not,,,”
    God bless you Mr. Hunter for never giving up on what is Right and True. The Warriors of the Light will prevail.

  59. RDALE

    Greg, Long-time viewer of USAW here, but only my 2nd comment to you. Thank you for what you do, and for having Bo as a returning regular guest. He always brings a message of hope in these dark times.

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE the graphic on page 2 of Bo’s handout: Christ with the US Constitution and the prominent historical figures who have stood up for freedom & liberty behind him. It is interesting to try to identify the individuals. I see (right to left) John Adams (Abigail behind him?), Ronald Reagan, JFK, Abe Lincoln, Geo. Washington, James Madison (& perhaps Dolley behind him?), Thomas Jefferson, Krista McAuliffe, Ben Franklin, Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone (can’t tell which one), Frederick Douglass, and US Grant. I’d be interested if any other commenters can identify any of the others. I believe I see SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts cowering in fear covering his face in shame at the feet of Christ. Not sure who the guy on the cell phone is, but he seems to be really distraught! And is that Bill Gates clutching some kind of UN Agenda 2030/transhumanism document at the lower right? Many thanks to the artist!

    Keep up the good work!



    Bo, thank you for explaining the Biblical timeline and the changes that are coming. Do you think we will still lose a great percentage of the world population due to these dangerous vaccines?

  61. William Bissell

    Thank You Greg, you did it again. I’m not sure people realize how tough it is to do what you do. To book and interview each guest. To ask a directed question and allow that expert to flow and then direct another question to lead that expert. But making sure the answers make sense and means something to the audience.
    The population is separated, voiceless and in need of REAL NEWS. Shows like yours, Project Camelot, Goldfish Report, SGT, Dr. Jim Willie and many others are the Real News. We thirst for the Truth. You are a True National Treasure. Thank you, William Bissell
    Amazon: Author of, “Welfare; Designed Chaos”

  62. Dave Hawke

    Hi Greg, so let’s look at Biden’s stumble….. some numbers, the date: 31921, and number of falls:3. Put them as two 3 number sequences: 319 and 213. Go to Strongs concordance translate the numbers to words. One will find in Hebrew 319 is translated as “the end” or “after”, 213 is “to press” or “make haste”. Perhaps the Hebrew translation here is Gods big picture, we are hastening to the end of an age. Now here’s the kicker, the Greek translation (perhaps referring to man or in this case a man – Biden) The greek for 319 is “To be made known or recognized” and 213 is “Vagabond, Boaster, Imposter, An empty pretender”!!! God Bless, Thanks for all you do!!

  63. Greg Morrissey

    Please ask B0 Polny has this already happened ?
    Revelation 13:17
    New International Version
    17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

    Thank you

  64. RICH


  65. Fred Daake

    God anoints people or groups to carry out special tasks as he did with David. Any anointing comes with a special blessing that provides the anointed person or group tools, sometimes supernatural, that allow them to move forward with the special task that God has defined for them.

    The early Americans first reached out to God and God responded with an anointing. As far as I am concerned, those mutual actions resulted in a contractual type situation, more accurately described as a covenant.

    To this day, God has a special role for America.

    God’s anointing on America was provided for the sole purpose to use it’s wealth to spread the Gospel as far and wide as possible. That analysis is not mine – it comes from several people. Peter Marshall (now deceased) has written many fascinating books on America. I think that most people who read his books on America with an open mind will come out with a multitude of evidence of God’s anointing on America (assuming they believe in God)). I suggest reading the following two books to start: “From Sea To Shining Sea” and “The Light And The Glory”. Everyone who is questioning America’s anointing and covenant with God should read these books.

    In terms of Trump’s anointing, there are hundreds of articles on the web that describe David/Goliath type situations and protections that Trump has received. If you look at the pattern of blessings that God provided to anointed people in the Bible, it should become obvious that God has a special role for Trump to lead anointed America out of some evil attacks.

    Some people are defining God’s anointings and covenants as absolute protections against losses to evil. They are saying that Trump lost much of his personal wealth and was conned out of the election, so that means that he was/is not anointed. In actuality, the Apostles were anointed and most were tortured and killed. Anointing and Covenant refer to fulfilling God’s special purpose for a person or group and have nothing to do with the amount of blood it takes to carry out that task.

    Here is a list of Peter Marshall Books:

    • Fred Daake

      I need to add –

      For those who say that God has no reason to bless America, they should look at the reasons why God is happy with America and why he wants to bless America. Bo Polny alluded to the events that are unfolding as the truth about evil in America comes out. I would like to add that God’s purpose for America is to spread the Gospel inside and outside America. Jesus is truth. And the truth about evil is now opening up eyes. Spreading the truth eventually leads to a display of deeper truths about God. The result? More people realize that the only cure for evil is Jesus.

  66. Luigi

    Something’s wrong with Rumble – takes a long while to load then followed by short to long pauses after every couple of words. Didn’t used to happen.
    I thought it’s my internet but when I tried playing videos in YouTube, there was no problems. Think maybe the enemy is now targeting you at Rumble, to bring it down as well?

    • Luigi

      Today it’s working miraculously fine – but I still wonder what caused the breakdown?

    • Self Exiled

      Same problems.

  67. Trinacria

    I think of the courageous people that founded this country with the greatest of intentions. They risked everything ! Now I look in disgust at how so many in government – both elected and non elected – through their own incompetence at best and evil at worst, have brought so much chaos to this nation. The length of our lives is such a blip on the screen – if even that – so having faith that God will prevail is the only foundation to trust. Man-made civilizations have and will continue to go by the wayside. Remember that the Son of God took up the cross. His Kingdom is not of this world. Scripture tells us that we cannot imagine the banquet that HE has prepared for us !!!

  68. Dusty Dude

    Thanks Greg, great interview. I’m really excited about 421, April….
    One can only imagine the suffering that awaits us. I pray for the srength to stand tall and help where I can. I hope as a society we don’t loose our compassion when times get difficult…

  69. Dave

    Bo has a set vision and he “twists” Scripture to fit that vision. He is not alone. This is common among Christians – just look at the pre, post and a millenial camps. His interpretation of Revelation is plain wrong as regards a special role for the United States during the End Times. Maybe Bo is LDS and accepts the Book of Mormon as it does foresee a special role for the US – White Horse prophecy and all.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is Not what he does. This is your opinion of what he does.

    • Paul ...

      Dave … You must admit that when Satan got us to steal God’s “Big Apple” it foretold that New York City would become a Demon-rat city … although “we commonly use the past to predict the future” … going back as far as Adam and Eve as I did “is a bit of a stretch of the imagination” … that’s why Bo only went back to Noah!!

  70. Barb

    Thanks Greg

  71. Robert Werner Curran

    Dear Greg:

    Thank you so much for bringing Bo back at this time…you answered my prayer for more clarity. I will follow your site forever. Have a peaceful Sunday!


  72. Hannah Loveanna

    It would be nice to see Mark Taylor on your show.

  73. rod brumley, sr

    Bo lost all his credibility with his call about the Election – then saying Trump would still continue to be President.
    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot

    • Greg Hunter

      Polny said Trump would win and he did. Then, it was stolen in a massive fraud and theft on America. Hopefully Trump gets back in somehow. Is that soon or 2024? We are going to find out.

  74. KEN

    The giant container ship named Ever Given ran aground in the Suez Canal on 23/3.
    From 23/3 to Bo’s April 25th date = 33 days!

  75. KEN

    From the 20th April 2020, dollar bottoms to negative, to Bo’s April 25th, 2021 date is the 370 days that Noah spent in the Ark.

    • KEN

      Sorry, that was OIL bottoms to negative!

  76. KEN

    The container ship Ever Given is stuck in the Suez Canal exactly 3,333NM from Reunion Island where they found the flaperon belonging to MH370 on 29/7/2015.
    From 29/7/2015 to 23/3/2021 = 2064 days.
    2064+4602 = 6666.
    2064 = 666+666+666+66
    4602 = 6(666)+9(66)+6+6.
    2+6+4 = 6+6.
    From Reunion Island to the Thai Cave entrance = 6666km
    From the Thai Cave entrance to Kilauea volcano = 6666 miles
    Remember the Thai kids soccer team plus coach stuck in the Cave?
    So, from Ever Given in Suez Canal to Reunion Island = 3333NM
    From Reunion to Thai Cave =6666km
    From Thai cave to Kilauea = 6666 miles
    So where is there a 3333 from Kilauea to somewhere?
    Well there is a 33.33 degree distance exactly to the west coast of California!
    I have had that distance/dimension on my Google Earth for many months.
    Some say the evil ones are going to make the Hilina Slump in Hawaii next the Kilauea crash into the sea which will send a tsunami towards the west coast of the USA.

    • Paul ...

      Ken … Also note that it takes two 33.3 degree Masons to equal one tenth the forked tongue of Satan … so 20 such Masons would be required to equal Satan’s evil … and wouldn’t you know it … we could have easily predicted that it would thus take 20 pieces of silver to capture Jesus!!

  77. Rick

    If the streets of heaven are paved with gold, holding gold is good with me.

    • Paul ...

      Rick … Gold is also good enough for the military … especially when used in anti-gravity applications … … I guess it makes the new US Space Command Fleet Commanders “feel like gods” (to be able to float around in the heavens)!!

      • Paul ...

        Ever wonder … that if a rotating mass at high speed (like a gyro) “can reduce its weight” … what kind of “anti-gravity effect” will be produced “by spinning a heavy mass” like Gold? … and … if Gold can “warp space” then its plausible it will also affect “time” … mighty good reasons for holding your Gold (rather then selling it for crypto)!!

  78. Randy Best

    Ginsburg’s death is not a biblical event. The justices that Trump appointed seem to be in the same class. Oil selling for $-37.63 is not a biblical event either.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s your opinion but the calls were made way ahead if time using Polny’s Biblical analysis and that is a fact.

  79. Sue Patterson

    Greg, you are my go-to news guy, however, Bo Polny isn’t. He and Steve Quayle are in the same category; their brains seem disconnected from their mouths. Frequently, with both, I stop the tape and relisten to check I heard correctly. At around 15 minutes he mentions Biden falling three times on his way up the airplane stairs and equates this first with the Trinity, then the coming of Nazi Germany. Seriously? Just before that, at around the twelve minute mark he claims that Bitcoin and the dollar decline are related to Lev 25:9. The 50 year Jubilee cycle has nothing to do with the dollar or Nixon detaching it from gold. The Year of Jubilee is specifically a Jewish event dealing with the releasing from debts, freeing of slaves, and return of ancestral properties. Its timing is specific, and related solely to the entry of the Nation of Israel into the Promised Land. If he said there was some similarity to the Jubilee it would be one thing, but to state, definitively it is sounds heretical and absurd.

    • Paul ...

      Sue … Politics is difficult enough to decipher … without mixing it with Religion … what ever happened to the good old principle of “the Separation of Church and State”?

    • Peter

      Hi Sue. I like Bo and think he’s a good man. Greg is an Awesome man. I agree that there is so much BS(Opinions) out there and it’s hard to decipher . I was a subscriber of Bo in 2015 and he nailed the Bottom. The first time. Second time not so good. I agree St3ve Quayle is similar. (I love SQ)BUT GOD works on a much longer time frame. I always try to follow Scripture with Common Sense. So many false profits out there. I ripped Greg in the past but appreciate his honesty. Let’s get Greg to get Amanda and Bo together again to talk about how “It’s not time yet”. I don’t understand how Bo starts his timing and I don’t think Amanda knew what Bo was talking about. Anyway it definitely seems to be coming to a Climax. God Bless🙏🏽

  80. Darren

    The sad thing about these types of interviews is when nothing of the sort comes to pass…..No accountability is ever demanded of the guests…They get a free pass…Sad

    • Greg Hunter

      We all or should know that Trump won on election night. That’s what Polny predicted. It was stolen in massive treason and fraud. Will Trump get a second term as Bo also predicted? We will see. Polny also made many other spot on calls. Of course, your comment is to discredit Polny and I find the “sad” too. A “free pass” and a free interview and presentation and your disparaging complaints–“sad”

      • Sue Patterson

        I really appreciate your free interviews and WNWs. Usually I give Bo Polny a pass, but I try to listen some times because you take the time to interview him. I just can’t get into him, but never think I don’t appreciate you.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is why the site is free. I can put on who I want and I don’t feel bad. The reason I put Bo on is that he has legit and documented big calls especially since the beginning of 2020. That said, I do think there is some powerful wrong going on now. There is plenty of sourcing to back up that view from the financial to the geopolitical we are on some very thin ice. If Polny is right you will be happy you listened. We are good Sue and thanks for your comments and support.

  81. Carol

    Trump played his part. Remember, he was Big on the non-vaccine. Waiting for Trump’s return leaves the country action-less. (Just like the Q-Anon scam.) Americans let garbage steal our votes and our country. ‘Trusting the plan’ is like ‘waiting for Trump’ –
    people sit motionless, waiting for a ‘savior’ while they do nothing. Trump knew he won, yet he let S. Powell, L. Wood and R. Giuliani go out on limbs pushing for him – while he did NOTHING. — So now, do we comply with more lockdowns, destruction of our economy, forced killer ‘non’ vaccines, while we sit quietly and obediently waiting for Trump?????
    And when he is AWOL in 2024, then what do we do??? Deagel says there will be
    250,000,000 less of us by then to do anything. Waiting for Trump is a great way to justify doing nothing – and Americans are too good at that.

    • Paul ...

      Yes Carol … we need to boycott the vaccine makers now … and hit them hard before they kill millions and grow even more powerful economically … instead of sitting back like Q stooges waiting to elect Trump in 2024 (for him to do to the Deep State what he was supposed to do to Hillary in 2017)!!

  82. Victor Mason

    That message couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you Greg, God Bless you

  83. Coalburner

    I read and listened to it all. Not being a person concerned about the end times but simply that all the prophesy’s always describe the rise and fall of empires and the disaster of war and that they get worse as the weapons get more destructive, I see the same summary that we always conclude here. Take measures to protect yourself, do not be frozen in place. Pray for protection and have faith. Be the ant as opposed to the grasshopper! That applies to Texas size “Blue Northers” that are not new, 1988 year of frozen everything in the eastern half the country and the awful winter of 78 / 79 in the west. It applies to today’s droughts, tomorrows overpopulation in the USA, EMP’s natural or man made and hurricanes. People better stop thinking someone else will take care of them at the worst of times when that rarely happens. If the government wants to build or rebuild some infrastructure, that would be a good idea before they destroy the dollar. Someone in my little town is thinking because they are replacing antique sewer lines with new stuff. A really good idea. As for me , I am stacking and storing slowly as money allows while helping my community and my church and volunteering for 4H and Scouts. I suggest that all who are able, find some of that.

  84. Greg Morrissey

    Please read and have Bolny read this , Just recently discovered and the Bible versus that are in this discovery are for everyone

    We just witnessed one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries in decades. For the first time in 60 years, new Dead Sea Scroll fragments have been discovered, and Israeli authorities are telling us that archaeologists will continue to carefully search the area to see if they can find more. Due to the extremely dry conditions in the region, the fragments that have been recovered are extremely well preserved even though they appear to have been written before the time of Christ. But to me, the biggest part of this story is what the fragments actually say.

    We’ll get to that in a moment, but first I want to talk about where we are at on the calendar.

    When the sun went down on Saturday, March 13th that marked the beginning of a new year on the calendar that God gave us in the Bible. Of course hardly anyone in the world actually acknowledges it as “the new year”, but sunset on Saturday was when the first day of the first month of the year began according to the Biblical calendar.

    And since this also happened as the seventh day of the week was ending, sunset on Saturday also marked the beginning of a brand new week.

    So it was one of those rare instances when a Biblical day, a Biblical week, a Biblical month and a Biblical year all started at the exact same moment.

    Personally, I believe that this is very significant.

    And just a couple of days later, it has been announced that portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been discovered for the first time in 60 years…

    Dozens of fragments of a Dead Sea Scroll bearing biblical text have been found by archaeologists working in the Judean Desert, the Israeli government said Tuesday.

    The fragments are the first pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls found in around 60 years and were recovered from a cave where Jewish rebels against the Roman Empire hid around 1,900 years ago, according to a government press release.

    It was certainly not easy to get to the location where these fragments were found. In fact, we are being told that archaeologists “had to rappel down a sheer cliff” in order to get to them…

    The discovery was part of an Israeli government project launched in 2017 to survey the caves of the Judean Desert and recover artifacts before looters could steal them. Per an IAA statement, researchers had to rappel down a sheer cliff to reach the Cave of Horror, which is surrounded by gorges and located some 260 feet below a cliff top.

    “The desert team showed exceptional courage, dedication and devotion to purpose, rappelling down to caves located between heaven and earth, digging and sifting through them, enduring thick and suffocating dust, and returning with gifts of immeasurable worth for mankind,” says IAA Director Israel Hasson in the statement.

    That cave is known as “the Cave of Horror” because 40 skeletons were found there during excavations in the 1960s.

    And based on coins that were just discovered in the cave, authorities believe that they are able to identify the year when the scrolls were originally hidden there…

    Based on the style of the Greek script, the scroll fragments appear to have been written in the first century B.C. Based on coins found in the cave, the scroll was probably brought to the cave in A.D. 135 at the end of a Jewish revolt against the Romans named for its leader, Bar Kokhba.

    Researchers say it indicates that Greek was widely spoken in the Jewish community at the time, in addition to Hebrew and Aramaic. The texts are entirely in Greek except for the Tetragrammaton, the revered four-letter name of God, which appears in the fragments in Ancient Hebrew characters.

    But as I mentioned above, to me the most important part of the story is what is actually said on the scroll fragments.

    Some of the fragments are a Greek translation of Zechariah 8:16-17…

    One fragment, written in Greek with God’s name appearing in paleo-Hebrew, quotes Zechariah 8:16-17: “These are the things you are to do: Speak the truth to one another, render true and perfect justice in your gates. And do not contrive evil against one another, and do not love perjury, because all those are things that I hate – declares the LORD.”

    Interestingly, instead of using the Greek word for “gates”, the Greek word for “streets” is used in this instance.

    Just as we sometimes use different English words when translating the Old Testament from Hebrew into English in our time, so also would different word choices sometimes be made when translating the Old Testament from Hebrew to Greek in ancient times.

    And I find it fascinating that these verses have suddenly captured the attention of the entire globe at this moment in history. We definitely do not “render true and perfect justice” and we love to “contrive evil”, and so we are doing the exact opposite of what we are instructed to do in this passage.

    The other scroll fragments that were found come from Nahum 1:5-6…

    Another features Nahum 1:5–6, which indicates: “The mountains quake because of Him, And the hills melt. The earth heaves before Him, The world and all that dwell therein. Who can stand before His wrath? Who can resist His fury? His anger pours out like fire, and rocks are shattered because of Him.”

    As you can see, these verses describe God’s judgment.

    Throughout the Scriptures, we are told that if we follow God’s ways and keep His commandments we will be blessed, but if we reject His ways and His commandments we will be cursed.

    Obviously, America has chosen the latter, and if we stay on this path our story is not going to end well.

    Could it be possible that these Dead Sea Scroll fragments were hidden away for all these centuries just to be revealed at such a time as this?

    Stranger things have happened.

    And I would continue to keep your eyes on the land of Israel, because I believe that a lot more really strange things will be happening in the months and years ahead.

    • Self Exiled

      Referring to your last statement this article: “Erdoganistan: The New Islamic Superpower?”. Erdogan has promoted a new Ottoman Empire for several years now, if he succeeds Israel would be surrounded by a possible 10 nation Islamic confederation; definitely a last days scenario. A quote from the article “School books have been used as a weapon in Erdogan’s attempts to Islamise Turkish society and to trace back to a nostalgic era of Turkish domination,” also “Turkish world domination” and “Turkish or Ottoman ideal of world order” . Let’s see now; US, China, and now Turkey vying for or a NWO, possibly an Armageddon moment in my opinion.

    • Tom Thumb [Fe Fy Fo Fum]

      The texts are entirely in Greek except for the Tetragrammaton, the revered four-letter name of God, which appears in the fragments in Ancient Hebrew characters.

      Greg M., it’s interesting you point out the ancient Hebrew Tetragrammaton, the revered four-letter name of God. That became so revered in ancient Israel, it became sacrilege to speak or pronounce it and today we can only guess at it’s proper pronunciation. The English speaking world of course says Jehovah, because of the King James version and it’s translators of the King, James. Were they right?
      Some today now say Yahweh is a closer pronunciation and like you state, more important is what the Bible says and to think about. That these ancient people used the personnel name of the Hebrew God, a name given to Moses that we should never use in vain. That’s why I’m partial to the American Standard Version, it’s use of a personal name of God. Instead of capitol lettered LORD, as replacement. Maybe one day we will all speak the ancient Hebrew, who knows? Till then, Yahweh or the highway? Or still Jehovah. Some say do in Rome as the Romans do, they’re are a lot of different pronunciations of my own name Tom, out there on the world wide web. So many Romes, a real Babel out there, isn’t it. We got what’s it’s name, to thank fer that. The thing!
      Zechariah 8:16–17
      16These are the things that ye shall do: Speak ye every man the truth with his neighbor; execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates; 17and let none of you devise evil in your hearts against his neighbor; and love no false oath: for all these are things that I hate, saith Jehovah. ⛅ 🌈
      American Standard Version

    • Clint+D.

      Greg, Thanks for your great insights. I enjoyed reading about them. Wow! the insight about how so many new timings begain this March is really great.

  85. Patric Paal

    Just a quick message: Haggai 8: “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts.”

  86. donald mcleod

    Maybe a large tidal wave will wash the cargo ship out of the Suez canal.

    • Paul ...

      Interesting idea … but a blocked canal fits in with the goal of the globalists “to deny food getting through to Europe” … the reason the globalists had no qualms producing a tidal wave off Japan to wash over Fukushima … was because it fit in with their plans to reduce the worlds food supply (by radiating and poisoning the entire Pacific Ocean) … and just like they have no qualms creating a drought over California … as it fits in with their plans to reduce the worlds food supply … reducing Earth’s population is their intended goal (as they boldly in-scripted on their Georgia Guidestones like psychopaths who get some weird sort of sadistic pleasure out of letting us know they want to kill us) … just like that psycho eugenicist Bill Gates … who gets a charge and weird smile on his face every time he tells us … “his vaccine will be the Final Solution”!!

  87. Faith

    I hope Polny is right about PMs. I bought more recently and since then the price has dropped.

    I was at the grocery store and an older woman in front of me was complaining about the price. I mentioned that silver was still cheap at around $26 / ounce. I got THE LOOK. I may as well have just beamed down from outerspace by mentioning PMs!

    I stopped talking about inflation or about buying PMs years ago. Inflation is the cruelest tax of all and how financially illiterate the US populace has become to where they don’t understand that inflation is INTENTIONAL. The Federal Reserve requires at least 2% inflation a year! It’s part of the Federal Reserve mandate.


    If people seem open I discuss it with them, but most people are too enthralled with their device or a TV show or trivia.

    God bless you, Mr. Hunter and Mr. Polny. Thank you!

    • Dave

      I truly believe that silver could reach $1,000,000 per ounce, this is independent of anything that Bo says. Look at bitcoin which in reality is nothing, and it is worth thousands, for nothing. How much higher can a real thing like silver go? The dollar in reality has value in the amount of heat you can generate from it when burned or as toilet paper, and it is incorrectly sized for this purpose. The dollar has value because people believe that it has value, if this belief is shaken the dollar has little value, and the metals will buy millions of them.

      • Paul ...

        Dave … You are extremely underestimating the price of silver by about 6,500 times … based upon what I pay for a gallon of water at the supermarket ($1 dollar per gallon) … silver should currently be selling for $6,520,000,000 per ounce …. the math is simple … all the water on Earth is 326,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons … and all the silver on Earth is 50,000,000,000 ounces … simple division shows silver is currently worth $6.5 billion dollars per ounce … but … let’s say … to be “very conservative” that the supermarket price of water is too high by 100 times (and that a gallon of water should be selling for only one penny per gallon) … that means silver should currently be selling for $65,200,000 … so Dave… you have “under priced silver” by at least $64 million dollars per ounce … people should be scooping up silver as a fantastic investment at the cheap bargain price of $1 million dollars per ounce you have priced it at … yet … they ignore it today at only $23 dollars per ounce … so they can buy Bitcoin??
        Note: [Actually a penny a gallon “is ridiculously conservative in the extreme” as the average monthly cost of water in the US for a family of 4 using only 50 gallons per person is currently about 37 cents per gallon]!!

        • Paul ...

          You know … Most people dream about becoming a billionaire … but they do absolutely nothing “to give themselves that opportunity” … all they need to do … is buy about 16 ounces of Silver (costing about $368 dollars) … and simply wait … until the price of silver is re-set comparable to what we are currently paying “for our water” today!!

  88. Dick Jones

    I feel this is a lot of hopium also, I think Bo is W A Y off with Xiden and Trump comparison to Saul and David. Just read 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel yourselves.

    I see apostasy and a great falling away with the church. Pastors telling their parishioners to take a DNA altering injection that also has aborted human babies genes. Also, telling me I have to hide my face from God in His House.

    I read the book and know how it ends. Not getting better. Its gonna get much, much worse until the return of Jesus.

  89. Nick

    The ever green blocking the Suez Canal was done by the west/CIA to disrupt China’s Belt & Road initiative, fighting Nordstream 2 and anything that is contributing to shifting trade gravity towards Eurasia. A huge vessel of 200’000 tons isn’t affected by the wind.
    It could be warning to China that shipping routes can be attacked easily and Eurasia trade disrupted should USA-China relationship worsen. The war on China and Xinjiang is because China is the only country left to take on the USSA dollar.

    • Mario

      Hey Nick
      The sheer size of the vessel 400m long or something like that and 30m high is a enormous surface area and in the boating world we call that windage. A gust of wind 80km /hour could exert a force of 8-9 pounds per square foot. 12,000sq meter surface area of the side of the ship with cargo times the force of the wind is 1,200 tons of force. That could move the ship or alter its course.

      • Self Exiled

        Didn’t this happen because of a tremendous sand storm in the area? I have been watching some very frighting floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and storms around the world on video’s.

    • Dave

      Hope is good, I lean towards a collapse with 90% of the American people dying over 5 years, but I will be happy if Bo is right. God is in charge, and God will do what He wants to do.

    • Self Exiled

      I would think that the blocking of the Suez Canal may help/aid the use of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Anybody else thought about this and it’s effects on China whether they be positive or negative?

      • Clint+D.

        It could be worse than 90% and in much less time. I estimate the Jeremiah 51:46 Rumor could begin as early as August 2021. If so, then Babylon (USA) could be completely destroyed by Summer 2023 with the initial attack by the King of the North in Summer 2022. All those who remain within the boundaries of the USA will be genocided. The mass deaths will begin with those who took the COVID Vaccine possibly starting this Fall 2021.

  90. David


    I think we’re about the same age. If our parents were the “greatest generation”, then I feel that we’ve been the “luckiest generation”. I worry that our children will be the “screwed generation”.

    Indeed, I worry that we are witnessing a tremendous decline in the U.S. The country we grew up in is not the same country today. Hard to believe so much has changed in so short of time…

    Thank you! David

  91. Neville

    Rule of Law Collapsed in USA =96 Martin Armstrong
    Establishment War Against =93We the People=94 =96 Paul Craig Roberts
    Building a Bitcoin Prison =96 Catherine Austin Fitts
    =93The Dimming=94 A Must Watch New Documentary by Dane Wigington
    They are lying about everything. Bill Holter.
    The above are an example of THE TRUTH being reported by a brave intrepid
    journalist like Greg Hunter.There are many others like him out there doing
    the same thing and they too deserve the respect of us THE TRUTH seekers of
    the world.
    I must explain that I use block capitals when typing THE TRUTH because the
    THE LIFE……..
    The events over the past 6 or more generations have seen a lot of major crimes
    being committed in AAcrime ,these have to a large extent been swept under
    the carpet…We are at a major inflection point in the Worlds existence =
    where we are lied to on a daily basis ,people like none but the brave Julian
    Assange is in prison for telling THE TRUTH Others are on the run,some eve=
    n murdered by the underworld known as the deep state/
    We were warned by JESUS who said at the End of the AGE this will occur.In
    addition he said members of our own family could be our worst enemies he meant
    this in two ways Our crooked and corrupt governments mainly then because=
    we all can differ in the family unit we can come to loggerheads with our n=
    earest and dearest,
    Finally my view on AAcrime is that to find THE TRUTH, please read The Book =
    of Daniel and Revelations .
    Revelations also says in the End times you will want to BUY PURE GOLD……=
    Extraordinary that because the crooks in the LBMA,CME,Perth Mint and the other
    price makers are selling mostly paper GOLD which is of no Earthly use t=
    o anyone.
    Peace on Earth to all people of GOODWILL
    Remember that it is Palm Sunday today ………GOD BLESS HIM WHO COMES IN =

  92. Jill Vaughn

    Interesting about this report on Biblical prophecy. This is our 50th year of marriage which will be realized Sept. 12. The Lord has me looking at this year as a year of Jubilee in prayer as an intercessor. He has me focusing on what Jubilee means in restoration in our families, our nation. My son’s birthday is April 23rd and mine is April 24th.

    • JC


      Well you can cross the Big Apple off the Tourist list. New York City will be the first to impost Vaccine Passports to enter places. There goes Broadway. If that does not end NYC, I suppose nothing else will. You would think that if this was closer to the Spanish flu with a 3% kill ratio, perhaps you can justify it.

    • susan

      My husband and I were married September 19, 1970. We celebrated our 50th anniversary this year, also. God has worked unbelievable things in our lives, but I must pray and cover our bases.

  93. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    You are seeking an explanation as to the recent meteoric rise in the price of Bitcoin. The IMF just expanded its balance sheet by 500 billion SDR, almost x3 its previous level and created out of thin air, in order to add liquidity into the central banking system. This is adding another layer of FIAT. According to the linked-to interview, insiders knew this was happening and have been front-running the trend . . .

    P.S. Not suggesting this is the one and only reason for Bitcoin’s rise.

  94. Larry Giglio

    I only want to remind the fight for our lives is about the fascist technocracy trying to dominate our liberties and freedoms, the corporate masters needing to control every breath we take, the order of AI sensory limp dysfunction. The war is against mansions, private planes, and yachts. We only live to please them. Most of us are an unnecessary evil in their lives of luxury. Be careful with digitizing! You ARE a binary code. Not a spiritual beauty of universal love. April 2021. Peace.

  95. Dave

    Loved this interview. So encouraging. Question: How does this view jive with the Bible’s account that we will succumb to a one world government? If Bo is correct, I see the end times timetable being moved further into the future.

  96. Firebird7479

    What good does all of this do when they plan on getting rid of currency, making it digital where they can monitor everything you buy, everything you do, and everywhere you go?

    What good is any of this when they are rolling out vaccine passports, where you can or cannot move about “freely” only with proof of having been vaccinated?

  97. Phill

    I’ve seen a video, where No was predicting a spike in silver a few years back. He has been wrong before. So, who knows, this time. The big difference between Bo and the normal doom guys, is you can tell Bo is truly speaking from his heart. He is not selling his book or his services. He believes in what he says, regardless if it helps him financially, or not. And that’s what we should all inspired to do — tell the truth, the way you see it, regardless of the consequences. That is ultimately what it means to be a Christian.

    • Mario

      I think the problem with predicting anything with the economic system whether it be the dollar or the precious metals is that it’s all rigged. If there was no manipulation a lot of these predictions would be more accurate however most don’t seem to take the rigging into account.

  98. Craig

    Well Greg, Bo has put everything on the line this time, either he sinks or swim. April will be his Waterloo moment. On the other hand Greg am impressed that you take the time to read all the comments as evident by your comments. Keep up the good work and I appreciate you and your commitment and getting the truth out there.

  99. wondering


    Bo also predicted a currency change in September 2020. Didn’t happen.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not remembering him saying that and it’s not in my write ups.

  100. mp

    You know, The Lord said in these Last days, there would be all kinds of People claiming to know this and that about His Word; withoput actually reading what the Word of God ( Who IS Jesus Christ; according to John:1:1)…. So, here is a link to Bible Gateway and The Book of Leviticus; 25:9… so you can see what it REALLY SAYS about Jubilee years… So many want to spin God’s Word into something that is the devil’s will; not God’s….And, Jubilee years are intended to right the scales; not topple them… They give BACK; not take away… This Person is a Phony Plony if I ever saw one… His record can be easily tracked by Jonathan Cahn; and most of Jim Bakker’s guests; and Hank Kunneman, and so many others… The Lord warned us to be aware of false pro-phets
    (working for pro-fits). I for one am in no way impressed by this guy’s sudden “tract-record”; When any validity that he may be claiming, has all already been proven by reputable Men and Women of God… Wake up People, don’t let the devil fool you….

  101. mp

    I meant to leave the link to Leviticus 25:9 at

  102. Mark Heuer

    Greg, post are always “waiting for moderation”, don’t we get enough of that from the “FAR LEFT”!?

    • Self Exiled

      The monitoring maintains a standard that is necessary to cultivate and retain a quality of posters that can show a degree of excellence that can not be found on most sites; because this site is free and I sincerely appreciate that fact as to many Gina’s would absolutely scare away the diversity and wide international range of posters found here. Greg nurtures this group as to inspire a family of respect for each others views, evidenced by the confidence that he displays by allowing you to post your comment. To answer your question, yes we do get enough of that; but there is a big difference between monitoring and out right censorship with the condemnation that follows the mind set you are referring to. The results of not maintaining a standard is evident in our nations cultural and political effect on the world and it’s present dilemmas/plight.

  103. Mark Heuer

    Oh REALLY!?

  104. Kyle Young

    I’m here because some of you have been reading my substack blog – thanks! You might want to take a look at my latest post on the current death count from the COVID-19 vaccines – over 2,000 “official” deaths according to the CDC’s VAERS site. And that’s with less than 1% reporting. What do we hear form the media on this(?)…crickets.

  105. Ann

    Greg – I hope that you could have ask Bo :[1] what will happen to our $? How can it be a jubilee if our fiat money has no value. All of us will suffer and only guys like you who invested in gold or cypto will live in this new era; [2] not all of us can afford Bitcoin 55k. does he have plan aside from subscribing on his website?

  106. Peter

    Question? Bo and Amanda Say that it’s not time yet (too early) for the Anti💩christ . I think they are both lovers of God the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. How does Bo gets these starting points.? He always says perfect timing but it’s confusing. Amanda also stated that it’s too early. ( Please get them together again if possible)
    Full disclosure . I was a Bo subscriber in 2015 on the double dip. He was right, then h3 was wrong (like all of us) . I’ve been hard on him but he seems to be very sincere in his Belief.
    Lastly. If we get 10 God loving people anywhere, there will be at least 5-10 different viewpoints on SCRIPTURE. I was raised as as Catholic and they are sooooooo off. (Confession (Only God can forgive sins (True) unless forgiving sins amongst brothers(sisters), last rights ( oh no I died in an avalanche by myself🙀) Jesus said “If you Love Me, Keep My Commandments! Pretty clear. Just look at
    the Popes conference room. . Search Popes snake room if you don’t trust the link. please people. Trust only the Scriptures but please use COMMON SENSE.
    Thanks Greg for the Forum. God Bless🙏🏽😇

  107. Bill Wilson

    Mike Lindell says: Trump will be back in August, 2021. I am waiting with baited breath.

  108. Stephanie Cramer

    Dear Greg,
    I am amazed at how many comments there are. It is a testament to all the lives you are touching on an ongoing basis. Would be grateful for a comment on the following question. I am trying to extract from Bo Polny’s talk what he is suggesting one might do to prepare. Not sure I understood. Does he think the shaking will be severe enough to dislodge banking (& thus also dislodge brokerage houses)? Is Mr. Polny suggesting only to be in physical and no longer to be in precious metals stocks to supplement physical? I wanted to make sure i understood the intent of what he said. As to another topic, my understanding is that masons may have come to America for nefarious reasons but Pilgrims consecrated their endeavor to God’s glory and implemented The Mayflower Compact–a covenant.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s going to get rough for paper products measured in dollars. Is what he’s saying. With the minors you biggest risk may be your brokerage house listing your assets in “Street Name.” SIPIC has diddly in it compared to the market it is insuring. Real things under you direct control ain’t sexy, but it is durable. I like the Mayflower Compact history lesson too!

  109. Clint+D.

    Soon most of those who are going to take the COVID Vaccine will be over. That will happen by July 2021. Then the powers-that-be can release a virus that will react with the immune response system set up by that vaccine that will cause a cytokine storm within those who took the COVID Vaccine. Millions could start dying as soon as August or early Fall 2021. If so, this could initiate the Jeremiah 51:46 Rumor. If so, then Babylon (the USA) will fall as early as Summer 2022. None will be able to survive within the borders of Babylon (USA) that remain therein.

  110. Carl

    Former Pfizer VP to AFLDS: ‘Entirely possible this will be used for massive-scale depopulation’ –

  111. Rick Smith

    This is spooky. Normally I don’t hit Greg’s site until evening. I was working on an image for a webpage I’m piddling around with and came across one image I really liked at Dolly Sods, WV. Bear Rocks I think it’s called. Then for some unknown reason I check out Greg and here comes Bo Polny and I saw his background, and did a double take. Here was the image I was playing with: WHOA! Hope that was a good sign!

  112. Sue Wong Kong

    Brooke Shields discusses her ‘excruciating’ gym accident
    By Marianne Garvey, CNN 4 hrs ago
    Brooke Shields is talking about how badly she broke her leg and how she’s recovering.
    Time and Unforeseen Occurrence
    In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon wrote: “I returned to see under the sun that the swift do not have the race, nor the mighty ones the battle, nor do the wise also have the food, nor do the understanding ones also have the riches, nor do even those having knowledge have the favor.” Why? He explained: “Because time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all.”​—Ecclesiastes 9:11.
    Rather than suggesting that everything in life is determined by fate, Solomon was pointing out that humans cannot accurately predict the outcome of any endeavor “because time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all.” Often, something happens to a person simply because he is in the right place at the right time, or we might say, in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Take, for example, the statement: “The swift do not have the race.” You may remember or may have read about the famous, though bizarre, 3000-meter women’s race in the 1984 Olympics held in Los Angeles. Two runners, one representing Britain and the other representing the United States, were both hoping to win the gold medal. Halfway into the race, however, they collided on the track. One fell and was out of the race; the other was so disheartened that she finished seventh.
    Was it fate that things turned out that way? Some may say so. But clearly it was the collision​—an accident no one could have foreseen—​that caused both of them to lose the race. Then, was it fate that they collide? Again, some may say so. Yet, commentators attributed the accident to the intense competition between two strong athletes running a close race, with each trying to dominate. As the Bible says, “time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all.” No matter how well-prepared one may be, there are always some unexpected elements that may affect the outcome of an endeavor, and it has nothing to do with fate.
    What, then, does the Bible mean when it says: “For everything there is an appointed time”? Is there anything we can do that will affect the outcome of our life​—our destiny, especially now in this so crazy mixed up new world disorder we find ourselves in today??
    Stay tuned to, I’ll figure out something!

  113. Trudie Struth

    Shiite vs Sunni
    Donald Trump’s post-presidency is exactly as weird as you thought it would be
    Chris Cillizza
    Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large March 30, 2021, Quote;
    “Taken as a whole, the post-presidential actions of the 45th president have been weird, outsized, graceless and self-serving. Or put more simply, Trumpian.”
    Speak for yourself Christo, you and CNN are even weirder. Because you clowns can’t get Trump out of your sick minds, because your so dammed stupid to see your emperor has no clothes! Wake up and smell your own Bull Shiite!

  114. andrew

    GHunter many thanks for many intrvws.
    U R a true professional.
    even reading comments/responding
    thank you again GHunter

  115. Aletha

    Thank you, so enjoyed listen, it made me feel so good knowing all the evil will be dealt with, but on the other hand so sad knowing we will loose what little paper money we have in the bank, when we can’t afford to buy gold, Sliver, Bit coin etc.
    I also worry about Social Security, will it be gone also, I will not be able to live with out food etc. 🙁

  116. Carlton Johnson

    Greetings Greg,
    Just came across for the first time your 4-18-021 post of your 11-28-2020 interview of Bo Polny concerning his predictions for 2021 (April 25, 2021 through November 26,2021). Below for your information is the 4-1-2021 e-mail I released that supplement what Bo says, yet adds new prophetic insight and understanding:


    Thu, Apr 1, 9:28 AM
    to bcc: al

    Greetings E-mailees,

    Today I begin my 70-day countdown to 6-10-2021(Thur.). Many of us have been wondering and/or seeking to know exactly when the Lord God will begin manifesting all the great, awesome, world-transforming changes that quite a few prophetic people have been speaking about for the past several months, and some for the past few years or even decades. I fully believe that during the 88-day period between sunset on 6-10-2021 and sunset on 9-6-2021(Mon.), we very well may witness and experience one of the most sudden and fastest revolutionary, worldwide, unstoppable, divinely orchestrated transformations and makeovers in all of human history.

    We will have entered the Era of the Messiah and Redemption in which absolutely awesome, gloriculous, unprecedented, hard-to-imagine, world-changing divinedences shall occur, including the possession and manifestation of the New Testament/Covenant Promised Land, which represents the full inheritance of the Lord Jesus the Christ on this earth as the Son of man and the Seed of Abraham; that is, the greatest measure of spiritual riches (the Mantle of Christ [the working of the Spirit without measure] operating at the John 14:12 “greater works” dimension, even up to an infinitillion times greater dimension) combined with the greatest measure of natural/earthly riches (all the wealth of the world, resulting in the creation of the Quadrillion-Dollar Kingdom of God Christian Empire, from which will arise a Christian, African-American multitrillionaire). Among the many, many, many hard-to-imagine divindences that will occur during this Era of Messiah and Redemption will be (1) over 180 gallons of water being turned into wine; people being raised from the dead who have been dead for years, even decades; multiple simultaneous dead raisings; ALL being healed and delivered; ALL debts (individual, corporate, government) being cancelled worldwide on a single,appointed day; ALL unrighteousness, injustice, and immorality being so thoroughly judged worldwide that criminal and/or immoral things such as lying, fornication, adultery, abortions, sex traficking, wars, rape, murder, stealing, assault, battery, corruption, imperialism, colonialism, and so forth, will be non-issues (you will be able to sleep with your doors unlocked, safely walk streets alone at night: eventually no real need for police, prisons, courts, and so forth) In short, His Kingdom will be so established on earth worldwide that it will be about as close to being heaven on earth as is possible, even though it will not be the end of the world, or (as far as I currently know and understand) the beginning of the 1000-year reign spoken about in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 20:1-6).

    Now I will share with you the divinedences that have occurred beginning on 9-18-2020(Fri.) which form the basis of the beliefs I just shared above. There is a widely held belief among well-respected Jewish spiritual leaders and scholars that the current 5781 Hebraic civil year we are in (coincides with the Gregorian calendar time period of sunset on 9-18-2020[Fri.] through sunset on 9-6-2021[Mon.]) is the Year of Messiah and Redemption. This belief is based on the prophetic writings of two highly respected Jewish scholars/leaders. One of them, Chatam Sofer, lived about 200 years ago and said prophetically that the 5780 year (coincided with sunset on 9-29-2019[Sun.] through sunset on 9-18-2020) will be a very difficult year (a later leader interpreted the “difficult year” to mean a Satanic year), but the 5781 year will be one in which the poor man will be lifted out of the garbage. Indeed, his prophetic insight was true and accurate because during the 5780 year we experienced a locust plague in and around Africa that was of Biblical proportion; the COVID-19 “pandemic” that abolished our status quo through worldwide mandatory lockdowns of people, businesses, events, through mask wearing, and through social distancing and isolation; large scale protesting and even rioting throughout various nations; and so forth. Because his prediction about the 5780 year was totally accurate, I expect that his prediction of the poor man being lifted out of the garbage also will be fulfilled in this current 5781 year.

    The second Jewish scholar/leader upon whom many have based their belief about this year being the Year of Messiah and Redemption, is named Netanel ben Yeshaya. He lived about 600 years ago and predicted that the Edom kingdom will end in 5780, followed by a nine-month rule of an evil kingdom, then afterwards “the time of redemption and the kingdom of heaven forever, amen.” The Lord God revealed to me that the death of the U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Ginsburg before sunset on 9-18-2020 —– right before the end of the 5780 year —– fulfilled the prophetic word of Netanel concerning the Edom kingdom ending in the 5780 year. She represented and was an iconic figure of the rebellious, anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Holy Bible, anti-morality, anti-holiness era, generation that began in the 1960s. Indeed this evil era was a modern day Edom as described in Daniel 7:25 that sought continually to “wear out the saints of the most High, and … to change times [cultures] and laws”; that despised, mocked, rejected, and rebelled against the Lord God and the teachings and commandments of the Holy Bible. As I corresponded by way of e-mail with Jewish scholar Dannielle Blumenthal, I was made to realize that although the Edom kingdom officially ended on 9-18-2020, coinciding with the eve of Tishrei 1, 5781 and the annual Biblical feast of Rosh Hashanah, there was to be, according to the prophetic words of Netanel, nine months of another evil kingdom ruling over us. Those nine months (nine is the number of birthing) will constitute birth pangs leading up to the birthing or ushering in of the Era of Messiah and Redemption. The Lord God had revealed to me that this Era of Messiah and Redemption will be a (not necessarily “the”) fulfillment of Daniel 7:22, 26, 27 in which the Father shall issue judgment in favor of His saints as He through His Son gives them “the [K]ingdom and dominion and the greatness of the [K]ingdom under the whole heaven … and all dominions shall serve and obey [H]im.” Daniel 7:27 (brackets added) He even revealed to me that the New Testament/Covenant Promised Land is found in Daniel 7:27 through the word “[K]ingdom” representing the Mantle of Christ, the word “dominion” representing the Quadrillion-Dollar Kingdom of God Christian Empire, and the words “the greatness of the [K]ingdom” representing the Mantle of Christ operating at the John14:12 ” greater works” dimension. H-A-L-L-E-L-U-J-A-H!!!

    The nine-month period for the birthing and ushering in of the Era of the Messiah and Redemption began on the eve of Tishrei 1, 5781 (coinciding with sunset on 9-18-2020) and will end on the eve of Tammuz 1, 5781 (coinciding with sunset on 6-10-2021). The 5781 year ends at sunset on 9-6-2021(Mon.). Therefore, I believe that during the 88 days between sunset on 6-10-2021 and sunset of 9-6-2021(Mon.), we will begin experiencing many of the awesome, unprecedented, world-changing divinedences I mentioned at the beginning of this e-mail, and many, many, many more beyond numbering (infinite, unlimited, immeasurable), as we enter the awesome, unprecedented, world-changing Era of Messiah and Redemption. This is why, especially in America and even around the world, that demonic spirit of the Edom kingdom is lying, deceiving, and trying to change the laws and even culture itself to suppress, to wear out, to defeat, and to overthrow the righteous, moral, God-loving, Holy Bible honoring and obeying people, traditions, foundations, and systems. However, their end is at hand, even beginning 70 days from today when their cups of iniquity will be full and those seven kingdoms of society/culture —– family, Church, government, education, media (mainstream news stations and papers, as well as the big techs of social media —– Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Amazon, and so forth), arts/sports/entertainment, and business/economy —– shall be transferred to and possessed by the remnant, sold-out, wholly devoted and obedient saints of the Lord God. Yes, He will do a quick, thorough, and decisive work worldwide through a specific decree and through the deadly, humanly incurable, humanly overwhelming pestilence on a worldwide scale as was the flood in the days of Noah and the famine in the days of Joseph. Even the Jupiter/Saturn great conjunction last December 2020 confirmed what He is about to do, as I shared with you in the 12-28-2020(Mon.) e-mail, in which I said the following (reprinted in bold type): I perceived that the next 40 months between the 12-14-2020 eclipse and the 4-8-2024 eclipse will be the time period in which the Lord God will cause His Son through His Kingdom people (remnant Church) to transform and to govern not only America, but also all the nations of the world. This is confirmed by the revelation obtained concerning the divine significance/meaning of the 12-21-2020 Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. In an article titled The “Star of Messiah” Reconsidered (Biblica Vol. 53, No. 1 [1972], pages 105-109), Jewish scholar, R. A. Rosenberg, wrote on page 108 that the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is so important in Jewish astrological traditions and to sages seeking the arrival of the Messiah, because both planets are associated with “the ‘justice’ that vindicates the righteous and punishes the guilty, and the Messiah is to be the instrument by which this comes to pass.” He continues on page 109 by saying there is yet another insight that gives even greater clarity as to why this planetary phenomenon is so significant in Jewish astrological tradition and belief. That insight pertains to the belief that this conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn represent that “Yahweh [the Father] was giving to [H]is Messiah [Jesus the Christ] a portion of [H]is power and authority [all of His power and authority according to Matthew 28:18], so that [H]e, the Messiah, might shatter the wicked principalities that hold sway over the earth, condemn them to punishment and exalt the righteous in their stead.” (brackets added) W-O-W!!! SO HANG IN THERE AND CONTINUE STANDING STRONG IN FAITH AND FOCUS BECAUSE THE ERA OF THE MESSIAH AND REDEMPTION IS AT HAND, ONLY 70 DAYS AWAY: AN ERA OF HEAVEN ON EARTH IN WHICH LOVE, UNITY, RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUSTICE, HONOR, RESPECT, TRUTH, PEACE, JOY, PROSPERITY, HEALTH, REVERENCE, AND BLESSINGS ABOUND AND PERMEATE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE EARTH. AMEN! AMEN!! AMEN!!!

    Infinite love & blessings,

    Carlton E. Johnson

  117. Marty

    Hey Greg,

    “Red Sea Moment, and the cycle time point for that is April 25, 2021”

    swing and a miss?

    How many wrong predictions must someone make before you stop listening?

    Sure, point to one or two good calls and to that I say… even a broken clock is right twice per day.

    The problem with predicting the future is… it hasn’t happened yet.


  118. Mike Strohmier

    Good morning, Greg,

    Today is 4/27/21. Has there been any follow up with Bo Polny regarding events on his timeline? Keep up the good work.

  119. Steve Pawlitschek

    Seems to me that Bo Polney is a phony !!! I remember what he said about April 25-27 th.
    Hey Bo, it didn’t happen Bo. Do you have a clue ???

    • Greg Hunter

      Polny has made many other good calls here on USAW. Nobody is 100%. Polny did say the dollar would start to tank and Gold and silver would start to take off at the end of April.

  120. Dennis Richardson

    Bo Polny claimed Ruth Baden Ginsburg death was significant day in September 2020, did Hillary Clinton die on April 26, 2021? Are you not being allowed to claim Hillary’s death due to the fact she has body doubles and may be clones. Is she under some protection from certain CIA agents? Seems unlikely but that is all I can think of. I want Bo Polny to be correct.

  121. Ken Uptegrove

    Bo Polny’s reference to Lois Vogal Sharp’s website,, and her references to safe havens have led people to find a list of those safe-havens or safe areas.
    The origin of that list and a map showing them is found at
    This website has been up since the early ’90s, making it by far the earliest of all sites portraying a vision for Christian Community in a divinely protected area. This Intentional Neighbor Christian Community is in the Ozark Mountains on 4,000 acres and growing rapidly… divinely.
    Genuine Christian Community will be imperative in the coming times.

  122. wahab

    Thank you for taking the time to listen; it made me feel good to know that all the bad would be dealt with, but it also made me sad to know that we will lose what little paper money we have in the bank, when we can’t afford to buy gold, silver, bitcoin, and other digital currencies.

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