Greece is Disaster Capitalism-Catherine Austin Fitts

7By Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release)

Investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts says the world is getting tired of what she calls “disaster capitalism.” What does she mean? Look no further than Greece as Fitts explains, “Greece essentially looks to me like disaster capitalism. You are trying to get another positive return by liquidation, but the reality is if you liquidated the global economy, you are not going to get a positive return. The game can go on for a while. The reason I said Greece and Puerto Rico rang the bell is you can see this game is getting very old. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) . . . is saying this is not sustainable. This debt is not sustainable. This is why this is important. When we loan money to somebody and it is predatory, we reduce the ability of paying back the debt. So it’s a lose/lose situation. If you skim off the top as a predator, you get a kick, but the reality is the longer you play that game, you cannot get a return on the money you have stolen. What I am saying is it is a spiral down, and it’s not going to work. . . . The IMF is saying we can get more debt paid back with a sustainable plan than we can get with an unsustainable plan.”

Fitts says what you are really seeing is change of attitude from around the planet on how to grow the economy. Fitts explains, “What is beginning to happen is the feedback loop is coming back around, and it’s coming in from the BRIC nations. It’s coming in from the Greek people, and what they are saying is we need an economy that produces wealth if we’re going to get anything done. Whether it’s getting kids working again or get debt paid back, there is a rational voice that is coming back through, and it’s a human voice that is saying inhuman plans can only depopulate or bring war.”

Fitts goes on to say, “The central banking warfare model is wearing thin. There are three things you can do: You can have war, you can have depopulation or you can have change. The voice you are hearing coming back from the BRICS, the voice you are hearing coming back from the Greek people is let’s try change. The IMF is saying . . . you know they have a point. Puerto Rico and Greece have rung that bell that says we have to create value in the real economy. You can’t eat it if you don’t grow it, and we can’t grow it if we are all engaged in disaster capitalism.”

So, could they crash the bond market by giving debt relief to overly indebted countries like Greece? Fitts says, “It depends on how you do it. In theory, yes, anything is possible. The big issue is you have been printing money and printing money and putting it into the bond market and not letting it get into the real economy. You get huge asset bubbles. You think asset bubbles are bad now, wait until you see that money come across. . . . This money is going to have to leave the bond market. It’s going to have to go into real estate. It’s going to have to go into equities. It’s going to have to build infrastructure. It’s going to have to do all these things and it can’t work, and we are going to have a mess if we don’t have the leadership to bring it out in a way that is going to be productive, which is possible. If you look at the leadership in the United States, that’s not the leadership to do that.”

On the deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear program, Fitts says, “I think Kerry and the G-7 did the right thing. This whole thing needs to de-escalate. This deal will bring the oil price down, and the Saudis are scared. . . . This is bringing another $20 billion a year on to the market in oil revenues.” I think this deal will not de-escalate violence in the Middle East. I say it will make a bad situation worse and violence will escalate. Fitts and I have a lively debate on this issue. It includes Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Arab neighbors teaming up against Iran over this this deal.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Fitts sees the long term trend for the US dollar going down, but the US dollar may rise in the near term. She contends, “If you are worried about the US dollar, then we need less fighting and more building.” There is free information on the home page of Fitts also has a subscription service called “The Solari Report.” You can buy subscriptions by the month or by the year and you can sign up by clicking here.

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  1. Carol Smith

    I was hoping to just hear Catherine Austin-Fits. Missed that. Maybe she will come back again.

    • Buck

      I was also hoping to hear a little more CAF as well, but she is very gracious and does her best not to impart “her truth” to people not willing or ready to hear it.

      Here she is at the 2014 Secret Space Program Conference.

      Also, there is an excellent fairly recent interview on The Dark Journalist.

      BTW, I appreciate Greg swimming in the deep end with CAF. She is formidable even when she is pulling punches.

      • Tracy Welborn

        I’m here to watch Greg actually INTERVIEW his guests. Pundits are allowed to make speeches all day long on the MSM. I’m glad to hear Greg say, “Hey wait a minute” to any and all his guests regardless of education or command of the subject.

        • Osled

          Good point. It was a bit of an awkward moment, and in the end, not good journalism IMHO (or even TV, for that matter), but it’s good GH has the freedom to “go there”, if only to show, it’s not the way to go, in a good interview. Just my 2 cents. The Israel/Palestine issue is a topic in-and-of itself though, and I applaud CF for not getting too far off topic in this particular interview. Would love to hear her perspective on it though in more detail, that’s for sure.

      • Galaxy 500

        Pulling punches? So that what they call intellectual dishonesty and Antisemetism these days

        • Osled

          If I had to bet my house, or maybe even my life, I would bet she is neither. But I’ve certainly been wrong before. …Those two words are so easily thrown around these days though. Do I have to duck? Or watch my back all the time? Can all “that stuff” even be rationally discussed? Or does it always lead to war? War is not the answer. War is the enemy.

          • Galaxy 500

            War is not the answer. IMHO thats naive so put me in the disagree category. Sometimes war is the only answer.

            • John Bitterbierce

              If war is the enemy, it can’t logically be the answer. But then, what is the question to which we seek an answer? Each must ask himself, and no one can answer for another.

              • Galaxy 500

                If war is the enemy…
                naivety at its worst. War wasn’t the enemy in WWII , the Axis was.
                In cases of survival you fight or you die

            • Gabe

              All wars are bankers wars

    • james shaw

      Let Catherine Austin-Fits speak without the frequent interruptions from her host. If Hunt has something important to say he should be honest and say it out right on his own platform – to show what he really stands for.

  2. diane s.


    Let’s try CHANGE!!!!!

    Catherine for President….what a change that would be… an integrous world leader.

    • dbcooper

      DS, For pres.? Not going to happen obviously but she is absolutely right …you know how hard it is to build something that works … oh, and turns a profit??… look no further than our forefathers who built LOTS of stuff and provided their progeny with the where with all to build more… OH, and then we become complacent and ( pardon my English… ) PISS IT ALL AWAY !! See Alexander Tyler. And this where our faith in our Lord is so important because having screwed the pooch so badly I for one am on my knees/ on my face in prayer and repentance… not only for my own actions but for a Nation that has Sanctioned abomination in the face of Gods Law.
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • John Bitterbierce

        And how much money did DB get away with? …It’s okay though, I hear everyone gets a mulligan or two, when they really need it. But yes, theft in ANY form is wrong. …There’s a saying I just heard that comes to mind, “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay. It’s not the end.” It’s a good thing peoples brains can only hold so much I guess, lest they explode. Me? I watch a lot of baseball. A lot. It’s my meditation, the rules don’t change there. (Except for the damn DH. But I won’t get started on that…) Anyway, be of good cheer. Even in front of a firing squad, and always keep in mind it doesn’t have to be that way. Miracles happen all the time. …Yeah, sure they do.

    • Galletta

      No war, and depopulation (which will probably happen naturally by some bug – whether it is planted or not), but Yes to change….however here is the problem….Years of Money printing, and therefore easy credit (how banks corrupted capitalism to make money), has led to over supply everywhere in everything. Too much drilling, too many steel mills, too many cars for sale and lease, too many t shirt manufacturers all over the third world looking for a place in western retail. Over supply relative to real demand. It will take years of supply rationalization to get in line with real demand. I can’t see a way out except for many years of contraction. However, the predatory financiers that are hell bent on trying to rule and own everything and everyone have to be dethroned first…Hopefully legally. At the same time I am hoping for revolution in Greece against the EU.

  3. RadarNJ

    Indeed Greg … spirited interview. You are also one of the smartest people on the planet! If the Iran deal was worth so much money to the Iranians then surely the imprisoned Americans would be home today. How many times has Israel attacked without provocation? Ms Fitts talks about no more war and change… imagine what Israel could do as a country if they did not have to spend money on DEFENSE! Israel today is the only oasis in that entire desert region. This Iranian deal like all the deals anymore are for the banksters for more money… Ms. Fitts was so upset at losing the debate she took the Lord’s name in vain and called herself one of the evil bankers… Tells me she knows you are right and its about padding the pockets of a few at great expense to the many in this circumstance. The Christian you are came through and closed the interview with you, her and all of us smiling! Thank you Greg!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you RadarNJ, I like Ms. Fitts and I hope she comes back.

      • Ryan C

        I’m glad you called her out and disagreed with her ideas on Israel and the deal with Iran. It showed a lot of integrity.


        An interesting back-and-forth regarding Israel. I spent 2 years in Israel while in the military, and while it may be very unpopular in America, IMHO CAF had it right. The Palestinians got a raw deal from Western Europe after World War I, all the promises made of an independent country were broken. Israel claims its right to exist, but obstructs Palestine’s ability to exist as an independent and functioning country. The United Nations voted to partition Palestine into two separate countries after WW II. Where is the country of Palestine that should be existing side-by-side with Israel? Israel itself does not use the UN resolution to partition Palestine as its basis for its claim for right to exist. That makes what is going on a civil war which no one wants to acknowledge. A fundamental argument of the Palestinians is “who gave anyone the right to partition my country [that was promised me for my support of the allies in WW I]?” Note that when the Palestinian group Fatah acknowledged the UN resolution for partition, they lost power to Hamas; the common Palestinian on the street does not agree with the partition of Palestine. All the refugees in Gaza should be allowed to return to their homes in the geographical area of Israel, except that (1) their farms have been seized and turned into shopping centers and parking lots, and (2) it would change the voting dynamics so that the Palestinians would be the majority of voters to elect representatives to the Knesset. The Jews would become a minority in the current country of Israel. Again, as you can see from my comments, I believe that CAF was on point with regard to Israel, despite your argumentation with her.

        • Greg Hunter

          And in order to feel the way you do you simply must ignore that it is the stated goal of Hamas (which is once again reunited with the PA) to destroy Israel. You also must ignore the proxy way (with the funding of Iran) that is taking place with Hamas in the South and Hezbollah in the North. You must also ignore Iran’s repeated stated goal (which was said again just recently) that it wants to destroy the Jewish State. Yes, I agree with you. Ms. Fitts is correct, if you ignore many facts.

          • David

            You are totally out of your depth on this issue Greg. You need to get some Jewish talent in to discuss this issue. I recommend Norman finkelstein.

            • Greg Hunter

              Really? Have a Jew on to tell us all how bad Jews are? How about we have on Mosab Hassan Yousef. He’s the son of a Hamas leader, and he can tell us how bad Muslims in Gaza are? Oh, and here’s the best part, he’s turned Christian: By the way, for turning Christian he’s marked for death. Nice people.

            • John Bitterbierce

              That’s the thing, how far back do you go in the tit-for-tat, or rather death for death? What did Einstein say about trying to solve a problem with the mind of the problem creator? It can’t be done. CAF used the word “deescalate”, but some people don’t want to do that. Like the Frankenstein monster in that scene where he accidentally kills the little girl because he gets all excited and afraid over something he doesn’t fully understand… Peace is the only answer, but you’ve got to want it above revenge.

              • Galaxy 500

                How far back do you go? I think you go back to Jehovah, the one true God, giving Israel to his people

                • John Bitterbierce

                  I can only go back to Christ, who says forgive and move on.

                  • Galaxy 500

                    Then you didn’t read all the Bible. Did you miss Jesus with the money changers in the Temple? Did you miss him telling his Disciples in Luke 22:36 if you don’t have s sword buy one.
                    I do pity you that you discount the words of God

          • james shaw

            So this will be your last interview with the honest and gracious Autin-Fits? Greg, what is in it for you to object in such a discourteous and tyrannical manner to someone with obvious superior intellect and tolerance when it is you who invited her in the first place to speak in your show? As for ‘facts,’ all facts can be used for convenient charades. But CAF is willing at every turn to go behind and beyond them while you refuse and, on top of that, lose your temper while doing so. Is Usawatchdog creditable any more?

            • Greg Hunter

              I am a reporter. I ask questions and post the entire interview with very little editing. We don’t see anything the same way, except, I agree Ms. Fitts is smarter than me. Ms. Fitts told me she would come back and is not offended at all. It was great TV. You commented twice.

  4. Randy

    Fitts is one of the most clueless people I’ve ever heard from. At least in public, she doesn’t seem to know the difference between capitalism, free market economies or socialism/communism/fascism. It’s like she has a world class severity case of mental tunnel vision, especially when it comes to things economic. Just why anybody would want to listen to her tripe is way beyond me to figure out!!
    If she’s really so damn smart when it comes to monetary subjects, then why can’t she come up with some kind of a plan that would at least get us started in the right direction to recovery? She doesn’t because she CAN’T!! It really is that simple an explanation. Or maybe she’s just a bit too fond of living the lifestyle she’s in right now, and so she doesn’t want to come right out and say anything that might upset TPTB?


    • Jerry

      CAF doesn’t get………CIPS. There’s a totally new banking system (Chinese International Payment System) that will go on line in September. And when it does it will dig into the dollars reserve currency status.
      Anyone who still holds onto the delusion that the dollar is still sound, evidently didn’t see the mass migration to the AIIB by the vast majority of the G20 and over 125 nations.

      • frederick

        Jerry I agree but theres an awful lot of denial going around you know I am just afraid TPTB will take us to war to keep the disfunctional status quo going alittle longer and that would be disasterous for all of us

      • woody188

        Doubt it. Banking systems are built on trust. Who poisons our pets and babies to make an extra yuan or two?
        The Chinese.

      • Jerry

        According to the 2015 HSBC RMB report which just came out, the RMB will gain SDR drawing rights. Click on the adobe link to see report. Its pretty impressive.

    • dbcooper

      Randy, Can we call it Free Enterprise rather than Capitalism ? (read that from ‘Das Capital’/ Marx) DB.

  5. Cindy

    WHOA!!!!!! Why the smug attitude towards Israel getting ‘slapped down” and in her opinion, getting what they deserve? What is it about Israel’s attempt to survive that threatens her personally and financially? Reference her statement, “I’m a banker”. No matter how smart a person may be, if they have an opposing world view that doesn’t square with what I believe, that person can not be a mentor, counselor or advice giver to me. In my opinion, the influence that person might try to wield would be considered tainted and unacceptable . Thanks for staying on top of the wall and defending the gate, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Cindy.

      • Jerry

        Greg, this is all you have to know about the Iranian deal to understand it.
        Its more about Obama’s Muslim legacy, and setting the record straight with the Muslim community, than actually doing something to protect America and its allies. We have been sold out on every level.

        • Charles H.

          Sold out on every level. Bingo!

        • Osled

          It doesn’t matter what his faith or religion is. It matters if he follows The Constitution or not. The Constitution is the law of the land, everything else is just a red herring. Would you rather have an atheist president follow the law of the land or a “Christian” violate it completely?

          “We are so far off-base as a body politic in this country… splintered into a million different factions, all trying to prove each other wrong, like the blind men arguing over an elephant. And the Constitution is forgotten.” ~ Ulysses S. Can’t

    • Grafique

      It’s Politically Correct to be a Jew/Israel hater. Regardless of what the Holy Bible says, there are always those who think they know better than Jesus Christ.

      Jew/Israel hating is ***always*** Satan-inspired.
      This was prophesied long ago – now it’s happening.

      • Jim H

        So it was Satan who caused Jesus to let loose with the whip in the temple. I stand corrected.

  6. J C Davis

    Wonderful interview. Ok so how do you feel like working when you know all your work will get stolen. Like the lady said you cant eat it if you don’t grow it.
    Greg The IMf not wanting the disaster of capitalism. What would be the alternative ? Socialism ? Ruled by a Oligarchy government ? That is where the thieves hide best in secret. It will not work either.
    I believe in the American , and Israel people. Not the oligarchy that is clearly running both governments. I see her point yet there will be no results until a one world currency is used, and controlled by oligarchs. Then all evil brakes loose.
    When C A Fitts finds the people at the end of the (worm hole) sucking the dollars in she will have earned her wings off a skyscraper. They operate in secret. Anyone not in there cult is killed when they find out those that are involved. It is the only explanation. Oligarchy is the oldest, and most used form of government.. Thanks for having C A Fitts on. I enjoyed every minute. JC
    PS. The Iran deal or no deal will leave war on the table. I would bet that Muslims will never except a infidel religion like Jesus as Lord of Lords. They want us dead! Greg it is easy to win a bet with the cards stacked. Love you , thanks

    • dbcooper

      JC, Cheers DB.

  7. Alyce

    I never get much from Catherine Austin Fitts in her interviews. I really disagree with some of these guests regarding Iran and Israel. They always say Israel and US are just as much at fault. Not one of these people could stand living in Iran! They’d be imprisoned or executed in no time! I know the Iranian people are not bad, but come on….it’s run by complete lunatics. And it’s okay for them to have nukes?

  8. Mason

    Hmmm, I hate to say it, but Catherine Austin Fitts does have a point (from 22:50):
    If you count all the wars, the invasions, the occupations, the sponsoring of certain factions, and regime changes then yes the US seems to be the number one sponsor of state-terrorism by far (even if we don’t count the direct or indirect deaths caused by various US-based non-state actors like Goldman Sachs or Blackwater for example). I don’t think Iran even comes close. But what do I know? Unfortunately, even if we don’t see it that way, the rest of the world probably does.

    Yes we should be tough on the nuclear deal with Iran, and this deal just does not cut it, to put it mildly just like Greg says. And yes, we should defend our allies like Israel. But generally speaking: in trying to find solutions we should generally have more introspection and we should refrain ourselves in calling other states terrorist states when it could be argued that the US exceeds all others in this regard by far. I mean, how credible is it so say this if we honestly look at our own track-record and we don’t fall for the all-dominant MSM-narrative? IMHO we should adopt a policy of non-interventionism just as Ron Paul always advocates because our interventionism (occupying/bombing their land and killing their relatives) is exactly what creates a fertile breeding ground for more terrorists. Non-interventionism would reduce terrorism and would also have done wonders for our debt-reduction. Finally, don’t forget that the war on terrorists abroad is turning inward and was destined to turn inward – that is: the war on domestic terrorists in the homeland who don’t agree with the government for whatever reason (I’m sure anyone here can name numerous reasons).

    • J C Davis

      I agree. Mason you are one smart guy. Interventionism (occupying/bombing their land and killing their relatives) is exactly what creates a fertile breeding ground for more terrorists.. Destroy what I love / Live for, and I will destroy you at all cost or die trying.

    • dbcooper

      Mason, You are right-on but I would venture that the ‘we’ is a problem… someone is assuming that the we count; that we actually exist… is this the same ‘we the Eaters and Breeders?’ It is akin to the assumption that I have today some expectation of privacy LOL. CAF is correct that we can build lots and fix things but tptb need to be removed from the equation so that we the builders can get on with it!! Yours In Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • FormerFederale

      From my walking the streets of many Middle Eastern countries… I have to agree with Mason too. The people I ran into didn’t hate the US, but they did hate the US butting into their business. The US attitude of interventionism to protect national interests and promote freedom is turning this country into a very dangerous threat to world peace. DC has been an un-caged wild animal since 9/11. Their propaganda of Russia, China and terrorism being massive threats is BS. They need to keep Americans scared to consolidate power. It’s authoritarian 101.

      Here’s the problem, I can’t disagree much with Greg’s assertions on Israel though. They are simply reacting to a hostile environment. They have been at war since day 1. But, the mistake was creating Israel in the first place. Sorry, but it’s the truth… Why wasn’t an enclave in Europe considered instead? Too much Anti-semitism there perhaps? It was a little disturbing Fitts wouldn’t acknowledge Iran’s roles in terrorism though. Yes, the US shares some blame for provoking them (i.e. the Shah and butting into Persian Gulf affairs), but Iran is the prime supporter of Hezbollah… a terrorist group. Not a big as threat as the USG makes them out, but a terrorist group none the less.

      • Charles H.


        The reason Israel was “formed” as a State where she is – goes back to it’s own history, and it’s own Faith as stated in the Pentateuch or Old Testament. Somewhere between knowledgable world leaders and the hidden Hand of God – it was fatefully arranged to return them to their historic home. The Persian/Medes and Babylonians took them out of this land of theirs, centuries before Mohammad and name of Allah was ever known.
        Perhaps it was both Judaism and Christianity combined which threatened the Arabs – because only a couple hundred years AFTER Christ did Mohammad come up with the Quran. Tying-in best he could to “spiritual’ or genetic roots – back to Abraham: a plagiarism was made on BOTH Judaism and Christianity; with a twist to “convert or kill” the world nicely buried within.
        The contention between Arab and Jews is about as bad as it gets: it’s a half-brother blood feud – with the bragging rights boiling-down to ‘exist, or not to exist’. A shirt-sized piece of land, where history places the Jews is just not acceptable: especially when the religious Capitol of such people resides there. And to all but the self-blinded: the Jews only want their home, and peace – while the Arabs want them dead and gone. The ‘aggression’ is on the part of the Arabs: not the Jews.
        The easy, quick, and cheap thing to do is to cut-and-run from Israel. Why more and more opinion sides against them all the time! However, the principles which reflect reality matter more than convenience. Christianity is the only legitimate outgrowth from Judaism: and those spiritual bairns owe Israel more than a wink and a nod. To bless and support the Jew is to assure a measure of fellowship and blessing with God: to turn away or turn upon the Jew will position one for judgment: believe it or not. That Catherine Austin Fitts does not embrace this simple, active, principle brings into question her knowledge or belief of the very Document she claims to read.
        History could not be written, nor could Human Affairs be any different than it is today – with Israel where she’s at presently. Trouble will always be in the world. Wars and killing will not cease – so it behooves every man to circumspectly determine what side one wants to be on.

        Israel has been a friend and ally since the beginning. This alone is reason enough not to abandon her. And to those who understand the REAL WAR behind the facade, a spiritual war: those who name the name of Jesus Christ – ought to make their allegiance strong; not give into convenience. There is more than meets the eye here: and I say we better choose the right side. Soldiers won’t leave their fellows behind in battle; but now we are encouraged to leave our fellow spiritual-ancestor of a family behind because of what? Popular public opinion?!? Measly money the government wastes on surveys?

      • Galaxy 500

        You wrote, “But, the mistake was creating Israel in the first place. Sorry, but it’s the truth… ”
        As God created Israel, I humbly suggest if you don’t like it, take it up with him.

    • anni

      There is no way the industrial complex (military machine) will allow non-intervention. Too much money to be made.

  9. Coalburner

    We have to think this through. We have been kept out of the thinking and negotiating of our government, the G7 or 8. She has some big points we need to look at to se what the back door deals are. What she says makes enough sense to look hard and see what who did to whom behind the scenes that we do not know. The point about our relationshop with Russia is a classic whine about the left hand while the deals are cut behind the curtin with the right hand. A lot of things we have looked for have been held off had they intend to make at permanent. Again I say also there are opposing powers doing their own strategise that we are not able to separate and find a flow. Catherine is right about some of this stuff and I dont know which and am not sure she does. But she thinks on a higher level that most. We are operting on 2 or 3 year old info compared to these weasels in the power structure.

    • Greg Hunter

      This “deal” with Iran has kicked the winds of war to tropical storm strength and they headed for a Cat 5. This deal will not stabilize the M.E. I am quite sure the folks who host the US 5th fleet are also no fan as are the folks the sell oil only in USD to prop up our reserve currency. The gates of hell have been opened and they cannot be shut.

      • dbcooper

        Greg, Not to mention the ‘Unintended Consequences’ (See Steve Quayle’s Q alerts)… the Marines are waking-up and going to WAR and say enough is enough. DB

  10. Clint Bower

    I thought you would find this of interest .A friend went to his bank last week to withdraw
    $ 8000.00 from a $30000.00 savings account.The bank a well know U.S. Bank.He asked for the funds in cash, He was informed that they could only give him $3000.00 and the balance in a check. After some heated discussions, the bank agreed to give him $5000.00
    And a check for the balance. He was told that the were short on cash and would not be able to get him is vacation money until next week.As you have reported many times that our banking system could be very fragile. This is only one instance but could be the
    Beginning of things to come?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Clint. Very interesting and thank you for posting it!!

    • JMiller


      There really is nothing unusual about going into most bank branches and wanting $8000 cash and them not being able to give the whole amount it to you. Oh, they may have more than that available but they need to keep enough on hand for the other customers. All your friend had to do is take that $3000 check to another branch and cash it. Chances are that branch would probably have enough. I was told that if you are going to require a large cash withdrawal that you should notify the bank ahead of time. And $8000 for most branches is a large cash withdrawal.

      • Clint Bower Sr.

        Thanks for the heads up !!


    • Sayonara

      As I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago, the principal at my local PM dealer told me that their TBTF (Chase) bank would no longer do business with them because of the large amount of cash that is transacted in their business. So they had to switch to a new bank (US Bank) and within a month of the new banking relationship, they were informed that they would cease doing with them at the end of July. This not about withdrawing large amounts of cash, it clearly about eliminating the transacting in cash.

      • Galaxy 500

        It is also about damaging businesses that Obama’s Dept of InJustice don’t like.

      • Angie

        TY for sharing that.

    • Osled

      The fear is that, like in Greece, the banks will be closed and you won’t be able to get your “money” out of the bank. But in truth, “money” right now is really nothing more than just an I.O.U. from a fraudulent private creditor, when you get right down to it. Because instead of being backed by the full-force of the United States Government (i.e. “We the people!”) because the US Government (“We the people!”) CREATED it (for our own benefit), like the Constitution says the US Government (We the people!”) should, it is made up and backed by nothing but a promise from some private, and pretty much unknown corporation, or conglomerate of private unknown corporations, otherwise know as central banks. Central to what I do not know. It is surely not “we the people”, as if you dig as far and deep as you can, these fraudulent entities eventually will disappear into the nothingness that they really are, whilst the 1%-ers syphon off their luxuriously stupid livelihoods from the backs of the unawarely dumbed-down oppressed masses through their corporate media outlets in some unholy sophisticated version of the age-old carnival game of three-card monty. Eventually though, when enough people are sufficiently educated, things WILL change. Nobody knows exactly when that time is, but my guess is the invention of the internet and new forms of social media, along with advancing technology can only hasten it.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are correct sir. This is why they call the dollar a Federal Reserve Note. The word “Note” says it is a debt instrument. “Notes” can be called, defaulted on and devalued.

        • John Bitterbierce

          We need a presidential candidate to run on the corruption of our economic system platform. make that his or her number one focal point, because that’s the first step in solving everything else. You can run a country on a fraudulent banking system. And now they’re finding out, you can’t run the world that way either. CAF is part of the new realizations even bankers must come to, because after all, they are people too.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Clint, as I have pointed out many times in this space, demand accounts like checking and savings all used to have 30 days’ notice clauses in the fine print. I’d be surprised if they did not still have them. It goes back to the Depression and “bank run” days. The fact is, it’s not YOUR money in any place other than in your hand/pocket. Sorry, but these are the facts and have been my entire 62+ years. Let those with eyes see, and those with ears hear. Best always. PM

      • John Bitterbierce

        And even in your hand or pocket it still may be worthless pieces of paper.

        “The US Dollar needs to be backed by something other than a carnival barker’s promise and some computer geeks. ” ~ Prof. George P. Osled

  11. Francis Peter

    Bravo Greg! Kudos to you for making all the points you made about state sponsored terrorism against Israel and the absolute unwillingness of many very intelligent and educated people being so politically correct or holding such hatred against Israel they will not even admit to such obvious facts. Apparently, Austin Fitts holds that distinction. I have said before “how do you (she and many others) discount the obvious public statements given both orally and written by many of the leaders of Middle Eastern countries that they WILL (future tense) destroy Israel and the Jews when they have the means to do so!” Who in their right mind can totally ignore those statements of intent? Without nuclear weapons Israel already would be only a memory and that’s exactly what true Islamic intentions are for the state of Israel. To make her just a memory. God has different plans for Israel though…much to the disdain and fear of Israel haters. I’m not in any supporting the acts of violence perpetrated against children or innocent people but when real Islamists herd these people into an area OR WON’T LET THEM OUT of an area that they are shooting rockets from into Israel what should Israel do? The U.S. Will fly drones into a foreign country to kill civilians on a whim and expect no criticism even when the U.S. is not being immediately threatened by annihilation which is ALWAYS the fear in the state of affairs in Israel. Anyhow…
    Thank you for staying firm with your questions and responses to the guests you have on. You are truly an inspiration to all of us!!!

  12. Mark

    As usual, a terrific interview by a terrific interviewer. You held Catherine to the fire and kept holding until she had to answer. Of which, on my first watching this interview, she summarized it well at about 28.25 minutes, “I don’t know”. I will certainly watch this at least one more time if not 2 times. She is indeed a very smart woman. But, I just don’t know where she is getting her information. She might just be running on feelings.

    Additionally, her position on Israel is concerning. I believe that because Israel has nuclear weapons, a massive 1967 type of was was averted. If Iran gets nukes, I have no doubt that they will use them and I would expect another Holocaust. It has to be bad for everyone.

  13. Todd

    Greg,Yes we are out of money, and yes we are out of time! Sept 13 2015 is very close. Time to prepare. We are living in biblical times. We are seeing God’s warning signs all around. This nation has turned from God. Israel is God’s chosen people. We are about to witness God’s mighty hand. God will fight Israel’s battle. Thankyou for standing by Israel. Those who raise the voice of warning are now viewed as lunatics. Let us stand with God and we will find eternal happiness. God bless all who stand with Him. Thanks for all you do!

    • Brando4

      Only believers in Christ are God’s chosen people on this side of the Cross. Read the last half of Deuteronomy 28 to see what God will do to the Israel who, in the future, refused to recognize Christ, the Messiah, which is the ultimate disobedience. Putting todays Israel on a pedestal, as most pre-millennial dispensationalists do, puts you in the position of idol worship.

      • Greg Hunter

        the Bible is clear in Israel in both the Old and New Testament. Let’s start with Genesis: I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Here are 44 more Bible verses that talk about protecting and blessing Israel:


        • David

          With all due respect I have a few questions for you. I can never get a straight answer to these so maybe I’ll be surprised:
          What exactly does it mean to bless Israel? To curse Israel?
          Are you talking about Israel as in the Jewish people or Israel, the Zionist corporate nation state? These are two entirely different entities.
          Does this mean that Israel has to be supported even if their behavior does not comport with Christian values?
          Does God hold Israel and Jews to a different standard than Christians?
          Does the fact that Israel is ruled by Talmudic Jews who revile Jesus Christ still make God’s promise in Genesis relevant? In fact if you read the Talmud you will find it to be as reprehensible as the Quran.
          As a Christian do you believe what the Gospels relate about the life, death, and teachings of Jesus? In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus urges us to be peacemakers, to be merciful and pure in heart, and to love our enemies as we love ourselves. How do you reconcile those teachings with the conduct of Israel toward the Palestinian Muslims as well as Palestinian Christians? As a Christian how can you support that?
          Did the coming of Jesus, his death and resurrection and the founding of the Church fulfill or postpone the biblical prophecies concerning Israel and the Jews?

          Doesn’t dual covenant theology –
          * Hold Christians hostage to what Israel does or doesn’t do?
          * Place not Christ but Israel and Jews on center stage?
          * Place Israel and Jews above the Church and the teachings of Christ?
          * Teach that Christ cannot return until the Jews do their “earthly” part such as rebuilding the temple?
          * Negate the doctrine of the new covenant established between God and all of mankind by the blood of the crucified, buried and risen Christ?
          * Distract Christians from doing the work that Christ ordained in Matthew 28?
          * Place an emphasis on apocalyptic events leading to the end of history rather than promoting Christ in the present?
          * Focus so much on end times and Israel that Christians miss the forest for the trees? They don’t see opportunities to broadcast Jesus’ message. There’s an almost fatalistic viewpoint – “Well, Jesus is returning soon so why should we go about His work?
          * Reduce Israel to a tourist destination only and not a field to cultivate for Christ? After all, what exactly would be the point in evangelizing in Israel if they are already “saved”?
          * Cultivate an attitude of hate by Christians toward Muslims and other Arab speaking people which is in direct opposition to Christ’s message?

          As someone who actually been to Palestine recently and seen up close and personal the mistreatment by Israeli’s toward Palestinians including Christians these are important questions.

          • Greg Hunter

            Yes and have nothing to do with why the Iran deal will seed up war.

            • Grafique

              The coming of Christ and the New Covenant in no way means God will forget and void his promises to Israel.

              “Replacement theology”, which states that the Church has “replaced” Israel in God’s eyes, ignores some important facts –
              – There are end-times prophecies which clearly involve Jewish Israel. These are not only in the Old Testament, but the New Testamemt also. For example, in the Book of Revelation, the 144,000 Jews which are sealed are obviously Jewish – they are even listed by tribe.
              – The New Testament Book of Romans states that “God has not cast away his people which he foreknew…” (11:1, 2).
              – The last two verses of the Book of Amos state that once God returns Israel to their lans, they will never again be made to leave.
              There are many, many prophecies regarding Jewish Israel in the last days. Jeremiah and Ezekiel are full of them. Israel has not been replaced.

              There are Bible verses which are popularly used to try to prove that God has forsaken, or hates Israel –
              For example, in John 5, it says that the Jews persecuted Jesus and sought to kill him. But this is obviously talking about the ruling Jews – those in charge of the Jewish religion – not Jews in the sense of genetic Jews.

              Also, other verses that are popularly misquoted are Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 – “those who say they are Jews, and are not…”
              It has been supposed that these verses prove that the current inhabitants of Israel are not true Jews. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
              Instead, these verses describe the people who claim that they have replaced the Jews – “those who say they are Jews, and ARE NOT.”

              I would ask anyone who believes in Replacememt Theology this – does God know everything? Of course he does. Then why would he make end-times prophecies regarding Jewish Israel if he knew that Israel would no longer exist?
              Also, why would God have “replaced” Israel? Because of sin? Do you suppose that God didn’t know about Israel’s sin before he chose them and gave them promises? Or do you suppose that Israel’s sin was too great for God to deal with? If that’s what you believe, you have a very low opinion of Christ’s sacrifice.

              Jewish Israel still exists in God’s eyes, and His plans for them have not changed or been thwarted.

            • xas

              Sorry Greg – been watching your show for years but you lost it today man.

              Your reaction to Iran is surprising _ especially as USA has tried to destabilize entire world – or have you forgotten your talks with Paul Craig Roberts?

          • mark

            Hi David,
            While I cannot comment in detail at this time regarding all of the questions you raised, at my first reading I do believe the questions you raise point to valid issues which are in need of proper and wise discernment as given by the Holy Spirit and taught in the Holy Scriptures. In reading your comment I am reminded of Paul’s letter to the Romans. Paul was surely one ( a chosen vessel of God- Acts 9:15) who, according to his own testimony recorded in his second letter to Timothy was formerly a ” blasphemer and a persecutor and an insulting person; but ‘ I was shown mercy because, being ignorant, I acted in unbelief. And the grace of our Lord superabounded with faith and love which are in Christ Jesus. Faithful is the word and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners , of whom I am foremost’ ” (1Tim. 1:13-15) who by way of direct revelation of Jesus Christ was made a minister of Jesus Christ according to the mystery which was hidden from the ages and from the generations but now has been revealed to his holy apostles and prophets in spirit that ” in Christ Jesus the Gentiles are fellow-heirs and fellow members of the Body and fellow partakers of the promise through the gospel, of which I became a minister (steward) according to the gift of the grace of God which was given to me according to the operation of His power. To me, less than the least of the saints, was this grace given to announce to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ as the gospel and to enlighten all that they may see what the economy of the mystery is which was hidden in God, who created all things in order that now to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenlies the multifarious wisdom of God might be made known through the church, according to the eternal purpose of which He made in Christ Jesus our Lord, in whom we have boldness and access in confidence through the faith of Him” Eph. 3:6:13). And so Dave I say to you and to Greg and to all who come here to read and post, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit!

          • Charles H.


            Did you want to ask a question; or enumerate a litany???
            Judaism does not accept Christianity as legitimate or any kind of succession whatsoever. How then are they to be judged by something they do not recognize? In like manner – should I as a Christian be judged according to Quran-ic Law and principles? No.
            The coming of Jesus Christ DID fulfill some prophesies; but nothing postpones the remaining. Christians are NOT held hostage to what Israel does – this in an unfairly composed conjecture. Are you held hostage to what your neighbors do? Center Stage of WHAT? Does a story-line have more than one plot going at the same time? Actually, most movies have three. Israel and the Jews are not above the Church, or teachings of Christ: for CHRISTIANS. This whole line of composure suggests an -“it’s us or them” mentality. Eschatology suggests the new Temple at Jerusalem will be built before the Return of Jesus Christ. To suggest that Christ “cannot come” until this happens is ludicrous. God is not bound by what man may or may not do. Nothing negates the New Testament covenant in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. The Jews must themselves embrace this truth or perish: there is salvation in none other. Nothing should distract Christians from following Matt.28. Why should it? If people are going to get involved with apocalyptic events – then they are not following Biblical instructions.
            David – you are viewing everything in the negative, half-empty glass. If you LOOK to find the negative in anything – you WILL find it.
            In fact – leaving the point of hating muslims until the very last is the whole point. The Jews – because they are at enmity with the muslims: is not a cause, nor are they teaching to hate muslims. I find that all you write here is to divide Christianity from the Jews, in favor to stop hating muslims. This is an old tactic – just posed in a new wrapper.
            God’s Genesis promise is still in effect and valid. As a Christian – I support self-defense, for Israel. I may not agree with all they do or why: but neither do I agree or understand what my older brother does or why. I suggest “Dual Covenant Theology” is a hoax. Also the length of conjecture stated by you is in itself an agenda; one which is not looking for answers; but makes a broad impression and suggestion. It fits the idea of planting seeds of discord. With all due respect.

        • Brando4

          Thanks for the list Greg and also thanks for your work…Since you list Romans 11, which deals with the salvation of Israel, here is a link to an article which makes more clear, with Biblical support, that difficult chapter.

          As for the other passages, I will only say that both the Old and New Testaments center on Christ. In the Old Testament the Temple service with a High Priest performing animal blood sacrifices were mere shadows of the coming final sacrifice of Christ. Israel was chosen by God to bring forth a Messiah. Believers in this future Messiah Christ were as Christian as any on this side of the Cross. After Christ came, believers in Him were the new temple. The old physical temple was obsolete and destroyed along with Jerusalem in AD70. The Jews who escaped had the core of their religion gutted since no physical temple was left and they refused to believe in the Christ it had pointed to. So they developed a new belief system in the 613 rabbinical laws. Oh, and while they were at it, they mercilessly persecuted Paul and the early Christians as documented so well in the Book of Acts. As a Christian, you know that the only way to have a relationship with God is through Christ. Todays Israel refuses to acknowledge Christ though individual Jews do find Christ.
          The nation of Israel today is an ally of the U.S. and they have a right to exist as a nation and to worship their God as they see fit. But that is all they are. They are not the Biblical Israel and to raise them up as such is idol worship.

          • Greg Hunter

            Who do you think you are? “raise them up as such is idol worship”? You are a pompous jerk. Anyone that posts with a fake name is no authority. Bug off and do not come back you insulting little bug.

            • John Bitterbierce

              But if you post with a real name, then you are an authority? All that matters are the words on the screen. Either they are true or not, the author’s “name” is secondary. With all this talk of untimely demises lately, he or she may very well need to protect his or her identity.

              “Anonymity is not a crime,
              nor a coward’s crown,
              but a simple wish,
              to remain unknown.”
              ~ Anon Y. Mussy

              • Greg Hunter


                If people are going to come an heap criticism then man-up and use a real name.


                • Osled

                  I didn’t see any real criticism in Brando4’s post, Gregg, only an explanation of what he believes has happened which I think can be summed up in Corinthians 3:6 (KJ21) “who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament — not of the letter, but of the Spirit; for the letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth life.”

        • pablo

          Let God the all powerful protect Israel,
          hes’ quite capable of doing that by himself..
          he doesn’t need US tax dollars and our bombs to do that!!

      • Diane D

        Brando4, I agree. Today’s Israel is just another country; one of non-believers who to this day reject Christ for who He was.

        And then there is the matter of the Constitution. America should heed the words of George Washington, “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world ….” Who do we think we are to be interfering with other sovereign countries? We refuse to mind our own business while our own country is in a death spiral.

        • Charles H.

          Diane D,

          Israel WILL at some point of time look back and embrace Jesus Christ as Messiah and Savior. They aren’t to be just checked off a list.
          GeorgeWashington was right – at the time and in principle. The principle hasn’t changed but is disobeyed, because the time has changed the world since then. Every cent to everybody would have to be cut-off. No relief for famine; nor for any disaster; nor for any improvements in sanitation; or for foreign women… etc. Rather than watch the world go the heck, while we keep all we can for ourselves – I’d think SOME help, spread in good areas – is still a good thing. If there hadn’t had been an Israel: there wouldn’t be any Christianity.

  14. Andrew Maggard

    It appears that Ms. Fitts might have visited an alternate universe in regards to her impression involving the treaty with Iran, She was making a lot of sense with the commentary involving disaster capitalism and the unsustainable, if not profitless generation of ever greater debt, and the hesitance of the IMF to openly declare that overriding fact, however with her comment regarding Israel and Iran and not having heard of the Iranian support of terrorism, I caught my breath. Thus my impression that perhaps Ms. Fitts might have been elsewhere during the past decade or so. The issue of the American hostages held by Iran continue to be as overlooked as an issue as the lead time involving verification, inspection of Iran’s nuclear facilities. Again, I am a little shocked by the apparent disregard of what has become accepted fact by most of the Western world.
    Meanwhile the continuing instability of the Middle East has been increasingly tilted into an environment of hostility and extreme distrust by this agreement. Likewise the advantage of lower oil prices are a double edged sword for the U. S. Economy. Just when the rig count has started to improve with a slight increase in oil prices that support America’s energy infrastructure the emergence of Iranian oil on the scene likely adversely impacts Americas oil infrastructure in a negative fashion.
    Yes, I am more than disappointed with this interview as in my humble opinion all of the interconnecting results of current events have not been properly factored into the world view held and expressed by Ms. Fitts.

  15. Craig

    Dear Greg,
    I am a big fan of you and your work. In this interview it seems you lost your focus. I understand Iran and Israel is a red button issue for you and you have real concerns . It is clear you have an opinion but it came at the expense of crowding your guest out. And when I hear you stating that something you read on the State Department web page as fact, I cringe. When was the last time Greg Hunter ever believed something the US Government told him ? You trust the US State Department but not the department the issues labor statistics ? When you promote your opinion (who knows the true facts ?) and do not allow your guest to talk, to my ears you sound like Alex Jones. Your credibility drops. It is not a look that suits you. I have no problem listening to your ideas and opinions on Fridays. I get a great deal out of your Friday round ups and editorials. When you interview I would prefer to hear your guest speak, especially when it is someone of genius like Catherine Austin Fitts. If there was one good point Catherine Austin Fitts showed great grace and remained her thoughtful and composed self . A great ambassador for her own work.
    Best regards

    • Greg Hunter

      If you don’t like my point of view just say it, and dispensed with terms like you “lost your focus.” There was nothing wrong with my “focus.”

      Let’s forget about Israel for a moment. Do you know where the 5th Fleet of the US Navy is stationed? How do you suppose this Arab country will react. Ever wonder why the they call the US dollar the petrodollar? How do you think the Saudis will react? There is a huge potential downside for this “deal.” One of them is financial and the other is geopolitical. This has just kicked the war preparation in the M.E. into high gear. Now, back to Israel. By not addressing things like the Revolutionary Guard in Iran repeatedly saying its goal is to wipe out Israel and Iran conducting proxy wars with Hamas and Hezbollah means the Obama deal tacitly approves of this action. Thank you for your feedback but I am going to continue to say what I think needs to be said whether its in an interview or a the WNW.

      • Silence is Golden

        Greg (et all),
        It may be useful to look up and study the “Balfour Declaration of 1917”
        Why was it the intention to set up a Jewish State in the centre of the Middle East. Many answers to the questions being posed are found here …..particularly for what purpose and how it was achieved.

        • Greg Hunter

          I do not need a home work assignment. I knopw what it is. Present day: I made clear points and not a single counter just people trashing me because they hate Jews. Let’s call it what it is. Here’s my point–again that I am posting : As a reporter I questioned her as to why Israel “needed a slap in the face” and why she thinks this deal with Iran will lead to some grand peace. If you notice the only thing people can are doing is trying to assassinate my character with words like “shill” “unprofessional” “rude” and many others. No real counter point to my argument that the U.S. made a sweeping deal with a country also listed as the #1 State sponsor of terror. Shouldn’t they be off that list at the State Department when we make this deal? Shouldn’t we get them to stop saying they are committed to the destruction of Israel and get them to stop attacking them? (This will further destabilize the M.E. Isn’t Saudi selling oil in only in dollars a valid concern? If they stop doing this it’s Bye, Bye USD in a hurry. The 5th US Fleet is housed in an Arab country. All Arabs hate this deal. Isn’t that a concern that should be talked about? My premise continues to be that this Iran Deal will kick the arms race into hyper drive and speed up the next M.E. war, and it’s going to be a big one. I have not seen a single argument countering these points, just people trashing me and trying to destroy the messenger because they DO NOT LIKE THE MESSAGE. I have also had the majority of people that support me and I thank you for and everybody else for that.


          • Silence is Golden

            I did understand your points quite well and they have validity.
            The big picture is what do they want to achieve by creating this anst within the Arab World? So many opposing forces.
            Can we say Motives and Intent designed by madmen ?
            You are definitely on target here my friend.

            • Greg Hunter

              The signs all point to a very big war and this deal was so poorly constructed that I wonder if that is what they want. I want a peace deal and not war–but this is not it. Here are a few links sent to me by a friend that back up what I am predicting:
              Thank you for your support. I do not mean to come off harsh.


              • Charles H.

                The Big Picture is Good and Evil, period.
                The spiritual line through the Jews, then through the Gentiles, of God’s revelation of Himself and purpose: stands. This and those who subscribe to this singular Truth – are in the minority, and shrinking. Nevertheless – this unbroken strain of Truth IS the dividing-line of Humanity. This is WHY spiritually: the world revolves around the Gospel and person of Jesus Christ; and politically it revolves around the nation of Israel.
                There was nothing like Israel in it’s time: nothing in spiritual arrangement, order, sense; and when it was right with God – power. Today there is nothing like Christianity. Nothing else is a Grace-based belief system, where ‘good works’ are absolutely excluded as a condition to faith. (EVERYTHING else is a mixture and forfeiture) Both spiritual economies are hated by the world because of their unique and singular heritage of Truth. And the Truth is persecuted because a sense of ‘right’ is derived from taking an active stance – although the inward self-assurance of Conscience can never be fulfilled, apart from the Truth.
                The mentality at work today is comfort derived from a majority; that the majority makes the rules or laws and they are therefore right – and allows them to disclaim any recognition to a Higher Authority than themselves.
                To take sides, and make a stand for the Hebrew/Christian strain of Truth is to face a firestorm of contrary opinion that most the world will uphold. They’ll just come out of the woodwork, to pile it on or come at it any way they can.
                Man cannot change God or the Truth He manifest: only choose the right side in relationship to Him. Wheat and tares. No matter how scarce: wheat is wheat.

          • mark

            Hi Greg,
            Maybe the decision to make this “deal” is the political left’s way of trying to make peace through appeasement. After all, can it not be argued, as Michael Savage is famous for saying, that “Liberalism is a mental disorder” ? . I mean really Greg, if you ( I mean the administration and by extension the mainstream media) have to resort to categorizing the shooting at Fort Hood as “work place violence” and cannot even venture to dare consider whether it was an act of terrorism founded in radical Islamic ideology, then really what more should we expect from these people? The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Greg! For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sober mind. 2 Tim. 1:7

    • Jerry

      You lost me when you made this statement.
      “someone of genius like Catherine Austin Fitts”
      She’s a genius because ………..? What…. she’s a banker? ……..News flash. So was Karen Hudes and she’s crazier than a bag of rats.

      • J C Davis

        Jerry and Greg. Would we be facing all out war if this ( image ) of a deal was not front page news? We know they use distraction as a tool. This is another distraction to all out war. Tic Toc said the clock.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Galaxy, at least Karen Hudes gave us General Yamashita’s gold! Best always. PM

        • Galaxy 500

          Paul, I am still waiting for the Bank of Hi to send share… via the Philippines of course
          best regards

      • WD


        I have heard her say one thing on one show and then say the opposite on another show a week to ten days later. I always get the feeling that she is making up things as she goes along.

        In her community a lot of her peers have come out against her.

        But also remember those she expsoed early on came after her with full force and rage and did what they could to destroy her.

        But I just can’t listen to her anymore.

        • dbcooper

          WD, Did you ever hear her go off on Rick Wiles??? WHOEE. I asked Jim Willie his opinion he also questions her ‘stability’ but that said I do like her idea of a gold imbedded currency… No Note there!! Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Ken Multitaski

      It’s not surprising that Pres. Obama threw Israel under the bus. Slightly surprising that Catherine did the same with such naive glibness. The vast rocket count on the northern border of Israel is a fact regardless of the source(s) and not a trifling matter for world security.

      Alex Jones is a hypester, and comparison to Greg Hunter was a very low blow. Greg was directing attention to an offhand comment, and correcting fact. No broadcaster worth their salt will permit misstatements of fact to go unquestioned under their watch. It’s part of doing a good job, and why most of us listen.

      Time will tell; the Iranian ‘deal’ was just a political feel-good band aid for those in power. Iran doesn’t take it seriously and certainly not Israel. The decoupling of Israeli and US foreign policy will ultimately destabilize the region. Israel will never throw Israel under the bus.

      Any time one hears the word ‘change’ used in an emotional-political context one can be sure that all the ‘feelers’ in the crowd have once again been taken to the cleaners by the cold hard strategists.

      ‘Peace in our time’, heard that one before. Sadly, the dollar bet count will be even, and nobody will like the result.

    • Galaxy 500

      Craig, Greg doesn’t trust State. He’s smart enough to know that Kerry’s State would have minimized Iran’s terror connections as much as possible… and they still were at the top of the list.
      And it’s not Greg’s opinion that Israel is under attack by Iran’s proxy armies. That’s a simple fact.

  16. David

    Greg: A country doesn’t tunnel into mountains in an effort to hide their nuclear initiatives if they have a peaceful program. Iran has done everything possible to hide their nuclear activities and disrupt inspections previously agreed to. Iran will do everything possible to further their nuclear program in direct contradiction to the latest agreement. You were right to highlight these very real issues and concerns. And, yes, Iran exports state-sponsored terrorism at a pace the exceeds all other countries and they are serious about destroying Israel.

    Iranians view everyone else in the world as infidels. They are laughing all the way to the U.N. It’s that simple.

    Thanks for the passionate interview.

  17. Faith

    Thank you for pressing this woman Mr. Hunter! Way to go! To say the US sponsors terrorism on the same level and Iran is insane! Ms. Fitz, your tapeworm theory is a worn out analogy. It does not fit. One thing she said, was “well, they will just let loose the bioweapons.” Indeed. Someone probably will. Between bioweapons and hacking / viruses the world is fragile and vulnerable. Why not address the fragility of large systems as vulnerable to various attacks by individuals or groups or state agencies!

    I wish she had talked about how the system is no longer transparent. It is maniupluated for the benefit of the people at the top, the oligarchs, the plutocracy, the elite.

    The bankers ARE in control! To a certain excent they have been able to profit to the few and the losses are pawned off on the public! This is what happened in the US and this is the exact same thing that happened in Greece. The bankers manipulate the system to their favor, to their benefit.

    I really don’t believe anything this woman says but thanks for allowing me, to once again observe that this woman has a newsletter but does not have a clue about reality. I apologize for being so harsh, but this woman never speaks clearly. Great saleswoman for her blog and newsletter. That is about it.

    • Angie

      Agree 100%!

  18. joseph

    This is regarding Clint’s post. I wonder how many people realize that when a person goes to withdraw $5000 OF THEIR OWN MONEY from the bank, the bank will most likely fill out a SAR (suspicious activity report) on that person and send the report to the government. Over a million of these reports are filed each year. Also, Ms. Fitts says the bankers are not in control. Everyone know the banks control Congress, the Fed and monetary policy. The Fed is merely a puppet dancing to the tune of the banks. Very disappointing to hear her try and fool us on that one.

    • JMiller

      May be the bank will and may be they won’t. As you said there are over a million Suspicious Activity Reports that are filed each year with I believe something like a few thousand that are even looked into. There are SAR requirements also include Mutual funds and casinos and for credit card transactions etc…

    • Evan J

      The question is, who controls the bankers? I think this is what CAF was saying.

  19. J C Davis

    Greg what deal could we have made that Iran would have accepted, and adhered to. None, Right? If so at least this deal may have delayed the bombs from Israel if even a few days. From my view its not about oil or the dollar it is about innocent lives.

    • Silence is Golden

      Motives…my friend….remain hidden.
      Will the US continue to honour its agreement or will it set a trap for the unwary. It will in my summation continue to deceive….expressly or implied….overtly or covertly or both.

      • J C Davis

        Sig. 100% We are headed to war either way. Without this fake deal we could be in real war. Every day to a dying man is a great day. As hot as it was todayI was glad to live it. Without this fake deal millions could be dead today. I am not taking sides. Just glad we are not in war today.

    • Galaxy 500

      you don’t give a terrorist more money to build better terror weapons to postpone war for a short period of time. It just allows the terrorist to be better prepared. Don’t believe me? Just ask Neivell Chamberlain. And what is sad, he makes Obama and Kerry look like a wise man

      • J C Davis

        500 I agree its a bad deal… We are on the brink either way. This deal would upset me if I did not see the bigger picture. Indeed it did at first.
        Most clouds have a silver lining. This one is dark all the way threw.

    • Paul from Indiana

      And Obama’s street cred with his beloved Islamists. Hope and change: yeah, right…boy did we ever get sold up the river, and not even the Volunteer Navy can save us! Best always. PM

    • ron

      Wealthier Bankers control not so wealthy bankers, etc., etc. ad infinitum…

  20. Don

    Brother Greg, In a debt system, like the fiat system we’re in, greater growth means greater debt. Like we said many times, eventually debt reaches a point were the artificial growth produced by the debt can no longer be sustained. Liquidity freezes up and interest has to move higher. Obama said we need more debt, just like the central planner in Japan saying, we just need to print more. And so goes the Keynesian mindset. Austrian economics understands the need for free market, and thus real money with value when its printed. Though Mrs. Fitts is very smart, she will never say the master plan since 1944 was to bring in global government. So we go to 1971 and Nixon defaults on national debt, by removing any value from our money, and then Clinton removes the Glass Segal act, and allow the banks to gamble with tax payer money through trillions of printed fiat dollars. So wealth was funneled to the top bankers and Club of Rome and the like. The globalist using the ever increasing debt to stake there claims on the nations and bleed the wealth of the citizens within those nations. These same individuals that are in control of the BIS, IMF, World Bank, and probably the brics, are now ready to move to a cashless, global, economic system. To now look at the biblical side. Israel’s rebirth as a nation, and capture of Jerusalem, in 1948 and 1967. Move 49 years later, or 7 shamita’s and we’re at 2016 from 1967. With the Jubilee there after. The Lord said the generation that see’s the signs of Matt. 24, is the same generation that will see the tribulation and second coming. We just do not have the time for another generation. This one is it, and tribulation could start this fall in Sept., because the beginning of sorrows he spoke of are already happening. Who could argue, about the extreme weather patterns, earthquakes, unusual amount of stronger tornado’s, draught, famine and pestilence. I visited the American meteor society, and since 2010, reported meteorites have increased by 400%, so if there’s a pretribulation rapture, the true church could disappear from this earth at any moment, leaving all unbelievers to face a 7 year period of the most severe judgments the world has ever seen. If you don’t know that your right with God, I plead with you, to turn God, from whatever you’ve replaced him with in your life, and trust Christ atoning death for yours sin’s. For the scripture says, He Who New No Sin Was Made to Be Sin For Us, That We May Be Made The Rightousness Of God in Him. Tell The Lord Your Sorry For All Of Sin You’ve Commited Against Him, And To Forgive You, and begin to read the bible. St. John’s Gospel, is a good starting place. It reveals Christ as God who became a man, to redeem man and restore him to fellowship with God. Enjoyed the debate and insight, your da-man.

    • Bob Lamb

      Getting caught up to meet Christ when he returns happens AFTER the tribulations.

      Matthew 24:29 ¶Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:
      30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory……
      40 Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
      41 Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
      42 ¶Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

      • Bob Lamb

        1 Thess 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
        17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

        Those that are caught up do so when Christ returns in the clouds which happens after the tribulations.

        • mark

          If that is the case which you say, (a position which I recognize as being popular among believers but one which incorrectly assumes that both of these scriptures refer to the same event) then why does the apostle Paul clearly in his letters indicate that he, along with all those who were instructed in the way of the Lord according to “my gospel, that is, the proclamation of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which has been kept in silence in the times of the ages but has now been manifested, and through the prophetic writings, according to the command of the eternal God, has been made known to all the Gentiles for the obedience of faith” (Rom. 16:26) were “eagerly expecting” 1) sonship, the redemption of our bodies – Rom. 8:23, 2) a Savior from the heavens, of which we are citizens, who will “transfigure this body of humiliation conforming it to the body of His glory by the same power with which He is able to subject all things unto Himself” – Phil. 3:20-21, 3) “His Son” from the heavens , whom He raised from the dead, Jesus, who delivers us from the wrath which is coming” – 1 Thess. 1:10, 4) the Christ, Who having been offered once to bear the sins of many that will “appear a second time to those who eagerly await Him, apart from sin unto salvation” – Heb. 9;28. 5) the revealed glory of Him, Christ, who is our life (Col. 3:4) Who is in us as our hope of glory(Col.1:27) and Whose appearing in glory shall be consequential with our manifestation with Him in glory at (6) a moment in the twinkling of an eye (1Cor.15:52)? Basically, why would the apostle Paul confess such a hope personally and teach the validity of such a hope publicly if what he was to expect was the fulfillment of the signs spoken of our Lord in answer to the disciples’ question regarding His “coming” as recorded in Matt. 24 before such a hope could be realized? Remember, in scripture there is that which belongs to prophecy (regarding Israel) and that which belongs to mystery ( the ecclesia). It is important to be a workman who need not be ashamed and rightly divide the word of truth. There is no indication that even in Paul’s day, any further “prophecy” needed to be fulfilled in order for the great hope of His appearing to (Gk. harpazo, snatch, seize by force — rapture),the believers into the glory of His presence (Gk. parousia) to be realized among those who received and believed in the announcement of Jesus as the Christ according to the revelation of the mystery which had been hidden from the ages and from the generations but “now has been manifested, and through the prophetic writings, according to the command of the eternal God, has been made known to all the Gentiles for the obedience of faith” (Rom 16:25-26). The important distinction must be made between His coming FOR the saints, and His coming WITH the saints. The grace and peace of our soon coming Lord be richly with your spirit Bob! Maranatha!! The Lord Comes! (1 Cor. 16:22, if anyone does not love the Lord let him be anathema!)

  21. libertarian jerry

    I would bet a dollar to a donut that Iran,today,possesses nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them. That all the rhetoric about developing nuclear weapons in the future is simply rhetoric and that the development of nuclear weapons in Iran has already taken place. And,I don’t blame Israel for being paranoid about that fact.

    • Galaxy 500

      Goodies have to test at least one to verify your design. Look at how many flops N Korea had before they got it right

      • J C Davis

        500 They may have been tested by the Russians they traded them with.

    • J C Davis

      L Jerry You aint gonna get my donut… My apple fritter is worth more then a dollar.. LOL
      I have not thought of that old saying in years. Thanks.

  22. james chudzinski

    Greg , I have to disagree with you, catherine is not one of the smartest of people on your show, I really think you are the smartest on your show, catherine can never ever answer one of your questions with a yes or no, it is always , maybe or it could happen. I love all of your guests except catherine, she makes me want to shot out my screen. Maybe i am just dumb, but she gives me no useful information at all.

  23. Dale

    Greg you handled yourself like a real pro. I understood some of the points that Ms. Austin-Fits was making but there were other areas where her positions were not at all clear. For example, she brought up the murders of numerous bankers. She was confident that they had been murdered yet stated that she had no idea who did the killing. With the kind of access that she has to inside government activities she would have a pretty good idea about who was responsible. Also, she clearly wanted to tag Israel with the responsibility for much of the tensions in the middle east. My reading of her statement on this issue was that her response was largely emotional and not factual.

    • ron

      I totally agree. Please see my statement way on down. CAF is not seriously reality based regarding the unfathomable dept of the planet….time is up….game over..we are free falling now and can’t feel it.

  24. pangeo

    Since the early 1950s the US has done everything to ESCALATE turmoil in Iran. Israel is a welfare state with the attitude of a child with a bully friend. Morally Israel is BANKRUPT. 50,000 dollars from every person in the USA since 9/11 just for war in the mideast. i say leave the foreign entanglements to the fools who volunteer their own time money and children. The US would be stronger. National existentialism does not work for me. Liberty

    • Galaxy 500

      Israel is morally bankrupt? What are you smoking? The Israeli solider stands in front of women and children while the terrorists stand behind innocent women and children.
      Just another intellectually dishonest antisemite

  25. Robert

    Greg, WOW!!! …. My 2 cents, sounds as though she makes the Iran deal sound like its the start of some kind of “catalyst of peace” don’t think thats gonna happen.. I hope I get that one wrong, but just look within our own country at our turmoil here, than tell me that the middle east even has one iota of hope… Though I agree she is one smart girl.. peace.

  26. Vince Shook

    Iran was the source of the advanced IED’s used against our soldiers in Iran and Afghanistan. It is unbelievable we were even talking with these Islamic lunatics. What a disaster in the making.

    • Galaxy 500

      What is sad is that Congress isn’t impeaching Obama for his many end runs around their power. The Dems and Repubs are both voting Congress into irrelevance.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Galaxy, I used to ponder this same problem, asking myself “how can this be? Our Congress is worse than useless. It is as if we have been abandoned. What could cause this?” Money, Honey. They are all bought by our beyond corrupt “system”. The end can’t come soon enough for me. Best always. PM

  27. Donna

    PCRs site has a great article as to the real reasons for the Iran deal and he came up with 3 good ones. The fact that Barry and Kerry wrapped and put a bow on this package is all I need to bear in mind.

    We have a green-lit building in New York celebrating the end of Ramadan, a rainbow at the WH celebrating ___ ?! A Muslim just offed 5 soldiers, “out of love” as Jeb would say. Soon we will be required to mount an “O” portrait in our living rooms as in every other country that goes red.

    I think Austin-Fitts comes from a Quaker background which, I think, colors some of her outlook. I like the Quakers and the Amish. My spouse even volunteered for Vietnam and then re-upped when his first tour was up. I figure that filled the gap for 2 pacifists.

    It is okay to disagree about war. I do not like war either. Just wish the pacifists were as noble in their treatment of those who made it back home after their service. After all, many who served did so in their teens and early 20’s — did not deserve to be treated as discards and misfits. We all know plenty of misfits who never went to war.

    Also, why do Muslim beliefs excuse everything? I do not hear smarmy remarks about them on a public forum. “Using the Bible to manipulate Middle East politics.” What a whopper, that was! Ever hear about Dearborn, Michigan? Another city called Hamtramick used to be a predominantly Polish city. It is now a Muslim enclave complete with minaret and calls to prayer. They do not assimilate.

    We are lectured about using the Bible. Meanwhile, the Koran is dropped on our heads like a cinder block. I say Christians need a more muscular dialogue before they get muscled out of the public forum altogether.

  28. MIchael

    Katherine Austin Fitts stated she is not sure who is behind the liquidation of the global economies, perhaps Greg should invite Former WORLD BANK Senior Counsel Karen Hudes to the show and conduct a round table discussion.

    • Max Meister

      Karen Hudes? Such an interview would have probably gotten out of control. I personally don’t believe Karen Hudes allthough in some points she might be correct but these points are old news. The rest sounds like too much conspiacy to me.

  29. Noel

    Wow. Rare to witness a contentious interview on this site. I agree with your guest, the west’s quid pro quo in the Iran deal has not been disclosed. There must be one, and a good reason for the non-disclosure. But I agree with you Greg, I do not feel that that there has been any de-escalation, rather, we have seen the rhetoric from Iran intensify. I believe what they are earnest – the mullahs are full on nuts – I have made a study of Islamic eschatology.

    I have long thought that the Sunni-Shiite schism is at play in the ME. It appears to me that Israel is being boxed into a place where it has no choice but to pre-empt Iran. Imagine Shiites conquering the Holy places and turning the tables on the Sunnis. Win for Iran. Minimal western military exposure while the bar fight started by this deal spins up. It is logical to me that some USD oil market agreements were made behind closed doors.
    Win for globalists. Iran has just been coaxed into a snare. Win for the Sunnis. Israel just went under Obamas bus (getting crowded under there).

    If one assumes that Obama is Sunni, and a puppet, at first glance none of this makes sense – why improve Shiite prospects? Pursuant to that assumption, however, the outcome must have a) Israel obliterated b) Sunnis prevailing.

    Meanwhile, the table is set to unleash turmoil in the USA to keep America on the sidelines.

    In my opinion, the stage has been set for the end of days battle. This is how I make sense of it with limited information. The enemy identified in Ephesians 6, that wily serpent of old, believes there is a win. Instead, by faith, I see tragedy for those that seek to destroy the apple of God’s eye.

    Long winded and twisty comment, I know, but it all appears to me to be a final squaring off between the evil one, and the supreme creator. I know who wins in the end.

    I make no apologies for my statements of faith: I choose the narrow path. I’ve grown weary of the works of the prince of this world. He is defeated.

    • Charles H.

      Well stated, Noel.

  30. david

    I do not think she disparaging Israel , she is saying that the US cannot fight wars the way we have been because it is breaking us financially. The Iran deal opens them up economically to a few very powerful nations (companies) in the world and this could be better than war, or a hopeful alternative. I believe either way leads to war with Iran. The local nations of the area will have to fund their own military to fight them since the US is losing its war fighting effectiveness. By all accounts, over the last 10 years we have been told Iran will have the bomb in 3 months and many 3 month cycle have passed , i assume Iran has the bomb. Many may think or say that they fear a nuclear war and the death that would happen very quickly, but how many will die from the Nuclear fuel that has burned through the containment vessels at fukushima that is real and yesterday where has been the clarion call to solve this world issue!

  31. gregd

    It was nice to hear someone of her stature(banker) saying bankers are being killed(not suicide). And that Oklahoma City Bombing along with the World Trade Center was done to destroy proof of Government misconduct. Not a conspiracy theory. And that the U.S. Government would kill as many Americans as they want to, whenever they want to, to persuade the public opinion.
    And I stand with you and everything you said about Israel.
    The Bible says Israel with survive, funny,but no mention of the U.S. surviving.
    Great job.

    • Calgirl

      I agree with your post, but would like to add that America is, IMHO, the largest and most destructive terrorist country in the world…..and the American population are the victims. 9-11, Ok city, the EPA, IRS, etc…..all at the point of a gun. Our “leaders” have destabilized and invaded sovereign countries all over the world to steal their gold and force them to use the damn petrodollar. We threaten and subjugate all who dare to challenge our hegemony. I should fear Russia? It seems to me that Putin is less threatening and more reasonable that our Kenyan leader. I haven’t a clue if this world-wide destruction is planned by NWO types or just the product of individuals or groups of individuals taking advantage for their own profit. What I do know is that I no longer am proud of my country. Media companies should be PAYING US to watch, listen, and read their lies and corruption. A financial collapse will do little to remedy the world-wide problems we face….it appears that God is the only answer.

    • Brando4

      Could you please quote a verse from the New Testament concerning Israel surviving?

      • gregd

        I agree with everything you wrote Calgirl. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting impatient waiting for the final act.

      • mark

        Here is a portion from Paul’s letter to the Romans for your consideration: 11:25-32. ” For I do not want you, brothers, to be ignorant of this mystery (lest you be wise in yourselves), that hardness has come upon Israel in part, until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in; And thus all Israel shall be saved, as it is written, ‘ The Deliverer will come out of Zion; He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob. And this is the covenant from Me with them, when I take away their sins.’ According to the gospel they are enemies for your sake, but according to the selection they are beloved for the fathers’ sake. For the gracious gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. For just as you once disobeyed God, but now have been shown mercy because of their disobedience, so these also now have disobeyed, so that because of the mercy shown to you they also now may be shown mercy. For God has shut up all in disobedience that He might show mercy to all” . The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Brando4!

  32. David Lachman

    Hi Greg,
    I think she makes a good point. Why trust the US Government to tell us who is the number one state sponsor of terrorism? Is there a good objective source for a list?

  33. john duffy

    The Real Reasons For the Iran Agreement — Paul Craig Roberts

  34. Varughese

    Unbelievable!! Greg Hunter will not allow anything to be said against Israel in his show like the popular media won’t tolerate anything against banksters. This is not the first time this has happened, I remember a previous episode in which Gerald Celente was also cut down for criticizing Israel. Haven’t seen much of him after that in this show. May be he is also an idiot.

    Israel can keep an entire nation under seige for years – roundly criticized by every nation other than the US all these years. But still that’s not a crime. Who actually created Hamas, gerg? Look at the archives you will find many intelligence officials saying that Hamas was created by Israel to cut the PLA’s influence. Just like how thay have created ISIS.

    IRAN do support Hamas and Hezbollah. No doubt about that! And there should be provision to control that. But that won’t be possible unless Israel stop colonizing and start sitting down and decide how to solve the Palestinian issue. But then Palestinians may be low life and the Israeli life’s may have higher values in your eyes.

    Israel’s security concerns are paramount and taken in to consideration. But then to solve their security issues they need to understand that they have to solve the Palestinian issue. Iran’s influence in the region will continue to grow unless that is solved. The deal definitely may not go through the congress as it is evident.

    • Greg Hunter

      You just Don’t like be calling BS on arguments that are short on facts. That’s what I did on both counts.

  35. Bob Lamb

    I believe Israel will be backed into a corner and will come out swinging. The results I believe sre stated below:

    Zech 12:2 Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.
    3 ¶And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it….

    6 ¶In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left: and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem.

    • Greg Hunter

      The Iran deal is so poorly constructed I wonder if it is too stupid to be stupid.

    • Steve N.

      What is so wrong with Israel having been established. They were there until the Romans, ei Titus ran them out. They stood up to the Romans for 3 or so years. Then they were scattered. It was a dream to come back to the land.

      Plus, I am not a literalist when it comes to the Torah (Old Testament) but it is stated and given general parameters for the state of Israel. One can’t prove it but one can get an idea. Most Palestinians who were there before occupation were not from a Muslim background. They were from all over the world. There was no formal Palestine.

      But the bottom line is they want to reoccupy where they were kicked out of. If one takes the religious history even semi seriously,
      one can’t overlook the wandering Jews coming back to their homeland. On all levels, theological and just human, it makes sense. They wanted to go home.

      • Charles H.

        Steve N,

        For centuries, before Moses was ceded ‘the Land’ and divided by Joshua – modern-day Israel was just a trade-route between Persia and Egypt, dotted with cities enough to accommodate the traffic. From Moses to the Romans, there were two captivities, and two returns. King David unified the nation governmentally and militarily, setting Jerusalem as Capitol. I’d say – yeah, that’s their home, from antiquity.

  36. Thomas justin Harmon

    Thank you for the interview Greg I just didn’t like what she said about Israel deserving a slap in the face.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thomas justin Harmon,
      That’s what set off the whole debate. Thank you.

  37. gabriel

    Hey Greg,
    I want to thank you for having a great site. The part about the Bible was kinda childdish.
    There are backroom deals going on and not for the sake of humanity but for power and greed. The US is in a bad situation and Isreal is pissed that we may not give them money they need to float on. Saudis are also desperate because their rule well be done.
    We are all state sponsors of terrorism and such a shame at this day and age.
    At the end of the day the system will calibrate itself (Wall St.) And hopefully better days ahead. Once again great site and thank you for all that you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      The Bible is “kinda childish.” Totally disagree. Thank you for your comment though.

  38. Paul from CA

    Ms Fitts is not one of the smartest persons in the world. She is an expert in triple speak.

    Mr. Mannarino is not a financial expert. He may be a competent Physician’s Assistant; I don’t know.

    Your Weekly News Wrapup is always worth a listen.

    • red

      Hey Paul,
      Lay off Greg Mannarino. “Financial experts” are the idiots that got us into the BS that the world is in. Greg is a day trader who deals with real world day to day trading. “little people” like me want to hear. I’ll take straight talk from Greg any day over the Academic claptrap that parades it self as real knowledge.

  39. red

    Pretty spicy interview. I’t has become pretty unfashionable to say any thing in defence of israeli people. But i recall seeing an interview with a Jewish gentlemen where he stated ” How do you negotiate with someone whos’ only solution to the problem is me being dead?” they really do have a point. I like Catherine but there is a touch of the bureaucrat that concerns me i.e. “build a constituency” Her point on western sponsored
    terrorism however was true though. JMO

  40. william gomes

    greg; this was a very difficult interview to listen to. fitts say’s “i want change” at the end of the interview, as everyone does, but prior her discussion seemed to be a blend of conspiracy theory and obamaesque fantasy. very strange.

    ironically israel is the one state entity that prevents the entire mideast from exploding into a cauldron of war. the saudi’s and egypt surely realize this as does jordan or any mideast state that is not aligned with iran…truly pathetic that the administration is blind to this fact.

    thank you very much greg. thank you also for referencing definite points of Biblical Scripture…very refreshing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William.

  41. don

    I don’t see how the Iran deal defuses the situation…it hands the Iranians a fortune (100B) to prop up Hezbollah, Syria and their extensive terror ops…escalating the violence. Clearly their nuclear program is for weapon’s production not power creation…how do we know…they are not developing ICBMs to put the first Muslim on the moon but park a nuke on Rome, Tel Aviv, Berlin or New York. If they succeed not only will Saudi Arabia and Egypt go nuclear but so will countries like Germany, Japan, South Korea, Australia, if only out of insurance.

  42. dbcooper

    GREG, Holy Moly Buddy… That was over the top… I’m thinking “Don’t Push her buttons like that” and then she hangs in and comes back… Yes it was at times hard to hear her point over you but your friendship with CAF overcame the rocky spots. Personally I have trouble unilaterally supporting the Khazarian/Zionist control in Israel ( Forget Not the USS Liberty ). And I do not know enough to put out an opinion on so many things. We are suffering weather wars/ food wars here in the US… our reality very soon will be apocalyptic … good time to buy PMs including Lead and perhaps a good time to exit stage right!! Thanks Greg for the service you do us all…
    Yours In Faith and Liberty ,FN, DB

      • Galaxy 500

        Thanks for further proof that this is a screwed up deal.

    • Galaxy 500

      You know that the “Khazarian” Jew is a make believe Antisemite construct just like the evil Elder Scrolls of Zion, don’t you?

      • dbcooper

        G5, Hadn’t heard that one but I seem to recall that the biggest homofest in the world is in Tel Aviv; is this relevant? Please correct me if I am wrong, DB

        • Galaxy 500

          Have you looked at Key West or San Francisco? Bruce Jenner being televised?
          Wow, so you condemn Isreal because of gays. Well, that seems fair. Be proud of your anti-Semitism, don’t try to hide it behind feeble intellectual dishonesty. To thine on

          • dbcooper

            Wait a minute where in my post did you get “condemn Israel”? And you make a shallow assumption that I am anti-Semitic… You Sir are mistaken I have lived with jews/travelled with jews/ gone to school with jews/travelled to Israel multiple times/and yes have jewish friends. If the jewish people want to deny Christ I can do little about that and if the state of Israel wants to condone the homosexual display why should I endorse or ignore it . Just because I do not care for the international bankers who are raping the world and taking us all back into medieval peonage, many of whom are, oh right, jews, does not mean that I am condemning all Jews or Israel. I would suggest that we take care with assumptions… What Say You? DB

            • Galaxy 500

              Perhaps i misunderstood and of so i apologize. What was your point with the gays in Tel Aviv? And there is a high percentage of the gays in Tel Aviv being moslems

  43. Max Meister

    Fitts doesn’t convince me. I don’t actually hear that much intelligent stuff and breaking news from her. She is clearly anti Israel like most other media pundits. Greg, i liked that you wern’t affraid to countersteer on the Iran deal topic. I just wouldn’t praise peoples intelligence in advance. I’d rather wait what intelligent things they are going to express and credit them at the end of the interview, if there’s reason to do so.

    • Paul from Indiana

      To steal Rodney Dangerfield’s line, she must have been something before electricity. Best always. PM

  44. Mikkel Jacobsen


    Two sides of the story ,,!! Or more ,,,, we have State sponsored terrorisme from certainly Iran , USA and Israel ,,, they are all dependent on an outer enemy,,, if necessary they all just create, fund, train and equip some SPECIFIC TERROR GROUP,,, – we have Obama who publicly just admitted to , train ISIS , ( not a slip or error that he said so, ,,, he was forced to recognice and admit that fact ,,, ),, the 60 fighters ,,, that US army are training ,,, were the only ones who voluntered,,,, since they had to ONLY fight ISIS and NOT Assad,,,,,so of course clearly madnes,,,,that was the main reason they all quit cooperating with the US army ….. Meaning = common sence move…
    The State sponsoring, terror funding, devide and conquering parts of the world are certainly big parts of US admin and security apparatus , ,,, only one willing part of the BRITISH IMPIRE. ,, OTHERS ARE MOST OF WESTERN EUROPE , ISRAEL AND THE SAUDIS,,,,,,,so whatever stupidity the Mullahs in Iran are representing ( they are certainly are not representing the Iranian people ) they see through,,, and oppose the CONTROL ,,, DONE THROUGH THE MONETARY SYSTEM AND BANKING SYSTEM.
    CONTROL AND IGNORENCE goes hand in hand ,,,, so the ” system ” want us fighting among ourselves,,, you and me GREG and among nations…
    If you can use the bible ,,, and you recognice that ,, the bible can give you informations ,
    that are useabel and thereby can give you development,,,, Well it makes a lot of sense to use that specific book…..

    Mikkel Jacobsen

    • J C Davis

      Mikel I tried to understand your post, Makes no sense to me. Do it in the morning hours.

    • red

      I understood perfectly what you said. Yes when read by “simple ones” like me. That is to say one verse at a time, holds pretty much all you need for a good life.
      God bless

  45. Silence is Golden

    I call BS on the new catchphrase “Disaster Capitalism”.
    The Elites are quietly realising that the public is becoming restless and more concerning….WARY…of their game. Let us also not forget that the Aristocracy are the biggest losers….. in this no win situation of smothering the masses…because their wealth and fortunes… are being devastated.
    What effectively is implied is that Anarchy is a real threat and loss of control would follow in its footsteps.
    The IMF is a blood sucking leach…nothing has changed …EXCEPT …the rhetoric spewing from CL’s mouth. She is trying the oldest trick in the book by giving appearances of being “exceptional”. Reading between the lines…the IMF is backpedalling – the damage- has been done !!! and the ASSET STRIPPING is well underway.
    Speaking of which…China (“Global Saviour”) wants to give appearances of being the good guy and rescuing the world from the “WEST”. Some forget that China has created some $20TLN over the last 8 years (OUT OF THIN AIR)….to do exactly what with…..using its STATE RUN ENTERPRISES???? Hmmmmmmm? You want ASSET STRIPPING….wake up people …..its been happening for the better part of the last decade (natural resources, infrastructure, Ag Land). They have proved that you don’t need BAD DEBT in order to acquire assets…just the ability to use it (DEBT) more wisely. Consider also the impact the US is having on China’s ability to utilise its “Reserves” especially those tied up in US denominated Assets (Currency and UST). A stronger dollar actually assists China enormously…..with every country playing ‘beggar thy neighbour” …..China’s spending capacity has received an enormous boost….talk about acquiring assets ‘Pennies on the Dollar”…OMG !!
    CAF….for someone who has a lot of smarts….is still asking the question …”Who is running things” ? If you understand the “WHO” then you may be more open and transparent with the other alternatives about “Change” , “War” and “Depopulation”.
    She did express her wishes on the subject….not her opinion about the likely outcome. “Want” doesn’t cut it in the real world….she has no influence over that outcome. She also steered clear of providing an OPINION on the matter. If she did…then she would have to qualify it….then answers the question about “Control”.

  46. ulrich sherry

    Greg, Catherine Austin Fitts deserved a little more respect. I’m a little surprised with the position you took, particularly regarding Israel and it’s neighbors. The internet is a wonderful tool and gives the whole world a chance to see your brilliant show. Understandably, your observations and comments are from a US perspective but make no mistake, the world is awake to Zionist asperations. For a moment there I thought you had a touch of the CNN’s…

    • Greg Hunter

      This is classic destroy the messenger tact when you have no argument “It was like you were an old LP.” Please stop.

  47. Rob

    I thought the role of an interviewer was to allow the interviewee to speak. We are here to hear her views. It was unprofessional and disappointing of you to over-speak Catherine with your opinions. For you to believe that Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism because the USA govt says so, lacks creditability given the US’s involvement in global tyranny. Leave your views to the WNW please Greg.

    • Collateral Damage


      We love you Greg! For the vast majority of your audience, I believe that we all would agree that you are one of the strongest shining lights of honest journalism out there in the world filled with corporate media which is content to (no, actually aims to) dumb down.

      It is clear to me, however, through watching your excellent work through the years that negative comments concerning Israel are your ‘hot button’ topic which prompts you to go into a loose-your-cool, talk-over-your-Guest moment.

      I admire you for being passionate about your beliefs, and I admire you for the work that you do, and I will continue to listen and watch your excellent work, but I do think that when you have your fuse lit by the ‘Israel’ issue you lose your objectivity and civility and I think that you know that as well as we do (by the way that you ended this interview).

      I understand that you are very much in sympathy with Israel, but I think that international politics are just like a marriage or more correctly like a divorce.
      Seldom is one side completely innocent, while the other side totally at fault.

      Very Best Regards To You, Greg.


      • Greg Hunter

        You said, “negative comments concerning Israel are your ‘hot button’ topic which prompts you to go into a loose-your-cool talk-over-your-Guest moment.” I disagree with you and this is nothing more than a clumsy try to discredit me. What you really mean is if I didn’t ask about Iran repeatedly threatening to destroy Israel, or if I ignored the proxy wars by Hezbollah and Hamas funded by Iran, I’d be in “total control.” You said, “Seldom is one side completely innocent, while the other side totally at fault.” I just brought up the other side, and I “lost control”? We are headed for war in the M.E. If you want to challenge my premise or my hard questioning of a guest, then do it with some real point by point facts, not a phony soft assassination of my mental capabilities. You are out of line, especially when you do not man-up and use a real verifiable name.

        Very Best Regards To You CD


    • Paul from Indiana

      First off, this site is FREE. And it’s Greg’s. It’s called USAWatchdog. What good is a watchdog that doesn’t bark and/or fight back? The guests coming on here know that they are going to be seen by Greg’s vast audience. And they don’t have to come back. But they will. The set-up is too good. Give ’em hell, Hunter!! Best always. PM

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Paul from Indiana.

  48. Larry

    Greg, I have watched you for years and appreciate all your great interviews and weekly update/recaps. I was a bit shocked on how you keep going after Catherine A.F on the Israel protecting themselves topic. It was like you got STUCK and couldnt and yearned for an entire debate on that one subject. She very tactfully brought you back on point, but only after you tried to attack her a few more times. I still watch and will continue to all you podcasts but I thought you looked a bit like a rabid dog on that one. Have a great week and “FEAR NOT” I will still watch.

  49. Jason Hall

    Wolf in sheep’s clothing????
    I just don’t know- I mean what she says sounds ‘great’, but isn’t that exactly what ‘they’ would say if ‘they’ were trying to con us all………AGAIN?? I just have a real hard time believing any Banker, even the ones that seem good.
    I hope she’s on the level, & I hope ‘they’ go the “change” angle, but I think we all know that is just NOT going to happen! War & civil unrest is what is coming, & coming fast! It’s what ‘they’ have always done, it’s the ONLY thing they know how to do, & ‘they’ make a shitload of money doing it……so why wouldn’t ‘they’ keep doing it?? Bear in mind their arrogance & ignorance- that just can’t change overnight, if at all.

  50. Andrew Butterworth

    Great to hear a voice that hopes for change, may they be more like her.
    Spot on comment from Mason and JC.
    If someone bombed my relative, Hatred would intensify, hatred destroys one’s soul and leads to evil deeds, say no more.
    Regarding Iran, no one has mentioned the boots on the ground, who;s boots?
    I am almost sure that it will be Iranian boots when we finally see the deal, this would save thousands of coalition and mainly US soldiers from dying.
    The Iranians are the only middle eastern military that may be able to politically and militarily defeat ISIS.
    Israel is not in a political position to do this without massive ramifications.
    The US can not afford boots on the ground or mass body bags coming home.
    ISIL must be stopped.
    Strange, the US created ISIL, now the US must deal with Iran to destroy ISIL.
    This deal has been forced on us by our own making.
    Israel need not worry, it has the ultimate deterrent, it also has the USA backing,
    no country would sacrifice themselves to attack Israel, it would be their suicide to do so.
    The Iranians are easier to talk too when compared to ISIL. Its one or the other and ISIL does not talk.
    Non of it is good, but we must look much deeper before been too critical of this Iran deal.
    I like the idea of de-escalating tensions between large powers, It shows hope for the future generations.
    Nothing is as it seems, which leads me to say, I could be totally wrong, but so could anybody.

  51. Doug


    Usually your interviews are just that….interviews. To get the viewpoints of your guests. Your argumentative style with her was no more of an interview this time than those reporters on the left that we lambast because they are presenting their own opinions. Your better than that. Instead of arguing with her nuance your questions to get her to come around to your viewpoint.

    Your Friday missives are your opportunity to espouse your viewpoints on things that are going on and not during the interviews of your guests where you are supposedly attempting to get their viewpoints. During this I was talking back to you on the screen wondering if you would shut up so she could talk and she even had to remonstrate you to let her talk. If I was her I don’t know if I would want to come back and be on your show again.

    Your site is one of my must view sites three times a week to hear your guests but also to hear you on Fridays and that won’t change. I was however disappointed in the way you conducted yourself this time. Yes, your correct. Our media only gives us the viewpoint of the nations that are against Israel and they gloss over how Israel is constantly attacked and harassed. I’m sure that most of us that come here are intelligent enough to understand that. You are usually very professional and stead heads over just about anyone in the mainstream media I can think of. You lost your professionalism this time. Question is whether or not you can admit it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Start you own site Doug and I promise I will not tell you how to run it. I will say what I think needs to be said when I think it needs to be said. Thank you for your comment and feedback.

      • Jerry

        Isn’t it funny how everyone is an expert these days? Doug’s going to find out how really smart he is in about 90 days.

  52. Ross

    Usually I find your interviews very enlightening and fair Greg but not on this occasion. . . .

    STOP!! (This is Greg Hunter I am not going to post one more comment without an argument. Calling me “rude,” “unfair,” “Zionist shill,” “I should be embarrassed” or other type of “destroy the messenger” attack will not be posted–period. Might I add, I have the upmost respect for Ms. Fitts. I hope she comes back. For the record, below are my salient points with the Catherine Austin Fitts Interview:

    “As a reporter I questioned Ms. Fitts as to why Israel needed a ‘slap in the face’ and why she thinks this deal with Iran will lead to some grand peace in the Middle East. If you notice, the only thing people can are doing is trying to assassinate my character with words like “shill” “unprofessional” “rude” and many others. No real counter point to my argument that the U.S. made a sweeping deal with a country also listed as the #1 State sponsor of terror at the U*.S. State Department. Shouldn’t they be off that list when we make this deal? Shouldn’t we get Iran to stop saying they are committed to the destruction of Israel and get them to stop attacking them? (This will further destabilize the M.E.) Isn’t Saudi selling oil in only in dollars a valid concern? (If they stop doing this, it’s Bye, Bye USD–in a hurry.) The 5th US Fleet is housed in an Arab country. All Arabs hate this deal. Isn’t that a concern that should be talked about? My premise continues to be that this Iran deal will kick the arms race into hyper drive and speed up the next M.E. war, and it’s going to be a big one. I have not seen a single argument countering these points, just people trashing me and trying to destroy the messenger because they DO NOT LIKE THE MESSAGE. I have also had the majority of people (who saw the interview) support me, and I thank all for that.”


  53. Irving Felsenstein

    Mr. Hunter,
    I want to commend you on your wisdom and deference to Israel. As the chosen people, we are the people that must in the final analysis be obeyed as we are decended from the 12 tribes of Judah and have been given dominion over the earth by God. Lately, America has been turning away from Israel and that goes hand in hand with her doom. However, even with the lateness of the hour, it is still not too late to save America. Tell our politicians that the wise move is to block Iran from nuclear capability to maintain peace and save the world from tremblings and upheavals especially in America, which shall be punished most for her abandonment of Gods chosen people.

    • Charles H.

      Mr. Feldenstein,

      Certainly there will be a restoration to Israel, in the Millennial Kingdom – to be ruled by thrones of the Twelve Tribes. Sin will still be operative then, even in Garden of Eden-like conditions, But at the end, the devil will be loosed and deceive the nations. I would hesitate to suggest that no Jews will be discontent, or sinfully rebellious during this time period; and be found on the wrong side.
      Also, this Millennial Kingdom will be the re-establishment of King David’s throne. It will be Immanuel, the Messiah, the Second Person of the Godhead the Lord Jesus Christ upon this throne, ruling and reigning from Jerusalem with a rod of iron. So I find your statement: “We are the people that must in the final analysis be obeyed” is somewhat up-ended because the king of the Kingdom and ruler over Israel is Christ, for which Christian is named.
      May the Jews rebuild the Temple and re-institute the sacrifice: it is in vain; that system is swept away by God – as God’s own blood made a once-for-all perfect sacrifice. And that blood is entered within the veil in Heaven itself.
      It seems that nothing but the greatest calamities and suffering will soften and turn the heart of God’s People back to Him. The Jew, in stiff-necked and hard-heartedness – will accept even the devil’s own as their Messiah before they will come to the Truth and their mistake. Neither Jews nor Christians have room to boast. America will not be saved, either.

  54. Max Meister

    It seems to be clear now that Israel would not be supported neither financially nor militarily by the US, should they start an attack against Iran one day. I think one must be quite naive to assume that the Iranian regime suddenly experienced a “come to Jesus” moment after throwing hate tirades and threats of extinction towards Israel for decades. There must be another agenda by the US. Whether or not its China and Russia, i don’t know but i find Paul Craig Roberts arguments quite reasonable. It most likely has to do with energy but maybe that game is not going to play out as the Saudis might dump the petro dollar if the US continues to piss them off.

  55. Tommy

    I like CAF’s comment about where’s the money going? Robert Palmer asked the same question some 30 years ago (haha). She is correct in that there should be dividend that filters into the economy but it’s not there. I still wonder where the 2009 stimulus money ($800+ billion) that was supposed to improve the infrastructure went. In fact, it is estimated that the total “stimulus” spending has totaled almost 3 times that original amount. We still hear cries of our crumbling infrastructure, poor cities, underfunded education, etc. etc. I of course believe that the money was basically pissed away with most of it being unaccounted for, but it seems like a follow up would be an appropriate project for some curious news network.

  56. cedron99


    Pity you are such a big mouth shouting down your guest, who clearly is better informed than you will ever be. How can you believe a word your lying government publishes, almost a childlike belief in a fairy tale from the brothers Grimm . It will be a miracle if CAF come back on to listen to another one your rants!

    • Galaxy 500

      Heaven forbid Greg challenges demonstrable bull shiite or questioning the person to defend their intellectual dishonest.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Better that she NOT come back with that poppycock that Greg called her on, but I bet she’ll be back. She won’t be able to turn down the exposure. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity, saith the preacher… Best always. PM

  57. DC

    Thank you for calling Iran what they are, terrorists. If people want to know how they feel not just about Israel, but the US. Go to their news websites and translate the articles. They hate Israel and the US equally and say so daily. They have said (their gov officials) they will wipe Israel off the earth and then the US and this isn’t a new stand for them. This has been their policy since the 70’s. I am shocked at how naive Americans are about these foreign countries. The lack of real knowledge about history makes everyone vulnerable. Israel is a sovereign country and has a right to defend them selves against any outside aggression and if they don’t then no one else does either. As for CAF she is a banker at heart and will always support the current system. You can go back in the past and read her articles or listen to interviews and see what she defends and supports and it isn’t real change of the current system.

  58. Paul T

    Greg, I knew you wouldn’t post my comment along with many others here who challenged your blind faith in Israel. We all went to SGTReport where our comments weren’t sensored and posted there. You have lost a shit ton of Watchdog followers from ruining your credibility with this interview. You have clearly exposed yourself as a Zionist. I don’t know if you are paid by these Jews or you are just plain in denial about Israel but it doesn’t matter. You showed your true colors here. a lot of Watchdog followers will never waste their time with your sight again. Nice job

    • Greg Hunter

      Paul T,
      I made sound arguments for why this Iran Deal is not going to lead to peace. You’re Jew hating anti-Semite perspective clouds your thinking. David duke has a place for you too so please go there and why not everyone know who you are and post under a real verifiable name. You attack my “credibility” because you simply don’t like my view.

      • Paul T

        Greg, I am not anti Jew or Semite, I am anti Zionist, as are many other real Jews and if you want to keep your eyes closed and never see the truth, that’s your problem. If you want to continue to believe the brainwashing you have received all your life to blindly support this evil, you’re in for a rude awakening when it all falls apart if you wanna call me anti-Semite, when I’m really anti Zionist, I take that as a compliment!

        • Greg Hunter

          Paul T
          You can call it what you like to make yourself feel good, but you are an anti-Semite and you know it. This is why you don’t post with a real verifiable name. Here’s how we can tell. Do you think Israel has a right to exist? Only a simple Yes or No answer will be posted. Oh, and you can use your fake name this time (but this time only.)
          Greg Hunter

      • john duffy

        SGT report LOL. That site is so full of BS, it makes my head spin. Greg don’t let the naysayers get to you. You are doing just fine. Your site is the best. Cheers.

        • Greg Hunter

          Actually, I hope SGT does not allow this kind of Jew hating wacko talk on its site. It will only hurt SGT, which I like. Thank you for your support.

    • fan in Japan

      Paul T, WRT Greg’s financing- the man has already come clean- no EVIL sponsors. The man started the watchdog on a shoestring- his own. WRT this fall, JW (jehovah’s witnesses (not Jim willie) had made some doomsday predictions in the 2oth century- and the world has not yet ended. So while something may happen, don’t count on the world ending- it might, but we will never know when.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are correct Fan in Japan. These folks are making stuff up to discredit me. I answer to no one–and love it. Thank you for your comment and support.

    • don

      You wrote a lot of nonsense without pointing out why Israel is a bad country. All they’ve done is create the only functioning Democracy in the Middle East while being attacked every day since 1948.

    • Galaxy 500

      If Greg lost three or four of you and your friends for speaking the truth, good riddance

  59. Mason

    French President Calls For The Creation Of United States Of Europe:

    or in other words: the globalists are trying to kick it up one more notch.

  60. Irene

    The Iran deal is only about money. How can we expect long lasting peace from such a deal?

  61. Randy Hitt

    I am a traditional conservative, so I don’t agree with US interventionist foreign policy.
    The USA has no national interests in the middle east and none of the ‘reasons’ given for interventions are the real reasons anyway. all are neocon lies designed to get Americans to not oppose their interventions. To find the real reason behind these interventions one just needs to read up on the Wolfowitz doctrine, the Brzezinski(scooter Libby) Russia-China doctrine, and the Kissinger’s ‘world order’.

    I believe all of the leaders in both parties are 100% wholly owned subsidiaries of the global banking crime syndicate and all of their efforts go toward meeting the anti-American objectives of these banksters.

    People who claim to be conservative(small, limited government adherents) but support the foreign policy of the USA(massive global government) are posers, like the Bush’s, Boehner, McConnell, Trump, McCain, Romney, Dole and the rest of the GOP leadership, and FOX news. These poser ‘conservatives’ have done more damage to true conservatism than anything other influence.

    These posers and their counterparts in the equally controlled DemocRAT party and MSM have colluded over the decades to use the US military and the US treasury to attempt conquering the entire world, while hiding behind the phony wars on drugs and terror.

    I believe these posers are colluding with multi-national corporations to to strip the sovereignty and rights from all peoples and nations, and are trying to help them put all US businesses out of business and force everyone to work for the globocorps, at peasant wages of course.

    The PTB intend to bring back the dark age, or as I like to call it, ‘the golden age of the Illuminati’ by the creation, through artificial means, of a perpetual global debt slave empire that can never again be challenged.

    • Galaxy 500

      What would have happened if we had not entered WWII on the side of England? Germany would have developed the atomic bomb and this country would be the Jew haters nirvana.
      With great power comes great responsibility

  62. Jim

    Gold 5 year low. Reasons? Comments? Who sold or did they?

    • Charles H.

      Five year low on gold: the wheels of manipulation are coming off, the Dollar can’t be protected much longer. Draconian measures are now in play.
      It seems the West sold PAPER Futures, which are hypothecated to the clouds, just before Shanghai opened. So it is doubtful any real physical gold was sold beyond normal parameters. Physical is scarce and high premiums are the normal. Europe and Asia pay more than the US.
      Read King World News once in a while.

    • Randy Hitt

      That statement is not accurate as Hitler was opposed to nuclear weapons and the NAZI’s had NO nuclear program.

      What would have happened is the USA would have retained it’s non-interventionist limited government traditions and the world would have continued to spin and things would have worked themselves out.

      Now we have this grotesque global zombie debt slave empire that is the exact opposite of what so many fought and died for since the US revolution.

      I’ve heard your rationalization from war mongers like Lindsey Gramnesty and John McLame a zillion times, and I still say America would be a far better place if we hadn’t firebombed all of the women and children of Germany in their sleep or nuked the civilians of Japan.

      Europe has become a fascist empire anyway…

      • Galaxy 500

        It was very accurate. Ever hear of Heisenberg? He was running the Nazi nuclear weapons program.
        perhaps you should have paid attention in class.

        • Randy Hitt

          No nukes, no chemical/biological weapons program, no wmd of any kind in Hitler’s arsenal. Heisenberg was running the German nuclear ENERGY program, he was detained by m16 for a few months then went on to be the head of the Max Planck institute and was a popular lecturer in England in the late ’40’s. In your version he is another Mengele…LOL!

          Like the constant stream of lies about Saddam’s WMD’s and the constant stream of lies and accusations against Putin that constantly spew from the pure propaganda MSM central command center, more than 90% of what Hitler and Christian Germany were accused of is just propaganda from those who profit from war.

          Paying attention in statist indoctrination centers has prepared you well obviously to obey and accept without question your DC central command masters decrees.

          Go read the farm hill transcripts then get back to me…

      • Galaxy 500

        Its 100% accurate. Heisenberg ran the Nazi nuke program. They got the heavy water from Norway.
        As a matter of fact, one of Heisenberg s experiments destroyed his first lab.

        • Randy Hitt

          When you say that Heisenberg ran the NAZI nuke program you are being 100% accurate, but not 100% honest.

          The ‘nuke’ program he ran was a nuclear energy program not a nuclear weapons program. The same lies that Netanyahu has been disseminating against Irans nuclear energy program for more than 30 years…

          Somehow we are to believe that Iran, as a nation, possesses this suicidal fixation with secretly developing a nuclear device that they intend to detonate ASAP because of ‘boogie-mooslim radicalism’, which hates us/Israel because of our freedoms…and then act on these psyop induced ‘beliefs’ by surrendering some of those freedoms, and discarding another piece of the heritage those in Arlington National died to bequeath to us.

  63. Orion

    CAF is clueless when it comes to oil. “The Saudis are freaked by low oil prices”??? What a dumb statement! The Saudis are the chief cause of lower oil prices because they are over producing to punish Iran and Russia. Now, we have our idiots in Congress that want to export oil from the U.S. and further complicate the price situation. Thanks for calling her on the carpet for her dumb Iran statements Greg! Stick to finance matters CAF!

    • Galaxy 500

      The Saudis were so freaked out by the price they increased production

  64. Russ

    Thanks for the great interview Greg.

    I learned a few more terms that will be useful going forward, because the “game” is far from over.
    * Destroying a country’s economy so you can reap a small profit with little investment or risk = Disaster Capitalism.
    * Killing people who know too much about plans for said Disaster Capitalism = Knowledge Management.

    So the banker suicides have all about controlling knowledge of situations with liability so game plans can continue without the peeps knowing who really did it, what/how much the banker knew or how much he divulged before jumping. Said suicide presumably either reduced the liability or stopped a plan from continuing. A term I learned long ago while on active duty is “Knowledge is Power, keep it to yourself”, (I really hated the mindset on that staff.); banker suicides may have been the most expedient way of keeping the power from moving.

    I’m not going to get into the Iran Nuc’ agreement vs Israel disagreement other than to say I think you two are looking at it from different perspectives/levels. What she said didn’t sit well with me either; but when really smart people say stuff with which I disagree, I try to sit in their chair and see what they are seeing. Sometimes it works… this time it didn’t, at least not yet. Maybe if Iran turns all nice-nice… yeah, no, don’t see that happening.

    Thanks again, excellent discussion.

  65. Doug C.

    The U.S. has been going around the world sponcering Terrorist to do their bidding for years. How many inocent people have U.S. Drones and ground troups of the “mighty U.S. Millitary” killed in the last 20 years? Just as KAF was trying to make the point, this Iran deal is nothing more than a deal for Global Corp. and fluff to keep the little people (us) wired up, so they can go around the world spreading “Mr. Globals” agenda. It appears as you have drank the cool-aid of Isriel good, Iran bad, yet Isriel has sponcered Terrorism around the world since the end of WW2 through the Masad.
    Otherwise, great guest and even though I am busting your cherries a bit on this interview, you do a great job week after week bringing information to the mass’s, in a fun and informative way. Keep it up.

  66. Ehud Ephraim

    Greg, Kudos to you for telling this idiot girl lady the way things are. I am always shocked whenever an American intellectual scorns Israel and the Hebrew nation because it should be obvious to everyone where the ideology of liberty and freedom originate. We were freed from the bondage of Egypt millenia ago so we should be damned as a Jewish nation if we are going to sit idly by and allow Iran to go nuclear. As the great Ariel Sharon once said, ” If my enemy wants to kill me, I will kill him first.” It is high time that America enlists in our army and comes to the Holy Land ready to fight for Israel and guard her against all enemies. We can start by executing all Palestinians and Syrians and work our way eastward. We must make all of the land east of Canaan safe for all the tribes of Israel. Oh Yahweh hear our prayer.

    • Charles H.

      Israel should have kept every inch it gained in the Six-Day War.

  67. tpj

    Hi Greg, What a great debate/interview with Catherine, one of your best yet. Thanks for your great work and truth seeking. TPJ.

  68. Scott Wolford

    Greg, you stand out in this “alternative finance” media because of your impartiality. All of your peers are lunatics, hopelessly married to their various mythologies. You are the lone sane voice in this space.
    Today was not your best day. Katherine was trying to have an adult conversation, and you came across like your lunatic competition, stuck in an arbitrary mythology. Yes, Iran funds terrorism. So what? Who doesn’t fund terrorism? Let Katherine have her say. She’s way smarter than you and just might teach you something. This is all nuanced and subtle. Get over the details and look at the big picture.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your kind words but you are having the wettest of wet dreams if you think this deal is going to lead to peace.

    • Galaxy 500

      Get over the details and look at the big picture…
      1) Iran increases its export of violenceand attacks on Israel and its Sunni neighbors
      2) An arms race and a nuclear arms race in the Middle East
      3) Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and the Emirates will join Israel to defeat the crazy Shiites of Iran
      4) Iran states it will destroy Israel. It will try and Israel will destroy it with nukes

  69. Doug!!

    There seems to have been a lot of miscommunication. CAF makes a good point that we don’t know exactly what the deal was so we don’t know for sure that it is as bad as it appears on the surface. The US is in decline. ! suspect the Saudis are aware of that and are beginning to look for allies in the region to balance the growing power of Iran. In the past something has prevented Iran from wiping out Israel so they aren’t completely insane. They must use strong language with their constituents even if it is only talk. Two nuclear powers in the area (Israel and Saudis) teaming up would be a pretty formidable deterrent even if the US is not involved. Revelations forecasts an horrendous 7 years for everyone who remains. Satan’s minions will have complete control. Is this the lead up to that time? Hard to say. Most prophecy is without dates since satan is not privy to the plans of GOD precisely so he cannot prepare for what will ultimately be a total loss for him. Current events may be too much telegraphing for that.

    • Galaxy 500

      Doug, We turned our backs on the Saudis

      • Paul from Indiana

        and our Forefathers. Just sayin’. Best always. PM

  70. John

    What a wonderful world we could have if those in charge could debate as well as Hunter and Fitts. Two very knowledgable individuals, with different views, having the same goal …a better world for everyone. I learn more every time these two converse. I do not always agree with everything but I always come away with either new facts or a better understanding of current facts. Thank you Mr. Hunter (and Ms. Fitts, too).


  71. Jerry

    Get ready for the round-ups.
    This interview was nothing more than a beta test, in the same way that Hollywood imbedded same sex marriage into their story lines to garner public support. What does Gen. Clark define as groups that are “self radicalized”? Certainly not ISIS. They can’t seem to find them, but they don’t seem to have a problem monitoring the rest of us. I guess a Tea Party member is more dangerous than someone seeking Jihad.

  72. Herb

    War, depopulation, or CHANGE? Obama promised CHANGE, but never defined it. I sure wish you had asked Ms. Fitts what CHANGE she had in mind. Undefined CHANGE is scary, especially now that we’ve lived thorough six years of it. Left undefined, would it be any better than war or depopulation?

  73. Robert

    Wow Greg!
    What a way to start the week here in rainy St.Loius with Katherine Austin Fitz talking about some of the most current topics in world events.
    She really puts out a powerful message.
    She gives a lot of hope if one listens closely to what is offered in her statements.
    We have to be smart as well as strong to weather out the troubles of our times is what I take away from her interview!
    Thanks again!

  74. Larry Carter

    Greg, it is very refreshing to see a sight like yours where a guest Like Katherine can be called out by her propensity to wave aside opinions contrary to yours without giving solid info to back them up. If you are convinced of your ideas and have solid backing for them you should be willing to engage and support those ideas. I have only one suggestion for you. DON’T BACK DOWN!!

  75. paul

    I think we all need to calm down about Iran … as we all know God did not “negotiate” with Satan … he sanctioned him … and we have done the same with Iran … however … in the eyes of Iran “we are Satan” … just who is right in this name calling debate is not the issue … we as “moral human beings” should be acting to resolve issues … reaching agreements both sides can “live with” … so as to “prevent another Iraq” and the countless loss of lives of more innocent women and children … no one can “guarantee” that a plan for regime change in Iran will work out better than the 2003 invasion of Iraq (a total failure) … and besides we can’t “afford” the lives and the additional debt that will be required to promote such a regime change in Iran … similarly the Iranians remember all to well Saddam’s use of chemical weapons on them (that destroyed an entire generation of Iranians) … and they too seek to be “pragmatic” … making such a Faustian deal can be considered a “good” bad deal “if it prevents war and saves lives on both sides” … will Israel be concerned … yes … but what is the alternative … dirty nuclear bombs going off all over Israel radiating the land and making it useless for a 1000 years? … so no matter how much Israel may hate Iran now they should bite the bullet … for look at Egypt and Saudi Arabia … these once hated enemies of Israel … are today allies!

    • paul

      And as part of this deal the US should “take” Iran’s nuclear waste … for this nuclear waste can be put in missiles and shot at Israel … and Israel shooting them down with their Iron Dome or Patriot missiles will only work to make them “more effective” by scattering the “highly radioactive waste” over large civilian population centers!

      • paul

        Likely the only reason the US is “making a deal” with Iran is to get the nuclear waste out of the Iranian’s hands (that is a natural by-product of a legal civilian nuclear electrical generation plant) … the Iranian’s do not need to build a nuclear bomb to be “a real threat” to Israel … and so bombing Iranian underground facilities “to prevent a bomb from being built” is not going to protect Israel in any way if “a normal and legal” nuclear electrical generation plant can produce the highly radioactive nuclear waste that can effectively turn Israel into a wasteland for 1000 years!

        • paul

          Congress better not override this deal … the over riding reason for making this deal is to “protect Israel” … by getting hold of the Iranian nuclear waste generated in their “legal” nuclear power plants … an Iranian “nuclear bomb” once developed “can be defended against” by the Iron Dome and Patriot missiles … BUT “a dirty radioactive waste bomb cannot be defended against” by Israel … this is the real reason this deal is “absolutely necessary” … because it will “protect Israel”!

          • Galaxy 500

            You actually believe this deal is a net positive for Israel? And you believe that Iran is going to give a nation it refers to as the great Satan nuke waste?
            Doesn’t seem realistic

    • mark

      Paul, I remember Rob Kirby’s comment to Greg in answer to the question as to what John Kerry was asking for when he went to meet with Vladmir Putin and Rob said that the US is trying to “finesse” a very weak hand and may even have to resort to “begging”. I kind of think this Iranian “deal” is somewhat the same. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Paul!

    • Galaxy 500

      How did we sanction Iran? We surrendered and changed sides. We joined the evil empire.
      So that is negotiation…it was really capitulation.

  76. NC Gal

    I can’t stand to listen to Fitts, so only read the summary and comments. I would say that we will have war AND depopulation AND a great deal of change, not only one or the other. She is correct in labeling the banking system as predators. “Disaster capitalism” isn’t capitalism. It’s robbery and rape, taken together. The only worthwhile statement I ever heard come out of this woman’s mouth was her advice to grow as much of one’s own food as one can. The rest is not either helpful or correct.

  77. Brian

    Thank you for standing up for Israel and the question posed pertaining to “have you read the Bible” emphasis. In that time of dialogue CAF calls herself a “Christian” but that seem to be in conflict with her understanding of God’s plan for Israel and the fact she does not think twice in using God name in vain in trying to make a strong point. After hearing that, I struggled to listen to the rest of the interview and wonders about your accolades of her insights at the beginning of the interview. 1 Cor 2:14 states:
    But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

    Therefore without the Spirit of God that the Bible is foolishness and having an acknowledgement of the existence of God makes one no better than the demons that acknowledge God. Acknowledgement is not “saving “ faith before God.
    The fact that those that reject God have their mind as seared with a hot iron (1 Tim 4:2) and the rejecting The Truth of God leads to God himself promoting a futher decay of their rejecting The Truth that they will be judged as those that reject The Truth of God (2 Thes 2: 10-12, Rom 1:18, John 3:18). Rejection of Truth has serious consequences.
    Greg I value your insight and I responded to your Gerald Celente some time back and still hold to the concerns that those that do not have a Biblical world view will increasingly come against what I have recognized as your own personal Biblical beliefs. I feel the hostility toward those beliefs will increasing raise the ire of those that you have on that are in opposition to that Biblical foundation you hold. Paul acknowledges to Timothy in his letters that “In the latter times…..” and I believe we are seeing the results of our nations rejection of God and the financial system will become more hostile to God’s ways and those that hold to His recorded plan (in the Bible) and believe that time for the USA is now.
    May God give you understanding to continue to serve Him with the opportunities and talents He has so blessed you with and I will be praying for you continued safety and courage to hold His banner of Truth high.


  78. Po Rich

    When did this all begin????
    When the US overthrew the “non-radical Islam government of Iran back in the 50’s??
    Maybe a clear truth hidden under a pile of time?
    Seems simple to me, that an “error” created can never be fixed.
    Greg, always enjoy your shows…thank you!

    • Freebreezer

      Po R.
      That non-radical, and I might add unelected democratic prime minister, Mohammad Mosaddeq, was leaning hard towards Russia in the 1952/53. He Stole the 1951 election by stopping his opposition from outside the main city centers from getting their votes! Mohammad Mosaddeq, in his 1951 election win, only the cities center votes were counted (hardly democratic). Most of his opposition was outside the city centers – “Realizing that the opposition would take the vast majority of the provincial seats, stopped the voting as soon as 79 deputies—just enough to form a parliamentary quorum—had been elected.” Source – Abrahamian, Ervand. 1982. Iran Between Two Revolutions. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Russia was stripping Eastern Europe. The overthrow, right or wrong, was in part to stop Russia, and for the English to maintain interest with the massive oil fields that the British had developed (and yes the Brits were raping the profits from Iran) . You have to ask/answer the question – What was the lesser evil – Stalinist Russia taking Iran or the west putting in a Puppet? … As was then and today, oil = Power. It is fascinating to see that the decisions rendered in the early cold war with Russia still reverberate through the world today … new faces same game.

  79. Art Barnes

    Greg, the Iranians are Muslims hell bent on killing Americans, they even have a new holiday entitled “death to america day”, can you really trust a country who celebrates your demise? No wonder Israel is suspicious of this deal, they understand just who & what we were negotiating with. Obama & Kerry have just given the Iranians the right to get a nuclear arsenal, the Iranians think we are stupid, and you know what, they are right!

  80. Art Barnes

    Greg, the day Iran attacks Israel with its weapons of mass destruction will be the day the Iranians find out who the God of Abraham, Issac, & Jacob is.

  81. Brad C

    Greg: Great smack down interview with CAF. I love it when you pounce on “Israel victim deniers”. Seriously good entertainment! Keep up the fight and please never change!

    • Greg Hunter

      Plenty of sin to go around in the M.E. Everybody has some, but thank you.

  82. [email protected]

    I agree with you Greg, I live in Austria where the rubber meets the road is the stess level of the people involved which in Eastern Europe is extremely high. Germans and Austrians are tired of supporting Europe. Regardless of theory espoused by bankers the fuse is lit!

  83. vincent_g

    How can we win with propaganda like this from the main stream?

    This article shows us a chart which really is a complete history of the results of the CPI under the control of The Federal Reserve.

    The Federal Reserve has taken the value of the dollar and reduced it to 96% of it’s original value.

    Yet from this article we are to be told to read this superb Federal Reserve paper.
    I will not post the link as it’s just more propaganda.
    Do you really think they will tell you the job they are doing is not good?

    It’s very convenient that the years prior to 1913 is missing from the chart.

    In my opinion the Federal Reserve, along with other central banks, is responsible for the coming collapse of the world economy.
    An event that could cause the death of over 2 billion people.

    No greater weapon has man ever created than this misguided effort to try and control money.

  84. sally lambert

    Ms Fitts is correct… ‘deals’ can be messy. Bullies cannot be placated is the point.
    The process ensues from there. This is real change and it is not a perfect plan from the beginning it is a more positive and more realistic outlook. There is the transition space. Thank you Ms Fitts for your sanity.

  85. Michael K

    Canada has NOT signed the deal with Iran, at least not yet.

  86. David Lachman

    Hi Greg,
    Here is an interesting take on the first consequences of the Iran Deal:

    • Greg Hunter

      The article says “neutralisation of the Iranian opposition is a master-stroke for Barack Obama.” Lot’s of leaps and conjecture in this article. Iran is not “neutralized” but empowered. Time will tell and I don’t think you child will be still be a child when we all find out how this “peace deal” works out.
      Thank you for your comment.

  87. Praxis

    I think evil begets more evil. If the U.S. wasn’t an empire (which is evil), someone else would be. If Israel wasn’t a beachhead in the midst of the old Ottoman Empire, there would be another empire there, whether from the east or as a group of nations themselves under the rule of evil and ruthless men. I’m no fan of Israel and not even Biblically speaking. There is no real time frame written there. They’re just helping expand hegemony in a most evil way, in my opinion, for control of the crucial resources of the world. Iran has been tossed about for decades in the middle, but I wouldn’t dare call them saints either.

    So the real question is, what does it take to quash evil? Total cascading collapse and individuals having to pick up the pieces after untold famine, war, pestilence with unimaginable mass culling, or further full spectrum domination toward an eventual climax which could threaten the entirety of the northern hemisphere if a large enough spark lights the powder keg of animosity? Which is preferable, not just to “western civilization” but the globe entirely?

    There are no good sides. No good options. The pressure cooker is coming to a boil and when the top blows what then? No one is sane or possessing compassion enough in my eyes to avoid a massive catastrophe drawn out until there are only a few scattered and standing. People don’t respect the Word. That’s perfectly obvious. But who pays for that disrespect? It looks like no matter what, all of the species is destined to get caught up in it. Is that what Revelations is? Self destruction defined? Why was that even written and who will be to blame for it? Everyone, even those with the intent to mitigate it and head it off at the pass? I don’t buy the inevitability of it hence the discussion being had in the first place. You can’t defy the Word, but I think you can come to terms with its implications and glean wisdom (especially spiritually) from it to alter the future, not against his will but to heed the warning and move to a higher level. I thought that was its original intent.


    • Praxis

      It’s like the human world (besides isolated indigenous people who have been spared conquest) is one gigantic pot of thermite with a magnesium wick ready to go. No one really trusts anyone else. It only takes one very hot flame to start a reaction that cannot be stopped. It could be anyone or anything that lights the inextinguishable fuse.

      Now that I think about it. There is no singular party able to be blamed. Everyone who could be in the know is complicit even if they have voiced their opposition to the wick being in the pot of doom for aeons, again, because evil unfortunately begets evil.

      • Praxis

        Maybe I answered my own question. Alas, it is most disappointing to consider the idea that there is no escape from a logically preventable result. Only the forethought to prepare for it and procure a “surfboard” solid enough to ride the wave and the competence to ride it without falling into the abyss it entails.

  88. Craig

    Ok, Kerry’s a liar and a psychopath, Obama’s a liar and a psychopath, Nuland’s a liar and a psychopath, EVERYONE connected to this U.S. Government are liars and psychopaths, then WHY WOULD YOU BELIEVE what the State Department has to say about IRAN? Or ANYTHING ELSE for that matter? Iran, the #1 sponsor of terrorism? According to the State Department! I beg to differ! the UNITED STATES is the LEAD in THAT department! How can you use what THEY say as the TRUTH when all they’ve done is LIE TO US?

    • Greg Hunter

      As a reporter I questioned her as to why Israel “needed a slap in the face” and why she thinks this deal with Iran
      will lead to some grand peace. If you notice the only thing people can are doing is trying to assassinate my
      character with words like “shill” “unprofessional” “rude” and many others. No real counter point to my argument that the U.S. made a sweeping deal with a country also listed as the #1 State sponsor of terror. Shouldn’t they be off that list at the State
      Department when we make this deal? Shouldn’t we get them to stop saying they are committed to the
      destruction of Israel and get them to stop attacking them? (This will further destabilize the M.E. Isn’t Saudi selling oil in only in dollars a valid concern? If they stop doing this it’s Bye, Bye USD in a hurry. The 5th US Fleet is housed in an Arab country.
      All Arabs hate this deal. Isn’t that a concern that should be talked about? My premise continues to be that this Iran Deal will kick the arms race into hyper drive and speed up the next M.E. war, and it’s going to be a big one. I have not seen a single argument countering these points, just people trashing me and trying to destroy the messenger because they DO NOT LIKE THE MESSAGE. I have also had the majority of people that support me and I thank everybody else for that.


      • Art Barnes

        Greg, what you stated about the “deal” will, in fact, come to fruition no matter what all the Jew haters rant about. I’m not Jewish, but I know a skunk when I smell one, this “deal” will lead to war. Simply stated, the middle east will explode with multiple players, its only a matter of time as the rearming of the region starts now.

  89. Sayonara

    Wow! Had to listen to this one twice and my take is the following:
    -I agree with CAF with regards to Disaster Capitalism. The only way to produce wealth at this point is taking a haircut on existing debt and restructuring worlds economies so that that they produce wealth efficiently so that countries can grow out of the debt oppressed economic situations. The chances of this happening are next to nil because the global corporatists are blindly greedy and too short sighted.
    -With regards to the Iran deal and Israel, CAF subtly and effectively stated IMO that Israel is Expendable. Why? A bankster looks at the numbers and concludes, I am going to infuriate 1.6 Billion muslims by supporting and protecting 8.3 Million Israelis? I think not. There is a lot more money to be made from 1.6 Billion than from 8.3 million. CAF’s banker mentality really came out in the exchange with you Greg IMO.
    We really are entering very scary and dangerous times. Fear Not!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the analysis. This was good.

  90. aps

    Greg thank you for another great interview. Also thank you for holding CAF accountable on the Iran deal. I like her and believe she is very intelligent BUT she is so wrong on the Iran deal.
    The Iranian leadership (Mullahs) have said on more than one occasion that they would be willing to sacrifice their people and nation IF it was to usher in the Mahdi (the Muslim Messiah). We are giving them the means to do this.
    Just one step closer to Armageddon. Fear not, as God is in control and God has Israel’s back on this one.

  91. Galaxy 500

    I am shocked at the number of Jew haters your challenge to CAF on “Israel deserving a slap down”
    I wonder how they would respond to a neighbor that was firing a rifle into their house and they didn’t have anyone to turn to? They cannot leave. Do they fight or do they die

    • Greg Hunter

      I thought I flashed back to 1937 Germany. Many, many more supported me for being a reporter and questioning her. Could I have been more polite and smoother? Sure, but I post these interviews with very little editing so people can see everything top to bottom. Thank you for YOUR support my friend!

      • J C Davis

        Greg I know you will make amends in private. Will you do it in front of all ? Humility is what separate’s real men from politician’s. Nothing more offensive then a private apology for a public rebuke.
        She sat back in her chair with her mouth open. Make friends with her. She was deeply offended.

        • Greg Hunter

          I have nothing to apologize for–period. I am a journalist and I ask hard questions. I asked MS. Fitts to explain the “No one deserved that slap better and bigger than Israel,” comment. I also asked her to explain how this was going to lead to peace. By the way, the clear majority of people who watched the interview were supportive of USAW. It will one humdinger of a cold day in hell before I back down for doing what I am supposed to do.

          • JC

            Greg. The question was legit. Your facts were inline. What I am saying is she was scorned by you when she was told she was wrong. She could have been corrected without making her feel scorned. It is up to you. It is your site.

            • Greg Hunter

              Nobody is perfect. I was caught by surprise and none of what she said made sense to me. Point was well made and well taken but we are all big boys and girls and we are really talking about kicking off WWIII. the could go nuclear in a heartbeat. Thank you for your comment and support.

              • Silence is Golden

                This is not CNN, NBC, BBG or any other MSM outlet. We dont expect polite…!! contrived…!!…. expected…!!! and neither should the guests. We want honest discourse and no BS.
                Keep them honest is my motto…and Greg follows that spades.

                • JC

                  Sig. A disagreement will last a few hours, then adults agree to let it go. Scorning can last years. Big difference.

          • Brian

            Amen, Stay strong focused and vigilant.

          • Galaxy 500

            That might have been over the top. However, The more she talked, The louder the boots reverberated off the paving stones Zeplin field. I should have put something a little more nuanced.

        • Max Meister

          How obsolete would USAwatchdog be if it would broadcast only interviews that are free of any dispute. That was maybe too often the case in the past as mostly likeminded people were interwiewed. CAF was not preparred to be questioned but somebody like her should be preparred to be questioned at any time specially if she makes (slap in the face) statements. It’s not Gregs fault if she can’t handle questioning and dispute.

  92. James Hastings

    Good for you Greg. I’m an Israel support. I realize they are acting for their own survival. But fewer people will back them as time slides toward a climax. Jerusalem will be overrun in half…..but survive and regain those losses.

    Iran will be the “King” of the south. But she is right….America (CIA), has created organizations…that have morffed into ugly rivals. Also, BIG BUSINESS has big money involved in this area and has paid for influence. There are many factions funding this chaos. This is a cut throat poker game. We no longer wear a white hat.

    I am a realist. AMERICA, the beautiful, has been dead for many years. We have an ugly government. Greed runs America. (read between the lines)

    But…to play the broken record again…..we decline, slip into chaos and have no influence on the middle east / world events…in the near future. (NOW)

    Loved it. But, she believes the economies just muddle along. As many of your viewers.

    Great job… were a Georgia Bull dog there…..:)

  93. Rock

    The Iran deal gives Israel no choice but to engage in a preemptive strike. Period.
    I look for it to come within the next 45 days. The world will all circle Israel and make plans to destroy it. A world leader will appear and broker a peace deal with Israel, that will be for 7 years.
    This fall will be interesting.
    Thank you Greg for your fine work, and your great guests.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rock for your analysis. Are you military or intel?

    • Varughese

      I doubt so. It is more or less accepted in military circle that the Iranian nuclear facility would be difficult to be destroyed via a air strike alone. Also alone Israel may not have the capability to carry it out. There last campaign against Hezbelloh wasn’t a grant success and it destroyed that huge reputation that Merkava tanks had. But an attack could set back the Nuclear program back by a few years. But the aftermath of attack will be a PR disaster. The axis between Russia-China and Iran could strengthen. US government and Europe countries and every other countries could be easily pissed off too.

      Israel has been talking about a pre-emptive strike more often nowadays. That simply means they may not plan to carry one. Why would you want to advertise a pre-emptive strike beforehand. Especially when you could do great with the element of surprise.

      My expectation is Israel would do something like the USS Liberty incident and try to blame that on Iran and try to get the US government on it side in an attack. I don’t think Israel can go alone in the attack.

    • Paul from Indiana

      The Muslim-in-Chief’s big miscalculation was the idea that America was “over” Israel. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress exposed this phony SOB for the charlatan he is. He will find out that this hanging Israel out to dry will backfire on him, bigtime. Choose now whom you will serve, but as for me and mine, we will serve the Lord. Best always. PM

    • Billy

      Iran will be king of the south and Germany (eu) will be knig of the north. Daniel!!

  94. Greg Hunter

    Cling to this when the war starts.

  95. wesley

    Great interview although you interrupted too much. How refreshing to hear a Christian who doesn’t fall for the biblical armgeddon/Israel hysteria. Armageddon destroyed Israel is 70 AD. That is the post-millennial view.

    I agree with Fitts about just who really is the no. one sponsor of terrorism.

  96. Walley Conelly

    Banks not in control??? Who would buy and sell government debt if not the banks, that’s their leverage to maintain control. They own Washington that’s why there have been NO prosecutions!

    Look at the EU, the Troika and Brussels and the asset strip mining under their totalitarian dictates, unelected lawyer bureaucrats, like Lagarde , who are dumb as a fence post as it relates to economics and society, quite literally are blowing up the European economy and this will be felt worldwide.

    Fitts is right about one thing the world has, indeed, massive debt, but government sovereign debt and that bubble will soon blow and it will be nothing like what the world has seen in history. Economic pain will turn up the war cycle!

    Socialism is collapsing worldwide and rather than restructure and try something different. Fair market value will eventually return to parity because the business cycle always, always prevails. Soon the Government Ponzi will take a serious downturn and the politicians will look to distractions, probably war, over some false premise that they will try to sell the masses.

    Also, keep in mind that all the huff and puff about Iran and the smoke screen of nuclear capabilities isn’t Obama’s motive, his motive is to allow fuel to be piped into the EU from Iran creating competition for Russia just like what he’s doing with Assad in Syria so the Saudi’s can build a pipeline also to the EU. Obama’s hope is to hurt Russia economically.

  97. Z'ev Rosenberg

    Way to go, Greg. The Jewish State has put up with so much for so long…

    We need more supporters like you to tell it like it is. Still, you probably crossed the line by interrupting her so much. You came across as disrespectful and had me cringing several times. I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of flak for that and will do better next time. Nevertheless, thanks for your support!

    • Greg Hunter

      I try to be fair and this is a site called not This is an interviews are very lightly edited. What you see is what happened. Don’t thank me for my support, thank me for being fair.

  98. ron

    CAF is focusing on a small piece of the puzzle with too much optimism. Focusing on Greece and its financial nightmare is a reflection of the global economy. The world? Over a quadrillion dollars of derivatives threatening ALL banks which are all insolvent. What single country on earth is solvent? If there is–name it.
    If Greece actually exits the Euro zone, Germany panics and the EU and the ECB becomes the non-elected sham that it is.
    CAF is making silly statements that start with “we” must, etc., etc. Meaningless. It has started. It’s in motion. We are on the Titanic. It’s over.
    Humanity is eating it’s own tail and its tail is radioactive, to boot.
    Good on you Greg for being very REAL with her. She can’t see the big picture. “We cannot afford the level of violence on this planet” according to CAF. She is right about that! ” The bankers are not in control” is an absurd statement by CAF.

  99. hobuk

    I loved the interview, but there are too many people on this site thirsting for nuclear war/pre-emptive strikes to validate their personal interpretation of scripture. What if they’re wrong? For that matter, Jews have always been on the ‘land’ for thousands of years, so there was never a need for a state to exist for eschatological purposes. God doesn’t need Israel’s help. There is NOTHING HOLY about Israel; ISIS works for them, and we don’t need to believe anything they say anymore.

    • Greg Hunter

      NOBODY on this site wants war. We are just anticipating and preparing for one, so, we can protect our loved ones and families best we can. Only a fool wants war, and he’s a bigger fool if he sees one coming and does not get ready for it.

    • Charles H.


      ‘There is nothing HOLY about Israel”?? Perhaps not in the sense of divine virtue – but as in ‘set apart by God, in God’s purpose’ – I’d say – Yes.
      “ISIS works for them.”?!?? Beheading; executions, setting on fire – in the name of Allah is working for Israel??? Puh-leeze! Yeah, yeah – you read… somebody said…
      Alienate and isolate Israel through worn-out and false rhetoric all you want. Wave the sword of false fanaticism – ‘thirsting for nuclear war’: are you kidding? People quote and link this view because it IS an option on the table: but damn few on this site are advocating it. The elements of your comment; the tone of alienating Israel; and the conclusion of – “we don’t need to believe anything they say anymore”: more fits the category of a propaganda piece than a simple comment, to which you are welcome.

  100. Bill Jones


    Great job on the site. You do some great things.

    I am agreeing with CAF on this Iran settlement issue as are a lot of people in Europe, Asia, and Israel. Something needed to be done and it does not mean it is cast in stone. Really just a first step perhaps? By introducing the Bible and religion in this argument it is really off the rails a bit even though I respect your personal beliefs. Have got to admit that I too think you lossed your ‘focus’ as a professional journalist in this piece.

    But no worries keep up the great work and I too hope that CAF will be back on your site. Onward!

    Best to you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bill Jones,
      You may agree but there are a lot of points (as I have discussed) that were ignored. You are dreaming if you think this is going to lead to some grand peace in the ME. Hope I am wrong, but we will see soon enough.

      • Bill Jones



        You may be right. And I agree that so much is at stake. I will resist asking you what should be the next steps in your opinion. More sanctions and maybe some bombs? Close the straits, and denigrate the oil production facilities in the area?

        I am thinking about what the former CIA mideast director and former Mossad Director both said. A war with Iran will in high probability result in a worldwide Depression at a minimum.

        With these stakes it seems we all need to be very careful.

        Personally I think the American public needs to get more involved in the debate over US policy in the MidEast and specifically how far we should go to protect Israel. What are the boundaries? How about a poll – how many Americans believe that the US should use nukes in defense of Israel? I would like to know. Lets get serious about this and lets talk turkey. Debate needed? Lets support Israel but lets also decide what the limits are if there are any? Our country and its people deserve clarity about this. It is clear now that Israel and perhaps the US also believe that a Mideast in war is a safer place for Israel. Wasn’t it Obama who green lighted the bunker buster bombs to Israel despite WBush having previously said no?

        Thanks Greg!

  101. Johnnie

    Who is Mr. Global again? Everyone uses dogma to interpret the world. Reality is the ultimate Rorschach test. Everyone sees something different, some are perhaps closer to reality, some weave a krazy quilt. As far as my little brain sees it, there aren’t a select few pulling the strings, cunningly orchestrating the events that shape our lives with god-like finesse but rather stubborn, inflexible forces clashing against each other in a quest for dominance. Winner takes all. One thing for sure, no one has a corner on reality.
    What is curious is the sudden cold shoulder the US has given Saudi Arabia and Israel. Even more curious is the sudden warming of the US to Iran. Were they getting too cozy with China? Tempted to sell oil in something other than the USD? One thing in this deal for sure is that Iran is to sell oil is USD. This will hurt the US shale movement, but that was a time limited last ditch effort to preserve hegemony.
    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised in the years ahead if the US turns on Iran with the ultimate goal of opening up a corridor clear across the middle east to the Mediterranean (Syria will be sorted out by the US by then). Just another step in the foreign intervention campaign the US has embarked on since the Manhattan Project morphed into the military industrial complex. The neo-cons feel they have the power of god (nuclear weapons) to shape the world, but they only want to use the fear of god to attain their goals (never commit to a nuclear strike). It’s some kinda of mutated, perverse interpretation of manifest destiny.
    Not sure if there will ever be peace in the middle east. Maybe there is too much sun and too much unleavened bread (zinc deficiency). A goal geared to the greater good and logic can bring peace, just have to overcome our tribal/reptilian territoriality tendencies. Only reason and technology can get us there, but there will always be nihilists/luddites that want to remain as cavemen.

  102. Bob Williams

    Hi Greg,

    Having taught high school biology for 2 decades, I often was asked and always refused to grade reports based on someones religious faith be it Hindu, Muslim, Christianity etc., as my expertise was in science supported by empirical evidence as opposed to faith. I have never felt qualified to judge someones religious beliefs. Therefore I was very disappointed that you viewed knowledge of the Bible as a criterion for an economic/geopolitical debate and my hat is off to CAF for exercising restraint when that point was brought up.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Bob, first off, it is possible to make Israel’s case based solely on political grounds. Is there another democracy in the Middle East? Is Israel’s government and are its people running around in the streets shouting “Death to Iran?” It’s this pseudo-intellectual attitude such as presented here that creates misery. Compare Mother Theresa and some hardline Imam spouting “Death to America!” It’s patently ridiculous to lump all religion into some “it’s all the same” bin. Why? Because it’s easy to judge the merits; just look at what’s going on. The Islamists are training school children to behead the “infidel”, having the school-age boys practice on dolls! This was reported by the Associated Press. Jeez-Louise, man, open your self-anointed scientific eyes and make the call based on empirical evidence! When the fatwa-Islamist turns his gun on you and yours, be sure to cry out, “I’m religion-neutral!” Best always. PM

    • eddiemd

      I would disagree.

      As a scientist and physician for nearly 20 years, I would say that knowledge of the Bible is the most important knowledge that one can have. Secular science does not explain life as we know it. It cannot because it is limited by the mind and intellect of man.

      Over the past 20 years I have seen many miracles occur within the medical field that cannot be explained by science. Supernatural events/healings that defy human logic or explanation.

      I realize that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever as the Bible tells us. He is the real Physician. He heals the body and more importantly, He heals the soul and spirit.

      John 14:27
      Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

      Mark 5:25-34
      25 And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years,

      26 And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse,

      27 When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment.

      28 For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.

      29 And straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up; and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague.

      30 And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes?

      31 And his disciples said unto him, Thou seest the multitude thronging thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?

      32 And He looked round about to see her that had done this thing.

      33 But the woman fearing and trembling, knowing what was done in her, came and fell down before him, and told him all the truth.
      34 And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.

      • mark

        Eddie MD. Thank you for this brother. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit!

  103. Jerry

    Greg and USA Watchdog readers,
    I wanted to give you a heads up, that according to my sources, the bond market is beginning to break apart. On Monday the bank cartel flooded the gold market with paper contracts in order to drive the price of gold down because it was beginning to build pressure on the dollar. These seems like a clear indication that they are trying to stem off the impact of the Chinese Gold Price Fix getting ready to go online sometime in September.
    I have also received word that the Health Insurance Companies (who are owned by the banks) are moving up their renewal contracts from 12/01 to 10/01. To me this is an indication that they are clearly worried about where the markets will be later this year and want to make sure that lock in payments ahead of schedule. Readers Digest Version. “Take The Money And Run”!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff Jerry.

    • Silence is Golden

      …..Like me wearing a size XS shirt…its all coming apart at the seams.
      Nice post J.

  104. foggygoggles

    This thread brings to mind, the quote often attributed to Voltaire, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

    • Greg Hunter

      Criticism is good as long as it is fair. Things get pretty one sided when it come to Israel. I refuse to ignore the obvious but plenty are just fine with that as long as their political beliefs and ONLY their political beliefs are considered.

      • foggygoggles

        I think you may have put your finger on the core of the issue. Most, are arguing from their “beliefs”. The reality is, that most of us don’t access to all of the facts, including myself. I’m afraid we’re all bit players in this drama, and things are probably unfolding just the way that TPTB want them to. We’ve had too many examples of leaders sacrificing their own people for their own personal gain.

        • Greg Hunter

          We are headed for deep uncharted waters and when this hits the 99% will be screwed uniformly without regard to ethnicity or religion. Lord help us all, and I am not joking. Thank you for your comments.

  105. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    Several posting this time around need to understand that merely because someone is critical of the Jewish State – a political entity – does not make one a Jew-hater, a Nazi, or antisemitic. I stated this in a previous post, Greg, which you would not post – a first for me by the way.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s right, I blocked your comments. Early on, (In the comment section) I basically said I was not going to allow comments that did not make specific points about the interview, I don’t want a grand lesson on why Israel is bad and the Palestinians are good. You too ignore the proxy wars against Israel and the repeated threats from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to wipe out Israel. This is part of the reasons, NOT addressed in the deal, that WILL accelerate the M.E. is towards war. We are in very deep here. I also do not need a lecture on how I conduct myself, from anonymous posters. If you do not like it please move on. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III is a fake name–correct?

      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        No, it’s real. My grandfather, God rest his soul, wanted there to be a third for the sake of the extended alliteration.

        • Greg Hunter

          Then you got my point and I thank you.

  106. hal

    First, its the way she said what she said thats the problem. The needed a slap in the face comment was uncalled for. it brings in a personal aspect.

    What the discussion should be on EVERYTHING we do is “what does the US get out of this?” , how does this advance the US position and stature.

    My concern is the Iranian deal was brokered by Kerry and Obama and they were too hungry to get a deal done. Like someone walking into a car dealership and the dealers will get you everytime.

    In the old days we got what we wanted but now we are a weak country and thats the issues. We have to improve our foundation because we have lost our influence and other countries know it. I personally want the US to be the bully cause thats how and why we have control and we keep the great standard of living, which we have lost as we have outsourced too much. We outsourced too much for a lot of reasons . That includes our costs are too high in a global economy. A deeper bigger subject.

    I have followed Fitts and wondered about here skills set for several year-in other words not as impressive as I would hope. These are the “qualities of the people who are running our country the past 5 decades and have screwed things up royally.

    For those who focus on Israel either way support or against, its immaterial now. If the US does not survive not just we are screwed but Israel is screwed but also I bet the rest of the globe goes dark ages.

    Similarly, we have huge portions of population that are say pro life or pro abortion. Meaningless if the US craps out economically. Same with immunization or immigration, or a number of pet projects. People have to start thinking bigger picture here.

    We micro manage while we are going broke or are broke. We have a congress that does not give a crap about the debt or deficit, or they would be there now doing something. We have a series of WH adm that have been the. These are not leaders. These are takers worse than the unfortunate high numbers on welfare.

    Folks take a few steps back and look at the big picture. From a real top management leadership role and what has to be done to grease the way for everything else to work right.

    Otherwise thing worsen til the system breaks. At some point we have to tell people no–no high retirement benes since its unaffordable. Caution on immigration because we are bringing in folks who come for the free benefits rather than the freedom to have an opportunity to excell and get ahead. If you want a better life you have to work hard AND accomplish and provide a service or product people will pay for.

    I trust you know what I am saying without my writing a thesis.

    But when any person not just Fitts, says a slap in the face, thats definitively not a way to persuade people about something. She hit a nerve and thats so far from leadership its sickening. She was in government leadership role and if she cannot rise above her feelings and do it right she has a huge credibility and leadership problem.

    Gregg, perhaps you need to mentor your guests a bit more. Freedom to say what they want: they need to be smart and savvy and honest, all of them.

  107. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    This interview by far has to have been the best example of true journalism that I have seen in quite a long time. I believe everyone making negative comments has forgotten the mission of a journalist. A journalist is not supposed to sit and take every word of an interviewee at face value nodding like some pre-programmed robot.

    Journalism is interactive and supposed to stir debate and get people to think, which is not something that is seen in the MSM anymore because in one form or another they are all bought and paid for by one side or the other. This is precisely what you did in your interview with CAF and what I have seen you do in all of your interviews. It was more obvious in this interview because CAF started spewing nonsense. By no means is the USA perfect, but to call us the biggest state sponsor of terrorism is completely absurd. I guess then deep down she probably feels that the USA needs a slap in the face as well.

    While the agreement that created the state of Israel may not be perfect and not everyone was happy with the conditions, it does not give other countries or entities the right to constantly infringe on their sovereignty. As other commenters have pointed out, how would CAF react if someone was constantly attacking her property without provocation just because the attacker did not like the property line? Would she sit there and take it, or fight back? To me the answer is simple.

    This deal with Iran is not going to lead to peace but more destabilization in the region and a new nuclear arms race.

    Please keep up the great work and continue to be a true journalist.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tom. It could have been smoother but it is not edited very much.

  108. Gee

    It’s very difficult for people in the USA, even the President himself to question Israel.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s why Israel (and Arabs) got this crappy deal. It’s because they control everything. (heavy sarcasm) Yeah, keep telling that fat lie, when the overt evidence says otherwise.

      • Gee

        I’m just saying that in the USA you have a peculiar domestic situation which is clear to people outside the USA but clearly difficult for people in the US to acknowledge publicly even if they recognize it to be obvious

  109. Hank

    Ya, listening to Greg re the Iran deal and reading 70% of the comments re Iran, I state with resolve that Americans are amazingly “dumbed down”.
    The culture has been destroyed, a new dazed and confused citizen has arisen.

  110. Derrick Michael Reid

    We are all glad a telecommunication channel separated. It looked dicy for awhile.
    The change is not going come with either one of the DEM/REP candidates.
    Here is where change comes from:
    Iran deal failed in two ways, 1) no fatwa renunciation of terrorism, and 2) no liquidated damages in event of Iranian breach (wipe Iranian nuke program off face of earth).

  111. Old Dog

    Catherine Austin-Fitts thinks the U.S. and other nations involved in the Iran nuclear deal “did the right thing” when they used covert military action to force the Iranians into this “deal” – at the same time that the Iranian people are burning the U.S. flag and chanting death to America. Or that the Revolutionary Guard leaders are openly calling for the destruction of Israel.

    But, hey, that’s alright because the Iran nuclear deal is going to lift sanctions to get money flowing into the hands of large international conglomerates.

    CAF seems to have made the transition fully into her “break away civilization.” Sounds like she has become one of “them”, and is no longer one of “us” — the people suffering at the hands of “them.”

    Where have we heard that before?
    “Change” hasn’t worked so well for America.

    CAF wants “change.”
    “They”, i.e. “Mr. Global”, that Catherine Austin-Fitts alludes to so surreptitiously, has a biblical name – The Beast.
    “Mr. Global’s” desire for a one world digital currency can also be found in the Holy Word, it is called The Mark of The Beast.

    • Silence is Golden

      That post deserves a finger licking tasty Bone.
      Lap it up…ya Ol Dog !!! 😉

  112. Grafique

    To condemn Israel, and say that because Jews have sinned they have been rejected by God,
    is to say, “Behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world – except Israel’s!”

    • Greg Hunter

      Boom!!! Truth bomb just went off! Thank you for exploding it here.

      • Grafique

        You’re welcome, Greg, but the day’s coming in which supporters of Israel will be persecuted along with the Jews. May you, I and all who love mercy and righteousness seek our strength in Him in that day.

        Besides, it’s another reason to prep.

  113. aka_ces

    Hi Greg

    Great interview!

    I don’t agree w/ you about most of what you said about Israel, but I also think that in light of how good C.A.F. and you were in the rest of the interview, I don’t care about that.

    This was one of the most interesting conversations on subjects at this level that I’ve ever seen.

    • JC

      AKA Right, Like or dislike it was a reactionist dream come true. I loved it.

  114. Miriam

    So very well said!!!!
    Rabbits know how to run, twisting and turning, covering former tracks to mix up the scent, and back round again…. money hops!

  115. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Sorry I’m late to the party, but I just saw a big error in Ms. Fitts opening paragraph. Please remember that I have respect for Fitts and her association with GATA. This is NOT aimed at her.

    She said “When we loan money to somebody and it is predatory, we reduce the ability of paying back the debt. So it’s a lose/lose situation.

    Not when you consider 1889 book The Great Red Dragon that I host. The financial sociopath’s goal is “to own the earth in fee-simple.” In other words, they create the money they loan as thin-air paper promises. But the fools give legal title to them as collateral for the loan. Then the sociopaths make sure they’ll never be paid back, so they get legal title (fee-simple) for their fake fiat money. They win/everyone else loses. The only way to win that game is NOT to play.

    • JC

      Edward. Can you imagine if the world population stocked up on food and refused the currency of oligarchs. The only way to win that game is NOT to play.

  116. ID

    Gregg, you lost it in this interview. She was right that the USA & their associates have bankrupted themselves in endless wars and banking cartel fascism. The USA is now out of control and causing a lot of this turmoil in the Middle East and everywhere else. This country and the dollar (and our democracy) is now finished. Everyone get prepared for what is to come!

  117. Billy

    Bravo Greg.

    I am sorry but you owned her Greg!! How can people think like this, that something good could come with Iran!!

    Teddy Rooselvelt said if you ask me to choose between righteousness or peace i choose righteousness everytime. Certain types of peace end in disaster. Remember Chamberlain with Hitler peace at all costs usually ends in disaster and this will all end in disaster. Iran wants a war and they will get a war.

    Alexander Hamilton said which has been quoted by Ronald Reagan many times: A nation that prefers disgrace to danger is prepared for a master and deserves one.

    We are supporting Iran, a country who has been at war for 30 years against America, and we are dropping our true allie Israel- Insanity!!

    Well done Greg and i admire your backbone to stand up for whats right in a world gone mad!! We have forgot God and our blessings are turning to curses!!


  118. John Bitterbierce

    Sooner or later, you gotta trust someone… or something more than yourself. It appears even bankers have hearts after all. It’s a slow moving wheel that crushes most mercifully. …And if one day we can stop it from rolling completely? Might be heaven. Or close enough.

    These people CAF is talking about need some really good advice, as they have created a financial system that apparently eats itself, and they see no way out (because there really was no way in). Anyway… getting interesting to say the least. I sincerely believe we have the right minds to solve ANY problem, but the question is, do we listen to them?

  119. John Bitterbierce

    “Who controls the creation of money? Public or private interests? THAT is the question and has always been the question. Until everyone answers that question for him or her self, he or she will not understand the field he or she is playing on.” ~ Alexander Belgium

  120. Larry Galearis

    Wow, what an interview!

    But Greg, I have to go with Ms. Fitts about her belief about the US State Department. Remember where Nuland and the rest of the neo-cons are infested and remember how credible their marketing of the “Russian Aggression” in Ukraine. And that includes the President. All of these people are war criminals to my mind, and nothing they say should be given a nano second of credence. Iran has fought back against the globalists in perhaps the only way it could. Is that the same as making up lies and destroying an Iraq? And all those others? As a country that has earned its contempt by the rest of the world (and founded in reaction the BRICS), I think much of the evil that has been seen in the world is Washington based. So perhaps the question should be for Americans: who is aggressing and who is reacting? Comparatively, I think Iran’s contribution to chaos is rather modest.

    Keep up the discussions. It’s all good!.

    Essentially this is all a moral question, and I have no difficulty recognizing that I am much more frightened of what the Washington is doing on a daily basis than what Iran has done in these same modern times.

  121. Eric Hilton


    I’ve enjoyed your interviews and selection of guests for some time now. I have never seen you lose your cool or let emotion trump logic. But in defending Israel, you did that. You acted like someone criticized your mother. I’m not impressed at all with how you bullied and berated Fitts on Israel. Of course you are entitled to support Israel and it’s further theft of other peoples’ land, along with it’s illegal nukes. Perhaps your religious beliefs preclude that position on Israel. But sadly I’m not sure I’m a Greg Hunter fan anymore.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is nothing wrong with my “logic” and you know it. This is your simple minded way of trying to destroy my credibility. How dare I bring up counter points–there must be something wrong with me? This is just another way the liberal left wackos try to control free speech or any view that doesn’t match theirs. I laid out real reasons why this would speed up war drums in the ME. You gave zero points on this. “Perhaps” you should go somewhere else with this weak transparent argument. I, and most here, are not buying it.

  122. David

    Love the interview especially your use of FACTS. Catherine has given many good insights, but she (like the banksters in general) is blind to FACTS. Greg, just keep giving us the facts, and you will have loyal followers of USAWATCHDOG.

  123. Steve

    Dear Greg,

    She does not understand that God will protect Israel until the bitter end.


  124. Steve

    Dear Greg,

    She just used the Lord’s name in vain, so she is NOT a Christian as she claimed to be. I wouldn’t have her within 100 feet of my show.


  125. Steve

    Dear Greg,

    That woman doesn’t have a clue! The bankers have been in control for a long time! If you or I could print money out of thin air, we’d be in control. What a deal to print money to buy U.S. Treasuries, then collect interest on those treasuries that were purchased with money that was printed out of thin air! I want to do that.


  126. Bill Howland

    CAF said some things I’ve never heard before: as you said, she is a very smart banker.

    After listening to the interview, and reading the comments, I can see that CAF probably will never be on this Venue ever again. She says much in a short amount of time, and I would have preferred most of the information come from her, since I’m aware of the statements made by Greg. But her information is brand new: since she was basically not allowed to speak for an extended period of time, I’d expect she’d ‘Soft Shoe’ any further invites here. She will go where people will let her speak.

    Too bad. USA Watchdog was becoming a ‘goto’ destination. But, it is uncooth to call commenters little bugs to be squashed.

    • Greg Hunter

      You sound ridiculous when you say ” . . .she was basically not allowed to speak for an extended period of time.” The interview was more than 32 minutes long. What you are doing is softly trying to suppress free speech and destroy my character because you simply do not agree with my analysis. By the way, Fitts said she will come back.

      • Bill Howland

        “You sound ridiculous…”
        Not so, since many other commenters here are trying to tell you the same thing.
        And there is no shortage of your type of free speech, we hear it everywhere, but then you have advertisers to satisfy and I understand that.
        It is very difficult to find true information and I was under the mistaken impression that you were different. Oh, and by the way, if you read ‘between the lines’, many casual viewers of this site will be turned off by this interview, they just won’t bother to tell you, since a very few DID tell you.

        • Greg Hunter

          We will have to agree to disagree.

  127. christian s

    Here, some facts, although I thought many others were already given:
    – yes Iran supports groups like hezbollah, which fires artisan rockets on Israel, and has an agressive rethoric, just as OLP used to. In the end, these are no real threat for Israel, who does not even need it’s illegal nukes in order to be safe. The Israeli conventional military might – backed by US might if really requested – is way sufficient, as any past conflicts have shown.
    – Israel violates many UN resolutions, including ones that the US did not veto, steals land from palestinians, controls Golan and the water resources of Lebanon. You don’t make friends like that.
    – Iran was attacked by then US proxy Irak in an ugly war, where gas attacks were used. They did not attack anyone in recent history. By middle east standards, they have a decent functioning state and institutions, a civil society, women’s rights . WE held them under embargo, in itself an act of war.
    – our supposedly great ally, the Saudis, have a much deeper rooted hate of jews and Israel than iranians. They finance radical muslims, including ISIS and 9/11. It is a dictatorship and shelters some if not the worst rules against freedom and fuman rights. That they are allies now just shows that they want to remain the key player in the area, something this deal will challenge. And by the way, they attack Yemen in order to control it and prevent shiites from getting closer to Iran.
    – the US is the only nation that actually used nukes .. against civilians, we no need whatsoever militarly.
    – Pakistanis have nukes, and are certainly not as moderate muslims as the iranians
    – The Iranians would be entitled to build a bomb if they denounced the convention they themselves agreed upon. In fact, history tends to show this would be the safer bet for them after all they’ve been through from global or colonial powers, and now rival regional powers. Nukes are not to be used, they are an insurance policy.
    – This deal sets a path, and could still be denounced if required. This would bring us back to the option favoured by warmongers right now: a useless attack on Iran’s facilities followed by unrest and war.
    – ask PC Roberts what he thinks …he’s not unpatriotic to say the least, nor is he anti jew, anti semitic (by the way palestinians are semites)

    • Greg Hunter

      christian s,

      My basic premise is the M.E. is headed for war, and the turbo-charged arms race this deal sets off gets us to a wider war earlier–much earlier. You did not mention the no-so-secret side deals in the Iran nuke deal, that I suspect will prove the entire thing is a sham and kabuki theater. Thank you for your comment.


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