Greg Hunter with Alex Jones on

By Greg Hunter’s

I had the pleasure of being on with Alex Jones this week.  We covered a variety of topics including the European debt crisis (which is really a bank solvency crisis), loss of the Constitutional rights of Americans with passage of the Indefinite Detention bill and FEMA camps to name a few.  I was having some audio problems that day; so, I winged it and used a telephone along with my Skype.  I have since fixed the audio problems.  They were all on my end and no fault of  Please check out the segments below:

I thank and Alex Jones for having me on the show.  I hope I become a regular guest, or at least invited back on the show.  Next time, I promise the audio quality will be better.

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  1. josh

    hi greg – interesting conversation you had with alex jones. it go me thinking about the reported $16 trillion in loans made by the fed that was hidden until recently. how does this relate to the money supply? is the money creation counted as part of m2? because i believe that m2 is currently listed at something like 9.8 trillion. what measurement of the money supply would include all these loans? also, is there any accounting of how much of this money was paid back to the fed? i’m dumbfounded at how difficult it is to get any information about this subject.

    also, you mentioned meredith whitney in your talk with alex. there is an interesting portrait of her and her relationship with the famous “short” david einhorn in michael lewis’s “the big short.” it’s a great read that i would recommend to anyone trying to understand what happened in the panic of ’08.

    • Greg

      Because the GAO audit was a one time only event, we have know idea how much of the “loans” were paid back. So, who knows. At one time the Fed announced that most was paid back but that could be as little as 51%. We have no idea what the Fed is doing but the bailout machine is alive and well and pumping out dollars on both sides of the Atlantic to stem a solvency crisis in the banks. Thank you for the comment and recommendations.


  2. M SMITH

    Greg, this is the best thing you could do for this Republic, the millions who play games on all of the social networks better do their part & read & send this to every one they care about. I don’t have to worry as much as the young, my fate is already set in stone. While I here I will do my part as best as I can, I told people as far back as 2005/6 that things are not right & you better get out of debt, get into PM’s & I was called a nut by own kids, well they shall soon believe me & thank me for what I have done for them.

    I have been posting a link to your site almost every day on FB & I don’t get a response. I feel it is their loss.

    May GOD Bless you & your family this Christmas, and many more to come.

    • Greg

      M SMITH,
      I bet you look a whole lat smarter now that your gold is standing at around $1,600. Nothing has changed the fundamentals are bad and getting worse! Thank you for your support!!!! Merry Christmas.

  3. norcar survivor

    I can not express how proud I am to see you get the international coverage you deserve. I’ve watched your career since you were on PM Magazine here in the triad (N.C.) and have been telling people for years to pay attention to your site. Greg, we who watch and participate in your message know how important it is to get this information out. We are called paranoid conspiracy nuts and what have you but the message is still true. The sky is not falling but you’re gonna wish it would when this stuff really hits the fan. People put off doing anything until it’s too late than they look for someone to pull them out of the quagmire. It happened in Katrina and it will happen again. Katrina was a warning shot to U.S. citizens for how inept the government is at telling the truth and for response to the needs of it’s people. Yet the masses are all too quick to forget the lessons history teaches.
    I’m not telling you anything new just reminding your readers and any new readers this show may have garnered for you, that this is crunch time. The banks will fail and people will not be ready. Time was yesterday to prepare. anything we do today is just catching up. Thank you again for your efforts and keep up the great work you do. It isn’t said often enough in my books.
    Your friend and supporter Phil

    • Greg

      Thank you for your analysis, kind words, and above all, your trust and support. Merry Christmas my friend!!!

      • norcar survivor

        Merry Christmas to you too Greg

  4. Sean

    I’ll never forget the first time I heard Alex. I was literally floored and amazed that someone was actually vocalizing my concerns – and could speak to real issues, their root causes, the objectives, and the people involved, in a way that validated all of my own independent research on the goals of the New World Order. I certainly don’t agree with Alex on everything, but he is the first person who gave me true hope that maybe the people have a fighting chance to return to a Constitutional government. In these days, I’m no longer concerned about peoples opinions of me as I openly discuss these issues with friends and coworkers. The truth is self-evident to even the most partisan people in our midst once they’re open to understanding.
    Last year I had some time left at the end of a presentation that I delivered at an executive level state function. The topic was using technology to grow business in a down economy. I gave my case study on how we had used technical leadership and savvy alliance building to grow a small engineering firm by 80% as our competition and related industry closed doors in the face of a rapidly declining client base. With time left on the clock I transitioned to what I called my “business continuity risk management overview”. I made the name up off the top of my head as I was looking out towards the Secretary of State for my state. I asked everyone to take a moment of silence and think very carefully about the largest risk to state industry over the past 20 years. I waited more than a full minute and asked “now if you aren’t thinking about where our jobs have gone and why, you aren’t properly analyzing out greatest risks.” I talked about how we all know it as globalization and that if we don’t consider and manage it as a risk, starting at the policy level, the problem is going to get worse rather than better, no matter how creative we become in our growth strategies. I wasn’t invited back to this years presentation (no surprises here), but the audience did overwhelm me with questions and a surprising interest in further thoughts etc.
    I tell this story because I credit my willingness to step out publicly with my beliefs to AJ’s strong example.

  5. Nathan

    Greg , I’m glad that there are people like you and David Walker out there trying to make people aware . But you have to feel alone on this because i can’t even get my own wife to believe there’s the very real potential for a global financial meltdown . Not to mention a “potential” World War three scenerio unfolding (not saying it will happen) but there are A LOT of flashpoints revolving around Russia,China,Syria and Iran. That being said , Don’t you find the timing of the first ever national alert system testing and S1867 passing 93-7 coincedental ? (I’m not into conspiracy but 2+2=4)Do you know when the last day for Obama to veto this bill is ?

    Anyway , thanks for doing a great job , i’m telling as many people about your website as i can . Merry Christmas .

    • Greg

      Your fears about financial calamity and War can be backed up with fact. Thank you for your comment and support!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  6. Sarmad

    Dear Greg

    With the utmost respect: as a reader of your page for many months I must admit that I am shocked by this endorsement of Alex Jones. He has undermined his arguments by his acceptance of the New World Order theory. This conspiracy theory is one of the daftest ideas floating around and I strongly recommend that you read a few objective studies about how this theory evolved. It has absolutely no basis in fact. Not even one of these theorists has ever cited the first documented use of this phrase.

    I was also very disappointed to see that Ron Paul goes on the Alex Jones show as well. This makes him appear a much less realistic option as President.

    I personally place your analysis on a much higher level than this and I’d be very disappointed to see your site lose its credibility.

    NWO order ideas are only a few steps away from the theory about lizard people. Or that planet that is coming to crash into us….!

    • Greg

      No one is correct 100% of the time but Jones is more correct than not. I feel he puts out there on the web what he really believes and does a pretty good job of backing it up. I cannot fault him for that. I personally do not cover the NWO stuff because it is hard for me to source the information. Jones gave me an opportunity to get my site out to a wide range of new people and I am very grateful for that. I will appear in his show in the future if I am invited and I hope I am. Thank you for your concern and support. I will not cut corners. Merry Christmas.

      • Sarmad


        That’s a good point about being accurate more than not.

        What I REALLY love about your website is the way you deal with comments. You are so upfront and honest and courteous. There is a level of decency in the manner with which you reply that really affects me. Thank you for this many times over.

        I apologise if my comment was overwrought in it’s language. I am, however, very concerned to express my view that a belief in a NWO cabal is a distraction at best. At worst it may actually conceal the truth and prevent people from seeing things as they really are.

        Now, I don’t know where Rand Paul got this idea about people with missing fingers being obvious targets for a paranoid state, but I am beginning to wonder whether there is danger in commenting on blogs!


        • Greg

          I know this is all a bit new and scary. Thank you for the comment.

          • Sarmad

            Dear Greg,

            I just watched a clip from Alex Jones where he warned that the Large Hadron Collider is going to destroy the world. I then saw a clip where he says that the government is encouraging the spread of homosexuality with the use of chemical warfare. He says he has the government documents that prove this. On other clips he condemns evolution.

            I’m not raising this because I want to offend the views of creationists. However, in the above points Jones is in fact rejecting the bulk of the available evidence. For this reason I find his other claims liable to suspicion. If he talks about FEMA camps we must remember how outlandish some of this other ideas are.


  7. CMike

    Great interview Greg! I hope you make more regular appearances on Alex’s show. If you continue with the Skype please consider adding some lighting on your end, something as simple as a pair of these — — with 40W bulbs at 45 degree angle offset from the camera would reduce the shadows and look a lot better. Alex’s people could give you a lot more advice on lighting for video, I’m sure.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the lighting tips. I know the video portion of the site needs some tweaking and I am working on it in the new year. Merry Christmas and thank your for your support

  8. Shawn In San Jose

    Hi Greg,

    I wanted to comment on the mortgage debacle you mentioned in the interview. I’ve been reading “All the Devil’s are Here” by Bethany McLean. It goes into great detail about how the mortgage mess got started, what a MBS is, what a CDS is, what a CDO is. I highly recommend it to you or your readers.

    One thing that’s stood out so far and I make my way through the book is that a high percentage of the sub-prime loans (something like 70% if I recall correctly) were re-fi’s. So while there indeed were people buying houses they couldn’t afford it seems a lot of the sub prime was established owners treating their houses like an ATM card.

    Of course we all know how that turned out. And your so right that 2012 wont see any housing recovery.

    • Greg

      Thank you Shawn In San Jose!!

  9. g.johnson

    very good to see you getting together with alex jones.
    i have to admit that i have been tempted to post links to prisonplanet and infowars on this site for some time but hesitated as mr. jones can be quite harsh to the uninitiated psyche.

    for those of you truly interested in how bad things really are in this world, i strongly suggest that you google alex jones and spend a good amount of time at bothe the prison planet and infowars sites.

    your initial reaction may be to call mr. jones a tin hat conspiracy theorist. so please note that alex jones bends over backwards to provide documentation for everything he reports.

    greg, if you were not already being closely watched by the “powers that be”, you certainly got their attention now.

    kudos greg, for ratcheting up.

    • Greg

      Thank you G.J. for your participation in!

  10. masterluke

    My favorite part is talking about how the mainstream news “doesn’t lie” they just don’t report what they don’t want to.

  11. Jim H

    Good to see you & Alex. Too bad Alex and thinkers like him have so far been unable to see the good in finding common ground with Occupy forces. I still have hope (unlike Obama’s) this may occur. I have been in and worked for (still do) the “military Industrial Complex for the last 37 years. Here is a link to an Army Publication published in 2005 that gives me further reason to believe this collapse was planned some time back. Would like to know what you and other Readers think of this document.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Greg

      Thank you Jim and Mike and Merry Christmas to you both!

  12. Mike Rounds

    Great interview Greg. Bad stuff coming our way soon. Very grateful for folks like you who tell it straight. Merry Christmas.

  13. Oky1

    Howdy Greg!:)

    I think it’s great you went on Alex Jones Show!

    To heck with anyone wishing to sensor information, AJ’s or any

    What can we source, what can we prove & what is our opinion, that’s what I want to hear.

    It seems all of us but those rioting for latest hit tennis shoes now realize the USA has descended into a pit of Fascist Hell, gifted to us all by the true enemy of humanity, Wallst/London Banks & Insurance companies.

    Well here is a gift to you & your/AJ’s readers I wish everyone to pass around as far as possible to counter act those Fascist Banks/Insurance Co.

    The words of Albrecht Georg Haushofer:


    …schuldig bin ich
    I am guilty,
    Anders als Ihr denkt.
    But not in the way you think.
    Ich musste früher meine Pflicht erkennen;
    I should have earlier recognized my duty;
    Ich musste schärfer Unheil Unheil nennen;
    I should have more sharply called evil evil;
    Mein Urteil habe ich zu lang gelenkt…
    I reined in my judgment too long.
    Ich habe gewarnt,
    I did warn,
    Aber nicht genug, und klar;
    But not enough, and clear;
    Und heute weiß ich, was ich schuldig war.
    And today I know what I was guilty of.[1]

    You can hear the words spoken in the native German in the below link by Ray McGovern, I suggest starting at about 40 minutes into the lecture.

  14. rrrobert

    i heard on public radio : kpfk 90.7 fm (democracy now):on monday 12/19/11 that Obama is signing the NDAA bill, but does not say when…that’s nuts…talk about clarity…World financial meltdown, American’s Great Recession,Battle for control of the Mideast, government kill switch to the internet, dumming down of the people…passing of the NDAA bill and the activation of FEMA camps…who would believe that we are reliving history of the 1930’s before WWII…it’s one thing to read and learn about it,but to experience it(and the build up to the first World War of the 21st century)…WOW…to live and tell the tale

  15. Tom

    ARE WE ALL CAUGHT UP IN THE FINALE BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AN EVILE? lIKE i SAID THIS IS JUST A TEST BUT WHEN IT STARTS TO GET TESTY MAYBE ITS TIME TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, CONSULT THE mANUAL? mAYBE. wHERES sTEVE mCqUEEN WHEN WE NEED HIM, NOW! hINT.. ON TOP OF A TOWERING INFERNO. Watch it again, Rent it….think about it. Greed might be good fer the scoundrell till he sinks the boat and he just might have to die with all his victumes, unless he can find some womens clothes…Man the life boats all you women and childern…..Google- Do not harm the olive oil and the wine.

  16. Christy

    Kudos! Greg, on your excellent, truthful reporting. Regarding your Alex Jones interview, however, FYI-lots of us in Montana don’t live in caves. I , however, am currently in the market for an appropriate cave in which to ride out the looming implosion of dung soon to hit the rapidly spinning rotors. You’re a real straight shooter. Keep up the GREAT work!! CE

    • Greg

      I am so sorry, Montana is a wonderful state and a friend of mind from there said the same thing. No more bad Montana references. Thank you for your support and comment.

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