Greg Mannarino – People Are Going to Suffer on a Biblical Scale

By Greg Hunter’s 

Greg Mannarino is a former Bear Stearns floor trader in the mid 1990’s.  He has written seven books on the ongoing financial crisis.  His latest is called “The Politics of Money.”  Mannarino is a rising star on the internet for his YouTube commentaries.  He says, “The global debt bubble is the biggest in all of mankind, and every single one has burst in the past.”  He thinks what has been going on since the 2008 financial meltdown, “Is theft on a scale that is unimaginable.”   When this debt bubble bursts, Mannarino thinks, “People are going to suffer on a Biblical scale. . . . People are not going to be able to acquire basic resources.”

He predicts, “I am certain we are going to see violent crime erupt on a global level.”  Mannarino shucked it all to go to medical school, and today he is a practicing physician’s assistant.  He’s back on the internet to warn people of what he sees coming in the not-so-distant future.  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Greg Mannarino.

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  1. justin king

    The following authors will help people weather this upcoming storm: Jeff Faux, Woody Brock, Alexander Green, Nouriel Roubini, Robert H. Frank, John Mauldin, Robert Scheer, Nomi prins . Fortunately, this subject has spawned many books since 2008, the wealth of info is actually adequate for intelligent people to learn how to anticipate and even grow stronger.

  2. Barry

    I unsubscribed to Mr. Mannarino when he started telling his listeners how to take out loans and default on them (and get away with it).

    • rrrobert

      Question is where did he learn how to do that…from his boss, who in turn learn it from his boss and so on,so forth, and was it legal?

  3. PatriotRider


    A truly stunning interview. For once all of the truth has been told in less than 20 minutes. I will be spreading this interview around far and wide. It is a masterpiece of logic and commentary that cannot be denied, even if told from a 50,00 foot view point.

    This is exactly why I enjoy visiting and reading your site virtually everyday. I can only hope that people pay attention to this particular one on one interview and prepare themselves.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the viral promotion.

  4. Brad27

    If I haven’t heard this on NPR how can it be so?

  5. wisefool

    I already knew people would suffer on a Biblical scale, because the Bible foretells it. The world is controlled by a few that share a Luciferian religion. The rest of their useful idiots do it for the money.

  6. Blue Dog

    God is about to rain judgment on the world and turn it over to the antichrist for 7 years.

  7. Stan

    Store food and water, buy silver, buy guns and ammo, learn to shoot, and advise my college and highschool kids to learn chinese and get a degree in Engineering… thanks Greg for another great interview…

  8. anni

    Greg Can you find someone who will talk about the credit card debt of the average american? What will happen to people when they can’t pay these bills? I never hear this addressed.

    • Greg

      Lots in the pipline. I will at some point.

  9. Mitch Bupp

    Greg I really like this guy. He is talking the talk and I bet he walks the walk. I have to agree with everything he says.

    “nothing happens by accident”


    back to the future past in a feudal world…..

  10. Mickey

    Greg, this man is not joking & he is right! This is a time that will be wrote about for many moons! None of this had to happen, but men & women in power did not have the morals to put a stop to the pure greed & evil that has control over this once great nation. Obama is no different than Bush or FDR, you can see it in the legislation being passed & the others crappy bills coming up soon for a vote. Like HR4646 that is under the radar. It will touch every one who uses a bank & in 2013 all SS checks will be mandatory direct deposit, so the older folks will lose 1% on every transaction. Say your SS check is $1000.00, ten dollars comes off the top. Then evrey time you use a debit card or check, wire transaction 1%. One hell of a way to steal money would you not say.

    The republicans want to keep us in a damn war to please their friends & the Democrats want to tax us until there nothing left but a shell of a once great Republic of free people, that vanished over a hundred years ago & we let it happen! All I can do is spread the word about this bill, the voters will find out that no matter what they say to their Reps, HR.4646 will become law!

    Greg, you & Jim Sinclair have helped a lot of folks & I really know in my heart that it will a make huge difference to those that listen & acted, it may be hard, but the truth has always out done a lie.
    Thank you & GOD Bless & keep up the great work!

    • Greg

      Thank you Mickey.

    • Ron

      Mickey your about right.I just want to point out that so many people say the same thing about republicans,i really dont see any difference between them and democrats.Im sure both partys make money from war.

  11. slingshot

    You are doing an excellent job in trying to get the word out.
    Your interviews and commentary is spot on and with each one you connect the dots which many can not comprehend. It is one thing for a person to realise what is happening around them and another to communicate what he sees to others. The overiding of “Normal Bias” is monumental but as we slide into the abyss, more will be looking for the answers to the problems they are now experiencing. Those of us that have withstood the ridicule of friends and family will soon be sought out to obtain the very information they rejected in the past.
    Thier leaning curve will be intense and in some cases thier goals, unobtainable.
    What we all will find out is how human we really are. Anything worth
    having or preserving takes time and effort. As we read, USAWatchdog, consider the time and effort that goes into the commentary and interviews we have at our fingertips. Why would one individual devote so much effort to spread information so negative and to many extreme?
    I will also add that he stays on the point message as others sites would diverge into other meaningless tangents.
    Mr. Mannarino, made some strong points. That the bankers do not believe in thier own product. That the money is not yours and that the Banks continue to acquire gold. A two tier system of Have and Have Nots and that many will suffer. A valid and simple explanation of the Global Debt Bubble and its impact on our lives.
    It is my humble opinion that knowledge is King. That we must use what sits on our shoulders for more than a hat rack. We must use what we have learned. A distinct possibility that time is short to prepare
    and the truth that we have sought for so long will only arrive on the day of reckoning.
    Keep up the good work, Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you Sling.

  12. norcar survivor

    The problem I see Greg is there are those who feel there will be survivors of this catastrophe. This is what one refers to as a global killer. Even if you come out on top, what are you on top of? King of the slum is still in the slum. Some will paint him as a gloom and doom expert. Those of us with eyes open see him a a spokesman for Common sense which now is considered a super power by most folks. Keep up the real news feed Greg and we’ll spread it around.

  13. Donna

    What can the average American citizen do to be prepared? I am talking people below the middle class and above the poverty line? What should I be doing????

    • Gloria

      What horrors they will likely face after a cave-in of their nation’s economy, war, geophysical upheaval, or whatever crisis is bad enough to disturb or stop their nation from working and functioning? There are plenty of very potential SHTF events that are simply awaiting a catalyst to trigger them.

      The Non-Prepper (NP) has to realize right off the bat that 911 and other emergency calls in will be met with silence or some recording telling the caller not to panic.
      The (NP) that has no reliable self defense that can stop an attacker, will not get help from public services, and will become a victim of rape, assault, torture, or murder.
      The (NP) that has no reliable self defense and will not only be at the mercy of criminal elements, but also have to contend with many desperate animals, some with rabies.
      The (NP) that has no food will either have to find food or be ready to beg for food or worse, like sacrificing their bodies or other horrible acts or things to get a bite of food.
      The (NP) will have to go through the worst, most rancid conditions of garbage to just maybe find what they should have stored up.
      The (NP) will go through panic and near if not total psychosis looking for any water source right before their bodies begin shutting down during advanced stages of dehydration.
      The (NP) will go through unbearable trauma when their children and other people around them are crying, screaming, and suffering with intense hunger pains in their stomachs.
      The (NP) will have to deal with the awful stench of rotting wastes from many sources because they have not taken the effort to even store up waste disposal plastic bags.
      The (NP) will have disease and pathogens everywhere, not only because they have no trash disposal means, but because they haven’t prepared how to deal with trash and waste.
      The (NP) will have to live in very primitive conditions after things around them deteriorate rapidly, because they have neglected putting away anything to make life more bearable.
      The (NP) and those around them will likely develop all sorts of infective skin rashes from the lack of insight of storing up toilet paper. Imagine the smell for a moment.
      The (NP) will have to handle biting insects and other vermin that will collect amoungst the filth that will pile up. No pest control stored up along with no other supplies.
      The (NP) will have no way of treating sickness certain to follow a SHTF event, no first aid and likely no training or knowledge about how to treat the ill on top of this.
      The (NP) will have sick and dying people around them because of not being able to treat minor injuries. Didn’t even stock up on disinfectives. Unsanitary conditions lead to infection.
      The (NP) and others around them will experience much grief as they watch helplessly as their family members literally die of starvation right in front of their eyes.
      The (NP) won’t believe how desperate hunger drives them and those that mean everything to them to “trying” to eat food that taste so bad it gags them and comes back up.
      The (NP) will likely have family and friends around them that have also not prepared committing suicide because they can’t take it any longer.
      The (NP) will witness some of those people around them lose any sense of civilized humanity in them and behave like wild animals after some time from lack of necessities.
      The (NP) and family members, maybe friends also, will at some point end up barbecuing or eating raw the family dog, cat, bird, any pet dear to everyone for food.
      The (NP) will likely get into physical fights with other family members over any scrap of food available as rational thoughts are lost to wanton hunger.
      The (NP) as many other (NP’s) will eventually go out of any safety of their home looking for food and or water, become disorientated and lost, and die a hard death somewhere.
      The (NP) that is “lucky” enough to find some government help will likely have to almost sell their soul, probably all their freedom, to get tiny rations – just enough to keep them alive.
      The (NP) will see widespread violence and barbarism that will shock them to the core and will wish that they had purchased some form of firearm and stocked up on ammunition.
      The (NP) better get used to attempting to explain the children and other adults why they wasted all that money on junk, and didn’t buy any emergency food and other supplies.
      The (NP), no matter how positive they are will drop quickly into depression and lose willpower as having nothing to hold on to does this, along with lack of any nutrition.
      The (NP) will feel the worst guilt imaginable as they hear their family moaning in anguish from lack of anything to eat, knowing they could have done something to prepare.
      The (NP) will most likely not see the rebuilding and recovery after A SHTF event. They will, like almost all NP’s, be statistics. Some will die hours or a day before help arrives.
      The (NP) from lack of food, drinking bad water, no light at night, the horrid smells, no good self defense, the overall horror, will often be paralyzed with fear and despair, blank stare.
      The (NP) is totally helpless after SHTF, will have to rely totally on charity of those prepared to live. They will take all sorts of desperate measures likely to get them shot. They’ll attempt to eat hazardous foods like an animal trapped in a house will do, and get sick and suffer much before dying. The (NP) will likely die (ugly and hard) as they lived, unprepared for anything.
      If we were to use one single word to describe the torments that someone who “chooses” not to prepare will go through after a true you know what hits the fan it would be “PREVENTABLE”.

    • Ron

      Donna,i would get out of the citys and into a rural setting.A paid for piece of dirt with some kind of well thought out shelter.I like something small with good insulation.Mabe a straw bale shelter.
      Stock up on food.Water. A shotgun with buckshot for defense.
      Silver would be good to have.Imagine all the things like stores that you take for granted,not being there.I bought some extra clothes at yard sales and thrift stores.Sleeping bags and some warm blankets are always good to have.I try to be prepared for a lack of heat during the winter.A small tent to put in a room as a house in a house with an insulated floor.Carpet or layered blankets.

  14. norcar survivor

    I just went to the local Wells Fargo bank to change out some hundred dollar bills for 10s, 5s, and 20s. The head manager of the bank who I have known for years asked me what I was doing and I explained about trading out larger for smaller bills in case there is a national bank holiday and I need the cash. He asked me if I really thought things were that bad. I said not yet but they will be and I told him “You know that to”. He kind of grinned and said we probably have a year left. That is powerful information from the inside my brother and people need to be having these conversations with people they know and trust so we can get a Consensus on real information. Just thought you would like that update.

    • Greg

      Good stuff N.C.!!

  15. Jack

    @ Barry-

    Mannarino so to say talked about doing this and why not? What are they doing to us?

    It seems they are collecting as much consolidated wealth as possible BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE towards who knows what end we will have to all of this. Its a scandal a week now and accelerating. Why prosecute anyone with the knowledge this is coming?

    If America will be a barren wasteland of a country soon because of this I really don’t think THEY care. Just move their wealth to somewhere else and wait it out. If we got a wasteland we will have green pastures in some other country as it has always been throughout history. Or maybe they will return once the dust settles to buy up everything at pennies on the dollar (see Great Depression).

    Maybe they are doing like the Walton family and building bunkers to ride it out. Maybe others with the means will flee to islands and tough it out there (cocktails on the beach, the horror) shoving their gold into a safe place off the mainland.

    I do agree with Mannarino with what he says about them being always a few steps ahead of everyone. They are quite smart or have highly intelligent people around them.

    What I will say is that I don’t believe even they expected it to get this bad financially or globally this fast.

    Regardless, they have a contention plan for everything that is not in the global masses best interest whatsoever and that’s the only thing predictable right now.

    I think Biblical is an understatement with whats coming.

  16. Indebted


    I respect your work.
    I listen to the guest speakers you bring to your site.
    I listen to speakers on other sites as well, that I respect.
    I listen and listen and listen.
    I hear the question pressing on my mind, but I never hear an answer given that I can understand. The commentators – these “experts” – utter some big worded answer that if you are not “intelligent” in how the Markets work, just slips over one’s head as mumble jumbo.

    My husband says they mutter like that because they don’t know the answer.

    I will be blunt. I am poor.
    Buy gold or silver? No. I have no reserve of money to protect.
    I am like many millions of others — the working poor, living from paycheck to paycheck. I have a house mortgage. I have no other indebtedness. I don’t have a credit card. I pay my bills faithfully every month and let humbly on what’s left over. My husband and I live very modestly. We grow our own food, preserve everything our garden yields. Drive old vehicles.

    But when all these chips come tumbling down, when the economy (or dollar) crashes — when the financial system collapses — DO WE LOSE OUR HOME?

    Can’t someone answer that question in ABC simplicity, so those of us can be prepared for eviction — if that is what is going to happen to us?

    • norcar survivor

      You are doing all the right things. At this time, trust in the Lord will do wonders for you. I personally would also advocate building a safe room in or under your home if you have a basement. It can be done fairly cheaply and by the sounds of it, you and your husband are creative enough to do most of it yourself. I’m talking false walls and secret door behind a cabinet so no one knows it exist and then keep it that way. Some times, all we need is a place to unplug from society for a while until the carnage is over. Your food stores should also be behind a false wall. Let the scavengers raid the cubbards, the good stuff will still be there when you need it. I know this sounds extreme but I’ve done it and it gives me peace knowing I have alternatives. My safe room is 7feet by 10 feet and has food, water, and sleeping bunks. We have used it twice for tornado shelter so it is not wasted. Good luck and prayers for you and yours.

      • norcar survivor

        About eviction, when the s#@t hits the fan, evicting you and others like you will be far from anyone’s mind. There will not be any banks in business to track the defaults. I think it’ll come that fast and soon.

  17. Indebted

    A last note.

    For all those out there rushing out to buy gold and silver, if you believe in the Bible, maybe you should heed what it says.

    Zephaniah 1:17-18a
    I will bring distress on men so that they will walk like the blind, because they have sinned against the LORD.
    And their blood will be poured out like dust and their flesh like dung.

    Ezekiel 7:19
    They will fling their silver into the streets and their gold will become an abhorrent thing; their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD. They cannot satisfy their appetite nor can they fill their stomachs, for their iniquity has become an occasion of stumbling.

    That is what it will be like when it becomes the day of “biblical proportions.”

    • slingshot

      To lose ones home is to lose the foundation of which many build thier lives around. It is the place of where dreams are forfilled and new ones envisioned. It is more than that but I do not have to tell you. I have friends who live payday to payday. One who lost his home and another who stopped paying his mortgage because he can not afford to pay. I read that the MIDDLE CLASS is between $50,000 and $250,000.
      I do not make that kind of money and do not know anyone who does. So I guess I am in the poor category. A step above poverty.
      Your question as to if you will lose your home is one that needs to be answered. Unfortunately there are many variables. How bad is it going to get. Will there be an avenue to make your payments. Will you still have an income. Which bank to make the payments to, if they survive the collaspe. There are many in the same boat as you and will the banks force more into the streets. The reason for the evictions now is only because there is so called, Law and Order. Chaos, changes the whole game. In my opinion the banks will have thier hands full and future evictions might turn into armed confrontations. They have the ability to stretch this misery to the point that when they can not squeeze anymore out of us, they will
      let it collaspe. You are a honest person, trying to do what is right and all the bankers are doing is covering thier butts and receiving larger bonuses.
      You may be right about precious metals. A false security? The installation of a digital only society would be the end of thier usefulness. Complete enslavement.

  18. Donna

    I was intrigued by your statements. I want to know what I should be doing as the average American citizen to be prepared for this. Should I be buying more groceries, water, toiletries, batteries….or should I be buying tents, guns, ammo…etc???

    • Greg

      All the above, but I’d start with silver.

  19. D.Stewart


    Good interview. I think he is 15% off baseline. The one thing we must do in order to save this Republic is to unite as a people as in United We Will Stand.

    I hear panic in the voices of many and it is justified. The best thing we can do is to understand that our political system is corrupt and we need to get rid of the politicians who are gaming the system. We as Americans must understand the US and the political process and we must band together to stop and even reverse things such as the Patriot Act and the National Defense Act.

    This is all by design and implemented over time. No time for whiners; only time for self sufficient Americans who understand our US Constitution and what a treasure it was. I challenge ever American to know the name of their congressional Representative and what they are endorsing. Throw the bums out if They are gamers.

    There is only one party in the US and it is The Republacrats. Don’t be fooled any longer.

    You can buy silver now for $35.00 and ounce in American Silver Dollars.
    Act Fast. There are many good comments above

    Learn to be as self sufficient as possible.

    Good luck all.

  20. Herve

    This is very interesting. A point that has been shared longer than just since 2008. Any protection taken will be again directed towards the few who pull the strings and what is left over or deemed as insignificant will be what the masses will have. Here in lies the quandry. It is still reimplimenting a system that has failed over repeatedly for no other reason than that it does not benefit all. When there is any system of measurement or qualifying, corruption is an inevitable effect. Judgement becomes again the determining factor and the judgement is made by the rule maker. A new way of thinking is what is necessary to not have this cyclical pattern in our experience. We, as a human experience, have to let go of what we see as the familiar so that we may be able to see another way of being, of sharing all that there is and be able to create more than you can even imagine in your wildest dreams. Being in fear of present currencies failing is but a fear that is again re-visited from the past. Be in joy of this feudal enslavement of currencies failing so that there may be a more evenly spiritual way where judgement does not dictate who gets what; where all qualify; where ther is no judgement system, no qualifying. We just need to wake up to who and what we are as an total entity; not a segregated lot of battling ponds. Blessings

  21. peter

    This guy is SELLING books for that WORTHLESS Fiat currency that HE downs. They are ALL selling FEAR. If you wanna buy…….. buy. SIX books. Is he taking cash for them. He does videos on HOW TO TAKE LOANS AND RIP OFF THE BANKS..honest guy huh?
    He is also just Parroting people like Peter schiff etc. He doe snot have an original thought in this whole thing.

  22. yugosno

    Our suffering on a biblical scale has been foretold thousands of years ago, the black horseman in the book of revelation has a set of scales in his hands because unjust weights and measures are an abomination to God. scripture proceeds to tell of a days wages for a loaf of bread(masive inflation) the word also states that by their sorceries, (Magic) were all the nations decieved,that deception and magic was the subsitution of gold for colorfull pieces of paper pretending to be of value.this magic was very subtle from gold to paper gold certificates redeemable for gold to federal reserve paper notes redeemable for nothing. IOU nothings.these gold subsitutes are an abomination as proclaimed by our creator. my financial counselor tells me to buy gold tried in the fire that you may be rich and to put on white rainment so as to cover your nakedness. You think you are rich with these colorfull pieces of paper but dont know that you are wretched,blind and naked and told to put on eyesalve that we might see. have you regained your eyesight yet?

  23. Billy The Kid

    You can expect that everything from savings accounts to 401k/IRA accounts will be dust – vaporized.
    We are starting over as the FIAT currency and free market fables have run their course. I believe billions of people will starve or die of war and diseases before we can restore some order.

    Arable land, water, seed and animal protein will be the new king makers……as will tools, firearms and medicine.

    Translation: There are too many people on earth. Be prepared!

  24. onlyafewleft

    So, why would “the Fed, the Institutional Investor…. and all the baddies” want famine, an empty and grey world…etc?

    BEFORE you buy a book, think: “If I could instil fear into the hearts of innocent, gullible people & make a million or two….what is the best way to do it?…..selling books/DVDs?”

    Don’t be conned into it…..listen by all means, but don’t buy anything from him – he’s tricking you !!

    It’s a scam !!

    • Greg

      Have you read Mannarino’s book? I have and it is no scam. Mannarino doesn’t sell DVD’s. His site is FREE. Don’t come on this site and lible people with baseless claims. You are a scam and a coward for making false accusations with an anonymous name. Don’t come back to this site.

  25. frank

    Gregory and Greg, thank you tremendously for the awareness you bring to the unknowing. There is so much propaganda and misinformation out there that it’s awesome and much appreciated that you guys speak the truth and are true patriots shown by your passion for waking people up.
    We love you guys and ignore the ignorant, deniers, or those siding with these criminals running our country. When the crash escalates, these people will wonder where their next meal is coming from, and we will have food, water, supplies, and gold.

  26. Suzan

    This guy Mannarino is supposed to be praised for yakking about something that everyone already knows? Gold investment is a good idea, 15 yrs. ago. What is it with the De-Americanizing remarks? He uses the word Socialism when he should be saying Democratic Socialism. I get the feeling he knows nothing about that system or how it works. We should continue in a “free market” society because it’s working out so well? For who? How in blazes can he blame Obamacare for the fall of the US Dollar? Illogical.

    • Greg Hunter

      Who are you?

  27. Greg

    Mannarino is totally correct, and I am going to have him on again soon.

  28. Suzan

    These little comments by Greg are automatic…the last one dated April 2013. Nice try. This guy Mannarino is NOT totally correct and by all means have him on all you want!!

  29. Greg Hunter

    My comments are not automatic and you need to post with a real verifiable name and not “Suzan.”

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