Iraq Crisis-$150 to $200 Oil Might Seem Cheap-Chris Martenson

4By Greg Hunter’s

Chris Martenson is an economic researcher and futurist who produced a popular video seminar called “Crash Course.”   Back in early 2008, he explained the “interconnected forces in the economy, energy and the environment.”  Now, he has produced a new “Accelerated Crash Course,” and this theme is playing out in places like Iraq.  Martenson says, “If you want to understand what is going on in Iraq, you have to understand what is going on with energy in this part of the game. . . .The U.S. media goes out of its way to pretend this is just some random thing that happened.  A bunch of crazy people came out of Syria and are causing trouble. . . . The post reconstruction effort in Iraq, if it wasn’t designed to fail, it was the biggest bungling job of all of history.  We dismantled key institutions, we dismantled their army and left the country a hollowed out shell.  Guess what, now that’s breaking.”  Martenson goes on to point out, “Here’s why it affects us.  Oil and oil infrastructure is fragile stuff.  A refinery is thousands of moving parts and miles of tubes and pipes.  One mortar lobbed in there and that whole refinery gets shut down. . . . The idea we can have full blown Sunni, Shia, Kurd conflict where they’re going to duke it out for power, and have all that oil infrastructure remain untouched, I think is a fantasy.”

So, what happens to oil prices if Iraqi oil is taken off the market because of war?  Martenson says, “If that goes away, oil prices are set at the margin.  That 2.5 million barrels going off line brings us to $150 oil.  If something worse happens, Saudi Arabia gets involved or the Strait of Hormuz gets closed down, then we’re talking about numbers like $200 a barrel, and that might even seem cheap.  We don’t know how high oil could go if this turns into regional conflict.  That is the risk, and it’s on the table now.”

Martenson goes on to say, “Once you let this genie out of the bottle and you unleash inter-fighting and bad blood, there is no predicting what could happen.  I think it’s been a huge mistake to sow chaos and discord.  How many countries did we do this to?  We broke Libya in exactly the same way. . . . Now, that place has zero oil exports because the country is completely wrecked by sectarian violence.  The same thing has happened Egypt.  We got rid of the standing government, it’s a mess.  Syria is a mess.  Iraq, now it’s a mess.  I look at this and I see mess, mess, mess.  Maybe that is the plan, and that plan is always how we, the West, can better control the oil interests of these countries.  This is critical . . . Europe is desperately needing oil and natural gas at this point in time.  The U.S. is still a net importer of natural gas and still imports 7 million barrels of crude oil a day of the 15 that we burn.  Look at all the countries wading into the Middle East, and all of them are net oil importers . . . . So, this is a real scramble for resources.  All wars have been resource wars, and when I look at the geopolitical landscape, the Middle East and in Eastern Europe, I say this story has already started to unravel; and if you don’t understand resources, then this story won’t make a lick of sense.”

Martenson, who holds a PhD in pathology and an MBA, contends 2008 was just a warm up to a much bigger calamity.  Martenson says, “2008 was the shot across the bow.  That’s when our credit experiment broke, and we have been doing everything possible to paper over it since. . . . When you take real stuff out of the ground, you grow food, you take oil out of the ground, you process ore into steel and you manufacture real things–that’s real wealth.  The claims (such as stocks, bonds and currencies) have to be in proportion to the real wealth.  The claims have been growing and growing and growing for so long that they are way out of balance to the real stuff, and the real stuff isn’t growing like it used to.  You can see that in the GDP numbers for the U.S. or the world at large.  Growth is slowing, slowing, slowing, and the claims are getting larger and larger.  This represents a huge and gigantic source of potential energy.  There is a gap there and it’s going to get closed.  Only one of two things is going to happen.  One, real stuff starts expanding like crazy; or, two, the claims get destroyed.  That’s what we are talking about when we talk about a market crash.  The claims get destroyed.  People get wiped out.  The people who don’t get ruined are people safely over in the real wealth already.  If you own an unencumbered farm, if you own a productive asset, if you own gold or silver, or if you own your house outright,  you are going to be vastly safer than . . . someone who is leveraged and hinged into this other system.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Chris Martenson, co-founder of

(There is much, more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:  

Martenson told me the new “Accelerated Crash Course” is nearly 4.5 hours long.  The video presentation is divided into 28 chapters, and Martenson will be releasing a few new chapters every week.  The “Accelerated Crash Course” is free and can be found on  Martenson also told me his company offers a paid subscription service, and it gives analysis on financial and geopolitical issues and “everything that is important.”  If you would like to subscribe, click here.

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  1. bob

    chris is totally right. i would like to add that the oil elite has an alaskan well that would give the world 90 years of oil for next to nothing according to lindsey williams. it shows that we destroy or use everybody else’s resources before ours.
    chris has put everything into street language for anybody to understand. he couldn’t
    have laid this out any better. hopefully people will listen and spread the news. he is somebody that needs to be on more often.

    • mike

      there is zero reason for oil to spike in the US, we have ample production and in fact are over producing refined gasoline to the point that refiners are having to export it.

      The gov allows these speculators to drive up cost of a very important commodity, OBAMA allowed the previously forbidden export of refine gas, and now look what the moron has done to us all.

      Repeal the ability to export gasoline and watch the price drop to $1.00 a gallon

      • lastmanstanding

        $1.00 a gallon…you are in dream land dude.

        It is $3.60 a gallon where I live…That is STILL a gift. In fact, be glad that you can still buy gas. It will be the final straw in waking people the f-up to what is going on.

        When people like me and maybe you have to pay $5.00, it will be all over. The only reason that the producers of this country are putting up with the price now is that they can still afford to drive where ever they want (within reason), they can still put gas in their toys and they still have customers who want their product.

        I have never jumped on anyone here as fast as I jumped on the “buck a gallon” comment. If you can understand the research that guys like Chris and Steve St. Angelo are providing, God help you.

        The amount of energy pissed down the drain in a short time here in the USA is ignorant and embarrassing…we will pay for our stupidity.

        If you don’t believe what guys like Chris and Steve St. Angelo

    • Tracy

      Greg, Like you I have been listening to Chris for several years. I have learned much. I would like to add that many people have very little money and often ask me “what can I do?” I tell them to buy things they will be able to barter with, that will not go bad, or spoil. Liquor is excellent. Cheap bourban like old crow and cheap vodka for medicinal and barter both. If you live in a state with liquor sales like Indiana more the better for deals. Keep a few cases in the closet and wait. Buy a little every week. Sugar won’t go bad and when the sugar subsidies stop it will have more value. Beans are good as a food store and barter. Walmart has large bags of pinto beans cheap. Amazon has bulk dehydrated ohions cheap and onions make a cheap diet taste better. Lentils are very nutritious and will last. Everyone needs toilet paper, store that too. There are companies that sell survival seeds but it can be a waste of money if you don’t know anything about gardening. Go to the library and get garden books and start prepping your soil. I have done what Chris did and planted fruit trees and I think next year maybe a walnut tree or two. Nuts are very nutrient dense but they don’t store as well because of the oils. Grow sunflowers, they are easy and the seeds great. I hope this gives people, especially in the less than $35K income group some ideas. It is going to be hard for all. The time to prepare is now.

      • Greg Hunter

        You cannot go wrong buying food. It is cheap insurance with zero downside. Good advice for everyone.

        • Bill

          Thanks Greg for all you do! I believe it takes a lot of guts, as well as moral determination to actually seek the TRUTH, as you do. I was hoping you, or some of your guests might have some investment ideas for someone in my situation. I have a 403B, which I am very limited with choices. I can move around options, but currently have highest percentage of contributions in stocks/bonds. I have one option to move into commodities, but I won’t have ability to have anything physical. I’m thinking that it’s still better to have a significant percentage in commodities. Just wondering if you have viewers in a similar situation.

          • Greg Hunter

            Many have told me they have sold out of the market, paid the tax and penalty, paid stuff off and bought physical assets with clear title. That includes gold and silver coins. I am not a money manager, but that is what people have told me. I personally think anything paper is not safe. This is a personal choice that you and you alone can make. What is upon us has never happened before in human history.

    • Galaxy 500

      And what does Lindsay base a 90.year world supply of oil.on?

  2. Peter J

    I’ve been a follower of Dr. Martenson for several years. When I first watched the Crash Course, it made my knees buckle. It explained all of the strange things that had been happening in the US and globally, and it largely showed that the the world as we have known it is coming to an end. The global chaos that we are seeing now falls exactly in line with his analysis. My only disagreement with him is that he seems to assume that property rights will be respected during and after a SHTF type of event.

    • Rodster

      Exactly right. It’s not about who has the world’s reserve currency, it’s about infinite growth in a finite world. Oil is the #1 resource that moves the world and we are already past Peak “Cheap” Oil. It affects the world and it’s how civilizations collapse when they consume more resources than which can be produced. All this madness regarding wars and reports of wars are ALL based on RESOURCES and lack thereof.

      Welcome to the world of peak EVERYTHING !

      • A. hall

        Rodster: not exactly correct. We are “told” we have reached peak oil, but in fact this is not true. We have been using oil as energy for approx. 120 years – give or take. I have inside friends that know of 800 years of oil already found- and held off the market on purpose by the worlds elite’s. And oil is replenishing, research Russian oil fields . Well refill that were empty years ago. So much miss info out there, all scare tactics used to frighten and confuse people.
        Please read or hear about the book – “energy non- crisis”. It is all explained what the world elite’s are up to concerning oil. Planned out for decades.
        cut and paste this site –

        • lastmanstanding

          A. Hall. Oil is not replenishing any well, anywhere, anytime in your, mine, our kids, grandkids lifetime.

          Here’s one that I’ll throw out to you…when the elite reduce the population to half a billion, the US’s 3 day reserve will be enough oil to hold them for decades.

          If there was 800 years of oil ratholed…CM would know about it.

          Maybe that’s why the storage was built in the first place.

          • Galaxy 500

            Lindsey is one of these hack.preachers making a buck off of doom and gloom…reminds me of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. I have heard about so-called “methane dew” that is supposed to replenish some of these wells but its on geological time…nothing thats going to help us. When we run out of cheap oil, we move to medium until someone figures out dark matter or what ever the next energy source is

        • Galaxy 500

          800.years of oil. This is the preacher right?

          • lastmanstanding

            I won’t even touch the Lindsey Williams thing.

            Anyone who talks for hours to make a couple simple points is a waste of a human life.

            LW has never had to fend for anything in his life, he is the worst kind of man…one who is bought and paid for a hundred times over.

          • Galaxy 500

            Dont worry Lastman, the one true God takes great exception to those that lead his sheep astray, even the feeble minded ones. There’s a special place in Hell for guys like this. My secert sources tell my that Jim Jones and David Koresh are saving him a seat by the furnaces in Hell

            • Greg Hunter

              Everytime you comment on this subject I am going to post this:

              Lagarde, Head of the IMF clearly used what she called “numerology” to help explain a major 2014 forecast from the IMF. It was also clearly a forecast because in her prepared remarks she said that she wanted to talk about “what to expect for 2014.” She wasn’t drunk at some party or giving a hurried response while ducking into a cab, these were prepared remarks she gave while performing her official duties as Head of the IMF. 2014 is going to be a pivotal year according to her “magic 7” statement. I can’t believe the MSM gave her a gigantic pass on this outrageous statement. They are running the IMF based in part on numerology????????? That is apparently a fact.

  3. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great interview as ever. Let me ask you a question:
    Do you know what is the peak of malice?
    Putting incompetent people into the position of power. (Although these incompetent people are competent in one thing, robing you blind. While the PTB is accomplish their mission.)

    Your thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you got a very clear picture of what is going.

  4. Jim G

    I agree with much of what Martenson had to say, however, he is completely naïve about just getting rid of the debt and buying hard assets. He completely failed to mention what the likely scenario will be once the inevitable occurs.

    Everyone knows the vast majority will not be prepared when the collapse comes and things are going to become quite chaotic.

    Just because you’ve got solar panels on your house, stocked some food and have a little gold or silver on hand is not going to cut it. You better be living in a sparsely populated area far from a major urban center to have a chance. I seriously doubt anyone living a mere 35 miles from Springfield, MA will be safe when the SHTF.

    • wd


      Good point. Dimitry Orlov, pound this point constantly. I have no idea about what people should buy or not buy etc or what they can buy or can’t buy. But I believe you are stupid if you dont own a firearm.

      On a different note I am in prayer group and have become friends with a man in his early 60’s well invested, a computer guy before it was big. He just blurted out to me after the meeting. ” I bought a gun” I have never owned one before but I bought one because I am scared now, real scared”

    • Galaxy 500

      Think of 8 million people in NYC without electricity, water, transit or food. Not high on my list of places to move to. But then we reloacated a few years ago from the Peidmont area to the hinterlands

  5. Smaulgld

    Chris is a smart analyst. I enjoy listening to his work and this interview was no exception.
    His “peak” concept has taken a hit since he first started talking about peak oil around ten years ago.
    He glossed over the significance of the emergence of fracking at the end of the segment on energy of this interview, I supposed because it interferes with his original thesis.
    Thanks again for another great guest

  6. windcatcher

    In the Ponzi scheme when the USA crashes, the banksters will own all the property assets.

    • lastmanstanding

      …and then they will have to collect.

      No chance they win…you heard Martenson mention that they print the money out of thin air and buy your mortgage with it. That is as vile and dishonest as a group of men can be.

      The earth and the honest people left will straighten that bs out…for good.

      • Galaxy 500

        I think its going to be hard to collect

        • lastmanstanding

          The first few paid to come will never return. Suddenly, those in the stupor will realize what has happened.

          It will be to late for most of them…and maybe us as well 500.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  7. George Silver

    The best interview yet. Chris is the best interviewee you’ve had by far.
    Great stuff. Straight forward advice.

  8. Curly_ from up yonder

    Gregster, WOW! Crikey! Smack on pal,spot on, Christo!
    There is hope and it’s us and there is something we can do about it, we the people, the little punks and the big ones too!
    Chris sure started sounding like John Doe there at the end; Yes sir, my friends, the meek can only inherit the earth when the John Doe’s start lovin’ their neighbors.They’ve started a lot of talk about free people going soft — that we can’t take it. That’s a lot of hooeyl A free people can beat the world at anything, from war to tiddle-de-winks, if we all pull in the same direction.

    I know a lot of you are saying “What can I do? I’m just a little punk. I don’t count.” Well, you’re dead wrong! The little punks have always counted because in the long run the character of a country is the sum total of the character of its little punks.

    But, we’ve all got to get in there and pitch. We can’t win the old ballgame unless we have teamwork. And that’s where every John Doe comes in. It’s up to him to get together with his teammates. And your teammate, my friend, is the guy next door to you. Your neighbor — he’s a terribly important guy that guy next door. You’re gonna need him and he’s gonna need you, so look him up. If he’s sick, call on him. If he’s hungry, feed him. If he’s out of a job, find him one.

    To most of you, your neighbor is a stranger, a guy with a barkin’ dog and high fence around him. Now, you can’t be a stranger to any guy that’s on your own team. So tear down the fence that separates you. Tear down the fence and you’ll tear down a lot of hates and prejudices. Tear down all the fences in the country and you’ll really have teamwork.

    You better start right now. Don’t wait till the game is called on account of darkness.

    Wake up, John Doe. You’re the hope of the world.

    “A free press,
    means a free people”

    Thank you Greg!

    • Koinonia

      . . . and a free internet,
      means a free world.

  9. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Great post – thanks Greg.

  10. art barnes

    Greg, wealth transference is already taking place, its in full swing as we speak, the wealthy around here & the foreign elite are buying up whole neighborhoods & farmland, you guest just needs to come out to the western front and look around in the central valley of California, low wages, mostly minimum wages or just above, food in pre-hyperinflation, 12 percent unemployment, foreclosures still rampant, mom & pops businesses closing daily, gas prices over the whole state the highest in the nation & climbing, highest utilities bills nationwide as well, immigrates doing everything and every job for cash not to mention lined up for every possible entitlement out there including private charitable relief, etc. etc. So, therefore, I got some news for your learned guest, his stated overdue fault line analogy has already commenced shaking (at least around here), and I suspect it will push other fault lines to lose their grip on stability as well, kind of a domino effect if you will. Having ranted all that, the interview was a good introduction to resource economics, thanks for having him on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes sir you are correct. “Wealth transference is already taking place.” Thank you for your real world perspective!

    • smaulgld

      Travel up the coast to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, the Marin, Napa Sonomoa and Contra Costa counties and you will find an entirely different world driven by over priced technology stocks, many of which make no money, and VC billions. When that party ends, the collapse will be tremendous as it join the central valley.

  11. ThirteenthFloor

    Go back 52 years and listen to John Kennedy introduce NAWAPA in 1962 to 14 western states. He states in that speech the US population would reach 300 million by 1990 and they would need Water and Power, and NAWAPA would provide that. That was the start of being off oil and fossil. NAWAPA died when JFK died. I disagree with Chris, in that a society (Country) can unite behind science driven technology and we should not even need oil today…the elite make too much money on oil. Zeus has won.

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      Not need oil today? If one looks at the energy per kilo for the best batteries and a gallon of unleaded, you will find that your theory is full of water. Yes, people make money on oil but we don’t have those Mr. Fussions for our Back to the Future time machines yet

  12. Matthew Schimpf

    A very prescient interview, as well as was your commentary Greg, regarding your reader’s mindset, to wit: I’m not a “market guy.” The accumulation of “stuff” has never been a minor (let alone major) compulsion in my life. Yet now, at the age of 50 and with the aid of great websites like USAWatchdog, I have come to one immutable conclusion: I will not be able to retire at 67 and will quite probably have to work until my final breath. Am I scared? Well, in a word, yes. But more importantly, I’m seething inside and I have to believe that there are many, many others that share similar feelings. Eventually, when the collective psyche succumbs to the pressures promulgated by the powers that be – and snaps – what then? How many Timothy McVeigh’s will be fashioned as a result of the avarice, arrogance and malevolence of the few whom decided that they must dominate, control and contort?

    Keep up the great work……..thanks!


    Maybe time to hear from Jim Sinclair again??

  13. vincentg

    So why did we use a debt based system which requires more debit every year in order to work?
    Because it’s the fastest way to grow.
    The quest to be number one.

    But there is a bigger problem at work.

    You see as these systems we created that rise at rate proportional to its current value are only half of the problem.

    The supplies we require diminish very quickly which will also produce a hockey stick!

    This is called exponential decay

    So when oil starts to runs out it will all be gone very fast.
    This is true with all natural resources.

    It seems as quick as we have come to the 20 th century we will be back to the 6th century just as quick.

    Without oil the machines required to supply us the food required to feed all will no longer work and this is will be quite a nightmare.

    Look at the middle east where these oil rich countries run by dictators have had population growth at a rapid rate in the past 60 years.

    The main problem in the middle east now is food!

    The oil can no longer support the majority of people so War is desirable by those dictators to eliminate a large number of the people.

    Are we really civilized?

  14. Jerry

    Greg what a refreshing interview. I like Chris Martenson’s positive outlook of post crash America. I really hope he’s right. In my opinion the longer this thing drags out, the worse it will be when it finally happens. Having been in survival situations before, I can promise you, that having a positive mental attitude is paramount to your survival.

    One thing I have come to realize, (thanks to the information I have received from my source) that this collapse, restructuring, what-ever you want to call it, is not some random act, but a carefully orchestrated event. I firmly believe that the powers that be, will collapse the current system when they are ready, and not a minute before.
    I have watched them manipulate the markets the past few months, to pump the brakes as it were, until their new systems was put in place. Watching over 125 countries line up to sign new trade agreements with the Chinese the past few months, only serves to confirm this theory. I think it is only a matter of time before we see a Petro Yuan, to go along with a Gold backed Reserve one. Those that doubt this, I have one question for you. What has the United States done ( aside from Kerry running around) to help preserve reserve currency status of the dollar the last 5 years? Ah…. nothing!

    Like Chris said, “every event has a trigger point”. Like one of your other guest said “a snowflake moment”. If my source is right, July 15th is that moment. It is the beginning of a transition into a new international monetary exchange system, that has been a work in progress since 2008. Will it work? The jury is still out on that one.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I too thought that this was one of Greg’s great interviews.
      It seems to me that if the new reserve currency system is comprised of SDR’s that are in turn just based on a number of Fiat currencies then nothing much will have changed from the current debacle. This monumental nonsense of rampant money printing will only continue and the balance of real wealth and claims that Chris explained so eloquently will not be addressed.
      The only difference that I can see in this new system is that this ludicrous model [where the central bank behind the main reserve currency of the world is owned by a private banking cartel] would no longer be the main player. To my way of thinking this will only work if the basket of currencies that make up the SDR’s are not Fiat based.
      Notice that the Fed ownership, which I regard as the key factor in the financial ruin that the world is in, remains a taboo subject. Chris didn’t mention this absolutely vital piece of information. Come on America you have to start talking about this nonsense, not just continually sweeping it under the mat. This is the key to the whole mess!
      If the current Fed model is retained it will continue to wreck havoc on the US economy alone, rather than to the majority of the western world as it does currently.

  15. EyesWideShut

    I think Chris Martensen is correct with his final analysis about measures to take to counter the coming changes. However, I think his analysis concerning the causes of these challenges and coming changes is a little weak. He keeps saying our problems are because of limited resources. However, the Economic Hitman guy said we in the US make up about 5% of the global population, and consume 25% (or something along those lines) of the world’s resources. So, clearly if the US/EU weren’t so greedy, and hell bent on using a flawed economic model of endless debt and infinite growth there would be enough resources to go around. There are enough resources in the world to feed, cloth, and shelter everyone on the planet today! Chris also never mentioned the fact that maintaining the petrodollar as reserve currency is one of main reasons the US has embarked on terrorizing, bombing, invading, and dictating to sovereign countries. That was the main reason for bombing Libya and Iraq back to the stone age – because the US (shadow government) didn’t want Gaddafi to start using the gold dinar, or the euro for oil payments in the case of Saddam Hussein. Syria is about preventing pipelines from being built in which Russia stands to gain. Ukraine is about the West wanting that country under it’s control, and not under Russian control. US recent interventions into Africa is about preventing the Chinese from continuing to gain a foothold. So, the coming changes are not because there is a lack of resources in the world. This is REALLY about greedy, evil, global elites, and corporations NOT only wanting to control all the resources in the world due to their collapsing economic model, BUT it’s also about controlling the people of the world.

  16. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, you’ve been outstanding with the guests you’ve been having on. I was just looking at Martenson’s Accelerated Crash Course over the weekend.
    …and low and behold you’ve got him for your Monday morning dose of reality. Thanks so much for your persistent efforts. Unfortunately most seem to see these events as they are presented in the mainstream as just popping up out of nowhere-Great Big-Picture perspective here- thank you

  17. Doug C.

    Greg. Another great interview. This guy seems to have a good handle on everything that is going on and is able to explain it as well (Like Dr. Willie except calmer). It’s interesting to see that the Russian’s have now supplied Iraq with Sukoi fighter jets since the U.S. has been slow on supplying the F16 they promissed (its tough to fight your own operatives ie: CIA backed rebels). The one light at the end of the tunnel that I can see coming out of all of this energy upheaval is that maybe, just maybe, all the suppressed technology for 100, 200 300 mpg efficiency will finally be released due to necessity. Who know’s what other energy sources are known and being suppressed waiting for a time to be released to the world. I personally am buying Silver bars and coins and trying to reduce my debt load as much as possible. When the second quarter GDP results come out negative and the U.S. Government has to actually admit that your country is again/still in a Recession even with the insane QE, then the gig might be up.

  18. Rick

    Really good analysis. Might be time to buy three or four good used Honda Civics….

  19. Al hall

    Greg: Dr. Martenson is wrong. There are billions if on trillions of barrels of oil found in the USA and not reported or tapped yet. These are found reserves held off the market until oil goes to $150-200/B. This was exposed by Rev. Lindsey Williams decades ago.
    For your listeners- look up his book and interviews of the time -“The energy non-crisis”.
    These reserves are a proven fact. I was told that these found reserves held off the market are equal to 800 years of oil. This info from my CIA insider you know who he is!


    • Galaxy 500

      I am going to bet the money grubbing preacher is wrong and Chris is right.

      • lastmanstanding

        Greg has been on fire with these last 2 interviews. I have never listened/read one thing that Gordon Long has done…the man is wired to what is going on…CM is a favorite of a great friend of mine who is a peak oil guy…he always informs me of CM’s stuff. The hat trick for you Greg would be to have Steve St. Angelo of the srsroccoreport on.

        These guys live in the real world. While I’m at it, Chris Duane has done a lot of great work. Especially in the beginning. He spent a shitload of time researching the bs that has been transpiring and presented it with his Sons of Liberty Academy. I purchased it in early 2011 and it was one of the best things that I ever did. I’ll leave it at that.

        I can only spend limited time on news these days so I rip thru sgtreport, usawatchdog, silverdocs, srsrocco, shtf and a few patriot sites that may be a bit rough for some here…III percent patriots and westernrifleshooters.

        No one on ANY of these sites is taking any crap from the nwo.

        God bless America…and “don’t go down without one helluva fight?”

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Lastman,
          Gordon was a good one for me too. Smart guy.

          • lastmanstanding

            The Lord God will absolutely remember your good deeds and truth in serving him and humanity.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Last man.

          • Galaxy 500

            That “Nutsler” guy was predicting peak oil fifteen years ago…and was wrong, like his.other predictions. I give him a.few.small victories.the way I give the psychic a few wins…blind hogs find an acorn every once and a.while too

  20. Saint Lawrence

    I suppose Chris Martenson is feining suprise.
    The United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, The Presidential Decreas-orders such as NDAA…. have all the evidence written
    in their verbage. Since 1912 all the laws and regulations favor big business. Since 1859 the Statist have had control of this country. Lincoln basicly said … do what Washington D. C. says or die. The civil war was the Federal Statists against the Jeffersonian-local governance. Gues who won. The oligarchs dont lose. Try to examine the global control by reading and watching:

    The boss hog remains after all.

  21. Jerry

    For those of you following my July 15th prediction date, I have more news from my source about that date, that includes a coded message from Christine Lagarde of the IMF.
    It could be a hoax. Or it could be real. You decide.

    To me its breaks down to the interpretation that something is going to happen in mid July that will cause the dollar to be deleveraged by the G20. By that’s my take. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      I found this very interesting. Everybody should watch it. Lagarde was sending a message. That much is clear!!!

    • Matthew Schimpf

      That wasn’t just peculiar, that was dammed peculiar…….good post!

    • West Tejas

      Jerry: here’s another source pointing at mid-July and the Ukraine:

    • smaulgld

      No reason to give a speech like that- it wasn’t instructive, it wasn’t interesting, it wasn’t funny. Can only be code or sheer idiocy.
      July 20 , 1969 is the date of the first human moon landing.

    • laura

      Greg, Thanks so much for all you do to awaken us to the dangerous times we are living in. I appreciate your heart and know you truly care for the American citizen. Jerry, thanks for all your posts. Dates give me a goal and I’m trying to do all I can between now and then. The information from the vid you linked is chilling, to say the least. May God have mercy upon our nation.

    • Fraser

      Strange indeed, particularly as (insider) Jim Rickards has just come out saying that gold is money and the price is going to $7,000:

      • Fraser

        I thought she was talking about the actual groups IMF, G20 and G7. The G7 meeting was in Brussels (June – nothing happened), the next G20 is Australia (Nov). Jim Rickards recent comment was ($7,000 possibly) in “3-4 months” which also takes us to November. My point is – don’t panic! In any case, they usually do the opposite first, just to catch everyone out.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Jerry, Fraser
        You guys rock with your links and posts.
        The Lagarde link made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.
        Methinks lots happening this July.

      • Paul from Indiana

        If so, this is a sign that the manipulative period, wherein China would be allowed to collect gold in amounts sufficient enough to cover the cash positions they will lose in the dollar collapse, is over or closing, and gold will be allowed to reflect its true market status. That could also coincide with Jerry’s infamous “July 15” landmark timeframe. It’s looking more and more like “game on”. Best always. PM

      • Fraser

        For those interested (not me), the year compresses to 7 every 9 years:
        1969, 1978, 1987, 1996, 2005, 2014, 2023…
        This year, the whole date compresses to 7 on July (2,11,20,29), Aug (1,10,19,28), Sep (9, 18, 27), Oct (8, 17, 26), Nov (7, 16, 25) and Dec (6, 15, 24).
        Anything special about July 20? – wait and see – but I still think she was saying that the G7 may act in June, if not the G20 may act in Nov, if not the IMF will act. But on that, the IMF require 85% of votes to act and the US hold a controlling / blocking 16.75% of votes. Which means that we are stuck and that nothing can happen until either the US “gives up” or China and Russia set up their own “BRICS-IMF”.

    • Felicia

      Jerry, that is a very chilling video. And remember…”7″ is the number of completion in the Bible. So…what will be completed on July 20, 2014? Keep praying everyone. For our families, our communities & our country. And one other thing…Billy Graham’s daughter is also bringing up the number 7 in her 777 campaign. She’s asking us to pray for 7 days starting tomorro 7/1 until 7/7 and to also fast for 7 hours on 7/7

    • Greg

      And in other news, CNBC’s “Deliverying Alpha” conference is scheduled for July 16th…I am sure they will cover any “breaking news” that occurs. /sarc off

    • woody188

      July may be significant, but they typically use the lunar calendar. This makes August the actual month, specifically the lunar date corresponds to Friday, August 15th, 2014 on the Gregorian calendar. Don’t many of Greg’s guests suggest the banks will close on a Friday and not re-open for a few weeks?

      There is a nice conversion table located here:

      One may also note that if you take 8/15 and add the lunar 20th day of the 7th month, that too is 8+15=23 or 2+3+2+0=7.

      Interesting to note the speech was also given on 1/15/2014, or 1+1+5=7 and 2+0+1+4=7, or 7/7. Magical indeed.

      Does anyone think they would allow a YouTube video revealing their date to remain posted?

      How about if that video insisted on the 7/20/2014 date, which would be discredited when that date comes and goes, only to have the event happen on 8/15/2014?

      How many of us will relax and laugh, when 7/20/2014 passes and nothing happens, and fill ourselves with doubt about the course of action we have taken?

      Seems like the MO of the NWO to allow the disinfo video to remain. Does anyone think YouTube isn’t controlled by TPTB?

      • Galaxy 500

        One may also note that if you take 8/15 and add the lunar 20th day of the 7th month, that too is 8+15=23 or 2+3+2+0=7.
        Funny….you can take 3/20 and add 20 to get 3+2+0+2+0=7
        Duh….get a ouija board

        • woody188

          Yes, but while my dates have meaning from the video, yours are pulled from where the sun doesn’t shine.

    • EyesWideShut V the Guerilla Economist works on Wall Street, and has connections. This information was published by him on June 30th. Lagarde is conveying a message for those who understand what she’s saying. However, the dollar collapse will not necessarily happen in mid-July, but this period may be the beginning process. My source says collapse happening later in the year!

      • EyesWideShut

        Also, put this information together with this most recent interview with Karen Hudes! Greg, you need to have her on again, soon!

      • Greg Hunter

        Steve Quayle will talk about the IMF and what Lagarde meant tomorrow in an audio only interview.

        • Galaxy 500

          Looking it

          • Greg Hunter

            You need to watch Lagarde’s national Press Club speech first. Here it is:

          • lastmanstanding

            I listened to a show with Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann and Greg Everson about a year ago. The content was unbelievable to me but it made me think. Because there are so many vile people on this earth with everything for them to gain, that I had better prepare my family for anything.

            I also listen to and old William Cooper interview that was linked by a poster a few weeks ago. It was from cnn in 1992. Again, why would good people spend their entire lives trying to prove that a handful of bastards are destroying our planet.

            I’m sure that they have/had much better things to do with their lives than be called wackos and conspiracy theorists.

  22. Shawn in San Jose

    Thanks for having Chris on the show. I really like his Crash Course series. But here is a question to other fans of Chris or Greg.

    Are you feeling a sense of “burnout” waiting for that moment when things really hit the fan? I know I am; it seems to be that markets can most definitely stay crazy longer than I can stay solvent or side on the sidelines. Not to mention most people think I’m crazy when I tell them nothing from the 2008 crisis has really been addressed or fixed.

  23. Max

    Greg –
    Thanks for having Chris Martenson on.
    He gave a clear and easy to understand
    explaination of the current situation.

  24. Curry B

    What happens to Obama’s “CHANGE” ?
    We have changed for the worst…..Fatca, VA, ISIS.

  25. Paul from Indiana

    If all we suffer is a massive depression along the lines of the ’30’s, then I can “buy” his scenario. If things progress to the point where the actual survival of government and its systems is at stake, a little thing like “ownership” will certainly not stand in its way. We are supposedly not in crisis mode yet, and already “ownership” has been demonstrated time and again to be under assault in our supposedly free-market, capitalist system. But he is correct in that, sooner or later, the distortions will be erased. I expected this debt thing to explode in the ’80’s, ’90’s at the latest, and look at us. Gives new meaning to “Waiting for Godot”! A shorter version can be had by reading Franz Kafka’s brilliant interpretation of missing the boat. The story is called “Before the Law” (“Vor dem Gesetz” if you can manage the original.) Never forget that we are in this together, and if a crash ensues, the only way we get through it is together. If we forsake this principle, they win. Best always to all participants at USAWatchdog. PM

    • Jerry

      The system is rigged. The table is tilted and has been since the Federal Reserve was let in the back door. If you think you own something? Try not paying your taxes and see what happens. The IRS was set up the same time the Federal Reserve was. Co-incidence ?

      • Paul from Indiana

        Well, you know the old joke. One guy says to another: there are two things a man can’t have too much of. Do you know what they are? The second says, sure, money and sex. The first guy says, no. TOOLS AND GUNS. See you at the last roundup. Best always. PM

      • Peter J

        Jerry … you are correct sir! Dr. Martenson said that real assets like unencumbered property are good investments. However, every property in the US is encumbered due to the debts of the layers of government that lay claim to all properties. If the Federal reserve stopped printing money, all assets in the US would be owned by the Federal Reserve in just a few weeks. The money that is owed, far exceeds the amount of money that exists!

  26. Scott

    The thing that gets me is people do not call it the way it is and that is the current system is legalized counterfeiting to benefit the state which is the creditors by cheating the masses out of the fruits of their labor. There are a lot of issues here but if the masses need to be treated like cattle because they cannot figure the big scheme of things out then let our master at the top execute their plans to do what is necessary to get the herd in check.

  27. The US Govt/Oil/Military/Wall Street complex is destabilizing middle east oil countries because it raises oil prices … those higher oil prices make the development of North American Natural Gas and and Oil Sands development feasible …. the day before the US went in and destroyed Iraq in 2003, oil prices were only $23 p/bbl … it takes somewhere around $50 to $60 for the North American oil sands industry to break even.

    • Galaxy 500

      Non sequitur….is a fancy way to say that theory is bull shiite

  28. While Rome Burns...

    We are all participants in a slow motion event that is in process.
    The view depends on your position.
    There are those who have not yet been affected.
    There are others that have been decimated.
    I watched a conversation recently between members of both sides of the fence.
    Both were speaking the truth from their experience.
    They could not agree on a single point.
    It is all relative.
    Rust does not develop overnight…

    • Paul from Indiana

      Rust doesn’t develop overnight? Excuse me? Certainly you jest. Just for the record, rust can and does develop overnight or as soon as moisture contacts iron and reacts to form iron oxide. In a humid environment such as the Ohio valley, formation of microscopic rust occurs almost instantaneously, and visible rust, unimpeded, can certainly form overnight. That’s exactly WHY it’s so pernicious. Best always. PM

  29. mahalia jackson

    Great interview.
    Question: how can the Fed really own all those mortgage securities when all the title work was lost in that flooded building as mentioned by Bix Weir. Why can’t we force them to prove what they own, or keep the house for ourselves?

    They don’t own it if they can’t prove it.

  30. John

    What I’m trying to understand is why equity in a corporation is not “real wealth”. Did he say that a share in a company is going to be worthless?

    • Greg Hunter

      Focus on the claims on the company and who is holding your “claims” or shares. Think MF Global and hypothecation and re-hypothecation.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Or Enron. Or AIG. Or GM. The list is long and depressing. Best always. PM

  31. earl carroll

    150 dollar oil would be great to me…I would sell everything I own and buy a double short etf on oil and sit back and wait…the world can’t afford oil now at 100 and they sure as hell can’t pay 150 long and millions more barrels will come online at 150 that is too costly to harvest at 100…so bring it on, so I can retire.

    • West Tejas

      I would be extremely careful shorting any physical commodity while the printing presses are running in overdrive.

      • Galaxy 500

        Thanks, you said it much better than i

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      This is a crazy idea. Any one that goes all out in Vega usually looses

  32. Brian Stemmerman

    Going hiking with my wife today. Going to enjoy the day. The Washington Cascades can take your breath away. Start enjoying life Greg. The bass fishing in North Missouri is very good. You have to hike into them. Watch out for the deer ticks, they are like bankers. Evening top leuers work best. When the oil is gone it’s not going to matter what you do to prepare.

    • Greg Hunter

      All the oil is not gone, just the cheap stuff. I don’t guess you read the story about the grasshopper and the ant. I am going to play the part of the ant. My nick name (while in MSM broadcasting) was “cockroach.”

      • Brian Stemmerman

        Greg I’m sure you will survive it. I have not located my trailhead yet. But the adventure begins.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am hoping I can wake up many others so they can survive it too. This is a paradigm change link no other in world history. All the best to you my friend!

          • Brian Stemmerman

            I want you to know that I very much respect you. Greg you have the best informative site on the Web. Go have some fun. You work to hard.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Brian.

        • Ugly

          Matthew 24:15….so when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation’, spoken of through the prophet Daniel….then let them in Judea flee to the mountains. Let no one on the roof of his house go down to take anything from his house…For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now–and never to be equaled again. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive….

          Sounds like when the anti-Christ is revealed, then all hell breaks loose to where hardly anyone survives the world scene. The Word even says when he is revealed, just run and go. Leave everything and head to the mountains or to your BOL. Just go, because the end is near.

          I need to find a BOL.

          • lastmanstanding

            Lots of good areas north of you in Idaho to the Montana line…cost of living is probably better than where you are currently.

  33. Truthseeker


    Thank you for your site, your work, and those who contribute to this site.
    Personally, I pray for the best but prepare, as best I can, for the worst. In a recent interview with Rick Wiles on Trunews, June 27, 2014, Jim Willie asserts J.P. Morgan lost its headquarters in Manhatten-so to speak-and the U.S. lost its sovereignty to China; the steady stream of IRS income now pledged by the Feds to China! As Jim Willie stated recently on this site and others, “We’re about to be colonized by the Chinese.”
    I thoroughly agree with the comments and analysis of this interview by EyesWideShut. We have to understand the forces we are up against and, unfortunately, many Americans simply do not have a clue.

  34. John Galt

    Superb interview Greg. Mandatory viewing for my children aged 16 and 19. Martenson did a great job of explaining our situation.

  35. brian

    Nice to see some new faces being interviewed, keeps things interesting. If you want to cast your net a bit wider why not find some police officers who could speak out regarding the growing feeling across the nation that our police departments are being “militarized”. Maybe we could be enlightened as to why “no knock” warrants are served, why officer safety has quietly trumped all else over the past decade, where all the GI JOE hardware is coming from and why, if the way new recruits are being trained has changed and why…etc, could make for a fun interview.

  36. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg. Another sterling interview. You never fail to deliver. Chris Martenson’s “Crash Course” – even the one hour abridged version – is excellent and well worth watching.
    Jerry: I’ve been telling people about your July 15 date simply because you’ve been so adamant and sincere about it. That speech to the National Press Club by Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF is CHILLING and CREEPY. What the frack is the head of the IMF no less, doing talking about “magic numbers” and the number 7 being”special”??? It literally screamed code. And her admission right at the beginning that “I follow orders” was extremely revealing and could have been the code words to those who have the power to tip over the financial house of cards to listen as an important message is coming. The rest of the 8+ minutes is absolutely bizarre and was obviously not meant for the audience but for others who were instructed to watch it once it was posted.
    Shawn in Jose: Yes, I do feel a sense of burnout from the stress. I wake up every single day and say, “Is today the day that the world as we know it changes – and not for the better?” So you’re not alone there my friend. Far from it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good to know, thank you.

    • Jerry

      Thank you. Trust me when I tell you I hope I’m wrong. I would like nothing more than to continue and enjoy my life, and not think about the wolf that is outside the door. But when I hear things from some very high level sources, that I know are going to effect the lives of people, I have no other choice but to share that information. Please pray for our nation.

  37. FWM

    can anyone venture a guess as to why we invaded İraq other than oil think hard

  38. wd


    Every ponzi scheme crashes, it does not matter who runs or how smart they are etc. It just smashes. Something always goes wrong/out of control. I have always seen this type of example always in life, no matter what the scenario.

    No matter what the plan maybe or who is trying to control or make the river bend their way is always shocked when it does not work. There maybe this grab of world wide domination etc. But there are basic survival instincts, sinkholes happen. I believ this was manipulated to a degree but not anymore. TPTB were running things like a remore control changing TV channels; but now I think they have lost complete control, they may or may not know it.

    Remember its always the rats that know when the ship is sinking before anyone else and escape it before anyone else. It is the foot soldier, the one in the trenches that know the battle/war is lost before the generals do. When I was in finance/lending, I came to notice that 6 months before a business would fail, the secretaries and low level employees would start to exit ( high turnover a dead give away) way before the owners would see it or shut down. Actually before we would finance companies we would alwaycalculate the turnover rate. This system never failed.

    My point is that “those running the show” always seem blinded by something, like a magnet next to the compass makes the needle point in the wrong direction.

    Whoever is doing what does not matter any more, those of us that are the foundational people see it coming, by what is going, by legitimate econ stats, by talikng to our neighbors and friends, by knowing how much debt each one of us is immersed in.
    We know. And those that had control and tried to control have lost control. One can feel, its energy momentum etc.

    And remember the saying of the best laid plans of mice and men….

    In a nutshell it means that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you are, even the best thoughtout plans can go bad.

  39. blamb61

    After the gentiles reject God there will be a cleansing (Rom 11:25, III Nephi 20:15, 20). After that America will be a good place again.

    Key to the future
    Duane S. Crowther

    • Galaxy 500

      Blam…shouldnt an a$$ load of terrorists be a little higher on God’s list of retribution than America? I’m just saying that the heathen terrorists should be higher in HIS priorities as they kill innocent people as opposed to us here. Just the.way the math

      • Bob Lamb

        In the end everyone will get their just rewards! Maybe not in this life but in the next for sure.

        We do kill quite a few unborn children as a nation each year. Not something that pleases God I think. Also if the majority of the Nation become idiots and choose the wront (pick bad leaders, etc.) we will suffer. I do expect good people to be spared more than the wicked though.

        I do believe that God’s hand was involved in setting up the United States and the constitution. I also believe that when the majority choose wickedness, that we will be ripe for destruction.

  40. James

    Hello Greg, I’m James. I’m 27 years old from Melbourne, Australia. I just wanted to tell you I’ve been watching your videos everyday for the past 6 months and I enjoy them immensely. Keep up the good work, I have made a small donation of $20USD to show my support. Have a good one mate.

    • Galaxy 500

      Welcome aboard mate, glad to have ya…and I am sure Greg appreciates the contribution

  41. Geo. T (formerly George)

    I see us beginning to accelerate downward. The news is strikingly negative. From Hamas kidnaping and murdering Israeli and American teenagers to the Ukraine declaring war on the separatist. ISIS attacks Muslim Holy sites and say they will raze Mecca. The King of Saudi is finally and openly concerned about terrorism. See things getting interesting late summer, early fall; there is just too much tension and like an earthquake it will be released.

    Is Obama God? Well, not a real on except in his own mind.
    Luis Gutierrez: Obama can ‘heal’ undocumented

    Should the Police cower in fear in the presence of criminals or illegal aliens?

    ISIS assembles an army, Obama drops a twitter bomb…who wins?

    The first step in allowing illegals vote is to see that they have ID.
    NV DMV issues drivers licenses to illegals

    Greg, I think this is going to be a trigger to get foreign banks to stop US dollar trading. If BNP does OK, and it likely will as it wont have to comply with onerous US law. If this goes well, look at other foreign banks to tell King Obama to keep his funny money.

    Germany’s unemployment unexpectedly spikes. Russia says Holder’s DOJ offered France’s BNP lower fine if warships delayed to Russia. Germany calls for more sanctions?!? Germany, France and England can’t afford them and neither Russia nor France is going to forget this political prosecution by the US.

  42. George

    I would like to know where is the United States Military????!!
    You know, the guys who stood and raised their right hand and took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!!
    There are 535 Domestic Terrorists in the Capitol Building, and yet the Meow Men who Just Follow Orders and IGNORE their oath, stand idly by and do nothing.
    There is a Islamic Muslim Terrorist that occupies the White House, and yet the Meow Men who Just Follow Orders and IGNORE their oath, stand by idly and do nothing.
    There are 9 Domestic Terrorists who occupy seats on the Supreme (Corporate Controlled) Court, and yet the Meow Men who Just Follow Orders and IGNORE their oath, stand idly by and do nothing.

    The only protection, help, rescue or change that can or will ever come to the aid of this dying collapsing nation is the United States Military. And, sadly they have been completely removed from their role to protect America and the Constitution and are 100% committed to their orders to protect and defend the financial interests of the International Banking Cartel, who own, control, and operate every aspect and avenue of the Federal Government.

    Until this nation and its people take back the issuing of the nation’s currency, then nothing will ever change for the better.
    As long as you borrow your nation’s currency, you are a slave!!!!!

    I find it disturbing that people like Greg Hunter, Dave Hodges, Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, George Noory, and all the others who point out the issues and think that that is educating the public.
    Want to change the nation?

    Then, make every show, every day, every hour, and every minute about the Issuing of this Nation’s currency. The major huge majority of American People can not explain to you how a dollar is created. They have zero understanding of monetary policy. They have zero understanding that the United States by order of the Constitution states clearly that ONLY CONGRESS SHALL ISSUE THE CURRENCY! NOT A CORPORATION CENTRAL BANK!!!!!

    These topics of oil, resources, food, water, and everything else are mere distractions, and keep people ignorant and chasing what matters not to the Central Bank!

    We have reached a point in this nation, that if the people do not quickly learn and understand that as long as we borrow our currency, we are and will remain a SLAVE NATION!!

    You can make oil .10 a gallon, and it would not change one thing!!!!!

    But, issue your own currency and you prosper as the U.S. did until 1913!!!!!

    Every show should be on how we can destroy the Federal Reserve Corporation Central Bank!!!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      George, Dude, take a breath. While we may believe that a second American Revolution is coming. Please preach and gin up armed insertion elsewhere. A lot of us are trying to effect small changes and my hope is that the TEA Party can flush the RINOs but time will tell.

    • Fraser

      George – Totally agree that the centre of evil is the Federal Reserve System – which has replaced “the rule of law” (Constitution), with a system of corruption and violence. But this vampire squid now has billions of tentacles and any person or country who attacks it ends up dead. So you just have to keep chipping (or jack-hammering) away – which is exactly what Greg’s site does. Without being sychophantic, I also like the fact that Greg presents all aspects of the beast, which keeps our rage alive, while at the same time showing a path for a better future… That said, I must admit that I don’t like the combined religious content and acceptance of war, because I have always thought that adults should either shut up or adopt the attributes of the object of their worship – and unless someone can find a passage where Christ condoned murder, I believe that guns and Bibles don’t mix. In Zen Buddhism there is a saying “kill the Buddha” – which means “stop talking and become” – a path American Christians would do well to follow!

  43. Jerry

    The new exchange system is just about in place. As promised France has just signed a deal with China.
    How much more evidence do you need, to understand the objective of the globalist and the IMF? While we’re wrestling with border wars, the currency war is just about to conclude, and crush the dollar.

  44. wd


    Last night 6/30; Steve Quayle on Coast to Coast AM…great show, dire predictions. Everyone should listen to this interview.

    Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      I have him (Quayle) on tomorrow.

      • Felicia

        Greg, Thanks for getting Steve Q on. I look forward to hearing what he has to say. Listening to him on Hagman & Hagman is good but…your interviewing can’t be beat.

        • Greg Hunter

          You will not want to miss it. It is audio only but it is riveting.

  45. Brad

    Hunter’s “Watchdog” is a must on my list of web sites for vital news and information.

    This interview with Chris Martenson was excellent. Martenson’s insights roll out very much like everyone else’s and when you get the revelation that with the Feds purchase of it’s shareholders toxic mortgage paper it has become the largest U.S national owner of claims on real estate. This tells me that Martenson is indeed seeing the present situation from all angles and viewpoints.

  46. Jerry

    More events planned for the 15th of July.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have Steve Quayle tomorrow to talk about Laguarde and the 7/7/20 date she eluded to tomorrow.

  47. Vanelli56

    Any thoughts as to why one of the MSM sites has this in there money/business section…”4 signs the stock market is overheating”.
    I know normally they want to post the rosy picture to get people to buy the new alltime high, etc. So I found it odd to see this article. Perhaps a CYA moment… so they can quote it in the near future as a “I told you so”…. “We saw it coming”, etc….

    Any thoughts???

    Thanks and God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      USA Today or NYT.

      • vanelli56

        I don’t have it right in front of me any more, but I am almost positive it was cnn money.


  48. Galaxy 500

    If this is how they run a camp for “children”, what would something serious look like? And security called brownshirts? We’ve heard that one before too from our friendly German socialist.

  49. Anne Elliott

    Excellent interview, Greg. For all you Christians out there, here’s an excellent 7-day project from Billy Graham’s daughter… She has organized a daily prayer event to pray over America for protection and return to holiness for the first 7 days in July, with fasting on the 7th day. The good Lord knows our sad little country needs it, that’s for sure!!!
    Take a look and join in if you feel the Lord calling you to do so.

  50. Steve

    Libya’s got water – LOTS of it. It’s the new oil, isn’t it?

    • lastmanstanding

      You can live without oil. Think about that one because it may be coming soon.

  51. Wolfgang Zuttermeister

    Another possible angle on this LaGarde ‘7’ clue could be that it is happening in September as “sept” actually means seven from the Latin.

  52. laurais

    I’m fortunate to live not far from Chris. We’re in an area where there are many small farms under the CSA umbrella (Community Supported Agriculture). A number of these farms, which are also small craft manufacturers of clothing and construction materials, are worker-owned co-op. They’re always looking for owner-investors. Many of these efforts can be found on kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites. They tend to be started and run by young people who understand what’s happening even if they haven’t got a detailed economic grasp of the forces that are blowing us up.

    A good follow up to Chris would be an interview with James Howard Kunstler. Kuntsler can be annoying with his sharp, pushy style, but he sees the big picture with great accyuracy, and his track record for predicting the where and when of future developments has been spot on. And, under the edginess, he’s a decent guy who cares deeply about ordinary people. And he practices what he preaches.

  53. Jeff

    People ask for low cost, inexpensive and simple investment … I found a very good one to be sterling silver chains at the coin shops. There are many sellers of sterling silver ranging from from old men losing their wife to kids inheriting grandmas jewelery, but very few buyers (most of it gets melted – how sad) … thus, were I live, I can purchase very, very nice chains for around 10% over the cost of silver. Do note, if married, or you have daughters they will always love them. As an example, I bought a very, very nice `1 oz chain for around 25$ the other day. The lady selling it (+ a lot more) inherited it from her deceased mother and wanted the $$$ to go on a cruise ship. At a jewelery store you would pay $100’s . Shop around and be shocked at what you can buy!

  54. mike

    $200 oil is a good deal remember the paper money is worthless .

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