It Just Hit the Fan for Clinton and Pals, Mueller a Fool, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 335 5/18/18) 

Forget the stupid story about Trump calling MS-13 gang members “animals” and the phony racism charges because the crooked propaganda press is covering up the stuff hitting the fan for the Clintons and her pals that covered her crimes. In a just released report, Inspector General Michael Horowitz finds the “FBI, DOJ Broke Law in Clinton Probe and refers to prosecutor for criminal charges.”  Anthony Weiner’s laptop and all the evidence will come to light, and Clinton and many of her friends in the Obama Administration are going to find themselves in very deep trouble.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller could not look any dumber after it was revealed the Mueller team indicted a Russian company that did not exist. Mueller has been excoriated in court for what the judge essentially said was an attempt to try to frame Donald Trump and anyone in his Administration for crimes they did not commit to drive Trump from office.  This while the FBI and DOJ covered up real crimes and collusion with Clinton and the Obama Administration.  The whole investigation is a fraud, and it is falling apart and exposing Mueller for the clown he has become.

Is the economy really that good? There is plenty of evidence that the economy has gotten better, but there is also evidence that the economy is headed for a big fall too.  An economic update is in this report.

Join Greg Hunter as he gives you the top stories in the past week.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Renowned geopolitical and financial expert Martin Armstrong will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. David Larsen

    I just want to share this. It was powerful, at a Trump rally, that they let a Black Lives Matter spokesman on stage. Communication works.

    • William Stanley

      David: Thanks!

    • Sandy

      At this point I am basically off all social media, facebook censored me and even deleted emails between me and family members during the election. Twitter kicked me off for daring to disagree with the gun control nuts. Censorship is alive and well in the USA. I have been following this stuff and speaking out trying to educate the masses who refuse to research this stuff for themselves.
      It is about time Obama, Hillary and friends are finally officallly investigated. Anyone who watches Congressional hearing which I do already knows all this stuff and we have been waiting for it to happen. Our entire world is in a fight against these globalists scum who are trying to usher in their NWO. This mass Muslim immigrations in Europe were onle to destabilize the countries and keep the people from being able to fight against these POS. It also served the purpose of changing the subject from pedophiles in the gov and royal family to immigration tensions. You can bet that was intended.
      Regardless we find ourselves throughout the world in a fight that will determine the future of the world and whether billions will live or die. Stay strong friends and don’t give up bc if we lose this fight we might as well kill ourselves bc the world will be a truly evil place to be.

  2. Paul ...

    The FBI and DOJ covered up Hillary’s crimes and the collusion of many other neocons within the Obama Administration … well judgement day has finally arrived for them … we won’t have to wait for Jesus to return … to judge these evil souls … with the technology available right now to mankind … we can remove a brain and keep it “alive in a jar” … lets begin the removal process on all the evil neocons … just like in the Beatles song “Eleanor Rigby” … we can put Hillary’s brain “in a jar by the door” … these evil ones thought that since there was no Hell (as proclaimed by the Pope) they would escape judgement for their sins … no way will evil win over us … for even if the brain in a jar dies of boredom or the rehashing of their evil deeds … we can use genetic engineering to regrow the brain from its DNA … and put it right back in the jar for all eternity!!

    • Paul ...

      And you Monsanto scientists who take the seeds out of our grapes and watermelons … but won’t take the seeds out of poppy plants (so the Deep State can’t grow heroin to hurt our children anymore) … the same fate awaits you …

      • Paul ...

        The electric chair, hanging, firing squad, etc., etc. is too good for evil neocon pigs … in the new justice system I envision will take place … we will make Hell a “real place” again (in spite of what the Pope says) … a dark place (in a jar) where one suffers only his own evil thoughts and deeds “for all eternity”!!!

        • Paul ...

          And you Atheists out there … don’t think by not believing in God … you won’t ever go to Hell!!

          • Paul ...

            Seems Google removed the site above … do your own search for “pig brain kept alive in a jar” … or try this site …

          • Beeman Minnesota

            Pig brains in a jar is nothing, Monsatan is causing mass murder with their poisonous crops. Use to be a large beekeeper in Southwest MN all bees now dead thanks to Monsatan poison. Corn pollen deadly to bees because of GMO traits and clothianidin pesticides in pollen. Clothianidin has a half life of twenty years in heavy soils according to EPA. Clothianidin is now in all wildlife areas miles from corn fields, so says South Dakota Universities. Cancer in all our future because of Roundup!

      • CH

        Very good comment Paul………and no these mad scientists haven’t a clue they are simply tools being used by the “elite” and when their usefulness is done they too will be culled. These “blue bloods” that have ruled our planet for thousands of years are children of satan and satan hates ALL humans, even the ones stupid enough to work for and worship him.

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,just profoundly disturbing.
    Here in the UK,little if any of these events have bled through our censorious media to us peasants.As you have declared,those around Mrs Clinton and Mr Obama would be well served to have good lawyers,paid in advance,for they will be the ones to enjoy the pleasures of prison and a criminal record.Why it will be like being back at boarding school again!
    Here in London,Mr Weiner’s laptop contents have been doing the rounds as has Mrs Clinton’s servers as well as your ambassadors to Europe and Japan for quite some years,all accomplished via our police service who installed spy equipment for mobile phones.The same was carried out in Germany,France,Italy and the northern countries of Europe and of course those networks were similarly “mirrored”for spying on the USA and her allies.All paid for by our taxes here in the UK and Europe,which no parliament voted for until they realised it would come to light,so retrograde express laws were passed to cover they ample buttocks.
    Here in the UK our economy still sucks for us peasants,whilst new cars such as BMWs and Mercedes Benz swan around like flies in a farm yard and debt levels are horrendous whilst “good jobs” pay abysmal salaries and most have zero hour contracts.Our tax authorities are licking their lips at the prospect of taxing off shore owners of huge houses here in the UK,rather like the one I am sitting in waiting for the floor to dry here in Kensington Gardens,whose door knobs I could barely afford.This house is cleaned and polished daily by my team and the Russian owner has never put a foot in it for at least ten years.The house next door,owned by an American,only has a security team.Each of these houses cost more than most lottery wins and cost a lottery win to maintain,yet few of us actually know what the owners really do ,yet every Thursday at 2:00pm we are promptly paid from accounts in Mali,yes even the American is paying his accounts from Mali.
    After this floor has dried,which it nearly has,the security team will lock up and I will wend my way to other houses in Chelsea which are kept pristine by an army of cleaners,such as myself,all awaiting the tax collector from the UK.
    There is indeed an astonishing gap in wealth but a real dose of capitalism is needed not more crony socialism which is now endemic here in the UK.

  4. ConcAmDad

    Hey Greg, great wrap this week. Keep up the great work. I always look forward to your three presentations during each week….. for years now. Moments of sanity in an onslought of endless lies and propaganda. Thank you!

  5. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, all I can say about Clinton, Obama and friends is its about time. Anthony Weiner was and is part of the den of snakes of the Democratic Social Club of Congress, he just got caught while the others continue to rob, steal. and destroy not only our Government but our precious children as well. Clinton, Obama, & gang made a great error, if they hadn’t come after Trump and tried to unseat a duly elected President all their criminal activities would have gone by the wayside unnoticed and or worth the effort to do anything about but they couldn’t leave it alone, so it has come back to bite them. I do want to emphasize that Muller is up to his eyebrows in this conspiracy and should be indicted as well. A prosecutor has ethical duties, his or her first oath if for truth and justice, not to further a conspiracy and be moved by political influences. Muller had to know beforehand that this “special prosecutor” job was a sham, if he did, that is a crime in itself to further a conspiracy by improper use of the court system. If he didn’t, when he found out he should of stopped the investigation and reported to Congress & the public that there was nothing found, to keep going is and was unethical and criminal due to the fact that continued to further a conspiracy for political gains of “his” principals. In short, Muller is a stooge and now is in emergency mode to find anything that would support his appointment to cover up his sham investigation; and old illegal lobbying issue with the Ukraine Government (Manafort) not incident to his primary appointment will not do it for him.

    As you discussed about the Iran “deal” several of your bloggers, including me, have brought out in the past week or two that Iran has threatened to disclose the bribes of the “deal” if the players back out. That is why old Kerry ran over to Iran and why Europeans leaders are in full court press to hold it together, this I believe is going to get ugly before & after it gets aired. Hope Iran does what they are threatening to do, its high time the American people see our so-called high esteemed leaders as to what they really are; traitors.

    Lastly, always enjoy the Wrap-up, look forward to it each week, always good & informative & this week was no exception; thank you! a b

  6. Chip

    Great WNW Greg. I hope the prosecutions begin soon. I’m still skeptical. Lois Learner got away with it and I suspect the others will too. Hope I’m wrong… Chip

    • Frederick

      Lois Lerner had “special” connections in high places obviously just like Jon Corzine and so many others

  7. Jonathan

    THANK YOU so very much for your excellent insight and information, Sir. Have been sharing your website far and wide.

    Jonathan :+)

  8. Frank DiTullio

    Love your passion, Greg….and good haircut!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Frank!

  9. john duffy

    Trump gives left a dose of their own medicine!

  10. Deef

    God and the IG Report – Will those who set about to frame Trump soon be hung on their own Russian gallows? (Esther 7:10)

  11. iwitness02

    The wheels of justice sure turn slowly. But they are turning. Truth and Justice may yet rise to prominence in all the land. I believe every empire on earth for the last six thousand years has been the devils empire/empires. Now it appears that the devils iron grip on power has expired. There is a whole lot of shaking going on. A whole lot of light shinning into the darkness and exposing all the criminals in high places. Best of all, I got to live to see it. Sure, we have a long ways to go. It takes time to dismantle something that has been in existence for six thousand years. I believe we are on the cusp of worldwide change for the better. The best is yet to come, but so is the worst yet to come. But I have it from a good authority that the worst will be cut short, and the best will last forever.

    • Chip

      Problem is, more than 50% of US citizens will never believe the crimes committed and will believe hiLIARy when she says “it’s all just a right wing conspiracy”. There are so many people that are completely brain washed and our MSM has got to either start telling the truth or it has to be torn down if we’re to survive as a country. Divided we fall… Chip

  12. eddiemd

    MS-13 has it’s roots in the El Salvador civil war of the 1980’s. You left out the terms human mutilation and terrorists when describing these subhumans. They now work for the Sinaloa and Las Zetas distributing narcotics/meth/cocaine in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, etc (all democratic cities). Build the wall. Look at Honduras. It has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the world and many of the refugees arriving at the border are from Honduras.

    There was a program at Fort Bragg named “MTI” (Mexican Training Initiative) whereby company sized elements of the Mexican army were brought to North Carolina and trained in special operations and close combat. Many of these soldiers eventually went to work for the drug cartels. I was a battalion surgeon in one of the SF Groups during the period of time when MTI was going on.

    “The Pentagon also spent more than $28 million training Mexicans in 1997, and it is expected to spend slightly more than $20 million for training in 1998. These funds—known as Section 1004, after its location in the 1991 Defense Authorization Act—are for counternarcotics initiatives only, including U.S. military training of foreign police forces. However, the Defense Department is not required to break down its spending by category. Under this program, the United States trained 829 Mexicans, many of them from Mobile Air Special Forces Groups (Grupos Aeromóviles de Fuerzas Especiales, GAFE). ”

    That brings up Seth Rich. He was supposedly assasinated by elements of MS-13. Perhaps the rogue elements within the FBI were involved in this hit. Supposedly there was a theft of weapons from an FBI agent’s vehicle in the vicinity of the murder in and around the time when he was killed.

    The bigger questions are the present connections between the CIA, FBI and DHS with MS-13 and the Mexican drug cartels. Knowing that the CIA is involved in narcotics trafficing and the corruption within the FBI, what connections do these 2 organizations have with MS-13 and the cartels?

    • Paul ...

      So MS-13 was a creation of the bad elements of the CIA … just like ISIS was a creation by the bad elements of the CIA … Trump is on the right side helping to destroy ISIS and on the right side helping to destroy the MS-13 “animals” … but how does he get rid of the bad CIA neocon war promoting “animals” who have now taken control at the White House??

      • Paul ...

        It is a “Sad Day” for those of us who want to see Peace in the Holy Land … it appears that both Trump and Bibi are now being moved by the warmongering neocons in their respective Party’s to bring more “War Misadventures to the Land that God Considers Home” … we could probably have gotten by with Trump’s “impulsiveness” … but now that he has surrounded himself with neocon warmongers (like National security Advisor John Bolton, etc., etc.) God’s Holy Land is going to be in turmoil for 1000 years … Christians and Jews who don’t want to see Jerusalem “turned to glass” by the reckless misadventures of idiots better wise up and fast … remember John Bolton still says the Iraq war “was a good thing” (right … giving Iraq to Iran was a good thing for Israel??) … has giving Syria to Iran been a good thing for Israel also?? … just like giving Lebanon to Iran was a good thing?? … if the warmongering neocons don’t begin to back off and start the process of seeking peace in the region … do they perhaps think giving Israel to Iran (backed by Russia and China) will be a good thing??? … Yes, it will finally bring 1000 years of Peace to the Holy Land … as God wanted … but what of “his people”?? … they were “not” Persians … or were they?!!!

    • freebrezer

      E – if anyone could unravel and prove who killed Seth Rich, that action/knowledge would lay open the whole cabal and the depth of corruption with the Clintons, drugs trafficking, CIA, democratic party, etc,. Seth Rich was killed by the same people who kill the young blond intern who worked for President Clinton (1998). She was killed ( four, 22 cal bullets in the back …same exact style as Seth’s murder and just like Seth Rich, both killings had no attributed motive) just a couple of weeks before Monica Lewinski story broke … Was Bill banging two interns or was she mistaken for Monica? Greg needs to add to the Clinton enumeration of crimes – MURDER/s.

  13. H. Craig Bradley


    Nice Buzz-Cut Greg. By the way, who is your barber ?

  14. Diane

    I was stunned early Wednesday when I clicked on Google Search, which often posts news feed, mostly propaganda, and saw Greg’s USA Watchdog column with Dane Wigington.
    Within 10 minutes it was taken down!!!!

    • Diane

      I think the main stream media is monitoring Greg.
      I think some of the very critical posts are msm trolls…….

  15. noman_Arizona

    Hello Mr. Hunter,
    The first two WW’s.
    Were started after the economy was falling apart.
    The difference between 1 and 2. Were the ration cards.
    number 1 there were still many that lived in the farming
    community and the city dwellers at that time still had enough land
    to make ends meet.
    Fast forward to today you have the EBT as the ration card.
    And, the economy is a war economy.
    To understand when an economy actually collapses.
    One must look to 1945 and Germany as the Russian’s were entering Berlin. The people fled the capitol. Thus there was no longer a working economy for the whole country. And, how many died from starvation?
    That is what a collapsed economy looks like.
    Great viewpoint today thanks.
    Ask how may invasions Nazi Germany was allowed before the world was ready for the total war scenario that ww2 became.
    And, The answers come.
    Big difference though between the U.S. and Nazi Germany we still have the 2nd. And enough people that are willing to not comply with any confiscation.
    Pray for those folks because the full might of the state will come down hard on those that will not go quietly into the night.

  16. Dan

    Greetings Greg,
    I love your interviews, but can’t listen to your weekly wrap-ups anymore because you’ve become such a shill for Trump. You proclaim to be unbiased, yet you support EVERYTHING that he does. Now you’ve forsaken intelligent discourse for juvenile name-calling (Mueller’s a fool) just like your hero. And you’re STILL predicting that Hillary’s going to jail?? I told you YEARS AGO (when you “guaranteed” it) that, although she deserved to, it was never going to happen. Are you really that naive as to the power of the deep state? Trump & Hillary are just 2 sides of the same coin – kabuki theater, wake up sheeple! It’s a shame, because I’ve noticed that many of the commenters that I used to enjoy reading no longer write. Probably because you beat them down if they dare say anything negative about your beloved (buffoon) president. And don’t even try to argue that a lot of the problems in the Middle East have been caused by the US doing Israel’s bidding (a real fact), because then you’re labled anti-semetic. Your site is becoming as factually-skewed as the MSM, just from the other side – therefore can’t rely on either for the actual unbiased truth – SAD!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am a shill for “We the People” and America. There is nothing “Sad” about what I am doing to me. If you think it is “Sad” please be happy somewhere else.

      • Rick Geisler

        Maybe I don’t write much anymore but you are still right on top of things. Not what this clown says. Stay on target. Why are these guys even taking time from CNN to even post here?

        • Frederick

          Nice Rick More name calling What are you 10 years old ?

    • Jodyp

      Dan, on h.c.going to jail, gotta agree with you. The Grim Reaper will take her to hell first. And we’ll smile.

    • Jerry

      If Donald Trump is not for real, then we are witnessing the biggest con game in history. I’m from Missouri so I’m still waiting for him to show me. In the meantime I will continue to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Greg is,right. If Hillary would have been elected UN troops would have alreadynbeen in the streets.

      • Dan

        Hi Jerry,
        For what it’s worth, I agree 100% that things would probably be much worse with “her”. Thank God that didn’t happen!

  17. Paul ...

    Need an economic update? … now that the warmonger neocons have taken control at the White House the official policy “is War” … but war costs money … no problem they say … we’ll just print it … but what does that do to the intrinsic value of the “2 cents” US dollar? … it will likely make the dollar worth “1 cent” … of course the evil banksters are very happy about this and gleefully support war because with a US dollar only worth “1 cent” instead of “2 cents” … the oil price will double from about $50 dollars per barrel to $100 dollars per barrel and this will save their sorry asses from all their failing oil derivatives … so it’s just happy days ahead for us (war and a rising oil price)!! … but … consider this bit of economics … going to war in the Middle East which will dive up the price of oil (which will put money in the pockets of the banksters and the Mil/Ind Complex) is not going to be all wine and roses … not only because it will slaughter children but will strengthen all our chosen enemies (Russia and Iran) by giving them twice the amount of money for the oil they sell … doesn’t that fly in the face of well established war doctrine which says “one should weaken your enemy not strengthen them”? … the neocons in control at the White House will tell us that is no problem because they will simply impose economic sanctions on our enemies … so telling Boeing not to sell Iran any planes and telling the EU to stop selling them Airbus, etc., etc. … and who exactly may I ask is that hurting?? … it is hurting the American and European economies … Iran can simply buy Russian planes … and is it not reasonable to assume that all the extra oil money generated by our enemies (Russia and Iran) will be used to aggressively buy even more gold?… although more gold buying will help us gold bugs (if the plunge protection team can’t counteract it) … our enemies can still use all this extra gold to back their currency’s … and in a world of un-backed fiat … isn’t that something that’s “more of a threat” to US financial hegemony … than even the most advanced military hardware Iran can build (like nukes and missiles that “can never be used” anyway because we have similar weapons like the Samson Option) … those who have now taken control at the White House are currently imposing tariffs on the American companies who fled to China, Mexico, Japan, etc. to avoid the globalist warmongers regulations … thus hurting these foreign based American companies … and this is going to make their stocks even more of a bargain in an overextended Stock Market?? … it is these same globalist warmongering neocons (who can print money out of thin air for War) that can’t find the money to build a wall? … if lack of money is the real problem … why can’t they build a cheap electrified fence?? … the economic bottom line is that the neocon globalists want to destroy the American, European, Middle East, etc., etc. economy’s using war, immigration, tariffs and sanctions as their weapons of choice to put “the entire world” in their greedy hands!!

    • Paul ...

      As for Iran … if you were living in a neighborhood where you had neighbors with lots of nuclear weapons … and they told you not to get a nuke of your own …”or else” … it would be foolish for you to try and fight such neighbors … especially knowing you could “never use any nuke” because your home would be immediately annihilated by your neighbors who had superior nuclear fire power … and because of the the sear numbers of weapons your neighbors owned would mean instant death for everyone in your home … so what do you do? … you buy gold … and with that gold “you bribe your neighbors” to be nice to you with an “unsigned deal” … makes a lot of sense to me!!!

      • Paul ...

        The problem Iran faces is that mafia bosses from the EU, the US, etc., etc. all want a payoff … since Iran didn’t want its store (homeland) bombed (the way mafia bosses usually do … if you don’t make your monthly payments) you pay them all off … the only problem is … these mafia bosses are a greedy bunch … and keep raising the monthly payments (sanctions) you must pay to them … so they won’t Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran!!!

        • Paul ...

          And who dies in these mafia wars for profit and territory? … the innocent … innocent Israeli, Syrian, Iranian, etc., etc., etc. women and children … who are machine gunned down as these mafia gangs battle it out on our streets and in our cities … what we need is for the Kosher Nostra and the other Western Mob Nostra bosses to sit down with the Islamic Nostra and make “a new deal that will be signed this time” to stop these continual unceasing “Mob Wars” our world is constantly subjected to!!

  18. Gregory Mannarino

    You have to wonder. The Fed. Keeps talking rate hikes meanwhile EVERY TIME bonds sell off (and yields rise) some entity jumps in and buys the bonds making sure rates stay low, so stocks stay high. #FAKEMARKETS

    • Chip

      Definitely being manipulated Greg… Chip

    • Paul ...

      Greg … we have people in the Justice Department who “don’t believe in justice” …we have people in the FBI who “don’t believe in law enforcement” … we have people in the Defense Department “who don’t believe in peace” … and we have people at the Fed who “don’t believe in raising interest rates” … if the Justice Department believed in justice Hillary would be in jail … if the FBI believed in law enforcement Comey would be in jail … if the Defense Department believed in defense we would have peace … and if the Fed believed in raising interest rates we would be rid of the evil banksters … what we have is Hillary and Comey walking free while the US goes to war and the evil banksters continue to ply the carry trade!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Paul and they are hiring some that do believe in justice. Give it time.

  19. Charles H


    The COMEX is as fruadulent as the Clinton Foundation. They will never stop manipulating until someone stops them; someone from outside. Claims per ounce could go to one thousand; or two thousand; or ten thousand – it doesn’t matter as long they pull the strings.
    I’d like to suggest two viewings on YouTube: Black Pigeon Speaks, and VertigoPolitix – as I don’t think they will last long. BPS is more clearly plain; and VP is really deep – but both portray a really wide, and probably accurate summation of issues today.

    Let’s hope the criminality of government and corporate entities will proceed to a just conclusion. Since World War 2 – there are no longer any innocents; and civilians no longer exist. If you aren’t aware and proactive: you are going to be somebody’s lunch.

  20. Willard Ferch

    Dear Greg. What a welcome report on draining the swamp! Not so great on the economy, and it appears that it is picking up speed on its downward spiral. The Lord showed me the demon in Obama in the fall of 2011 (the only time the Gift of Discerning of Spirits operated in me), and I knew everything O did was evil and would be detrimental to Christianity and t0 the country. I believe he will be brought down along with Hill and Bill and the rest of the Devils crew. It will be a most welcome day! Now if this whole nation would just explode in revival! Fiddlin

    • Greg Hunter

      The UN hates Israel. This attack on the border was started by Hamas. You know, the guys that have in their charter to destroy Israel. I care not what the UN says as , as I said the UN hates Israel just like you do. Why do you have to be “such an effing nobhead” Israel and Jew hater??
      Not a word about the Muslim takeover in the UK complete with many Sharia courts, stabbings and terrorist coming home to Britain by the hundreds welcomed with open arms. But I guess that is the world you want to live in–I do NOT.

      • This sceptred Isle

        How can Netanyahu be so stupid as to describe a day when IDF killed 58 Palestinians as a “great day for peace”? Was the second world war a pacifist project? What a moron!

      • Mohammad


        50 Palestinians UNARMED were killed and that did not move a hair in you?
        Those lives mean nothing to you Greg?
        All lives matter, ALL.


        • Greg Hunter

          Hamas arranged this riot. It was not a peaceful protest. It was a pr stunt and Hamas needed a body count to score. It got what it wanted:

          • Mohammad

            Those are humans like me and you Greg, they are not body counts..!


            • Greg Hunter

              This human would not intentionally go to a riot on the Israeli border and pick a fight and try to enter the country.

              • Mohammad

                And the other inhumane Israeli side would not kill some one with a stone, rioting is crap I agree but you do not justify killing rioting people, SOME RESPECT TO LIVES.


                • Greg Hunter

                  They were going to rush the border this time instead of tunneling in under a grade school. This is the fault of Hamas. Hamas is NOT humane. It murdered it’s own citizens in 2014 when they complained that Hamas was firing missiles from schools and hospitals. There is lots of open spaces and farm ground to carry out war and missile firing (all around the 1950 Armistice line, the border with Israel) but, again, Hamas wanted a body count. Same is true today. Hamas got one.

                • Tinfoil hat Canuck

                  Of course you are 100% right. In order to murder unarmed people, you need to see them as less than human. Lethal force is often needed to DEFEND oneself against an armed opponent when no other means of defence will work.
                  Where were he water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets?

          • Arthur Barnes

            Greg, so true, the protesters were used by Hamas as a PR stunt, planned & staged. Hamas needed a body count for international sympathy. That is why there isn’t that much condemnation because everybody knew what Hamas was going to do for a body count. These staging protests are landing on deft ears and will cease in the future because even the Palestinians will eventually figure out Hamas is only using them without any real regard for their lives. You just watch the next one will be less of a turnout, Hamas might think about sending their own to the front lines next time instead of using the people from Gaza for their political purposes. Hamas is a terrorist organization and should be dealt with as ISIS.

            • Mohammad

              So Hamas is supported also by Langley like ISIS?
              This is news to me.


              • Tin foil hat

                That’s a good one. Lol.
                If that’s the case, Israel may start treating the wounded Hamas fighters as they did the ISIS fighters.

              • Paul ...

                Why can’t both sides simply state to the world “we will no longer use women and children in our fight” and unilaterally announce to all the world that women and children will no longer be shot (and no longer be used as fodder for cannons)!! … No Women – No Children … when our immoral politicians begin to abide by such “Universal Religious Values” … will the process of peace between both sides begin!!

              • Fred Hughs

                Mohammed, how do you think Hamas got the thousands of dollars to pay those families off. It was delivered to Iran on pallets. My mother taught me growing up human never to volunteer. She always said let the other guys families get rich sacrificing their family members. In our family it was all for one and one for all, screw the country. Like you. you left your country instead of dying for it. Smart move!

        • Russ McMeans

          If the Palestinians get past Israel ‘s fence, they will immediately start killing Israelis. The Jews know it and all of us here know it.
          The Palestinians were actually Arab goat herders from Jordan area, probably Syria as well. When the landlord comes home after being gone a very very long time and squatters – who have no legal claim are living on his land, then the squatters either leave our strike a deal. Some of the Arabs struck a deal and live peacefully within Israel’s borders. And the others are outside chanting death to Israel.

        • Tin foil hat

          If the parents of this 8 months old boy didn’t care about the life of their baby, why should I care?
          If the Israelis allowed the parents and this baby come thru, there would likely be hundreds more babies at the border protest the very next day.

          Regardless of who’s right or wrong, we have no business getting involve in that mess in the Mid East.

          • Mohammad

            the fact is WE CREATED THAT MESS THERE..!


          • Keith wilson

            In the mind of a Muslim man. He never says yes or no to a question. Allah guides him through the passage of his life. When them Palestinians attacked the border fence and tried to invade the peacefully nation of Israel. They where met with friendly fire. It was Allah’s decision whether they lived or died. Allah decided they had to die that day. In the mind of a Muslim it was Allah who decided his fate. Don’t blame Israel for there deaths. Allah the prophet made the ultimate decision. This is sadly the truth we must except. Allah executed them palestinians. Allah decided what happened on that sad day. Not Israel. Allah is the one who is to blame. This is why Iran must never get the A-Bomb. They are not ready and never will be ready when they take there orders from Allah the prophet. When everyday they are guided through life by the words of the Koran. The religion of the dark ages.

            • Mohammad

              ” peacefully nation of Israel”
              Funniest Joke so far


  21. Flattop

    GREG: Texas shooting.
    In my opinion, since the FBI and the Homeland Security is now involved in the investigation the COVER UP will now begin
    Unless Texas maintains control of this investigation, it will soon disappear just like all the former shootings. Parkland, Vegas etc. God forgive us.
    I trust our Justice Department to lie to us.

  22. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Wow! You have raised the standard again! No one else comes close to packing in as much information as you do in your weekly wrap-ups. And looking forward to your interview with Martin Armstrong.

  23. Jerry

    Don’t look now, but the beginn9ng phases of the alternate exchange system are scheduled to go online June 1st.

    Let me spell it out for you. The demand for alternate currency (non dollar) is so great in Chinas new exchange system that the PBOC is injecting liquidity to meet the demand. You can bet your bottom dollar (no pun intended) that dollar debasement will increase as stealth QE ramps up to offset the impact and continue the imaginary status quo.

    • William Stanley

      Jerry: Good point about “stealth QE.” Fed looks more and more desperate and clandestine in its attempts to save the international banking cartel. The race is on to try to save any scrap of governmental legitimacy.

    • Mike R

      if what you say is true, then why is the USD getting stronger in recent weeks ? The bottom it has formed is part of a long term trend, and now the direction is up right along with continually increasing interest rates. Oil is way up too, which is counter to usually what happens when the dollar rises, but when it does, the dollar has continued to get stronger.

      This is not a sign of any US dollar devaluation, and in fact the opposite is occurring. Meanwhile, China has vowed to increase US imports. Thats dollar positive too !

      Also, the FED continues to de-risk its balance sheet, and its now dumping or letting roll over a lot of its ‘assets’, so QE is in reverse to the tune of $60 Billion a month now. Hardly any ‘easing’ there. That is giving strength to the dollar too.

  24. john

    wow – go try and find platinum! At one time it was more expensive than gold per ounce. My sources are having a difficult time in the Charlotte area sourcing this at the current price.


    • Tin foil hat

      You should tell your friend APMEX has plenty of platinum on sale right now.
      Gold is the only metal being traded in both the commodity and currency markets. It’s also doesn’t get consumed like platinum and palladium.

      • john

        platinum is very rare!

  25. Jerry

    There is no way Deutsche Bank will be able to pull out of their death spiral. Look st their stock index for the past three years.

    Yes the stocks are rigged, but even the most hopefull investor wants to see a profit at some point. The ECB is living on borrowed time. There won’t be any bailout. Just 60 trillion dollars worth of derivatives defaulting imploding the entire banking system.

    • JMiller

      Deutsche Bank does not have a stock index Jerry. You mean their stock price. And you said two years ago that Deutsche Bank was getting ready to blow when it’s stock price dropped and guess what, it did not happen. Deutsche Bank is not going to go down easily and will not go down the way you and some others keep saying. Like how DB derivatives will take down the entire banking system. There are ways to handle a major bank failure so as to minimize the damage.

  26. Pomp & Pheromoney

    Greg if this wasn’t so true it wouldn’t be so funny!
    Boltons Libyan Model For Kim Jim Jim Cheeree!
    We live in the best of times, we live in the worst of times and best of all the funniest!

  27. Pomp & Pheromoney

    We the people, along with you and your merry band, GREGORY MANNARINO , Bill Holter, Rob Kirby, David Stockman, Dr. Dave Janda and all the rest, too numerous to name in this short little ditty. Along with our beloved hero and president, the modern day Robin Hood. Who, have together participated in the biggest shakedown and now take-down of criminalizing criminal’s in US. history. On par with the the Allies taking out Hitler’s Nazi National Socialist, Axis Shyster mobster monsters!
    Leftist neo-congratulations to all. Michael the Savage, rash Rush lambash Limbaugh, Sean the Hannity, Mark hunkered down & bunkered Levin and last but not least and by no means all, Alexander the greatest, along came Alex Jones!
    Dedicated to all good and determined men. Are you with him!?

  28. William Charles

    Master hunter more than likely has all of the facts on what Hillary has done call me has done and Miller have done. Who are the richest Hillary Clinton erasing 33,000 government top secret emails, scrubbing or PC, smashing her telephones, or whatever other treasonous acts she’s done against the United States.

    Mr. Hunter also has everything on former FBI director Comey who granted the hildabeast lot of percent exoneration before he even ended the investigation.

    And he also is correct regarding current investigator Robert Mueller and yes they should all be in trouble including Obama and all the rest of those that were involved and treasonous anti-American Acts during his Administration for 8 years.

    But when it’s all said and done remember that federal Superior Court judges started to get a pointed to the bench on Bill Clinton was President onward until Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and then of course under Obama so when they s*** hits the fan the feces will not be flying off.

    Instead once again all of the swamp rats will walk and now one of them is going to get thrown under the bus certainly not by any members of the Rhino RepublicRat party currently in Congress.

  29. Russ McMeans

    Amazing news all told in about 30 minutes by an extraordinary journalist. This should be mainstream news, not that fluff rub crap on television!
    Thanks Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Russ!!

  30. Steve B

    “Clinton and many of her friends in the Obama Administration are going to find themselves in very deep trouble.” Sorry Greg, but we’ve been hearing this since Trump’s election, and yet the cells remain empty. I will not hold my breath! (cause I still enjoy living)….

    • Greg Hunter

      Just come back on and say I was right if she does not commit “suicide” first.

      • Steve B

        I will do so Greg if I am wrong, but again, I don’t see any one going down for this whole mess, at least not out in the open….

  31. coalburner

    I just want to thank Maria das Santos and eddiemd for their comments about what is happening on certain fronts and the questions that they cause to surface. As for M Santos, I wonder how the royalty and rich in UK expect to survive the invasion by savages ongoing in their country. News from Belgium this week said the the Muslims now outnumber and are wanting a full switch to Sharia law. The slash of the Scimitar is getting closer. Maybe they will get the EU Bankers but I doubt that.

  32. allmhuran

    and no more apologizing for attorney general sessions who i fear is in on it up to his eye teeth. at very least went along to get along. a pre mature unnecessary recusal and missing in action for the most part since his tenure began at the justice department.

  33. Green Lantern


    I’m not sure if you follow the White Hats, but after this week, they are now following you. This is from the site:

    johnSaturday, May 19, 2018 at 1:03:00 PM MDT
    Green Lantern WHA re Greg Hunter.

    Seen, thanks , good work. It’s out to our Global links, ALL these people need to go down big time, and Weiner to be tried again. Missed charges. Life x 3 will do. Huma also. Brennan, agreed and Clintons? Bushes,Cheney, the whole crock, plus Romney, Herzog, Soetoro, Biden, and so, so many Dems.Judges.Supremes, the lot need to go. America needs its own Nureberg. But under Military Law. No Weasel Lawyers. When? Clintons need at least 50 years x 3, and Liver Lips too. RICO! So many Agency heads need to go down. So do the bent Fed and Treasury Zio trash. Proceeds of crime take the lot. S0 – WHEN? Extradite Michael Herzog, he will take the lot down.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    I would highly suggest bringing the Michael Herzog connection to light. Get him and the swamp draining commences immediately. Perhaps you have some former guests who can assist in getting Herzog’s name into the mainstream.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Green”!!

  34. Beeman Minnesota

    Greg Hunter here is a story you should tell, how Monsanto owns Washington D.C and even lawsuits against the EPA (EPA lost) does not stop the poisoning. Beekeepers sue the EPA over Clothianidin poisoning and win, so the EPA allows new pesticide 500 times more stronger not covered by lawsuit.
    Read for yourself articles from 2013 then follow links to new articles:

    Will not be long maybe 10 years where all Honeybees will be extinct, and the birds will follow then all fish in rivers will die. This is not hype the EPA’s own documents reveal this!

  35. David H

    Although my comment is not original to me, Greg, I think it bears repeating. When you said that the price of gold would go up when the manipulators decided it would go up, I remember my mentor explaining the reason. Simply put, they will allow the price of gold to find its true value related to every paper currency when they have gathered up all the gold and gold producing companies’ stock….or maybe when they have gathered up all that they think they can get within the situation/time framework in which they have to work.

    It has been heart-breaking to watch people over these past few years get rid of their PMs and related stocks, having been beaten down by the relentless assults of the gangsters. But we need to reaffirm to ourselves and others that PMs ARE money. There is a good reason coined silver and gold are “constitutional” money…it’s because PMs ARE money. The hubris of the young causes them to forget the lessons their fathers.

    Thank you for your willingness to face the level of attack you have faced thus far. I trust for grace and power from Above to continue in the right way, regardless of what appears for the moment to be a better way.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gold and silver coins are a must have core position just like car insurance or homeowners insurance.

    • RichM

      I have held it all…. bought in 2010 and all my frienbs who road the DOW bubble up are still laughing at me. I have lost heart a few times and even posted here with my frustrations and even perhaps ranting too emotionally here.

      Still I held. I just cannot sell off (even with 75% losses since 2010) because there is no denying the base fundamentals even when fundamentals are currently oft manipulated out of the market itself by banksters….

      I have ALMOST sold on several occasions but with-stained from doing so. My Gosh, I really hope this WAS/IS/WILL BE the right decision. Otherwise, I will likely go down in history as the dude who was most duped out of his millions of fiat. haha

      If so, I will check myself to mental ward as a diagnosisable hysteric/paranoid humanoid.

  36. RichM

    I bought my first silver rounds at about $17 an ounce on Sept 17, 2010…. The DOW was 10,607 that day. yikes….. My friends in their Maserati’s and laughing all the way to the bank….. I on the other hand….. well see my comments above. I will hang in there if I can.

  37. RichM

    mining stocks are where I took most of the losses to date. The hard metals are almost back to 2010 prices. SO I am thinking this was still the right thing as things certainly could’ve gone south the last 8 years. So we should count ourselves lucky they have not yet…. even if we didn’t get to buy that Maserati. haha

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