Kicking the Can Until It Blows Up – Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s

In October of 2019, former Assistant Treasury Secretary (in the Reagan Administration) Dr. Paul Craig Roberts predicted on that “The oligarchs of the New World Order (NWO) will do anything to boot President Trump out of office.” We got a global economic shutdown in March of 2020 because of an overreaction to a virus.   Now, we are seeing massive money printing to bail out everything and everyone. How does Dr. Roberts, who holds a PhD in economics, see this? Dr. Roberts says, “The problem is there is already more debt than can be serviced. That’s why they are trying to bail it out by issuing more debt. It’s like kicking the can down the road until it blows up. When does it blow up? It didn’t blow up with a $4.5 trillion Federal Reserve balance sheet. Will it blow up at $10 trillion or does it have to be $15 trillion, or does the Fed’s balance sheet have to be the size of the US GDP before it blows up? I can’t say that I know, but I do know bailing out debt by creating more debt is not a solution.”

What is the solution? Dr. Roberts says, “We need a debt jubilee. Debt jubilees were widely used in the ancient world. The way economies tend to work is through time, debts expand. People get more and more indebted, and before long, they don’t have any discretionary income, and they can’t buy any increase in output and they can’t service their debts. Either the system goes into collapse, or you write the debts down and you start over. So, that’s what I think. I think . . . we need a debt jubilee, and debts need to be written down. The debts do not need to be written down all the way, but they need to be written down to a level that they can be serviced. . . . They are not fixing the problem by creating more debt to bail out existing debt. That doesn’t fix the problem. You’ve got to get rid of debt. It’s not the federal debt that we need to worry about. They can print all the money they want to redeem US Treasury bonds. Individuals and corporations cannot print money to get rid of their debt, and that is where the problem is and they are not addressing the problem. Again, either you paper it over again, or you don’t succeed and everything blows up.”

What about the rising gold price during this new round of bailouts? Roberts says, “In the previous bailout, it did not affect the dollar. The question is this bailout, on top of the previous bailout, is it going to affect the dollar? Are people going to say, good heavens, do we really want to hold dollars when they are creating so many? People are saying we don’t know how this is going to play out, but they can’t print gold, so let’s get into gold. . . . I don’t know how people are going to see this, but the enormous money creation, no doubt, worries some . . . . If they are successful in reflating the stock prices, then the problems with the dollar is over–for now. . . . Again, bailing out debt with more debt is kicking the can down the road. How long can you kick it? We don’t know until we will find out you can’t kick it any further.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Assistant Treasury Secretary and award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

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After the Interview: 

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  1. David

    If we are to believe what we are being told about how this virus spreads, why aren’t masks being worn at press conferences by the speakers and reporters? Especially since, we are told, a person can be tested negative but still be contagious. Why is it that most of the doctors who support the lock downs are are getting money from the government (by salary or grants) and they will receive their (actually our) money while those who lose their jobs have no money?

    • Dumber

      Without chapter 7 bankruptcy with no exceptions you are a debt slave so bring it back and the banks will stop their bad lending practice

      • eddiemd

        Luke 24:30-32
        30 Now it came to pass, as He sat at the table with them, that He took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them. 31 Then their eyes were opened and they knew Him; and He vanished from their sight.
        32 And they said to one another, “Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?”

        Yes. When He speaks to us, our hearts burn within us. Our hearts burn within us when the Holy Spirit opens the Scripture to us. The Revelation of the Word!

        “Did not my heart burn within me while He talked with me on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to me?”

        Yes. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Wonderful Counselor. Almighty God. Prince of Peace. Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Elohim. Emmanuel. Son of God. Son of Man. First Born from the dead. The Alpha and the Omega.

        Hear what He has to say! He will speak Wisdom, Knowledge, Peace, Love, Goodness, Self Control, Joy!, Kindness, Patience, Faithfulness, Justice, Power, Mercy and Forgiveness into your heart, spirit, physical body. He is King! He is exalted to the Throne. His Name is above every Name. He rules in Power and reigns in Glory!

        Repent and turn from your sinful ways. Seek Jesus Christ while He may be found. He is coming back! Get ready! Take heed, Watch, Pray always.

      • eddiemd

        Greg, Check out what this man is saying. He sounds legit on 5G and AI and where it is going. Might be a good guest,

      • sam

        The scientists for the lockdown are reliant on funding through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which fund the CDC the WHO etc. Gates wants to us
        Listen to Dr Shiva

      • Coalburner

        I totally agree! That is what we need for student loans too. Otherwise people will have their meager Social Security checks garnished to pay student loans. That would also stop banks from loaning money for kids who want to party for four years and get a bow wow degree, while being brain washed by Leftists. A lot of those leftists would have to be fired because half of the useless programs in colleges would go away over night.
        Bring back bankruptcy for school loans and all loans.

    • Cleon Skousen

      This is bull crap. What about those that have no debt and lived within their means? Savers and responsible people get penalized AGAIN? How about those companies that did not abuse the system? How about nobody gets a bail out and who ever goes bankrupt goes bankrupt, and the losers lose, the way the system is supposed to work! WHY BAILOUT ANYONE?

      • Traci

        Cleon, Have you read modern money mechanics? Do you have any idea how money is created out of thin air? Your jealousy is worth continuing to prop up fraudulent fiat currency at the expense of the people, instead of taking it all down? Banks lend people nothing. You become a debt slave upon your signature. Have you read creature from jekyll island or anything Ellen Brown has written? In actuality, forgiving debt is just a formality, for there is nothing to forgive. It is all fraud and is a sin against God. We must never allow the banksters to rule us again. Jubilee is not a bail out.

        Savers made choices, just like everyone else. Time to wipe the slate clean, and start all over again, along with completely restoring our Republic.
        Its past time humans grow up and stop being so petty and envious. So what if people get their debt wiped clean? The only way humanity has a chance to survive is to take down this evil system. Jesus came to this world, admonished the bankers and paid the debt of the bad choices made in the past. Are you saying he shouldn’t have done that? That the people should suffer in perpetuity? Just because you are not as big a sinner as anyone else?

        True prosperity consciousness comes from God, it is natural and all of nature is abundant, and gives far more in return. Our Republic was divinely inspired, and its past time to return to what was meant to be.

        How do we restore our Republic? End the fed, and end public school and welfare(corporate or personal) right away. This way, no one else is brainwashed, people are required to take responsibility for themselves, which will give them self esteem and allow them to have dignity for the first time in their life. The people must stop funding their own demise and instead fund their own present and future, as it was intended.

        We can no longer function under the ten planks of the communist manifesto, which most people do not even realize we are doing. We are a republic in name only at this point, and corruption and evil rule the world. Hard decisions and choices must be made, for the ignorance, apathy and arrogance of the people have created a hell world and our children do not deserve this to be their legacy.

        • helot

          Gary North has written about Ellen Brown’s flawed economic approach and her bad ideas, please do a search and see. MMT is just more of the same, money out of thin air, that you call it ‘mechanics’ is kind of funny though.

          No one should be bailed out. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is Not Christian in any way, form, or shape.

          • Sovereign Ag

            helot, modern money mechanics is not my name, its the name of the publication from the federal reserve. You obviously did not read anything I wrote. Our Republic is in trouble because of ignorant people like you who do not know what they are talking about.

        • helot

          Oh, and what of those to whom the debts are owed? Pensions and such… is wiping a slate clean an ok reason to rob those people? Have you thought that through to its conclusion? At the very least, how about at least giving up any assets in exchange for a kind of debt forgiveness, maybe someone could buy a lower priced home, car, or whatever and get on with making things better?

          Of course, first, watch out for that Mark of the Beast, Jackboot and hammer which is swinging wildly about.

          • Sovereign Ag

            halot, what do pensions have to do with anything? It figures you are parasitic gov worker, your ignorance got you hired didn’t it. No, the public should not be on the hook for bloated pensions no one deserves. Again, re read very slowly what I wrote, and then think about it before sticking your foot in your mouth.
            No one owes anyone anything. Loans are fraud. Read modern money mechanics by the federal reserve and they will explain it to you. Fiat or debt currency makes everyone a slave. It is illegal for banks to lend credit. They can only lend money. They do it anyway, because of people like you who have no understanding of money or the Rule of Law.

        • Susan

          Traci, that all sounds well and good, but it never works out that way. Reality is a very different story. After the debts are forgiven, there is nothing that will happen to those people who received the forgiveness so it will start all over again. Our world is not ready to change its ways. People will still live and spend beyond their means. In the meantime those who do the right thing by staying within their means and saving for the future are the ones that continually lose out.
          There is never any advice for those who have a small income that have their homes, vehicles, student loans paid off. Evidently there are no rewards for playing by the rules and being thrifty. This is what we were taught.

          • Sovereign Ag

            Susan, you should learn how to read. Getting rid of debt currency erases any issues. You obviously did not read anything i wrote either. No wonder our republic is dying. You are ignorant and did not even bother reading what i wrote, for that would have started your education.

      • Coalburner

        That is why I say let there be consequences to the colleges and banks. IT would at least stop the irresponsible kids going to college. They would then have to do as you say and as I did. The kids who just don’t get it no matter how much they are told need to be refused by the banks. I had one kid do it right and the other do it half wrong no matter what I said. That one got married to a pie in the sky guy and the spending was on. Never holding back because that would be a big money career, BS, too old to even let Dad speak in tose days and now no help to speak. So nearing the last third of career, can’t get out of the banks trap.

      • stephen haskell

        Cleon. I absolutely agree with you. People putting themselves in dept, living recklessly way above their means, people or business while the rest of us living responsibly don’t get bailed out? When the housing market collapsed, the reckless walked away and the rest of us payed. Loss of equity in our homes, loss in our 401ks. Not on-board with Roberts.

      • Sir Manly Robinson

        Because the system dictates economic policy. I’m glad people are slowly waking up to the fact that they have a lovely mix of socialism/communism/fascism and it doesn’t matter a jot who is president.

      • Jake

        I agree 100% , why bailout anyone, debt jubilee ? who pays for that ? that just encourages more irresponsible behavior. why are they in debt? because they were irresponsible in the first case. Nationalize the banks ? Paul has become a socialist. this only ends when -the FED is disbanded and the Treasury issues money backed by FED owned assets ( land etc. ) at 0% disband the FED , let everybody go bankrupt , maybe they will learn to be more responsible with their spending habits. I agree to break up the banks , but don’t nationalize them, just let them fail , and let competition come to the banking sector , with lots of new community banks , get the government out of the way . it will be a very bad but short depression , but it sends the right message . with Rights come responsibilities, we seem to have forgotten that. we have become a fat, lazy, narcissistic culture. George Carlin said ” America needs a good enema” NO DEBT BAILOUTS FOR ANYONE, the strong and smart survive , the rest die, it is the way of nature and god’s way of thinning out the herd . you see it in the natural world , nature can be cruel , but the smartest and strongest survive and the species thrives . we are a diseugenic nation , we breed the dumbest and most irresponsible people and subsidize their stupidity , and then they procreate and make more stupid low IQ people . Come to Montana where I live and you can see how a healthy culture thrives

      • Glenn Shumway

        Amen! The banksters invented the term “Too Big To Fail” as a faux justification for their own profligate spending habits, which were key to their plan to enrich themselves while impoverishing mankind. In fact, in Free Market Economics,
        Too Big To Fail = Too Big To Exist.
        We fully expect that President Trump intends to do precisely what the above writer endorses: Let “Mr. Market” flex his muscles, and watch the long-awaited collapse of the Rosenschield/”Rothschild” banking system worldwide!!!
        GOT PHYZZ?

    • paul ...

      David … there is no need for testing (as it is ineffective and gives false positives) … there is no need for a vaccine (which weakens the bodies natural immune response which is more effective) … and Trump was rope-a-doped into building thousands of respirator (death) machines … that put the final nail in the coffin of people trying to breath … by forcing high pressure air into lungs that have been weakened capillaries making them bleed even more!!

      • paul ...

        Could be the German Government “knows” this Corona Virus is more deadly then most people realize!!! …

      • JungianINTP

        Paul, you’ve nailed it.

        Corona-Hyped Hoax, for a certain outcome:

        Vaccine Mandate is Bottom-Line Purpose of Corona Hoax


      • Cleon Skousen

        Traci that was deep. You must be really, really smart. Before denigrating anyone for espousing the basic tenets of Austrian Economics, you should decide which side of the argument that you are on. There is a difference between describing money as debt and describing money as stored wealth. Keynesianism is antithetical to the writings of Ricardo or Smith of the 19th century, and I would be remiss in not pointing out that a debt Jubilee would merely reward the Keynesians by letting them off the hook instead of pointing out Keynes (communism’s) inherent weakness and fraud. I completely disagree with you, those that made bad decisions, whether creditors or debtors, should be allowed to fail. Those that made good decisions should be rewarded by not failing. How will anyone learn if there is just one big giant “do over”? How will we ever “restore our republic” by letting the criminals loose just to continue criminal enterprises in the future?

        BTW, have you ever read any of MY books?

    • Anthony Australia

      Here we go.

      • paul ...

        The IMF and World Bank announce an unprecedented Debt Cancellation Program for 27 countries … and so it seems debt cancellation will be implemented in the US for people with student loans … but what about Credit Card Debt???

      • Cleon Skousen

        Oh Goody, a bunch of activists with a web site put out news that doesn’t really mean anything without any substance nor back up. Its just more IMF/UN propaganda. I read this article and it doesn’t say much except “IMF Good”. Never gonna be a Jubilee, just going to be a restructure that is dressed up as a Jubilee.

  2. Gina M Mancarella

    Charlie Munger says you’re a jerk if you buy gold. Only uncivilized people buy gold. Are you a heathen Greg ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Charlie Munger in my opinion is the dumb and dumber partner of Warren Buffett who required a government bailout to save his bacon ikn 2008 because of stupid investments such as GE (“a fraud bigger than Enron”) Goldman Sachs (it almost went under with AIG) and Wells Fargo (I Renamed Wells Fraudco) to name a few. Both these weasels are incompetent and would have retired in shame if not for the taxpayer who bailed out or back stopped many companies in the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio. I may be a “heathen,” but I am not so incompetent that needed a government bailout. Now, go play in the street “Gina”!

      • Mick Lassus

        Hey Greg, great smackdown! Awesome.

        This was a fantastic, fantastic interview. Maybe, this approach can be taken by this administration. Surely, President Trump is aware of this approach. But, he would get hammered as being a Socialist. Perhaps after the election….

        • eddiemd

          Drs. Fauci and Birx are lifetime .gov employees. They work for themselves and the feds. They have not seen a patient probably since residency. Non-clinicians.

          Having worked for the DOD and IHS I saw these types all the time. Start off with good intentions then evolve into administrators who live in a different reality. They don’t know nor care about patients.

          They remind me of a well known Nazi named Mengele.

      • The Queen's Regent

        Greg, I know we have had our disagreements but that was a funny put down. It’s difficult to get a good expose of buffet on YouTube. Paul Craig Roberts is a good guy also.

        • William Stanley


          • The Queen's Regent


      • GoneWest

        Also, don’t forget that Berkshire-Hathaway (aka Warren Buffet) bought BNSF railroad back in 2008-2009. As payback from the government, they promptly halted the oil pipeline which was going to run from tar sands in Canada to refineries in southern US. With the pipeline halted, BNSF transported the oil, via rail, making uncle Warren and BNSF a pretty penny.

        All facilitated by “connections” in the federal government. The same type of connections and otherwise that previously resulted in a civil war.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks for adding that.

      • Coalburner

        Wow, great reply Greg!

    • Stan

      Gina M Mancarella: Munger is right. Furthermore, once this virus goes away Gold will drop like the rock that it is. Many laughed at me years ago for shorting Gold at $1874. Gold is poised for another massive drop.

      • Greg Hunter

        Many are laughing at you now for shorting gold starting between $1,200 and $1,300 per ounce.

        • Rodster

          We were and are still laughing at Stan, “The Class Clown” regardless of the price of gold. All he’s good for is clickbait.

        • Chuck

          Hey Stan, you sound like a guy who is getting tired of his teeth. How about I put you on your knees and swat you across the mouth with my junk, silver that is!

        • Mike R

          Yep Stan, Greg is RIGHT ! Nearly all of us here on the board are laughing about you and your gold shorts. As Gold blows right up through your former $1874 short point, then you will have lost it all buddy. And then loose some more, by wrong headed thinking that gold isn’t worth what people are paying. Keep shorting it Stan, as all you shorts add more fuel to the gold explosion upward. Painfully for you and others of your ilk, many gold shorters are having to cover, so that just sends the price even higher. Btw, Stan gold is a METAL. (Not a rock). And very PRECIOUS !

      • paul ...

        Stan … Mark my words … many more will laugh at you for shorting Gold at $18,740 !!

      • Freebrezer

        Stan – How is the short working that you bragged about a few months ago when gold was at 1476? A brief reminder, gold is at ~ 1700.00 today. Dude you got to be honest and talk also about the bad trades to have any credibility!

        • Rodster

          “Dude you got to be honest and talk also about the bad trades to have any credibility!”

          Trolls don’t have any credibility. They just post to get an emotional response.

        • jim

          He won`t talk about his bad trades because he never made a trade, he is just a lying troll.

        • Stan

          Freebrezer: That $1476 short will pay handsomely – just be patient 🙂

      • Carl William

        Then why are central banks all over the world buying gold and selling treasury bonds? Why is JP Morgan so stocked up on silver? They must know something that neither I nor even you know.

      • Charles H


        Absolute Dichotomy – huh, Stan? Always two sides; and somebody has to be there: otherwise there wouldn’t be two! You are welcome to it. It also is totally your choice; and your “right”. So… fire away.
        Time ‘distills’ everything – so the basis of nature is improved upon, or refined to it’s principal component. This is the work of Time in conjunction with the Polarity of Duality. It is not suprising that people become ‘hardened’ in their chosen positions. But the idea or Principle which is generally to totally ignored is this: one side must prove True, and the other False.
        So – firing away from your side is somewhat fulfilling; and it does work: that is until it doesn’t. There will come the moment, or time when one side will be proved as Fact, and true. Enjoy your time. But let me fill you in on something. The majority of anything does NOT make something Right. Something is right by NATURE: NOT by support. You can get almost the whole world to agree in ‘man-made money’ and all the systems of Finance and enrichment. If only one or two people stood on the side of that which has the Nature of the True: the whole world would be wrong; and those two would still be True.
        Precious Metals ARE the substance of the True. So it does’t matter how long you go firing against them; or how many people you can get to join your side to oppose them: you can’t change Nature, and at some future time – your chosen side will be proved False. So, enjoy the time you have: because it will be all that you have. Coming here, and firing oppostion is your distillation. A leopard can’t change it’s spots (Nature); and one who distills their spirit – is not likely to change? Or am I full of Baloney, huh, Stan?

        • Stan

          Charles H: I would say you have no idea how a modern monetary system works. And, yes you are full of baloney.

          • Charles H


            I have a good idea of Modern Money Theory: but I don’t think it works. Baloney it is.

    • Lucas Doolin

      Charlie Munger
      “I think gold is a great thing to sew into your garments if you’re a Jewish family in Vienna in 1939, but I think civilized people don’t buy gold. They invest in productive businesses.”

      My opinion is if I were Charlie Munger and had all of the inside information on what and where to invest and was backstopped from all losses by the federal government and all of Wall Street, then yes gold would be an uncivilized investment. The Charlie Mungers of the world don’t need gold. However I am not a Charlie Munger so I will be uncivilized.

      You want a second opinion? He’s ugly too.

  3. Anthony Australia

    We are doomed!

    • Freebrezer

      AA – look at the optimistic side … a lot of western countries are going to pull back critical manufacturing of critical items back home! This will create a whole bunch of jobs. Sure it is going to take a couple a years but things will work out for the better … BIG Caveat – as long as each country can keep the socialist/globalists at bay and out of power!

      • Anthony Australia

        I’m trying and I share your hope about a renewed manufacturing base on home soil. I doubt though people will pay high prices for consumables and there are so many choices around the world for cheap labor.

    • MichaelD

      Would be grateful if anyone could share their opinion on this:
      Apparently there is a St Corona.
      She is the patron St of epidemics (fighting them)
      St Corona day is 14th May
      “Corona is believed to have been only about 16 years old when the Romans killed her, probably in Syria, for professing the Christian faith.”

      Is this all a bit strange or is it just me?

  4. RJ Wolf Jr

    Thanks Greg for bringing on Dr Roberts for this interview. I absolutely love this man and what he had to say. He is definitely a national treasure and it would be wise for President Trump to listen to him. There is no question we as a country have a lot of financial monetary issues to address, among other things, However, I have issues with having a financial jubilee write off. I see it as rewarding bad behavior. I don’t mean to be critical, because each person or family has their own unique circumstances. As Robert Kiyosaki mentions, too many people lack financial intelligence and/or financial responsibility. What do you to say to people who are financially responsible and follow the Dave Ramsey financial model?? Nationalizing the banks and breaking them up “Now You’re Talking.” Hey, I have an idea, let’s do away with the Federal Reserve while we’re at it. I know, I’m being sarcastic. Thanks again Greg. Please bring him on more often!! RJW

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks!! It was good timing and he had an important perspective!

    • dee

      I could not agree more, he is a national treasure and should be a national icon.
      I think President Trump should put him in charge of domestic economy like President Reagan did and short of Christ coming back, nobody would do a better job.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks for the wonderful interview with Dr. Roberts.
    1. Yes; I agree that if we bail businesses out, we should take ownership of them and then restructure them.
    2. “The Problem,” of course, isn’t just debt; it goes deeper than that. We are quite literally at war with the forces of globalism (and the purveyors of its attendant attitudes, philosophies, and “religions”). We have to recognize how the globalists are fighting, what they intend to do with us if they win, and what we must do to defeat them. This is as ugly as anything we can imagine.
    3. Many will die . . . one way or another. That’s now a given. Whether and how we fight is still up to us.
    4. The globalists are much weaker than they seem, and we are getting stronger every day as more and more of the truth is revealed.
    5. As individuals, if we fight, we win . . . even if we personally are killed. No matter what, IMO, our side will prevail . . . because enough people WILL chose to fight.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good points one and all William!!

    • Yours gratefully...

      William, I have been exiled, cast out into the wastelands and thrown to the wolves. Would you intercede on my behalf? Regarding point 5: individuality is the key because if nobody conformed they would have no control. Unfortunately, most of us are herd animals by instinct and they know it. Your friend…

      • William Stanley

        As you know, Mr. Hunter gives his personal attention to every comment. In a way it’s as if he has invited us into his house to discuss the important matters of the day. At a minimum, he is our host and we shouldn’t try to annoy him.
        I very much enjoy your wonderful wit, insight and friendship. I think that your contributions greatly enhance this channel . . . to the extent that you don’t strain Mr. Hunter’s hospitality. Please do everything you can to acknowledge (if not repay) the kindness he has offered us.

      • Self Exiled

        The ”they” are also part of the herd. The problem is they forget this. Man was never created to lead other men. He was created to follow and communicate. He was created to be an empty vessel, to receive and be filled. They prove this by creating bunkers they must hide in. And who are the ”they” hiding from; the supreme they, “themselves”. They can not look at another person, if they did who would they see, the empty vessel they are. The self in them can not die, it’s not allowed. They do not allow it. It is the choice they have made. It reflects everything that they do. They never become part of the Great I’m because they would have to admit: i’m weak, i’m self centered, i’m greedy, i’m corrupted, i’m depraved, i’m needy. They will save themselves, this life is all they have. The Lord [acknowledged you once to be worthy to be] called a green olive tree, fair and of good fruit; but with the roar of a great tempest He will set fire to it, and its branches will be consumed. Jeremiah 11:16

        • William Stanley

          Self Exiled:
          RE: “The self in them can not die, it’s not allowed. ”

          I’m reminded of the Taoist “Tract of the Quiet Way,”

          “Then one of the executive furies of the Lord of Death will place a rope around your neck and drag you along; he will cut off your head, extract your heart, pull out your intestines, lick up your brain, drink your blood, eat your flesh, and gnaw your bones; but you will be incapable of dying.”

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Roberts.
    The economy is beyond rebuilding,things will not be the same.The phage has uncovered the Stalinists in our midst,particularly here n the UK.Real numbers and real science are being ignored,no one now dies from heart disease,cancer,renal failure,car accidents and more only the phage.Doctors attached to crematoria here are ringing patients General Practitioners who have had the gall to identify clearly the cause of death and must now add phage before cremation begins.These are medical doctors who are are our “heroes”seemingly,obviously history was not on the curriculum at their schools and Germany 1938 was a very foreign country.Also we have the dystopian “grass”who is using this phage against neighbours and retail businesses,calling on the heavy mob police to do their dirty work that they themselves are too sensitive to do.
    Painful reading,
    Also,the local councils here in the UK are advocating UBI to hide the unemployment numbers direct from the EU headquarters in Brussels.The COMMUNIST regime is embedded and now Islam is its target having taken down Roman Catholics.

    • Jon

      Great link! Most comprehensive examination of the facts. We need to protest this theft, violation of the constitution and virus fraud.

    • AndrewB

      Thank you Maria, great link.

  7. JC

    “Individuals and corporations cannot print money to get rid of their debt.”

    Amazing, everything is sinking into a black hole of debt.

  8. JC

    On another note, we have an important update by G. A. STEWART to think about…

    Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 55:3
    By the means of Satan, Infernal Prince, so many evils will be committed that the entire world will be found undone and desolate.

    Satan’s minions control the technology and planet Earth, but I believe it will be an extraterrestrial race friendly to humanity that will try and warn us what is coming.

    Revelations 12:7 (King James)
    And there was a war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
    Revelations 12:8 (King James)
    And prevailed not; neither was their place found anymore in heaven.
    Revelations 12:9 (King James)
    And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
    Revelation 13:7 (King James)
    And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.
    Revelation 13:13 (King James)
    And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in sight of men.

    • JC

      By the way, the book ‘Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars’ is well worth the read. A lot of research was done by G.A. Stewart to cross reference the writings of Nostradamus, The Bible, The Book of Enoch, which was not included in The Bible, as well as other ancient texts of different cultures from around the world. They all indicate the same thing, that their will be a final apocalypse.

      • Lucas Doolin

        Bo has a new video on youtube titled 14 days that will change our world forever. April 16th through April 30th.

        • JC

          Thanks Lucas, I’ll check that out.

    • paul ...

      Revelations 12:7 (King James)
      And there was a war in heaven …
      Revelations 12:9 (King James)
      And Satan along with his Demon-rats were cast out onto the Earth … where they now deceiveth the whole world …
      Revelations 13:18 … telling us we all have to be tested and given a Mark of The Beast Certificate to work or leave our home …
      Now by throwing Satan and his Demon-rats down here on Earth “with us” … God probably figured we would give Satan “eternal torment” …
      Instead Satan has recruited some humans (i.e like Gates, Soros, Hillary, etc., etc., etc.) to do his bidding … and has made what was supposed to be Hell on Earth for him … into a Demon-rat paradise …
      It’s about time we begin to do what we were created by God to do … give the Devil and his Demon-rat followers a very hard time … this means “Nationalizing the 666 Evil Banks in the World” like Dr. Roberts is suggesting … and re-setting their phony debt based fiat monetary system by backing our currency with God’s Gold!!!

      • paul ...

        To begin the Nationalization process (the goal being the elimination of all 666 Evil Banks in the World) we should begin with the Central Banks listed here … … once we take these Central Banks out we can mop up the rest more easily … the mom and pop banks that provide a service to the community (without ripping us off) can be allowed to continue their services!!

        • paul ...

          By their number we will know them … and their are 666 evil banks!!

  9. JC

    Well, it won’t be long now, I keep thinking about what Bo Polny said…

    Polny goes on to say, “In the last interview, I gave you a time point, and I’m going to give it to you again. This time point is incredible, and it is a Biblical calculation. I am waiting to see what happens at this time point because it is supposed to be a truly epic time point, and that time point is April 21, 2020. It’s a time point where the world changes, one system comes to an end or something really obvious happens. So, coming into the month of May, we have this new time point or this new era.”

  10. IVAN


    • Stan

      IVAN: Food shortages would benefit many Americans who are obese.

      • Kyle J

        Ditto shrinkflation

      • Occasnltrvlr

        That’s probably not a good long-term solution… .

    • Fatima message

      Almost every political system has in one way or another been infiltrated by the elite and twisted to their ideology. The UN is no exception but rather the rule. The elite want Communism as this ideology destroys the Lower classes. Bill Gates and his ilk want vaccinations for control. When I see Gates step boldly up for many vaccinations, I’ll think about it. bUT not much! Read Matthews gospel chapter 24 and contemplate every line. This civilization has entered the Chastisement/Tribulation And only Our Lord can help us but we need to sink to our knees and ask His help. He will not violate our free will. Not even Satan’s free will. But as chapter 24 states, to save the elect the time will be shortened and He will intercede!

  11. Tim. South Dakota.

    Hi Greg, what an awesome interview. President Trump would do well to bring Dr. Roberts into his cabinet. Cutting off WHO funds is a good start. The UN should be next. Maybe both should move their headquarters to Beijing. NATO is outdated too. Just purchased another 1000 rounds of 223 and 9mm. Guns, Gold, Gas, Grub and God. Guess that makes me a heathen as well. Tim. South Dakota.

    Note. Maybe Munger meant buy silver instead since they both know quite a lot about silver. What a jerk.

  12. Joe Lalonde

    Dr. Roberts has alway been my favorite guest over the decades.
    What I have come to realize over that time is how the Federal Reserve Banking system has totally corrupted the politicians into believing money printing from them is the cure in debt slaving everyone except a select few. They made governments give subsidies and or bailouts to big corporations and banks at the expense of all citizens to carry that debt.
    It is a private bank looking out for itselves and do not care about anything else but corrupting governments to be part of enslaving everyone to this fake money that they own and print.

    • Joe Lalonde

      Do you not find it suspicious that governments are asking small businesses if they want more debt or differed payments in some cases By banks?
      There will not be a debt jubilee as it is not in the Federal Reserves best interest. Look at what the bankers did to Greece…

  13. Blather

    He must have been reading my comments. I have long called (and the only one) for an obeying the Jubilee and warned if not obeyed the crash will be unlike anything seen.

    Thanks for reading my comments throughout the years Paul. Even though I criticized you a lot. 😉

    • Cassandra calling

      How could you ever criticise paul?

  14. Jerry

    Whether you want to accept it or not, this is the globalist financial plan going forward.

    I love PCR, but in this case I think he may be wrong. If debt really mattered the system would have exploded long ago, and the central banks wouldn’t have been allowed to create money out of thin air time after time. When you get beyond quadrillions of dollars in debt does a number really matter anymore? This generation lives in cyber fantasy land, so they will gladly hand over their cash for a digital wallet, and allow the central banks to control every aspect of their life.

    Will it work? Ah no. Lucifer sits at the head of the NWO financial table, and has a history of losing. He lost the war in heaven. He tried to foil the lords plan of salvation by having him crucified on the cross only to fulfill it. And, we all know, how the final battle ends don’t we? Let’s face it. When you pick people like George Soros and Hilary Clinton, and of course Judas, to be members of your team, you will lose. My advice? Get your spiritual house in order. Donald Trump is just a man, even though he had his own television show. He can only prolong what is coming. He can’t stop it.

    • JC

      Jerry, regarding the “war in heaven,” it may not be over.

      G.A. STEWART:
      “I say this war is still being fought, and I suspect even on a plane of reality that human beings have not recognized.”

    • Charles H

      Thank you, Jerry. You are one of the best. And I know I’m going to catch it – to extend agreement to your assessment – but let me whack-a-doodle here.

      ‘The South will rise again!’ But along came “Gone With The Wind”.
      America will be great again. But the “Hopium” has changed to a “New Normal”, which now besets the world. We can no more get rid of the plague of Liberalism; than we can put the China Virus genie back in the bottle.

      There is a slow, inexorable train-wreck: proceeding from the spiritual world, and filtering-down into the moral, political, financial, governmental – you-name-it ‘man-involved’ world. I’d love to see America and the rest of the world get it’s act together: but that isn’t going to happen because of man’s sinful nature and Satan’ s leading hand behind too many scenes to factor. The Biblical “one-world government”, with Satan behind it; and the Divine dealings with Israel MUST come to pass. Those who are Saved understand that power which Satan exercizes through man’s sin. Those who are not Saved – do not have the spiritual sight to see the writing on the wall (mene mene tekel upharsin) against even America. Ps.9:17.
      Getting one’s own spiritual house in order – is a word well spoken.

      • Jerry

        Charles H,
        Thank you for your comment. Lucifer’s time is drawing short, and there is little doubt his last play will come through this organization.

        But as I’ve stated, he will lose. In the end, every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is
        the Christ. And Lucifer? He will be cast out, like the squatter he is, along with all those who he has deceived.

        • Charles H

          Another Tower of Babbel – all man, and no mention of God. Instead of bricks, they now use silicon chips.

    • Kevin S.

      “Jerry’s April 3 prediction. When the corona virus hits its apex on April 12th, look for China to go for the kill shot by dumping all remaining U.S. Treasuries and announcing a gold backed crypto currency.”

      Another failed prediction. When will people learn.

  15. CB

    Greg, good interview with Roberts. One main question is: what is the consequence with writing down all of the “little” people’s’ debts. You don’t just get your debt forgiven and all is good to go. If life was that easy why even pay any debt at all? The very thing we conduct business in (dollar) will lose complete value. The reason why it has value is because the debts can be serviced, if not then the dollar has no point in existence. Your thoughts? Thanks again.

  16. David Duclos

    Greg, a debt jubilee does not solve the problem. A corporate or personal debt is someone else’s asset. The only real way to solve all of this is to let the whole system collapse. A re-start would need to be real free market capitalism, which the .01 percent would oppose. The banks and credit card companies that over lent should take the hit. The Feds will not let that happen as the steeple are at their mercy. In bailing out the banks, big corporations, airlines, etc. we should claw back all the money they spent in the last three years buying back their stock. We should also claw back stock given as bonus pay to executives in last three years. The big banks have taken advantage of average worker for many years. A depression and then a true re-start would also require that less handouts be given, less entitlements. i.e. Biblical. If you want to eat, should try working. No more paying for one kid after the other, just to get more aid. Pay for one kid, period. This would leave us money to help those who REALLY need, sick, infirm, WORKING poor, etc. we need a whole,system reset. It won’t happen . Dave

  17. Jim1a

    I remember debts farmers accumulated in the 70’s to early 80’s being written down by the government. The write down thing has been done before. It made some farmers very angry who were frugal with no debt to write down. My dad was quiet about it as he appreciated the fix some of our friends and neighbors were in. It was hard to look at and hear the dilemmas. Farmers went into debt big in the late 70’s as commodity prices were high and the story was, “the US is going to feed the world.” Well it did not work out for a number of reasons. The fallout was huge leading to a number of farm suicides. We did not benefit as my dad was averse to any borrowing of big money on the farm having lived through 29. Some of our neighbors who were headed down the drain got help. Nationwide the write downs helped keep low cost food in the grocery keeping the “cheap food policy” in place. The government makes sure the land is farmed one way or another for that reason. Don’t make the assumption farm pockets are being lined by government farm programs. Any of that is the exception to the rule and why it would make an occasional news item. Be assured the screws are getting real tight on farms again as history repeats in a way that rhymes.

  18. Amy Warford

    The big banks are the biggest welfare queens of all….

  19. Diane

    Greg, I’ve been following your interviews for over 10 years.
    Dr. Roberts is the most important one ever.
    Thank you Greg and Paul.

  20. Jeff

    “Individuals and corporations cannot print money to get rid of their debt.”

    Apparently Dr. Roberts has missed the part where the Federal Reserve has said they will not only buy Treasury debt but also corporate debt. We will do whatever ut takes including a move toward communism.

    • Ray

      Correct Jeff…….
      The US, via the Federal Reserve and Exchange Stabilisation Fund, can and does mitigate ANY DEBT……ANY AMOUNT, via their criminality. It’s just numbers to them.
      This perhaps, above any other reason, may be why nations like China and Russia are forced to make war upon the US and destroy it (Australia as well).
      The US (not the people…….I’m talking about the machine that runs it) refuses to accept the rules of nature…..that is, NOTHING lasts forever…..especially Ponzi economies built ENTIRELY on eternal debt that is NEVER paid.
      You can’t have the rest of the world without a printing press suffer, whilst a nation WITH the printing press just sidesteps any problems and looks on as the world starves…….nukes will fly way before that is allowed to pass.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Thermally Nuked Nation.

  21. Justn Observer

    Great interview…really good information…you’d think at least some of the people in government would take his advice.. At least if there are a few left not compromised or bought off…and actually are pro-Constitution and working FOR the people.
    Since so many of his point align with this…I hope you will share this link as well since it aligns with Ph’d Roberts…
    Also some really important point discussed =

  22. larry

    Greg I was so engrossed in what the good Dr. was saying I got up to answer the door at the end. Great interview.

  23. Rev Andrew de Berry

    Great interview – good to hear PCR again. It’s good that more and more of us are learning that Bill Gates operates from the ninth circle of hell.

  24. Jerry

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. Last week I heard of unsubstantiated rescues of children being housed in underground bunkers by marine units. In the heights of my skepticism I stumbled onto this.

    Now I’m not going to claim the rumors are true, but I found it interesting that military units were training for underground operations, at a time when cyber and space warfare are grabbing the headlines.

  25. Mark Sztelle

    Roberts is brilliant. The Trump administration needs to hire him for his advice.

  26. tc

    Here are some things to consider before having a Jubilee.

    Returning to the Jubilee concept to eliminate debt gives debtors another way to cheat creditors. In a modern-day society, the two largest debtor classes are governments and banks. Thus, they receive the greatest benefit from the Jubilee year.

    1. Any owner of a savings account who failed to close out his savings account before the Jubilee year would lose his savings to the bank holding it. The same is true of owners of certificates of deposits. Saving accounts and certificates of deposits are debts that banks owe the depositors. The owners of savings accounts and certificates of deposits are creditors who have lent the use of their money to banks. Thus, the Jubilee year gives banks a great opportunity to take advantage of ignorant savers.

    2. All paper moneys (bank notes, government notes, US notes, federal reserve notes, and silver and gold certificates) and their electronic equivalent (checking accounts) becomes void. As all forms of paper money are promises and obligations, they are debts. Relieving all obligations to fulfill the promise of the paper money would be a great benefit to the issuer. Thus, the Jubilee year is a windfall for governments and their central banks as they are the primary, if not the sole, issuers of paper money. Banks receive a windfall from money left in checking accounts.

    3. The Jubilee year gives sharpers an opportunity to cheat the stupid and ignorant. The sharper convinces a person to give him a loan that does not come due until or after the Jubilee year. When the Jubilee year arrives, the sharper is relieved of his obligation to pay the loan. The suckered lender absorbs the loan. Swindlers benefit greatly from the Jubilee year.

    4. Employers have a great opportunity to cheat their workers. If an employer fails to pay his employees just before the Jubilee year, he is relieved of having to pay them. When he fails to pay his employees, the employees have become creditors of their employer. The employer is now a debtor who owes his employees a debt of their salaries and wages. Thus, the Jubilee year creates a windfall for employers who want to cheat their employees. (This also raises another interesting question. Are employers obliged to pay their employees during the Jubilee year? Salaries and wages are debts paid for labor rendered.)

    5. When the Jubilee year arrives, the unsophisticated, ignorant, and stupid who own corporate and government bonds, mortgages, commercial paper, and other debt instruments are left with losses. Their investments are now voided. In effect the owners of these debt instruments transfer their wealth to governments, corporations, and other borrowers. Thus, the Jubilee year benefits those whose have sufficient wealth or credit worthiness to be able to issue bonds, mortgages, and other debt instruments.

    6. The Jubilee year would utterly destroy pension plans. Most investments of pension plans are in debt instruments. As these debt instruments become void in the Jubilee year, pension plans that held debt instruments would absorb the lose and would have to reduce payments to pensioners greatly.

    7. Social security would cease to exist. The U.S. government has borrowed all the money in social security and has substituted debt instruments. With the Jubilee year, these debt instruments are voided.

    • Vicki

      TC- Those are some very excellent points, especially number 1 about what would happen to our bank accounts of cash. How could those that have no debt be “rewarded” for lack of a better word. I wonder if anyone has written on this subject and how it would work in today’s world.

    • Archie

      TC: Nobody said there wouldn’t be pain. The question is whether to undergo the fast flush of a Jubilee versus the never-ending pain of a hyperinflation (in case you’re not familiar with monetary history, see Ferguson’s ‘When Money Dies’ for Weimar Germany, or more recent examples in Zimbabwe and Venezuela). Those are your choices. Both are bad for holders of debt instruments. Might wanna re-evaluate yer portfolio there, mate.

    • Susan

      I hope someone on this site will give us a heads up before it happen.

  27. Pointe Grosse

    This is just nonsense the Feds cannot borrow and print all they want that is the problem. The Gov. borrows all the money drives down the interest rate ruins pension plans and savers returns. Congress should be held to the same standards as money mangers. The money does not belong to them it belongs to the tax paying public and a fiduciary responsibility and liability should be a requirement for Federal Spending!
    What happen to students that have paid off the student loans, do they receive a rebate?
    There has to be equal and balanced application of debt forgiveness. How is it that the banks get bailed out each and every time, when all working class that have had their money stolen from the Social Security System never get consideration. Hell replace the funds stolen from Social Security with interest and recipient’s could receive three times the amount they are currently receiving. Just think of how many jobs would open up as one could afford to retire early with a substantial increase in compensation.
    Damn I feel sorry for Trump he could cure Cancer and they would still throw rocks! We are all screwed!

  28. Charles

    So for those of us who managed our money and didn’t go into debt over our heads… we’re screwed over yet again. Everyone who went into debt that they could never pay off gets off free and those of us who have been responsible get screwed. Nice..

    • MichaelD

      If those savers were sensible, they would have watched sites like USA Watchdog and seen this coming down the road and taken some precautions like buying physical assets. If they have not, it means they have just been listening to mainstream propaganda and bear some responsibility for their predicament. Still, there is no guarantee of a debt jubilee for the little guy/gal. I certainly wouldn’t like to bet my future on it.

    • Charles H


      I’m in the same boat. I’ve lived within means and sacrificed: yet those who have behaved badly are rewarded; and those who behaved well are punished. This upside-downness can’t go on forever. I will at least die in my integrity.

  29. T-Train

    I think P.C. Roberts basically said that the Swamp has successfully enslaved most of the world via debt.

  30. JC

    Greg, I’m sure this something you can appreciate.

    Martin Armstrong:
    Good journalism never injected personal political views. Journalism was about reporting the facts, but this no longer exists. We really need to bring back the Fairness Doctrine and apply it to the newspapers as well, which means they MUST report both sides of a national issue. It does not mean that there would be some central censor in government that pre-approved every story. That too would be propaganda.

    • MichaelD

      Is Martin Armstrong not creating propaganda though? He says gold is only for the retail investor and not for institutions, even though central banks are institutions.

  31. Dan Adams

    All by design.The only thing valuable will be food,water,gold,silver AND LEAD.So stock up.

  32. Auntie Seize

    God’s law says that a debt jubilee CANCELs debts – not just writes them down to levels that debtors can manage. (Who decides what that level should be for each individual debtor?) But “The Problem” is much greater than that we simply don’t have a debt jubilee. “The Problem” is that we refuse to follow God’s laws in their entirety. THAT is what got us into all these myriad sub-problems and the mess the entire world is in today. And a greater problem is that we have a phony baloney “money” system that is based on false weights and measures – another one of God’s laws that we refuse to recognize, let alone obey. NONE of these problems that PCR and others outline is going to be solved because the solutions are half-assed paperclip and bubble gum hacks. So, until Jesus returns and wipes out the current rats nest of frauds, thefts, and deceptions and implements God’s laws, nothing is going to be really solved.

  33. J. Bagwell

    Globalists are exploiting a pandemic to disrupt America’s economic rebirth – but here’s what you can do to help yourself and your family – APRIL 15, 2020

  34. iwitness02

    In the financial markets, human life is undervalued. Human life needs to be of higher value than gold bullion. The source of real value needs to be in human life. All human life.
    Generally speaking, what is more precious than life?
    In Backwards World, life is cheap. How in the hell did it get this way?
    What will it take to turn this around?
    I presume a power greater than man’s.
    Satan is the problem.
    Jesus, The Christ, is the solution.
    We may be witnessing a gradual shift in power.
    A power transfer. From – to +

  35. Mimi

    My husband and I wondered about Dr. Fouci and Dr. Burx/Berks—-now we know!
    We wondered if they weren’t in on this hoax—the virus isn’t the hoax—it’s how and why it was made and spread around the world and the false numbers of how many would die, etc., that was the hoax—to get Trump to close the country and hopefully ruin the country! None of them care how many died–China certainly didn’t care how many of their people did!!
    I hope and I think he has—figured out that the Dems were in on this, with China, so he wouldn’t be reelected! They figured that if they could get him to wreck the country and kill a few then SURELY the people wouldn’t reelect him, RIGHT?

    Well they are going to FAIL AGAIN—poor babies!

  36. Vie Venard

    Woman recovering from coronavirus shares video diary of her struggle
    Mar 25th 2020 6:13PM

    • Bob

      Yeah looks like she’s really struggling. OMG, a cough.

  37. Carl Karl

    There is no real debt between the US government and the federal reserve. It is all FAKE debt. Essentially, it is counterfeit money (called inflation or printed money). All of that fake debt can be just eliminated off the accounts. I am not talking about debt between the US government and other governments or individuals. Just between the US government and the federal reserve. It is just bookkeeping hocus pocus. Dr. Roberts knows that- I hope.

    • paul ...

      Yes Carl … Now that our government has resorted to the endless printing of money … our economy will go into hyper-inflation mode and our fiat currency will become ever more worthless … when people begin to shake their heads in disbelief at what things cost (in fake dollar terms) … gold will go through the roof in those same fake fiat debt dollar IOU’s!!!

  38. Scott

    Love Dr. Roberts – thanks for this, Greg!

  39. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    In these troubling times there are so many ‘false prophets’ and shills doing the rounds that it’s really difficult to determine who are the genuine ‘good guys’. In this respect, my wife and I have – until recently – held opposing opinions as to the position of UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Someone in the alt-media referenced BJ’s inaugural speech to the UN, September 2019, during which he had the temerity to warn of the dangers of an all-seeing / all-hearing Google, Alexa, and ‘The Internet of Things’. Based on his warnings, I would place Boris firmly in the anti-globalist camp. Is this why he has been ‘infected’ with Covid-19 and taken out of the spotlight for the past few weeks? Perhaps he put up some resistance to the Covid-19 agenda – whatever that may be . . .

    • Greg Hunter

      AA what’s wrong with mu current gig?

      • Anthony Australia

        Nothing at all Mate. The photo they have for the profile on this person is yours LOL

        • JC

          AA, what is that all about? Very strange, an “alternate” Greg Hunter.

  40. Jeffersonian

    DR Roberts in all due respect Trump is giving a debt jubilee now why? Student loan interest forgiveness, 2400 bucks per household, Sba loans no collateral and you do this for one two years you hyperinflate prices in effect monetize the debt.Plus enhanced unemployment forever. Not to mention bailouts for the big boys. It’s the opposite of forgiveness.

    This way those of us with little or no debt aren’t so upset. We get some too. Even though Our purchasing power decreases especially for the vested.

    The debt jubilee is here. Print to infinity and beyond.

    Like you said they can continue this for decades maybe longer and why not as stupid and Ignorant as the American people are as well as the world.

    Let the roosters come home to roost.

    As Jim Morrison said the future is uncertain and the end always near. Amen brother.

  41. Jeffersonian

    You want people to change behavior you make them suffer via bankruptcy. Then an only then will they change.

    A debt jubilee while a sigh of relief doesn’t solve the problem. Just like you said more debt isn’t the solution. A debt jubilee isn’t either.
    Living within your means is the solution unfortunately too few accept and practice this principle.
    Regardless an interesting perspective.

  42. Gina M Mancarella

    It is time for real Americans to stand up and SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER !!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      So you are going to tell Hillary she’s a criminal that had a private server to hide the fact she took treasonous bribes through a global charity fraud??

  43. Hammeringtruth

    To avoid moral hazard if we are paying off personal debt, I think we should go the Andrew Yang route. If you have debt use 1000 a month to pay off your personal debt, if you have no debt you have 1000 a month to spend or invest.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yang is a communist that says there should be restrictions to the 1st Amendment. I heard him say this. So not no but Hell NO to his stupid commie ideas!!!

      • Hammeringtruth

        What’s the first amendment have to do with it? I didn’t say anything about the first amendment.

        • Greg Hunter

          Are you “Hammering the truth” with a sickle and hammer? You can’t be this stupid. Go away.

          • Hammeringtruth

            Your ad hominem response says it all.

            • Greg Hunter

              Hammer and sickle,
              You original comment says it all too.

              • Charles H

                Another dedicated probe – trying to thought-shape. You cannot oversimplify the issue here. All those who support or favor China (or Chinese lackies) are stupid, know-nothing ideologists, or PAID thought trolls.

  44. ken

    Mr. Roberts is basing this depression on the basis that the virus numbers Fauci and government put out. That hospital beds are in short supply. He is dead wrong on this. He obviously has the capability of researching the truth but apparently refuses to do so.
    The government, the politicians are lying. The death numbers are being manipulated. Read Celente’s Trend Journal. He covers it quite well.
    So long as Roberts refuses to accept the corona bs he is unable to discuss the depression in a intelligent manner. He refuses to believe the government is the causation of the depression,,, not the virus.
    His purely economic comments, write down the debts etc are correct.
    It was a good interview by the way.

    • littlerrepublican

      You have Mr. Roberts calling for a debt jubilee…but you view UBI as a communist proposition? You would prefer rewarding only debtors? Are you still dreaming this is a capitalist society, Greg?

  45. Mike R

    You absolutely KNOW the dollar is getting more worthless by the day, as Demoncrats are now proposing in the next round of Rona Stimulus, that every family get $4000 EVERY single MONTH, until the employment rate gets back down to pre Rona crisis levels.
    And hand out $2000 per month to adult age college students. Even if they are still a dependent. You dont hand out giveaways like that, if its worth anything. Folks we are Zimbabwe. They could drop helicopters full of this stuff in every single US city, every single day, and it would still not be enough to help any citizens from being sunk by the job losses, and the cratering dollar. You cannot look at the dollar index, since it is only a relative value, and so if all currencies are being debased simultaneously, meaning they are all falling, if the dollar stays up around 100, or 99, or 98, its still becoming more worthless every single by the printing of trillions out of thin air. Debt is growing exponentially, and now the country is getting to the point where it can’t afford the cost of the interest on the debt, so the reality the money being printed is going up to also cover the interest, and not work down any of the debt. Hence the debt rate of change is growing faster by the day. Last year the deficit was $1 trillion. This year will be $4 trillion and counting. We are quickly approaching deficits of $5 trillion to $10 trillion per YEAR. Thats what you call exponential and runaway debt growth. again, ZIMBABWE.

  46. Peter

    Talk about waste, democrat Gov Newson of California is planning to give all poor illegals $500 checks in his state. The giveaway will cost the state’s taxpayers $125 million. Count me out.

  47. Mark Warns

    Your comments about student debt, Greg, were amazingly ignorant. I’m a college financial aid analyst who specializes in helping middle and lower income families find affordable colleges for their kids while minimizing their debt and your comments were absolutely the opposite of reality. Go to my website, and do the numbers. For most American kids, which costs more, staying at home and going to their community college, or going away to Harvard? Well, Harvard is cheaper. Why, because Harvard’s alumni have made sure it was cheaper by building their endowment. So, quit mouthing senseless nonsense, Hunter, and believe the facts. And for God’s sake, don’t shame the generous.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Mark,
      Why don’t these young adults pay their own way and WORK while going to school??? In stead you your coddling snowflake “nonsense”!!! hey maybe a stint in the U.S. military??? GI Bill??
      Why the hell do taxpayers go on the hook for this crap??????? Belly up to the debt bar “kids” and make sure the colleges are NOT on the hook for all this debt. Meanwhile, professors and administrators do get paid pensions and medical benefits for life. Let these colleges be the co-signer for this crap, and put of their precious “endowments” up collateral??? Maybe there would be more conservative lending in stead of a $1 trillion big ball of crap that will never be paid back. How about these “kids” WORKING while going to school??? I DID!!!! I went to University of Missouri and graduated in 4 & 1/2 years. Here’s the best part: I paid for it by WORKING MY WAY THROUGH COLLEGE!!! Why protect these snowflakes??? Now go play in the street. I got a business to run that I started with my own $$$$$!!!!!!

    • eddiemd

      Harvard is cheaper? Really? I have known kids and families who were lower middle class/middle class and it was expensive. Student loans, cost of living in Boston/Cambridge, and books. It is a rip off.

      I started at a community college for 2 years. Transferred to a state university and graduated in 2 years. Four years to earn a BS in microbiology. First I did 4 years enlisted in the army. I paid money into my army college fund and the army added in additional funds. I worked part time for 4 years during undergrad and full time in the summers. Graduated in 4 years with no debt.

      Then went to medical school in Boston on an army scholarship.

      Harvard is the pit of nepotism. I was not impressed by the Harvard alumni. Scottsdale Community college and Arizona State was far better. Education is what you make of it yourself. Motivation. Discipline. Hard work. Common sense. It does not matter where you go.

  48. Mad Allaintbright

    Victoria Nuland’s Forgotten War For CHEVRON

  49. Jonathan M Scott

    Enjoyed the Bo Polny interview , but Greg he missed the mark on this one. After April 2 he said we would have ” an epic plunge” . Instead we have had the biggest up surge since 1934. What happened? Please record what he says. Don’t give him a free pass every time he strikes out.

    • Greg Hunter

      We are only half way through April.

      • JC

        Greg, and let’s not forget the “epic plunge” probably would have happened, but we have the Federal Reserve playing their games desperately trying to defy the forces of nature… for now.

    • Kevin S.

      Do not expect Bo Polny to be right. I have yet to find anyone, including him, who can get several predictions in a row correct. It is just too hard especially since we are in uncharted waters. Stocks may actually make a run at the ATH before we get another major sell-off. And who knows, we may not even get another major sell-off but just go sideways in a trading range for a few years.

      • Greg Hunter

        He said after April we would enter a “New era of time” and it would be biblical. You think he’s wrong there? Nobody is perfect but you have to give Bo credit where credit is due for making a huge call nobody else made.

        • Kevin S.

          Was not really talking about that. Of course everyone knows things will not be the same. That we are in a new era, uncharted waters, etc… Not sure about it being biblical though. Some people I know are saying that we are in the end times as predicted in the Bible. Many people thought the same in the past and they were wrong. I was talking specifically about Bo’s prediction that the stock market will plunge in April, which I would not be surprised if it did not happen. It has always been very hard to get several stock market calls in a row correct. Honestly, new highs in stocks looks more likely.

  50. JC

    Has anyone listened to this new song by Bob Dylan?

    The Jeffrey Epstein, Bill and Hillary Clinton connection points to Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels, and that is why the last two Quatrains in the second Triplicate Series deal with the Catholic Church, because the Vatican became Satan Central in 1963, the same year that John F. Kennedy was sacrificed.

    This leads readers to consider the March 26th release of Bob Dylan’s first new song in eight-years, Murder Most Foul.

    This song is a masterpiece, a haunting dirge for the end of our age. He put everything into the lyrics. I plan to listen to it many more times. I hear many things in there, the Tavistock Institute, the fake hippie movement, MKULTRA; altars of sacrifice, it is a retrospective on the false reality that was created after John F. Kennedy’s assassination and that leads us to the present moment. “Tommy can you hear me…”

    The release of this song does not seem to be coincidental.

  51. AndrewB

    Is the COMEX about to ‘blow up’? Latest from Sprott Money . . .

  52. Harley Grainger

    Protesters in opposition of stay-home order gather at Michigan

  53. AndrewB

    Ominous signs of things to come in a country near you – unless the public wake up AND protest . . .

  54. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report. (Rick)

  55. Bob

    There’s never a shortage of junk food.

  56. Paul Anthony

    Great interview. Taking All this in.

    Great comments from everyone.

    Thanks Greg

    Paul Anthony

  57. Daryl

    Hi Greg,
    Great info as always. A doctor that you might want to interview on the latest regarding the pandemic is Dr. Andrew Kaufman. He has a youtube channel as well, Andrew Kaufman. Keep up the good work.

  58. tim mcgraw

    Hey Dr. Roberts! The coronavirus didn’t close down American businesses. The various little dictators of America closed down our economy.
    And hey Dr. Roberts! You forgot the biggest debt put on the American worker TAXES! And don’t forget the inflation tax.
    You want to save the economy? Open it now! Remove all FICA taxes and sales taxes. Repeal the income tax. Go back to a gold standard or some other way to have a solid money the government can’t inflate.
    Shrink government by 90%.
    And end the damned wars!
    Dr. Roberts is was and will always be a government guy.

  59. Riverman

    Greg I am a long time listener. The one constant to your message is to prepare yourself. As part of that mantra you have advised to get out of debt if at all possible. I have always respected that advise and viewed it to be prudent. Dr. Roberts suggestion to reduce corporate, personal and any other debt on the premise that the debt can not be serviced is a slap in the face to you and your listeners who have spent time preparing for what the corporations and bankers have created. Then for Dr. Roberts to say the reason that we need to reduce the debt is so that it can be serviced and to free up discretionary income is nothing short of disgusting. This would allow for the cycle to repeat again and again. Dr. Roberts has identified and condoned what has been the demises of this country since Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1971. After listening to the interview the one thing I am certain of is that Dr. Robert apparently spent to much time on the government payroll as his ideas are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your points are well made and well taken. It is not ever a question of “servicing” debt, but it is totally unpayable debt in my mind. It’s in the 2 quadrillion dollar range — counting everything. You have no idea what happens when that unravels. Forging it is orderly, but what happens if there is a gigantic default?? You are still better off owning your stuff.

  60. Riverman

    Greg thank you for your reply. To address your question I do not believe Dr. Roberts ideal would be orderly. The reduction in monetary debt in aggregate would in turn reduce velocity. This in it self would create an deflationary wave. That is why the FED is buying debt of all kinds at this time. The problem is a shortage of dollars to service existing debt brought on by excessive leveraging. There are three main elements that have brought us to this financial crossroad. The first was defined by Robert Triffin in 1959 as he spoke before congress. The second is the reduction to zero of the gold cover clause by President Nixon in 1971. The third is the merger of Citi Bank, Traveler Insurance and Smith Barney in October of 1998 by Sandy Weill, creating to big to fail banks which gave the banks the power and control to leverage excessively. As for Dr. Roberts ideal to reduce all debt in half. I would have no problem with his concept because it would appreciated the value of the dollar in real terms, which would reward savers. But we all know that could not be. The bail in would begin before the deflation got out of hand. The real ledger that needs to be balanced is the moral ledger. The piper must be paid by those who enjoyed the benefits of this debt Ponzi scheme. If not the scheme continues. That is the Keynesian flaw in the good Doctors rhetoric. For it is only that and gives no solution to the financial or moral ledgers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please go to the end of the interview where he says the government should sell the assets and return them to privat hands after the reinstatement of the Glass Steagall act. Your points are well made and well taken though.

  61. Mark

    How does forgiving debt (jubilee) on car loans, mortgages, student loans, et. al. change any behavior with consumers ?
    PCR says federal debt doesn’t matter but it is that government fiat money that causes consumer behavior that ends in debt. He doesn’t make any sense.

  62. patrick

    Ding on Mr. Roberts in order to reduce mortgage payments ,you have to new mortgages or the payments stay the same.Just can’t write down the debt? Now to mask if you gave every one in America 60 days supply of mask, you need 19.8 billion, not counting hospital .How do you spell shortage ?

  63. Riverman

    Greg the original deflationary threat is still why Dr. Roberts ideal lacks validity. As for the reinstatement of Glass Steagall act as part of the conditions of the debt reset. I for one do not have an ounce of faith in any such a promise. Glass Steagall was replaced by the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act along with Dodd-Frank regulation overlapping. There is not a chance of the Glass Steagall Act being reinstated. So Dr. Roberts has squandered the opportunity given to him to affect real change with empty rhetoric. Those with a voice like Dr. Roberts are why we have not come to terms with the flaws in a self gratifying system of corruption that exists today. It is time to place blame where it belongs!

  64. stlonginus

    Mr. Hunter,
    You may wish to have Dr. Paul Craig Roberts back on again, very soon, in order to ask him what was discussed at this international symposium (link below) and what ‘go-forward’ decisions may have been reached regarding each speakers realm of expertise. I think your viewers would be interested. I know I’m interested.
    See article and the speaker list for the symposium at the bottom of the article.
    “70 (Explosive) Candles For NATO”, dated 4 April 2019

    Tying in with the above, and given that President Trump is commander of EuCom (NATO European Command) this next news link should be of interest since NATO appears to have been involved in the Military Games in Wuhan (Oct. 23 & 24, 2019) and the subsequent release of the ‘beer’ bug.
    “Today on TruNews we discuss the activation and deployment of a secret military army, code named Joint Task Force National Capital Region (JTF-NCR), which is now operating in the DC metroplex to secure, protect, and potentially evacuate the heart of U.S. government in the event of a war-time enemy attack. We share statements made by former GRU Colonel Stanislav Lunev, the highest-ranking officer to ever defect from Russia, about the Kremlin’s plan to cripple America with a series of nuclear, biological and chemical first-strikes, and how this same cold war playbook may be at use right now by the Chinese Communist Party, or made to appear that way by blood thirsty neocons hell bent on starting World War 3 with China. Doc Burkhart, Edward Szall. Airdate: 04/17/20.”

  65. Brian

    I am a physician. I have been in practice for 25 years. The COVID 19 virus is a complete psyop. The rate of infectious contagion is cooked, the deaths are being overestimated, the tests are completely inaccurate. Healthcare workers are being laid off. Most of the physicians are not even in the hospitals, because the CEOs are running the hospital finances and logistics.. This allows for compartmentalization and maintenance of the story line. The CDC and WHO are captured agencies by the governments and billionaire class, just like the UN, the Federal Reserve and our Deep State.

    Even with the cooked numbers ,the annual influenza A or B pandemics dwarf this ridiculous farce. Every year, 30 to 50 million people in the US contract Influenza and anywhere from 20-80 thousand die. Annually 250 to 500 million people worldwide, die from influenza and 800 million to 1 billion people contract the virus. Even with the falsely inflated, COVID 19 numbers, reportedly, 40 thousand Americans and 160 thousand world wide have “died from” the virus. Actually, this should be reported as ” died with”, rather than “died from” the virus. All cases testing positive are reported to have “died from” the virus, even if they actually died of a different cause. It is like having a cold when you die of multi-organ failure. Yes, you had an adenovirus at the time of death. But the cold DID NOT kill you.

    I am sure it is just coincidence that a record number of US CEO’s resigned the last quarter of 2019, insider selling of stocks went through the roof, the Fed increased its balance sheet by 1.85 trillion dollars to shore of the insolvent banks and the World Economic Forum, with the “Gates Foundation” ran “Event 201”, simulating a COVID 19 Pandemic.

    • Brian

      Greg, just a correction to my post. Annually 250 to 500 thousand people die of influenza, worldwide not 250 to 500 million.

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