Maniac Money Printers Gone Mad Fighting China Virus – Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday release)

Money manager Michael Pento has long warned about China’s rapid accumulation of debt that now stands at $40 trillion. The coronavirus coming out of China is only going to make China’s problems far worse. Pento explains, “China has the biggest amassing of debt the world has ever seen and at the fastest pace never before matched in history. This is a country teetering on meltdown. Multinational companies like Nike, Apple and Google . . . major U.S. corporations are saying we cannot give accurate readings for what’s going to happen in all of 2020, and yet Wall Street doesn’t care.  It is because China, the United States and all the other central banks are printing money like never before trying to mollify the effects of this virus. . . . We are going to have a global recession in the first quarter of 2020. U.S. GDP will be lucky if it gets to 1%. Singapore is warning about a recession. Australia is warning about a recession. The Eurozone, which is China’s biggest customer, is going to be in a recession. Nobody cares because the maniac money printers have gone mad. . . . China is a country with $40 trillion in destabilizing debt. David Stockman calls it the Red Ponzi, and I could not agree more. Then you are taking a country that is already decelerating rapidly from before. . . . Their stock market has already been cut in half, and then you throw into this the coronavirus, which has virtually shut down the entire nation. It’s the second biggest economy on planet Earth, and Wall Street doesn’t care. ”

Pento also points out, “If they keep aggressively printing all of this money, and clearly Jerome Powell (Fed Head) told you they are going to print money aggressively and never let interest rates rise. . . and if the next recession appears, ‘we are going to aggressively go back into quantitative easing.’ That is a quote. . . . How much longer can the markets still deem the fiat currencies to hold their purchasing power? Eventually, that bubble, the faith in the purchasing power of all fiat currencies, is going to explode. That’s when you see gold become untethered.”

Pento also says, “Central banks are impotent because the only thing they can do is print more money. You cannot tell a market that has lost faith in currencies, and has lost faith in the ability to service debt, that you are going to solve the problem by creating more inflation. That is coming. That’s going to be the real problem, and that is going to be the real threat.”

In closing, Pento predicts, “The economic data for the next few weeks, at a minimum, is going to be rancid beyond belief. I would be very cautious in thinking that the trading algorithms and the tape reading machines on Wall Street are going to ignore all of that, especially if this virus starts to spread to other nations in a more significant manner. Then it’s going to be game over.”

Pento likes gold and silver and recommends some in every portfolio. Pento is overweight gold between the two metals. Pento is on record here predicting a “global recession in 2020” if the China virus does not get fixed soon.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with money manager Michael Pento.

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After the Interview:

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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    It’s looking grim. We’ve got to kick our preparing into high gear.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Wonderful Sunday interview Greg,

    I purposely had you on in the car and made all my guest listen to it.
    Years ago they would label me a loon, now today they sit idle and made the occasional grunting noise.
    When we all glanced eyes I could see that even the most MSM brainwashing, sceptical, tertiary educated are losing faith in the current system and administration.
    Oh, our housing prices are skyrocketing again; I suppose in readiness for the influx from China & Hong Kong, oh the pain of it all when interest rates & inflation shoot to the moon in the future.

  3. Nasta Godovna

    “Everybody’s fighting With Everybody, You Wont Be Bored”
    By Super Tuesday you’ll realize how big a threat Bloomberg is.
    Newt Gingrich discusses the money Michael Bloomberg is spending on his campaign and slams him for cutting deals with the Chinese dictatorship. Feb 13, 2020

  4. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report.

  5. R. Patrick

    Mama I think its going to STORM something fierce!

  6. Papa Randy

    Greg great timing bringing on Michael Pento. He has a grasp of the worlds financial condition. Combined with the ability to explain it. So even I appreciate the gravity of the situation. The feds taking things one way but, gravity is taking them another.

    WHO you going to call, not the World Health Organization

  7. PCP

    5 billion people are being prepared for the furnaces.
    Medical and pharmaceutical science has catastrophically and hopelessly failed humanity.

    Invest in companies building furnaces.

  8. paul ...

    Pento says: “Central banks are impotent because the only thing they can do is print more money” … but Wall Street rises on the news that the Fed will print any amount of money they deem necessary to keep the banks solvent … Wall Street figures the Fed will simply cover the defaulting loans of corporations (that have borrowed billions to buy back their own stock to keep the price up … and placed the burden upon the backs of the investors in their stock) while corporate sales decline (because of shortages and lack of buying from China) … what this really means is … paper stock certificates “are just as worthless as the paper fiat” printed out of thin air to support the zombie debt laden corporations so they can pay back their loans to the zombie derivative laden banks!!

    • paul ...

      Pento seems to favor gold over silver as he sees an economic downturn ahead which will constrain industrial demand for silver … but … I believe we need to look more closely at coming Fed monetary policy instead … the QE that the Fed will need to do will be exponential to keep all the corporations and Banksters solvent … money printing will be “so huge” that “investor demand for silver will far outweigh any lack of industrial demand” … and remember that as copper companies cut production in an economic downturn … “silver supply” falls to near zero!!

      • paul ...

        As the global debt and stock markets “recognize there is a major issue to be concerned about” as the Corona Virus now spreads throughout the world … Gold will likely rally above $1650 within 2 to 4 weeks … … then rally above $1850 later this year and breach the $2100 level early next year!!

        • paul ...

          Over half of the silver mined comes as a by-product of copper and zinc production which is shutting down due to the Corona Virus epidemic … … so gold (and silver) look set to go ballistic …

        • Clint

          Keep in mind some gold coins are now sold in 1 gram weights. The Chinese pandas and canadian maples are two examples. This could be an affordable way to own some gold.

        • Brooklyn


          Allow me to jump in here real quick, even if I am a day or so late o the party. We listened to Michael Pento’s last five minutes of this fabulous interview with Greg Hunter three times now, and am flabbergasted that Wall Street isn’t reacting to any of the large potential downside of the markets.
          As was mentioned, what are they waiting for empty docks in the ports of California or empty shelves in Walmart before that get the idea that the Coronavirus has the potential to be a catastrophic event to world trade and in turn economics.

          Help me here but we also considered Wall Street to be a good barometer of what is to come 3-4 months down the road. Why are they silent? Because the Fed is printing massive amounts of money does not answer that question for me.

          I’m dumbfounded, and any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brooklyn

          • paul ...

            Brooklyn … Supply chains across all industries are collapsing as container ships sit idle in Chinese ports that are all shut down … components made in China have stopped flowing … the US stock market is in “a state of denial” … however the real-world consequences of the Chinese shutdown will soon be too big to ignore and deny (even to the greater fools now buying shares in American companies) … and who will soon see the companies they invested in “be forced to scale back operations or just shut down” (due to lack of supplies “not only from China” but supplies from other countries also … that begin to shut down as the virus spreads)!!

      • Uncommon Sense

        Jim Rogers favours silver over gold, though he recently stated he has begun buying both again.

    • JC

      paul… you say paper stock certificates “are just as worthless as the paper fiat”. But Martin Armstrong recently told us here on USA Watchdog that stocks are “tangible assets.”

      • paul ...

        That’s his opinion JC!! … a tangible asset to me means it can never go bankrupt and doesn’t have any inbedded liabilities I have absolutely no control over!!

        • paul ...

          I don’t even consider real estate to be a tangible asset … as it can be taxed each year by “commie” government officials always looking for more cash to fund their social programs and outright graft … and they keep bringing in more illegal aliens (for their votes) while we homeowners have to pay more and more in school taxes to educate all the illegal’s children … such inbedded liabilities (that I have absolutely no control over) makes real estate to me “a liability” (not a tangible asset)!!!

          • paul ...

            These are the “tangible assets” you want to own JC … Gold … … and Silver …

            • paul ...

              The US dollar could rise as Jim Rodgers expects … but it won’t be because investors are anticipating higher interest rates and strong economic growth … the US dollar gains will be due to economic weakness in other countries that are hurting their currencies relative to the dollar … meaning gold and silver will still be sort out as a place of refuge (even as the US dollar gets stronger)!!

            • JC

              paul… I know that already, but right or wrong, I refuse to put all my eggs in one basket.

          • JC

            paul… you are correct, and if you can’t pay your school/property taxes, the marshalls will come and evict you. Bye-bye…

  9. Lee Fahey

    Hello Greg,

    thank you so much for having Michael Pento on… this guy!


  10. paul ...

    As for Wall Street investors buying the dips … believing the Corona Virus will soon burn itself out … and become a “non-issue” … consider this latest news from doctors in China … the Corona Virus is so infectious that it is highly possible to get infected “a second time” … and when the people who recover from the virus first time (by their own immune system) … get it the second time … their antibodies don’t work … and they die a sudden death from heart failure … wow!! … the designers of this bio-weapon are so morally depraved and crazy it is unreal … so much so that even Satan would smile in approval at the maliciousness of these psychopathic demons gruesome desire to kill innocent human beings!! …

    • paul ...

      Are Americans aware that our bio-scientists “recreated the Spanish flu virus that killed around 50 million people in 1918”?? … the US government spent nine years and about a billion dollars on this effort before succeeding … and now large quantities of this deadly virus are stored at a US Government laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia … and many of these deadly virus’s are also stored at American military bases all around the world (outside the knowledge and control of even the local governments of the nations where the US has set up its military bases)!! … it is time to destroy this terror threat to all of humanity once and for all!! …

      • paul ...

        And guess what … the Corona Virus has the exact same deadly capability designed into it as the Spanish Flu virus … it kills a high percentage of the people who get re-infected for a second time!!

      • Freebrezer

        P – I strongly disagree. If the west could prove that China and Russia, and what ever other countries would do the same, than yes … but there is no way in hell (!!!) that China or Russia would do this and that we should ever trust or believe them! Same argument as toward nukes that some fools make … If only the USA would eliminate all of their nukes first than Russia and China would do the same … Yah right! Second these viruses are a dual edge sword … in a good persons hand they can lead/discover new cures for diseases and in the wrong hands … well look to China right now.

        • paul ...

          Freebrezer … I’m talking about all Nations sitting down together and jointly agreeing to shut down all bio-weapon facilities on planet Earth and destroy all the stored bio-weapon vats containing plagues, anthrax, etc., etc. … to save humanity from some future crazy psychopathic demon who has a suicide complex (like the mental retard who just released the Corona Virus upon the world) .. it is time for our politicians and military men to grow up and do the moral thing!!

          • Freebrezer

            P – the operative word “grow up” … the politicians and military kooks will never have this happen! It is a good thought though!

    • Self Exiled

      The perfect bioweapon. Everyone becomes a carrier in time. The young healthy workers survive, the older useless eaters are eliminated. When the young healthy workers get old it reactivates. No pensions and built in population control. Now what could go wrong for the elite.

      The perfect population bioweapon. Everyone becomes a carrier over time. Even the young become carriers. Older useless eaters eliminated at the onset. The younger workers who survive the first effects will be eliminated as they become older, weaker; never becoming useless eaters. Now, if the he elite have control of a vaccine, mmmm: did not Bill Gates say he had cure for the virus???? “Overhearing but ignoring, what they said, Jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue, Do not be seized with alarm and struck with fear: only keep on believing.” Mark 5:36

      • Self Exiled

        Sorry Greg some how I made a mistake, posted, rewrote, posted again. I apologize.

  11. paul ...

    Breaking News: Seems Armstrong was right … seems “gun control” Bloomberg is going to choose “pay to play” Hillary as his running mate at the upcoming Demon-rat Convention!! …

    • paul ...

      Here is an interesting thought … if the Corona Virus takes hold in the US this year … how many people will risk their lives to go out and vote this November?? … might the 2020 election have to be postponed??? … and will the Demonrat’s demand that Trump and his VP be removed from office for not doing enough to stop the pandemic … and call for putting Pelosi into the White House … until a nationwide election by absentee ballot can be held … and “a ballot box fix be put in” for a Bloomberg/Hillary win????

      • JC

        paul… Could “Contagion” virus happen in real life?

        • paul ...

          JC … notice they first made the movie (about a year in advance) … then they made the Contagion happen “in real life”!!

  12. uncommon sense

    They have the virus contained – contained to PLANET EARTH!!!

    • paul ...

      uncommon sense … Could this be the reason the aliens told the US to shut down their space program 50 years ago? … and forced the US to use Russian rockets to launch their satellites (so the Russians who the aliens probably trust more) could inspect American equipment before launch (for any nuclear bombs or bio-weapons)!!!

      • JC

        Space Command to Captain paul…
        Space Command to Captain paul…
        Please return to Moonbase 7 for emergency psychological evaluation.
        Over and out.

        • paul ...

          You know … one would have thought that someone with the initials JC … would believe someone is up there in heaven “with greater moral values” then warmongering humans … this seems not to be the case … so what do those initials JC stand for (if not for Jesus Christ)??

  13. Perce Sledgehammer

    You Will Bust A Gut!!
    Michael Bloomberg goes tweet-to-tweet with Donald Trump and faces criticism for a resurfaced 2015 speech in which he defended his controversial stop-and-frisk policy. Feb 13, 2020

    By the way folks, he didn’t end the stop and frisk program because he regretted the policy, he only stopped it because the courts declared it to be unconstitutional and they made him abandon stop and frisk and he defended it even AFTER it was deemed unconstitutional. That’s where these sound bytes are coming from.. AFTER it was struck down in court!

    Michael, your gonna lose on this one. There laughing at you, laughter reinforces memory, they won’t forget. If you want to win, really win. You got to be brave and you got to be honest. Tell it like it is and stop the sugar coating. You got a country to save and you got to pull up your britches and duke it out with Trump and beat him at his own game of brutal honesty. The American sheeple want a leader to keep our country Alive! Where a Michael Bloomberg can grow up and do great things, like running for president! Don’t waste your time fighting these quisling demon’rat’s! Forget about them and take on the Trumpster and forget about the mobocracy. You saved New York, now save the nation. Trump has a sweet tooth. A weakness you don’t have and a clear stamina advantage. Go for it. Tell the country you know what to do, from letting your party take us down the crapper!!
    Bloomberg Fires Back Against Trump’s Tweets, But Will Other Critiques Hurt His 2020 Chances?|
    Published on Feb 15, 2020

    2020 presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg’s rise in the polls, boosted by record ad spending and a massive campaign infrastructure, has been accompanied by tweeted insults about his height by President Donald Trump. But the former New York City mayor is also facing criticism for past statements on his use of controversial stop-and-frisk policies and comments about the end of racially discriminatory real estate redlining.

    • gerry

      You are certifiable.

    • Rolf Royce

      Trump delivers remarks at launch of ‘Black Voices for Trump’ coalition
      Streamed live on Nov 8, 2019 Opening Remark’s, Ben Carson
      In 2016, just 8% of black voters supported Donald Trump for President. Since then, the president has touted historically low African American unemployment as a reason he deserves the support of the African American community. To kick-start that support for his 2020 run, President Trump launched the “Black Voices for Trump” coalition in Atlanta.

  14. JC

    Wow Greg, considering that you got Pento at the spur of the moment, this was an excellent interview, very spontaneous, informative and also a bit frightening.

  15. Charles Turner

    Trump is a chess player and major pieces on the opponent side of the board is China. China is both a competitor and a buyer and a seller. China is a threat to trade, new world currency and also military. This could all change if the dreadful coronavirus grinds China to a complete halt, but is contained in the USA. This may come to a head at the time when Trump is re-elected.
    The USA is self-sufficient but has massive debts. Trump is a master of bankruptcy. What would happen if Trump decided to wipe out all American debt and go alone? America is self-sufficient in all industries, food, military, fuel, healthcare, education, etc. This act would throw most of the world under a bus but would give America the most dominance since the second world war. Obviously, it would cause huge turmoil in the USA, but the turmoil elsewhere would be much greater and America would benefit the most.

    • paul ...

      Charles … Are you saying a bio-weapon “was deliberately used on China” by Trump or the Deep State to make America Great Again??? … if so … the immoral psychopathic Demons who inflicted this mass murder of humanity … should all be arrested and shot dead … but don’t expect Barr to do it … we will have to do it with our own Pb … and that’s why (mister unconstitutional) Bloomberg is now being groomed (to take away our guns) the minute he is sworn in as President!!

      • Freebrezer

        P – pretty obvious that this virus escaped from the Wuhan lab! The Chinese are sloppy … When their own scientist are pointing the finger: Probably explains why the Chinese will not let in the CDC or the European equivalent.

        • Dudley Candue'no Wrong

          All USAWatchdog faced, pony soldier’s!
          Every so often I check up on Alexs, since he was stabbed in the back, at YouTube. Not YourTube any more, whom never read a constitution that made any sense to them, except the Chinese and along came Jones, they’re biggest money maker, whom they handed his rear to him. Like Mr. Tee said, I pity the fools, because in this civil-war, they’r gonna get they’re ass handed back to them and most there, “foreign born” will be deported no doubt about it! They particularly don’t know how to read anything but manuals and are nothing but cheap labor, whom replaced Americans, who trained them and got a fine how de do, losing they’re own job, to those they trained . Who now have recreated that now un-American and totally fascist company!
          Check out how InfoWars nails the Chinese super virus as a deep state sore ass Soros’s son’s, answer to the global debt problem and a way to get his dad of his back! What a deadly Dudley Do-Wright combo!!!
          Alex Jones – 2020-Feb-17, Monday  (MP3)
          Monday February 17, 2020

      • Charles Turner

        I wasn’t saying that at all. Re-read my comment rather than trying to rewrite it.

    • JC

      Charles, America self-sufficient in all industries? Can you tell us where to buy clothing and shoes made in the USA?

        • JC

          Dennis, ok but in the list I checked SOM Footwear, they sells a black canvas sneaker for $149.00
          $149.00 for canvas footwear?

          • JC

            Check this out from George at Urban Survival.

            ‘As a Nation we don’t think long and hard-enough about how much crap comes from China. My consigliere pointed out over the weekend (in response to my Fall-Back Bike and Fix-It Shop plans), that so far as we know, there’s not a single bicycle inner tube being made in the USA, anymore. Nor bike tires, let alone the good ones made with Kevlar linings and such.’


        • susan

          Thank you Dennis! I will definitely check these out.

    • Sue Ellen

      And since the UK turned away from Europe, it truly would be a 51st. state!
      ENGLAND SWINGS Performed By Patty Duke
      were cousins-two of a kind

  16. paul ...

    But even if the Fed tells the banks to lend more money to the Shale Oil Companies who is going to be at work in the bank office if the virus spreads creating panic … people would stop going to work and stop most shopping except for emergency food purchases in order to stay safe at home … in short … the US economy just like China’s would grind to a halt … so how can the Fed prop up the domino effect of cascading small and medium firm failures? … the Fed can tell the banks to suspend all loan, mortgage and credit card payments … and the Government could increase welfare spending … but how long can the Fed keep supporting all firms facing bankruptcy as their revenues evaporate … and also support all households as their income from wages stops??? … if China prints zillions in new currency to support their industries and the US Fed does the same to support our industries … on a relative basis it will look like the Chinese currency and the US dollar are holding about even (with the dollar looking a bit stronger if the Fed does not print as much currency as the Chinese) … but effectively both nations will be “printing like crazy” making Gold and Silver worth “more in inflated currency units”!!! …

    • paul ...

      Lets say a company has a lot of cash overseas that it wants to bring back to invest in America … well Trump has a plan to enable it … he will be offering tax incentives to companies that bring cash back to America (and invest it in their own stocks) which will help keep the stock market going up before the election … and some companies will even pay big dividends to their shareholders (with the cash they bring back) … but is the reward (a big dividend) and buying into a high PE ratio company (that will likely have to shut down operations because of the Corona Virus) worth taking such a risk???

  17. Mika M

    The future of the global economy looks grim, yes but don’t underestimates the power of the Central Banks and the Deep State. They can paint your black swan white if they are not yet ready to allow the global economy to collapse. They will keep things going, keep propping up the fake US stock market and keep populations indoctrinated and controlled, setting up trusting investors for financial disaster. Yes collapse will eventually take place when the general public eventually lose faith in the US stock market but no one know exactly when faith in the US stock market will evaporate.

    • Charles Turner

      There is a difference in being short of new clothes, to be not having enough food for the population, not having the fuel to run factories, heat houses, etc. America has everything it needs to survive alone, even if in some areas it may struggle for a while. This was not the case a few years ago when it was dependent on foreign oil.

  18. Olaf - Australia

    Can we ESCAPE this Economic and Viral mayhem? (RAPTURE?)
    April 4th 2020 is NISAN 10 (Hebrew Calendar) Tenth Day of FIRST Month.
    Joshua 4:19. And the people came up out of Jordan on the TENTH [day] of the FIRST month, and encamped in Gilgal, in the east border of Jericho.
    That was ISRAEL going to their Promised Land.
    Palm Sunday = Nisan 10th when Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem.
    John 12:13. Took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna: Blessed [is] the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.
    Jesus said: – Matt.23:39. For I say unto you, Ye shall NOT SEE ME henceforth, TILL ye shall SAY, Blessed [is] he that cometh in the name of the Lord.
    COULD that also be NISAN 10?

    • YB Normal

      Nobody is going to be raptured BEFORE any crisis.
      Why should a righteous God remove any slacker-daisical Christian from tribulation?
      Jesus said: “Immediately AFTER the distress of those days … THEN will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. … And [THEN] he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and [THEN] they will gather his ELECT from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.” – Matthew 24:29-31.

      People who teach this rapture rubbish preach error.
      The rapture claptrap was a DELIBERATE FABRICATION by Jesuit Ribera to explain away why the Universal Church was NOT anti-Christ to the clueless and uneducated masses of that day.
      Do your own homework/research/investigation and stop listening to the carnival hucksters who make tons of money preaching fairytales and fantasies that are nowhere to be found in God’s word. They are Judas goats leading the clueless sheeple to their slaughter while fleecing them all along the way.
      Slacker-daisical Christians are going nowhere. Ever.
      It is the ELECT who Jesus is coming for.
      Read it for yourself instead of letting snake-oil PROFITs do it for you.

  19. Bob

    Chinese woman says people are disappearing in China for speaking out against CCP.

    The virus is a cover?

    • paul ...

      All the common people (those in China, America and elsewhere in the world) must unite as one … against the evil, corrupt, greedy, psychopathic, murdering Demons of this world !!!

      • paul ...

        It is so sad to listen to this women … she brought tears to my eyes as she expressed all the feelings most of us ordinary people have with regard to the Deep State Globalists and the many Demons who work for them!!

        • paul ...

          It’s the bio-scientists who develop these virus weapons of evil and warmongering military who use these bio-weapons of evil “who need to be quarantined” behind bars … not the other way around … where we have to quarantine the Seven(7) Billion people living on this planet … let’s begin using our God given brains people!!

        • JC

          paul… the Chinese woman brought tears to your eyes… how can we be sure that she is not an actress employed by the CIA?

          • paul ...

            She would have had make-up on!!

    • Olaf - Australia

      YB Normal, You QUOTE the DEAD IN CHRIST, (Harvest) and NOT the First FRUITS.
      … Who are the ELECT? How can the DAYS be SHORTENED for those living ELECT?
      Matt.24:22. And except those days should be shortened, there should NO FLESH be saved: but FOR THE ELECT’S those days SHALL be SHORTENED.
      Mark 13:20. And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for THE ELECT’S SAKE, whom HE hath CHOSEN, he hath SHORTENED the days.

      WHO does He CHOOSE ?? Matt.25:10. And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the MARRIAGE: and THE DOOR WAS SHUT.
      Luke 12:36. And ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, when he will RETURN from THE WEDDING; that when he cometh and knocketh, they may open unto him immediately.

      Those that DID NOT go to the WEDDING are KILLED by Rev.12:17. And the dragon was wroth with the WOMAN, and went to MAKE WAR with the remnant of HER SEED, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

      Sorry Greg, this is off topic. Will cease in future from commenting off topic.
      I like the NEWS that you chose to report – Great work!

      • Greg Hunter

        Christ is always on topic to me.

  20. Adam Giessler

    You write good articles to go along with super interviews. Thanks again! A small donation will be made today. Please let me know if there is anything that I can ever do to help USA Watchdog.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Adam!!

  21. Chris Foster

    1 silver eagle every 2 weeks = 25 ounces at the end of a year.

    • Frank D2

      Actually, that would be 26 ounces at the end of the year (52 weeks in year / 2 = 26).

  22. Chip

    Keep in mind that Venezuela’s stock market continued to rise exponentially even as their annual inflation numbers were in the thousands of percent. Don’t think that the same exact thing won’t happen with the US stock market.

    Great interview Greg and Michael. Keep stacking. Get prepared.

    One last point, you say that China’s economy is 21% of global GDP. HOWEVER, I would point out that they are thousands of links in the global supply chain. If they cannot provide JIT parts to other manufacturers around the world then factories in other countries will be shutting down as well. And if there is nothing on Wal Mart shelves then the US economy tanks. Point being that China’s GDP shrinking will serve to shrink the GDP of dozens of other countries. Black Swan indeed… Chip

  23. David

    Wall Street hears “Corona” and thinks it’s just another beer from Mexico. That’s how drunk they are on Jerome Powell’s policy statements. The End.

    • paul ...

      And the drunken Wall Street-er’s will “beer” the coffins of their loved ones to the cemetery/crematorium as their almighty religious leader Powell reads the soothing words “QE to infinity” over the “bier” of an equally dead economy!!

      • paul ...

        And Jerome Powell (like Nero fiddling while Rome burnt) testified before Congress this week reiterated his confidence in the sustainability of the record-long US economic expansion saying: “there’s no reason why the current situation of low unemployment, rising wages and high job creation can’t go on forever”!!

  24. al

    We live in a Nation founded by Christians, the murals in the Capital depict the founders doing a bible study, praying and so forth.. to who? Certainly not Hussain’s god or HITLERy’s god..
    They are praying to Christ. This Country is a true Republic based on Biblical Principles (mainly from the Hebrew scriptures). That’s where the Constitution’s Principles come from!
    This is not a democracy, there’s a difference.

    AS FOR COVID 19 / CORONA or whatever they call the Virus.
    FACT : China has been persecuting Christians.
    FACT: Locusts are plaguing Kenya (obummer’s birth place) and anti-Christian North Africa
    FACT: A pandemic is crippling anti-Christian China.
    I don’t want to sound out there but I look at timing, and the timing points to God’s Wrath. … Just sayin’. If the Bible is accurate in such matters, there were times in the past where God intervened and punished evil. This looks like a punishment to me Greg.
    It’s all an observation but timing certainly points to this fact.

    Recessions cannot be measured by stock market moves any longer, we have been in a recessionary downward spiral since last September. The market goes up because of the money pump called the Central Banks. That’s a false indicator.
    I wonder how Ray Dalio feels, and all the other multi Billionaires who said the market would crash or at least go down.

    I just know one thing, I don’t chase and I don’t catch falling knives. Both are dangerous. I’m stepping aside and just bought more silver. Gold is fine but as it goes up it’s like a vacuum, it sucks silver up with it. Maybe not as much, but Silver for me is a no-brainier. I’m with David Morgan on this.

    Great show Greg, Pento is a surprise, I was looking forward to Shipp today.

    • paul ...

      Al … the idiot Stock Market millennials are all trying “to catch a rising knife” … thinking they are smart enough to sell “to an even greater fool” … without getting mortally cut … there will be blood in the streets as the margin calls begin!!

      • al

        I shouldn’t say but I will jump for joy when that happens.
        I am so beyond ticked off about precious metal manipulation, it makes the prudent look like a fool. I have a deep deep hatred for the Central Bankstering system.

  25. Alan

    Brilliant overview by one of the most prescient guys I know (and I do know Mike P personally, happy to state here). We are at an inflection point, what I would call an “infection inflection”, and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet… The delusional indifference of Wall Street will hasten the unavoidable in imho. Thanks Greg for having Michael Pento on at this pivotal time in world history, great discussion that portends dark times for many.

  26. Lucill McGillacutty

    We Defiantly Are Living In Fun Times! Thank You Donny Boy!!

    Donald Trump’s ‘incredible’ week in three minutes
    Sky News Australia
    Pelosi looked like ‘a startled rabbit’ in the wake of impeachment inquiry!
    The Squad Makes Aunt Nancy Run! Don’t Give The President His Fun, Fun!

  27. Karen Delise

    Greg, this is why I continue to watch your channel, despite the fact that I am disappointed you have guests like Phony baloney Polny,. I refuse to watch low quality guests like him.
    But, all your news wrap ups are great and I look very much forward to high quality guests like Pento. Michael Pento knows the market, is smart, professional, honest and gives REAL information.
    Thank you to for your show and for bringing guests like Michael Pento on!
    (I just wish you would not promote and give credibility to people like Bo Polny)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Karen for your kind words but I have to disagree with you about Mr. Polny.

      • JC

        paul jr. and now Karen. I don’t understand what they have against Bo Polny.

        • paul ...

          Me either … but I couldn’t help laughing hearing the term “Phony Baloney Polny” … {: []

  28. JC

    Wuhan update at Urban Survival site. It seems to be attacking testicles!

    First the daily numbers: Cases: 69,266 Deaths: 1,670
    Cases are up almost 86% from a week ago; deaths are up 105.6% – more than doubling.

    Second is a follow-up to the research paper we posted Saturday, (previous post) showing an association may exist between COVID-19 with ACES2 receptors, targeting lungs and testicles.

    • uncommon sense

      ooh arh. That would play into the depopulation agenda if men became more sterile. The masses have become surplus to requirements now they have machines.

      • paul ...

        Reducing the population with a bio-weapon has great advantages for the banksters … not only can they blame the take down of the world economy “as being an act of God” and not of men … but by killing off millions of old people … it will help to solve the funding problems of Social Security … as evil corrupt politicians spent all the money we put into the Social Security program (thinking we would all be dead before collecting) … and when we started to live longer … a crash program was initiated “to regenerate the 1918 Spanish flu virus” … they succeeded … and now we have huge vats of this deadly virus stored at a US Government laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia (likely very near the Georgia Guidestones) just waiting for the proper time to release it and bring the world population down to just 500,000 elites!!

    • Freebrezer

      JC – the link is to ???? this is absolutely nothing but BS unless they give/sight a scientific link! I looked and could not find anything? Here is what the ACE2 receptors entail: It largest factor is primarily the digestive system … … My reasoning in that this is primarily a vomit/Fecal mater transmission vector. And why western countries have not seen any exponential factor … i.e. hygiene/western sanitation practices. And I continue to hope this is so! Per the economic impact/factor … Katie bar the door!

      • Freebrezer

        Per the US citizens on the Japanese cruise ship coming back to the USA, this will be a doubling of cases in the USA, but this DOES NOT represent a doubling per transmission in the USA. Important distinction! Also important, not one case of a health care worker in the USA, France, Australia, etc,. has been infected (at least reported) in the press.

      • JC

        Freebreezer, if you read carefully you would have seen:

        ‘Second is a follow-up to the research paper we posted Saturday, (previous post) showing an association may exist between COVID-19 with ACES2 receptors, targeting lungs and testicles.’

        By the way, I’ve been following George Ure at Urban Survival for 15 years. He is high quality, very intelligent and no nonsense, just like Greg Hunter.

        • Freebrezer

          JC – I prefer going directly to the scientific papers and then drawing my own conclusion: Best sources are New England journal of Medicine, JAMA, etc,. Plus the lungs is vague .. it needs to discern between the bronchial tubes, secondary bronchial tubes and alveoli: The COVID-19 is attacking only the alveoli – deepest part of the lungs … this explains the increase in death rate vs. the flu which attacks the bronchial tubes … much harder to expel the liquid/mucose accumulation from deep in the lungs which leads to pneumonia/death.

  29. andyb

    Hmm…….What to make of the virus? A CIA true op to destroy China or the world economy, or a psyop to make it easier to reset the global economy according to globalist plans. Or it can just be that all of the conspiracy theories are wrong and it just happened through non-nefarious circumstances.
    Regardless, we are so F***ked due to the growing shutdown of all economic activity in China. Remember Bill Holter’s dire warning of what happens if credit dies and all commerce stops. No gas stations open or operating, bare grocery shelves, etc. Just think of the fact that China produces so much that the US population requires. I’m not talking about doo-dads or plastic crap. How about critical medicines and medications? I have a dear friend of 40 years who is an asthmatic and is dependent on prescription and non-prescription inhalers. I went to Sam’s and grabbed a whole shelf of medications that will keep her going for 6 months to a year.
    All who visit here need to take stock of what they will need to last at least one year in what will be (hopefully) the worst case scenario. Water, food and a means to protect what you have.

    • paul ...

      Here is a random thought to think about … what if your mail carrier is infected with the Corona Virus “but shows no symptoms” … then even if you voluntarily stay quarantined inside your home … the virus can still get into your home on the letters you receive in the mail … so to be safe … don’t open your mail for at least 24 hours …

      • paul ...

        Err … recent data shows the Corona virus can live on surfaces for up to 9 days!!

        • paul ...

          Instead of waiting nine days … mix a teaspoon of household bleach (Clorox) in a gallon of water and spray your mail … simple bleach appears to effectively kill the Corona Virus within about 1 minute … after the envelope dries you can open it and spray the letter inside … so within about 5 to 10 minutes you can read your mail without worry!! … spray this “very mild” Clorox solution on the bathroom door knob, sink handles and the toilet flush tank handle … and perhaps as the Chinese are doing in their cities with big spray machines … carry a spray bottle of this “very mild” Clorox solution on you at all times and spray in the air (or some peroxide solution in the air) if someone coughs or sneezes near you!!

          • paul ...

            PS: And don’t forget to spray your fiat paper dollars with peroxide or a mild solution of Clorox … as the Corona Virus can live 9 days on the paper dollars you are exchanging with others!!

            • paul ...

              The Chinese are using ultra-violet light to disinfect their paper currency …

              • paul ...

                Dirty filthy “virus laden” fiat money is another reason we should be using “germ killing” gold and silver coins as our currency!!

                • paul ...

                  Crypto has similar benefits as gold and silver (as it’s not a transmitter of virus infections) … how ever … it will never compare to physical gold and silver in terms of privacy … Trump is now requiring crypto exchanges to verify their users’ identities … and identify the original parties and beneficiaries of transfers of $3,000 or higher … and transmit that information to counterparties (or the government) …

      • JC

        paul… here is what you need to you.

        The absolute moment you get home, take off your shoes and leave them in the foyer. DO NOT WALK AROUND YOUR HOUSE IN SHOES YOU WORE OUTSIDE.

        You may have walked on a large amount of infected material as you were out and if you wear those shoes in the house, the virus will spread in the house.

        Next: Go into the bathroom, take off your clothing, put it in a hamper or plastic bag, and take a shower. You HAVE TO WASH OFF any virus that may have landed on your body or hair, while you were out.

        Put on clean garments. You cannot go sit in your chair or lay on your couch or bed in clothing you wore outside. The virus will come off the clothing, onto the furniture and pow, someone in the house catches it.

        Make every person in your household do this the absolute moment they come home. This virus is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS and it KILLS people. We cannot skimp or get lazy protecting ourselves.

        Eat right, take vitamins (I use Centrum), and, I don’t want to sound hokey, or like some Bible thumper, pray to Almighty God that you be protected by Him during this crisis. I’m not kidding. I mean it: PRAY.

        • Freebrezer

          JC – This is already what you have to do if you live in a Dem controlled city like San Francisco, Portland, LA, etc, … where they just poop in the street, on the side walks or in the planter boxes. Can you imagine the outrage/chaos if/when this gets into the homeless encampments – real ugly!

        • Steve Bice

          Psalm 91…awesome promises for times such as these.

          “…You will not fear the terror of night,
          nor the arrow that flies by day,
          nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
          nor the plague that destroys at midday.
          A thousand may fall at your side,
          ten thousand at your right hand,
          but it will not come near you.

      • Freebrezer

        P – a much better strategy … Just thoroughly wash your hands! And do not touch your face. This is the most prevent vector for most sickness including the flu. some viruses can stay viable for a long, long time on a surface. … and freezing does not always kill them, some just go dormant.

        • paul ...

          For me … it seems the most simple strategy is to just carry a spray bottle filled with hydrogen peroxide with you at all times (which will instantly kill the Corona Virus) and liberally spray yourself and your family “often” while in quarantine (this only needs to be done over a 14 day period) … and use the “highly diluted” Clorox solution (which can also kill the Corona Virus in one minute) on all the inanimate objects you want to disinfect!! … when outside and someone coughs or sneezes … hold your breath until you spray the air around you with hydrogen peroxide then breathe as you quickly move away from the infected person!!

          • Freebrezer

            Remember that bleach looses about ~ 20 % after a year … thus it is only 80% of 12 % concentration giving a concentration at a year of ~ 9.5 % … thus mix it a little stronger if older. I appears to decay linear. After three years it is only ~ 1/2 strength …. Best just to get a new bottle after a couple of years . Plus Bleach works best diluted at ~ 1 %.

    • AndrewB

      Could not agree more. Great advice.

    • Freebrezer

      A – see my post above – I think it is just sloppy Level -4 bio procedures in the the Chinese Wuhan facility. It escaped, and this is why the Chinese will NOT let the CDC in… the CDC might determine this and the Chinese will not under any circumstances allow a situation in which they lose face! … And I agree it is criminal what the US big Pharm have done per outsourcing all their manufacturing of drugs to china.

  30. JC

    Former Clinton Advisor Warns Mike Bloomberg: ‘Before You Put Hillary on Your Ticket, Better Hire a Taster’

    • Diane

      Good point…I’m a handicapper and her past performances are grim

    • paul ...

      Now now JC … would that “nice lady” try to poison Bloomberg to gain the Presidency???

      • paul ...

        Besides … after a Bloomberg/Hillary win … Bloomberg will likely pretend he has some medical problem (as an excuse to resign) and leave Hillary as President!!

        • paul ...

          Bloomberg also thinks our forefathers were a bunch of idiots who simply put some words on a piece of paper and called it the Constitution!! … that’s why “he plays God” and “orders” gun control … “orders” people to drink just one soda, etc., etc. … men who “order things” are dictators (just like Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini) he is a complete dictatorial idiot who should not be living in a Constitutional Republic!! …

          • paul ...

            PS: Let alone “running it”!!!

            • paul ...

              Bloomberg is likely expecting a very very very big “payback” from (pay to play Hillary) … for playing “Trojan Horse Interference” to get her into the White House to save the Deep State from Trump!! …

              • paul ...

                Seems Bloomberg will be adopting AOC’s Modern Economic Theory … will screw Wall Street and even pander to the student loan generation (to steal votes away from Bernie) … here’s a quick breakdown of his plan:
                1) A financial transactions tax of 0.1 percent …
                2) Toughening banking regulations like the Volcker Rule and forcing lenders to hold more in reserve against losses …
                3) Having the Justice Department create a dedicated team to fight corporate crime and encourage prosecutors to pursue stock brokers and traders (not just corporations) for infractions …
                4) Merging Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac …
                5) Strengthening the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and “expanding its jurisdiction to include auto lending and credit reporting” …
                6) Automatically enrolling borrowers of student loans into income-based repayment schemes and capping payments …
                Seems even a billionaire must show “commie tendencies” … to win Demon-rat support!! …

  31. Country Codger

    Michael was fantastic. I was waiting to hear Kevin and saw Michael and I told my wife “Something up.”

    Greg, I checked the math and this cycle closes on the 24th as I originally calculated, and not the 14th. I have not finished the math on the next cycle late spring and early/mid summer. It will not be a totally global cycle like this one was but like I said I have to do the math to see exactly who will be affected. This coming cycle will not be as intense as this one we are in now but it will be longer in duration.

    If I may compare cycles to hurricanes the “eye” of this current cycle was from December 26th to January 17th, just over 2 weeks. It looks like the coming cycle with have an “eye” of almost a month so, what the coming cycle lacks in intensity it will make up in peak duration.
    Remember, we are in the Biblical cycle of War, Famine, Earthquakes and Pestilence until 2023 but that is not good news. It grows 7 times worse from 2023 to 2030, according to Scripture.
    I am assuming your bug-out location is Mo. so, make sure you have enough gas in cans to make the trip without having to stop for gas. This could save your life in more ways than one.
    Lo Iyrah!!
    Shalom, shalom, shalom,

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes he was CC and on short notice too!

      • Country Codger

        That is the THING about Michael, he hardly ever says “We will have a recession on x-y-z date but if he does he is going to be right. HOOAH.

        • Greg Hunter

          Pento clearly called for a recession to begin in the 1st quarter of 2020 and guaranteed on for the year. What do you want CC?

          • Country Codger

            I want only the best for these United States of America. I don’t want people to suffer and I don’t want to see our nation descend into anarchy.
            I have grandchildren and great grand children and I want them to grow up and experience the freedoms that I had in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I want all of our troops to come home and grow old in their rocking chairs and above all else I want to see this nation return to the founding principles found in Scripture and the Constitution of the United States.
            That’s all. ((II Chron. 7:13-14))

            • susan

              CC, Amen. That is what I am praying for and peace.

  32. Mike

    The impact in the US depends on how the virus was engineered. If the virus targets Asians who smoke then that segment of the US population is most at risk. Maintaining good personal health habits (e.g. wash your hands) and a robust immune system (which is not a pill from big pharma) will protect individuals. Expect a supply chain shutdown from China which will cause severe shortages in anything from critical items like prescription drugs to trinkets like iPhones and sport shoes. According to we have been in recession for many years and we know that US government data is devoid of accounting standards. Price hyperinflation for essential goods is the bullet that will kill the current financial system.

    • paul ...

      Your immune system can be made “twice as strong” by getting a good nights sleep … so don’t stay awake worrying more then 16 hours each day!!!

    • paul ...

      Mike … the latest data indicates the virus kills “all races the same” and that smoking “is not a factor” to be concerned about … what you really have to worry about is getting re-infected … which makes the body go into overdrive creating a huge storm of antibodies … that actually kills you!!

  33. eddiemd

    The New England Journal reported in 2018 the development of a nanoparticle flu vaccination. The lead scientist involved was the former director of the US Army bioweapons lab at Fort Deitrich. At the same time there was concurrent work being done on nanoparticle vaccinations and the effects of 5G by the Chinese. The Chinese were researching the effects of 5G on lab animals injected with nanoparticles.

    Wuhan is a 5G test city. Perhaps there is a new vaccination that has been given to the citizens there and they are testing the effects of 5G.

    Just a thought.

    • paul ...

      Wonder if they are testing colloidal silver nano-particles to kill the virus??

  34. J.

    Proverbs 22:3 New Living Translation
    A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

    Proverbs 27:12 New Living Translation
    A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

  35. iwitness02

    God the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ are firmly in control.
    Either you believe or you don’t.
    Isaiah 26: 20. 21

  36. J.

    Hi Greg, just a suggestion.

    You may to want consider encouraging your viewers to give American Silver Eagles as birthday, graduation, anniversary, and other type gifts.

    If you think about, when you buy/give someone clothing, household goods, etc, almost immediately, the value of these items depreciate significantly as soon as they are received/used by the recipient.

    Additionally, do you remember all the gifts you have been given by people throughout the years? I remember very few, except . . . the precious metal coins I have been given.

    I still have every precious metal coin ever given to me, and . . . their value has increased!

  37. asmith

    I don’t know if you know Jon Rappoport or not, but he’s been a journalist for over 30 years specializing in debunking these “virus” stories and he coined the term “fake news.” His website is

    I follow him and Chris Martenson for coverage on the virus.

    I understand Pento’s fear, but the timing on shorting this market is the key. If you’re a little early on shorting this market and are a little investor, you’re going to be steamrolled.

    PS: Greg please remove this section, but if you can get Rappoport and Martenson together it would be a great interview.

  38. donatella

    great interview – very insightful!

  39. donatella

    I’m not a doctor (and everyone should do their own research but I can’t make any assertions) but I have been collecting information from top scientists talking about this virus and here’s what I found:
    How to quell and stop a cytokine storm – lung overwhelming
    Clean diet – minimal/no sugar or processed foods
    animal fats – grass fed fats
    omega 3’s
    organ meat – grass fed

    STOP IT/ KILL IT – Kills the RNA replication:
    Vit D – 20,000/day – will shut it down – take mega doses (
    N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) – As an antioxidant, NAC helps replenish glutathione levels in your lungs and reduces inflammation in your bronchial tubes and lung tissue. – now used for COPD!
    Glutathione – from NIH Glutathione (GSH), is a ubiquitous tripeptide thiol, is a vital intra- and extracellular protective antioxidant against oxidative/nitrosative stresses, which plays a key role in the control of pro-inflammatory processes in the lungs.
    Vit B complex – B-12, B-6 -take multi – mega dosing
    Vit C – min 5,000 day – mega dosing

    • paul ...

      Good info Donatella!!

    • MCasey

      Thank you, donatella, for the link. Interesting.
      “……In those patients who do have influenza, we have treated them with the vitamin D hammer, as coined by my colleague. This is a 1-time 50 000 IU dose of vitamin D3 or 10 000 IU 3 times daily for 2 to 3 days. The results are dramatic, with complete resolution of symptoms in 48 to 72 hours.,,”

  40. YB Normal

    God is bringing the fantasy world view (versus the real/tangible world view) into judgement.
    If you don’t understand the difference between an image/representation/promise-for an X and an X, then you soon will.

    For example, if you cannot discern between a promise/IOU/receipt/note/ETF for a steak and a steak, then you soon will from direct experience.

    When God says “I take NO pleasure in fools” you might want to take that seriously.

    • YB Normal

      Mystery Babylon’s phony money system is at the root of all this evil because it enables and fuels all the sub-evils derived from it.

      It used to be that a UNITED STATES dollar was a receipt/note for a certain amount/mass of real/tangible gold or silver. You could go to a bank and exchange your US dollar for real gold or silver coin.
      Today, your FEDERAL RESERVE “dollar” is a note to cancel a debt. It’s printed right there in plain view on every note for all the clueless sheeple to see (but not perceive): THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE.
      Today, the masses think that a large amassment of NOTES to cancel debts from the FEDERAL RESERVE is real wealth. That world view is about to be put to the test for all to experience.
      An image/representation of an X is not an X.

  41. paul ...

    You know … I was perplexed at the recent Debt Clock price of gold and wondering why “the fiat price of gold” fell slightly during the month of January 2020 (from about $9,681 to $9,088 … I think I found the answer here … … seems a US bank with gold in London vaults shifted some of that gold from being “unallocated” to being “allocated” … and even though the gold stayed in the same vault … it technically shifted ownership from the UK to US ownership … and thus … this gold could then be used as collateral by the US bank (possibly for Repo loans from the Fed) … and so the gold the Fed collected as collateral … thus increased the total amount of US gold holdings that went into calculating the fiat value of gold in the Debt Clock (and resulted in the slight downturn in January 2020) … the Debt Clock price of gold is now beginning to rise again in February 2020 … with gold currently calculated by the Debt Clock to be worth $9,149 fiat dollars per ounce!!

  42. paul ...

    This may be news to Stan … but an expert says: “Deutsche Bank is one of the most mismanaged and politically tainted global banks in all of modern history”!!! …

  43. paul ...

    The Chinese may have just dashed the hopes and dreams of most US investors who were absolutely certain that China would unleash unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus to offset the collapse caused by the Corona Virus to China’s economic output … seems now a “Chinese austerity pin” will be what bursts the US Stock Market bubble (before the election)!! …

  44. DanielSong39

    Greg, any chance of getting Chris Martenson on the show? He’s been doing excellent reporting on the coronavirus.

    • Greg Hunter


      • JC

        Wow, Chris Martenson has a Phd with a specialization in neurotoxicology!

        ‘Chris Martenson’s daily Youtubes on the coronavirus crisis are getting 250,000 to 300,000 views, versus 25,000 for his regular videos. Doom does sell. Regardless, I have the utmost respect for Chris’ intellect and honesty. He also has a PhD from Duke, with a specialization in neurotoxicology, so his opinion is more valuable than some CNBC stock jockey or a shill like Larry Kudlow.’

  45. Jerry

    The Chinese plan to go digital.

    By all intents and purposes, China has been working on a plan to replace fiat currency with digital blockchain technology. And now they have a reason to do it. After all debt is just a number in a computer. Right? The value of currency is determined by who? That’s right Banks. It’s worth whatever they say it is, whether it’s backed by gold, or nothingness.

    That’s the sales pitch the central banks will be giving us once liquidity seizes up in the banks. This is their sucker punch for a brainwashed public already trading with what? Of course credit cards. Folks we’ve been duped once again by the central banks into believing the fantasy world they’ve created. No wonder Bernie “ everything’s for free” Sanders is getting so many votes.

    • Jerry

      Bingo. Bango. Here’s the new Chinese tango.

    • Jerry

      Digital currency is the backup plan for the reset and the corona virus is impetus for the transition.

      It makes perfect sense. Cash exchanging hands will be billed as the main culprit in spreading the disease forcing the use of digital currency. This is the central banking cabals latest scheme to control the worlds financial exchange system. What could go wrong?

      • paul ...

        All crypto’s are scam’s … bitcoin is the only crypto that may not be … however … Trump is out “to take away the privacy” that bitcoin claims to have (as everything over $3,000 will need to be reported to the government) … and that leaves physical gold and silver as the last men standing to provide Americans any economic “privacy”!!

    • Justn Observer

      Noticed than…is the Corona virus just the camels nose under the tent to the end of paper currency ?
      Ya know…the virus lasts up to nine days on surfaces…’Can’t have any’exchange’ of ‘real money’ person to person ? LOL
      And of course as Sen. Cotton reports…China will not ‘hand over’ the evidence…so maybe the ‘don’t want help’ fixing it…until their plans are played out?
      Looks like we will all see soon enough…LOL One/ thing…a person could wash their PM coins daily to keep them clean and disinfected, or wipe down their cell phones and uses ‘digital’ coins too! Apparently its that ”’dirty”’ paper money fiat that has to go ! lol

      • Jerry

        Just Observer,
        You got it. The Chinese are always tidy when it comes to cleaning up their own mess, financial or otherwise.

  46. Matt

    Maybe the only bright side of the Coronavirus will be the exposure of the disconnect between the real economy (production of goods and services) vs. the banking economy when goods and services from one of the largest economies on the planet (China) grinds to a halt.

  47. Merry Piper

    Thank you Greg and Michael. I continue to look to you both for telling the truth. This one is for you! Black Swan. Black Swan. You better get out of Taiwan and take some cover. Black Swan. Black Swan. Call your mother and pray to your heavenly father. Black Swan. Black Swan. We are all in this together. Black Swan.

  48. Mike

    When large economies fail and trade collapses they always turn to the time-tested solution.
    Growing your military and conquering the weaker fallen nations
    China has excellent infrastructure, manufacturing capacity, and gold to restart its economy via militarization initiatives
    200 million military personal and conquering other nations would pull the Chinese economy out of the abyss
    Let’s hope not
    Revelation 9:16-18

  49. john duffy

    emotional video

    • paul ...

      Good for Trump … he is going after evil embedded right in our government!!

  50. AndrewB

    Hi Greg
    Used to be, markets were driven by ‘greed and fear’. A necessary counterbalance to determine fair value. Is this any longer the case?
    Clearly, the Covid-19 data out of China cannot be trusted and, without plaguing your audience with yet another linked-to article, the latest infection and death stats conform almost precisely to an ‘impossible in nature’ mathematical formula. Hmmm.
    Unlike computer program driven algorithms (algos), human beings have both intellect AND instinct. Instinct iinforms humans to be scared and alert – a survival mechanism honed over millennia . Algos are programmed to be greedy, to chase gains, to ‘blindly’ follow momentum, but they are unable to experience fear. And so, in Covid-19, we are witnessing a tangible threat to human life, human instinct informs us that there is something to fear, and yet the algos drive asset prices higher!
    Even diminishing corporate profits do not lessen the algos’ pursuit of momentum and they are all feeding off one another’s buy orders. Whenever momentum switches to the downside, the ‘plunge protection team’ have merely to execute highly leveraged futures orders for key stocks and the algos are programmed to ‘follow the money’. Human beings would weigh the odds, would ‘smell a rat’. Instinct and fear protects us. Algos have no fear – and that is extremely scary!

  51. Jerry

    I’m beginning to think we are watching a major battle play out between the deep state and Donald Trump. First the corona virus is launched from a bio lab in China to facilitate a shutdown of the worlds largest manufacturing base, and now this.

    If only we had some real news, I wouldn’t have to try and connect the dots.
    Fact #1 – The PBOC has been injecting massive amounts of money into its financial system since January 1st.
    Fact#2- The Federal Reserve Bank has has been doing the same thing since September 2019.
    Fact#3- Money velocity is still declining which tells me that the repo injections have not worked to restart the markets.
    Fact#4- The IMF have been working with China to develop blockchain technology and digital currency since 2014.
    Fact#5- The Chinese are now removing cash to control the corona virus, as Jerome Powell talks about winding down the Fed repos, and The ECB is coming undone thanks to Brexit.

    Do you see the pattern? The central planners are nudging us towards a new global system, and Donald Trump is standing in the way. Now you’re staring to see the ripples getting higher in the swamp as Trump digs into the DOJ and the intelligence community.
    It’s about to get real interesting.

    Happy Presidents’ Day.

  52. Justn Observer

    Greg, Another turn in the road, things shaping up getting even more complicated?

  53. Paul Anthony

    Thank you Greg!

    Paul Anthony

  54. JC

    YouTube: coronavirus videos will be automatically demonetized until further notice

  55. Mike G

    Have to wonder if these past few years isn’t some giant psyop to get Trump reelected, because the democrats are nuts and the military spending has increased dramatically.

  56. Jimm

    Is it just me, or do others think it would be better for “paul…” to start his own podcast, rather than finding the need to post every thought here. If he’s “that informed”, why not just start a forum rather than constantly hi-jacking this one.

    He’s becoming like the parent, who might mean well, we once tuned them out for talking too much. I do enjoy the rapport of the commenters here, yet just wish the postings had a paul filter, so I didn’t have to wade through all of his comments.

    Meanwhile, Clif High has been mentioning some interesting findings, regarding health maintenance during this flu outbreak. He might be a good person to tag for a future interview, based on the interest that seems to be generating from the commenters.

    As always, Greg, you do exceptional work and I enjoy the Missouri (show me) angle to your reporting. I appreciate that you mindfully consider the guests that you have on, including Bo (whom I enjoy hearing his info). Without all the news angles you provide, via USA Watchdog and your guests, you’d simply be no better than the MSM. As a former journalist, I appreciate it!

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t even post all of Paul comments. Your point is well made and well taken. Paul, a little less is more.

      • JC

        Too funny Jimm, yes our dear paul… sometimes gets carried away with himself, I try to calm him down but it’s useless…

    • Diane

      It’s not just you!
      I agree with you totally.
      I never read his posts.
      I’m sure others pass over his annoying comments.

  57. Stan

    Shorted more gold today – this is a gift folks, take advantage of it

    • Mike R

      The ‘gift’ Stan is watching your comedic gold predictions. You have been ‘short’ gold for months now. (Though I seriously doubt you have any real money in it.) As soon as gold closes above $1610, it’ll be going to $1850 in fairly short order. Then it might pause to refresh a bit.

  58. Stan

    Textbook blow-off top – absolutely textbook!

  59. Gina M Mancarella

    Dont get too high on the gold run up today, Greg.

    Our guys in NY got caught sleeping this morning. When the NY opens tomorrow morning, our guys will administer a blistering short fuck to the gold bugs ! Those gold bugs will feel as if a freight train just ran through their a@@@@@@@@ !

    • Greg Hunter

      “Our Guys” are criminals and you are vile. Seek Jesus before it’s too late.

  60. Mike R

    Gold at $1606. Hey stan, what did I tell you about gold, and how your shorts would do ?

    • Stan

      People laughed at me (like you are) years ago when I shorted Gold at $1874

      • Greg Hunter

        Let’s not live in the past. Gold is up $260 an ounce in the last year.

  61. JC

    paul… Gold has broken thru $1600… Stan must be covering his gold shorts. I hope he is ok.

    • Stan

      Haven’t covered a single ounce yet

      • jim

        STAN ,That’s because you are an idiot, like you said it`s a no brainer, You have no brains.

  62. paul ...

    As the Stock Market dips … the boiling frogs are moving over one another trying to get into a better position to profit from the heat being generated by the Fed … unable to figure out with their tiny brains that they are being boiled alive by the banksters!! …

  63. paul ...

    This could hurt Russia – China relations … … can you imagine if the island of Hawaii did the same thing as Russia and banned all Chinese from entering … the outcry would be so loud … we would likely have to just let everyone on the island get infected … how about Manhattan Island (where the Fed and Wall Street reside)???

  64. J.P. Morgunstun

    Trump commutes sentence of ex-Gov. Blagojevich, pardons Kerik
    25,720 views•Feb 18, 2020

  65. Justn Observer

    Greg, #5555 if one does not see all the set-ups getting covered up…

  66. James Brown

    Easy Boys,
    We are a long way from the stock markets melting down.
    The markets are going up because of international capital flows.
    Look it up.

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