Markets Not Pricing in Panic – Axel Merk

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Money manager Axel Merk manages about $1 billion in assets.  Surprisingly, the signals he is getting from the markets are relatively calm despite the political storm sweeping the country.  Merk explains, “The markets are not pricing in a panic.  There is also a betting market about when the results are going to be known, and that has priced in less tensions.  The results are going to be known sooner rather than later.  The markets are pricing in a clear winner.”

Maybe the markets are seeing what Merk is seeing no matter who wins in November.  Merk says, “We love one guy and hate the other guy.  I care more about fiscal spending.  As I said earlier, yeah, we are going to spend a boatload of money.  They are going to spend it a little differently and on different priorities, but they are going to spend a boatload of money.  They are politicians, and they can’t help it.  One big difference with Trump is we are going to get a reduction in regulation and regulatory burden, and with Biden we will get an increase.”

Either way, expect deficits and money printing as far as the eye can see or until the US dollar breaks.  Merk says, “What’s going to break the dollar?  Something is going to break it, we don’t know.  Maybe it’s going to be . . . coming from some place we don’t know about.  The states are good candidates, and who knows which state it’s going to be.  If the Democrats have a sweep, maybe they bail out the states. . . . We have quite a polarized electorate these days, and if we are going to bail out the Democrats, I don’t think the other states are going to like it. . . . Marriages often break up over money, and if we cannot do our budgeting, there is going to be fighting.  Of course, the Fed is probably going to help everybody out, and we are going to patch this thing up longer than we can imagine.”

Merk likes gold because of all the money printing and the eventual inflation that is surely coming from printing all those digital dollars.  He also likes a diversified portfolio, but one of his very favorite investments is gold.  Merk tells me he holds more than some people would and is holding it as a core investment.  His simple advice for the little guy is, “Spend less money than you make so you can save more.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with money manager Axel Merk, founder of Merk Investments.

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After the Interview:

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  1. john duffy

    Columbus: Myth vs. Fact

    • Paul ...

      Like Columbus … should the WHO be honored instead of vilified? … the World Health Organization states they “do not advocate lock-downs” as the primary means of control of the Corona virus!! …

    • Richard Webb

      Wednesday I filed Complaint 29115-HMB with the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, and ask you to do likewise:

      I charge whoever, under color of law allowed ex-felons to reinstate voting rights in Florida with violating my Constitutionally-designed right to have properly-determined electors vote for President of the U.S.

      Article 2 paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution specifies that only the LEGISLATURE is empowered to determine how electors to the Electoral College are determined.

      Judges, governors, and voters are not authorized.

      There exists great leeway within the legislature’s whims, but NOBODY else has power to make the rules. This is EXACTLY why we are a republic, not a democracy. People voted emotionally.

      Florida enabled proponents and bureauctratic operators to manipulate the choosing of electors instead of forcing legislators to assume responsibility as warned by Gov-elect DeSantis in January 2019.
      This was an intentional corrupt scheme to defraud (prevent one wrongfully from obtaining what he may justly claim) Florida Voters, and me, of rightfully determined Electors according to Art 2 para 2.

      In addition, Attorney General Barr and President Trump must DECLARE all non-legislative changes in other states null & void.

      File your complaint where it says Report a Civil Rights Violation.

  2. al

    yes, it’s been a long while. He is a long time gold bug. I followed Alex on and off for years as he pops up in some trusted source’s interview.
    Unfortunately, I don’t do Twitter, not fond of it so if he’s only on there, meh…
    I have to say that Alex sums it all up in the first 90 seconds. His theme throughout is helicopter money to Cities and to the People.

    It’s a sad commentary but so correct, people are fleeing blue States, specifically Cities. I remember in the 1970s there was actual manufacturing in NY. I recall a company called “Eagle Electronics” in Brooklyn which made, guess what? Electronics! Now they come from China…
    NYC made garments and so many other things. As a youngster I worked at a tool and die manufacturing company not far from the Empire State Building. I believe they were on the 14th floor of a high-rise. Many things were stamped “made in New York” back then. Now the only products stamped “made in New York” are found in antique stores!

    What now? Other than some cultural things NYC is known as a collective office building pushing papers around, that’s gone thanks to the Internet. What now? (I ask again)
    What use is a City like NYC? Why do you need people living on top of each other?
    Could manufacturing ever come back to NYC? Somehow I don’t see it but if land is cheap enough and office building space is plenty, maybe what use to be a trading floor could be converted for use by a tool and die company (again)… it’s possible.

    I have one question for Alex … “what shovel-ready jobs did obama create? I didn’t see any. Maybe I missed something.” Trump is creating them for sure, I see that in my own area, since Trump has been in office the infrastructure is getting beefed up.

    Great question Greg, “planning on leaving CA?”. Body language says everything. A must see.

    • JC

      The Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan to Close Permanently

      Like other iconic fixtures of the city, The Roosevelt Hotel has served as the backdrop for a number of Hollywood blockbusters.
      Opened in 1924 and named after President Theodore Roosevelt, the hotel was a few years shy of celebrating 100 years in business.

    • JC

      I remember the Eagle Electric Co. in Queens…

      • Paul ...

        I remember riding in a trolley car over the Queens Borough Bridge when I was a kid and most probably saw that sign!!

    • Dave

      There is a paradigm shift coming in how we work and where we live. With 5G and the growing presence of tech related jobs there will be (is already and was before the pandemic) a shift away from urban cores like NYC to suburban and now exurban regions.

      It makes for a more sustainable economy and is good for individuals and especially families. Three and four hour commutes go away, a parent can be home not long after their kids come home from school or be there already if they are a permanent teleworker. The exorbitant housing costs and rents in places like NYC and the Bay Ares will fall as more and more people choose to live in the exurbs. More important, though home prices in the exurbs will rise, they will remain affordable to middle class families whereas housing is not – especially in the Bay Area.

      The Wharton School is predicting the emergence of smaller tech job hubs up an down the West Coast. In places like Bend, Eugene, Yakima, Boise and Reno. If you are a real estate investor look to mid-sized cities with good talent pools as they will boom in the next decade. I purchased two homes in South Tahoe in June and since then the area has exploded in terms of techies from the Bay Area now allowed to permanently remote work buying homes there. Check out a South Tahoe RE site and note the large number of listed homes that are in pending status. Each of my homes is probably worth 50K more than I paid for them in June.

      Bottom line, while this won’t be a return to small town America it will be a shift to a country of more medium sized metros with a more self-sustaining and family friendly environment emerging. It is a good thing.

      • Bill

        Yes they are leaving the city’s but I hope and pray they leave their PC and woke where they came from. Rural America is being invaded by city folks and hopefully they don’t destroy the best part of America.

        • al

          Bill, it takes a while but most Cityots (as my Brother calls them) acclimate to small town America and see the value of good wholesome living. I see it here in my small town. The ones that keep the City mentality find themselves ostracized and eventually move out. I saw that happen as well.

      • William Stanley

        I’ve already noticed the increase in traffic congestion. Apparently, every beautiful place will be over-run, turn majority Democrat, and ruined.

        • William Stanley

          Just kidding about the “turning majority Democrat”
          Actually, the whole world is undergoing a revolt against the “progressives” and their Chinese (CCP) paymasters. The coup plotters will be jailed; Big Tech will be broken up and rolled back; the wars ended; the EU broken up; the Fed ended; and China (CCP) bottled up by the rest of the world (including Russia) — after a failed attempt to invade Taiwan.

        • Paul ...

          We need to put up many signs for the Demon-rat city folk moving out to the suburbs to see saying:
          Vote for Trump (if you have Stock Market Profits) … as
          The “Harris Administration” will be Imposing Higher Capital Gains Taxes!!

      • Mel Hughes

        Dave is a pysop’s operation to by time. To reassure the masses. As he and his Fed heads, dig in. They don’t know they’re digging they’re own graves. This ship is going down to the bottom of the sea. All hands need to be on deck. Stop the misinformation. One day you will wake up and realize what a fool you were. If I’m wrong, hang it up.00 It’s over!

      • Bob

        You forget agenda 21.

        Once they have all the land they will rent it back to you all and pack you into the cities even tighter. That is Agenda 21.

    • Orlando

      the shovel ready projects were things like adding sidewalks and repaving streets. no big projects to affect infrastructure like rebuilding bridges, etc. Basically, the shovel ready projects were like painting an old house that needed to be condemned and rebuilt. It was a joke. I know my work involved those transportation projects.

      • Randy Best

        Agreed. MAGA has been a total dud. No jobs have come back from Mexico or China.

        • Tin foil hat

          Most jobs cannot come back until the dollar Ponzi Game is over. Trump is preparing this country for that occurrance. When that day comes, most folks, including me, would miss the dollar Ponzi.

        • orlando

          Correction: Shovel ready projects happened under Obama not Trump.
          They were worthless!

    • Kbr


    • notyourpatsy

      AL, Too bad, I might have to someday visit you in FL. Ask your brother, all of the Brooklyn waterfront industrial areas were turned into yuppie/ hipster housing years ago, though still happening up until jan2020.

      Remember ‘Swingline Company’ from the Bronx, actually Long Island City?!! I still, mostly, have anything I bought from them in the 1970’s and it all still works! Not cheap chinese crap!

      I worked as a kid on 62th & W47th st in the 1970’s, and LOVED the NYPD guys back then. They wore revolvers and were the ‘City Long Rangers’ to me. I was always watching for one in case I needed help since I was a kid ‘couriering’.

      • eddiemd

        Another New Yorker.

        I was born in Flatbush. Parkville section. East 9th street and Foster Ave. Closet train station is Newkirk Plaza.

        My paternal grandparents lived on Rugby Road and Foster. My maternal grandparents lived on east 9th street.

        My cousins still live in Brooklyn. Gerritson Beach and Sheepshead Bay.

        I used to hang out in Brooklyn back in the 80’/early 90’s when I was at Ft. Devens (84-86, 91-92) and in med school in Boston. I would sleep on the couch at my grandparents place on Rugby Road.

        I had a cousin who was a fireman near Times Square in the 80’s. Two other cousins worked the fishing boats out of Sheepshead Bay. One also worked on the Staten Island ferry.

        I took a months leave in April 84 and stayed in Brooklyn. I would hang out with my cousin riding shotgun on his carriage on Central Park South.

      • JC

        not your patsy,
        I still have my mini Swingline stapler that I used in grammar school, and it still works.

        ‘Swingline was famed for its giant neon Swingline staples sign on the roof, featuring a working stapler. In 1998, when Swingline decamped to Mexico (and from thence to China later), the neon lettering was removed. The 60 by 50-foot sign’s lettering required six men working three ten hour days to pull down.’

      • al

        anytime, while you’re at it, St. Augustine is a very beautiful attraction.

        Yes, I remember the Brooklyn waterfront industrial areas, they were a hell hole. Truck drivers use to go through red lights because if they stopped they would get all kinds of BLM/Pantifa type hoodlums attacking the truck. Then it turned swanky. Sorry, I still see a pig with lipstick. I would NEVER live in that area, it’s dark, depressing and a criminal powder-keg.

        • JC

          My father was a fireman in the 60’s, Red Hook section of Brooklyn, it was a rough neighborhood back then. I remember him telling me that the firemen had a street parking procedure for their cars along the street. Whoever had a newer car, worth stealing, would be boxed in by two crappy old cars to avoid theft.

    • sam

      then why do we carry on with lockdowns??
      Berlin 10102020: Better Normal, not New Normal – – World Doctors Alliance

  3. Country Codger

    Mr. Merk,
    Excellent interview. I know you have to guard what you say but you said a whole lot.
    Gerg, fantastic guest.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Greg Hunter

      Merk told me he is a big holder of gold with his personal wealth. That says it all!!

  4. Paul ...

    As Alex Merk says: “Markets are not pricing in panic … we are now in the middle of a full-blown mania … stock market valuations are at or near 2000 peaks … so what will trigger a crash? … and a flight into precious metals for protection?? … well according to Nenner the downturn will begin on November 21, 2020 … why that date? … probably because it is made up of three 7’s … and it will also be at a time when the Demon-rats “will likely be contesting a Trump win” and will be seceding from the Union … New York and California will be the first States to leave the United States … Cuomo will likely run to the UN asking for protection (against an invasion by Trump) … China will obviously come to the aid of their “commie buddies” who believe in taking organs from babies … and Trump will have to declare war on China … the only thing that can save us is for the aliens to disable the “Red Button’s” of both the US and China (so there can’t be a nuclear war) … sadly their emissary (Jesus) they sent down “to teach humans peace and good will toward all men” (by artificially inseminating Mary) has not been abided by mankind for over 2000 years!! … so where will God’s money (gold) go in all the commotion??? … Bill Holter says way over $120,000 per ounce!!! …

    • Self Exiled

      ”New York and California will be the first States to leave the United States …” Good, keep building the wall. Yes let China have them, by that time they should be degenerated to the level the poor Chinese have to live in some areas. Even my California wife would agree.

    • Fred Daake - Amateur/Fake Economist

      Yes – there are some astute investors/economists who mention insane gold prices, such as $120K/ounce. If that happened, it would be due to massive inflation. You would no longer be able to buy movie tickets for $10 or gas for $2/gallon.

      As I see it, that would mean that the average car would cost $1.2 million. The average home would cost $18 million . Average rent would be $100K per month. Beef would be $500 per pound.

      Clearly the market could not operate if there were no buyers. That is why sellers will always adjust their offers to make sales of their products affordable. Workers won’t take jobs that do not compensate them with enough food and water to make working useful.

      While precious metals might be a good investment in the medium term and an excellent hedge, I cannot see the buying power of precious metals be so out of wack with the market that it will provide anyone with the implied extraordinary returns in one lifetime.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are betting against a 5,000 year history of stable buying power.

      • Sir Manley Robinson

        Increasing inflation could stimulate a rush for physical which could theoretically crash the paper gold and silver derivatives market. In that case all bets are off as to the price for physical precious metal. This could happen before any hyperinflation.

        • William Stanley

          I agree: It is important to remember that “money” is a valuable asset that serves some purposes particularly well: (1) it is a store of value, (2) it can be a unit of account, and (3) it can be used as a medium of exchange. Thus, while almost anything that can be traded — including Bitcoin — can serve those purposes, the most useful definition of “money” is something that serves those purposes particularly well.

          You (and Steve, as well) make a point that is crucial to keep in mind: The value (i.e., the general purchasing power) of particular forms of money (e.g., gold) can fluctuate greatly with respect to other forms of money, as well as with respect to all other goods, services and assets. That is particularly true in turbulent times . . . and especially in turbulent times when other widely used forms of money, such as fiat, are being rapidly debased.

      • Steve Bice

        @ Fred Daake
        Let’s talk macroeconomics. I have posted this before, but believe it is important to consider more than just the dilution of the dollar when considering the “worth” or purchasing power of gold going forward.

        First, you are in good company regarding your views. Gold luminaries Bill Holter and Egon Von Greyerz have made similar statements across the years by defining gold value in terms of wealth preservation only. It has become an easily repeated mantra across the internet. Neither expert has typically promoted gold as an investment.

        Respectfully, I would like to offer a different perspective. The following hinges on the idea that gold and silver have indeed been manipulated. If you believe current prices are determined in a free and fair market (I don’t…Paul Volcker lamented not controlling the gold price), the following is largely moot.

        I fully expect you will “get rich” in real terms when gold and silver reset. This “reset” will not be confined to the collapse of the dollar and the subsequent adjustment of the dollar price. Market distortions have set up a “wealth” play in gold and silver.

        Goods typically have a downward sloping demand curve whereby price increases as quantity declines…and vice versa. Think about what has happened in our corrupted metals markets: Paper derivatives on the COMEX purportedly increase the “supply” of gold by ratio of over 200 to 1. Now, imagine that 99.5% of gold supply is suddenly eviscerated by the collapse of the paper gold markets. (Just do a search on downward sloping demand curves to visualize the forces in play.)

        According to basic economic theory, price will soar beyond your wildest expectations…assuming society doesn’t blow completely apart. Simply, the paper markets have spoofed the physical market by creating a fraudulent supply number…with concomitant suppression of price.

        Further, many believe gold (and silver) have characteristics of Giffen goods…meaning as price goes up, demand also goes up. Ever heard of gold fever? That means more demand…and higher “prices”. The entire demand curve will shift outward as gold (silver) becomes the go-to investment…meaning further upward pressure on prices.

        Finally, there are many who believe we have reached “peak gold”. If population continues to grow, necessarily, the per capita amount of gold will decline…there is less to go around, so to speak.

        So, take heart, if society holds together in a world-wide reset, you will likely not be worrying about “money” ever again. That said, there will be plenty of other things to worry about.

        These price (value) moves are entirely independent of inflationary impacts on the dollar. They are “real” gains as “price” adjusts to market forces governed by actual supply and demand fundamentals (and artificial supply is eviscerated). Simply put, you bought at prices far below true market value. Lucky you…

        Further Response to an online comment, since the tendency is to see gold a potential gold rise only in terms of dollar debasement:

        The gains I am describing are entirely independent of inflation…even massive inflation. With regard to inflation, I completely agree with you. I am describing a snap-back phenomenon where gold and silver are suddenly exceedingly scarce (relatively) when 95%+ of the supply (in terms of current price discovery) disappears.

        You will have the same or greater demand and 5% of the supply…with “price” racing to a new (real) equilibrium point. Inflation will be on top of the value gain…so the final price is irrelevant. But the value (and purchasing power) of the gold you hold should skyrocket.

        • Steve Bice

          I guess I should have titled this “When Macro meets Micro; Implications for the gold price. It moved from macro fiscal and monetary policy implications for dollar devaluation to supply and demand implications for both gold value and price in a market characterized by long-term price suppression.

          Also: the final paragraph should read, You will have the same or greater demand and “less than 1% “of the supply…if reported estimates of gold derivatives are to be believed.

          • lightning

            I agree 100% with your thesis. Paper gold dilutes and substitutes for the demand for physical gold. It is a proxy only and should be traded rather than invested in. Much like currency isn’t money as it has no essential store of value, paper gold is lacking the storage of value that physical gold provides.
            The big wildcard is and will remain….elevated taxation and or confiscation by government.

        • Fred Daake, Fake Economist

          Thanks Steve. Excellent points about the possible decoupling of a gold/inflation relationship due to a market realization of manipulation.

    • Stan

      Paul: I laughed so hard at your post I fell off my chair. 120k Gold? That is absurd.

      • Paul ...

        Stan … M1 rising at a 45 degree angle and then pushed up exponentially by the crazy commie banksters “is what is absurd” … gold is simply reacting to the depreciation of the banksters fiat dollars that they are printing to infinity!! …

        • JC

          Something fishy here?

          ‘Investors should look into selling the U.S. dollar and buying silver into the election, according to two new reports published by Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
          Goldman advises shorting the U.S. dollar against the Mexican peso, South African rand, and Indian rupee. It is also advisable to buy the euro, Canadian dollar, and the Australian dollar against the greenback.’

        • Paul ...

          Stan … Before you tell me you are selling more gold short … look at the following gold chart … … in conjunction with the 24 hr chart … … and you can see gold has now reach the bottom of a major trend channel … where gold could either go to 2000 or 1850 … the gold bugs are betting we will go up from here … … you being a contrarian has merit … but sometimes you have to follow the trend!!

        • K. Wayne

          Careful Paul,
          The Banksters have unlimited firepower…to restrain the upward AU surge. We must also be mindful of their need to mitigate the risk of any of their Bullion Banks (et all Banks) from bankruptcy. They will throw everything at the Futures market and even deliver when required (depleting all of their reserves and those of the allocated accounts). This is simply the repeat of what occurred in the late 60’s and again in the late 1990’s. Once the game is up….the price will move exponentially. It is as certain as night follows day.
          In both of those prior episodes … look what happened to the price thereafter.

  5. Self Exiled

    Hillary Clinton has as much pertinence commenting on military budgets as I do. I doubt seriously the Hillary in the debates could have wrote this article. Hillary does not have the self control to care for self to look this good, now if she has a double, yes.

    • Paul ...

      Self Exiled … Hillary could not have written the above article because it is what I believe in and sounds like something Trump should be saying … she is stealing Trumps thunder by saying … “that China has developed asymmetric capabilities that could easily challenge us” … which is correct … just look at the Corona Virus they recently released to get back at the CIA who was stirring up trouble in Hong Kong … Russia has developed cheap S500’s that can easily shoot down our trillion dollar planes … and Iran has developed cheap weapons that can easily sink our aircraft carriers … we are wasting trillions on weapons that can be easily countered and additional trillions on 1000 US military bases around the world … remember what our Founding Fathers told us … they said “keep out of entangling alliances” and concentrate on building “our” Nation … supporting the Military/Industrial/Bankster Complex “has made our Nation so poor and our money so worthless” we don’t even have high speed trains, etc., etc. that the enemies we defeated in WWII “all have for their people”!!

      • Dave

        The US has the largest military budget in the world. As much as the next 10 countries combined. Yet we are told we need a massive buildup. That warplanes are not fit to fly or there are not enough missiles. Hello! Exactly what is the massive budget being spent on? And don’t forget the government has a dark budget so the military spending is higher than the official figures. Imagine the graft, skimming, stealing that is going on within the military budget.

  6. eddiemd

    Food prices are going higher.

    More importantly the size and quantity are getting smaller.

    Orange juice and other juices in cartons went from 64oz to 59oz and now down to 52oz. And the prices have increased.

    If the democrats take power locally, they will tax the food. They did this here in Phoenix in 2009 under mayor Phil “Flash” Gordon, a democrat.

    The states, counties, and cities need tax money to pay the salaries, services and most important, pensions/benefits. Arizona has been hit hard by the drop off in tourism dollars and taxes related to tourists.

    • Self Exiled

      ”More importantly the size and quantity are getting smaller. ” Philippines also, confirmed.

      • notyourpatsy

        Yes SE, the Filipino shortbread cookies, individually wrapped in the flat brown box, I just received are noticeably smaller than previous!

        That large 65ft sailboat in the harbor there, ‘pelagic’, belongs to a friend of mine!

        Some of us will recall our grandparents giving us good investment advice.

    • al

      It’s laughingly called “SHRINK-FLATION” . In Europe they call it Austerity. Either way you are 100% correct! Even chickens are getting smaller.

    • Paul ...

      However … one thing we should be getting more of for the ounce is Gold … Bob Moriarty guarantees it!!! …

    • eddiemd

      A false prophet speaks yesterday.

      New World Order. Use climate change as the end game. Use coronavirus to institute the totalitarian, luciferian control. Mandatory vaccine and digital currency. The marks of the beast.

      Integral ecology=

      Francis speaks about “mother earth”.

      Solution proposed by Francis.

      1. Promote subtle worship of the creation. Not worship of the Creator.

      Nothing mentioned about the saving of souls. No mention of Scripture.

      Marxism. Socialism. New World Order.

      • eddiemd

        Sounds like we are here. Road map says danger ahead. Called the wrath of God.

        Worship the creation rather than the Creator.

        Romans 1:18-32
        18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because what may be known of God is [e]manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, 21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.

        24 Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, 25 who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

        26 For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. 27 Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.

        28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, 30 backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31 undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; 32 who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.

        • JC

          eddiemd, I enjoyed your childhood memory of chatting with Willie Mays that you posted the other day.
          Here he is on the Ed Sullivan show giving tips for the youngsters.

          • eddiemd

            We also spoke with Willie McCovey at that time.

            I remember going to see an Oakland A’s vs California Angels game in Mesa in 73 or 74 when they were world champions. I had my baseball glove signed by the entire team during warm ups before the game. Just went up to each player…Reggie Jackson, Sal Bando, Bert Campaneris, Joe Rudy, Catfish Hunter, Vida Blue, Gene Tenace, Rollie Fingers…and many more. They were all cool back in those days. We were 12yo or so.

            Back in the 70’s we had Chicago Cubs, SF Giants, Oakland A’s, and California Angels in the Phoenix area, the SD Padres down in Yuma, and the Cleveland Indians in Tucson. That was it if I remember correctly. Although I was a Mets fan, I went to every spring training game I could get to in Arizona. Get a lift there, save our money, jump the fence or crawl under. We lived for baseball.

            Back in those days we had the AAA Pacific Coast league Phoenix Giants which then became the Fireturds.

            We always had great ASU Sun Devil baseball and football ( coach Frank Kush) teams. College football was the game in town and the Phoenix Suns were the only major league team in town.

            We had a WHL hockey team named the Phoenix Roadrunners in the 70’s. I had a kid in my 7th grade class who’s dad was a coach with the hockey team. I would give him all the answers on the homework and he would give me his hot lunch tokens. I ate hot lunches in the cafeteria instead of my bag lunches. He traded me answers for a hockey puck also.

            • JC

              eddiemd, you wrote:
              “Just went up to each player…Reggie Jackson, Sal Bando, Bert Campaneris, Joe Rudy, Catfish Hunter, Vida Blue, Gene Tenace, Rollie Fingers…and many more. They were all cool back in those days. We were 12yo or so.”

              That is beautiful, just beautiful.
              Back in the day when baseball players were all different sizes, shapes and personalities.

          • notyourpatsy

            EddieMD, I still have the baseball Willie Mays gave to my Mother. He wiffed a foul ball into the stands during a game in NY at the Polo Grounds and it hit my Mother. After the game he walked over with the manager and signed the ball and asked if she was ok. She only had a bruise on her cheek but Mr Mays made her feel like it did’nt hurt. He was a true gentleman baseball player!

            I met lots of the baseball players back in the 1960’s and ’70’s when my parents took us to games. Had lots of signed cards and memorabilia until 2004 when the majority was destroyed by back to back FL hurricanes, France & Jeanne, passing right THROUGH my house! Remember THAT year AL?!! 4 ‘canes in one year on the East Coast!

            • eddiemd

              I collected baseball, football, and basketball cards for years. Sold them back in 1981. Made a huge mistake selling them. I had cards back to the early 50’s.

              I also had them signed by players back in the 70’s.

              Baseball players were very cool back in those days. When you were a 7-12yo kid, they were giants.

              • JC

                All this talk of the old days of baseball is bringing back memories…
                At a NY Met game at Shea Stadium I remember how excited I was to get an autograph from baseball nobody Danny Coombs.


            • JC

              Speaking of baseball, let’s not forget the day L.A. Dodgers Sandy Koufax pitched to Mr. Ed. Catcher Johnny Roseboro got out of harms’ way…


              • eddiemd

                Thanks for the laugh. That was funny.

  7. steven poloncak

    I wonder if this guy has his kids in public schools that are prisons now? Anyway, Greg I have a challenge for you. Do some side by side pictures of the look alike Biden’s and point out the fact that there are more that 1 of them out there that we see. Or would that be a line that you can not cross? The truth will set us all free!

    • eddiemd

      Gait analysis.

      Biden seems to favor sunglasses and the mask. They can produce deep fakes from the basement.

      When he (or his double) is walking in public, it would be very difficult to copy the gait consistently.

      I have noticed some altered gait in several of his movements. Not all consistent. In one video he appeared to have mild foot drop which did not appear in a different video. In another video he is noted to have a slight “stamping or stomping” gait.

      There is enough video out there to analyze Biden. Not all the same.

      I always watch peoples gaits. Especially pain medicine seeking patients claiming 10/10 back/knee/hip pain and walking normally.

      I had a back injury in the Army in 1985 and had to go to the TMC. I could barely stand and walk. They gave me narcotics and valium for 3 days with bedrest in the barracks. I was broken. But they put me back together.

      • eddiemd

        Several months ago at the start of the coronavirus bioweapon we chatted about how to develop a targeted bioweapon. I mentioned that these companies such as ancestry, 23andme, etc could be selling the DNA samples to deep state or foreign subversives to develop a bioweapon targeting specific populations.

        In 1996 I was in the US Navy Infectious Diseases Lab (NAMRID) in Lima Peru in the virology lab. At that time we were on the lookout for emerging virus out of the Amazon/South America to be used as potential biological warfare agents. Machupo, Mayaro, Hantavirus, BHF (Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever), Dengue, VEE (Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis) were all on the list at that time. We were also genetically typing the various strains of HIV to identify their origins (mainly out of SE Asia). Locally we were looking at HBV (Hep B) and HTLV-1 (Human T-Cell Lymphotrophic Virus) and tracking the epidemiology throughout Peru.

        Recent zerohedge article.

        Also posted the Italian study on the genetics of the ACE2 and TMPRSS2. We covered this a few months back.

        Bioweapon can be developed to target certain populations. The recent Chinese defector scientist mentioned that this is a bioweapon. Perhaps. I actually believe that she is a disinformation agent. Perhaps. We don’t have enough information to validate her as an intelligence source.

      • notyourpatsy

        EddieMD, I asked this question the other day in another thread on UWD….”How do we know that ‘President’ Trump was (the one) released from the Hospital and NOT a ‘deepstate’ Double/look alike?

        Someone had posted a link to 2 images, purporting that one was P’Trump’s ‘double’ and the other him. Can you deny or verify the existence of this? Can Mr Hunter get an expert on here discussing this, or is that more of a ‘Zerohedge’/Russian type thing? I’m thinking the latter.

        Pray on Brother!

  8. Self Exiled

    Maybe this is why Trump claimed on Rush Limbaugh that he was not aware Barr had delayed Durham’s reports till after the election.

    An investigation of Jones and his organization will certainly lead to exposure of Jones’ communications, and all the financial transactions between Jones and his clients and partners.

    THAT could go anywhere — including back to Democrat Senators on the Senate Intelligence Committee. {SE is for that!}

  9. Self Exiled

    Maybe my previous post is why she wants Trump arrested.

    Maxine Waters: ‘It’s Long Past Time the 25th Amendment Should Have Been Enacted’ — Trump Should Be ‘Arrested’

    • JC

      What is becoming increasingly clear is that those in strategic power countries have been bribed to impose lockdowns etc, and other countries have followed their lead assuming they are correct.

      These people are HIGHLY dangerous for they are fulfilling what our computer has been forecasting – the collapse of Western Civilization and the shift to China of the financial capital of the world. We DESPERATELY need to stop these people. They are destroying our future and that of our children because of their arrogance and lack of experience. If they remove Trump, they win for he is the ONLY person who would dare to prosecute any of these people.

      • Sir Manley Robinson

        Shame Armstrong’s computer didn’t predict Covid 19, the massive drop in the Dow and oil along with its prediction of sub 1,000 dollar gold. If I’d followed that I would have sold precious metals too early. Given all that I feel relieved that his computer is predicting a collapse in western society. Lol.

  10. Self Exiled

    Another military situation suggesting preparations???? Who knows.

  11. Anthony Australia

    Great guest! Thanks Greg. USAWD Rocks.

  12. Anthony Australia

    @Ray Canberra.

    One for you Mate!

    • Ray

      Thanks legend…….
      I’ll have a gawk at it later tonight.
      Can you believe we have now hit $1 Trillion in debt??!!
      That’s $1000 x $1000 x $1000 x $1000
      Or……factored another way……a MILLION MILLION DOLLARS!!!
      The average buffoon on the street can’t fathom it, as he stares vacantly into his Electronic Oblong.
      There are around 25 million of us Australians, so that means each and every one of us, from newborn bub to 100 year old (who has paid her taxes all her life) is now on the hook for $40,000 each…..and that is before any mortgages / personal loans / student loans are even taken into account.
      Amazing…..the fall of a once great young nation, with everything to hope for……abundant resources spread right across our land and seas…..we are nought but debt slaves now.
      I see a new babies name climbing up the popularity charts in years to come…..”Debtor”.
      Seems appropriate.
      Thanks for the link mate.
      Keep throwing out the left jab.
      Ray, Canberra, LDN

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks Mate.
        Stone the Crows…. MILLION MILLION DOLLARS!

  13. Self Exiled

    What a crock of crap. ”Lawyers Defending Democracy”

    ”it is less a tool of conspiracy than a reminder of the dilemma faced by lawyers who work in complex, hierarchical organizations, like the DOJ,” these types of shrewd, premeditative, cunning, conniving ————–statements reveal a mindset of devious, scheming politic.

  14. Self Exiled

    ”The New York bank said it is committing $30 billion over the next five years toward programs that include earmarking more money for getting Black and Latino families into homeownership and providing additional financing to build affordable rental housing units.” Who are these guys working for [themselves] and how will this work with so many out of work.

    ”This isn’t a racism issue. This is an issue of income. It’s pretty simple- if you don’t make enough money, no matter what race you are, you don’t qualify. This is for the protection of the lendee and the lender. Rather, using anything- race or another attribute -to remove protections on lending practices is very often a bad thing for everybody because it allows lenders to make dangerous loans to financially unqualified persons, thus prompting the Biblical warning that the ‘borrower is the slave to the lender’ (Proverbs 22:7).”

    • notyourpatsy

      SE, Then technically anyone using ‘Federal Reserve Dollars’ is a slave because they are NOT ‘legal tender’ payment for anything of value! They ARE and HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AN ‘IOU’ CHIT!


  15. OneofHiselect

    For those Residents of California like Alex Merk, don’t loose hope. New California state is coming very soon. NCS is a state in development forming from an existing state as allowed for in the US Constitution, Article 4, sections 3 & 4. No more nonsense, lower cost of just about everything, less government bureaucracy, and equal county representation to name just a few. As New Californians, We’ll be much better off and no need to leave for greener pastures. For more info:

    • Dave

      I live in the Bay Area and don’t see this happening as the traditionally more conservative northern and inland counties are becoming purple/blue. Case in point – El Dorado, Placer and Amador counties. A flood of Sacramento County residents are moving there – many state employees. These counties are turning blue. Not to mention the exodus from SV with telework. Many going to Placer County (South Lake Tahoe) and the northern coastal counties. Humboldt, Mendocino and Del Norte. These counties are already fairly progressive. The only “red” enclave that remain are those of Sacramento and east of the north coastal counties. It is questionable they’d be viable as a separator state. There is a lot of poverty in the region.

      • Greg Hunter

        So they are fleeing Dem disasters and they are going to keep voting to destroy themselves?? Not all of them. Nobody is that stupid–not even Democrats.

        • Fred Daake

          Somehow, Dems are able to put together a voting majority of people who are repulsed at at the thought of paying attention to American history or politics. Their minds are seared and it is almost impossible to break through their shells. Their ways are not your ways. It is sad, but they are not part of the political remnant of America.

        • SOD

          Hey Greg,
          My daughter lives on the fringe of San Fransicko. She gets a steady diet of the unbridled homelessness (while having to continuously navigate the ubiquitous used hypodermic needles and piles of human fecal matter) , home invasions and burglaries are sky rocketing , along with a spate of unreasonable dictates from a tyrannical governor. Given the above situation her friends and co-workers have been leaving the area like rats escaping a foundering ship. Bottom line: Expect this 3rd world progressive mindset to be arriving soon to a city or neighborhood near you! SOD

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks for the street level reporting SOD!!

      • William Stanley

        Re: “Poverty-stricken areas of California”
        As you point out, a lot of wealthy areas in California (including the Bay Area) are losing many of their more affluent residents. That will leave the poor behind, and an unstable situation.

        BTW, I had a long conversation this afternoon with a California refugee from Marin County (yes, a pretty affluent area). He is trying to get his retired parents to sell their home and bug out as soon as possible.

        The majority of the California refugees that I know (and some people who are still stuck in California) are voting for President Trump, and they’re pretty vocal about it. (Sadly, I also know some people who will not vote for President Trump. Their misery haunts me)

        • William Stanley

          Speaking of Trump-Voting California refugees: I just received this email from one of them:

          “We are going to be out of town for two weeks and without internet. So starting Thursday you won’t hear from me.
          I got much of my material from other conservatives on Facebook. I have been removed from Facebook because of my conservative stance on such subjects as the wholesale murder of innocent children through abortion ( which sickens me), my support for the second amendment, my support for both the military and law enforcement, my support for secure borders and my sentiments against lawlessness in democrat run cities and states. My support for President Trump didn’t help either. My belief in my religion was openly rebuked by the Facebook censors who are anti-Semitic. My remarks against BLM and ANTIFA and their supporters probably contributed to this removal as well.
          I expect other conservatives will be removed from Facebook for being patriots before the election. I believe we are starting to see the downfall of our 1st Amendment and possibly our Constitution if the progressives are elected.
          I am on Parler which is a openly conservative site. I am getting my materials from that site.
          Sorry for the rant, just had to get it off my chest. Keep your powder dry… we might need it.”

  16. Self Exiled

    ”In 2016 I reported {PCR} correctly that Trump did not know Washington, did not know who to appoint, and would end up with an establishment government that would not support his assault on the establishment that had sold out both peace and the working class. We had a President willing to do the hard things, but who failed to staff up for the job. The establishment made certain that Trump spent his term of office fighting false charges against him.” {SE} If this is the actual state of things then second term I hope is not wasted and lessons have been learned, but Trump has to deliver and if he does; expect many instances of instigated civil unrest and he will also have to rice to the occasion. The glitch to all this is the military. Obama did his job well [military neutered] with the help of the CIA who has had a lot of experience at these type of takeovers. Remember Trump was slammed hard into military school by his father when he needed to promote his individuality and assert his identity. The hand that rocks the cradle controls the world. Let’s hope he overcomes. As I have stated before I do not know if his father did this because of Donalds rebellion or to save him from the draft or both. If he carries the initiative he must continue the effort into the intelligence agencies and the hierarchy of the military. That’s why in my opinion the federal government itself would have to disintegrate as it is to well established by too many years of assassinations, financial, educational systemic disintegration. All in all; only God can change such immense undertakings and if he does it will be judgement and Trump has done exactly what he should have to this point {expose} so that we who are Divinely called are warned and can prepare. The next question; is this incorporated into a last days scenario. I would like to know what Paul Craig Roberts thinks.

  17. Marie Joy

    Were entering a Fourth Turning, a communist coup and a Grand Solar Minimum, all, at the same time.

    • notyourpatsy

      Marie, for 72 you’re a sharp study! What we need to do to save AMERICA is continually bring people towards GOD’s WORD, the Holy Bible. Mention it to everyone you speak to on a daily basis, and do so until they actually respond that they are studying it…..You’ll know because people who believe become very Thankful they were lead to HIM.

      Pray daily, in public before meals with family, and never give up!

  18. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Merk,the sheer body language spoke volumes about California.Brave of you,Mr Hunter,to put Mr Merk on the spot like that.Good interview.
    Would love to see you have access to a “cunning,conniving”,I think those were some of the words to describe,politician.Just why they want the USA destroyed is beyond reason.

  19. Natasha Badinoff & Boris

    Putin launches damage control, as Harris looks set to win US elections
    By Ben Aristovich in East Berlin October 8, 2020
    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Kremlin was much closer to the US Democrat National Socialist’s Party than the Republicans, as it has lots of “shared values” thanks to Russia’s Communist Soviet past.

  20. Howard Bloomer

    Government by God
    Christian’s Not Pricing in Panic – Jesus Christ
    A GOVERNMENT by God is no strange thing to this planet earth. In the garden of Eden, man was ruled by God. Centuries later the Israelites, enjoyed God’s-rule. Jehovah gave them the Ten Commandments and many other regulations, which are recorded in the Bible. He established a system of worship for them. He appointed kings over them and established the dynasty of David. He clothed and fed them. He fought their wars and blessed their peace. He made them a holy nation. Jehovah was their government, as they proclaimed: “For Jehovah is our judge, Jehovah is our lawgiver, Jehovah is our king; he will save us..”—Isa. 33:22. ASV

    That unique government by God was typical. It pointed forward to the everlasting government by God that should rule this earth. That is why Jesus Christ taught men to pray: “After this manner therefore pray ye. Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth.” (Matt. 6:9, 10) ASV. The time for the establishment of that everlasting INCOMING KINGDOM GOVERNMENT in the heavens, is during the generation still living now, SOON to witness all Jesus foretold. According to end time Bible prophecy.
    Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass
    away until all these things take place. …
    Luke 21:32 “Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not …
    Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all has taken place. …
    Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not …
    … Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass
    away until all these things take place. …

    So let it be known, that true Christians on earth, are living under the real heavenly kingdom of God right now! Jesus Christ, the “Lord of lords and king of kings,” is the head of that newborn heavenly government. (Rev. 17:14) The princely rule rests on his shoulders. He is the Prince of Peace. “To the abundance of HIS princely governance and to peace there will be no end,” Isaiah’s prophecy says. All kingdoms of earth in opposition to that heavenly kingdom government come to their end at Armageddon, the war of the great day of God Almighty.—Isa. 9:7; Rev. 16:16; Dan. 2:44.

    Is the kingdom of God a real government? Yes and it has as its King, Jesus Christ! On earth it has subjects, EVEN now, who submit to its rule and power. In fact, many here at, do that very thing. We recognize God as rightful ruler. abides by that fact in its organizational structure and operations, and it holds fast to God’s Word as furnishing mankind with a working constitution and righteous laws. The heavenly Kingdom government by God has A GREAT CROWD of earthly representatives, who submit to it by carrying out its laws. These representatives advocate the Kingdom government throughout the world as mankind’s only hope. As good new’s, not fake and as Jesus said it would be done, at Matthew 24:14.—Rev. 14:1-3; 20:4.

    Therefore, government by God is a reality in our day! No one need wait for it, or panic at it’s coming to pass.
    Creatures of earth. You need only to ally yourselves with it through faith, live by its principles, declare it to others and trust that it will accomplish God’s purpose.
    So help us God and God’s speed EVERYONE @!

    • Paul ...

      Howard … Being ruled by “a King” was something our Founding Fathers “rebelled against” … but they were all for a Government with 3 branches of government (like the 3 persons in one God … Father, Son and Holy Ghost) … thus I believe we should consider God’s son Jesus (as President), God the Father (as the Law Maker or Legislative Branch) and Holy Ghost (as the Judiciary) in the coming “Kingdom” which in reality is a “Constitutional Republic” form of government!!

  21. Jack in San Diego

    Mr. Merk obviously doesn’t know that States are separate from the U.S. Government.

    Just before you referred to him as a political atheist, he said that he still has to complete forms to pay tax in the State of California, and that no President has changed that. Hello?
    A President of the United States doesn’t have any control over taxation or regulation of same over a state’s internal wealth confiscation. He can only influence the federal government’s wealth confiscation, until the next person takes over.

    He may be very good at managing his wealth portfolios, but he doesn’t have a grasp on how things work in America.

    btw, a landslide is coming… Will be fun to watch.
    Thanks for all your good work. (I even endure the commercials so that you can make more than my small contributions (the leftist ads are the worst))

    • notyourpatsy

      Jack, I concur with your observations, he is not as ‘educated’ as he thinks he is if he does’nt even know the difference between State and Federal separation! I think he’s another ‘self important Liberal’ on the other side of those of us here at UWD. My opinion. I mean, the guy is ‘managing a billion in investments/assets’ and is interviewing from a tiny cramped apartment???!! If you don’t notice his ‘kitchen counter’, complete with sink behind him, then I can’t help you. My master bathroom is larger than his whole place! Sorry, I can never take people like this seriously. If he can’t afford to have an ‘office’ in his home, then he’s not someone I’m taking MY financial, or any other advice from!
      No offense Mr Hunter, this is just my take on it having known too many california liberals and the way they ‘puff’.

      One just recently called me to ask business advice and I told him, “just close your company down it’s worthless, because you have not done 1 thing in the past year to progress it any further. You keep saying you’re doing XYZ ;yet you are going out of business and don’t know it because you can’t see it because you believe what you keep telling yourself!”. He was stunned to silence, and then some jibberish talk and then I said I had to go. If he was’nt a friend of a relative of mine I would not even take his call.

      Again, everyone can’t agree with everyone else all of the time.

      • Jack in San Diego

        You have to STOP making so much sense!
        What you elucidate is all too common in society today:
        Too much show, not enough performance.
        I see this all too often. Braggadocio instead of actual & reliable results, just give me your money and you’ll see, listen to what I say, not what you see, and give me a trophy while you are writing that check!
        Peter Principle at work, and worse, once successful businesses run into the ground because of the Barefoot to Sandals phenomena.
        Thankfully, not all of these younger people are like this, and it is these unadulterated that are outperforming their peers.

  22. Bonnie Grafeinger

    RELEASED: Pompeo tells all on Hillary’s emails, China relations and more
    1,273,066 views•Oct 9, 2020

    • Paul ...

      If this “nice lady” starts attacking the CIA/Military/Industrial Complex will she get locked up like Assange??

  23. Self Exiled

    Victor10/10/2020 •
    ”Greg, how did you come up with the conclusion that the 13 men arrested for planning the kidnapping/killing of the governor of Michigan are leftists?” Try this on for size Victor.

  24. Jerry

    How about a little truth?

    The markets are rigged. If they weren’t Deutsche bank would have cracked long ago. The bankers have joined forces with the technocrats to create a new world order, using cryptocurrency as a means of exchange to reset the global economy. What did you think the pandemic was about? Event 201 was their planning session.

    We’ve all been played again. Lucifer is the master of deception. First he convinced us that a yellow rock was worth something, and when that no longer worked he used paper. Now he’s going to use our own physical body to enslave us to a cryptocurrency exchange system. And people wonder why I pray for the lords return? But what the heck would you do if you were a central banker faced with the possibility of a global financial collapse and death by hanging to the nearest lamppost? Nobody said bankers were smart.Their derivative bag of tricks was empty. They simply had no choice but to go along with it, and Lucifer played them, just like he’s playing us. You have choice. Either put your mask on, and roll up your sleeve and pretend like nothing is wrong, or get on your knees and pray for deliverance. .Time is short my friends.

    • JC

      You are correct, time is short, very short.

      • Jerry

        The pieces are already in place.

        • eddiemd

          Cash is now officially declared contaminated with coronavirus.

          Cashless society next up. Mandatory vaccine. You will not be able to participate in society without taking the vaccine. No .gov benefits unless you take the vaccine…SS, VA, EBT, Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, disability, .gov retirees…all will be forced to take the vaccine or lose your payouts.

          The time table is moving at “warp speed”.

          The pope paving the way for the one world religion. Worship the creation. Save the guppies.

          • Jerry

            I’m afraid you are correct.

            I’ve discussed this at length with an ex military friend. He’s said as long as he has a weapon, there is no way he will take the vaccine. I said forget about them coming to your door. They won’t need to. They’ll just shut off your bank account, your electricity, and water, and when it’s -10 degrees outside, you’ll voluntarily give up. That’s the harsh truth we are faced with. Forget about the tough talk. This generation has no idea what true suffering is, and what lyes ahead. I have been a survivalist all my life, but even I have to weigh in how far I am willing to go myself since my wife has a heart condition. If it was just me, I would have flipped the switch long ago. But my decision involves other people, so I have some hard decisions to make when the time comes. I pray for the lords deliverance everyday. I would suggest others do the same. Thanks Eddie for your comment.

    • Jerry

      Five years ago, many of us didn’t really know what “ conquering the human domain “under Jade Helm meant. We do now.

      The pandemic was phase one. Phase two will begin shortly. Do the research. John Hopkins. Microsoft. And DARPA ! Are all involved.

  25. A Jones

    I read this interview and my immediate reaction was that the guest is out of touch with the goings on in political and social evolution of World hegemony. I based this view on his casually referring to this election as just another presidential election. If the Republicans win less regulation and if the Dems win more regulation and ho hum life returns to normal seems to be his mindset. I do not see it that way at all. Each age transition has it ruffles. I remember reading articles written at the end of the steam age written by some obsolete people of that age complaining that the World was built under steam power and these new internal combustion engines were just a fad. I remember when AM radio was king, then along came FM and single side band radio transmission. SSB radio is like for example going from 20 miles per gallon to 200 miles per gallon and roads three times wider and for less money as an illustration. This was in the late 1960’s and I remember one old guy on the ham radio bands who every night would broadcast for hours talking to his self using AM radio advocating good old AM radio now and forever.
    I spend a lot of time on YouTube. This morning I was watching the news on Elon Musk’ space projects like Starlink and SpaceX. I watch videos on the weapons in the American defense capability like new super fighter planes, new super aircraft carriers, new anti missile systems etc. Then I look at the election news. My entire adult life, I am 75, the entire field of World affairs has centered on the treat of war with communists’ countries like Russia and China to save us from Socialism. I spent three years of my life learning to fight a war with the Soviet Union. Remember the Domino effect? The communist were taking over the World and sooner or later we would all be slaves so we lost 50,000 troops in Vietnam fighting Communism. We bankrupted the country to counter the threat to our freedom from Socialism and Communist regimes. Mean while back at the ranch, what is this presidential all about? The Democratic Party is running on a program to give us all a Socialist or Communist system. If the Democrats win, then why will we need all these weapons systems? Who are we going to fight and for what reason? Our Communist system is better than your Communism system? We shall have met our enemy and we are them! That is not even rational.
    My point is that we are entering a new age in which the existing system, like our Federal Government and money system are obsolete. The World is entering a totally new paradigm and the Democrats are being dragged kicking and screaming into the new age like it or not. We can do this the easy way or do it the hard way meaning a Democratic win will just prolong the suffering, but either way this is not just another election and regardless of which side loses, it is going to be more than a choice between more or less regulation and then we all can get back to our routine life as this guest infers. Washington is like the steam engine. Her glory days are like a dying ember destined to be a pile of smoking ash. Our money system is bankrupt. Life as we have known it is coming to an end. Like God told Lot’s wife, “do not look back.”

    • notyourpatsy

      Great analogies Mr A Jones! The ones who ca’t see the train coming have their backs to it and are looking down at their cellphones!

  26. lightning

    The US government decided to encourage hyper-financialization of essentially all markets with the repeal of the Glass – Stegall act.

    It encouraged financial chicanery to provide debt for people that couldn’t realistically service that debt while simultaneously shifting the risk of default of said debt to others. To do this, the financial industry lied, cheated and stole…. all without regulatory consequence.

    The financial services industry was encouraged to break the law, was compensated handsomely for doing so and then was protected from punishment by the government.

    This continues to this day (regardless of whether it was Clinton, Bush , Obama or Trump in the WH). JP Morgan has committed something like 5 felonies related to securities fraud, market manipulation etc…… and not a single banker has gone to jail nor have the bonuses been impacted for the senior executives. The number of banks caught money laundering (HSBC and Deutche bank for example) never seem to result in meaningful regulatory enforcement.

    And when the government does fine these banks (e.g. JP Morgan was fines almost $1Billion for manipulating the precious metals markets….the government keeps the money with no thought of the financial harm the average investors suffered as a result of these manipulations). Wash, rinse, repeat.

    It wasn’t long before other industries (Like the tech companies in Silicon valley) got in on the act. Why not? It certainly pays well. And congress was only too happy to protect these folks ….not because it created jobs and wealth for americans….but because it created wealth for the politicians’ in congress (Just look at how many went into congress poor and come out incredibly wealthy)

    Now, we have the Government picking “essential” businesses (like Amazon) that can stay open while small, independent companies (non-essential) must close and go bankrupt. Why was Amazon “essential”? Look at how much money Jeff Bezos sloshes around government and look at the enormous wealth that was transferred to him. Jeff Bezos has a first rate mind and a third rate character … a very dangerous combination.

    I am a fiscal conservative and I would totally support a windfall profits tax on Amazon, using that money to support the small businesses they essentially wrecked and gobbled up. Has even one person in government suggested that approach to all these essential businesses that profited wildly?! Gee, I wonder why not!?

    As it becomes obvious that the fraudulent debt party is coming to an end, now the game shifts to control…. forced vaccinations with digital markers and identity tattoos inserted under your skin, lock downs, face masks and state and federal government sanctioned rioting / race baiting.

    Antifa could be shut down tomorrow…but it purposefully isn’t.

    William Barr has all the evidence he needs to prosecute Hillary Clinton, Obama, Comey, Gina Haspel and all the other seditious criminals…but purposefully isn’t.

    Is it at all surprising that the financial services industry, along with Amazon and the other FAANG companies continually re-invest in the politicians to keep the fraud, graft and criminal exploitation of the masses going?

    The entirety of this crisis can be connected to the corruption of the Federal and State government and yet there is a significant number of people that believe we need to empower those same governments even more to “fix” it?!!

    Its like drinking yourself sober. And I’m tired of riding on the Crazy Train.

    When we vote Trump back in, we need to DEMAND LAW AND ORDER BE RESTORED and that starts with a hard look in the rear view mirror with the lawbreakers (from congress and industry) walking the perp walk in orange jumpsuits. Only then will we have a foundation of justice to begin to repair and rebuild this country.

  27. Thomas Wigand


    Mr. Merk’s comments (to me) conveyed a bit of living in a bubble insofar as he’s undoubtedly fluent with things financial, but rather cavalier (non-fluent?) in things political.

    His comments (to the effect) that Wall Street is factoring in a Biden Presidency and that it would not be all that different or troubling rang alarm bells with me.

    On the one hand, I can see the globalists / Wall Street crowd preferring Biden as it would enable them to go back to business as usual in imposing, e.g., the WEF “Great Reset” under guise of “sustainability.” So in their minds the intended model of multinational corporations and central banks would run over the speed bump of recent populist uprisings. Maybe I misread him, but I got the impression that he’d be OK with all that.

    The political naïveté comes in with the intermediate and longer term devolution of the (global) economy into a world of high-tech feudalism, with a small elite at the top and masses UBI dependent serfs below, and no middle class (except the bureaucratic cadres). That is a formula for Soviet style mass poverty — which eventually eats (most of) the elite that heralded it in.

    President Trump’s reelection is the only thing standing between us and that. And the course that offers restoration of more generalized prosperity instead of the financialization-to-serfdom economy that a Biden Presidency would enable.

    • A Jones

      Lightening: Let me explain why no one will get jail time! I was listening this morning to Trey Gowdy being interviewed on TV. He was asked the question, “will anyone be prosecuted for these crimes and go to jail.” After a long hesitation Gowdy stated that conviction and jail time was not important to him because the upper level people involved in this will suffer enough by the exposure of their crimes and the lost of their law or professional licenses not to mention their status among their peers. I do not think anyone today understands what the statement “all men are created equal” means in the traditional legal sense. The modern meaning of that statement is that all men are entitled to the same outcome but if you go back in old English and American law you will see why Trey Gowdy said what he said. Under the old definition and legal tradition people are equal under the law but under the law all men are not equal when it comes to punishment. If a truck driver commits a crime a punishment of jail time is appropriate for him but if a high official commits the same crime and is shamed before his peers and loses his status, that is the punishment appropriate for people of his status and class. That is why no one has or will go to jail. Prosecuted– maybe. Jail time? You can forget that cause it ain’t going to happen for reasons just stated. It has always been that way and it will never change. To the average Democratic “all men are created equal” means I have a right to some of what you have. The political class doesn’t see it that way at all and they make and enforce the rules.

    • Mel Hughes

      Axel has drank the Kool-Aid. The Kool-Aid of comfort and luxury. He’s part of the elite. He’s living the good life here in America. He doesn’t take the time to look behind the curtain of the Wizard of Oz. When he gets his news, it’s the convenience of the talking head’s. He’s to busy enjoying the good life. Yet when it comes to financials he might just connect with some controversy’s online. But like most of the upper crust, he believes and trusts in his normalcy bias. He’s in for a wake up call. There’s a scripture that says the elites will be crying, don’t hurt the olive oil and the wine. Axel, you better get that Axel rolling and start stacking some of the oil and wine. Because when this system goes down, like on the Titanic. Riches didn’t do shit and won’t do do, do now.

  28. Paul ...

    Putin has a real sense of humor … in 2016 the Demon-rats accused Putin of helping Trump … so now in 2020 Putin says he wants to help Biden (as the Demon-rats have shared values with Commie-nism)!! …

    • Paul ...

      You know … if the whole world turns “commie” will we finally reach that long elusive goal of … 1000 years of Peace on Earth??

  29. eddiemd

    This man was 20 years off in his predictions.

    Nobody knows the day of wrath. We can know the signs of the times.

    Illuminati. Freemasons. New World Order. Luciferians.

    • eddiemd

      Deut 18:10-11
      10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.

      1 Samuel 15:22-23
      “Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices,
      As in obeying the voice of the Lord?
      Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice,
      And to heed than the fat of rams.
      For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft,
      And stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.
      Because you have rejected the word of the Lord,
      He also has rejected you from being king.”

      2 Kings 9:22
      Now it happened, when Joram saw Jehu, that he said, “Is it peace, Jehu?” So he answered, “What peace, as long as the harlotries of your mother Jezebel and her witchcraft are so many?”

      Jezebel spirit=Kamala Harris

      1 Kings 18:4
      For so it was, while Jezebel massacred the prophets of the Lord, that Obadiah had taken one hundred prophets and hidden them, fifty to a cave, and had fed them with bread and water.)

  30. Dave

    Excellent guest. Excellent analysis. The markets are calm and factoring in a Biden win. And a win that will be large enough to avoid an extended period of the Presidency being undecided. That would spook the markets. Look at the Rasmussen and IBD polls. The two polls in 2016 that got it closest to correct. They now show a fairly easy Biden win. The markets are fine with that as, in reality, nothing will change. The US government will continue to print money. Harris has ties to Goldman. TPTB will remain in control. The extremes on the left and right which are in panic mode – seeing either a facist or communist takeover depending on who wins – in contrast to the calm of the markets which is the only harbinger one needs to take heed of. Weekend radio financial advisors are calm too. Their advice being that spending priorities will change under a Biden Administration but spending will continue either way – spending priorities will be different and one needs to adjust their portfolios to take advantage of the change that would come. For instance health care and renewable energy are sectors that would boom under Biden while they would not under Trump.

    Axel is calm about the election as he knows the reality is that both parties love to print money. They just like to spend it on different things. Remember that during Trump’s first two years the GOP controlled both houses. What happened – they passed the largest budget to date at that time causing the deficit to hit record numbers. Trump threatened to veto on several occasions but he never did.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll take the other side of that bet. Mentally disabled Biden is not going to win. The markets are calm because they are factoring in a Trump win. That’s who is winning. You are in a Dem Dream wake up!! Don’t believe the phony polls. they were all wrong in 2016 and all wrong again.

      • Mark

        Greg, I’m trying to subscribe to you, but I keep running into pages that seem to be either google, YouTube, or someone piggy-backing on you. There are all kinds of ads and the “email” access doesn’t work. I am not interested in subscribing to google or you-tube.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is the only subscription I have and it’s free: I have it incadse I get deplatformed and don’t send out much except a few promotional items and maybe a once a year a deal from my only sponsor, Discount Gold and Silver Trading. So, if you subscribe, don’t expect to get much and I do NOT sell my list–ever.

      • Mike R

        Besides A Trump win, I’d really like to see a GOP sweep of all branches, since the Dems have been so very traitorous and despicable, they absolutely have ruined their chance to have ANY say on any piece of legislation for at least the next 4 years while Trump remains our President.

        The stock market is just not seeing (discounting) any sort of Biden win, or even remotely close to being anything less than a very clear Trump victory.

        For if the market had even a whiff of something that uncertain, stocks would be tanking already, big time.

    • Tom Wigand

      >>The extremes on the left and right which are in panic mode – seeing either a facist or communist takeover depending on who wins – in contrast to the calm of the markets which is the only harbinger one needs to take heed of.


      Fascism and Communism (alongside Socialism and Progressivism) are all creatures of the Left. The German Fascists’ actual name was the National Socialist Party. The Italian Fascists were nationalistic leaning Socialists (Mussolini started out there). The Left is also the side of secularism / Satanism.

      The Right is the side that of the Enlightenment and our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.The Right is also the side of the faithful and righteous.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Tom for this little lesson!! I think Dave is the new “Gina” except a lot more refined.


        • Tom Wigand

          Thanks Greg. Just trying to do my part. 🙂

        • eddiemd

          Call him Gino. Or Chino since he works for the DNC/CCP.

  31. Sylvia

    Hi Greg
    Enjoyed listening to your “new” guest speaker. He seems to have a slight accent, but can’t quite place it. Looked up his bio and it doesn’t say when or where he was born or any other information about him. Fill me in…..Who is he?

    • Mel Hughes

      Axel is not new Sylvia, he’s been a guest longer than you’ve been here at USAW apparently.
      I always thought he was German, or at least German speaking. Only a German can have a name like Axel. Sounds better than Wolfgang or Helmut!

    • Paul ...

      Sylvia … Alex is from Switzerland

      • Paul ...

        Axel founded Merk Investments in Switzerland in 1994 … then in 2001 he relocated himself and his the business to California!

  32. eddiemd

    Turkey claiming Jerusalem last week.

    Turkey now getting in deeper in Azerbaijan. At some point the Russians will intervene on the side of Armenia. What will Iran do since this is along their border?

    Interesting that this is occurring nearby the shores of the Caspian Sea.

    • JC

      G.A. STEWART:
      Armenia’s allies are Russia and India, and it seems that this war between Azerbaijan and Armenia leads to a war between NATO and Russia. Once Turkey fully enters the picture, Iran will most likely enter the picture. This will snowball into The Battle of Armageddon, which in my scenario is not the last battle of The Apocalypse; it is the first battle of The Apocalypse.

      • eddiemd

        The Ezekiel 38 war.

        Ezekiel 38:1-
        Now the word of the Lord came to me, saying, 2 “Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog (Russia/Tartars?), the prince of Rosh, Meshech (Russia), and Tubal, and prophesy against him, 3 and say, ‘Thus says the Lord God: “Behold, I am against you, O Gog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal. 4 I will turn you around, put hooks into your jaws, and lead you out, with all your army, horses, and horsemen, all splendidly clothed, a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords. 5 Persia (Iran), Ethiopia, and Libya are with them, all of them with shield and helmet; 6 Gomer (Russia) and all its troops; the house of Togarmah (Turks/Georgians/Armenians) from the far north and all its troops—many people are with you.

        These are peoples coming from the north as far as Moscow. Peoples that lived around the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. The Turks, Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Russians, Slavic peoples from this area and then the Iranians, Libyans, Ethiopians…peoples not bordering Israel. This war will precede the great tribulation. The man of peace, the antichrist, will appear.

        The battle at the end of the great tribulation is a different war. It is the end war when God will judge the nations in the valley of Jehoshaphat.

        • eddiemd

          Slow cook off in the MENA.

          Turkey in Libya, Armenia/Azerbaijan, Syria, eastern Med, and irritating Greece. I would also say that they are at odds with Russia. Meanwhile their economy has crashed. They are at odds with Iran. Powderkeg with Erdogan holding the matches.

          Meanwhile the USA is distracted while the MENA is about to enter the Ezekiel 38 war. Will the Chinese attack the USA around election time when the riots begin?

  33. The Seer

    IMPORTANT: Currencies have also been back by land and not gold or silver. Not knowing if a new system will be backed by “anything” or “something” please do not “assume” a new currency will be backed by gold. Digital currencies will take quite awhile to perfect.
    Keep in mind, the new super computers break every code out there are some agencies who get the codes as part of their “code” to know everything. It is a requirement that secure email providers, for instance, have to submit their code in before becoming operational.
    Mars goes direct Nov. 13th. One of the presidential candidates is heavily ruled by Mars.
    I would like to see Mark Taylor on again and update his forecast.

    • Self Exiled

      Basically what we are watching is the breakdown of cultures and societies on a world wide scale; before in history it was localized and therefore contained. All the things people think they can depend on especially in the technology field will also disintegrate. When the foundations are destroyed; and that is the name of the game.

      New King James Version
      If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?

      New International Version
      When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

      Good News Translation
      There is nothing a good person can do when everything falls apart.”

      “If the foundations [of a godly society] are destroyed,
      What can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3

  34. eddiemd

    Social distancing and 5G networks.

    The “6 feet” social distancing was not just a randomly chosen number. Listen to the following report. He states that “1.5 to 2 meters” is the accuracy of the 5G tracking systems (tower/satellite). If you are within this distance the tracking systems cannot separate who is who.

    Along comes the implantable microchip to verify your coronavirus vaccine. Bring on the digital currency.

    • JC

      eddiemd, stick a fork in me I’m done.

      “We can’t be everywhere at all times to watch everybody, so let the technology do it for you.”

    • Diane

      Good point Greg

  35. Mike R

    Greg – Axle is a nice guy, seems pretty smart, but he is just too darn ‘cheery.’

    I want to see some good ole fashioned DOOM and Gloom. It would be perfect leading into the election. Lol

    So Bring Michael Synder back on soon….who is out with this latest goodie…

    • Mike R

      Here’s a good one from Mr. Snyder for starters….

      “According to the latest Fed data, the top 1% of Americans have a combined net worth of $34.2 trillion (or 30.4% of all household wealth in the U.S.), while the bottom 50% of the population holds just $2.1 trillion combined (or 1.9% of all wealth).

      If you think that there isn’t a lot of resentment out there, then you haven’t been paying attention.”

      Now isn’t that some great doom and gloom there Greg ? Some really good reasons in this article to get rid of your debt, buy as much gold as you possibly can, and hunker down far away from any demoncratic (blue) city. The redder the bedder.

  36. Mike R

    Here is one man’s passion for the RIGHT President to be voted back into office again…

    Better late than never, to become a Trump supporter.

  37. tim mcgraw

    “Trying to stabilize something that is gone.” Axel Merk
    Well, that’s it in a nutshell.
    The middle class world I grew up in is gone. The world where you could work hard and get ahead, is gone. Fiat currency has ruined the world I knew as a child. Nixon on August 15th, 1991 ended the gold backing of the dollar. My wages stayed flat after that. No house for me and my family. May Nixon rot in hell.
    And don’t call dollars “Money”… those pieces of paper are NOT money. They are lies.

    • JC


  38. Yancy Yates

    The Alex Jones Show 7 hours ago

    ‘The Time to Arrest the Deep State is Now’ says Intel Insider
    Oct 7, 2020 The Alex Jones Show
    Dr. Steve Pieczenik joins The Alex Jones Show to tell Trump that the time to arrest Comey and the rest of the treasonous Deep State is now!

  39. Lightning

    Just listened to a Bob Moriarty interview where he rightly stated that Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House and second in line for the presidency, would serve as acting president ( after Jan 20) in the event of a contested election.

    Can you imagine the damage she would do to the constitutional rule of law.!? She’d pardon the whole cabal. After that …?!

  40. eddiemd

    Watching the Senate hearing on Barret. What a clown show by the democrats.

    Feinstein is 87yo. She has some neurological problem. Not quite sure what without examining her. How is she even a senator at 87yo? You would not want a 87yp physician seeing you in the clinic. Had a Chinese spy on her staff for 20 years.

    Leahy. He is appearing by zoom. He is notably short of breath when speaking long sentences. What is his coronavirus status?

    Durbin. Corruption at its finest. Abortionist. Considered one of the most liberal senators. Nothing else to say about this criminal. Antichrist supporter.

    Whitehouse. Supported the public service unions to forcibly take money from non union public service workers. Deep state Clinton man. Abortionist, homosexual supporter.

    Klobuchar. Leftist radical Obama woman. On board with Obama since 2008. Abortionist, homosexual supporter, Obamacare. Antichrist supporter.

    Coons. Abortionist. Anti 2nd amendment. Homosexual supporter. Has a masters degree in “ethics”. What a joke.

    Blumenthal. Mr. Vietnam vet. Told us he served in country which was a lie. It is called stolen valor. Despicable. Abortionist.

    Hirono. Abortionist. Gun confiscator. She has stage 4 kidney cancer with metastasis to her ribs diagnosed in 2017. What medications is she taking and is she fit to make decisions? At least she has an opportunity to repent…but she won’t. The Gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing.

    Harris. Nothing to say. At the time of this posting she has not spoken. Her speech is the most important one. Abortionist. Evil.

    Every democrat is attacking Trump. They have nothing to say about Barret’s background.

    They are all abortionists. Someday they will give account to the Judge of the universe. They are deceived. Given up to evil. Professing to be wise, they are fools. Their hearts are darkened.

  41. eddiemd

    Why is Harris speaking remotely in the Barret hearing? Does she have coronavirus?

    Obviously reading a teleprompter.

    Coronavirus bioweapon released as part of the master plan to get rid of Trump. That is now obvious. The question is who designed it and who released it. I still believe that the deep state both designed it (Fauci, Gates, and company) and released it (CIA Brennan, Clapper and minions). Whether China was part of it…who knows. That Chinese scientist disinformation agent says that it was the Chinese. Perhaps.

    The “second” wave is here right on time for the elections.

    Isaiah 66:4
    So will I choose their delusions, And bring their fears on them; Because, when I called, no one answered, When I spoke they did not hear; But they did evil before My eyes, And chose that in which I do not delight.”

    Lamentations 2:14
    Your prophets have seen for you false and deceptive visions; They have not uncovered your iniquity, To bring back your captives, But have envisioned for you false prophecies and delusions.

    Zechariah 10:2
    For the idols speak delusion; The diviners envision lies, And tell false dreams; They comfort in vain. Therefore the people wend their way like sheep; They are in trouble because there is no shepherd.

    2 Thess 2:11
    And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,

    The American public will believe the lies of the democrats, leftists, and false religious teachers. It is happening now. The world will believe the lies of the pope and the coming antichrist one world system under the UN, CCP, and Marxists.

  42. eddiemd

    Kelly has deep connections to CCP backed corp Tencent. Leftist gun grabber trying portray himself as an independent. Chuckie Schummer stooge.

    Tencent leaders with educational backgrounds in US universities. High level computer techies probably already accessed .gov and infrastructures while inside the wire. 375,000 Chinese students still inside the USA.

    “None Dare Call It Treason”

    Published in 1964 this book detailed the infiltration process of the communist/socialists/Marxists. It has now come to fruition. I remember reading this book back in the early 80’s while in SF.

    The NYT critiqued the book in 2017.

    Even the CIA discredited it. Must be somethings that they don’t want you to read.

    The book tells how the communists planned to infiltrate all levels of education, religion, business, and government…in 1964. We are here now.

  43. JC

    ALERT! This on Steve Quayle’s site.


    • Paul ...

      Perhaps Hillary just likes men with big cinchona’s (thinking she can get injected with quinine while having sex and thus avoid taking Gate’s dangerous “mouse puss” vaccine)!!

  44. notyourpatsy

    Now the DEMONCRATS are acting like the High Priests and Pharisees with this SC Justice Inqusition! …”Is it legal to convict a man before he is given a hearing?”….”These ignorant crowds, what do they know about it? A curse on them!” (meaning us Real Americans).

    …….”The Kingdom of GOD isn’t ushered in with visible ‘signs’. You won’t be able to say, “Here it is!” or “It’s over there!” For the Kingdom of GOD is among you……..

    With regards to this SC nominee…” The stone rejected by the builders has now become the Cornerstone. That is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous to see.”….”..Inside the leading priests and the entire High council were trying to find witnesses who would lie about JESUS, so they could put him to death. But even though they found many who agreed to give FALSE WITNESS , there was no testimony they could use….

  45. eddiemd

    Diceman new video. Sums up the media mind control.

    • JC

      Thanks. This is excellent.
      I hope everybody checks it out.

  46. eddiemd

    Steve Schmidt is the deep state subversive behind the Lincoln Project. Part of the coup.

    His Wikipedia page. Still promoting his high school achievements at age 50.

    “The son of a schoolteacher and a telecommunications executive, Schmidt grew up in North Plainfield, New Jersey, where he became an Eagle Scout, a tight end on the high school football team,[11] a two-year member of the National Honor Society, and senior class vice president. In 1988, he was one of two graduating seniors voted “most likely to succeed” by his classmates at North Plainfield High School.[12] He distributed campaign materials for Democrat Bill Bradley’s 1978 Senate campaign.[13]

    Schmidt attended the University of Delaware from 1988 through the spring of 1993, majoring in political science.[14] During this time, he registered as a Republican. He left three credits short of graduating because he did not pass a math course; Schmidt has said that he has been diagnosed with a learning disability that makes higher math difficult for him.[11] He joined the Delta Tau Delta fraternity,[12] was a member of the campus Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program, and did field work for Republican candidates in Delaware, sometimes wearing campaign buttons to class.[14] Schmidt graduated in the class of 2013.[15] ”

    I like the part that he was in ROTC when in college. Frat boy too. What a joke! Or choke…didn’t graduate from college because he could not figure out basic math as a political science major.

    Log cabin advocate and tight end in high school. Waaassaaabe?

    He probably has a history of wetwork for the deep state.

    Wiki site

    He is the poster boy for the deep state. Compromised.

    Is his USAWD alias “Dave”?

  47. Bill B

    GREG, sorry for the fat fingers on the keyboard. What i wanted to say, what God opens, no man can close. What God closes no man can open. Enuff said. God Bless you and yours GREG.

  48. Paul ...

    If Gartman is right … it will probably be because Trump never locked up Hillary? … what was so hard about doing that (instead he calls her a nice lady)?? … still never got us out of Afghanistan??? … never reduced the trade deficit (it is higher now then when he took office)???? … shut down the economy (putting millions of people and small business owners out on the street????? … wants to “use the Military” to vaccinate us all for Bill Gates??????? … and is now holding back a second stimulus check to save money (with all the trillions that has been given to the billionairs)???????? … … if Biden gets in … count on Pelosi to uses his Alzheimer’s to remove him form office … and install a “Harris Administration” … lets hope Gartman is wrong … but if he is right … Gold will shoot past $2500 (and Silver will fly past $40) by Christmas 2020!!

  49. Paul ...

    With Joe Biden promising a $15 million dollar “minimum wage” how can he lose??? …

  50. Paul ...

    Schiff explains how Trump got “commie-nized” and has spent more fiat debt money in 4 years … then Obama spent in eight!! …

  51. Trinacria

    Hi Greg: thank you for another informative interview. Question: would it be possible for you to interview Dr. Gerard Lameiro before the election. He seems to have great insights and called the Trump win in 2016. Thank you and take care.

  52. Rodster

    Johnson & Johnson the latest to halt Covid 19 trial due to unspecified illness. Ya think Anthony Fauci or his BS partner in crime, Bill Gates will lineup for their Covid 19 vaccines when they are pushed out on the public?

    Nah, those vaccines are for the schumcks who bought into the lie.

  53. AndrewB

    Former Australian Senator, Cori Bernardi, calls out Covid / Great Reset on MSM Sky News Australia. Note: continue watching after segment appears to come to an end – there is an extended debate after a momentary break.

  54. eddiemd

    The NEJM is now a deep state shill.

    October 8th editorial using the NYT and Washington compost as sources. Also Johns Hopkins…Bill Gates and company. Stavros Niarchos.,-donna-brazile,-and-julian-castro-join-busy-fall-schedule-at-penn%E2%80%99s-snf-paideia-program/

    Deep state swampers.

    This is what the Antifa/blm will be up against.

    Road Guards, Post.

  55. Mike r

    Biden monster gaffe. Says ‘minimum wage’ should be $15 million.

    He actually may be right eventually when the US dollar becomes more worthless than Zimbabwe’s currency has been. The $120k gold price that made Stan fall off his chair would be low in Hidin Biden’s world.

    • Paul ...

      Mike … Good thing Stan didn’t read my post while at his part time job (painting the cables on the George Washington Bridge)!!!

  56. Clint D.

    The coming election could be the beginning of civil war in the USA. If so, this is exactly what is prophesied in Jeremiah to happen before Babylon is destroyed. Basically, two years of rumour followed with civil war, followed with the destruction of Babylon.

    Jeremiah 51:46 And lest your heart faint, and ye fear for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come one year, and after that in another year shall come a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler.

  57. Sue Locks

    HE’S BACK!
    WATCH LIVE: Trump holds campaign rally in Sanford, Florida
    •Streamed live 4 hours ago

    Dark Secrets Will Be Exposed, [BO] Was Not Tricked, Walls Are Closing In On [DS]
    X22Report 4 hours ago

    “Still love my democrat friends but…U See it your way… I’ll see it my way!
    You see Trump’s arrogance, I see Trump’s confidence. You see Trump’s nationalism, I see Trump’s patriotism. You hear Trump’s unsophisticated words, I hear Trump’s honesty. You see Trump’s racism, I see Trump’s words being misconstrued and twisted by the media daily to fit their narrative. You see Trump as a Republican, I see Trump as a Patriot. You see Trump as a dictator, I see Trump as a leader. You see Trump as an Authoritarian, I see Trump as the only one willing to fight for our freedoms. You see Trump as childish, I see Trump as a fighter, unwilling to cave in to the lies. You see Trump as an unpolished politician, I see Trump as a breath of fresh air. You think Trump hates immigrants, I know Trump is married to an immigrant. You see Trump putting an end to immigration in America, I see Trump welcoming immigrants to America LEGALLY. You see Trump’s cages at the border, I see Obama’s cages at the border. You see Trump with a struggling economy, I see Trump with an amazing economy until the Democrats shut it down. You see the violence in the streets and call it “Trump’s America”, I see the violence in the streets of Democratic run cities who are refusing Trump’s help and call it “Liberal America.” You want someone more Presidential, I’m happy we have someone who finally doesn’t just talk the talk but actually walks the walk. You and I, We see things very differently.
    Trump Train 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Trump holds first public event since coronavirus diagnosis
    1,134,544 views•Streamed live on Oct 10, 2020
    Fox NewsPresident Trump delivered remarks at the White House
    Joel Allen 1972 1 day ago
    Us in England know all to well that if Trump wins the world will be a better place but if Biden wins we ALL go back to endless wars just like the Bush’s Clintons and Obamas,

    • Self Exiled

      Sums It Up!

    • Richard Webb

      Focus on your IMMUNE system.
      If Trump ended his sentences with a question mark like liberals do, they might not brand him as arrogant. 😁

  58. Willie Brown

    Jim Acosta Responds to “CNN SUCKS” Chant at Trump Rally: “What Also Sucks? Getting the Coronavirus” October 12th 2020, 5:30 pm
    Pathetic comeback from CNN White House correspondent, who pivots to COVID fearmongering.

    • Bob

      Trump didn’t seem to concerned by it.
      I don’t think it’s even as bad as the Flu in most cases. More like the common cold.

  59. K. Wayne

    Earlier this year I commented that the Covid-Sars2 Virus was the deliberate work of an nefarious government (shadow)/ agency/body. Its motive was to usher in the de-population agenda amongst other things (incorporating centralization of power under a Socialist/Communist/Fascist World Order).
    Witnessing the actions of the WEF with their initial Agenda 21 then with their Event 201….it became very obvious that these Luciferians were in fact using the Virus to push their Green New Deal Agenda = Sustainability ( Lower Pollution, Climate Control, Global Warming, De-Population). It came at a very convenient time with the Financial System on the precipice of destruction (refer REPO Sept. 2019…and the QE/Not QE that followed in the TLN’s of $$$ – benefitting the 1% AND THE GOVERNMENT at all levels) . This deliberate agenda was to kill the Global Economy, and produce 100’s of Millions of Unemployed , skyrocket poverty and leave people destitute. I referred to this as the de-Industrialization of the Globe.
    The So called Unelected Rulers (those self appointed super Elite Billionaires and Nobility/Aristocracy/Industrialists/Bankers) have controlled the narrative very well. They have all Governments on board (through their manipulated levers and strings). I have made numerous comments on this over the course of this (and prior years).

    Now we finally have someone from the Media …calling out the True Agenda of the DAVOS set. Read it and see if it concurs with my beliefs. In my view it is 100% on the money. Word needs to spread and our Media needs to pick up on this . These evil creatures behind this scheme need to be held accountable. They need to be exposed. I have attempted to do that numerous times over the years. It is NOT THEIR EARTH.
    See the link…recommended reading and viewing.

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