Monetary Meth Coming Soon-Gerald Celente

15By Greg Hunter’s

Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente says the global economy is tanking, but don’t expect central banks to go down without a fight. Celente explains, “So, what happens? The markets are going down, and you hear from people like Ray Dalio (hedge fund manager) from Bridgewater Associates saying that the Federal Reserve needs to consider quantitative easing again and more stimulus. All of a sudden, the markets go up because, what happens, Mario Draghi, former head of the Goldman Sachs gang in Europe. . . . . Now, of course, he’s the head of the European Central Bank (ECB).  Davos, Dalio, Draghi, three D’s man. Draghi gave these money junkies over there some monetary meth.  All of a sudden, Draghi comes out and promises more stimulus on the horizon, folks. Whether it’s the Fed, ECB, China or the Bank of Japan talking about it again—more stimulus. All they are doing is keeping this money junkie, this Ponzi that is addicted to cheap money, alive. At some point, as we saw, it’s crashing and they keep coming up and give it more life.”

Celente predicts, “It’s a global recession and it’s already on. What they could do to prop up the stock markets, I don’t know, but our forecast is they won’t be able to. It’s also very important to understand that the people will not blame Obama for the declining economy. They are not tuned in enough, and they have been pushed down to I don’t care and I don’t believe in hope and change anymore. It will be neutral as to the party preference.”

On the upcoming 2016 election, Celente says, Conservatives aren’t conservative anymore and liberals aren’t liberals anymore. . . . How about ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’? Six banks were convicted of felonies for rigging the LIBOR interest rate and rigging the FOREX or currency markets, which is a $5.3 trillion a day market. Not one head rolled. . . . This is what you call a neo-feudal society. The rich get a slap on the wrist, and we get a whack on the head for committing the most minor crimes because we have to obey the law. . . . We see it as Trump and Clinton, at this point, and Trump is not going to get the woman vote. At this point, I think Clinton can beat Trump.”

On the subject of the stability of the banks, Celente says, “The only money I keep in a bank is money to run our business because here is the deal. If there is a terrorist strike, false flag or real, there will be a bank holiday and . . . bail-ins. The global banking system is in a bear market. China . . . Japan . . . . France, bear market . . . UK is in a bear market. We are told everything is going to be okay. I wouldn’t put my money in the banks, and I’ll tell you why. (They’ll say) We got your money and we’ll give it back if and when we want to. Look what happened in Greece. Look what happened in Cyprus. Look what’s going on as the emerging market currencies are collapsing. Look at commodity prices collapsing. Put your money in the bank? Knock yourself out. Speaking for myself, why should I put it in a bank? They give me nothing back, and now they are even talking about negative interest rates. . . . They will charge you to keep it there.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of the Trends Journal.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is free analysis and information on Gerald Celente’s site, You can also sign up for the Trends Journal that gives regular forecasts and analysis on a variety of trends and subjects. Click here to subscribe to the Trends Journal.

On a final note, Here’s what Mr. Celente says about Gold to his subscribers:  ”

Gold up, while most everything else is down? Why? More quantitative easing is a cheap money-pumping scheme that will, at best, temporarily re-inflate failing equity markets and do nothing to reverse the deepening Global Recession trend. Thus, gold will be treasured as a safe-haven commodity in a climate of central-bank currency destruction and socioeconomic and geopolitical turmoil.”

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  1. Liar's son

    Forget Oil Stocks … Banks are Getting Battered Now

    You’ve probably heard the refrain on CNBC, or read it in the mainstream business press: It’s all about oil. When oil goes up, happy days are here again!

    I’m here to tell you that’s a bunch of bull. The carnage in the credit markets started spreading well beyond the oil and gas sector last year, and now the same thing is happening in equities. One sector I follow the closest is really getting battered now — banks.

    Just look at the chart of the SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF (KRE). This $1.7 billion benchmark fund owns 91 regional and super-regional banks, including PNC Financial Services Group (PNC), KeyCorp (KEY), BB&T (BBT) and SunTrust Banks (STI) …

    The ailing financial sector.
    You can see that KRE knifed through an uptrend line that dated back to 2011. Then it took out horizontal support this week. That means every penny of gains bank investors racked up since the summer of 2013 has now gone out the window.

    What’s going on? A couple of things …

    First up are collapsing interest-rate spreads. Many investors thought the difference between short-term interest rates and long-term rates would increase in late 2015 and 2016. That helps support bank income by making the core business of deposit-taking and lending more profitable.

    But instead, rate spreads are collapsing amid increased concern over deflation and economic weakness. For example, the crucial 2-10 Treasury yield spread just collapsed to its lowest since 2007. That’s putting pressure on industry-wide profit margins.

    Second are worries about rising credit losses. If corporate borrowers can’t pay back their loans and credit lines, particularly in the energy sector, it’s going to take a major chunk out of bank profits. JPMorgan Chase (JPM) just added to its loan-loss reserves for the first time since the end of the last credit crisis, and other banks are following suit.

    The financial sector is feeling the heat now.
    But it’s not just energy. The major bank regulatory agencies warned in December that banks were overly exposed to aggressive commercial real estate lending. I’m very concerned about overly aggressive auto lending as well.

    It’s also worth pointing out that shares of the major mortgage insurers are collapsing. To just give you one example, Radian Group (RDN) has lost roughly half its value since last summer. It’s now trading for the lowest in 34 months. Could investors be anticipating more problems in the housing market going forward, perhaps because of a weakening domestic economy? You bet.

    So what does this mean for stocks? Well, the deterioration in credit markets last year foretold the equity turmoil this year. It was a key reason last spring and summer USAWatchdog was screaming to at least pare stockholdings dramatically, raise a large amount of cash, and hedge against — or target gains from — deterioration in vulnerable companies.

    Going forward in 2016, I don’t see how the broader market can mount a lasting rally unless and until financials stabilize. That’s because the financials are the glue that holds the capital markets (and the economy) together.

    Just consider: Banks have already started tightening credit standards on new loans because of worries about old loans going bad. That’s starting to choke off the flow of credit to the economy, and it’s only going to get worse if delinquencies and defaults jump.

    Credit-reliant sectors like autos, housing, and commercial real estate are particularly vulnerable. That’s because activity in those industries was turbocharged by excessively cheap and easy money over the past few years.

    In other words, keep an eye on ETFs like KRE — and the health of the underlying banking sector. I believe they hold the key to the broader markets.

    So what do you think about the action in bank stocks, and what it may or may not signal? Is the meltdown in regional banks a big concern for the S&P 500 overall? Or do you think that some soothing words from central bankers might be able to stem the decline?

    “The bottom line problem for the Fed is that everyone is getting jaded to their machinations. Their supposed power is now being seen as nothing but empty rhetoric. The problems are just too big.”

    “We are in the first stages of a major bear market. The overall trend is down. . . . The velocity of money is at record lows, and printing more seems to only add to bank reserves, never going to public coffers.

    I have no doubt that policymakers will keep trying to fight the deflationary/contractionary economic forces at work in the markets. But over the last several months, investors have stopped playing along because they can see that futility of those efforts.

    They know that more QE, negative interest rates, programs to stimulate lending, etc. don’t work. So they’re using central banker-driven rallies to sell and/or re-load short/inverse ETF/put-option positions before the next leg down. That’s the polar opposite from how they used to buy into CB rallies between 2009 and early 2015.

    I believe that approach makes all the sense in the world.

    Other Developments;
    Vague chatter about non-OPEC and OPEC countries working together to cut oil production kept the overnight trading session from being a bloodbath for U.S. stock futures. But that still seems to be pie-in-the-sky talk, given the fact the Saudis aren’t playing along, they and we want Russia!

    What’s more, U.S. production isn’t under the purview of government officials like production overseas. So OPEC is reluctant to cut its own production in a move that would just cede market share to U.S. shale oil producers.

    President Obama is pushing for changes to retirement plans. He wants to offer tax credits to small businesses that auto-enroll workers in 401(k)s and to allow multiple businesses to pool their plans in an effort to bring down costs. We’ll have to see if Congress acts on the suggestions in the months ahead.

    What do you think of the latest carnage in China? How about the talk of foreign oil production cuts — realistic or not? Do you think expanded 401(k) availability would help solve America’s savings crisis?

    Until next time, Larry Liarson

    • Chip

      great post Larry. very easy to read and understand complex financial markets stuff… Chip

    • Anne Elliott

      Maybe they did cut oil production – for some mysterious reason, our gas prices raised from $1.43 to $1.75 overnight.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      There is an old saying that “the best cure for low oil prices… low oil prices.”

      Recent history would back this statement up, but IMO at least in the medium term, this will not be a cure. This is because major producers, even Saudi Arabia, have current account challenges that simply won’t allow them to wind down the supply spigots. SA has such a balance of payments issue that they are in the process of selling their most prized crown jewel Aramco [arguably the world’s most valuable company]. Indeed, at an oil price of $30 or less, these countries need an increase in production to avoid their current accounts spinning totally out of control.

      The effects of hedging have meant that the marginal oil producers have been more resilient than Opec would have suspected when they originally set out to” shake them out.” No doubt there are substantial shut-downs looming for these marginal producers, but this has to be balanced against the aforementioned large traditional producers need to try to balance their books. Add to this Iran, the 4th largest producer in the world coming back on stream, and I would hazard a guess that the current supply and demand equation will not change for quite some time yet.

      Unfortunately, there is a wild card floating around, i.e. the Neocons and the AAA starting a major war. If this is the case the equation will be upended overnight.
      GC’s comment…”When all else fails they take us to war”….rings in my ears!

      PS Pepe Escoba in a recent interview said….” Joe Biden, pleeeeeeeeeese go back home”
      I totally agree with Pepe. With this moron blundering around the ME making completely irresponsible and dis-jointed statements, the escalation of war in the region is almost guaranteed!

  2. Faith

    If Hilliary wins I will leave the US. That will be it for me, the line in the sand. They will come after people like me and hunt us down like dogs. Or shoot us like they did the FBI did tonight in Burns, Oregon. Patriots are disposable.

    As a woman there is no way I would vote for Hilliary. Or any of her type by which I mean the communists and the totalitarian left. Of course they know the best way for everyone else to live. Delusional thinking run amok.

    I attended a family reunion in Westchester County back in the 1990s. Nice lifestyle when you have a country house and a NYC apartment. Met that part of the family once and never saw them again. So much for family values in Westchester County. Nice place. I have never been back.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      If Hitlary wins it will prove that the US really is morally bankrupt and would constitute a monumental neocon victory. This would be a global tragedy……many of us will want to leave no matter where we live… will be problematic!

      • Tommy

        When Bill Clinton was re-elected I took that as proof that the US was morally bankrupt. We are beyond saving, at least without divine intervention. The ship has sailed and we will never see the America that once was.

        • Chip

          and that doubled down for me when bush was re-elected and then triple downed for me when obama was re-elected. the end game was when the peace prize winner got us in more wars and interventionist crap than his predessor… Chip

      • frederick

        Hey Colin Maybe that’s what Stephen Hawkings meant when he said that we should leave the earth soon as the powers that be are destroying it Problem is the logistical part of doing so doesn’t exist but hey he is a pshysicist so what does he know about reality

      • diane s.

        You don’t have to worry Colin….New Zealand is a very good place to live.
        I have friends there. Love the country.
        You are very fortunate to live in New Zealand.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          With respect, there is no place on earth that is safe when we have dangerous moronic neocons running major world powers.

          Along with the likes of Clinton, Kerry and Nuland, I would include David Cameron who seems to be deteriorating almost on a daily basis with his rabid neocon behaviour and astonishing Russiaphobic comments.

          If you care to ponder some of the effects of the UK’s lack of diplomacy towards Russia then you would do well to watch this recent interview with Ben Aris by Max Keiser;

          Cameron’s treasonous support of Saudi Arabia in the ongoing divide and ruin of Yemen is astonishing given that Europe and Nato have already laid waste to huge swaths of the ME and in doing so have already spawned the most tragic refugee crisis in the history of mankind. This crisis is now irretrievable and will lead to complete chaos in Europe both socially and economically.

          Then again if a leader is a neocon working with neocon handlers and cronies then maybe this is exactly what we would expect. The difficult thing for us small-fry to comprehend is just how blatantly reckless, driven and lawless these people have become and how their psychopathic minds work. Their lack of regard for human life is quite astonishing to anyone on Mainstreet.


      • dbcooper

        So Colin … red or black angus ?? We have been raising Scottish Highland for years and I am also crossing our Jersey milk cow to our highland bull to work toward a duel purpose breed. So far so good as we are milking a Guernsey/highland cross and she does ok. Maybe next breeding we will try some of your country’s jersey semen and get a bit more dairy into the cross. Cheers, DB.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Black Angus my friend, which is by far the dominant beef breed in lil old NZ.
          NZ has some of the best genetics in both beef and dairy.
          Our cattle have evolved for 150 years in almost exclusively all grass systems where they are not housed year round. This system, which is very close to their natural environment, lends itself to very healthy clean/green product

    • Silence is Golden

      It matters not who you vote for. The next President has already been decided.

      • C romana

        I said she would win a year ago. I hope to be wrong. Otherwise, more bombing of countries war crimes. If people have finally woken up, they won’t vote for her, but it may not make a difference. Neoconservatives run the show.

        • Silence is Golden

          The charts support exactly what I know has been happening. You must however apply logic to them and decipher their hidden meaning. Why is there no concerted effort (JUST RHETORIC) from those encumbered with the responsibility of fixing the broken system? Nothing they have done / will do will resolve any of this. PERIOD!!
          The Cabal behind this evil is intentionally wrecking the economy in order to use their infamous Hegelian Dialectic supported by Thesis, Antithesis and then Synthesis. They achieve their desires through the FED and the “PAID” /Corrupted Politicians (not working for the people). Liars abound and the CIC is the LIC (Liar in Chief)in my book. His agenda is their agenda and he will break the economy and the Middle Class with it, before his term is out. Nothing is off-limits to these reptilians.

        • freebreezer

          Allen – not much more needs to be said!

      • Hairy Herry

        Not so fast! Sanders’ campaign is giving Microsoft the Big Eye, stating they don’t understand why MS would give away all this cloud resource and additional services to help in the election. What in the world could happen there when you have the ESF in operation, the best Dark Money to buy whatever with nary an inquiry. Furthermore, I’ve not heard a peep from the campaign regarding deceased voters. Any ideas of who should be hired to do a seance? I’ve heard the Founding Fathers and Ol’ Hickory are really spinning in their graves.

    • Anne Elliott

      I second your comments about Hitlery! Had a panic attack while listening to Gerald say she had a good chance to win.

      • lastmanstanding

        Anne…she has a great chance to win. The woman is a psychopath. Look at her at the debates and when she speaks. She believes every single word of it.

        Millions are pumped for Bern the Commie. When the rug is pulled from beneath him, they will all vote hill for spite.

        Prepare for the onslaught of big gub/tyranny…both sides are complicit.

        Our votes have never counted.

        • Jeff L

          I wasn’t going to get into the conversation of elections because I’ve voiced my opinion many times. But the interest in Hill and who will be leading (choke) this country keeps coming up. I understand the passion to change things. I would give anything to see this great country re-instate it’s former glory…….. I’m sorry, but like a banging gong I will repeat myself….. There will be no elections. Martial law and the executive orders are in our future. Hill will be dealt with in another way. I believe worse than prison.
          Do any of you here believe things will be “normal” 6 months from now ? Life has been normal all our lives. It’s hard to believe it will change……. Someone once PROMISED change. You’re about to experience it.

          • lastmanstanding

            Jeff L. You may be right.

            I got into it with a flaming left wing, progressive nut the other day. It wouldn’t let me be. I was calm, collected and blew it’s mind. It got so angry it stormed away…or so I thought.

            Long story short, it came back and basically told me that the left, socialist, commie, progressive movement was going to shove their agenda down our throats and there wasn’t a mfen thing that we could do about it…and it was going to happen before it died. It was retirement age.

            I live in a small community and know the group that it hangs out with. They are extremely well funded from the US treasury with our tax dollars. They are the mini-elites in their own mind. They believe that they are untouchable. These people are white and if you ask me, they are ashamed of it. They are atheist as well and are always screaming for freedom from religion. Unbelievable, more laughable.

            No one is untouchable.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          • Silence is Golden

            Jeff L
            The Prez doesn’t run the country. His mind and actions are elsewhere….as has always been the case since Washington. What policies have any of them enacted for the lasting betterment of the masses ? Even better… what policies have they enacted to enter into Wars…that have killed untold sons and daughters. None of them have clean hands. They are all guilty of treason every single one of them.

        • Gary Canuck

          Hillary scares me and I live in Canada.
          Trump should win but he probably will get railroaded
          by the Republicans and big business.
          Imagine putting a tariff on automobiles made in Mexico to create more jobs in America, corporate America will not let this guy get elected.
          Joseph Stallin: ” It does not matter who votes, what matters is who counts the votes”

          • Silence is Golden

            Me too…esp given what Bill did with Glass Steagall.

    • Jerry

      Don’t lose faith. There are many more people out here waking up every day to what’s going on. Trump is just a symbol of the anger that is building under the surface. The elite’s may have a plan, but like Mike Tyson said, “everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face”.

      They have stalled the collapse this far, because at the end of the day they’re not prepared to deal with the Joe Six Pack’s of this country armed with AR’s. These are not helpless women and children. Many of them are hardened Iraqi veterans that have served multiple tours of duty. In addition I am told that many high ranking officers in the Navy have made it known, that they will be standing with the American people if it comes down to domestic war. So please hang in there.
      Thanks for your post. I always enjoy them.

      • lastmanstanding

        Jerry, the elites absolutely know that they DO NOT have complete control of the US military. Many current .mil and most veterans know exactly what the hell has been going on for decades.

        Lots of us hanging in there. There is NO other choice.

      • WD


        I concur, but I believe they are trying to keep this going because they never anticipated shots from the BRICS the way they did.

        Also when this does fall, there wont be anyone there. It will be dog eat dog thats it. Govt, FEMA whatever will take care of themselves it will implode Jerry…


        • Jerry

          I totally agree. But what I have found over the years working in tornado debris fields and other disaster area’s is that when the chips are down, really down, good men (and women) step up. I have no doubt that death will be on a large scale, but there are many more people preparing for this than the MSM wants us to know.

          • WD

            I agree, good men/women not govt, fema, etc

      • Faith

        Jerry, thank you. I never thought that I would be considered a bad person because I love my country and want to see it remain as that “shining city on the hill” as Reagan once said.

      • WD


        There are rumors ( I cant substantiate) that say one reason so many generals are laying is because of the rumblings going on in their ranks.

        That they know whats coming and are ready to act.


    • dbcooper

      OK Faith, so where is one to go?? Perhaps Uruguay? I really don’t know and we are so heavily invested here on the homestead that my bottom line hope is that I get to die with my finger on the trigger … I know this is a tough sounding reality but as you say … a patriot died yesterday in Oregon.
      It is interesting to me that it wasn’t so long ago that if one mentioned the ‘C’ word (communist) people would roll their eyes and notice your tin foil hat! Today … not so much … I am not an economist … not a financial whiz so we pay attention to the interviews and the comments so as to glean knowledge and information but we are pretty solid here on the ground with multiple skill sets; a GOTS situation; food and water secured; multiple redundant systems; and our good health … Oh and lest I forget … Our Faith in God and Our Savior Jesus Christ .
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Faith

        DB: Good question. I like Hungary because they have a Christian constitution. English translation here:

        Honestly I don’t know and I wish I were younger.

      • southernpatriot

        Your words and Faith’s, continue to ring out loud. Well said! Our home will become sanctuary for those who thirst. I can not see giving up our values and faith, because man made problems threw us out of the garden once again! I’d like to think we could be strong against the darkness that is sweeping over out land. It will not be easy and the wrath that will comedown on this Republic will indeed be biblical. I think that God will need Christian soldiers to do battle against evil. God please grant me tolerance and goodwill to all who wonder this land looking for PEACE and a COOL drink of water! Be Prepared for what’s here. Blessing to you and yours. Southern Patriot

    • Tin foil hat

      Where will you go? I have been thinking about leaving too but where. Nobody else will entertain the idea, even my wife thinks I’m nut. I really think America is the last stand, there is nowhere to go.

      My wife best friend’s brother is gay and he always invite us over for the holidays. He and his husband are nice enough to listen to my views but I know they will still vote for Hillary. They are both extremely intelligent on everything except politic.

      • lastmanstanding

        Tin foil hat…Mean while, those that brought these guys out of the closet and into our faces in every way possible continue to shove their vile agenda right down our throats 24/7.

        No wonder their nice and non-confrontational…they have big brother hosing us all for them. Nothing like taking a man’s identity away, telling him that it is ok and it’s perfectly normal…it is sad to see people degraded to that point that they just can live their own lives in privacy.

        I know, not my place to judge.

        • Linda L.

          I think that gays and the trans are being used solely for their votes/to create civil discord/division/contributing to planned chaos by the elites. Its plain to see that the US Administration has extremely strong, pro Muslim agendas, changing the very foundations of America. We’re heading in the same direction like Germany (Europe). At some point, all these gays that are currently supporting the status quo here in the US and abroad will see “radical” Muslims throwing them off roof tops, as is done in parts of the Middle East. If I were gay, I wouldn’t be fearing Christians or conservatives, rather their real enemies are those who want to literally kill them.

      • C romana

        Intelligence is one thing, wisdom is the ability to distinguish truth from lies.

    • rahrog

      Don’t leave; start or join a secessionist movement!

  3. dslarsen

    Gerald is one of my heroes. I hope to meet him some day.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Me too!
      Loved his comment about the presidential election being a freak show, I couldn’t agree more!

  4. Spirit

    Thanks Greg. Here in Sydney, property is hyper-inflated, very cheap credit is easily accessible, and media spruik to the sky. Lot of people are in debt upto eyeballs. I heard that banksters take control of societies “first by inflation, then by deflation”. Is this deflation Mr.Celente talking about? How it is likely to unfold. I can clearly see that corporate monster is becoming bigger & bigger. Be it failing small farms across Australia, harsh climate change, Uber, big four banks, massive mining jobs losses & small miners can’t compete. Most economy here feels like temporarily propped up.

  5. frederick

    Love Mr Celente and I agree Clintons payoffs for her speeches are so obvious. I ran into a large group of people at the village beach next to my home in Sag harbor NY when Hillary was my senator and realized it was Hillary pandering to her leftwing feminist base by promising money for a long anticipated road runoff remediation project. I listened for a minute and continued walking my dog BORING God bless Mr Celente and may he stay safe and healthy and keep screaming the truth from the rooftops

  6. Fred Willard

    Celente has predicted this or that since forever and although his theories are reasonable, his timing of events it quite poor – nothing to celebrate at all.

    Why are we performing Victory Laps, none of this is celebratory.

    • Greg Hunter

      Celente has a record of predictions that can be sourced and dated and his record proves you are incorrect. Have you ever hear of the phrase “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”?

    • Chip

      Balderdash Fred…

  7. Dwain

    But what happens to US banks when emerging markets can’t pay back loans?

  8. JC Davis

    Oxymoron. If I know my vote can be changed. If I don’t agree with anyone running. If I despise some more then others, and not vote at all. How can we ever have a better country if good people don’t vote ? How can we have a better country if everyone votes for the lesser of two evils ?
    The voting system must be changed before anything good can come out of voting.
    Yet still I may vote if we have a vote this year.
    G. C. is always informative.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      In presidential elections, I always write-in the person whom I believe is best for the job.

      My conscience is clear, and my civic duty executed.

    • gregd

      JC and Greg,
      You don’t have to vote anymore now, they now have the ability to vote for you(if you don’t vote yourself). And an oldie but goodie, change your vote. Remember Romney was shocked he lost after seeing the exit polls, and Obama was just as shocked that he won.

      • JC Davis

        Gregd I wanted to repost this video, but I think the people here are tired of me posting it. Thanks for posting it. We are in a state of delusion sent by oligarchs. It is so well created it could almost fool Gods elect.

    • Silence is Golden

      The Democratic process is a farce. The Elite laugh at us….and our (sheeple) acceptance of their “granting of rights” to essentially acquiesce their chosen CEO / President by so called democratic process….hahahaha.
      The President is nothing more than the Corporation of the United States’ CEO. He works for the Corporation. Just like with any other Corporate entity (Public or Private) we do not have any input into the hiring or firing of the President or VP for that matter.
      Constant distraction is what we are left with. From both sides of the fence. All in the name of selection by stealth. Their chosen one is paraded in Public. They are sponsored by on shore (AND Offshore) entities to the tune of $$$ 10’s Millions. The controlled media play the propaganda cards….so that the public is brainwashed to believe in their chosen one.
      A voting system appeases the public at large but is controlled by the Super Entity that controls the USA Corporation. The system is not capable of change without removing the USA Inc as well as the Super Entity above it. To remove that entity would require wiping out the likes of The Vatican, The City, Washington DC and Paris. Its endemic to the globe. All of it….even China and India.

      • JC Davis

        Thanks for your input. Do you believe there is only one oligarchy or multiple ? I think there are multiple. When they disagree people suffer. When they fight people die.

        • Silence is Golden

          Yes JC, that is the unfortunate part of all of this. We are but pawns in their game.
          It is complex but essentially 3 Ruling Powers who have established a matrix of web and deceit to hide their true identities….sometimes they work together…sometimes differ in opinion and direction….mostly working against the masses to achieve their agendas.
          The tables will be overturned in the not too distant future….and those that have flourished under the wings of the Beast will be left destitute. Rome will burn.

  9. Harold Gold

    Liars Son–just a bit of plagerism here would you not say??…fine to quote it but don’t you think it would be the moral thing to give the credit to the Weiss associate who wrote the article at the very least??!…Uggh!

    • OutLookingIn

      “” ?

      How about PLAGIARISM?

      Using someone else’s thoughts and work in written word without permission or attribution. This is a comment upon the state of the society as a whole. The entire rotten edifice from the pits to the top, is just so full of corruption and criminality.

      This is one of the worst (IMHO) it proves that:
      The wise man speaks for he has something to say.
      The fool speaks because he has to say something.

      -Auth: ~ Unknown

    • Jeff L

      There are some here you practice this. They also have “new” posters to follow patting them on the back…… Worst than a troll since it’s an inside job. I will name no names……

  10. JMiller

    I just want to clarify what Celente said about not being allowed to transfer his money that was in a CD at Fleet Bank after 9/11. He was told that CDs are financial instruments that are traded on Wall Street and Wall Street was close. Traditional bank CDs are not financial instruments that are traded on Wall Street. They are deposit accounts that you can’t trade. What Celente had was a brokered CD. Brokered CDs are bank CDs bought by brokers and then resold. They can be traded in the secondary market just like other fixed rate instruments such as bonds. You may get more or less than the face value depending on the change in interest rates just like a bond.

  11. Gina Mancarella

    Greg, Here is what I predict. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be elected to the high office of President of the United States by a landslide victory. During her first 100 days in office, law and order are restored and all the punks like the Bundys are rounded up and the threat to national security is neutralized. Federal programs are expanded to help all in need. 2 million new jobs are created. Our military is beefed up to send a message to the world that our nation will not be left undefended. Economic stability is restored. The ability for average Americans to buy a home is renewed. Pride in our American nation is restored.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hill is a criminal in my book. You may want to ignore her national security violations and bribes from foreign countries through the Clinton Foundation, but I, and many others, cannot. Indicted she will be.

      • art barnes

        Greg, can’t wait for your prediction to come true, instead of running for the White House she will be running from the jailhouse.

      • C romana

        We can hope, Greg. By the way, I am wondering who Gina really is?

        • Greg Hunter

          C Romana,
          Who knows but I put her on because the base of the Democrat/progressive/communist party thinks like this. She might be a troll she might not. I will say Gina is always polite and curious when she comments.

      • Darren

        Gina has more “BS” than CLS.
        Thanks for all of your hard work, Greg

      • Gina Mancarella

        Greg, The wonderful thing about our country is that there is always another chance to make things right. In 2008, we didnt quite get things right. we came close though for the American people. We demonstrated that the biases and discriminations of the past have been defeated. A healthcare plan while not perfect was organized and put into place and with the immence help of John Boenner, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham and Paul Ryan, the United States government has shown that things can work in a nonpartisan way. Howoever there is still much to do. In this election, we need to look deeper within ourselves and understand who we are. Indeed there is room for all who want to make this nation great to participate. When we elect Hillary, we will have a supreme court that finally represents the values of the people. Somehow, we elected Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to be our tenants in the white house. However, the Obamas should be placed into the capacity where they will do the most good for our country, which is to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States. Together, we can ensure that all Americans can have a stake in the kind of country we all would like to see. Homosexuals and Lesbians and Transvestites can be part of the American dream. Women will be empowered and not denied the right to control their own bodies. I see Bernie Sanders as a terrific ally in the aftermath. Together we can forge ths kind of healthcare system we should had all along. A single payer system. Its all right within our grasp. We have the poll numbers. Our liberal friends are working behind the scenes. Joe Biden, take a bow sir. Jon Corzine, you are the bomb sir. We love you and we honor you for your service to our country. Godf bless America. We shall overcome !

    • Tin foil hat

      During her first 100 days in office, law and order are restored and all the punks like the BLM in Baltimore will be deputized as Violence Interrupters. They will ensure fairness in all businesses and transform this country into an Utopia dream according to the likes of Al Sharpton.
      Likes of the Bundys will be rounded up and beheaded by the deputized Muslim black shirts/sheets in Times Sq.
      Federal programs are expanded to help all who want to stay home and watch TV. 2 million new jobs are created in IRS and NSA to ensure Americans are paying their fair shares and not watching FOX.
      Our military is beefed up for appearance only. We need to send a message to the world that our nation will never offend any banana republic. If we need to sacrifice a few brave Americans like we did in Benghazi to accomplish that mission, we will find another video.
      The ability for average Americans to buy a home in Detroit or Camden is renewed.
      I thought pride in our American nation has been restored under the brilliant leadership of our dear leader, brother, comrade …………

    • Tin foil hat

      Btw, you should prepare yourself for the new culture of peace and tolerance.

      • WD

        Coming to a city near you!

    • Occasnltrlvr


      NO human being is this stupid.

    • Anne Elliott

      Rotflol! What psychedelic drugs are you on, Gina?

    • OutLookingIn

      Gina Mancarella,

      Do you also believe Unicorn rainbows?
      You must, since the delusional drivel that you posted here is just that.
      A delusion of what reality real is!

    • Jallen

      Perhaps the FBI has other plans for Hillary!!! I believe you would vote for Hillary even if she was in jail and you just might get your chance. Perhaps, she will get you a high paying job at Goldman Sachs for being so loyal. Gina, why does Goldman Sachs pay Hillary so much money for a speech? It is my understanding, the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation, ooops, what did Hillary do this time. Oh, by the way Gina, why don’t you expound on the job Hillary did in Benghazi, perhaps Guns for ISIS, was the motive for no American miltary response. Gina, how would you feel, if you were in the Benghazi compound with Hillary making the decision to stand down and your life on the line! Do you really think Hillary would worry about you???
      Gina, why don’t you ask Hillary to donate a few thousand dollars to your favorite charity, put her to the test, I think you will find out Liberals love to spend other peoples money and not their own. Show us Hillarys check when you get it. Just an opinion, I think Bernie Sanders is showing Hillary the finer points of debating!!! Gina, News Flash, our country is going broke with Liberal Socialism and Neo Con wars, Oh! I forgot, Liberals and Neo cons only worry about their agenda and not their Country. Enough said!

    • FC

      Gina, it saddens my Soul, but I have to agree with you on one thing only, that Hillary, will be elected into the White House.

      Gone are the students, who went to the school of hard knocks and no gold stars. Instead we have a Society now, that has been completely dumped down by our education system and blinded by Government handouts.

      It never ceases to amaze me the absolute stupidity and arrogance displayed by the majority of people in regards to current world events.

      Their paramount importance is how many followers do they have and their greatest fear is when their cell phone only has 10% charge left.

      Do these people really care who is President?………… them, we have had our first Black President, let’s now have our first female President………and let’s not discount Michelle Obama, as the third party.

    • Thomas Stamps

      Nixon could only dream of the things Clinton and Obama have gotten away with. What
      are you smoking Gina?

    • Jerry

      I would advise you to take Monica Lewinsky’s advice. She said at a press conference yesterday that she could never vote for Hilary, because the last time she voted for a Clinton, it left a bad taste in her mouth.

    • brian

      You know what “Gina”, after several months now of your tireless efforts to show to all of us here what it is Mrs Clinton is all about, I think I am beginning to finally see things clearly. Count me in for Hillary, count me in for helping to make history; this nonsense going on in America has got to end and I think putting Hillary Rodham Clinton in the white house is a sure fire way to reveal things for what they truly are and just end it all.

  12. DLC

    Never underestimate the power of dependence. Women tend to be gov’t dependent and they will vote their meal.

    I agree that Trump will not get the female vote for the most part. They would vote a 3rd term for Bill Clinton, however. Women do not like strong men. They will when they’re down on the concrete and some throat cutter is her 30th sexual encounter for the evening.

    Women have been given false rights and a false sense of security by our gov’t in order to mine their votes. They’ve been made to believe that they are rough and tough, but just look to Europe and see the future. Europe’s men will not get involved, and it’s hard for a woman to fight off 10 guys at once. “Who needs a man?” they say. We’ll see.

    Hillary represents the first woman prez and that means more than common sense or reality. I think the powers will string out a conviction because both parties will take this hag over Trump if all other skullduggery fails. D’Souza, on the other hand, got more hassle than a serial killer.

    Women look at Republicans and they see Limbaugh, Cruz, and Rove. They like beefcake like Trudeau (part II) in Canada. They apparently forgot all about dear old Daddy Trudeau.

    Sorry to say, but it will take collapse and riots to get most people’s attention. You have college grads who think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court — and they’ll be voting.

    • matt

      Well put DLS. We are a nation emasculated. Won’t be long till it’s widespread.

    • Anne Elliott

      Making broad (no pun intended) sexist and degrading statements like these about women is like me saying “all men are the same”. They’re not. Women are not the same, either. You either keep very bad female company, and don’t know many good women, or you are just a provacature wanting to bait the other sex. Either way, for the record – here is one female who will NEVER vote for Hillary.

      • Chip

        Anne, good for you, my wife will never vote Hillary either. BOTH of you are the exceptions!!! 70 million women voted in the last election and only 60 million men! The majority of women WILL vote for Hillary… Chip

  13. mark

    Love Gerald! Hitlery will get the nod from BO and he will be the next Supreme court nomination.

  14. opalboy

    Thanks Greg. Gerald, I do think you are wrong on the third party though, I think we have the third party in Trump, and I think you are wrong on women voting for Trump, my mother in law is voting for Trump, oh yeah, and my wife, they are fed up!
    Also, this is going to be an election where some people will not admit they will vote for Trump, but behind the curtain……..
    I saw my first Trump bumper sticker yesterday, I’m not sure if I would do that, as the liberals are the ones who would vandalize you’re car!

  15. Anne Elliott

    I really respect Mr. Celente and his track record; and what does he always say? When everything else fails, they take you to war. Well, guess what? Ukrainian soldiers have had an outbreak of “flu” that is killing them. They believe it came from a lab with US doctors, and named it “Californian flu”. See this article:

    Just what we need – a pandemic given to Ukraine to provoke a war!

  16. terry44

    Lots of great interviews lately. Any chance of getting Max Keiser on?

  17. Jerry

    Comex Registered Gold Plummets 73% in one Day.

  18. ED1

    Mr. Celente is one of my favorites for sure. I really like what he has to say, as well as how he presents it. Right to the point, no BS. From my limited experience, as well as my research, I believe most of what he says is correct.

    However, this may be dangerous territory to tread because I couldn’t make a pimple on Gerald’s behind (at least on economics) but if I were a betting man I would say Gerald is wrong on Donald Trump, at least in part. It’s to my belief, as well as looking at all the true stats, with so many folks now living pay check, or out of work and cannot find employment, or having to live at home with their folks even after graduating college, or having to work two part time jobs just to make ends meet, they have had enough BS talk from politicians. Would it not be a reasonable assumption that folks do not have the extra income to pay additional taxes such as most democrats promote? Heck, most are struggling to buy groceries. Not to mention the bad train wreck of the obama care SCAM where so many has had their deductibles increase. “You can keep your doctor and your rates will go down” Yeah right!

    I’ve said this for years now……..when folks cannot get food and/or afford to purchase necessities, things become real ugly, and in a hurry too. Folks may or may not believe everything that comes out of the mouth of politicians, but they darn sure know their own financial situation.

    If we do not get some serious change soon, and for the better, not the evil and destructive “obama change”, then there is little to no hope for the USA. The career politicians and their establishment that’s in cahoots with big corporate America, as well as the TBTF banks (banksters) have shown us time and time again just how evil and greedy they all are. Matters not which party is in office.

    Ya know, I’ve lived pretty much of my life now and I can surely handle whatever is thrown at me the best I can. But I’m truly afraid for my kids and grand kids. They are the innocent ones that’s gonna have to see the worst of the worst that’s fast approaching. That’s the part the bothers me most.

    Do not get me wrong here. I’m no troll nor am I connected to any politician or party, just stating my point of view on the sad state of affairs in the USA. My vote will go for anyone that is against most of what has been in place for too many years now and has driven our nation down the proverbial tubes.

    Good Speed.

    • Faith

      ED1: Well said. I agree with everything you said.

  19. Gil

    Hi Greg… have you read the comment from an elite in Davos who said “it doesn’t matter who the GOP elect… Hillary will win”. Very very scary…!!! What do you make of that comment?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes very scary. Can you post the quote from a source? I believe you but would like a source. They are not always right at the top and they might be playing a global mind game with that quote. Make people think they won when she goes down?

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        It’s a misquote. Sir Martin Sorrell has said several times he thinks Hillary can & will beat any Republican candidate. The version “I think it doesn’t matter who the Republicans put up, I think Hillary will win” was published by Bloomberg Business here:

        • Diana Dee Jarvis

          To clarify, when I said “It’s a misquote” I referred to Gil’s “it doesn’t matter who the GOP elect.” Big difference between *electing* someone president and naming someone as a candidate. If you read the Bloomberg article, others at Davos aren’t as confident as Sorrell is.

    • Beligarant

      @Gil : I heard a similar statement about the democrats winning a few months ago no matter who runs. They could run a convicted axe murderer and probably still win. The concern is so many people are on the govt dole through food stamps, social security, medicaid, medicare, extended unemployment, illegal immigration and many other type of paychecks and welfare programs they will vote with their stomachs. The sheer volume of this portion of the population coupled with the die hard liberals will sway the election towards the democrats no matter who runs for the republicans. It will be an interesting November, won’t it?

  20. art barnes

    Greg, love G. Celente, thanks for having him on again. The bankers have always burned the working people of the world, its happened many times, the history of bankers destroying the economies of the world would be a good work for an aspiring author. The problem is after any crash and burn of an economy they always seem to be the first to rise out of the ashes they themselves created. Until the people of the world understand that bankers are not the working mans friend and never have been it will continue. In a nutshell what I am trying to say is stop using them! Its easier than you think. Cash still works, and excess cash can be used to buy future goods, real estate, hard assets of value, etc. As your guest stated, just keep enough money in the bank to do your business, nothing more. Since history has shown if you are doing business with a financial corrupted enterprise, aka banks, you hard earned money will soon be lost. art b., p.s. and the banks won’t apologize either.

  21. Tom Nacey

    I agree with Mr. Celente right up to when he calls the Washington crowd idiots, or words to that effect. The republican and democratic parties are working perfectly together, like a well oiled machine. Imagine two gears with teeth meshing perfectly with each other. They look to be rotating in opposite directions but they are functioning perfectly together. Designed by and functioning for their owners. The American people are being ground up (or down) in the teeth of the gears. This unholy machine has divided the people perfectly in half, each half blaming the other half. Each half thinking their gear is running in the “right” direction and the other gear somehow wrong. Each half told repeatedly that the other half “just doesn’t get it”. This demo-publican machine is not designed to follow or even allow for the will of the people. Like any machine, it is doing what it was created to do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for posting this perspective.

  22. notyourpatsy

    Faith, I agree with your comments in your post above. I see it all the time here in NJ, the disparity between the ‘haves and the have not’s’ . There are the wealthy that act as if the Bible was written for other people to follow; there’s the struggling middle class that tries hard to do the right thing but gets penalized for doing so. And then there’s the down and out folks who may have been middle class only a few years ago in dire need of help. The only ‘class’ getting any assistance in NJ are the Illegal and over stayed visa foreigners. Nothing that happens in California does’nt happen in NJ, which is to say that NJ IS (now) California East with regards to politics and corruption!

    If you think you feel alone, think about how it must feel to be a Patriot living amongst atheist Liberals! Neighbor voted for hope & change and can’t figure out why nothing has in the past 12 years! Yours In Christ, Pat

    • Faith

      Pat, thanks. I cannot imagine living in NJ! Chin up!

  23. Robert Barnes

    I would love to know where Gerald keeps his money if not in banks- precious metals, real estate, offshore, mattress…??

    • Jim

      He had been rehabbing histricol properties and buying such realestate. He must have hope for the future!

  24. dave roselle

    Just glad he wasn’t drinking.I like Gerald ,but over the top a lot

    • frederick

      Not really Dave he is actually just HONEST and that is very very rare today and refreshing to tell you the truth

  25. Jan

    Great advice from Gerald Celente, e.g. keeping only the money in the bank that is necessary because you will have trouble getting it out. My favorite quote, though, came when he was talking about Hillary Clinton’s appeal as the first woman in the presidency. “Psychopaths and sociopaths come in all races, creeds, colors, and genders.” If you’re wondering which presidential candidate is a psychopath, there is no better example.

    Hillary belongs in jail; she’s committed more perjuries than Martha Stewart! IMHO, even if she manages to escape being charged with breaking the law, she is far less electable than she was in 2008. She was seen as untrustworthy on the campaign trail in ’08 because of shady deals and connections; what about now? Even if we overlook her conflict of interest and shady deals with the Clinton Foundation, how are we supposed to overlook the betrayals and deaths in Benghazi, her betrayal of women exposed in “Clinton’s War on Women”, and her criminal neglect of duty in handling top secret information that the FBI is now investigating? Worst of all, over and over, she also shows she doesn’t GET IT – understand that she did anything wrong!! Just look at what she told Chuck Todd on T.V. when he asked her about the FBI investigation.

    Hillary said, “I never sent or received any material marked ‘classified.’ I cannot control what the Republicans leak and what they are contending. . . . You know, back a couple of months ago, Kevin McCarthy spilled the beans that the Benghazi investigation was all about bringing me down, something that I suspected, but I went ahead, testified for 11 hours, answered all their questions and even they admitted there was nothing new.” Full interview at

    Unbelievable! She publicly blamed both the FBI investigation and the Benghazi investigation on her political rivals trying to “bring her down”. As if THEY are the liars, not HER! If that isn’t a red flag indicator for being a psychopath, I don’t what is! She may collect a lot of Democrat votes, but she is NOT going to attract Independents and swing voters, including females!

    • Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

      I agree with the fact that women voters are no longer taken in by her. I was growing up when Bill was in the White House, and those events are part of my coming-of age, not a dim memory. People of my generation don’t even discuss her. She is old news, and her desperation is showing. The only person I know who will vote for her is another woman of her generation, who admires the status she has achieved but is uninformed about her politics and performance. On this topic, an article from Drudge today:

  26. Billy

    Hi Greg,
    Appreciate all the work you produce and the variety of guests.
    I was wondering if you plan to bring back David Wiedemer who
    co-authored the book Aftershock. I think the last time you interviewed
    him was maybe two years ago. I would be interested in his view of the
    current situation and maybe a reflection on his prior predictions.
    Thank you again for your efforts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes. I think he’s working on a new book.

  27. John Ripic

    Would it be best to put money into top dividend companies, instead of banks???
    Maybe, Verizon or Chevron, con Ed ….

    Hope you talk about killing in burns Oregon , sad day in America….

    Keep the reporting!

    • jim c.

      To john ripic, Why do people think they always have to be invested in the stock market to make money, Do not put a dime in it. Everything is going to crash, why would you want to take a chance on a few stocks that might not do so bad, Just being out of the market will make you money, because you won`t lose it there.

  28. ED1

    So let me get this straight here. According to Mr. Celente the dollar is strong due to other countries devaluing their currency. Yet many other countries are dumping the US dollar as a reserve currency, as well as going away from the dollar as fast as they can? If that be the case, how does that make the dollar stronger?

    Anyone care to explain this?

    • Greg Hunter

      Think of this as the dollar will be the last currency to collapse.

      • lastmanstanding

        Greg, I thought Rob mentioned this in your interview. He mentioned it in his most recent one over at the

        Sorry, should have been more thorough with the info to aid in your vetting.

        • Greg Hunter

          Bill talks to those folks too. They’re good people.

    • lastmanstanding

      ED1. Go listen to last weeks interview with Rob Kirby. The cabals last resort it seems is the ESF. Then check out the 5 part video he recommends a

      The blackest fund of the black funds.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      The demise of the USD as a reserve currency has been greatly exaggerated:

    • Hairy Herry

      Greg is correct, also consider the quadrillion or so in paper derivative garbage, poorly backed if at all. (much like the present COMEX market, but on steriods)

      The dollar should remain propped up in part due to demand of USD to settle what derivative papers can be settled, before it falls apart. Even after it crashes and settlement is done for pennies on the dollar, more USD will be used. I’m also of the thinking that there will be two different dollars. A really garbage domestic USD, then an international one for those settlements which get a bit more love and respect.

      These are interesting times. In the poll here, I predicted 2016 would be when Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall. It’ll take a long time to rebuild.

    • F.W.

      Dumping treasurys, = receiving dollars ( so demand is up, so $ is up)
      7 years 0 % interest lured foreigners which currency was pegged to the $ and wirh higher interest rates in home currency in $ depth.

      The strong dollar, led to breaking pegs, and once the home currency went down the creditors demand $ to pay depth … demand is up, $ is up.

      That the $ is up is a bad sign for the $ as it hints to an unwinding of the depth bubble and therefor the whole system $ as a reserve currency.
      Its quite complex, but hope it helps out ….

  29. Jerry

    I would advise everyone to take a look at this Railway Shipping Index for food shipment. Specifically December 2015. I’m not an economist (just a business owner) so I may be reading these charts wrong. If I’m right there was little or no shipping in the month of December for food. What kind of impact will that have on the supply chain if no food was being delivered? I am confused because the trucking index is about the same. How is food being delivered if the index is tanking? I just don’t get it.

    • freebreezer

      Jerry – When things are questionable, just insert global warming for an answer … i.e. the global warming which caused the temporary heat wave on the east coast in Nov. and Dec. shut down the rail yards. Important – if around liberals or progressive use ‘climate change’ instead. Example – do to warmer conditions from climate change in Nov. and Dec. the rail yards were not able to operate at full capacity. No more explanation needed.

      • freebreezer

        Jerry just being sarcastic – per the charts it will be very interesting to see were the start of the 16 data trends to. I am guessing that the next few weeks will be very determinative. All so I wonder how much of the rail data is influenced by the decline in crude from N Dakota.

  30. Occasnltrlvr

    Concerning leaving the USA

    The thought was expressed above, concerning leaving the USA. I would like to add a few thoughts which are worthy of consideration.

    In recent legislation, there is now a provision for the IRS to have the State Dept. revoke one’s passport at the IRS’s sole discretion, with no recourse. (There is pretense of justification for a revocation, but, with no recourse, the pretense is meaningless.)

    If one has no passport, air carriers and cruise lines will not permit one to board. Without a passport (and perhaps a visa, of course, depending upon the country), other countries will not permit entry without residency documentation from that respective country.

    We are much, much farther along in establishing our own iron curtain; all of the pieces are in place.

    • Faith

      Correct. Add in FATCA and good luck opening a foreign bank account as a regular US citizen. FATCA has been shoved down the throats of other countries by the US government and the IRS that seem to think that every single US citizen is subject to US jurisdiction no matter where they live. Since when did US jurisdiction cover the entire globe? As usual the laws don’t apply to everyone:

      Excellent point with regard to how borders are controlled (unless you are from a certain place, of course). I keep different currencies as cash on hand (USD, CanD, and Suisse franc) along with some gold and more silver. Private pilots and boat captains will take cash or PMs. Not all, but some. I always keep in the back of my mind the desperation of native-born German citizens to flee Germany and those who were trapped and unable to escape in time. Do I think a similar thing could happen here? Yes. I do.

      Many people have forgotten the old camps that were built to house Japanese, Italians, and Germans. One of my college courses required us to read a book called “No-no Boy.” I have never forgotten reading that book.

      • WD


        In central and south america there are ways around that….

        • Faith

          WD: Good to know!

          Clarification: the camps that housed the Japanese, Italians and Germans were camps here in the US. Not Germany.

          • WD

            I know from a lot of research that in Chile you can apply for a new id number.

            It is like a new social security number, but you are not on radar of US/IRS

            • Faith

              WD: I will tuck that into my memory bank for future reference. Never know when that little tidbit could come in handy. I appreciate the information.

  31. John


    RE : Gil quote.

    See (credible source???)

    Highly influential CEO Martin Sorrell suggests that the outcome of the 2016 presidential election has already been decided, remarking, “It doesn’t matter who the Republicans put up…Hillary will win.”
    Sorrell’s comment, reported by the DC Whispers website, raises eyebrows given his position as head of, “The single most influential and prominent marketing firm in the world with decades-old ties to the most elite of the elite.”
    Sorrell, who is the Chief Executive Officer of WPP PLC (Wire and Plastic Products), has a net worth of over $150 million dollars and is described as having “huge clout” in the world of advertising. “Sorrell’s opinions have huge weight,” reported the Guardian in a 2008 profile.

    • Greg Hunter

      That might also be some sort of psyop thought shaping disinformation as well. We will see.

      • diane s.

        I don’t think she’ll win, Greg
        People were dumb enough to vote for Obama….big mistake.
        Hillary is an unattractive woman.
        She looks mean, and is mean and is very unlikable. People just don’t like her. She won’t win…..If she even runs…..can’t recall when a candidate had that much negative baggage.
        Her infamous comment…..”What difference does it make”…………
        The difference is Hillary, people don’t like you….and they won’t vote for you.

    • freebreezer

      “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Stalin

    • Hairy Herry

      I’m aware of the IRS having proposed having a passport confiscated if a citizen owes 50K USD or more. This is indeed new. Do you have more information on this new Trial Balloon? The sad thing is… If nothing is done about it, that mentally-Ill, first-rate traitor McConnell will likely fast track it, because he can!

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      “Highly influential CEO Martin Sorrell suggests that the outcome of the 2016 presidential election has already been decided” — Please, guys. That is Infowars’ spin on the quote. Infowars has some great stories, but I don’t care for the way they frequently sensationalize or rev up the fear factor. If you look at Sorrell’s comments in several news outlets (not just one or two), he’s saying he thinks the Republicans don’t have a candidate who can beat her. It’s a dismal thought, but I doubt Celente would disagree with him much.

  32. Mike R

    Monetary Machinations – if you all want to understand exactly how and when the Central bank infusions, aka ‘monetary meth’, ‘sugar bombs’, and such are affecting markets, check out the Greedometer website.

    This guy has been spot on with respect to timing, and whats interesting is the decay of the effect each ‘sugar bomb’ has on the markets. Its now down to essentially zero weeks, where the interventions have to come, and the length of the effect of the monetary meth lasts, before markets resume their dumpage.

    Whether its our own FED, the ECB (Draghi), the JCB, you can pretty much deduce they are all coordinated, and its like ring around the rosy, as far as who’s turn it will be next to launch some new round of QE. Or jawboning as it were. The theory goes, that the point is coming soon, where any rounds of QE, and no matter how large, will not have any effect whatsoever. The author/financial guru/inventor of the Greedometer is forecasting this year as pretty much the end of any effect on the S-n-Pee 500.

    The blog posts are infrequent, as he is selling his service to large investors, and retail folks like me, find it hard to justify the costs, as he has changed the sub rates over time, to reflect the services and benefits. Little to costly for my tastes, but definitely learned a lot over the past couple years of following him. There is no guessing in this, with his model which is based on hard data, and complex algorithms.

  33. Oxfarmer

    Thanks so much for having Gerald Celente on. He is right often, should be paid attention, and he is giving more and more of his expensive time to warn us.

    When you look back at Hitlery’s career…Rose Law Firm, beginner’s luck on, was it pork bellies? Vince Foster’s death…she has been teflon coated asbestos for a long time. Some very powerful people must be at her back, and this is why she will not be indited. If Planned Parenthood is cleared but the video people are guilty, by a judge inTX, for heaven’s sake, then Hitlary can slither on this. Those same powers can get her elected, which God forbid.


    Slightly off base of the ‘economic’ corruption Mr. Celente’ mentioned but thought I share a glimpse in the mind of what the government considered a dangerous terrorist/arsonist/extremist who they refused to meet with and allow a review of their grievances from which they were seeking public attention and ‘redress’- well until yesterday afternoon , unarmed – he was stopped on his way to another public meeting and gunned down by the government ! Too bad the bankers were not trying to graze cows ‘out of season’ or maybe we might have seen a few going to jail for making a mis-step ! lol
    The Last words and testament of LaVoy Finicum, The man OREGON GOV.
    LaVoy Finicum Was Killed In Cold Blood unarmed driving to a public meeting near John Day on 1/26/2016 by federal law enforcement .

  35. Gil

    The source is from ‘the Freedom Outpost’ and it quoted ‘a Davos insider with a big reputation in journalism’ not an elite (my misread) saying no matter who the Gop elect…Hillary will win Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gil.

  36. Jan

    DLC, Women are not a one-party voting block, unlike say, the African-Americans who are mainly Dems and came out in droves to elect one of their own. A LOT of women are swing voters and independents, who don’t decide until the last few weeks. Also, your theory that women don’t like [electing] strong men. Then you brought up Canada as an example. Say what? If women were into less-than-strong men, Liberal PM Paul Martin should’ve gotten many MORE votes–not less–than the previous (Liberal) PM, Jean Chrétien, and mild-mannered Stéphane Dion should’ve trounced Harper (instead the Liberals almost went to their worst results ever in 1867). Bear in mind, Canadians are generally somewhat liberal-progressive; the Conservative party has NO chance unless they are very centrist and gets Quebec on board; the Canadians might even prefer the far-left liberal party (the NDP). But they picked (Conservative) Stephen Harper three times in a row. How ever, the first two were minority governments, so he had to work with others. Once PM Harper had a chance to run a majority government, he blew it. He was the first PM to be in contempt of Parliament! There are several lists on the internet about Harper’s abuses; here is one:

    Justin Trudeau got in primarily NOT because he’s a “beefcake” but because he was ALREADY the lead of the Liberal party, and the Liberals were considered the best option to take down Harper, and during the campaign, Trudeau had no missteps and he clearly communicated that he upholds mainstream liberal values, such as humanely taking in Syrian refugees while restricting military involvement (opposite of neocon Harper).

  37. vincent_g

    Seem Hillary has said that Obama would make a great Supreme Court Justice!

    This begs the question does she believe this or is she playing up to Obama to stay out of jail.

    Gerald is wrong with the election.
    I called it way back when Trump first came on the scene.

    I said he will win the vote for President in a landslide and nothing has changed my mind.
    Trump is unstoppable and it only took me a week of watching him to see that.

    Hillary does not have the majority of woman.
    Gerald should look at the people that show up at his event.

    There is a concern that many may not be able to vote because they did not register!
    Many Democrats are saying they will vote for Trump but in their states they need to register as a republican in order to do so.
    Many people that have never voted are saying they will vote and again the same problem.

    In my opinion if you don’t understand why Trump is taking off like a bat out of hell then you don’t belong in politics.

    Watch what happens with the latest Fox News confrontation.
    Fox will have a lot of very very very angry sponsors.

  38. dee garmon

    When the MSM, including that of Fox, are doing all they can to promote Hillary
    It is very difficult, if not impossible, to understand the logic of those who call
    her a left winger. After political correctness, it does not matter whether the
    president is a corporate puppet or not, what matters is her gender and we
    have to show to the world that we lead in corruption as if they don’t already
    know ( Hillary supporters would say ” We get blamed for everything regardless).

  39. Htc

    “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let you do it.” -Mark Twain

    Greg, I saw a funny bumper sticker in the rural Midwest a couple days ago.. it said “Hillary for antichrist 2016” I think I’m gonna get one of those.

    I’m voting for Hillary if we make it to elections though, I’m so tired of waiting for something to happen I will cast my useless vote for the best chance of destroying a system on life support.

    • Galaxy 500

      You may be casting a vote for your own destruction. A vote for evil Doesn’t seem prudent

      • lastmanstanding

        I know that you won’t be surprised when I tell you that nearly 50% of America is leaning that way at this very moment…and thinking it is for the better.

  40. Karl

    I respect Gerald. He speaks common sense. However in 2008 he said by 2012 everything would have collapsed. He was dead wrong on that timing for which he has never acknowledged his incorrect forecast. I also believe his Trump forecast is way off the mark and even against his own previous forecast years ago when he said we would see the rise of a third party which would prove a real challenge to the status quo.
    I really hope he is wrong on Clinton.
    If Clinton gets in it proves people are just morons. She to me is the ultimate whore of babylon. A disgusting women

    • diane s.

      Karl just nailed it…why Hillary will lose
      if she runs
      Love it….that’s it.

  41. dbcooper

    Greg and dogger family, The view from here …
    Isn’t it funny the things we remember?? I remember the day JFK was murdered; I remember the day Marilyn Monroe died; I remember sitting on my dad’s lap watching Cronkite give us the body count of advisors in Southeast Asia; I am a child of the Vietnam war; I remember going to an anti-war rally at Rutgers which featured none other than Hanoi Jane and Tom Haden complete with pith helmet and hand grenade; I remember the night the ROTC building burned on the Rutgers’ campus; I remember turning eighteen and registering for the draft… and by this time I was pretty sure that I did not want to go to Vietnam and get my ass shot off for a bunch of bankers (the same ones we have now of course); I remember the relief I felt when they stopped the draft … just in time. I have been prepping since I was about fourteen years old … anyone remember the foxfire books ?? Now I am sixty …( how did this happen!!) and the world we live in is upside down … no accident/no mistake … and we have been warned that these times are coming … still it is hard to fathom the unreal reality that surrounds us today. We live in a supernatural realm and hence our faith in something larger and better than myself and this hellish world. For me this is my faith that all is in the hands of the Lord and I believe we in this country are going to pay a heavy penance for our sins as a nation … can you believe that not only was PP let off the hook but the video producers were indicted ?? The world is certainly upside down.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.
    PS, Thanks for the program today … at least you, Greg, are Not Upside Down !!

    • John


      Your words seem all to familiar. Unfortunately, those were the good ole days. Today, we are upside down, inside out, and stretched beyond belief until we are no longer recognizable as the great country we once were.

      The dumbing down worked better than they (progressives/liberals) could have ever hoped! We can blame the figurehead in the White House, the congress, even the courts but until we educate ourselves and make that connection as to why and how our country was founded in the first place and what brave CITIZENS had to give or give up in order to achieve that great country, we will continue to slide, ever so quickly, to our demise.

      Prayer and education will provide the direction and action we need to take to rebuild the foundation. Pray that we have the strength and courage of our Founding Fathers to undertake the tasks necessary to save our great, Christian nation before it is too late.


      • dbcooper

        John, Thank you for the reply … while prayer is ongoing … me thinks it is too late. Yours, DB.

  42. glen

    seems to be a move toward a 30 hour work week for employees,
    the system is adjusting accordingly,
    why in the techno age is the work week still stuck in the pre industrial age?

  43. Diana Dee Jarvis

    If anyone’s curious about Celente’s comment that 62 people have more money than half the world’s poulation, it refers to an Oxfam report. Oxfam blames it on governments not collecting taxes on money stashed in tax havens. I disagree because these days governments love to waste taxes. What would help is if the wealthy would invest in ways that raise everyone, not just themselves.

  44. Peter

    I like GS, but disagree with his statement that Obama and democrats won’t be blamed for a bad economy. Keep in mind the DOW was 14K under Bush about 8 years ago and we are at only 16K today and headed lower. The real US economy has done even worse, with fewer total jobs eight years later after Obama’s hope and change. If the stock market and economy tanks then the GOP should win as Obama(ie. democrats) will not inspire any confidence.

    The US stock market is currently weak, and shorting US stocks appears a decent short-term play, rather than doing nothing. Any investing suggestions out there, beside gold would be appreciated, as Gold has been a poor investment. Just calling it like I see it.

    • Robert G

      That may have been 8 years ago but the Dow was 7,900 the last day of Bush presidency. He’s first president in 28 years to oversee negative return in broader equities . The stock market went through the roof under Obama. 6700 to almost 18000. If you were invested in the stock market with pensions or what ever that had to make you feel pretty good. People’s 401s were decimated and they were really scared about their investments.. People were calling their 401s, 101s and 201’s.

      • Greg Hunter

        You do realize how they got these returns? There will be a price that will be paid for the so-called growth. Please watch David Stockman this Sunday (Don’t take my word for it.)

    • Jeff L

      Peter The miners. I also stated my contrarian call on oil…… FAZ (banks)

  45. Mohammad

    For all the babbling analysts here, and the smart aleks, here is a live feed form americans that love life, freedom and may not make it for another day:

    Am very sad. very very sad.


    • Mohammad

      Thank god it seems it is ending up peacefully.
      Hat tipped to law enforcement for proper handling and top notch professionalism.
      Thanks god….am happy today it ended peacefully.


      • Greg Hunter

        I am too Mohammad but details are sketchy about how one died though.

        • Mohammad


          I came from a place that would handle the matter in a totally different way, in 2011 it was only peaceful demonstrations in the streets of Syria when the law enforcement there started killing them with gun machines.
          It is very important for all Americans to know that their government and law enforcement despite the short comings are HUMANE. People need to stop taking things for granted and APPRECIATE what god gave them here.
          The way of handling Burns was startling in its professional conduct.
          Some one is trying to pit people against government, people need to wake up to this, i saw it destroying my motherland. am thankful to god that there are cool heads on the side of the law enforcement that defused this scary situation, may be it was also the prayers that i did and other members here did, who knows.

          God bless America.


        • lastmanstanding

          Outstanding coverage from day 1.
          [email protected]

          Also… Samuel Culper is a former Army intelligence officer and provided first rate information on and off the Malheur Refuge. His podcasts are objective and truly worth a listen.

      • Jeff L

        Mohammad , first you’re “Am very sad. very very sad.” and we are “babbling analysts “. Then, ” am happy today it ended peacefully.”
        They “chose to make a stand for freedom (good right ?) They leave to save their lives (don’t blame them at all). Please explain yourself because I truly want to understand your point.

        • Mohammad

          Here is my point Jeff,

          They are freedom lovers, they are Americans, they see what they are doing is right.
          SHERIFF, FBI,…..etc. are freedom lovers also and they are Americans, they see what they are doing is right.
          There is a third entity that are bastards and they are pitting them against each others.
          When it was reaching the point of clashing and god forbid having those 100+ Americans slaughtered by Americans i was very very sad.
          When cool heads, wisdom, professionalism by the law enforcement prevailed and they gave them an escape rout after they rounded up the knuckle heads that almost got those 100+ Americans killed on the spot and god knows how many of the law enforcement agents could of been killed also, when all that blood shed was prevented by HUMANE authorities that should be praised, and when that precious blood was saved and they got back to their families, I WAS VERY VERY VERY HAPPY AND THANKFUL TO GOD.



          • Jeff L

            I think it was a disaster all the way around and nothing was solved. btw, how many of these guys will now get thrown in prison ? Like the ranchers with a burn permit getting the book thrown at them…… My point is the government won as usual. Yea, they walked out but will probably serve a longer term than Hillary.

            • Mohammad

              Her Trojan horse Trumpet will pardon her.
              worry about them.


  46. DLC

    Anne Elliott: Thank you for your “sexist and degrading” comment. I would not personally analyze you. I do not know you.

    Dependent women will vote for Hillary or Sanders. My women models are Phyllis Schlaffley, Laura Ingraham, and the like. On a more local level, my friends are military wives and women in general who do not blame men for their poor choices.

    If a woman starts degrading her husband, I exit. If she is a foul, coarse creature, I’m into total avoidance. Same goes for men — but the subject was Celente commenting that women will not vote for Trump. If you choose to be offended, so be it.

  47. DLC

    Jan: “Salon Proud to Feature Content From The Tyee.” Says it all right there.

    That was an impressive list of accusations. I wish someone would do a piece like that on our prez, Hillary, and Sanders. It looks like Canada is in the same fix as this country no matter who they turn to. I remember Trudeau, the father. Beefcake was not my expression but rather a comment I heard from another observer.

    Why Syrian “refugees” when the country is in such a crisis internally?

    Blacks do tend to vote as a block but do not have the numbers to coronate. Females are more inclined to vote and do favor the progressives. The Dems are no longer liberals. My dad was a Dem politician who would make Trump seem like a pushover. Today, he would probably be to the right of Buchanan and then some.

    Both parties are importing every macho male from every regressive female-abusing country in the world, and your worrying about my outlook on women? I prefer avoidance of lib females as opposed to confrontation.

    I was reading a piece by someone who commented that he avoids getting into it with liberals. I laughed at his observations and thought, “wow, he sounds worse than me.” The author was Bill Holter.

    I have voted for “W” twice, Buchanan, and Perot — so what do I know?

  48. Nick

    Gold has never been a poor investment history proves that . All FIAT currencies fail eventually and the average live is around thirty years .

    There is a very good piece on Gold and revaluation here :-

  49. Coal Burner

    I thank you for putting Gina’s c0mment on. There were over 50% of Gina’s who voted three and a half years ago and we have Obama the second term. People need to realize more than half the population sees it her way. Facing the truth tells the future clear and present.

  50. Charles Turner

    If it looks like Trump will win the nomination, isnt there a good chance that the establishment will pull out all the stops to cover up for Hilary and stop Trump. The banks can’t afford to have Trump, mainstream media like Fox news don’t even try and report straight any more and I am sure there are many people high up in the judiciary and FBI that want an establishment candidate. Either that or assassination. Can anyone confirm how long after J F K turned down Operation Northwood and Operation Mongoose he was conveniently assassinated.

  51. Occasnltrlvr

    “I hope everyone realizes that when China backs each yuan with 0.00001 oz of gold you are going to need to turn in 100,000 yuan to get one ounce of gold … since the yuan has a current value of $0.16 cents in US dollars it means you will have to spend $16,000 US dollars to obtain one ounce of gold … now only a fool is going to spend $16,000 US dollars for an ounce of gold when they can go into the ‘manipulated markets’ and buy gold for $1000 US dollars per ounce … it is only when physical gold can’t be supplied at $1000 US dollars per ounce that the price will begin to rise.”

    If the Chinese were to back each Yuan with 0.00001 oz (or any amount) of gold, the value of every currency on Earth would reset against gold immediately, probably in less than a few hours, possibly in less than a few minutes. Don’t you think every trader on Earth would pursue that arbitrage until it was gone?

    Additionally, let me ask you this: If you were the PBoC, would you give away gold by exchanging gold-backed Yuan for any purely fiat currency (i.e., all of them except the Yuan)? How then could they manage their export-driven economy? Or conversely, how then could they increase the world-wide Yuan liquidity required for transition away from an export economy?

    Think of the internal debt obligations that could never be met. If the currency becomes a hard asset, there’s little reason to convert currency to infrastructure (or anything else). Look at their (probably way under-reported) NPLs now!

    Yes, it is “my opinion” that, outside of a very large trading bloc of nations (not just the SCO, but far larger, what Jim Willie refers to as “critical mass”), the Chinese will not back the Yuan with gold, because it would destroy their economy and result in untold social chaos.

    • Jeff L

      Occasnltrlvr I agree with you. They have no interest in backing the Yuan. Not when they can merely announce their gold holdings to support their currency and economy. Think of the wealth of their citizens holding gold. Think of the wealth the country would (instantly) possess from all the oil, base metals, manufacturing infrastructure that they have developed and acquired. Their warehoused copper, coal, minerals will become instantly revalued. People talk of oil prices with a short term perspective repeating the $20/barrel MSM mantra. With China’s announcement the dollar dives and oil shoots to $100and beyond. Everyone’s missing this investment.

  52. Peter

    Dear Greg and Gerald,
    I’ve read A LOT of comments, but what is the problem in the USA. How to handle this.

    Very simple:
    – devaluate the dollar by 40%
    – dept will by 40% less
    – inflation 16% – 20%
    – the export will by booming within 5 years
    – silver $ 150, gold $ 12,000
    and, everybody will be happy.



  53. mike


  54. notyourpatsy

    Mr Hunter , did yourself (or anyone else here) see the news piece on Sweden going ‘cashless’ using credit cards for most everything?!? Most alarming (for us) ‘test’ if I say so myself! This could be the precursor to what happens here in the USA. I did like one guy who was interviewed there that said,” I think the govt is trying to gain control of our money”!!

    The other ‘canary in the coal mine’, that Dr Micheal Savage warned us about over 10 years ago (!) is this newest mosquito borne ‘Zika Virus’! (buy and read ALL of Dr Savage’s books to be ahead of the curve folks!) Now the CDC is saying that this IS going to spread into all of North America and cases are already in NY! I see this as a ‘population control’ mechinism for the governments against the people of the World, as the mosquito as a vector has shown it is impossible to kill off!! What’s significant about this is, that it’s going to affect the markets in that it’s going to shut down sales of anything boating related, because women will not want themselves nor their children exposed to this disease! Same with fishing, camping, backpacking, gardening, ANYTHING OUTDOOR RELATED ACTIVITIES! This could cause the Stock Market to crash!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes “Not” I did and I agree it’s a bit freaky.

      • dbcooper

        Greg, Et Al, We have been reading that the vector that has been carrying the zika virus is the aedes aegypti mosquito which is not common in cooler climate like northern USA but I noticed that ‘they’ are saying now that it is being carried by an more common mosquito though we have not yet heard which variety, DB.

        • notyourpatsy

          DB, you and I led parallel lives and have done the same thing in securing our futures. Hope you check into the Earthboxes! Wish I were in ID myself right now, another Nor’Easter on the way.

          The Tiger Mosquito (that USDA FAILED to keep out of this Country) that was brought into the USA via the water inside those cheap ‘lucky bamboo plants’ commonly seen in offices, stores,etc! This species of mosquito is active 24 hours a day and is not ‘nocturnal’ as are most Dawn/Dusk type mosquitoes. Beware! There are PLENTY of mosquitoes in the Northeastern States right up to the Border.

          Folks won’t want to be spraying themselves with bug juice , so instead they’ll avoid activities outside. Which is why I remarked that those activities not being sought out could affect company bottom lines and thus the Stock Market.

          Flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches…do EVERYTHING in your power to keep them away from your residence! Spend the money and hang a huge ‘Bug Zapper’ over your pond (like I do) and feed your fish! It draws these pest away from your family, lessening your chance of illness.

          And Mr Hunter, Thanks for verifying that what we saw on that news program, with regards to Sweden’s ‘cashless society experiment’ is something to be concerned about. If one entity (govt) controls an individual’s finances to the point of ‘live or die’ that IS A DICTATORSHIP NOT SOCIALISM.

    • JC Davis

      Notyourpatsy The stock market is going to crash either way. I see your point. Cashless is likely. Have you watched Aaron Russo documentary From freedom to fascism .

  55. Janet G.

    Late commenting. Don’t agree with lots that Celente has said. Don’t know now if anyone will read this, but Hillary will not even be nominated first of all. Check out SGT Report. Scroll through till you find the six minute video on the Clintons and their sign off on the land out in Oregon to the Russians fronted by the Canadians back in 2013. It included the latest ranch of the two men falsely accused by the feds and sent back to prison. Their property sits on uranium, which is what the Russians wanted. Hitlary signed off on all that when she was Secretary of State. Just one of many of her high treason crimes. As far as Celente stating that women will vote for her because she’s a woman, what planet are you on, man? And you also think so many of us out here are uninformed… know what I find in calling in to alternate radio….that at least two of the MEN that run those sites have TREMENDOUS EGOES, and find it difficult to let a woman speak on their show. One in particular has difficulty allowing a woman to speak at all.

    • James Hastings

      I read it. Thank you for sharing your info Janet. 🙂 It’s a different world now.

    • Faith

      Janet, the deeper issue, for me about the incident in Burns, Oregon is found in this six-page document:

      FONSI: Findings of no significant impact.

      How is this possible? No significant impact is found with regard to establishing a placer mine in a very dry area that is supposed to be a wildlife refuge? Placer mines use an incredible amount of water. There is not a great deal of water in Eastern Oregon. Apparently someone at BLM doesn’t see a conflict. I do.

      The reason the San Joaquin valley is now almost a desert is because the environmentalists shut down irrigation in order to save a small and insignificant type of fish. I was blessed to spend a few years near Turlock, California on 2,000 acre ranch that raised Brangus (a cross-bred brahma and angus type of beef cattle) where we were able to get three to four cuttings of prime alfalfa a year and where we also raised oats. There was a large almond orchard next door where I used to ride an old quarter horse. I was baptized in Turlock.

      The last time I saw photos of some of the almond orchards in the valley the trees were dried out and being pulled out with chains. The prices for meat and milk and vegetables will continue to climb. There is a reason and look to what happened in California and what was done to the landowners, ranchers, and farmers by the government to gain a glimpse of your future. Higher prices for everything and then your land either stolen or made unusable until it is confiscated by some government apparatchik.

  56. Tad

    The last paragraph is quite relevant, though Obama is doing very well trashing the constitution.

    If anyone ever had any doubt about investing in gold or silver, this proposed action by Mitch McConnell should set off alarm bells.

  57. Tad

    Considering Catepillar’s business prospects.

    • Faith

      I saw that article on Zerohedge today. Incredible.

  58. F.W.

    As a German I welcome all christian Americans with open arms to come to us, brothers and sisters, we neeed you here.
    No Visa necesary, you heard Mutti?!
    And please bring your guns and lots of Ammo with you.
    Hear me !?!

    I mean it !

    • Faith

      FW: thanks. I served in Germany while the Berlin Wall was still up. I don’t know what to say about your once beautiful country. It is heartbreaking.

      I was stationed at a few places: Karslruhe. Pirmesens, and Massweiler.

    • Tad

      Is their a referendum process in Germany?

      In other words, how soon will you be able to dump Merkel and her ilk?

      We wish Germans the best.

  59. JC Davis

    Off topic. I am getting a lot of nightmare tales from Obama No Care. I pity those that signed up for it.

  60. James Hastings

    I enjoy Mr. Celente. I like his “in your face” attitude. What did MY best friend do today? Cashed a $500 dollar check….and stashed the cash. He bought a $10.00 mixed bag of pre-65 US silver coins for $131.00 and a 1/10th oz. Gold eagle for around $130.

    Thanks Greg. Your gaining popularity. And attracting Trolls……You must be doing something right. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      USAW is attracting folks like you James, and that is the BEST part!! Thank you for sharing.

  61. your fan in Japan

    Greg, today, Jan 29, the Bank of Japan has introduced negative interest rates. Private banks will now be charged for some of the funds that they keep with the central bank. The charge, a “handling fee” is 0.1 percent. Here we go. (I got the news from Yahoo Japan’s top page -that headline referencing a report from the Sankei Newspaper). I will post this here and on your WNW tonight.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for posting this. I think this means the Fed is going to reverse course and turn rates negative. How long can this go on when you take peoples money for the rivaled of the bank loaning it at positive interest rates.

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