Next Financial Meltdown Blamed on War-Gregory Mannarino

2By Greg Hunter’s

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says the overall trend in the stock market is down, and he is anticipating more central bank intervention to keep propping up the sinking economy. Mannarino contends, “Without any doubt, they are going to keep doing this. They are going to keep trying to intervene in any way possible with things we can’t even think of yet. In my opinion, the main goal of all of this is to bring us to war. Bring us to war as this whole thing begins to meltdown, so they can blame it on that. They are going to look for a scapegoat . . . because it’s so distorted and so twisted it has to correct to fair market value at one point. They can keep twisting it and distorting it and manipulating it and faking data, but at one point, they are going to have to pay the piper. Everyone is going to have to pay the piper, and that’s going to be a terrible moment.”

As far as the near term for stocks, surprisingly, Mannarino says, “To me, this is looking very bullish in the short term. . . . It does not mean this market is going to go straight up. . .” Mannarino also adds, “I think the stock market is going to retest the highs with regard to the Dow back in May.  It is going to take something extraordinary to push it beyond that. We may bump up against it, bump up against it and then roll over at that point. . . .This market is still way over owned and way over valued.”

On the dollar, Mannarino says expect weakness. Mannarino explains, “I think we are going to see the dollar fall here which is bullish for stocks and also bullish for commodities. I am a commodities bull here and I am an oil bull here. I do believe it is going higher here in the short run.” Mannarino also adds, “Oil is currency for a lot of Middle Eastern nations. . . . So, what can we expect? They are going to do something to drive the price higher. I sincerely believe this is an expansion of war. . . . They are not going to allow crude oil to go much lower from here.”

On gold, Mannarino is a bull and explains, “I think we are going to see some pressure on the dollar . . . this is going to push gold higher. Nothing is real, but we have to try to capitalize on the manipulation, and that is clearly where we are right now. Nothing is real. I don’t know another way to put it.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of

After the Interview:

Gregory Mannarino posts all his trades and advice for free on Mannarino has also posted the charts he used in this interview on his “Equity List” page. Click here and scroll down for the charts. (Yes, that’s free too.)

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  1. RichM

    Sorry I am off a bit on Mannarino’s topic here, but he has mentioned we are being pushed toward war and so I wanted to talk a bit about the Trump/Putin potential relationship if that’s okay…..

    I was thinking….. Another way I am seeing where the establishment may sabotage Trump is because he has stated…”until he has proof otherwise,” that he respects Putin and sees him as a great leader. Much like GW Bush’s statement where “He looked into his eyes.” and trusted him.

    Yet, the Obama administration and press is hell bent on villainizing Putin.

    Personally, I too think Putin is a good leader and has shown a remarkable amount of restraint not to lash out back at us as we push him into a corner and even with his technology which may very well be able to take out our entire navy effortlessly. (Sandstorm and ONYX missile systems) or by buzzing our ships at will.

    Like that old Sting song, ” I hope the Russians Love Their Children Too”….. I truly think Putin does and has been the adult here. Which I have posted before…

    What happened last week with Kerry is also suspicious in that I think now Putin holds an upper hand that we the people will never be told about. Yet, I have absolutely no trust in Obama and think even with what Putin and Kerry may have discussed Obama will not honor it as Obama is an extremely un-honorable human being.

    Yet still, I could be wrong and Putin could have indeed killed many, reporters or others. Still like Trump and GW Bush, I don’t “feel” it from seeing him speaking that he is pure evil as portrayed to be.

    Anyway, what I suspect here is that since Obama is hell bent on leather in finding a villain so we can have our war to hide the coming financial mess they have created…. we may go to war with Russia and this could accomplish an additional “bonus” for the bastards by showing that Trumps “judgement” was skewed in trusting Putin or giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    So Trump may have played right into their sinister plan and all. I truly hope I am wrong on this one.

    I hate all of those bastards.

    • RichM

      And let us just imagine for a moment… being my overly-optimistic self… envision this….
      Lets say Putin is not that villain after-all, but is just a smart leader, statesman, Russian patriot, father, and grandfather who does love his children and his Mother Russia…..

      Trump does get selected…

      He and Putin talk and they mutually respect each other… and we develop relations with the nation of Russia and become great allies once again. Remember, it wasn’t long ago we were great allies… we fought to defeat Hitler and fascism together. They are no longer the Soviet Union but a country rich with history.

      I am not a troll for Russia as I am a Scottish American…. but I have zero trust in Obama or Hillary or even the DEM or GOP establishment to do the right thing regarding Russia. If Putin truly is proven to be a criminal and thug, then so be it, but I have little faith in the propaganda against him so far and I am impressed with his restraint as WW3 will be utter destruction.

      Einstein once said….. WW3 will be fought with nuclear weapons, WW4 will be fought with sticks and rocks…..

      • frederick

        @RichM The military complex wants war and huge profits it generates so in light of that given how powerful they are I believe they will do everything possible to discredit Trump and if that doesn’t work they wouldn’t hesitate to JFK him and they are VERY good at what they do Obama and Hillary as well as 99% of politicians are simply compliant stooges Merry Christmas everyone

        • Andrew

          Happy Saturnalia! Time to celebrate the demise of the hegemon.

          The neocons will not go quiet in to the night. I can’t imagine Trump winning and carrying out a mandate that is contrary to the deep state. Everything is stacked against this happening. They’ll discredit him, poison him, kill him before they let him change the direction of the country. To think otherwise is to deny an understanding of their psychopathic behaviors and their false flag techniques. They will stop at nothing. The Samson Option. We will go to the brink. Will we go over?

      • James Hastings

        I agree. Posted in wrong comment.

      • Jack Daniels

        Einstein said a lot of things, and if people knew them all they would stop worshiping the man.

    • rahrog

      Obama is nothing but a puppet of The Ruling Class. The ultimate token hired by the fascist banking cartel that owns the federal government. People need to accept the reality that no matter who the next president is the federal government is bankrupt. Obviously, Russia is not the problem. The banksters & gangsters of DC & NYC are the problem. WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO?

      • frederick

        rahrog great question what are we going to do about it? seems hopeless from my point of view Get rid of debt and start living simpler lives grow your own organic food and use renewable energy wherever possible Ditch the cable package and the Iphone walk and bike whenever possible Buy some silver coins get out of the banking system(credit cards) keep your fingers crossed and pray Good luck everyone Merry Christmas and Happy 2016

      • Jeff L

        Nobama is not a puppet but the anti-Christ. There will be no elections so everyone give up the Trump scenarios….. Believe what you want but come back 9 months from now and tell me I’m wrong and we aren’t in martial law……. I will be the first to celebrate my mistake……but I doubt it.

        • Kerry

          I don’t think Obama is the antichrist as there are certain specific things the antichrist will do so that we will be able to recognize him when he does come. And frankly, Obama doesn’t seem that intelligent to me. Or sinister. He’s just a puppet. The antichrist tis supposed to make Stalin and Mao look like choir boys.

        • Larry Maheu

          take a look at

  2. Sam Hill

    It’s time yet again for the Christmas edition of…

    (brought to you by Sam Hill himself)

    This interview with retired US Army colonel Lawrence Wilkerson is a must.

    • charles turner

      I am from England and in the past had always viewed Trump as an egotistical narcissist. Having watched the last republican presidential debate in full, it shocks me that Trump, for all his non PC faults, may well be the safest option for the free world both in his public desire to deescalate tensions with Russia and focus on the real enemy – ISIS. I was shocked with Chris Christies assertion that the USA should have a non fly zone over Syria and shoot down anyone who flew in it, which would include Russian planes. in 2015 what gives the USA the right to take over the sky of another country half way around the globe? Like boiling frogs alive the world is edging towards world war. I noticed despite the terrible threat of ISIS, the USA has increased its sanctions on Russia yesterday. We need diplomacy and understanding, not provocation. Why is it that in the USA, politicians feel at ease to call Putin a murderer, but would not do the same for the regime in Saudi Arabia. I am increasingly thinking that war is the plan to get out of this financial mess, but Putin hasn’t played ball be retaliating even when it has got personal and his hard man image is described as a ‘paper tiger.’ In my country people that are anti war are now vilified by the press.
      In future elections, people may need to decided who is best for the long term safety of its citizens rather than vote on party lines.

      • diane s.

        London…..We have a problem:

      • Winston Churchill

        ISIS, just like Al ais a US creation.
        The ultimate plan was to use it against both Russia and China.
        Great for the MIC when you are arming all sides.
        Hope that clarifies your confusion.

    • Bob

      RichM – I’m of German descent, and I agree with you. It appears that Putin loves his country and his people. Does he make mistakes? Does he follow policies (suppression of freedom of speech) that we don’t agree with? Sure. But given a choice between Putin and Obama, or Putin and our Congress, I’d choose Putin. He is not allowing the barbarian hordes to flood his country, he is not allowing Sodomites to take over his culture, and he is supporting the Orthodox Church (their tradition, not mine). Compare that with our government which appears hell bent on the destruction of our Republic …

      • frederick

        Bob I agree with you and am also of German descent well half anyway Welsh on my mothers side

    • James Hastings

      As a scottish american, I agree with your comments. I have little trust in our government and NONE in the media. I don’t see this farce lasting much longer.

    • NC Gal


      Thank you for that link. I agree that it’s a “must” listen!

    • Sandy B

      This is a GREAT interview. He says if WW 3 happens, US will lose.
      That’s the real reason we won’t have a war. But the NEO CONS will make threats until they are put away. They are cowards, though, and can’t face Putin or China directly.

  3. U0hma Abadabadoomska

    The dollar only has as much value as the power the US. has over the world. As long as there is a potential for competing currencies, the USD is not safe. The dollar depends on terrorism for it’s value so the wars can not ever end while this monetary system is being used. Business hours are 24/7, making the bomb’s by day, blowing up the world by night. Modern war [terrorizing woman and children] big business [ISIL] blowing up the innocent to enrich the few!

    Long ago when there was no USA, Australia Canada or New Zealand, in England of old. When Prince John and the Norman Lords began oppressing {terrorizing} the Saxon masses in King Richard’s absence, a Saxon lord fought back as the outlaw leader of a rebel guerrilla army. . .

    Were Holding out for a Hero Donald!
    Ending corruption, oppression, terrorism!

  4. Rezo

    This is all your readers need to know really . The financial aspect is already understood or should be . This is the best PCR Interview I have seen and in my opinion is 100 % accurate .
    MY wife has a business in Bangkok and I can further confirm that her close friend who has businesses in Italy just told her that a bank in Italy that also has branches in Germany has just refused withdrawls and shut down ATMS They have just lost 15000 Euros so the 100 000 |Euro limit is obviously false .

    • JMiller

      The insured amount of 100,000 euros is not false. 100,000 euros or less are still covered (insured) and are excluded from any bail-in plan under the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive. The 15,000 euros lost by your wife’s close friend was either above the 100,000 euro insured limit or was invested in stocks or bonds of the bank. The loss was probably due to investing in bonds. Last month around 10,000 investors lost about 800 million euros in the bonds of four regional Italian banks (Banca Etruria, CariChieti, Banca Marche and Carife) that were rescued.

  5. Rezo

    When I find out the banks name I will post

  6. Art Barnes

    Hey Greg, the Dow high was May 19th, 2015, after a little Santa Claus rally then January can get bear in a hurry or at least move lateral not up or down, so I suspect Mannarino’s high call of last May will probably hold good. Whether or not the market goes up or down in the short term the debt of the U.S. along with all the low wage jobs which have been created during Obama’s tenure will eventually move the country further to third world status. As you know for years now I have been on my soap box saying there will be no crash or collapse per say, but instead a slow slow to a third world type banana republic. As a small example yesterday I purchased my annual yearly calendar, it went up from $18.00 last year to $27.00 this year, a $9.00 jump & very large percentage rise. Wood products, paper, copy paper, etc. have risen above and beyond the 1.3 percent inflation rate stated by the FED. This small example of inflation runs the entire consumer type products purchase(s) for basic living excepting gas. As all this so-called non-existent inflation takes its toll upon the working class year after year the country basic people gets poorer and poorer. The 1970-2000 middle class are becoming the working poor one more minimum wage job at a time. All that said, have a Very Merry Christmas Greg and I will continue to look forward to your continued success in stating truth in the face of all the lies of our time.

  7. JC Davis

    Playing the stock game is like a Cadillac chasing the government cheese truck to the next free drop spot. I remember back in the day when 5 people would pack a car and drive across town to get free cheese, and yet there freezers were full of free cheese. When is enough, Enough ? It is just to easy to be tempted by greed.

  8. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I always look forward to listening to Mr. Mannarino.

    I have no experience in the financial markets. No experience in buying and selling stocks. I wonder if it is worth it to go to Mr. Mannarino’s site and see what I can learn at this stage in my life and taking into account how the economy is run. It seems unrealistic to believe I could possibly make some money in the markets now and use the proceeds to buy precious metals along with overall prepping.

    Can anyone share their thoughts on this?

    • Greg Hunter

      If you do not know how to trade you should do a lot of other things and not risk your hard earned money. Mannarino has been doing this for years since his floor trader days at Bear Stearns. Work on cutting your expenses and diverting that money into storing food and water. Get new tires on your car and maybe find a part time job. Trying to trade your way to buying protection is VERY risky and lessons on trading will be expensive.

      • Craig Michael

        Hi Greg,
        Thank you and Diana for your replies.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Craig, Mannarino himself says there are always some losing trades & not possible to win every time. I suggest that if you want to try trading, ask yourself before buying a position, “Can I afford to lose this money?” If the answer is no, don’t do it.

  9. Jerry

    GM is right. You cannot look at graphs and charts from a system that is so widely manipulated by the banking cabal. Come April 1st (or sooner) that comes to an end with the Chinese Gold Price Fix.

    At that point the central banks will lose control of the gold markets and essentially the dollar Ponzi scheme that they have created. It is no accident they have been buying massive amounts of gold along with the Chinese during this transition period. They are essentially positioning themselves for the coming reset. Here is the framework for the new exchange system.
    – AIIB banking system
    – CIPS delivery system
    – Gold purchase – currency peg
    – Super Computers – binary exchange mechanism
    The only delay, is they are currently testing the CIPS system with the international banking networks to make sure the transactions go smoothly. Once that’s done, its game time.

  10. Tad

    I think I’ve seen this interview before.

  11. ConcernedAmericanDad

    On monday the market hovered around unchanged swinging back and forth and then in the last half hour swooooosh up 120-what a sham. CNBS headlines this morning: up triple digits again!!!!! and they ignore and explain away that constant barrage of real not-good news, e.g.” existing home sales down 10.5% yesterday due to confusing regulations and not enough homes for sale……oh yeah, overseas economies are weak and China is slowing.
    NOT US!!!!

    “Core” Durables Goods Orders Plunge For 10th Consecutive Month As Defense Spending Soars Most In 8 Years

    Commerce Department Releases Consumer Spending Data Early – Worst YoY Growth Since May 2013

    Global Trade Snapshot – “The Pain Is Getting Worse”

    Kansas City Fed Survey Collapses As New Orders Crash Most Since Great Recession

    …………..and as far as these fake market ramp-ups, I’ve made an observation, if you take notice-check out your positions if you have some of your retirement savings still in market funds, on Down Days- much wider breadth- you loos a lot more than you gain on the ramp-up days. They pump up the stocks that they’ve maneuvered into the indexes that pull up the entire index. That makes things look all peachy on the TV news.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the links!! Good stuff and data on the phony “recovery.”

      • WD


        It seems like media is not touting a roaring economy anymore….must be due to the “deaf” ears.

    • Jeff L

      They ramp up the top 5 or 10 stocks. The rest are dropping. Those top 10 stocks represent most of the market and with leverage the Fed(bankers) can paint a picture of rising markets…… That is what the “market” has become.

  12. Coal Burner

    Greg; RichM has it close but I would add what Bill Holter said about the financial spiderweb. We are so broke even Putin does not want turn us into a 4th world country. That is why Kerry agreed to leave Assad in place. We are no longer calling the shots. Obama and Paul Ryan passed a rediculous budget to try to get past Obama’s fiasco and try to get some new leadership and ideas to try to find a way out for us. It is going to hurt, Obama is lost and cannot stand any pain. He has been on a gravy train all his life and has nothing to work with.
    I do nto think most of Congress or the TV pndits realize any of this yet. You cannot change when you do not understand there is a problem. That is what is going to hurt us in the USA.

  13. frederick

    Mannarino as comparing the 2010 chart to today My problem with that is the fed was pumping in what 65billion monthly in QE back then and tightening now s it would seem unlikely that the same market trends will continue What say you

    • Jeff L

      They are going to let the market drop (on purpose). Of course a false flag will be blamed……Again….. They will CHOOSE to PUSH the market down and thus steal the last remaining wealth of the middle class…. That is why Yellen was chosen.

  14. NC Gal

    Sigh. As much as I like Greg M’s enthusiasm and spirit, I just can’t believe that “markets” are every going to return to the way they used to operate. The progress being made in artificial intelligence and the insatiable lust for power and more power Lawrence Wilkerson talks about in the interview Sam Hill posted above both argue strongly against things heading in that direction. I do not expect things to EVER “return” to the way they operated in the past. There will be NO markets whatsoever if the globalists have their way, and a lot less people, too!

    Happy holidays, everyone! They may be the last you can enjoy.

  15. Diane D.

    Another Christmas season, full of murderous bloodshed and deceit. Such has been the fruit of the US in the Middle East for 25 Christmas’s. Mannarino is right, there will be a 26th Christmas after another year of bloodshed and deceit.

    You can bet your Birkenstocks that most Neocons call themselves ‘Christians’. Same for their political leaders. When was the last time they elected a candidate who said they were not a Christian? If they were in fact Christians, they are now traitors to Christ.

    You would think that 25 years of war in Iraq alone would be enough bloodshed to satisfy their thirst. But no, this is a spiritual war and Satan is firmly in control of Neocons, and this nation.

  16. Hairy Herry

    I still think oil goes even lower, short of a declaration of World War. $10/bbl not even out of the question in my opinion as I remember ’98 rather well.
    Did y’all bring up anything regarding the high numbers of oil tankers continuing to hold millions of barrels whilst the gamblers lose even more on storage fees on the high seas? Also, I see the Big Tanks of Cushing continue to fill. Gas prices now 1.58 here. Merry Christmas!

    • Jeff L

      Hairy….. Nothing happens by accident. Oil prices are low so the bankers/traders will make an obscene profit when WW3 begins…….. Also, if you knew WW3 was coming would you not store all the oil you could….. This should also be our goal. i.e. getting ready for the inevitable.

  17. Jim Taylor

    Always enjoy Mannarino. I had a question I am hoping you can answer from all your conversations you have with him.
    I just skimmed through his 197 page ebook and I can see it is clear he believe Silver is the place to be invested. But he also has a section on getting out of debt and what to do after you are out of debt. He suggests owning things such as your home and car.

    Here is the question: I live in California where home prices are astronomical. I could buy a really lousy home in a bad neighborhood with a max loan, or I can rent a decent apartment and put my excess savings into silver. What would he recommend? I believe it is the latter. Its unfortunate to not get to own a home, but I think in my situation the silver is far more critical and will allow for having a home I actually want in the future.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am sure Mannarino would agree but I would consider moving out of the state to somewhere less expensive and less taxed.

      • lastmanstanding

        That is the best advise. One can exit quickly if necessary with minimal issues.
        Merry Christmas Greg.

      • diane s.

        Good reply Greg
        As someone who lives in Southern California. ..I agree.
        You gave Jim good advice.

      • frederick

        I thought about N Carolina(Raleigh Durham area) after selling my Sag harbor NY home in 2014 but my wife was homesick for her home in Turkey and you know what they say about keeping the little Ms happy so here I am halfway around the world Raleigh was a great area though and we made some great new friends during our 6 months there

    • tulip

      you read about that methane gas leak near LA……. real estate isn’t going up there.. its on zero hedge… its unreal…

    • Jeff L

      Would you buy if you knew home prices were headed drastically lower ? Home prices are historically high and silver prices are low…….. That is your answer.

    • Kerry

      prepare to get out of CA, then GO! consider a state that looks favorably on gun ownership

  18. Lianne Goguen

    We have a chance and the winning is too avoid the war long enough to have the central banking system to crash to allow the leaders to sit down and see to a sensible monetary system and we the people get to start over as free individuals .. gold probably a part. .. and bitcoiny stuff

  19. Michael

    Another good interview. Could you get a guest that has expertise in the junk bond market? There appears to be troubles brewing with several fund management companies not having the liquidity necessary when their customers are trying to get out. Carl Icahn would be a good guest.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good Idea Michael. I’ll keep that in mind when booking in 2016.

  20. Jerry

    Merry Christmas Greg.
    You can save this one for when you’ve had to much of Gina, the resident commie.

    • Greg Hunter

      LOVED IT JERRY!!!! Merry Christmas!!

  21. Linda L.

    Great interview. Greg Mannarino is one of my favorites. Thank you for all your information and Merry Christmas!

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas to you Linda L.

  22. Jerry

    USA Watchdog Readers.
    My Christmas gift to you. The latest Baltic Dry Index Chart. Heed the warning. This is private industry data that cannot manipulated or controlled by the Central Banks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Real rate hike into a phony recovery–What could go wrong????

  23. don

    If the US market goes up it’s only because money is leaving downward trending economies around the world and coming here…but it will be temporary. Same thing happened in 2007-08.

    As far as Middle East countries expanding the war to drive up oil prices. It’s already a disaster and prices are still in decline.

  24. Southern Girl


    I love this guy. He is so great to try and help the little man. He really is a good man. I will still be trying to acquire more PM’s when I get my SS next month and so on.

    Off the subject a bit but 2 years ago or more Gerald Celente said this 2015 would really be our last, Christmas, as far as what we have known in the past….looks like he is going to be right. Black Friday in July…remember that one. Sales before Thanksgiving…I think this year will really be a down turn in sales. They won’t be able to give the stuff away.

    How about the unseasonable weather out East, South East, and South …who needs to buy a coat?? Today here in Arkansas it is 70 in the shade so my deck is 80in the sun. I’m in a t-shirt and shorts with the windows open. It is even going to be warm for Christmas. Even went to Sam’s yesterday in and out in record time…not that big of a crowd.

    If I don’t get a chance have a Blessed and Merry Christmas Greg and Greg. Enjoy the time with family and the Christ child.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG and Merry Christmas to you and yours

  25. Mike

    Greg, I appreciate the time and effort you put into your site. But one of the things that annoys me about your guests is that they act like they know what they are talking about, when they are really just guessing, and their guesses are no better than yours mine, or anyone else’s. If you’re wrong a few times, I get it. We are all human and none of us are perfect, but your guests are wrong at least 95% of the time. Every time I hear Greg Mannarino, he changes his prediction – sometimes he is bearish, sometimes he is bullish. He also predicted the top of the market in May, but now is not so sure. Does this mean he does not believe in the Dow Theory anymore? Economic theories were developed under the assumption that we have free or relatively free markets, but they are useless in today’s world of extreme and blatant manipulation. He presented charts at the beginning to predict where stocks and precious metals would go, but later admitted that everything is manipulated. So what good are the charts then? You cannot use facts, logic, economic theory, and past events to predict the future in a world where everything is rigged. In order for things to “collapse”, the manipulators need to be jailed. Since this will obviously never happen, and since the Fed and Plunge Protection Team can prop things up with thousands of trillions of dollars, there is no reason to expect any big events either in the “long term” or in the “short term”. Just my two cents. Having said all that, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • Greg Hunter

      My guests are NOT wrong 95% of the time. It you think that, then you are not reading the site and I wonder if you are a paid troll. By the way, everything Mannarino predicted in the short term with stocks and oil going up, happened today. (FYI) I took down your comment from my You Tube Channel

    • mushoom

      Hey Mike,
      Please go back to school………..real soon.

      • Mike

        No, I am not a paid troll. Actually, in his last video Greg said markets may go up or down. He never said specifically what they would do.
        Again, I respect what you do and that you are trying to bring people the truth.
        My point was that making predictions in today’s world is useless unless you are an insider at the Fed or the PPT. I’ve heard many predictions in the past 5 years about a collapse and they never came true. That’s because the whole game is rigged, as we have lost the rule of law under Bush and Obama. Your guests’ analysis may have made sense 10 or 20 years ago, but not now.

    • Jerry

      Mike, Mike, Mike.
      The United States economy has only been held together this long because of QE and the emerging economies of the world willingness to carry our debt. That goes away when the BRIC nations break from the dollar. You can print all the money you like (like you said trillions) but what good is it, if no one will be using it for trade? When that happens this once great nation will be no better than Zimbabwe who debased its own currency just like we have done.

      • Mike

        You are right that the BRICS may eventually bring on the death of the dollar’s reserve currency, and the sooner the better. This is the only thing the elites cannot control, but this may take years, or decades to play out. Countries like China, Russia, Brasil, and even Japan are dumping our debt, and the Fed is forced to buy it all. They are laundering the money through Amercian banks or the ECB. I actually want things to become very hard for Americans in terms of no food on shelves and no money at ATMs, etc., because that is the only thing that will wake up Americans to the criminal enterprise their country has become.

    • JC Davis

      Good job Mike. Honesty is a hard quality to find. My thoughts about all stock traders – government cheese chasers. No different then the fed banks taking hand outs on the future of the country. No different ! If you know the game is rigged and play on the side of the pre ordered winners, are they not all thieves… ?
      I don’t have any grace for those who gain from knowing how the game is played seeing the future of our country is on the table. What kind of greedy Ignorance have we become, Not a question.

      • JC Davis

        A friend want me to say you can throw a stick at the rigged stock market and cash from future kids rolls out.

  26. Cry Me a Ruble

    Went into the city today. I told myself beforehand to be patient with traffic and crowds. I had no problems. There were people around but not like the nightmares I had in the past this time of year. Some of the effect could be online sales but not to this extent. The best holidays to you and yours. Hold them close. We are all shipmates.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Cry for the street reporting!!

    • Calgirl

      I went to the Publix (grocery store) today at 3 PM. Was astounded at how full the huge parking lot was. Inside the store you had to be very cautious when maneuvering at the end of an isle, there were so many people. I guess people have to eat, but why shop Publix when cheaper prices are found at Sam’s, Walmart, B.J.’s, etc.? Gas here in N. Florida is 1.99 and 2.15 for premium.
      Am hoping Russia/China can divert our “leaders” and arms producers from trying to start another war. Have read that Russian armaments are far superior to ours. Does Russia/China have the”goods” on our leaders as Bill Holter seems to imply? For their safety I hope Trump and Cruz never fly the same plane, or appear together on the same stage! Anyway, as Stalin said: It’s not how the people vote, but who counts the votes.” Does anyone think that our military/police are beginning to see the light? The West will do ANYTHING to stop China from basing their currency on gold, IMO.
      I had a huge live oak removed, which overhung my house, in preparation for my new gutters. I don’t understand why builders don’t install gutters on homes here in Florida…maybe because of all the trees filling the gutters. It took the entire day for a crew of 5 to get that tree to the shredder, and the stump is still there! Am having two more large trees removed from the front yard after Christmas. Still have many very tall trees around the perimeter of my property as security from the frequent lightning storms we have here. One tree on the side of my house was hit by lightning last year. Very scary, but better than the earthquakes of California.

      • Cry Me a Ruble

        You went to a grocery store and it was crowded. I went to malls and Walmart. Apparently people are focusing on the family get-together and less on the gift giving. That is my take.

  27. vincent_g

    From what I understood the rate hike was reversed on Monday Morning

    That reversal was responsible for the big swing up on Monday.

    Is it that the news was so quite that you missed it?

    • Greg Hunter

      Vincent g,
      I have not heard this. Is there a link?

      • vincent_g

        It’s the strangest thing.
        Early Monday morning there was a news story with this headline.

        Markets rise on Feds reversal early this morning.

        But I can not find it anymore.
        It vanished

  28. Grafique

    Merry Christmas to you, Greg, and the rest of the WatchDoggers.
    This is the time of year when the King became low, when the Creator reached out to the sick, when the Giver took mercy on the hopeless.
    The Prince of Heaven didn’t come to the rulers and wealthy; he came to shepherds.
    The Lord of Heaven and Earth didn’t appear to the rich; he appeared to those in poverty.
    The High and Mighty came to the low.

    Seek Him this Christmas.

    What a wonderful time to find a Savior!

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas Garfique!!! Thanks for an the comments on the site.

    • JC Davis

      Thank you Grafique. God bless you.
      The Lord of Heaven and Earth didn’t appear to the rich; he appeared to those in poverty. Well said.

  29. mushoom

    Merry Xmas Greg to you and your family and a happy war free new year to you all.

    Best wishes for the new year…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mushroom and you do the same. Merry Christmas!!

  30. Htc

    Hey Greg, in other news the pope said.. enjoy your Christmas it’s probably your last. Haha, now, I don’t follow what the pope says but I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a pope give a Christmas message quite like that one. I know I thought 2015 was THE YEAR but man it sure looks like 2016 could turn out to be the big one. I personally don’t see an election taking place, with the current agenda who could possibly top the O man in executive orders, false flags, and gun scares!? Super excited for 2 0 1 6!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      The Pope is looking out form his NWO pals.

      • Calgirl

        Wouldn’t it be interesting if TPTB tried to impound the gold at the Vatican as they are trying to do from the churches in India? I guess the Vatican is safe from “confiscation” as it is its own country. I wonder just how many tons of gold is there.

  31. FC

    Greg, I have returned from a 5 week business trip to China and I was astonished by the business activity that is currently going on over there. It resembled the boom times here in Australia and American when we were experiencing 4% growth per annum………… must of been head spinning to see China at it’s height of 12%.
    Yes, China has it’s problems, but it will whether this financial calamity much better than any other country, thanks to their very strong and ever increasing middle class.
    I visited ultra modern factories with thousands of employees and was surprised that 90% of their markets were for China…………………meaning they don’t really need us to survive, but we need them.

    • lastmanstanding

      We really don’t need them here in the US either. The crap toys, tools and misc. garbage on the shelves in stores is the biggest most wasteful use of oil and raw material imaginable. It is massive debt called “inventory”…an asset, lmao!

      As far as activity, they have over a billion freaking people, that alone is beyond busy.

      Thank US corpco for the ultra-modern facilities…No way they could do that without us. Then thank ignorant US workers who supported all of the various trade unions who destroyed productivity with cries for higher wages and every benefit possible…in return got far lower productivity. Corpco was headed that way any how due to irritable union and employee issues. If you look back at industry a century plus, corps were built on slave labor…yes, right here in the good ole USA. Steel, oil, Railroad, construction, etc. Corps went full circle and simply decided that slave labor is best for profit…so away it all went. Why deal with the headaches of unions and whiney, spoiled, minimal IQ, sheep, collectivist employees.

      Let me say that I am by no means in support of corpco, but I will say I am for a fair days work for a fair days pay…or one that you can negotiate for everyone’s content.

      That is how the planet works.

      • Jeff L

        Since we don’t manufacture anything anymore I’d say we need someone. What exactly do we build other than bartenders and waitresses ?

      • FC

        You have to remember Lastmanstanding, it’s idiots who buy worthless tools and toys and the world is full of idiots, China only caters to their needs and capitalizes on their stupidity.

        Wal-mart, HomeDepot, Lowes, Harbor Freight Tools and alike are nothing more than Chinese warehouses, strip your home of every product that is made in China and you better have a good American made blanket wrapped around you.

        The world is responsible for China’s modern factories with the Europeans being their long before anyone else.

        I buy Australian made products when I can, but when I can’t and it’s a big ticketed item and I know it’s coming from China, I’d rather go there and cut out the middle man.

        The recent signing of the Free Trade Agreement between countries isn’t going to help the situation for a fair days pay for a fair days work, this is only going to make it harder……………Ross Perot, back in 1994 knew exactly what was going to happen with jobs with the signing of NAFTA……………A Giant Sucking Sound…………that’s only going to get bigger.

  32. Max's Dad

    Hey Everyone !
    First of all, Merry Christmas !

    Next I’m going to offer you the best advice of anyone here who has ever been interviewed or posted on this web-site:
    1. Take life one day at a time. Don’t fret about the future, for there is no way you can control it.
    2. Be Grateful for what you have, and don’t worry about what you don’t have. Find 5 things to be grateful for, every day you wake, first thing in the morning.
    3. Exercise every day. The reason is, you need a way to break away from the doom and gloom that is on the news, or on the internet.
    4. Turn off your cell phone for at least 4 hours every day between 9 am and 5 pm. Why ? Because it’s distracting you from focusing on life and your priorities.
    5. Hug someone if not everyone in your family each day. You might not live to see the next day.
    6. Start finding ways to be kind to everyone. Think consciously about that, a number of times each day. Like, ‘what could I do today’ for someone, type of kindness.
    7. Don’t worry about the stock market, bond market, currencies, interest rates, inflation, or deflation. Those things will all be here, next year at this time, on December 23rd, 2016.
    8. Eat good food each day. One vegetable. One piece of fruit. and eat modestly.
    9. Become more adult like. Life is very hard most of the time. The easy parts are few and far between. Nobody owes you anything. Being adult like, means taking responsibility for everything that happens. Sh8T happens, and there is just no other way to handle a situation, then to accept it, and deal with it, the lot you have been handed. If you have an issue with that, go back and read item number 2 and let it sink in.
    10. Don’t put much money in the bank, but still save money, save resources, save and reuse what you can. Money is nothing more than your stored labor, where you trade current time, for future time, and there will always be some form of money to do this exchange. Some gold and silver is ok, but don’t become obsessed with it. Thinking more about the present, than the future or the past, will help you understand, that much of this hand waving you see here or on any website, is more about someone else’s anxiety, rather than yours. Hence you will think less about money, and just think about going about your day, each day, purposefully and intently, as again, you just never know if it might be your last.

    • diane s.

      Love it, Max’s Dad.
      Merry Christmas

  33. Andy Mauldin

    This guy knows the market, thank you.
    Can you bring up Martin Armstrong soon ?

  34. Harry

    …so a strong dollar usually means stocks down…but today “nothing is real” as Gregory said…he also predicts a rising stocks market now. Why? Because the dollar, he says, is going to go lower. that IS how it usually works, eh what?

  35. Sayonara

    Thanks for having The MAN as a regular guest. The MAN has extraordinary street trader and economic smarts and I always enjoy hearing his observations and point of view.

  36. John Farr

    Greg, this comment is for you. Mike has some erroneous thoughts,but probably not a troll, just a very frustrated person like myself that keeps listening to EXPERTS hoping to find some reliable answers to ease the constant stress that our considerable fears of the future bear on us day and night. Yes this too, will come to pass, but WHEN! Dammit. WHEN? I hear you ask that question of your guests all the time, so I know you understand.

  37. Oz

    Hey Greg,
    Next time you speak to Gregory, can you ask his opinion on what will happen to the market if/when QE4 is announced. Won’t that (at least temporarily) prevent the crash down to 6,000? The shorts will be crucified, no?

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