Political and Spiritual Treason Surrounds Trump – Mark Taylor

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies,” predicted Donald Trump would become President years before the 2016 Election.  Taylor made many other predictions and is now out with a dire and immediate warning for President Trump.  Taylor explains, “All of these spiritual advisors you see right now and the political advisors I believe have led President Trump astray. . . . I love President Trump.  I respect President Trump, but he is a man, and he can make mistakes just like Mark Taylor can, but these vaccines are a mistake.  God is not happy with these vaccines, that much I can tell you.”

The experts, doctors and data overwhelmingly show that the CV19 injections are dangerous and harmful.  VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) alone shows more CV19 vax deaths than all vaccines combined in the last 30 years of reporting.  Taylor goes on to say, “Now we are coming to a point that if something is not done quickly, Trump is in trouble.  I am not going to lie.  He’s in trouble because the patriots are not happy.  The problem I am seeing that the Lord is showing me is that as many people as he is winning on the left, he’s losing his base on the right because of the vaccines.  Nobody looks at Biden as Commander in Chief, come on.  Everybody knows the election was stolen.  We know Trump is the President.  The patriots look at Trump as their Commander in Chief.  What they are confused about right now is why is Trump pushing a New World Order agenda?  They can’t figure out why.  I talk to the patriots. . . . There are some patriots out there who are refusing to support President Trump unless he backs off the vaccines. . . . This is the problem when you have demonic advisors.”

What has to be done? Taylor says, “There has to be a shift in the advisory role around the President. . . . . The President was led astray, and he has got to come out and get ahead of this narrative now before it’s too late.  He’s kind of painted himself in a corner and saying he’s the ‘Father of the Vaccine,’ and he’s proud of it.  He says people don’t trust Joe Biden, and he thinks he can talk people into it.  NO, NO that’s not what needs to take place.  What needs to take place is the cancellation of the vaccines immediately.  Stop the shots, stop them now.”

In closing, Taylor says, “It’s all about spiritual and political advisors right now, and this is what God is talking about.  Judgment is going to fall on these advisors.  It’s not going to fall on President Trump because we know he’s been led astray. . . . In ancient times, if an advisor led a King astray, they got executed.  What makes this any different?  If an advisor calls down a curse on a King or a spiritual advisor leads him astray, it’s all treason.  It’s political and spiritual treason.”

Mark Taylor says we need to pray for President Trump to make the right choice and change his advisors.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with retired firefighter Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies.”

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Francine Archambault

    Wow!!!!!! Greg..,thank you so much for having Mark on.

    • Jody Paul

      Yes! I have been wanting to hear from Mark again for almost 2yrs now. Thanks Greg for getting him back on here.

    • Moby

      Trust not in any man but only our Father and His Word:


    • Ellen Prentice

      Yes it was great to hear from a true prophetic voice there are so many lying voices out there

    • Steve Ross

      Recommendation for Trumps council.
      There should be at least one American Indian elected by the women of their tribes as they see fit.
      The American Indians know first hand what freedom should be, and how it should be defended.

    • RastechBob

      Agreed. I’ve been waiting to hear an update From Mark, and he isSpot on. Re the Vaccines, there are Real ones, readied for years – No BioWeapon is Released without an appropriate Cure, and to me, The Trump Vaccine is the safe one, developed and ready at least 5 years back imho, and large numbers of that are around, but slipped in with it have been extremely Toxic Batches, by the Bad Guys. Those Toxic Batches have recently been noted and commented on, in many areas. None of us can be immune from being Deceived. Because of Something I came across after multiple Near Death Experiences (frankly it is so good on the other side, with us knowing and understanding everything, with everything making sense, and being so staggeringly beautiful, I really didn’t want to come Back, but now I’m glad I did). During my teens, and early twenties, I studied Comparative Religions, and Some Ancient Records. I’ve always been fascinated by archaeology, and there are multiple records saying the Mind of Humanity has been deliberately Clouded, so that Humanity can’t Find the False gods or, let’s call them the Fallen Angels, and much can be found out about them, in Sumerian and other texts. Now the important, if controversial bit, and it’s to do with knowing everything to be so, on the other side. Over there, you know what is impossible, and why the impossible is impossible, right ? Well there’s something really odd I’ve noticed, on this side, that determined stubborn Humabity is proving many impossible things, are indeed possible, and that leads to the very uncomfortable Scenario, that it isn’t just Humanity’s Mind that has been Clouded, to Deceive and Conceal Things that want to Stay Hidden. That throws a different light in what might well be hiding from Trump, and all of us, and I think something Truly Evil is a Faction Masquerading as factions within White Hats and the Alliance, and it is extremely difficult to perceive them. Have you seen what is proposed as a new “White Hat”, Post Collapse Replacement System, utilising Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite System, with it’s all powerful Centralised Control, of Communications, Finance, Government, and every aspect of Our Lives ? How is that Any Different to what the Side of Evil is proposing, via Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, EU, UN, etc, plus the Biden Administration ? It’s Not is it. Mark’ is Also on the right track with Fake White Hats on the Spiritual Side, doing Tarot Readings, and Channeling, and God knows what else to deliver deliberate Disinformation on the Physical Side, and I think it is Our Physical Side that it is important for us to Help God Reveal Exactly Where Evil Resides, so that God Can bring all necessary Measures to Deal with them, which will also help Trump and Others see past their Concealing Veils of Deception. I now honestly think that Clouding the Mind of Humanity, which had one purpose, has serendipitously worked to the Advantage of God and Humanity. Now let’s get to work with Our Spidey Senses, Stubbornness, and Determination Humanity is Renowned for. God Bless Us All, and clothe us with your Armour, and the weapons we need, This Fight is Now On. 👍🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇺🇸

    • Linda

      This is precisely the plan to take down Trump. The machine of media… will soon pivot and create a new fear and a new enemy. The new fear will be to make the vaccinated afraid of what they have put in their bodies. It is starting to trickle out but soon the flood and then the turn. Just as the covid was blamed on Trump. The media is going to be aghast at how they were duped by Trump into believing the vaccine was safe. This is how they plan to take him down and eliminate him as a candidate. Remember: It was his vaccine and then it wasn’t. They will merely just give it back to him when they decide to release the data on vaccine deaths. All the vaccinated will believe Trump is killing them. He MUST get out ahead of this now.

    • Ed

      Yes Francine. Mark is right about 501C3 “churches”. They are all apostate.

      • Laura McDonough

        The gov. controlled 501c3 churches are the primary problem we are in the mess we are in, incl moral and cultural decline. Many of these denominations condone LGBT incl the Southern Baptists in recent years. Clergy are muzzled and must be pol. correct. Some pastors and assoc. pastors are divorced and remarried also. I left an indep. non 501 church several yrs ago when a pastor took over who remarried after a divorce. Even some indep. churches are sliding into liberalism. I am not looking for a social outlet, which these church’s primary goal is a social club..

  2. Josh

    Did Trump ever renounce the “Vaccines”?

    • Greg Hunter

      Please watch the video.

      • David

        Trump is not that stupid . What is he a child . He is pushing the vaccine plain and simple
        He knows exactly what he’s doing
        He has betrayed his base

        • Christine

          I agree with you. I think he has been threatened as well as his family. He has gone against the NWO agenda but there must of been some compromise with this. Just like with the election. Bombs were threatened throughout the US and world if he didn’t step down. The Bible tells us to use discernment. This is also proof that we are not in a Trump cult.
          Remember the Israelites had a vision in their heads what it would be like when the Messiah would come. Instead he got killed by the enemy. They had doubts if this was the true Messiah. This weakens the cause. All things are done for THE GREATER GOOD. The wheat and the weeds are still going together. So some wheat will be choked out. But that let’s the majority grow.

        • mri

          yep andhe says it Tay;or as I was thinking the same what with pushing the vaccine.Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies,” predicted Donald Trump would become President years before the 2016 Election. Taylor made many other predictions and is now out with a dire and immediate warning for President Trump. Taylor explains, “All of these spiritual advisors you see right now and the political advisors I believe have led President Trump astray. . . . I love President Trump. I respect President Trump, but he is a man, and he can make mistakes just like Mark Taylor can, but these vaccines are a mistake. God is not happy with these vaccines, that much I can tell you.”Further I now am saying bio-weapon injection That is opening peoples eye not vax. vaccine!!

        • James Schroeder

          Agreed. The buck stops with Trump. He is responsible for his decisions. He isn’t bound by some code that says he must follow the advisors–whom he chose to advise him–advice. .

          • Juli Barbato

            And the buck for the shoulder stab stops with those ADULTS (not children, the dev disabled, or those with dementia) who have made the decision to take it. It makes me livid that Trump is so stupid when it comes to this matter, but it makes me even angrier that people who submitted to Big Pharma and Dr. Faustus blame ANYONE but themselves.

        • Greg

          100%. Sorry no way Trump lacks the intelligence to not see what’s going on out there. POOR ADVISING, cmon like the last post said, he’s not a child he can be responsible for his own discernment and words that come from his mouth. Patriots should rightfully turn on anyone who betrays them with lethal misinformation.

          • Cassie

            Agree 1000%. When are people going to wake up to see the truth that it is wrong to place trust in any man? Trust God alone. Stop bashing Trump more than anyone else. Whether he is being blinded by Satan or not, God is allowing him to be blinded. And if you are putting your trust in anyone besides our God, you are going to be blinded too. Read 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11 — “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:” Wake up and follow the Bible, people!

          • Lynn Scott

            Greg if you look back there’s so much evidence trump is dirty. Ask God to show you. He will

            • Greg Hunter

              No there is not Lynn. Trump is dead wrong on the Vax, and that will be his undoing if he does not come out and turn around and say “Stop the Shots.” For that alone God will bring him to his knees.

        • Laura McDonough

          Agree, Trump is also a “gate keeper” for the globalists otherwise he would have never been able to run and/or take office. He was pushing the shots, then on top of that in my state the Roy Moore scandal of dating underage teens hit the news. This ruined his chance in politics. The lawsuit by him against these women was thrown out. We no longer vote in any election. We can’t trust anyone. A former gov. Bentley had an affair w/ woman half his age, then resigned. Also why would Trump have adultress Paula White who shacked up w/ Benny Hinn (both married) advise him? Wasn’t Trump a friend of Epstein also?? Women preachers also also forbidden in the new T. Most today attend churches for a social outlet and/or business reasons.

          • Greg Hunter

            You are getting really deep without sourcing. I do feel your frustration because I am disappointed too. What you can say for sure is Trump is dead wrong on the vax.

      • Glenn

        Thank you Greg for all that you do ! As to POTUS Trump, all good men have a flaw. I suspect a sense of his own special purpose is trumps strength and weakness. I say weakness because it lends itself to ego. People around Tromp are most likely playing on this with whispers of “Biden will take credit for your achievements”, “Biden will claim to have saved America”. . . And planting the temptation to speak unwisely.
        The elite always set up a patsy to be scapegoated at the close of an operation. This smells of an operation to discredit and sideline a great threat to them , while simultaneously diverting public judgement to come away from them.

        Glenn in VaBeach

      • BDS

        Hi Greg,
        I am happy to hear MT, its been awhile. I have to say I have had second thoughts on Trump starting Oct. 2019. There were so many things that were wrong, HRC, HRC foundation, J. Comey, Brennan, A. Schiff, Russia, propaganda/news media and many other criminal activities that never were acted on. All the set dates that something was going to happen and nothing (as you say crickets). I even thought Trump was part of the reset to get the center and the right to go along with the slow response as part of the controlled reset. These people in charge or even behind the scenes have been planning this for decades and have had the time to carefully plan this out.
        This web is so massive and extremely hard to take it all in. I even started to go back to church. The priest’s in my church don’t even mention anything about covid except it is now time to come back to church. All I can think about that is they are crickets because of 501c. Just a grain of sand in the over all problem.
        I am strong and prepared.
        BTW, 3 of my children did get vaccinated( one military and two nurses) over two months ago. With all the info I have been giving my children, I was heart broken they succumbed to the threats of dishonorable discharge, fired and black listed. I was able to get them to prepare for the vaccine with, 10K IU’s of vit D, Quercetin, 50mg Zinc, 5 capsules 3 x day of C60. I told them to continue for about three months after last shot. I am no Dr. but not one had any severe reactions. Time will only tell how much my children have been damaged. All the time, effort and cost that my wife and I put into making our children contributors in society are now at greater risk.
        Overall, my thoughts are just part of the reset. The elite do not want to lose their wealth and power and we are expendable. Get your PM’s, crypto’s and be informed.

        • Greg Hunter

          Please put this in context. Trump is talking Israel as an ally, and now we have the Dems and the Squad hatting Israel and wanting to destroy it. That’s the explanation.

          • Cassie

            Dear Greg, the ethnic land of Israel, is NOT God’s remnant. They crucified Jesus. Race is no help to get to heaven. The lie of dispensationalism spread by today’s apostate church has convinced believers that the land and people of Israel are favored by God. True believers, Jews and Gentiles, are His children. There will be no millennium where ethnic Jews will rule on earth. We are living in the thousand years (figurative number) NOW. Jesus is reigning NOW with His people, His remnant. All that remains is the coming judgment. The millennium lie is from Satan and the church has only embraced this confusion over the past 100 years or so, beginning with Scofield. The early church right up until the Puritans understood this. Do not be deceived.

      • Jeffrey

        Greg, last Sunday night on Mark Levins program on Sunday night, Trump was bragging about all 3 vaccines but then said, there were drugs that are helpful also and in those, mentioned Redesivir. My ears popped up and I know about this Fauci recommended killer drug. I was so disappointed. He cannot be this ignorant. And if he is, should we follow such a person?

        • Linda

          I agree with you. I can no longer support Trump. If he, in fact, can be “fooled” or “tricked” by bad advisors, we don’t need him in office. Any person with half a brain can see that these shots are harmful. I’m not buying into this trickery thing. I am hoping Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis runs. Lot’s of people I know from Montana will be voting for him.

          • Ed

            I’m from Montana and I won’t be voting for De Santis. He is as pro jab as Trump is. And has endorsed monoclonal therapy as well. Just listen to Dr. Tenpenny on that. She said we do not know enough about it to feel safe about putting it in our bodies. De Santis even signed legislation giving health depts in Florida the authority to force people to be jabbed in an emergency.

            Trump is pro jab. The only difference between them and the dems is that they hate human/child trafficking and murder. Their hope is for a new world order where everyone is jabbed with graphene oxide so that those who live through it will have their emotions manipulated and them controlled with 5G.

            The jab will be the requirement/initiation to enter into the new world order. Coupled with the luciferase stamp it will be the mark of the beast without which no one can buy or sell.

            • Cassie

              Yes, do not follow ANY man except Jesus Christ. This country is doubling down on sins instead of mass repentance. Do not look to the church to lead any true repentance over giving it’s authority to the government into tax exempt status, embracing homosexuality and looking the other way over abortions, let alone the idolatry that God hates. It’s too late to save this country. People need to fall on their knees individually and truly repent to be protected by God in the coming days and years. And I’m talking about not following His law, observing pagan holidays like Christmas and Easter, and allowing Freemasonry and Jesuits in pulpits. All are antichrist.

        • Ryan Kindel

          Way back, When Trump first mentioned “WARP SPEED” I was done with Trump.
          Speaking of the Traitors that surround Trump there are many, and he put them there and
          failed to get rid of them. One of the worst in his own family. ” Jared Corey Kushner ” !!
          Not that it will make any difference but I will be changing my voter registration .
          Going Libertarian. Have a Great Day, Stay connected, And above all
          STAY CLOSE TO GOD !!

          • Lynn Scott

            You got it so right!!!! I’m with you. I won’t vote again. God’s got this

      • Hannah

        A BIG “THANK YOU” Greg! Just what my soul needed – a Mark Taylor sermon. Truth is so vital to our state of wellbeing, yet is in such short supply on planet earth these days. I miss your quote at the end of your videos – FEAR NOT, Father God, Jesus Christ, & The Holy Spirit are fully in control. Prayers & blessings sent your way… @–>—

      • RCarlos

        I was thinking the same thing about Trump. Why is he supporting the vax? It doesn’t make sense. He’s a smart guy. He seems to know what’s happening in the world, but on such an important topic he’s ignoring the data and promoting the evil agenda.

        Probably everything changes in 6 months, when more people die and more information comes out showing how deadly the vaccines are. Then nobody can ignore what is really going on. If Trump is still pushing the vaccines in 6 months, then we know he’s going along with the evil agenda. Thanks Greg for bringing up this topic!

        • Warren B.

          So we wait another 6 months to see if he is part of the evil plan. No way Jose.

      • George

        Yeah hope is what I need O me of little faith

      • Roger

        Thanks for another great interview! Finally some answers to the one question I never could answer.

        I still wonder why we continue to promote the experimental gene therapy for free. Big Pharma is thankful every time we mention the word vaccine.

      • Art Gaietto aka Honk Honk Sr.

        Greg…Love your show! Been a fan for years now. This Trump and the vaccine will no doubt turn into a reversal. The optics may look bad for Trump but the truth will come of it. It again will expose another layer of corruption within this cabal system we have been living under.
        Sit back and enjoy the show Patriot!

    • Lois

      You people understand the Jab is not a vacinne but an experimental drug that was given an ok to be used on people. It has not been certified as a vacinne. Trump has said from the beginning 4 Certified treatments call VACINNE, those are what he has approved from the start. You have been tricked by the DS clever word play. They call this Jab a vaccine. You fell for it. Stop blaming Trump because you failed to do your part in searching out the truth.

      • Terry Owen

        Not àn experimental drug nor vaccine but a military antidote to a bio-weapon.

      • Ranger Up

        Evidently Trump never did any of his own research either. This whole EAU was used as an excuse for acNational Security threat. I don’t trust him.

    • Ed

      He never denounced the vaccine. But what people are missing, is that if President Trump never enacted Operation Warp Speed, 10’s of million of more people are the World would OF DIED! He forced the Deep States hand! Did he think that Pfizer, Moderna, etc. Would put in TOXIC ingredients in these Shots! NO! He just exposed them too! Think about it! President Trump did what he had too! Now it is up to the American People to fight for their freedom! Which We Are!! We are all learning the “TRUE” meaning of the CONSTITUTION! Will all the Evil PEOPLE pay for their Crimes! YES! We have Won! Deep State is trapped! President Trump and Patriots played them perfectly! Enjoy the Show! God Bless President Trump and Patriots! Or we will All be dead by now! God Bless America! THE WATERFALL OF INFORMATION AND ARRESTS ARE UPON US! WE STILL HAVE TO WAKE UP A FEW MORE PPL! WHEN ALL IS GONE, IT WILL HIT MOST,THEN AND ONLY THEN CAN WE END THIS FOR THE NEXT 1000 YEARS!

    • Linda

      He has not renounced it. He took credit and then when Biden went into office he took credit. When it all turns foul – the media will give the blame to Trump.

      • Charlotte C.

        Please stop with the “enjoy the show.” We are living a nightmare. Promises from unknown operatives have only yielded more confusion telling us to “trust the plan.” Greg Hunter was right about trusting anonymous sources.

        • Ryan Kindel

          I totally agree with you Charlotte. All of this ; Hold the Line, trust the plan, Deep state is trapped, Bad guys will be arrested, we have won, sit back and enjoy the show.
          Personally I believe it’s all Q-Anon stuff. A Psychological Operations (PSYOP) to lead the
          people into thinking everything is going to be just fine when in reality it is just the opposite.

  3. Olaf from OZ

    Thanks Greg and Mark for the information to shine to the world.
    Last week, I had this idea come to mind that “As in the days of Noah – SO shall be …
    What came to mind, was FORTY DAYS of Rain, then the WINDOW of the ARK was OPENED. – The WINDOW of the Ark was towards Heaven?
    Genesis 6:16. A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it ABOVE; and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the SIDE thereof; [with] lower, second, and third [stories] shalt thou make it.
    In a round about way, I came to thinking that the OFFICIAL Hebrew calendar that started Yom Teruah for the Rosh Hashana of 5782 [This Year] SHOULD have BEGUN in OCTOBER, and NOT on September the 7th. [One Lunar Cycle too early]
    With the above reckoning, the REAL TISHREI should start on the evening of the 6th of OCTOBER – Feast of Trumpet Blowing.
    IF that was true, consider the following:-
    If the Jews moved the Rosh Hashana date one Lunar Cycle earlier, then the TRUE Rosh Hashana would have be the 7th of October 2021.

    If that IS true, then Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) – When you are considered “SEALED” – Could it BE that Yahuah gives us 40 Days to be AT-ONE-MENT with Him?
    40 Days for Ninevah’s Warning. (Jonah 3:4)
    40 Days of Embalming of Jacob [Israel] and buried in promised land. (Genesis 50:3)
    40 Days Moses was communicating with Yahuah on Sinai. (Deuteronomy. 9:9)
    40 Days to Check out the “Promised Land” – Caleb & Joshua BELIEVED. (Num 13:25)
    40 Days Elijah was gone to Mt Horeb and Talked to Yahuah (1 Kings 19:8)
    40 Days Ezekiel was instructed to lay on one side FOR Israel (Ezekiel 4:6)
    40 Days of RAIN for Noah. (Genesis 7:12) & Opened (heaven’s?) window (Gen.8:6)
    40 Days Goliath showed up before being killed. (1 Samuel 17:16)
    40 Days Yahoshua was in the Wilderness to Be Tempted of the Devil. (Matt.4:2)
    40 Days after Crucifixion, Yahshua appeared & ascending to the Father. (Acts1:3)

    40 Days from the REAL Yom Kippur (Day of At-One-ment) is 25th of November 2021.
    Rev.7:3. Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.
    NOT SEALED? – what comes after the SEALING – Rev.7:1-3
    Rev.9:4. And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have NOT the seal of God in their foreheads.
    5. And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment [was] as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.
    6. And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

    I hope you can follow it. You may need to have some knowledge of the Hebrew Calendar.

    • virginia clark

      wow, very interesting on the 40 days. Thanks for putting that together like that.

    • Jeff

      The calendar difference is well known. I like your thought process because it aligns with many others. One guy I follow says we are close to a military takeover because foreign enemies were involved in the stolen election (China).
      Also, a prophet I have followed who has not been wrong stated 2 years ago a worse plague than Covid is coming. He described it as very painful sores over the body.
      I don’t think it is an accident the tone in the comment section is becoming more “religious”.
      I believe something “big” is coming and God alone will get the glory.

      • KN

        Very interesting. I’m not surprised the conversation is becoming more biblical at all. None of us know what Gods plans are for anyone, including Trump. I don’t understand the premise about the Jewish calendar starting late though, it seems like the original poster laid a lot on top of that one premise. I think we know this is west bigger than trump and he is a human , fallible like we all are. God help us through these difficult times, as it seems like the End Times are upon us.

      • FreeMpg

        “Bill Gates warns of smallpox terror attacks” Did you see that headline? Small pox has been eradicated since the 1980’s. Samples still remain and are held at the two highest-level, most secure government labs in the world, one in the US and the other Russia. After Gates issued his warning, a few days later six vials of the small pox virus were discovered in an insecure lab freezer at Merck.

    • Stephen

      Great post Olaf
      I believe Revelation 9 is all about the Covid virus and the vaccine.
      The Locust is the virus, the scorpion sting is the vaccine. We are told a third of mankind will be killed by three plagues of fire,smoke and surfer. I believe better know as Pfizer, Moderna and J&J
      I certainly believe this is intentional. This covid vaccine is poison, it is about to kill two and a half billion people. Revelation 9 even gives a vivid description of the virus.

      • travis moss

        why do you use newspaper eschatology? The prophecies of the end times has been fulfilled save one(2nd coming)

        • Stephen

          Travis, your post is false. The sequence of events has just started. I have written multiple books on prophecy long before these things made the headlines. No, I have never ripped things from the news. Revelation 9 is the Covid virus and the vaccine. The vaccine will kill one third of the planet. Tell me Travis, has that happened yet?
          I can support what I say in scripture. Those who do not listen to what Revelation 9 is telling us are in jeopardy.

          • Cassie

            Yes, Stephen, all coming true right before our eyes. Look up for that is whence cometh our help! Truly exciting times if you are right with God!!!!

  4. Charles

    Who are the bad advisors?

    • Chip

      It doesn’t really matter. If Trump can’t see the adverse data on the shots on his own then he’s the wrong man for the job. His continued support and bragging about the clot shot being his just proves he’s both incompetent and false opposition…

      • Paul ...


    • travis moss

      why do you use newspaper eschatology? The prophecies have been fulfilled save one

  5. Neil Currie

    Whether it is by agency of Mr. Trump, or whether it is via Nuremberg 2, Fauci’s goose will be rightfully cooked

    • regaleagle

      There will be many gooses cooked besides Fauci……it’s God ordained. The separating of the wheat and chaff that has grown together in the field(world) is now underway. True believers have the gift of discernment from the Holy Spirit and are in daily relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit thru prayer. The gift of discernment is a spiritual gift reserved for God’s Church……if you are not a member, then spiritual wisdom and discernment is NOT in you…..end of story. This does not exclude Trump or anyone else…..there are NO exceptions to this spiritual law ordained by God Almighty in his Word.

      • Cassie

        Thank you for TRUTH, dear brother (or sister) in Christ. Get right with God, people, read your bibles and draw nigh to the most high God. The Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth, which has the name of Jesus Christ. And buckle up, it’s only beginning.

  6. tim mcgraw

    Thanks Greg for having Mark on to address this Trump supporting vaccines issue. Biden obviously has been damaged by the injections. So has Governor Newsom of California after he got his booster a few weeks ago. (Newsom has GBS (Gilles-Barre Syndrome). I think it will take the sight of their own children dying after being injected to wake up people to how deadly these vaccines are.
    And read RFK Jr.’s new book on Fauci. Or watch the interview of RFK Jr. on the Pillow Guy’s channel. Fauci is as bad as Josef Mengele. He killed foster children with his drug experiments. RFK Jr. has the proof.

  7. john+duffy



    • Paul ...

      VERY POWERFUL … Every person on Earth needs to listen to this interview … so much is covered … essentially write off all the people you know who took the 3rd “jab” (they are total goners) so don’t waste your time or energy trying to help save them … instead concentrate your efforts on trying to convince them not to vaccinate their 5 to 11 year old children with “the death shot”!!

    • Paul ...

      Convincing people to save their children “is going to be difficult” … as they have been “programmed to have fear” … by “jabbing them” with aborted fetal cells of an infant “who died in fear” … where “the fear ingrained in the n-RNA of the aborted infant” is injected directly into people by the Globalists (to produce fear in them as a means of mind control) and thus can conquer America “by fear alone” rather then by military means … https://ugetube.com/watch/new-science-suggests-rna-the-key-to-genetic-memory-and-the-soul_Q4E3WI2WMvW5FOI.html

    • Catherine

      Dr Zelenko is wonderful. He knows the truth about this vax and the truth is horrifying. I had mentioned to Mr Hunter to have him on his program. But so far it hasn’t happened. I hope he has Dr Zelenko on soon. His voice is very very direct and forceful. A Must listen .

  8. Kenneth Landon

    Pride goes before a fall, a haughty spirit before destruction. Trump is a victim of his oversized, runaway Ego. He can’t begin to imagine that he’s been played by the deep state. He should’ve canned Fauci among others early on in the pandemic. Trump, you been had!
    Unfortunately, the whole country is paying the price for his arrogance.
    I supported and voted for him, but he needs to WISE UP!
    I agree with Mark on the audits. They’ve gotten away with stealing 1 election,then
    no future elections will matter.

    • Chip

      Bingo! Chip

    • Catherine

      Hi Ken
      Pride is a fault however since you don’t really know him as a personal friend you are actually judging him based on your opinion. However one should know a person by his ACTIONS. Obviously if he has been threatened or fooled by our demonic government we really can’t point that out as a fault because we have as a nation been lied to and maliciously hurt by them also and believed they were looking out for us.
      So what makes me feel he is weak is that he has never put ANYONE IN JAIL OR BROUGHT THEM TO COURT. He had a slew of fbi cia. Etc for years and all he did was defend himself. He made a major error. Stupid? Complicit? Maybe both.
      That is the weakness that points to either complicity or just wanting to play both us and them. Either way his weakness has gotten us to this point and I really don’t think he is capable of defending the TRUTH of anything.

      • Statistical Engineer


        Worse, some Trump supporters became Trump worshipers.

        Thank God the prideful Trump fell.
        Thank God the Trump worshippers look like idiots. It’s biblical.

        At best, Trump is incompetent (deep state appointment after deep state appointment).

        My dad died from Trump’s vaccine.

        • Cassie

          Do you think Trump could turn out to be the beast in Revelation? The beast receives a deadly wound and recovers. If Trump comes back it could be so. Watching….

    • Bibi

      I could not agree more. Trump’s EGO has blinded him. These are kill shots. I have totally soured on Trump with his pimping of these shots. I doubt he will ever admit these are kill shots and a disaster. His EGO got the best of him.

  9. Timothy Harrigan

    Greg, I’m a big long time fan. With that said, it is self evident concerning President Trump. The amount of damage he let happen has now come into view. You know them by their fruits. At the end of the day, Trump was captured and used to collapse the remaining strength of the country. Pretty sure they had something on him thru Epstein. take care Greg. Will keep giving you some bumps on Revolution radio. If you have heard me you can probably guess based on what I just wrote which radio host I am.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      I agree with you Tim. It has to be maybe something more than that like a serious threat to take out Don Jr like in an accident like the Satanists are so good at.

    • Matt Kaatz

      Agree, we are the ones who have been had by President Trump. Time to recognize it.

    • Dot

      Agree. Trump is compromised. But there is NO WAY he does not know about all the deaths and injuries from the vax at this point. If normal citizens know, the president knows. He is staying silent on these crimes against humanity for a reason. Probably blackmail or threats to family

      • John

        I Agree, How long can Trump claim ignorance about what is going on before he is complicit in this evil scheme?

      • Warren B.

        Why is it that so many people use the “compromised” phrase as a way of defending his actions.
        Trump attended and graduated from the Wharton Business School. Dimwits don’t get accepted into the most well respected Business School on the planet.
        Even though his money is inherited, he has managed to retain and expand his wealth. That is not by luck. Obviously its important to have people around you that you can trust. Trump has always had people close to him that he put a lot of trust in.
        An educated man as Trump is … he has some intellect…enough to know that an untested EUA of a Vaccine is NOT SAFE.
        IMO he is acting on his own volition.

  10. Daniel C Goodacre

    Both you and Mark Taylor are completely right on this. Trump needs to get out in front of this and tell We the People that he was led astray… and start naming everyone!
    PS: I’ve been one of your long time viewers for about 10 years now and you always Bring the A Game in your interviews and guests!

    • Keith Kasprzak

      This is why he needs to establish his social media platform first. He needs to position so that the fake media and high tech cannot shut his word down. It’s coming, and so is a reversal of the stolen election. I read more proof of that every day.

  11. Frank R

    Trump is popular but if Ron Desantis ran he would have a great chance of winning. I believe Trump and Pence will run separately. Pence will get more support from the republican party, because he is a RINO at heart and turned his back on the fraudulent elections.
    If we don’t get these illegal election processes fixed up we will have a full-on banana republic here. With the endless influx of foreigners with no loyalty but to the handouts and a better life, the patriots will watch their quality of life and liberty collapse.

    • Greg Hunter

      Desantis said the vax is “saving lives”!! No it is NOT!

      • Paul ...

        If Desantis does not know the “jab” is a weapon of death … we can not vote “this idiot” into office!!

      • Chris B

        The vax is garbage, there is no way Trump doesn’t know what’s going on. He is aware of everything else the deep state is doing but can’t figure out about COVID and the vax. I call bullshit. Something else is going on here, not sure exactly, but something else is going on…

      • paul Anthony

        I can vouch for that I saw him live behind the podium saying then vaxx saves lives before one of his conferences And my mouth dropped to the ground

      • Juli Barbato

        Correct! I’m here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and although I’m grateful for all the good governance DeSantis has exercised, he is just as much of a gullible/conventional normie as Trump regarding the vaccine. OR, he is pandering to the many normie old folks, and I mean older than I (who am 66 and, er, spry).

        I couldn’t agree more with everyone’s favorite fireman-prophet that an audit should be done in Florida. BUT, to his credit, the governor did at least open an office of election integrity. Perhaps their duties will include an audit. Because sure as chit, you know the resident elected (maybe) dunce RINOs and dirty, disgusting Dems WILL see to it that they steal the reelection from DeSantis and any other sane officials.

        As to Trump: I’ve known of him since I was 15 and he was 24. Followed him (whether I wanted to or not) on the local news, in the local papers, anecdotally, knew construction tradesmen (or their kids) who worked for him, and met him while I worked full time in the book publishing industry in NYC (he’s right about what golddiggers will let a rich man do–at THEIR prompting, not his). I don’t believe for a second that he is evil. He is very insecure and needs to be liked. I think I mentioned here that I once heard him say that he’d read interesting tweets but didn’t retweet them because the writers had too few followers. I shake my head in disgust. Jesus wasn’t all that popular at first, either. Thus he listens often to the WRONG people. I’d like to know why Jr. et al. aren’t schooling him. Junior is no pushover that I can see. It could just be a case of too myopic a view of the country. For example, you’re open to the truth no matter who it leads to, incl Clif High. I’m that way, too, and I even know of Loza Alexander. Trump lives in a bubble, as I see it.

        His shallow reasoning (i.e., his take on tweets) keeps him from disavowing the vax or even knowing how pernicious it is and it prevents him from choosing people like you, Greg Hunter, to take part in his new media company. I’d have made you a managing editor, for sure.

        I pray that 45 will have an awakening–but not a rude one as it might affect us as well.

        It’s time for us to forget about any plan or any supposed Dudley Do-Rights and save the republic ourselves.

      • Ranger Up

        Indeed and that’s how you can tell who is legitimate and who is not. The minute I hear “safe and effective “ I know that is the commie catch phrase. Mark is right, it’s the right you have to win the hearts and minds for you you don’t; whoa unto you.

    • EnkisAdvocate

      Desantis is pro-vaccine, or have you missed that?

  12. Jr

    Rick & Glen Beck & Greg & everybody on this comment board and half the fing world knows this is a genocide program but poor Trump who has Apollyon on his ceiling & is a mason and never names the name of Jesus … he’s been deceived by all these cabalists that he surrounded himself with ? The God I serve tells me “by their fruits ye shall know them” – sorry but Trumps “fruits” are obvious to anyone with and eye to see. The voice in my head tells me to turn ALL my attention to Christ – not to ANYONE who promotes the jab for ANY reason. I’ll follow my “voice” not this one –

    • Jeff

      I think most would agree if things don’t change soon the US is history. Could it be we are all learning the hard lesson to not trust in man. Every election has proven this. All year I suggested someone make a hat with the slogan MGGA (make God great again) instead of MAGA.
      I say this because we are all going to get awakened that only He can fix this. I also believe it could take a market crash, hyper-inflation, major Covid deaths, a worse plague, and even war….. for us to humble ourselves. One way or another God has this because He hasn’t finished His plan. Hint, we aren’t even close to “rapture” so many are wanting to escape to.

    • Hannah

      If Trump took the jab, like he says he did, we won’t be seeing him around much longer.

  13. Gale Storm

    “A CRAZY MESS”!! Pfizer Whistleblower SLAMS Vaccine Trials
    493,633 views Nov 23, 2021 Russell Brand
    A researcher who was employed by a company that oversaw three clinical trial sites of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has made revelations about poor practices at the facilities
    ____ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-pqpauJ90Y
    “Never would have guessed a company with 4+ billion in fines since 2009 was so immorally and ineptly ran…..CHECK OUT REST OF COMMENTS
    This is scary that the system is completely broken and we can’t even talk about it without being censored.”

    Further Research_Vaccine trial whistle blower ORIGINAL PAPER
    1,702,303 views Nov 6, 2021 Dr. John Campbell
    Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial,
    Revelations of poor practices at a contract research company
    _ King’s English, much slower though….
    Don’t forget the comments;
    “The only thing that matters to the pharmaceutical companies is the 100% immunity from prosecution or liability.” This is just the first one!

    Spontaneous abortion after vaccine
    334,882 views Nov 22, 2021 Dr. John Campbell
    Risk of spontaneous abortion after vaccination
    Risk of Stillbirth Among Women With and Without COVID-19 at Delivery Hospitalization — United States, March 2020–September 2021

    “SHAMEFUL!” This Is How Bill Gates & Billionaires Are HIJACKING Our Future!
    321,992 views Nov 23, 2021 A slower, Russell Brand. ..
    Russ speaks again with the incredible #Vandana Shiva on his podcast Under the Skin. In this video she discusses how globalisation is destroying sovereignty and handing power over to the super rich.
    Vandana is an Indian scholar, food sovereignty advocate and environmental activist. She is author of: Oneness VS the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom.

    • Ken

      Hi everyone this is my 1st post. Ive been a fan of Greg’s for years and reading the comments. Gale to add to what you have shared. At Lion’s Gate hospital in vancouver they had 13 stillbirths over a 24 hour period. Some of the doctors have filed charges against our public health officer. In Waterloo ontario they reported 86 stillbirths over 6 months. They usually 5 or 6 per year. Google censors try duck duck go. The jabs are killing people this is genocide. Thankfully we have jesus

      • G.Stormy

        Thank you Ken, What else can I say?
        Your a wonderful man, from a wonderful country and a wonderful Queen!
        God Save the Queen
        As an American Ken, I can say unequivocally.
        God will save the Queen and Canada! Yes, In this present wicked world and the new one promised, shortly to come.

        A Princess At War: Queen Elizabeth II During World War II
        During the Second World War, life changed dramatically for the people of Britain, including the Royal Family.
        March 22, 2021

        American Billy Fiske—One of the Few [Couldn’t pass this one up!]
        Pilot Officer Billy Fiske was the first US citizen [as an honorary Canadian] to travel to the United Kingdom at the onset of World War II to join the Royal Air Force, and was one of seven American pilots to take part in the Battle of Britain.
        In a letter to his sister Peggy, written around the time he volunteered, he explained his thinking. The English, he wrote, had “been damn good to me in good times so naturally I feel I ought to try and help out in bad if I can. There are absolutely no heroics in my motives, I’m probably twice as scared as the next man, but if anything happens to me I at least can feel I have done the right thing in spite of the worry to my family – which I certainly couldn’t feel if I was to sit in New York making dough.”
        Fiske passed his entry interviews with his Canadian ruse….
        November 12, 2021

      • Pete+only

        Ken, many thanks for the news however sad it is, but we as a society need to start making these people accountable that continue to lie for these people to keep their jobs including health workers that know something, yet say and continue to do nothing, as well as the fraudulent mainstream media, and they need to to be reminded, that when the truth does eventually become known, they may actually be hanging from lamp posts, particularly from those that have taken it all along hook line and sinker. Never ming us that know this now. Perspective is everything. Do what you can to stop funding mainstream media and name the health officials currently in charge, as some may suddenly turn, if they become fearfull of the general public vs taking bribes from the WHO and others if they believe lamp posts might become hazardous to their health.

  14. Stan

    $1200 Gold, not if, but when

    • Greg Hunter

      Too funny Stan. Tell your criminal buddies they will not get away with this final fraud on real wealth.

      • Charles H.

        For a FACT, Greg. Stan is just one of many people ‘out there’ – trying to get a hook into driving people at USAWD. The role of rich, connected, nice guy is a front. All that matters is keep throwing the mud until something sticks. And even IF he is who he represents himself to be – his fall will be that much more catastrophic.

    • Self Exiled

      Not now Stan.

      • Jeff

        I am going to have to agree with Stan. There is absolutely a good chance we go much lower as those controlling the market can cause such a drop. Do you not remember oil going negative ? So the price could go to zero on the Comex but no one will be selling their physical. Stand strong and buy on the dips. Any drop will be very temporary.
        I suspect a scary drop will materialize just before gold goes ballistic. That is what “they” do and “they” will need to cover their shorts before a stratospheric blast-off.
        So buy when you are scared to death (if there is any to buy). You too Stan.
        I mention this for one reason only…… So you are mentally prepared and FEAR NOT.

      • Stan

        Paul: The guy in that Youtube video is clueless.

    • Justn Observer

      Stan, Great !, be sure to give us a heads up, what a wonderful buying opportunity to get some physical hopefully before Xmas? I do hope Yellin does her job and makes massively more Silver Eagles available from the mint at those super low prices as well… Maybe we can get those coming across the border to carry silver up from Mexico rather that those cumbersome bales of pot and fentanyl ?

    • Cayuga Joe

      I think an ounce of gold is worth more than the 120 million unworking welfare moochers. The cost of entitlements to the American mooch will cost $1T in 2022, half of the trillion cost will be medicade and housing, free medical for the mordily obese that can’t get jobs due to their non-stop garbage food sugar addiction, free houses next door to those that have to work to keep theirs. Oh yes, I said it! When will the working taxpayers all rise and say NO MORE!

  15. Tom Parankewich

    Thanks Greg , from what I have observed , the red pulled cannot believe that Mr Trump is still promoting vaccines when you have mounting evidence that they are bio weapons . And like Cliff Hugh is saying there is going to be a gigantic die off , people will blame Zmr Trump for not putting an end to there bio weapons and allow those who are not takeing these bio weapons to freely travel . The non vaccinated are being blamed for spreading the Covid , banned from travel , stores restaurants, etc . This is insanity , goes to show you how the msm is under control of the elite who want 90% of the population dead

    • The Ogs

      Hi Tom,
      When all of the vaxx-inoculated are damaged/infirm/dead and the streets are full of nothing but purebloods, how’s that going to go? In the restaurants, night clubs, theaters etc. thing are inevitably going to be… pretty quiet.
      Sooner or later all the conformists and The Man must realize that they are playing for the wrong team!
      But apparently many parents of small children have STILL not figured things out yet and they are failing the intelligence test badly.
      Supposedly in the land down under they are physically restraining and force-injecting people! Hey I thought Nuremburg said “informed consent” was required!!
      And the soldiers believe that they’re doing nothing wrong, just following orders. Hey – how does that translate in German…? Is it true that history rhymes?

  16. tim mcgraw

    I’m 15 minutes into the video. Yes, Mark is right. Trump had and has lousy advisers. Trump lacks sand. He lacks convictions.
    Yesterday was the 58th anniversary of the murder of JFK in Dallas by the CIA, FBI, Pentagon. These government organizations run the USA. They then killed MLK Jr. and JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy. At least JFK had his brother in the White House to support him as Attorney General. Trump had no one. Well, he had Gen. Michael Flynn and Trump threw him under the bus at the beginning of his Presidency showing his weakness.
    Thanks for the interview.

    • JC


      Trump has made many puzzling, cryptic statements. This is one example that I can’t forget. Here he is asked about the delivery of the vaccine.

      “Well, when we have the vaccine, we have the military all lined up, and the military is going to be doing it in a very powerful manner.”


    • Robert

      Robert H, I have family members like yours too. I told my brother it might just be me and him left soon.

  17. john forgione

    I am 90kg [200lbs] and every 5 days I take 18grms of ivermectin as a covid prevention. You mention Hydroxychloroquine; what dosage should I take? And is it safe to take every 5 days. Your a good man Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know John. Anybody want to answer this.

    • Linda

      There are different protocols. Here are Dr. Zelenko’s: https://vladimirzelenkomd.com/prophylaxis-protocol/


    • Linda D Coombe

      HCQ is synthetic drug made from Quercetin You can buy it in a supplement or you can make it. I make it myself from Grapefruit rinds. I take 3 Grapefruit peels and simmer for 2 hours with a lid. Put just enough water to cover the Grapefruit. DO NOT lift the lid till it is cool. You will loose the nutrients in the steam. When cool strain and refrigerate. I take a few times a day. I take a couple of tablespoons every 2 hours when I am sick or start to get sick.

      • travis moss

        i watched a video where grapefruit and lemon rinds where used, and some of the comments suggested ginger.

    • The Ogs

      John don’t worry! There is no ‘covid-19’ that is allegedly sickening people, and that was a couple of years ago now, anyway.
      I take absolutely nothing and I’m just fine (well-nourished, fit and healthy though).
      Un-injected people worried about ‘shedders’ or encountering any kind of infection? Well at least these pathogens are coming in through our proverbial Front Door! As the Lord intended.
      In fact inert ‘shed’ spike proteins, encountered the old-fashioned way, would be ideal for training the immune system and developing immunity! Dr. Tenpenni says it takes 14-18 days.

    • Charles H.


      It is unethical to respond directly to a medical question: THAT kind of advice needs to come from a real medical doctor. HOWEVER…

      If from a personal standpoint – I can tell you that Ivermectin (IVM) is superior to Hydroxychloroquine (HXY). The HXY is useful as preventative for Malaria; and off-label treatment for CV19 IN EARLY STAGES ONLY. Once severe symptoms appear, the HXY doesn’t work. The IVM seems works for both prevention and treatment. My unqualified guess is that using the IVM alone should be good enough. I’m just a little bit heavier and take a little bit more; but I space-out the interval to once every ten days. “Ivermectin and/or its metabolites are excreted almost exclusively in the feces over an estimated 12 days…” When I visited family, and everybody was passing it around – I dosed every seven days.

      I would be careful not to overdo it. What you are taking in IVM alone seems way plenty. And I wouldn’t think of over-medicating with two different drugs at a time without medical supervision. Do your homework and search for dosage and interval regimens that doctors are recommending: don’t take easy answers from anywhere.

    • Ranger Up

      1 200 mg tablet once for 5 days. Then 1 weekly

    • David Brownallen

      Who prescribed the Ivermectin for you or where did you acquire it?

  18. Robert Coleman

    Trump must be in on it – if he is still in favor of the so-called Experimental Shot and Remdesivir
    ( another Fauci death drug not approved by the FDA but authorized ONLY under Emergency Use )
    The Big Club has obviously threatened his Family and he has capitulated.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is your opinion and you do not know this.

    • virginia clark

      I’ve suspected for a long time that the way they are manipulating Trump is his family. But also I don’t trust Jared or his daughter. She is friends with Hillary’s daughter. Not good company. I have to believe at this point that he is in on it to some extent.

  19. Jeff robbins

    I almost never miss your broadcast Greg. Folks, as a Christian, the virus and the vax are not the end of a time of shaking. I’m convinced Jesus has given a supernatural warning over the last few years as there are some word changes to scripture. No more strange than the dead raised. Like ‘ there’s two versions of the Lord’s Prayer and one has the line with debt and debtors and the other was forgive our trespasses and we forgive those that trespass against us- its not like that anymore. Check it out, also Amos 3:7 – i was shown for the kindness/mercy shown to one of his widow. As far as i can tell most word changes are in the kJ and about food.?? I know not to be fearful, but i sure am concerned.

    • Cassie

      I recommend you listen to David Carrico on fojcradio for his tremendous learning on Bible versions. His conclusion has convinced me finally that the KJV is the only version to be trusted because it is from the trusted (over the years) manuscripts. May God bless your seeking of truth!

  20. Mark

    Thanks for this info from Mark. I been feeling like the many he was talking about.
    Why is Gates buying farm land?????? What are they going to grow on it??? What will they be treating the food with that they are growing??? I think we need to know before we put their food in to our body’s

    • Robert

      Mark, I think eventually the oligarchs are going to outlaw us growing our own food too. This way we’re forced to eat theirs. They will use the ruse of climate change to defend why we can’t grow our own. It amazes me how accommodating the people in the USA are compared to Europe where they’re rebelling. Even people I know who realize what’s going on will avoid talking about it with other like minds.

    • Paul ...

      Mark … I think the more immediate threat from Bill Gates is him releasing the smallpox virus on us … this smallpox virus was supposed to be at only two(2) “highly secure” bio-weapon labs in the world … one in the US and one in Russia … yet … some lab worker finds vials of the stuff at a Big Pharma company named Merck??? … we better start preparing our immune systems to fight off the smallpox virus … we will need to use green tea, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, quercetin, etc. … seems the American Indians developed a “cure” for smallpox years ago when the American Government spread it to the Indians to kill them off … they used the pitcher plant (Sarracenia Oreophila) … https://i.etsystatic.com/9745001/r/il/c2ba65/2429496030/il_1140xN.2429496030_1ihn.jpg

  21. p lilliott

    I live in So Cal – last time I went to the local Moose Lodge I HAD TO PRESENT MY GESUNDHEITAUSWEISS (quaxxine passport)! Total indoctrination of people who should know better! So, thanks guys – I at least take succour in the knowledge that elsewhere there is some sanity – and possibly hope.
    PIaying devil’s advocate. – really Mark – IS DT that ill-informed? Guilliani was right as rain after Ivermectin. He (they) MUST be seeing the horrendous figures. My feeling (and I would love to hear to the contrary) is that a) he has been threatened with serious attacks on family/himself and that b) this IS a major world-wide coordinated Nazi-style genocide and control movement with full hold over every Agency in the US and in the Anglophone world/EU. It’s Kennedy on steroids! What an asset to their quaxx agenda to have a Trump in seeming support.
    Maybe we have to wake up to the fact that there ain’t no white knight – it is up to US , and we have to want an end to the many other horrors visited on us – and see the need to drastically rein in these technocratic thugs who run the country. As Mark says, the solution starts in the Spirit world – we have to have a clear vision of what we want for this world (and what not) – we have to show ourselves that a sustainable world is possible without the genocide and lunacy of Agenda 2030. We are in a crisis and the underlying issues have to be addressed. People like Joel Salatin, Alan Savory (farmers), Brad Lancaster (rain, wtershed management and small-scale solutions) – and Amory Lovins (Engineering) make a damn good start- and they have REAL solutions to carbon storage and balance These guys and others are about SMALL SCALE local (self-reliant and self-challenging) solutions which need LOTS OF PEOPLE and animals – the techno-Nazis are about TOP DOWN CONTROL and the elimination of billions of both. The latter’s vision doesn’t WORK – the planet will reallu destroy itself – and these people show why! Without a vision of what we want, and placing all hope in one man – how far will we get? This is back to Jeffersonian democracy – the true mission of America!
    I am just amazed at how Greg and your hosts all see through this crap so clearly – God Bless you all for your hard work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t give up hope “P”. That’s what evil wants.

      • Anthony Ray Sarowatz

        Thank you for having Mark Taylor back on. Please keep in mind that many people believe what Mark is saying but I believe he and the people supporting may not have the whole story. President Trump has done what he has done for the best of the American people. We know that he and his family have been threatened and so have the American people. The Generals behind President Trump and his presidency have only the best in mind for America but, what if the deep state bad boys have threatened them with nucellar or even worse to America from within if he for now did not support the Jab? It has been reported that weapons of mass destruction have been found and neutralized what if they don’t have them all? Think of the loss of life if they set off or loose of these in big cities.
        I think we should hold off down grading him till he can tell us the truth. This is just my feeling and would like to hear your thoughts on this.

    • Chip

      CO2 is plant food. We don’t need to “capture carbon”. We do need to otherwise stop polluting the earth and keep it clean. Most of the “green” technologies are anything but. They require tons of mining all over the world for batteries, solar panels, and wind farms. And every one of these technologies have serious long term disposal problems. They are not the answer. Clean delivery and use of “fossil” fuels is the answer along with hydro and nuclear power… Chip

  22. Chip2

    I was so happy to see mark Taylor on. I haven’t seen much from him in a long time.

    Our Mormon church leaders are pushing the NWO vaccine program Iike crazy. It is causing deep rifts within wards (local congregations). They are very much a 501(c)3 operation.

    A coloring page for kids was leaked in late March that showed a toddler receiving a COVID vaxx. Despite complaints from members, they went ahead and published it in the June edition of the church’s Friend magazine for kids. Unbelievable.

    Church members’ frustrations with the Mormon prophet and apostles has the same vexatious feel that conservatives have over Trump’s support of the vaxx. Are they all just deceived?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting Chip!!

  23. Tom Grier

    If the “vaccines” turn out to be as deadly as some suspect, Trump could go down as one of history’s big genocidists along with such monsters as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is why Trump has to come out now or as Taylor says, “He’s finished.” Let’s hope he hears this. I sent it to General Flynn to see it he can get him to watch it.

      • Jeff

        Thanks Greg, they get lots of mail, but coming from you, we have a chance of the message reaching Trump. Jeff

    • Warren B.

      Its already recorded in the history books now.
      DJT failed to keep his Oath he took when sworn in….to protect the Constitution and therein the rights and freedoms of the citizens of the Nation.
      He created this monster with his pen. He can take the express train to Hell.

  24. Baregil de Gomçesval

    Trump’s Achilles’heel are the vaccines and this is proof that he is a wolf in lamb’s skin.

    • Greg Hunter

      If Trump soon starts a campaign of “Stop the shots” he can recover. If not, he’s through.

      • Brooklyn


        I appreciate your patience and hear how Mark Taylor blames Trump’s advisors for his continued support of the covid injection. But, unfortunately I feel that it would be futile to wait for Donald Trump to come out with a campaign to stop the shot, at this late date. Many of us had been waiting for months for Trump to come out against the Jab, as more and more people died as a result of the mRNA spike protein in the clot shot. But, then this past August, Trump continued his “blind support” by telling this massive rally in Alabama that the best way to beat covid was if everyone got vaccinated!

        Thankfully the crowd BOOED him. That night he had tens of thousands of “advisors”, but did he get the message? NO! And, here we are three (3) months later and the egotistical Donald Trump is still taking credit for HIS Operation Warp Speed (OWS), rather then making the almost impossible 180 degree turn to come out against the vaxx. Like others, I believe he never will.

        We also know that Trump had to lie (or at least go along with the lie) in order to qualify for an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) agreeing that there were no other therapies, or available remedies like HCQ or IVM to fight off covid, which most medical professionals knew that both drugs were readily available, until that is – they weren’t…! HCQ or hydroxichloroquine is a well-know drug used to prevent malaria, which was taken as far back as the mid-60’s, given to every US Soldier who went out on patrol in the jungles of Vietnam.

        Ivermectin (IVM) was awarded the Noble Price in Medicine in 2015 for treatments of infectious diseases since six decades prior, honoring the discovery of ivermectin.
        Also from this link article, it states that, “During a mass IVM treatments in Peru, excess deaths fell by a mean of 74% over 30 days…”

        Donald Trump either knowingly lied or he simply played along because it was the expedient thing to do. I would love to be wrong, because I was a faithful follower of DJT, POTUS, but unfortunately – no more!

        • Warren B.

          Lets also not overlook what took place in May of 2020.
          The Bait and Switch.
          Trump pulled the plug on funding for the WHO to the tune of circa $300 Million.
          Then in June 2020 decided to support GAVI with an abnormal $1.16BILLION.
          As we know GAVI is run by Gates through the Gates Foundation. Gates effectively now sits atop the Global Health Policy Pyramid. His outsized influence and dominance of WHO (and by default Global Health) was effected through the American contribution/support.
          It would outwardly appear that Trump and Gates have a BIG connection.
          GAVI like the WHO …are organizations that are not elected by the free people of the Nations in which they operate. Both operate to replace nation-states with global governance schemes. It is NOT nonsensical to understand why Trump continues to push the agenda to vaccinate every person on the planet…..this is Bill Gates’ wet dream.

      • JC

        MARTIN ARMSTRONG: While the world is trying to imprison people who are not vaccinated, here Biontech owners and staff will not be vaccinated themselves for “safety reasons.”


      • Warren B.

        He’s had long enough to right the wrong. How many more people need to die unnecessarily? If he truly was for the people …then he would have done more…much more…a lot sooner. Who will punish him for his sins. He has Lucifer (and all that obey him) as his shield.

  25. Storming Gale

    Civil war destroys Syria’s future | Syria Civil War | WION news
    11,798 viewsNov 23, 2021 WION
    How is the Syrian civil war affecting children? Watch this heartbreaking report from Syria.
    Susan Joseph 8 hours ago
    @Life isHard it’s harder if you’re stupid.JohnWayne In what? Arming terrorists and calling them rebels?[CIA, moderate rebels? Now they want the US. too, in un-Civil War!]

    More War, at The Worlds Juggler Vein!
    BREAKING : You Wont See Breaking In US.!
    AS Beijing Biden, SELLS OUR OIL TO CHINA!
    Gravitas: 240 attacks & counting: Saudi Arabia is under attack
    130,483 views Nov 23, 2021 WION
    Saudi Arabia has endured more than 240 attacks from the Houthis this year. On Saturday, 14 armed drones targeted multiple Saudi cities. Is Saudi Arabia under attack? Palki Sharma tells you.

  26. Don

    Put bluntly, I think Trump’s reputation is permanently ruined and his time is over. He and his team let the election be stolen, did nothing afterwards, and now he supports the death jab? Spare me the idolatrous excuses. He’s a fool and possibly a traitor.

    The government is now completely corrupt and incapable of fixing itself. I don’t know how this ends, but I know it will be violent.

    • JC

      October 17, 2017
      Trump holds back some JFK assassination files, others released…

      That did not work out too well for Donald J. Trump.

      The idea of holding information back until the generation that was affected has passed on is an apostasy to freedom, justice, and the United States Constitution.

      November 18, 2021
      FDA Asks Federal Judge to Wait Until 2076 To Fully Release Covid Vaccine Data

      G. A. STEWART: The Masters of The Game want to apply that to the ingredients inside the COVID-19 Vaccine. Why is that? Does that seem right to you? Are you good with that? Are you good with that now that The Masters of The Game want to inject this unknown toxin into your children and babies?

      I am 65 and I am taking my fight to the street. Watch for my upcoming videos.


    • Brooklyn


      Thank you for your succinct version of my above post. Donald J. Trump‘s career in politics is OVER!

      One burning questions others have all ready asked, “WHY DID TRUMP NOT FIRE FAUCI?” The answer is faithless simple. Because he was never a politician, he never really understood the power of the Presidency, and yes, relied to heavily on the opinions of others. But, as the man who supposedly played 3D chess, while others could only guess what his next move would be, he failed us miserably. In the end, he could not have been THIS foolish. Look all around you: as you say, he let them steal the election. They let him “think” he was the Father of The Life-Saving Vaccine. It is time to say ENOUGH! Goodbye Donald Trump….

      • Brooklyn

        One other Major problem I have had with Donald Trump over the past 10 + months is the January 6th (J6) patriots who came to support him and he did nothing. I appears as if he just washed his hands of the J6 prisoners, as if he had no responsibility for them being incarcerated under the most cruelest possible conditions, and without due process. It looks as if he simply walked away saying it’s not my problem!

  27. Anna

    There has to be some reason Trump is pushing the jab. Maybe they are only saline now or something . That would be a real art of a deal if Trump told them saline or u all go to jail. Trump is smart – how could he misread patriots on the jab issue…somethings not right.

    • Paul ...

      Look at the death statistics Anna … Trump did not put saline solution in all the “jabs”!!!

    • L.C.

      Anna, you hit the nail on the head. Out of character for Trump to be a traitor through vax support.
      1–Those who rumor Trump is being blackmailed to support vax because of some sort of Epstein dirt are delusional. That “dirt” would have been spread like wildfire waaay before he even won 2016. Then no need to create Russia-Russia hoax to smear him.

      2–Trump and fam got the shots, right? So these Trump doubters are saying he didn’t get the shots but recommends them for us? Trump himself could die from the clot shot. What do these people say then? What mental gymnastics are you performing?

      3–Moreover, in the beginning 2020 throes of the covid fear psyop, if Trump slammed vax production, the ruthless opposition would blame him for all the ensuing deaths, not on their maniacal withholding of ivermectin/HCQ. Damned if he did, damned if he didn’t.

      4–Mark’s most pivotal statement was that when the Nuremberg 2.0 trials finally begin, medical psychopathic advisers like Fauci-Birx-Walensky-Droegemeier will bear full guilt, not Trump.

      5–Anybody here following Patel Patriot’s substack /interviews/livestreams about Trump’s strategic moves since 3 November 2020? Patel’s sees Trump’s vax position as part of a sting-setup-exposure of the medical big pharma corruption: at link listen to him explain this time stamp 5:58 to about 8:00 https://www.bitchute.com/video/X3Uif5nQSvIA/
      Also, Dave of X22 Report talks of this Trump big pharma sting.

      So, for me, Anna, I agree that Trump is somewhere in between being a traitor and misled. Time coming very soon for the R E V E A L .

  28. bill b

    The ‘Pig’ reference was to Amanda Grace. Amanda is VERY accurate..
    Amanda and Pastor Dave Scarlett work with General Flynn and DO NOT support the vaxx. In the end, we will ALL understand. But at the moment, it is painful to see the Prophetic people attacking each other. I’ll leave my comment at that.

    • Greg Hunter

      Why did you say the “Pig” reference was Amanda Grace. Taylor never talked about her on or off camera. I like Grace by the way.

      • Francine Archambault

        Greg….a little history… Amanda Grace a little over a year ago used to go on the McFiles (the Chris he was mistaking calling you). She was a regular Wednesday night prophetic guest. Then she just abruptly disappeared from the schedule. Coincidentally??? Within a two to three week period (give or take) she came out with her own teaching on 501c3 etc. She has some kind of tax exemption education background which she believes qualified her to give a biblical teaching on these tax exemption status. She was unmistakably in favor of these exemptions and supported the ministries of others who were members. Three out of the four biblical points did not hold water and was not accurate to the point of what God was trying to warn the church. Coincidentally after she came out in favor of these 501c3 type tax exemptions her ministry shot to the moon. She is now in the circuit of the money making ministries with a national platform. One of her trademarks is her pet Noble who is a pig and will sit in the room and sit behind her or at her feet when she prophesize. In my personal opinion I do not believe Amanda Grace is “EVIL”. However she has been welcomed into the ” the big time”. If Mark is correct of the warning of the word God gave him about the 501c3 (God gave the word to him not to me) She is in great danger no matter how sincere her motives may be. She has chosen to willfully reject that word. That is between her and God. We need to pray for her She swimming with the sharks and her husband has severe health challenges and may not be able to help protect her as her leadership. Let’s not kid ourselves Greg… He was talking about Amanda. Just like we need to stop kidding ourselves Trump at this point with his stance on the vaccine is an enemy of the people no matter how much he did or how much we loved him. Sad, disappointing but unfortunately true and we have to draw the line set up the boundaries and not follow anybody over a cliff. Thank you for your hard work.

    • W H

      But at the moment, it is painful to see the Prophetic people attacking each other.
      Don’t call them prophets they where all wrong so many times i lost count .
      What is the date trump will be back now .
      So God said trump would be back yesterday and before but now maybe not .??????
      When the God i know says something it happens nothing or nobody can stop it .

      Wayne Hardin

      PS Mark Taylor may not be perfect but God is and when he speaks it happens .
      Did God speak Yes it is just not what most people think he spoke .

      • Jeff

        W H God told Noah and 100 years went by. Was God lying ? Abraham at was 75 told he would have a son. 25 years later it happened so God lied ? How about all the prophecies in the bible not fulfilled yet ? How about Revelation ? Because something doesn’t come about when we think it should makes one a false prophet ? Then John the Revelator is.
        And Jonah of Nineveh. And Jesus for that matter. Look at all He said was coming. Have we done the greater works ? The answer is NOT YET. But we will !
        I don’t begin to know God’s timing. I just know without a doubt He will save this country. What did we think the word FAITH means ?

        • W H

          What i am saying is anybody that said God said something would happen on a certain
          date and it didn’t happen / God didn’t say it ;
          Seems pretty simple to me .
          But by all means keep on making excuses .
          You say / I don’t begin to know God’s timing. I just know without a doubt He will save this country.
          Without repentance ????????? That is a joke right .

          Wayne Hardin

          • Jeff

            You keep talking about someone stating a date. Could you enlighten me ? I know of no specific date.
            You also keep talking about repentance. All those in my circle repent daily. We pray for this country.
            And no, it isn’t a joke.

        • Igor

          The prophets who made those Biblical predictions didn’t attach dates to them. You are mixing apples and oranges. The YouTube prophets ARE attaching dates, and they have not come to pass.

          • Jeff

            The prophets who gave dates that didn’t come to pass I can’t speak about because you won’t give specifics. But God will fulfill His purpose regardless. And you who demand repentance….. there are millions around the world praying with humility for justice and healing of our country. What are you doing besides judging ? How many times have you gotten on your knees to ask for forgiveness for the sins of our country ?

        • travis moss

          Maybe the prophecies have been fulfilled(destruction of Jerusalem 70a.d.) save one(2nd coming)

      • Robert

        It is true that the YouTube prophets keep pushing their dates out. First, it was October. Then it was November. Now, as of yesterday, it’s December and into 2022.

      • DAWN

        Marks point is that they are NOT prophetic, but in many cases, psychics. Psychics are not hearing from God. They may be aware of that, and they may not. If you ever check out the piece of work Lois Vogel Sharp, she is convinced she is hearing from God, but she clearly is not. She knows very little of scripture, puts herself on a very high pedestal, and talks to her audience like they are dogs leaving no option to comment, so that she cuts down her risk of exposure. She has swindled untold sums of money and precious metals from people who swallow what she’s selling. I loved listening to Amanda WAGNER until I found out she was lying about her NAME to those of us she claimed to care about, but Mark told me to search a matter out, and I found out that, that whole crowd except for Kat Kerr are ALL 501c3 organizations, at the very least, defiled, and at worst, psychics or witches posing as prophets. It was hard, but I cancelled them all so I can listen to God myself instead of living on a diet of stories that soothe. For all the soothing, I’m not seeing what they promised, and I too found myself angry and no longer interested in hearing what Trump had to say while he’s taking bows for jabs….so we have a big problem here.

  29. Anna

    Okay, I listened and there is no way Trump is getting bad advise and running with it – the entire world is protesting the jabs in the streets. Australia is sending people to gov camps – Trump sees all of this….he watches a lot of TV and is on social media. I’m not a fan of this guy – he’s gotten to angry over the years to a point of annoying to listen too. Trump never shows his hand – if he’s saying jab is good there’s a reason and he knows we are smart.

    • Robert

      Anna, so then what game is Trump playing if he never shows his hand and must be observing the same things we are, especially in Europe. Why would he boast so much about being the father of these mRNA therapies. He’s either an egotistical fool or joined the dark side. Either way the oligarchy doesn’t like him. They think he’s gawdy and not of the same class as they are. He’ll be blamed for all the deaths once the elites are ready to tell the truth about the real outcomes. Those investigations into his family business can find whatever they want to. He f’d either way.

      PS- those new 87000 IRS agents are going to be charged with destroying the wealth of all the people who don’t promote the official narratives and you can be sure they already have their list made up. That’s how evil the times we’re living in are.

    • William Blais

      I agree.

      • DAWN


  30. GaleS.

    Prime minister calls for an end to COVID-19 vaccine mandates | 7NEWS
    360,207 viewsNov 19, 2021 7NEWS Australia
    COVID: The prime minister has declared it’s time for governments to step back out of people’s lives as he called for an end to vaccine mandates.
    HERE THAT Beijing Biden Brandon! Trump does, was always against mandate’s!

  31. Marie+Joy

    Prince Charles (from the family that wants to depopulate the world) gave President Trump the finger and Megan What’s Her Name hates Trump. That’s a good sign but I still have a broken heart about the jab.

  32. W.G.

    I have a hard time beleiving that Trump’s position on the clot shot and beyond that, his actions over the last 3 yrs is due to bad avice or ignorance. Something happened mid terrm after the President went to Walter Reed. I am afraud that Trump is totally comprimised now. I only Trust Jesus Christ. No man can fix what has been unleased upon us. Put your trust in no man.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do trust Jesus but he has me working for him in this world too.

      • Thea

        Thank you Mark I really agree with every word you are saying . I just felt that you need to reach the First Lady and give her your message . She is Christian and I know she loves her husband and USA . She will act properly

  33. Ron L.

    Hey Greg, just to give you an update on BC. We had a pretty severe weather event with towns flooded, major highways washed out that will take months to repair. Many dairy farmers have suffered huge losses, chicken farmers with major losses, the damage is estimated to cost over 7 billion. All that to say that your timing of your interview with Steve Quayle was perfect. I’ve been telling people about geo engineering for years, but everyone things it’s not possible. Well, here we go. They’re also just rolling out the Vax for 5-11 year olds, and the media says “everyone can’t wait!” What a pile of BS. We have lost so many good health care workers here because they won’t take the Vax. I know of two people in our church who have had severe reactions to the vaccine, and the doctors still want them to get the second shot. Crazy! I know a lot of us are trying to find hope these days, but our hope can only be found in our Lord, Jesus Christ!

  34. MorningStar

    Psalm 1:1, KJV
    Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

    1 Timothy 6:5, :10 KJV
    Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thy self … For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

    I’ve been so disappointed and sorrowful that Trump has not, that I know of, said anything about the many thousands of vaccinated people have died and/or horrifically injured – while he still advocates the vaccines. The same with DeSantis, although he does not advocate mandatory vaccines or masks.

    May God save President Trump and Governor DeSantis and have mercy upon us all.

  35. John Psihos

    Trump has just as much of much more information resources as the Patriots do! He knows vaccines are killing people! Trump is tied to the Jesuits & that’s a problem. Also it was the Rothchilds who bailed him out of Financial Problems years ago. Trumps allegiance is fractured.

    • Greg Hunter

      John they didn’t really bail him out. They lost money but lost much less because they did not liquidate him and he paid some of it back.

  36. r.v.

    They rule by Mathew 24 and the Great Tribulation but they will perish according to Revelations 18 since they are Babylonians. https://www.scribd.com/document/329576232/matthew-24-and-the-greattribulation?secret_password=ipTDyjISIRyg7gsphHoG#download&from_embed

    More false flags for the gun grabbers once that tipping point is reached war will break out. Trump recognized Jerusalem so 3rd temple will be up and running just like bebe the new prime minister Bennett running world affairs. Hopefully, Babylon the great is defeated or we are doomed! Mr. Hunter Happy Thanksgiving!

    • travis moss

      most of matthew 24 is about the destruction of Jerusalem not some event in the distant future

  37. Jayna Williams

    How long can one cry “IGNORANCE!” and use this as an excuse? When does naivete and ignorance become complicity? Can you trust those that heed the words of evil any more than those who advise with words of evil? Who is the greater sinner? The man who knows that he is speaking evil or the one who continues to heed the evil advice and has the power to act on that?

  38. Kyle

    Hey Greg! Great post as always !
    I have a question .
    I am a little concerned about the covid tests you have to swab your nose for and was just curious what your opinion on that was.

    • virginia clark

      Kyle, check out stewpeters.tv on rumble. he has scores of info on what;s in the vials, etc.
      BUT, DON”T ever leave Greg

  39. Jetjock

    If you need Ivermectin? I got mine from India at IndiaMart.com I used Applepharma and got 200 12mg for $70 including shipping! It is so cheap from there and the quality is International standards! Many friends have done it to at different companies for varied prices!

    • Jeff

      Jet I looked into India. I was afraid it would get stuck in a container off shore. Were yours shipped by air ?

      • Jetjock

        The company I used sent it via India Post! Other had choices including air but you have to pay more! Yep, I took a chance on the cheap and got it in 18 days. All a crap shoot! All my friends are happy and I was surprised when it showed up! Do your own research but where else can you get the Ivermectin! I’d rather go to Walmart too! Politics as Greg says is more important than your health! Go figure?

  40. JC

    Good stuff here by Bob Moriarty.

    Q: What is Covid?
    A: Covid is a bad flu. You do not want to catch it.

    Plant that firmly in your head because you will begin to understand where we are and where we are headed if you just understand what Covid is.

    Covid is a bad flu. Once you accept that the answers just naturally flow. The correct answers, not the narrative Fauci, Gates, the Davos monsters, the MSM and the brain dead idiots who seem to occupy almost every government on earth have flogged for almost two years.

    Covid is a bad flu.

    The ordinary flu can kill and does every year. That’s not the end of the world. We are born, we live and we die. If the flu shortens life for some, it is hardly a big deal. We are all going to die of something in time.

    Here’s what appears to be true…


  41. Ed Mustafo

    This was the EXACT reason for the Q information drops. To give people a guidebook on how and why things are gonna play out the way they will. Anyone who followed all of the drops all the way along is not confused or upset right now. Unfortunately many people including you Greg did not follow it all the way and just decided it was nothing. WRONG. BIG MISTAKE. As an example, anyone who followed the drops knew that we didn’t need masks or a vaccine. We also know why Trump had to get the vaccines out when he did and why sometimes disinformation is necessary. Why is it taking so long? Simple, The scope of the infiltration in our country is surreal and mind boggling. Do yourself a favor and follow Dave at x22 report.com. Nobody breaks this whole situation down better than him. God Bless

    • virginia clark

      I think the problem is that people are getting frustrated because it’s overdue now for Trump to change course. His interviews are becoming repetitive and the patting himself on the back is getting old. We all know how great he was already, so what else can he do? He is the defacto president and he must have some influence. I think the amazing thing about Q was that it brought the whole world, not just the USA together for pride in their country and seeing it’s ok to protect it. WEG1WGA was beyond brilliant and motivating. But it’s time to stop giving Trump excuses and time for him to show some muscle. BTW Q was quoting out of the book for military : The Law of War. check out Majic Eyes Only on YouTube.

  42. David Gordon Dunne

    Between Rudy, Dr. Peter Navarro, Alex Jones, and Steve Bannon plus others that have Trump’s ear, the only conclusion I can make is if he comes out now, they will kill some in his family like Don Jr. They would make it an accident too. Trump is a smart man.
    This is how the EVIL Satanists operate. These elections are not going be overturned and nothing will change in future elections. The Globalists either get taken down now or we are finished, flat and simple. Tens of millions are in the streets throughout Europe and Ausi now. If Americans don’t stand tall now like General Flynn says has to happen, buy buy America.

  43. JC

    G. A. STEWART: Since the Joe Biden/Brandon COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate was pronounced, with each day I feel more empowered. These times have actually renewed my faith.


  44. JC

    Archbishop Viganò: CALLING ALL CHRISTIANS…


  45. Karm Halpenny

    I have thought a lot about this for a while. I was in Trump’s corner the whole time he was president and had great respect for him until now. I thought he had made some big missteps on who he chose as his advisors. The real reason I am no longer going to vote
    for him is his stance on Vaccines. He should be very aware of how deadly they are and
    why they are, but he does not denounce them. I say bs on that and I doubt his veracity now on what he says he is. He will not get my vote in the future because of his encouragement to get them, knowing they are part of the depopulation agenda. Such a big disappointment. He seems to have been part of their agenda all the time.

  46. JC

    Will we see Trump vs. Obama in the near future?

    GEORGE URE: Somewhere in there, and check G.A. Stewart’s site for additional clues, a “city trade” nuke exchange in 2022 could set off the whole “false peace” which we KNOW will be confirmed when ex-president Obama comes out of retirement to attempt to broker a (short-lived) peace before the bigger war light-offs in 2023-2025.

    While you’re at it, do realize Stu is one of the critical people who has been keeping the “tip of America’s spear” sharp for 20+ years. He’s in a potentially career-ending battle right now with his (cowardly) employer. The employer is demanding he jab-up. He has no intention of doing so. The employer is illegally practicing medicine without a license.


  47. virginia clark

    Greg, Thank you so much for having Mark on your show. He said things that showed me I am not alone in my thinking. I didn’t realize you both are getting bombarded with disillusioned patriots. Also, Mark’s revelation concerning 501C3’s is eye opening. And, his reference to all the “false prophets”. Youtube is loaded with them. I have stopped listening.
    Someone made a reference to Gen.Flynn. He is for a “one world religion”. If that isn’t satanic I don’t know what is. What happened to him.
    I have to say at this point that Trump cannot be so ignorant or blind. He watches TV, he sees the protests worldwide. He hears what is being shouted from the rooftops by doctors, ect. NO he is not that protected in an ivory tower. There is something else going on. Threats to his family or fortune would be my top picks. And, he is a Mason. 30th level?? I think he was groomed for the presidency for years before and he was kept away from a lot of the dirt in NY so he could come out looking clean. But you don’t get to that position without making deals and selling some of your soul. Sorry.
    Mark and you are spot on. The patriots are starting to tune out. And, as they watch family and friends die they are going to start questioning and stop trusting Trump. Pissed off is an understatement. Yes, the militias are rising. I heard someone point out, that it won’t be the government or military that saves America it;s going to be the people. Which is what the founding fathers set up the constitution for.
    Also, on DeSantis. Absolutely the best governor Fl.ever had. He has started a commission on voter integrity and I hope he takes it all the way to audits and clean up. Mark is right, even with a strong R base he could lose if he doesn’t get Dominion out and the roles cleaned up. His wife has cancer, and they have 3 young children. I pray she did not get the shot. I am grateful he has outlawed (literally) mandates, masks. And the shot is voluntary only. But he is brainwashed into thinking they saved lives. Or, because the former governor Scott) was really a soldier of the insurance companies I wonder that the state was heavily invested in pharmaceutical and insurance stocks. With all the hype Fl. is rolling in profits now. DeSantis says we have plenty of money. At least he is putting it to good use and is really advancing Fl.

    • Self Exiled

      I heard here in Florida that both he and his wife took the shots.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Virginia After all Trump went to Jesuit University and the Jesuits are the back bone of the Masons and the Illuminati I don’t think one gets to be a billionaire and not be in their Club. I am not very optimistic on the future breaking them all down and taking back out world. I have an example. I have played poker with the same 11 total guys for 30 years. Some are super wealthy and all are very smart, patriotic and good husbands dads and men. All but 3 of us got the jabs. They all worship them and also never speak out on Tyranny or in anyway stand tall. I got ran out of the USA by OB’s Immigration as I brought my Thai wife there and got married in 2014. We had to leave as our evil Immigration just kept making me file again and again even though all was in order. The great cost made us leave. I got kicked off social media for standing up. I am back on FB and sneak info on the killer jab or the evil in general in the message chat more in private. FB has not shut me down for doing that. My point is there are tens of millions of people like 8 of those friends above that simply stay low and off the radar no matter what. I call them cowards and chickens too. Some just ignore me now.

  48. DAVID

    CHRIST HATES PEOPLE WHO STOPS FREE SPEECH.you are wrong Greg,free speech is not your decision to manage im not a child.that you need to protect….but i will no longer donate to you….

    • Greg Hunter

      David, your opinion is not a fact. That why I did not post it.

    • J. Loughran

      …2nd and 8th Commandments?

    • virginia clark

      David, I don’t think that is what Greg is saying. He is all for free speech, God, freedom and this country, and the constitution. Don’t give up on Greg, He’s a light in the dark abyss of all this shit.

    • Jerry

      In case you haven’t noticed Greg is the one who’s paying for this site, and all the cost that go with it. I’ve posted on Greg’s site for at least ten years and found him very fare. Just ask Stan and Gina.

  49. andrew healey

    Remember Johnathin Edwards the smartest theologian America ever produced .He died from the spanish flu vax. That was a warning to the church many years ago . Being smart sometimes makes you blind.

    • Norm Sky

      The real issue here is President Trump! Why was he led astray? Why does he not have the discernment to see all these evil advisors?
      It’s obvious that he does not have the Holy Spirit directing his path and decision making. He’s never accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He’s trying to make decisions with his carnal nature. President Trump needs to Repent and trust in Jesus. This is a spiritual battle we’re fighting. You can’t fight a spiritual battle with your intellect. Please pray for President Trump to repent and trust in Jesus. We all need to do this as individuals and as a nation.
      If this was done, then we would see real change for the better in America.

      • Cassie


  50. Ron Hall

    Perhaps we all need to finally just admit the obvious. Trump is not who we thought he was.
    By the way, I’m not a Trump-hater. I voted for him twice, and will vote for him again if he decides to run and it comes down to a choice of him vs the democrat nominee.

  51. Sue Robinson

    Greg, Thank you for having Mark on. He always inspires me. Like so many others, I have been terribly worried about President Trump’s continuing support of these ‘clot shots.’ And like so many others, I am worried about my loved ones who have had these evil injections and now want their boosters. Greg, you have soldiered bravely on trying to give the rest of us as much information as possible about this attempted genocide. Clif High is another hero, as is Robert Kennedy Jr. and so many others. I don’t know why President Trump is still backing these injections and I am reaching a point where it affects my confidence in him. After all, he did pick his own advisors. I think, as Greg and Mark said, that we need to pray for our President . Pray for him to be delivered from the evil influences around him. Godspeed to us all.

  52. Linda

    I’ve lost an uncle to cancer after these vaccines and am in the process of losing my last uncle now, to an illness they haven’t diagnosed yet. The doctor said she thinks it’s cancer, but after all the tests there’s still no diagnosis or treatment plan. He also had the v word. He has been a good and kind man. Both of my uncles are veterans. Instead of enjoying their hard earned retirement, one is dead, the other is miserably ill. They were told they were doing the right thing. They were lied to.

  53. William Blais

    Awesome, have been looking for Mark for months, thanks Greg

  54. Deborah ILyia

    Greg, GOD said he has put his spirit within us through his son Jesus Christ. I take no counsel except through the spirit within me from GOD! No Advisors, no pastor, no expert!
    The buck STOPS with Trump and his actions based on his decisions! No more talk! Actions speak louder than words! Thanks Greg I love your work!

  55. Nick

    How can an anti-jab win an election
    When more than 50 % have voluntarily
    Taken the jab. All my family and all my
    Friends stroll along wearing their jab
    Like body armour. Trump is in the box,
    We need to think outside the box.

  56. Richard Smith

    Just two more weeks…

  57. BVW

    The Lawyer Dr Dave Martin has proof that Pres Trump signed a Special Order authorizing Big Pharma to commit Murder.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s see it please.

      • JuicyMoosey



        9 minutes in. He does say that Trump signed an executive order to develop a vaccine platform. Technologies to include: DNA, mRNA, vector based and self-assembling nano-particle vaccines.

        We’ve seen that this graphene can be externally manipulated to assemble into something else.

        • Warren B.

          On Sept. 19, a few days after the Council of Economic Adviser issued its report, DJT signed Executive Order 13887.
          Which states……
          It is the policy of the United States to modernize the domestic virus vaccine enterprise to be highly responsive, flexible, scalable, and more effective at preventing the spread of viruses.

          This is a public health and national security priority, as viruses have the potential to significantly harm the United States and our interests, including through large-scale illness and death, disruption to military operations, and damage to the economy.

          The EO created several initiatives to modernize vaccine production, including “incentives for the development and production of vaccines by private manufacturers and public-private partnerships.
          In other words, the September 2019 White House report and the EO that quickly followed laid the groundwork for Operation Warp Speed — perhaps, the most critical component of the coronavirus response, hastening the development and launch of therapeutic drugs and vaccines.

          All this coincidentally preceded the infamous Event 201 on October 18 2019.

  58. ronin

    I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving, as difficult as this past year has been, we still have much to be thankful for.
    Minor typo in your interview summary: VARES (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) alone shows more CV19 vax deaths than all vaccines combined in the last 30 years of reporting. Edit: VAERS* (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you, Ronin, for all your support & for the editing backstop.

  59. Brian Vaci

    Greg; I love and support President Trump. At this point; however, I am fearful for his political future. It appears that his gargantuan ego will not allow him to humble himself and admit he is wrong on the death shots. If he does not come before the American people in TRUE humility, a large percentage of his voter base will abandon ship. PLEASE pray that The Lord will speak through The Holy Spirit to President Trump.

  60. Mark Lanctot

    What an incredible interview and topic. My concern dovetails 100% with the direction of this conversation.

  61. Tom Coburn

    Read RFK, Jr.’s “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health”.

    It’s not a case of “Bad Advisers”. The system has been rotten for decades. Either Trump knew, or he’s a complete fool.

  62. Homer

    From RFK, Jr.’s new book “The Real Anthony Fauci”:

    “ It had taken years of Dr. Fauci’s ritualistic pilgrimages for Coburn to recognize, with indignant clarity, that attempted HIV vaccines are an ATM for NIH, whether they work or not. From an institutional standpoint, none of Dr. Fauci’s failed experiments were, after all, failures. They each resulted in massive transfers of public lucre to Dr. Fauci’s Pharma partners, and sustaining funding for NIAID’s laboratories and PIs. The only true failure at NIAID would be a shrinking workforce. This verity remains utterly obscure to the dewy-eyed press, which faithfully applauds each of Dr. Fauci’s Groundhog Day encores. In 2019, nearly a decade after Coburn’s remonstrance, and only a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Fauci made a surprise announcement: he finally had a working HIV vaccine. While the inoculation had demonstrated a bare-bones 30 percent efficacy in human trials in Thailand, data from the Phase III trial in South Africa looked promising, and NIAID was getting teed up to test the vaccine on Americans.4 Dr. Fauci added some deflating caveats: While his new vaccine didn’t prevent transmission of AIDS, the nimble technocrat jauntily predicted that intrepid souls who took the jab would find that when they did get AIDS, the symptoms would seem to be much reduced. So confident was Dr. Fauci of the media’s slavish credulity that he assumed, correctly, that he’d never need to answer the many questions raised by this feverish gibberish. That entire odd proposition received zero critical press commentary. His success at slapping lipstick on this donkey and selling it to the world as a Thoroughbred may have emboldened his ruse—a year later—of placing similar cosmetics on the COVID vaccines that, likewise, neither prevent disease nor preclude transmission.”

  63. Roger Stamper

    tks for post greg mark

  64. Robert Will

    I will never support a Democrat, but I’m done with Trump until he apologizes for pushing the vaccines.

  65. Earl Thornburg

    Trump has already lost my support and virtually everyone I know. I don’t think he can regain support because of pushing the vax.
    Unless the election fraud is dealt with, many will not vote again, including me.

  66. Dusty Dude

    Another great show Greg. It’s good to hear Mark’s message. I have all but given up on Trump. The first time I heard him say the vaccines were good left me bewildered. I thought possibly it was part of some covert psyop but people are being harmed so it made no sense to me. I’ve been waiting for someone or something to intervene. I’m very active on Twitter trying to spread the word about the vaccines but so much damage is already been done…..
    Just as an FWIW, I’ve been taking the horse paste ivermectin on a once weekly basis as a prophylactic. That along with daily doses of vitamin d, vitamin c, quercetin, zinc, NAC, selenium and Clif High’s favorite, Chaga mushroom.
    You are right Greg, Jesus is real….

  67. Bill

    Sorry Greg, Mark keep harping on this 501C3 and he is dead wrong! I have been from coast to coast and I know of many rock solid – ROCK SOLID churches and many have/are standing up to the tyrannical mandates. And yes, I agree, there are some churches that are not good (in fact some are terrible)! This has nothing to do with whether a church is a 501 or not. It has everything to do with the leadership!

    I strongly believe we can do better than to have President Trump run again. There are a number of Republican Senators and Congressmen who can do a better job. (Can you imagine someone like Marsha Blackburn as president?) Do you remember the chant, “Lock her up, lock her up”? What happened immediately after President Trump got into office? CRICKETS! Crickets, Greg! What about the bump-stock(sp) and red flag laws he supported? And yes this vaccine he continues to push! You can say, “Oh he was given bad advice”. Maybe so, but can we trust him moving forward? His trust with the American people has been violated on too many occasions. And yes, President Trump has done some very good things for this country, without question! I think he could better serve America and the world by being a strong adviser and vet those Republican candidates who wanna run for office (whether that be governor, senator or congress).

    If President Trump runs again, can we as a country handle another 4 years of the theatrics of false charges and phony impeachment hearings? You know the deamoncrates will try it again (it worked before – and it divided the country).

    That’s my 2 cents.

    • Cassie

      Hello Bill, please elevate your understanding that this is a SPIRITUAL battle. People need to stop the blame game, and stop bashing Trump. Until people “get” the crucial fact that what is playing out upon Earth now is a reflection of the battle going on in heaven, they are left in darkness. Once eyes are opened that Satan is running this show as prophesied of the last days in the Bible many, many times, people cannot, I repeat, CANNOT understand what is going on. We on Earth are watching and awaiting the greatest battle for our souls ever prophesied. Please read your Bible and trust your life to your Saviour, Jesus Christ.

  68. Catherine

    Great interview. But have you all ever thought that Gods plan is not what we want to happen. After all God is in charge of EVERYTHING! If we are seeing the world disintegration and people are screamed to wake up to the TRUTH and yet it just continues to disintegrate then that is Gods plan. Maybe He is judging all of us right now. Maybe we won’t understand why. Maybe we cannot “advise” trump and his cohorts or popes or kings or imbeciles how to make the world a place we want it to be. Maybe the plan God has is to use evil to destroy us. Maybe the actual prohibitions of the Bible stand. The most egregious of them all is to change the laws of a country to sanctify abominations like gay marriage. That is HUGE IN GODS EYES ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE. It’s not the homosexuality that destroys a country it’s the sanctification in the LAW of that country that allows God to turn away.
    Well in your bones folks you have to know. God has turned away. We must become a righteous country again and we must FIGHT FOR IT. not in an election that’s rigged or a weak leader like trump. It will never ever change our destiny. God is giving us a chance to adjust our values to His values. And if no one steps up … then God will. And at that point judgement will not be anything we could ever imagine. But it will be the final one

    • Jeff

      Catherine You are spot on. But god hates abortion more. We have a choice. They have none. God totally destroyed the Israelites (His people He loved) because of their child sacrifice to the god Moloch. I believe there were 370 million abortions in the world just in the last 11 months. I forget how many here.

    • Self Exiled

      ” Maybe the plan God has is to use evil to destroy us. Maybe the actual prohibitions of the Bible stand”

      So that they may see and know,
      And consider and understand together,
      That the hand of the LORD has done this,
      That the Holy One of Israel has created it. Isaiah 41:2

  69. Eddie Beer

    Sorry Mark and Greg, but it sure looks to me like Mr. Trump is planned opposition. To get something so wrong about something so fundamentally and obviously evil just shows me that he is captured just like the rest of the swamp creatures. Not coming out and denouncing his words and apologizing to the American people just underscores my opinion. We all need a champion and hero now, but he’s not it. There is no sugarcoating this.

    • Anita

      Trump is himself the snake in his snake story when running for pres. But people like to have their ears tickled and the truth does not matter that much. Whatever makes them feel good and ease their fears, to that they will give ear.

  70. paul anthony

    thanks greg and thanks Mark. I don’t know what’s going on with Trump. But I have winced when he promotes a shot. It took three weeks but we do have some ivermectin with us in our home now. We have a box I’m not sure it’s theirs enough to take it as a prevenative but we definitely have enough to treat me or my wife if we get covid . so I’m basically just writing to say hey it’s God God is in control isn’t about Trump he’s got his own battles he’s doing. He has a stand for the Lord one day to just like I have to stand before the Lord one day I’m not worried about what Trump or Trump thinks about the shot I’m worried about my family friends and people I actually have relationships with. I don’t think that this is something that gets one at the polls or the popularity contest of the presidency. This gets won by God this gets one by Jesus this gets one by the popularity of Christ the Savior this does not get one by the popularity of Trump he’s a regular man he has flaws I have flaws my hope is in what is God going to do. Anyway, thanks for having mark and I haven’t seen him in a long time and it was a good interview thank you

    paul Anthony

    • Cassie

      You, my brother, have that beautiful understanding of forgiveness and love. Thank you for your post. We are not to judge anyone, let alone Donald Trump.

  71. paul anthony

    I was speak texting in my comment that’s why one is spelt wrong anyway have a good day everybody

  72. Brian Susi

    Greg and Mark,
    We need to back people like Ron Desantis in florida who strike immediately at the issues. Trump had a chance to give light to the debate. He couldn’t have come out and questioned the narrative instead he pushed it a 100%. I won’t pray for trump. Damage is done.

  73. Al


    It’s great to see Mark back. No, he was not wrong, goal posts have been moved.
    I am in total agreement! Trump “fathered” the “vax” to keep the Deep State from total control, but he HAS TO STOP PUSHING THE VAX!


    40 MILLION VISITS / MONTH? CNN would be drooling for that. As it is, each of their “BS sessions” if done 5 times/wk get less than 20 Million views.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al for all your support.


        Trump need to come out just like Mark is talking about & give the Jab a big fat NO!!! & in public, with humility..

  74. Jon

    No way Trump will come out and denounce the jab. He will be against the mandates and boosters, but not against the jab itself.
    It would be a SUICIDE for Trump to do so. No politician (right/left/RINO/MAGA/America First) will be against the jab.

  75. JD

    Did Trump know that a US patent had been filed on the Spike Protein in [2016] and that it was the product of bioweapons research?

    Just asking….

    • Greg Hunter

      Probably not. Just saying…

  76. Michael K.

    Why do people consistently feel the need to carry Trump’s water? Face it, he’s part of the problem.

    • Paul ...


  77. Provocateur Astrology

    It’s time to stop making excuses for Trump. He is a poor manager. He makes exceptionally poor hiring decisions and appoints traders. Who is Trump really? Maybe not who you wish him to be.

  78. Barbara DelCotto

    Thanks Greg for having Mark on. He said what a lot of us are thinking. I had a cute little troll Trump doll…I threw it away after hearing Trump continually being pro-vax. I still support Trump but he’s gotta get his head straight.

  79. Mike

    Do vaccinated people that donate blood to the Red Cross realize that their blood is no good?

    “Once people are vaccinated, they cannot donate plasma. The vaccine causes spike antibodies, and for convalescent plasma, they need nucleocapsid antibodies.”

  80. SummerSong

    I Love you guys. Thanks so much for getting together to share this information.
    I agree with what you’ve said about President Trump. When I ask myself WHY Trump would promote this bio-weapon, the only thing I can come up with is that he is being threatened with something like… If he doesn’t, then black hats will blast 1000 damns, Bridges, Overpasses and literally shut this country down – – – Or some terrible variation of this. This is the only thing that I can imagine that would justify Trumps promoting this bio-weapon. Bless you both, Greg and Mark and all your amazing readers. Much Love.

  81. A+Jones

    A few thoughts after listening to this interview: After listening to the interview a few thoughts came into mind relating to this subject of Trump and his advisors: For years I taught Sunday school in the 10 to 12 year-old intermediate department. A couple of things I vividly remember from this experience are to never open the Bible and start reading to kids unless you have pre-read it and have your explanations ready. Kids 10 to 12 years old have inquisitive minds and I think you know what I mean. “What is a harlot Mr. Jones?” “What were Lot and his daughters doing in the cave Mr. Jones?” Then came the really tough ones like for instance when the Children of Israel were entering the promise land and God basically told them to exterminate the inhabitants and inhabit the land but not take their personal property. Then one disobeyed and was punished. “What kind of God would tell his people to do that Mr. Jones?” My answer was a Father that loved His children and wanted them to have a safe place to live and Who says what He means and means what He says and Who punishes disobedience. Then there was the picture on the wall of Noah’s Ark showing Noah looking out the window and people were swimming around in the water calling for Noah to save them. “Why didn’t Noah rescue them Mr. Jones.”
    My point is- Do not allow yourself to get in God’s way. God works in mysterious ways. The above are two instances where God culled the herd to protect His creation. I think I know what is coming but I am a not sure at this point, so my path is to lay low and follow the Yellow Brick Road until things come into focus. I think if you connect the dots in what this speaker said you will see a familiar pattern. Maybe this is God’s way of separating the sheep from the goats. My advice is watch, listen and obey. Judgement day is coming.

    • Cassie

      I nominate you, a+jones, for president. this is wisdom we need.

  82. frederic w dunn

    Thanks Greg, I agree , Trumps stand on these vaccines has been a big problem for me . Overall I think he wants to do good, but I agree with Mark here Trump needs to question more before being advised. Although at times I think “To stupid to be stupid” or my words “To victimized to be a victim ” At this point still support him .

  83. Da Yooper

    Bravo Greg …………Brovo…..well done

    Those with eyes to see can see that Trump has surrounded himself with Moloch worshippers.

    I can not support him anymore.

  84. Michael Horton

    Great interview with Mark Taylor. We have been waiting for God to move, a move to calm the storm we are in then we will immediately arrive to the other side much line the story of Jesus in the New Testament. For his believers we must pray and fast for President Trump in this time and remember what Isaiah wrote “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint!”
    That last verse Why ? Why will the walk and not faint! Maybe because they have seen a miracle that can’t be explained!
    A pastor once told me, God wins in the end! We as Christian and Patriots must strengthen our faith just as Peter did when he stepped out of the boat onto the water! We must not take our eyes off Jesus!

  85. Lois

    Please share Mike Lindell message
    THANK-A-THON starting Thanksgiving morning for 96 hours reveal of Supreme Court Case on Election fraud


  86. Lois

    Greg, I love you completely however your one of the biggest offenders of propagandizing falsehoods. The Jab IS NOT A VACCINE! STOP! repeating the DS lie. We don’t know all that is happening behind the scenes. Nuclear War or pandemic. Both terrible. Research and listen to what Trump has to say about the plague I the 1900’s. Which saves humanity?

    • Greg Hunter

      Are you not watching what I am doing here on USAW? I have many people on to say this is a bioweapon including myself. Get up to date with the program.

  87. Dusty Dude

    I found this interesting. A short introduction to the fourth turning….

  88. James

    Thanks Greg. Long time listener, followed you from screwtube. This interview was spot on. Mr Trump is losing me on his clotshot stance. I can’t imagine how he can advocate for the gene therapy they are passing off as medically beneficial. Pray this doesn’t get too ugly. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  89. Marktbuilder

    I think Trump and his globalists friends know they have humanity enslaved. Trump does not care and is in on these end times receptions. The only thing left is the FALSE SAVIOR to show up and theccome Jesus to take back His seat.

  90. John

    It doesn’t matter who we elect as president, no one man is going to fix this problem. The problem with America is spiritual. America has lost its moral compass and couldn’t find its way to the front door.
    The immorality that is prevalent in America today is taking America down the toilet, where it belongs. The hand of God is at work in America today and the Godless citizens (not all) of this country cannot see it. You only need to read your Bible and you will find over and over again that God uses his enemies to punish His people when they step out of line. And America is so out of line with God’s commandment’s and laws it is hard to fathom.
    I grew up as a teenager in the Fifties, and when I look back as to how the country was then and how it is now, it is almost hard to comprehend, actually it is shocking. I feel like I am living in a nightmare. The decline of this countries morality is staggering to say the least. I see punishment coming big time for this country and rightly so. Obedience and repentance is the answer to America’s problems, not politicians.
    2 John 6 And this is love; that we walk in obedience to His commands.

    • Shayne Zutavern


    • Shayne Zutavern

      John THIS is exactly they way I think it will go down.

    • Cassie


  91. Gloria Charlier

    Greg, I am so glad you had Mark Taylor on! It’s been a long time since I heard him speak. We all need to pray for President Trump and this country like we have never prayed before. Thank you!

  92. Jim Hebert

    Amen and Amen. Shout it from the rooftops!

  93. Cindy Chiasson

    thank you for covering this. i am worried that all of the people around me have gotten the jab and haven’t seen or been affected by an adverse events so they all think it is fine and everyone should get it. it is getting very tough to hold the line but the thought of them having to suffer just to see how bad this jab is makes me sad.

  94. Robert Hood

    My daughter in law had a stroke after her second Pfizer poisoning. She got immediate medical help and suffered no noticeable debility. You could hardly find a more ardent supporter of Donald Trump but even I have limits.
    Only one out of my 36 member extended family is unvaxxed besides me. Most of them aren’t stupid, they’re just hopelessly brainwashed. I have little respect for them but that’s fair because they call myself and my favorite nephew nut jobs.
    When the grand kids start suffering adverse reactions and death maybe they’ll wake up but many are too proud to admit the black sheep were right. They’re all about to be blind sided by a Satanic aluminum base ball bat. God have mercy on us all!

    • JuicyMoosey

      I keep having premonitions that I won’t be around much longer. Probably have my skull caved in by a government goonsquad or something (Though sometimes I see myself years in the future alone in a field planting crops)

      I don’t have any younger family who haven’t taken the shot and I find myself wondering about who I leave my “worldly possessions” too. Any kid awake enough to not take the shot … is ironically a better bet to put my stakes on than my own family now, if that makes sense.

      I was speaking to a young Irish lad at work the other day and he probed my opinions concerning the vax. I told him it was the mark of the beast. We both agreed we’d die with our boots on and blood on our blades before we submitted to it. There’s still hope out there.

  95. richard english

    Trump #45 lesson to the past. The day Caesars people were cheering him on was a day his advisors were stabbing him.

  96. Tigus

    We need a leader! That leader needs to step up now! It does not need to be Trump.

  97. Mark Gunderson

    Thank you, excellent interview with great timing. Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

  98. Michael Cagney

    Always look forward to your interviews Greg and wow, 40MM views per month says a lot about the quality of content. Mainstream media is fast becoming nothing more than tabloid fodder.
    I’m having trouble accepting the notion that advisors could be solely responsible for Trump’s continued pro vax position. He can gather facts and data as readily as we can.
    Very much agree, he needs to change quickly not only for himself. The world needs him to be in strong opposition to the vaccines and promoting an alternate strategy of early treatments with inexpensive drugs which are actually safe and work.

  99. ww

    Trump is not a King. He bears responsibility for who he chose as his people. He chose treasonous? people. And if he didn’t know he is not as smart as we thought. It is no different than the choices we make. We are responsible and any “leader” worth their salt would accept that responsibility.
    BTW: MAGA is the highest level in the church of satan. Also by definition in Webster’s is a member of the priestly cast of the Saura of India. Look it up. Just some food for thought as the spiritual battle is talked about and can come at us in unexpected ways.

  100. Clyde Cates Jr

    Trump sold us out. Right now, the Governor of Florida is the best answer for 2024.

    • Greg Hunter

      Desantis said the shots “saved millions of lives.” Really??

      • Coal Burner

        Greg: I don’t think DiSantas believes that but he is forced to say it to keep the multitude of satinist news vermin from the door. Or thinks he is!

    • Anita

      DeSantis left on the books (law) mandatory vaccinations. He himself may not use that law but he failed to remove it.

  101. Randy

    Please stop making excuses for Trump! He has to man up on this, if he doesn’t, history will judge him as a co-conspirator. I voted for him in 2020 (voted Castle in 2016), I don’t know if I can vote for him again, or even bother to vote with this election fraud going on unchecked.

    • John

      Never did and never will. It’s one snake with two heads!

      • Self Exiled

        Yep: there is no righteousness in politics.

        When I am afraid,
        I will put my trust and faith in YOU. Psalm 56:3

  102. TIM

    how do you save all the people that were forced to take REMDESAVER ..WHAT DO WE TAKE TO COUNTER THE EFFECT?

  103. TIM


  104. Self Exiled

    Creating a human dependency on vaccines, the human financial view. The NWO: one world government view. The satanic: destroy mankind doctrine/view. Listen carefully; packed with legal detail.


    • Barbara

      unfortunately this video is not available

  105. Clyde Cates Jr

    This guy keeps blaming the people around Trump. Trump is a grown man & made his own decision. Trump sold out to the New World Order, he made his bed … let him sleep in it.

    • John

      Well said brother. I couldn’t agree more.

  106. James Barrett

    I know Trump has lost me because of his stance on the vaccine

  107. Susan R

    Of my two best friends from collage, 0ne got the plague upon the land and speaks of herself as immune and the other got the jab. Both these women are very high IQ so I was shocked about the one. This was a lesson to me about very smart people, some who are being played.

  108. Marion Sampson

    Juan O Savin keeps talking about a “near death experience” for the US. Perhaps for Trump as well. Actually, I see it for the whole world. How “near death” does this all have to be before the boomerang or decertification happens, then NESARA/GESARA. C’mon man!!! I don’t think for a moment that Biden, Gruesome Newsom or any other politician took the ‘vax’. Perhaps some took a lethal of something if they now understand they would never get away with what they have done to the people. They are using the new politicial party of COVID to keep people’s eyes of the truth. Sidetracking. Brainwashing. Sickening.
    If God said two terms for Trump, then God wins, right?

  109. Keith Donnelly


  110. Tim P.

    Jer 17:5 –
    This is what the LORD says:
    Cursed is the person who trusts in mankind.
    He makes human flesh his strength,
    and his heart turns from the LORD.
    The shadow of The Great Tribulation is beginning to cover the land. Let us put our hope and trust in our soon returning King Jesus.

  111. yves groulx

    I have been a supporter of President Trump, but today I would support Ron DeSantis. I believe the President has turned .

  112. Mary

    Thanks for addressing this issue. Any miraculous way you can actually get Pres Trump on for an interview/inquisition about the vax’s ???

  113. WarProfit

    Did President Trump take this covid-19 shot ?
    I supported the President, went to his rallies.
    I will never take or endorse this covid-19 clot shot.
    Half my family has taken it, and we are now forever divided unless God intervenes.
    I ‘m watching our country fall to communist/fascist/globalist/satanist .
    I’m un-vaxed grandfather forbidden to see his grandchildren.
    Lord help us.

    • Barbara

      Your not the only grandparent in the same exact situation but also vise versa situations out there ….very very sad .

  114. Justn Observer

    Greg, A heads up for viewers for tickets to the rally for the U.S. and against COVID heavy handedness. Some good med. links as well… =



  115. Nicole Lafleur

    Grateful you having Mark Taylor on. He is right. We are in a world war and it is not over and will not be over soon either. Many more people will die from covid, being victims of this big war. This war will bring about many changes in almost every field. The most major hits will be in medicine, education, governments and they will need a big turnover. If people are not aware of this, it’s high time they are.
    If Trump came back to power and all crooked leaders in the world replaced, the deep state could very well be back to take power within a few generations and where will we be then. Probably worst then now as they will have taken better precaution to remain in power. We have to stop looking for someone to save us. Only God will save us but we have to do OUR part. He won’t give it to us on a platter.
    It’s unfortunate, but I see more death, destruction on the way because people are not waking fast enough. Instead of going into desolation and since I do not see the changes around me and in the world , I decided to work on my inner self and ‘be the change I want to see’. We all have to go through this dark night of the soul to realize what we must do.
    If I take for example the changes needed in medicine, I feel the whole system has to be completely destroyed and rebuilt. When I was a child I received 2 vaccines. Today kids get 70-80 vaccines. 20 yrs or so ago Autism was 1 in 10,000. Now it is in every 34 or so. We have been seeing this for some time and this killing doesn’t stop. Then you have this Fauci-mengele and his cohorts who have been maiming and murdering people for years-s-s and they are still free and making zillions. Why are we allowing it to continue?
    I don’t believe Trump is holding back information as he gives it in crumbs now and then because WE NEED TO DO OUR SHARE. Did he not barely mentioned at one time, the med beds, HCQ, etc. Hearing about med beds, I immediately checked into it. They have existed for some time and I won’t go into describing it as it would be too long. They are the answer of the future.
    I am 76 and have been to see an allopathic doctor 5 or 6 times in my life for very minor injuries. Very young I knew not to rely on ‘modern’ medicine which is more drug medicine. I rely on ayurvedic, natural, alternative, etc medicine to cure with success ailment I have had. Allopathic medicine is only good for operations if you need a transplant, replace an arm, etc. but not for disease treatment.
    I strongly believe those that have, are and will die from covid is their soul’s choice as they want to reincarnate when things will be better as they do not have the strength to go through the dark night of the soul to make the changes needed to improve this world. This new world is in the making

    • Marion Sampson

      It could be misinformation, of course, but I heard that the ‘white hats’ are in control of Australia. Australia has some deep underground human trafficking going on. Is this a movie like Drcharlieward.com says?

    • Major Payne

      If you give up your right to bare arms at least your arms won’t get sunburned on a hot day.

  116. Robert K


    Here is yet another story of a professional athlete dropping on the field, and the live feed was cut after one of the announcers asked, “I think everyone wants to know if he’s had the COVID vaccine?”


  117. Geena Gador

    Thank you, Greg, for having Mark Taylor on. I missed hearing from Mark anywhere on the internet. Now, Mark is back, thanks to you.

    In earlier prophecies, Mark was told by God that Trump will be a two-term president and that there will be mass arrests. I still believe in what Mark was told. But it certainly is puzzling that Trump appears to have wimped out on the vaccines. Our faith is being tested.

    If Trump thought that letting the vaccines be rolled out would cause fewer deaths than all out civil war between Patriots and the far left, well, I bet Trump is having second thoughts now.

    I don’t think Trump’s lack of a backbone on the vaccines is because his family has been threatened. His family was threatened throughout his four year presidency. I am amazed that none of his family were ever taken out.

    Trump may have had bad spiritual advisors, but he is not that stupid. There are too many people protesting the mandates and too many doctors offering evidence of the bad reactions to the jab. Trump seems to be waiting for the right moment to act and then he will come out swinging.

    Let us hope that moment is soon.

  118. oneno

    jimstone.is says the death shot is yellow while the fake shot is white.

    Australians are saying they are being killed!
    See this image.

    There is also a warning on smallpox

    Lock and load…

    • Laura M

      It’s not for Trump to stop it is for us to stop. We are being tested by God to stand up and become the leaders of our country. Living in fear is what causes us to fall in the trap Satan has led us to. Trump is showing us how to think for ourselves, if we rely on him we are just going back to the weak and vulnerable people we have been all our lives. He can not tell us to stop taking a vaccine that he put out, it would only seem he is controlling the thoughts of the unvaccinated and that it is not an organic movement. We have to stop relying on government or so-called leaders to save us. “….government by you, the American people “ was not just a portion of Trump’s speech, it was a forecast of what was to come.

  119. Wayin Scott

    Greg, I started saving pictures years ago just
    for personal proof of what the Bible says about
    our surrounding Earth realm. Well when the Vax
    insanity started I began noticing what was in these
    pictures__Needles, inoculators, mouth inserts of
    white looking swabs, everywhere_Sun, Moon, Stars,
    Firmament (mentioned 9 times 1st page of the Bible,
    pictures of it 10’s of thousands of miles of it), Sky,
    Clouds, and the Earth. Sounds crazy, yet it is.
    The entire realm is pushing the VAX, yet it is mostly
    towards the Beast themselves, though Humans
    have this being aimed at them also.

    Trump ? The Watchers went so far as to FRAME him during one of their
    forest celebrations with the injectors everywhere there also. He is pictured as holding 4 giant inoculators, and hiding somewhat from my camera.
    They have the ability to mimic people. This vid will be coming up soon.

  120. Laura M

    I love Mark but I have to disagree with him on this one. Trump has not been led astray, he is well aware of what he is doing and what the vaccines are doing. It is unfortunate that people are dying from the vaccines but they willingly gave up their trust in God and their freedoms. This is what God means by free will. If Trump were to say the vaccines were poison and not promote it, it would seem he was telling the unvaccinated what to do. They must see it for themselves and make the right choice. Trump is showing us how to think for ourselves. Unfortunately, people will die but it is a war and there is no other way to prevent it. If Hillary was president, don’t you think we would have been wiped out already like in WW2? He had to do it this way. It is the only way. It is up to us to inform our friends and family and help them fight against fear because fear is the devil. Everything these people have done was in response to fear. We must remind people that God is who they need and that they have no reason to be in fear.

    • K

      Sorry to disagree. But the Word of God says that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. (I John 1:5 James 1:17 ) neither shadow of turning. God does not trick or string people along like a rabbit with a carrot on a stick with a false hope of a helpful medication after a pandemic when elderly people have been possibly hospitalized from having covid last year and barely survivied. We cannot be smug or blow off the seriousness of the deception which has occurred and the evil agenda that is taking place because of it. God is truth and He wants people to know the truth. Trump may have been deceived by Pence, Fauci, Big Pharma then. But there is absolutely zero excuse for him not to know and understand now. I agree with Mark Taylor that there are those who are close to Trump giving him poor advice, possibly even on purpose.

  121. RM

    Another really good interview…I like Mark Taylor and think he is a good person. Anyone that cares to view the first 8-10 minutes of this video I’m attaching can watch Trump’s granddaughter singing in fluid Mandarin Chinese to “Grandpa Xi”…Then follow the money for Trump’s new social media enterprise and see who and where the board members are….I think it is clear why he use to read the “snake” poem at rallies…

  122. Suzanne Powell

    Ivermectin and hydroxycloroquine rock!!!
    I bought some of each off the web because I have no insurance, and they’ve really come in handy.
    My mother is in the hospital with heart problems and a stroke… she had both shots even though I warned her.
    The cabal wants 13 out of 14 people dead. We are already staring at more than a billion people, plus their families dying… that is already waking people up. Protests worldwide.
    Our country and world are being run by industrial mobsters/syndicates who are buying politicians and trying to squeeze the life out of the rest of us. They need to be rounded up.

    • Marion Sampson

      Can you tell me where you purchased Ivermectin? I’m in Canada. I hear it is accesible from India?

      • Major Payne

        Marion – I got some ivermectin from topmedshub.com.

        From India and a good product. They also included some viagra for free.



      • Major Payne

        Go to topmedshub.com

        Iver-mectin from India.

        A good product.

        Major Payne

      • Major Payne

        top meds hub.com

  123. Kim

    I was so confused, disappointed, and quite pissed when Trump was pushing the jab. I started to question everything and my heart just sank. Thanks for having Mark on and offering a different perspective that makes sense on this issue.

  124. Bill Hughes

    Very good vax article:
    With Low Vaccination Rates, Africa’s Covid Deaths Remain Far Below Europe and the US


    Greg and Mark,
    Thank you for the update and your thoughts. PLEASE GIVE CONSIDERATION TO THIS VIEWPOINT: At this point in time, I think Trump is very much aware of the dangers of the vaccines. If he was not, that would be tantamount to saying the President of the U.S. is unaware of the bio warfare going on in all nations against the NWO vaccine attacks. As you both stated, when will he end this madness? We do not know all the threats and other dangers that the Trump team is dealing with. Other options could trigger greater number of deaths. Also, by continuing the genocide, the level of infiltration is being revealed. A year ago would you have believed that doctors, hospitals and nursing homes would participate in the execution of patients? We are realizing now that many prescription drugs and past vaccines were deadly and they have been killing us slowly over the years. The great awakening is in full swing because citizens are experiencing the attacks at a local level – schools and colleges demanding vax, employers forcing their will on the public, etc. TRUMP HAS ALWAYS SAID THAT WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. All aspects of our social, economic, political and financial systems must be destroyed before the new Republic is built. All the old paradigms must be replaced.

  126. Robert K

    It wouldn’t be the holidays without be shunned like a leper by by misguided sister living up North for not having the poison clot shots. Here a a few snippets from her e-mail: “For our family celebrating Christmas this year we’re still very risk averse when it comes to COVID, largely out of concern for REDACTED since he’s too young to get vaccinated. (Her son is not even two years old…) We would love to host everyone at our new house, but we only feel comfortable having people over that are vaccinated” –>My brother and I and our families have been excluded. It is what it is, and I count my blessings not to be surrounded by the super shedders.

    She goes on to say, “In other news we tried to expand our family through IVF and found out last week that our latest and final attempt was unsuccessful. ” … Sad, but this is not surprising one bit, since she is double vaxxed and had the booster….

    I know I am not the only USAWD commentator experiencing this with there families, and I am sure there are thousands of other examples.

    Happy early Thanksgiving my fellow patriots. Be well and God bless.

    • Julie Sadler

      I’m so sorry this is happening to your family, like thousands of others. Especially at this time of year.
      The programming has really done it’s job.
      I hope you have a peaceful holiday Robert.

  127. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    God is first, then my family, and then everyone else. Mr. Trump, as one of “everyone else”, is supporting our submission to the Globalists, by allowing the injection of poisons into our bodies. Right now, President Trump is acting like Jim Jones who coerced his followers to swallow cyanide.
    Whether or not he knows it, by this Mr. Trump has made himself my enemy. Worse than that: he is an enemy of my family. Given his present posture with regard to these injections, I cannot and will not support him again.

  128. P. Dalton

    Hi Greg!

    What a great show!! I do love your work and patriotism. Before everyone gets in a snit about POTUS and the deadly vax, here is some info that everyone should read a ponder. Coming from a place where we don’t have ALL the details, could result in compromising Trump’s 5D chess game. Check this out: How Trump’s vaccines prevent the Great Reset and save humanity – https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/vacnwo/

    MANY blessings to you and keep up the great work!!

  129. Linda Bryant

    Love Mark Tylor and his insight (inspired by God) on what is going on in the world. Thanks for having him on, Greg. Yes, I was very upset listening to President Trump’s Cullman, Alabama rally when he came out in favor of everyone getting the vaccine. Personally, I believe these shots are the Mark of the Beast and because of my strong feelings on this I had to stop attending my Baptist Church.

  130. Al

    I am so glad you got Mark back. I agree with him 1000%. After listening to Mark, I was compelled to write the following.

    TO THE CHURCHES, SYNAGOGUES and 501c3 organizations…

    COVID has exposed much evil, not only from the Marxist left/right and center of Government, Hollywood, Corporations, and fake Science, but also the Media and the Churches, both of which are THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE by being SATAN’S MOUTHPIECES TO THE PUBLIC !



    The 501c3 religious tax exemption was instituted by the Government in 1953 for the sole purpose of directing certain propaganda with “god”‘s name stamped on it.

    THE CHURCH OF SATAN is a 501c3 establishment, and by accepting the same in your church you are affiliating yourself with THE CHURCH OF SATAN !


    1- You foresook gathering of yourselves together, (NO YOU MORONS, NOT ZOOM OR YOUTUBE!!) That’s akin to a phone call/group meeting…. MEETING and GATHERING are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS altogether!

    When 2 or more GATHER TOGETHER (in person, heart to heart, eye to eye) IN HIS NAME, God is with them. Why?
    Look up the word “GATHERING” in the Bible, It has to do with our God Given way we communicate beyond words. It’s a Heart to Heart, Eye to Eye soul filling communication. Looking at a smile not a damned mask. Touching and hugging one another as to encourage one another in the Lord. This is why he is with us at that time! You DEN OF VIPERS !!! YOU DEFILED THE WORD “GATHERING” AND REPLACED WITH THE WORD “LIVE STREAMING”

    GATHERINGS !!! not Zoom meetings you deceivers of truth! GATHERINGS, ASSEMBLING, MEETING… Read Hebrews 10:25 puts it, the original Greek-Aramaic meaning screams FACE TO FACE, HEART TO HEART, EYE TO EYE, HUMAN CONTACT!
    Not letters, not Zoom, not phone calls… but IN PERSON GATHERING !!!

    2- You forsook evangelizing the gospel to your fellow man all because of a LIE, contrived by SATAN, uttered by the Satanic Marxist Media and the Marxists in the Government and now Churches.
    I CONDEMN YOU for the whores that you are!

    3- The JAB is a Satanic ploy for World control and a LIE from the Father of the LIE, lucifer. The JAB is not only dangerous, it also contains ABORTED FETUS PARTICLES.

    ABORTED FETUS, AS IN KILLING A HUMAN BABY! Read Deuteronomy you complicit scum bastards and then ask again “if Jesus were here, would he take the jab?”.

    Putrid smelling discharge of feces from the bowels of hell would be better than you HARLOTS, WHORES AND PEDOPHILES !

    Did Jesus ever say “hey, let’s see if Cesar can cut us a tax break ”
    Did Jesus ever lie about a cure?
    Would Jesus lead you to be akin to a cannibal by taking aborted baby particles in your body?


    Please feel free to copy, post, share and most of all WAKE PEOPLE UP WITH IT !!! You’ll find this on Gab as well.

    Thank you Greg for having this great Man on again

  131. Baron Von Lovejoy

    I’m not a religious person but God bless Greg and Mark Taylor. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and even thought I voted for Trump in 2020 I don’t think I want him to come back even with things deteriorating with Biden in office. Trump did a lot of good things but could have done a lot more if it were not for many people in his cabinet and administration. Allowing Kushner in was a HUGE mistake. Allowing Bolton and Pompeo and Barr in was an even bigger mistake. Julian Assange helped turn many votes that would have gone to Hillary in 2016 to Trump because of her leaked emails and corruption. Trump knew this yet did nothing but let Assange almost get assassinated by the CIA in the embassy in London and then rot in a jail cell. I no longer subscribe to Christianity, maybe helping Israel is a good thing but we need to put AMERICA and AMERICANS first. Remember, God’s “chosen” people are not the Israelites. God’s chosen people are the children. The innocents. Satanists will admit this. Hence why they practice SRA. Because SRA is an affront to God. Trump’s massive ego and arrogance are what turned many independents and even some liberals away from voting for him in 2020. I’ll admit that having him on Twitter was entertaining but after a point he should have held himself to a higher standard. The election was definitely stolen in my opinion but would those lost votes have made it more difficult to steal it? Possibly. We’ll never know. We now have tens of thousands of people dying from the injections. Hundreds of thousands of people being injured by them. Are those VAERS numbers underreported? Are they significantly higher than that? I guess we’ll find out as things progress. At this point, with the amount of people who have taken these injections worldwide, we need divine intervention. NOT Donald Trump. Trump has internet access obviously, nobody is preventing him from looking up the vaccine injuries and deaths. If he keeps pushing these injections and promoting their efficacy and safety then the blood of those dead or injured by it will be on his hands.

  132. DanKnight

    God bless you and Mark and your families …

    … and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here …

    Sigh … pardon tooting my own horn, but I knew Trump would run into a buzzsaw like this in 2015 … due to his ‘best of the best of the best’ policy …

    …Trump comes a world where people have to perform tasks to achieve objective results … the plumbing, the paint, the golf courses, the accounting, and even the legal work all has to work … That’s not true in government …

    I was a State level environmental regulator – prof. eng. – and I watched the Lefties promote the most ignorant, stupid, ideological, and down-right incompetent and corrupt people. When I left my agency – we had a communist activist lawyer in charge of an agency responsible for the health, safety, and environment of an entire state. …

    … And every time Mark says, ‘they’re talented’ that really hurts – right in my gut – because I know these people – I trained EPA scientists to do their jobs – the same jobs that EPA said I was not qualified to do – but they had to reach across four states for the ‘best of the best of the best’ – and that was me.

    The truth is I’d be homeless without my real estate and tenants – and the people running my agency would not know the difference between myocarditis and hexavalent chromium … that’s the reality of government in America today.

    … Pardon the rant and the boast … but

    … Trump needs to drain his own swampy team …

    God bless you, Greg …

  133. Nicole Lafleur

    After my above reply, I immediately came across the following article which goes further than what I could attempt. I notice this happening more and more to me now – synchronicity. https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/vacnwo/

  134. M

    I voted for Trump twice. I don’t agree with everything he supports and says…I don’t think we should “follow” anyone in government, business or entertainment. I think we need to stop with the adulation and be more practical.

    The results shows the vaxx is not safe or effective. See https://openvaers.com/covid-data for the results.

    We know VAERS counts are much lower than what is really happening…as little as 1% reporting, since it is a passive system (not required to report). That’s according to a Harvard study in 2010, and another study from the CDC itself in 2015.

    We know that the PCR test was not designed to diagnose disease…this according to the inventor, Dr Kary Mullis and Nobel Prize winner for the invention of the PCR test. The PCR test is manipulated by increasing the number of cycles to show false positives.

    We know of the history of previous scares of pandemics that turned out to be false, and vaccines that were harmful, like the swine flu in 1976. https://www.history.com/news/swine-flu-rush-vaccine-election-year-1976

    We know of operation warp speed, in which a vaccine was developed in “record time”, as Trump proudly stated on multiple occasions. In fact it was about 9 months to develop this vaccine…normally it takes about 10 years! Here’s a fun fact to consider…did you know Michelin has developed a new type of airless tire recently? Did you know it has been in development for 16 years? https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/airless-puncture-proof-tires-from-michelin-available-in-2024/ Are automobile tires more difficult to develop to make them safe and effective than a vaccine?

    Because of the deaths and injuries from the jab, the reasons listed above, and Trump’s pride in the jab, I can no longer support him for the future. He’s fired.

  135. Richard J. Johnson

    Yes, the pushing of the vax. But also, his and his family’s NEGLECT of those Jan. sixers in our D.C. hell-hole jail. They are there because of their belief in Trump, but he ignores their plight. But his golf game at Mar a Largo is up to speed. And by the way, has ANY Trump family member EVER been in the military? Or did they all have bone spurs like Trump?

  136. Keith Williams

    My family supported Trump, and I have a cousin that told me early on that if “his” president says the shot is good then it’s good enough for him. I had about an hourly conversation with him and he changed his mind. Thankfully, he and his family are vax free and glad now that they are. Mark is correct, I also sense that Trump is losing his base now due to the shot. I have to admit that I’m skeptical at this point. I hope he comes out soon and gives us reason to reaffirm our support.

  137. Karen Richards

    Has anyone considered the possibility that our true President may have been “gotten to” by threats to his family? He loves his family and “the enemy” will stop at NOTHING to fulfill the plan for world dominance. Just wondering.

    • Al Day

      Nearly everyone I talk to has thought the same thing…so the answer is yes.

  138. foggygoggles

    I’m not buying it. Trump spoke to the efficacy of HCQ very early on–then nothing. Trump is not a stupid man. This cannot be blamed on advisors. If advisors are the problem, Trump is responsible for choosing them. The buck stops with him. If we are able to see the damage the vaccines are doing, you’re saying the President is incapable of the same? Does not the booing at his mention of vaccines not give him pause? If he’s not listening to his supporters, how can he possibly claim to represent them? What about charges that Trump belongs to the Order of the Black Sun? What a sad commentary, Trump is only willing to lift a finger to stop the genocide because it will have political consequences. This surely qualifies him as a member of the swamp.

  139. Patsy Danovsky

    Trump has an I Q of 157. I don’t believe he is that stupid. He is part of the deep state now. Why would we want him as president if he can’t get this right.

    • John

      Spot on brother.

  140. Dave

    The problem is that Trump was advised by many to fire Fauci, not appoint Kavanaugh or Barrett and not hire John Bolton (neocon poster-boy) or Wilbur Ross (international banking ties) and on and on. Virtually all his appointments were Deep State folk. In the end that falls to Trump. He did not have to listen to suspect advisors especially when allies like Michael Savage told him not to hire Bolton. I use Dr. Savage as an example as he was very publicly urging Trump to stay away from Bolton.

    What is there to guarantee that Trump won’t be manipulated next time? Nothing, and his continued support for the vaccine is proof of that. BTW, Trump’s hubris will prevent him from ever admitting that the vaccine was a failure.

    I think Trump’s chances of winning the nomination are gone. DeSantis beats him in polls now and dissatisfied patriots are ready for a Hawley or West. Both expected to enter the GOP presidential primaries. Those two are more attractive candidates than Trump at this point. In the end my bet is Trump will choose not to enter the primary as he’ll see his chances aren’t good and, again, his hubris will keep him from entering unless its a guaranteed win.

    Yes. Patriot groups have been infiltrated. Seb Gorka has said this for a while now. Qanon was Deep State dis-info per Gorka and Sydney Powell was not working for the movement. She actually worked to help the Democrats win both Georgia Senate seats. Gorka called her partner (his name escapes me) a grifter and a liar. Essentially calling Powell the same.

    The pyramid and all seeing eye that Taylor mentions are gnostic/masonic symbols. The seal of the US is what? A pyramid with the eye at the top. The US Founders were mostly “enlightenment” Christians. Many didn’t believe in miracles. Jefferson marked out passages in his Bible that mentioned miracles. Washington wore a masonic apron when he laid the cornerstone for the capitol.

    As to the accumulation of wealth for wealth’s sake as warned against in Scripture, there is in America the Gospel of prosperity which contradicts Scripture in this area. Trump was an acolyte o Norman Vincent Peale a forerunner of today’s Gospel of prosperity.

  141. John

    No, No, No. Trump Cannot Renounce the “Vaccines” because he Is and Has Been Totally Controlled as ALL leaders have been. It’s the Mafia Method. Do as we tell you or we will do this or that to you and/or your family. If you see the bigger picture it’s obvious. THIS is what is happening, and if you get THIS you will understand why EVERYTHING is happening the way it is. THIS is it: THE WORLD IS BEING SET UP FOR THE ARRIVAL FOR THE SOON COMING BEAST SYSTEM WHERE NO MAN WILL BUY OR SELL UNLESS HE HAS THE MARK, AND EVERYONE WHO REFUSES TO WORSHIP THE BEAST WILL BE KILLED. Covid and the vaccines are just the test run to fine tune the next phase. Yes, That is how close we are. GET RIGHT WITH GOD NOW AS THAT’S YOUR ONLY HOPE.

    • travis moss

      i do not know much about the end times i.e. 7yr trib. Anti- christ, mark of the beast, rapture, pro-israel,even though the churches i have attended promoted that belief, if you were to ask me what my view is: i would have to say, i don’t know, i haven’t studied the scriptures,if i were to study, i would try and put away the commentaries of any scholars that hold any view and study only scripture; in my humble opinion what if the rapture is also a psy-op to get people complacent to just wait and do nothing(wait for the rapture) and i ask:if there is a rapture, what if it’s yrs. and yrs. away, and i ask: what of our prosperity(sons and daughters). another opinion that i have concerning the end times is: what if the prophecies of the old and new covenants and the parables of Jesus wasn’t talking about an event 2,000 yrs. into the distant future, but something soon, and i ask: what happened soon after the death, resurrection of Christ, it would be the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 a.d , and if you would like to get a different view on end times please check out chuck baldwin (you tube) he is a non 501c3, he doesn’t care for trump,he is a man that loves this country. i would suggest that you check out his sermon ” the destruction of Jerusalem “

  142. Robert

    I’ve heard and read that these vaccines basically destroy our ability to make white blood cells. It’s a three tiered process. Then your body is easier to attack by the various diseases you were prone to get. Apparently, if you survive the first few years after your jabbed ( apparently there’s 3-4 more to come), then your body becomes addicted to the boosters to act as your immune system. This gives recurring income to big pharma. I wonder what happens if the govt stops paying for the boosters and you have to pay for them? Is this how the oligarchy assures only people who can afford treatments lives, thus no welfare cases? Is this what other people have heard? I thought the FDA has shielded the public from knowing what’s in these mRNA therapies?


  143. Richard J. Johnson

    We have to stop excusing Trump because he has bad advisors. HE CHOOSES THEM! First two years of his Admin. he had both houses of Congress, and did he get the Wall built? After four years, only part is complete. And he allowed the election “steal’ to be done when millions knew that it was a set-up with Covid, etc.

    Trump is either an amoral New York operator who has talent to deceive, or he lives in a bubble consisting of his family who are limited in life’s experiences.

    Perhaps he is the “false messiah.”

  144. Al Day

    I’m sorry but Trump is so yesterday…Dasantis is my guy. You shall know a man by his deeds. Look at the difference between the 2 men. If Trump has not the spiritual maturity to see around him, I say, so be it. In fact, I believe he was removed by the Creator on purpose to allow a new more focused individual to enter the political scheme. What’s more is Trump’s age. We need dynamic reform that 4 years of Trumps showed me not.

  145. Jim Morse

    I have felt the same way about Trump ..for a while now …..Trump is lost…. we have to do what we should have done in 1980 …start anew all of these folks are on the same team….Sons of Darkness or Sons of Light pick a team….

  146. Julie Sadler

    Thank God for you Greg.
    I wasn’t the only one who needed to hear from Mark today.
    We lost one of our sons earlier this year to the poison, as he wanted to travel. I asked him to please wait but the next thing I knew, he was dead from a pulmonary embolism. 37 years old.
    Now the other two have had them as well. Almost everyone I know is double and triple jabbed.
    As Karen Kingston said – I didn’t know a woman could cry that much.
    I mourn for every loved one who will be permanently damaged and killed from this genocide that was totally avoidable. Please be kind to each other.

    • Self Exiled

      Amen Julie; What do your sons say about all this.

      Do not rejoice over me [amid my tragedies], O my enemy!
      Though I fall, I will rise;
      Though I sit in the darkness [of distress], the LORD is a light for me. Micah 7:8

  147. Robert Keenan

    Mark Taylor, what a disappointment!! He is no prophet!!!

  148. Danielle

    The ex President Trump had a gun to his head from the beginning. You could see it in his face as he stood on the stage with the triumvirate of medical criminals: Fauci, Birks and Redfield, and having to bear witness to their lies. This Real Estate Billionaire was not aware of the hornets nest that had him trapped. He is not one to sacrifice himself on the cross of truth as did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Malcom X. He is not up to that. Sorry. I remember being shocked to hear the first words out of his mouth after the “news” of the mysterious illness out of China hit. He said, ” This thing is a hoax.” That was the last word of truth from him re COVID-19.

  149. Monty Warden

    Robby Soave: CDC Director PRAISES China’s Strict Lockdowns, FDA Drags Feet On Lifesaving Covid Drug
    11,717 views Nov 24, 2021 The Hill
    Robby Soave makes the case against government overreach in fighting COVID-19.
    Censoring the truth won’t stop the truth from coming out.
    They’re drooling at what’s going on in Austria and Australia. They can’t wait to bring that here. Or try to!

    Biden Fights To REVIVE “Fatally Flawed” Workplace Vaccine Mandate Amid OSHA Hold
    15,734 views Nov 24, 2021 The Hill
    Team Rising reacts to the Biden administration’s efforts to reinstate OSHA’s vaccine mandate.
    Natural immunity isn’t a thing?!?!? He should NEVER be invited back.
    Did that guy just say natural immunity isn’t a thing??? Wow he doesn’t know anything about immunity. Of course natural immunity wanes, so do the vaccines. In fact the vaccines wane much more quickly.
    The fact he said “natural immunity isn’t a thing” frames the entire problem nicely. People who refuse to acknowledge or believe the truth and science around this. Thanks MSNBC

    Kim Iversen: Austria MANDATES Vaccines For All And Begins LOCKDOWNS. Is The US Next?
    183,320 views Nov 23, 2021 The Hill
    Kim Iversen predicts that lockdowns and mandates will increase in the U.S. this coming winter.

  150. Trinacria

    Greg, you and Mark are 100% correct !!!
    I posted a couple of weeks ago that I believe these people are true Satanists. This is no exaggeration.
    Mark is correct about the infiltration of the seminaries. In 1928 or so, Stalin said that to destroy the Catholic Church from within, we need to “recruit men of neither faith nor morals”…..that meant homosexual men to the priesthood as these men were apparently easily controlled and manipulated through blackmail. Bella Dodd, long time head of the American Communist party confirmed all this…she later repented and converted to Catholicism, but the damage had been done. And now, the Catholic Church seems the “fruits” of that effort in all the molestation cases that just keep growing. It is the ONLY church that Jesus founded, but it is administered by scoundrels…but the gates of hell will NOT prevail against it. As a cradle Catholic, I believe that God’s justice will come and I hope I see the purging soon….with it will come much pain for the world. Anyway, here are some informative videos produced by an organization that tries to blow the whistle on this garbage; in fact they held a massive protest rally against the Catholic Bishops where said bishops were having a “meeting” in Baltimore. The City tried to stop the rally, but the circuit court ruled against the city and quickly. So, the satanic network, connected to the Bishops ‘conference unsuccessfully tried to stop the rally, which took place only after the courts got involved. Shows you the depth of the rot. Trump is surrounded by the same rot. What this on these videos is really happening everywhere as Mark said and I believe , not just the Catholic Church. I am telling you thought, so goes the Catholic Church, so goes the world!!!!!!!!




  151. The Seer

    Did anyone go to prison?
    What happened to the tribunals?
    Freedom of speech?
    Move on people …….

  152. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Yes this is all pretty sobering. Trump MUST state where he stands in all of this. No more games or using cryptic Q coding. Otherwise he’ll become yesterday’s man. Many great insights from Mark Taylor, so thankyou both Greg for weighing in on this tragically disturbing development. But despite all, from here across the Pond may all of you who seek to do Christ’s bidding enjoy a great Thanksgiving, mindful as always that God remains firmly in charge.

  153. Dan

    Greg, get Dr, Judy Mikovits as a guest.

    The problem is people have been brainwashed by TV for too many years. I shut mine off 25 years ago, and stopped believing the lies 50 years ago. I knew the magic JFK bullet was a lie back in 1964 and I was just a kid.

    and thanks for having Karen Kingston and the other great guests.

  154. Tara Wood

    I am wondering why people don’t understand by now that Trump speaks in code. The Patriots know what he means but the normies think he means the Covid vaccine. Do you all not remember that Trump created a vaccine and had it out of the gate within 9 months and it’s true when he says 10’s of millions were saved by HIS vaccine which is a true vaccine with HCQ, regeneron, zinc, and a couple of other immunity building and protecting elements. That is a true vaccine against the “China virus” as Trump calls it (which btw is another comm). The other big pharma machines had to hurry up and get their kill shot “vaccines” in the market to usurp Trumps vaccine. But millions had already taken the Trump vaccine BEFORE that. Trumps vaccine = protection from the “vaccine”. A vaccine is a protection against disease supposedly, however a BIOWEAPON is not a vaccine. It’s a kill shot. Do you now know what Trump is saying. If you have been following his comms all along you would understand what he’s saying. He ALWAYS speaks in code to those who understand what he’s saying. He has to – he can’t come right out and say what he means while the mainstream media still has a heartbeat. Do you all not understand? How quickly you judge and disparage the only man that took on the Luciferian Illuminati agenda to protect the people and show them the way out of the enslavement of humanity all the while showing us who and what they are and their population control agenda. And he did it for the entire planet not just the USA. Q said “understand our comms. Why? Because it’s literally a matter of life and death. We are at war people and it’s a silent digital war where the truth is still suppressed and censored. While the swamp is being drained the truth is being squeezed out because you can’t suppress the truth forever – eventually it will explode onto the scene. Trump has never said or done anything to hurt the people – I’ve watched him and studied how he speaks and how he conducts himself. There is so much coming out about the dangers of the CV vax now that people literally have NO excuse if they take any time at all to do their research. Finding out the truth is up to each individual however without Q and Trump, I would like to say to everyone here that we would have NEVER WOKEN UP NOR WOULD WE HAVE EVER COME TO WHERE NOW – THE GREAT AWAKENING AND THE GREAT RESET. This is not over – the truth will prevail.

  155. Teri Gentle


  156. Truthseeker

    I don’t buy that Trump is getting wrong advice! Is he really? If after what happened during his Presidency, where he appointed person after person who stabbed him in the back, stonewalled his presidency, and contributed to him not winning the 2020 election, he still has people around him doing the same thing they did to him during his presidency then something is wrong with him! Is he that weak that he has no discernment and can filter out the people who are giving him bad advice? Is he really completely cutoff from the public and lives in a bubble? He has 4 grown children who are on social media and interact with the public. I’m positive they communicate with him regularly, and I’m sure they know that Patriots are upset, frustrated, and disgruntled with Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the lethal problems with the shots! He was loudly booed at a rally in September when he praised the shots!

    Something else is going on! Is Trump really who we thought he was? He knew fully well the democrats were planning to steal the election. If he was put in, or asked to run, by the military why would they allow the election process to be rigged?

    I am not saying he is a psyop, but his actions say something else. More and more people are dying and being injured daily from the death shots. I refuse to listen to another Trump rally until he honestly addresses the issue! And I know many other Trump supporters who feel the same!

    Hopefully, he changes course soon!

    • Truthseeker

      I meant “can’t filter out”

  157. Trinacria

    Just found…two articles with what I believe are excellent embedded videos that speak exactly to what you Greg and Mark are saying…people of good faith, sense and morals cannot ignore when many people are independently saying the same thing. The election of Trump in 2016 sped up the process and the globalists are panicking. I pray this will cause the globalists’to make fatal mistakes. As I said a few weeks ago, Epstein was the tip of a very big iceberg…I pray that Maxwell stays alive!!! I pray for humanity!!!
    By the way, please note that Gates is out there talking about small pox….again criminal and insane. Small pox was eradicated 50 years ago…but I’m sure exists in a vile somewhere. Wow, this is indeed the Lord of the Rings…



  158. Self Exiled

    Spiritual cultural war. The universe was created by The Devine, Most High, Almighty God, Who cast no shadow, Who is unapproachable, Who spoke matter into existence, Who is Life and respects the life’s creation. So, the result of this rebellion we are caught in will result in failure. The result, I suspect could be as we so commonly call the last days of earth, the return of Christ; but maybe not. For we have been told —- He said to them, “It is not for you to become acquainted with and know what time brings [the things and events and their definite periods] or fixed years and seasons [their critical niche in time] which the Father has appointed [fixed and reserved] by His own choice and authority and personal power. Acts 1:7 And Christ said this as He arose into heaven. The prophecy scholars/authors have given us some insight but the Bible verse proves true as all scripture does. So, is this the last days? I suspect it is because in my onion it’s a worldwide deception. As events unfold, we watch and pray. — Therefore, return [in repentance] to your God, Observe and highly regard kindness and justice, And wait [expectantly] for your God continually. Hosea 12:6 His Divine Guidance and Holly Presence is our need and we wait —– The LORD is my portion and my inheritance,” says my soul; “Therefore I have hope in Him and wait expectantly for Him.” The LORD is good to those who wait [confidently] for Him, To those who seek Him [on the authority of God’s word]. Lamentations 3 25:26 who seek Him, walk with Him, and talk to Him. Thank You —– O Lord, you have pleaded the cause of my soul [You have managed my affairs and you have protected my person and my rights]: You have rescued and redeemed my life. Lamentations 3:58 Thank You Lord Jesus

  159. Trinacria

    Dear Greg:

    as you have a substantial following I ask if you are able to help spread the word as to the rot that has taken over much of the Catholic Church. Conservative and faithful priests are being attacked and sidelined. Could you interview Michael Voris of Church Militant, or Frank Walker of Canon 212, Steve Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful, someone over at Vox Cantoris, the Lepanto Institute and/or Michael Matt of the Remnant Church. I believe it is no coincidence that all these articles and videos are coming at the same time of what Mark said in this interview. I believe we are in the very late innings, would you be able to help by bring on some of these folks? Thank you for what you do and wishing you many blessings!!!

  160. Suzette Lawrence

    Thanks for addressing Trump’s betrayal. He received Hydroxychloraquin from Dr. Zelenko. It protected him! This should have been a TOP priority. Sometimes the boss has to recognize the weight of an issue. He does not get a pass from me. THE Military Games in CHINA should have been a 2×4 upside the head. The DNI knew. HE gave BIG PHARMA $2B. No excuses. I am on my own in a sea of pagans. I really appreciate you and my online community because I can trust. you. Thank you so much for pouring truth into us! Wishing you, Mrs. Hunter and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Franklin Graham has been a phony forever.

  161. Trinacria

    I don’t mean to be bombarding you with stuff, but what you and Mark said in this interview really touched me and it ties it everything. Another article on the first amendment CM Baltimore rally justcame out….this stuff is happening as we speak. I wanted you to have the background as this is a landmark ruling. Maybe this guy can help Rittenhouse sue Biden and the media.


  162. Danielle

    This may be of help to those who are not finding access to Ivermectin.

    You may send an email to: [email protected]
    Ask “Is there a pharmacy in my area that is stocking Ivermectin tablets? ”
    Give your Zip Code

    Within a week, I received a list of four pharmacies with addresses, city, state and Zip Codes. You probably still need a prescription, but you can call and ask before you go.

  163. Justn Observer

    Greg, Rather serious report from Dr, Vernon Coleman = vaccine enhanced disease (side effects) one might expect beyond just Death?


    “Since I believe everyone is entitled to know what side effects there could be with a heavily promoted vaccine, I’m going to read you the official list of possible side effects. This is, remember, not my list but a draft list compiled by the FDA – the Food and Drug Administration in the US.” =

    Guillain-Barre syndrome
    Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
    Transverse myelitis
    Acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)
    Autoimmune disease
    Pregnancy, Birth outcomes
    Other acute demyelinating diseases
    Non anaphylactic allergy reactions
    Disseminated intravascular coagulation
    Venous thromboembolism
    Joint pain
    Kawasaki disease
    Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children

  164. Kerry

    I have posted on multiple sites the very fact of feeling betrayed by Trump when the election returns were posted. Forget waiting around for all this audit garbage, the most stupid actions that I’ve ever seen. It has been a total insult Greg from the beginning. When a person runs for the presidency of these United States and knowingly wins as Trump did but betrays eighty plus millions of the people who voted for him, gave money to his campaign, my wife and I did. Supported the broadcasting of his rallies, my wife and I did and then have him suck his thumb, tuck his tail between his legs and disappear without any fight at all. Betrayed, I say betrayed by Donald Trump. Instead of leaving DC he had all the power at the tip of his finger, which was to pick up the phone and activate the military. Who cares about a Constitutional crisis, we are in a massive one now! Trump had everything he needed to make mass arrests, remove all the scum in DC starting with the Congress and Senate. Shutdown and arrest all the multiple departments throwing them all in tent city jails in West Texas, AZ and elsewhere. Now we are under a dictatorship run by Communists. Trump coward down, lost his courage and now the nation is going to implode with the result being a destroyed Constitution. Our nation is now dying, there is no more military as such they have all been jabbed and fogged out. The JCS are commies at best but will be the first the Chinese kill when they take over if they don’t blow their economy up first. There are people who continue to believe there is hope. Well, there is but it is not a human political solution, which has now passed. I am so frustrated, but it won’t do much good, our political system is shot. Trump had all the power he needed but like our creepy VP sold us out. The election and nation have been stolen and it isn’t coming back. I may sound like a looney, but it is heartfelt, filled with sadness as we observe the destruction taking place today. Wait until 2022 and the die offs begin, I believe Cliff High will be proven accurate once again.

  165. Robert

    I love Mark and Greg but here is my point . All this discussion about covid numbers , cases , deaths , etc. is being talked about within a false paradigm . It’s as if all this chatter is based on the premise that the tests work . We all know there is no reliable test for covid 19 . So to continue discussing the subject as if there is a test for covid 19 is to operate in a false paradigm . We are having the wrong discussion if we continue to base our case on something that can’t be detected . The poison jab is real ! That we can discuss as factual . We must denounce the covid 19 numbers and continue to focus on the poison jab narrative . To control the language is to control the narrative . Allowing the enemy to control the language is to give them home field advantage . It’s time to put an end to that with the MSM on the ropes .

    • Self Exiled

      Yes, the jab as I understand it is their man made covid, what should we call it as not to confuse the narrative as you so aptly put it? CONFUSION IS THERE GAME.

  166. S Price

    Job 38:1 “Than the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said,
    Job 38:2 “Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?”
    Job’s problem was that he was listening to his ‘friends’ rather than to God as to why he was being persecuted. In this time of satanic confusion we should all be more attentive to God’s Word and lean on Him for truth and understanding, rather than man.

    • Self Exiled

      I absolutely love how Job starts out talking/answering his friends; but soon he is always talking to God. He has that personal relationship they have head knowledge. Their lacking in the ability to practice the presence of God that Job has cultivated. None pray for Him as God’s asks Job to do for them. I’m sure that is what drew Satan’s attention to him as a target of his anger. All of Job’s friends could have started seminaries but Job had the personal relationship. God knew Jobs heart and was able to put him through the furnace of affliction with the knowledge of Jobs strength of conviction and outcome. Many beautiful lessons/truths in Job; I could go on and on.

      Also don’t you just love How God asserts His Sovereignty with Job by the verse you sight; and He never answers any of Jobs questions. He only talks about animals. Much to deduce/learn. Thank You.

  167. Julia

    Mr Hunter, I knew you had a large base of listeners but that is wow! Thanks for having Mark Taylor on. He is exactly right about the infiltration. I appreciate the comments on the 5013C organizations. Rick Wiles at Trunews has been exposing people also. I know of someone who worked with Sara Huckabee when she was with President Trump. When a certain Walk Away Movement started this individual walked in and told President Trump if he embraced this movement the Judgement would be quick and sure. Mr Trump embraced the movement. If I understand Mark Taylor, God is allowing President Trump to receive bad advice. Did I hear that correctly?
    I want to wish you, your family and all USA Watchdog listeners a Happy Thanksgiving.

  168. Elias Andrinopoulos

    I’m willing to allow Trump could be fooled about the shots. After all, most of us have taken vaccines for decades, and appreciate all the good that modern medicine can do. Alas, these shots are anything but a properly tried and tested vaccine and Trump, perhaps he was briefed on them in a superficial way and he has not looked into it any further since. I’m praying The Lord opens his eyes and gives him discernment in these terrible, wicked days we are living in. Thank you for your Mark Taylor interview, Greg, there is a lot of great insight and important food for thought here. Happy Thanksgiving 😊🦃

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Elias. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  169. Chevy123

    If Trump continues to promote the injection, it only makes him look like a fool or complicit.

  170. Diane

    Trump said he and Melania already took the vaccine. They had covid and recovered, as the world witnessed. Nevertheless, Trump said he and Melania were subsequently vaccinated.

  171. Greg Morrissey

    Mtthew 27 :57 thru 60
    The Burial of Jesus
    57 As evening approached, there came a rich man from Arimathea, named Joseph, who had himself become a disciple of Jesus. 58 Going to Pilate, he asked for Jesus’ body, and Pilate ordered that it be given to him. 59 Joseph took the body, wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, 60 and placed it in his own new tomb that he had cut out of the rock. He rolled a big stone in front of the entrance to the tomb and went away. 61 Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were sitting there opposite the tomb.

    The Burial of Jesus
    42 It was Preparation Day (that is, the day before the Sabbath). So as evening approached, 43 Joseph of Arimathea, a prominent member of the Council, who was himself waiting for the kingdom of God, went boldly to Pilate and asked for Jesus’ body.
    he was a politician
    I have sent this to President Trump No reply. I agree with Mark the vaccine is hell I sent you a rumble video please watch. The future is planned.


  172. James Hayman

    Boy howdy have we missed Brother Mark Taylor. It is no wonder he has been banned from so many platforms. Maybe if we all start to talk up Mark’s online presence, his numbers will get so large no one will ignore him again. Have a happy Thanksgiving everybody. Regards, Jim

  173. William Nedbalek

    Thank you, Mark, and Greg, for all that you do for us. I have been a longtime fan of Mark Taylor, and I am thrilled and relieved to hear from him again. I am one of those people who have felt myself distancing from President Trump over this vaccine situation. Somebody really needs to get to President Trump and sit him down and have a come-to-jesus meeting, because this is not working. So, again, thank you so much Greg for having Prophet Mark Taylor on, not to mention all the other incredible interviews you have provided us with over the years. God bless all of you!

  174. Karen Halpenny

    I have been deciding over the last several months the same thing everyone else is concerned about and that is about his stance on the Covid Vaccine. I was in his corner since his election but this issue is a game-changer for me. If he does not come out and denounce his backing of the vaccines I will not vote for him again. It proves to me that he
    is not who he says, he is not any better than the puppets in the White House. Their focus is the depopulation of the world. I refuse to back anyone, even Trump, who has taken that stance.

  175. Tad Bunch

    DeSantis Accuses Biden Of ‘Committing A Fraud On The Public’
    264,570 views Nov 24, 2021 Forbes Breaking News
    At an event in Jacksonville, Florida, on Monday, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) assailed President Biden for failing to unite the country.
    “When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny; when the government fears the people, that’s freedom.” Thomas Jefferson. Thank you Gov DeSantis.. you are an American hero. Support from Ohio.

  176. Paul ...

    The way things look … is so damn bad … all I can do now … is look to the bright side of this “Great Culling” … which after Bill Gates releases his smallpox virus (the Dark Winter) “will create the extermination event … which will almost on the scale of Noah’s flood” … only the few intelligent un-vaxxed street smart people (with an Ark full of Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals) will survive “the flood of deaths to come” … woe to those following the Pied Piper’s out there calling them and their children to certain death) … perhaps just as God planned when he saved the more intelligent Noah … perhaps this “great culling” is needed to kill off all the weak minded “commie lovers” (now happily jumping to their deaths as the Pied Piper’s in every Nation play their music) … those who eventually survive this flood (just like Noah) will be the more intelligent (and less easily conned) people … !!

  177. Ken

    Does anyone know if dogs or cats can get sick from human vaccine shedding?

    • Myn

      Yes, I have read that they can get sick also sadly. Even death. Clif High mentioned this in one of his earlier videos. I know of a medium size dog that keeps getting stomach upsets on and off a lot as he sleeps with a vaxed person

  178. a. bonaminio, m.d.

    it is truly mindboggling. i have revered president trump, but i cannot fathom his vaccine stance. its as if he is completely unaware of the vaers system and the european vaers data. the death jab documented deaths and severe adverse events are so profound, we are seeing young healthy athletes dropping dead on live tv. i plan to support pompeo and hope he runs. however they will just cheat again. deep down i suspect this will end in civil war. thank you for another outstanding interview with yet another great guest.

  179. Glendon G Hamner

    Trump is not what our country needs. A third party is needed so we can vote the bums out. All of them.

  180. FRANK

    Thanks Greg,have been following Mark Taylor for quite awhile.We pray for President Trump for wisdom,protection and health.We pray for you as you are a blessing to so many.Keep up the great work that you do.I send your video to people every week and tell people when I m out and about it to get the truth out.God bless you and your family and the work you do.

  181. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Corporate Christians are fake and imposters. If you attend a 501 C3 IRS corporate business doing business as a church in name only, then you perpetuate the corporate Christian fraud. Corporate Christians having nothing to do with God or Nature’s God, a corporate Christian worships a corporation, a fiction. Does your church has a business liability insurance policy? If it does then it is not a church of any kind and has zero to do with God or Nature’s God.

    Great report.

    Donald Trump is corporate, he may say some things some people like, he does point out the lame stream media clowns as liars which is 100% true, but until the people wake up and stop following corporate actors you will keep getting the same thing you have been getting, quit doing what you are doing if you want a different result. Think for yourself. View facts you can find, get testimony from people who have sworn out affidavits regarding whatever issue you are interested in.

    The available information about the shots does not look good. There are plenty of people exposing the fake vaccine. I do not believe it is even technically a vaccine, it appears to be a massive medical experiment and the people are the lab rats.

  182. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Mark Taylor is right on the money 100%.

  183. Angie

    Mark Taylor is NOT led by the Holy Sprit just look at what has happened in county! He may believe in what he says and I do believe he does, but he has falsely predicted events concerning our elections and political events. If he is truly guided by God then he will be 100% accurate 100% of the time.
    As for Trump I no longer trust him completely now. He is not a dumb man and to say that he is unaware of what is going on with these vaccines is not believable.
    I know this will hit a nerve with you and many on here but please take a step back and put your feelings on the back burner. Just because you like what is being said does not mean it is true.
    Our county has been taken over by the hard left and they are evil. There is not a knight on a white horse that is going to save this country and the idea of waiting for the next election. It is up to us taking back our county county by county and state by state.

    • Greg Hunter

      What are you doing to stop it? Taylor is trying to do something. By the way, Taylor said Trump would win in 2020 and he did.

  184. Coal Burner

    I got my Ivermectin from Pushhealth.com. They are affiliated with FLCCC. You have to fill out a health questionnaire and pass the requirements for the Dr. to Prescribe. The prescription is mailed to you!

    My first dosage, I got from Mexico.

  185. Sherry

    Yes. I also got the same answer that Trump has surrounded himself without knowledge of who he is submitting his life too.
    Proud people are Biblically called the wicked.
    Just like the witchcraft church cultures are disconnected from God’s power, so are the proud spirited disconnected from God’s instructions and flow of his……..
    They are programing people what honors witchcraft and discrediting what honors God’s way of living for their best life.
    Proud spirits are not allowed in God’s throne and those who are in covenant with pride are outside God’s will also. Pride is a disconnect from God’s power. Humble is the connection. Humble are connected to Love’s confidence where as the proud are insecure because they are disconnected to honoring God’s way of love

  186. Sherry

    Yes. I also got the same answer that Trump has surrounded himself without knowledge of who he is submitting his life too.
    Proud people are Biblically called the wicked.
    Just like the witchcraft church cultures are disconnected from God’s power, so are the proud spirited disconnected from God’s instructions and flow of his……..
    They are programing people what honors witchcraft and discrediting what honors God’s way of living for their best life.
    Proud spirits are not allowed in God’s throne and those who are in covenant with pride are outside God’s will also. Pride is a disconnect from God’s power. Humble is the connection. Humble are connected to Love’s confidence where as the proud are insecure because they are disconnected to honoring God’s way of love.
    We are all growing out of lies and learning what is the counterfeit by the authentic. When you are humble in God’s life Love frequency you are flowing in perfect harmony with him..when you are there in perfect harmony in his life Love frequency you immediately sense when something is out of alignment as God allows you to decern by his wholeness with you through being humble in him. There is so much off alignment In our culture of teaching that I see how even the best of God’s people still chose evil over truth by their education until God’s Spirit corrects them. Example telling someone you are proud of them..proud being evil, wicked, does not align as something good to speak over anyone.
    The Father never said he was proud of Jesus. He said he was well pleased.
    Jesus would never wear a mask or tell anyone else too..he would never get the shot, he will tell you that he is your immune system and don’t participate in their idolatry

  187. Juli Barbato

    Seems to me it is possible to be savvy about matters climatic and geopolitical and very stupid about matters of health. I did the cold read on the first pass of Alex Epstein’s new book FOSSIL FUTURE, which btw should become mandatory reading in schools, perhaps along with his prior book on the topic called THE MORAL CASE FOR FOSSIL FUELS.

    He uses his background in analytical philosophy and gobs of independent fossil-fuel and related research and copious notes to good sources to show how and why we’ve been (well, not us!) hoaxed on the matter of “fossil fuels bad,” YET in the same book he fails to use those tools to examine the matter of the clot shot. I was stunned, and of course I can’t say anything to him about it until after the book pubs in Feb. 2022. Especially not if I want to keep getting work in my industry. (No one’s gonna put me on a Project Veritas video and fund my retirement.)

    I think when it comes to health and well-being, sooooo many otherwise bright people with common sense are utterly bamboozled by the medical industry. They fall right into the establishment trap of the allopathic practitioners’ BS, accepting it whole hog and dismissing facts about natural curers (which Big Pharma doesn’t ever like to allude to; how many people know that digitalis, for example, is made from the foxglove plant?). How on earth does such a dichotomy exist? I think it’s driven both by FEAR and ignorance. When I do get to speak with Epstein, I’m going to ask him if he takes vitamin and mineral supplements, has ever had chiropractic adjustments, or even acupuncture. My guess is he’ll say no to all three questions.

    MAGAists have fallen into the same trap. They believe what they hear, say from Trump, instead of doing their OWN research and employing common sense. No soul incarnated here as a human being is perfect. “Trust but VERIFY” in ALL matters. I thank Jesus every day for my sense of discernment.

  188. Jay Bonner

    Proverbs 25:5 Take away the wicked before the king, and his throne will be established in righteousness.

  189. Steve

    No one sits in the Oval Office chair without permission from the corporations and the central bank., including Trump. If you want to believe he had no idea he was being used, that’s fine. The fact remains, however, he was placed into that position intentionally for a desired response and outcome from the people. Currently, Evil is presenting himself and his works here to get us angry enough to rebel…and we will eventually. Nations will rise against their nations, and kingdom will rise against their kingdoms. When Evil gets us to take down our systems of government…..he will make his quick rise to the top without resistance. Revelation isn’t about judging the evil we are being shown. It isn’t about the obvious evils that are being pushed in front of us everyday intentionally. Revelation is about deceiving people globally who believe in God. According to the Bible, Satan deceives most of us. He is doing it right now.

  190. FreeMpg

    Speaking of bad advice, who came up with the idea to send Trump “on tour” with Bill O’Reilly?

  191. Roger

    Been feeling the same. This really explains things. By the way there is supposedly 3 different shots marker number 1, 2 and 3. President Trump calls them shots.

    I don’t know but if I was Pfizer I would not give top officials a real mRNA shot on live TV.

  192. Lisa

    I think it’s a stretch for you to say that Trump is being given bad information. Doesn’t he question WHY he’s being booed at his rallies when he mentions the vaccine? Doesn’t he question WHY there are protests all over the world? This man that was tweeting nonstop daily wouldn’t get online and see what’s going on? Really? I think reality needs to set in. Trump likes to win and won’t say that anything he did was failure, no matter how many people it’s killing.

  193. Manny

    If Trump doesn’t renounce this bio weapon after the die off. I’m done with him. Because this is another level stupid. TRUMP CAN’T SEE THIS!! I will never support him again if he does nothing. I was # 1 supporter of this man. I fell so betrayed by the President that I loved.

    • Greg Hunter

      Manny, Trump has to do it now.

  194. K

    Mark Taylor is 100% correct. I wish Trump would get out from under these “advisors” and people who have led him astray, traitors like Pence, others like Fauci whom he trusted with the health of a nation. Of course he is just a man and we must trust the Lord rather than look to Trump to solve everything. But he is allowing winred to do his fundraising and it is still headed by one of the worst devious traitors, Romney’s niece, who hates and works against Trump and the American people.


    I COMMENTED 2 YRS AGO THAT TRUMP WAS A PLAYER; SEEMS MORE R WAKING UP; NO ONE DRAINS A SWAMP AFTER SURROUNDING HIMSELF WITH ALLIGATORS AND POND SCUM https://www.azquotes.com/picture-quotes/quote-the-best-way-to-control-the-opposition-is-to-lead-it-ourselves-vladimir-lenin-35-44-09.jpg

  196. C.L.


    Mark, your reference to prophets with a pig in the background alludes to Amanda Grace. If she is whom you meant, she also has a dove and other animals there with her, as she runs an animal sanctary. Also, it does not appear that she has a 5013C, as she spoke out against them, as you do, and has informed listeners about 508(c)(1)(a).

    You and Amanda are the only ones with Words from God to whom I listen, as you both are straight-forward, humble, run businesses that help people and animals, and lead people to God our Father – through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

    And Greg, thank you for providing us with your reporting and these interviews!

  197. Bonnie Robinson

    This is very enlightening.

    Posted on November 22, 2021
    10 Minutes:

  198. Gerald Eatock

    first of all can i say that was a great interview, i find myself very sceptical with a lot of these online prophets, but to me this really sounded like the word of god. Maybe president trump is pushing the vaccine because its the lesser evil at this point. These people are pure evil and if the vaccine stops what is next nuclear war ?. Im still convinced he is the greatest president ever. And is GODS annointed leader. GOD wins TRUMP wins .And unfortunately we are at war and people die. Stay safe everyone .

  199. Svoboden

    We voted for Trump in 2016, and were initially very happy with his populist approach, his decisiveness, his concern for ordinary Americans and minorities, and the way he turned the economy and the regulatory regime around. As registered Republicans we lost faith in the party for the predominance of RINOS and the fact that they undermined the People’s President at every opportunity. Then Trump betrayed his base almost completely and to my mind destroyed his credibility completely with Operation Warp Speed, his ventilator program, and his support for a vaccine mandate, when most of his base knows this is a bioweapon and that these policies are genocidal. As President, Trump talked big but took almost no action to clean out the treasonous actors who have infiltrated almost every branch of government and the military. We are really suffering the consequences of this now. He took no almost no action to dispute the widespread election fraud in 2020 and numerous constitutional violations, and has thrown his patriotic supporters who peacefully protested on January 6 under the bus. All attempts to get a response from the GOP, the Trump PACS, and the White House when he was in power failed. All communication from him and his administration were one way, from the top down, and all they want is money. Not the kind of democracy that made the US the greatest country in the world at one time. We abstained from voting and contributing in 2020, and plan to do the same in subsequent elections unless Trump and the GOP can do a lot better in future.

  200. Marcman

    Lol I think last time I heard this guy was on your show, he said Trump was in control with God by his side guiding him. God spoke to me and told me Trump will be president for the next 4 years.
    I new Trump was a Bad egg when he attacked Syria with all those missile, that were destroyed by the S 400 defence system.
    And now get under your desks as star worrior is hear to take out all your 32 military satellites.
    Did God tell Mark that what’s coming gv for your leaders.

  201. Simple girl

    Forget Trump he is one of tptb or is one of their front men. He is not being fooled. He knows what these shots are about, he isn’t being mislead. The deep state is running a giant psyop with all the fake news against Trump. “They” want us to believe he is fighting the good fight and all the while he is working with or for the deep state owners. Trump is playing a role, that of the under dog outsider. Behind closed doors he is laughing at everyone that still thinks he is trying to do something and he will laugh at the dead from his shot also. He is responsible for all the deaths and other problems no matter what anyone says. He surrounded himself with bad men, that wasn’t a coincidence. He wasn’t some 20 year old kid thrust into being a king at 20 years of age when his father and 3 older brothers died. He had been around a long time and would have known who these players were. If he isn’t “theirs” then he is too stooped to be stooped and therefore doesn’t belong anywhere near the White House.

    • Greg Hunter

      Simple Girl,
      You are stating your opinion as a fact–it’s not.

      • Gunny HiWay

        IDK Gregg,
        I don’t think that you build hotels and resorts for the rich and famous worldwide without being in their special club.
        There are picks of Trump hobnobbing over the years with every deep state scumbag we have talked about for years.
        Trump was a Trojan Horse, we just hate to admit it.
        Honestly, You may be too, or else this website would not exist. IMO
        Carry on,
        E-7 Ret.

  202. Peter

    I don’t understand either why Trump is so proud of the shot. I see 2 possible scenarios.
    1 Trump (and his team. Remember it’s not one guy) pushed warp speed to force their hand and speed up the process to wake people up. Legally under an EUA it CANNOT BE MANDATED. Democratic states make up their own rules. Some say the original bad guys plan was to keep us locked down for several years then a shot would come out and be Mandated in entire country. If we go into a civil war they win. It definitely has to be resolved before the 2022 election or our country is lost. Good analogy I’ve heard is that a torpedo has to travel past mid way from ship before it arms so it won’t circle back and sink the ship it came from. Did Warp speed accelerate the awakening process? Remember we are at war and there are always casualties. This is not a TV show. I think that God is granting us a Reprieve and I pray for all the good people fighting for us.
    2 The seals are opening. First the White horse who wore a crown (Corona) with a bow. What does a bow do? It shoots (the vax). Second horse is Red and it takes peace from the Earth. Aren’t there protests all over the world against the shot? The 3 rd Horse deals with Famine and death. Food shortages coming??? I’m curious as what anybody thinks on these possibilities.
    I’m pretty confused myself but I still believe these guys will lose. Otherwise why would they be building new court houses and a Geriatric hospital at Guantanamo Bay? If Biden was really in charge why wouldn’t they close it. CBS news did a story on it.
    Good luck everyone. God Bless!!!

  203. Dave Scrimshaw

    Why on earth do you keep having this guy (and Bo) on your “show”? You have so much good information – and then blow it all with this guy. I really don’t understand this. If he likes Glenn Beck (a Mormon), he has just proven HE is the one that is a false prophet. You know, Greg, there are some of us out here who have served God faithfully for 40 or more years, and yet you do not seem to heed us. You should ask him for his definition of anointing. Who is HE to call faithful ministers (or their ministries) no good. What is HIS definition of a good ministry?

  204. William Nedbalek

    Well I’ll be darned. I went to the New York Secretary of State’s website, and looked up corporations and did a search on Ark of Grace, and what do you know, Ark of Grace Ministries, Inc., popped up,, registered to Amanda Wagner and another one registered to Christopher Wagner of Hopewell Junction, New York. I’ll be darned.

  205. Brian

    Revelations Chapter 6 – The Holy Bible, New American Standard Bible
    8. I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and the one who sat on it had the name Death, and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, and famine, and plague, and by the wild animals of the earth.

  206. Dave

    I disagree, Trump is responsible for his actions which has been led by his stupid pride and arrogance and there will be accountability. Way too much info out there for him to get a pass because he was misled.

    Trump is complicit in the murder of all those who have died from this bio-weapon he delivered to the American people at warp-speed!

    Mark Taylor needs to wake up and get out from under this Trump-trance…the man betrayed his following and all the Americans that looked to him for leadership through
    truth and honesty.

    Lots of talk about ”behind the scenes” actions taking place…not a shred of evidence has surfaced to support it.

    Remember – Lord Fauci would not be where he is if not for Trump. That makes Trump a traitor.

    • Lynn Scott

      Yes!!!! Why are so many people blinded by Trump? He was the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Actually he was the Trojan horse to destroy America. Too many clues. People are blinded by deception. Only Jesus and reading his word will keep you safe

  207. Serge

    Thank you Greg, this video was necessary. The link below provides more insights :
    Quote from this article : “On this highly important criterion of presidential management—taking responsibility to fully take charge of policy coming from the White House—I believe the president made a massive error in judgment. Against his own gut feeling, he delegated authority to medical bureaucrats, and then he failed to correct that mistake.”

    Same with Syria, Russia, Iran, … Trump essentially did what the secret / deep state wanted him to do. He should not have surrounded himself from the start of his presidency with creatures from the swamp …

  208. Annaliese

    I supported President Trump from the bottom of my heart, prayed for him and loved him, a first since I never loved a president before. But when he came out supporting the vaccine, I lost all faith in him. He has access to the same information we do. He knows the MSM lies. So why does he still support the vaccine? No, my faith in him is out the window. There are no words to adequately describe my disappointment. I feel like I’ve been the object of a joke. He’s an intelligent man so I just can’t believe in my heart of hearts that he doesn’t know.

  209. Michele

    We need to pray for President Trump to seek and be given discernment.
    We will not loose our Republic to the demons.

  210. C.L.


    According to Bizapedia, Ark of Grace Ministries, Inc. is a “domestic not-for-profit corporation,” and Ark of Grace, LLC is a “domestic limited liability company” both under the Wagners’ names. Haven’t seen anything showing either is a 501(c)3. But if there is, please let us know.

    Also, don’t know that there’s anything wrong with using the name “Grace” for the audience.

    Unsure why Mark Taylor indirectly criticized her. Amanda states that she listens to little to no news, so as to not conflict with the Words she receives from the Lord, and on her website she tracks the prophecies that have come to pass. She encourages her audience to seek discernment from the Lord about all things, and her commentaries are Biblically-based. She’s also spoken at the Re-Awaken America Tours: Health & Freedom Conferences this year to encouage our Nation’s return to God. So her ministry appears legitimate.

  211. Gunny HiWay

    Sorry, I have lost all support for Donald Trump and do not want him to run in 2024.
    At least half the country hates him and half of his past supports (like me) are very suspicious of his vax stance and his general inability to choose a cabinet that is not full of deep state operatives like Mike Pompeo, Mark Milley and John Bolton.
    I will NEVER get the vax and will not support Trump as long as he advocates them and can’t pick a good apple from a bad one.
    Carry On,
    E-7 Ret.
    #GardasilVaxKilledJessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

  212. Addison Hauge


    More confirmation. One of the few advisors surrounding President Trump was Dr. Scott Atlas, even without reading his book, just reading the critique you can see how bad advisors surrounding President Trump influenced his decision making even against his own tuition. Evil fights dirty, but it has no power when we wield sword of the Word.

  213. Addison Hauge

    Greg, if you want to understand pandemic cycle theory, foundations of immunology, vaccinology etc. I have a very interesting research project you may be interested in.

    I highly recommend you start reaching out to Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Scott Atlas (who is referenced in my previous post), Dr. Martin Kulldorff and Dr. Peter McCullough just to name a few. Their combined expertise is over a century’s worth of value.

    The more this information gets spread around, the more people can stand their ground and the less power the lies have.

  214. Don Parker

    Matthew 25:27 “Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the exchangers, and then at my coming I should have received mine own with usury.”

    So, taking advantage of the system to be a good steward is wrong? Might want to talk to Jesus about that one.

    I won’t go as far as this man did to call others of the faith false prophets, but he is most assuredly mistaken about churches taking advantage of tax breaks.

  215. Ginger

    God judges a nation for moral decay period. The homosexual marriage in the US was not taken down. Abortion was not eradicated. The US is under Judgement. Because christians did not pray for Trump instead they turned on him way before 2021 election God allowed the election gets stolen. Biden is part of this judgement. This is the Truth. There is nothing that can be done about the Judgement for abortions and homosexual marriage- On this nation. Only the severity of judgement can be prayed for. There will be justice but also judgement. God is both a God of mercy and a God of Judgement. The priorities in this nation is backwards.

  216. Bobby Lokey

    A poster above said the whole truth, I think, that wrote, “There is NO COVID. It is simply a very bad flu. And flu also kills a lot of people.” I would say it is the flu on steroids. The murderers of humankind simply gave flu a different name because most people are not afraid of the flu. “COVID” frightens people more than the well known flu, as terror is one of the ingredients in said COVID to drive people insane enough to take known deadly toxins to cure it. People would not do this so widespread just for “simple flu.” Thus, the terror of COVID for a driver of terror.

  217. Paul Simmons

    If God says Trump will serve a second term it will happen despite all hell and evil. How that second term will happen we don’t know. The Supreme court and state Attorney Generals need to stand up and do their jobs. Maybe they are not so doing to enable the military to legally step in and clean house. We need way more than a change of person in the office of the presidency. Hopefully this justice against treason will not need to come via civil war. Pray for decertification of the stolen election and peaceful, lawful, removal of treason and other crimes.

  218. Chris

    Why doesn’t Mark T say why he Supports Michael Flynn after saying that Satanic prayer? Why would a profit of God support someone who Prays to lucifer. Not Good 4 mark or michael

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