Pyramid of Lies Could Implode-Catherine Austin Fitts

7By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts has correctly predicted no financial collapse year after year. Now, she is not so sure one can be avoided.  Fitts explains, “In theory, it is easily possible to manage through the election.  It doesn’t have to blow up, but if you look at what is going on in the campaign and in Washington, the leadership is blowing up.  If the leadership doesn’t manage it properly, anything is possible.  I think what the global economy and the U.S. economy needs is the rule of law.  So, if we have to have this conversation to bring an end to this secrecy and privilege and get back to the rule of law so we can support productivity, then I say let’s have a mess.  I’d rather deal with our civilization and our governance system now than later.  The sooner we get back to productivity the better.”

Fitts also says, “I used to have a pastor who used to say ‘God does not bless a mess.’ We have a mess, a pyramid of lies that goes on and on and on, and it’s a mess. So, could the mess implode?  Yes, it could implode.  Here’s the reality of where we are going.  I think we are in a long-term bull market . . . . The one thing the world cannot afford is if we bring the Constitutional covenant down.  That’s why I think the conversation going on in America right now is so important. . . . The Constitution is a 6,000 year miracle, and if that miracle fails, there will be anarchy in the world.  So, to me, the most important thing right now is to reaffirm the covenant of the principles we affirmed during the Revolution.  The last thing we need is Rubio, Jeb Bush or anybody calling for a Constitutional convention to balance the budget on the backs of the people who just had $40 trillion stolen from them.”

So, are criminals running the U.S. government? Fitts, who is a former Assistant HUD Secretary, says, “Yes. . . . The American government . . . is running the central banking warfare model globally, and it depends heavily on criminal profits.  If you look at the general population, the general population supports that. . . . The general population supports that as long as they can pretend they don’t have responsibility for that.  If you look at the drug trafficking, the mortgage fraud, stuffing innocent people into prison, that is being implemented one county at a time in 3,100 counties.  There are millions of Americans getting paid to put a pretty face to it. . . . The party with the debt growth model is over, and that means the party is over for a lot of people who are unproductive.”

Fitts contends there is some very good news if we can get rid of the criminal cronies. Fitts explains, “The wealth potential is enormous.  One of my favorite quotes is from founding father John Adams.  He said the war was not the revolution.  The war was the consequence of the revolution.  The revolution was in the hearts and minds of the people and their assumptions of their obligations to each other.  So, for people to take responsibility, they need to know the truth.  The leadership for many decades now has said the American people are too stupid and too dumbed down to take responsibility . . . or to be involved with solving the problems.  I don’t agree with that.  I agree with Winston Churchill, and he said, ‘Tell the people.’  If you tell the people what the real problems are and give them the tools . . . the wealth potential with new technologies and where you have rule of law where people believe in an economy where winners are allowed to happen. . . . Wow, it could be incredible.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with the founder and creator of The Solari Report Catherine Austin Fitts.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

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  1. Everywhere the bezzle

    Greg, I love you but I have a real problem with CAF. Last time she was on your show, she said the collapse could be avoided indefinitely. Now she claims that the collapse may be inevitable. I honestly think she is a statist and a charlatan that changes her opinion and thesis with the political winds.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fitts is NOT a liar. She correctly predicted in 2013, 2014 and 2015 the system would probably not collapse. Now she has changed her outlook based on what she see’s now. I would listen very carefully because she has been correct in the past. Thank you for your comment.

      • Everywhere the bezzle

        Just to be clear – I did not call her a liar. Merely, that she is a statist and a charlatan. I really think she drank her own Kool Aid and believes what she says but she is not an intentional deceiver, fibber, perjurer, or a false witness. Nor is she a fabricator. Rather, she is an ambiguous equivocator.

        • Greg Hunter

          Charlatan is actually much worse than a liar:”Charlatan . . . NOUN . . . 1.a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud.” I know Ms. Fitts personally and professionally. She is none of those things–quite the opposite. I would not book her if she was. You should be grateful for getting access to her–especially for free. I’d put her contacts, knowledge and analysis against anyone in the world. Thank you for your comment even though you are dead wrong.

          • Andrew

            good troll slaying skills

        • alan

          Are you a CIA operative?

      • allen ols


        In a stunningly honest and frank rant, FOX News’ Judge Jeanine unleashes anchor hell upon Mitt Romney and the GOP establishment hordes.

        She begins:

        • allen ols

          go to fort six;forty min. mark to hear holter/Sinclair on the election

        • Chip

          She’s SPOT ON!!! Chip

        • susan

          let’s hope America is listening!!!!

    • Ross

      Catherine says there is nothing fundamentally wrong with our economies but ignores the elephant in the room called fractional reserve banking, which counterfeits our money and charges us interest on it.
      This banking system since 1913 and beyond , has interfered with every market and every country on the planet. We have not had free markets or democracy.

      • art barnes

        Ross, agreed, fractional reserve banking creates interest on “our” money, any wonder we never get out of debt. The creature from Jekyll Island stole our money, ever wonder how they did it? – Answer: The bought and sold Congress; nothing changes, it would happen again today with Paul Ryan leading the way.

      • allen ols

        By 1934, Hitler had broken several key agreements in the Treaty of Versailles by increasing the German military to one million men. The treaty limited the German army to 100,000, and also prohibited German manufacturing of new military equipment, in which Hitler was investing heavily. Hitler had to solve the problem of how to pay for both the rearmament and the vast increase in government services he planned to use to fight raging unemployment and keep the beleaguered middle class on his side.
        With Hitler’s approval, Göring developed a three-step plan to confiscate Jewish wealth. First, all Jews would be required to declare their wealth. If they hid any assets, they would receive an automatic ten-year prison term and have their wealth confiscated.
        Next, Göring used this data to institute a 20% tax on Jewish wealth, raising millions for the government. With the military budget still growing, however, deficits continued to soar and Goering moved to step three: In 1938, a law was passed nationalizing all property owned by German Jews.
        According to a study released in 2010 by Hans-Peter Ullmann, a Cologne history professor, Jewish wealth confiscated by the Nazis paid for roughly one third of Germany’s World War II effort.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Ross and Greg
        This interview illustrates why I continue to say until I am blue in the face, that unless the Fed is disbanded, nothing will change. CAF for all her obvious intellect and goodwill seems oblivious to this. She seems to believe that;
        “part of the solution is inviting the good guys in the establishment to be part of the solution”. [quote from the end of the interview].
        This may well be useful as well but I put forward the case that you start the process at the very foundation….the funding base…da Fed.

        Remember too that CAF worked in the devil’s lair itself [Goldman Sachs] as well as for the Federal Govt and this would have had to have molded some of her understanding of the establishment and its workings.

        I notice that Catherine referred to my hero, Alan Grayson [23.30].
        In my view, this man apart from Ron Paul, went further to challenging the Fed and the financial establishment than anyone on earth. This courageous and intelligent Congressman should be an American folk hero. I will never forget him making complete fools out of both Bernanke and the pathetic so-called “Inspector General of the Fed”

        And if you are not sickened enough already by these links here is one where Grayson highlights a perfect example of “heads I win tails you lose” when he asks Citigroup CEO a few poignant questions in 2009.

        This interview reminded me that Ed Bernays will go down in history as the most influential force in shaping modern day societies behavior in business and politics. Although this man was born in 1891, like it or not, humanity still operates in a matrix that is essentially based on his very own blueprint.

        Under this elitist view, Mainstreet was seen as far too stupid to be involved in any political process or governance. They were there to be manipulated and brainwashed into thinking they had a role and for the good of TPTB, the masses themselves should have no real voice whatsoever. They only existed to be harvested. The elite really does still to this day believe in their own psychopathic way that this model is a positive model for humanity. I truly believe that CAF is well intentioned and a good person who has a genuine concern for the masses, but IMHO she simply doesn’t grasp just how profound and far reaching this programming has been.
        Case in point this interview 11.50:

        “I think in defense of the banks they have been running a hidden system for the national society state which is secret and a lot of these things that look like criminality are something else.”

        Sorry CAF but I can’t accept this excuse. The banks you are talking about are a privately owned criminal cabal that owns and operates the FED. More than 100 years ago his group and its owners were given license to thieve from Mainstreet without audit or oversight. Of late they operate virtually without mandate because of the monumental effects of criminal manipulation on markets and figures.

        Nevertheless, I found the interview absolutely riveting and made 7 pages of notes, the most I have ever done for a WD interview. I thoroughly congratulate and thank Greg for bringing this wonderful thought provoking discussion to us.
        As Wder’s we are truly privileged to have access to this type of material.

        PS Greg, I loved Catherine’s comments about Hitlery and the Clinton cabal but I also have to agree with her that Trump will only scratch the surface of the problem [probably a 2-3 percenter….still better than a zero but].
        In summary IMHO, a “Grayson” is badly needed NOW as POTUS to really turn the establishment on its ear and to save the US of A from complete financial and social ruin!

        • Greg Hunter

          Fed = Evil.

        • frederick

          Colin on the subject of criminality when are TPTB going to question Larry Silverstein about his famous “pull it” statement regarding bldg 7 or Jon Corzine about why he took comingled funds from his customers without permission to do so Perhaps after trump is elected

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            I just have no idea whatsoever how long this will take. There is one certainty though, and that is the longer America takes to deal with this crime the more it will harm their credibility on the world stage.

            Incredibly a large portion of America is still in denial of this disgraceful crime. Sooner or later the truth has to come out and I live for the day that the perpetrators are tried for murder and treason. This process has to take place because when it doesn’t the whole country is at fault and by doing nothing is implicated in the crime.

            The two things that shock me the most and prove to me that the US has lost its morality and honour are:

            #1 Govt refusal to acknowledge the fact that the 9/11 slaughter of innocent people was orchestrated and underwritten by the state and that there has been no proper enquiry let alone anyone being held accountable.

            #2 The fact that the other major dynastic crime family who are second only to the Bushes dare to run again for Potus. Hitlery, having the gall to run defies all logic, her being a front runner just beggars belief. Of course, the Bush family trying again with Jeb runs a pretty close second. It is interesting to note that his dropping out of the race coincided with the release of a certain book!


        • Rettie Butler

          Thank You Colin Sir, You are an American hero from down under!

        • Galaxy 500

          Alan Grayson as President. The man running a hedge fund while in Congress that is as slime you as they come for President?
          Hahaha. Wow

      • marcs

        Agree, she “thinks” more efficient governance is whats needed.
        What a pile of poopy, she has hope that that may happen…lol
        Govt cannot create jobs, the freed up businesses and competition from govt regulations and fees is what will create jobs.
        She also does not touch the NWO and their intent on sucking all the remainder wealth of the US, so it can achieve its world dominance.

        • vicki shelton

          I don’t think you’ve thoroughly researched the things Catherine has said as “expecting governance to just do what we want” is not what I’ve heard her say or advocate. She is saying our economy government agencies are being influenced and run by a criminal cabal and that we the people are the ones ultimately responsible for our own well being so that would include Not expecting governance to have our best interest in mind. The issue seems more that people are afraid to take responsibility for our part in it which should be the same as we deal with any thief in our house or midst and basically the NWO is the same cabal that is mentioned over and over by Catherine and others. Do we really need one more person to say there is a new world order here?????

      • Galaxy 500

        Without fractional reserve you would likely never have bought a house or anything else on credit. I don’t have a problem with fractional reserve. I do have a problem with government spending and borrowimg.

        And for the record, we have never been a democracy.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          And judging by your comments over the years you also agree with the private ownership model of the Fed and the fact that no one should question the fact that it hasn’t been audited since 1953.

    • Ed Pool


      All of us are subject to the information that we can accumulate in which to base our analysis and opinions. There is still much, and I mean much, hidden behind the curtains of fraud and corruption. As a recent example I would cite R. Kirby and H. S. Price whose independent researches revealed the ESF holding trillions off book in the dark book. That is our money but it is not being used for our purpose. That gave me the ultimate pucker factor when realizing these pukes could back flow a portion into various markets creating endless manipulations especially when considering that the back flow could appear to come from overseas or domestically. I can assure you they maintain Luxembourg accounts just to name one location so………………….do not be so critical of the thinkers, collectively they are doing a darn good job to inform and create critical thinking from which we can and must base our decisions. In the mean time kept stacking and denying these criminals their fiat/credit multiplier effect against our fellow citizens. GOTS

      All the best

      • No One

        I agree, Ross. there is NO STOPPING the coming crash. it is mathematically inevitable. the criminality in power will NEVER BE REFORMED or come to Jesus.
        CAF, bless her heart, can’t help but seek solutions, but we are beyond solutions. this money she wants spread more evenly will soon be worthless, as is its proper fate, so why try to stop it? this is what the bankers want. to continue this demonic system of commerce.
        this elephant, fractional reserve banking must first be slaughtered if we are ever going to move on to something better.

      • Greetings from England

        ED Pool,
        If the ESF introduces ‘new’ money into the system to purchase bonds and god knows what else surely this is inflationary. They may be able to support assets to infinity but would this not also cause inflation to infinity?

        • Ed Pool

          Greetings from England

          I would have to concur that the introduction of any amount of fiat whether in Federal Reserve Notes, Pound Sterling or Euros (any fiat) would be inflationary. I subscribe to the true definition that inflation is an increase in the supply of the monetary unit which thereby dilutes those units presently in circulation. Not sure what you are seeing across the pond but we are experiencing inflation in isolated product groups, health care, education etc.

          By the way I heard on the mill that you folks are having to pay a 20% surcharge on precious metals purchases e.g. gold bullion is this true? Not a dealer premium but shall we say a 20% exit tax.

          • JMiller


            No surcharge tax or anything like that to buy or sell precious metals here in the U.S. Some people might have to pay state sales tax to purchase precious metals depending on which state they are a resident of.

            • Galaxy 500

              Alan Grayson as President. The man running a hedge fund while in Congress that is as slime you as they come for President?
              Hahaha. Wow

          • Greetings from England

            Ed Pool
            In Britain 20% tax on silver bullion, no tax on gold.
            In England inflation in education (degree tuition fees cost £9,000 per year) and rent in London going up a lot.

    • JC Davis

      ETB She clearly said it is fixable. She believes it will be fixed.. Now so do I. A controlled collapse is much Much better then uncontrolled. It is fixable If someone with a brain gets past the establishment long enough to get the economy working again. That is possible, and likely. We have a vast amount of resource to tap into.

      • Everywhere the bezzle

        CAF really believes that all we need to do is “re-engineer the federal budget” and “add new technology” and there will be explosive wealth creation. There is “no fundamental economic problem” she claims. “Merely a political problem.”

        This is why I claimed that CAF is a statist. She has spent way too much time in Washington and believes this can all be fixed somehow.

        News flash to CAF ! The current global system is completely uneconomical. The malinvestment will be liquidated. And it won’t be pretty.

        And I am sorry, the growth cannot outrun the debt contrary to CAF’s prior claims to the contrary.

        And Greg – thank you for this site and allowing people to express themselves even if you disagree with them. I did not mean to imply that I was not appreciative of you having CAF on the show. Perhaps, “charlatan” was too strong a word. I need to re-think that word choice. In any event – you are a patriot in my book.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you EB.

          • red

            You know Greg, I see where your going with Catherine & kind of I agree, whilst we all whine about “statism” & such the reality is there can be no “rule of law” with out some kind of structure. There really are great people that come from public sector background & Catherine I view as one of those. For me it is more a “naivety” thing that gets’ me with ex public sector people. I find Bill Black a little like that to, but he is really a beautiful person that just wants things to be “right” likewise Bill Still. They are, including Catherine all beautiful people. So for me I try to take on the important things they say that really do help teach me. Thanks for having catherine as a guest.

        • Diana Dee Jarvis

          ETB, CAF said considerably more was needed than that. She said the trillions of dollars stolen from taxpayers for the black budget economy needed to be returned, to name one. If you disagree with her, that is your right, but don’t distort what she said in an attempt to build your case.

        • Galaxy 500

          There is a severe fundamental problem in our economy. It is called robotics. I was shaking my head in disbelief. But then there is not much she say I agree with. More effective government. There are jobs dying the next few years the will never be done by humans again
          This is a serious problem.

    • BetterChetter

      I didn’t hear Catherine say that at all. I heard her say it ‘could’ happen, but only after Greg asked her if it could. If you, EvyBezzle, think she is a charlatan, you could be projecting your distrust onto her, and selectively hearing what supports your position. Maybe she reminds you of an authority figure in your past, with whom you had an issue with, and so you can only view her with contempt, and not an open mind.

      Catherine stated (on other sites, which I listen to) that we are due for a correction, but are still in a bull market, especially as the Euro falls with all the refugees there burdening the economies, and that money coming to the US. She is a prime time player, to borrow a Dick Vitale euphemism.

  2. JC Davis

    WOW you handled that as a master. Rothschild is under attack, Newt Gingrich slipped up . Now you point blank asked a (Insider). She said yes. The fracture is a broken glass. Our world is changing faster then those not looking can notice. I was going to ask the questions you asked. Thank you soooo much. This interview is a big revelation of the future. Trump Will be president or Killed by George Bush ..
    My word this was good. This distrust, secrecy, and privilege is presently being destroyed.

    • JC Davis

      She quoted Regan, and Adams. Both republicans. CA fits is a conservative, realist. Folks go back and re listen to this.

      • diane s.

        Absolutely JCDavis
        I have met Catherine. She was visiting late last summer and we got to have breakfast with her and a couple of her friends who live near us . She picked up the check.
        She is a fabulous person….with a brilliant intellect along with a great sense of humor. She is also a wonderful Christian. ..I was very ill for 5 months and she prayed for me and kept my spirits up with many email messages…in spite of being incredibly busy and traveling around Europe.
        We live Catherine.
        We have been Solari subscribers for a year. Love the information.

        • diane s.

          Thank you for your interview with CAF Greg.
          Please keep hammering Warren BUF-FAY and the CCC .

          • Greg Hunter

            Diane S,
            Buf-fay + Traitor, Weasel, and top of the Criminal Crony Class. Buffett is an example of everything wrong with America in our bail-out world for the 1%.

            • diane s.

              Yes he is Greg.
              BUF-FAY and Bill Gates are bad guys.

        • JC Davis

          Diane S. I liked the interview. I don’t think the words collapse, reset, or correction is any different the trouble ahead. Some say slow some say 48 hours. When not if it happens there will be much sorry, and Christ Jesus ministering to be done. As one that has been healed from incurable problems I would be honored too pray for you in time of need. Jesus be with you.

    • JC Davis Newt Gingrich.

  3. Greetings from England

    Productivity will never return to America until the privilege of creating the world’s reserve currency has been taken away from it and America has to compete on equal terms with other countries. Other countries have to trade goods and services to acquire dollars in order to buy things on the global market whilst America just gets to create dollars out of thin air. This is one of, if not the major reason why America has become the global superpower along with the fact that it survived world war two undamaged whilst the rest of the world lay in ruins. Now China just sits back as America destroys itself with constant warfare and GM foods, building 21st century infrastructure around the world and buying up companies…

    • allen ols

      Greetings from England
      One thing in US history is consistent throughout every single election cycle — allegations of voter fraud. These allegations, however, are not the ramblings of a kook with tinfoil wrapped around his head, they are substantiated and reach as high as the Supreme Court. Don’t believe it? Ask Al Gore and George W. Bush.
      If you think that the ruling class would leave it up to the voters to decide who gets elected, you should think again. Every single candidate who actually challenges the status quo becomes a target.
      In 2006, the documentary Hacking Democracy, exposed Diebold and their role in rigging elections with their electronic voting machines.

      • Greetings from England

        allen ols
        Thanks for the link. I agree. I have always said why would the establishment kill Donald Trump when they could simply rig the election? Whenever electronic counting is involved the result must surely be in question.
        As an aside some people claim conspiracy theories can’t exist because whistleblowers would expose the conspiracy. The larger the conspiracy the more potential whistleblowers and so no widespread conspiracies could possibly exist. As the the whistleblower in the link demonstrates this only holds true in a society that LISTENS to whistleblowers and where the mainstream media and legal system are not owned by the same people behind the conspiracies.

  4. Truth Seeker

    CAF is right about the black budget. But, she continues to say, “if we are governed properly there will be massive wealth creation”, and collapse avoided. I don’t see where suddenly TcriminalPTB are going to start governing “properly” (criminal governance is the only way they know). They are desperately holding on to this visibly collapsing system. So, first the collapse will happen and then, perhaps, the new leadership will govern properly. But, it’s not going to happen without a collapse which we now lurching towards.

    • Casey

      Totally agree the ccc will not stop stealing and play nice. They don’t know how!

  5. art barnes

    If we are in a “long term bull market” then gold & silver continue to be held down and fiat continues to rule the day; just my two cents.

  6. FC

    Hillary, will make America whole………….a black hole.

    • freebreezer

      FC – I got a chuckle out of that!

  7. Bob

    I would like to believe that she is right about a manageable political solution to the current financial issues. However, I think that she is underestimating both the greed and corruption among the ruling elite; and the ignorance, apathy, and docile nature of the vast numbers of the American public. For things to change, I believe that the American public will need to be shaken awake.

    • andyb

      The political solution to any crisis is to maintain the status quo at all costs. Look at the twisted series of actions taken by the Rothschild cabal to prevent a market crash (that should have occurred last year). The majority of S&P listings have no “true” GAAP earnings and the massive financial engineering and book cooking have reached their limits. But, but, but……………even though the kicked can has hit the brick wall, the current market must be maintained until Hillary assumes office. She will be a supreme puppet for the cabal. If the market crashes, she loses. The question is, to whom? Trump? Cruz?
      Trump will be JFK’d. That leaves Cruz, the picture perfect example of the ultimate Manchurian Candidate. Long an insider for the power elite (check his resume), with a wife who works for Goldman Sachs and is a CFR member (getting scared folks?), he reinvented himself as an evangelical Christian Conservative, and insidiously made a mark for himself as anti-establishment after entering the Senate by calling McConnell a liar and forcing the Govt to shut down in 2013. All freakin’ theater and smoke and mirrors.

      So the cabal has itself covered, even if Hillary gets indicted.

      • SusyQ

        I am not sure where you are getting the information that Heidi Cruz is a CFR member. Please check their membership list (open to the public on the CFR website) and you will not see her name. Yes, they do have a secret list only open to the members of CFR, so unless you are a member of CFR there is no way you would know who is on that list. Just because she is associated with GS doesn’t automatically make her a member of CFR. Please show some proof.

  8. red

    Yes Greg,
    The rule of law yes. But does’ Catherine mean re pub lic > the public license or State law? > power of Aristocrats lording it over everyone else by .gov fiat? Also Catherine says there will be expansion of credit into space travel? & yet all the math show 100 yr credit expansion cycle about to collapse? Greg. Catherine is a genuine person & I hope shes’ right but I just can’t see it…

  9. Donna

    No bid gov contracts is also looting taxpayers and a congressional criminal enterprise That has to stop.Every member of congress needs to be audited .

  10. Greetings from England

    Rising inequality is one of the major signs of a society in decline. In any system where ‘money’ is created out of thin air by a central authority (in this case the banking system) and dispersed unevenly, the people/corporations with their snouts in the magic money trough will gain disproportionately. As the 1% gain in wealth at the expense of the middle class who lose purchasing power the economy suffers. As the economy is driven by consumption, impoverishing 99% of the consumers is the surest way to destroy the economy. The wealth that is transferred to the remaining 1% is mainly invested in financial assets such as stocks and bonds and also real estate, inflating the prices of those assets. There is only so much food, shoes, cars and real goods that 1% of people can purchase.

    • allen ols

      …..the magic money trough RICH THIS IS

  11. Faith Claire

    Mr. Hunter, I can’t afford $275 a year or $30 a month for a Solari subscription. Even if I could I would not waste my money.

    HUD and the USDA have been manipulating people for all of my lifetime. I heard Ms. Fitts use the phrase “free range totalitarianism” on Caravan-to-Midnight in Episode 480 (from last week) at which costs $5 a month. It is a weird phrase to use. Much of the language Ms. Fitts uses seems rehearsed and impenetrable. If you speak over your audience what is the point other than to sound erudite? Ms. Fitts is a great pitch woman! What is she pitching other than herself? I don’t know. I have listened to Ms. Fitts for years and even saw her in Vancouver BC. What does anything she says mean? I have no idea. None.

    My point is that HUD and the USDA provide housing and food payments to the poor at a very high cost. The costs, in bureaucracy, are outrageous. I think many government agencies exist to keep C- and D-grade people employed at a cost that is double or triple (once you add in those amazing government benefit packages) what that person could earn in the private sector employment market.

    As far as free-range totalitarianism, give me a break! HUD housing projects are nothing more than modern day plantations and food stamps is nothing more than a way to provide cheap food to the modern-day slaves that are kept on those plantations. Can people leave? Yes. Of course they can. Do they? Well, that is another question. There are no fences around modern HUD housing projects, of course. But throw in bad public schools and a MSM that does nothing but tell lies to people and no it is no wonder people remain ignorant. Oh and lest we forget the nearby Planned Parenthood that is free to the poor and works to cull the herd along with the local free county or city Health Clinic that provides the poor with government recommended vaccinations (at no charge of course). Throw in the flouridated city water and it is no wonder that people are trapped.

    As far as the 6,000 year “constitutional covenant” oh give me a break. I have never heard such rubbish. The only thing that has lasted 6,000 years is that PMs have remained as a store of wealth. Period.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ms. Fitts is genuine. The dark powers tried to imprison her, financially ruin her and even murder her for standing up to try to stop the fraud. I kid you not!! I know this to be a fact. I think you are too hard on her, and don’t really know what she has been through. Thank you for your comment even though I disagree.

      • Faith Claire

        Mr. Hunter, thank you for allowing me to speak freely.

        Am I harsh? Perhaps. I resent that Ms. Fitts charges so much for her reports. Many of us have suffered under the heavy hand of government. Few of us have the platform that Ms. Fitts has, however.

        • brian

          I think that what can be fairly said here is that the problem we are facing here is far too big for even one person to clearly see and delineate, much less do anything about. Only through a massive national, and intense discourse can a series of possible solutions begin to emerge.

          As for me personally, whenever I hear folks, whether it be in the shooting range parking lot or in some interview on the internet, talk about these things, the longer they talk without giving fair mention to the importance and meaning of the rule of law, due process, God given liberty, the rights of the sovereign individual and the need for the adequate separation of powers the less and less interest I have in what they have to say.

          • Joni

            I’m in your camp, Brian!

        • BetterChetter

          She has her platform as she strove to re-affirm her identity, as she knew it to be. She could leave the country and profit another locale, yet she stays in KY and does the best she can. I think her price is high, but in line with the output you would receive if you could sort through your own prejudices to hear from an unbiased perspective – rare, among the doom-&-gloomers, which alternative media web sites often tend to descend into.

    • Anne Elliott

      “Free Range” refers to keeping people running their own lives and not being in prison or poor houses. “Totalitarianism” refers to the monopoly control that companies have over the mainstream public. She is saying that TPTB can steal more money from the dumbed-down public – even those on Food Stamps if the public gets the choice of what to buy. Show enough Coca-Cola ads, and the public will buy that. Show ads that promote new cars and the people will want a new car. Give people smart phones, and tell them they can get free stuff when they sign up on line, and the gov can then track their location by their cell phone GPS and look at their emails if need be. Even NCIS showed an episode last Fall where they needed to find a missing person and so the turned their cell phone into a listening device with no warrant! She is saying why does the gov need to put people in a FEMA camp to control them, when they are already tracked and controlled now??? Even the stupid apps and games on cell phones distract and keep people entertained instead of watching their freedoms erode away. It also keeps the people weak physically – and sick mentally, so they accept the life that is given to them. It’s called entrainment. The public learns to love their free range prison life!

      • aussie jeff

        Excellent post Anne,
        Distractions as far as the eye can see!!
        Dumbing down the masses without even a whimper,a force feeding programme of mind numbing life choices that do nothing but mentally sedate.

        Twisted priorities………
        Hardly enough food on the table,the kids are dressed in rags,the cars got bald tires and no insurance,but the demi god cable tv is fully paid up and switched on 24/7.
        The corruption of the mind has already taken place, yet those who have fallen prey to it,stand up on their soap box and call it free choice unable to grasp the fact that they have unwittingly become prisoner to the ruler of this world.


        The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God

  12. stonewall

    Greg, things have changed a tremendous amount in just the past year in that now
    there is much public comment about the criminal enterprise that runs the system.
    In previous years there was some acknowledgement of wrong doing by a few
    unscrupulous individuals but the belief by the great unwashed masses perpetuated
    by MSM was that the system was fundamentally sound and everything was fine.
    People now know and understand we have been conned and the entire system is
    rotten and corrupt to the core. The malfeasance is now so blatant and overt it’s
    like the criminals know the jig is up and so they scramble to get the last few crumbs
    left on the table before everything implodes and it’s time for the piper to be paid.
    We do live in interesting times indeed.

  13. Macray

    Gina 2545
    Oh Gina 2545
    This one’s for you Gina, at the 25 minute 45 second mark……………….
    “With Clinton there’s no hope. There is no hope. Your talking about a criminal enterprise leaving millions of people in this country unprotected and harvested. There is no hope.”
    Remember Gina the next time you appear.

  14. Mike R

    But she says we are in a long term bull market, and so if the system is going to crash, exactly how do stocks escape that ‘crash.’ Maybe it would be more helpful whether its Fitts or some of these other guests on here to explain, EXACTLY what they mean by a ‘crash’ or a ‘financial implosion’, because otherwise they are all contradicting themselves.
    When people tend to contradict themselves, it usually means they don’t know WTF they are talking about anymore more than you or I.
    What this amounts to in all reality, is that people listen to this stuff, because everyone wants to know ‘what does the future hold?’
    CAF is no more than your average Jane Schmo fortune teller. People need to get over themselves and stop worshipping these people as if they are somehow all-knowing or are going to get any prediction any better than anyone else, correctly.
    Odds are very very low for a crash to happen in any given year. So her being right about that, was simply playing the odds. Its a no brainer. Similarly, you have a much greater chance of being right, once again, saying there will be no crash this year either. Does that make you some sort of a ‘guru’ ? Hardly. Most of the people who are willing to speak publicly like this are essentially bullsh*t artists. They make their livings peddling bullsh*t. So they write books on bullsh*t, they write articles, create subscription services, and people love to pay for that, bc they are desperate to know the future. The REAL people in the world today who aren’t bullsh*tters, are the ones who understand how to live with uncertainty. You do that one day at a time, and then at the end of the day, you are grateful you made it through another day. That is life my friends, and the sooner you accept it, the sooner you will stop wasting your time searching for the unknowable, which is, nobody can possibly know the future. Everyone can guess at certain aspects, but that’s all it is, is just a guess. a WAG, would be more accurate. My guess is that most of you visiting here, will once again, be sorely disappointed that there was yet again, no market crash by the end of this year, and that life goes on, and our country keeps muddling along. That is how the human race has been, year after year, century after century. People are born, and then they die. The earth keeps going on until it doesn’t.

    • art barnes

      I tend to agree with many of your comments, not all though. However, with that said, I believe that the enlightened posters here, as great as they are, are simply too few in number to change anything in America. I know literally hundreds of people in my world who don’t even know what a central bank is – how in hell would they know we are being disarmed, losing our rights daily, markets manipulated, etc, etc by the oligarchy? Simple, in a word, they don’t and not much chance they ever will. Our under educated beer drinking, TV soap watching, porn addicted, mall shopping citizen geniuses blindly follow the orders of their leaders. Frankly, there is no hope for America until real values over take consumerism which is highly unlikely ever to be back. Since the rise of consumerism has played a great role in the loss of old fashioned American values and continues unabated there will be no awakening. Liked your comment. a

    • BetterChetter

      One thing I’ve learned following markets these last 8 yrs. is that different mkts rise and fall, so careful monitoring is required to buy at dips, and wait for trends to be clearly indicated – and not just buy because a seller advocates it. Stocks and PMs are more easily entered into, than real estate, but ultimately a successful investor can hinge upon their faith in themselves to know a mkt, spot a trend and buy low/sell high.

    • Greetings from England

      Mike R
      The only way there is going to be a long-term bullmarket is in nominal terms due to hyperinflation. If not CAF maybe referring to China no they are buying American technology rights and companies. CAF is a very frustrating person to listen to as she uses a lot of ambiguous terms. What is a ‘long-term bull market’? Is she talking 2 years, 5 years, 10, 50,1000…???

  15. Jim

    Something that I realized years ago. Any time you bring up the idea of “Honoring the Constitution of the United States”, African Americans immediately think, “they want to bring back slavery” That is ALL they hear and you can’t get them past that idea because they immediately stop listening to anything you say. Greg, maybe you could do some research on this and maybe find a way to get past it.

    • art barnes

      The American Black vote democratic over 90 percent of the time every election. Until such time as they realize that they have been bought and paid for by the Demogods, they will continue to see a racist behind ever tree.

    • Seeking Truth

      As an African American, I never associated the Constitution with slavery, and I know many who do not! Perhaps the older generations do. But, in any case, didn’t you know that we’re all slaves now anyway? Slaves to an evil cabal that controls every aspect of our lives. But, many don’t even realize it. I guess that’s what CAF means when she refers to “free range totalitarianism”. I for one, never fell into the African American box. As a registered independent, I’ve always wanted to hear more than one side. Now, I guess many can clearly see that both parties (demogods & republicons) are two heads on one entity – a two headed monster. Time to wake up! The rest of the world has been awake for some time, especially since they’ve been the victims of modern day raping and pillaging in the name of “freedom”. Time for the US people to wake up before it’s too late. Unfortunately, time is rapidly running out.

      • JC Davis

        Truth seeker man .. Or female That was good. Slavery never left is just changed the way it operates. So good. Art I respect you in a big way. Black folks are changing the image of the few bad one of our past. Education and general information has become unlimited. I look forward to the day the government no longer separate’s us according to skin color. Maybe you should have said the life long uninformed folks dependent on government helps, and loving the handouts.
        Seeking Truth please pick a name. I find it hard to stand with a generality. Thanks JC Davis

      • allen ols

        Seeking Truth
        LBJ: I’ll have those n****** voting Democratic for the next 200 years

  16. Overall outlook

    Thank you for having CAF on to date. She said many similar statements like others. And I agree if we the USA citizens roll up our sleeves and change this country around via politics in the house, we can make this country great again. But it starts with us the citizens.

  17. Edward

    Totally a statist and a product of a broken system.
    I’m not buying what CAF is selling

  18. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    As always a great interview. Ms. Fitts used the magic word in your interview; COVENANT. That is the magic word that America does not understand.

  19. Eric Dubin

    This might be of interest to USA Watchdog visitors. Most of Fitts’ interviews are behind her paywall, but she interviewed the Saker last month and this one is now available to the public. You get a different flavor for her views when she’s interviewing vs. being on the other side of the mic.

  20. glen

    another great speech from CAF, some interesting dialogue and perceptions.

  21. Jerry

    I haven’t asked this question for awhile, so I’ll ask it again to anyone who is so inclined to answer it. How do you fund an economy that has 125 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities with 2.5 Trillion dollars in Tax revenue?

    Answer: The Federal Reserve Bank pays the difference with 125 Billion dollars a month (QE) by buying its own bonds back through the Financial Stability Board. Where I come from that’s called “MONEY LAUNDERING”.

    Greg, I love CAF, but in my estimation it is much, much, to late in the game to change the rules. The oligarchs that run this country will never release their grip of power without major bloodshed, and the populace as a whole are so dumbed down (by design I might add) that they won’t lift a finger to save themselves.

    Greg, I am firmly convinced that the central banks are going to run this economic system full throttle until the wheels come off, or at least until the Chinese and the BRICS alliance separate themselves from it, whichever comes first. I don’t think there’s going to be any warning at all. You’re going to go to your bank some Friday and find that you don’t have access to your money. At that point you will know that the wheels have finally come off. WHEN is anybody’s guess, but as I have stated before the Chinese are preparing to make some kind of major move after April 19th, unless they feel threatened by our out of control rogue government that currently has two battle groups on the way to the South China Sea, not to mention massing 350,000 troops on the Syrian border. The western cabal is in a high stakes game of chicken with the BRICS alliance. Any move from here on out could trigger a war, or a global collapse.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Jerry. It may not seem like it but God is in charge and fully in control. We Christians do not get to judge but I expect it will be harsh for the evil people wrecking our lives for profit and power. “Fear Not.” Pray God will be selective in his judgment on America.

      • Jerry

        Thank you Greg.
        This nation will be judged, and those responsible will be held accountable. Line upon line. Precept upon precept. The balance of Justice must be met. That is an eternal principle. Only through the mercy of Jesus Christ can justice be satisfied. God bless and thank you for your continued work.

      • Karl

        Hi Greg,
        I have never been religious.
        However it appears to me the last days are upon us with the cashless system bringing the mark of the beast. It’s strange that many so called Christians cannot see this.
        I perceive the elitists that control us as satanists which would explain why it’s more than 1 group ie zionists, Jesuits etc.
        The movie They Live I think may hit the nail in the head.
        One thing I cannot figure out though is are Russia and China in. Shoots with the satanists or are they our saviour?
        KAF has been right on the money tge past few years but I have difficulty believing the bull market assessment unless she means bull $#!t or Pms

        • Grafique

          Karl, many Christians – including myself – do see the fulfillment of end times prophecies in the headlines.
          Speaking for myself, though, regardless of how much I blow the trumpet, few if any listen. I don’t know how many times I’ve posted on this one website alone about the coming invasion of Israel by Russia/Iran, and the only responses I’ve gotten were from some little twerp accusing me of mistaken dogmatism.
          When it comes to the end times, there are many more aspects that could be discussed than just economics. Consider what’s happening these days with “transhumanism”. This is straight out of the Bible. It would make a wonderful topic for an interview, but one must go elsewhere to see it.
          Further, the Bible explicitly gives the order of coming calamities, but again there’s no interest, at least at this website. Hint: economic collapse will not come first.
          So yes, many Christians do see end times prophecies being fulfilled before their eyes, but it’s hard to keep bringing up the subject when no one responds.

          • susan

            Grafique, I agree. I wonder if our votes correspond to God’s plan. Maybe the PTB are supposed to be in control. I’m okay with it all as it is definitely in God’s hands.
            May I say that my local politics are going to be very exciting. A friend, down to earth sensible and highly intelligent, has been selected as the Lt. Governor candidate in Montana. WOW! I wish I could trust every candidate as well.

      • dchayden

        I agree totally Greg ! One of the things we need to do as Christians is remember the enormous mountain of power and authority given ( Holy Spirit) that resides in us. The Father is infinite power, there is no level of measurement to it, and fallen angels are most definitely “finite,” having created nothing, only manipulators and deceivers of what is already there. The Holy Father is unimaginable infinite power . I remember a verse in one of the extra books (Enoch), that said that when the Father past judgement on Lucifer, and the fallen angels, it was so severe and mighty, that Michael the mighty Archangel himself, who leads the army of angels against satan in revelations…..trembled from the Fathers judgement !! We have no idea the power !! If we did…we would surely “fear not !!!”

        Great interview as always Greg !


      • art barnes

        Greg, God is done with America, He is judging it now and America is coming up short. A country now of tolerance for every unspeakable act can’t receive any grade other than F by Him – and, I’m not fearful, just watching it happen in real time.

      • Seeking Truth


        I’ve felt and said all along that ignorance will not set one free. This criminal cabal government of the USA has been raping and pillaging the world for decades, and has managed to dupe the American people, time after time, into fighting its evil fight. Being ignorant of this will be no excuse to escape the wrath of god/universe for what has been done to the peoples of the earth in the name of “freedom”.

        • JC Davis

          Seeking Truth- Ben Carson. I wish you did not leave the race. Right on !

      • Andrew Buchanan

        Hi Greg and thanks for USAWATCHDOG.

        She may mean well but I think CAF is ‘away with the fairies’ if she expects there to be some kind of a civilised redistribution of wealth in order to make the world whole again.

        Reading G Edward Griffin’s book, The Creature From Jekyll Island, was the final paradigm shifter – awakening me to the true state of servitude / enslavement that the vast majority of mankind exist in.

        Please ask your distinguished guests the following: Since the FED creates money (currency) out of nothing (despite the cleverly designed ‘smoke and mirrors’ to make the process look like complex finance to Joe public) and since the FED ‘earns’ interest on every dollar created – how much interest has the FED been paid by US taxpayers since its inception in 1913? My guess is that the total is many times the U.S. national debt plus ALL the ‘unfounded liabilities’ put together.

        Since most income tax goes to pay the interest on the national debt and since most people work many months of the year before they pay their tax bill and finally start working for themselves, knowing just how much interest / tribute has been paid to the owners of the FED (Roschilds, Rockafellas, Morgan’s) may finall wake the American people up. If and when that day comes, the holders of the wealth will not donate it back to its rightful owners. Through the power that money’s has bestowed, they own the politicians, the judiciary, the secret services and the police agencies.

    • Jerry

      Here is the latest Money Velocity Index.
      With “Money Creation” at an all time high, and no outflow, it can only mean one thing. The Central Banks are hoarding it, to cover their derivative loses. Just my opinion.

      If the Chinese step off the dollar train with the BRICS, it will expose the scheme for what it is. A manipulated money laundering scheme put on by the Central Banks to build their derivative wealth. Nothing more. Now you know why they want to go cashless. What better way to cover the theft besides a painful reset?

    • Casey

      Don’t forget the 300,000+ South Koreans practicing on China’s back door.

    • WD


      Great Post!

      After reading Holter’s post, and hearing interviews by Leeb and Sprott I believe that for us to know whats going on we need to watch the Chinese and the BRICS. All three and Wiley ( indirectly) have said China is in control and knows what is happening. By the way the Chinese govt is encouraging its people to buy gold.

      Jerry, the West has lost control. its like they are trying to slow down a 2 ton boulder from rolling down hill. I really dont think they thought this was going to happen.


  22. Scott

    Love, love, LOVE Catherine!

    THANKS for getting her back so soon, Greg – you’re the BEST!

  23. Po Rich

    Hello Greg,
    Particularly nice interview with C.A. Fitts, no doom or gloom presented without a solution or governor attached !!!
    I believe in enough people’s abilities to see the criminality of it all, if presented clearly to them, and perhaps so it is even more so important than always, to address and point out injustice when something wicked your way comes !!!
    Thanks to you and her, and especially for this clear and insightful production!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Po Rich,
      She most certainly gave a solution. It’s just not a painless solution. Nothing gets done until after the big one that is in the process.

  24. Craig

    I can certainly appreciate Katherines knowledge and input to the national conversation, but she certainly has a bias towards the government as she was part of it at one time. What I mean by that is that I don’t think she actually sees the extreme evil that the neocons project in every single thing that they do. She seems to think that it’s (the government) fixable, whereas I feel that it’s SO corrupt and evil because of the neocon mentality that the entire system needs to collapse before it can be re-invented. I can’t see HOW it can be fixed with all of these crazed, murderous psychopaths still involved in any way. I can understand her positive point of view and I think that it’s great, but I tend to disagree that it can turn around before 1. either the economy of the U.S. explodes, or 2. these nut-bags take us to nuclear annihilation.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      An important point CAF made is that the crooks in government get away with things because people go along with it down to the local county level. If the public stopped tolerating it at the local level, the crooks higher up would not have a base to act from. The problem isn’t only those evil people over there, it’s also everyone who doesn’t take local action.

  25. Rock

    Great interview Greg. I thought Fitts made more important points in connecting the dots in this one than all others combined. Thank you for your fine work my brother.

    On another topic, I was wondering what happened to the Dem primary race, which now pits Hitlary against Bernie “Mao man” Sanders. Jim Webb is a vet and a family man that I thought might have made some headway, but he bailed out very early in the race. I do not know the name of the other guy that stayed in it long past that. In any event, it is weird. I guess it boils down to the crony criminals controlling the Dems with the heavy hand, similar to what they are trying to do in the Republican party war against Donald. I am liking the Trumpster more and more, even though I started out pulling for Cruz.

  26. al hall

    Greg: You sounded amazed at the info she told about the black space program? Have I not told you this many time -info from my “black-ops scientist friend =”W”. The money has been stolen – funneled thru the pentagon and the like into the “military industrial complex.”- The fascist side of our government owns all this technology.
    For 50 yrs. they have had “free energy but have kept it from the public and the world.
    It is called “zero point energy and it is what powers UFO’s. This system takes energy out of the space around us- any where in the universe. We the people should have this- 50 years ago- but the elite’s keep it from us so we have to buy the gas, natural gas, oil etc from them. More corruption at all levels of government! Make me sick! Any one in Congress knows of this – or they are kept out of the loop on purpose.
    W told me near 10 years ago we have bases on Mars- and the back side of the moon. We leave the planet daily in our own UFO’s which travel many time the speed of light- yes the speed of light is not the fast things go?? I have a website that Dr. Steve Greer tells the public this, yet most can’t believe. W worked with alien being will in the black ope- and told me when he left the program there were 12 species that he had worked with. About 6 months ago he told me an inside friend still there said they now know of 77 alien species we have had contact with. Can you believe= WE AREN’T ALONE!!!

    I could tell you more than Ms. Fitt’s. Put me on- I’ll tell the world about the crap being feed to the people! I believe Trump know of this and will spill the beans- if they don’t kill him first- the elite’s have said they will kill him if he continues to win!


    • Mike R

      I’m pretty sure I dont want you have been smoking there, AL hall. (G This sitr sure does bring out the whack jobs, I’ll give you that. (the ‘back side’ of the moon – thats a good one)

      • al hall

        Mike- Tall Tom below is correct with this website from Dr. Greer. But my retired black-ops friend W has more info than what Dr. Greer presents.
        Thanks Tall Tom- at least your awake to reality. These bomb throwers have no idea what is real- they believe the corrupt government line of lies.
        By the way one of W’s favorite lines is- NASA is space science for stupid people= that Mike R.

    • Tall Tom

      Al here is a link.
      Dr. Steven Greer and the presentation will amaze anyone
      who takes the time to watch and listen.

      • al hall

        Tom – this is the site I mentioned. Much info in this presentation- people should see this- Thanks! You understand the truth and reality. In this video below I sent to W months ago for his input- he replied to my questions about it- he said the only question is “who’s is it- ours, Russia’s, China’s or alien??” He believed ours!

        Marine Captures UFO Destroying Taliban Base: “Unlike Any Known U.S. Military Drone”

      • al hall

        Tom – you may like this story too. W told be about this before it showed up on the web. A scientist friend of his at NASA told him about this huge UFO’s behind the moon and they are still there . W believes he knows what they are there for- but most wouldn’t believe this. These UFO’s he was told were some 20 miles in diameter. The story is here-
        NASA: Huge UFO fleet is behind the Moon – intentions unknown
        Monday, June 8, 2015

        Mike R – stick this one were you want.

    • Grafique

      Al, the things you mention are amazing! One wonders why, if you truly believe they’re true, you don’t run to the NY Times or CBS or another major news outlet and let them in on these things! Surely the general public needs to know!
      Also, isn’t this the month Nibiru is due to slam into earth? Maybe you can reveal why it isn’t visible yet?
      Thank you.

      • al hall

        It is coming! And you’re not invited to the underground cities you paid for!!

  27. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    There is an old saying about finding out who’s guilty or who’s behind the conspiracy. It says “follow the money” . It would stretch the credibility of any of your guests if they said “the economy is going to crash at 2 o’ clock on Tuesday”. However, if you want to know where the money is or where it went or where it’s supposed to be then Catherine is the one to pay attention to.

  28. robert


    If a power existed that could investigate a presidential hopeful, it may be tempted to use its findings to leverage protection for themselves out into the future.

    The FBI… gathering info about Clinton’s server and dealings may give it the illusion that it could collar the Devil.

    Never ever ever make dialogue or dealings with the devil.

    Peace brother.

  29. Diana Dee Jarvis

    “It shows you the decency and goodness of the American people that they [Clintons] are walking around alive.” No, it shows how stupid way too many Americans are. It’s been a weird time for me seeing how many people (of my acquaintance) I thought were honest and reasonably intelligent are supporting Clinton. As for Clinton being indicted, Greg, I’ll believe that when it actually happens. Both Clintons have gotten away with so much already that the email server business is par for the course. CAF is right that things don’t have to be this way. The problem is convincing the public of that. Anyway, it’s always great seeing CAF on the show. Thank you for bringing her back on.

  30. Dwain

    I don’t think we are sitting on a massive wealth potential as CAF says. The global economy is dependent on a debt based confiscatory money printing model. As I keep stating, 65 million U.S. jobs out of 125 million total full time jobs, are dependent on this model – government, healthcare, pharmacy, social services, education and all their spinoffs, are reliant on taxes, premiums, printing presses and debt.

    CAF talks about productivity being the solution but corps have monopolized productivity. In general, corps pay subsistence wages to maximize profits. This creates a vicious feedback loop because the people don’t have the wherewithal to purchase products corps produce.

    Confiscatory sectors are attempts to compensate for the loss of production and subsistence wages from corps. Even if there was an increase in production, it would occur through corp models. It won’t work because corps seek the most for the least amount possible which translates into workers taking the brunt of the blow.

    • Greg Hunter

      If we get this fixed we are but the fix comes with sever debt destruction. Many will lose it all because it’s in paper.

      • al hall

        This is why you need gold/silver ASAP! Get out of anything paper as much as possible- now! get out of the elite banksters system!

        • Grafique

          Al –
          What does it matter if Planet X is about to hit?

  31. Constance Crumby

    Ceasefire Update: Turkey & US Resupplying the Jihadists; Russia & Syria Attacking the Jihadists. Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs.

    “…Columns of trucks carrying cargo and weapons for militants in Syria cross into the war-wracked country from Turkey on a daily basis, Russian Defense Ministry says. “Practically round-the-clock from the territory of the Republic of Turkey the convoys of large trucks are going across the border with supplies and weapons, which are moving exclusively to the areas, which are controlled by the terrorist groups Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar Ash-Sham,” chief of the Russian Center for reconciliation between the warring parties in Syria Lt. Gen. Sergei Kuralenko told reporters on Friday. Turkey has been among the main supporters of the militant groups operating in Syria, with reports saying that Ankara actively trains and arms the Takfiri terrorists there and facilitates their safe passage into the crisis-hit Arab

    “Just remember the new name for ISIS is [Daesh]!”

    The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast
    Craig Shirley: ‘Mitt Romney Is Historically Wrong & Not Reagan’
    14 MINS

    The John Batchelor Show
    Escalations, Coups de Theatre, the Probabilities of War… 20 MINS

    War Parties on the March in Syrian Ceasefire. Stephen F. Cohen. NYU, Princeton,
    40 minutes · 5 days ago

  32. Anne Elliott

    Great interview Greg! CAF has an out-of-the-box outlook that always gives a different perspective. She is so right about having no rule of law enforced. Thanks for having her on again. And speaking of the rule of law, when can we hear from Professor Black? He might have some opinions on the election process so far, and the candidates involved.

  33. Jack

    CAF says we are in a long term bull market while Greg Mannarino says the Dow is going to 5000 or less. She seems to be marching to a different drummer than all your other guests.

    • Hatemail

      That’s what Crony Capitalism is, a long term if never ending bull market. Bully for them and bullshit for us.

  34. Jay Dee

    I think that most of us would agree that Ms Fitts is a person of great intellect, but we could also agree that when it comes to the nation’s and world’s financial status we have moved into truly uncharted waters. I would like to see her score sheet on calling the housing bubble and the dot com bubble, before deciding to relax for another year or two. I agree with others who say that the pending currency collapse will likely be the most disastrous event in modern world history. It looks to me like the central government is preparing for major civil unrest. I have talked to a DC worker and he confided that extensive tunnels have been prepared for the government employees. Is there not some action that we could start immediately which would be a first step in providing a road to recovery? I want to hear some proposals for recovery.

    • Vince Shook

      Hi Jay Dee:
      I have been wanting to hear recovery proposals also. My first suggestion would be an announcement that all the corporate profits held overseas by American companies would be free to come home without tax or financial penalties. Second would be a lowering to 10% or less, the corporate tax rate in America. I believe these two things are essential for the return of jobs (manufacturing, service, design, engineering etc.) to America, the return of purchasing power to the average middle class consumer and the return of a rising standard of living for the majority of Americans.

  35. W. Phipps

    I love this woman… she is for truth and the constitution… and she is a realist who is not afraid to look under the covers… and expose the shadow government as a corrupt technocracy. Her solution for an integrity-based reset is the only logical solution that I have heard, however the elites will collapse everything before they will forfeit control and power. Only God can save now.

  36. Peter

    CAF is one guest I have trouble understanding. Exposing corruption will not matter. Hillary Clinton is as corrupt as they come and she has a good chance to become president. Half of America does not care that she lies or violates laws, as long as she promotes a few popular policies. As for the debt, the US runs a deficit almost every year, for everybody to see. There is no black hole needed to explain the sorry state we are in.

  37. Josh Blake

    Mr. Hunter,

    I work in oil and gas. We all received a 10% pay cut today after a 15-20% workforce reduction within the past couple months. Please continue to warn your listeners about what coming down the pike.

    I was going to attach my badge to verify this information, but it appears I am unable to do it through this page.

    I fully expect half of the independents to be out of business before this is over (barring the house Saud and their buddy Erdrogan doing something extremely stupid in Syria). Keep warning people to prepare.

    While no one can predict the timing, things are going to keep getting worse until there is some sort of détente or it all comes crashing down.

    Cut out anything non essential if you don’t have much money and determine who your REAL friends are now.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Josh for real reporting on the front lines of the real economy. “Fear Not” my friend.


    • Karl

      Hi Josh,
      I can reiterate that. I also work as a consultant in the oil and gas industry and have had no work since last August.
      Almost all my old work colleagues have been laid off or are sitting at home waiting to be. This is the worst downturn ever by all accounts.
      I do not see it hitting the rest of the economy here in the UK. Friends in other areas seem ok but I think it’s only a matter of time before it does. Most are in a lot od debt that’s for sure.

    • susan

      thank you, Josh.

  38. Md4

    I listened to Catherine’s interview several times (as I do with all the others).

    We’re still not getting it…

    The economy that once was is dead. It is NOT coming back, and this does NOT have a political solution. You cannot change people INTERNALLY by political or legal means.

    Lemme explain it this way:

    Tonight, I purchased a product of European origin, with a Bedford, Massachusetts office…made in Mexico.

    You cannot ever have first-world “productivity” as long as the third-world can make it better, faster, cheaper.

    End of story.

    I can think of nothing we could come up with to put people back to meaningful work with rising, American standard-of-living incomes, that can’t be made elsewhere.

    Who makes the iPhone?

    Where is it designed?

    Where do you think it will be designed tomorrow?

    That’s right.

    If we really want to combat the problem, we must actually acknowledge it FIRST.

    We are mostly not. We are dancing all around it.

    Western bonsai outsourcing was FATAL.


  39. TPTB

    Hi Greg,

    Your opinion is that Warren Buffet is a “crony-capitalist”, whereas Fitts suggested that there was a covert side and an overt side to Buffet’s operation.

    I suggest that her perspective provides answers for volumes of illogical, unanswered questions/issues.

    What if the businesses you cited, that Buffet’s operation loaned money to, in fact did not required a government bailout, but instead were “covered” by derivative insurance policies that if/when exercised would have brought down the whole system, and so Buffet negotiated the settlement in order to keep the wheels on the system one more day. If there were “Catch-22” circumstances like this for a variety of issues, would it change your opinion?

    Your service and perspectives are most appreciated.

    • md4

      Thanks for your comment; I am very familiar with Dr. Roberts, and like most of his views.

      However…even HE, I think, does not fully comprehend the situation domestically or globally.

      What was once the exclusive domain of first-order nations (predominantly the U.S. and Western Europe) is gone: manufacturing and industrial dominance. Our might matured during and especially after World War II, crescendoing in the mid to late seventies. That period itself built upon the Industrial Revolution that began in the U.K. during the Victorian Era. The war left us in an incredible position to advance, and our military and economic muscle enabled us to reorder the world around Bretton Woods. That framework propelled us to heights and living standards beyond the wildest dreams of those before.

      Over time, the rest of the world began to gain some degree of parity, but this was still mostly limited to developed nations, and those aligned with the west during the height of the Cold War.

      Even then, competition revolved around mostly the same industries and sectors, but that competition still fed enormous demand, and there was enough to go around.

      With the advent of the eighties, the outsourcing of western industries, and blue-collar jobs began. Soon thereafter, great hordes of cheap, intelligent labor began to be made available to the west, and western corporations eager to leverage labor and regulatory cost savings, engaged a bonsai rush into globalism, thinking about, and justifying their actions a host of ways. Faulty trade agreements legitimized actions and movements that eventually crossed a fatal line.

      We are well across that fatal line, and short of a global conflagration that physically and economically sets the world considerably back, we wilł not recover.

      Even IF we were to restore manufacturing via new product development (such as with the iPhone I mentioned), those jobs would be outsourced too. And returning jobs previously outsourced would never yield old rates of pay to perform them. They may as well remain where they are.

      Ditto for tariffs on imports of goods produced with outsourced labor; it won’t work. Either manufacturers would pass along those costs to already-strapped consumers, or else they’d move the rest of their operations completely. We’d lose whatever public benefit they still provide, and gain essentially nothing.

      Still, I think there ARE opportunities to begin something new.

      That won’t happen as long as we still believe we can restore what was. That’s a complete waste of time.

      Not to mention expensive resources.


  40. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview. I get the impression some folks above were listening to a different interview than I heard. CAF is apparently seeing a different view now than she saw previously, so her opinion changed to be consistent with that view. I like it when a really smart person allows their view to evolve as the situation unfolds over time.

    Some people think that once an opinion is stated, that’s it, no going back — that’s not how the world works. Things change because there is a push-pull between the various forces and sometimes one side doesn’t just bend, it breaks down. Sometimes liberals are in charge and they push it so far even lifelong Democrats will vote for the Republican to get things back on track. The same happens with “Conservatives”, they pushed the right-wing agenda so far we got BHO as a knee-jerk response. Yin v. Yang.

    Thanks again, I liked this interview.

  41. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great interview with C.A.F. I suspect she is absolutely on target with her analysis about the criminality either in, or pulling the strings of our government. She is also right that if a potential financial crash in the U.S.A. isn’t managed – most will lose everything denominated and numerated in mere paper. Debt will be destroyed but so will the value of real estate, stocks and bonds. Who knows where that will lead?
    Thank You for Your dedication!

  42. Mike Linton

    Hi Folks: Let me chime in a bit. For a number of years I assisted Catherine with the production of her Solari Report. I’ve worked with her closely and we even attend the same church. She’s not a fortune teller, she makes mistakes in her projections (as she will be the first to admit), but she’s very much “the real thing” and completely — and brutally — honest to the core, and profoundly courageous. She knows fully the ” both the greed and corruption among the ruling elite” and has experienced it personally at a level I hope none of us have to endure. She always bears listening to and her diagnoses deserve to be carefully considered. Of course you don’t always have to agree (I don’t agree with her all the time either) but you can be certain that her views are based upon mountains of hard data raked from hours of research and years of political and financial experience. And for the record, Catherine’s book, “Dillon, Read & Co, Inc. and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits” isn’t for sale anywhere. It’s up on the web for free, in both English and Spanish. Whatever you think of CAF, take time to read the book, especially since it will cost you nothing but your time — and it will be well worth it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike!

  43. Work is All Right for Killing Time, but it's a Shaky Way to Make a Living

    I’m with Fitts all the way when she says that Hillary offers zero hope. I think Trump offers a bit more than a 3% shot, though. He’s asking many of the right questions and pointing out many of the problems. He’s inspiring and resonating with the electorate in a real way. And that is terrifying the elite.

  44. Silence is Golden

    Always interesting listening to CAF.
    Pyramid of Lies describes the foundation of the system.
    A Matrix better describes the secrecy and interconnectedness.
    A Fortress describes how difficult it is to penetrate.
    Productivity may solve one problem…but the way I see it…it also increases UNEMPLOYMENT. Depopulation is their ONLY solution …..after they have all of the WEALTH locked up.
    A “Mess” …is a bit soft. How do you untangle a mess by introducing “Governance”….what ? Governance is excluded from Congress and Corporate culture alike.
    I have a solution…have a geneticist invent a deadly virus that attaches to FRN that infects the first AND second “hands” that touches newly created bills. You can be sure that the large part of the problem is eliminated in a short space of time.
    Denial about the state of American /Global economies was evident in a lot of CAF’s dialogue. An unrealistic solution was provided to an systemic and endemic problem.
    The so called “Good Guys” in the establishment cannot/will not do a thing…they are entrenched in the feedback/enrichment loop…also aware of the threat to their existence should they raise an eyebrow.
    As for the slogans….. Hillary – Make America “Whole” – make complete , entire or make ONE…as in ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.
    Trump – Make America Great – brings us the “Imperialism” view that made the USA exceptional. Good for USA…BAD for every other country.
    There was so much more in this interview. I will if time permits, address the red flags. I wanted to stop the interview on several occasions to ask her questions myself. She is skillful in skirting around issues. One point around the 18.00 mark…she was lost for words. Nonetheless it didn’t disappoint.

  45. Brian D

    Hi Greg,

    I have read the criticism here, but I am very glad you have Catherine on as much as you do. No one really knows how we are going to back out of this house of cards financial status we have going. Catherine always seems to think a little differently from the crowd and I appreciate hearing her. I think she is right that there are billions of people (awake or not) who get up every day and will have an unknown effect on the direction of things, they basically all want to survive. So I believe a breakdown is imminent, but predictions of elite intentions, the people’s power to steer things, damage and timing are a crap shoot. I appreciate the analysis from you and Catherine. May God help all of us.

  46. Buck

    So CAF supports former senior Lehman Brothers executive John Kasich? Kasich supports regime change in Syria and boots on the ground to fight ISIS. Kasich was even on W Bush’s short list for VP. We’ve been down that road before and CAF of all people knows this. That is quite troubling to me.

    • Buck

      Translation: CAF supports Central Bank Warfare model candidate for President. I’d love to hear her explain.

      • By Design, Over Time


        Kasich is a kiss up one-ups-menship phony– “Oh yes, the chiefs of Staff called me into to get my opinion on blah blah blah–”

        The only Republican worth considering was Dr. Ben Carson who tried to think before he spoke — he was what our founding fathers could only hope for — a true citizen-statesman and back to citizen–much like Jimmy Carter.

        I had the exact same thoughts and I appreciate who Fitts is and what she represents. I subscribe to her letter and even though I do find her to be a bit of an elitist herself, she is doing her best to roll back the curtain.

        To get maximum benefit from that letter you have to study it for hours. Forget the “all you need to do is read the quarterly BS” and the “Pollyanna crap” she disseminates via That might be great for the millionaire class to which she caters, but not for the working class getting by from week to week. The working class need a special brand of metaphysics and visualization to break free to the “breakaway civilization”.

        It’s a strange brew.

        By the by, Bernie needs to explain in a two page white paper the difference between Communistic and Democratic socialism. I support Saunders because he speaks from the heart and his actions speak every bit as loudly as his words. I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat–both parties being bought and sold a million times over.

        Besides what could be worse than the 1% crony capitalism we now endure.

        Both Greg and CAF are correct in that it goes to the graciousness of America that Bill, Hitlery and Gates are still walking upright–they will be until the 1% no longer see a need for their usefulness.

        The best thing that any of us can do is to get involved. ABC

        Anybody but Clinton
        All the best,

  47. ScottL

    The economic system will collapse and it will not be pretty. It’s effects will be different in various countries, but will probably worse in developed countries because of our dependence on the grid. Take away the grid from coast to coast in America for any length of time and watch the carnage.

    There are numerous external factors impacting the economies of the world that are not economic. Europe is imploding because of unfettered immigration. The indigenous European population is in negative population growth as is Japan. There will be a war in the Middle East that will impact the world. Automation and robotics are slowly replacing humans, and not just in blue collar jobs, but white collar as well. With a growing global population, primarily in developing countries, what are they going to do for a living? Did you know that by 2018 software will be writing itself? So when your kid asks you what he/she should major in in college, software development may not be the best choice. By 2020 you will be able to plug into your computer and literally create your own Matrix. If you think neighbors don’t talk to neighbors now, if you think quality family time is slipping, wait until people are able to plug into their own world. So, if the collapse is manageable as CAF suggests, then people will be encapsulated in their own worlds and human interaction will diminish, leaving free reign to TPTB to fully implement global control. If the grid goes down and people cannot “plug in,” then it’s Mad Max time. Either way, the world is going to be in for one hell of a ride.

    And none of this really addresses the end times. If you believe in Revelations, and you may not, the Messiah returns to earth because the human race is about to annihilate itself. He ain’t coming back because he hasn’t seen the real estate in 2,000 years and decides to pop in and say “hi.”

  48. Karl

    I’ll go with Mannarino any day. I do not think KAF gets the big picture. Everything is in a bubble apart from commodities and Pms.
    Even a few years ago guys in the pub were telling me they were buying stocks.
    Before 2008 they wouldn’t of known what a stock was…

  49. art barnes

    Greg, N. Korea is threatening nuclear strikes on the U.S. I believe the U.S. is being provocative in order to pocket the “Korea Option” if its needed for a false flag at a later date.

    • art barnes

      Greg, forgot to say I hope you mention Korea in your end of the week Friday Wrap-up. Yea, I’ve been around long enough to remember what it was called at the start, still like it called that!

  50. Hatemail

    Fitts makes her money facilitating and enabling the Elite class. She is blowing smoke. She says everything will be just fine if we just elect decent and honest people into positions of power. The whole political system has been compromised. Decent and honest people will never be elected. The political parties only endorse candidates who pay homage and their souls to the system. It is corrupted right down to the grass roots. This is why we feel powerless.
    Donald Trump is a political outsider but a financial insider. The system will crush him if he does not conform.

  51. Matt

    Hi Greg,

    The glaring fallibility in Ms. Fitts perspective is that she is evaluating the situation from a purely human perspective. I have spoken of this often. There are forces from beyond the planet – The Intervention – who are advancing their interests to control humanity and the planet. They have aligned themselves with the Criminal Elite because they know that human greed knows no bounds. As Ms. Fitts stated, the privileged will not give it up. And do they will endanger the rest of humanity to maintain it. The Intervention will do what it wants when it wants. The situation is rapidly moving out of human control entirely. The results will be calamitous for the human family.

    Finally, humanity will not be allowed to simply go into space and colonize planets. How arrogant of us to believe that we are entitled to that. In a universe teeming with life, there are rules of engagement. What is valuable is already occupied. It is time we began to address the startling issues of climate change and resource depletion at home. The Interventuon is keenly aware of it, which is in part why they are here.

    Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      The climate change is being done on purpose just look at the constant spraying and the chemtrails.

      • Casey

        Greg, I’ve seen people who claim that chem trails are a metallic particle sprayed to reduce the impact of EMP’s what do you think?

        • Greg Hunter

          They are very bad just go to

      • Matt

        The chemtrail program serves numerous agendas. Poisoning the soil for independent food production (control), introducing pathogens into human lungs that will lead to increased death rates on planet earth (depopulation) and a last ditch effort to slow a runaway climate train until ‘their’ program can be fully integrated. ‘They’ want to save the planet for their own uses. I could be wrong, but not even Dane Willington(?) believes chemtrail are being used to accelerate climate change. Thanks for the reply.

      • Donna S from Arkansas

        WOW! Thank you Greg for mentioning Chemtrails……..! Arkansas (at least where I live) is just covered up almost every day with planes and the spraying of harmful chemicals. I am not talking about crop dusters spraying a farmers field either. I have taken pictures where there will be up to 7-9 planes leaving their tale tale signs!!! Also, I do not believe buying PM’s for me will help. If no one around my has bought them, then they could care less if I have them to trade. I see it being more food, medicine, toiletries…to be traded. No one around me has a clue to what is going on in the world. I am just speechless at times when I mention something about Korea, China, Clinton….they are looking at me like, what? They are all in their own little bubble….a rude awakening is coming for them all.

  52. Casey

    Hi Greg, great interview! Catherine states that this all could come down easy, without much pain depending on how the change (read fall) is governed. My only thought on this is that if the ccc is scrambling and fighting for every dollar they can steal. What makes her think that all of the sudden, right in the midst of financial collapse, everyone will just stop stealing, and do what is right for America? After all the ccc has brought America to the edge of financial ruin without a care in the world.

  53. Loren

    For the first time, Greg, I am a little optimist too. Both Sanders and Trump are saying the obvious in many ways that none of the politicians have had the courage to say up to now and that you have been saying for several years. These are conversations that America must have to move forward.
    Trump said 9-11 was on Bush’s watch and he was asleep. True
    Trump said invading Iraq was a mistake. True
    Trump said Hillary made a horrible mess out of Libia. True
    Sanders said that the big banks are criminal. True
    Sanders said that the international markets are rigged. True
    Both say we are not in a recovery. True

  54. francis m reps

    Greg. The march 7th Fitts interview is superb. I believe she has an agenda to sell her services, and like Celente and some others; engages in a bit of hyperbole BUT IS ON MESSAGE,AND SHOULD BE HEARD. The main difficulty I have with her outlook is her hope for the immediate future. Pitirim Sorokin { brilliant anthropologist } pointed out that it takes only two generations to destroy a civilization. We are way past that time period. It is over for us..our chidden, grandchildren as well as our great grandchildren. Pray for a miracle, because that is what it is gong to take if humanity is to be saved. Regards, francis m reps

  55. Da Yooper

    Greg found this thought you & others might find it interesting


    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Da Yooper
      IF they are ever “fined” they will laugh as they “pay” it with counterfeit money that they create as co-owners of the FED. What a sad and sick charade!

  56. Scott Wolford

    CAF is by far your best guest. Smart. Insightful. Informed. And communicates it very well.
    I think her message is fundamentally a spiritual message. You can’t have a decent society if all the people are indecent. We need to look in the mirror and come clean about our complacency. Her message is similar to Jonathon Cahn: Get your integrity back or we are going DOWN as a country.
    I’m a little surprised she is reporting the space-money connection. The source of that information is a guy named Corey Goode, a whistleblower who spent 20 years in the secret space program. Definitely tinfoil hat stuff there. But it resonates as truth.
    Greg, thank you for being kind to CAF. I’m glad she came back to you.

  57. Justn Observer

    Jack, Mannarino see the picture in terms of how markets going in the direction they should work will go….CAF used the ‘d’ word…which is a ‘huge’ part of the ‘establishment’ plan…. ‘de-population’ ! The viewers must understand that…and then decide if they choose to take a part in just which part of it needs to ‘suffer’ the ends of that plan ! Forced vaccinations – poor food quality – weather manipulation – wars and abortions are on one side of the options…because people refuse to make the obvious right choices ! AND OF COURSE …live within their means..!
    TERM LIMITS would help – forcing those in those positions to realize they and their families will have to live in the same environment imposed on other’s !
    The Hegelian Dialectic… IS… the ‘mystery’ and ‘secret’ of ancient Babylon… it is the ‘mind control’ used to hoodwink and control the masses – PERIOD ! pure and simple… Yes – GOD is in us all… HE gave us….the gift of free will….it sets us apart….HE is within us…it is our conscience….! Once you surrender your ‘conscience’ to the will of others…you have separated yourself from GOD ! However…even though you now live and act …conscience free…like good little Nazi…taking orders ….doing what may be legal or illegal….you have departed from good and bad….of which you will —must be —held accountable and judged! Taking the hard work and wealth of others –is theft —that is why ‘usury’ a sin… ! Using envy and lust to pit one class against the other is the devils work…mind control … from which to attain votes and ‘retain’ retain power over the masses…it always pointing one at another…while those orchestrating it are the real culprits…!
    As for CAF… I will only say… time is of the essence…kicking the can never works…it only gives the enemy more time to weaken you and tie up one’s resources…If you’re tired of the china your being served dinner on….you don’t wait for them to wear it out…you break it…and get a new set ! They have had endless time to fix the problem and change their ways… that time has ended…put on you seat belt…and prepare for a hard landing! Demand an end to class, religion, gender, and race baiting ! Those are the clifts where they insert the wedges of envy, mistrust , they use to control you! What was the lesson of Babylon…to confound the language…divide their ability to understand and communicate- to ‘confound the masses and diminish their understanding ! Hence the shift from the Waldorf to the Prussian school system…away for ‘education’ to ‘training’ of the mind ! From how to think…to what to think ! Consider some political roots? and where they might have taken us to today ?

  58. francis m reps

    It is a great interview with M. Fitts. Always remember that she ; like Celente, is selling her product. Her insights are really good……but her optimistic conclusions are way off the mark. Pitirim Sorokin [a brilliant anthropologist and faculty member at Harvard in the thirties } stated correctly that a civilization can collapse in two generations. We are way past that time , and the future is not going to be good for hundreds of years in the future; that is if the man made weather manipulation does not end all life on earth. I like her, but find her scattered brilliance not germain to the real issues at hand. The fact that an individual like Mrs. Clinton is still revered by half the population tells me that the end of our civilization is upon us.

    • 8Ball

      The quality of the comments here are outstanding…

      America is lost in space, “Danger Will Robinson!”

  59. mike

    We do need Constitution 2.0 and a Constitutional Convention. However, the first Constitution should be left intact and unaltered. A 2nd Constitution covering Banking and Usury should be put in place to do to the Banks and Wall St what the first Constitution was intended to do to the government. i.e. 2 Constitutions are better than one.

  60. Brian

    Based on all the comments both pro and con, I am very upbeat with the responses. I am a Solari member not so much for CAF point of view but for the intellectual stimulation from her work. CAF gathers info with many points of view from qualified people that may be an expert or in the top of their field on many topics. I don’t have access to the type of info and level they talk about, as most do not, but the facts are their along with some high probability of guess work. After you read the info you make your own decision.
    It is amazing how much National Security/State Secrets in the banking business to create the huge profits needed to run these programs. It has been said that one or more major banks have been created to fund these shadow operations many years ago. The manipulation of all markets is incredible and still no one goes to jail. I can see why CAF has to be careful on how and what she exposes. There is too much money (trillions and trillions) involved.
    The onion is getting pealed back and the current controlling elite will be exposed.

  61. Myrna

    Great interview, Greg. Catherine is exactly correct regarding the problems of secrecy and centralization, that have gone on way too long. By the way, I love her term: “free-range totalitarianism” regarding the smart phone technology being a tool of control for them. In as much as that is true, we the people are also brainiac enough to turn the tables on the fascist elite ilk and use the technology to our advantage as well. It’s also exciting to me to be watching and researching the biggest global social change since the Industrial Revolution: the end of the petrodollar dominance and the subsequent rise of gold-backed currencies globally. Hopefully cool heads will prevail to stave off world war during this massive economic shift, as not only will criminal indictments prevail, but lots of losses; yet, as Catherine explained, many wealth unleashing opportunities, as a regained since of the creative free market takes hold again! Keep up the good work, Greg.

  62. Mike Gunther

    What is she talking about when she says 40 trillion dollars went into Space program, including black budget programs? Is she starting in the 50’s with ICBM’s and going through the NASA programs of the 60’s on and adding up the costs? By Black Budget does she mean things like SR-71, and Spy Satellites or is she insinuating there are other things were have up there? Orbiting Space platforms etc.? She mentioned it several times about Space, but it wasnt clear what she meant? Thanks, as always a great job!

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      The 40 trillion dollars comes from statements by people in government about money that was appropriated but is not being tracked or accounted for. She did not calculate it herself. I think she’s also overguessing how much of that money went into space. I suspect chunks of it have into mind control research and simply into people’s pockets.

  63. Anna

    CAF’s view of a possible soft landing, and recovery – if the productive people can prevail – seems almost too optimistically wacky. Hope she’s not entertaining delusions because the ugly truth is too, well, ugly. Anyway, nice to know at least some of us hamsters will be allowed to keep spinning the wheels for our masters.

  64. art barnes

    Greg, ISIS killed another 50 or so this weekend in Baghdad, the Bush’s war continues on unabated and their beloved religion of peace is at the helm again. What a mess the Bush’s created in Baghdad, Libya & Syria & the general Middle East is really quite remarkable when you think of it – all in 10 years and without declaring war on any of them. The Bush’s should be ashamed except you can’t shame a Bush & their elitist partners. I particularly enjoyed Jeb’s stump speeches claiming proud victory about his brother and father’s great job about keeping us so safe & that he would do the same, but I couldn’t help but wonder if Jeb would be running out of countries to destroy in order to keep us safe should he had became President. I do look forward to a time when family dynasties such as the Bush’s & their cronies are not above the law; wishful thinking I know.

  65. antonius aquinas

    Until the Western world returns to properly philosophy, economic or societal rejuvenation will never come about. My new article:


  66. Last Man Standing

    As always appreciate all your efforts on the watchdog!
    I noticed a contradiction in terms and had to let you know.
    I’m queuing up CAF interview and what pop’s up as the first ad????????
    Goldman Sach’s……..?

    Greg, Keep up the GREAT work your doing as you are a true Patriot and
    an example for all of us to follow my friend!

    • Greg Hunter

      Last man,
      Thank you!

  67. Tad

    I agree with her Trump analysis: two or three percent is better than nothing. And we’ve had nothing for the longest time.

    I don’t know how effective he could be if the status quo remains in Congress.

    Maybe the American people are looking for a hybrid dictator, and not an absolute one.
    An irony of a Trump presidency is that executive orders may become de rigeur.

  68. Trude B.

    Egyptian Aviation Student Who Made Trump Threat Is Leaving U.S.

    The New York Times By LIAM STACK12 hrs ago

  69. Rettie Butler

    Ex-DNC official says she was warned against breaking from Clinton

    The Hill Ben Kamisar

    Tulsi Gabbard, the Hawaii Democrat who resigned a leadership post with the Democratic National Committee in order to endorse White House hopeful Bernie Sanders, admitted she was warned against breaking from front-runner Hillary Clinton.

    “I’ll be very honest with you, a lot of people warned me against doing what I did,” the lawmaker told MSNBC on Tuesday night.

    She warned Clinton’s record indicates her leadership would include a future of “more interventionist wars and regime change.”

    “But this is a very serious issue and what I did speaks to the high stakes that exist. War is a very real thing, its real to me, it’s real to our service members and their families.”

    Any doubt Hillary is a neo conwoman? Attempts at Russian regime change in your future, world war three anyone?~[WWIII] Pray she has grandchildren she loves dearly, is it possible?

    Those are the questions! What say you Gina Macaroni? [ AKA H.R.C.?]

  70. John Zander

    I agree with her, I would only add that until the Public Employees and elected officials, (local, state and federal) start to serve the public, rather than the public taxpayer that is now currently serving the Public Employees and elected officials vested interest, this “entitlement” and growth in Government will continue to grow.

  71. Ken Weberg

    Greg , Talking about the middle east and whats in play all one needs to do is read JFK by Lt. Col Fletcher Prouty. The play book is almost exactly the same since the summit meetings in 1945, to which he was party. After the bombs away on Japan the elite relized way over board so they hatched this crap of a plan, called Korea and Vietnam now the middle east. Thank you Dulles brothers and all your cronies. Hope there is a special place in hell for you all. This is all CIA and black ops. O Ya then throw in the goings on in South America. John Perkins lays this out pretty well. Just a heads up. O Ya I’m a Vietnam vet and wish my foresight was as good as my hind. Had I been told the true history I would have never went.

  72. Jerry

    Somebody asked me the other day “Jerry what do you think about politics” ?
    Here’s my answer. I didn’t make this, but I wish I had.

  73. Grafique

    Conservative Christian Ted Cruz’ top 5 promises –
    – The US will stand with Israel
    – Uphold the 1st Amendment
    – Uphold the 2nd Amendment
    – Abolish the IRS
    – Repeal Obamacare

  74. Jerry

    This will most likely be the first stage of WWIII if the economic war should suddenly turn hot. I highly recommend all to prepare now.

  75. Pondering

    When the curtain is finally rolled back, we shall all see who the players really were. But, alas, it will be too late to change the outcome. Pray for the deliverance of your household.

  76. Todd S


    Great interview. I post them on my facebook page up here in Canukistan hoping to inform some of the useful socialist idiots. I find it ironic, that everyone seems to have a trash Donald Trump post, but when I actually post something like a CAF interview all I hear is crickets. Keep it coming, we will win.

  77. Hugh

    162 million people wake up every morning and they get paid entitlements regardless whether they work. You can’t shrink this number by allowing millions more in each year and lose million of jobs. The Outlook is bleek, not rosy.

  78. Kip

    You keep asking what the collapse is going to look like for the man on the street. I have an answer for you , it’s found in the Holy scriptures. Revelation chapters 6-19 also Isaiah chapter 24, Matthew chapter 24, Luke chapter 21. The stage is being set for the antichrist to deceive the world. Put your faith in Jesus Christ alone.
    Thank you,

  79. Rettie Butler

    Post Script;

    Did anybody else catch this? Cat mentioned that somehow we the people must get back the monies the traders legally stole with the removal of Glass-Steagel, under [ Bill Clinton] thereby enabling the Clinton crime foundation from further removal of monies from the middle class and further enabling of the fascist one percent, neo-con crony corporatist, military/ industrial murderous, crime spree.

    So the 64 trillion dollar question is Catherine, how can we take back the monies legally. Thus saving what formally was known as the United States of America. Put your thinking caps on and anybody please chime in, there must be an answer!

    • Galaxy 500

      That my friend is a fantasy. Even if we confiscate everything from those involved, including any wives [Ex’s included], children, parents and siblings. Likely that would be less than 500 billion. And I think that we should do that. Anything owed by the government to these parties would be nullified. No idea how much that would be but it can’t be big money.
      A fool and his money are soon parted. The American people have been fools.
      Trump 2016 Make America Great Again and put the bankers in jail

  80. JC Davis

    Greg. I am in need of solutions, not problems. CAF offers a positive encouragement, We Are America regardless to what others would have us to think. After the collapse we will rebuild. Bigger, and better then ever . I want a collapse/ separation of evil from good. Blood shed yes. That’s is how we roll. The world is on the verge of a new idea. Life before living.
    I look forward to prepping for those I may never meet. The future is bright after the evil ones are removed. The earth is the Lords, and the (fullness) there in.

    • Galaxy 500

      Amen Brother. Be prepared to protect you and yours.

  81. Don Wanted to share

  82. Galaxy 500

    I believe the FBI [Federal Bureau of Incompetence ] murdered Lavoy Finicum. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is a fact.
    Here is some video. The shooting begins around 6:00.

  83. RidgeRunner

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

  84. Shawn fair

    First time to post here. CAF wants to see a return to the rule of law as a means to returning to a productive economy, then jumps to opposing a Constitutional convention as she sees it as detrimental to the rule of law. Seems to me the only proponents to a CC are those, like Mark Levin, who would use said convention to strengthen the constitution and by extension, the rule of law. Could CAF be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, in standing against the very movement that would in fact strengthen the adherence to the constitution?

    • Greg Hunter

      You need to listen to the interview again. Why have a convention so “We the People” can to pay back all the money that was stolen? Fitts contends we should find out where that money is before “We the People” agree to pay back anything.

      • Shawn Fair

        Thanks so much for your reply, I will look at the article again to get a better understanding of your point. I’m not sure how to find out where the funds have gone, my limited understanding in the past has been once the money is “appropriated” by the government, it flows down a black hole and all accountability goes down along with it. Thank you for your efforts in getting information out that is desperately needed; it would seem a good starting point to establish a baseline, before making changes that would effectively rein in the out of control spending such as it is today.

        • Greg Hunter

          One of the many reports of theft came fro Donald Rumsfeld (Sec of Def) the DAY BEFOR 9/11/01. He held a press conference to announce a missing $2.3 trillion: It is reported that between $8.5 and $40 trillion is gone in theft and bailouts.

  85. Carlos

    “Stupid Phones” could not agree more… Thanks Greg!

  86. George

    Sometimes I enjoy listening to CAF but other times she says things that makes me think she is on the bad side of the equation. Saying she support(ed) John Kasich makes no sense for someone so in tune to the oligarchy and their ilk. John Kasich was the Managing Director of Leahman Brothers from 2001 to 2oo7 just before the entire company collapsed and lost Billions of dollars of their clients, yet took giant gold parachutes before the collapse, Kasich included!. Why would someone of her statute choose such a clear and present thief and criminal for President??
    When she says things like that, in my opinion, she still isn’t on the side other than to make money herself in this corrupted scrambled pile of garbage financial system we use.

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