Radical Drought Caused by Military Weather Weapons – Dane Wigington

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com. 

Last month, climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington predicted “40 million in West would be without water in 2023.”  Looks like the U.S. government is just as worried as Wigington about the extreme drought conditions.  The Bureau of Reclamation just announced a first-ever forced water cut plan as the Colorado River dwindles to a trickle in Western America.  Wigington contends the severe drought in the West and around the world is not a natural event but caused by man-made weather modification called geoengineering. Wigington explains, “What do we see around the globe?  It’s not just Europe and not just the Western U.S., but South America also.  We are seeing radical protracted drought that is crushing crops everywhere while Las Vegas is being deluged in an engineered scenario.  This is all technology.  They control the spigot, period.  We have said this at GeoEngineeringWatch.org for a decade and a half.  Everything is manifesting itself.  What are we seeing?  While Vegas is being flooded, we are seeing in the bread basket in the Midwest and California 110 degree temperatures, single digit humidity in some places, and crops are virtually imploding here.”

Who is responsible for the biggest drought in the last 1,200 years?  Wigington says documents show it is the U.S. military.  Wigington says, “Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to Presidents Johnson and Carter, stated on the record that climate modification operations were the exceptional covert weapon of the U.S. military to make countries and their populations more compliant.  Climate modification is the Crown Jewel weapon of the Military Industrial Complex.  It’s not just for foreign adversaries, but for their own populations.  They can bring them to their knees without them ever knowing they are under assault.  Think how absurd this is when we have climate modification operations cutting off precipitation to tens of millions in the U.S., and nobody seems to have a clue.  Nobody is willing to acknowledge this elephant in the sky.”

The military is also using forest fires as a weapon.  Wigington says, “We have found a document that is titled ‘Forest Fires as a Military Weapon.’   (Wigington also has produced a video with the same title.)  It actually names the processes or road map to prepare for intense incineration.  What is most damning about this document is it specifically cites not only many locations in the U.S., including Mount Shasta where I live, it also cites the ‘prime burn windows’ for other U.S. allies that are on fire now such as Portugal, Spain and Greece.  How much more damning can a document be?  This is business as usual for the U.S. military.  Think about the insanity of this.  You incinerate forests as a military weapon and inflict damage on your own citizens.”

Wigington says there is a short window to fully wake people up to stop geoengineering, but the most important group is the U.S. military.  Wigington says, “Our military personnel are unknowingly participating in this . . . .  They are being told they are doing something for the greater good.  It’s something that is saving the planet when it is, in fact, killing the planet.”

Wigington talks about all the contaminated rain water, nuclear war, nano lipid particles, aluminum in your body and how much time we have left before the entire ecosystem implodes because of man-made weather modification called geoengineering.

There is much more in the 36 min interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with climate researcher Dane Wigington, founder of GeoEngineeringWatch.org, with an update to the ongoing global drought calamity for 8.16.22.

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After the interview:

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  1. James Burris

    Damage to our environment is just not a switch to be turned on & off.
    OK they want a lot of us to move to the cities and too many of us to just DIE!
    Starting to seem a LOT of damage to the land to animals & plants. Also a lot of damage to the oceans & its life.
    Continuing on this path may take multiple decades to restore after this damage is stopped! Some areas may become deserts for a very long time. This includes deserts in the ocean basically being void of living things.
    My big question: Any idea of their plan afterward provided they get what they want to rebuild our environment?

    • Janet

      If we are all transformed into robots with a solar panel on our arms and torso (like a walking solar calculator) we won’t need to eat food – hence there will be no need for the Globalists to even think about rebuilding our environment!!

      • Janet

        Does a solar calculator have a soul? – when it’s dead (the power turned off) it still has a memory chip “that can come alive again after death” so I guess we can theoretically say that that memory chip “is it’s soul” – however in humans the Bible teaches that our God given (one of a kind individuality) can be brought back to life after death – now men can clone our DNA and make it look like we came back to life – and thus claim that our DNA can be looked upon as representing our soul (theoretically) – without getting into a religious argument “the point I’m trying to make is” – we now have Demons working for Satan and the WEF “who are tampering with our DNA” (our individuality as a human being) – so it is just like they are stealing away our soul – by (without our consent) combining it with their mRNA spike protein – and thus making us Humans into some kind of half-human/half-virus monstrosity (with micro-chips added in for good measure)!!!

    • Ozark rancher

      There is a tunnel. But….
      I remember hearing in the the 70s it was rumored to be a large aquifer in what is now likely the far south Eagan Valley wilderness. I believe this is near and or under where the ancient Bristlecone Pines are. So it may be further north and west. I spent a few weeks searching in the ’80s to no avail. The area is kept secret and is foot or horse travel only. At approximately 5,000 years of age these trees are the oldest living trees in the world.
      A big enough thing they would keep it a secret regardless whether there was an agenda, which of course there is.

      • Tracey Graf

        I use to think that this idea of military weather weapons was just another conspiracy theory. Then I started looking toward the sky while working on the 4th floor in an office building in Portland Oregon. I began to notice over 15 years a marked increase in planes cris crossing the sky. This increased drastically over the years until the entire sky was filled with a cris cross pattern (weather weapons) on a regular basis. When I moved to eastern Washington state in 2018 I noticed this same pattern on a regular basis. In 2021 I moved to South Carolina and the same pattern in the sky was happening in the sky above again on a regular basis!! I am now a very firm believer that the weather is being manipulated to the disadvantage of “we the people.” God save us all from our evil government and the powers that really run this once great country.

    • Tin foil hat


  2. aaron sierra

    why are we not talking about the aquafer under las vegas?

    • Greg Hunter

      You mean the tunnel from Lake Mead to Vegas? Dane posted a video on it: https://usawatchdog.com/radical-drought-caused-by-military-weather-weapons-dane-wigington/

      • Tom

        Greg, there is no doubting your sincerity but there is also little doubt that you came too late to the party. It seems to matter not how many of us wake up…it is far too late! The vast majority are still oblivious to the evil agenda of those really in control this ignorance is demonstrated daily. We only have to see the stupidity of Police response to their fellow citizens to be aware of this. I am an old man in my 80th year who watches Rome burn with regretful curiosity. It sure sums up the ancient Chinese curse: ‘May you live in interesting times’!

        • Bob

          Amen Tom. Stay strong and safe…

        • Earth Angel

          Tom, I know things look really bleak as far as the damage we as a species have inflicted on our one & only habitable home (the Earth); especially the deployment of the ‘crown jewel’ of widespread toxic damage to all living things (i.e. the geoengineering programs in the skies- better referred to as ‘climate disruption programs’ because that’s exactly what they are). But anyone who has listened to Dane for any length of time knows that he ALWAYS remains hopeful for a better outcome to what we now face while encouraging ALL of us to do whatever we can to assist nature in every way possible during this unprescedented planetary assault AND to help bring to LIGHT and HALT the ‘Aerosol Crimes’ being waged over ALL of our heads. I am convinced that EVERY EFFORT expended to achieve this matters- whatever the final outcome. I’ll admit it does seem ‘way late’ in the game but never forget God’s promise in the scriptures that says;” I will make a path for you where there is none.” If we trust God, He means it. I’ve seen this work in my life many times. Keep the Faith friend.

          • eddiemd

            What is an “earth angel”? Is that something new age?

            • Earth Angel

              No eddiemd, It was in the lyrics of a song from the 1950’s & 60’s.. Remember? Might have even been the title. I can’t remember the name of the artist who sang it. I was just a child back then. I liked the song & thought it would be a good ‘handle’. I’d like to think that certainly if the earth isn’t any better for my being here- at least I’ve tried to inflict the least amount of damage possible (for living in modern times) upon it while here. That’s all. No need to read anything too complicated into it. ; )

        • Laura McDonough

          Tom: YES it is far too late, we have to brace ourselves and fight back if needed. Husband is 80 also. We have seen this country trashed with little opposition for sometime because most people are taught for generations to embrace Marxism and nihilism in gov. schools and colleges. Majority of people will follow orders and stand by while family is separated into detention centers. Most people today are functionally illiterate and do not have left brain function to use logic and critical thinking to solve problems. This will happen soon (and voting won’t fix it) stick w/ likeminded.

        • L Nonamaker

          It seems entirely too late for human intervention to fix the planet. Perhaps this is so all will know Jesus’s hand in our salvation.

      • Steve jones

        The only solution is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

        • eddiemd

          The only solution is to repent and believe on Jesus Christ.

      • Laurel A Henderson

        Thanks Gregg for your hard work. God bless.

    • Dan Hawkins

      What aquifer? Last meeting I was in said Vegas is 100% reliant on Mead.

    • Cousin vinny

      We should be talking Desaltination Plants around the Globe and Glass Containers, this would be a very good start. The world is too thirds water we should never want for clean water! The weather cycle is cooling even Martin Armstrong’s Computer projected this very thing. We live among the company of Cowards, if you are unwilling to fight for your rights and freedom, you deserve to loose it!

  3. Rodster

    I could see this being done and blamed on “climate change” to bring about the great reset. However, everyone I have talked to or mentioned it on a forum, they refuse to acknowledge this is taking place.

  4. tim mcgraw

    The USA military is a force unto itself. It cares not for us. Anyone who joins the military has accepted voluntary servitude (slavery). That is their right and choice. But don’t expect them to save freemen.

    • Andy

      Tim McGraw…you forgot to add they are all RAPISTS from your reading material? Geesh!!!
      Give it a rest man, for the love of God Country and the millions who have served Honorably for over 2 CENTURIES !!!

      • steve

        There is no honor in dying for politicians and illegal wars- and they are all illegal and designed.

        • Janet

          Right Steve – look at where the world is now – the millions who have served Honorably for over 2 CENTURIES – died in vain!!

          • Shirl

            Janet, Are you one of those that believe Freedom Is Free, forever, and once it is attained it remains unchallenged, forever? I want some of what you are smoking…not reeally 🙂

          • Janet

            Those who have remained “un-jabbed” (and withstood the greatest pressure ever seen from politicians, doctors, parents, partners and friends) are undoubtedly “the best and brightest of humanity” (and Only Hope of Mankind) – they are a “special kind of people” – intelligent and courageous who chose to resist and Save all of Humanity – the un-jabbed rise above the average and “it is they” who will build the coming New World Order – they have both brains and the courage to do what is right and what others fail to do – they have withstood the loss of family and friends – lost jobs and careers – suffered discrimination, condemnation, betrayal and humiliation – and Yet – they carry on the fight – never before has humanity seen such courage and valor – they are the best of the best – and they “will save humanity” – they are not of one race or one religion – they are composed of women and men, young and old, rich and poor of every race and religion (and yes some are even atheists) – “they are the unvaccinated” (the Chosen Ones) who will build back society after the Globalist’s collapse everything – they are the Heroes (who will be spoken of in the history books of the future) – “For They Chose to Save Humanity” – this is their Legacy (and the message that needs to be told)!!!

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          “War is a Racket”—Smedley Butler.

        • Dave S

          I agree. Men have fought and died for Kings and Masters over them with no say in the cause. Only coerced and duped into thinking that it is a just cause. All a scheme for power and control over others. Instead of engaging early to stop tyrants they exploit opportunities to conquer wealth and power over others. This is an ages old repeating cycle of “I want to be King of the World”. We need the return of Jesus Christ our Lord Savior. I am glad that I am older because the World I knew in the USA is gone forever. The Mid-Term election should show us the direction that we are headed. Wake up everyone there could still be a chance, but we need to cooperate and resist the tyrants.

      • tim mcgraw

        Andy and Carole: And one more thing; I got a high draft lottery number. I got lucky. Many of my friends did not. But ALL of us suffered from that stupid Vietnam War. Inflation went up as much as today. Paul Volcker at the FED raised interest rates to 20%.
        Imagine what that does to a young family starting out trying to buy a home in 1980.
        Do you think this great military is protecting our freedoms? It isn’t. You will lose your savings, your livelihood, and your family. Do you think these wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Ukraine, Serbia; are free?
        YOU will pay for them. Oh, how you will pay, and pay, and pay for all of your days.

        • Sam

          TIM MCGRAW,
          If you are so sore about the military, why not place blame upon the Civilian Leadership & DEEP STATERS where it belongs instead of the Military Members themselves?

          Most everyone with a working cranium knows who is to blame and people like you going around casting disparagingly negative ignorant crap talk on vets have found themselves in hospitals occasionally whistling through broken teeth….you should read about that before it happens to you.

          • tim mcgraw

            Sam: Yes, you were just following orders like a good German. And then you threaten violence. The military has trained you well.

            • Sam

              TIM MCGRAW, I am NOT threatening “violence” and the off based interpretation too about me being a “good German”?
              Your own IGNORANCE may cause you HARM, is all I’m saying. That’s just a fact, like it or not…don’t believe it?
              Exercise your fist amendment right – secured by VETERANS – and Test those kooky ideas at your local VA Organization there and see what happens.
              Good Luck 🙂

              • tim mcgraw

                Sam: It is ignorance in so many veterans that has caused them harm. I don’t go looking for trouble. Which is why I never joined the US Military.
                The “Good German” argument stands. At Judgement Day God won’t care if you were “following orders”.

          • Ray

            Hang on just a cotton pickin minute Sam.
            People today have one particular responsibility to society…..and that is TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING WHEN THEY DO IT.
            When anyone joins the US Military, they are joining an organisation that has the goal not of “defending America” (which is noble), but of MAINTAINING AMERICAN HEGEMONY OVER THIS PLANET (which is in no way noble……it has lead to the senseless death of MILLIONS).
            If people join the military without understanding that FACT, then they stand rightfully accused of complete & utter IGNORANCE of the entire situation…..”patriotism” be damned.
            Have think about that sir while whistling through your broken teeth.
            Or better still…..book a holiday to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Syria.
            Go see for yourself the wonders that are achieved for humanity when the US military (not to mention the Lap Dog Nation’s military) romp off on blood soaked, BS laden quests in spreading Dumbocracy & Freedumb to countries that just wanted to be left alone.
            Fair Dinkum.
            Ray, Canberra, Lao Dog Nation.

        • L Nonamaker

          I was a young married woman in 1980. We were in escrow the weekend Volker raised rates from 13% to 15%. We did not know to lock in our rate. We did not close until Monday because they did not know what color carpet I wanted. ARGH! Yes, the boomer generation lost too many men and too much wasted treasure in Viet Nam. However, because of the civilian uprising against the war, the draft ended. My grandfather, father, sister and brother-in-law served honorably. Only my sister had a choice. She joined because it was the only way she could afford an education.

    • Carol Anne Tucker (TuckerTrucker Patriot)

      From the interpretation of your comments, I have to speculate that you are NOT A VETERAN. You obviously have NO CLUE what it means to” Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country” (John F Kennedy). I know it must be hard for selfish people who take this freedom for granted, and to UNDERSTAND what FREEDOM truly means. Freedom really is NOT FREE due to the countless Patriotic and Brave Veterans that gave their lives to assure freedom of those that choose to make ignorant statements regarding our military. With God’s help, I know People can change their outlook on the subject. I will be praying for you and others that think this way.

      • tim mcgraw

        Andy and Carole Anne Tucker: This week is the 51st anniversary of when the Military Draft Lottery Board drew our (us guys born in 1952) out of a draft lottery drum to decide if we’d be enslaved and sent to that useless war in Vietnam.
        Screw the US Military! They haven’t protected me or my freedom EVER!
        All their wars have done is hurt my friends, my life, and my family.

        • Steve Bice

          Your brush is far too broad. Without the sacrifices in WWII, you and I might not be here at all. With regard to Viet Nam, I am as disgusted as you are, but that is hardly the fault of 18 to 25-year-olds who had their lives taken or destroyed. Very few guys born in 1952 were drafted, although the threat was still there. It’s the guys who were born from the prior seven years that really paid the price. Put the blame where it belongs and let those who paid the ultimate price rest in peace. We all know where the blame lies…and the same “class/group” is running amuck as we speak. Both the executive branch and the Congress are endlessly creating conflict here and abroad, as the war drums only beat louder. If the current generation stands down, while the former continues, we will be destroyed…and you will regret trashing the last wall keeping you safe.

          P.S. Your anger is showing again…

          • Steve Bice

            Correction: Young men born in 1952 were subject to the 1971 lottery. Yes, if your number was called, your life was turned upside down at best. But the numbers were dropping by 1971, The point remains that prior years carried the load and paid the price. All who served should be honored…

            • tim mcgraw

              Steve Bice: I was there with my friend in our communal household on August 21, 1971 when our birthdates were pulled out of that lottery drum. My best friend got a low draft number. He was told to report to the bus station for his physical. He did. Then he was drafted!
              No one who “served” in Vietnam should be honored. They are victims. Not heroes.

      • Janet

        Do you UNDERSTAND what FREEDOM truly means?? – did you take the “mandated jab” like a good VETERAN???

        • Janet

          If you took the “jab” – I hope you are taking Ivermectin to kill the parasites Pfizer put into their “jab” (and the parasites raining down on us from the geo-engineering sprays – geo-engineering is like a bunch of crazed out wacko psychopathic exterminators killing humans like bugs) – https://adrenogate.net/wp/2022/03/19/evidence-bioweapon-sprays-contain-live-parasite-eggs-eggs-hatch-by-the-millions-absolute-madness/

          • tim mcgraw

            Janet: I didn’t take the jab. I won’t wear a mask either. I’m not a veteran either.
            The reason I brought up the US Military is because Dane Wigington pointed out that the US Military is the group doing the spraying. Military KC-135 tankers are loaded up with tons of poison which is then released onto Americans and the countryside.
            Dane hopes that the military will wake up and quit spraying. The military has never said, “NO.” to the state.
            This is why the founders of the USA were against standing armies. Standing armies are anathema to liberty.

      • f reps

        All those Brave and Patriotic veterans from many counties ; Germany and Japan included ….were sucked into their predicaments by venal and diabolic politicians and demons who revel in human suffering. Iraq and Afghanistan are an example of pre emptive ; unnecessary wars. Weapons of Mass destruction ?. Where ?. I still cannot understand why the US invaded Afghanistan….or messed up Libya. As a former Marine who served in Korea in the fifties ; all I know is that in my ignorance….I actually believed what the Scum in DC told me. Never again. God Bless Dane and Putin

    • eddiemd

      Actually I have to agree with Mcgraw.

      I would not recommend that any young person today join the military. Never. Not even the Coast Guard. Besides the fact that they will have to take an order to get a covid injection, the leadership is weak and does not have an interest in the welfare of the troops. Just look at Milley.

      I served almost 11 years. Seven years enlisted with 5 of those years in Army Special Forces and 4 years as a medical officer physician with 3 years in the Special Operations Command.

      There is honor in serving. You would have to be a fool to join today’s military. It is not the same military it was just 10 years ago. It was purged under Obama and continues to this day.

      There should have been a draft starting on 9/11. That way we would have had a public debate on war and use of the military. Everyone should have skin in the endless wars. They would have ended 20 years ago. We would not be interfering in a potential WW III scenario in Ukraine, Taiwan, Syria, Iran, etc

      Thank you for your service. Hypocrites at best.

      • Johnny Cool

        “I wanted to be a good American. I wanted to serve my country.”


      • Sam


        Choke on This:

        “When the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free and was never free again.”
        – Edith Hamilton

        • eddiemd

          I could care less what your boyfriend Edith says. You and your LGBT fiend can share your monkey pox. No thanks.

          I did my time. Both enlisted and as a physician.

          If you are unable to recognize what has happened the past 20 years, then there is no help for you. There is no longer an American home of the free. The military no longer defends the Constitution. They are a tool of the MIC, bankers, and corrupt civilian leadership.
          The top-heavy military leadership has reverted back to the mindset of the Vietnam era. They serve themselves and corporate interests. They are a bunch of cowards. They now support the Big Pharma sitting on the sidelines while young troops are ordered to take covid poison. I would venture to say that the leadership never took the injections. “Hey doc, can you write in the record that I took the covid poison.” Sure, no problem, big guy.

          Getting rid of the draft and outsourcing the military work to private contractors was the end of the military. Follow the money trail to ex-military private contractors making billions run by the ex-generals, ex-admirals, etc. They are all over the world meddling in the affairs of nations. They are all in on the innocent blood being shed in the name of freedom.

          Send your dollars to someone who cares Mr. Son of Sam. While you are at it, they have openings on the front line in Ukraine. They need some freedom fighters over there.

          • Ray

            Excellent post Eddie……well said mate.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • tim mcgraw

        eddiemd: Thanks for your support. It drives me crazy how pro-military folks keep saying that the military is protecting our freedoms when the opposite is the case.
        As Dan Wigington says, the military is doing the poisoning by flying their KC-135s over us and releasing tons of poison onto us and the environment. The military is literally killing us.
        And don’t forget the inflation tax we all pay to support the military.
        We serve them. Not vice-versa.

        • RTW

          You are absolutely correct. The military hasn’t and isn’t protecting us. People just love regurgitating that lie. If they were truly protecting us they would down on the southern border where they could stop the invasion taking place there, not off in some country that nobody can find on a map.

      • eddiemd

        The 87,000 army of IRS agents are coming. The nazi stormtroopers of the US .gov. To enforce the coming digital currency.


        Ted Nugent…your friendly neighborhood draft dodger. Just like Trump, Clinton, Biden, Cheney, etc.
        I have no regrets. I wanted to join the military since I was 5yo. If I died, I had life insurance to make my 4 sisters and brother well off.

        Just remember… there is only one thing that will leave the earth with your soul, the Word of God. It is everlasting and eternal. Read your Bible, learn what it says, and store it up in your soul. Your mind is a terrible thing to waste. Don’t be a meathead, carnal minded.

      • Keith Wilson

        Well over this side of the pond the Royal Air force is finding it difficult to hit there recruitment targets.Basically if your white Anglo-saxon origin and male aged between 18 and 25 your not wanted. Due to our military being controlled by the liberal left you can only be excepted if your black or Asian or a women.The RAF want 30% female service personnel and 15-20% coloured service personnel by 2030. So if your a WASP your not wanted and your being rejected by the RAF. Qualifications and having a IQ of 180 don’t count.You have to be coloured or a women to get in.

    • Laura McDonough

      Tim: The U.S. military hasn’t won a war since 1945, and V. Nam was a farce- V.N. never declared war on anyone and our gov. lied about the gulf of Tonkin ship incident. We are on our own, military and police will not stand up during a civil war either. The Texas shooting of 21 people proves this (police did nothing) and allowing cities to be burned and looted during riots also.

      • tim mcgraw

        Laura McDonough: The Soviet Union won WWII. They got the territory. They killed the Nazis.
        The USA won the reserve currency card and succeeded in destroying what was left of the British Empire (which was FDR’s aim, as well as the creation of the United Nations).
        There was NO reason for the USA to enter WWI or WWII. Eurasian Wars are not our problem.
        What did the USA “win” in WWI or WWII? Did you get a check?

        • Freebreezer

          T – no reason what so ever for the USA to fight back against the Japanese after attacking Pearl Harbor? Interesting view? I’ll acknoweldge that the USA pushed the Japanese, nevertheless, they did pull the trigger.

          • tim mcgraw

            Freebreezer: Revenge is a lousy reason to kill so many civilians including those at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Including the civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Serbia, etc..
            Oh, what to do about the Japanese after Pearl Harbor?
            You ask for a solution to a problem that FDR and his cabal created. Ask them.

  5. Bill

    Someday…Hopefully, all of us will get to heaven.

    When we arrive, these 2 men will be sitting on the right hand of the father.

    • stanley skrzypek

      Thank You Andy……for setting that f00lish talk straight…

      • Andy

        Hi stanley skrzypek and thanks.

        Some want the Cake of FREEDOM and to eat it too… California Dreamin’…😂😂😂

        Reading their nonsense is like hearing the same drivel out of forked tongue snake Democrats/RINO’S in their latest inflation escalation insanity they passed the other day or to hear Liz Cheney refer to herself as a President Lincoln and how she will GET TRUMP ” No Matter What” butt hurt defeated and clearly warped she will continue on in the SHAM 1-6 Committee predetermined of a guilty verdict….


  6. Sylvia Sires

    Older video clip with Rosalind Peterson, Agriculture Defense Coalition and Weather modification programs impacting crop production with man made clouds 17 minutes.

    • Janet

      Reducing crop production to produce starvation and famine”is the real intended goal of the Globalists geo-engineering program” (if we allow this to go on – there will no longer be people around to clap that we reduced global warming by one degree (just like the people who clapped when they took their “jab” – and then collapsed like dead logs to the floor like our athletes)!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZFK5uGBL2Y

  7. tim mcgraw

    I am not discounting Dane’s statements or research. I am just giving you my observations here in Healdsburg, CA, Sonoma County. I’ve lived here for 22 years.
    This summer has had the deepest blue skies I’ve ever seen. No chemtrails. No smoke from the forest fires.
    Yes, we are in a drought and the reservoirs are at below normal capacity. But a few years ago there was so much water that it overtopped the Oroville Dam and destroyed the spillway. It cost over a billion bucks to fix.
    California has very erratic weather. Back in the 1800s was the Great Flood. The Central Valley was deluged with rain for months. The whole valley was underwater. The Capital had to be moved from Sacramento to San Francisco.
    So many farm animals and crops were destroyed that no taxes were collected that year.
    California is a beautiful bountiful state, but it isn’t Iowa.

    • Rodster

      Martin Armstrong has said many times that weather has cycles throughout history which included the dustbowl out West in the 1930’s.

      • Janet

        Rodster will you and Martin Armstrong answer this question for me – if Climate Change “is Normal” – then why are the Globalists doing what they are doing – from famine, etc, etc, etc. – to denying us our very lives with the “jab”???????

        • Rodster

          Perhaps you need to look to Bill Gates and the Davos aka the World Economic Forum group who believe in depopulation. Bill Gates and his father both believe that the planet would do best with a carrying capacity of 500 million.

  8. Victoria C Serbia

    My father Gonzalo Rafael Serbia recognized that rainfall in Puerto Rico had been altered purposely in the late 1950’s when we had 7 year drought that affected our main export -sugar cane. Could that have been an early experiment of geoengineering?

    • Bob

      Yes cloud seeding is at least that old.

  9. Ray

    How much more evidence of GOVERNMENT GONE ROGUE ON MULTIPLE LEVELS will be required before the good people of the US pick up their LAWFUL guns……point them at the government and say in a very, very loud voice…… “OUT………..NOW”?
    Ray, Canberra, Disarmed Lap Dog Nation

    • Carol Anne Tucker (Tucker Trucker Patriot)


    • Janet

      We are going to need more then guns to take down those Globalist geo-engineering planes spraying us with poison (what we desperately need is a Government “of the people” and “for the people”)!!!

      • Ray

        Hi Janet,
        I agree with you, but, that won’t happen until the current “cancer” of a government is cut out. This will require a PHYSICAL COURSE OF ACTION…….it can’t be “voted in”.
        The American people are armed……as is their constitutional right, so here’s my step – by – step plan to get to, as you say, “government of the people, for the people”.

        1) 500,000 patriotic US gun owners agree to march on Washington DC, guns loaded for bear, on October 4th 2022 (to be known each year thereafter as “Reclamation Day”)

        2) Patriots surround both the White House and Congress / Senate…..declare all office holders within as “unfit for duty & released from office”, and give 2 hours for them to leave peacefully, in handcuffs of course.

        3) If office holders do not comply…..500,000 patriots go in and bring them out under armed escort, to be placed in handcuffs.

        4) Interim government announced, with Ron Paul serving as temporary President, with perhaps Gerald Celente serving as Vice President.

        5) Fresh elections to be held no later than 6 months…….Independent candidates only……ALL Democrats & Republicans refused participation for a minimum period of 10 years (pending independent investigation into BOTH parties, with a view to charges of all kinds, including treason and crimes against humanity).

        There you go……fixed it for ya.

        All that is required is THE WILL to actually organize and make it happen. All the ingredients are already there……someone just needs a mixer and to turn the oven on……the Reclamation Cake will surely rise, and it will be the sweetest treat that America could ever serve up to itself and the world 🙂

        Ray, Canberra, Australia

  10. Mr Mike S

    Is this a Deep State operation to hurt the enemies of that group? Or just a Great Reset operation that doesn’t need “Guidestones” to depopulate?

    Does Russia control their airspace enough to keep their damage limited? Then these weapons would be less likely to be as potent over there.

    I’m leaning towards the WEF; “just depopulate” as much as possible using as many tools as they can!

    God bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their loved ones.

  11. Dave

    I was driving in both N. PA & S. NY today, and Rt 49 was being dug up for installation of sluice pipes every 40 feet or so to catch run off water from hillsides. This was also happening in NY. Currently we are having a moderate drought.

    • L Nonamaker

      The depopulation agenda of certain elites is centuries old. It is not new. The Great Reset is to deal with the end of Bretton Woods II which made the US$ the world reserve currency. The ponzi can not continue. It failed in 2008, the corrupt banksters derivatives exceeded the gross GDP of the world. They did a cull of those whose pensions and SS were stolen (all elderly) to prop up the ponzi with the clot shots. They expanded it to reduce population (many young people are now sterile) to something they think they can manage easily. They also set whites and blacks up for hispanic replacement. Russia has sound fiscal management. The West and China do not and have not for decades. The unrest in China since the collapse of Evergrande cascaded into broad sections of their economy is out of control. The supply chains are all broken and they are not coming back. Globalization is over. Now is a time of chaos. We do not know how the international, national and local supply chains will be rearranged. It is a process. Hold to your faith to weather the storm. This too shall pass.

  12. tim mcgraw

    Last spring we had lots of chemtrails in the sky here in Sonoma County, CA. But sometime in June, they just stopped. Don’t know why.
    A plant opens its stomata cells at night (if I remember right) to take in CO2. The more CO2 in the air, the fewer stomata cells are needed in a plant. Every time a stomata cell opens to breathe, it gives off moisture (just like our lungs). So higher CO2 levels save water for plants. That is why the Sahel is greening as are parts of Australia and other near desert areas.
    We do notice the more intense sunlight here. My wife and I always go outside with hats on, skin protection, and sunglasses. We have to put shade cloth on many of our plants.

  13. Rick

    I saw a weather manipulation machine first hand at a defense contractor manufacturing facility in Texas a few years ago. The engineer said it used lasers to manipulate weather.

  14. tim mcgraw

    Good interview. Thanks Greg. I’m glad that your guest mentioned solar flares and the Carrington Event. Humans think that they control everything. They don’t.
    For the past few hundred years, the Earth’s climate has been remarkably stable. That might well explain how the human population took off.
    Three hundred years ago the average life expectancy was 38 or so. And no flush toilets, or refrigerators, airplanes, antibiotics, etc.
    Maybe our solar system is going into a dangerous part of the Milky Way. Maybe Planet X is coming. Maybe it doesn’t matter at all what we do.
    Maybe this is as good as it gets.

  15. Linda Majors


    Excellent interview with Dane!

    I believe the fires, Covid, vaccines, and all the rest are part of the Grest Reset being forced on us. After the Military has burned our forests and the drought prevents us from growing crops, the Communist Chinese can buy up the land for pennies.

    The “climate change freaks” in Scotland chopped down 14 Million trees for a wind farm. (Is that insane, or what?) People need trees a lot more than we need those stupid wind turbines like those in the Palm Springs area. (Ref. link below.) At least oil is organic.


  16. John

    Great info Greg. So glad that I subscribed . I hope more people in the UK wake up where I am from . Too many asleep and vaxxed unfortunately .

    • John

      Hi John, I am also from the UK. I have been trying to wake people for decades. I now have far fewer friends. I see through things, that many don`t, or don`t want to. I have video and still photos of the Dorset skies, for over ten years. Trail after trail, of every type and description. Still as RFB would say.. No one looks up.. And No, no poison vax for me

      • Laura McDonough

        John: From Alabama usa: Husband and I are into retirement, we distanced ourselves from casual friends early this year because they didn’t like up w/ what we know and feel, and are not tuned in to agenda 2030, they just can’t absorb info., so we moved on. I don’t answer emails and soon these dimwits will get the msg. Who now has time for deadbeats wasting time w/ them eating out? Not me. I can eat out w/ hubby. We will not give up guns. Crime is increasing (burgleries home and businesses) and armed robberies in businesses.

        • John

          Hi Laura. Just to say, you take care, we lost our guns decades ago. We see `their` plans, many don`t. Keep safe and love from Dorset in the U K. John
          BTW my Dad was born in Brooklyn N Y
          Oh ! and Greg keep up the good work, HE is watching over you

    • Ozark rancher

      There is a tunnel. But….
      I remember hearing in the the 70s it was rumored to be a large aquifer in what is now likely the far south Eagan Valley wilderness. I believe this is near and or under where the ancient Bristlecone Pines are. So it may be further north and west. I spent a few weeks searching in the ’80s to no avail. The area is kept secret and is foot or horse travel only. At approximately 5,000 years of age these trees are the oldest living trees in the world.
      Perhaps it’s a big enough thing they would keep it a secret regardless whether there was an agenda, which of course there is.

  17. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Wiggington . We the people (plebs ) are under attack and democide is real,murder by elected government and their bureaucracy. It is estimated in the 20th century alone ,outside of totalitarianism by Rummell that 262 millions souls lost their lives due to the actions of democratically elected governments. So much for vox populi dox dei, and in Europe their leader is not elected by the people, way to go Von Leerer! Really irony does not do justice to the murders, here in the UK during a severe winter of 2018 our NHS and Department of Health issued strict guidelines for Doctors who are contracted to the NHS, NOT to administer antibiotics and those that fell outside the statistical analysis,all done in-house of course, were reprimanded. Needles to say the resulting deaths that occurred that winter were covered up by the democidists and all before the you know what.
    A revolution is really needed.

  18. Carol Anne Tucker (Tucker Trucker Patriot)

    I have to absolutely wonder what rock you have crawled out from underneath! Since you are listening to Greg Hunter’s videos, I have to believe there is hope for you to WAKE UP!
    I will be praying for you…

  19. Carol Anne Tucker (Tucker Trucker Patriot)

    Thanks so much Greg for ANOTHER GREAT Interview. I see from reading the comments that there are TROLLS and Nay Sayers here who would’nt know the truth if it hit them in the head like a Fresh Horse Turd! I had to set a couple of them straight with my own comment replies. I tried not to be too harsh with them. They need lots of prayer for sure!

  20. John Forgione

    Here in Australia current news is that there will be a triple la nina dip and that those in flood affected areas should relocate. They’re telling us there will be more floods this coming summer.

  21. steve

    This Geo- engineering is a very important and critical subject and it is good Greg that you are covering it. I have known about chem-trails for many years, but according to Dane and a few others , they are taking this many steps more now. The green movement pretend they want to help the planet , instead they are crippling it to use it as a control mechanism over humanity

  22. steve

    Wrong- just go to any major city and look up.

  23. Tarheel

    I find that people who can’t get their head around this interview being based in truth, believe our Department of Defense is and has always been, on the up and up. Additionally, for those that question military service as slavery or brainwashed, I can see that in some of our training. We had to be trained and disciplined in order to function as a unit. I still have a sleeping disorder but I sure outwork my colleges by 15%. Some of us joined due to lack of opportunities, to pay for college, to learn a trade and 1000s of other reasons. Lastly, most of us are firm believers in the US Constitution and it’s AMENDMENTS. We still swear, upon our lives, to protect this nation internally and externally. Great interview Mr. Hunter!
    Humbly, 2nd Generation, 101st Airborne Division, Screaming Eagles, Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

    • eddiemd

      Basic training is classic brainwashing technique. Everyone looks the same, chanting, physical training to the point of exhaustion, sleep deprivation, marching, etc.

      Kill commies. I want to be an Airborne Ranger.
      This version is actually censored. Up jumped the monkey pox.


      Fort Campbell, standing on the state line.

    • Janet

      Tarheel – If you will give your life to protect this Nation’s Constitution why are you and your buddies not working to stop the chem-trails being dispersed over our Nation containing aluminum and other chemicals to weaken and kill our trees? – the Globalists are in an all out war to shut down our oil and gas pipelines but they know we Americans “can still burn wood as an alternative fuel” – so they need to weaken our trees with aluminum and other defoliants (like they did in Vietnam with agent Orange) “before beginning their incendiary operations” and burn our trees with forest fires – their goal in this military operation against the United States of America is to deprive us of every fuel (oil, gas, coal and wood)!!

      • Tarheel

        Janet, when the world is unraveling, and chaos abounds, I fear not that a million of my brothers will answer the call for They know the moment they fight back, the lives as they have lived them, are over.
        The moment the ‘Men who wanted to be left Alone’ are forced to fight back, it is a small form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be.
        Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these ‘Men who wanted to be left Alone’, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives.
        They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror.
        True terror will arrive at theses people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy, but it will fall upon deaf ears”.

  24. Dan Hawkins

    QUESTION: Does Dane see the same atmospheric geoengineering in other countries…S.Am, Russia, SE Asia, Middle East, etc.? I wonder if Russia is controlling the weather above their country.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, and he said so in this interview and many others.

  25. Andrew Cox

    Dane never gives the whole picture.
    The weather warefare events are intensifying the other changes taking place on the planet – particularly the rapid weakening of the planet’s magnetic field which will increasingly damage/degrade the Ozone layer (due to more radiation/cosmic rays entering the planet’s atmosphere). If the weakening continues then a large solar eruption will badly damage/destroy the power grids, electrical systems and telecoms in many parts of the world.
    Continuing chemical pollution is also damaging the ecosystems and killing people.
    Together with the injections and food shortages we will see a huge depopulation event over the next two deaces.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think it will come much sooner. You should watch the interviews, Wigington talks about the Ozone layer sun flares that make it possible to shut down the world power grid.

    • Dane Wigington

      Hello, Andrew, thank you for listening to my exchange with Greg. Yes, the weakening of the planets magnetic field is certainly an issue. That being said, there are other scientifically indisputable factors (climate engineering) that are also core to ozone layer degradation and thus increased UV radiation exposure at Earth’s Surface (see the attached link). I always do my best to cover as many aspects of the scenario we face in each interview, but there is simply only enough time to scratch the surface during a single exchange (it would take many hours to even begin to cover the wider horizon). In regard to the time frames you mentioned, the final events you describe are, unfortunately, unfolding now. About the imploding ozone layer: https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/imminent-ozone-layer-collapse-a-dire-warning-from-a-former-nasa-contract-engineer/

      • Janet

        In 2 Corinthians 11:14 the Bible tells us that “Satan disguises himself as an Angel of (ultraviolet-c) Light” (UV-C radiation has a wavelength between 100 and 280 nano-meters which is a sufficiently high radiation level capable of sterilizing and “Killing All DNA”) – so – now we know why the Globalists want to have a nuclear war with Russia (nuclear weapons blast holes in the Ozone layer) – by destroying any remaining Ozone we have left in out atmosphere (which protects the DNA of All Life on our Entire Planet) – the Satanic Worshiping Globalists will full-fill their Evil Goal of “Exterminating all Life on Planet Earth”!!! – anyone who has not watched Dane’s post yet – should do so immediately – https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1714&v=c8BxcL2kjl4&feature=emb_logo

  26. PersonaNonGrata

    “Look at all the shit they’re spraying into the upper atmosphere!”
    Whenever there are chemtrails overhead – almost daily – I have started to assail people, including strangers in the street, with the above shocking statement. Whatever people think of me, they are compelled to look up and NOTICE what they have hitherto ignored. I figure; some will ignore the interjection of an ‘idiot’, some will become curious and troll the internet for more info, and some will relate their strange encounter to friends and colleagues who may also start to take notice.

    At a recent outdoor sporting event, my colleagues were commenting on the lovely weather. Directly overhead our venue were seven parallel chemtrails – horizon to horizon. “Look at all the shit they’re spraying into the upper atmosphere!” I exclaimed. Everyone looked up. That’s nano particle aluminium” (USA – aluminum) I said. No rebuttal from my colleagues, but some continued to look up as the trails spread out to form an off- white veil.

    Appearing to be ‘eccentric’ no longer concerns me. The greater good is to be achieved by speaking out.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      P.S. The expletive is an essential part of the statement and is intended to shock. I mix with ‘genteel’ folk who are easily shocked by mild swear words. The idea is to make a verbal impact in relation to the sight of the chemtrails – to which the ‘normies’ have become inured. Thereby, thoughts of chemtrails may linger . . . and fester.

  27. Jerry

    Oh course Dane is right. It’s just another method to help kill off the global population by any means possible just like this.

    Meat processing plants mysteriously burning down, and coming food shortages are all part of the plan to kill off the global population. Last week I posted a video that a trucker took of hundreds of pallets of baby
    formula being destroyed . Why? It’s just another method like water shortage is to kill off as many people as possible. I would remind everybody that the bulk of our vegetable produce is grown in the southwest. Should water shortages create a problem, buyers will be forced to buy the the produce from foreign imports. The moment that supply is cut off there will be food shortages. Look around. Supply chain breakdowns are happening everywhere. Computer chips for cars. Baby formula. You name it. China has stopped production of many important products recently, so it’s just a mater of time before it trickles down to us in the fall. Anyone who believes this is going to change is deluding themselves. Jerry recommends stocking up on supplies now, because winter is coming and with it, the aftermath of what Dane is predicting.
    If I have learned anything during this past year it’s this. When it comes to survival you only have one chance to get it right. There are no do overs. My son who refused to take ivermectin during the pandemic after the fake news media peddled false information is now dead. Believe whatever you want at your own risk. Greg is giving you the information to do whatever you want to. It’s your decision.

    • Brooklyn

      Great post, Jerry!

      Earlier this year, one of Greg’s regular guest, advised us to BUY WHATEVER IT IS THAT WE USE, because it will never be this cheap again. As an example, we went out and bought 24 boxes of rotelle pasta at $.34 a box. We saw the same box of pasta yesterday for $1.69. We also bought cans of diced tomatoes for around that same $.34-35 cents, and are now selling for just under a dollar. We have decided to go “stock up again” (include soups, sugar, flour, olive oil, cereal…) because even at today’s much HIGHER PRICES, they will never be this cheap again, or simply not available. None of us know what tomorrow will bring, but being prepared “might” soften the damage, if only temporarily…
      In Hoc Signo Vinces….By This Sign (The Cross) We Shall Conquer… Jesus is Real! Pray to Him.

      • Brooklyn

        NewsTarget is posting the same message:

      • Jerry

        Thank you for your comment. It’s not hard to see when you see information like this.

        The only question the globalist have to worry about is which lie to tell the dumbed down American public to cover their crimes. In many instances they even brag about what they’re doing and how noble they are for doing it. After all they’re saving the planet don’t you know? We may be Gods creation, but they see us as something lower than a cockroach to be stomped out. You are wise to cover all your bases and plan for the worse. We are in for a long dark winter.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Jerry and thanks for the link to the Zach Heilman video. First time for me – this guy knows the score. Recommended.

      • Laura McDonough

        Brooklyn: problem is many people have no storage space for massive food storage like in apts or retirement communities inmost places. We have some food stashed but no room for massive amounts. We went thru y2K and former preppers I know aren’t into cluttering up their houses.

        • Brooklyn


          Thanks for your comment. And, yes it may be difficult for many to backup or store food stuff, but you can only work with whatever space, time and budget you have available. You’d be surprised at how much you can store, even in a small apartment, when you realize the need and get creative; like under a bed, or in overhead space in a closet.
          All the best! And, as Greg has always told us, JESUS IS REAL! Pray to Him for guidance…
          Onward & Upward,

    • Christina

      Sorry to read about your son, Jerry. Prayers for you and yours.

      • Jerry

        Thank you so much for your prayers. I appreciate that. It’s been almost a year now and the pain is still there. Even though I have a strong testimony of our lord Jesus Christ and his Devine plan for our salvation and exaltation, it still hurts because I miss him. My one consolation is that eventually the perpetrators of this crime will be held accountable when Jesus Christ returns. The laws of justice must be fulfilled in order for the laws of mercy to be in force through the atonement. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is the Christ. Thank you again.

  28. Johnny Cool

    According to Klaus Nomi, we just have to hold on. He says after the “fall” we will be born again.

    We’ll take a million years of civilization
    We’re gonna give it the electric chair
    But I’m telling you hold on, hold on
    Tomorrow we’ll be there

    I see a hundred million lonely mutants
    They are glowing in their dark despair
    But I’m telling you hold on, hold on
    Tomorrow we’ll be there

    After the fall we’ll be born, born, born again
    After it all blows away
    After the fall, after the fall
    After it all blows away


  29. David Gordon Dunne

    Dave is a very smart man, a good man, and I share to all I know. Revelations is unfolding
    as foretold. So many terrible problems are all coming to a head now. God help us. Thanks so much Greg for all you do to help wake up the Zombies.

  30. MARCO

    Hello, Dane Wigington & Greg Hunter.
    here is a link to more information, including the attitudes
    and thinking of the pilots who fly these missions of death.
    I feel like humanity is under attack and we are all in a war
    for survival. GOD BLESS all and stay strong.


  31. Thomas

    You could easily target Europe, by loading all airplanes from east-US to the EU with fuel, containing cloud seeding chemicals. The fuel is supplied from a central source, so that could be managed without anybody but a few a the top knowing what happens.

    That way, the Gulf Stream, which carries virtually all rain to Europe, could have lost all its humidity by the time it reaches European shores.

    How could we verify this theory ? All evaporated water MUST come down somewhere. So if the Gulf Stream does not carry any rain to Europe, the rain MUST have come down over the Atlantic Ocean. It can’t go anywhere else.

    So this extra rain over the Atlantic could be verified by:
    – satellite imagery: the North Atlantic Ocean should be unusually cloudy, while the European mainland unusually uncloudy
    – wheater reports by pilots crossing the Atlantic: are there more thunderstorms than usually ?

  32. Jim M

    Overlooked by everyone is the fact that the Grand Canyon is laden with gold and will be much easier to extract when the river levels are low. He who has the gold(and water)will control the world.

  33. Some Old Guy in the UK

    Greg: I really like the way you take the trouble to write detailed summary introductions for your videos. This is something few people seem to do now: presenting their videos with only a title. I realise these summaries take extra effort and thought, but I think you should know that the additional effort you take is appreciated.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, UK!! You made my day!!

    • Carolina Finn

      I agree! I always read your summary lines first to get an idea of the content, very helpful. Thank you, Greg, for your valuable work. There are chemtrails here in Finland, too. Nobody (?) pays attention. It’s exceptionally hot now for August (+30).

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks CF!

  34. MLK

    Just like the earthquake weapons, there is no such thing. All of the world cannot produce enough power to make it happen.

    So far here in North Texas, all the news about the weather has been exaggerated. We are actually experiencing a cooler than the average (for my 42 years of living here) weather. Sure we had a few days of high temperatures. But, back in the 80s it had worse summers.

    The previous two summers here have been unusually cool. All of the data you are seeing about heat is because they have moved the historical data to include the temperature for the last mini-ice age. They actually claim the normal high temperatures for our area is a high of 84° F.
    My experience – from the third week in June to the third week in Sept, we have high temperatures above 100°F every day. It’s unusual for a high temperature to be below 100° F.
    The day I was born in KCMO (1954) the high temperature for that day was 104° F in KC.
    So, relax and ignore all the BS.

  35. Cathy

    So frustrating! We need devine intervention.
    1996 MILITARY DOCUMENT Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

  36. Neville

    Yet another nail into the coffin of AAcrime. Greg , you remind me of Robert Stack who played the role of Elliot ness in the untouchables…….This is obviously way before your time as the series ran in the 1950’s .Anyway Elliots job was to hunt down the mob who by todays standards were just a bunch of hoods .Todays cabal which are more evil than that mob are having a field day of trying to provoke our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY ,WHO AT THE BAT OF AN EYELID COULD WIPE THIS scum OUT.
    The Gospel must be preached to as many people as possible so that many lives could be saved when the time comes for THE SECOND COMING.
    I thank Dane for all his hard work and warning which he has put out.Things really are as bad as he says.Thank you too Greg for bringing these crimes to your readers attention.

  37. Paul

    Thanks for having Dane on.
    Sinister for sure, since 1940’s been considered as another weapon.

    The bad apples have away inadvertently of
    Supposing others are tainted. False. It’s applied to countries leaders thinking it’s populations are of same mind . False.

    Any guest you bring forth is a blessing to us.

    Ps. My last impeach joe Biden road sign
    Was mysteriously cut down, and it is on my property. Using steel and chain this time.

    Paul from arkansas

  38. Roger Stamper

    tks dane greg

  39. Sylvia Sires

    A channel I follow on Youtube was in Las Vegas 2 or 3 weeks ago was walking for many blocks showing the large Casino Hotels. What surprised me is their building more casinos everywhere!!! It’s the Satanists that control the world that are causing all the havoc that’s happening to bring in the Globalist NWO. We keep asking for help from the very people who are causing it. They’re destroying the earth with the geoengineering and the electromagnetic energy weapons. HAARP, ground radars and Satellite microwaves! When Trump was elected I wrote him 10 different letters pleading with him to stop the geoengineering also called SAI “Stratosphere Aerosol Injection” weather weapons. NOT ONE REPLY!! Google John Brennan and Geoengineering. I know this will upset everyone but Trump is a member of the Worlds Secret Religion. That’s why he became President. You will know them by their symbols and signs. They show their symbols with hands and fingers. Fauci is one of them too. He showed the “hidden hand’ symbol on the small stage in the Press Room at the White house!! Trump also uses two hand symbols, the pyramid and the 666. Their laughing in our faces! There’s proof but I think it was deleted. They are LIARS because they worship Satan who is the father of LIES. That’s why nobody gets arrested. Everything is a SHOW! It’s not new it’s 3 centuries old here in the USm Mar A Logo is a HOAX, there is no Real two party system, it’s the two headed Eagle with one stomach. Their all LIARS and RICH! Satan tempted Jesus and told him “I will give you all the worlds kingdoms if you’ll worship me.” Jesus said, It is written you shall worship thy Lord God only.

  40. eddiemd

    Forest fires as a terrorist weapon. The terrorists being factions within our own .gov and foreign sleepers already inside the USA.
    It is a very effective tool for antifa, blm, and others to light it up. I would even say that the domestic terrorists antifa, blm, environment nazis can use fire as a weapon and blame it on the right side of politics. They have already proven this by burning down cities in summer 2020. I suspect that this will be making a comeback in the very near future as November 2022 approaches.

  41. Sylvia Sires

    For the Satanists, evil is good!

  42. Jackie Pollock

    Greg, thank you for this great interview with Dane Wigington. Dane is a dedicated fighting warrior in this war with the evil efforts behind geoengineering against our country and everywhere on our planet. He needs to be listened to and believed in what he is talking about. Everyone needs to look up and to go to his website to learn all you need to know about the destruction going on all around us.
    What i don’t understand is how can all the people in these geoengineering operations continue on without realizing they too are included with all of us and all life in the deadly destructive results they are producing – how do they think they are separated from the deadly results they are producing??
    Great report Greg, Dane.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Jackie,
      “What i don’t understand is how can all the people in these geoengineering operations continue on without realizing they too are included with all of us and all life in the deadly destructive results they are producing.”
      This is indeed a conundrum. Are the perpetrators stupid? They are certainly inbred! Do they intend to live in underground luxury for the next century? The damage being done to the biosphere due to spraying non-biodegradable nano particles, coupled with the emission of ever more destructive microwaves (5G), is becoming evident with noticeably less insects and small birds. Are the perpetrators otherworldly? Their reckless stewardship of this planet makes one consider almost any possibility . . .

  43. Kenneth A. Culp, CPA

    Dane needs to explain why the geo-engineering is targeting the U.S. Southwest.

    • Greg Hunter

      He says he does not know, but they are doing it. That’s clear.

      • Chevy Preps

        If you look at a map, except for the Left Coast a good portion of the drought map encompasses the Red States. Leaving the most of the Blue states out of the drought.

    • Paul

      Rio grande valley has enormous vegetable production.
      With its desert conditions in Southwest not hard to tip scale of moisture?

      I am glad cheney got the boot
      Paul from arkansas

    • Jerry

      See my post from above. It’s about food processing. Never mind how populated Phoenix and Las Vegas is. Water ….food….are always weaponized anytime despots seize power.

  44. Scott

    Mr. Wigington is the greatest humanitarian of our times. Unfortunately, most in the western world do not know who he is, and are unfamiliar with his critical work. And, time is running out …

  45. Aaron

    Climate change pumpers and radical tree huggers will never add into their idiotic calculations truths or real facts. They won’t consider geo engineering, sun activity, seasons or anything intelligent for that matter. They vote the same way also.

  46. Rooster

    Wow, well actually we do….! have for over 70 years
    Back in the day we called it “Cloud Seeding” make it rain…..!
    We’ve come a long way baby…..

  47. Going to Hell"in'ah"HANDBASKET?

    Video Captures Something Mysterious Moving Amongst the Clouds In Broad Daylight
    What is that?
    There are lots of theories about what UFOS, or “unidentified flying objects” truly are. Some are sure they are extraterrestrial visitations, aliens come to Earth to scope us out, either for research or planning a possible invasion. Others think that UFOs are merely government spy planes so classified that even Congress has no idea they exist. Some believe that UFOs are the crafts that belong to a secret people, a race of humans or superhuman who live separately from the rest of the world. And a couple believe that UFOs are the vehicles for a trans dimensional species that can zip in and out of portals at will. A species so fantastical, that they might as well be angels.
    Wait, angels?
    Why not, because there’s a book of books that covers 6.ooo years of human history and angels have played a part! WATCH VIDEO HERE;
    4 angels holding back 4 winds
    Yup, according to the Bible’s count of time, mankind has completed over 6,000 years of existence on earth. Yes, the first man Adam, if he had chosen to remain obedient under God’s rulership, would still be alive and over 6,000 years old.
    Does this mean, then, that mankind has now reached 6,000 years into the 7,000-year period that God ‘blessed and made sacred’ as his great “rest day”? Does it mean that Christ’s millennial Kingdom rule, as the final 1,000 years of that “rest day,” is to be reckoned from the end of that 6000 years—Gen. 1:27, 31; 2:2, 3; Rev. 20:1-6.
    No, it does not mean that. Why not? Well, the Bible record shows that God’s creations on the “day” just preceding that 7,000-year “rest day” did not end with Adam’s creation. It shows a time lapse between the creation of Adam and that of his wife, Eve. During that time, God had Adam name the animals. Whether that period amounted to weeks or months or years, or even decades we do not know. So we do not know exactly when God’s great “rest day” began, nor do we know exactly when it will end. The same applies to the beginning of Christ’s millennial reign. The Bible provides us no way to fix the date, and so it does us no good to speculate when that date may be.​—Gen. 2:18-25; Matt. 24:42, 44.
    However, the Bible’s time clock does indicate to us that 6,000 years of human history did end and is past. Early in God’s “rest day” Adam became a rebel against God-rule. Thus, for the most part, the first 6,000 years of man’s history have been marked by man-rule. What did man’s independent rulership accomplish during those six millenniums of time? Absolutely nothing⁉
    Gravitas LIVE | Blast in Crimea | Did Ukraine attack Russian military base?
    WION News 702,402 views Streamed live on Aug 10, 2022

    • eddiemd

      Is this your watchtower teaching?

  48. Felix

    I commend dane for his hard work and passion for the work he does and we truthers know its true but these satanic powers are not going to stop what they are doing.Most politicians sold their souls to the devil for power and money.I was just outside and they are chemtrailing this morning.I can’t watch this guy anymore,thank you though.We don’t need anymore fear mongering.I do not live in fear I have been down the rabbit hole since 2003 and it can get quite depressing but I know GOD wins in the end.These scumbags are lucky I am not judge ,jury and executioner or I would depopulate the lineage of the nephilim single handidly.These fallen angels will burn for eternity.GOD bless all,we can only try to be good stewards of GODS earth.People do your research on flat earth,I believe it is real.The world is a stage

  49. Janet

    Are you old enough to remember Vietnam?? – a lot of Veterans got sick spraying Agent Orange and other chemicals on Vietnam (not only to defoliate their forests but create torrential rain storms to muddy up the Ho Chi Minh Trail !!

  50. Chief of Supply

    The American south west was a dried up hole for millions of years.
    Where is your hard evidence?

  51. Susan R

    I hold my hand to the sky with my middle finger pointed up at a jet spraying death.

    • Jim

      I was watching 5 or 6 planes spraying trails the other night and did the same gesture and one plane actually veered its straight path directly over my house…as if the pilot could see me!!!

  52. Emily

    Besides “waking people up” and hoping that the treasonous military will “do the right thing” does Dane offer any solutions or actionable advice?

  53. charles

    I’m in central Iowa and where we are we are about 5 inches below normal so we’re ok for now but other parts of Iowa are 10-20 inches below normal and as I travel around the state you can really see the dry conditions. A few weeks ago I was traveling on US 20 near Souix City and i stopped to get gas and a man told me they have had dry conditions for two years or more. And we often see chem trails in the sky where we live and we’re not close to any airports. Just the east west traveling Jets at high altitudes. Some days the entire sky is covered with them. Crazy if you ask me. Ordinary people have no idea that there is anything going on. But its like everything else you can’t talk to people about anything controversial. You can barely even talk about the weather except to say its hot or cool. My wife has to go into the hospital for a sleep apnea soon. She has to be tested for covid. No symptoms. Just standard procedure.

  54. Roger That

    There is information that will hurt when you hear it. This is part of that information. These are the times we are in.

  55. Atomic #82

    In the 1990’s, in California, I saw a bumper sticker on a car that read, “Have you shot a Politician today”. Seems like the atomic number 82 will have some potential to stop geoengineering in it’s tracks. Words only go so far on deaf ears. They are constantly in motion to injure us and we constantly do nothing.

  56. Doug W

    What has to be done is to save Lake Mead is…..and it has to be done and it sounds dumb is……in back the Hoover Dam, even before lake Mead maybe, and it will be a massive project, even bigger then the dam itself is………………… they, the federal government , have to make a earth make dam, made
    of rock, it would have to to just a large as the dam itself and to stop the river, letting to river to back to pre drought level. It make take to few years. Some of the water will have to go by this dam to keep the dam going. But I can hear, what about to dam and producing electricity ? Below to dam , they make another smaller rock dam to hold water and they recycle the water by pumping to same water back behind the dam. ( I can hear too, these massive pumps will need a lot of electricity, you know , that’s what the dam is making. ) The rest of the river past to dam will to have be left high and dry. It’s has to be DONE !!!!!!

  57. Jimmy

    I think it is not the HAARP, but Doppler is causing the change in the weather pattern. Sure heavy rain in the Southwest will have serious flood and it will be affect millions in the region. Somebody says earthquake is not a weapon, how do you explain the Direct Energy Weapon/Crowd Control and High voltage affects the earth quakes?

  58. Janet

    Ask yourself – Why is there such worldwide pressure to inject every living human being at Warp Speed with these clot shots causing death and destruction??
    It is because eugenicists have always been on a mission to poison our God given DNA – Dr. Jane Ruby reviews below how the DNA of over 5 billion people on the planet have now been poisoned (and changed forever)!! – https://www.redvoicemedia.com/video/2022/06/dr-jane-ruby-human-dna-poisoned-pfizer-moderna-vials-devoid-of-bio-material-monkeypox-gain-of-function-full-show/

  59. pbd

    The largest and second largest forest fires in New Mexico occurred this year. The largest NM fire was at Hermit Peak/Calf area . . . and . . . it was started . . . guess what . . . by the National Forest Service (supposedly as a controlled burn gone wrong) . . . it began on April 6th, 2022, and to date, it has destroyed more than 790,000 acres.

  60. pbd

    Chem trail fall-out includes (among other things) aluminum and barium agents. Aluminum can act as an immunomodulatory adjuvant that jacks-up inflammation particularly in the human nervous system (aka the headaches/migraines you experience more frequently now). Knock-on effects of overstimulation of the immune system is immunosuppression that increases risk of infection (aka the increase head colds/flu you experience more frequently). Barium exposure causes potassium levels to be depleted in humans (aka the tachycardia, cardiac arrythmia, muscle cramps etc. that you experience more frequently now).

  61. Sylvia in WA

    Mr. Wigington is absolutely correct. But he needs to hire another speaker to
    present his case. The information needs to be presented by a professional speaker who makes clear the info. He skips around and doesn’t too much. Good info, but hard to follow.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree Sylvia. Wigington is a very good interview as I transcribe him in the story I write.

  62. Wanda

    Greg, as a Mom and soon to be a Grandmother of two, I don’t want to cause pear porn, just awareness, that said? IF I wanted people who are parents, Grandparents, to understand the agenda against all of us? I would use Billboards, flyers, any form of delivery to the masses, but NOT of chemtrails, I would use photos of infants, small children, preteens, teenagers, then young newly married couples, all wearing full masks for breathing with the cannisters on each side. Add some pink to the under eyelids (My Husband has this, its from not enough oxygen, copd, emphysema) and this would be in your face truth to all who see it. Add todays date/recent dates to show this is happening now.
    The artist who designs these ads, will know to make the grass brown and dead, the trees rotting and falling down, a fields of dead stumps, the oceans floating with dead creatures including beaches. Famers fields bone dry and as dust. IT couldn’t be more serious what we face today, that this type of delivery is warranted. as I suggested, the types of photos would effect each generation. It could be taken further. Cemetery’s with out flowers, only plastic ones, and dead trees cut down and piled nearby. Parents or Grandparents site being visited by family, showing the date of death far too young for this group of people. It has to be hard hitting and in their face! With a link to Danes web site on each one of these ads. I share and comment every where Danes experience in this and his web site, i direct ppl there all the time. They all need a hard push in that direction. If Hollywood can make these end time movies such as I am suggesting, its time to get real. Did you hear about the Millionaire who recently put up a Billboard in Atlanta (CDC near by) warning every one you take the vax you die? Yeah thats awesome and its that serious as you know. Love all your guests in regards to this by the way! Jeesh, after writing these words here? Then rereading it? One thing comes to mind, for mankind. Walking dead. Zombies. People with out good water and good food, no beneficial sunshine, no fresh air. Our future, our children’s future.

  63. Pat McGee

    Gee, it’s almost as if there is a Power or a Being in ultimate charge of this destruction that so absolutely hates God’s creation, that “he” wants it totally destroyed.

    • Janet

      The Being in ultimate charge of destroying humanity goes under various names like Beelzebub, Lucifer, the Devil, etc.,etc. and he has many Demonic helpers like Soros, Schwab, Gates, etc.. helping him “to destroy the Human Race” – in the texts of the Abrahamic religions (i.e. like the Torah) this Being and his Demons bring not only evil and temptation to mankind but continually deceive and seduce humanity into the ways of sin and immorality – this evil Being “who wants to rule over our fallen world” is a reptilian snake – that also goes by the name of Satan (the father of lies)!!!

  64. pbd

    There is increasing emerging confirmatory evidence that there is a “Planet X” that is estimated to be 7x the size of earth that has an elliptical solar orbit that brings Planet X into and through the inner solar system approximately every 360 years. The emerging evidence is in addition to both empirical scientific data and ancient/historical texts. The impact on Earth has varied over time (each passage cycle) and appears to depend on the relative position (orbit) of Earth when Planet X returns. One of the impacts relates to gravitational distortions that change Earth’s orbital track temporarily, changes pitch of the rotational axis and destabilizes earths geology and oceans and weather. It is interesting to note that the estimated return of Planet X could be for (I think) around 2022-23 and is the 12 cycle anniversary of the Biblical Noah’s flood. It would be imprudent to assume that the potential flooding would be limited to ocean rises merely due to melting of the polar ice caps which would raise sea levels globally by about 230 feet. The potential temporary tidal surges could result in regional sea level rises of many hundreds or thousands of feet! Obviously biblical scholars will say that this has been foretold as part of the coming time of tribulation and judgement.
    If the above is happening . . . increasing confirmatory empirical evidence will rapidly become unhideable by the DS/powers-at-be – along with exponential/geometric rate of deterioration of Earth planetary conditions – that will take the “awakening” to a new level. No doubt there will be some folks that to the bitter end will cling to scrapping over red/blue, black/white, male/female, green/not-green issues – because of their programed enslaving restrictive entrained belief systems.
    Keep an open mind and heart. Best of luck all.

  65. Agnes

    Thank you, Greg, for inviting Dane. In both this report and the previous one, everything he said that I knew about was exactly as I have known it. I used to be a science teacher, so at least I know something. However, there was so much there that I didn’t know, I took his advice and looked for myself. That’s what scientists do anyway.

    I was sitting in the grass Monday early afternoon with our animals and I thought to look up. I have never seen those trails in the sky here in rural Maine. But there they were. There were at least 3, too perfectly aligned and shaped to be natural in a mixed sky of clear blue with big, puffy clouds in places.

    Later in the afternoon I brought in the laundry. The sun was lower, and the sunlight glowing off the leaves of a nearby tree was so bright I could hardly look at the tree. Maybe I have seen that before, maybe I haven’t. But it was striking. I sniffed. There was a very faint acrid sort of smell and my nose felt a slight burn. I took a deep mouth breath, and started coughing uncontrolably. Enough of that! I grabbed the clothes and went indoors.

  66. pbd

    Question: Was Anne Heche recently killed by the DS because she was working on exposing chemtrails and more recently working on film that would expose pedophilia/child trafficking? See the Reese Report: Goddess Diana Rituals and the Death of Anne Heche (banned.video) Obviously mainstream narratives will suggest that Heche was a mentally impaired/undesirable, aka nothing to see here folks and her death need not be investigated further.

  67. Paul

    It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” ― Henry Ford

    Fast forward today
    …that the people of the world…

    Their the Bast…ards.
    Blackrock is their corporate business side.
    Paul from arkansas

  68. Lady Au Stackers United

    The Beijing Weather Modification Office employs 37,000 within China. It is reporting that silver iodide via shelling and rockets into the atmosphere to make rain or snow. Look it up. It’s online. And if they can do it then we can do it. No conspiracy theory here.

  69. Ratty

    Man cannot change the weather. They only make you think they can cause then you might think they are powerfool gods with global warming, climate change, Al Gored, and whatever powers they think they have in their tool chest. You’ll go begging to them.

    Only GOD controls the weather but you do have the power to make GOD change His mind by returning to Him and quit your sinning. That’s something they don’t tell you about because, as I said, THEY want to be your GOD.

  70. Tod Mills

    I wonder how the powers-that-be who ordered this climate modification are avoiding killing themselves off with all these poisons?

  71. Richard Jordan

    Why isn’t anyone talking about all the 50 or so volcano’s that are erupting in the world causing a majority of the weather changes?
    In the past large volcanic eruptions have caused parts of the planet to cool and even no summer is some areas. Maybe HARRP is having a different effect on the planet. They don’t need to put dust in the atmosphere the volcano’s are doing it for them

  72. Douglas Cook

    Just want to make one comment. HAARP isn’t a thing anymore and hasn’t been for several years. It’s been turned over to the University of Alaska and they don’t run it very much as the diesel is very expensive. You can actually go and take a self guided tour this month if your interested.


    If Dane got this point of his research wrong and he stated that this one was perhaps the most powerful of ‘hundreds’ of facilities I think I’d like a list of them with links to google earth. Shouldn’t be too hard to verify his information at least with the outward facilities.

    I am not saying that weather modification isn’t a thing but HAARP isn’t the boogeyman it’s made out to be. You would need the full output of several nuclear power plants to do the damage that he intimates. Atmospheric attenuation makes for a very inefficient transfer of power.

  73. Frank S.

    Hi Greg, (unrelated subject but important) It just dawned on me what those 87,000 armed IRS goons will be doing. The Biden maladministration is going to outlaw the private ownership of gold!. They’re not after tax collections, that could be done through foreclosures and repos on a desktop. But, to search and seize private gold, not only from banks and businesses, but also from private homes, you need to “bring the heat”!!

  74. tim mcgraw

    I spoke too soon about our deep blue skies all summer. Yesterday it was 100F here in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, CA, but today the clouds came in for the first time in months. These were dark rain clouds. The humidity went up. The temperature went down to about 94F and the weathermen said it may lead to thunderstorms and rain.
    But as Dane said, the storm was broken up. Nothing happened. No rain.

  75. Paul Simmons

    It is shocking that people think the government and big business would not collude to obtain power and money for the few at the expense of everyone else. Hardly anyone smoked cigarettes before WWII as per an antiques dealer resident in Holland. Then the U.S. and cigarette companies knowingly bombed the world with addictive, harmful cigarettes. As per an antique dealer, who was showing me some of the cigarette cases dropped by WWII bombers, most people were smoking in The Netherlands after WWII. People had smoked and chewed long before WWII. Big tobacco had seen the horrid results of using the stuff.
    So, who killed and wounded, over time, the most people by actions taken during WWII The Axis Powers or selfish people of big business and government that even sold out the health of the very soldiers that were risking their lives for others wellbeing? There are other examples of mass murder by collusion of big money and government of which the Covid flu, so called pandemic is one. Who then would put it past Biden and company to use the weather weapon for their one world control agenda? My social score just dropped some more for stating the truth.

  76. eckbach

    Who was responsible for the “mega drought” 1200 years ago?

    • Greg Hunter

      Why don’t you get into your “Way Back Machine” and find out.

      • Pay Attention

        Greg, if you’re an “investigative reporter” (which is dubious) why not look into the question instead of ridiculing it?

  77. Gary Allison

    Come on! The military is probably the only government entity that does care about the Constitution and the USA. Even if they had the power to manipulate the weather on a scale that would cover the entire world, why would they also do it to the USA. Weather Warfare is a hoax to cover for natural events that are unfolding. There is also an increase in volcanos, earthquakes, loud unexplained booms and fireballs have broken known records. But everyone notices the weather, so they came up with Global Warming. Then Climate Change. And for the more aware, Geoengineering or Weather Warfare. The Earth has an increased wobble. It moves under the atmosphere and stirs it up into extreme weather. So increasingly we have deluge and drought. The Establishment is desperate to keep this hidden as long as possible. Check the sunrise and sunset times for your area. Also, the position or azimuth. 2 or 3 years ago, in the newspapers in Alaska, the Inuit Elders were alarmed. They said there is something wrong with the Sun. It is not rising and setting where it should. This is the increasing wobble which is causing the weather extremes. Forbes did an article a couple years ago. It was about Billionaire Preppers. How most of them were preparing retreats in safe areas on a map they referred to as the Navy Map. Tin foil hat stuff the article said. Maybe. But one would have to admit billionaires are privy to information the rest of us are not, the article said.

    • Self Exiled

      Yes, God is announcing His return through His creation; he who hates God and all he has done [also knows that his time is short] is trying to disguise His return by all the above-mentioned man-made deceptions.

      After these things I heard something like the great and mighty shout of a vast multitude in heaven, exclaiming, “Hallelujah! Salvation and glory (splendor, majesty) and power (dominion, might) belong to our God. Revelation 19:1

  78. L Nonamaker

    Thank you, Greg. This was your best interview of Dane Wigington. Tell him it is okay to talk fast, I do, but, it is a good idea to take a breath and pause when switching between points he is making. This was much clearer and much more impactful interview in my opinion.

  79. R Patrick

    Greg Greetings

    I’ve believe that you are the most reliable of your trade! That’s big! That’s why I set aside for your continued survival. I can’t afford to be wrong and you are my compass! Your patriotism is above the call of duty as it were! God Speed, we love you!

    R. Patrick
    Gila Mountain AZ

  80. Jerry

    Here is your answer as to why the globalist are so invested in geo engineering. They are using it to force food processing from indoor
    facilities that have less production of green house gases.
    Namely ……..drum roll. Crickets!

    I can see it now. Some globalist technocrat sitting at the table staring at his ant farm. Then all of a sudden a light bulb comes on in his head. Eureka! The answer is right in front of my face. Eat more bugs! But wait, how can we force people to eat them when they still have other choices for protein consumption? Oh course. The answer is simple. Just eliminate the other sources. Mission complete. The planet is saved.

  81. virginia clark

    M.Davidson: Please tell me you are being facetious. Have you not heard a word this gentleman has said? Are you not aware of the years of research he and others have dedicated themselves to? This video discussion didn’t wake up one brain cell?

  82. Paul

    Knowledge is like money: to be of value it must circulate, and in circulating it can increase in quantity and, hopefully, in value.

    The difference between success and failure is not giving up, and in When in the full court press , that’s were we shine.

    Paul from arkansas

  83. Jay12

    The ” Radical Drought ” is caused by accelerating Climate Change.

  84. wayne hardin

    Just as the Bible talks about people killing born again Christians thinking they are doing Gods will .
    These people think they are doing the right thing / well most of them do .
    Some do it for the money ./ but most of them believe it is the right thing .

    PS //// As said before deceived people don’t know they are deceived .

    Believe it or not …………..

    Wayne Hardin

  85. PersonaNonGrata

    Latest from Clif High podcast – 8-18-22:
    ‘When Will It All POP OFF?’

  86. Merry Piper

    Greg: If people watching/listening to your broadcasts can’t comprehend this. They are absolutely lost. God bless you and Dane.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks MP!

  87. Jerry

    Personally I prefer drag races over drag queens, but apparently the U.S. Air Force thinks otherwise hosting a drag show for kids.

    Can we now agree that the United States has now gone from being a banana republic to a latter day Sodom and Gomorrah? I can only imagine what our enemies are thinking now, about how weak we look.

    • Dee S Noober

      I was invited to a “Drag Race.”
      I was like hell yeah! Where are they racing?
      Then it was explained to me they were cross dressers with no real racing involved.
      And I felt terrible. Gay’s stealing happiness. Now they’re stealing “Drag Racing” ?!

  88. Lightning

    I have opined on this forum that I think the vax contains at least two different elements. One is loosely medical ( the mRNA gene therapy element that I believe is primarily there to legally alter the volunteer from a legal human being to a legal transhuman… thus altering their rights) and the second element is a digital tracking element .

    I have speculated that the digital tracking part is likely there primarily as a unique digital identifier or tag to provide a unique digital fingerprint that is intended for verifying personal identity. This is critical to make Central bank digital currencies and their “ecosystem” to work and be enforced .

    Here is a link to a a Stu Peters interview with an electrical engineer who could cause assembly and disassembly of nano circuit like elements via the application of wireless signals. It all fits.

    It’s clear to me and in my opinion the administration of these shots was intended to covertly cover their illegal actions via the application of patent law to redefine a human beings rights… while tagging them with digital tags not unlike a unique barcode that can be assembled under wireless interrogation .


    My last guess is that they didn’t purposefully use the mRNA for genocidal purposes… but for the absolutely critical altering of legal rights. Having said that, they undoubtedly knew these jabs were severely harmful ( from Pfizer EUA trial data) and they did not care. Time was running out on the US dollar based system , as was the globalists deep state funding and control model and this approach gave them a highly unethical path forward to the next currency and control system.

    It all fits and I’m sure they self justified all of this by saying a collapse of the dollar would naturally result in more deaths and more danger to the 5 eye countries and their global partners. I can almost hear them saying “ we are saving lives and our rightful control over these people by doing this “

  89. Jeffersonian

    Dane chooses his words wisely—he won’t say something unless he can back it up unlike the lame stream media

    He’s absolutely correct when speaking about climate impact when he says unless you factor geoengineering into the equation you are off the mark—spot on Dane

    Unfortunately most Americans have no clue nor ever will about how our entire ecosystem is dying at the hands of the deep state, big pharma including Monsanto yes round up is approved as
    an antibiotic and a host of other major polluters and yes round up is ubiquitous and is in your urine and your glands

    Remember 10 percent of gas is ethanol a corn based gmo heavily sprayed with round up so when it’s burnt in your gas engine you’re breathing some round up thru exhaust

    People ask why would tptb spray chemicals that might hurt them?

    Stupid question because they are spraying harmful chemicals 24/7 across this country That’s the issue not their motive which is most likely to kill off the masses and maybe they might have an escape plan

    Who knows maybe they have specific ways to detox, specialized air filters or maybe even a pill that absorbs the toxins—that kills them more slowly than the rest of us in the hope we die before they do and then they turn off the spigot

    Regardless get off your rear ends and look skyward and you’ll see the evidence

    In our area the sun is caustic and lacks depth and warmth and plants are not maturing like they should for example fruits been on the tree longer than normal but not ripening and those that ripen are pithy

    But if you don’t farm you wouldn’t know this not your fault but the food from the grocery store lacks proteins vitamins and essential nutrients as you probably wouldn’t know the difference

    Probably one reason why so many of my friends have dark circles under their eyes and complain of fatigue and can’t sleep well. Lack of nutrients

    Hope Marti and Socrates are right and stock market hits 40 k time then perhaps to cash in the chips. Market only 10 percent off all time highs

    Cheers from down on the farm

  90. Lori

    Profound update again, thanks Greg and Dane for sharing the severity of life support remaining. EVERTHING is being manipulated. Controlled. Tracked. The toxic ” quaccines ” are another aspect of the AGENDA to depopulate. Dane has so much verified and researched over the MANY yrs of exposing. Few have the tenacity to stay on top of the massive implosion before us. When we as activists challnege or stand up, we face losses (employment, relations, etc) and I count the dedicated fighters my kin. Covid 19 and all that will follow have drawn line in sand re who can still actually function (brain , neuro, clots, strokes, DNA alteration & immune destruction) Dreading the deaths and LOSSES that will shock even the strongest. Bless you both for the courage to keep WARNING and EDUCATING any who can stiill reason.

  91. alan Young


  92. John

    I really appreciate Dane for exposing the geoengineering. From looking at his website, I see he fully believes the mainstream global warming narrative. Most of us here know the mainstream climate narrative is pure BS. Why does he still believe it?

  93. Linda Majors

    Patrick Byrne, who met with President Trump on 12.18.20, along with Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell, explains why the docs at Mar-a-Lago were NOT classified. (Ref. link below.)

    Former Overstock CEO Files Motion Urging Release of Trump Raid Affidavit (theepochtimes.com)

  94. Thomas Malthaus

    The next time Dane is on, ask him which nations are unaffected by the Pentagon’s chemtrails program.

  95. Mark

    I have lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years…no one in Las Vegas believes that a couple floods are going to refill Lake Mead. Every summer Las Vegas experiences the monsoon season, when most of our 4″ annual rainfall occurs. However we have been in a severe drought for the last few years, which could have been engineered as Dane states. The Colorado river water is allocated among 7 states and Mexico. Nevada’s allocation is the SMALLEST by FAR, and is allowed only 1.8% of the water! And, we do not use all of the 1.8% of the water that we are allocated every year! How do we do this? All of the water that does down the drain gets filtered and treated and sent back out into Lake Mead. Here’s a fun fact for you: Even though we added 750,000 residents since 2002, we use 26% LESS water than we did back in 2002.

    Here’s a good short video on how Las Vegas accomplished all of this:


  96. Pay attention

    Hogwash. Pure conspiracy theory. Making the right look stupid and foolish.

  97. Anti-Atomist

    Ye of little faith, both Elijah and Jesus had the ability to control the weather through prayer. Sorry, Pakistan.

    I ran an ozone (O3) generator outside for 48 hours from a second floor window in St. Louis on September 3rd & 4th. On the 4th, clouds formed and cooled the whole city. On the 5th, the cloud cover continued to cool the city, and it poured rain. Now, it’s raining in parched Arizona. I have done this experiment more than once in other cities, and there is definitely a correlation between the weather and ozone produced with high voltage. Naturally, ozone is produced by lightning, which is connected to Satan, per Luke 10:18. The ozone layer (and our moon) protects the Earth from the sun’s damaging gamma rays (unlike Mars). If we believe in Jesus, God, and science – what about ozone generators? If ozone can fall with the rain, why can’t it rise with the wind or the movement of the Earth? Clearly, our industrial civilization is causing ecological imbalances that threaten all species and life itself.

    According to Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:2-3, “for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, ‘Peace and safety,’ destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.”

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