Short-Term Negative Long-Term Positive-Catherine Austin Fitts

catherine-austin-fittsBy Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts sums up what happened with the election of Donald Trump by saying, “It’s amazing because if you look at the faction that wanted to sacrifice the United States for empire, you basically had Washington, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood. What they have done for the last 20 years is they have used the corporate media to create this color revolution, soft revolution, which is really a front so the 1% can control.  The reality is if you look at what they were doing to destroy the United States, you just had an enormous, very wide group of people say enough.  We did a discussion of the election several months ago, and I said if the right people in the military intelligence get behind Trump, he could win, and I think that’s exactly what happened. . . . I think the intelligence agencies understand that you cannot leave people to do what needs to be done with people that are used to printing all the funny money they want and have no clue how the economy works. . . . I had no idea how completely ignorant Hillary Clinton was of the whole fundamental economics of the situation.  It’s because she’s been operating with cheap and free money for decades.  I think the intelligence agencies were trying to assert adult supervision of the situation.”

On the mainstream media and Democrats rigging the election, Fitts says, “The problem with being able to rig things is you forget what is real. That is what has been so astonishing. All the people that have been rigging things all these years and the reason they could run things in an unproductive way, and away from market economics, is they could just print money.  The minute you are not able to print money the game is up.”

What about the markets? Fitts, who managed 10’s of billions of dollars of assets as Assistant Housing Secretary in the Bush (41) Administration, says, “I am long-term positive and short-term negative because we just made a turn, and that turn is the beginning of facing things. Those things need to be faced, and that makes me optimistic long-term.  If we pull certain things together, there is a very successful pathway, particularly if you sacrifice empire for North America. . . . If you let the productive people run things, wow!  We’ve had the slugs running things for 20 years, and you let the productive people run things–watch out.  This is why I am long-term positive.”

On gold and silver, Fitts contends, “I think we are in a long-term bull market for gold, but I don’t think the consolidation is over. I was hoping the consolidation was over given how it was trading in the first three quarters, but given how it is trading now, it looks like the consolidation may not be over.  The reality is gold is a number of things.  In Asia, it’s real money.  I think as long as Asia is converging with per capita income, gold is going to have a floor under it, and silver too.  I think that’s going to continue, and the bull market is going to reassert.  If the engineering of moving from a debt model to an equity model is successful, then there is going to be a lot less concern of the fundamentals of the market and stability of the system.  That won’t be as good for gold.  I noticed some of your latest commentators say that gold is going to very high numbers.  I think if we don’t succeed in turning around North America, then you could see gold go very high because of the instability.  Right now, looking at all the markets, I say equities are stronger than gold.”

In closing, Fitts says, “We are so overdue for a 25% correction. . . . I think 2017 is going to be a composting. In the destruction of the old, let there be the creation of the new.  We’re going to be creating the new, and we’re going to be destroying the old.  It’s going to be quirky.  There are going to be all kinds of black swans that could hit us.  So, do I think we are going to have a major correction and lots of digestive problems?  Yes, I do.  Now, if the new administration gets what it wants by getting tax rates down and bringing capital back into the country, then there is going to be a very exciting future and a very exciting pathway for North America.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher of the Solari Report found on

(There is much more in the video interview.)

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg!

    For some reason I feel we are all being setup.
    The globalist agenda continues on.

    Midnight Oil 1982
    The rich get richer, the poor get the picture
    The bombs never hit you when you’re down so low
    Some got pollution, some revolution
    There must be some solution but I just don’t know
    The bosses want decisions, the workers need ambitions
    There won’t be no collisions when they move so slow
    Nothing ever happens, nothing really matters
    No one ever tells me so what am I to know
    You wouldn’t read about it, read about it
    Just another incredible scene, there’s no doubt about it
    Hammer and the sickle, the news is at a trickle
    The commissars are fickle but the stockpile grows
    Bombers keep acoming, engines softly humming
    The stars and stripes are running for their own big show
    Another little flare up, storm brewed in a tea cup
    Imagine any mix up and the lot would go
    Nothing ever happens

    • ross

      Agree Anthony . Catherine seems to think that productivity and equity markets will save us but no mention is made of the unplayable debt, outrageous derivatives or collapsing bond market.Are the central bankers suddenly going to give Trump the means to create debt free money like JFK wanted for his infrastructure projects ?
      Unless Trump can issue debt free money via the US Treasury he will be just another impotent US President like the rest of our Western Whore Leaders.

    • Russ McMeans

      Anthony: I got lucky and saw Peter and company in SanFrancisco awhile back. Viva la Midnight Oil!

      • Anthony Australia

        Never been lucky to see them live but will jump with both feet for their 2017 comeback tour.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Boy Anthony I like your “spidey senses”! The oldest Bank in Italy, Monte Dei Paschi is currently being bailed-in as we speak to the tune of 300 billion Euros. If this wasn’t alarming enough, there are as many as eight more Italian banks in line that need major economic help.
      In a recent news article over 130,000, depositors, pensioners and bondholders have already lost money making 4 major banks in Italy “functional”. One pensioner has even committed suicide. Many “insiders” are predicting an “total economic chaos” if the reformist party under PM Renzi is defeated on Dec 4th, 2016. If the dominoes fall here, they could very well fall world-wide.

      • JMiller


        I would like to clarify something. Based on everything that I have read about what happened in Italy, I believe that no money was taken from any bank deposit account (as of yet). The bail-in did not involve uninsured deposits. The depositors that lost money in those 4 small Italian banks happened because the depositors took their money out of their deposit accounts and bought subordinated debt of those Italian banks. They then were classified as junior bondholders as they should be. Most were ordinary savers who were persuaded by the banks to take money that was in low yielding bank accounts and to put it into something that potentially offered a higher rate of return which turned out to be high risk bonds. Many probably did not understand what they were buying and the risk that they were taking.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          I received my information from an well-connected retired Italian law enforcement official. He said that their investigation gives creditable evidence that one of the bank officers from Monte Dei Paschi was indeed thrown from their multi-storied office building. He states the shortages within the Italian banking industry are huge and the efforts of the Italian government to shore-up this situation has reached near frenetic levels of planning & activity. According to a “forensic number crunchers” he sees nothing but a world of hurt coming out of this quagmire. Bottom line: Money has been taken, in some form or fashion-time will tell if its an Italian type bail-in, some quasi measure or as you contend unsophisticated depositors or bondsmen.

          • JMiller


            What you said is all well and good but I fail to see what some bank officer from Monte Dei Paschi being thrown out of a window has to do with what I said? The purpose of my post above was only to make certain people understood that there was no bail-in that involved bank deposits. The losses involve shareholders and bondholders according to all the articles I read. If I said something that you disagree with in my post please feel free to make it more clearer to me.

            • Shadow of Doubt

              It boils down to outside agencies and experts saying “something doesn’t smell right” with the banking industry in Italy:
              1. Various aspects of the suicide suggests to some in law enforcement tell-tail signs of corruption and unsavory ties within the banking industry.
              2. Their Government ‘s race to acquire a bail-out for these banks before Brussel’s mandates require a bail-in. Even if this bail-out attempt is successful some technocrats posit the EU will still require a bail-in from the Italian account holders after the fact.
              3. The disappearance of money from a number of existing accounts (130,000) particularly from those struggling banks has given the appearance of either an institutional con job, financial repression or local banks performing quasi emergency measures (according to my source some of the area media have reported this as a secret bail-in procedure) to keep them afloat.
              4. My source likens the fiscal state of the Italian banks to ObamaCare what you read in the news-may not be as advertised. He doesn’t buy all 130k account holders are ill informed rubes. And none of his contacts would put these banks above moving funds around to buy time or save themselves. So while you are right that an official bail-in hasn’t been declared- the political climate is such that even a hint that something like it could have already occurred would be like a poison pill to the reformist party.

              • JMiller


                Thanks for the explanation. Just want to make it clear that I said that PROBABLY MANY did not understand what they were buying and the risk that they were taking. This assumption is based on some of the articles that I read that gave statements from people who did not realize the risk of taking their money from their bank deposit account and buying these bonds. Also from past experience I find most people do not fully understand what they own.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Hey, my initial post should have read “Monte Dei Paschi is currently being considered for a bail-in as we speak…Thanks for the catch. I let my grandson use my computer and after its juice bath–my key board and auto-correct are shot.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          How tell-tale gets turned into tell-tail probably tells me a new computer is in my future.

    • Kerry

      It’s impossible to quickly turn around a massive ship like the Titanic or one of those supertankers. Even if Trump has good intentions and is able to push through some reforms/tax incentives, etc., trying to turn around trillion$+ debt/mistakes/ is going to be very difficult.

    • Cookie

      Anthony look on the bright side. Katy said a smarter much more intelligent, intelligent military, that wont make a move on mother Russia is forth coming! Tony General Mark Miley was burning the mid-night oil to take us to war. I hope he’s happy just living with the fact Fukashima is going to take out the Pacific!
      U.S. Army Chief Threatens War With Russia
      He who laughs last laughs the loudest. . .
      We still can hide behind HRC’s Pants suit, maybe? Just keep counting!

      The golden rule is he who owns the most gold rules….

  2. Thistle

    Authoritarian kleptocracy replaces democracy. Trump digging the swamp twice as wide and twice as deep. Billionaires descending on DC. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer as middle class disappears completely. Reports already of lower income Trump voters saying they hope he won’t take away their health insurance (Obamacare with subsidies) because they are sick and need it. Poor schmos……

    • Greg Hunter

      totally disagree with you view. Where the heck are my subsidies? Oh I know, lets go to the “subsidy tree” and pick them off.

      • Frederick

        Greg can you get someone who can illuminate us about this alleged “Pizzagate”scandal Its all over the internet and Im sure people are wondering how “real” or “fake” it is

        • Greg Hunter

          I simply do not know but I am posting information and stories about it. The evidence seems to be mounting, but I do not know.

          • WD


            SGT report led with their story… Also V at Rogue money has a lot of knowledge on this
            Pizza Gate

            • Frederick

              SGT report is talking about a guy named David Brock in relation to this scandal It appears VERY obvious that Breitbart was murdered by these same cretins for calling them out on this horror

        • JC Davis

          Fredrick, and Greg I have a hard time believing this (pizzagate) is true. I am trying to study it but It is to dark for me, and most of it seems to be hype for sale. Greg I trust if you find facts you will inform.

          • Frederick

            Im not sure how much of this “pizzagate” thing is real but I just watched a video of Andrew Breitbart cursing out John Podesta in 2011 before he died(was murdered) Coincidence maybe or maybe NOT Hopefully more will be revealed and if guilty people will go to jail

          • WD


            Too many items pointing to child pedophile ring, more and more evidence coming out…..

        • Paul ...

          Pizzagate is real … and the depth of its evil is beyond comprehension to moral man … let me say that child sex, murder and depravity are involved … there were so many children abused over the years by perverted politicians it became a racket to supply fresh meat to these devils … they would order children like they were ordering pizza or hot dogs using code words for their deviated preferences … this has been going on for years … and these sexually abused children (“toys” to the perverts in Washington) eventually grow up to be adults … where are they? … they are the ones marching down the streets naked in support of Hillary … they learned long ago that getting naked and screaming “love” was what protected them from harm … so all these naked Hillary protesters are just doing instinctively what has kept them alive until now … God have mercy on their souls!!!

          • Frederick

            Paul check out Morris Hermans latest video about Trump and 911 at 108morris108

      • Diane

        Love it Greg

        Catherine is awesome.
        Thanks Greg.

        • Lore

          Agreed. Lovely, incredibly sharp woman. Thanks, Mr. Hunter, for another fine interview.

      • ts

        Greg, If my tax dollars could have been used to help you and your family get subsidies to help defray the cost of your health insurance, I would have been so pleased to do that. I don’t know how we’re going to fix the health care system but I wish for an outcome that will help all Americans so that NO ONE suffers or dies due to a lack of affordable and accessible health care. Or goes bankrupt trying. All the best, TS [nurse]

        • Greg Hunter

          I get no subsidies and I don’t like being defrauded and lied to by the President on down to get Obama Care implemented. What a huge scam!!!

          • Thistle

            Sorry, greg, I didn’t make my comment clear. I know that you didn’t get subsidies. I remember you talking about how much Obamacare hurt you financially. My point was that if the cutoff for subsidies had been higher,perhaps you might have been eligible for a subsidy and I would have been really happy to contribute my tax dollars to your being able to get more affordable health care for self and family.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you for the clarification. I did not mean to come of disrespectful.

    • This sceptred Isle

      “hope” and “change” – where have I heard that mantra before?
      I hope Trump is going to deliver and not make so many U turns he ends up going round in circles! Trump could turn out to be the Obama for the alt. right.

    • Robert Lykens

      The “poor get poorer” if they depend on someone else to support them. If thry depend on themselves they get richer. It’s automatic.

      • This sceptred Isle

        and the bankers who get richer are depending on the tax payer to bail them out when their banks go bust.

      • Freebreezer

        RL – Thank You!!!!

  3. Bill Howland

    Regarding Trump promising to drain the swamp, I note that he has renigged on 8 promises in 9 days – 2 of which are good, such as no waterboarding (violates constitution as to no ‘cruel and unusual punishment’, and in general, christendom does not historically do ‘ghoulish– devilish’ punishments. He’s also backing off on scrapping the Iran deal since too many countries are in favor of IRAN getting their property back – an HONORABLE stance as I’ve mentioned here before. An honorable Christian does not condone theft. Greg, this is why I stated what I did, but then, cowardly, you just delete the post. Hey you keep asking ‘what have I done?’ so I’ll keep telling, until you stop asking.
    .. Regarding the swamp volume of liquid – CAF seems to think Trump will be forced to drain it a bit….I hope she’s right. The GOOD: McCain now hates Trump, and the thug Christie is gone, at least for a bit. But he still has swindler Romney, and traitor Rudy G. That’s the Bad. Hopefully, the Good Forces CAF keeps talking about will force Trump kicking and screaming if necessary into making the swamp drain work a bit better, and not make the whole thing too much bigger.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Bill Trump has not “renigged” on 8 promises. He’s not even in office yet. Don’t believe the propaganda. I saw that video too man. I think for my self.

    • Frederick

      I agree with you about Rudy and Christie Hopefully Trump stays away from John Bolton and his warmongering neocon brethren and honorable people of any religion donot condone theft and murder amongst other crimes

  4. eddie laidler

    Just a fabulous interviewe CAF is one smart cookie. A return to productivity as an agenda is a most welcome policy change. Amazing that we have not heard the phrase spoken for so long. It becomes self evident that lower taxes and business incentives are one of the keys and Trump is the man for that. I do not doubt though that if Trump cannot get cooperation from the corporatists that he will print his way to the biggest infrastructure program since FDR and the world would follow suit. Because at that point what would it matter. Rebuild . Countries standing last financially will inherit the earth. After a reset.

  5. Gina M Mancarella

    Dont count your chickens. Hillary will be chosen by the electors on December 19th. Pay attention that day. When we take over, there will be some nasty backlash to those that sold us short. Mad Max is coming to life for some of your listeners. So we’ll see how things go.

    • Frederick

      Were shaking in our boots Gina trust me

    • 8Ball


    • This sceptred Isle

      Gina, are these comments for real or are you messing around?

      • This sceptred Isle

        Gina, do you have any comments about the Purple Revolution? The Clinton’s were both wearing purple at Hillary’s concession speech. What does this all mean?
        If Austin Fitts is correct and America is at the beginning of a transition the old powers will not relinquish their control easily. The French revolution shows that power shifts can be accompanied by vast upheavals, chaos and war. I don’t think you can assume that there will be a positive outcome from all of this. I think we are about to enter a period of total systemic breakdown and chaos as different factions within America fight for control amidst a crumbling economy. Who knows, a powerful, more dangerous ruling class may emerge. As Gina implies the Clintons/neocons/globalists have not given up. These people have committed the most outrageous crimes and will prefer total chaos to losing and having their crimes revealed. Some powerful entities invested a lot of money into the Clinton foundation and will be expecting a return on their investment.

    • Paul ...

      December 19 will be a day that will live in infamy if Hillary bribes the electoral college to put “the nudists” into power … and all the children that say “look mommy Hillary and all her supporters are wearing no clothes” will be abducted and used as “toys” for the sexually deviated and perverted politicians that think bribery to gain political power is normal ( look at Jill Stein and Bernie who were flipped for the love of money) … so go on Gina … wish for your crooked perverted Hillary to nakedly march on Washington (so you can take off your bra and panties too and march along with her, Miley, Madonna, etc., etc.) … create an even bigger cesspool in the swamp called Washington DC … do you really believe you and naked evil can win here on Earth without consequence in Heaven?? … do you think that all you have to do after December 19 is say … “I believe in Jesus” … and you will be saved?? … yes, God will forgive you (if you repent your sins) … but after he forgives you … he will place you in his Holistic Elimination of Lies and Larceny rehab center … called (HELL) … for all eternity!!

      • Paul ...

        I see you Gina … your completely naked … screaming with all your perverted girl friends against Trump … expressing your moral indignation by flaunting your breasts to gentiles in public to encourage more evil in this world!! … try to guess who is going to screw your evil soul royally … no … I’m not talking about the Syrians Hillary brought over for your sexual pleasure!!! …

        • Paul ...

          And Gina … Trump can easily counter the Jill Stein election re-count fraud by simply stating in Court that the difference in his votes compared to Jill Stein’s votes is so great that doing a recount is lunacy … it is Hillary who must ask for a recount (and she is not) … also the collection of money from the public by Jill Stein for a re-count is not only “fraudulent on its face” but is an obvious scam as she gets to personally keep all the money she collects in this most obvious “illegal contesting” of the election results!!

        • Faizie

          I really hope you see this: most of these women that you refer to that have protested nude have been sexually molested sometime in the past probably as girls. They have been violated in a way that you may not be able to comprehend and their destiny in life has probably been derailed also in a way that you cannot know.
          That being said, the one who violated them cannot be approached or has gotten away scott free so the animosity and hurt that is within them is trying to find a an appropriate place to vent their deep feelings.
          These feelings are being inappropriately directed at a man (Trump) that is far removed from their plight but in a misguided way they are convinced is part of their problem. What you are seeing in this nude demonstration is a cry for help!!!
          Sexual molestation of children both boys and girls is a horrific crime and the perpetrators should be brought to justice including those in high places in our political world as you know are some of the worst and are immune to the rule of law. I believe that will change soon !!

      • Frederick

        Paul Alex Jones has a video on his show of Donald Trump being interviewed after the 911 attacks and he said he is sure there were bombs involved and that the planes could NOT have taken those buildings down Something that anyone with structural engineering background have known since day one The answer lies with Silverstein and Zokheim in my opinion

        • Paul ...

          As they say Fredrick … money is the root of all evil … and what makes Lucifer laugh almost non-stop is to see the Silverstein’s, etc., etc., etc. doing all their evil to accumulate worthless fiat paper IOU’s (issued by other evil people who have no intention of honoring their IOU’s)!! … as for 9-11 everyone knows the truth by now … once we get control of our government back … heads are going to roll!!

          • william

            money is amoral. It is the LOVE of money that is the root of evil.

    • Faith

      Gina, is that a threat? You do realize that inciting mass violence is a criminal act. I hope you are held accountable for that “nasty backlash.”

      • Paul ...

        It’s not the recount but the “Death Threats” to the electoral college by evil Hillary to change their vote from Trump to her that could be the game changer!!

    • Chip

      Mad Max situation cuts both ways… Only the strong survive… Chip

    • Macray

      Your forecasting skills have yet to match even a broken clock. Inquiring minds would like to learn if your your middle initial really stands for Macaroni? Or as some suspect, martext? We all hope that your parents didn’t label you Gina Merdivorous Mancarella, However, that would explain quite bit.
      Have a great day Gina M Mancarella!

    • Topkat

      If that doesn’t happen, will you at least move to Jupiter with Cher? I hope so. Great work Greg, long time follower, first trashing of a troll.

    • David A

      First time commenter, been lurking about a year. Love your site Greg. Gina, you’re a boil on the butt that won’t go away. I’m glad you post bc it allows us to see how crazy the left is. Not sure what the future holds for the next president but it’ll be interesting to see the rights reaction if Hillary pulls some underhanded stuff. Yes, recounting only red states when there are blue states which Hillary won by a smaller margin is shady. The right is usually non violent so I’m not sure what kind of response they’d give. Gina, it would be in the lefts best interest to not have America go “Mad Max”. How many leftists have preps, guns and ammo, precious medals, survival skills of any sort, a survival mentality etc? Cities would burn and they wouldn’t last a day 10 miles away from a city. Good luck.

      • Paul ...

        David … The rights reaction if Hillary pulls some underhanded stuff will be “to demand head” from those naked Hillary lovers (for those with a dirty mind I’m talking “French Revolution” head) … I bet Gina and her naked women friends are now going to try to make their “immoral protest” more meaningful to us Christians … by adjusting their mirrors in different ways trying to portray what “French head” would look like!!

        • David A

          I’m not sure if that’s true. Can you name an example of mass violemce that the right has committed in the past 30 years? When have they gone out and broken windows, looted stores, shot cops, burned down buildings in mass? That’s not what the right does. More than likely we will bitch and moan but then go to work the next day. Conservatives have ethics, liberals have none. That being said, there is always a chance of a black Swan event.

          • Paul ...

            Your right David … but lets call evils take down “a white Swan event” as our Lord is leading the current charge against evil … no women , no children … should be our battle cry … pizza-gate and all the other evil done by these perverts against women and children must come to a complete end (by force if necessary)!!!

          • ts

            Off the top of my head:

            Dylan Roof, Charleston
            Timothy McVeigh, Oklahoma

            • David A

              Mass violence meaning as group example being the BLM protesters who burn down cities. Your examples are pretty weak Dylan Roof was a lone wolf nutjob and OK city is suspected to be an inside job. Tons of videos out there if you care to look. Maybe you misunderstood what I was asking for: Examples of mass mob violence, not lone wolf, conducted by the right.

    • Mike R

      Gina- Jill Stein is a treasonous whack job, and will end up in prison along with Hillary before this is all over. Guaranteed. All her donations, were made courtesy of DNC campaign coffers, via flake ‘small donors’ and the way the money flowed so quickly, has crookedness written large all over it. Americans do not want anything to do with interrupting the already elected and chosen winner, Donald J Trump. Even Obama has come out against the actions of Jill Stein. She lost by such a large margin, its inconceivable that she on her own would want this to happen. So clearly the Clintons are up to their no good, evil deeds, and are the sorest of losers. Hillary has now put her own death stamp on Sessions proceeding with indictments against her, once we get past Jan 20th.

    • Mike R

      Here Gina- your violent friends on the left, are completely unworthy of judging who is ‘fit’ to be President, by their very actions of death threats against electors. Your anger and resentment and petulance is exactly the same as these folks. Its gonna eat you alive as its indicative of severe mental illness. Its time for people to grow and accept life and responsibility and stop blaming others for their own problems. Not only can Hillary NOT save you, but she won’t even be able to save herself from life in prison. She’s broken so many laws, its unfathomable that she was able to become a candidate, but all of that law breaking has come to a dead halt. These activities by the left with death threats show how her actions and those of Obamas have created monsters who are lawless, and forget that death threats are also illegal and face prosecution.

    • Frank D

      Gina, you are as wrong here as you were in predicting that Hillary would win on Nov 8. LMAO. Sorry dear, now go to your safe space. LOL.

    • Bill Howland

      Gina if the electoral college makes a ‘history making’ decision (the last big one with 6 misplaced votes I believe was 1808), there is going to be the added complication of all the MILITARY votes (absentee) being counted… If they are, then you’ll have the situation of Trump winning the electoral college (assuming we could get one that behaves itself), AND the popular vote, since I think you’d agree the majority of active duty vote for Trump.

    • WD

      Gina, is this a threat? Nasty backlash? Please expand….

  6. This sceptred Isle

    In Europe our only view of America comes through the mainstream media, TV and Hollywood. Therefore, our view of America tends to be dominated by liberal New York, Washington and California and not the big bit inbetween. I know the same applies within America but at least Americans have a ground view of what is really going on which may contradict the overwhelming liberal message in the media. People in Europe just don’t see that America is in decline (like Europe) and so cannot understand why American’s would be desperate enough to vote for someone like Trump. I have explained to people that they need to look at the Labour Participation Rate and not the rigged unemployment rate to get some idea that like much of Europe, America is in a depression.

  7. This sceptred Isle

    Austin Fitts says “here’s the thing” too many times but apart from that it was an outstanding interview. She makes a good point that America has been able to print money out of thin air which has been accepted by countries around the world in exchange for real goods. This has made America unproductive and is a problem that has festered for decades.
    Britain has a similar problem in that our North sea oil revenue is drying up (thanks to declining oil reserves and lower oil price). Successive British governments have relied on this oil and now the tide is going out it is revealing how unproductive the British economy really is.

  8. FC

    Thank you Greg and Catherine, I was beginning to think I was the only one, who could see precious metals being the new cash in a cryptocurrency world.
    “There are three types of people in this world. Firstly, there are people who make things happen. Then there are people who watch things happen. Lastly, there are people who ask, what happened?
    And I’m afraid my family and friends are the latter.

  9. This sceptred Isle

    Austin Fitts contends that money will move from the failing bond market into the stock markets, fuelling a long-term bull market. Austin Fitts asks “where else will the money go?” However:
    1) if governments default on their debts, the bond assets are wiped out (no longer exist) so there are no funds to move into stocks.
    2) if the US government decides to prop up the bond market by forcing pension funds to invest in US bonds this will be negative for equities.
    3) the stock markets are highly correlated with debt accumulation. If corporations default on debts will this not be bearish for equities?

    • Greg Hunter

      Good points Isle! Bad debt is bad debt. Greg

    • Paul ...

      And remember the Annunaki came to Earth “to mine gold” … ever think about why? … I have … it is most likely because they “couldn’t find any gold” on all the other planets in our Solar System … now how is that … for rare!!

      • This sceptred Isle

        Rightly or wrongly many ancient cultures prized gold and silver for their metaphysical as well as physical qualities. If this is to be the Asian century, the Chinese and Indian mentality will dictate global affairs to a greater extent and this is another reason to be long-term bullish on precious metals.
        Whatever the criticisms of gold it has stood the test of time and survived many cycles and transitional periods unlike some of the newer financial products that, relatively speaking, come and go in the blink of an eye.

  10. David

    Pointing to U.S. intel and military organizations as the mysterious “dark” lever behind the election outcome is ludicrous. And, if you carry gold to the border to “bribe” border guards, you’ll be stripped, tied to a light pole, and your gold will be gone.

    • Frederick

      David there were many people who escaped Nazi Germany by paying off border guards with gold and diamonds in the 30s in Europe so what you say is untrue historically

    • Paul ...

      David … If you plan on surviving when the Annunaki return … remember humans in the past only survived by mining gold for the Annunaki … forget the border guards … when the Annunaki return you will need gold to offer them to survive … those without any gold will be roasted and eaten (yes … the fable “Jack and the Bean Stalk” told us a truth … the Giants did eat us)!

      • Paul ...

        Hillary and her evil Luciferian minions with their constant rituals of human sacrifice are trying very hard to get us “accustomed” to the eating of human flesh and blood!!

        • Tin foil hat

          Have you seen this video?

          I can’t believe I have never heard of it. The incident should be as notorious as Charles Manson but it has been buried in plain sight.

          • Paul ...

            Sadly Tin … this evil is going on worldwide … and Hollywood and the degenerates there had a big part in spreading the cancer around the world … Madonna, Miley, Stern, etc., etc. have tried to make perversion and immorality “look normal”!!!

  11. JSmith


    Great interview today with Catherine Austin Fitts. However, a lot of her arguments are pure rhetorical and belief based and do not pass muster. For example:
    1. Stock market long term positive — Stocks are now about 50% overvalued (i.e., 2x their intrinsic price) and projected to have a 10 year return of about 0.0% All of the growth, and more, is already baked in.
    2. Bond market — Trump’s plan, if approved, will readily add another $4-$6 trillion to the debt. This anticipation is already provoking a bond market revolt. Rising interest rates are not net positive for equities.
    3. America 1st and the Bipolar Economy — Trump’s build it here plan also comes at a cost which is the use of higher priced American labor. That is a factor going into earnings. How does that help the stock market? The cost of an I-phone for example could go up 2x on a built it in America plan.
    4. The Federal Reserve — President elect Trump has said nothing about the Federal Reserve in his 100 day plan. The Fed has created the strong dollar illusion, a myriad of bubbles, and de facto has made American labor largely uncompetitive. Exchanges rates would have normalized years ago without them and US labor displacement would never have been this great. They are the root of our problems and impede the free market system from working. Nothing mentioned; nothing said — in the Trump plan.
    5. Infrastructure spending — Further, a trillion dollar infrastructure program sponsored by the government is not high productivity — it is pork barrel economics at work. Notably, most of the interstate highways are in good shape. The problem is that most of the road and bridge problems are local or state based (e.g., City of Manhattan). Should the people that voted for Trump be subsidizing Manhattan bridge and road re-building. We think not.
    6. Repatriation of US corporate dollars — not such a big deal. If you want to bring back money today to the USA, can be done with a currency swap. The idea that you need reform to bring the funds back to invest in the USA is specious.

    The point is that the Trump administration should be able to make some progress — however, the pivotal question is it just “marketing”/populism/surface level (e.g., infrastructure programs) and highly inflationary — or is it a deep true restructuring.

    Our view is that even Trump will not want to grapple with the Federal Reserve (shows no signs of it). Further, his big tax cut for all of us is likely DoA with a $20 trillion deficit now (i.e., this is not Reagonomics Redux).

    In short, the longer-term view is: a) Some Trump improvements, b) Stocks “wake up” eventually and go negative (like the early years of the Reagan administration), c) Gold positive (due to questions about the dollar as a reserve currency and high debt levels). Trump while in the right direction, really does not have a coherent plan to fix root cause issues — starting with the Fed. “Smart people” (i.e., productive vs slugs in the interview) as Ms. Fitt’s alludes to can certainly help — but if there is no clear view to grapple with the root cause issues discussed above — you just have populism and a level of modest improvement.


    • Chip

      JSmith, good comments. On this… The point is that the Trump administration should be able to make some progress — however, the pivotal question is it just “marketing”/populism/surface level (e.g., infrastructure programs) and highly inflationary — or is it a deep true restructuring.

      I would add that the “marketing” for infrastructure programs and maybe even increased debt has to happen before the deep true restructuring. It is impossible to turn and aircraft carrier on a dime. But making the US attractive for investment/investors is the key to begin turning the tide IMO… Chip

  12. Petedivine

    I like C.A., but think she has too much faith in a Tump Presidency. I’m hopeful things will turn around, but to assume a Presidential change will somehow fix the incredible national and global imbalances is wishful thinking. I believe her previous work in the government may Skew her outlook overtly to the positive. When I look around I see a culture of malfeasance, and the government is simply a reflection of the broader state. If we consider the corruption, market manipulation, social security imbalances, debt ratios, age of the population, educational indoctrination, North American energy debt, Euro trajectory, and I could go on and on… We have no idea what Trump will actually get done or what’s possible in four years. Lastly, when has the government ever been the solution?

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s face it Pete, Trump winning is a lot better than Hillary in the White House. If trumps does what he says with his supreme Court picks then that is totally worth it, but I think he’ll do better than that. Thank you for your comment.

  13. Jerry

    This headline says it all.

    Based on this article (which I think represents the mood of the Chinese people) I think we will see separation from the dollar before Trump takes office, or soon after. With the Yuan collapsing under the weight of propping up the dollar, and the possibility of paying an import tariff under the Trump administration, its now or never for China. As I have previously posted the PBOC is blocking any attempts to transfer funds out of their banks. These leads me to believe that the central banks in China will be forced to play their hand much sooner than they had planned for. The first step will no doubt be a gold price reset. This could culminate with a COMEX default possibly sometime on or before the Chinese new year. Just my opinion.

    • Jerry

      This is the last chart I will ever look at.

      I think if there is one thing we have learned from this past year is that everything from a Shanghai rooster down to a Durham cow is manipulated by the central banks.
      I mean everything. Everyone called it “conspiracy theory”. Then we learned in April that Deutsche Bank and a group of other banks were involved with manipulating gold prices. But before we could get over that bit of good news then along came the elections and when learned that the MSM is manipulated to.

      Collapse? What collapse? The markets are great. Everything is fine. Really? Is 1% GDP fine? Is my business losing 30% over the past four years fine? Greg, I have more foreclosure properties to sell than I have investors to buy them. Go to any city you want and drive around. Look at the number of vacant businesses that have closed their doors.

      Take another look at the Money Velocity Chart. This is a true indicator of our economic pulse. Not what the manipulated MSM publishes. The forth quarter report comes out on the 28th of December. From where I am sitting, if velocity reaches zero, the financial system will begin to seize up, and the banks will have no choice but to take evasive action.

      • Chip

        Great post Jerry, thanks for adding to the conversation. The velocity of money chart is a scary one indeed… Chip

        • Jerry

          It is my opinion that the central banks will either collapse the system or begin bailin’s before they let the system seize up and lose money since there is no government bailout this time. Zero money velocity tells me that we are reaching critical mass.

      • Jerry

        There’s that term again. “Capital Flight”.

        Yes things are great all over (sarcastic statement). I would suggest that if people are so sure that nothings going to happen and their tired of waiting for the economic collapse they should just go ahead and put ALL of their money in a bank account. Just make sure its not a bank in China.

      • Charles H


        Greece is trying to float ‘cashless’ shenanigans, with a tax on savings balances in consideration (ZeroHedge). The logical end of this direction is to outlaw everything except the “official” system – which I take to be Precious Metals. Confiscation and then outlawing possession (with total asset forfeiture if caught) is where it may go. Nothing that acts in competition to their system of control and power – as that is the real goal: not fighting crime. Their actions are the greatest crime imaginable.; though they will represent it as “saving” the people with a safety net. I am afraid the last vestiges of good or right are going to be criminalized… step by step. A crash may well serve to drive most the nation to an EBT card.

        • Jerry

          The illusion of money offered up by the central banks to continue this Ponzi scheme is getting to be a bit frayed. Thanks to the alternate media, the people are beginning to wake up, and it scares the living hell out of them. They may try and block “capital flight” but they can’t stop it.

    • This Happy Breed of Men, This England

      Not going to happen, Jerry. Your timing is ALWAYS off. I’m more inclined to agree with David Morgan’s recent quip: “Something will happen within these next four years.” LOL

      • Jerry

        This happy breed of men.
        The last post was not meant for you. It was for people who are awake and have a grip on reality. Go back to sleep.

        • This Happy Breed of Men, This England

          I’ll check in with you on Feb. 1 about this prediction. I will be proved right. While you make good points here, you should stay away from your bogus timing predictions. When will you learn? And your best retort is a childish insult?

          • Jerry

            This happy breed of men.
            Did I make a prediction? This is what I said.

            “Take another look at the Money Velocity Chart. This is a true indicator of our economic pulse. Not what the manipulated MSM publishes. The forth quarter report comes out on the 28th of December. From where I am sitting, if velocity reaches zero, the financial system will begin to seize up, and the banks will have no choice but to take evasive action. ”

            I said that fourth quarter money velocity on December 28th would be an indicator.

            But since you want a prediction and like taking cheap shots I’ll give you one. I predict since you’ve never owned a business or paid quarterly taxes in your life that when the reset comes you won’t be able to find your a** with both hands.

            • Robert Lykens

              Jerry, lol!

  14. Dan Mason

    Why does Fitts keep saying “North America”? Are we not talking about the USA? Is Fitts talking about the USA-Canada-Mexico combine? If so why? Is she a closet globalist?

    • SusyQ

      Thank you Dan for being so observant – I wondered the same thing (closet globalist) and am glad you brought it up.

    • Chip

      She’s talking about the US holding on to this hemisphere and abandoning our hegemony aspirations over Europe, the Middle East, and Far East IMO… Chip

  15. Allen

    Morning Greg,
    CAF is no doubt one of the most highly educated and interesting guest you have on a regular basis. I agree with Gina about in that the Jill Stein recount is a scam by the Clintons and all those dead and illegals will allow HC to get the WH. My wife says “no way” but I’ve just got a really bad feeling about this one, it seems to have Soros all over it.
    Thanks again for the great URL

    • Paul ...

      Your gut feeling is right Allen … sore ass (I mean Soros) is trying to start a “color revolution” right here in America (as he has successfully done in many other countries around the world)!

  16. Andrew Maggard

    Humanity has this propensity to become herd animals when humanity witnesses others falling for what individually a singular human would reject. The herd instinct is the key ingredient that would account for the eight years of decline that has occurred to this nation, compliments of Barack Obama. Who is responsible for the political singularity that is represented by Trump? Why, no other than Barack Obama and the liberal minions that surround his administration.
    Instead of anticipating further economic decline under a continuation of the Obama policies with a Hillary Clinton Administration, America is actually looking at a long term positive trend with the promotion of economic policies that will return the American Economy back to an engine of wealth and prosperity rather than a plan of socialist redistribution of declining resources. As Catherine Austin Fitts was careful to point out, a long term positive outlook but with a short term negative. To reiterate the connection to the propensity of humanity to resort to the herd instinct, the average American has now recognized the folly of following a pied piper of wealth distribution by having experienced eight years of near unbridled Socialism and wealth redistribution and the folly of its premise. America is taking action and exerting a firm resolve in the critical skill of analytical thinking in the choice of a leader for this nation. Doing so has given the people a powerful edge to act in a proper fashion to the threat posed by the Socialist jargon espoused by the likes of Barack Obama.

  17. andyb

    Good interview, Greg
    I agree with CAF, with one caveat: an “awakening” has occurred among the formerly comatose sheeple, although who can blame anyone living paycheck to paycheck. The attack on the family unit, Christianity, morals, etc culminated in the transgender bathroom issue, and that together with the obvious fake news and propaganda from the MSM throughout the Trump campaign engendered a massive push back: “I’m mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore”. That’s why Trump won and Hillary lost.

    As to the economy and the eventual implosion: the proverbial can will be kicked until it hits the brick wall. The Red Shield will not easily cede power. Paper gold is being smashed so that the elites (and more importantly the CBs) can buy it on the cheap. We will live to see $20k+ gold prices. We must fight to the end against the cashless society. It will be the penultimate step towards global totalitarian control.

  18. Diane D.

    Excellent interview. Thank you Catherine and Greg.

    “you let the productive people run things” Amen. And you can add ‘creative people’ with real life skills. If things go south, life skills will suddenly become critical again.

    We just watched Atlas Shrugged Parts 1-3 for the third time. There is so much truth in it. While my expectations of Trump are minimal I’m really enjoying the meltdown of the progressives.

  19. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    I’m getting sick of your ‘ BANANA-Republic’ :

    The Wisconsin Elections Commission has received recount
    petitions from both the Stein and De La Fuente campaigns

    Is this the way to…..???

    Regards from Europe


    • Charles H

      How interesting someone wants to count chickens before they hatch – and from Europe at that! Which “BANANA-Republic” are you referring to? The ones who won; or the ones who cry about losing?

  20. Patrick

    “assert adult supervision of the situation”
    I had to laugh because it made me think of how the Clinton supporters (snow flakes), cried like children when they realized the game was up. I even saw reports of crisis dogs brought into help them cope with their depression. Keep up the good work Greg, I hope you can make the top 10 fake news list soon. 😉

    ” When things get weird, The weird go pro” – Hunter Thomson

    • Paul ...

      Soros is also busing in his “crisis dogs” to help Hillary and her gang cope with depression by creating mayhem in the streets!!

  21. Independent

    Recount Unlikely to Change the Outcome – Armstrong

    Hillary’s people have come out joining Stein as long as she puts up the wasted money. “Now that a recount is underway, we believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million Americans who cast ballots for Hillary Clinton to participate in ongoing proceedings to ensure that an accurate vote count will be reported,” Marc Erik Elias said on behalf of her campaign.

    Here is the real bottom-line. They would need to overturn Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to change the outcome. Anything less than that would not alter the outcome. While Trump won in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, he holds a slim lead in Michigan, where a Republican presidential candidate hadn’t won since 1988, has a lead of 10,704 votes. That is far more than any recount has ever been enacted or changed the outcome. More than ten thousand is probably enough of a cushion to prevail. Trump has 290 votes to Clinton’s 232, and even if Michigan went to Clinton she still would trail, 290-248. Pennsylvania and Florida, require the vote difference between the two candidates to be less than one-half of 1 percentage point. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania conduct post-election audits, Michigan and many other states do not. In Michigan, a recount is triggered automatically if the margin is less than 2,000 votes. None of those states qualify for a recount on the numbers. There is nothing but Stein raising money claiming she will make a petition that would not change the outcome without all three states being overturned.

    Clinton now leads Trump with 2 million votes in the popular count, but a close look reveals that this is made up of just California where she had 3.7 million more votes than Trump. This is a key factor for California is typically a left-wing state with the highest level of taxation in the country. Many top celebrities have residents outside of California to beat taxes while espousing they would leave the USA if Trump won.

    Trump leads by little more than 22,000 votes in Wisconsin and 70,638 votes in Pennsylvania. Any recount must be completed by the Dec. 13 federal deadline. With this much of a lead in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, there is no chance of overturning the election. This calls into question if Stein is simply doing this to raise money. Clinton is not chipping in and just getting a free-ride. She obviously looked at the numbers and can see this is a joke especially when Wisconsin and Pennsylvania automatically conduct post-election audits. Asking for a recount is more fraud than anything else.

    I warned that this election was not over that easily. The press will continue to attack Trump for anything and everything. They are hell-bent upon destroying the fabric of the nation and will not let this go. They will be responsible for the civil unrest and ultimately the breakup of the United States. The divide is simply too great this time around. California should separate and take their socialists with them – please.

  22. shadowrising

    well, it doesnt matter if taxes are lowered or if trump gets better trade agreements. as long as we have the media controlled by the elite,we have a central bank that prints money out of thin air and we have make believe markets. nothing will change. we will just continue to have a slow decline as the elite gain more power. it will be the destruction of the human race. or if a new monetary system is introduced this country will be destroyed and they will bring us to war. there is no way out of this. everything else is just wishful thinking. people are just to dumbed down to see the big picture. ultimately it is the people that have the power,but there blind to it.

  23. Tin foil hat

    I don’t understand Fitts’ statement; “If the debt model to asset model is successful, then there will be a lot less fundamental concern for the stability of the system.”

    # 1 How can the transitioning from the debt model to asset model be bad for gold???
    # 2 How does an asset model function without the component of gold???

    She understands “Debt to equity swap” would need productivities to be successful.
    # 3 How much productivities does the global stock markets need to justify the swap of trillions dollar of debts???

    They squid have already done the debt to equity swap by super-inflated the real estate, equity and bond markets in the past 20 plus years. Gold is the only asset which they can hyperinflate without causing tremendous stress to global stability.

  24. Hatemail

    Russia preparing and warning of nuclear war if Hillary was elected had a huge impact on the American psyche. This is a fact that is not given enough credibility affecting the election.
    Trump had better not screw this up or there will be hell to pay.

  25. BobT

    Hi Greg,
    I have also tired of the negative nellies regarding President-Elect Donald John Trump. I stopped watching “Tell Lie Vision” 20 years ago. And just because Trump has been elected does not mean that the MSM (orons) will stop their propaganda. I choose to pitch my tent in the land of hope – believing is seeing (IMHO). I have attached links to two very awesome videos regarding the FACT that Donald John Trump has been chosen by God for such a time as this for the US and for the world. Believers will find that they will help them stay on track, with all of propaganda. Non-believers may not want to watch these, because the truth may just well set them free!!

    The first is 4 1/2 minutes – a very short summary of a 2011 prophecy regarding Trump.

    The second is 23 1/2 minutes with more, future prophecies regarding Trump and the direction of the US and the world.

    Greg, I am not sure about using your platform for this so post at your discretion.

    Blessings to all of the believers on USAWatchdog.

  26. BobT

    Hi Greg,

    Very good interview for sure.

    On the ground reporting here where I live – Northern part of the Appalachian Mountain Range. The coal mining industry has been decimated here the past 8 years (no surprise).

    However, the coal mining industry is already gearing up for the future. They are re-hiring for closed mines and are planning growth for new mines. Most are planning on re-opening around the first of Feb 2017. ALL because of President-Elect Donald John Trump and his plans.

  27. Gina M Mancarella

    Hmmmmm. Seems that we have thousands of uncounted Hillary votes in Wisconsin. Methinks the count is 180 degrees different once our recounting is complete. Wonder what we will find in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania……… It appears that the game was rigged against Hillary all along. We are going to find out and we will all learn that Love Trumps Hate.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Gina, Let’s find out how many millions of illegal aliens voted in this election while we are at it and disqualify them.

      • Diane

        Better yet, the DNC stole the election from Bernie in California. The California Democrat party is crooked as a dog’s hind leg.
        That and NYC should be investigated. FRAUD .

      • Macray

        “Methinks the count is 180 degrees different once our recounting is complete”.

        Ms. Gina Merdivorous Mancarella
        Methinks you are not a very edeecated troll.
        BREAKING: DEMOCRATS Get Bad News…Why PA Recount Case Won’t Be So Easy To Pull Off

        Ms. Gina Merdivorous Mancarella
        What do you think of this map???

        • Paul ...

          Macray … looking at your map below … it makes me wonder in awe about the power of Almighty God … scientists predict sea levels are going to rise and wipe out all the “evil blue areas” on your map below … and thus make it easier for us patriots to finish the job by picking off any Hillary nudists that try to flee into the red areas … it will be just like 1776 all over again …

          • Paul ...

            We have the evil ones in a pincer movement … God will work the oceans to flush them out of the blue areas and we Patriots can shoot the turkeys without clothes and put them out of their evil misery! … and as always we give thanks to God for putting more then one turkey on our plate!!

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, out here on the western front many illegals voted, and from what I gathered all for Hillary! All they have to do is register and check the box that they are a citizen and mail it in, not one has been challenged and no one is appointed to check either, the Elections Department out here are a joke. I am also informed that no one is allowed to check to see if you really are a citizen or not. My point is if you come illegally, one felony, what is another felony to keep you here by voting for Hillary, either way no charges are ever investigated and or brought.

        • Charles H


          No Rule of Law – only the Means to an End.

        • JC Davis

          Art this is one more reason I have been saying we must secure the way we vote. It has been rigged for the last 8 elections. Provable. This last attempt to grab the presidency is a sign of oligarchs in disagreement. The next stage is anarchy ,or war because they the (Oligarchy’s) fight. The world is in trouble either way. Be safe, happy and have faith in Jesus till the end.

    • Mike R

      Gina – here is some advice for you.

      You really do complain way too much about Hillary’s loss and Trump’s victory.

      In particular….. “Complaining:
      – Fosters a negative attitude. Complaining draws our attention to the negative aspects and circumstance around us. And focusing on the negatives always brings about greater negativity. Complaining never results in joy—it only sinks us deeper into our misery. (btw, by words posted here, I’m pretty sure you have sunk very deep into misery, whereby it will take a mental health professional to help you out of it)
      – Negatively impacts those around us. Complaints spread negativity. By focusing on and drawing attention to the problems and discomforts around us, we direct other people towards it too. Misery loves company.
      – It doesn’t change your circumstance. Taking action does. But complaining words by themselves do not.
      – It is highly unattractive. It is very unenjoyable to spend time around people who constantly highlight the negatives. And not only unattractive, the self-centered emphasis of complaining can be annoying as well.”

    • Frederick

      Rigged “against” Hillary? How absurd is that statement We all know it was rigged for her but they couldnt fight reality completely could they?

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      “Gina” is a pen name for a college kid putting this stuff out for a part time job, yes? That would explain the boring, predictable cliches out of a script.

  28. Jerry G

    I like much of what she says and nobody can outline the road ahead perfectly but how we get from the phony free money part to reality and build a real economy from there seems too simple in her terms. I also don’t think Catherine is very well versed or perhaps respects the massive manipulation of gold and silver that at some point in the transition will be released from much of that pressure.

    Keep up the good work Greg

  29. Tad

    I listened, and it all sounds so rational, until you realize Dick Cheney’s infamous quote, “deficits don’t matter,” is background noise, egregious in implications.

    I’m think and feeling the Reagan thing, but no matter how you cut it, deficits increased under his watch and taxes reduced for the wealthy.

    She seems reluctant to give a wholehearted gold endorsement.

    What she excluded, intentional or otherwise, was that Russia and China will at some point go to a gold standard. For any number of price -stability type reasons.

    The US can’t because the gold has largely disappeared from government vaults.

    For someone who wants an optimistic last ten to fifteen years, I think Russia, in particular, stands out.

    What Catherine is suggesting, in my opinion, doesn’t alter the end game.
    And which country in their right mind would lease the US government a few thousand tons of gold? Which country in recent memory would lease or hypothecate gold to keep the paper price down?

    Optimism, however fleeting, is measured in gold and silver.

    • Tin foil hat

      She either doesn’t understand gold or she knows the banksters would never let go of the dollar’s reserve status and return to a gold standard.
      Debt to equity swap just can’t happen since the P/E ratio is already way out there. Debt to real estate swap can’t happen either since the rent is already too high. Debt to bond swap is impossible since the interest rates are already close to negative.
      Debt to silver swap will push the price of solar panel and certain electronic components to the moon. Debt to gold swap will return gold to its monetary role. Gold is the only asset which they can hyperinflate without causing global economic instability.

      • Pinocchio

        In James Rickards’s word: “All you have to do is to set the gold price right”. Hugo Salinas Price and Egon von Greyerz also said something like that but I can not recall.

        • Tin foil hat

          Gold is the only asset which can mop up the excess liquidity without causing massive out of control inflation.
          The only problem is that the moment all the (unpayable) debts swap into physical gold, gold will most likely become the de facto global reserve money. The squids will not be able to manipulate prices of the commodities, including gold, in the paper commodity futures market with their funny money (unpayable debt) any more.

  30. Gina M Mancarella

    Just keep in mind and know that if the nice civilized way doesnt work by way of recount, then there are millions upon millions of soldiers and warriors ready to fight for Hillary’s rightful position in Washington. As Jay Z and Rhianna sang for us the anthem, We are Roc NATION and we gonna rule this town tonight. The Alt-Right has no say in this. You will see in a couple months.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you are proposing violence to get your way that is against the will of the people? This is sick and very undemocratic. Please go to the front of the line and lead the charge.

    • Teeter

      lmao, yah, the same soldiers and warriors who cry when someone says the word TRUMP, the same buttercups who need SAFE zones, thanks for the good laugh.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      WE propose permanent imprisonment of all deplorables at the sites that have already been constructed. These are haters, racists and selfish nazis that need to be contained to a jail cell. We need to cut down their propaganda machine and complete the job. Be it resolved that all narrow minded haters be confined indefinitely. Amen ?

      • Greg Hunter

        You know the Democrat Party (socialists) is the party of slavery, KKK (Senator Robert Byrd, WV), and now a version of “The National Socialist German Workers’ Party,” otherwise know as the Nazi Party. What an evolution in just one election cycle!!! You need to change your troll name to “Ava.” You are not scaring us here, you are just revealing your true tactics and goals. It is sickening, but I post most of your comments as they are educational and revealing in a negative sort of way.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          “The future of Mankind, for the Socialist, is simple: pull down the existing order and allow the future (and chaos) to emerge.” Rodger Scruton

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          Amen, Greg!

      • Paul ...

        So Gina … you are going to take the place of God here on Earth?? … we don’t have to wait for God to permanently imprison all the evil ones in Hell!! … Amen to that … but don’t expect me to begin to pray and worship you and your “wingless” naked brethren!!!

      • Wishful Thinking...

        Its about time that you regress and take the coveted journey to pleasure island with little Billy & Killary .

        They can take turns with you then Killary can turn around & publicly shame you for tempting her oh-so perfect hubby. Then they will jointly, add your name to the top-5 of the Clinton Kill List.

        I bet Vince foster thought he was safe being a loyal and trusted friend of the bull-dyke (alleged) Killary.

      • Bart

        You sound like you hate white people.

        • Greg Hunter

          She hates all people that love freedom and the US Constitution.

      • JC Davis

        Gina who would be left to feed you and yours? With no republican’s the country would starve to death.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          They would all be drafted to fight for Oil and Gas…the Ivy League colleges, complete with their slave ship endowments, will be empty….all gone soldiering for the empire of the Globalcrats. Their chatter is Globaloney…new word going around…cute, huh?

          • JC Davis

            DJ. I like it.

        • Robert Lykens

          JC, exactly right. If the liberals seceded into another “nation”, within a year they’d be climbing the walls, trying to get back into our nation.

    • Darnell Coles

      Gina I feel you. For decades, we told white people No Justice No Peace but now we have finally had it. We’ve had it ! We are grabbing our swords, shields and guns and marching forward now (figuratively speaking). Unstoppable ! Unrelenting ! We will not give up ! We will not surrender ! Only Victory ! Go Hillary ! Love Trumps Hate ! We’re stronger together ! STRONGER TOGETHER !

      • Paul ...

        Oh oh Gina … Darnell “feels you” … he is unstoppable … unrelenting … feel his power … and grow STRONGER TOGETHER!!! … then sore ass (Soros) will provide all the grease (ammo) you need for your next orgies that will entail blood and human sacrifice … go ahead and fill the streets with your perverted love … and see what Trump hate of evil really means!!

  31. Glenn MacConnell

    Greg, You are still my Hero in honest reporting, is there a possibility of having on Dr. Jim Willie? Forget Bo Polny please. I vote that 90 % of the people that are on your shows are with the most intelligence. Haven’t heard from Holter or Mannarino in awhile, get these people in play. Gerald Celente is fair, but not too bad. How about James Turk? Cliff High is a genius of the time.

    Best Regards,

  32. al Hall

    Greg: Knowing her background and how the elite’s work from all sides of the agenda–

    “I DO NOT TRUST THIS WOMAN” She was part of the inside group. Once there it’s very hard to get out- without being killed! She knows to much.

    It’s the way she says certain things?

  33. Sherrie

    100% those in media deserve to be held accountable for their lies, every bit as much as those in government who have been involved in unconstitutional acts of destruction against not only our country but the world.

    Thank you for another great interview.

  34. Lake M

    As always CAF provides some rays of hope for our future. Her theory, where
    we stumble along and the super elite suddenly out of the goodness of their hearts join together and assist in their own wealth destruction to rescue the middle class and we all live happily ever after is doubtful. It is likely they will strongly resist wealth redistribution.

    When the ponzi tears apart, the taxpayer will be the bag holder, holding a basketful of depreciated bonds. The financial elite will end up with the inflated equity assets. The wealth gap will grow larger and less equitable.

    CAF mentions corporate cash being held offshore returning home. A lot of hype exists over this topic. Ask how likely it is… that corporations will use the repatriated funds to buyback more stock, pay out more dividends and spend a bit of CAPEX to keep the critics at bay. Pretty likely.

    In-country corporate CAPEX will most likely be spent on productivity increases such as IoT… the Internet of Things, not on new factories that create $35 hr jobs for middle class folks with 103 IQ’s. It means machines with artificial intelligence displacing workers on an even larger scale. It becomes the dystopian world we should fear.. The elite can run their world with much less labor participation by humans. An example is the stock market where machines have displaced humans.. The Oligopolists will rapidly continue to seek out this technology. Autonomous driving technology is IoT and the next big push. Vehicles interacting with each other as they occupy space on the highway. Billions are flowing into this technology, which is anti human and super beneficial to the oligarch owners of the world. Watch out transportation workers. Oligarchs have even
    bought out major media outlets to function as propaganda agents to perpetuate
    their plans. Bezos and WPost is a fine example. They did not ask if autonomous driving technology was wanted by the folks… no.. it will be forced upon us. And the WP will tell us how good we should feel because of it.

    Political rhetoric sounds good but as David Stockman says, you cannot solve an excess debt problem by adding on more debt. Mr. Trump would do well to appoint this man
    to run the Treasury. Then there might be a bit of real hope to alter the inevitable crash we are facing. If its just another Wall St. guy, nothing good will result.

    Meanwhile we wait and watch as history unfolds itself.

  35. Kip

    Trump is not going to turn anything around and if he’s involved in pressuring Israel on the peace
    Agreement that will not bode well for America.
    The cabinet members he has suggested are Vatican controlled neo- cons. You can expect more deficits more wars more poverty and the biggest economic crash the world has ever seen. Obummer said reality will hit trump and stop his policies from going forward. The powers to be know what’s going to happen because they control both sides. The globalist agenda will continue on
    As planned

    • Greg Hunter

      Lighten up and be a little more positive. I think he made Mike Huckabee as the Ambassador. You could not get a more pro Israel supporter.

      • Kip

        Positive thinking doesn’t change the facts, I will say Trump has promised some wonderful things and I sincerely hope he follows through on those, but after researching his prospects for cabinet members they are neo-cons as well as Mr Huckabee. When Mike ran for president he had Richard Haas as his foreign policy advisor. Richard Haas is CFR, globalist government.
        Zachariah 14- Joel 3 declares Jerusalem will be divided during the time of Jacobs trouble. Trump is all in on the peace agreement with his son in law. I am very skeptical Donald Trump is going to restore America to Greatness while messing with the Apple of God’s eye.

        • Greg Hunter

          Well let’s see what he does in office. He’s not even sworn in and you are already calling him a failure. Never give up.

  36. Texas Citizen

    Optimism has been in short supply.
    How refreshing indeed.
    Trump needed our vote, now he needs our prayers.

    • Kerry

      Texas Citizen-
      Welcome! Nice to have a fellow Texan show up here!

  37. ConcernedAmericanDad

    ‘can’t even finish this one. SNAP- everything’s good now. All this talking in circles is a waste.

    • Robert Lykens

      Come on CAD, chew up the meat and spit out the bones.

  38. Tracy Welborn

    So, if the US continues to print and borrow money at this pace our currency will collapse. If we fail to continue printing and borrowing money our economy will collapse. Heck, if we don’t increase the rate at which we are printing and borrowing money in an exponential manner, our economy will collapse. I hear Ms. Fitts talk about moving from a debt base model into an equity based model but I don’t really understand what that looks like in the real world. Does anyone else understand that? Do the bondholders of US debt understand that? I’m an accountant, we talk in debits and credits. Does anyone understand what she’s saying is going to happen to the debt? It’s exists on balance sheets all over the world – it can’t just “go away” and you can’t just call money equity without a corresponding asset. I love Ms. Fitts, one of the best on this show. I just don’t get it.

  39. antonius aquinas

    New article:


  40. DLC

    MSM in a nutshell.

    • Southern Girl

      Thanks I needed the laugh!

  41. Dan

    I’m sure you noticed that hasn’t appeared on these main “fake news” lists. Personally, I think yours is the one site they could not afford to “expose”, as if any of the brain-dead masses were to stumble upon your site, they would easily get enlightened, especially given your clear straight-talk take on the real facts in your weekly wrap-ups and the like with the best expert guests you have on. The masses would convert to Usawatchdog like they did over the past millennia towards Christianity. Keep up the outstanding work; you’re our rock and modern-day savior. God Bless you!
    – Sincerely, Dan

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan you are very kind. I think the real “fake news” is the Washington Post and the rest of the MSM. It is certainly not InfoWars, Breitbart, ZeroHedge, Drudge and all the rest falsely accused sites of being “fake.”

      • Diane

        Well, USA Watchdog is certainly not fake news.
        Unless comments by our local snowflake. GINA.
        She’s as fake/flake as it gets.
        But we love her….comic relief.

        • Paul ...

          Washington pedophiles probably raped Gina when she was 8 years old and used her as a “toy” for their demented sexual pleasure … now that she is grown up she is being used to advance her handlers evil agenda … so she must march down American streets completely naked (or perhaps holding a mirror), Madonna must promise blow jobs and Miley Cyrus even more … in order to give the American public a message … that immorality rules this nation … and to make it “normal” in the eyes of the public that killing babies and then eating their flesh and drinking their blood is nothing unusual ! … this evil Satanic sickness will not stand in our Nation … and is why we elected Trump … we must put an end to this pure “depraved beyond comprehension” evil!!

    • Tracy Welborn

      I think the biggest reason for USAWatchdog not being included in the list is Greg’s resume. ABC, CNN – he’s like a “real” journalist. So, no, they can’t include him in the list.

  42. Dan

    What nobody seems to be directly addressing is the need to abolish Fed. Absolute crickets. I’m surprised a woman as smart as CAF isn’t even mentioning this (all she says is that it should be the end of the debt model). Unless the Fed is abolished (and not allowed to be re-born in similar form), everything else is pretty much pointless, as the Fed and fake money is the ROOT of all the problems. Why people aren’t’ getting and discussing this is beyond me. Depressing.

    • Chip

      Because they don’t want to be JFK’d… Chip

      • Charles H

        Bingo, Chip.

    • Linda L.

      Reading these posts and thought sometime back that many agreed that the so called “Gina” gal would be ignored so as not to fuel her/his flame. After all, this person hasn’t been correct about anything so why give all the energy to a troll/plant? What a waste of time.

  43. DLC

    For Gina.

  44. DLC

    Get the irony, Gina?

  45. DR

    Thank you for all your efforts! Is there some way that you can initiate a criminal complaint against this “Gina” creep for having made threats of violence against those of us behaving peacefully while exercising our First Amendment rights? All leftists are bullies, and like all bullies, they quickly fold when someone stands up to them. Thanks!

  46. oneno

    caf made comments warning PMs were not necessarily a slam dunk if the empire stepped back from global conquest and focused on rebuilding and strengthenning it’s base.

    Has caf had a chance to read the latest edition of Jim Willie’s HAT TRICK LETTER summarised here.

  47. oneno

    caf for president in 2021

    caf, can you please commit to the following so that you can become president in 2017?

    1. 45 miutes of biking at the two ends of each day rain or shine
    2. Stay away from bisphenol-A lined canned food and beverages including bottled water.
    3. Use a gravity feed water filter, to clean your drinking water and water used to prepare meals, that removes contaminents such as fluoride, arsenic, metals, pharmaceuticals, bilogical contaminants, glyphosate, nitrides, radiation, …

    When you become president, can you appoint Jim Wilie as your VP?

  48. Charles H


    Two factions – one to sacrifice the country for the sake of the Empire
    – the other the country willing to sacrifice the Empire that would destroy
    This describes the ideological divide – Trump will not fix.
    The Navy cannot protect the Dollar doing Transgender training… (moral collapse)
    The Intelligence Agencies trying to insert adult supervision? No spiritual allegory here.
    What does Pizzagate represent? Satanic perversion and influence at the highest
    “You do not start a war you can’t win.” Well, Yeah! Sanity versus Liar’s un-reality. CAF is being forthright and correct.
    The Double-down Nasty MSM – part of the Empire: is declaring war on the David of alternative media. Stefan Molyneux speaks to the point that the bullets with our name on them are always loaded first with words. The man is not always right: but on this statement – he is not far wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well lets pray for him anyway and not give up. Thank you Charles.

      • Charles H

        Oh, yes – Greg. We are to pray for our leaders; even those who we despise. No giving up here.

      • JC Davis

        Greg have you ever had Stefan Molyneux for a interview ? Smart guy, and somewhat easy to reach.

  49. John Tipping

    tampering with the votes & THEN recounting them … ?

      • Arthur Barnes

        He would not have won the popular vote in California if it was not for the illegal Mexicans and others minorities who registered and claimed on the application they were a U.S. Citizen, no one checks, there is no requirement to go to the elections office and prove ones citizenship, they simply send you out a absentee ballot or give you the polling place to vote on election day. Its easy to defraud the elections department, and the elections office knows what is going on but are retrained by their superiors and or their political correctness to stop it (felonies in progress). This is part of the “rigging” that Trump claims happened, and, in fact out here on the Western Front its in the hundred of thousands just like how Chicago’s dead come alive and vote for the Demogods when needed. Can you say “got banana republic”.

        • Charles H

          True, and well stated, Art. IF only LEGAL voters had cast ballots in the election: it was a landslide; AND likely California would have gone to Trump.

    • JC Davis

      John I think Trumps people found the rigged game and reversed it on Hillary.

  50. Robert Lykens

    The invasion of Israel which is foretold in the Bible has moved another major step toward fulfillment.
    The Bible names the invading armies, which will be under the umbrella of Russia’s authority. One of the armies is that of Libya. Russia and Libya have now cozied up to each other:

    “New Putin move to win a military base in Libya”

    My warning remains the same: when you see a coalition of nations under Russia ready to invade Israel from the north, get away from cities and other likely nuclear targets.

    Ezekiel 38, 39

    • JC Davis

      Robert, who would be the red horse in Rev 6. I am thinking China. Of course I am just a little man in a garage lol.

      • Robert Lykens

        JC, the four riders on their horses are spirits. As you know, the apostle John was seeing what was happening in heaven. As the spirit on the red horse goes forth, war breaks out on earth.
        Revelation 6:8 says that in the days of the four horsemen, 1/4 of earth’s population will die.

        • JC Davis

          Well that clears up some thoughts for me. So many teachings about revelations. thanks.

    • Paul ...

      Israel’s neocon leaders have put the Israeli nation under threat of nuclear annihilation … nice job you idiot neocons … you could have made a deal with Russia years ago to jointly develop your gas fields … instead you join up with the evil Saudi’s to take out Syria so you could invade Iran without worry about attack from the north … and what have you achieved? … you are now completely surrounded by enemies … go figure??!

  51. Russ McMeans

    Remember Catherine is a business woman first. Nothing wrong with that! We love her excellent insights into all things financial and Political. Thank you Greg for rooting her out from her cool tower.
    Btw: it doesn’t matter if precious metals are ‘up’ or ‘down’. i.e.: for us Americans our dollar buys more or less. If gold goes to the moon then 10 bucks won’t buy a loaf of bread. Get it? So it doesn’t matter. Own both. But if you can own the bakery; even better.

  52. Russ McMeans

    It’s fun to watch the Donald out- maneuver everyone!
    I have been enjoying this for a year now. And I’m glad Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham got on board early on…. Mark Levin got bitter, but I’ll give him a pass. He helped Ted Cruz become Senator of TX. God bless them both. Hope Ted makes his way in Trump cabinet. But not Romney. I can’t see him not being tempted to work against Trump. Remember Romney has a lot of money too. He’s a threat.

  53. Gina M Mancarella, You should be afraid. Very Afraid.

    Jay Z and Rie Rie gave you a glimpse of what is to come. The angry mob is assembling now. Hands in the angry and ready to do battle.

    • Greg Hunter

      We are not afraid of some singers or some small paid mob. The rule of law and God the Father will prevail as it already has. Go away. with your stupid music videos.

    • Kerry

      Fair warning: Don’t come to my neighborhood in Texas. Just sayin….

    • Mike R

      Gina- just as the Wisconsin election officials said here, there is no voting fraud in WI. Its impossible for anyone to have ‘hacked’ any voting machines, since they arent connected to the internet. If any illegals did vote, they will likely catch that if they haven’t already, which would more than likely mean those were DNC votes that will be sub-tracted from Hillary’s totals. So its over Gina. Trump won. Fair and square.
      If some bonehead like Ms Stein wants a recount and people are stupid enough to pay for it, then WI will likely oblige the best they can, but it changes nothing. Trump won !
      Repeat after me. “TRUMP WON !”. Isn’t that just such sweet music to your ears ?!?!

    • Mike R

      Now the democrats are simply eating each other over this ‘franken’-Stein recount mess.
      Poor Gina.

      • Paul ...

        Mike R … Gina is probably counting on the “Death Threats” to the electoral college to switch enough of their votes to Hillary … this is the way the naked turkey’s do battle … perhaps we should dump all theose turkey feathers left over from Thanksgiving on them to cover their sorry asses!!

    • Jerry

      Gina, Gina, Gina.
      Who do you think the basket of misfit toys are? Most of my friends that voted for Trump are former military personnel who served multiple tours in Iraq. They are not jug headed fist pumpers like your ilk. I would advise you to have your final plans in place before you come to my neck of the woods and start something.

    • Paul ...

      Hey Gina … why don’t you write us your own personal sad story … of how you were used as a little girl “as a sex toy” by evil deviated Washington pedophiles … and how you still get to perform for free at all Washington DC functions (or should I say Washington AC functions as they go both ways)!!

    • WD


      Was this done before or after Kayne went into hospital for nervous breakdown?
      Or did Rihanna willingly hook up with another man that is constantly beating her up?

      I am not afraid of these people, this is why we have a 2nd amendment and I have a firearm.

  54. Bill

    HEY GINA; Once upon a time, a few months ago, you stated in one of your posts Killary would win, and you were so sure of that, you would go away if she lost. Why are you still here????

    • JC Davis

      Greg will you post Bills question under automatic for ever Gina comment.

    • Rodster

      Because you guys keep feeding the troll.

  55. Dan

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

    Thomas Jefferson

    “Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks United States are Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man’s throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislatures; there are those who maintain International propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime.”

    Congressman Louis T. McFadden – served as Chairman of the United States House Committee on Banking and Currency during the Sixty-sixth through Seventy-first Congresses, or 1920-1931

    NOTHING meaningful CAN change until the MONEY HONEYS’ tables are overturned, their asses shot to pieces, and their minions crushed beneath our feet.



  56. Alanon

    So if i understand her correctly we should be in the stock market (equities) with a possible 25% pull back. and have a little physical PMs to bribe the guards. So basically we should have just kept everything except a small amount of physical PM in the stock market and road it out just like most every financial advisory recommended and that we were told not to listen to. Did I misunderstand her?

  57. Rock

    Another great interview. I agree with those that found it curious that CAF never once referred to the United States, but instead always said “North America”. Petraus once said in an interview when asked “what comes after the fall of the USA?”, … North America.
    Is Catherine a NWO globalist too?

  58. Steven

    The only way you can think like this is to ignore debt and growing entitlements. When you add interest, social security, medicaid, and medicare you are at 54% of government spending. Increasing healthcare costs and rising interest rates will doom the USA no matter what Trump does. The problem is these costs are growing exponentially and there is no way to stop it without a reset and millions getting financially slaughtered. They will print to the moon and the stock market might continue to go up but it will be in dollars worth less and less each day…

    • JC Davis

      Steven. Comment of the YEAR !

    • JC Davis

      Steven can I copy and paste your comment on my FB wall ?

      • Steven

        Feel free to paste away, hopefully I am wrong and math doesn’t matter in today’s world…

  59. Kip
    I’m afraid The new world order isn’t going away it’s going to get worse. The scriptures declare at the time of the end there would be a world government established ( 7 heads of state) 10 horns or economic regions. The God of this world has blinded the eyes of them that see not.

    • WD


      Have faith, remember if you are going to declare war on Satan, you will have to draft the soldiers in your army from hell…just saying.

      Like hiring a hacker to test your web security….

  60. Doc Casull

    Dear Greg,

    You are the number one resource with CAB and the originator of content from Warren Pollack. (Look forward to his outlook post TRUMP victory.) Bravo! You mention InfoWars frequently and really should go on the show. You bring authority to the story about leaving a Fake News Outlet and can speak to world financial affairs. Maybe you could host the fourth hour periodically. Alex Jones has Anthony Cumia & Roger Stone working that fourth hour, and you would be a natural fit. Seriously! Reach out. It will triple the viewership of USA Watchdog. Believe me… Doc

  61. NC Gal

    A friend just called my attention to something the House has done by bypassing the usual rules: You can see the text and status of the bill at If the article is correct, the rules were bypassed to push this no-fly zone in Syria through, similar to how the Federal Reserve bypassed Congress on Jekyll Island in 1913. The warmongers just won’t give up!

    The Senate still has to pass it. I hope they don’t.

    • NC Gal

      I forgot to call your attention to the headline about the media being silent on this.

  62. Westen

    Gina why don’t you talk to one of are men and women who sacrificed for your freedom to be able to post your ridiculous comments who have had there buddies blood blow all over them how they feel about hillary shove this up your pie hole I’m so sick of your ridiculous comments go somewhere else you crazy ridiculous uneducated person

  63. Bob from mo.

    Gina !! Enemas, do work you know…. Try it!

  64. Jerry

    The dollar selloff is beginning to pick up speed.

    As I have posted for the past several months, the constant pressure created by stealth QE from the Federal Reserve Bank to prop up the dollar, has put global currencies (specifically the RMB) in a state of economic turmoil. In my opinion, should this last ditch effort to stop the slide of the Yuan fail, you will see China and the BRIC nations begin proceedings to sever its financial ties with the dollar to avoid economic disaster. There is only so many dollars they can sell, and so many times they can devalue their own currencies to stay pegged to the dollar before they have reach critical mass. Unlike us they don’t have the option to print or borrow money.

    Am I making a prediction? No. Just an observation. But I would caution your readers that the Chinese already have an alternative exchange system in place, so the transition will be sudden and deliberate should they decide to exercise this option.

    • Jerry

      Deutsche Bank is on the ropes as selloff continues.

      • Kim

        Thank you for posting these informative articles. Sundays vote for Italy to possibly reform its constitution will be very interesting.

        Gregory Mannarino posted in his Vlog that we are already in a cashless society, which I thought was very insightful.

        The internet has changed our world. Its as if we are all in an adjustment phase to a new normal, especially in the social and financial sectors. Good to know PM will always have value!

      • MSimon

        You don’t prop up a currency by QE. You prop it up by removing it from the market.

        All that China proves is that they are debasing their currency faster than the FED can debase ours.

        • Greg Hunter


          Really? Let’s shut down the trading desk at the fed and see what happens. No more any printing or manipulation.


          • MSimon

            Well let us assume you are correct. Venezuela should have the strongest currency in the world. They are increasing the amount of it by leaps.

            You increase the value of a currency by reducing the amount in circulation.

            In fact it is one way of increasing the value of anything. Reduce the amount available. A look at most any demand curve would show this.

            If you would point me to some article contrary to that I would be obliged. If it was written by an economist and generally applicable that would be even better.

    • Robert Lykens

      Thanks Jerry, your posts are always interesting and helpful.

  65. francis m reps

    Thank goodness for Ms. Fitts. She is not of the mindset of Joseph Conrad. We need more people who have the attitude that ; ” With all this Scheisse; there must be a pony around “. Our lives are finite , and without hope ; we would despair to the point of doing nothing. Trump is another manifestation of that hope and Ms. Fitts also lets us glance toward a better future. I believe the Man Upstairs will set a few things right too.. Don’t criticize her for her omissions { she cannot cover everything in one interview } but celebrate her for her unique way of re stating the obvious ; which many of us would be missing if she had not spoken.

  66. Robert Lykens

    ‘O Allah, Kill the Despicable Christians’: Muslim Persecution of Christians, August 2016

    Naw, it’s not “islamic terror”! You’re just an islamophobe!

  67. WD


    I know it may not be a big deal but Gina seems hell bent on making open threats to your subscribers….Would it be possible to ban “her” from your site?


    • Greg Hunter

      I only out tis crap from Gina up as a window on the troll talk and thought shaping. “Gina” is being directed and paid and it is a window on what thoughts they want to propel. This is the only reason why I post it.

      • Jerry

        I’m firmly convinced that Gina’s ponytail has cut off circulation to her brain after her last post. Isn’t it grand how she went from sunshine and rainbows for Hillary to death threats in just a matter of weeks? These progressive socialist are total hypocrites.

    • 8Ball

      Gina is an annoyance and a distraction from serious commenting… IF she is an actual person then she no doubt has some mental health issues or as others have said: She is paid to come here and disrupt the narrative. She’s doing a good job of it… USAWD would do well to be rid of her.

  68. WD

    Got it


  69. David

    You may be able to call Trump a lot of things, but “stupid” isn’t one of them. Trump wants to push through major infrastructure projects (roads, bridges, airport upgrades, etc.), and who does he select to be DOT Secretary? None other than Elaine Chao! And who does she share a bed with? None other than Majority Leader Mitch McConnell!

    It would be impossible for a department secretary to get face time with the Senate Majority Leader on a regular basis. No matter what you think of Trump, you have to give him credit for being clever…

  70. Macray

    BBC News Caught Staging FAKE News Chemical Attack In Syria

    Gina Merdivorous Mancarella,

  71. coalburner

    Thanks McCray; Good stuff. I never believed Syria would do a gas attack. Hillery gave the gas from Lybia to ISIS forerunner. Of course like everything she and Obummer did, it backfired on them. But Syria would not have “triggered Obama” the war monger. If Obama wanted Assad dead, he should have just done it without blabbing off his big mouth. The strategy of a spoiled teenager is wat he used “blah, blah,Blah). Instead he and Hillery have caused the death and maiming and displacement of untold millions. Not counting the deaths happening and many more to come in the USA from muslims they are still bringing to America. GO, GO, GO TRUMP!

  72. Mark Tipping

    Hi Greg,
    let’s look at vote rigging FOR Hillary in ALL it’s aspects …
    let’s EXAMINE it in detail

  73. Oxfarmer

    Some Watchdoggers seem to enjoy sparring with Gina. But Gina has soaked up about a third of the comments, when we could be talking about realities.

    I suggest next time Gina posts, ignore her. No jibes, no attempts to reason, just the usual interesting Watchdogger comments on issues brought out in the interview.

    My take on Pizzagate is that it is all real. What happened to Assange’s last promised dump? Where is he and why is the only Proof of Life a phone call, when if he was ok at the Ecuadoran embassy, he can’ t just peek out the window? I think the last would affect so many politicians that the swamp would drain itself by several feet. Surely Wikileaks has a remote server. Something wicked this way comes
    Forget Gina.

  74. WD

    Just saw an online article showing online hits on Alex Jones/Info Wars have soared a few thousand percent….amazing it looks like many more of us want get that “fake news” as well.

    • Greg Hunter

      What do I have to do to get on the list???

      • WD

        It was a story that was just about him and Info wars…it wasn’t very long and not overly complementary. It is a newspaper web site…I thought I linked it.
        It was a “soft” warning to all of us who can’t think for ourselves and that there are these “questionable” websites out there.
        They showed graphs of his web and you tube hits. It pointed out that he has easily surpassed CNN when all things are considered.

  75. Oxfarmer

    Greg…all of us tell three friends to try Watchdog.

  76. DR

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you so much for your tireless efforts as a truth-seeker. I have 3 quick comments:
    1. Sean over at has alot of info on the worldwide satanic child sex-trafficking racket – it’s real and has been covered up for decades. FWIW, Keynes was a homosexual pedophile.
    2. Karl over at has written extensively on the essential need to break up the medical monopolies before that racket destroys our country.
    3. Have you considered trying to interview Julian Assange on your show? Assuming he is still alive and hasn’t been renditioned to some cia dark prison, which I think is quite possible.

  77. Marina Orlando

    Catherine didn’t even mention whether she was bent out of shape or not that Trump is NOW withdrawing his voice to hire a special prosecutor in relation to Hillary Clinton. I was surprised this question wasn’t asked. In a previous interview, that was the catalyst of change for her to vote for Trump. Don’t get me wrong, I voted for Trump but this has become a question among many on why did this get pledge get dropped. This question was also not asked during her most recent inteview. Inquiring minds want to know.

  78. MSimon

    I’m surprised you have not covered Fitts’ posts on Narco Dollars.

    The giant slush fund that keeps the system solvent (barely).

    Her video where she asks (approximately) “Would you quit abusing the victims of the narco war if it meant your 401K tanked?” Is a classic.

    The response she got (98%) was “keep abusing them” .

    BTW the group she asked was religious/moral. Which just goes to show you the depths of our debasement.

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