Smollett Distraction, Trump Coup Confirmed, Economy Tanking

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 372, 2.22.19)

Jussie Smollett may be a liar, but he certainly is a huge distraction for the real stories that should be getting coverage. The only reason why the Left is trashing Smollett now is he screwed up the false narrative of racism from MAGA voters.

The real story that was revealed is the total confirmation of the Russian hoax and failed coup by none other than former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe on national television. CBS did an “accidental public service” by exposing what a former top federal prosecutor says is “sedition and subversion against the President of the United States.” Many top Obama Administration officials are going to jail over this crime, and do not think otherwise. This is the biggest treason perpetrated on a duly elected President in history.

The economy is tanking. You can see it in a number of metrics. Car sales, home sales, new orders are all turning down. The only question is when will the Fed start a new round of money printing to save the day?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Martin Armstrong from Armstrong Economics will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. Last time he was here, he said the economy would thrive because of economic moves Trump was taking. What will he say is coming now? Find out Sunday.

Dave Janda, host of  Operation Freedom (2pm to 5 pm Eastern time) , will be doing a deep dive on the border wall funding and why the recent bill President Trump signed will increase child trafficking.   Yes, that’s right, increase child trafficking!!  It is not negated in Trump’s signing statement, and Dr. Janda will have legal experts on to explain.  Don’t miss this show!!!

Finally, USAW friend and regular guest Rob Kirby is in the hospital in the intensive care unit battling a pulmonary issue with his heart and lungs.  Please pray for his speedy recovery.


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  1. Anthony Australia

    Yet another MSM article about Australia’s gold that makes the mind boggle.

    • Ray

      Yep, absolutely correct you are.
      I saw the article today as well in the Sydney Morning Herald (notice they have puff pieces everyday from The Washington Post??……that says a lot right there.
      But think ye on this further…… it possible to boggle the mind of a sheep?
      I think not…….and that is exactly what the Australian public have been turned into…..Reality TV, celebrity obsessed Sheep.
      Canberra, Sheep Herded Nation.

    • TSI

      Yes we will look after your gold for you. 😉

      • William Stanley

        My last Ex was looking after my gold(card) for awhile.
        “She carelessly let someone “borrow” it — sort of like leasing gold. People asked why I didn’t cancel it. I told them it was because whoever did it was charging less each month.”

        • DB Cooper

          WS, With kind regards … but it does beg the question in one’s mind … how many exxes are we talking of ?? No offense intended, Yours in queer humor !! DB
          PS, That is not to be construed as homosexual humor or any sort of sexually deviant slant !!

          • William Stanley

            Just a couple of ex wives and a couple of ex long-term girlfriends. Nothing exotic. They mostly just got bored and moved on.
            I’ve had a couple of faithful dogs over the years, though.

    • Danielle Theman

      The audit terms are weird to say the least. AUS has to give ENG months notice of an audit and provide a convenient sample of serial numbers to check against…not complete.

      This sort of “leasing” helps manipulate the global gold markets…make it seem like there’s more than there actually is.

    • paul ...

      I guess we Americans should not feel so ripped off that our Fort Knox gold was stolen by a bunch of crooks … as Australia’s gold is also gone!!
      You know … it would be insane for Americans (except for Gina) to worship at the alter of Hillary and Bill after these crooks stole all our gold … the same way it’s insane to worship at the “alter of perverted pedophiles” (in Catholic, Protestant or Muslim religious centers around the world) who take in our offerings on the promise that we will get our reward “tomorrow” … this is probably why more and more people are turning into atheists seeing as how these perverted pedophile religious leaders are operating (like Ponzi schemers offering us our reward tomorrow while they take in the cash today) … so people are leaving the churches and becoming atheistic commies by the millions … and are now demanding their reward “now” (even if the money has to be printed out of thin air) which is going to destroy our American economy … these Demon-rat commie atheists no longer want to wait for the promise of reward after life … they want their reward now (they want to live the good life now just like the elite crooks) … so we “non-commie” Patriots must buy gold and silver (because we know all that printed money “out of thin air” is going to cause massive inflation) … but the criminal elite don’t want to even reward the religious people (while they are alive) … so they create Ponzi Protection Team’s to make sure gold and silver “never rise” … they have their many shills tell the patriots … don’t worry … you will get your reward tomorrow … or next week … or likely next year, etc, etc. … while they quickly add more poison to our food, water and air “to kill us off” before we can ever collect our reward in this life!!

      • DB Cooper

        Paul, “Except Gina” … perfect !! Yours DB.

    • Donald

      Yep, Australia’s gold is so safe, no one can see it, touch it or move it. Not even Australia. So no need to worry at all. But one has to wonder if Australia is still paying storage fees…

      And by the way, anyone who wants gold, 10 tonnes, 100 tonnes, 1000 tonnes, 100,000 tonnes, a trillion tonnes??? What ever amount you care to buy, why the LBMA will get it for you, and better yet, your trade will have no impact on the market… Just don’t ask to see it or have it delivered cause its in a secret place that NO ONE can get to. Its there to keep it safe from all the bad guys out there. This is ALL for your benefit, no one else… lol….

  2. Rory Altair

    Judge fires back at Roger Stone after controversial post

  3. June Bug

    President Trump’s Memorable Moments

  4. Rory Altair
    Snow comes to L.A., with powder in Malibu and Pasadena, while winter weather closes Grapevine

    • Freebrezer

      Thank G_D for global warming otherwise it would be really, really cold with even more snow fall. Just look at how far above average the snow fall is for the Northern hemisphere … … If not for man made Global warming the Northern Hemisphere would be really, really buried in snow … I guess Al Gore was right ( By the way, he did get a Nobel prize) – we would not be seeing any more snow! Man has to stop producing CO2 before the whole earth is buried in snow which I guess is caused by man made global warming.

      • William Stanley

        All Gore has gotten so fat that it now takes 5,000 more pounds of fuel to fly him to each the conferences that he attends in order to complain about CO2. No joke . . . it’s an inconvenient truth.

        • paul ...

          Wonder if Bill and Hillary’s many jaunts to Jeffery Epstein’s Lolita Island to be sex-ecuted was to take some weight off them so that it wouldn’t hurt so much when they were ex-ecuted for taking bribes “to do the bidding of a foreign government” when they swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and represent the interests of the American people?? …

  5. Rory Altair

    Fake Investigations Will Cease, Patriots Have The Logs, No Escape

  6. Derek Sinclair

    And so confident are they in their safety from the law that they are quite open about their coup. It’s time to decide if the US is a country of laws or just another banana republic, like every country in western Europe. These people have to pay and they have to be seen to pay for what they’ve done. So no resignations, no loss of pension, no wrapped knuckles, no plea deals – they must get prison time and lots of it (and confiscation of their thieved assets).

  7. FC

    Roseanne Barr describes Valerie Jarrett, a former adviser to President Barack Obama, the result of a “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby” and the world came crashing down around her.
    Jussie Smollet makes bail and then turns up on the set of Empire, sounds like a whole lot of Leftist Privilege too me.

  8. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Well done!
    Good focus on the things that matter the most.

  9. Ray

    Another quality report…..thank you.
    I especially enjoyed the final part regarding “Getting right with God”…….it’s good advice.
    But let’s look into that aspect of things a lot closer for a moment, especially in terms of what is happening in Venezuela, America ‘s treatment of that nation over many years and America “Getting right with God”.
    As I understand, one of God’s commandments is “Thou shalt not covert thy neighbour’s property” (in parts, the word “ass” is substituted for “property”, but the meaning is identical).
    America has LONG inflicted financial / economic sanctions upon Venezuela, and the enquiring mind naturally asks “Why?”
    Has Venezuela invaded nation upon nation around the world?
    No……but America has.
    Has Venezuela financially cheated the world for decades?
    No……but America has.
    Does Venezuela have military bases on over half of the countries on OUR planet?
    No……but America has.
    So really, the enquiring mind comes to the conclusion that the reason that the US has made things difficult for Venezuela, is because they chose to pursue Socialism (which they or any other nation has the absolute RIGHT to do if they please). Whether Socialism is a good choice IS NOT America’s to make for any nation other than herself. FULL STOP.
    And here we are tonight at USAWATCHDOG, being informed that in Venezuela “they are eating their zoo animals”.
    Ooohhh….those evil Socialists…..they SO DESERVE that fate, don’t they??!!!
    You know…..because dey is Socialists I tells ya!
    Greg is right…..”Get right with God”
    Ray is right…..America has caused as much trouble for Venezuela as it possibly could for decades, BECAUSE IT COVERTS IT’S NEIGHBOURS PROPERTY…….OPENLY, as stated tonight by Greg himself (Oil and other abundant natural resources were mentioned in some sort of up coming “free – for – all”)
    Perhaps China and Russia covert these also, but they have made investments over many years into Venezuela, where the US has looked to instate the opposite……HARDSHIP.
    WHY….so when Venezuela finally collapses under the weight of hardship (oh…of course….not inflicted by the US….no, no….by way of socialism….guffaw, guffaw)…..then the US can join in the free – for -all.
    So…….it is a purposeful construct on the part of the US…..a Set Up.
    The US is thereby in VIOLATION of God’s law……there can be NO DEBATE to the contrary given the history and runs on the board as we plainly see them.
    For this I am saddened, however, I will not be saddened further if China or Russia finally put US Globalism via economic terror to the sword via one swift, violent military action that would put the US firmly back in its’ box. That would be a fair karmic action on the Global Stage.
    That said, my thoughts would be with Greg and his audience, hoping no harm comes any of you personally.
    America…….you are painting yourself into a TERRIBLE corner via your actions, justified as liberty and freedom, but seen globally as the exact opposite.
    Regards to all WatchDoggers this night.
    Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Greg Hunter

      You say nothing about China and Russia. You do realize they are there right? You do realize Venezuela is responsible for the people they VOPTED into power. Can’t blame USA for that. If New Zealand was being destabilized and China and Russia was taking over that failed nation, would the Australian government have cause to be concerned? Would it be important to Australia to be involved in the outcome?

      • Ray

        I will seek to embellish the metaphor you are drawing between Venezuela and New Zealand vis-a vis Russian / Chinese influence.
        You see…..the difference is this…..Australia doesn’t go around making things difficult for New Zealand by placing economic sanctions on them. We treat them very nicely…..the relationship is akin to two brothers actually, and both nations are quite proud of that.
        That is why NZ is a prosperous nation Greg……because it isn’t bullied around. It is left to go about its’ business in peace.
        US and Venezuela……opposite story… I say, the US tries very hard to make life as difficult as possible for the people of Venezuela.
        So, to sum up: If the Australian government (bastards that they are) were to do to NZ exactly what America has done to Venezuela, and the Russians / Chinese showed up to assist them, then I would very much be on the side of the Russians and Chinese.
        A bastard is a bastard……….there is no wisdom in supporting “your local bastard” when they have been a bastard to your neighbour and are now seeking to take over that neighbour, whilst toting a gun and waving a flag that says “we come to restore things”.
        Moreover, is it your thought that Russia and China should accept US interference / involvement right up to their own borders (Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Poland et al) yet the US can insist that in South America, Russia and China have no place and must be turned away?
        Seriously mate…..come on!! Goose and Gander stuff here.
        Is the American government up for a proper fair fight, or do they insist on doing it this way (which will end in glass car parks for all)?
        By the way…….Russia and China have every right to be involved with Venezuela.
        Russia and China, like the US and Australia, are nations under God, good sir.
        As I have mentioned here at your site before, God did not create this beautiful planet, with all its’ magnificence, to be the sole plaything and eternal property of the United States of America.
        Have a good weekend… the gentlemanly debate your allow here at your FREE site…..thanks again for the platform.
        I really should make a donation, and soon.
        Ray, Canberra, Reality TV Obsessed Nation.

        • Greg Hunter

          So you simply hate America and see nothing else? Got it. Why don’t you simply cut to the chase and just say that?

          • Ray

            Not at all… misunderstand me.
            ALL NATIONS…..not just America…..all nations should take a good look at themselves and what they are doing to one another.
            The fact that America is currently the biggest offender is part of the story, but certainly not the whole of it.
            We are on a terrible slope toward global destruction.
            That CAN be averted if we wish…..and the fastest way would be for the US to dismantle its planet wide war machine and go home.
            It would also mean temporary economic collapse for the US, but at least America could rebuild again, and be able to look her brother and sister nations in the eye once more.
            I wish the US all the best…….as long as the US wishes the nations of the world all the best as well. If she continues to wish constant war upon the world….well…..I can’t stand for that, and nor should anyone else.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Donald

          “I say, the US tries very hard to make life as difficult as possible for the people of Venezuela.”

          This is a grossly overly broad and defamatory statement. Without doing any investigative work, I am confident in estimating that at least 99% of the US population has done nothing to harm Venezuela. And probably the number is closer to or exceeds 99.9%. Probably 90% of the US population has no clue where Venezuela even is. Anyone who is causing problems probably is very wealthy, possibly controls some media, likely is into some form of occultic practice, is a globalist and so on. These are the ones you should be dumping on, instead of the whole nation.

          • Ray

            “Probably 90% of the US population has no clue where Venezuela even is”.
            There is the problem RIGHT THERE!!!!
            Start teaching Geography to your Kim Kardashian obsessed imbeciles for a start!
            Meanwhile, the Global US War Machine grinds yet another nation into submission……AND YOUR TAXES PAY FOR IT!!!!
            Wake up son…..WAKE UP!!!
            If your population is ASLEEP and also funding GLOBAL MISERY….how dare you have a go at me for pointing it out to you!!!
            Fair Dinkum Donald….you must really like glass car parks mate.

      • Anthony Australia

        Chinese Government is scary to say the least.

      • Anthony Australia
        Australia might have already hitched the wagon to China, Paul Keating (former Treasurer & Prime Minister) said we should and ignore the US.

    • Freebrezer

      Ray — Please, maybe a double please …. I can not believe how short sited people are! America did not put sanctions on Venezuela because they voted in a socialist government. The US sanctions came about via the nationalization of all foreign assets held in Venezuela including huge amounts from the USA oil companies via Saint Hugo Chavez. Let’s go back a few years … The large USA oil companies had made contracts (operative word – contracts to share the wealth) with the previous Venezuela government/s. We supply the technology and equipment and get some of the profits. Simple put, the USA oil companies invested tens and tens of billions into technology and equipment that was able to convert the Venezuela’s heavy, sulfur laden crude in to an exportable product. They succeeded. The results – Venezuelan’s garnished the highest living standard in South America with their oil exports and yes the USA oil companies where making some very healthy amount of money. Fast forward – Hugo Chavez ran on the platform that the US oil companies and the elite in the Venezuelan government where stilling the wealth. A very big HMMMMMMM!!!! … Please explain how Hugo Chavez’s daughter made Four (f#$%ing) billion dollars cutting hair … that is 4,000,000,000$$$ cutting hair! Now really who stole the wealth? And China and Russia are investing …. Please … they are there to understand how the US oil companies converted the heavy sulfur laden crude oil into a usable product; use that expertise; and get the oil wealth from Venezuela! Oh gees, isn’t that what the USA oil companies did many years ago?

      • Greg Hunter

        To Ray America is always the bad guy and can see nothing else.

        • Anthony Australia

          Not always Greg but please admit your checkered past is what it is.

          • William Stanley

            Please admit the UK’s (and the rest of the Commonwealth’s) checkered past . . . and present.
            Something bad happened in the world? You’d be pretty safe assuming MI6 and their buddies in the Commonwealth were in the mix. When Australia severs its affiliations with the UK, you can start singing about how close to heaven you and your’s are:
            The only problem with this song is that it’s sung by one person, and you and Ray aren’t personally even in the (nonexistent) choir. OMG, it sounds like TSI even tricked an American to sing all the parts. At long last, sirs, have you no shame? (actually, TSI came clean many months ago).

            • Anthony Australia

              I’m not throwing stones at glass houses Willy.

            • Anthony Australia

              Yes Mate, I live in a country that was stolen. It weighs on my conscience when I see people treating the country like crap and complaining about everything here.


            • Ray

              Fair Dinkum William,
              Why do you think I sign off here as “Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation”?
              I have always said that Australia is complicit with the bad deeds of the US.
              Perhaps you skim read people’s posts?
              You really do need to follow the conversations here a lot closer.
              US and Australia….yes….the entire Commonwealth, have a lot to answer for when it comes to global misery.

              • William Stanley

                I read their posts carefully. Sometimes, I just understand them better than they do. (just kidding; but just a little).
                Ray, consider the possibility that we reveal certain unconscious assumptions when we write. Other people can sometimes see those assumptions more clearly than does the writer.

          • Ray

            I’m don’t think Greg is ready for that Anthony.
            If you ask me (and I apologise up front straight away for the offence this may cause), the problem begins in American classrooms with the “pledge of allegiance”.
            That’s the main reason why most people in America cannot see what is plainly in the mirror……from childhood they have been inundated with subliminal messages of superiority over the world. From this, they are practically defenceless (because the message is built into the easily shaped minds of children…..many cultures have done similar)
            That said, I am not against Americans….I am against any person or nation that believe in unending global war based on pure BS.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

            • Greg Hunter

              Nothing wrong with my education and brain. You folks in Australia largely let yourselves be disarmed. (Yes, I know you can still have WWI fire arm technology such as revolvers and bolt action rifles.) Maybe you all lean a little to Marxist? By the way, you all did help us with those wars:

              Your country’s spy agency also tried to help undermine Donald Trump: What’s up with that and why isn’t there a call to jail those traitors???

              And why is Australia’s gold (80 tons) being held hostage in London: You think you will ever see it again?? Who is stupid???

              Why don’t you start at home and try to fix your own crappie government? Of course, I do not mean to insult you, and I love the Aussie people. G’day.

              • William Stanley

                Mr. Hunter,
                Ouch! You sure opened up a big ole can of wup-ass on him. Is that stuff still legal in Missouri? I’ve heard that ex-Mayor Bloomberg is spending big money drafting legislation requiring background checks on purchases of such large-caliber cans of wup-ass.

              • Ray

                What does “being disarmed” have to do with anything Greg?
                Your country is “armed”, and I don’t see ANY of you standing up to your tyrannical government in some noble invocation of your 2nd Ammendment rights!!
                From what the world can see, in the US guns are mainly taken into schools, movie theatres and hotels to splatter the brains of innocent people out of their skulls.
                Ahem……that doesn’t happen here in Australia (Port Arthur 1996 aside of course). Our schools are very safe, as are our movie theatres.
                Australian people not having personal guns is futile argument when the people of the US do absolutely nothing with theirs, when viewed through the prism of how the US founding fathers originally envisioned the 2nd Ammendment.
                As for spy agencies etc….I do not see your angle! Are you saying that Australian spy agencies shouldn’t spy on a foreign government, but the FBI and CIA have carte blanche to spy on ANYONE? Speak up sir and let me hear your voice on that one!
                I am AGAINST bastard spy agencies anyway… support from me…..I have been posting here long enough for you and others to see that!
                Gold……I couldn’t give a toss about Australia’s gold… if I or any of the Australian public are EVER going to get any benefit from it!
                How’s your empty Fort Knox gold going by the way…..anyone up for an audit? Nup…..didn’t think so. How’s that Ukranian gold that the US STOLE in the recent coup over there? Oh….and how about Libya’s gold that the US STOLE as well?
                Getting any from Syria?
                Nice going there US…..
                Greg…..both US and Australian governments stink, and should be dismantled root and branch.
                I come here to reflect on US Foreign policy (which my Lap Dog nation hasn’t got the guts to free itself from) which to me, is the #1 problem that Humanity is facing at present. Most people across the world agree with me……thanks to the Alternative Media that has grown over the last decade, and of which your site forms a part.
                Moreover, I have nothing against American people….I have plenty of US friends and if ever you find yourself over this way, you will find a warm welcome with my family, a hot meal on the table and a frosty beer in the fridge.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You do not understand America or Americans. If your did Australia would not have been so easily disarmed of modern weapons. Australia has been a U.S. partner many times. So look in the mirror at your own government. Oh, and by the way, you may want to ask your Queen about when hard working Australians are going to be getting back their 80 tons of gold held in London!!!
                  Cheers and G’Day.


      • Ray

        You make some interesting points there, I will grant you.
        However, I stand by my earlier arguments.
        If we are going to talk about Russia and China doing the wrong thing in other people’s countries, perhaps we can balance it out with what America is doing in Syria (trying to stop Russian gas pipelines into Europe). How many hundreds of thousand dead there? And for what……profits?
        There are no white or black shirts here, that is for sure.
        Greg thinks I hate America……he is wrong. I hate unjustified wars and governments that treat their people like imbeciles whilst they head off into other nations for the slaughter of innocent people and collection of resources.
        The one thing that cannot be argued is that currently, as things stand, the economy of the USA, to simply maintain itself, requires constant war around the globe…..and successive administrations of the US Government have made sure of that, all whilst innocent people around the world, in their millions, have suffered needlessly. Australia, the shameful Lap Dog Nation, has joined in with glee.
        This is beyond the word “shame”……..the practice of purposefully maintaining a constant state of war across a planet simply because one’s economy has been geared as such is almost unforgivable.
        Certainly Christ would not be in favour of such a set of circumstances, yet the owner of this web site doesn’t seem ready to come that far and say it, although he identifies himself as a Christ-ian (no offence to Greg)
        In the US, I believe there are laws that prevent schools from stopping US Military recruiters from coming into the school grounds to rope ever more young people into the Giant War Machine that supports the US economy.
        That perhaps, is the nub of the problem right there.
        “Defence spending”……..Hundred of Billions of $$$$$$ yearly……no one is attacking America!!!
        Better to call it for what it is….”Attack spending”!!!
        War, War, War…………..
        “On to the next conquest……we gotta stop dems terrorists I tells ya”!!
        The unjust wars that one nation brings upon another IS, in the end, the real terror that nation unwittingly brings upon itself.
        Have think about it Freebrezer.
        Best wishes be with you and yours.

        • Donald

          “I hate unjustified wars and governments that treat their people like imbeciles”

          Yep, that’s the world of the psychopath. And that’s the history of the world. The best psychopaths create a problem, then blame you for it, and best of all, get someone else to fight it while they profit from it. The failure of the public in general has been their relentless stupidity in always believing the lies of this small group of people tells them. I have often noticed how quick people are to believing a lie but for some reason shun the truth. Here is one – many believe in the theory of evolution as fact despite no proof, yet they reject the Bible despite all the proof behind it. Worse yet, no matter how good an argument one makes against evolution, they still believe it. Is it because these people are inherently corrupt (i.e., birds of a feather flock together)?

          • Ray

            Mate…..that is one of THE BEST posts I have seen here in 5 years.
            Well said sir…….with you 100% here (although sometimes we cross our swords).
            I see and respect your wisdom.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

        • Freebrezer

          Ray – Yes, the intervention into Syria is all about control of oil and a big pipe line from the south to the north to get fuel to Europe and who controls this pipeline … And this pipeline is competition against Russia. I have forwarded this point a few times … And it is not mine it is M Armstrong from his blog … And I agree 100% that all that death in Syria is for control of oil … A big stain on American foreign policy (really the globalist foreign policy). Per unjustified wars, that is one of the reasons that the American public voted in Trump. He wants us out of these wars as much as the American public does and has said as much … The deepstate is fighting this President/man at every juncture and everything he does! And remember the deepstate are the globalists /one world order etc., they are from England, Europe, Australia, IMF etc,. … So throwing this entirely on to America is wrong – it is a cabal of powerful organiztions in which America is at the head.

          • Ray

            Well said Freebrezer…….well said.
            We may differ here and there, but I think I can appreciate the kind of person you are.
            You have my respect (and back up).
            Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
            Thanks you for the courteous and logical debate that you extend to me across a very wide ocean.
            Best wishes be with you and yours.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • William Stanley

          RE: “Freebrezer, You make some interesting points there, I will grant you.”
          That part, Ray, was germane and correct. The rest of your comment was a transparent attempt to change the subject.

          • Ray

            Forgive me……
            I will steer back to the subject sir…..
            United States (and her allies) lying, cheating, stealing resources and killing innocent people right around the planet with nary an apology.
            Ever heard of The Project For The New American Century?
            Nations that look to dominate the planet, to the detriment of her human brothers and sisters, are on the absolute WRONG course……there can no other conclusion to be drawn.
            Would Christ approve of the actions of the US and its’ puppet allies?
            NO……didn’t think so.
            There……now THAT is a big old can of “wup-ass”, good and proper!
            Enjoy it it sir.
            Ray, Canberra, US Puppet Nation

        • Anthony Australia

          I was only ever taught American history in high school. Whatever version that was.

    • TSI

      Regardless of the causes, the vultures are beginning to circle…

      • Allen Starr

        Russia and especially China have large investments in Venezuela and China can kill the US financially anytime it wishes. China is negotiating with the US even now to keep it alive for another year or two. Russia and China are doing everything they can do to avoid a nuclear war with the US by keeping it alive a little longer. Pulling out of the INF treaty was the last straw and Russia has had enough and is taking their gloves off. You will see very shortly where Russian submarines and ships will be sitting off the coasts of the US fully loaded with Zircon nuclear missiles that can hit US targets in 5 minutes. What are the US people going to do when they find out these geniuses running US foreign policy have just given them 5 minutes to live. Here is more information to show what a bunch of imbeciles these people are. The 9M729 missiles which are the upgrade for the Iskander-M already have 4 groups deployed and are not going to be destroyed under any conditions. Russian submarines and ships will be sitting off the coasts of the US fully loaded with Zircon nuclear missiles that travel 9 times the speed of sound which are fully tested. The Avangard (27 times the speed of sound), the Kinzal (10 times the speed of sound), the Zircon (9 times the speed of sound) only need to be retooled so they can be fired from the ground. Same thing with the Kalibr missile. These are all missiles that could violate the INF treaty and don’t cost the Russians a nickel to develop. Even if the US develops and puts missiles in Europe, they’ve committed suicide in the US. If a nuclear war ever starts; we’re all dead anyway. Where does the US find people this stupid?

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t figure you would ever have a criticism of any Russian policy or leader? Right, They would imprison you for that or maybe kill you?? You get my point here?

          • DB Cooper

            Greg, I get your point and it is germane … and at the same time I respect Allen’s post … the Ruskies have apparently made great scientific/engineering strides that might in fact have far outpaced the advances of the US, after all what am I but a “deplorable” ? , How long and how much should we ‘prod the bear ?? and are Vlad and Donny speaking confidentially ?? So many ‘Q’s’ seeking answers. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

          • Allen Starr

            There’s no reason to criticize Russian policy or any of it’s minority leaders because they are immaterial at this time. Watch what happens in 6 years when Putin is gone. I sued the Russian Government about 10 years ago and won and I’m still alive and they continue to give me my Residence Permit. I’ve also been involved in lawsuits for the last 5 years and have no idea when it will be resolved. I don’t like parts of their legal system but its a thousand times better than the US system and I can inflict a lot of pain on those who were trying to screw me and at very little cost. I know you’re busy but you should really spend some time to figure out what is really going on in Russia because things continue to change. I’ve lived here for almost 20 years now and the most negative thing I can say about Russia is that it will become just as screwed up as the US in the future if the US doesn’t die soon.

            • Greg Hunter

              USA is not going to die soon. This is a hard fact for your and that is a version of, such as, could not exist in Russia. If you thin k it could try it.
              Please don’t give me “There’s no reason to criticize Russian policy. . . ” garbage to cover the fact you can NOT criticize Russia or its leaders from inside of Russia.

        • William Stanley

          But, Allen, if attacking the US ends the world, wouldn’t Putin be pretty stupid to do that? Are you advocating a coup against Putin?

          • Allen Starr

            Russia isn’t in trouble financially or militarily. It is the US that needs Russia on it’s knees so it can steal its assets so it can survive. Open up your eyes and be able to understand that the US and the West can only survive by destroying other countries today. It is Russia being pushed into a corner by the US and the Western financial system. Putin has done everything he can possibly do to avoid a nuclear war but putting missiles in the EU will not be tolerated by the Russian people or their Generals. Putin does not have total control of Russia. If Putin is forced to make a choice between getting down on his knees and asking the monsters running the US for forgiveness or a nuclear war: we are all dead and I welcome it as it is the right choice as there is nothing left to live for.

            • William Stanley

              I sense a contradiction in your comment. If “Russia isn’t in trouble financially,” why do you think it could be “pushed into a corner by the US and Western financial system”? Moreover, why would Putin be forced to beg for forgiveness on the one hand, or start a nuclear war on the other?
              That quibble aside, I do agree that Russia isn’t in trouble either financially or militarily. However, I have a much higher opinion of Putin than you do. For that matter, I have a much higher opinion of Trump as well. Furthermore, in my opinion, the interests of Russia and the US are so closely aligned that, eventually, peace and mutually beneficial cooperation are more likely than war. But first, the Globalists must be defeated.

              • Allen Starr

                There’s no contradiction at all and there is nothing to quibble about. It’s an either/or decision being forced on Russia and you’re going to end up with a financial catastrophe or nuclear war which Putin can’t avoid if things continue. I’ve followed Putin since 2000 on the oil and gas issues and he’s one of the smartest people out there even though the whole Western world has been trying to screw him. He’s kicked their butts and won the NG gas war convincingly with three new gas pipelines coming on board in December of this year and a fourth one coming on line a year later. The US and it’s Western goons can’t touch Putin without destroying themselves in the process

                • William Stanley

                  Well, Allen, I’d trust your judgement more if you’d moved to Sochi rather than Siberia. Such a choice requires explanation. Is your wife from the area?

      • William Stanley

        On a personal note, TSI, I was once driving at high speed out in the desert. I came over a little rise before a vulture — which was snacking on some road kill — saw me coming. He took off, and to lighten his load he vomited up everything in his stomach . . . which all ended up on my windshield. So I turned on the wipers to clean it off. Big mistake.

  10. bob

    i am not gay but, its not your judgement its god’s.. then you go to dna.. i have a nephew that the family except for his parents…. saw he was leaning to the gay side . 25 years later, he came out of the closet.. brother inlaw on other side of family 10 years ahead of my age told us, he got married to a woman to do the right thing and wound up in divorce soon after and he went after a man, by the second one they have been together for 30 years. to this day he admits its wrong but but its what it is.. very nice conservative guys .. they have very good jobs.. throwing people off a building in the middle east is not what jesus christ or the lord had in mind with gays.. that is murder. two no nos in the in the 10 commandments. christ taught us compassion..

    • TSI

      And they never mention that they do that in Saudi Arabia through the legal system.

      • William Stanley

        Give it up, TSI: you’re so ashamed of the UK and the monarchy that most of the time you no longer log in as “This sceptred Isle.” (even Greg’s spell checker rebels against the notion of anything being “sceptred”).
        Move to the US! I promise I’ll buy you a cowboy hat to start you on the path to freedom and let you begin living the life that you always dreamed about. Well, maybe I won’t go that far . . . City-of-London-based inflation and gold manipulation being what it is.
        However, at least you’ll be able speak certain truths without getting arrested and carted off to jail. His name was Tommy Robinson. Viva la France! (well, at least the part that isn’t allied with the EU and the UK monarchy).

  11. Russell

    In my opinion, we are in a ‘soft’ civil war right now. If Trump and the DOJ go after all of these traitors as all of us want him to, it may come to a point where it won’t be safe to walk down the street unarmed. The radical left doesn’t care at all about facts, justice, or the rule of law unless it serves THEIR agenda. The nation is extremely divided now, so there’s no telling how bad it could get if/when these criminals are arrested and tried. It could get very ugly.

    • paul ...

      As part of the “soft” civil war … many thousands of moral patriots are leaving their Churches, Synagogues, etc. and simply practicing their religion at home … this is a very powerful attack on the evil money laundering pedophiles murdering our children … and at the same time (by not providing monetary support to sponsor the Demons killing our children) it legally releases parishioners from being formally accused as an accessory to murder, human trafficking and child sacrifice!

  12. Jerry

    I guess the cats out of the bag now.

    Layers of corruption inside our government. An old saying. Man given a little authority begins to rule in unrightious dominion. SO TRUE!

    Greg I think people missed what Donald Trump really meant when he said “ Make America Great Again” . As a builder myself, I know you cant wall paper over rot and decay. You have to rip it out, and replace it board by board. Does it take time? You bet. I believe once the Mueller investigation is over, you will see an avalanche of information come out about the deep states activity’s that will bring this country to its knees. Maybe then we can start to rebuild this country, and Make America Great Again.

  13. James

    Greg, have a look at these two links. The first shows RT’s Max Blumenthal at a supermarket in Caracas. There’s plenty of food on the shelves. The second is from Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters who says the west’s version of what’s happening in Venezuela is just a lie. Apparently, he has friends who live in Venezuela and tell him there are no riots or food shortages.

    (This is Greg Hunter. So sorry James, you do not get to post Russian propaganda on USAW. Nobody can say a negative word about Russian or the propaganda at RT because they would be fired. Did RT tell you Russia has a major financial interest in Venezuela? Hell no. Don’t take my word for the RT propaganda machine: )

  14. andyb

    Greg: in re gold: Wednesday, gold almost cracked the no-no barrier of $1350. At the close of trading, I knew that a slam was coming and I made my bets. The easy money was almost laughable. But there’s no question that the Turd (and many others) are correct in that the barrier will be breeched and with the latest Tier 1 indication from the cabal, the price may hit $2k this year. The FED is in a box and the obvious indicators of a coming crash will force it into QE squared, setting off a round of insidious inflation, which may have been the plan all along.

    • TSI

      This tier 1 endorsement of gold really shows what the elites are planning.

      • William Stanley

        It’s hard to see how the banks can manage that Tier-1-capital transition without major disruptions in the bond markets. Managing the transition would require the banks to not try to cheat each other in the scramble to sell bonds and buy gold, LOL .
        Of course, all of this will impact gold-mining stocks as banks go on the prowl for gold. Barrick has recently considered a hostile bid for Newmont (Isn’t Barrick controlled by Goldman Sachs?). I wondered why Barrick was going down while Newmont was going up. The junior miners could really be in play, too, it would seem. And palladium is going nuts even as the auto sector craters, which could be a catalyst (pardon the pun) for the price suppression in the paper markets for PMs to combust.
        And when gold goes to Tier 1, why not expect some political pressure from JP Morgan to do the same with silver (of which JPM owns tons)?
        So the Fed tries (and probably fails) to print enough fiat to bail out the bond markets (because the banks will want gold, not bonds), thereby causing massive inflation and economic and social disruption; or the Fed doesn’t try to bail out the bond markets and the whole financial system implodes anyway, causing cascading bankruptcies and massive economic and social disruption. Moreover, all of this happens while the Deep State is in open warfare with the Trump administration, and the situations on the US border with Mexico and in Venezuela are going bonkers.
        It’s good that things are so calm in the EU, Russia, China and elsewhere. Otherwise, I’d be concerned enough to start considering storage food and other preps.
        (Greg, I’m not worried. But just in case SHTF, can I sleep on your couch at your farm in Missouri? I don’t like working too hard, so I can’t help with the farm work; but I’ve got couple of slices of stale, cold pizza and a half-eaten can of pork and beens that I can bring with me. So I won’t be a burden. Don’t tell TSI because if he finds out he’ll want at least one of those slices of pizza and I’ve only got enough for your family and me. It should last us a good six months. I know it isn’t fair. I’m so ashamed).
        Just kidding, TSI. How are you coming on that storage food?)

        • William Stanley

          I’m getting old: I’m now a “has bean.”

          • William Stanley

            It’s so bad that yesterday someone cast aspersions on my manhood: he called me “Butch.” I think he was implying that I’m a “less bean.”

          • iwitness02

            LOL. And a sense of humor!

  15. Jallen

    Your request for prayers for Ron Kirby has been honored.

    With all due respect,


  16. al


    I followed Rob Kirby since he came on line years ago. He is like a Family member to me, as you are and others as well.
    Let’s all pray for Rob Kirby’s fast recovery from intensive care. We need people like him to keep up the fight to freedom.

    Thank you for keeping us informed with real news on your site…
    The SOCIALIST ENEMY MEDIA is being aborted.

  17. Scott Walraven

    Greg, You are excellent at your job, great delivery, I really enjoy and appreciate it. Making a donation for your excellent service you provide. It’s not as much as I wish i could give, but I hope you know how valuable your work is. Thank you Greg.
    Scott W
    Traverse City, MI

    p.s. Tell your wife thank you as well.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU Scott for the support!!!

  18. Dan

    You’ve been wrong about people going to jail for YEARS – give it a rest Greg. Also, Trump is the one who’s committed treason!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Dan, the turkey is wrong about his life ending a week before thanksgiving after a couple of years of great treatment and good food. Then one day . . . BAM!!! His head is in a bucket. Don’t be a turkey.

    • al

      yes and don’t forget he’s a homophobe, sexaphobe, massagenist, bigoted hemaglobin too… Projecting again Gina? You people are sick!

  19. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Your perspective on Jussie Smollett (who “Feels Betrayed”) is exactly right and I bit. The guy is a loser who shouldn’t get any air time and yet this story is still in the news and FOX hasn’t fired him. Those contracts usually have an out clause to cover issues like this so he could be gone in a New York minute (or Chicago in this case). Whatever, I’ll drop it from my scan as it was a distraction.

    In other news, the LA Times of all papers just dropped this piece of info that most thinking people would already have figured out.
    “Your phone and TV are tracking you, and political campaigns are listening in”
    Makes me smile knowing my flip-phone is impervious — especially when I have it in Airplane mode. 😉 IIRC you also carry a flip-phone — just one more reason we’re right to do so.

    BTW, the reason some doctors who perform abortions don’t want the mother to allow their newborn to be adopted is because it may cut into their profits. Remember that undercover video discussing the price of fetus body parts? Consider the price on parts from a newborn… Yeah, pretty sick, and that’s the world in which we live…

  20. Paige Barent

    Well said, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paige.

  21. Frank D2

    I thought the other Watchdoggers would find this article interesting about Australia’s gold holdings at the Bank of England. Definitely appears to be a pattern of “where is our gold”??
    Frank D

  22. iwitness02

    In the 1950s, I was playing little league, watching fireworks on the 4th, fishing and swimming in horseshoe lake, going sledding in the winter time up in the mountains, going horseback riding, (on rented horses) playing hide and go seek in the early evening, cowboys and indians, riding my bike, cub scouts, rope swings, camping etc. etc. What a difference a few decades make. Never heard of a transgender, I knew which public restroom to go into, nobody ever criticized my hat, I could play outside with my BB gun, sling shot, or skip rocks across the creek, and stuff like that there. Happy times. Now the entire world seems a total mess. Progress has sure brought a lot of misery to the world. I thought progress was going to bring about a world like the world that was depicted in the Jetsons cartoons of the 60s. Ultra modern everything. Instead we live in a world that is getting more barbaric by the year. At least there are some good memories from long ago, to help counteract the stress and struggles of today. Central Banks and politicians around the world have quite a legacy to be responsible for. I could not believe the world we live in today, if I was not seeing it with my own eyes.

    • Jallen

      Great Post!!! In a nutshell, everything the LIBERALS and so called INTELLECTUALS touch they destroy. Look what the DEMONrats have produced; Chuck and Nancy, Bill and Hillary and Maxine Waters etc. The DEMONRATS are servants of destruction and evil with their ANTI GOD agenda. Look at what the Demonrat’s SOCIALISM has done to our colleges as it has turned them into Anti American, Anti Christian cesspools of mental destruction. Oh yea, look what the Demonrats have done to California, they have destroyed it. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT THE DEMONRATS are agents of DESTRUCTION, look at the major cities they control, they are so stupid they lost the New Amazon Headquarters. O yea, is not Chicago another one of their master pieces of DESTRUCTION. The Demonrats motto, “Tax em into total destruction”.
      I close by saying, don’t the Demonrats and Federal Reserve make the perfect couple
      for the destruction of the United States and the Christian religion!
      Let us not forget the third member of the anti God trinity, The Television news stations that are nothing more than propaganda stations for Demonrats and their anti Christian, anti American socialistic agenda.



    • Great Lakes State

      We all had BB Gun’s back in the day, as kids. Playing in the woods. Catching bee’s in a jar and scooping up pollywogs, in a jar too. Exciting stuff! Digging up crayfish in the muck and in amazement when seeing at the supermarket those giant crayfish called lobster’s! LOL! We didn’t have horse’s either but mom and Dad would always make sure to take us all out riding, renting horse’s at a local ranch or farm. Playing cowboy and Indians. Summers at the beach. Trips to Canada or Belle Isle, downtown Detroit. Driving trip’s to Florida in winter! What a life! We didn’t know we were poor. I had a colored friend at Camp, that’s what we called Black,s in the 60’s. I was only eight and didn’t know what prejudice was! Today I have a black friend and him and his family growing up vacationed in every state in the union, sleeping in the back of their station wagon. They were working poor, his dad worked for Ford’s on the assembly line, a plum job today. Got to ask him about how they got to Hawaii?
      Do kids even play outside anymore? I heard the remark the other day, where are all the toe headed, sun tanned kids, tanned Rosey cheeked even in winter! Teenagers are all into what they call Gothic or perpetual Halloween, they seem to be afraid to go out in the sun without a hat, what rubbish they’re teaching our children! Global warming my eye! Put away the pot and Reality T.V. as Ray say’s and get out in the woods and play your own reality. Play army, cowboys and Indians, build tree forts. Ring door bells and then hide in the bushes! No better excitement when the neighbours come out and try to find you. Run like the Dickens, if they do! Wow, the good old days!
      I guess this kinda talk makes me old..?
      Go out and play, OK, mom. Be back for supper!

      • iwitness02

        Jallen, in my mind, I divide people into two basic categories:
        Those who destroy.
        Those who create.
        It is getting easier all the time to distinguish who is who.
        I quit watching TV in the 70s.
        Great Lakes State,
        We called them crawdads. (crayfish) Scooped up many a pollywog in my day.
        I’m so old that I had to knock on the door.
        Fun to share some thoughts about yesteryear.

    • William Stanley

      Me, too.

      • William Stanley

        And we were helpful, too. Didn’t even have to be asked.
        I remember the time I was about four. I was out playing in the neighborhood and noticed that someone’s car had some rust on it. So I decided it needed repainting . . ..

  23. June Bug

    This Sunday night, February 24, CBS 60 Minutes (check your local listings) will focus on David Kessler, MD, the former FDA commissioner admitting they erred in allowing pharma to promote opioids for long-term use.
    The Root of the Opioid Epidemic has always been at the Top – the FDA – Now let’s do something about it! Marianne Skolek-Perez

  24. steve pool

    when you talk of Venezuela you have to remember that we put sanctions of them and caused its downfall. vp biden went to Saudi Arabia and had them flood the market with cheap oil and with the embargo it really crushed the country. Bolton has already said that we can take over Venezuela oil. if you what a fair and impartial thought you should have people like Glen Greenwald or Jeremy Scahill on to really fill your listeners in on what really going on in the world

    • Greg Hunter

      No Steve,
      The USA did not cause the downfall of Venezuela. They VOTED for their downfall. They voted for Chavez and they voted for Maduro. You cannot have it both ways man. It’s their fault and nobody else’s. Zebra steak anyone????

    • Freebrezer

      Steve same post as above to Ray — Please, maybe a double please …. I can not believe how short sited people are! America did not put sanctions on Venezuela because they voted in a socialist government. The US sanctions came about via the nationalization of all foreign assets held in Venezuela including huge amounts from the USA oil companies via Saint Hugo Chavez. Let’s go back a few years … The large USA oil companies had made contracts (operative word – contracts to share the wealth) with the previous Venezuela government/s. The US oil companies supply the technology and equipment and get some of the profits … that is how business contracts work. Simple put, the USA oil companies invested tens and tens of billions into technology and equipment that was able to convert the Venezuela’s heavy, sulfur laden crude in to an exportable product. They succeeded. The results – Venezuelan’s garnished the highest living standard in South America with their oil exports and yes the USA oil companies where making some very healthy amount of money. Fast forward – Hugo Chavez ran on the platform that the US oil companies and the elite in the Venezuelan government where stilling the wealth. A very big HMMMMMMM!!!! … Please explain how Hugo Chavez’s daughter made Four (f#$%ing) billion dollars cutting hair … that is 4,000,000,000$$$ cutting hair! Now really who stole the wealth? And China and Russia are investing …. Please … they are there to understand how the US oil companies converted the heavy sulfur laden crude oil into a usable product; use that expertise; and get the oil wealth from Venezuela! Oh gees, isn’t that what the USA oil companies did many years ago?

  25. john duffy

    Bombshell revelations in Rome:

  26. Rock

    Thank you Greg for another week of great work for our benefit.
    For those seeking to get themselves right with God, I offer this.
    We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The wages of sin is death, and eternal separation from God. Without the shedding of blood,there can be no forgiveness of sin. God is pure and totally righteous. He cannot and will not tolerate even a speck of sin in His presence. Thankfully, He did something to remedy that for those that are called to Him.
    He sent His only Son, to live a perfect life without sin and fulfill the Old Covenant under the Law, and usher in a New Covenant. By so doing, Jesus is an acceptable substitute to God, to be sacrificed and pay the death sentence that we all owe. There is nothing we can do in our own efforts to clean ourselves up, or find favor with God. Our best accomplishments done in our own efforts are filthy rags to God.
    What we must do is simply recognize our death and separation from God, and accept God’s free gift of His Son for us. He bought us with His blood at the cross. Repent and believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to the Father. Christ’s shed blood will cleanse you of your sins once and for all, and He will impute His righteousness to you and give you eternal life. God will then make and graft you into His family forever, as a reborn child of God. Complete with a new heart that is not at war with God. He will seal you with the Holy Spirit, and will never leave you or forsake you.
    Jesus stands at the door of your heart and knocks. Do your hear Him knocking? Will you open the door of your heart to Him, and give yourself to Him to do through you by the power of the Holy Spirit what He will have you become?
    Jesus is the only solution to this fallen world we live in. I pray you find Him.

    • TSI

      Many initiations attempt to induce a trauma in order to open your soul up to possession. I believe that the world has been set up to experience its first truly global trauma, through the collapse of society, in order to facilitate a global Luciferian initiation. The film Split alludes to this as a character called ‘the beast’ states that traumatised individuals have been awakened. Trauma can cause people to disassociate from their bodies making possession easier.

      • William Stanley

        As one who can’t spell worth “beans,” I’m probably not the best choice to point this out: However, as a Psychologist “friend” of mine pointed out to me, the correct psychological term is “dissociate,” not “disassociate.” (that was about a year ago . . . the last time that I agreed to meet him for breakfast).

        • TSI

          You must have some interesting breakfast conversations.

          • William Stanley

            Dissociative Identity Disorder is, as I think you know, a completely fascinating topic.
            However, my friend is also completely fascinated by a small company that has innovative ways of extracting gold and silver from junked electronics and low-grade ore. It’s also very “green.” Itronics.

  27. Daniel Smith

    Obama sanctions and drop in the price of oil are the reason the people of Venezuela are suffering typical Word bank tactics to rape and pillage a country of its resources!

    • Greg Hunter

      Fake News Dan,
      The people there (Venezuela) voted for Maduro, Chavez and socialism.

    • Freebrezer

      DS – Venezuela is suffering because of socialist thugs! I have asked this question many, many times on this blog and none of you socialist lovers ever give me answer … How did Hugo Chavez’s daughter make 4,000,000,000$$$$ cutting hair? If there are too many zeros in it, it is 4 (f$%$ing) billion dollars! … Obama placed sanctions because the thug Hugo Chavez reneged on billion dollar contracts with US oil companies … i.e. he stole (nationalized) there investments (oil equipment, pipelines, oil terminals and technology) … ! The US did what was appropriate and said F -you Hugo and laid sanctions on his government! Do you ever wonder why the socialist thugs oil volume dropped in half? … it is because socialist thugs have NO (!!!) clue how to create wealth, only how to steal it!

  28. Mark

    Dear Greg,
    Thank you again for your continued efforts to present the occurrence of current events in their proper context and according to their weight of importance for the sake of informing instead of indoctrinating your viewership.
    With respect to preparing ourselves spiritually as you mentioned, I believe it is necessary to make clear that an exhortation to “read the book of Matthew and especially the words of Jesus “(the ones in red ink as you referred to) with a view of “working on yourself” must be understood in the context of the entire writings of the New Testament, especially in light of those letters written by the apostle Paul.
    Why do I say this?
    The reason has to do with the fact that the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ the Son of God as recorded by Matthew in his account serve to demonstrate that only Jesus, as the Word of God made flesh, lived a life in the flesh which was a direct expression of that heavenly Divine authority from which He was sent and on behalf of Whom He always acted and spoke, and only He possessed that righteousness which surpassed “that of the Scribes and Pharisees” in contradistinction to all others who presumed to possess it, so that when it came time for Him to do “by faith” the greatest work He would ever do in suffering in His body of sinless flesh the judgement for the sins all humanity trusting that His Father, the Father of glory would raise Him from the dead, it would become abundantly clear to all generations that the price for the forgiveness of sins had been paid once for all so that anyone, whether Jew or Gentile alike may receive the reconciliation which God offers to the world IN CHRIST JESUS having been made a “new creation IN CHRIST JESUS” (2.Cor.5:17) as the very “righteousness of God IN CHRIST JESUS” (2 Cor 5:21 ) and receive the Spirit of His Son in our hearts which cries “Abba Father” (Daddy) to His Father and by which Spirit we also now cry “Abba, Father (Daddy)” (see Romans 8:15-16 and Galatians 4:6) as a result of having been “born from above” or “born again” (John3:3-6) by virtue of His resurrection of the dead with the hope of being revealed with Him at His appearing in glory as His many brothers of Whom He is not ashamed, (Heb. 2:11) because “CHRIST IN US IS THE HOPE OF GLORY”!!!!! WHOM WE ANNOUNCE warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man full grown in Christ (Colossians 1:24-28), and “Great is the mystery of godliness, Who (in the Person of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord) was manifested in the flesh, vindicated in the Spirit, seen by angels, preached among the nations, believed on in the world and taken up in glory (when He comes to be glorified in His members at His appearing), (1Tim.3:16) which is why I say to you brother Greg and to all who come here to read and post, and who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified concerning His Son,(1 John 5:10-13) the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit” (Gal.6:18), for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2 Tim.1:7)

  29. JC

    Oh my God! Greg, you got him! You’re having Martin Armstrong as a guest on Sunday! I’ve been waiting for this! You had him as a guest last year and since that time I have been following his website and reading his posts. That guy is on another level, he is the man! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh boy, Sunday can’t come soon enough!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes. Early Sunday Release.

  30. AH

    5G as a benefit??

    Yes, Trump is pushing 5G, but this is a disaster. I don’t think he understands much about it and its potential nasty health effects. It’s all over the web about 5G. Check this:

    5G Is The “Stupidest Idea In The History of The World”- Washington State Biochemistry/Medical Science Prof

    • Diane

      This is terrible. 5 G will kill us all.
      What are they thinking.
      End of life on earth?

  31. Will Kane

    According to the latest Q post, there will be some sort of takedown of the alternate media sites by the deep state in the next few weeks. What caught my attention was this seems to allign with the information I’ve been getting from my sources the past few months that there will be some sort of coup attempt by the deep state in the same timeline. While I am suspicious at times about who’s giving what information, I am reminded that it was only a few short months ago that President Trump set up the emergency broadcast system directly to the White House. The reason is becoming increasingly clear. The deep state thinks it MUST control the narrative through the MSM by eliminating the alternative media sites to sway public opinion. Judging by some of the anti Trump comments on your site, it seems to be working. Alex Jones was evidentially just the beta test. Like him or not it was still free speech that was attacked. First Amendment rights swept into the trash heap of history by the deep state.

    In the coming weeks I would suggest having your technical head on a swivel as these cyber attacks will most likely be fourth coming. If I haven’t thanked you lately for being a true patriot, please forgive me. Greg you are true& BRAVE.
    A watchdog of the Republic. Thanks for all you do.

    There Coming \We Can’t Run \Must Not Run

    Our President And His Young Bride Have Their Backs To The Wall

    • Greg Hunter

      Not taking USAW down. I own it they don’t.

  32. Will Kane

    Peter Schiff: “The Real National Emergency Isn’t At The Border. It’s The National Debt!”
    Mac Slavo

  33. Jane Doe NutTer

    The Yank’s Are Coming!
    __________Cant Hold Em Down’er Sir
    The Wild one!

    Our Love Is Alive
    The Dual Anglo-American World Super Power
    Stumblin’ In_____!
    She’s In Love With You_Great Britain!

    Lap-Dog Nation
    Love For The Yank’s!
    She Loves Her Big Brudder

    • William Stanley

      Beautiful! I especially enjoyed the Seekers rendition of “I’ll Never Find Another You.”

  34. Boris Badienough

    Watch This- As we fight for freedom or socialism amongst ourselves

    • William Stanley

      It got my toes tapping.

  35. Wes Beever

    What Taxing The Rich Did To Elizabeth Warren & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s States
    Tim Brown
    Tax time is usually an unhappy time for taxpayers, but a joyous time for government employees and the welfare class that gets more in “refunds” than it ever pays in taxes.
    But this year, tax time is a depressing time for the taxmasters in the big blue states.
    Blue states use high taxes to finance their frivolous spending. But this year, the money just isn’t there even as House and Senate lefties from big blue states tout new plans to soak the rich.

    We Were Once GreaT
    his Terrible Swift Sword_Incoming!

    • William Stanley

      Thanks, Wes!

  36. Sylvia Sterling

    Don’t neglect the Old Testament. That’s where all the examples of what happens to the people who ignore or violate God’s laws. Food laws, and many other laws are contained therein.
    This country needs to study God’s laws and start abiding by them. We seem to be a country of lawbreakers.

    • Deborah W

      Respectfully Sylvia, if you want to return to the Law of the Old Testament, then follow the Law. Start sacrificing animals, start raising livestock, and expect monetary exchange. You’d better also have a farm, you’ll need one, as a lot of the offerings take place at harvest time. There are around 613 commandments in the first five books of the Bible. The new Testament is very clear that Christians are not under the Old Testament Law. Christians are not under the Law, but live under grace. Galatians 3:24-25; Romans 6:14; II Corinthians 3:11; Colossians 2:14; to name a few.

  37. Mort Coleman

    Loved your update today, been watching for a few years, and have always loved your ending as it let me know you have a grip on the most important facet of life, which is the Jesus came to save us, and to give us life, and abundant life at that. For the unbeliever the first thing he/she must do is ask our Father, God, to open our eyes to see His Son. The Father sent the Son that all who believe in Him will be saved. But not just saved from a future of hell, but saved unto a new life, a new creation, an eternal life of fellowship with God the Father and His Son. This fellowship is God’s eternal purpose, that He can have fellowship with His creation and created beings who have come to know Him and His ways via the School of Christ, tutored by the Holy Spirt. My life has been greatlyyy impacted by my encounters with the living God, through His Son, Jesus Christ. I was saved in the winter of 1979-1980, and baptized by immersion in January. Then, I made progress, failed, repented, made progress, failed, … until God opened my eyes again after I prayed PS 139:23-24 in a prayer of desperation. Not long after, Jesus met me again, and touched me, and, now I read the word of God with insight, vision, revelation and truth. Much has happened since march of 2016, but I have to say, His life in me is the only life worth living, my prayer in everything is, Thy will not mine, thy way not my way, and Thy life not mine in every action. It may have taken almost 40 years to come to the place where He became my reason to live, but I would not change anything, because, I have seen the king, and His love for me is indescribable, and when He showed me what is mine in Him, my response is only worship.
    Thank you,

    • TSI

      I wish Jesus would hurry up and get on with it. I understand that we must experience a god foresaken world in order to fully appreciate God but it is taking ages and some of us will have been sucked into the hellish abyss in the meantime.

      • paul ...

        If all humanity simply begins to move in the direction of the “good vibes” … we can avoid being sucked into the hellish abyss (a world where Satan dominates our lives) …

        • paul ...

          You know … if our bodies move and react due to signals that come from “outside our bodies (cells)” as Bruce Lipton says: “then our consciousnesses is composed of something more then what we have within our cells” … we are connected to a greater consciousness directing us as individuals that exists somewhere outside our body (like in the movie Avatar) and therefore even if a cell dies a blue print of us still exits (like DNA) in the collective memory that can bring the cell back to life … Lipton goes on to say that there is a two way communication between our bodies (cells) and the source of the signals (somewhat like praying??) … but to whom are we (cells) praying to? … a “collective memory” (God??) … so in this analogy Lipton put forward humans are sort of like a cell in a vast collective of individual cells being controlled by signals from God who records our life experience in a collective memory … so when our bodies die we can be brought back into existence as our life and our functions are all recorded in the collective memory (God) … so that when we are born again (a new cell created) we come back with the instinctive knowledge of our previous experiences (and thus evolve to a higher level)? … but the environment we come back to also plays a part in determining what we shall be in the next life (sort of like a stem cell evolves to suit its environment ) … thus it seems the Collective Memory (God) is ruling over every human individual on planet Earth telling us exactly what we should be doing (the 10 Commandments?) and determining when it is time for us to die if we don’t follow the rules (or like skin or intestinal wall cells die when our useful purpose has ended) to keep Collective functioning properly?? … now consider … what if some cells decide they want to live forever like the Demon-rat elites (and become immortal like cancer cells) … the Brain of the Collective (God the Father) will launch an attack on such cancer cells (using Jesus or Trump) to kill the evil cancer cells before they kill the Collective (i.e. the Georgia Guide-stones) … however not all cells of the body are designed to attack the evil cancer … immune cells (like the military, yellow vests, patriot warriors on the internet, etc., etc.) will be used in the battle to kill off the cancer infesting humanity … it seems that all of creation (not just human cells) are linked together as part of the Collective Mind (where God the Father is the operating system controlling “all life forms in the matrix of life … but unlike this computer I’m typing on … God’s operating system is like the internet … where signals sent out from one cell is received by all cells and results in “a Higher Consciousness”!!

      • William Stanley

        TSI, Where did you get the idea that man can “fully appreciate God”? No wonder you’ve been waiting so long.

  38. Gary

    Federal prosecutors broke law in Jeffrey Epstein case, judge rules

    “Federal prosecutors, under former Miami U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta, broke the law when they concealed a plea agreement from more than 30 underage victims who had been sexually abused by wealthy New York hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein, a federal judge ruled Thursday.”


  39. Rob

    There is a nation in the world who presently represents this passage:

    Revelation 17:3-5 And he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness: and I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet-colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. (4) And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and decked with gold and precious stone and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations, even the unclean things of her fornication, (5) and upon her forehead a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF THE HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

    Prepare accordingly:

    • Greg Hunter

      You are wrong about this. Traitors in Trumps staff set him up– again. He knew nothing about this:

      Pray for the President to get rid of the people betraying him and America.

      • Rob

        Well that is good to hear brother as I was troubled by that report :o(

    • TSI

      The Vatican and the mystery cults.

      • TSI

        Catholic means ‘universal’, a one world religion to unite all.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am a former Catholic and I have never heard this, but it is correct.

  40. Paul Anthony

    Thank you for telling everyone to get right with our Lord. It will get uglier and nasty before it’s over but we win no matter what. Even in death Christians win. I also think God is involved and because of that death won’t be on a massive scale and that is my Prayer. I hope everyone is praying for that.


    • Norlin Gutz

      As a Lutheran, we have the term”catholic” (notice small c) come up in some of our creed’s and it is understood to represent the “universal” or “general” church that exist in the world, but is understood as wherever the Gospel is proclaimed.

  41. Mike Bierlein

    Greg, just for you. With a stock market crash in late 2019 or 2020, Dems win in sweeping victories in Pres, Senate, House AND BRINGS IN COMMUNISM. has that crossed your mind?

    • Greg Hunter

      I guess we will have to see Mike.

  42. Rob in Waterford Michigan

    Greg you have a very good website & doing a good job on informing us all.. What has Ellen Brown been doing lately.. as with all your good guests, would she come on to your show, & help us all out & help us get ready for this really big collapse / crash. (Food, Water, First-aid, Medical Supplies, Camping, & Survival Gear)..Thank You again Greg..

  43. paul ...

    Wow! … move over Germany … the Chinese are to become the new master race … lets hope with their higher intelligence they will bring forth someone as good as Jesus … seems we don’t have to depend on heavenly beings anymore (to modify our DNA) … now “we” can begin to mold humanity to a higher and more moral consciousness …

  44. Mohammad


    Although I do not like senator Feinstein but look at those brain washed kids how rude and how disrespectful they are with the young airhead bigmouthed bimbo leading them:

    Does that remind you with nazi Germany raising their rats to climb up the ranks?


  45. vincent_g

    Thing is although the crimes are serious no one will cover a attempted coup.
    Even if they arrested people they still will not cover it.

    But the Smollett story will keep going on grabbing all the headlines.

    Personally I think the Smollett is a comedy.
    I think they will throw the book at him or at least try to put him behind bars for a long time.

    As for those that tried to oust the president – weekend at a plush federal prison at best.
    It’s a backwards world we live in isn’t it?
    It’s rare to see anyone from government go to jail.

  46. paul ...

    Now this is an interesting strategy for Trump to stop the warmongering neocons plans for a war with Iran … transfer “highly sensitive US nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia” … thus … by spreading the nuclear technology to make a bomb among the radical Islamic regimes of the Middle East … the neocons no longer have an excuse to say the US has to go to war with Iran for having what everyone else around them (Israel and Saudi Arabia) has!! … … but can’t figure Trump promoting gay rights? … unless … it is to save women from marrying one (which will ruin the women’s life)??

  47. Bill's Stilled!
    World Financial Crash 2019 prepaussie
    Published on Feb 23, 2019

  48. Bill's Stilled!

    Kamala Harris who was the one who came up with the anti-lynching Bill, is Jesse smolik’s aunt. Jessie smolaks sister, is dating Cory Spartacus Booker.

    Stealth Moves, Enough Evidence, Ready To Prosecute

    • Tin foil hat

      FDR rejected the anti-lynchig law when blacks were actually being lynched. Now, Kamala Harris wants to introduce anti-lynching Bill when nooses are used only as props in movie or hoax – freaking democrats!

  49. Jallen

    Do not feel sorry for Dianne Feinstein as what goes round comes round.
    Those kids will make excellent Democrats.
    You would be wise to research who financed the Third Reich and why.
    Hints, 1. Much gold left the United States
    2. Russia / Germany war.
    3. Germany was broke and paying war reparations
    where did they get the money to finance their war machine?
    4. Research Operation Paperclip.
    5. Did Hitler wind up in the South Pole.
    6. Admiral Bird’s trip to the German base in the South Pole.
    7. Who put the first American satellite in orbit.?
    8. What did Hitler find in Iran/ Iraq?
    9. Come on Mohammad did not the Bosheviks raise their rats to
    climb up the ranks, Look what they did to the Russian Royal family
    The Romanoffs, killed them all including the cripple son and all the
    10. Mohammad, always, always follow the money when it comes to war!!!

    I close with; Did not President Roosevelt ban Americans from owning gold and
    forcing them to turn it over to the Government and then raise the price of Gold.
    Did not President Roosevelt get America into World War II.
    Remember Mohammad, he who wins the war writes the history books.

  50. Wes Beever
    Dems Can’t Stop Trump’s Wall👌
    Published on Feb 23, 2019

  51. JK

    Can’t wait to see Martin Armstrong. The only two websites I check every week are yours and his site. Unfortunately, I think his cycle theory suggests we cannot prevent significant fluctuations in the economy and in other areas such as war, politics etc. His ideas on western decadence and the looming pension crisis are powerful. I just visited the coliseum in Rome today for the first and a powerful empire is now surrounded by begging migrants and delapidated buildings. Is this our children’s future? Let’s see what he says

  52. Matt Jaymes

    Here’s a prayer and shoutout to Rob (King Kong) Kirby. Get better ASAP Rob, we need you!!

    Matt Jaymes

  53. Mohammad


    As Venezuela is been set on fire and thrown into abyss (to me it is Syria De Ja Vu), can you please explain to me like you explain it to a 4 year old kid so I may comprehend, what is the difference between OBAMA / CLINTON regime change of duly elected presidents of Libya/Egypt/Yemen/Syria and TRUMP / BOLTON regime change of duly elected president of Venezuela..????????


  54. vincent_g

    Jussie Smollett pleads not guilty?

    I was pondering that and what if he claims he faked it to show how biased the news is?
    Of course that wouldn’t work if he votes democrat in all elections.
    What if he is a republican?

    Does anyone know what his leaning is?

  55. GeorgeMH

    Just discovered this excellent site. Thank you for your truth and dedication. Don’t let the turkeys get you down.

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