Super Exponential Money Printing & Debt Phase – Egon von Greyerz

By Greg Hunter’s 

Financial and precious metals expert Egon von Greyerz (EvG) stores gold for clients at the biggest gold vault in the world buried deep in the Swiss Alps.  This year, EvG’s company, Matterhorn Asset Management, has seen “a major inflow, a massive inflow of big amounts of gold” being vaulted by his wealthy clients.  Why the big spike in people wanting physical gold?  EvG says, “You have seen this year incredible money creation around the world by central banks along with the massive debt increases.  You are looking at . . . the money supply, which has been going up for 50 years, but now . . . it’s going up in a straight line.  So, we are now entering into the exponential phase of this financial system.  We are seeing unlimited money printing, helicopter money like Ben Bernanke (former Fed Head) called it.  Then we are going to see accelerated debasement of the currency.  The real moves in gold and silver haven’t started yet.”

This next move, according to EvG, is going to be a global phenomenon.  EvG explains, “The bond market is going to collapse, and interest rates are going to go a lot higher.  Inflation is going to go a lot higher, and, eventually, the currency collapses, and it is a collapsing currency that leads to hyperinflation.  When the currency falls, we will see hyperinflation. . . .  The next group of people that are going to come into this are the institutional investors.  We’ve already seen signs of that. . . . The risk I would say is the highest ever in history.  You have never had a situation in history where basically every country in the world is in the same position.  In the past, you have had individual countries that have had problems, economic collapse and hyperinflation.  You have never had a situation where the whole world has had an insoluble debt problem.  That is now about to collapse.  That’s never happened in history, and that’s why it’s going to be on a much bigger scale than before.  I am not a prophet of doom and gloom.  I am just someone who analyzes risk, and I say it is inevitable.  This has to happen.  It’s not a question of when, it’s just a question of how long will it take.”

What also has to happen are dramatically higher gold and silver prices?  EvG says, “Silver at $25 per ounce is incredibly cheap.  In my view, silver is going to go to at least $600 per ounce. . . .  Gold should be at least $10,000 per ounce right now. . . . Gold should be $20,000 per ounce on an inflation adjusted basis. . . . When gold is $100,000 or $100 million (per ounce) or whatever it reaches, then everyone is going to be talking about gold.  Gold is going to reach an ultimate peak, but that depends on the amount of money printed. . . . America has had a budget deficit for 90 years.  What’s your forecast?  It’s so easy.  It’s going to get worse because now you are getting into the crisis situation.  That’s why it’s going to accelerate. . . . Nobody can believe these forecasts of gold and silver.  People just like to extrapolate a few percent a year.  That’s not where we are now.  We are not at a point now where it’s going to happen gradually.  We are at the exponential point, and the super exponential point of money printing, deficit and of currency collapse.  That’s why this will be reflected in the precious metals prices.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Egon von Greyerz of Matterhorn Asset Management which can be found on 

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  1. A von WALTHERR


    • Jake

      Do not under estimate their power of their counterfeiting money as debt. Their plan is to enslave the masses with more debt and use Covid 19 to destroy small business and jobs. They will eliminate cash and use UBI to create a global communist state in conjunction with their NWO digital currency which will be presented to us as the saviour from inflation they have created. This NWO currency will be issued under the lie of being a limited issued crypto currency. So the masses may well fall for the global digital currency lie and gold will be surpressed a little longer. Be prepared for a longer ending.

      • Paul ...

        Right Jake … inflation is in our future … the liquidity produced by QE has become stuck inside the Wall Street financial system pushing up stocks (but the velocity of money inside the economy has plummeted) … so the commie Fed will now be given the power to hand out free cash “to the common people” … everyone will get a digital checking account at the Fed and the Fed will fill it up with “free money” for the people to spend … which will get the economy (and money velocity) moving again … sounds good … until the commies getting the free money wake up one day (when the economy is booming) to see the Fed removing money from their checking account or stopping all free money payments (to cool the economy)!!! …

    • don


      The video is unavailable. Can you fix it?


      • Greg Hunter

        Unplug your modem and plug it back in, or if on a cell phone, power it off and reboot it. Let me know how this works out. Also use a different browser.

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    As long as we communicate clearly, terminology isn’t crucial. Still, I was intrigued by EvG’s subtlety: In his understated manner, he made a distinction between risk and uncertainty, thereby indicating familiarity with the work of the great economist, Frank Knight.

    • Greg Hunter

      EvG says “risk is not known” with all the derivatives out there. It is exponential, that is for sure. It will end quickly when is ends.

    • Paul ...

      William … EvG has been saying it for a long time “depreciation of the currency is coming” …

      • William Stanley

        Paul …,
        Professor Knight wrote “Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit” around 1920. He died in 1972. Half a dozen Nobel Prize winners were either his students or have noted his influence on their thinking. I intended my comment as a nod to EvG’s erudition.

        Professor Knight distinguished risk from uncertainty by defining “risk” as susceptible to measurement, while uncertainty isn’t. Thus, following his lead, we might say that “unmeasurable risk” is almost the very definition of uncertainty. Of course, no one is required to use Professor Knight’s terminology.

  3. JC

    ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’

    “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”
    Tuco runs through the cemetery, in search of the grave in the name of Arch Stanton, where the box of gold coins are buried.

  4. Calvin Budge

    The Plan to Steal America
    Hillary 🐍 George Soros

  5. Gina Moorehouse

    Lindsey Graham hits back!
    Dems trying to postpone Supreme Court hearing.
    73,530 views•Premiered 3 hours ago

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr von Greyerz, again another sobering interview which so absent from the MSM .
    Here in the UK just to buy a one ounce silver coin I have to prove my name and address and similarly for buying a gold coin.When the Bolshevik economy collapses here they will turn up with their Stasi and stick a gun under my nose and demand that which I have saved for.At the moment this is all hypothetical but the mechanism is present and real.
    With the USA having the largest army and armed to the teeth,what is to stop them turning up in Switzerland and demanding Mr von Greyez’s gold and the gold of his clients?
    Am I imagining the closing in of the Bolshevik walls on your and my money and savings? Every tax tracks every real asset that protects wealth,the Bolshevik gloating over land is quite astounding,as they seize it under “Inheritance Taxes”to be sold to their friends with printed money the Bolshevik central bank has printed.Their friends then rent that land pack to the peasant to live on or farm.We have the audacity to say,”we didn’t see it coming!”
    I hope I live to see this snap for the plebs are rightfully peeved but the Bolsheviks are armed to the teeth.

  7. Marie Joy

    10? years ago, I asked the manager of the local Stop & Shop if he would accept gold, silver, jewelry and assets, for payment of groceries, when it hit the fan. He said yes.

    • notyourpatsy

      Marie, I take it then you are in NJ, since ‘Stop N Shop’ is a regional grocery chain. I’m in 07716 myself so I shop at one on occasion.

  8. Paul ...

    Most people who buy Gold and Silver coins fail to understand one thing … when one ounce of Gold goes to $10,000 and one ounce of Silver goes to $600 as Egon von Greyerz says “will definitely happen” … you should use your coins sparingly “to purchase essentials” (like some people in Venezuela are now doing) … you are not supposed to sell all your coins “at once” and convert them all into worthless fiat (like the Fed’s US dollar … … and then pay the Government capital gains taxes besides “on your imaginary fiat gains” that the Fed has really artificially produced by infinitely printing their paper fiat … remember … gold and silver “do not rise in price” … additional fiat currency needs to be given for your precious metals because the fiat currency is falling in value … but try explaining that to the IRS who will have you put in a jail cell (the banksters never get to see) for not paying taxes on a piece of metal that has remain constant … an ounce of metal in 1913 (people gave $30 Fed notes for) “is still an ounce of metal” in 2020 (people now have give 1900 depreciated Fed notes for)!!

    • JC

      Did you see what I posted above? ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’ clip from the 1966 film The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?

      I can see you in that film, running, in a state of ecstasy, expecting to find those buried gold coins.

      Would you be willing to be in a remake, as Tuco?

      • Paul ...

        So what’s with all your Pee Wee Herman character assassination posts JC? … do you have to be so blatant and obvious about it?? … why don’t you try to be more sophisticated (like Nostradamus) … and obfuscate your meaning and intention to ridicule through symbolism and metaphor … by writing a quatrain next time!!

        • JC

          It was meant in a positive way.
          We need a little humor amidst all the gloom and doom, don’t we?

    • Stan

      $10,000 Gold? Paul, what are you smoking?

      • Paul ...

        One of your cigars … and I lit it with a $10,000 dollar fiat paper bill you banksters print up out of thin air!!

    • Robert

      So everybody accepting silver and gold is going to have an assay machine to verify they’re actually getting real silver and gold and not counterfeit?

      • Paul ...

        Robert … That’s why we buy government minted coins and not bars!!

  9. Jerry

    I’m not sure why I keep posting this information, because apparently many people have covered themselves up with normalcy bias, thinking we’re all headed back to normal Ville. WRONG!

    With this reversal, we are headed back to a hard lockdown, and vaccination city. I find it humorous that in a matter of hours President Trump was miraculously cured. Any day now, there will be an announcement that a vaccine has been found for the coronavirus, and people will be lining up to roll up there sleeve. Bill Gates and the boys over at the World Financial Forum will be celebrating, as the final solution for all of the worlds problems will have finally been achieved. No I’m just kidding. It’s all part of the plan to take down the deep state by president Trump.

    • JC

      Jerry, I also found it humorous that Trump was miraculously cured.
      Something is fishy.

      I still see cars going by with only a driver, and he/she is a wearing a mask.
      Some people, not all, are starting to embrace and love their masks, enjoying their imprisonment.

      • Self Exiled

        Jerry, JC : I noticed Trump was making a short public exclamation it looked like from the White House praising the hospital and medications. Because I have asthma and a heart condition I notice how people breathe : mouth or nose, open after words or after sentences, with their chest or stomach; diaphragm movement or arising stomak. He took off his mask in the manner I do when I’m disgusted because I can not get enough air, he also took breaths a different times than he usually does when he is speaking. Also when he finished his last statement he had to part his lips to get enough oxygen. I have never seen him do that before. If he really took those medications I believe that was a serious mistake. All in all what is going on???????????

      • Self Exiled

        Jerry, JC more: Asking The Question That Nobody Dares To Ask Publicly

        • JC

          Self Exiled,
          What’s going on, virus wars?

          “The virus appears to have targeted Republicans only and left Democrats unscathed.”

    • Coalburner

      Jerry, thanks for your effort, we are still reading your posts. What counter measure do you suggest.

      • Jerry

        Stay away from testing. The technocrats are using the pandemic to harvest your personal identifiable DNA to a cloud once 5G goes online. The next phase will be loading your biological system with a vaccine that contains synthetic hydrogel so your biological functions can be transmitted to said cloud. Something will be used as a trigger, to encourage people to line up. I’m suspecting a second wave, as Fauci has already stated back in March.

  10. Phil Smith

    Well done Greg for having Egon Von Greyerz on your site. He is one of the better financial commentators, since he is more objective and detailed in his analysis than many other people. You’ll have to bring him back on when the markets go haywire.

    Wales, UK

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Phil.

  11. Mike

    I agree with the logic and the math does add up

    I’ve listened to these predictions for years and have concluded most people don’t care, they are clueless and don’t want to know or care about fiat, gold, and silver manipulations. If you have an oblivious population going along with these shenanigans unfortunately the government will continue their ingenious strategies. What’s next? A made-up Exterrestial invasion to divert 7.5 billion people to keep the game going? Obvious people will fall for anything.

    Try to have a conversation with anyone on the street about this subject and I am certain you will get a deer in the headlights look and they will totally forget the conversation 8 seconds after you leave.

    Yes all fiat currencies have failed in the past but artificial intelligent algorithmics did not previously exist manipulating markets, currencies, gold silver and in fact ourselves (I would suggest watching Netflix: The Social Dilemma). Let’s not forget The 350 million artificial intelligent cameras China has installed to maintain its strongarm tactics. A version of this Orwellian technology is becoming a reality in Western Democracies. Most definitely 2026 will be a much different world.

    15 billionaires control all of the mainstream media and people have been so dummified I am starting to suspect they are putting something in the air. You should have asked your previous guest Dane Wigington about this.

    Keep in mind for every logical prediction of gold and silver going up in price and currencies collapsing global governments have done an incredible job keeping this game going. Never underestimate the other side.

    My Prediction: If things start to fall apart and no government fix will work ~ WW3 will commence & we will be vaporized several times over. One thing I’ve learned regarding this subject: Expect Twilight Zone Orwellian Government Responses that the majority will gladly accept. Until people stand up and recognize these shenanigans unfortunately this game will continue until we blow ourselves up. At that point, I really don’t know what a Martian will pay for gold & silver when humans no longer inhabit the Earth.

    Just live, be happy, and Thank God for another day

  12. Bob Lamb

    When dollars become worthless, gold will be worthless also. At that point, people will be worried about eating with all the chaos that will ensue.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gold has never been worthless in the last 5,000 years but Pb will be the primary metal in the world you are describing.

    • Paul ...

      Bob … When the dollar becomes worthless Gold can be used to buy “Silver bullets” (that are exceedingly good at killing vampire demon rats who are always trying to steal your food and “every bloody thing else” they can get their hands on)!!!

  13. William Bradshaw

    Have not heard any of your guests suggesting we have cash ,( dollars ) under the mattress when the monetary crash happens. Has there been a change in thinking on this. Should it all be converted to PMs

    • Greg Hunter

      You will need everything cash included is what I hear.

    • Mario

      Hi William

      I hope all is well.

      If I could chime in on that question…

      After water, food, guns/ammo, backup power, fuel with stabilizer, assorted batteries, stuff for canning and preserving, assorted heirloom vegetable seeds, toilet paper, hygiene supplies, spare water pump (if you’re on a well), spare anything for that matter that is important, then comes money.
      Some cash is smart to keep, depends on your financial situation but if you have $1000-$2000 in $5,$10,20 denominations that should be good. After the coming crash cash will still used for days or weeks until people realize that it’s worthless. After stashing some cash then it’s silver and maybe some gold. Silver is much more undervalued on a percentage basis and stands to increase much more. Also silver is better for bartering as gold is worth too much and will be worth much more before this is over. Above all of these things is securing your eternity my friend!



  14. eddiemd

    Very interesting dream from 9yo Indonesian girl. Form your own opinion. For a 9yo she is very bright beyond her age.

    More detailed version. She describes very demonic forces at work.

    • eddiemd

      The Restrainer.

      Col 3:4
      When Christ who is our life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.

      Zech 3:4
      Then He answered and spoke to those who stood before Him, saying, “Take away the filthy garments from him.” And to him He said, “See, I have removed your iniquity from you, and I will clothe you with rich robes.”

      Isaiah 35:8
      A highway shall be there, and a road,
      And it shall be called the Highway of Holiness.
      The unclean shall not pass over it,
      But it shall be for others.
      Whoever walks the road, although a fool,
      Shall not go astray.

      Prov 11:4
      Riches do not profit in the day of wrath,
      But righteousness delivers from death.

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        Noting how often religious references are used here, one should realize they’re only for 96% of people who are not sociopaths. They mean nothing to the 4% who use “The Mask of Sanity.”

        “Judge not, lest ye be judged” (Matthew 7) doesn’t defend you from sociopaths who have no empathy nor conscience. You can’t change them. Arguing truth is like giving medicine to the dead.

        Native Americans say “he speaks with forked-tongue.”
        Thus, like a mouse encountering a big snake;
        “Hi Mr. Snake. What can I do for you today?”

        • eddiemd

          You are wrong.

          The Gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing.

          Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the Way, the Truth, the Light. He came to set people free.

          You should seek Him before it is too late.

  15. Tim Delmontagne

    Most stackers I know are middle class people and we will not see the fruits of our stacking. We will have to spend it to survive. We are going to continue this way a lot longer. They have lots of ammo left, digital currency, negative rates, asset purchases, confiscation by taxation and many more things. We will enter the crisis poor after using or stack and will come out of it poor if we survive. Silver not even close to all time highs after 10 years gold just hitting them.

  16. eddiemd

    Very good analysis on dynamics of Armenia, Turkey, Iran, Israel, and Azerbaijan.

    The set up of the coming Ezekiel war.

    • JC

      G.A STEWART:
      The Great Duke of Armenia” is a very important reoccurring character in Nostradamus’ World War III theme. His first notable public appearance might involve some conflict between India, Pakistan, or China along the Ganges River.

    • Self Exiled

      Turkey’s statement, or Erdogan’s statement concerning “Jerusalem is ours” is pivotal, vital, a critical intention: in my thinking.

  17. Bonnie Eustis

    Trump Adds ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sticker To SUV So Media Can’t Claim He’s Spreading COVID; October 5, 2020 Trump Owns the Media, He Just Doesn’t Know it!

  18. WD

    Funny thing that all these new Covid 19 cases in the senate and in our government all seem to be only infecting The Republicans….no Democrats have been infected just Republicans…..hmmmmmm makes me wonder!

  19. Hollie Ground

    Kayleigh McEnany: Trump ‘moves forward with the work of the American people’
    22,449 views•Oct 6, 2020 FoxNews 1 hour ago

  20. Ground Hollie

    Come On Mate!
    I was wrong about the Democratic Party #walkaway
    566,628 views•Sep 21, 2020

    Scene Joe Biden saw when he arrived in Gettysburg, PA.
    9,370 views•Oct 6, 2020 27 minutes ago

  21. Frank Sutton

    Videos from inside Joe Biden’s senate office in the 1990’s | 60 Minutes Australia
    57,887 views •Oct 5, 2020

    WHAT YOU WONT SEE, on the operation Mockingbird DEMOCRAT’S, 60 Minutes US.!
    Tara Reade says Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are “hypocritical” | 60 Minutes Australia
    40,890 views •Oct 5, 2020

  22. Fred Daake

    The theoretical solution to having fifteen billionaires own the media is to encourage the initiation of hundreds of small sites. It could be compared to home churches – tons of small churches with small groups of people.

  23. al

    I agree 100% with EVG. I’ve been following him for a very very long time.
    Every fiat system is designed to collapse through hyperinflation, what bring that on is money in the pocket of the people and a spending spree.

    But wait, as I write this President Trump just twisted the Fed’s arm to give money directly to the people. The “stimulus” talks have been going nowhere thanks to the stupid pork BS included to the stimulus bill by the demoCRAPS. Trump probably got with Mnuchin and said, “do it”… Then told Pelosi to F’k off!

    Expect an EBT type card from the Federal Reserve disseminated by Mnuchin. DIRECT MONEY FROM THE FED TO OUR POCKET! At that point stimulus talks become a moot point. The result… HYPERINFLATION!

    Buy NOW!!! Buy every non-perishable you will need for now and in the near future, it’s on sale! Worse comes to worse you have to wait until after the Elections in order to get some green in your pocket in order to bring in hyperinflation. Either way, they need us to SPEND SPEND SPEND. GDP goes up, everything looks great but wages will not keep up with inflation, therefore you will be able to afford less and less as time goes on.


  24. Kevin

    EVERY SINGLE article is gloom amd doom on this site?….Earth quakes..Tsunamis…dollar collapse…rinse repeat year after year….BUT IF YOU ACT NOW I will save you from certain doom!!!…Just sign up for my free newsletter….and you will be rich then spend eternity in heaven….but only if you are a Christian…to hell with the 1.8 bullion Muslims or the 1.2 billion Hindu’s….they have no chance of getting a golden ticket to an eternal theme park when they die…

    • Greg Hunter

      Jesus is for everyone.

      • Susan


    • Paul ...

      Kevin … the information provided on Greg’s site is free to all people’s of the world … and if they all buy some silver … they will all get rich (before going to their maker)!!

    • Mario

      Hey Kevin
      Hope all is well.
      I might be missing something… this site is free. There is a lot of doom and gloom… but it’s reality. It’s not fake news like all the main stream media is. Your best bet is to prepare, and that’s mentally, physically, and like Greg always says “above all spiritually!”
      And as far as Muslims and all other religions… they all can’t be correct. The Bible has never been disproven! However it has been proven geographically, archeologically, scientifically etc etc etc.
      God is real, and His only son Jesus is the way the truth and the life. People that don’t “believe” typically don’t know the whole story or refuse to accept the facts.
      All of us are sinners and Jesus died on the cross and bore the wrath of God rather than us having to do that and be condemned for eternity. Our sins are forgiven for those of us who believe! Jesus paid a debt that He didn’t owe, and we got a gift that we didn’t deserve!
      Praying you come to know the Lord before it’s too late.
      Kindest regards

  25. Ed

    Hi Greg, as always thanks for your very informative site . Can I get your opinion? Egon has been mostly right all this time in that monetary expansion/debt has resulted in lower US dollar price (currency debasement) and conversely higher precious metal prices. He sees no reason why this trend won’t continue. Martin Armstrong on the other hand says future higher PM prices will only be the result of lack of confidence in government by the people. And that it’s not gold’s time yet. As an investor, if gold and silver are going much higher for either or both scenarios doesn’t it make sense to buy some now instead waiting till there’s a total government revolt? Thanks


    • Greg Hunter

      Good luck timing that out.

  26. notyourpatsy

    EVG say,”everyone will notice/ be talking about gold’s price when it hits $100,000 or a $100 million..” Right there he lost my confidence.

    First a ‘$100 million’ is a ridiculous number to put out there, because at that number/price the whole World will have erupted into war. At that point/number most people will wish they were dead.

    Secondly, if/when the price per ounce of gold NEARS ‘$10,000 per ounce’, most people who have held gold since the 1980’s ‘waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more’ for the price to finally ‘be freed from the Fed’, will be shouting it on every street corner/ social media. So they’ll be selling all they have at first chance to get cash to use for things they never bought instead of the gold. JMO

    But Thanks for having him on just the same Mr Hunter. Have you gotten a copy of Mike Stanton’s book, ‘Prince of Providence’, yet?

    • Paul ...

      So you are going to sell your gold for this … ???

    • William Stanley

      I find your comments perplexing:
      (1) Is your quibble simply with the numbers that EvG used to make his point that interest in gold will eventually rise along with its price? Why is the likelihood of hyperinflation — part of EvG’s point — an absurd assertion even if it would lead to war?
      (2) I doubt that very much gold is being held by people who are depriving themselves in order to enjoy more lavish lifestyles once the price reaches $10,000/oz.
      (3) Having made a point of expressing your low opinion of EvG, why did you thank Mr. Hunter for having him on as a guest?

      • notyourpatsy

        William, I’d be glad to Thank Mr Hunter for having EVG on, Thank You Mr Hunter.

        Secondly, I was being hypothetical, not sarcastic, in response to your first question, and latter answer. With regards to ,”people who have held gold since the 1980’s and were waiting for it to ‘go to the moon’.”
        I’m not speaking personally, rather saying that there will be families who invested their savings into PMs for their retirement. These people will sell it when the time comes to liquidate it for themselves to maintain their standard of living.

        I don’t doubt the veracity of EVG’s claims, though no person in America should be looking forward to the demise of our National Currency is my opinion.

        I appreciated your reply in order to clarify my post.

    • Keith Wilson

      If you get time over the next few weeks. Download for free. The book. When money dies:The nightmare of the Weimar collapse. By Adam fergusson.

  27. Craig Furlong

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve been watching you regularly, my brother!
    Thought I go a little off topic as I discovered an amazing item tonight. Check this out!

    Hopefully, Lord willing, this goes world-wide quickly!
    Keep looking up, Greg! And thanks for your great reporting coverage!

  28. Trinacria

    Thank you Greg for inviting Mr. von Greyerz. I have heard him several times over the last few years and believe he is right on target. No nonsense kind of guy, tells it like it really is, love listening to him. Greg, I appreciate your work and the fact that you are no nonsense person as well. Brutally honest as I like to say. Problem with that these days (there is no problem for honest folks of course) is that the democrats (read Marxist) believe that honesty is a form of brutality…that is the twisted world in which we live. I pray for saner days to come!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep Trinacria That’s a good description of EvG!!

  29. Stan

    RIP Edward Van Halen. Back in the day when I worked at a large US Bank, we used to play Runnin with the Devil while peddling garbage CLO’s to ignorant pension fund managers.

    • Self Exiled

      Stan, if I may ask; how old are you? Just curious.

    • Dave

      Are you proud of that Stan?

      • Stan

        Dave: That is just the way business is done on Wall Street.

        • Paul ...

          Stan … Better begin to learn how business is done in Heaven before you get there and have “a rude awakening” (that you will not be staying with the beings who have a higher moral standard)!!

  30. Coalburner

    Nice report HK!
    You just described the 500 year cycle, nicely!
    Think about 1490 Eu, 1492 Caribbean and the movie Apocolypto in 1517 Mexico City.
    Unfortunitley after the giant bust we could be a second rate power or worse to the Far East or somewhere by 2032. Stupid leaders win stupid prizes for their people as always through out history.

  31. Anthony Australia

    Gerald Celente “3G’s”
    Guns, Gold and a Getaway plan!

  32. Paul ...

    This is what happens when “immoral evil commies” run the money printing presses … … and this is what happens when “immoral evil commies” run the newspaper printing presses …

  33. Paul ...

    So when is Biden going to admit he will be appointing Gina Haspel as his “Deep State CIA Secretary of State”??? …

    • Paul ...

      Here’s the list of TRAITORS who should be arrested and tried for TREASON … Trump has had enough … deep state treasonous commies like FBI director Christopher Wray and head of the CIA Gina Haspel have refused to declassify the incriminating documents showing how they tried to overthrow our Constitutional Republic (to protect their Shadow Government and their illegal control over our Nation) … however Trump is now demanding the full release of all documents (without redaction) … let’s see now just who “the real President of the United States” really is!! …

  34. Paul ...

    Long before Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, etc., etc. there was John Lennon (and JFK) … all patriots taken down in the battle against the Deep State CIA Shadow Government in charge of our “failed” Republic!!! …

    • K. Wayne

      Don’t believe everything you read.
      Both of the two …found a way out !!!

  35. Paul ...

    It pays to never underestimate the venality of the banksters who think they run the world!! … … remember their digital fiat (without intrinsic value) will be just as worthless as their paper fiat dollar!!!

    • Paul ...

      And their “digital currency” will be linked to your DNA with the Gates vaccine … so that the Demons in control can automatically turn off your access to money “if you don’t behave the way you are told” (just like smart meters can turn off your electricity if you don’t pay the bill)!!

    • K. Wayne

      ….they may not run it…but they do wield a lot of influence.
      Digital currency simply implies you have another means to settle transactions. No doubt paper currency will be outlawed. So by default you and everyone else…will not have a choice. That’s some power…right there. Will it stop the Drug trafficking ????…..who knows…but it might put a dent in it. No more pallets of cash being delivered in the middle of the night. Forget about Houston…… looks like the CIA might have a problem.

  36. Haggis McHoag

    Intel Sources: CIA Director Gina Haspel Banking On Trump Loss To Keep Russiagate Documents Hidden
    Haspel is hoping Trump loses his re-election bid so she can run out the clock on Russiagate document declassification, multiple US. intelligence community officials squealed. Haspel is covering for British security, MI5, (MI6), (GCHQ) and (DI), directed by (JIC). All bound by the Security Service Act. The service Act is directed to protect parliament, it’s economic interests and counter terrorism espionage. Which Haspel is determined to protect. The Washington coup “Silent Section” planning partners, known as M04(x) Are pleading with her, as she was there in London, at the time. At the very beginning of the planning stages of this Hillary Russian collusion coup.
    Right now this is all somewhat scuttlebutt, by disgruntled operatives, who’ve lost their heads over all this.
    Speculation is the Soros funded colour revolution will do a repeat of Kiev, on Washington, as in Ukraine. If Trump wins the election, the White House will be surrounded by Antifa and BLM, as found ballots will be paraded before the media as bullets are rained down on the peaceful protesters. Shots blamed on the secret service detail, ordered by the President. As in Kiev when the Nuland Biden inspired protesters, were shot-up by Soros snipers. The people then demanded the Ukraine president step down. When and if protesters are shot up in Washington. The Obama generals will give an ultimatum and the American president will then have to decide, if to resign and do the same as Viktor Yanukovych, who allowed the overthrow of the Ukrainian Government, after blood ran down the streets
    Remember this is all still in the planning stages so it is not yet set in stone, so it is still largely speculation.,_Ukraine._Events_of_February_18,_2014-4.jpg
    In three weeks, a night of decision.

    • jfb

      Trump can fire her immediately, name a new honest director, and make it happen before 1/20/2021.

  37. Jerry

    This is a BIG heads up! Time has run out for millions of people who cant afford to pay their gas and electric.

    Unless the next stimulus bill is passed, these people will be sitting in the dark with no power. Don’t think it will happen? Think again. The power companies are privately owned corporations. I have personally written checks to members of my church who have had their power cut off for nonpayment. With smart meters, it just takes a mouse click. Think about it. School on Zoom gone! CPAC machines gone! How about food preparation? Gone! And guess what? Winter is coming. Good luck with burning kerosene if you can’t afford electricity. Folks brace for impact. You ain’t seen nothin yet.

    • Stan

      If someone is too lazy to work then they don’t deserve electricity

      • Jerry

        Does that apply to thieving bankers to Stan ?
        I hope you have a large supply of lead. Once people get desperate they usually come for the bankers first, and then the lawyers. A few years ago I got screwed by a banker on a business deal that cost me close to a million dollars. I actually thought about setting his house on fire, and shooting him as he ran out. He should have thanked God that I’m a Christian, because had I not been, I would have taken great pleasure on stomping on this cockroach.

      • Paul ...

        What about the people who are too lazy to work honestly? … shouldn’t we take away their Bentley’s!!!

  38. Don Parker

    No one ever asks about the future price of palladium when talking to these precious metal merchants. How about it next time please. Thanks…

    • Tin foil hat

      I missed the boat on palladium 4-5 years ago. I think the price of palladium is tied to the hip with the auto industry. The moment the crazy greenies in the government lose their influence on the emission nonsense. The price would go back down to $400-$600/oz.

      I’m curious about platinum as you do palladium. What do you think about platinum?

      • jfb

        60-70% of silver demand is also industrial, hence the price is subject to economic phenomena. Compared to gold, I tend not to look at it (or buy it) like pure money.

  39. Self Exiled

    Victoria Police Wrestle Woman Without Mask to Ground on Beach

  40. Gale Storm

    America’s Impending Widespread Blackout
    10,720 views•Streamed live 9 hours ago

    Don Jr. sounds off on declassified Russia docs: ‘We knew all along’
    51,090 views•Oct 7, 2020 one hour ago [this morning]

    Australians made ‘prisoners in a so-called democracy’: Alan Jones
    14,590 views•Oct 7, 2020 SkyNewsOz

    NBC shouldn’t ‘need to lie, if they are so confident Biden will win’
    14,328 views•Oct 7, 2020

    Donald Trump will ‘win in a landslide’ with a sea of red in the electoral college
    Sky News Australia 42K views Oct7 4 hours ago

  41. notyourpatsy

    EddieMD, Your post the other day mentioned,’International Marxist tendencies ie, BLM, Antifa,etc.

    My question is, “How come none of the BLM/Leftist Commiecrat media point out the extremely racist organization ‘La Raza’?” Their ‘point man, George Lopez, had, as recent as 2003, his ‘George Lopez Show’ which was blatantly racist towards White people!! George Lopez is a proud ‘card carrying’ member of LaRaza, he’s stated this in multiple interviews on record.

    What’s not racist about ‘LaRaza’ a known subversive group in America? Why is the Left/ Commiecrat encouraged BLM, AntiFa, etc movement not bringing this group up?

    90% of White people have never belonged to an openly racist group in their lives. Yet because of the Communist Democrat party, who’s members up until the last 15 years were predominantly White, the rest of us White people have to pay for THEIR mis-guided policies??!!! WTF?!!

    BLM> Racist group
    AntiFa> Racist Group
    LaRaza> Racist Group
    ALL Ethnic Street Gangs> Punk A$$ Racists

    Being BORN White= NOT Racist!!!

  42. notyourpatsy

    Yet, the Head of DHS has the gall to sit in front of CONgress and point out ONLY White people are ‘a problem’ for the agency at this time, ie, ‘Proud Boys, etc. Again, WTF?!!! This guy is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or White LIBERAL Guilt, since he’s ‘White’. If that’s what the ‘government’ of America has come to then we don’t (have’nt had) a ‘Representational government’ for the past 50 yrs!! It seems to be getting close to an impass if you ask me….

    • Lightning

      The reason the government believes white males are the biggest threat has to do with their assessment of which groups will resist the coming oppression / militant Marxist state.

      With the digital dollar, control of and access to social media through the big tech companies, control of Amazon, control of big pharma/ healthcare ( remember the petrodollar?… think of the emerging establishment of a Pharma-dollar to displace it ( the petro-dollar is going away soon) and control of schools and associated Indoctrination ( critical race theory)….. they will control essentially everything.

      Marginalizing white males appears to be job 1 to ensure future pacification.

  43. Mario

    Check this out!
    Government of Canada looking for 3rd party to handle camps for Covid 19. Aka fema camps !


  44. Self Exiled

    In July Mayor DeBlasio defended Black Lives Matter riots but banned religious gatherings.

  45. Self Exiled

    It continues, religious persecution. The unrest comes after Cuomo declared the Orthodox neighborhood a coronavirus “red zone” and ordered local schools and ‘non-essential’ businesses to close. The targeted lockdown will also limit occupancy in houses of worship.

  46. Self Exiled

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats refused to accept anything below $2 trillion, and their political ransom demand is what blew up the deal.

  47. Self Exiled

    Chinese Troops Spotted In Remote Areas Across Canada

    • Self Exiled

      Under the terms of the Foreign Investment Protection Act (FIPA), a bi-lateral treaty ratified with China by the Trudeau government in 2019, Chinese security forces can be stationed on Canadian soil to protect vital Chinese investments, without the knowledge or consent of local authorities. – Canadian Independent Press Review, January 15, 2020

      • eddiemd

        Chinese military in Canada.

        And 375,000 Chinese “students” inside the USA.

        • eddiemd

          China in Peru.

          Rare earth minerals.

          In fact, Chinese mining companies have been investing in Peru since Peru started privatizing mining enterprises in the early 1990s.[viii] The two countries also signed a bilateral free trade pact in 2009.[ix] In 2010, a group of Chinese companies announced their plans to invest more than $7 billion in Peruvian mining projects by 2017[x]. Every day, ships full of minerals leave Lima for China. Trade and investment have further solidified China’s status as a major strategic partner for Peru.

          “Chifa” is the name of a Chinese food restaurant in Peru. Some good food. Mixed Peruvian Chinese style.

          Lomo saltado, Arroz Chaufa, …Lima even has a Chinatown in the central downtown area.

      • notyourpatsy

        SE, Leave it to limp-wristed Truedoh to let that happen. He’s the obamma of the North! So President Trump should mobilize lots of our 10th Mtn Div along our Northwestern States Borders in order to prevent ANY cross Border action. Hell, they pretty much strip search US citizens going into and returning from Canada on this side!

        Like to see if Mr Hunter can get a story on this on UWD.

    • notyourpatsy

      SE, If these claims are true then it’s up to the State Governors to stand up the National (militia) Guard on their Northern State borders in order to prevent a foreign incursion into America. You know why this won’t happen? Because those states have Liberal Communist sympathizer governors!!!

      Folks in America who live along these Borders should send up drones to photo document this and put it all over social media. Then let the Federal Govt try and deny it’s reality.

  48. Paul ...

    In the VP debate tonight Senator Harris kept calling our nation “a Democracy” … “a Democracy” … “a Democracy” … one would think that a Senator would know by now that our Government is set up as “a Republic” (not a Demon-crazy “Democracy”) where babies are aborted for their organs (a women’s right to life does not give her the right to kill another human being) … a women’s right to life is only endowed by a “responsible” women (who protects the life within her)!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Pence should have gone on the attack more. He lost the first half and won the second half pretty big.

      • Bob

        I switched it off when they both started trying to outdo each other on the Covid hoax.

      • Bob Lamb

        That was my impression also.

    • Tin foil hat

      One thing which caught my attention from the debate is when Pence said Dr. Fauci stated if we don’t shut down, the estimate casualty would be in the millions. Fauci further stated even with the lockdown, 200,000 (optimal outcome) may die in the coming pandemic.

      This led me to believe 200,000 death is the baseline qualifier (set by either Fauci or the deep state) for the pandemic in America. Hence, Gov. Cuomo along with 4 other governors had to transfer CV patients to the nursing homes across the country to meet the baseline – nursing home death accounted for 40% of CV death.

      Without the nursing home death and the $30,000 bounty for Covid positive death in the hospitals, America wouldn’t have a pandemic or the first wave.

  49. Paul ...

    You know … we should all thank God that Trump got COVID-19 and was “cured without a vaccine” … it woke him up to the fact that we don’t need to take the Gates/Fauci Mark of the Beast vaccine … Trump has now declared “that he will make it free for everyone” who decides they want the “non-vaccine anti-body treatment” he got (if they get sick)!! …

  50. Energy

    Trump takes embryo stem cells as recovery babies were sacrificed for him to feel 20 years younger.
    Can you ask Mark Taylor to justify that one in God’s eyes.

  51. Jeanne Koontz

    Hannity: Kamala Harris’ ‘cringeworthy’ debate was packed with lies
    191,263 views•Oct 8, 2020

    Polls showing Biden in dramatic lead ‘were set up by the Left and must be ignored’
    157,769 views•Oct 7, 2020 Sky News Australia

    Trey Gowdy blasts FBI after Trump declassifies Russia documents
    364,551 views•Oct 7, 2020 Fox Business
    Words Related to poppycock;
    Absurdity, asininity, fatuity, foolery, idiocy, imbecility, inaneness, inanity, insanity, kookiness, lunacy. absurdness, craziness, madness, senselessness, witlessness. hoity-toity, monkey business, monkeyshine(s), shenanigan(s), tomfoolery. gas, hot air, rigmarole (also rigamarole)

    The Duplicity of the Mockingbird Brain Media!

    Michelle Obama ‘should be ashamed of herself’
    3,024 views•Oct 8, 2020 Sky News Australia

  52. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    What do you think about this?

    Do think anything will come out of it?

    • Greg Hunter

      As I said from the very beginning “They made it up” and this just proves it and everybody in the Obama Administration knew it was a “Hoax” and a Witch Hunt” all the time just like President Trump said from the beginning.

  53. Self Exiled

    So now we will next have people monitoring us in restaurants; watching us eat, we wear mask in between bites. Come on, and the waiter/waitress will wear cones. I’ve seen it all now.

    • JC

      SE, just read, and there was an ad for a lovely designer mask, “performance, quality, fit.”

  54. Billy

    Hey Greg,
    Lets have some guests discuss other topics rather than gold all the time. I would love to hear what some experts think about what energy and gas will do moving forward, new energy,agriculture, cars,tourism, manufacturing.
    EVG seems a real gentleman.

  55. SilverHawk

    From ZH Aug 19th 2016. Also had read back then that they went to sell all equities and Pounds and buy remaining world gold supply. They’ve had 4 years now. Do what they do, not what they say.

    “”The Rothschilds are buying gold through their investment house RIT Capital Partners and Lord Jacob Rothchild is warning about the results of “the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world”.

    British investment banker Lord Jacob Rothschild is buying gold. Pictured with Joanna Lumley. (Source: Getty)

    The Rothchild’s investment house has increased its allocation to gold by 8% and aggressively sold quoted equities and sterling to navigate choppy “uncharted waters” post-Brexit. Sale of shares have been used to buy gold and other non-disclosed precious metals, which, at the end of June accounted for 8 per cent of the £2.8 billion portfolio according to the trust’s half-year results, released on Tuesday.””

  56. Mario

    Have a listen. This guy sums up what’s going on very well. It’s worth the time to check this out folks.

  57. notyourpatsy

    EddieMD, What was this I just saw in the news about two women ‘winning’ the Nobel Peace Price for Microbiology manipulating human genes?!

    One of the women interviewed proudly talked about her role in developing ‘Crisper/CAS9′ DNA Editing’?!! Like she’ll be glad the day that humans are ‘ biologically controlled beings’!! GOD has a plan for people like this to burn in Hellfire forever, I am so glad of that it let’s me sleep at night.

  58. notyourpatsy

    You could see how smug that Commiecrat Harris is, as if she can ‘taste’ victory in 3 weeks. Just like hitlery, so self assured until she has to eat crow. When President Trump IS re-elected BY THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA ON NOV 3RD, He had better lock down ALL of the NON REPRESENTATIVE LEFT WING SO THEY CAN NOT FLEE PROSECUTION, or the American People WILL do it for him.

  59. Paul ...

    This “terrorist threat” to the commies running our Nation must be eliminated pronto by the FBI and CIA (shadow government)!! …

  60. Paul ...

    Seven ways from Sunday “Crazy Nancy” Pelosi is now involved in another coup attempt against Trump? (likely ordered by the CIA and FBI) … she will propose tomorrow a new bill called “The Commission on Presidential Capacity to Discharge the Powers and Duties of Office Act” … but perhaps this bill is really directed against Biden!! … it could be the Shadow Government is already preparing to make VP Harris “the President” (if Biden happens to win)!! …

  61. Stan

    In honor of Edward Van Halen I pulled out & dusted off my Fair Warning CD and was playing Mean Streets full blast on my 200 watt Bentley Stereo. What an experience!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am going to miss Eddie!

  62. Kenobi

    Silver Eagles = $67 on Tuesday. Check Silver Doctors. Jim Willie says $700 silver at global reset. Bix Weir convinced me to sell silver for $14 and less, then HODL LiteCoin at $140. Bix gets his info from Tarot Cards now.

    • SilverHawk

      Yeah, when he said that, I deleted him from my favorites. I hoped no one would listen to him. He’s a decent Hunter, but doggone, can’t Cook. Only watch him when SGT report pins his vid. Now you know why the statement “For Entertainment Purposes Only” is critical in contract law.

  63. Abraham

    I believe Mr. Greyerz about gold and silver prices going up.
    The real question is: when will that happen? 2025? 2030? We may never know…

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