Syria will Lead to World War III and it will be Nuclear-Paul Craig Roberts

4By Greg Hunter’s 

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “Let’s cut to the chase.  It’s got nothing to do with Syria.  The reason they are looking for a fabricated excuse to attack Assad is to continue the radicalization of Muslims in the hopes this spreads into the Muslim populations of Russia and China. . . . Washington intends to weaken the two giants it cannot run over.”  Dr. Roberts goes on to warn, “I think this will lead to World War III, and that, of course, will be nuclear.”  One big dilemma Dr. Roberts points out, “The issue is will any aspect of the government have any credibility if they back Obama when the rest of the world already knows he’s lying through his teeth? . . . This time the big lie didn’t work like it did in Iraq.”  On the economic front, Dr. Roberts worries, “If they start abandoning the dollar, the collapse of the exchange rate will bring down the whole house of cards in the United States.  The Fed will lose control.  The banks will fail.  Prices will rise dramatically.  People will essentially not be able to pay their bills.  It will be an unbelievable mess.”  What would happen to gold with a Syrian war?  Dr. Roberts says, “If you get a real collapse in the dollar, gold could be $30,000 an ounce.  Who knows?”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.  

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  1. Teddy

    Greg, can you please interview Zuhdi Jasser? He is a Medical Doctor from Syria who currently has family still in Syria. He founded the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and I feel he could lend a very relevant voice at this time.

    Thank you for the consideration.

  2. Ugly

    And just think, after all this happens, over 40 million people will still vote all democrat.

    Americans, stay here. Let them fight the battle.

    • Rodster

      You have sadly been deceived if you think the Democrats and Republicans are any different from each other. It’s “Two Card Monte”, two sides to the same coin, frick vs frack, good cop vs bad cop. The Repubs have pretty much joined in with the Dems on every issue that’s crippling this Nation and will inevitably collapse it.

      Don’t fall for their trick. There hasn’t been a true two party system for the last 50-60 years. There virtually is no difference between the two.

      One party wants to take the bullet train to the abyss and the other wants to make a few stops along the way. 😉

      • Galaxy 500

        Damon insightful

    • Jim

      I think what you meant to say was “And just think, after all this happens over 80 million people will still vote deomocrat or republican.”

      Both political parties are equally involved in coming up with BS for all war, all the time.

    • Henry

      And some people will do exactly what the ruling elite want them to do, which is futilely bicker among themselves over which party is worse, rather than unite and face the real challenges together. Divide and conquer…

  3. Steve

    Greg, I read the comments without listening to the video. Doom and gloom, that is all you have been putting on your site for weeks. Yes, it may happen, yes, it probably will happen.

    Just one question: Dr. Roberts goes on to warn, “I think this will lead to World War III, and that, of course, will be nuclear.”

    Do you sleep at night Greg? I am tired of hearing about doom and gloom, next page please.

    Am I avoiding reality? Let me put it this way, if the world is going down, why keep printing the same stuff?

    • Greg

      Your free to do whatever you like and so am I.

      • Allen Ols

        I feel he wants u to interview miley cyrus twerking

      • Steve

        Ya yes, freedom. Worth killing for isn’t it.

        Thank you for your comment Greg, I will consider it.

        • Galaxy 500

          Actually it is.

      • Chip

        Keep it up Greg. People need to know. What you are doing is a service to humanity…

        • Bill

          And yet another sales pitch for…..You guessed it…GOLD. WWIII…really? How about just another fight in the Middle East….which has been going on for thousands of years and will continue for thousands more. But here we go. Doom and gloom. The housing market flops. Nukes. Iran. Boom. Israel. Boom. Lots of countries in the Middle East. Boom. Gold prices. BOOM!!!! It’s getting old here Greg. Sorry.

          • Galaxy 500

            You.and Steve’s answer is to think happy thoughts and put your proverbial head in the sand. If you treat the rest of your life like this it has already crashed and burned.

          • jakbop

            Actualy, Dr Paul Roberts pointed out that the fed will continue to keep a cap on gold – not a slaes pitch for gold at all.

        • Tonya Brande

          I commend YOU! Finally, Someone who is Not afraid to shine some light on the truth of what Is really Happening in our Country!! We as Americans deserve to know what IS REALLY going On. Keep Up The Good work!! GOD BLESS!!!

          • Greg

            Thank you Tonya for your kind words and support!

          • John

            Effectiveness comes from the willingness to first face the truth. Thanks for all your great work Greg keep putting it out there…

    • Dan

      “Am I avoiding reality? Let me put it this way, if the world is going down, why keep printing the same stuff?”

      Yes you ARE avoiding reality. Greg doesn’t INVENT the ‘stuff’ he prints, he merely reports and comments on it. That’s because some of us like to go through life with our eyes wide open. You should try it yourself, for a change.

      • Steve

        Dan, thanks for the comment.

    • Rodster

      Wow, you seriously think Greg is fear mongering? You don’t see anything bad that can happen from the US destabilizing the Middle East any further? I deal with a lot of commonsense folk on a day to day basis as i’m self employed and the consensus is the world is going to hell in a hand basket. One of my repeat customers to me he recently purchased a firearm so as to protect his family because he sees things getting out of hand.

      If you think the world is in good shape and there is nothing to worry about then I congratulate you. I wish I felt the same way.

      Unfortunately i’m getting a very uneasy feeling about the way the world is going socially, economically as well as nations trying to destabilize other nations on purpose with an agenda. I can’t put a smiley face on any of that.

    • BradS

      Steve – the question is are you doing anything with the information. If yes, great! If not, then these are continuous warnings to DO something. Are you preparing your family? Friends? Get involved with local politics, CHANGE IT – just don’t *itch about it.

      • Steve

        BradS, that is exactly what I am doing. Getting prepared and writing my Senators to NOT bomb Syria. I’m involved in a local peace group, I do take actions and I am trying to CHANGE things, locally. What do you think?

    • The Concerned Citizen

      Steve, why keep printing the same stuff? Well, while you might get it, 90% of the people DO NOT GET IT! They are too involved in meanless diversional activities to be bothered by this stuff. They need to be told over and over and over and over and over and over because they have been “zombiefied” and “dumbed down” by the newest iPhone or the newest reality TV show.

      Greg does a great job of repackaging the news to keep us interested. While you may be bored, Steve, most people are uninformed. Why don’t you make yourself useful and spread the information around and discuss it with people. (…like I do.) Send them to this site, ask them what they think, discuss the issues with them. It sound that, instead of taking this site and its information seriously, you’re just using it like a reality TV show: watching for entertainment. You better be preparing both locally and and financially for what is coming lest the rest of use laugh at you in the end. Get on the ball and stop criticizing someone that is on the ball.

      Greg, I get “doom overload” like Steve sometimes too. But, I realize that its necessary to pay attention. It may be boring watching the tornado heading your way but if you want to live, it might still be a good idea to watch, boring or not. Our society has sold the idea that the “exiting” or “interesting” aspect of an issue somehow makes is more “valid” or “valuable”. This is not the case. Often, it is the boring and routine things that are THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF LIFE.

      Interesting doesn’t necessarily mean valuable or necessary.

      Boring doesn’t necessarily mean worthless or inconsequencial.

      Keep bringing us these fantastic interviews. Boring or not, they are packed with information that, if the time is taken to understand and mentally digest, is beneficial to you path in life.


      • jakbop

        Very good. The thugs count on the intelligent switching off the gloom.

        I found, If you keep on the path of truth, the gloom disappears. You can better enjoy your time with family, if you also continue to stay aware, at least form time to time, and help broadcast some stuff, even to one chosen person, rather than just switch off, for what? To live in consumer paradise?

    • Galaxy 500

      Try watching an interview. Greg covers a lot of ground. If you like “good vibes” type news, go MSM…all the propaganda and news not accurate enough to be here

  4. Michael

    In other words:
    if Congress votes “No!” then the only viable and Constitutional route forward for the Administration is another False Flag and “Syria did it [attacked us]!” lie.

    • Dan

      September is an EXCELLENT month for invading other countries! At least according to Obama’s fellow DICTATOR Adolf Hitler, whose playbook the Obama regime seems hell-bent on copying move by move.

      • pal

        The only difference is that adolf hitler did stand up to the
        debt masters, and obama does the opposite

        • wes

          Excellent point! A. Hitler was 10x the man that Obama will ever be.

          • Galaxy 500

            Wow…Hitler was a insane lying mass murderer bent on world domination that threw nice dinner parties while Obama is a lying weasel who drone murders US citizens without trial keeping the pranksters in business by allowing fraud bent on the subjugation of the American people. Get it right.;-)

    • BradS

      Michael – you are spot on. Be on the lookout for a large, false flag event to ‘force us’ to go in. Drudge is showing a 91 to 9 poll AGAINST Syria invasion but yet Mccain, Boehner, Cantor all say YES! It’s tragic.

      Here’s a great cross thread read for more on this subject:

      Intelligence insider: Syria, World War III & the hidden objective

      All the best!

  5. Allen Ols


    IS read PCR article yest. and thought usawd should get him next-ha great interview. Russia , china can’t afford to let syria blow out of control, but ‘i have a drone ‘ obama neeeeeds a major event, a distraction.

    He is right, S. A. Controls the radical chechnian muslum and can unleash them to russia, china to desablize. All this syria hoopla is about ”natural gas coop’ , think opec and crude oil. NGCo-op and largest nat. Gas company -gasprom or russia, who pumps gas via pipelines to europe.
    Could get cold in europe this winter.

    Qatar needs damascus to put pipeline in, as they have billions of metric tonnes of LN gas to compete w/russia. -jim willie-

    This is ”pipeline politics”

    Finger on pulse@USAWD


    • Greg

      Thank you Allen.

  6. Dan

    @Greg: Thanks for bringing on Paul Craig Roberts again! This guest more than makes-up for the Kiyosaki & Snowden-is-a-Traitor Fiascos!


  7. grossyi

    Steve consider this.
    Some will choose to stick their heads in the sand, some will heed the warnings as iminent and prepare. Some will become political activists, some will head to church, some will start working on the bucket list in ernest. The point is when you have information, when you have truth, you can make decisions that you feel are best for you and yours. I hear that Japan has this great new hot spot for summer vacations called Fkukshima. Fun for the whole family!

    • Steve

      Grossyi, you are spot on, and it’s great advice, be prepared! That is by listening to Greg’s interviews. Though I am not heading to Fkukshima I hear they have a water leak that’s pretty hot 🙂

  8. William Betts

    Thanks for having PCR on your news show. One point that is important here. We really have not heard why the West is dead set on going to WWIII. Jackass Willie has the answer to this problem. You should bring him back to your news and get him to tell about the Gasprom and the natural gas pipeline through Syria. Betts

  9. Mohammad

    To hear it from someone who’s been in the office before is chilling to say the least.
    His argument that Russia and China are not going to war over Syria is a valid point assuming it will still be confined within Syria, no one can guarantees that.
    The real question is:
    Will the Iranians sit still seeing Assad’s grip on Syria dismantled?
    Will they sit still if the Turks are the boots on the ground?
    Will their proxy in Lebanon stay still?
    Will the Israelis control themselves and not hit the program?
    It all depends on how close Iranians are to complete their nuclear program, if they are just right there then they WILL GET HIT in the heat of the coming moments, and god help us all, if they still have time to go then we bought ourselves a year or two.
    The G8 will do all they can to throw G20 off track even if it is WW III.
    The gold backed settlements and the gold central bank G20 intended to implement is going to be thwarted by all means, including WAR.

    • Greg

      There are so many wild cards black swans and unintended consequences that my mind boggles. The only thing you can predict for sure is this war will be an unmitigated disaster for the entire world. God help us and that is NOT a casual saying or a joke. I pray God will help us all.

      • Mohammad

        Like wise Greg, i pray 5 times a day asking god to save us all.

        I have this feeling (or may be the hope or last ditch wish) that Obama will go to the meeting in the G20 and on the side of one of those meetings and says to Putin:
        Look, am backed up by my congress and senate, my forces are ready to strike, do something about your guy over there he is no longer fit for any thing, Putin says: Lets cut a deal.

        Its nice to dream sometimes, or it could be the power of one sincere prayer that gets this remote impossible scenario done…..right?

        • Greg

          Yes, prayer works.

      • Allen Ols

        I like this guy mohamads comments,, smart

        • Greg

          I think so too.

          • Mohammad

            Greg, Allen Ols,

            Has nothing to do with smart i believe, there is an old say back in Syria:

            What comes out of the heart reaches the hearts of others.

            All to it, my words reached your good hearts because it came out of mine!

      • Steve

        I agree Greg this coming war will be bigger and more over whelming than the White House knows, of course this is what they want. Continuous war!

  10. George Silver

    Another great interview Greg…. frightening but great.
    USAWatchdog is really where the REAL news exists.

    One thing though Greg. I’m sure you must have your own personal “veracity quotient”. How high would Dr. Paul Craig Roberts figure? Obviously giving a number out of 10 may get you into trouble but do you think he is somewhere near the top or do we need to have little bit of scepticism?

    • Greg

      George Silver,
      I have no idea about the price of anything. Nothing should be a “trade” at this point. It is all about possession and not price no matter what you are talking about in terms of supplies and commodities. Do you have water, food, medicine, currency, gold, silver, gasoline or do you have nothing. Those are the real questions you need to ask yourself. Thank you for your support. My only advice is please stop trading and prepare for rough times. That is my best advice as I feel time is short.

  11. Derrick Michael Reid

    Questions for PCR. Explain exactly how one would equate BHO planned retribution for Assad’s WMD use on unarmed civilians, with Nazi War Lord crimes against humanity. Do 6 million jews count in your calculus? Who has the right to defend humanity?

    Mr Hunter, FYI:

    The plan for the civil take over of DC has been launched.

    Initial Laguna Beach Recruiting

    Jonathan Jaech

    The LP is a political party, as such its members hold a diversity of views. The nominee is not predetermined and not much dependent on how much money the candidate spends on campaigning. I was at the 2012 nominating convention and saw that Gary Johnson had to persuade the delegates that he would be the best choice, the nomination was not just handed to him. If you want the nomination, go for it!

    Derrick Michael Reid

    Your words are inspiring. I have been pounding the payment in Laguna Beach. Going to Irvine Spectrum tomorrow for a meet. Have new web page is in process, you tube explanation videos are planed, building a core campaign. I have decided to join CA LP, and rally support in LA OC SD counties. Looking real good, as plans are being devised. Initially what I propose would be an eye opener. How do you change 100 years of political pandering over night? Thank you again. Derrick Michael Reid.

    • Henry

      Derrick, there is no credible evidence that the Syrian government was behind the recent chemical weapon attack or that over 1400 people were killed. In fact, the best evidence implicates the U.S. backed al qaeda terrorists who started this carnage. I really hope you don’t believe that the U.S. is going to bomb Syria because it’s concerned about the well being of the Syrian people or because it wants to bring them freedom and democracy. We’ve seen those lies used to “justify” mass murder, war crimes, and terrorism before…

  12. Richard Lane

    Keep the wars going and the money flowing. Who benefits ?

    • Anne Speake

      That’s always what wars are about.

    • BradS

      International banksters. They have been benefiting from wars for hundreds of years.

  13. Jerry

    Once again we are caught in the “Obama Diversion Machine”. The real story that they are trying to deflect our attention away from is the economic collapse that the DHS has been gearing up for, for the last 18 months. That’s reality Greg. Whether people choose to accept it or not it isn’t going to change the fact that we are headed straight for it with the debt ceiling scheduled to be raised another 1.7 Trillion dollars in October. That fact is not going to be changed, no matter how positive we try to be. Greg, you and I are simply the messengers. People can do whatever they like with this information. I’m using it to prepare. The rest of this news about Syria is just bogus bovine fecal matter. How do I know? Check this clip out of General Wesley Clark. It pretty much says it all.

    Thanks for another great interview Greg.

  14. Russ Smith, Caliornia

    Hi!, Patrons Of USAWATCHDOG. COM Et Al:

    In my very humbled opinion, the world NEVER needed each Nation State to become one of His disciples more than NOW. That outcome will be tremendously beneficial to everyone living. He asked US all to ask that we may receive that OUR JOY might be full. This negative news that all is lost to Nuclear destruction is not designed to emancipate humanity with JOY is it? When all else fails it appears to me, the road that leads to JOY can be OUR only resolution and I can’t bring that to everyone, because only He can do that by delivering to each of US His Holy Spirit of which one of its’ fruits is JOY!! It seems we would all take the hint from Him; after more than 2,000 years of its’ initial presentation but why are we ignoring Him and His divine promises is beyound me. I didn’t read anything either where Dr. Roberts calls forth this point of view regards humanity’s best destiny and why not?

    RUSS SMITH, CA. (One Of Our Broke Fiat Money States)
    [email protected]

  15. AndyB

    Greg: the reason why Sarin gas WAS NOT USED,is very simple; if it was, the whole scenes we saw couldn’t have happened. The whole area would have to be decontaminated. The mere “unprotected” touch of a victim or his/her clothing would cause instant convulsions; Sarin is that deadly. BTW, Sarin is composed of two fluorides, both of which are toxic. But one is sodium fluoride which is used in many municipal water systems, so Kerry’s assertion that hair samples from victims contained traces of fluoride would be true of most Americans.

  16. Paul T

    Greg, Steve is living in denial. As for me, I don’t see you pumping doom porn, I see you pumping truth and reality. If he wants blue skies and candy, maybe he needs to stick to movies. You keep doing what you’re doing, you’re on the right path. Love to see Mike Maloney on here James Wesley Rawles. Keep up the good work! I’ll keep watching.

    • Steve

      Paul T

      No I am not living in denial Paul. The MSM is in denial, but all the news is the world is going down the drain. Need some good news sometimes are you going to blame me for that? Or am I missing something, this is good news?

  17. Derrick Michael Reid

    There is no way Putin will risk his prestigious med toy boat, nor risk a humiliating clash with the US and Jews in theater. No way. He will side line playing on anti-war feelings for the political gain, but not risk a military lost. WWIII raging is simply hysteria. I also doubt that Russian “sunbird” whatever its called, purported super sonic cruise missiles will be used, as this is not the time to give up real live fire action performance. I bet Putin is putting the screws to Assad to not use them if Syria has them. Just a hunch. US war cry:

  18. dabber jansen

    a limited nuclear war will be no worse than Fukashima, the rise of the human species has gone up coincident with wars and famines. the ME Arab Spring is developing along secular, and nationalistic lines, which means regional competition and wars. a nuclear war implies that peak population of 8B can probably be exceeded, 10B or 12? this is good for the old population based growth economy, with mining for resources on other planets. otherwise the economy as we know it collapses, and the statists won’t allow that.

  19. Edward


    Your site is one of the few places we can get relevant information of this type. Please do not listen to the “no more doom and gloom” requests.

    I would sleep better if Dr. Paul Craig Roberts were President of the U.S..


    • Steve

      Edward, the news is about doom and gloom, that is just the direction it is going, something I will have to get used to. Sleep well.

  20. Vess

    With all due respect, Dr. Roberts has gone completely bonkers.

    Here is my counter-prediction of what will essentially happen: NOTHING.

    1) The Congress will give a green light to Obama. Of course, if Obama wasn’t already sure in that outcome, he would have never bothered asking Congress in the first place.

    2) A bunch of rockets will be fired at Syria, destroying military installations, infrastructure and killing a bunch of civilians.

    3) Russia will do nothing.

    4) The attack will not topple the current Syrian government.

    Let’s check again in a month who was right – I or Dr. Roberts.

    • Greg

      I sincerely hope you are right.

    • Mohammad


      allow me please to pick up on your saying:
      “3) Russia will do nothing.”

      and if i may throw few ideas.

      Russia is totally different body now than Soviet union was before , comparing our cold war with Russia to the previous cold war with soviet union is a mistake in a sense that the previous Soviet Union was communist and Russia now is eastern christian believers and followers (actually it was all along but suppressed by the communists).

      That difference goes back to Constantinople and the church that was the jewel of churches on the Bosphorus canal between the black sea and the Mediterranean sea named “Hagia Sophia” which was turned into a mosque by the Turks SHAMEFULLY, when they were not supposed to do so by Islam.

      After that the eastern christian church lead went to Russia, and by the way most if not all of Christians back in Syria (honest to god we live together there like one family) are of eastern Christians.

      Fast forward to the Balkan war,
      The strike the NATO did to the Balkan and separating Kosovo later on from mother land left a big sour feeling in the hearts of Russians not only from geopolitical side but also from a religious side too.
      That Church (Hagia Sophia) is in the heart of every Christian Russian and they want it back.

      Now it is obvious that Bosphorus Canal is the only exit out of black sea, so it chokes the Russians Naval capacity, if Turkey goes boots on the ground in Syria, and remember there is a lot of sour feelings towards Turkey over “Hagia Sophia”, Albania, Kosovo, and what the Turks have done in the past to the Armenians, factor all that in and you find it very difficult to ignore a possibility of Russians move either directly or by Proxy (Iran).

      Russians are known for playing chess, and there is something in that game called Gambit, (you give a piece away to win a larger one) do not be surprised if they give away Syria to get Turkey.

      On that note we here in the States have champions in chess too, i can name Boby Fischer for one, so we also know here how to have a tempo in that big global chess game.

    • wes

      “3) Russia will do nothing.”
      If I remember my history correctly, that’s the same thing A. Hitler said about England and France just before he went into Poland……just saying.

    • Galaxy 500

      You were wrongs

    • Amanda washam a

      Well Vess it may be a bit longer than a month
      But I believe you were wrong.

  21. Kerry

    So all this is to weaken China and Russia in case they abandon the petro dollar? It seems a huge risk to take but I guess the alternative is even worse. I feel like I am living in a Tom Clancy novel. My bombs are bigger than your bombs…
    By the way, Greg, it is important to keep reporting what you can for as long as you can-it is better to know than to be surprised, at least in my opinion. Thanks for the effort, it is appreciated by us, the unwashed masses…

  22. Ray

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts should run for President!

  23. D. Stewart


    Thank you for interviewing Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a true American patriot in the mold of George Washington, Patrick Henry, John Adams or Ben Franklin among thousands of others. Roberts is telling the truth and the truth will set you free. It always does; from a physical to a metaphysical to a spiritual level.

    And thank you for your own personal courage. It is never easy to stand in the eye of a hurricane and speak the truth. But through out history, there have always been a few who have had the guts to do what no one else would do and that is simply to speak the obvious–the emperor has no clothes.

    What Happened to America, our America. The America the Grey Brigade fought for in Vietnam, in Korea, in World War II?

    There are millions of intelligent Americans who truly care about their country and it is time they step into the spot light and say enough is enough. I am one of them and I challenge all of you to step out of the shadows, and to write to your congressional representatives and vote them out of office if they continue to do nothing about this egregious violation of the US Constitution.

    For God’s sake, we’ve lost the fourth amendment–the right to search and seizure. We watched an entire town come out of their homes with their hands on their heads because SWAT teams told them to do so. That was totally illegal to make those demands upon those people. Those who sacrifice safety for security will end up with neither.(Ben Franklin)

    All that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.(Burke) We are Americans, tattered and torn, but still Americans who know right from wrong and what we are seeing is not only wrong it is illegal. Maintain your dignity and integrity. The world knows there is some distance between average Americans and their government.

    How many bullets does FEMA need? 1 billion? Three for every man, woman and child in America? Calvo was on recently and he spoke about the pump and dump in real estate. The precious metals are getting cracked again. Fraud runs rampant throughout our system and this is a plan by design and implemented over time.

    America is now at a crossroads in history facing the cross hairs of truth.

    40 trillion dollars in real estate theft has occurred by the banks and it is empirically provable. This is because the US government has the ability to print money. When that privilege is finally eliminated, it will be the end of America as we know it. If China dumps our bonds it will be the end. The rest of the world hates what the US government has been doing across the globe–regime changes, using force at every turn and bribing those who they cannot muscle.

    When a Nation’s people are weary, out of work, lacking self respect and dignity, they are easily manipulated. When their homes are being foreclosed upon illegally and the courts support the crime, they become despondent and then they become angry. The billion bullets are for us when we get too despondent or too angry.

    Wake up to reality. Our friend who is so tired of the doom and gloom will feel differently when the banks are closed and there is no food in the grocery stores. Doom and Gloom is the reality of the day in most parts of the country except in places like Washington DC where the money is flowing like champagne on New Years Eve.

    Hunter is trying to help us understand the reality of our situation, not win a Pulitzer for gaiety.

    I want you to consider the concept that when a small group of people are able to print trillions and trillions of dollars for their own benefit, it makes all of those dollars that we strive to earn with the seat of our brow worth—less and less. After printing those trillions of dollars and then using them or their corresponding digital counterparts to purchase real goods and assets such as companies, farmland, precious metals, diamonds, and military hardware, they will discard that which has evolved into something worth less than monopoly money and leave it to the suckers who allowed this all to happen right under their noses. That would be us, the American people or Detroit, or Chicago. It is called selling your birthright for a bowl of porridge. Thank you, but I much prefer my birthright.

    And finally, every despot and dictator for the last thousand years has tried to disarm the people of their means to defend themselves in order to put them in a position of helplessness. No jobs, no homes, no money also leads to a feeling of helplessness.

    The Second Amendment was put into the American Constitution not so that people would be allowed to go off “a hunting” for squirrels and possum, but rather to protect themselves from the likes of King George or President George or anyone of the persuasion to overrun freedom with tyranny. Those cities and states which have conceal carry permits have much less crime than those who do not. It has been empirically verified that when citizens are allowed to defend themselves, crime goes down. We have to fight for freedom because there are always psychopaths who are only too happy to take it from us.

    Americans are an intelligent people who have been sitting in the luke warm water while the heat has slowly been increased. We have been “dumbed down” through education and immigration and perpetual propaganda. We’ve been lied to, manipulated, and we’ve sat there like lumps on logs while we’ve been fed the biggest load of rubbish the world has ever seen. Forget “where’s the outrage”, forget “what about my job” or even “what about my pension”. Let’s begin by getting to the root of the problem. Let’s begin by insisting on truth and integrity by all of those who we elected to represent us in Congress, in the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch. Let’s begin by demanding NO TAXAZATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. Let’s begin by demanding that the people we chose to represent us uphold the US Constitution which is the foundation of this Country.

    Anyone who tells you that the US Constitution is out of line, out of balance, a relic of the past with no roots for the future is in essence trying to sell you a bridge to nowhere. They have an agenda and it is not in our best interests to fund it.

    I am as tired as anyone else about all the doom and gloom and yet I don’t feel I am speaking out enough.

    Americans are living in fear. We are afraid we’ll lose our food stamps, our medicare, our government mortgages, our money. We should be worrying about losing our lives.

    First and foremost, if you are an American, America is your Country!

    It is my Country, it is Our Country. It belongs to all of us as was instituted by our Founding Fathers with the widely held belief that as American citizens we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We the People was supposed to be more than a phrase; it was the nuclear center of a concept based in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—and I might add excellence.

    It was always the intention of our Founding Fathers that we control our government and that our government would not control us.

    Nevertheless, the worst nightmare of our Founding Fathers has been realized and that is exactly what has occurred. With each passing month, the tyrannical reach of the Central Planners has become like a giant python which slowly squeezes the very breath out of its victims. Our government is squeezing the life out of us and for reasons which are as old as human history itself—the lust for greed and power.

    That history tells us repeatedly that what we are now experiencing is an old story. Governments, under the control of a few wealthy families, often times in the likeness of crime families, control the media, the money, and in our age the mortgages, and initiate malfeasance at the expense of millions upon millions of good hard working people who at one point possessed dignity and integrity.
    But this story, this current American Epic of transcendental proportions, does not have to end like the other societies which have slowly evaporated into oblivion or been taken over by more powerful bullies or a group of other Nations exasperated by the egregious actions of the big bully on the block. We need to preserve the goodness in America and discard that which is evil.

    • Blue

      Excellent commentary. Most excellent!

    • Allen Ols

      I didn’t read this stew. Just too long no offense

    • Gabe

      Damn!! WELL SAID!!!!

  24. jay

    First want to say thank you for what you do but im a touch frustrated. This interview is so important but I know that no one that i try and share it with will watch it because you titled it about $30,000 gold..which makes people just role their eyes and think this is about getting rich off of gold….and is irrelevant to everything else that he is saying…you talk to much in your interviews…you cut people off all the time so that you can fill the listener with as much gloom as possible and its annoying. I appreciate what you do but what is the need to push the fear mongering button so much?

  25. Richard

    Greg, love the site! You are doing a great service and thank you! Very informative and just telling it like it is. It’s to bad we can’t all just get along and live modestly. But, in the end the big fish usually swallow the little fish. We all see where this is going. Well, maybe some of us do. The only question is when. Quick crash or slow burn? Prepare for both!!

    • Greg

      I hope people are listing to you my friend!

  26. Betty E.

    All modern wars have been created for a single purpose….profit! Every US President and both controlling US parties have been utilized for this end by Big Money and we kid ourselves if we believe that will change under the system we have. Big Money dictates to the governing bodies of far more countries than we know. It has been that way for hundreds of years, and the power to keep it that way is absolutely ruthless.

  27. Doug C.

    Great interview even if it is scary. Just watching the news today and Kerry and Co. are hell bent on bombing Syria. I think it is just a matter of time and Mr. Social butterfly Obama will have the U.S. into a war of his own making. Scary stuff.

  28. Penforce

    Greg, I understand Steve and his frustration. We all want to feel that we have a bright future for ourselves and our children. All the news, since 2008 has been scarey. It is difficult to prepare for a future that is so uncertain. Governments have become our enemy. A government of and for the people has become a feral dog, it is utterly unbelievable. Who is trustworthy, who can we believe? I surmise that most of us are attempting to carry on our daily lives in a sane manner, but the news we are hearing is insanity and madness. I wish that my main concern would be what I’m going to get my wife for her birthday, not a failing economy or WWIII. I think Steve is dealing with insane-news overload. Keep up the good work Greg.

    • Steve

      Thanks for your kind words and understanding Penforce! You read me correctly. I wish my main concern was about my family, not how they might survive with insane news overload. WWIII is on the horizon, it saddens me deeply!

  29. Alyce

    Dr Roberts seems to think that one day Americans are going to wake up & see the hypocrisy of our gov’t. They’ll realize that these wars were just lies, etc. But Americans are becoming dumber by the day. Just like only 1% of Americans stack PMs, about that many are informed as well. They are also becoming poorer by the day as our standard of living keeps declining. As long as they receive their gov’t checks, food stamps, DISABILITY (which lately everyone seems to be getting) they’ll find ways to subsidize what else they need. That’s right, the primary income is from gov’t handouts, not jobs. And subsidies are now Goodwill, thrift stores, 99cent stores, craigslist & garage sales. That’s where clothing & ‘discretionary’ spending is now done, not at retail stores. Most people are never going to wake up, much less revolt and try to change anything. They’re looking for their next meal…the biggest burger & fries for 99cents they can find & they couldn’t care less what it’s made out of or the 1200 calories contained in each meal.

  30. SilverHawk

    He’s right on everything except the reason. It’s for control of the Central Bank, not to destabilize the Muslim world in China and Russia. Follow the money, it’s all about money/gold/silver.

  31. Troy

    Thank you for this interview Greg!

  32. John

    This is more like it an interview with a real man of knowledge and who tells it as it is instead of pussy footing around the edges. Roberts knows what he is talking about and people had better sit up and listen.
    As for the writer above who does not like all this doom and gloom he should go back to bed and maybe reality won’t exist tomorrow.
    Top interview Greg so 10 out of 10 for this one.

    • Greg

      Thank you John and Chip for weighing in.

  33. Chip

    BEST interview ever Greg. Thanks so much for bringing PCR on. He has a cool level head and way of thinking and presenting his thoughts for how this goes down. I agree with him that the odds are against China or Russia outright defending Syria. However, this is a powder keg, and one wrong military mis-step could lead to all out world war. If Assad thinks he is threatened and in a corner he may retaliate or other smaller countries and Hezbolla/Iran may get involved and so Syria could ultimately become the spark that sets it all off…

  34. Chip

    Right after I typed the last response just found out the Senate approved military action. Half way there, now the fight in the House…

  35. Frank

    If Congress had any sense, they would vote NO on attacking Syria. But they are either brainless or paid off by TPTB if they instead vote YES to Obama’s stupidity. Anyone that votes YES should be impeached. In no way is Syria now a threat to America & if they are not, then attacking them should be considered Unconstitutional & impeachable. Boehner, McCain & Graham all should be removed from office asap & they give Republicans an even worse name than they already have. Both major Parties are corrupt & cannot be trusted. Both are controlled, I believe, from behind the scenes by TPTB who WANT a war. It’s all madness!!

    • Greg

      Amen Frank!

  36. Janet G

    Questions regarding what is going to happen is the same as asking the captain of the Titanic what is going to happen and if the boat could be saved if everyone leaned to the left. This system is controlled by Satan and it is going down. What would gold do for you on the Titanic? Our life boat is our own spiritual health and faith in God’s purpose for human life on this earth.
    I know you believe in the Bible. Here is an article that explains why we are now experiencing so much wickedness in the world. You need answers and it has always been right in your hand! Please read it and look up all the scriptures. Then mediate on what you read and pray for understanding and you will receive it. It is comforting.

  37. Larry

    Your desire to provide your consumers with the side of the truth that the MSM and the elites choose not to let the masses have access to. Greg by all means continue to be a beacon of light against the lies and distortions of the media that plays into the control and misleading efforts of the Big Government want to be’s

    • Greg

      Thank you Larry for the comment and support.

  38. will


    The first casualty of war is truth…

    Absolutely outstanding interview.

    I watched it twice, sent it to all my friends.

    This man is brilliant, honest insightful and brave.

    He sees through the “balderdash”.
    Bravo, Dr. Roberts, you are a hero.
    Please keep talking out.

    How many times can the US pull this stuff and get away with it?
    They use the same template, the same “false flags” as they have used over and over and over again.

    Outrage at chemical weapons?
    Remember “agent orange, napalm, phosphate bombs, degraded uranium” the former used by the US in Vietnam and the latter in Iraq.

    Who gave Saddam the poisonous gas he used on the Iranians?

    The “Free Syrian army” (the Al Nusra brigade, some oxymoron that one), were caught with chemical weapons twice by the Turks…
    Where did they get them?

    Dr. Roberts is a fine man and he speaks the truth.
    The US Government is out of control, going through the Middle East bringing death and destruction before them.
    They have a shopping list of countries they want to de-stabilize, like the sting of a dying wasp.
    This is not “defence”.
    This is outright aggression.

    Just ask yourself: “Why would Assad do this when they had just allowed the UN inspectors in?”
    It is as Dr. Roberts said, simply “absurd”.

    If the US has the evidence, show it to us please..
    Bring it forward and let it be discussed and analysed and see if it passes scrutiny. Not going to happen unfortunately.

    Thanks for bringing us the truth.
    It is surely in short supply.
    Keep it up Greg.
    Well done.

  39. frosty


    As Ms. Hudes noted in an earlier interview, our government agents are simply puppets implementing an agenda determined by others. That agenda, openly promoted through various sources often linked to in the comments posted here, includes depopulation of the planet, destruction of all sovereign governments, along with their economies, and then the establishment of a tyrannical world government and world economy on the ashes remaining. Under the coming system, might makes right and the means justify the ends without any regard to any moral, religious or ethical considerations. Thus environmental destruction, ongoing conventional and even nuclear wars, a loss of confidence in sovereign governments and the encouragement of rampant criminal economic activities all serve their purpose.

    Speaking of gold, if it eventually sells for $30,000/oz., it merely indicates that the destruction of the American economy has reached a point at which the value of its dollar has been diluted to 1/30 of what it was when gold was selling for $1000/oz. Will we similarly rejoice when gasoline eventually sells for $120/gal thinking that its value has increased? I think not. Furthermore, after the globalist agenda has been more completely fulfilled and private ownership of gold becomes an offence punishable by death, we wont be celebrating over what quantity of worthless dollars will buy an ounce of any precious metal.

    Our problem is that we have forgotten that our government was founded on the Biblical principle it is to be our servant, not our master. It was established to protect the life and liberty granted by God to individuals, not to rule over us dispensing or withholding privileges according to the will of government agents.

    Having forgotten our heritage, we have been sleeping comfortably in the glory of those who once understood, honored and fought for it. Now that we have begun to suffer the inevitable consequences of our actions, we need to wake up and and realize that there is no solution to be found by constant appeals to the well-owened, well-rotted government agents who claim dominion over us and serve our foreign enemy. What will Congress or Mr Obama do for us? We ask as meek and willing subjects, oblivious to the fact that our government’s aim is, and has been for decades, the carefully planned destruction of our society.

    Though the stakes are high and the time is short and though it will take courage and divine intervention to implement, a divine solution is available. We have to look in a mirror, lit by the ten commandments, and resolve to become honorable, responsible adult human beings as God intended us to be. Note that not one of those commandments even hint at deliverance by external rule of civil government.

    We must reject, as diabolical, the imposition of a status as childlike slaves of government, kept by supposedly superior mortal masters, fleeced and led to slaughter for their benefit. The sooner we rise up and acknowledge that we were not created for this end the sooner we will end our suffering under it.

  40. Ambrose


    There are also other reasons to push for a U.S. attack on Syria:

    1) Pressure from war profiteers – that include international arms dealers, civilian and military contractors, and politicians. As we are pulling back from Iraq and cutting back our forces in Afghanistan, profits of companies like Halliburton are seriously impacted.
    2) Pressure to increase defense spending. Conservatives already voiced their support for increased funding for the shrinking military budget.
    3) Opportunity to replenish outdated military supplies with modern equipment.
    4) A new test site for experimental weapons (including chemical weapons). Arms dealers love to show off their weapons in real war fields.

    In spite of the NSA monitoring the world’s communication, I am surprised to see how little evidence John Kerry could present to the Congress (and the American people). Many people have already compared Kerry’s presentation on Syria with Colin Powell’s speech on Iraq. Very little evidence was included in both cases. And Mint Press News reported that rebels and local residents in Ghouta accused Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan of providing chemical weapons to an al-Qaida linked rebel group in Syria. (

    It is sad to see Obama becoming Bush III (George H.W. Bush as Bush I and George W. Bush as Bush II). Just the old saying, “Old wine in new bottle.”


    • Greg

      I am sure the other side want to test some new weapons too. Lord help us all. Thank you for the comment and for adding your perspective.

  41. Sparrows345

    It’s crap like this that does great harm to precious metals investors by perpetuating stereotypes. When one is so far over the top and meandering into straightjacket territory, it is a massive turn off to new longs in the precious metals sector.

    • Greg

      Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was a former Assistant Treasury Secretary. I am not so sure it’s “crap.”

  42. Barry Kurland

    And this is the guy that got the Nobel Prize for Peace? (Obomber, remember). And yes Greg, the unlimited price of gold has to be to the “upside”, as zero is a great limiter to price.

  43. Jerry

    Well said Frosty.
    We are living in a time that was prophesied long ago, that our Constitution would be hanging by a thread just prior to the collapse of this great nation. We are there my friend. The timing is not exact but I would say, the window of opportunity is beginning to close. The next few months may be the last time we can communicate with each other before the grid goes down. Like I told my kids, if I’m wrong your going to have some extra food to eat for a while. No big deal.
    As we prepare we must realize that at the end of the day our lives are in Gods hands no matter how much we prepare for. Historically, and Biblically , righteous people have never been exempt from the perils of evil that exist in this world. In fact Christians throughout time have sealed their testimonies with their own blood.
    Make no mistake, most of the turmoil of this world, whether it be from NWO globalist who seek a new Banking system to control world economies, or drummed up wars to acquire natural resources in the middle east, are driven by power crazed men who have no soul. Innocent people have always been caught in the middle of the power struggle throughout time. After all how many Syrians fought in our civil war? That’s right none. How about Vietnamese? None. How about Koreans? None .Is the world really a better place after we dropped the bombs on these people? I think not. I’ll continue to prepare for the worst, and pray for the best. After all that’s all a poor boy can do. Greg thanks again for giving us a place to exchange our views. You are a true American.

    • Rebecca

      Well said, Jerry!

      I would add that The Great Deceiver (Satan) is pulling the strings on greedy, power hungry leaders.

      Amen to your commentary that no other country has engaged in our civil matters, why do we seem to think that we have a right to engage in theirs.
      I could wish our leaders would have your commonsense.

      But that is biblical as well. Our leaders would become babies.
      They surely think like infants these days!!

  44. WD Deni


    I come to your site a lot and the information is spot on. For a while I thought Celente was a “step off” when he was talking about war for the past two years ( even though I agreed with everything else he professes). All people here seem to be right on the money.

    Obviously we are going to war and thats it.

    My question is “Does Russia have the capabilities to put up a real fight against us”

    I was in my late teens when the wall crashed and wonder if they are up to the task?

    Thank you

    • Greg

      WD Deni,
      You asked “Does Russia have the capabilities to put up a real fight against us” Russia has a torpedo that travels faster than 200 mph under the water. This is one of many high tech weapons the Russian Bear has developed. Yes, Russia can do great damage to the U.S. and don’t believe otherwise. Also, please consider Russia and China are now allies.

      • bob d

        They have torpedo that just live under rocks waiting. Navy ships, same as boots on the ground.

      • WD Deni

        Thank you for the response, as a child were on the tail end of fallout drills, but as a 4 year old I still remember how much they terrified me.

        Just wondering as my last real memories of Russia were these dilapidated war ships in their harbors.

        I am so glad I accidentally heard your interview on Coast to Coast.
        I pulled my car over and listened for the whole show.

        I didn’t sleep that night.

        Great job…thanks again

  45. Mickey Smith

    Greg, great job. The comments are worth reading on the floor in front of congress after DR Roberts speaks! I would add it should be broad cast on every news & radio channel world wide!

    Thank you my fellow American.

  46. Steve

    If Russia and China are now allies as you suggest Greg, then Armageddon is not far behind. But consider this, the state of “time” is as one second to a thousand years. It could be just the beginning of many sorrows. (Is this not doom and gloom news?)

    • Greg

      The alliance between China and Russia is a fact. They have bee allies for sometime which means they saw this coming for a long time. I feel they are better prepared than most give credit. Remember, The Chinese military displayed they could shoot down a satellite from space a few years back. They did this for a reason. Of course this is doom and gloom news but to be forewarned it to be forearmed. That is good news for people wanting to prepare.

      • Steve

        Thanks Greg for you comment and now that some folks have commented on my original doom and gloom statement, you have clarified my meaning. It is ALL doom and gloom news, and those who are listening are will do something about it, is the good news.

        • Greg

          I so very much like to be wrong here but I am not. We are headed for the rocks. Please put on a life vest so you can help the people you love. They are going to need your help.

  47. William M. Head

    Hi Greg: I have commented on this whole issue before but I see a need for a brief concise summary of exactly where matters stand, so no one should have any further illusions regarding likely outcome.

    As things now stand Obama who got himself in deep s**t by running his big mouth, is faced with a complete loss of his own, and by extension the national credibility if a)Congress repudiates him and b)he is too chicken-sh*t to go it alone. Therefore, he has no choice but to go it alone even if he is left repudiated by a No vote which will instantly incite a critical Constitutional crisis as he will be giving Congress the rope it needs to hang him, through impeachment. If he dies not go after a No vote, his only real serious option would be to immediately resign and afterward commit merciful suicide as a malignant sociopath narcissist like him will be unable to digest being dismissed globally in abject humiliation as a lame-d**k sissy bitch. Hence, it seems to me there is little question Obama will attack Syria, even without any Congressional approval. He simply has no choice, being who, and what he is under the prevailing circumstances.

    It also appears to me regarding Obama’s motives in going to Congress fall into the following categories: A)He wants to spread complicity for what ensues as a Yes vote will certainly accomplish, as entities like Obama delight to incite confusion, division, conflict and chaos and taint as many as possible with their own evil B)He’s gambling or perhaps actively aware something big and terrible is going to happen that gives him the precise outcome he desires, and more C)He may be of a mind to attempt not only to challenge Congress but effectively dispose of it, as he must know he will be threatened by impeachment if he goes it alone without rendering Congress neutralized. Bear in mind please this is not mere conspiracy theory -in order to achieve objectives firmly and practically will demand certain actions under certain circumstances lest failure and its consequences ensue.

    The issue facing Congress is if they vote Yes they are instantly and eternally complicit with Obama, and subject to whatever his fate may be for any deadly outcome. If they vote No they could be accused of essentially destroying a sitting President, and not only his global credibility but the country’s. However much the Democrats might wish to vote NO I hold they will not want to witness a President of their party subject to such humiliation with their complicity. I also am of the perspective Congress must be aware Obama might well defy them if they say No, and are aware of the possible deadly consequences of trying to impeach him – if he ignores a No vote, why would he submit to any impeachment vote without equal resort to violence?

    Regarding Russia, China, Iran, and other global actors in this tragic psychodrama -It was Napoleon who first advised, “Never interfere with your enemies when they are failing.” All Russia and China will really have to do is move to attack the U.S. economically to strike the most serious blow imaginable. Iran I expect will make good its threats to attack Israel as will Syria, and this alone could well trigger WWIII. Ditto if Russia makes good its threat to attack Saudi Arabia. If our troops wind up confronting Russia’s, the likelihood of an ultimately nuclear conflagration are high, virtually certain in fact. The only question is whether such carnage is limited to the Middle East.

    This whole situation reminds me of the summer of 1914 leading up to WWI. Now as then, the war when it comes will be owed to fool words and false pride primarily, as well as other murkier motives lurking in the shadows, and it will not surprise me to see the entire world order upended, in ways it seems none of the would-be combatants now anticipate. Clio, the Muse of History,is weeping, and pounding her fists in frustration of being ignored, as ever, while Ate, the Muse of conflict is LHAO (Laughing Her Ass Off), also as usual. If one day after we’re long gone the apes ascend to intelligent dominance like in the movies, I wonder, what shall they think of us, and say
    of us in their histories, or will they even know or care?

    A last word – even if by some miracle Obama should receive a No vote and submit to it or seem to, there are still manifold ways a Mideast war can be triggered. Israel and Saudi Arabia have been manipulating for it and I doubt they shall allow themselves to be denied for long should Obama appear to wimp out on them. Such action could even lead to the abrupt termination of his Presidency as I’m sure he knows all too well.

    Best wishes,
    William M. Head

  48. Omega Star

    Greg – now you see what the US is doing! Open you eyes. You should go to Russia, find Edward Snowden, and interview him. You could call it “Interview with a hero.” You could even consider defecting youself Greg. Maybe we all should.

  49. Roy

    The situation in the middle east is probably the most serious since the Cuban missile crisis. I remember that one all too well. I had a very close family member who was in the air force at the time. He had a command of a base, were he had to get the nukes into the air before the Soviets nuked them. He told me many years later that everything was on a hair trigger at that time to be launched. The slightest miscalculation at the time, and we all would not be discussing this today.

    This time we do not have powerful leaders in control. The politicians who now will guide us through this crisis a weak and very corrupt. The western world leaders have been bought and paid for by middle eastern oil sheiks and we will never know who else. These people have a very different idea for humanity, a world most will not like. Today it is Syria, embolden by this destruction of Syria, then onto Iran. Then Russia and China are next. Russia for it’s vast natural resources, then China for the cheap labor. They are not stupid not to know they are next on the list. I am not certain what kind of God we will all have to bow down to by then, but i am certain no Jew, Christian, Hindu or Muslim will like it.

    China and Russia will never be in a stronger position than 2013 to fully confront this global cabal. Can Russia defeat United States ? No, it would lose all of it’s naval forces, but america would lose 70 or 80 % of it’s forces. No one will win this one, not even the crazed so called leaders we have hunkered down in some underground city. Several EMP bursts over North America and Europe and the populations would be cut in half in a year. Hundreds of nuke reactors melting down every were. Russia and China have a better chance to survive in a small way, in an all out war. Even if this latest conflict is put off for another year, this global take over plan will not go away without a WW 3.

    I think about the many American, Russian and Chinese Military commanders out there today, preparing their weapon systems for an all out war, and praying they never have to push that launch button. They have real families they would like to go home to see again. Once someone makes a mistake, a messed up false flag operation or what ever, then this experiment with humanity is just about over. All of your gold, paper money, ideas for religion, politics, will be for nothing, if humanity can not find a very fast solution to living in harmony with each other.

    • Steve

      The sun is shining somewhere, just not in your world. Think of the good news….. um….. from reading your post… not sure there is any. Sad.

  50. Dwain

    Government has lost control over bonds and banks are imploding, therefore elites have no option but to create conditions (war) which protects power. But conventional with major powers seems out of the question. The US can’t even buck camel jocks in the middle east. Shelter from a manipulative propaganda ministry, to keep the conventional trick in play, is cracking.

    Tactical nuclear appears to be a strategic alternative that solves elites problems. It diverts blame for economic calamity, justifies martial law and allows officials to recognize dreams of absolute power commanding from hardened bugout resorts.

  51. KEN

    Greg: YAN to replace USA Dollar? I hear rumour that US Dollar is being challenged aggressively at the G-20 in St. Petersburg and that the YUAN is being assertively proposed as an equivalent or alternate reserve currency. Can you confirm this rumour? Is the YUAN instead of the Special Drawing Rights, (SDR), going to actually stand a chance of displacing the USD? If the YUAN displaces $USA, won’t that cripple the USD? Do you know of any experts you can call on to discuss the YUAN replacing the USD, or that the YUAN may take precedence over SDR? If any of this proves true, we are in deep trouble MUCH SOONER than I was thinking.

    • Greg

      I can only confirm the rest of the world is worried about the inflation all the Fed money printing is already causing around the globe. An attack in Syria will only expedite the dollar dumping process.

    • Mohammad

      Jim Reckards is the guy who knows currency wars, another interview in depth with him is essential.
      No….. yuan will not replace the dollar, however the dollar will have to devalue significantly to the actual value against gold in order to balance the balance sheets, that will happen when the physical gold emancipate from paper gold, so it would be to the tune of 5000+ $ an ounce or more in an orderly environment, in a panic one ….well… i do not want to go there, so it could be a basket of currencies including the dollar which is by itself a major set back from the current status of it as the only reserve currency.
      SDR is an experiment and so far it does not seem to have legs but it tells where the trend is going, it tells you that IMF is ACTING AS A CENTRAL BANK.

  52. karl

    either way its game over. according to Jim Willie if they do m8 invade then the petrodollar is dead anyway due to Russian gas. no way the usa lets this go without a fight. if a no vote is given them expect a massive false flag that will shock the world in my opinion.

  53. Fraser

    Thanks Greg… Very powerful and insightful.

    As the vote in England and the silence from the other “coalition of the willing” partners show, the US administration is only reducing America’s standing in the world and causing unlikely allies to join forces in oppostion. And when does this end – how many more countries can America and Israel destroy before WW3 breaks out? Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Syria etc etc – it reminds me of Hitler and the “salami tactics” he used in the fall of Poland etc…

    The American people must rise up, kick out these bunch of psycopaths and get PCR and Ron Paul (or their children) to run the country for the American people – before it is too late!

  54. Angie

    When you stated “liberal Northern Californian” is for this war???? … NO NO NO, NOT liberal! Northern California is very conservative and in addition, Pelosi is originally from Maryland and represents San Francisco. As a Californian who is for the state splitting in two I resent your inaccurate depiction of Northern California. Yes CA is talking about this again and this time we have momentum.

  55. Bryan

    “If congress won’t act, I will”

    This is Barry’s MO. Why would impeachment happen now?

  56. Stan Wasserman

    If you don’t have the guts to admit that Israel/Al-CIAD-A has their mark all over Syria just like they did with Iran, Iraq,Afghanistan,ETC.
    ETC. And your not screaming for John Mcshames resignation for playing video poker while the fate of more American blood and treasure is doomed. And if you wont even admit that drone strikes, cluster-bombs,
    White phosphorus, agent orange, and those pesky nukes make Syria look like amatures You have no right to an opinion. Just like as far as I’m concerned Israel gave up their rights as a protected special child when they have 50 years of holocaust under their belt.

  57. Harold Smith

    The whole world is about to see, first-hand, in real time and in living color, why our Masters picked the obviously ineligible “Obama” – his potential vulnerability notwithstanding – to be our puppet ruler.

    Apparently our Masters needed someone willing to “push the button”. Where do you find someone evil enough to personally, shamelessly give the orders which will lead to the deaths of millions (or billions) of people, bringing about the end of the world as we know it? They found their someone special in the person of Barry Soetoro; the real-life version of “Greg Stillson”.

  58. Tony

    Great interview, Greg! Thanks much for all your work.

    And thanks for having Dr. Roberts as a guest. It’s always refreshing and enlightening to read his writings or to listen to him speak.

    Best regards, T

  59. William Kwok


  60. Phyl

    Gripes! Hurry up and collapse already !

  61. Phyl

    I thought this collapse was suppose to happen in 2010 or 2011 or 2012 gripes now 2013??? and then 2014? 2015? sheesh what’s the hold up???

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