The World is Going to War-Gerald Celente

CelenteBy Greg Hunter’s 

Top trends researcher Gerald Celente pulls no punches when he predicts, “The world is going to war.”  Celente says what is happening today happened before, prior to World War II.  Celente says the pattern is the same as the one that started in 1929, “crash . . . depression, currency wars, trade wars, and world war.”  Celente says, “When you follow the time lines, we are now in the late 1930’s.”  But unlike the 30’s, today’s money is not backed by gold or anything else for that matter.  So, Celente says, “The banks are forcing . . .  governments to keep funding them by flooding money into the system.”   Celente predicts, “What’s going to happen when this thing starts collapsing? People are going to be going into gold.”   Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with the founder and creator of The Trends Journal. 

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  1. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    Gerald Celente… what can you say about this guy? He takes the long view of history into perspective. He may start slow but he winds up really well. In fact I never saw him light-up as in this interview. He sure calls things as he sees them. I appreciate his point about having the war-monger go and fight, or send their money and send their wife and kids. I did my bit for king and country in the Viet Nam war: but I’m not going to pay on the National Debt: it ain’t happening. Dark clouds are already here.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment and for your service to the country!!

  2. justin king

    I’m getting tired of Gerald blowing sunshine up my a–. When is he going to get down to the nitty-gritty??

    • Troy

      Perchance too much time spent looking for a ray of sunshine.
      Bunker busters ? 😉

  3. Davis

    And Now The Ravenous Dogs Are Set To Feed

    Well I’ve been warning anyone who would listen that the kleptocrats in the District of Corruption were getting ready to unleash the biggest con job the world has ever seen.

    From Bloomberg news:

    The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is weighing whether it should take on a role in helping Americans manage the $19.4 trillion they have put into retirement savings, a move that would be the agency’s first foray into consumer investments.

    That’s one of the things we’ve been exploring and are interested in in terms of whether and what authority we have,”

    Authority? Read how do we structure regulation so we can force people to divest their 401K savings from corporate stocks and bonds and into US Treasuries.

    Given that 1, neither Congress nor the Obama administration have no interest whatsoever in actually reducing spending (not that they could even if they wanted to) and 2, there is a declining interest in open market buying of government debt paper, in order to stave off looming inflating resulting from monetizing there is an overarching need for new sources of capital to fund deficit spending.

    And there sits in private accounts some $19.6 Trillion. Unencumbered,unentangled by the Leviathan’s tentacles. The temptation for the bureaucrats and politicians to feed their everlasting desire for more government, more power and control over the lives of others has now reached the point of open salivation barely below the level of a ravenous dogs.

    These ravenous dogs have a problem however. With the stock market again reaching (artificial highs) is going to be hard to convince investors to switch from growing stocks to low return (below inflation) bonds. So what is a greedy bureaucrat to do make this fraud look like a good deal? Simple. Crash the market by bursting any one of several available debt bubbles. Bring the DJIA back down to 8000 or so and the suckers will be lining up and begging the government to “save” them.

    The first suckers (victims) will be government employees as the bureaucrats will claim that that status give their employer the right to exercise “authority” to direct where their savings can be invested. Then with the precedent established the government will claim that because investors have been accumulating income “tax free” the government will exert “authority” over what they can make this tax free income on. With the stock markets down there will no doubt be a large supply of suckers willing to trade risk equities for negative return bonds.

    The problem and outrage won’t come of course until either the bond market falls apart and or equities go back up, inclining the investors to want to take their money out of Treasuries and move them back into equities or commodities and the bureaucrats will tell them “oh that’s too bad” their investments are no longer “self directed” and they are stuck with increasingly worthless US government debt.

    The trap will be sprung and there will be no escape.

  4. Barry

    Great interview Greg! But people shouldn’t get mortgages thinking they can pay back the loan with cheap dollars. The bankers are in control and won’t just eat it when the devaluation comes. If they devalue the dollar by 40%, they will simply re-evaluate loans to the new value. A $100,000 mortgage will be reset to $140,000. The banks will never be the loosers.

    • Greg

      I have the feeling they would change the terms or call the loan, but what do I know. I think debt is risky at this time, but for some (who know what they are doing) it may be a good thing. Thank you for weighing in here.

      • Mark Are

        If we start shooting them for calling the loan, they might get the hint. Horse thieves used to be hung. Why not bankers? They are nothing but thieves in fancy suits. Like a lot of hospital administrators.

  5. Richard

    This is the best interview I’ve ever seen, bar none other. Gerald tells it like it is.

    • Greg

      Thank you Richard and AndyB for the comments and support.

  6. AndyB

    Greg: thanks for another reality based, rather than propaganda based, interview. It’s rather disheartening to watch the 3 MSM financial networks and be able to discern at least one lie, or purposeful disinformation about the state of the economy, every minute. But your unique guest list and their no BS comments are certainly refreshing.

  7. Rod

    Another great piece Greg, always enjoy Gerald’s passion. I think it is time for the American people to stand up and say no more wars. I’ve always supported our troops and my blood runs red, white and blue but these endless foreign involvements have devastated our economy and killed too many of our best and brightest. It’s too bad we don’t have more Ron Pauls in Washington. Our leaders have become brazen with killing and I’m afraid they will not stop until ” We The People ” put a stop to it. Now that they’ve decided they can kill Americans with impunity wherever and whenever no one is safe. Anyone can be targeted as a threat simply by decree! God help us all!

    • Greg

      Thank you Rod and Patrick.

  8. patrick varencaus

    Man !!! I love this man !! one with (real) balls! O Lord please save is soul!!

  9. Daryl

    Hi Greg,

    Enjoyed Mr. Celente’s comments. Do you know anything about the federal courts indicting Obama? This is the link I received about this:



  10. Mitch Bupp

    Out of the chaos a New World Order will appear. I last world war was not horrible or widespread enough to bring in world government. The trick is that this war will have to be truly a war of world destruction…..

    In my opinion, I see Pakistan as the real threat to the region with the largest plutonium producing plant around and plenty of radicals.

    Thanks Gerald and Greg

    • Greg

      You are so right!! Pakistan is a nuclear wild card. This proves there are so many ways for this to spin out of control. Thank you.

  11. Kenneth

    Gerald is 100% correct, It’s only a mater of time before
    The entire system comes crashing down.
    And they can print all the money in the world to fool us,
    and postpone the coming Collapse into the “Hyper-dementia/Fairy Tale Economic Black Hole”, But they are only piling worse on to worse.

    Now they “Must have War” on a global scale,To keep the
    machine running. Because War is Business, And Business is Good.
    People need to prepare for the worst,and hope for the best.

    I see a bad moon ris’in.

  12. tsuki

    Mr. Celente is great, but I part ways with him on loans. The only vote we have these days are with our dollars. I own. No loans. That’s my vote. Banking, a few dollars in a savings account to cost them more than they receive. I store my wealth in hard assets.

    I use the “s” word repeatedly, sustainability. Don’t buy. Grow. Conserve.

  13. Ugly

    The end-times have come and are here. I remember ‘fire-and-brimstone’ preachers saying this type of stuff. Use to think it was years down the road, but not so anymore–it is here today.

    I have saved enough money to pay off my home mortgage. At times I want to, but then who is really ahead. The one that owes or the one that owns? If you owe, nothing gets confiscated. If you own, well then confiscation is at your doorstep.

    • jc davis

      Ugly: One thing you may want to consider is when your big debts are paid off the mind becomes clear. There is a old saying: The borrower is servant to the lender. On principal, it is always best to pay debt asap.

  14. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    Nice reporting as always.Wow,just noticed that video on a possible indictment of Obama and wonder if that is true.No matter, if not him in office or whoever it may be the Govt. can’t stop the stimulus.It’s simply beyond the point of no return.I hate to say that and wish it was just a bad dream but the harsh reality remains that we must suffer a severe depression in order to regain what we had.I don’t wish any one any bad fortune but i believe when the hammer drops the politicians will need to seek safety very quickly.i’m still curious as to the coming distraction ,I.E./The war or wars you and Gerald were talking about.I don’t think it will be a Nuke though but a cyber attack as i had mention before.This would not only cause extreme chaos but they could wipe out tons of cash at the same time.This would be an ideal Attack IMO
    Thanks again GL and God Bless Dave

    • Greg

      W@e can only hope it is only a cyber attack. I hope you are spot on man!!

  15. JimmyZ


    Do you think it’s better to buy a house AFTER rates skyrocket? That means home values will plummet and you can refinance later in a few years when rates fall back down.

    • Greg

      Yes, but you may have to wait awhile. The Fed will monetize debt and Treasuries until the dollar crashes. QE to infinity means interest rates will not rise very much. That is one of the main reasons QE is about, It is keeping interest rates low–for now.

      • therooster

        Of course , Greg ! QE is here to stay because QE is the impetus to move the masses over to gold-as-money now that bullion trades in REAL-TIME (floats) and can technically satisfy any amount of liquidity that FIXED gold could never accommodate. Do you see that the elite cannot take a top-down approach to making a debt-to-asset shift in the monetary system when things now trade in real-time ? The market process has to be organic and bottom-up. Whenever migrating from a legacy system (USD) to a new system (real-time weight), neither system can be permitted to crash if the migration (bridge) is going to be successful. The elite are now relegated to the simple task of “carrying the stick”. There are “necessary evils” written into “the script”. The development and closing of Bretton Woods set the stage for the market completion of making the transition back to gold, but in REAL-TIME, something gold-as-money had never experienced throughout all of history. You cannot pour new wine into old wineskins.

  16. JRMFL

    It will end badly, what are you doing to prepare you and yours.

  17. Ambrose


    Senator Kirk W. Dillard (R) introduced Bill SB3341 or the “Precious Metal Purchasing Act” in Illinois last February. (

    It is not a good sign when the government starts tracking precious metals sales in details. What happens if other states follow Illinois and come up with similar legislations? May be a federal law next?

    If Gerald Celente is right, history will repeat itself. When the economy goes to hell and WWIII becomes inevitable, we shouldn’t be surprised to see a poster said, “Uncle Sam Wants You and Your Gold.”

    Things could even get worse if criminals somehow gain access to the information. Gold buyers and sellers will become targets of robbery. With hackers attacking government agencies almost every day, no database is safe.


  18. Skip

    I have been listing to Mr Celente for quite a while now. I have great respect for his knowlege and courage. He always tells it the way he sees it, and I think he is astonishingly correct! Great interview.
    I have been listing to your reports as well. Thankyou for your search for the truth. By the way, I can’t afford gold but Silver is in my reach. Only real assets count now! Keep up the great work, and thankyou again.

  19. Mike Preslar

    When Mr. Celente gets all worked up I feel his passion. Sometimes when I speak with friends, and these topics come up, my heart wants to bust at their refusal to see anything. The best i’ve been able to do is try and direct them to websites like this and hope they take the time to read and listen. My newest endeavor is to schedule speaking time at local Democratic and Republican Committees to try and get some grassroots level of critical thinking going on. Most only want to hear what re-enforces their current beliefs and refuse to debate topics, but you have to start somewhere. The grassroots, local level where it needs to begin. You can forget about Mainstream Media being any catalyst for change, they are part of the problem.
    Thanks once again Greg for your efforts.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mike. As Ayn Rand said, “You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” Reality will bite you friends in the tail no matter what they want to re-enforce.

  20. Susan Rittman

    Greg –

    Thanks for this interview. GC does a great job dispelling a lot of myths and ‘conventional wisdom’, in this case, on Iran. I appreciate your site Greg because you are generally take a critical look at the world and use an evidence based approach. One area where, in my opinion, you have been less consistent in this regards is towards events in the middle east (in particular about who is bombing who). It is to your credit that you are willing to provide all angles of an issue.



    • Greg

      Thank you Susan Rittman for you positive analysis of this site. I try to hit it from all sides.

  21. Chip

    Great interview Greg…

    • Greg

      Thank you Chip for weighing in here.

  22. Randall

    You did a great job of getting Gerald fired up and telling it like it is. I’ll send a link to the interview.

    • Greg

      All I did was ask questions. He got fire up on his own. He is a very smart and interesting man!!

  23. RcknRll77

    Wow, this is the first time I have been to this website. Definitely bookmarked now and in my news sites bookmarks folder. I appreciate men like Gerald Celente who are not afraid to direct everyone towards the elephant in the room; not to mention the giant pile of dung this elephant has created. This is such a powerful interview and I am in complete shock to see such a direct and sharp analysis of current events with retrospect to history. I have been slowly piecing these pieces together on my own but this interview just tied everything together that I have been questioning in my own mind. Greg I am looking forward to devouring as much information as my mind can digest from your site!

    • Greg

      Welcome RcknRll77. I am happy to gain a new set of eyes!!

  24. Eye Doc

    Awesome. I have heard/watched Celente before. I can tell he is agitated and knows the “end” is coming. The previous forecasts were fun and games but now, well, it’s for real.

    His comment about something happening in NYC or Atlanta has finally convinced me to stockpile food. Enough for 6 months. Enough for all my neighbors to starve. In fact, I am going to stockpile 1 years worth of food.

    Sad, back in the 60’s my dad used to talk like that and the family thought he was nuts. Now it is mainstream. The end is coming, but some times I ask myself, do I really want to live? Sure, I can hide in my house and eat canned tuna, but when I go outside a year latter what will I find.

    The lucky ones may be dead.

    • Rebecca

      “The lucky ones may be dead.”
      Indeed, so says the Holy Word of God.

      Revelation 14:3
      And I heard a voice from Heaven that said, “Write, ‘Blessed are the dead, from now on, who have departed in Our Lord; Yes, says The Spirit, because they shall rest from their labors.’”

      Read all of Chapter 14. This statement is said at the time Babylon the Great falls, and the merchants of the world laments over such great loss of wealth (more details on Babylon’s fall are in Chapter 18:9 ““Alas! Alas! You great city, you mighty city, Babylon! For in a single hour your judgment has come.”

      I know there are those who believe Babylon is the U.S.
      That may be so. But could it not also symbolize the corrupt economic system that enslaves people on a global scale, indicating when the economic system collapse it will be felt worldwide and none will be spared the agony the collapse brings.

      I just thought it interesting you mentioning “the lucky ones may be dead.” And so indeed does the Bible say that kind of day is coming,and perhaps is knocking at the door of mankind now.

  25. Dennis Nelson

    Celente has been spouting this doom and gloom since 08, predicting this and predicting that, he hasn’t hit on a single one yet always offering the excuse that ‘there’s a lot of wildcards here’. He’s just a carnival barker making money off of fear.

    • Josh

      Dennis, just the facts. Back up your statement with facts. I can easily say you’re a retard but without something to back it up, I can’t prove it although your comment does make you sound a little light upstairs.

  26. therooster

    Our answer is like the invisible elephant sitting in the living room. We don’t need gold backed national currency, simply gold backed weighted currency, which we already have. Real-time gold-as-money is here and has been for better than 15 years. We don’t have a monetary problem. We simply have a marketing challenge. Wakey, wakey, marketplace. No support means no scale up. The market has to make this happen. It cannot be a top-down process.

    • wise-marty

      interesting. The real-time angle needs more recognition.


    Hi!, Greg, Gerald & Patrons Of

    Thank you Greg for bringing US your and Mr. Celente’s views into acute focus; regards the developments towards war worldwide. Please guys be cautious that you don’t take all this too much to heart and infringe upon your mental, emotional and/or physical health. In my sales of live ladybugs at around 30 nurseries, one of the focal points on my header of 500 ladybugs reads: “Focusing On The World’s #1 Wealth; Preserving Our Health.” We all who read your posts Greg and listen to your interviews know that you want US to have a healthy world where we can live healthy lives but please consider also your own health which is too precious not to spare. We are living out these tough times together and personally my belief is that we will all be made stronger from these renegrade times. Thanks though for helping US receive the TRUTHS we need to someday ASAP create that New World we all know we want.


    RUSS SMITH, CA. (One Of Our Broke Fiat Money States)
    [email protected]

    • Greg

      Thank you Russ.

  28. DJG

    he’s been wrong for a long time he is likeable enough though

  29. Timothy

    Incredibly interview. I don’t know where you got this guy but by far this is the best interview I have EVER Seen.

    Great job Greg.


    • Greg

      Thank you Timothy for the kind words!!

  30. grsh

    The issue is that you have to pay your bills in dollars. So even if you have gold, you will need to sell for cash or have to barter with your gold.

  31. David

    If you purchase gold or silver do not buy old coins or numismatics. Period. All of this ‘non confiscatable’ stuff and ‘mint face value’ nonsense is pure malarkey, which is used by the shady gold sellers to inflate the value of their coins often by several hundred percent. I know one guy who purchased half a dozen numismatic coins for ‘oh such a deal’ and it turned out he had paid over $450 extra per-coin over the actual metal-weight content value of each coin. So many people are getting scammed via the numismatic numbers game that it’s not funny. If you buy gold and silver stick with genuine .999 fine bullion bars from reputable names like Englehardt in 1-oz units.

  32. David D.

    Hi Greg,this is is my first post ever to any website.I’m very well pleased it is yours. My viewpoint concerning Mr. Celente’s interview one could say that he may be related evenly to a modern day secularist prophet,similarly as Jonah was in Nineveh,(if you’re a believer).His competent staff keenly compiles,closely dissects,then righteously discerns key information,accordingly to recently researched professional analysis.Then proclaims the knowledge gained with learned wisdom through opinion,not conjecture.I too collect and hold .999 silver bullion,as a hedge against inflationary, or deflationary times that we may face together as a nation.

    Gerald’s articulations are indeed extraordinary in relation to “The Washingtonians”,or the Wall street Barons,even the everyday common man.Courageously leading,and exemplifying passionately,a zest and zeal for the truth to openly be exposed,causes me to be inordinately respecting and somewhat envious of his transparency,through his distinctive patriotism.

    Three cheers to you Gerald,and a hardy salute,you’re the best,

    David D.

    • Greg

      David D.
      You honor me with this comment. Thank you and I hope you make many more.

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