Trump Coup Biggest Violation of Constitution in History – Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

President Trump says the Deep State tried and failed to remove him from office in a coup. Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says the attempted coup on Trump was a global conspiracy. Shipp explains, “Yes, this is a coup. This is the most shocking violation of the Constitution and criminal activity in the history, not just of America, but of a western government. Much of this rises to the level of treason. People need to understand how shocking this is. It was a clear conspiracy. There will be arrests and indictments without question. . . . This was a coup. It was a conspiracy. It was criminal activity. These people need to be indicted, charged and need to be put in prison, and if they’re not, then our Constitution is nothing more than a sham. This was a coup against a duly elected President, and people need to understand how serious this is.”

Shipp adds, “We have a not so covert civil war going on right now that has been brewing over 60 years. We have the ‘Dark Left,’ and the DNC is fully involved with all their Congressmen and Senators. There is a Marxist movement within the DNC that is in control right now. You can match up the progressive goals with Marxist documents, and you can see they are one in the same. . . . They have to change and eliminate the Constitution. . . . They want to change the First Amendment and the Second Amendment first of all. Second of all, they despise and are targeting Christianity because Christianity . . . underlines the Constitution and is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. That’s their second target they have to destroy. Their third target is the founding principles of America. That’s our culture. They have to destroy those three things if they are going to overturn our Constitution and turn this into a global Marxist government. That is not an understatement. . . . It’s not the same party of JFK. It’s now a Marxist party and an umbrella for every victim, twisted and perverted group that has nowhere else to go. This is a mortal blow to the Democrat Party when these things come out.”

Shipp predicts President Trump will declassify more than anyone can imagine. Shipp says, “They have been using ‘classification’ as a way to cover up illegal activity. The CIA has, especially in the case of this coup, not just in this, but in other things they have done criminally. They have been withholding things from Congress using ‘classification’ for decades. Trump knows what those are, and he is going to demand that classification is removed so the American people can see it. I am going to be dancing on top of my house if and when that happens.”

Shipp predicts Trump will win re-election in 2020. Shipp says Trump won’t be voted in by just devout Republicans, but Democrats who are running from their party because of how extreme it has gotten. Shipp explains, “Yes, they are running from the Democrat Party. Support for Trump has been increasing by the millions. A lot of these Democrats are being very, very quiet right now because they know what will happen to them if they come out in support of Trump. When 2020 comes, these Democrats are going to push that button and pull that lever for Trump, and it’s going to be more shocking than 2016.”

So, what’s the danger for “We the People”? Ship says, “The danger for ‘We the People’ is the Dark Left and Dark Left violence. As these indictments begin to come out, and as the players are called out, the violence on what I call the Dark Left, the violence is going to increase to the point where it’s going to be very, very bad. There are going to be beatings and probably shootings, and shooting at police. . . . There is going to be a lot of violence coming from the Left in the next year or two. This is one of the reasons you need to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights . . . because of what the Left is going to do with these findings and what is going to be the death knell for the Democrat Party and the death knell for taking over our Constitution and culture. They will exponentially bring up their violence, and Americans need to arm themselves and protect themselves against that.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp.

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  1. Linda

    Kevin is spot on. I have been feeling that when the indictments start coming, and actually some have, and the truth grows as the balance swings from all the lies to shocked people wondering what hit them, then, as Kevin says, violence will be their last resort. It will be horrible but justice must come, so prepare accordingly. It’s going to get ugly.

    Great guest, great interview Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Linda!!! Shipp is the real deal, and he has put his neck on the line for America.

    • uncommon sense

      The only thing with this left/right narrative is that it conveniently ignores 9/11 and the Bush crime family. Also the Bushes clearly supported Hillary after Jeb stepped out of the presidential race. The Bushes are deeply involved in the globalist agenda and set off the ME domino toppling of Afghanistan and Iraq which Obama followed up with Libya and tried to with Syria. So I am deeply sceptical of anyone that just promotes a left/right divide and conquer narrative unless they can convincingly explain how the neocons fit into it.

      • uncommon sense

        I have repeatedly asked this question to no avail. Oh well here’s hoping…

        • uncommon sense

          I strongly suspect that those individuals who blame the left and Communism for every evil in the world always neglect to mention 9/11 and the illegal Iraq war (Which happened under Bush) as it doesn’t fit into this narrative (which may be being promoted to divide and fragment America in preparation for a one world government).
          Sorry to complicate the issue as black and white is so much easier to understand but do not mistake the tools (groups/ideologies used by the globalists) of the globalists for the globalists themselves.

        • Uncommon sense

          Clearly division and fragmentation is needed to throw the current system into chaos and dysfunction. Then the one world system will be imposed on us in order to implement unity. The plan is that we will desire and beg for the new globalist system to save us from our miseries. A one world religion will develop in parallel to this and come under the guise of love, unity and peace. We will be so tired of hatred, division and warfare that we will be only to willing to enter into the Luciferian new age.

          • paul ...

            The dumb Deep Left and Deep Right neocons have now initiated their plan “to privatize” US coup efforts against Venezuela … using Blackwater inspired mercenaries … like the American people are too dumb to know what these neocons are up to … … so when they are through with Venezuela do they plan to use Blackwater to do a regime change in Iraq??

            • paul ...

              The Deep Left “commies” and the Deep Right “neocons” using hired mercenary’s like Blackwater to get rid of who “they consider bad guys” is not a new idea … in the Old West we had such mercenary’s (i.e. Have Gun Will Travel, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, etc., etc.) who would (for cash) clean up a town and get rid of the bad guys controlling a corrupt Town government at the OK Corral … you know … by the Deep State (commies and neocons) using Blackwater (hired guns who simply work for cash and have no political loyalty to anyone) “to do their regime changes” may have made “a fatal error” … because what is to stop Patriots from doing exactly the same thing … “hiring guns” to clean up their State Governments where babies are now being put to death by evil immoral politicians???

        • Cole

          I bring this fact up, along with the overwhelming evidence that most statist Republicans are involved and not so covertly, to my family and friends, and most just stare at me. I fear this is just all talk about arrests and indictments. We shall see. May God bless you, Greg, and also our President and country.

      • Tin foil hat

        The only way to avoid a full blown civil war is to arrest W. Bush first before putting the braclets on Hillary and Obama.

        • Tin foil hat

          I like W. Bush. I think he actually still has some decency left in him. However, since his dad and McCain are in hell, he has to be the sacrificial lamb.

          • Uncommon sense

            Yes good point. If he was arrested first people couldn’t say that the Democrats were being targeted. Unfortunately, whatever happened on 9/11 he was complicit in it.

      • William Stanley

        uncommon sense,
        I don’t recall if Mr. Shipp mentioned the Bushes by name. However, he did talk about a lot of things that implicate them and their buddies (both Rs and Ds), including the crimes and manipulations of the CIA and the military industrial complex. Furthermore, Mr. Shipp didn’t demur when Mr. Hunter brought up the question of the the perfidy of certain Republicans and those higher up in the food chain, such as the Rothschilds and others.
        Of course the Bushes are implicated in a lot of nastiness, probably including THIS coup attempt. Still, the evidence against the Clintons and Obama and their subordinates are more obviously and provably connected to the present coup attempt. We shouldn’t let the crimes of the Republicans, the Bushes and the neocons deflect our immediate attention from the more obvious of the traitorous criminals in THIS coup attempt.
        Indeed, once the process is started by prosecuting the more obvious of the criminals and traitors (and, for the most part, they happen to be more closely aligned politically with the Clintons and Obamas), the average Democrat party voter, especially, may more eagerly turn to supporting the prosecution of ALL of the Globalist traitors, especially those who are Republicans. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of Republican voters would too.

      • Arthur L Barnes

        Yea, I agree, the Bush family supported the deep state of Hillary. They are new world order people who have enriched themselves at the expense of the America people. They supported open borders, they have been so aligned with the democrats for the last 50 years or so its hard to believe they can say they are republicans with a straight face. Their wealth is vast, beyond the Clinton’s by light years, and I believe they are capable of many evil things for those who cross them or their policies. They also hate our President with a passion and I believe they supported the coup. The good news is we may never see another Bush in the White House but they will be a thorn in the side of our republic for decades to come if the coup is not fully revealed by our President.

      • brvalentine

        Exactly. Spot on with the divide & conquer. Diversion of attention. The Clintons and many others operate under the Bush crime family. It’s and extremely large syndicate and runs very deep and wide. Bottom line, it’s the State/s against the populace. This is global and not just occurring in the US.

    • Rob

      One must think as a globalist to properly understand the real purpose for “draining the swamp” as Paul Craig Roberts proves:

      The swamp creatures that will be indited are expendable while the real power elite push forward such things as the “Belt & Road Initiative”:

      This “road” will be used by our Father to draw all world’s armies to the valley of Meggiddo AFTER the tribulation during the “year of wrath”:

      Trump will be a 2 term president who as “bankruptcy in chief” will preside over the global debt collapse that will occur during his 2nd term. The yuan will not replace the dollar but will be given equal status as Trump said himself shortly after his first inauguration in this 4 minute video:

      The next decade will usher in the 7 years of tribulation that the church MUST endure:

      Acts 14:22 Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.

      • uncommon sense

        In his 2015 book, ‘Time to Get Tough,’ which was published ahead of the presidential election, Trump wrote: “Then look at Saudi Arabia. It is the world’s biggest funder of terrorism. Saudi Arabia funnels our petrodollars – our very own money – to fund the terrorists that seek to destroy our people, while the Saudis rely on us to protect them.”

        • Greg Hunter

          You get a lot more perspective and intel inside of the White House than outside of it. Things change and so do perspectives.

    • Nolan Parker

      They have been using ‘classification’ as a way to cover up illegal activity.

      I’m pretty sure I just heard Red Skeleton say
      Not, you don’t Thay…

  2. Mike

    Read your $100.00 bill , the small print on the right side by the bell ,

  3. Gina M Mancarella

    Who’s going to be indicted Greg ? WHO ? Trump for attempting to send all African American citizens back to the plantations to pick cotton ??? Sarah Huckabee Sanders for lying daily to the press daily ???? Or maybe Melania for her crazy lies ? Or Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka for ill gotten gains and misdeeds comparable to mafia activities ??? C’mon Greg. Trump has ruined our country. He wants to take away foodstamps so babies cant eat. He wants to take away rights from the LBGT community. Trump wants to take away our abortion rights ! What kind of scam is this ??????

    • Greg Hunter

      2 Thessalonians 2:8-12 8 “And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the LORD Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming. 9The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 10and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

      • Fred D

        I like your 2 Thessalonians comment on the great end times delusion. It makes sense. Many ordinary people leave themselves open to blindness due to their refusal to seek the truth.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Fred!!

      • Donald

        “wickedness deceives those who are perishing”
        “They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved”
        “all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness”

        That’s exactly right. Extremely good post. So what is wickedness? Look at those in Jesus day – at his personal experience as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Some did the right thing, most did the wrong thing. Is it any different today. Remember the post from many months ago – “people are drawn to believing lies while rejecting the truth”. Why??? Why does one prefer a lie over truth??? The psychopaths understand this all too well and use it to their advantage to control the masses. Why are people drawn to politician that campaign on giving free everything to everyone?

    • Derek Sinclair

      Gina, anything you can accuse the Trumps and the Republicans of, you can multiply by 100 when accusing the Clintons and the Democrats. Except in the latter case they are all true. All this information is freely available so I can only assume you don’t want to believe it (or can’t read or are insane or are as evil as the Clintons). Please tell me how the POTUS is attempting to send African-Americans back to the plantation? By increasing their levels of employment? Please tell me how he is taking rights away from the LGBT community? By refusing to alter everyone’s lives to suit them? How has he removed food stamps from babies? Simply not true. Abortion rights? You mean the right to murder children because you were too stupid (or arrogant) to use the numerous methods of contraception (before, during and after coitus) that are freely available? Grow up and get real you silly woman – you are talking like an ignorant child. The only scam you are falling for is the scam of your own beliefs.

      • Frank D2

        Gina is a Russian agent. She makes Putin very proud. We have continuously pointed out her lies, distortions and WRONG PREDICTIONS, but she apparently isn’t dismayed by her total lack of credibility. Ignore her.

    • al

      Lefty Gina is back! YEY!!! We need comedy releif.

    • Madi

      I am hoping you have good parents, good children, faithful husband and honest friends. I can assure you that Greg should followers can read your « pain » after realizing all those years you have been misinformed and uninformed.
      No one can change the past, ask God for help today. You really need it.

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Gina you are devoid of all logic.

    • Ross Herman

      Just a small side note Gina, you don’t have an abortion right. The pharmaceutical industry was granted the right (Rowe vs Wade) to use the tissue of the human fetus as constituent of vaccines! Oh, and by the way, why is it that human rights do not apply to homosexuals? What special rights are needed if you are homosexual?

    • Gregory Harrison

      Gina: what are u smoking? Because of Trump WE have added $7 Trillion value to reitrement pensions and funds! Record unempl for blacks and women. GDP not the Obama 1.5% but 3-3.5% and first qtr. 2019 better than expected. Record low unempl.! Trump got NATO to spend $100 billion More than they use to!! Trump signed the criminal reform Bill. Mostly blacks will benefit!! Black approval for Trump has climbed from about 11% to over 30%!!! Your hate or your extreme leftist bent prevents you from seeing the good produced by the Trump Admin.!! Dem party has been hijacked by Socialist and Kooks. So maybe you are one of them? that I can understand. Trump 2020!!

    • Eckbach

      Duct tape your knees together.
      You don’t want any babies anyway.

    • Nancy Duvall

      Gina God Bless you. Everything you stated is a media fabrication. Rewatch Greg’s video over and over . It’s the truth. Also look at this link and watch the video. The truth will set you free. God Bless!

    • Orlando

      Funny, I am pro-choice, support gay community, we have every race in my family, many cultures, and none of us, repeat none of us, think President Trump is a rascist, anti-lgbt, or against prochoice. What is destroying this country is the mindset of the far left. That is where the intolerance lies. Trump 2020!

    • Tony

      Are you serious? You just spouted some of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard. I really feel bad for you for believing the crap you just spewed. This country is doing great by every measure. Drink some more koolaid.

    • scott

      Sick woman!

  4. Anthony Australia

    I now finally comprehend how significant this battle is. Listening to USAW and cross referencing the so called Mainstream media outlets, one can see the amount of reprehensible propaganda in motion. The catalyst for me seems to be who is on the payroll and what agenda they endorse; thus capitalising on human vulnerability, accelerating global destruction and mayhem.
    Greg you have my fullest attention.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AA!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Pleasure is all mine Greg.
        Hope it’s okay to post a link from RT News, Jesse Ventura.
        Talks about Julian Assange and the FBI surveillance.

        • brvalentine

          Thank you for sharing. Jesse is 100% correct.

    • Anthony Australia

      Interview with the father of Julian Assange.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    That was really powerful!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William!!

  6. chuck

    Greg, FYI – Ukraine is not called THE Ukraine. It is simply Ukraine. Would you call Canada, THE Canada? Or Germany or France THE Germany or THE France?

    • Greg Hunter

      If that is you only complaint you nhave on the Free USAW I’d say I am batting .999

      • (Rev) Andrew de Berry


      • brad27

        Argentina is LA Argentina.

      • chuck

        Not really a complaint, just an observation, Greg. But you may want to pay very close attention to Ezek. 23 – it is directed squarely at America and the little nation of Jews in the M.E. Assyria in this case is the ancient name for modern Germany. Also read Lev. 26 and Deut. 28 – we are now experiencing the curses in progressive waves. These will culminate in the horrors prophesised against Israel [which is us] and Judah [which is the Jewish nation].

    • Steve

      Lol. People say “The United States of America” all the time. Perhaps you should look a little closer to home…

    • jimha

      From what I have read Ukraine has historically never been a country and always been considered a hinterland so that why there is a “the”.

    • brad27

      Chuck, fyi, in Spanish Peru is called EL Peru, and Cusco is EL Cusco. Just sayin’.

  7. Nick de la Gaume


  8. anthony bona, m.d.

    thanks greg. great interview and my favorite guest was also outstanding. gina used to upset me reading her inane nonsense. tonight however, I have a different emotion. her ignorance and maniacal ramblings made me pity her for the first time. the trump derangement syndrome is on display in its full psychopathic manifestation. the thought dysfunction of this brain ravaged by the disease of liberalism is profound indeed.

    • Tom Wigand

      Dr. Bona:

      My gut tells me that Gina may be a Soros funded troll (though she may just be a standard-issue Progressive “useful idiot” — in the end a victim of the current K-12 / “higher education” system and media).

      But if the former, this is good news because … it means that Greg’s work is now on the radar of the forces of evil. In turn, that means that it’s having an impact.

      Now that is good news.

      • anthony bona, m.d.

        thank you tom, your remarks are most insightful.

      • Freebrezer

        TW – if a brain washed bot from higher education my bet would be on the following: Berkeley (1st), Princeton or Brown (2nd) or Harvard or Yale (3rd).

        • Tom Wigand

          Freebrezer, and Boston University (4th). Don’t forget that AOC graduated from there, and it used to be the academic home of Howard Zinn.

  9. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,

    WOW!!! What a great interview with Kevin Shipp. Brave man. I have visited following your previous interviews with KS and he tells it as it is.

    I particularly appreciated his response to one of your questions, “I don’t know”. The sign of an honest man – words you NEVER hear any politician say.

    Thanks again.

  10. Mark James

    I have been watching everything on your channel for years. I listened to Trump on Hannity the other night. I watched Trump’s Wisconsin MAGA rally last night. I just watched this. Greg, you are just nailing this!! Everything lines up! You really do:

    “Analyzing the News to Give You A Clear Picture of What’s Really Going On”

    That accurately says it all! Great Job Greg! God bless! Thank you! Keep up the great work!! Thanks for keeping us informed!!

  11. al

    Proof that the left is in full panic mode because THEY KNOW TRUMP WILL BE RE-ELECTED… Why? No voter fraud allowed. The proof is in what they promote.

    1- pushing more illegal invaders through our borders and allow them to vote

    2- requiring 16 year old children to vote

    3- requiring convicted felons and jailbirds to vote

    They are scrambling for “legitimate” physical votes.

  12. Jerry

    It’s been a long time coming, but, it’s coming. President Trump is going to use every tool in the tool box to take the deep state down.

    According to my sources, tactical units in black vans, that have a bottle cork shaped satilite device on top of the roof, have been seen making arrest here in the Midwest. Do I know who is being arrested? No. But whoever these people are, they are not regular citizens. According to my sources, these people are being transported
    to nearby military bases and flown out on transports. Since most of these activuties are covert, I can only speculate what is going on. If I find out more information, I will post it here first on Greg’s site, since he is on the cutting edge of most, if not all, breaking REAL NEWS!

    P.S. Nice touch Greg, allowing Gina to post here again. I can see her meds still aren’t working.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jerry.
      “Gina” is usually cursing and posting things I will not post, but every once in a while it/she/he posts something instructional and revealing.

    • Frank D2

      Jerry, “if” the arrests you speak of are actually happening, I suspect they are MS-13 type thugs. Even Trump has mentioned “thousands” of MS-13 gang members being arrested. Still no senior level Dems/DNC/Media types though or we would hear about it. Still waiting for ALL those who failed at the coup of Trump to be arrested. That will be proof that the rule of law has once again been restored in our great nation.

  13. Adam Giessler

    Another wonderful interview. The hour flew by and left me wanting more.

  14. Susan

    Loved the interview. Thank you Greg for everything you do.
    The one thing I never hear about is the convention of states. I am so scared of that being hijacked like everything else has been. Our government creates legislation to circumvent our Constitution as it is, I do not want to open up the Constitution so that the evil ones can completely destroy it.

  15. Uncommon sense

    Trump is endangering Christendom with his unconditional support of Saudi Arabia. Why is he more concerned about Israel than protecting Christians from ISIS? As I explained before ISIS is clearly more of a threat to Christians and the west than Hamas and Hezbollah. Supporting S.Arabia is supporting Wahhabism. I am surprised I have to keep explaining this, especially after the Easter day attacks.

  16. Ed Dunne

    Greg I think you’re a great guy in the straight shooter. You tell the truth and I appreciate it. I like to count you as my friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are my friend too Ed!!

  17. George

    Great information as always. The only thing I’m seeing though is the continued circus of each side battling the other with zero movement except the ongoing destruction of the country.
    This failed attempted coup de tat will result in investigations, indictments, press releases, and interviews. When the rubber meets the road, as is usual with this group of disgusting America hating politicians and their henchmen, the only people who will be arrested and prosecuted will be the small, no power, no money, little guys who yield zero power or influence. And the mindless public will celebrate as if they fixed anything.

    You will NEVER see arrested or sent to prison, or hanged for treason names like:
    Pelosi, Feinstein, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Graham, Kurshner, Bush, Rockefeller, Obama, Rosenstein, Meuller, or any other “Protected” Politician.

    Who’s going to prosecute them? The Banks and Corporations OWN every level of the Court System up to and including the Supreme Compromised Corporate Court.
    Who’s going to imprison them? Any name associated with the above list of “Protected” names, even if convicted of Treason, will be Pardoned.

    We are so filthily corrupted and criminal in all levels and aspects of government, it can not be corrected with legal court means.

    • FC

      George, you are absolutely correct I believe if there is going to be any indictments it will be directed to only the 3rd and 4th tier public servants with the occasional 2nd tier thrown in for authenticity.

      • Linda

        No George and FC you are both wrong because the public won’t stand for anything less than true justice as the truth starts to wake individuals up, they will be shocked, they will be large in numbers, they will be fed up. They will have growing confidence in all the courage and planning that has led to revelations and once they see they cannot un-see. And they will have confidence that the rule of law is returning, the tables are turning, you can feel it now. This is BIG.

        • FC

          Linda, nothing would make me happier than to be wrong in this instance, but the public you speak of are out numbered by a breed of ‘I don’t know what’ and they will except anything and everything until it effects them personally but by then it will be too late for the change we would all like to see.

          • Linda

            Well, FC some people ARE waking up, with the ‘walk away movement’ and ‘turning point USA’ and even this cat at the link below, who sums up the crime being covered up, the frame job and the bevy of proofs and truths emerging to show the emperor not only has not cloths, but less and less surfs that have been blindly stumbling along. Nothing can really be done for the last holdouts, they will sink to their own demise as they should.

    • Freebrezer

      George – A good listen that might change your mind. It starts at 1:20″ mark. some powerful people think otherwise including the President!

    • brvalentine

      You are absolutely correct George. Two headed one party Monster. The list of names is far lengthier and travels both sides of the aisle, including Wall St. and US Corporate Board Rooms, as well as internal agencies. We are witnessing a Fascist state that is corrupted and rotten to the core. Lawlessness for the few while the masses are subjected to pettiness.
      The crimes committed against the populace are and remain Treasonous. They should all be held accountable.

  18. Doug C.

    Excellent 1 hour show. Always great to listen to Shipp.
    Have you ever reached out to Robert David Steele? He would be an excellent person to have on as well. He is also a retired spy that has great insight.

  19. Gerald

    Its looking more an more like open carry is coming.

  20. Madi

    Greg , you are the best. Friday and Sunday my family and I are always looking for your update/interviews /real news.
    Kevin Shipp is a Great American. His book was an eye opener.
    Tks Greg.

  21. Rock

    Thanks Greg, great interview and guest. Shipp is one of my favorites. Our country is dead broke and will never repay our debt. There will no doubt be a crash and default. Hopefully, it happens while Trump is in the saddle. He is experienced to give us the best chance to come out the other side still standing.
    God is very close to intervening and snatching His church out of here. Prepare yourself.

  22. James Barrett

    Question. If the Federal Reserve is guilty of fraud on America and it’s people can the President label them as such which would nullify what we owe them and then fine them for their fraud to the tune of what we owe the world?

  23. Russ

    This was one of your all-time best interviews Greg. I’ve already seen this interview up on — I suspect other sites have picked the interview up as well — viral, well done.

    As for timing of the indictments and arrests, only POTUS and the AG know for sure, but Giuliani would not be out telegraphing the WH intentions on Fox & Friends (one of the most watched shows on Fox News) if indictments and arrests were far off — within the month of May imo.

    As a reminder and for those who missed it…
    Giuliani Lashes Out At Clintons: You Are “America’s Number One Crime Family”
    also on Youtube:
    Based on the verbiage Giuliani used, my opinion is that the Clinton’s will be in the first wave of indictments.

    Thanks again, gotta go, my Glock is calling me to the cleaning bench. I love the smell of Hoppe’s #9 in the morning… Smells like… victory. Someday this war’s gonna end…

    • Russ

      My apologies to Robert Duvall’s Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore for messing with his quote from “Apocalypse Now”.

  24. Steve Sullivan

    Greg, great interview !! I would have loved to hear what Kevin had to say about Bart Chilton’s sudden illness (death). If you know what I mean. Wasn’t Bart supposed to start testifying about the manipulation of the Bankers in the gold and silver manipulation !!

  25. Sylvia Sterling

    YIKES ! What an exciting interview. A lot of truth coming out…….. Thanks Greg.

  26. paul ...

    Shipp puts it all on the table in plain view for all of us to see … just as I have and others have been trying to do in their own way … bottom line … the Dark Left (Commies) have completely taken over the DNC (I call them Demon-rats) … but there are others (I call them Neocons) who are currently surrounding Trump in the White House and pushing for War and the Destruction of our Constitution … Trump must lift the “Vail of Secrecy” that gives these Evil Criminals cover … American Patriots must arm themselves both physically and spiritually for the Chaos to Come … as our fight is with an Evil Parasitic Beast … that is trying to claim our Immortal Souls … and is trying to make us “Blind to the Killing of Women and Children by calling it Sanctions” … but their Final Solution for Mankind is total outright War … a Nuclear War that will kill off six(6) Billion humans (i.e. think Georgia Guidestones) … they achieved killing six(6) million Jews (i.e Hitler) … and currently killed six(6) million Muslims (i.e. by Regime Change in the ME) … their Goal is to Destroy the World God Created … because “God Thought it Was Good” and they want to show God “That it is Evil” … marking Mankind’s Evil Killing forever on our Foreheads with the number 666 !!!

    • paul ...

      Satan figures if Mankind can willingly be “Marked by the Beast” into killing and killing and killing men, killing women and killing children in his “Games of Continual War”… God will have no choice but to End the World … by sacrificing his “Sun to the Black Hole of Darkness” …

  27. paul ...

    Here is “the proof” folks (on how the Deep State works) … they hire murderers go into our Synagogues, Churches and Mosques to kill and create Religious Strife … and hire murderers to go into our schools to shoot our kids to create Constitutional Strife!! … they want and need Chaos!! …in order to change our Constitutional system of government into a “Commie Dictatorship” ruled by them!! …

  28. MK

    Greg: I seriously can say that I have no friend or family member, that could understand at any deep level, what you and your guest are talking about. A sad situation. This woman thanks you both for your tremendous courage to tell the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t give up on them!! Thank you for your kind words of support for USAW!!!

  29. Fred D

    David Shipp is always interesting. I can understand why the betrayers, who are subject to prosecution, would be willing to destroy America. But I wonder why so many ordinary citizens are willing to follow these criminals, and, thereby, destroy their own lives and their own country. Pied Piper effect?

    • Frank D2

      The “ordinary citizens” follow them because they can’t believe they were THAT WRONG about everything. Its just easier to keep their heads in their holes and ignore the painful truth.

  30. Joe Lalonde

    The majority of Canadians hate President Trump due to our media coverage is sooooo bias against anything he comes out with.
    I think he is a fantastic leader that was desperately needed to try to bring back some sanity from the insane policies being enacted and enforced whether you like them or not.
    I sometimes feel that our leaders have suffered some severe brain damage with imposing laws and policies that are totally ridiculous…

    • Frank D2

      No brain damage of our “leaders”….they have just been bought and paid for (corrupted).

  31. Da Yooper

    Great Sunday interview Greg

    Jail time is not good enough for what has been done. The death penalty must be used . Other wise when some democrat gets elected to the presidency they will pardon these traitors.

    What is what has been found pharmaceutical y from a new born that is so important to these sicko’s who are behind the killing of the unborn.

    THE DAY COLLUSION DIED – Parody of American Pie

  32. Mike

    There is no way that criminal banks will come out on top following a financial reset under Trump. Trump only needs to prove they are criminal to satisfy the EO and seize their assets. The US dollar will be dead as the reserve currency and trade will be made in gold rather than any “reserve currency”. This will force trade to balance or what gold we have will be lost. The US dollar will be used for domestic purposes and will be backed by gold at more than $10000 per ounce. This will force the reindustrialization of the US by whatever sources of capital are available.

  33. Karen Baouche

    You have great shows and I am grateful we have people like you and Kevin Shipp trying to help our country despite great personal sacrifice to themselves. Everyone needs to pray to God for America.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Karen!! I agree Sister!!
      Brother Greg

  34. paul ...

    US globalists sent our factories and jobs to China because they saw China as an up coming economic powerhouse … they didn’t want Russia to be friends with China … so the Dark Right (neocons) vilified Russia in every way they could … but again they failed … Russia and China are integrating economically …

    • Uncommon sense

      And what better way to unite Russia with China than by placing sanctions on them.

  35. pointe Grosse

    Great interview!
    I do not think the Attorney General has the luxury of time he needs to react and get things done before the end of Trumps term. This will insure that the axe falls when the iron is hot! Whatever happens, well we shall deal with it.

  36. dd

    Texas is officially a BLUE state when it comes to voter fraud. Sad sad day for Texans.

  37. OutLookingIn

    In Answer To GMM

    You have drank deeply from the cup of perfidiously, far left fascism.
    Most likely believing in the antifa movement, when in fact itself is a fascist organization, masquerading as being anti fascist.
    You are a full member of that segment of society, that has succumbed to the main stream medias endless repetition of baseless lies and propaganda. It claims to challenge corrupt power, but in reality courts, colludes, and protects it The only thing perceived as reality in America today is a bunch of fantasies designed to hide the truth from you.
    The one main thread I have gained from your commentary, over these past many months, is that any attempt to awaken you from your dreamworld, is met with vitriolic emotional blow back. No counter argument. No facts. Just pure irrational blustering, accompanied by emotional, childlike temper tantrums.

  38. Tom Wigand


    As usual, a fascinating interview. I believe that Mr. Shipp (with his expertise) is confirming (or validating?) what for many of us has been a growing “gut instinct” since the assumption of power by Barack Obama (and, for some us, before even that).

    That is, that we’re approaching the critical inflection point for the 100-year Progressive (Collectivist) project to de facto overthrow our divinely inspired country, and replace with something inspired by the opposing force. And so, that we are approaching something that may or may not be prophesied in the Bible, but which may well be of Biblical scale.

    The interview (and related news) offer hope that while we may as a nation be entering a period of great tribulation, that there is hope for the forces on the side of good, and that true justice may be coming, and a positive end-result may well be realized (let us recall how depressed and hopeless we felt during the Obama years).

  39. Jan

    Greg, this is out of the ball park !!! You find the best of the best for interviews. I watch my e-mail daily and listen to your program first.
    I thank God every day for people like you that are not afraid to tell the truth and I pray every day for your safety. I also pray for eyes to open and ears to hear.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jan!!!

  40. francis m reps

    The majority of Americans have decent impulses and a sense of fair play. They are almost congenitally incapable of understanding and analyzing the “Theatre” of the Trump Presidency. Our President ; { whom I actually ” believed ” and voted for after my absence for several previous election cycles } has proven himself to simply be a Zionist Judas Goat. The bulk the poor Jewish people who have been enslaved by the Talmudic Agents who became influential close to one hundred years after Christ’s death and rising, will suffer as much as the rest of the civilized World. Christian Zionists as well ; have also fallen prey to the Talmudic nonsense { Mis interpreted in the Bible of course } , and are aiding in their own destruction. Forget the ignorance and insouciance of the people…..their ignorance of how Evil operates and their own misguided analysis of Bible verses will be their end. Secret indictments and all the other soon to come acts justice are part of the Show. Draft Dodger, Shady Business man, Serial Bankrupt and loose morals will not be in the core of the person to stand up for America. Look at the SCOTUS’s most recent rulings about Abortion and Homo Marriage. Think the Almighty will bless that ?. Stop smoking those cigarettes.

  41. Russ

    Great interview Greg! Every American should listen and understand what has happened and what likely will happen (the real story!) What about 911? George W and the Saudi’s? Another JFK type event. The Bushes are part of the deep state as well. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. And what about Robert Kennedy being taken out by the CIA as well? Another event that changed the course of our country. I imagine that President Trump has the best possible security so he also will not be “taken out”.

  42. Rob Schaaf

    As a physician and former member of the AMA, I once received a JAMA (Journal of the AMA) that was dedicated to the Kennedy autopsy photos. The surgeon was also quoted and said the bone fragments showed an entrance wound from the front. I’m sure you could find this issue somewhere.
    Rob Schaaf, MD

  43. Russ

    Is it possible the U.S. government is also buying gold, and just not reporting it? Would they be required to report it if they were doing so?

  44. tim mcgraw

    Great interview! Shipp does mention JFK a few times. Allen Dulles and his evil cabal killed President Kennedy in a coup in 1963. I was 11 at the time and remember it well. The nuns cried. It was awful. What was left of the Republic died that day. JFK was 10 times the man as Trump. Trump vetoed the bill that would have ended US military involvement in Saudi’s evil war of genocide against Yemen.
    Trump’s no hero. Adelson and the Zionists own Trump. His actions show it is so.
    I can’t stand anyone in DC except for Rand Paul and a few others. None of those inside the Beltway give a damn about me.

    • Russ

      I was 9 and remember being sent home early from school and watching the awful event and details on TV (tv was maybe still a good source for “news” back then).
      Looking back, we have never recovered from his murder. I totally agree President Trump is no JFK, but he is our last hope and needs our support. Please read thus article to get some understanding of what JFK was trying to do near the end – if only he had lived.

    • brvalentine

      Well stated Tim!

      • tim mcgraw

        Hi Russ, thanks for the link. Yes, Trump is the best reed in the wind for us to hold onto now. Sad that. I wish Ron Paul had won, but Americans aren’t ready for honesty yet. Maybe humans aren’t ready. I think of that often.
        Thanks again for your comment and link.

      • tim mcgraw

        Ahh Mr. Valentine, you are back! I haven’t seen you in awhile. How are you? Thanks for the kind comment. Hang onto that yellow valise of dough. Haha ha ha.

  45. Si Turner

    Get a perspective Greg. No BAT for you until you do, sorry fella.

  46. paul ...

    Good News: Seems like Trump may be making a move toward “comprehensive arms control” … a senior Trump administration official said: “The president’s direction is that we need to look at more-ambitious arms control that will deal with more weapons, and more than just the US and Russia” … perhaps Trump is thinking of including China, N.Korea, Iran, etc., etc. in some bigger “worldwide deal”?? …

  47. iwitness02

    I love meat and potatoes. After this interview, I am full and satisfied. This is exactly what is needed in our national discussion. There is a deliberate attempt to overthrow the constitution, Christianity and our culture, through escalating violence and fraud. Plus the ongoing attempt to overthrow a sitting President. We need to be talking about this. Calling out the criminals, and their payed for supporters. They mean to hurt us, and we need to be having a frank discussion about it. The time to be polite, and pussyfoot around the obvious threats is well passed. We need to get real, and get ready. (as many of us have) This all needs to be water cooler conversation all across our land. Greg and Kevin are doing their part to make it so. More and more voices are speaking up. There is hope.
    On a less serious note: nice shirt and tie, Greg.

  48. Jim

    When are you going to interview someone from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth? They are suing the FBI for not releasing information about what really happened on 9/11 including the fact that Israeli agents were filming the destruction of the towers and celebrating and other Israelis were arrested in a van that tested positive for explosives. Or is that topic taboo? Those Israelis later went on Israeli television and admitted to their role. Google it for yourself.

  49. Coalburner

    Why hasn’t Trump taken down Soros, and his fellow evil cabal??????????????? HE has committed acts of war against the USA and needs a Hellfire missile up his tailpipe.

  50. Coalburner

    There was election fraud in the Southern District of New Mexico. A solid republican congressional district went democrat. Voter fraud through the absentee voter system put the Dim candidate over the edge. The outside money bankrolling and buying votes was enormous. That is the way illegals voted. The trouble making so called “DACA” people were the primary illegal voters by absentee ballot.

  51. Blather

    No, this is just a series of shocking violations of the Constitution. One after another.

    All can be just as egregious as this one. Like 2nd Amendment violations, unratified Amendments, unconstitutional government agencies, installing a foreigner as “President” which you strangely remained very quiet about, etc.

    THAT IMO was the most egregious and TREASONOUS of violations which your cowardice on it lead to this one.

  52. Tim

    Gonna be interesting. They control the money. The only way to win is a shooting civil war. I hope not but I see no other way. I can’t see Obama being indicted or going to jail that would start the civil war right there. Just a heads up went to the Bullion dealer yesterday and no silver rounds or bullion available. They had expensive coins still but that was it. First time that has happened that I saw and I have gone there many times.

  53. Mike R

    Yes, there was a coup. It may in fact, still be in progress. While I hope MANY are tried and convicted for treason, including especially Hillary and Obama, there is not going to be one bit of change, UNLESS, many in the mainstream media who were complicit in the take down of Trump, are also tried and convicted for treasonous acts against our country.

    Presently, and principally BECAUSE of the massive hate-filled FACTLESS opinions on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, And even CNBC, our form of government is going to fall apart, and our country will be ungovernable. That is probably what the deep state wants. Now that they have failed to remove Trump, they will get more desperate and more outlandish. He really does need to act MUCH MORE quickly, and begin those military tribunals everyone has been talking about for the past 2 years. If he doesn’t, he won’t make it to 2020 without something very bad happening to him. I fear the deep state will make attempts on taking his life. I pray this does not happen.

  54. Diane

    This is a great uplifting story
    I love this!

  55. Vlad the Impaler

    Charles Sampford with Margaret Palmer
    Since our leftest, homosexual, Obama intell community, failed so miserably at taking out republican nominee and then as president, Donald J. Trump, in a coup d’etat. I thought this pdf will show them how it’s done, so maybe next time, they can be successful under the man we the people chose to be president! Like’s been said here on many time’s, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool em all time!
    All you guy’s did, was make fools of yourselves, not the Donald, as this guy can attest;

  56. John M.

    Greg, you clearly have an awesome website and you are simply the best newsman around. Maybe the only one still left. Also, great choice and timing for getting this courageous guest.
    I think Mike Flynn and Michael Rogers are providing Trump’s team with invaluable info on the bad guys, with Assange and others are likely assisting.
    I’m disgusted with the new green Marxists, along with the old red and pink ones too.
    I won’t be satisfied until all these traitors are hanging on ropes from the highest trees on the tallest mountains in America, SO ALL CAN SEE. If not, we cease to be a country.
    I don’t think we should be so concerned about the 2020 elections as a lot of bad things can happen before then. I’m still thinking world war and economic collapse is quite likely, and then who knows what kind of hell will be unleashed.
    I will always want Pres. Trump over anyone else, especially if the SHTF.

  57. energy

    Greg you are amazing, cutting edge with the same juice in a different box….. like he said if you don’t see Hillary in jail we have a failed system…You have more than a failed system you have a system that will fall.

  58. Julia

    Good morning! I heard someone else say “they” are going to come hard after Christianity.
    Unfortunately I cant remember who said it. You can see it in Mayor Pete and Hillary stating the Bible needs to be changed.
    I guess we are now at the 4th war of George Washington’s dream. The last war for the Republic was to be fought on American soil. By the way,in the dream the Patriots win but some people die.

  59. Justn Observer

    More facts and ‘working theory’ of the OP25 attempted takedown, New names around POTUS, and on the sham Butina ‘media show’ trial put on for the public…
    100% Fact based historical background leading to where we are today=

    • Justn Observer

      more background on Trump campaign spying crews=

      • Justn Observer

        Bix Weir’s commentary on the suspicious? untimely death of whistleblower CFTC Bart Chilton, pushing investigation he started at the DOJ of the manipulation of the silver market which he won’t be a witnesses now eh?

        • Justn Observer

          Sorry, don’t want to be posting so much but things moving faster lately….more players and connections of the roster of the Trump takedown cabal members that were on his transition team…=

        • Greg Hunter

          This is total speculation but I will post it.

          • Justn Observer

            Thanks…yes ‘working theory’ I agree, but without complete open files by the FBI, it is hard to find just who was wearing the wires when, so only the metadata of who met who when. and how long people actually knew each other, where and when, and traveled when and did what can the pieces align with if , when who was compromised hoping to implicit Trump or his family members… The redactions hide just who was handling whom. And with the duplicitous nature of not just opposition deep state but the rino factor…the knives were/are still out to regain power…both by the puppet masters of both the gop and dnc. Yes, only time will tell but since Trump has NOT pushed for full unredacted release…’they’ will hide most of ‘their’ unmasking, prior deeds which ‘appear’ to have started much earlier that the timeline being forwarded… Only when the people are shown and understand the long relationships of Peter strk, Lisa Page, the Ohrs, their ties to communism and Iranian familia…what appears to be the sham run against Assange to entrap and control the whistleblowers belching out the mis-deeds of the deep state…supposedly by Nuland and other can we the people grasp the depth of world terror program in the Gladio A,B, C senerios…used to perpetuate the use of wars/conflicit for world resource ‘management’… all funded by the exchange of weapons.drugs, sex ,child, organ trafficking etc….
            The article below by brvalentine…is not far from the truth if NOT the truth…as is what is in the books… The Brothers (Dulles) and Secret Team and many others… which show their psychological and Calvinist views towards Manifest Destiny as it where…their maniacal unwavering deeds at the expense of the unwashed (in their views) of those they believe need to be guided and herded. Not unlike that same laughter of Hillary about Gaddafis death. It is also clear, there is something going on in/with Iran, how they got their technology, funds, centrifuges all while we are supposedly the ‘evil satan’ they detest? OR are their people being played just as the U.S. people are…= their ‘leaders’ also just deep state puppets used to subject theirs to the same tax burdens, discontent, and ‘fear’ of the ‘enemy’ so as to justify their MIC to retain power and surveillance over them as they do the people of the U.S. here via ””TERRORISM”’? Which then DOES make the ”working theory” more plausible having mutual sniper teams, weapons cache’s and operatives in each nation to ‘create’ insurrections and events to out and eliminate opposition of ‘their’ world domination views for a NWO run by ‘those piggies’ that have more equal rights then the others they hope to rule over…
            And just would you know…right now today…the call out for sniper teams for Venezuela to get that started BEFORE Gen. Michael Flynn’s hearing and what that might reveal about the NRA convention /meeting for what? Sniper rifles? hmm Frontier Services Group anyone?
            People best pay attention…looks like more body bags soon cometh if Venezuela gets kicked off…and Blackwater gets the 5000 snipers he’s asking for to take to Venezuela?
            Who would push such a thing while hundreds of thousands of South American ‘illegals’ are being funneled into the U.S.? Could that not be itself …a National Security threat? which then leads to these questions – situations to consider…along with your guest, Kevin Shipp’s view about the people need to be leaning to get armed and not allow to be disarmed…if POTUS is refusing to allow the U.S. sovereignty to be challenged by foreign/NWO interests?
            Recap = coup and coup…Prince calling for Blackwater/Wagner group for Venezuela…pick a side and brace for a Pence/Bolton push…which as GW says, will not look good for POTUS with Betsy Devos in his cabinet? Will POTUS win a second term if he allows NEW war in South America? Is he being led into one for that reason by mis-information from intel like JFK was being? And will the people have a voice this time…or just another war without a vote and one being declared by Congress?
            Thinking of the misguided adventure into Vietnam…my heart is heavy about this Venezuela potential building incursion…fingers crossed hoping POTUS Trump seeks wisdom… moving against Venezuela with a Congressional vote to declare war will sink his presidency and support base. NO ONE wants to see more war, more dead, more missing limbs …of or by U.S. Troops or ‘private’ contractors.

  60. David

    Obviously Shipp has never studied Lincoln. That tyrant did more to dismantle the Jeffersonian model than anyone in history.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree. Lincoln had much the same biased media as Trump has today. The Democrats wanted slavery. Lincoln was shot by an actor (Democrat) who made $25,000 per year. What would that be in $20 gold pieces today???? The country was splitting apart and Lincoln kept it together. This had little to do with the Jeffersonian model surviving but the survival of the republic. Lincoln hated the Democrat party because he thought is was a “party of theft.”

      • paul ...

        The DNC is the Party of Theft (POT) … seems fitting that both Weed (POT) and the DNC have similar side effects … short term effects are: memory loss (like Hillary forgetting to use a secure server), paranoia (like the DNC seeing Russian spies everywhere), not being able to tell imagination from reality like publishing fake news (psychosis), panic attacks (thinking that Trump may actually get them), hallucinations (like constant war is peace), loss of personal identity (like dressing up as a witch at a Satanic ritual) and problems with coordination (regime change failures) … the long term effects is a decline in IQ (stupid thinking) like believing they can make people believe what they say if they say it often enough … impaired ability to learn and perform complex tasks (like doing “a regime change at home” to remove a duly elected President) … relationship problems (like antisocial behavior toward those who use their First Amendment right to free speech) … stealing money (by every devious means even Charity fraud) … lying (like having a public and a private stand on issues) … so Lincoln understood the Democratic Party very well … it’s the Party “that killed him” and JFK (Johnson gave the order) … and the Party that gave us WWI (under Wilson) and WWII (under Roosevelt)!!

      • tim mcgraw

        Dear Greg, Yes, Lincoln had a biased media that was against the invasion of the south and Lincoln had that media PUT IN JAIL. Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. Lincoln was a tyrant. He had no right to attack the south. The Union is actually The united States of America in the Constitution. States is capitalized, not some ephemeral union. If your wife wants a divorce do you have the right to go attack her, capture her, and keep her in your house?
        Slavery is evil and so is the Democratic party, but state’s rights are in the Constitution. Lincoln was a tyrant who killed more Americans in his war than any other President. I’m no fan of the Union. To hell with DC and the rest of them.

        • Greg Hunter

          I see things differently Tim and we will have to agree to disagree. By the way, what state is Gettysburg in and how far north is that? That’s hardly Union aggression.

  61. C. David Kirby

    Mr. Hunter,

    Your analysis is plausible, fits the facts, and possibly accurate.

    Another theory may also be plausible:

    1.) The Kavanaugh hearings, the death of McCain, and the 2018 elections combined to strengthen Trump’s position in the Senate enough that he was finally able to replace the useless recusenik Sessions with the loyal and effective Barr. This enabled Trump to outflank Mueller by initiating an aggressive investigation of Obama era corruption, which could eventually threaten Mueller himself.

    2.) None of Mueller’s machinations against various Trump operatives yielded anything that could support an indictment, against Trump or his family, that would survive appellate court scrutiny, especially the Kavanaugh reinforced Supreme Court.

    3.) The above facts convinced Mueller that it would be prudent, if distasteful, to end his inquisition quickly, with a whimper instead of a bang. There may have even been a back-room deal with Trump to end it in return for a free pass for Mueller’s past transgressions.

    4.) During the height of Mueller’s investigation, with McCain, sidekick Graham, and others at risk of siding with Democrats in any decisive confrontation, Trump felt compelled to relieve some deep state pressure by appearing to turn over foreign policy to his neocon enemies. But so far he has not gone beyond bellicose rhetoric to placate the warmongers.

    5.) Recent events, including Mueller’s fizzle, deep state traitors and enemies now on the run and fearing their own ruin, MSM humiliated and discredited by exposure of their two year false Russian collusion narrative, have suddenly and dramatically strengthened Trump’s political position and range of options.

    6.) Putin’s recent olive branch regarding possible nuclear weapons negotiations, and his apparent attempts to accelerate progress on Korea, may telegraph that he expects Trump to pivot against the neocons, and he may have good reason to expect this.

    7.) Trump is now in a good position, or soon will be, to move decisively against deep state treachery and shift policy towards the actual interests of the people who put him in office. His decision to seize this opportunity or not will be the defining moment of his presidency.

    C. David Kirby

  62. paul ...

    It’s not so mysterious to us Lagarde … we know the “real” inflation rate is 9% to 10% percent … and we also know the government lies and fraudulently keeps the CPI at a low 2% to 3% … as a world monetary expert “this fakery by government” is a profound mystery to you???? … and you want an even higher inflation rate to screw the people even more?????? …

  63. paul ...

    President Trump on Monday said: “the National Rifle Association (NRA) is under siege by Cuomo and the New York State A.G who are illegally using the State’s legal apparatus to take down and destroy this very important organization” …

    • paul ...

      Trump should sign an Executive Order whereby every baby born should immediately be attached to a pipe bomb (which is triggered to go off if the babies heart stops beating) … this way at least the baby can take out the immoral doctor (stabbing and murdering the baby to death in order to sell its organs) … Cuomo, the Deep left and the Deep right will likely scream “Trump is creating baby terrorists” … no … these babies are freedom fighters responding to attacks by “medical terrorists” backed by evil politicians … all human beings (including babies) have a God given right to life … and not be butchered and slaughtered (like all those millions of people in the Middle East) by “evil terrorists” … just because “doctors here in the States are authorized to kill by Deep State politicians” … what makes it any different then the Deep State ordering Al Qaeda terrorists to kill Christians in Syria???

  64. Bill

    GREG: Gitmo
    For several years I have heard that Gitmo is being prepared for political prisoners, and for military tribunals. Today we hear nothing of Gitmo.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Jerry does.

  65. brvalentine

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
    ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

    • paul ...

      brvalentine … the traitor within has been with mankind from the Garden of Eden … making lofty promises of untold riches to mankind and using deception and promises of technology so as to capture mans loyalty and thus control mans mind and his soul … telling men that killing women and children to effect regime change is justified because the end (putting a dictator into power) justifies the means (slaughtering millions of women and children) … so men fight Satan’s continual non-stop wars so Satan can get his thrills (watching the human sacrifice of women and children) … just like those “terrorist doctors” who stab babies to death (authorized by Cuomo who takes orders from Satan)!!

    • Uncommon sense

      This is one of my favourite quotes and shows why they keep pumping out the false Russia narrative – distraction.

  66. brvalentine

    The global economy (including the US) is a Paper Mache of Debt. While things may appear calm on ‘the surface’ beneath the waves turbulence rumbles/churns. Why do you think Kudlow is begging for 50bps rate cuts and Trump whining for additional QE? The conditions under the hood are Far Far worse than portrayed. Far Far worse than ’08, which will look like child’s play when it all erupts. The US cannot even handle 2.5% Fed Funds rate. Forget about the Fed (as well as all other global CB’s: ECB; PBOC; SNB; BOJ) unwinding their balance sheets. Not going to happen. Prepare for 0 % to negative rates in the US and additional QE forever…..The global financial structure broke in ’08 and mathematically irreparable. And, THEY Know It, while attempting to keep the masses calm. Bail-In’s cometh.

  67. Tee Hassell

    Oh That’s funny 99 skylark

  68. pat the rat

    Been watching Deutsche bank can not think of why the short have not taken the bank down by now? Who protecting it ,all you get is one guess?

  69. paul ...

    This is the way our Founding Fathers pictured America would react to a tyrannical government … as you can see our Founding Fathers had great wisdom … the “yellow vests” proves it works … Macron will be out in two months!! …

  70. Jerry

    Just as predicted by Bill Holter.

    My son who is an investor, told me last night that the banks he has been working with on his investments have all of a sudden tightened their grip on their funds. If liquidity is slowing, that could be the primary reason. To date, he has made them close to three million dollars with his investments so it clearly makes no sense for such a knee jerk reaction. Personally, I’ve been liquidating my funds out of my accounts and buying silver, so it doesn’t bother me one way or another. Screw the banks.

  71. George Eddleston

    Greg, D day anniversary dinner is coming up in London Donald Trump will attend, will the Queen apologize for trying to overthrow the government of The United States of America?

  72. Liberty

    HI Greg,
    Thank you VERY much for this outstanding interview.
    You are the best.
    Excellent information in this video.
    I hope Kevin Shipp is wrong when he said that the MSM won’t be arrest for what they did. This is treason.

    NB: If it’s possible, I am a sorry to ask, but if it’s not too much trouble it’s totally ok if it’s not possible, do you think you could have your option for download be also available in MP3. I have a old MP3 and this option is not compatible.

  73. paul ...

    Like Boeing … … car companies need to make money too … so “they don’t secure their customers safety” by rightfully doing what is necessary to fix problems (as doing so costs money)!! …

  74. paul ...

    Wait a second … Consumer confidence spikes … … as the PMI Crashes … ??? … our problem is to figure out which part of this equation is the “Fake News” ????

  75. paul ...

    Come on Britain … get with the times … banning guns and knives is so passe’ … do as they do in America … sign and pass laws (like Democrat Cuomo recently did) that kills the kids (who may one day hold a gun or knife) right out of the womb!!! …

  76. DachsieLady

    “This was a coup. It was a conspiracy. It was criminal activity. These people need to be indicted, charged and need to be put in prison, and if they’re not, then our Constitution is nothing more than a sham. “

  77. Bill

    GREG; Dep AG
    Since Rosenstein is out as Deputy, who do you see filling the position? Maybe Trey Gowdy??

    • Greg Hunter

      NO on Gowdy!!! He left Congress for a reason.

  78. paul ...

    This could be good news … holding the people responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Iraq and Syria criminal accountable …… hopefully this is not simply an attempt to build a narrative which “White Washes the guilty parties”!! …

  79. paul ...

    Here is a “brand new idea” … let’s put the fox in charge of protecting the hen house!! …

  80. AL Tru

    Trump and Putin are in agreement. worried about China. Interesting that Rosenstein resignation letter used quote by Nuremburg prosecutor.
    ” Revenge is in Gods hands ” – “The Revenator”
    ps: ” Be wise as serpents as innocent as doves, the Pharisees have hidden the Keys of Understanding” – The Living Gospel of St Thomas

  81. H. Craig Bradley


    I am not so sure anymore about the viability of our Constitutional Democracy as it currently exists going forward. It appears doubtful that any of the named major Trump Coup players will actually be convicted and actually go to prison. (Brennon, Clapper, Comey, Etc.)

    So, if my suspicions prove to be correct, then I have to agree with Kevin Shipp’s opinion that it would mean, in practical terms, the effective end of Rule of Law. Then, we are left with something else besides a Constitutional Democracy. The only remaining possibility would be a socialist state, either National Socialist or Communist.

    So, either way, Constitutional freedoms for individuals would quickly fade away within one generation (20 more years). Since socialism does not really work, the final phase of our Federal government in such decline would probably be a dictatorship of sorts. Decline of Rome, v. 2.1. There may be a major war or series of them in the meanwhile.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Never, never, never give up”!!!

  82. H. Craig Bradley

    FYI Greg:

    Glenn Beck’s Warning to America ( Last Night): “Socialism Back from the Dead”.

    Very well researched and presented, giving a rich historical context to our current events and political change. Its a bit long, however. Still, everyone of your readers needs to see it. Truly, we are fast running out of time. This is probably the end-game coming up, according to Glenn.

  83. H. Craig Bradley


    Actually, last year’s big Northern Calif. Fires have proved to be yet another “crisis” not to be allowed to go to waste by our homegrown, elected Calif. state socialists. Now, the Big Picture:

    I see their possible blueprint: Disruption of power supplies for most of the state through proposed “preemptive blackouts” during high wind advisory periods throughout PG& E’s service area (2/3 of Calif). In the meantime, higher utility rates for ALL state residents and utility companies.

    Home Insurance ( including coverage for fires) is now limited by most insurance companies to a home value of $ 1.5 Million. That is the cut-off here in Calif. anymore. What’s more, if you want to insure a multi-million dollar (rural) property for more, its going to cost you plenty. How much? Try $20,000 more per year for a fire coverage rider above the new insurance industry damage coverage limit.

    What do you think is going to happen to the value of high end properties in high fire areas as a result of recent insurance policy limitations? The prices of these homes will have to decline and maybe, they become unsalable to anyone at any price. The Oxnard and Paradise fires in Calif. have been well managed crisis that are being used to further the goal of socialists: destruction of private property rights and capitalism. The whole country is their ultimate goal and probably within the next 5 years. Be advised.

  84. jim carter


    Homo sapiens, and many animals, have an innate desire to habituate as a group. Such an arrangement can be a protection from predators. It also facilitates specialization and the undertaking of projects beyond the capacity of a singular individual.

    A group tends to select a leader. Frequently a leader is selected based upon his wise selection of alternate courses of actions. As an alternate, the leader may, by physical prowess, rule by domination. The identification of a king has frequently exhibited such a trait.

    Kings customarily demanded total domination of the subjects and all property was his. His word became law; his act was beyond reproach; his ruling was beyond challenge. Such a political form has been identified as a feudal government.

    (This is Greg Hunter and I deleted the rest of this very long comment. Please post a link to the rest of the content.)

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