Trump Lightning Rod of Division Sent by God – Jonathan Cahn

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Four time, best-selling author Jonathan Cahn says President Trump was put into power by divine intervention. This has happened many times before according to the Bible. Cahn contends, “Trump is following this pattern where a nation, as in ancient Israel, was about to really fall and falling away from God, he raises up an unlikely figure who is providing a window of time and holding back the flood. Trump is that person. It’s not about Trump . . . but he is now holding back, his Presidency is a window of time right now. At the same time, if he doesn’t get re-elected and Democrats get, in it’s a whole different ball game. Then that wall is going to come down and there is going to be a flood. In the time of the Trump presidency, we are watching a continual apostasy, a continual move away from God in every possible way. So, we are at a time of great polarization. The country is very divided, and Trump is a lightning rod of that division. One side will do anything they can do to get him out, and the other side is praying that he stays in.”

“Nothing is an accident,” says Cahn.   His newest, soon-to-be-released book called “The Oracle” proves the existence of God through Bible prophecy and math. Cahn goes on to say, “One of the mysteries of ‘The Oracle’ is when God does something, it is exact times, and it even involves the birth of people. So, when the first American Cyrus is in power, President Truman, God brings forth the second American Cyrus. Donald Trump was born in the reign of Truman, the first American Cyrus, and his whole life is going to be linked to it. . . .Donald Trump follows this mystery in amazing ways. . . . Trump even quoted a quote from Cyrus (of ancient Persia). Truman never recognized Jerusalem, but Cyrus did (in the ancient world), and Trump is the one who did it. So, now, Trump is the only other one just like Cyrus did. He recognizes Jerusalem just like Cyrus did. He speaks about building a house in Jerusalem, an embassy, just like Cyrus did. Cyrus spoke about building a house in Jerusalem. And to put it all together, about the hand of God in our lifetime, here’s what happens. With Cyrus, there is this 70 year mystery. . . . The Bible says, and this is about Cyrus, a king rose up and allowed the Jewish people to return from exile after 70 years. Trump gave the Declaration of Jerusalem in 2017. . . . You go back 70 years and you get to 1947, the year Israel is voted into existence, the beginning of Israel. . . . Where does the 70 year period fall to the day? It falls on December 6, 2017, which is the exact day Donald Trump issues the Declaration after 70 years, according to the mystery to the very day.”

Cahn says, “We are in end times. . . . The God of the Bible, you hear about miracles. You hear about him moving history, and you say, oh, that’s the Bible. The God of the Bible is real, active now and present. ‘The Oracle’ is revealing the same God is behind everything. . . . Even the election had to take place at the end of 2016 because the 70th year was coming. So, Donald Trump had to be elected at that moment so the 70 year mystery could happen. That tells you how awesome it is, how real God is and how that’s affecting everyone’s life who is listening right now. That’s what ‘The Oracle’ reveals.”

The Oracle” also delivers a message of “salvation,” which also means Yeshua or Jesus. Cahn says persecution is coming back just like in the beginning of Christianity, but there is also good news. Cahn says, “There is another mystery and that is the return of the people of God, and that means this–that the church or the people of God will also return to the state they were in in the beginning. What’s that? That’s the Book of Acts. That’s when the church was on fire, and it was revolutionary. It was radical, and it was changing the world. Those people who stand strong, and I call all of you to stand strong and don’t compromise. Stand strong and God will use you and make us like the apostles again. That’s the glory of it. The ultimate of this jubilee, who ultimately left his land and is coming back? Messiah. The King was separated from his kingdom and he’s coming back again, and we want to be right and ready for that day. . . .For those who say I wish I could live in Bible times, congratulations–you are!”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with four time best-selling author Jonathan Cahn as he tells us about his upcoming book called “The Oracle.”

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After the Interview:

To get a copy of Jonathan Cahn’s new book called “The Oracle,” go to To keep up with Jonathan Cahn, go to his official website There is much free information and content there.


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  1. Chuck

    Cahn is only partially correct. Trump is the modern Jeroboam, he behaves in the exact same spirit as the original, and is specifically addressed in the book of Amos. There is a beautiful article posted on that speaks to this very issue.

    • Rob

      While I agree that Trump is acting like Jeroboam in many ways I do not agree that America and Great Britain are modern day Israel as that link attempts to prove! Israel today is spiritual and scattered all over the earth as ONE olive tree:

      And Johnathan Cahn is absolutely right that true church who is true Israel will return to there true calling after the latter rain comes at the beginning of the tribulation:

      Acts 2:42-47 And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread and the prayers. (43) And fear came upon every soul: and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles. (44) And all that believed were together, and had all things common; (45) and they sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all, according as any man had need. (46) And day by day, continuing stedfastly with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread at home, they took their food with gladness and singleness of heart, (47) praising God, and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to them day by day those that were saved.

      This separates the wheat from the tares within the church so only the congregation of God will be raptured/resurrected with Jesus at the end of the tribulation:

      This separation is the whole purpose for the tribulation:

      • countyguard

        Rob, you need to reconsider your thoughts about the U.S. and Britain, and “Israel.” While the U.S. and Britain are certainly, and provably, of the “lost 10 tribes of Israel,” other European nations and some others are also. Consider Rev 7, for example… Rev 7:4  “And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.” 

        This is during the tribulation period, just before Christ’s return. This means those people exist today.

        2. Mat_19:28  “And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.”

        This means there will be Israelite people (Not just the Jews… ONE of the 12 tribes…) alive when Christ returns, and will continue to grow and be a light to the world as prophecy states in many places.

        Also, Jas_1:1  “James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.”

        The tribes exist but were scattered, and “sifted” (Amo_9:9  For, lo, I will command, and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth.”

        The 12 tribes exist today, but they have forgotten who they are because they have forsaken the 7th day Sabbath, (a sign…Exo_31:13 “Speak thou also unto the children of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the LORD that doth sanctify you.”) and observe Sunday instead, and are turning away from God more and more…

    • Chip

      Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing… Chip

    • eddiemd

      2 Corinthians 2:17 New King James Version (NKJV)

      17 For we are not, as so many, peddling the word of God; but as of sincerity, but as from God, we speak in the sight of God in Christ.

    • Dale Whitmore

      Hey Guys, not to change the subject, But Dorian is going to President Trump’s
      Palm Beach Property. -Peace Plan??

  2. FC

    My apologizes for such a long message as there wasn’t a link available to show President Trump’s achievements so far.

    *President Trump’s pro-growth policies are unleashing economic growth and providing opportunities to workers across the country.

    *Due to President Trump’s pro-growth policies, real gross domestic product (GDP) growth exceeded 3 percent over the last four quarters.
    *Real GDP grew at annual rates of 3.4 percent in the third quarter of 2018 and 4.2 percent in the second quarter.
    *More than 5 million jobs have been created since President Trump’s election and the unemployment rate remains below 4 percent.
    *This is the eighth time this year that the unemployment rate has been below 4 percent.
    *Prior to this year, the unemployment rate had fallen below 4 percent only five times since 1970.
    *The unemployment rate for African Americans in May fell to 5.9 percent, which is the lowest rate on record.
    *Asian and Hispanic-American unemployment rates have reached record lows this year.
    * Initial weekly jobless claims have hit a nearly 50-year low under President Trump.
    *Under President Trump, job openings outnumber the unemployed for the first time on record.
    *Recently, more than two-thirds of Americans rated “now” as a good time to find a quality job, tying a record high in a poll by Gallup.
    *Americans are seeing more money in their pockets thanks to the booming economy.
    *In recent months, workers have seen their largest nominal year over year wage growth in nearly a decade.
    *In 2017, real median household income rose to a post-recession high.
    *President Trump’s policies are helping to lift Americans out of poverty.
    *African-American and Hispanic-American poverty rates reached record lows of 21.2 percent and 18.3 percent, respectively, in 2017.
    *Since the election, 4.6 million Americans have been lifted off of food stamps.
    *Consumer confidence has soared under President Trump, recently reaching an 18-year high.
    *President Trump is delivering on his promise to bring back American manufacturing.
    *The National Association of Manufacturers’ Outlook Index had the highest annual average in its history over the past year.
    *Manufacturing added 284,000 jobs in 2018, the most added in a year since 1997
    *Small Business optimism jumped to a record high under President Trump, according to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).
    *The NFIB’s Small Business Optimism Index broke a 35-year record in August.
    *President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law, ushering in the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in American history.
    *These tax cuts are delivering real results for American families and workers.
    *More than 6 million workers received tax cut bonuses and benefits.
    *More than 100 utility companies have announced lower rates.
    *President Trump is ensuring American workers receive the training and education they need to compete in today’s economy.
    *President Trump signed an executive order establishing the National Council for the American worker.
    *More than 185 companies and associations have signed our “Pledge to America’s Workers,” promising more than 6.4 million new training and career opportunities.
    *The President signed legislation that reauthorized the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, making more than $1 billion available for career education programs.
    *President Trump has prioritized the economic empowerment of women.
    *The women’s unemployment rate recently reached its lowest rate in 65 years.
    *The Small Business Administration lent approximately $500 million more in capital to women-owned businesses in 2017 compared to 2016.
    *The Administration helped launch the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, which could leverage more than $1 billion to support women entrepreneurs.

    *President Trump is rolling back costly regulations that have burdened hardworking Americans and stifled innovation.

    *President Trump has followed through on and exceeded his promise to roll back two regulations for every new one created.
    *President Trump’s Administration surpassed the 2:1 ratio in 2018, eliminating 12 regulations for every new one in 2018.
    *In 2017, the Trump Administration eliminated 22 regulations for every new one.
    *Since taking office, President Trump’s deregulation efforts have achieved $33 billion in regulatory savings.
    *In 2018, these efforts alone delivered $23 billion in benefits to American families and business owners.
    *President Trump has signed 16 Congressional Review Act resolutions into law, eliminating burdensome Obama-era rules and regulations.
    *President Trump announced U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, which would have harmed America’s economy and cost American workers millions of jobs.
    *President Trump signed an executive order to streamline the permitting process for infrastructure projects with a goal of cutting approval time from up to 10 years to an average of 2 years.
    *President Trump signed legislation to roll back burdensome Dodd-Frank regulations that harmed community banks.

    *President Trump is negotiating fair and balanced trade deals that protect American industries and workers.
    *President Trump negotiated a new trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico to replace the disastrous and outdated North American Free Trade Agreement.
    *Once enacted by Congress, the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) will better serve the interests of American workers and businesses.
    *USMCA will incentivize billions of dollars in auto and auto parts production in the United States and create a freer and fairer market for American agriculture.
    *USMCA also includes the strongest-ever provisions on labor, environmental, digital, and intellectual property protections to reflect the realities of the 21st century economy.
    *The President renegotiated the United States–Korea Free Trade Agreement to preserve and grow jobs in the American auto industry and increase American exports.
    *The United States and Japan are set to begin negotiations on a United States–Japan Trade Agreement.
    *President Trump is establishing a new trade relationship with the European Union (EU), working toward the elimination of tariff and non-tariff barriers to transatlantic trade.
    *President Trump has established a Trade and Investment Working Group to lay the groundwork for post-Brexit trade with the United Kingdom (UK) and has notified Congress of his intent to negotiate a free trade agreement with the UK.
    *This year, President Trump filed a withdrawal notification with the Universal Postal Union, launching a one-year negotiation to secure fair international postal rates for American mailers.
    *President Trump has expanded market access for American agricultural producers.
    *Argentina has opened to American pork and beef, Brazil to American beef, Japan to lamb and Idaho chipping potatoes, South Korea to American poultry, and more.
    *The Administration authorized $12 billion to aid farmers affected by unfair retaliatory tariffs.
    *The Trump Administration has begun the process to expand the sale of E15, or gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol, to year round.
    *Under President Trump, the United States will no longer accept bad trade deals and unfair trade practices that harm American workers and industries.
    *One of the President’s first actions after taking office was withdrawing the United States from the terrible Trans-Pacific Partnership, which incentivized outsourcing.
    *In 2017, the Administration oversaw 82 antidumping and countervailing duty investigations.
    *President Trump is holding China accountable for its unfair trade practices, such as the theft of intellectual property, by imposing tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese goods.
    *Following President Trump’s successful meeting with President Xi in Buenos Aires, both agreed to conduct negotiations over 90 days to address the United States concerns.
    *American steel and aluminum jobs are coming back following President Trump’s tariffs to protect domestic industries that are vital to national security.
    *President Trump imposed tariffs to protect American-made washing machines and solar products that were hurt by import surges.

    *President Trump is rolling back costly and burdensome regulations to unleash America’s incredible energy resources.

    *After years of stifling regulation under the last Administration, President Trump is unleashing America’s energy potential.
    *America is the largest crude oil producer in the world and production has hit a record high.
    * President Trump’s policies are helping to boost American energy exports.
    * The Administration has streamlined Liquefied Natural Gas terminal permitting.
    *In 2017, the United States became a net natural gas exporter for the first time in 60 years.
    *American coal exports increased by more than 60 percent in 2017.
    *President Trump is expanding access to our country’s abundant natural resources.
    *The President signed legislation to open up energy exploration in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.
    *In July 2018, the Department of the Interior announced it would hold the largest oil and gas lease sale in history.
    *In 2017, the Administration approved construction of the Dakota Access pipeline and the cross border permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.
    *The Administration issued permits for the New Burgos Pipeline that will export American petroleum products to Mexico.
    *The President has ended the war on coal, cutting Obama-era regulations such as the “Stream Protection Rule” which was estimated to cost industries $81 million a year.
    *President Trump is replacing the Clean Power Plan, a flawed Obama-era regulation that the Supreme Court ordered halted.
    *President Trump rescinded the hydraulic fracturing rule, which was expected to cost the oil and gas industry $32 million per year.
    *The Trump Administration curbed the burdensome Obama-era rule on methane, saving American energy developers hundreds of millions of dollars in regulatory costs.

    *President Trump is expanding access to affordable healthcare choices and taking action to lower drug prices.
    *President Trump’s Administration is working to provide Americans with affordable alternatives to Obamacare.
    *The Administration expanded short-term, limited duration health insurance plans that are expected to be nearly 50 percent cheaper than unsubsidized Obamacare plans.
    *President Trump has expanded association health plans, allowing more employers to join together across State lines and affordably offer coverage to their employees.
    *The Administration proposed a reform to Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) regulations that will give consumers more freedom to purchase benefits that fit their needs.
    *Roughly 800,000 employers are expected to provide HRAs for more than 10 million employees once the rule finalized.
    *Americans have more healthcare freedom thanks to the President signing legislation that ended Obamacare’s individual mandate penalty.
    *While healthcare premiums had been steadily increasing as a result of Obamacare, the average benchmark exchange premium will decline for the first time in 2019 thanks to President Trump’s policies.
    *Next year, Americans will benefit from more insurer participation on the exchanges.
    *Medicare Advantage plans offer more benefit options than ever before, and average premiums in 2019 will be 6 percent lower than in 2018.
    *President Trump launched an unprecedented campaign to drive down drug prices, leading more than a dozen drug manufactures to enact price freezes, reductions, or rollbacks.
    *In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a record number of generic drugs, breaking the previous record set by the Administration in 2017.
    *The FDA’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 generic drug approvals are expected to bring nearly $9 billion in savings in 2017 alone.
    *President Trump signed legislation eliminating contractual gag clauses that stopped pharmacists from informing patients about lower drug prices.
    *The President put forth an initiative to stop global freeloading that drives up prices for American patients.
    *The Administration provided Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans with new negotiating tools to drive down drug costs for American patients.
    *The Administration implemented reforms to the amount Medicare pays hospitals for drugs that are purchased under the 340B program, saving seniors $320 million in 2018.
    *President Trump signed “Right to Try” legislation to expand access to experimental treatments for terminally ill patients.

    *President Trump mobilized his entire Administration to combat the opioid crisis that has devastated communities across the country.
    *President Trump launched an Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse and Reduce Drug Supply and Demand, introducing new measures to confront the driving forces behind this crisis.
    *The President signed the landmark SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, the largest and most comprehensive legislative package addressing a single drug crisis in history.
    *The President helped secure a record $6 billion in funding to fight the opioid epidemic.
    *The Administration provided more than $2 billion in grants in 2018 to help States, territories, tribes, and local communities prevent and treat opioid abuse.
    *The Administration pursued scientific solutions to prevent and treat addiction through the Helping to End Addiction Long-term (HEAL) Initiative.
    *The President launched a national public awareness campaign about the dangers of opioid addiction and youth opioid usage.
    *Last year, President Trump created a Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, which recommends ways to tackle the opioid crisis.
    *The Administration declared the opioid crisis a nationwide Public Health Emergency in 2017.
    *President Trump is working to cut off the flow of deadly opioids into our country and to disrupt the networks that distribute them to our communities.
    *The Administration secured first-ever indictments against Chinese nationals for fentanyl trafficking.
    *The Department of Justice (DOJ) launched a surge to target fentanyl and heroin dealers in the districts with the most severe overdose death rates.
    *The DOJ formed a Joint Criminal Opioid Darknet Enforcement team and shut down the biggest Darknet distributor of drugs.
    *Last year, the DOJ announced the largest healthcare fraud takedown in history, arresting more than 120 defendants with opioid-related crimes.
    *The President launched a Safer Prescribing Plan that seeks to cut nationwide opioid prescription fills by one-third within three years.
    *The Administration has led four National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days, collecting a record-breaking 1,837 tons of expired and unneeded prescription drugs.

    *The President is committed to defending the right to life and religious liberty.
    *Shortly after taking office, President Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy.
    *President Trump defunded a United Nations (UN) agency for colluding with China’s brutal program of forced abortion and sterilization.
    *The Administration withdrew guidance that constrained State’s ability to exclude family-planning providers that provide abortion services from the Medicaid program.
    *The Trump Administration proposed new regulations to ensure Title X family planning funding does not go to projects that perform, support, or refer patients for abortion.
    *The Trump Administration issued regulations establishing new or expanded exemptions from the Obamacare contraceptive mandate based on religious beliefs or moral convictions.
    *In 2017, the President issued an executive order to promote free speech and religious liberty.

    *President Trump has made clear that his first responsibility is to protect the safety and security of Americans.
    *Federal Bureau of Investigation data shows violent crime decreased under President Trump’s watch in 2017, following two consecutive years of increases.
    *United States Attorneys indicted the most violent criminals on record last year.
    *Last year, the DOJ announced nearly $100 million in grant funding to hire hundreds of additional law enforcement officers.
    *President Trump is cracking down on the vile MS-13 gang that has brought violence to communities across the country.
    *In 2017, the DOJ worked with international partners to arrest and charge approximately 4,000 MS-13 members.
    *Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations arrested nearly 800 MS-13 members and associates in FY 2017, an 83 percent increase from the prior year.
    *President Trump signed an executive order to restore State and local law enforcement’s access to surplus equipment that can be used to help keep our communities safe.
    *President Trump enhanced and updated the Project Safe Neighborhoods program.
    *The DOJ announced the creation of the National Public Safety Partnership in 2017, launching a cooperative initiative with cities to reduce violent crime.
    *President Trump signed legislation to improve the Federal firearm background check system and keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals.
    *President Trump signed the First Step Act, which includes bipartisan reforms to make our Federal justice system fairer and our communities safer.
    *The First Step Act will help prepare inmates to successfully rejoin society, reducing recidivism and improving community safety.
    *This legislation includes commonsense sentencing reforms that will make our Federal justice system fairer while keeping violent criminals and sex offenders off our streets.

    *From the first day of his Administration, President Trump has worked to uphold the rule of law and secure our borders.
    *President Trump released an immigration framework that would fix our broken immigration system through merit-based reform and provide the resources needed to secure our border.
    *This includes closing the legal loopholes that enable illegal immigration, ending chain migration, and eliminating the visa lottery.
    *President Trump secured funding to begin building the wall and construction has already begun in areas along the southern border.
    *President Trump deployed the military to assist in securing the southern border.
    *President Trump and his Administration took action to require aliens seeking asylum to go to a port of entry to make their claim.
    *Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehended 17,256 criminals and 1,019 gang members in FY 2018.
    *ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) arrested 158,581 aliens in FY 2018, an 11 percent increase from FY 2017.
    *90 percent of those arrested had criminal convictions, pending charges, or had been issued final orders of removal.
    *ICE ERO increased removals by 13 percent in FY 2018 to 256,086, the majority of whom were convicted criminals.
    *Removals of convicted criminal aliens increased by 14 percent from FY 2017.
    *Nearly 6,000 known or suspected gang members were removed in FY 2018, a 9 percent increase from FY 2017.
    *The Department of Justice prosecuted a record number of criminal immigration offenses in FY 2018, and increased the number of prosecutions for illegal entry by 84 percent over FY 2017.
    *Immigration courts are now completing more cases than at any point since 2011
    *President Trump kept his promise by launching the office of Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) within the Department of Homeland Security.
    *The Administration has more than doubled the number of jurisdictions participating in the 287(g) program, which enables State and local law enforcement to aid immigration enforcement.
    *President Trump has made our country safer by ordering the enhanced vetting of individuals entering from countries that do not meet our security standards.
    *These procedures were upheld in a June 2018 Supreme Court ruling.

    *President Trump is rebuilding our military and defending America’s interests across the world.
    *President Trump ended the devastating defense cuts of the past Administration and has secured historic investments to rebuild our military.
    *President Trump signed legislation providing $700 billion for defense in FY 2018 and $716 billion in FY 2019.
    *President Trump is supporting America’s men and women in uniform, securing the largest military pay raise in nearly a decade.
    *The President issued a new National Security Strategy to keep America safe from all threats.
    *The Administration has also released new strategies specific to cybersecurity, biodefense, counterterrorism, and weapons of mass destruction terrorism.
    *President Trump directed the first whole-of-government assessment of United States manufacturing and defense supply chains since the Eisenhower Administration.
    *President Trump initiated the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review, improving United States deterrence policy and existing capabilities to counter nuclear threats.
    *President Trump empowered our military commanders with broad authority in order to take the fight to ISIS, and the results are clear.
    *ISIS has lost nearly all of its territory, more than half of which has been liberated since President Trump took office.
    *All of ISIS’ territory in Iraq was successfully liberated.
    *ISIS’ self-proclaimed capital city Raqqah has been recaptured.
    *ISIS’ territorial caliphate has been defeated and President Trump has announced that he is bringing America’s troops in Syria home.
    *President Trump announced a new Iran strategy to confront all of Iran’s malign activities and withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran nuclear deal.
    *All sanctions that had been lifted or waived under the Iran deal have been reimposed.
    *The Administration has sanctioned more than 160 individuals tied to the regime’s support of terrorism, ballistic missile program, human rights abuses, and more.
    *President Trump took decisive military action to respond to the barbaric use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime.
    *President Trump directed strikes in response to the regime’s chemical weapons attacks in April 2017 and April 2018.
    *The Trump Administration has also rolled out sanctions targeting those tied to Syria’s chemical weapons program.
    *President Trump is strengthening America’s cyber defense and directed the elevation of the United States Cyber Command into a major warfighting command.
    *The President announced that the Department of Defense will work to create a Space Force to serve as an independent branch of the United States military.

    *President Trump is restoring American leadership on the world stage and advancing an America first agenda.
    *President Trump held an historic summit with Chairman Kim Jong-Un, bringing beginnings of peace and denuclearization to the Korean Peninsula.
    *Since the summit, the leaders have exchanged letters and high-level officials from both countries have met.
    *Because of the President’s actions, North Korea has halted nuclear and missile tests.
    *The remains of POW/MIA service members from the Korean War are being returned to the United States.
    *Prior to the summit, President Trump’s leadership helped secure the passage of historic UN sanctions on North Korea.
    *President Trump followed through on his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the American embassy there.
    *President Trump withdrew the United States from the UN Human Rights Council due to its bias against Israel.
    *The Administration made clear that it does not accept the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction over Americans and will continue to protect America’s sovereignty.
    *President Trump has successfully advocated for cutting waste at the UN.
    *Changes made to the organization’s structure allowed the UN to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from their budget, while making the organization more efficient.
    *The President’s leadership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has encouraged members to increase their defense spending and realign the Alliance’s priorities.
    *In 2017 alone, there was an increase of more than 4.8 percent in defense spending among NATO allies.
    *President Trump convinced the Alliance to strengthen counterterrorism activities, and NATO formally joined the coalition to defeat ISIS.
    *President Trump’s Administration is working to advance a free and open Indo-Pacific through investments and partnerships.
    *President Trump has imposed tough sanctions on the corrupt regimes in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.
    *President Trump has taken tough action to combat Russia’s malign activities, including Russia’s efforts to undermine United States elections.
    *The Administration has imposed sanctions on more than 200 individuals and entities related to Russia’s destabilizing activities.
    *The Trump Administration has enhanced support for Ukraine’s defense by stepping up sales of weapons to its military.
    *The Trump Administration has secured the release of numerous American citizens held abroad, including Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey, Josh Holt from Venezuela, and more.
    *President Trump attended G20 summits in Argentina and Germany, where he promoted American First policies and encouraged closer cooperation.
    *In 2017, President Trump conducted tours through Asia to promote America’s interests.

    *President Trump is honoring America’s commitment to our veterans by ensuring they receive the quality care they have earned.
    *President Trump secured a record $73.1 billion in funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide quality medical care for our veterans.
    *This funding included $8.6 billion for mental health services, $400 million for opioid abuse prevention, $206 million for suicide prevention, and more.
    *The President signed the VA MISSION Act, revolutionizing that VA healthcare system and reforming numerous services for our veterans.
    *This legislation will consolidate and reform existing programs to give eligible veterans better access to healthcare providers in their communities.
    *Thanks to this legislation, eligible veterans will have access to walk-in community clinics that offer immediate, local care.
    *President Trump and his Administration have expanded access to telehealth services for veterans, including through the “Anywhere to Anywhere” VA health care initiative.
    *President Trump issued an executive order requiring the Administration to improve access to mental health treatment and suicide prevention resources for veterans.
    *President Trump signed the Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, making it easier to fire failing employees and protect whistleblowers.
    *Under President Trump, the VA has removed, demoted, or suspended more than 4,300 employees for poor performance.
    *President Trump signed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017, streamlining the process used by veterans when appealing benefits claims.
    *President Trump fulfilled his promise to create a new White House VA Hotline to provide veterans with 24/7 support.
    *The VA is providing veterans with online access to wait time and quality of care data.
    *The President signed the Forever GI Bill, providing veterans, service members, and their families with enhanced education benefits.
    *Last year, programs at the VA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development helped more than 51,000 veterans find permanent housing and access supportive services.

    *President Trump has followed through on his pledge to transform the Federal Government and increase accountability and transparency.
    *President Trump’s Administration submitted a plan to reorganize the executive branch in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
    *In a historic show of transparency and accountability, the Trump Administration completed the Department of Defense’s first ever audit.
    *The President implemented a five-year ban on lobbying for White House employees and a lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign countries.
    *Each quarter since taking office, President Trump has donated his salary, fulfilling a promise he made to the American people.
    *President Trump is reshaping our Federal judiciary, appointing judges who will follow the Constitution as written.
    *The President has appointed Circuit Court judges at a record pace.
    *President Trump has appointed two Supreme Court justices, Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

    • Bill the Cat

      There is no economic boom. All the government economic statistics are fake. We’ve been in a recession for years now. All the store closings are proof of that. Real inflation is 9%. The vast majority of families are worse off financially than they were a year ago. Check out

      • H. Craig Bradley


        The government and its politicians only care about keeping the money flowing-mostly to them. So, they talk the talk and over many years, voters have heard it all. Still, its Our government and we have no alternative to it. So, we just accept the press releases and news reports and life seems to go on. However, ever so quietly, real changes have occurred in the process. You see, our decline has been a work-in-progress for well over 60 years ( a whole generation or two).

        How the West Was Lost

        However, we are witnessing serious social problems expanding in our most liberal, large cities (California). People in suburbs have escaped the trend for now. Superficially, middle America appears well and fine. Its a slow decline which, as you say, has to affect most everyone. Costs are going up and often, more than the official 2% CPI reported. We accept what we are told or ignore it. Most ignore it and just pay the bills.

        I can’t help but wonder how the social and political collapse will occur after Trump’s period in office (“Window”). Rabbi Jonathan Cahn says for the time being, President Trump is “holding back the flood”. What can we expect to happen to Middle America when trouble floods in our gate ? I think we remain vulnerable on many fronts, both at home and abroad. Better hope ‘the people’ wake-up in-time. And yes, as the Bible predicts, persecution of the church is probably coming, given the leadership in the Democratic Party and its associated values or lack of.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, be succinct and pithy…

    • uncommon sense

      1) Economic boom??? Why do Trump supporters go on about the unemployment rate and GDP figures when any informed person knows that these figures are made up. Please do not point to these as evidence. What has Trump done to fix the underlying problems with the economy? Do some research and look at the debt clock whilst you’re at it.

      2) He may have unleashed America’s energy but only a fool would think shale oil and gas is financially and environmentally sustainable. You are taking the world’s most valuable commodity (water) to produce the third or fourth most valuable commodity. Madness!

      3) Restoring American leadership abroad? You are really becoming detached from reality now. He couldn’t even instigate regime change in Venezuela to remove a tinpot dictator on your own doorstep. How do you imagine America will be in Eurasian geopolitics?

      4) Regarding Kim Yong Un. He has made Trump look like a chump.

      “North Korea’s young defence scientists who developed the missiles are a “precious treasure and wealth of the country which cannot be bartered for anything”, Kim said.
      On Saturday a KCNA commentary said North Korea “will never barter the strategic security of the country for the sanctions relief”.
      North Korea fires a missile during the test of a multiple rocket launcher in an undisclosed location. Photograph: KCNA/Reuters
      American officials have been trying to restart the stalled talks over its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, which are heavily sanctioned.”

      5) Don’t get me started on Israel. Can we all come over and live in your house and then take 80% of it? Wow thanks such a generous soul.

      6) You buy into all the Russian conspiracy theories? Oh dear… Trump has done nothing about Russian interference because there never was any.

      • uncommon sense

        More on fracking from today…

        Lancashire council rejected fracking on their land but this decision was overturned by the Conservative government in Westminster. Is it not bad enough to have polluted water tables now people have to worry about damage to the foundations of their homes.

      • Freebrezer

        Un. S – Per three – Please!!!! … there is one MAJOR police state out there trying to crush the US and the western “free” model and get world dominance – China! And they are playing hard ball (with F$%#ing nails in it) to keep Venezuela in their playing field! I find that statement Freshman at best. Per 4 … just maybe China is pushing NK and Un? Trumps economic team comprises some of the toughest, smartest American business leaders negotiating for America’s best interest and who, by the way, do not want sell out America for bribes (Finally!!!!!) … unlike Biden as an example! His son got 1.5 billion from the Chinese to run a hedge fund … gees wiz, China would never, ever try to buy influence here! Americans WAKE up – Biden is a bought off pawn (period) for China. Who else? Here are two excellent videos per China! Kyle Bass is about a smart as they come … … And vice president Pence … There are a hell of a lot poker chips pushed all in. I personally would not like being a slave of the CPC (communist/mafia bosses of China ) . Uncommon S. I see some things completely different from your perspective. Per 5 not sure what you are getting at?

        • Uncommon Sense

          It doesn’t matter why Trump cannot topple Maduro. Just the fact that America cannot instigate regime change as freely as it once did shows declining influence. Your points do not contradict mine and just reinforce the notion that other countries are becoming more influential.

          • Uncommon Sense

            How can it be that China can beat America in its traditional backyard stomping ground of Latin America? The equivalent in soccer would be an away win.

            • Uncommon Sense

              And you are also crediting China with a home win over the US regarding North Korea. So you are conceding America’s waning influence on global geopolitics?

              • Freebrezer

                It is all via perspective … Relative to Obama and Bush two, Trump has scored a HUGE move forward via North Korea!

          • Freebrezer

            I would not use the plural ‘countries’ but one country – China. Plus, I wouldn’t say they “beat” Trump just yet – Hong Kong is becoming awfully dicey and the world is watching! Seems two can play at this game. And yes, Trump vowed not to get the USA into useless wars ! Thank God he did not militarily go in to Venezuela. If Trump gets reelected the ‘soccer game’ is only at half time. Trump promised to pull in the US military and to stop being the world police force – I for one think that is great. That is why the globalists/neocons hate Trump … And why should the USA waste it’s wealth protecting the ‘free’ sea lanes for other countries that despise it?

            • Freebrezer

              Un. S. You have a clear undertone that screams a hatred for the USA and Trump. That is fine. I look at the world stage via the micro environment of Baltimore and St Louis before and after the riots via blaming police brutality (a lot of it doctored by the media, but nevertheless there is and has been excessive force in a few cases). The Police have drawn back big time and do not engage … they only go in to clean up (Generally speaking). Just looking at murder (M) rates: Baltimore 2011 @ 196 M, and 2018 @ 342 M; St Louis 2011 @ 113 M and 2018 @ 188 M … A 74 % and 66 % increase in murder respectively and crimes in all other categories are up similarly … Did the citizens of the these two cities “win” by protesting and the subsequent cracking down hard on All THE police? Per the world stage, per cracking the USA’s influence and having the USA ‘draw back’, will the world be a better place? A good place to start – Ask the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Honk Kong protesters that question? Ironically, I am fine with the USA drawing back, though the repercussions will mimic the above.

            • Uncommon Sense

              The problem is Trump put his weight behind Maduro’s opponent and warned Russia and China not to intervene. They ignored and US did nothing. They called Trump’s bluff and it looks like the emperor has no clothes. If you make threats you have to back them up if necessary. This failure will only embolden America’s opponents.

    • eddiemd

      Too long to read. Thanks.

    • Keith wilson

      Suicide prevention efforts by the department of veterans affairs have fell off sharply over the last two years. With the management in turmoil,the suicide prevention effort lacks leadership and millions of dollars budgeted for helping veterans goes unspent. The television and radio ads that had been broadcast thousands of times under Obama have all gone silent. 20 us veterans commit suicide daily in America. No big change since Obama was in office. 21 veterans where committing suicide when Obama was in the White House . 70% of suicides committed by us veterans under Trump use a firearm. Why are veterans who are suicidal still have firearms and are using them to commit suicide ? When you look up the facts Trump has failed the US veterans since 2016. The numbers speak for themselves.

      • Bill B

        Keith Wilson;
        Suicide is a decision, you can counsel , but the decision is with the individual. To blame our President for the decisions that others make is incorrect and unfair.. The numbers speak for themselves.
        If you wish to be proficient in this area, go back and review the number of veterans who suicided after the first world war, and the second world war

        • Keith wilson

          Since 9\11 nearly 18 years ago the US military has been involved with endless war. Many veterans having served countless tours of duty. Due to the nature of modern warfare amputation and crippling injuries have left many with mental health problems they can not cope with. During WW1 and WW2 many servicemen came from farms and homestead backgrounds. They saw animals killed and slaughtered daily. Seeing blood and intestines prepared them mentally for combat. Today we send college kids with education and are not mentally prepared for seeing the after effects of a IED attack. This is one of the reasons so many are mentally ill. Twenty veterans commit suicide daily and are doing so on Trumps watch. He promised to support veterans 100% during the 2016 election. During WW1 the US army served 200 days in combat. DuringWW2 the US military served about 3 years in combat. These military personnel where a different generation used to a different way of life. When you came back from WW2 you had achieved victory and could live with your problems and this helped knowing your friends had died for something. Today your friends died for nothing and more war is on the horizon.

    • Jim Weeber

      Can you tell me where the list you posted originated? I appreciate this I’ve been looking for one.

      • FC

        I saw the list in the comment section of an article on ZH.
        An extensive list with extremely debatable points.

    • Tony

      Blowhard Trump is one and done, trailing badly in the polls against any and all of the nutcase Democrats running. He really is that bad.

      • Greg Hunter

        You believe the phony polls? Remember Hillary was up by 12 points in an ABC poll a week before the 2016 election?

  3. Ronnie

    You are special Greg… two ways about it. Got this book on special order via Apple Books.
    You maybe one of …”God’s little Apples.” Your words and guests.
    As your wife pointed out….”The Barr as been lower in America.”
    If Trump loses to the Baby Killers America will be no more.

    • paul ...

      America will be no more “even if Trump wins” … because America’s young adults have firmly rejected the values that we “the older generation” now hold dear like morality and Constitutional government … sadly we have allowed them to be groomed by Marxists as “commies” (who don’t believe in God or the Bible) and these young adults will eventually take this country down a socialist path when we (the older generation) are no longer around to stop them … we all probably figure God is in control and that he is going to fix this all by himself … however perhaps Gog’s plan is to “fire us up” and make us his Apostles (teachers of these young adults who have lost their way)!! …

  4. Montana Guy

    Mr. Cahn’s biblical view of Donald Trump are in total contradiction to those of Montana Pastor Chuck Baldwin. Baldwin is a man with 44 years’ experience as ordained minister, and political experience including the 2008 Constitution Party presidential nominee being endorsed by Republican Congressman Dr. Ron Pau and receiving over 200,000 votes, and author of books on the Constitutional liberties based on Biblical principles.

    Paraphrasing Baldwin stated, Just as God gave Old Testament Israel a corrupt king—King Saul—for that nation’s open rejection of the Prophet Samuel, so, too, God has given America a corrupt President—Donald Trump—for the American Christians’ open rejection of Christian values.

    In 2008, professing ‘conservatives’ and Christians rejected Baldwin’s message and credentials and listened to John McCain who tickled their ears. God gave us the gifts of critical thinking and discernment. He expects us to used wisely.

    It would be interesting to have Pastor Baldwin as guest here. Fear Not what he might say.

    • Greg Hunter

      So your guy voted for Hillary? Not much of another choice. A total godless crook or a guy who believes in God and used God’s name and the name of Jesus Christ more than any other President ever inaugurated. We are supposed to go with Pastor Chuck who give us no hope and tells us prayers are futile? Let me tell you Montana, Many of us did not like John McCain. He’s a poor yardstick to measure Christians with. Sounds like you and chuck hate Israel and you know what the Bible says about that in Genesis 12:3? Just about every comment is negative so why do you come here? And I am not having Chuck mas a guest!!!!! I booked a 4-time best-selling author to come on and talk for free and I am un-ashamed of that.

      • Bill

        Baldwin is a godless fraud. He has HONORARY degrees. The Bible says that anyone who has contempt for the poor has contempt for their maker. What should it say about those who hate Israel? The Jews ARE Israel. Satan knows that. That’s why he’s tried so hard to annihilate them.

        • susan

          I used to be somewhat enthralled with Mr. Baldwin and was very happy when he moved to Montana. As time went on he spoke more opinions and less Scripture until I had to totally tune him out. Not good. Makes me wonder why he had to move from Florida to a tiny northwest portion of Montana. ???????

    • Freebrezer

      MG – To further your view – Trump is a complete disaster according to Reverend Al Sharpton and per Reverend Jessie Jackson … Interesting to contemplate.

    • Galaxy 500

      44 years experience? Some Catholic pedophiles have more than that. Why would I care about the wrong kind of experience?

      • uncommon sense

        Yep. Prior to the US elections some people would talk about Hillary being more experienced in politics. I was like yeah but it’s bad experience.

  5. Mitchell Bupp

    Thanks, Greg and Jonathon for another great interview exposing the truth. Greg, I don’t live too far from you and I’d like to meet and do an interview. I am going to run for Congress here in Virginia on an anti-corruption platform. I want to talk about the 32 spies that I have identified as part of the operation to target candidate Trump; President-elect Trump and then President Trump. This is the biggest crisis in our government since the Civil War.

  6. paul ...

    You know … Trump needs votes the same as any politician … so just like all politicians before him … Trump will try to pander to certain groups to get their vote … so when conservative radio host Wayne Allyn Root this week called Trump “King of Israel” … Trump tweets “a big thank you” … but then “unlike a good politician” Trump tries to expand on that claim … saying that since all the Jewish people in Israel love him and he and Netanyahu are buddy buddy then all American Jews should leave the Democratic Party and vote for him (instead of Bernie, etc.) … I think this was a big mistake … because more and more American Jews “are fed up with the Israeli government” and it’s rightward lurch toward neocon-ism … many Jews (of both political parties) are trying to distance themselves from the transgressions committed by the Netanyahu government which supported the Christian and Masonic Jew killers (ISIS) … such neocon behavior has become untenable for many progressive Jews living in the United States who believe in Jesus … now this doesn’t mean the American Jewish community doesn’t support the State Israel (which is like a second home to them) … they just don’t like the present Netanyahu government tasked with running Israeli … so Trump just by being a Netanyahu supporter is making millions of American Jews “not like him” … but then to top it off … he idiotically makes an even bigger blunder … and disparaging tweets about how several million American Jews are either stupid or are showing “great disloyalty” (because they tended to vote Democrat and thus supported an “anti-Semitic” agenda (of Omar and Tlaib) … Trumps political advisors must be livid about him “effectively accusing millions of Jews of being anti-Semitic” … not nice politically … and then along with Trump “shooting himself in the foot” … we have Cahn “linking Trump with Truman” (the only man in history who dropped atomic bombs on civilian cities) … this is not not doing Trump any favors … but I’ll tell you one thing … it will more surely “prove God exists” … if in spite of the Jews being called anti-Semitic, the farmers going bankrupt, the CPI being kept chained, Wall Street getting tax breaks, etc., etc.) Trump “still gets elected”!!!

    • paul ...

      Playing politics is like playing chess … you don’t want to sacrifice too many pawn’s (like the farmers, the antisemitic Jews, the ordinary Americans with a chain around the CPI etc., etc.) otherwise “the King” can be in trouble!!

      • paul ...

        Talking about Kings being in trouble … the five mega-banks who sold massive amounts of silver short will soon be in very big trouble if we keep up the pressure on them (and drive the price of silver up over $20 dollars per ounce) … I think these crazy banksters “have already sold short” all the silver God placed on Earth (it is just going take about 20 years to mine every ounce of silver left on Earth the banksters have already sold) … so we have them by their short hairs … they screwed themselves royally … and inventing “negative silver” (the way they invented negative interest rates for their fake currency) won’t work when dealing with “real money”!! …

  7. iwitness02

    Wow, the enthusiasm is catchy. Very fast paced and very interesting.
    Another thing mankind lost, was the Garden of Eden. I expect that the garden will be restored worldwide, in due time. Adam and Eve were perfect in their physical creation, but they lacked EXPERIENCE, with good and evil. Well that is fixed now. So I expect that mankind will have an opportunity to return to perfection, with the necessary wisdom to be fit for eternal life. Messiah has a thousand years set aside to accomplish this work.
    I was taught that there are two salvations.
    One for believers.
    One for unbelievers.
    Believers, ultimately receive a heavenly reward.
    Unbelievers ultimately receive everlasting life in paradise on earth, in perfect bodies and perfect intellect and moral character.
    And yes, some will be destroyed in the lake of fire. The willfully wicked, who never experience a change of heart. They will cling to their true love, Satan, and reap his reward with him.

  8. OutLookingIn

    News Site? Or, New Religious Site?

    How did this occur Greg?
    At first your most excellent current events news site, had very little religious content, other than your heartwarming news cast endings.
    Then ever so imperceptively, you have allowed religion to take more and more, a central position of what was an excellent news affairs site.
    Your current guest and his premise of overlaying religious beliefs on politics, smacks of prophesying, bordering upon evangelical zealotry.
    Don’t get me wrong here. I believe in the Creator and that salvation awaits those who do his good work. Its just that I do so privately, or with other like minded people face-to-face. Not by co-opting a USA news watch dog’s most excellent current affairs site.

    Now this is just my opinion and you may take it for what its worth. Your program has imperceptibly morphed over these past few years, into a more severe right wing swing, that has become a religion based platform.
    Wishing you all the best.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s My site and I can program it the way I want. It’s free and nobody is forcing you to watch it. I guess it is worth what you paid for it.

      • Tommy

        I appreciate what you are doing Greg. Anyone who can’t see what is happening in the world at an ever increasing speed and doesn’t look at in Biblical context is blind. There is no other way to put it in perspective. The unbelievable evil that is being revealed coupled with the power structure’s turning a blind eye to it is just downright frightening. It shakes you to the bone to see the swift decline of our culture. And it’s not just the acceptance of this decline but the celebration of it that makes your head spin. No matter what you think about Trump one thing is clear; it is a marker in history and the clock is running and we need to use the time that is left to get our lives pointed in the right direction. I tell people that whether or not Trump is a religious man or even a good man look at what has transpired since his election. Don’t look at him but look at his opposition. They should scare you and if they don’t you really need to do a self evaluation.

        • susan

          Tommy, very well said. Do you mind if I share what you said with other?

      • Arthur Barnes

        Well said, personally I can’t divide myself from my belief in Him, its what I am, how I live, how I think, a man divided cannot stand. God is real, He is part and parcel of who we are. Keep guestslike this one coming because He is coming!

    • Rob

      Greg it appears we have a man here who is ashamed of the Father’s Word:

      Mark 8:38 For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of man also shall be ashamed of him, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.

      He doesn’t understand that as a believer it is our duty to claim Him everywhere we go:

      Deuteronomy 6:4-9 Hear, O Israel: Jehovah our God is one Jehovah: (5) and thou shalt love Jehovah thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. (6) And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be upon thy heart; (7) and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thy house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. (8) And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thy hand, and they shall be for frontlets between thine eyes. (9) And thou shalt write them upon the door-posts of thy house, and upon thy gates.

    • VegasRob

      I disagree with your assessment of USAWD. I think it is you that is just understanding USAWD, Greg hasn’t changed that I can tell since I have been following him, for 5+ years now.
      Greg is a believer (Praise God), and those that follow him here and comment are, for the most part, believers as well. Greg didnt just recently ‘Allow religion to take a more central role on the site’, I submit God has ALWAYS been at the center of this site. To that end, Jonathan Kahn has been on here multiple times and has similar messages, so there is no proof of the evangelical zealotry.
      Your assertion that USAWD is anything more than a great news site is absurd…’religious based platform, humph’. By that yardstick what would you call a church site that allows authors to talk about their books, hate speech ?
      You dont need to be here and since you obviously dong like Jonathan Kahn, dont watch.

      Keep up the amazing work you do and PLEASE bring back Jonathan Kahn.

    • eddiemd

      Keep up the excellent work Greg.

      Romans 1:16 New King James Version (NKJV)

      The Just Live by Faith

      16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.

  9. James Brown

    Greg, great interview. People that don’t know about Jesus/God will think you are crazy. It’s because they don’t understand. What did Jesus say? “Forgive them, for they know not, what they do”. That Jesus was one super cool Character. I’ve been a believer for almost 40 years and Jonathan is a lot to take in (I’m even kind of a math nerd and the math kind of blows me away). The call to prayer is right on. Keep doing this Greg, it’s awesome. God Bless You Brother!

  10. Jerry

    Updates from my contacts.
    One of my contacts who covers the Midwest says he has not seen any DHS vans making arrest now for almost two weeks. I’m not sure what to make of that? Either President Trumps homeland security personnel have finished an operation, or they’ve pulled their horns back in and they’re getting ready to launch a new one. We’ll see.
    The other contact I just saw today.
    What I learned, was more about what he wouldn’t talk about, than what he was willing to say. He’s a high ranking officer who is getting ready to retire from the military. He was supposed to retire in April, but they keep moving back his discharge date. Now they’re telling him the end of October. I asked him about why the EAS system was constantly being tested, and if he thought we might be under military lockdown in the next few months. He wouldn’t talk about it. He just got up and walked out. Maybe I’m reading more into to it than is really there? But if it didn’t mean anything why did he respond that way? It’s a mystery to me?

    In any even Greg, if Johnathon Cahn is right about Trump being a lightning rod, it might be prudent to have a supply of food and water on hand just in case we are confined to our homes for a period of time. It’s not a prediction. I’m just saying err on the side of caution.

  11. Galaxy 500

    If anyone needs training… We all do…
    This is the guy

    • regaleagle

      The total population of the UK in 2019 is roughly 1/6 the size of the USA. Mexico’s population is approx. 1/3 that of the USA by comparison. Canada’s is about 1/10th. Russia’s population is only about 36 million less than the USA’s in 2019. Just some interesting numbers for inquiring minds and deep thinkers.

  12. Open Eyes

    Good information and interview, Greg and Jonathan! Thanks!

    Based on what I’m seeing going on in the world, I think the “divine window” is going to close after President Trump’s first term in office and some economic tribulations are going to happen. Get your ark ready.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Maybe, good food for thought, the Ark’s doors maybe closing after Trump.

  13. Richard & Andrea

    2 Timothy 4:3-4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
    4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

    Please check out the doctrinal errors of Jonathan Cahn from The Berean Call, a very doctrinally sound discernment ministry:

    We love Israel, love the bible, and love the Lord Jesus Christ. We admire you and your program for the economic news, Greg, but you yourself admit at times that you’re not a biblical scholar, and we fear that it’s too easy to fall for “experts” and “best-selling authors” as so many people do. Cliff High was another “expert” that you liked; but on one of his videos on his site he clearly stated that Christians were fools. Be careful.

  14. Thomas Blow

    I am still hoping you will interview prof ken schoolland on the philosophy of liberty ref.

  15. paul ...

    For those crypto addicts who thought “they were out of the system” the IRS is bringing them back to reality … only physical gold and silver bought for cash “is out of the system”!!! …

    • paul ...

      And that … is the “only” reason the banksters want to get rid of cash … they want to keep you trapped in their system with no way out!!

  16. Mike R

    Look at gold go ! $1550 and rising here on Sunday night around 9 pm central time US.

    Stan’s shorts are losing value by the hour.

    • Stan

      Textbook blow-off

      • Mike R

        Lol, now you are just guessing Stan. Its gonna be very painful for you in the next few weeks alone. You’re gonna wish very badly you got out of your shorts here today. I actually doubt you have any on, and its just your imagination. But if not, enjoy the losses !

        • Stan

          I was told the same thing when I shorted Gold years ago at $1874. See you under $1000 in a few months

      • paul ...

        Stan … are you aware that a “fiat blow-up” is taking place?? look here … … even if the 545 trillion in currency and credit derivatives magically disappears because the mega-banks go bankrupt … it will not change the amount of M1 fiat in circulation [upon which the price of gold (6613 fiat dollars) and the price of silver (803 fiat dollars) is based] … do you understand what you are saying makes you look like an idiot?? … what you are saying is that gold is at a textbook blow-off top when is already down 5088 fiat dollars from where it should be (based on the quantity of M1 money the banksters have already created and are trying their best to print to infinity)!!!

        • paul ...

          And also remember Stan … we don’t buy gold as a speculation to make more Fed IOU fiat dollars … the way you do by shorting gold to get Fed paper … we buy gold because we want to get rid of our Fed paper and keep our wealth in real money … so there is no valid reason for us to sell our gold as you hope … we don’t speculate to gain more worth less fiat paper … we invest to preserve real wealth in real money … actually the higher the amount of fiat required to buy an ounce of gold … the more incentive we have “to hold on to” our real money and “not trade it” for fake Fed fiat!!

          • paul ...

            Stan: To understand just how worthless Fed Fiat IOU’s are … someone was willing to get rid of over a million fiat paper dollars to get physical possession of “a dime” that was not even made out of gold … perhaps it was because it was made of silver (and happened to be “rare” like all precious metals)!! …

    • Mike R

      And here it comes ! Rocket launch pending on gold. Silver just broke through $18, which means its going to $23 in rapid order, and in turn you will now see gold slingshot higher to well over $1600 in a very short period of time. Silver’s unrelenting strength, with more than 6 year breakout, has it targeting well above it’s old high around $50 before end of 2020. Gold will mostly likely be above $1800 before end of 2019.

      Poor stan. So wrong. So poor.

  17. Jerry

    Brace yourself Greg,

    The Chinese are preparing to transform the trade war, into a currency war, with gold being used as ammo.

    • Jerry

      Once again, it’s all about ChIna as President Trump says.

      I hate to say it Greg, but how often in the face of critics the past few years, have I posted information about China on your site? Even with evidence mounting by the day, that the IMF is in bed with China, they still want to argue the dollars dominance. Gold is, and will be your only security (other than God) when the truth comes out. This will be a death match to the end with China.Period.

      • Coalburner

        Jerry, I read your comments as closely as Greg’s and there is another type of “Gold” we do not think about very much. That is Business, production, jobs. Trump’s game and he is taking that kind of gold from China so yes they will do anything they can to stop it, maybe even not murder a hundred thousand in HK which will set the business world on fire with Exodus fever from China. FEAR!

        • Jerry

          I totally agree. Xi is in a tough situation. The Chinese economy is as fake as ours. The only difference is they’ve been buying gold. The United States? I’m not even sure there’s any gold left in Fort Knox.

    • paul ...

      Jerry … Some people (like Stan) believe in Harry Dent’s argument that demographics, etc., etc. will reduce the money supply and that soon one once of gold could be bought with only 400 Fed dollars … just look at how the money supply “is increasing” … … ten days ago it took 5,958 Fed IOU fiat paper dollars to buy an ounce of gold … now it costs 6,613 Fed IOU fiat paper dollars to buy an ounce of gold … “in just 10 days” it takes an extra 655 Fed dollars to get an ounce of gold (yet people are conned by Dent into believing that the cost of one ounce of gold (currently 6,613 Fed dollars) that just rose 655 Fed dollars in just 10 days … is going to magically cost them only 400 Fed dollars … and that people should put these ever more worthless Fed IOU’s under their mattress as a store of value)???

      • paul ...

        PS: Look at that debt clock again … … and see how many more Fed IOU’s it costs to buy one ounce of silver … 10 days ago the dollar to silver ratio was 725 Fed IOU’s for one ounce of silver … now (just 10 days later) you have to pay 803 Fed IOU’s for one ounce of silver … that’s up 78 Fed IOU’s in 10 days!! … and people are scared to buy an ounce of silver in the open market at $17.71?? … hey folks better start using those brains God gave you … if it costs an extra 78 Fed IOU’s to buy one ounce of silver “in only 10 days” … that means in a year’s time one once of silver will cost 2,847 Fed IOU’s … shake your head and wake up … the money supply is being hyper-inflated (to bail out the banksters) so fast before your very eyes … that pretty soon the Debt Clock will be an unreadable blur … and Powell says: “I believe the inflation rate is now close to 2%” (prepare for a messily 2% cost of living adjustment in 2020) … you ordinary folk out there need to wake up fast … the value of your Fed IOU’s are rapidly melting away (and it’s a lot faster then even a chocolate bar in Hell)!!

      • Jerry

        This isn’t hard to figure out. History repeats itself. What happened to gold during the depression? That’s right the government confiscated it. So tell me if it’s worth something.

        • paul ...

          It’s worth a whole lot Jerry … especially for those who did not like idiots turn in their gold to that Demon-rat crook Roosevelt … many used their God given brains … and simply ignored the confiscation order and stashed their gold where the government could not find it … knowing full well that it was more valuable then the “out of thin air” Fed created paper that was to be given in exchange … for poor people … keeping their gold literally meant the difference between living or dying … and they chose to live … this was the bottom of the depression and an average citizen did not really have large quantities of gold to begin with … many were jobless, bankrupt and barely surviving … they were selling pencils and apples on street corners … but … even wealthy businessmen, wealthy banksters and wealthy elites “Did Not Turn In Their Gold” … what they did was simply ship their US gold coins (denominated in $2.50, $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00) that were in circulation at the time “out of the country” … primarily to Switzerland and Great Britain for “anonymous safekeeping” … then 45 years later when the crooks were dead and gone … gold ownership was again legalized for US citizens (in 1975) … and tons of these coins appeared back on the US market … to this day there are still large hoards of “pristine and old dated” US gold coins hidden away from the 1930’s … available only to collectors with lots of money and they usually disappear as soon as they come on the market “at exorbitant prices”!! … so rest assured Jerry … storing your excess savings in something like gold (or silver) can be highly rewarding even if new crooks try to confiscate it … let’s hope they do it again “for our children’s sake” … as it can be very highly rewarding once again for those families who “fear not”!!

          • paul ...

            PS: Confiscation can be a very good thing Jerry … especially for those who have no problem holding physical precious metals as “their store of wealth” without ever wanting to trade it for paper fiat (except when they have to buy something that requires a paper money transaction) … otherwise they simply hold all their wealth in physical gold and silver … hold long enough … and see below what someone in the future will pay you for that silver dime you tucked away now!! …

            • paul ...

              And remember … even if one of someones scattered gold coins is found buried somewhere … it does not have a name printed on it … so how can the crooks say “who” owns it??? … unless someone stupidly admits “they own it”!!

    • Freebrezer

      Jerry – I read that … The Stakes are going up! I posted two videos above per China that further cover the complexity. Here they are again: Kyle Bass –; and Vice president Pence – … There are a hell of a lot of chips being pushed into the middle of the table, and Thank God The USA does not have that milk toast president Obama at the table.

  18. Anthony Australia

    China is in a world of hurt right now and Trump knows it ; for Xi , loss of face , loss of Hong Kong , a rising capitalist class , falling trade and an over expansive belt and road strategy .
    I tell you what I see a Soviet Union style collapse and the Donald is all over it.

    • Arthur Barnes

      China is going to blink on trade shortly, Trump can smell a win!

    • VegasRob

      I couldn’t agree more.
      Praying for a “Total Collapse of Communism” as the outcome.
      My friends argue, no way, China will just turn inward and rely on themselves.
      Maybe so, but there is one difference now then ever before…a middle class ! A middle class that’s going to freak out when they cant pay for that new car or condo or private school for the kids. Nenner mentioned something about a ‘Civil War Cycle’, lets not pretend China escapes it.

    • Freebrezer

      AA – see my post right above to two links – I am not so sure?

    • Mike R

      Trump could be banking on a soviet style collapse ( I highly doubt it), but be careful what you wish for; because any type of china financial collapse, would very adversely affect all corners of our planet economically, and be a lot worse than any Soviet style collapse.

      China’s $40 trillion in ‘official debt’ is probably dwarfed by their own ‘shadow’ lending system, and we could be talking about $100 trillion in so called ‘loans’ that will never ever be re-paid, just within China. These aren’t so much as loans but made up funny money, where many shell entities as arms of the government, have lent out trillions to businesses to allow them to start up and make the billions in goods they ship to places like the US every year. Maybe some are called ‘banks’ but they are no way shape or form, real banks, like what exists in the western hemisphere.

      Its a MASSIVE cash flow ponzi over there, where they need constant goods flowing outward, and US dollars flowing inward, to keep their jig propped. Any even middling decrease, which tariffs alone could have the single greatest impact, could send their entire economy into a tail spin. I think that is what Trump knows in spades, and why his rhetoric is so strong – he holds all the cards, literally, and him even mentioning the ‘threat’ of telling US businesses to now get out, has every communist in the upper echelons of government leaving skid marks on a daily basis in their skivvies. Trade tariffs are one thing, as it only slows or delays some cash flow, but the verbal threat of business pull out, of which many CEO’s are already quietly planning anyway, is going to wreck china to the bone. China is like our very impotent demoncratic party right now, screaming in vain, doing all sorts of useless hand waving, but having zero impact on negotiations and zero threat to Trump or even his election chances.

  19. John

    For anyone interested, I’ve put up a site that explains the gospel message of truth at: God bless!

    • Montana Guy

      John, thanks for the link. I need to spend more time on it but I found the Science vs. The Bible very interesting and informative.

    • paul jr.

      Question for you John: Under section 5.1 Choosing A Bible, you state that the 66 books of the Bible that we have today is the completed canon of Scripture. You state later on that Peter in 2 Peter 3:16 places “all” of Paul’s “epistles” in the same category as “the other scriptures” and that Peter puts the “apostles” in the same category as the “holy prophets” of Old Testament fame (2 Peter 3:2).

      So are you saying that all of Paul’s epistles are Scripture just like the Old Testament? If so, how can we have a completed canon of Scripture since we do not have all of Paul’s epistles?

      • JCD

        Very good question.

      • Jerry

        Paul jr.
        The Old Testament is a record of the Jews and the Laws of Moses. The New Testament fulfills the laws of Moses through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Even though they appear different. They are one in the same.

  20. Paul in OZ

    K-Tel records present … another message from God.

  21. Montana Guy

    John, and don’t let the mockers discourage you from standing up for Christ and truth. It is encouraging to hear you and folks like Richard & Andrea.

    It breaks my heart to see professing Christians become so blood-thirsty and agenda-driven; man’s agenda not God’s agenda. Millions of innocent people have been murdered, maimed or displaced largely on a clever and willful misinterpretation of Scriptures.

  22. Paul Anthony

    Thank you for ALL your hard work and this interview Greg! 🙂


  23. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, watched the video on Youtube, things are taking shape for the end times and His return. Good to live in Bibical times.

  24. Frederick

    Jonathan “shemitah” Con took a real shellacking on youtube comments as well as Silverdoctors site People ARE awake Greg I know it’s a free site and I’m free to go elsewhere Many others are doing just that The Israeli Zionist crap isn’t flying anymore bro

    • Greg Hunter

      A godless Jew hater like you must be elated. I guess you would never say anything about the radical Muslims of the “Religion of Peace”?? That’s right you live in Turkey land of the unfree!!! Hope you are happy to trash my 4-time best-seller booking I provided for free!! I got an Idea. Please start posting on SD and don’t post here at all. yo will fit in better. I mean it. Not a joke.

      • T-Train

        Why are you so angry Mr. Hunter? You will never be able to help people that you turn into enemies.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not angry I am direct. I run a free site and it that makes people be my enemy then so be it.

          • helot

            From this viewpoint, your responses have been coming across as angry on occasion, when it seems uncalled for. I certaintly would’t say they were loving. I don’t agree with everything you write & say, still, I keep reading in order to know all sides. IMHO, the ban hammer shouldn’t come down unless there is vulgarity or outright hostility, but that’s JMHO. It’s your site, of course.
            When are you gonna get Brandon Smith on again? And, can you get Amazing Polly? Her bits about China are something else.

            • FC

              After reading this week’s article from Brandon Smith there’s no chance in hell that he will be appearing here.
              It’s a shame as a discussion on conflicting opinions always make for compelling veiwing.

              • Greg Hunter

                You mean this post:
                I read it and Smith makes a lot of leaps and is very narrow in his facts. This is pure opinion and I disagree with it. You happy now? Brandon Smith just appeared.

                • FC

                  Yes that’s the article and of cause it’s an opinion as you and I have our own opinions because we have been living in a world of fake news and plausible opinions are worth listening too even if we may disagree with them and yes Greg, I am happy and I have always been happy because life is to short not to be.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    You do realize Trump donates his entire Presidential salary except $1 per year. I never hear Brandon Smith mention that. I never hear Smith mention all the globalist/New World Order crap how Trump got us out, such as: the Paris Climate Accord, Total unsigned fraud of the Iran Nuke deal, TPP and many UN agreements. He’s also backed off on the red flag laws and universal background checks. I guess it’s hard to mention all that stuff and still claim Trump is a globalist “Pied Piper” working for the New World Order?

        • Galaxy 500

          When did facts become angry?

          • FC

            Greg, I’m replying under 500 as I’m unable to reply under your comment for some reason.
            You seem to forget I was the one who posted that extremely long list of Trump’s achievements which many here couldn’t of been bothered to read, so I do know everything you just pointed out to me.
            All I’m saying is why can’t two Conservatives with differing opinions discuss the issues and walk away respecting their opinions?
            I remember a time when people could disagree with one another but their respect for each other never faulted. We as a society are further than God than I can ever remember.

            • Greg Hunter

              I am not going to allow a false narrative to be pushed here as some sort of discussion of “issues”. If you are an anti-Semite you are not welcome here, and don’t give me the dog whistle of hate disguised as “Zionism” academic crap. Got it? If you want to freely express your opinion then do what I did and start your own site. You are free to do this.

              • FC

                Yes I got it. Thank you for your services

    • Galaxy 500

      Sorry but Greg isn’t a buyer of your antisemitic screed.

  25. Greg Hunter

    I don’t know what else to say other you are an idiot and you should go back and listen to the interview. No Numerology but timing straight from the Bible. Please don’t hide your total Hating anti-Semitism behind the cleaned up label of “Zionism”!!! Don’t come back.

    • Revd Andrew de Berry

      Greg I cannot let your response to Linda go unchallenged. For you seem way too quick to her well reasoned post by calling her an idiot and then telling her not to return. That’s an unbecoming response from a Christian for one thing, and way too dismissive of what Linda was trying to say for another. While to my mind the (divine) jury is still out over the literal landmass of Israel , it is obvious to all compassionate Christians that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians has been and continues to be unconscionable.
      Further to that those in the Haredi wing of Judaism (Haredi means those who tremble before God) make a strong distinction between anti-Semitism and anti Zionism, while staying ambivalent over any Jewish entitlement to occupying Israel.
      You and I have tangled on this topic before, and I have difficulty countenancing your irrational anger when as Linda points out the Sermon on the Mount is central to our response to Yeshua.
      As a contributor I love your site on many fronts. However it behoves you to apologise to Linda while keeping the hugely vexed topic of Israel on a more subjective level. Regards, Andrew

      • Jallen

        Your act is completely childish and people are catching on.
        Why don’t you do some research on how this version of Israel came about. I am one who has followed your website for many years and watched your Zionist attitude chase many contributors away. I.E. Mohammad one of the smartest contributors on this site.
        If you had this attitude in your previous job, it explains the reason for separation. I believe you owe your contributors an apology. Greg, do not destroy your website by calling anyone who disagrees with you an Anti Semite or Anti Jew. How does this feel? You are an anti Christian i.e. A Zionist.


        • Shadow of Doubt

          Its amusing how many people demand to be treated with “kid gloves” or given a “pat on a back” when they are given a forum to express their opinions in public. Cowboy up, life is not always fair and the best you can sometimes hope for is a candid response. Candor and the facts aren’t always good for relationships but they are critical to good journalism. Greg isn’t here to stroke your egos. I am sure both Paul and Muhammad have watchdoggers that think they are the smartest contributors on the web….yet many are turned off by the non-stop ‘wisdom’ these two know-it-alls create. In an age of faux outrage, thin-skinned and butt hurt contributors, I personally hope there are no apologies forthcoming from Mr. Hunter. If you want a wishy-washy worldview that appeases all and sways with the winds of change look no further than many of American churches not the stalwart Mr. Hunter. SOD

        • Galaxy 500

          Zionist attitude?
          And Greg is anti Christian?
          Greg calls things as he sees them with a good foundation [The Word of God] and a keen intellect. Greg is an honest guy and a good Christian man.
          I suggest two things. First read the Bible. And second, rethink your positions.

      • Galaxy 500

        What exactly are you a Rev. of?

        • Revd Andrew de Berry

          The C of E Galaxy. And trust me I’m as conflicted as any Christian re the Established churches. Or as Erasmus once said ‘I trust I can be a martyr for Christ but never for the paradoxes of Luther’ – and for which I read: ‘the paradoxes of so-called Biblical orthodoxy’.
          Blessings, Andrew

  26. Jerry

    You are wrong. Zion will be built on this the American continent during the millennium, and Jesus Christ will be It’s king. For the record, the tribe of Judah is only one tribe of Israel. The Abrahamic covenant covers all twelve tribes, not just the Jews. Paul did ministering to Greeks, Romans and many other races outside the Jewish laws. FYI the Jews never accepted Jesus as the Christ. They’re still looking for the messiah to come.

    • paul ...

      Interesting thought Jerry … if the Jews who don’t believe in Christ as the Son of God “can be wrong about such an important topic” … it shows they can be wrong about lesser things of concern in the Bible (i.e. like as you say the location of the Holy Land being in America) … and we can finally get out of all the wars in the Middle East and bring our boys home to defend Our Holy Land!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Plenty of Jews accepted Jesus…
        You people need to pull the Bible out and re-read it

    • paul jr.

      Your opinion Jerry.

      • Jerry

        Paul jr.
        It’s more than opinion. It’s a plan that was laid down before the world was created. Absolute truth does not rest on the teachings of man mingled with scripture.

        • Galaxy 500

          Jerry, with all due lack of respect [you earned it on this post] God does have a plan and it isn’t what you are shoveling.

        • paul jr.

          So it is a fact that Zion will be built on this the American continent. Show me were God says that.

        • Jon

          I agree with Jerry. Read “The Covenant, One Nation under God: America’s Sacred & Immutable Connection to Ancient Israel” by Timothy Ballard. God’s hand was to involved in the founding of this nation for it not to have an important destiny together with Israel.

      • Galaxy 500

        Exactly and like so many of Jerry’s opinions it is just damn wrong. But I really take exception to people thst seek to pervert the Word of God.

    • Galaxy 500

      Zion will be built where it has been built before. The Temple will be rebuilt in Israel as it says in the Bible.
      Early Christians were Jews as was Jesus. Plenty of Jews accepted Jesus…
      Damn where do people come up with this Shiite. Dude, the 12 Disciples were Jews.

  27. Jhon Jhon Boomeranger

    Made using clips and music from the 1943 movie. The first and least sentence of the book discusses the pine-needled floor of the forest, so that image was included at the beginning and end of the trailer. The entirety of the book revolved around Robert Jordan fighting, blowing up the bridge, and being in love with Maria, so those were the points emphasized in the trailer. The point of freedom is mentioned because Robert Jordan is not just fighting for the freedom of the Republicans in Spain, but to protect the people of every country by eliminating the fascist threat. He mentions in camp that he sees fascism growing in America as the rich become unhappy with the amount of power of the people, so his fighting in Spain can be seen as protecting the rights of the common man everywhere.

  28. Mike G


  29. Montana Guy

    Greg, it’s time to man-up. Honor your word or ban me. I Fear Not.

    • Greg Hunter

      Banned it is. You are making work for me and you don’t like what I am doing anyway. Please go somewhere else where you agree with the content.

  30. paul ...

    Good work people (keep accumulating) … it now takes $18 Fed IOU’s to buy one ounce of silver … … just three and a half more dollars to go and we won’t have to wait for “bribed politicians” to get rid of the Fed for us … we can put the banksters out of business ourselves and bring monetary morality back to our world!!

    • paul ...

      We have been watching the birds (like Harry Dent) for too long … when silver breaks resistance at $21.44 … she will rise with such power it will dive the price of silver to the next resistance level at $60 Fed IOU’s for one ounce of silver!!! …
      You know … it’s about time we use the banksters “new math” (MMT Theory … where 2 + 2 = 5 Quadrillion) on the price of silver … sometimes I think the consciousness of man is lower then a plant … … but on further consideration it seems to be lower then a “fossilized” plant … especially when we have Harry Dent telling people that the US dollar is very valuable because the Fed can’t print up enough of them fast enough to pay all our bills … look at the US dollar supply …… currently $726,000,000,000 and the amount spent on Defense and Wars $641,000,000,000 … that leaves only $258 dollars for each of us 329,000,000 US citizens to run the rest of our government … and because (as Dent says) $258 dollars is so little … the Fed has to print up the rest of the money we need to run the government “out of thin air” … so Dent is in a fog … all the printing the Fed has to do to keep the government running makes our $258 dollars “even less valuable” then the 2 cents it is supposedly worth!!!

      • paul ...

        Remember a few years back in the 1970’s when you could buy a new car for 4000 Fed IOU’s … buy an average new car today and according to the Kelley Blue Book you will have to pay 36,843 Fed IOU’s … same basic transportation costs 9 times more … but is it reflected in the CPI?? … No … hedonist’s at the Fed tell you that the reason it costs more is because your transportation experience is “more pleasurable” now then back in the 1970’s … this is a bald faced lie … I had power disk brakes, AM/FM stereo, air conditioning, cruise control and I had no microphones in my car listening to my private conversations … let’s demand a true cost of living adjustment due to the Fed’s exponential expansion of the money supply and stop all the bull they hand out to us … the same pricing as for a car should go for gold and silver (that also provide the same protection now as they did years ago) … one ounce of gold back in the late 70’s could be bought for about $800 Fed IOU’s … it should ( just like a car) be at least nine times higher (7,200 Fed IOU’s) … and silver today should be at least (50 x 9) or $450 Fed IOU dollars per ounce … we just have to use the brains God gave us … and think about why a car (that rusts away and depreciates) should have a nine times greater list price today and immutable everlasting gold does not???

        • paul ...

          According to the US National Debt Clock gold should now be $6611 and silver $803 … so my “9 times higher” calculation above over estimated gold a bit and under estimated silver a lot!! …

          • paul ...

            And lets say for argument sake Dent is right … and everyone keeps the $258 dollars that is left after providing for Defense and Wars under their bed … and the Fed “does not print up” the money needed to run the government out of thin air … do you think because there is so little money around the $258 dollars under your bed will be extremely valuable as Dent says? … not on you life … if the Fed doesn’t print everything the government needs “to survive” those very rare $258 dollars you have under your bed will have the same value as Confederate money (zero) … because the government that issued those fiat paper dollars “will no longer exist” to back it up (with promises) … but gold and silver does not need a government promise to make it money … gold and silver is money that is independent of governments (or politicians pronouncements)!!

  31. paul ...

    Breaking News!! Ex-NY Fed President says: “Powell should prevent Trumps re-election … as elections (of US Presidents) falls within the Fed’s powers”… so like Google a bunch of Foreign Economic Dictators (FED) are going to decide the 2020 election for the American people!! …

    • paul ...

      You know … it’s way past the time for putting the banksters out of business folks … “simply keep accumulating silver relentlessly” … until the Mega-banks that have sold almost every ounce of physical silver in the world short … go bankrupt!! … obviously their plan to prevent their bankruptcy is to hyper-inflate the currency (and blaming it on Trump and his tariffs) … their circular game plan is simple … strong dollar -> tariffs -> economy weakens -> Fed prints more fiat -> economy strengthens -> stronger dollar -> more tariffs -> more easing -> and round -> and round it goes … producing the massive hyper-inflation the banksters need to create “to save their immoral corrupt monetary system”!!

      • paul ...

        Remember what Kevin Shipp said about who the Fed is: “they are composed of a group of Foreign Economic Dictators (FED)” … globalists “who are not Americans” but who want the power to determine who our President should be!! … we must use a silver cross to vanquish these vampires!!!

  32. paul ...

    Interesting how the prison video footage of Epstein’s cell is declared “unusable” … Attorney General Barr better ask for the NSA footage that we taxpayers paid billions for … by building the NSA’s underground quantum computer complex that can track and record “everyone” … anywhere!! … and also find out how Epstein died “clean shaven” if no razor blades are allowed in the cells of people on suicide watch!!! …

  33. Coalburner

    Greg: Glad you posted those last exchanges with Fredrick and Linda W. They are in territory I know nothing about and I am trying to figure out what they are talking about. Don’t misunderstand, I understood every word they said but not the extended meanings and deep background viciousness and dislike. Help us all if you can. We all know there are tangent organizations everywhere. For sure our own country but there are some big statements here that do not make a lot of sense to me. Hard to believe any Jew is stupid enough to hate Christianity more than Islam. And without us Islam would have already eaten the Jewish State. Another reason I cannot understand why they, including Liberal Jews, are not taking on Talib and Oman a lot harder and trying to keep Islam out of this country.

    • paul ...

      Try a lot harder? … I think Trump as a Republican is doing a lot more then Ike ever did when it comes to supporting Israel … remember Ike imposed sanctions on Israel in November 1953, March 1955, and in January 1956 for what Eisenhower believed was illegal aggression and violence against Israel’s Arab neighbors …

      • paul ...

        Let’s try to see things as Trump does … now just because Trump wants to negotiate with Iran doesn’t mean he is against Israel or the Saudi’s … it means he wants to “prevent another costly war being placed on the backs of the American people” … the purported regimes connected to 9-11 who successfully got the US into a war with Saddam Husein in Iraq obviously now don’t want to see any kind of peace deal between the US and their enemy Iran … so Netanyahu’s airstrikes into multiple Arab countries within the last 24 hours does seem like a bid to keep tensions with Iran and its proxies as high (and as on the brink of war) as possible … as suggested in the following article … lets hope for peace … not war!! …

  34. Coalburner

    Hey Art, if China blinks it will be about companies and production leaving China. That will put the hurt on them. The companies don’t have to come here but just leave there to hurt China. If the trickle out, turns into a flood they are in another hundred years of trouble and that will suit us just fine. The HK thing will not stem the outflow if they start breaking really bad but it will increase the outflow because an infection for Fear will settle on the world! The talking heads can whine claiming Trumps inaction over HK but Trump is shaking China like a rag doll and winning. That is the only reason China has not annihilated HK streets already. The un-named and just plain Mean Chinese board of directors pushing around XI have totally misread the tea leaves as Art says.

  35. JJC

    Great interview and I jumped and ordered the book.

    The publisher sent me a link to several other of his books for a free download.

    I al.let feel guilty about all the free reading material.

    Be well.

    • Galaxy 500

      If someone gives something of value to you then thank them. If you find it necessary, send a donation. If not to him to your church or to a good food bank

  36. Keith wilson

    The reason why we find ourselves in the position of impotency is not because the enemy has sent men to invade our shores,but rather because of the traitorous actions of those who have all the benefits the wealthiest nation on earth has had to offer. The finest homes,the finest college educations,and the finest jobs in government we can give. Joseph McCarthy.

  37. Galaxy 500

    Here is a real man, from the people of God, telling the Minions of Evil, calm down as the Jews will rain death upon them and bring them to ruin

  38. Galaxy 500

    88, Linda, 88
    I am sure you are popular at the meetings where those that stand against the One, True God assemble.
    For myself, I believe in the Word of God and it tells me about people like yourself and to be wary of these with the tounge of the serpent.
    Greg, I would love to know if “Linda” is a paid troll or if “she” really believes this nonsense.
    Many are called but few are chosen. I stand with the Lamb of Christ. I stand with the Jews and Israel.

  39. Galaxy 500

    About Clint from Thunder Ranch. Sage advice

  40. Micheal

    Yeah it was God…no proof whatsoever but yeah it was God…God has no time to intervene for the millions of people who suffer every single day but he has time to intervene and steer a US election? Got it.

    • paul ...

      Micheal … Thankfully God didn’t make Hillary, Google and the Fed “into gods” (although they may think they are) … as then “they would have had no time to interfere” in our election process and we wouldn’t be going after them … however … isn’t the fact that God didn’t make Hillary, Google and the Fed into god’s “a direct intervention in our election process” that allowed Trump to win??

      • Micheal

        I dont believe in God or any other of the thousands of Gods throughout human history….Do you believe God can see the future and knows everything that is going to happen? So that means at the moment of creation he knew he would flood the earth? Then after the flood it goes to hell…sacrifice son and it goes to hell again?….Why all the death suffering and destruction that he knew would happen???…You believe in a God that is a genocidal maniac!…That condones rape torture and slavery…Its all in there for anyone to read…

        • Greg Hunter

          You are ignorant and holding on to the black hole of nothingness. You do not believe in intelligent design. Please go away you are stupid and uninformed on purpose.

  41. Shadow of Doubt

    Its amusing how many people demand to be treated with “kid gloves” or given a “pat on a back” when they are given a forum to express their opinions in public. Cowboy up, life is not always fair and the best you can sometimes hope for is a candid response. Candor and the facts aren’t always good for relationships but they are critical to good journalism. Greg isn’t here to stroke your egos. I am sure both Paul and Muhammad have watchdoggers that think they are the smartest contributors on the web….yet many are turned off by the non-stop ‘wisdom’ these two know-it-alls create. In an age of faux outrage, thin-skinned and butt hurt contributors, I personally hope there are no apologies forthcoming from Mr. Hunter. If you want a wishy-washy worldview that appeases all and sways with the winds of change look no further than many of our American churches not the stalwart Mr. Hunter. SOD

  42. Perce Sledgehammer

    Ex-FBI Director James Comey violated department policies with Trump memos, watchdog says
    Dan Mangan 16 mins ago

  43. Faizie

    “If my people who are called by my name , shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will heal their land”. I believe that many US citizens had had enough of the previous 8 years of Obama and knew full well what would happen under Clinton and many people did humble themselves and pray and God did hear from heaven !

    Against all odds Trump still won, what proof do we have ?
    Both the Republican and Democrat parties were against him.
    The media was against him.
    The vote results were fraudulently manipulated and reported.
    Non citizens voted (against him).
    Foreign countries tried to interfere or did interfere in the voting.

    Never underestimate the power of prayer ! God does want to heal our land ! Michael I invite you to join with thousands of others who are praying for 2020.

    Daniel Jantzi

  44. Stan

    Gold just entered crash mode – enjoy

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow… Thanks Stan. I need a good laugh

  45. Galaxy 500

    Interesting video… Special note to Jew haters this is a waste of your time

  46. Robert Lykens, The Zionist 2A American Patriot

    Hi Greg, just got back from vacation and watched this vid, then read the comments. You’ll always have my respect for your Christian and Zionist stance.
    There aren’t many of us around these days.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not a Zionist. I just follow the Bible as in Genesis 12:3. I don’t want to catch a curse.

  47. lenora J Allen

    This was an excellent interview.. The truth resonates with me! Thank you for the work you do to keep us well informed. Jonathan has written some great books. God bless you.

  48. William Beck

    He is misrepresenting the dates. Israel was recognized by the UN and President Truman as a nation in 1948, May 14th to be exact.

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