Trump Surrounded, War Closer, Dollar Trouble

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 586 6.16.23)

Donald Trump has been charged with 37 felony counts in the infamous “Classified Documents Case” brought by the Biden Department of Justice.  Trump appears to be surrounded by evil.  It is more of “get Trump at any cost” because the Democrats, let alone Joe Biden, cannot beat Trump in the 2024 Presidential Election.  As I have said many times before, the real Biden approval rating is just 9%, not the 40% you hear of from the Lying Legacy Media (LLM).  A 9% approval number might make it impossible to cheat Biden in.  So, it looks like the Democrats are going to get the GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, any way they can.  Trump is ahead of the field by a very wide margin.  By the way, the LLM made sure you did not hear from Donald Trump after this historic indictment because they cut him off.  The LLM is non-news that lies by omission.  

The Ukraine war continues to go badly for the Ukrainians.  The so-called “counter offensive” you may have heard about is over almost before it started because the Russians cremated the Ukrainians and NATO–once again.  Now, Putin is warning that Ukraine is not going to be a country in the not-so-distant future.  Is a much bigger war coming?  It sure looks that way.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) was on this week to talk about the Trump indictment.  PCR called them “a gang of criminals trying Trump.”  PCR also took time to comment on the U.S. dollar and all the countries shunning use of the dollar in global trade.  Dr. PCR, who was a former Assistant Treasury Secretary, is warning of a “coming collapse of the dollar.”  This is what is coming if enough countries ditch use of the U.S. dollar, according to PCR.  Is this why the Fed is not cutting interest rates and only “pausing” the increases?

There is much more in the 52-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 6.16.23.

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After the Wrap-Up:

NYU Media Studies Professor Mark Crispin Miller is back, and this time he talks about the Lying Legacy Media’s (LLM) role in the propaganda that got Americans to take more than 676 million worthless and dangerous CV19 injections.  Dr. Miller is an expert in Propaganda and calls what happened with all things Covid a “propaganda masterpiece.”  Did the LLM help their elite masters murder millions of Americans with propaganda and lies?

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  1. Rolly Marsh

    Florida Governor, DeSantis, is saying the right things about the vax but Florida resident, Trump, has not and is not.

    brief press clip of DeSantis rebuking Pfizer:

    • Curt

      Hey dufus, apparently, you are unaware that ronny, the loser is being funded by those people!wake-up

      • Nancy Cinatra

        Trump hosted hundreds of sodomites for a boozy gala at his private manion in Fla. This occured Dec 2022. He promised he would fight for their cause. That same week he attacked Roman Catholics for being too opposed to abortion and costing the Republicans senate seats in the election. A midterm election which, like 2020, was fraudelent.

        Trump also pushed through the 5G death towers which are irradiating children at schools. And they are outside churches. Trump did this because he is under the lash of sodomite billionaires Peter Thiel and Tim Cook.

        Trump Jr said he had sodomite and tranny friends. What kind of man is that ? It is not a moral man. When speaking of trans surgery he spoke as if it were only a concern if they were doing it to 3yr olds.

        You vote for Trump you are bending down to Sodom.

        The problem of Trump is that his followers idolize him like the godlen calf. There are even prophets who proclaimed him to be anointed. …. Had his followers rebuked him when he went astray, then he would be something to brag about. Trump has been astray on the vax largely because his followers did not rebuke him on this topic.

        • Diana

          If “you” have proof show it otherwise you are no better than the left.

    • Linda

      Saying the right things is just that—talk. I am not sure about DeSantis, at this point.

      • Frank Cinatra

        DeSantis is a puppet with a RINO horn, a masonic “hidden hand” in his rear. We get that.

        The issue is Trump needs to get right with the Lord. i.e., 1. rebuke the vax. . . 2. quit dancing to the Sodom anthem (YMCA) at rallies. .. 3. quit promising to serve Sodom. 4. quit kowtowing to corporate billionaires (he did this with JNJ, APPLE, PFIZER) 5. learn the art of hiring, having mastered the art of firing.

    • Kay

      I was in West Palm Beach, FL, during COVID. We couldn’t even go to the beaches on July 4th!

      Governor DeSantis put in place SB 7014- COVID-19-related Claims Against Health Care Providers that give immunity to FL hospitals, nursing homes, and medical centers after COVID. Why do these FL medical institutions need COVID Legal Immunity??!

      Congressman DeSantis voted for the CURES ACT that favors Big Pharma. As a Congressman he always backed the Military Industrial Complex as well. You need to go back to DeSantis’ days in Congress to get a full picture of DeSantis. BTW I voted for him as my governor so please don’t tell me I am a blind Trump supporter.

      The 21st Century Cures Act is a bipartisan bill that would reform the current standards and appropriations for biomedical research, provide $1.75 billion annually for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and $110 million for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This funding would end after five years. Support for this funding would come from budget offsets. Along with an increase in NIH and FDA funding, the bill would reduce regulations on access to medical research and expedite the testing processes of new drugs. The bill was referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, which released a section-by-section summary and a discussion document. The committee chairman, Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI6), sponsored the bill. It passed by a vote of 344-77 last Friday. It received bipartisan support, with 170 Republicans and 174 Democrats voting in favor of the bill. It has moved on to the Senate.
      Voted Yea on: Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2017 (HR 1301)
      Yes check.svg Bill passed (371-48) on March 8, 2017
      The $577.9 billion fiscal year 2017 defense spending bill proposed $516.1 billion in base budget funding and $61.8 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations/ Global War on Terrorism funding.[42]
      You can go here to read all about what DeSantis stands for. —————————————->

      • Kathy

        And Trump locked the country down & labeled millions non essential. Destroying thousands of small businesses. I am following RFK,Jr and I like what I hear. Made my first donation yesterday. Sick of Trump & Desantis.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Debt ceiling raised and equity markets rise. Go figure.

    • Anthony Australia

      Time for Fritz Springmeier to be on USAW.

      Ray my Mate, I’ll tell you Winter in Canberra is like Siberia 😆

      • Ray

        I’m willing to give Siberia a burl mate……I’M FAIR DINKUM FREEZING!!!
        Brass Monkey stuff here this morning!!!
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Juan Don

          Just be glad, you guy’s aren’t in the warm summer month’s of Ukraine. Where it’s freakin HOT!
          Or for that matter’s Canada, where there on Fire!
          Or smokin hot New York, New York!
          It’s nice and cool here in Michigan, surrounded by the Great Lakes! Tasmania north here.
          Trouble is, I’m surrounded by all these hot Michigander girls, telling me to go jump in a lake mate! That sure gets yer gander up. . . If youse know what I means.

    • Rick

      Debt ceiling raised – means more dollars will be printed – means value of the US dollar will trend closer to zero – means things (like equities) “go up in dollar terms” – think back to the RZimbabwe hyper-inflation – as Zimbabwe’s dollars lost value “their stocks priced in Zimbabwe dollars went up”!!

      • AJ54

        Fed has said they will continue raising rates until 2025; we should expect more inflation until then , despite short pause now for the banks to make plans. I think that planning might include self-directed consolidations, precluding the bad press of bankruptcies and forced marriages, which always brings negative blowback to the CB

    • elle

      Ya, No do not Trust the man.

  3. Wanda

    Greg did you learn about the video from Dhaboo77 on YT, he shared its showing up all over now. 3 Hacker groups are promising to take down all the European Banks in 48 hours. He is going to cover this on his live report, at D Live on Friday night. He says, if they succeed this will go global, and effect all world Banks. from the video, this is what the hackers say, Pro-Russian hacktivist group KillNet, Anonymous Sudan, and REvil published a video to warn of their cyber operation.

    “Today, we are a direct threat to all European banks,” an Anonymous Sudan member declared.
    He said European banks would soon be witnessing “the worst cyberattack in recent world history.” This video is from YT that Dhaboo77 shared. You might want to have Bo Polny on again, same time this video came out he is predicting some thing related to this. On the WLT Report (I watched it at Rumble) titled “two months coming like you’ve never seen.”

    • John

      Thanks Greg for your faithfully reporting the weekly news.

  4. Shirl

    Greg, you’re Wide AWAKE, not”woke” Thank you!!!

    Will the crazies (DemonRats and RINO War Mongers) start WW3 going into nukes to distract attention away from their massive criminality… You Betcha!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Shirl!! I agree!!

      • Linda

        God in his Heaven surely will not allow this, Greg! But, it does look as if you & Shirl may be correct.

      • Tim Zamperini

        Greg,please get excited about all the people like myself and my wife that were poisoned with Remdensivir like you do with the VAX people. I have been to every Dr you can think of and they all think I am crazy because I tell them I am suffering from many different symptoms from it. I finally gave up and went to a Neurosurgeon for a full check up and he said there was nothing wrong with me ,but said he has a lot of patient that have the same symptoms as me. He said that he didn’t take the shot because he knew what was in it,he said that there was nothing he could do to help me with my symptoms. So I took Ivermecton for two weeks and came back to him 75% better and he freaked out, but still wont help anyone. Thanks

        • Shirl

          Thanks for sharing that report with us Tim on the Remdensiver poison that caused people to die in hospital. As I understand it, the effects of that were horrendous… causing kidneys to shut down rendering patients unfortunate lungs to fill with their own fluids along IV fluids which complicated breathing even worse than before where many died by drowning…
          I hope you and yours continue to heal with Ivermectin. Greg’s physician guests and brilliant researchers like Karen Kinston have mentioned other helpful repair & healing products that have worked wonders too. You may want to review his earlier reports, they are a treasure trove!!!

          • Tim Zamperini

            THANKS FOR YOUR KIND WORDS, I watch all the shows and life is much better then before by taking Ivermecton. The problem is that no one is talking about the 10X more people that were forced to take Remdensivir then the CV-19 shot. This needs to be discussed much more about how the fooled the public and still are.I have been to lawyers also and they wont touch this with a 10 foot pole. We don’t want money we want JUSTICE for all the people that have been injured . Thanks

        • Felix

          GOD works in mysterious ways,what a wonderful thing to hear you are coming back from lucifers poison.Also do your research on nattokinase,wobenzym n,also mms which is chlorine dioxide.Try kerry she has helped cure kids of autism spectrum with chlorine dioxide which is a water purifier.Please do your research GOD bless my friend.Our HEAVENLY FATHER loves us all,stay strong.

    • Rick

      If the DemonRats and the RINO War Mongers concentrated on doing God’s work “saving people” (instead of trying to kill them with Bio-Clot Shots and Nuclear Wars) – we could have God’s Heaven right here on Earth – – instead of living their lives for the love of ever-worthless money the Globalist Demons should try a different kind of love – and begin to see and understand how “real love” will fill their completely empty souls!!

  5. Hinky

    Imagine Ted Cruz pretending to “see the light” and switching to being a Liberal Democrat…he would be laughed at and ignored by actual Liberals.

    Conservatives, however, are so stupid that they embrace and elevate to idol status former Liberal Democrats like Ronald Reagan & Donald Trump…and then the morons wonder why they always lose!

  6. Klaus Meyer

    Full Tucker Carlson on Twitter… episode 3! Talks on Trumps Indictment
    Amazeen Outdoors 2.1M views 2 days ago
    Tucker Carlson on Twitter episode 3. Tucker talks about Trump and his federal indictment and rino’s, Paul Ryan, Liar Pompus aaoo.

    Russian Army ‘Wipes Out’ over 600 Ukrainian troops; Zelensky admits ‘Counteroffensive Tough’ / Hindustan Times 16,114 views Jun 16, 2023
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has admitted that his troops are facing a tough time at the frontline as the counteroffensive rages on. His admission in an interview to NBC came as the Russian Defence Ministry claimed that over 600 Ukrainian soldiers were ‘wiped out’ in the last 24 hours. The Russian MoD also released footage to show how its Ka-52
    Alligator helicopters repelled an attack in South Donetsk by destroying two Ukrainian tanks. Watch this video for more updates from the Russia-Ukraine conflict zone.

    • Rick

      The Immoral Queers in the Ukraine are getting their asses kicked by Russia (with artillery) – and the Immoral Queers in the US are getting their asses kick by Americans (with boycotts) – the Immoral Queers at the WEF are now Counterattacking – get this – the Immoral Queers at the WEF are now saying (besides us having nothing to eat but bugs) that “They” will now – “”BAN THE BIBLE””!!! (throughout the entire world) – because – according to these Immoral Queers – any talk of Morality – “Is Fake News”!!!

  7. stanley skrzypek

    WHO is IN the “65 Project”?…..THEY SHOULD be gone after!

  8. stanley skrzypek

    How Bout a Bunch of NOT CORRUPT LAWYERS ….go after the CORRUPT”65Project”…..just like the “65Project” goes after President Trump’s Lawyers?…

    • Ray

      Hi Stanley,
      Couldn’t agree more with your statement.
      I hope Trump finds a way to lower the colours of these bastards once and for all.
      Haven’t heard from you here in a while.
      Welcome back…..hope all is well with you and yours.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

  9. erick

    If trump wants to win this his attorneys need to be fired. Statutory law is a joke. Dead law which i never got. Look am Marbury v. Madison look at the 20th amendment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then look at when BIDEN was put into office. I am not a trump supporter but its absolute BS what is going on. I am more a constitutionalist. I know the constitution better than the bible.

  10. David Gordon Dunne

    Another hit it on the head one Greg. I emailed Professor Miller and he emailed me back.
    He is so smart, principled, kind and unafraid to stand up to this tyranny. I think you know I live in Thailand. I have a point to make about what I see here. I always think of myself as super healthy in my life style. Exercise 3 hours a day, diet ect, Well, I had my annual physical 3 weeks ago. Out of no where, my PSA/prostate reading spiked up to 6.9. That is danger, then a Biopsy and BAM cancer. So, that is strike 2. I am a very religious man. I pray many hours a day and you are included Greg. Well, I had the CT Scan done fast and no spreading so Ball 1 then the Bone Scan and no spreading so Ball 2. Next is surgery Aug. 3rd to take the damn thing out. I am at 2-2 now. I live in Khonkaen, NE Thailand and about 25mm come here as all the hospitals are here. I have to go to the biggest for all of this. It is about 2.5 SQ Miles so the hospital is huge. Everytime I go I see thousands and thousands of poor, sick people and families laying all around outside, inside. Here is the big point. They still have the giant Blue Frankenshot Tent up with all these tables, chairs and yes, idiots standing around waiting to get jabbed up. It all reminds me of the movie Soylent Green. I hope I don’t strike out and I have learned so much about this cancer of the prostate. If you catch it early, you will most likely live a lot longer but it has broken out, your odds of living 5 years are on Par with the most deadly cancer, Pancreatic. I am on this female Hormone now called Lupron. It slows down the cancer to a crawl. Radiation will follow but I will have no sex life ever now, a little wee wee and peeing in my pants all the time and that is if I am lucky. My Gleason Score was an 8 and that is not good. I don’t want to strike out here so hope I can walk to First Base. God Bless you all

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t give up DGD, I’m praying for you. Greg

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Greg, My friends all say Dave Dunne is a fighter and everytime he has gotten knocked down, he jumps up swinging. Thanks so much Greg as God is with me. I have had 9 very close calls with death in my life and not a cat but each time, I felt the presence of God with his hand on me. It all can not be explained any other way. We never took the Frankenshots and so I have not seen my two beautiful grandkids in 3.5 years now. I was having the physical done so I could get reservations to come for 4 months to Tampa and Louisville but sitting there with the Urologist and having him say cancer halted all of that. Not only is my heart broken over that, and the cancer, but so many did not listen to all I knew in the beginning of this scandemic from the likes of Drs. Yeadon, Tennpenny, Mercola, McCulloh, Cory, Fleming, Martin, and last but not least Dr. Francis Boyle and out of probably 300 I gave out constant warnings, I would estimate 275 still got them. I just found one one dear friend took the second booster not long ago and BAM Parkinsons the next week or so. I don’t know how all of this crap is going to end well for us all now. I think we have really turned our backs on God in America and now he is turning his back on us all now.

    • Rick

      David – You better get away from those idiot doctors treating you (they will kill you by next suggesting you shoot a high energy proton radiation beam at the prostate) – doctors don’t do independent research and don’t even know that radiation causes cancer – doctors do not think for themselves – they simply rely on what Big Pharma tells them (most doctors are just like dumb ass Hillary Clinton who relies on the Council of Foreign Relations to tell her what to do) – begin doing your own independent research (starting with the article posted below) which indicates that prostate problems and cancer can be cured by taking “vitamin D” (do some further research and it will show you that simply taking 5 mg of iodine per day will cure both prostate and cancer problems in men) – the Medical Establishment knows most people lack iodine – but – if they promote such knowledge (it will put them out of business) – so they cover themselves legally “by officially recommending iodine – be put in salt” – but then – they tell everyone “not to eat salt” (as it may raise your blood pressure) – instead of just supplementing milk with vitamin D the government should be requiring iodine be added to milk and/or other food products (but that would hinder their Clot Shot extermination program designed to reduce the numbers of humans able to receive Social Security and thus save their money making racket from going broke)!!! –

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Thanks Rick so much. I take a chit load and always have of Calcium supplements and eat much of the food daily with it in there. I live in Thailand and exercise 3 hours a day 7 days a week. Riding my bike hard everyday an hour of that 3 and the sun I have an aggressive cancer as my PSA went from normal a year ago to bam 6.9 and the Biopsy says both sides have it. I take Iodine every day as well. I have to wait until Aug. 3rd as the Biopsy has to calm down and stop being inflamed from the biopsy. This Lupron is hard but it does halt the growth of it but the side effects are awful. I have 8 friends who have gone through this, some with high Gleason Scores like me and all are still above ground and all of them took/take Lupron and got zapped with radiation. I would never do Chemo as I have seen many die from the crap.

    • Really Awake

      There are some excellent hospitals and medical care in Thailand. In fact, I’d rather be treated for cancer in Thailand than most hospitals in America. So you got that going for you. You might want to get a second opinion from an oncologist in Bangkok.

      In Thailand you also have the benifit of a very large and expert network of Chinese medicine. I used to have a second home and business in Thailand, but that was when medical care was so cheap that I didn’t need an insurance policy. I’m not sure what the costs are now, but I hope you have enough money to take advantage of the excellent care available in Bangkok.

      Best wishes.

      PS. If you do get well, you should prepare yourself for when China invades Taiwan. When that happens it’ll change everything in Thailand.

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Thanks so much bud. The healthcare in Thailand is ranked #13 in the world while America now has dropped to #26. I go to the American owned hospital Ram here in Khonkaen but my doctors do their surgeries in the giant KKU aff. Govt. hospital. My two Urologists are highly educated. Medical care here is cheap and good. Bangkok is very good but very high in the price. I am locked in here. I have had 3 other surgeries here and the treatment is an A+ These 10 SE Asian countries are not going to roll over for China. Relations are good with them here. 10% of Thais are of Chinese blood and I feel safer here than in America now sadly.

    • The Seer

      Friend (73) had very high PSA (hundreds) now .6 but has a spot by pancreas and by spine now. A new device focuses just on the area. He gets checked and treated every 2 months. He also was getting 70,000 mg ( 70 grams) of IV vitamin C twice a week now once a month. He didn’t know about 500 mg glutathione IV given after the C to boost the immune system. Raw vegetable juices help and no sugar and minimal protein – go vegan if one can. Sunlight. Ultraviolet light helps too. Self- expression helps too as life suppression can cause cancers. Acupuncture will get the stagnation eliminated and the meridians to flow better again. Clean water, organic food, watch laundry detergent and soaps. My friend married to my best girlfriend (53) has had 4 cv jabs though so this will be ongoing for him to keep clearing where it appears as the mRNA goes into the bone marrow. Check with your naturopathic physician just reporting what has worked for others. Best wishes in your healing.

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Thanks bud so very much. Dave

    • Marie Joy

      After my father’s diagnosis, he had himself castrated. They guaranteed he would be cured and he was. H lived another 30+ years. Good luck, David

  11. T Lisieux

    in the past NYU Mark Crispin Miller probaly would not have been on a show like USAWD given its conservative/Christian roots, however times being what they are he, like others, have come to realize that things have changed and times are different. This is a validation of Clif High’s forecast that many will awaken and the old political categories will fall as the country is in peril.

    That Mr Miller decided to return is also a validation. It shows that it must be a positive experience to guest on USAWD. This is to Mr Hunter’s credit as a professional.

  12. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter .Sadly the courts are nothing better than the success of the Third Reich courts and those of Joe Stalinsat at 90% whilst the US Courts sits at 98%,quite a feat.

  13. nicholas condon


  14. Kathleen

    Please tell me why Trump would run again? He won in 2020 … they stole it….why should we think it won’t happen again? Bread and Circuses. With much less Bread 🥖. Prepare

  15. Marie Joy

    Why do we continue to call a bunch of genocidal maniacs “The Elite”?
    Politicians’ finances should be audited but during communism never will be.
    HOW can we help our President Trump?
    The Deep State is all about Ukrainian/worldwide genocide.
    They killed Ukrainians “but I did nothing because I’m not” Ukrainian.
    Expect more plandemics controlled by WHO, probably this winter. We’re next.
    “The next one will get their attention.” – smiling Bill Gates
    Look at Bruce Beach’s bunker. Bruce is dead but he was one smart cookie.
    “81% of Americana have been injected with a Bioweapon.” Greg Hunter reading the CDC. I’m guessing THIS is why and where Deagel formed their conclusions. They knew.
    Reloaders. AMMO UP.
    We should make sure all politicians are vaxxed, for their good health.
    There was a story about a child lost in the wilderness. Nobody’s phone worked so they got all the campers to look for the child. A local resident went to see what was happening, lent them his satellite phone to call authorities, and authorities found the child. Satellite phones have a place but they but one option. CB radio is another.
    Redundant redundancy. One is none. Two is one.
    Get your firewood before they burn it down. Hide your firewood in your basement/ attic/porch. People will be desperate.
    There will be a point where what you have is all that you will ever have.
    At what point will Americans take meaningful action?

    • Earth Angel

      Good point on your first comment MJ. I much prefer referring to the ‘elite’ as the ‘predator parasite’ class that they truly are. (I first heard the term used by DW so I can’t take credit for coining it- but it sure is accurate!)

    • Paul from Indiana

      At no point. Aware individuals are on their own. Best always. PM

  16. George

    A quick reply to Mr. Marsh below. Trump has addressed the Vax problem and the rise in childhood illnesses. It’s a start:
    Other good news is that the Trump “federal case” puts all other lawsuits against him (like in NY state) on hold until federal case ends = other cases are now adjourned. And the judge in the Federal case is a Trump appointee named Judge Irene Cannon (with a jury to be seated in friendly Florida). Trump’s lawyers can ask for many delays (up through 2024 if needed), and Judge Cannon will probably grant such delays.

  17. Galaxy 500

    Why are people here in America not rioting in the streets over what China Biden and crew is doing?

    • Rick

      Perhaps people in the US are “too busy to riot” because they are prepping for the very well advertised Grid Take-down instead – especially after hearing Russia announce (after Biden blew up their Nord Stream pipeline) that they now consider all US pipelines, undersea cables, etc. to “now be legitimate targets for them to attack”!!
      Because we preppers obviously need “a good stockpile of wood” for cooking, heat, light and electricity when our US pipelines and /or cables are cut (as payback for globalist Biden’s terrorist actions) the globalists are now burning down the forests!! – people need to know that it is not just wind and solar we can use – the heat produced by a wood fire for cooking food or warming a home can also yield an additional harvest of “clean electricity” for keeping our small electronic appliances charged up or for powering all the LED lights in our homes at night – if you own an electric car or motor scooter it will trickle charge those items also – the device is called a “thermo-electric module” (which generates electricity from the temperature difference between your wood stove (or other heat source) and a cool tank of water (which gets progressively hotter and can then be drained for uses like washing dishes or taking showers, etc., etc.)!! – a thermo-electric generator that produces about 450 watts can cost about $2000 dollars!!!

    • Rick

      Here is an interesting footnote on thermo-electric generators – it was George Simon Ohm who first worked with a thermo-electric generator in 1825 and developed his “Ohm’s Law” (which met with a very cool reception in his own country) where the Prussian Government Education Minister at the time pronounced that: “Professor Ohm preaching such heresies on electricity was unworthy to teach science”!! – this is the sort of thing that happens even today when politicians try to involve themselves in science and go on TV telling everyone in America that an m-RNA bio-weapon “is safe and effective” (seems we have progressed very little since 1825)!!! – what is truly amazing to me is how 65% percent of the American people “gambled their very lives and the lives of their precious children” on the “words of politicians” and “ignorant script reading news reporters” (who most likely flunked Science in High School – flunked Math (thinking 2 + 2 = 5), flunked Biology (thinking two men can have a baby), flunked political science (thinking a Nuclear First Strike is the way to win wars) – and I can guess how they did in Bible Class (by their perverted acts of immorality, their killing of people with lethal injections, their robbing of the poor taxpayers while letting the rich pay zero, their raping of children, their drinking of blood at Bohemia Grove, roasting children and then eating human flesh and dressing like demonic queer clowns on our public streets and in our schools half naked in leotards (enticing our children to put money into their panties) and openly brainwashing our children to become transgenders – these perverted queers believe all children belong to them (and that they can cut off their balls and breasts) – and if any parent protests their actions as a betrayal of everything America stands for – they simply pass laws to arrest them (like they recently arrested and sent to jail Jeremy Brown)!!! – !! !!!

  18. Alt Media

    “It’s like some crazy syndrome where you protect your abuser.”
    -Greg Hunter,

    “We, as citizens of a supposedly free country, should not permit our government to restrict any information that protects criminal activity under the guise of National Security.”
    ― Cathy O’Brien, TRANCE Formation of America: True life story of a White House hooker who sadly alleges that President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney committed statutory rape against her 16 year old daughter:

  19. John Geis

    China is taking down the Dollar and Africa, with Chinese help, just dumped the Dollar. The ONLY country with the economic power to take down the Dollar is China. China is America in 1941! Thus just as Japan had to roll the dice at Pearl Harbor America must roll the dice at Taiwan and the outcome will be our fleet residing where Japan’s is. Just as Hitler believed his own propaganda in 1945, our leaders believe theirs today. Russian subs are junk, Russian nukes are duds, Russian soldiers will simply run away, Chinese pilots can’t fly at night or in bad weather, their weapons are junk, our carrier battle groups will shoot down their planes and missiles and sink their fleet. BUT in EVERY BATTLE SIMULATION WE LOSE! The American people have been deceived about the war in Ukraine and the coming war with Russia and China just as they were about COVID and the bioweapon.

  20. James Hall

    Greg you can also say Raw milk from grass fed cows and goats cures diseases and is the best immune support. There’s a 1929 study on this subject. I don’t understand why you avoid this subject. It’s sold retail in many states. The Queen of England drank everyday.
    Please review this site, you’ll see real baby formula, not the same a pasteurized milk.
    They do interviews.

    • Julia

      James, thank you. Raw milk cheese is very good for everyone.


  21. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    Some how we must stop using the word “elite ” to refer to people who are basically criminals. Using the word “elite” seems to justify what these scumbags do. These people are an organized crime family & should be identified as such. Just my .02

    • Diana

      Agreed 🙂

  22. andyb

    Gateway Pundit this am has latest Tucker; fantastic sarcasm. I pray he doesn’t get arkancided.

  23. Joseph

    Greg with a little digging found this about “65 PROJECT”

    Trump: We Are in a Big Fat Ugly Bubble

  24. Gerry

    The view from central Ontario, Canada is just as “foggy”. I mean it in a literal and nonlitteral sense. Yes we have the smoke but the smoke of Satan is worse. Would it not be better to stop a snowball at the top of a mountain before it rolls inexorably downwards, which to politicians is miraculous? When they chop jobs, as they have been for years, of men in forests observing conditions on the ground to stop forest fires at their inception, are we to applaud massive mobilization of technologies and men in a ridiculous attempt to halt the fires? Once a fire gets going it is hard to stop. But they terminated real jobs to bolster men and women sitting at computer screens miles away. Here where I live you can’t find enough people to work manually. Students in high schools have been brainwashed into thinking that computers are the future, let’s see a computer screen stop a fire! If everything is to be done by people at computers, then we as human beings just allowed wef et al. To control us as being obsolete. Once in a while, God intersects into their plans, via nature, a counter-balance, for those with eyes to see. Fires are a natural occurrence, but mis-management of them is not. In this regard, I trust people on the ground rather than bureaucrats or ai hiding in the back-ground. This is the future – the natural vs the anti- natural man. If the anti-natural man raises his fist to God, he will be naturally smashed. The evidence of that is culturally all around us.

  25. Greg Dougall

    Greg, If you ever want to discuss ET history and presence, in public or private, I am available.

  26. Melinda scheeler

    Greg you ask where is tucker Carlson? He just released his 4th show on tweeter go to his tweeter page and listen to what tucker is saying ! These sudden death cases reminds me of Mathew 24: Jesus mentions “ the beginnings of sorrows” How could anyone deny these words vs what we are witnessing ? Good news is Jesus never lies and his words is always trust worthy his promises are always fulfilled .

    • Charles Tas Maniac

      He also said if those days were not cut short, no flesh would be saved.

  27. Larry Serflaten

    We have got to get a handle on this two tier justice system. The root of the cause is the notion of ‘diplomatic immunity’. While it is important to protect foreign agents and their families from aggression while conducting their work, the idea that some people are above the law is detrimental to the rule of law.

    Using today’s technologies, we no longer need to send diplomats abroad when they can talk face to face in a video conference. The statement ‘no one is above the law’ is never true while nations are unable to enforce their laws within their own borders. The trouble is, there are those who will say to themselves, “if they can have immunity, then so can I”. And with enough money and influence, people are getting away with it. Diplomatic immunity should be curtailed to more of a guaranteed protection service than of freedom from prosecution while in the host country.

    Then another area of concern is the lifetime politician. We need to stop allowing career politicians to remain in power for extended periods. One way to do that would be to say senators may not serve consecutive terms and representatives may only serve 4 consecutive years before having to wait one cycle and again be voted in by their constituents. That would force those who represent us to have to get in touch with the people to garner their reelection vote if they want to serve multiple terms. If someone becomes compromised, they are out of office at the end of their term. That would also reduce lobbyists and corporations from investing too heavily in any one individual, knowing they have but a few years in office.

    The government is granted power by permission of the people. We need to start restricting their abuse of it. Forcing them out of office periodically (6 years for senators, 4 years for representatives) will help to remind them whom they serve!

    Plus they would not be so reluctant to address accountability of the non-elected officials, knowing it will have no bearing on their re-election for the next term.

  28. Fred Engel

    I believe the Ukraine war and money sent a blackmail against Biden’s to keep silence on the $5 mil Joe and Hunter received. I give credibility to Q posts it talked about information blackouts internet blackouts. This the deep state attempt to control the flow of information thats coming out. Forbes breaking news yesterday posted “US government agencies targeted in latest global cyber attack”. It could be starting.

  29. A Day

    While I agree that the corruption is way over the top with regards to the Trump case, with a bit of patience I’m sure we’ll see the crooks at the top turn on each other. They always do. And when they start chopping each other’s legs out from underneath of each other, the truth will trickle out. And as usual we will all be subject to the disruptions caused by the power struggle.

  30. MacGuy

    I found out last night my older brother died unexpectedly in his sleep he was 76 years old and in good health and very active. I discovered last year my entire remaining family took the shot for one reason or the other.

    My sister who also took the shots and tried to talk me into getting them did not talk to me for over one year because I refused to take it. My sister now wants to know what killed our brother for family health history reasons and I cannot bring myself to mention the shots.

    This is like living a nightmare which one cannot awaken from.

    • Greg Hunter

      We are so sorry Macguy for your loss. You are not alone. Greg

    • Anthony Australia

      Hopefully they wake up in Heaven. My heartfelt condolences.

    • Earth Angel

      Praying for you MacGuy. So sorry to hear of the untimely death of your brother. The total loss, pain, grief and suffering caused by the worldwide bioweapon murder scheme is hard to fathom. The b@s*ar&s behind this have been pushing their boundaries for decades but this is really ‘over the top’. They MUST be brought to justice.

  31. Linda

    Hey Greg! What happened to the Converso app?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s getting retooled and renamed and then relaunched.

  32. david calkins

    EXPLOSIVE: Halderman Report Released in Georgia – Confirms VOTES CAN BE ALTERED Through Defective Dominion Voting Machines – Raffensperger Hid This From Public – Garland Favorito Weighs In

  33. Randy

    F-35 isn’t a piece of flying crap, it’s probably one of the best fighters ever produced. What you are basing it on was years ago there was a F-35 technology demonstrator (prior to the first deployable F-35 being manufactured and delivered) that had a fly off against a F-16 which it lost because it lacked much of it’s software to run the F-35 at full capabilities. Basically the F-35 was fighting with one hand tied behind it’s back.

    DeSantis is the only Governor that has created a Grand Jury to investigate Big Pharma and the Vaxx. Grand Jury is being run by the FL Supreme Court. On July 1st, Floridians may carry concealed without a concealed weapons license thanks to DeSantis.

  34. Dave

    Pompeo has distanced himself from Trump over moral issues that Pompeo considers paramount. Pompeo is a devout Christian, a consultant to Jay Sekulow’s ACLJ and very active in fighting the spread of abortion and transgender “rights” around the world – largely pushed by the US. Supposedly Trump’s celebration of homosexuality at his Mar Lago resort this spring was the last straw. Earlier Pompeo wasn’t happy with Trump blaming the GOP underperformance in the 2022 elections on pro-lifers.

    • Sue Locke

      Pomp, said it himself, to West Point graduates. In the CIA, a man must learn how to lie, steal, kill and destroy. A real man has to discern, when God’s law supersedes what is right and wrong. Jesus asked, he who has not sinned cast the first stone, to kill the eviler whore. Like you this same Jesus was reprimanded for eating and drinking with sinners, partying with. Your judging the Trumpster, so shall you be judged, good luck!
      Unlike you, Trump catches more flies with honey, your wormwood will only catch you fleas!
      Trump is a man;
      Dave, it takes more than big broad shoulders_ to be a Christian man!

    • Diana

      Pompeo is CIA, full stop. That fact alone explains everything.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Regardless, he was the best secretary of state since General Haig (under Reagan). Best always. PM

  35. John


    Another home run. However, I’ve never heard of “The 65 Project”. Get someone on to explain and map it out. Our legal system is already compromised. Look at the 2020 elections and the Supreme Court’s refusal to address ANY of the well documented complaints. Why should ANY state stick with the UNION if a small handful of states consistently compromise their elections just to get their way in the state and federal seats of government?


  36. Joseph

    Global doctor-assisted suicide.

  37. Earl Thornburg

    Greg, The bioweapon vax could also be called a pesticide. We are the pest.

  38. Marie Joy

    When a bunch of genocidal maniacs are trying to kill you, protesting doesn’t work.

    • Paul from Indiana

      And neither do voting or representative government. The “system” to which we are linked will be what kills us. Best always. PM

  39. Clay Lane

    Ukraine War & Nukes Moving Around – Col Doug Macgregor
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom
    163K subscribers 205K views Streamed 1 day ago

    Trump’s Arrest EXPOSED – The REAL STORY They’re Not Telling You
    Russell Brand 91,587 views Jun 15, 2023
    As Trump enjoys a boost in the polls following his arraignment on Tuesday, what does it say for our trust in authority, and especially the government’s treatment of whistleblowers, that Trump’s possession of “classified national security documents” doesn’t seem to even register with voters?

    Russian ‘SuperKam’ Drone Destroys Ukraine’s Donetsk Command Post Hindustan Times 90,358 views Jun 15, 2023
    A full-blown drone battle has erupted as the fight between Russia and Ukraine intensifies. Vladimir Putin’s men used their “Superkam” drone to inflict heavy damage on Ukraine. In the video released by the Russian defence ministry, the “Superkam” UAV crew can be seen locating a Ukrainian command post and launching a strike on it. After receiving exact inputs, the Russian drone crew dropped a bomb on the unit. The destruction of the Ukrainian unit in the Donetsk region was captured on camera.

    “The New Cold War: The United States, Russia and China”: Gilbert Achcar on Ukraine War & More Democracy Now! 21K views 8 hours ago Latest Shows

  40. John Maskell

    USA Watchdog should be the only news channel , period ! The coverage is exceptional and the guests are real honest human beings . Greg, you are a genuine guy with a big heart. Americans should be proud of you . I’m English and wish you the best. I hope President Trump can overthrow these corrupt criminals . In my world , he is the real President !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John!!

  41. mike burton

    the great tribulation is coming fast just like the christ predicted in your face

  42. Joseph


  43. Prospector

    Citizen disarmament is always on their ” to do ” list.

    “Every year, self-proclaimed pro-gun Republicans throw their gun owning constituents under the bus by voting for gun control and gutting pro-gun legislation.”

    National Association for Gun Rights announced the winner of their first annual Traitor of the Year award at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee was named the winner, earning the award following his calling of a special legislative session to try and pass “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation laws.
    “Red Flag” bills call for legally owned firearms to be forcibly confiscated from law-abiding Americans without due process, based on unsubstantiated accusations from disgruntled family members, neighbors, co-workers, and/or current or ex-romantic partners, or roommates.

    “There is nothing more traitorous you can do than bend the knee to the gun grabbers by pushing bills to confiscate firearms without due process”

    ( Be advised Pennsylvania, you’re next , as soon as next week )

    • Wayne

      It is unlikely that H.B. 1018 which would create a “red flag law” will pass the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania Senate. It barely even passed the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives (passed by a 102-99 vote).

  44. Francine Collins

    Russia Eliminated Over 7,000 Ukrainian Troops’: Putin’s Army Reveals Shocking War Details Hindustan Times 124,902 views Jun 14, 2023
    Russia has claimed to have killed about 7,500 troops killed and wounded unknown number of them since June 4 during Kyiv’s bid to reclaim lost territory. The Russian military said that Ukrainian troops made several unsuccessful attempts to attack in Donetsk and other areas to breach Russian defences. Moscow claimed that its troops inflicted heavy losses among personnel and military equipment of Ukraine. Watch the video for more.

  45. Francine Collins

    Stephen Gardner 20,747 views Jun 15, 2023
    Elon Musk chastises president Biden over his words about American children. President Biden snaps at a reporter to asking why the man that gave him $5 million calls him the big guy. Zelenskyy swears he and Ukraine had nothing to do with the nord stream 2 pipeline explosion which leads the story back to biden, the cia and the navy.

  46. Douglas

    Greg do you think that Ron is not defending Donald because of how Donald has attacked him? Trump also attacking the best press secretary anyone could ask for. Burning too many bridges

    • Greg Hunter

      Ron is smart enough to know they are attacking “We the People” and the Constitution. Trump is just the face of the beating. DeSantis has to show he can lead if he wants to be President. This means he has to put his big boy pants on and defend the country from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

      • Coco

        According to Tucker, Trump is finished and scared shitless…! Many are saying the same thing…!

        • Greg Hunter

          Post a link for this please.

  47. James Aquino

    Hey Greg, just a quick message. I been working with Melody at Discount Gold and Silver for about 2 years now through your recommendation and I just wanted to let you know she is fantastic. Sharp and helpful, always looking to find me a better deal or how I can get a better price on her products.
    Greg, THANK YOU for being you! God Bless you my friend!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks you James for the good feedback on melody. I never get complaints on her and this is why I got her ion USAW!!

  48. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and many thanks for WNW586.

    You warn against AI being able to mimic specific people. This technology may pre-date AI. I remember an episode of ‘Tomorrow’s World’, a BBC programme featuring new inventions. A couple of young guys had invented a voice synthesiser and used it on the programme to demonstrate Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher singing a pop song. It occurred to me at the time that this technology could be used for nefarious purposes. Margaret Thatcher was PM from 1979 to 1990 so, I think this technology was invented in the mid 1980s. Nothing more was heard of this invention, stories did not appear in the newspapers, etc. In the U.K., the patent office vets new inventions for possible military use and can refuse to issue a patent (or publish any details) on grounds of ‘national security’.

    P.S. Consider music synthesisers that can mimic multiple different instruments with the turn of a switch. Now imagine providing such a machine with a sample voice recording of a person you wish to imitate. You provide the text and the machine mimics the person’s voice (the instrument) selected.

  49. i: a man; travis all wars are banker wars

  50. Kay

    I voted for Trump and DeSantis. I will never vote for DeSantis as President. West Palm Beach, FL has the largest pro-Trump club in America. Trump and Florida Trump patriots put DeSantis in the Governor’s mansion. DeSantis never built that infrastructure but he benefitted from it. It would be best if you read this article before voting. If you want DeSantis in the White House, you should at least know what you will get.

    Ron DeSantis vs. George W. Bush: A Comparison of Their Campaign Platforms and Policies
    They have a lot more in common than you think
    But besides all these, they share a lot of similarities in regards to their campaign platforms and policies. DeSantis is not “Trump without the baggage”. He is Bush 4.0.
    Even former Bush Administration officials, approve his messages. For example, Sara Fagen, former White House political director, said that DeSantis’ policies are closer to Bush’s than Trump’s.

    • Diana

      100% Kay he is a Bushey. When Jeb Bush goes all in on someone they are owned by the DS.

  51. William T Westenberger

    I have a sister who believed the government lies and was very vocal in her verbal abuse on we who did not so that I couldn’t even broach the subject but I still love her. This is almost like a drug addiction in the way she acts and I don’t know how to get through to her to see reason! I feel I’m mourning the loss before it has happened.

  52. Kay

    More on Governor DeSantis! I voted for him as my governor but will not vote for him as my President.
    Is DeSantis’ War on Big Tech a Scam?

  53. Coal Burner

    Greg: Someone needs to publish the names and addresses of the 65 Club. Sooner or later that list will be needed for prosecutors. The criminal list is getting long but must be put into the public.

  54. Robin

    I love your show. It gets to the point right away. No messing around like the LLM does. You are the best, God bless you. May He protect you from any force. I will continue to watch your show. I unfortunately have a friend that thinks the shots are a good thing, she has all kinds of relatives that have taken the shot and are now sick or dead.

  55. Diana Brown

    Thanks Greg. The link came through perfectly this week. I appreciate your perspective.

  56. Ken Eakin

    They aren’t going to touch Trump. I just have this gut feeling the Lord has placed a hedge of protection around Trump. When you have all these attempts to take him down and all are failing you’ve got to believe at some point he has providential protection from the Almighty. Trump did a lot of good for our country when he was in office. He protected a nation that God himself created. Trump did a lot of good for Israel as well, another country created by God Himself. God will not leave nor forsake him. Bo Polny was right…something BIG is setting up to happen that will restore this nation and place president Trump back in the white house.

  57. BigE

    It appears they can do whatever they want.

  58. Coal Burner

    Wonder it the fbi and the 65 club and the criminal DOJ took the shots. Oooooh The Booster too……………? CIA?? What about Bidens Staff?????????

  59. elle

    Russia is a better place to live at this point in my opinion. Nothing is sacred in USA. Its sick after sick and its are Gov and the sick stooges. If I can leave I have decided its best. Get out.

  60. leo

    I went to see my daughter and 2 grand children yesterday and noticed that every building on main street has a gay flag flying it is not a big town maybe a hardware store some bars a church or three mostly small business here in washington state maybe 7 blocks long, and those flags were not there last week ugh??? what should my action be<< anybody??

    • Paul from Indiana

      Leo, I’ll take a stab at this since you asked for input.

      Washington state. And you’re shocked? Eastern Washington state is more conservative. If this is in eastern Washington, then I’m surprised, but not non-plussed. This is the state of society and culture in these times.

      I can’t tell you specifically what your action should be. Your action should be that which you feel to be appropriate. If you think that overt action (and sharing your true feelings is an action) is potentially harmful to your familial relationship, you must ponder how much you value that connection vs. being truthful about and faithful to your personal convictions. Polarization is a permanent condition going forward; choices must be made. Nothing about this is simple or easy. If it is any comfort to you, please know that many, perhaps all, of us are in this same boat. Best always. PM

  61. Clay Lane

    Forget Talk of Dollar’s Demise… THIS Should Be Your Greatest Worry in 2023 Warns Wall Street Titan Stansberry Research 77,913 views Jun 14, 2023
    “The U.S. dollar is going to remain the reserve currency for the next several decades, as long as the Bill of Rights stays in place,” claims Joel Litman, president and CEO of Valens Research. He sees no imminent threat to the dollar because, “there’s no fiat currency that’s a good currency to invest in.” However, he believes this ongoing economic turmoil and geopolitical uncertainty could drag on for the next 24 months. “I think we’re still going to have the recession, and it’s not going to be pretty,” he warns. Finally, he shares what can folks do to navigate this choppy market.

    Douglas Macgregor: Great Reset, Russia, Ukraine & Western Geopolitical Strategies / GoTranscript Test 52,419 views Jun 14, 2023
    Douglas Macgregor: Great Reset, Russia, Ukraine & Western Geopolitical Strategies, Sober Analysis | Who is Wining in Ukraine?

  62. dante ochotorena

    Greg your on target always saying the obvious that the zombies miss!

  63. Anne

    Greg, thanks for reporting the truth. I, unfortunately live in California and Biden is coming to my Town on Monday to fund raise for re-election. Military helicopters are f flying above. What a scene. I wonder how many libs are going to support this, especially with Gavin here.

  64. regaleagle

    All I can say is there are tons of very wealthy families that wield a certain amount of power and influence that have sat idly by and watched the disintegration of our social order when they could have used their wealth, power, and influence to stop these things from happening. And these are members of the Conservative Right. So now comes the Look into the Mirror moment…….I hope the mirror does not shatter.

  65. Prospector

    We are at war, the bio-weapon-vax is part of that war.

    Dr. John Coleman Published This In 1993: At Least 4 Billion ‘Useless Eaters’ To Be Culled By 2050

    At least 4 billion “useless eaters” shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by
    means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases
    and starvation. Energy, food and water shall be kept at subsistence-levels
    for the non-elite, starting with the White-populations of Western Europe and
    North America and then spreading to other races. The population of Canada,
    Western Europe and the United States will be decimated more rapidly than
    on other continents, until the world’s population reaches a manageable-level
    of 1 billion, of which 500 million will consist of Chinese and Japanese races,
    selected because they are people who have been regimented for centuries
    and who are accustomed to obeying authority without question.

    From time to time there shall be artificially-contrived food and water
    shortages and medical-care to remind the masses that their very existence
    depends on the goodwill of the The Committee of 300.
    (p. 105 – The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of Committee of 300)

    It is most important to understand that the think tank ” Club Of Rome ” and C-300 are the parent organizations of the W.E.F. – They just keep changing names every few years to throw people off. — THEY PLANNED IT ALL.

    “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future.”- Professor Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum

    The so called ‘ climate change ‘ boogeyman is also part of the ACT.
    “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill ”
    From their book :
    The First Global Revolution is a book written by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider

    “The threat of environmental crisis will be the ‘international disaster key’ that will unlock the New World Order.” – Mikhail Gorbachev.

    Share please , with any that has ears to hear.

  66. Jeffrobbins

    USAWATCHDOG is my number one news site. If you’re new here, keep coming back, even if you don’t totally agree. The comments are very insightful too- but if you get to this one, you’ve already looked at most of them. I watched the news wrap up late- I’ve been busy getting some things put in place with my almost homestead, and i have a family, job, blah, blah. Greg should have a by-line – ACTIONABLE NEWS!.

  67. Anti-atomist

    “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” Luke 6:37

  68. Prospector

    Ministry Of Truth

    Obama Calls for ‘Digital Fingerprints’ to Help Censor ‘Misinformation’ Online

  69. Diana

    Thank you for your post Wilson. I will go check out the link.
    Thank you Greg for all you do and for telling it like it is.
    We need to get rid of Tillis somehow and Cooper soon.

  70. Prospector

    Evil & Insane. These people are worse than any Bond villain !!


    Tom Renz
    I agree with everything here about the NEXT virus being contagious & targeted genetically. That said, they WILL claim there to be a cure & it will be the #mRNA vaccines (maybe a new name). Looks like that will be the ONLY treatment. Bill Gates & the #WEF are working hard.

    Lockdown 2.0 coming – London Real & Robert Malone

  71. Prospector

    Are bugs the delivery method of choice ?

    Professor Hiroyuki Matsuoka of Jichi Medical University in Japan received a grant from Bill Gates to develop mosquitos that can produce and secrete a chemical payload inside unsuspecting humans. The objective is to use mosquitoes to deliver ‘protective vaccines’ against infectious diseases!

    Production of a Transgenic Mosquito, as a Flying Syringe, to Deliver Protective Vaccine via Saliva

  72. Robert K

    And it begins…

    Commies at it finest, using alphabet soup to circumvent warrants. There’s no tax information on the 4473 forms, sooooo…..

  73. Victor Showman Shokan

    Putin Baits NATO with ‘Will Burn F-16s’ Remark; Installs Tactical Nukes in Belarus I Hindustan Times 74,422 views Jun 17, 2023
    Russia has delivered its first batch of tactical nuclear weapons to its ally Belarus amid Ukraine’s counteroffensive. Speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Putin said that he will use nukes only when there is a threat to Russian statehood.

    Biden Took $5 Million Bribe From Ukraine – Says Whistleblower!
    The Jimmy Dore Show
    10,192 views Jun 17, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow
    Republicans and others on the right have long alleged that Joe Biden was involved in dirty dealing in Ukraine, possibly in cahoots with his son Hunter and possibly other family members. Now GOP Senator Chuck Grassley is claiming that a whistleblower has come forth with audio recordings proving that Biden took $5 million in bribes.

    Putin’s Chilling Warning to Zelensky after Deploying Chechens in Belgorod; ‘Russia Will Build…’
    Hindustan Times 35,239 views Jun 17, 2023
    In a chilling warning, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Ukraine of military retaliation if Kyiv continues striking Russian soil. Putin said that enemies (Ukraine) have to realise where they are heading for.

    Putin’s Men Bomb Ukraine’s ‘Battle Strategy Room’ with Cruise Missiles amid War|Hindustan Times 3,801 views Jun 17, 2023
    Russia’s Defence Ministry says it struck a command centre of the Ukrainian military using sea and air-based long precision weapons. Releasing a video, the Russian Defence Ministry said that the aim of the strike was achieved and the intended facility was hit. Ukraine’s military centres have been on Russia’s target since late May, after the drone attack over Moscow. Watch;

  74. John Newland

    US Neocons Are Warmongering Around The World To Dominate The Globe | Jeffrey Sachs Speech in Vienna Neutrality Studies
    103,066 views Jun 16, 2023 VIENNA
    In this video, watch Professor Jeffrey Sachs speak with Dr. Heinz Gärtner at the International Conference for Peace in Vienna (June 2023). Dr. Sachs’ lays out clearly and succinctly how belligerent the foreign policy of the United States is and how a small group of elites keeps dragging the country’s diplomacy to the brink of nuclear war—time and again.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski: Ukraine’s Future
    Peterson Institute for International Economics 167K views 11 years ago
    Zbigniew Brzezinski, former US National Security Advisor, delivered the keynote address at the Peterson Institute on July 7, 2011, at the conference “Ukraine’s Future: The Challenges and Impact of Governance in Ukraine,” cohosted by the Peterson Institute for International Economics, the Center on the United States and Europe at Brookings, and the Atlantic Council.

  75. Charles lape

    Hard to believe you used to do this show with no sponsors. Those days were nice since I pay YouTube to not see commercials but things always change. Oh well you have to do what you have to do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trying to keep USAW free of charge.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, I don’t understand the “ins and outs” of this business. I can only advise from the position of an outsider consumer. Many have gone the “premium” membership route. I’d subscribe, and I bet many of the long-term Watchdoggers would as well . Best always. PM

  76. V.P. Ubatuba Chickencluck

    UPS votes to strike. Will xmas of 2023 be cancelled?

    The US government will have to replace the workers with illegal aliens.

    Why, because the available unemployed manpower, the 100+ million entitlement people age 18-62 ain’t ever going to work as long as they get free entitlements.

    This is where the 4% official unemployment rate is actually 30% if you were to end all monetary, housing, education, and medical support to all able bodied unemployed people age 18-62.

    End all entitlements to able bodied 18-62 year olds and you would have 100 million people ready to report for work or starve. The hourly wages would also fall along with the cost of buying products and services. And in a couple of years a trillion would also be erased from the national debt as these entitlement people would no longer get a free ride.

    When ever the government is involved, be it price support or outright government buying of anything, that is a major source of the inflation, as the government will spend amount in order to keep 100 MILLION mostly democrat moochers pacified.

    No truer words.

    • Paul from Indiana

      The idea that in a country of 335 million we have a labor shortage is bogus. Shut down the government and its corruption and see how much labor we have. Welfare is vote-buying, pure and simple. Best always. PM

  77. The True Nolan

    I doubt that the purpose of charging Trump is to actually convict and put him in jail. Don’t get me wrong! The Dems would LOVE to put him in jail, but I do not think that is their motive. I think the reason is this: When they steal the election again in 2024 (and they will) they will have a plausible explanation for Trump’s loss. The Dems and the mainstream media will all say, “A lot of people may have said they were going to vote for him, but once they were in the privacy of the voting booth, they simply could not ignore his criminality. They just didn’t want to put a criminal, one who would not hesitate to put US security in jeopardy, into the White House!” Pure bulls**t of course, but a plausible sounding sound bite to build their election theft on.

  78. Haifish8587

    Why quote Derswitz? He admitted he voted for Hillary and then for Biden and plans to vote for Biden again. Why is he not being questioned on is motive?

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