Trump Vax Mistake, Vax Doesn’t Work, Fragile Economy Warning

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 500 10.22.21)

President Trump is still pushing the horrible injections he calls vaccines from his “Operation Warp Speed.”  I don’t know who is telling him these are working well when death and injuries on VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) outnumber all vax deaths and injuries for the past 30 years.  By every metric, the vaccines Trump is still pushing are a growing disaster, just ask former Secretary of State Colin Powell.  Oh wait, Powell was fully vaccinated, and he just died of complications from Covid 19.  Stop the shots, Mr. President, and admit you are wrong.  The nation will forgive you, but not the people who lied.

There is a new study done by Harvard (posted on National Institutes of Health website), and it basically says the vax injections do not work.  The highest counties in America have the highest Covid transmission rates, and the lowest vaccinated counties have the lowest Covid transmission rates.  It was the same overseas in high vaxed countries such as Israel.  Dr. Chris Martenson simply says “We’ve been had.”  I say it was a deadly money making scam for Big Pharma and government co-conspirators.  They all should be prosecuted under the Nuremberg code of 1947.  They hung Nazi doctors for experimenting on people against their will and without informed consent.  Sound familiar?

There is no stopping the rising inflation trend we find ourselves in.  There are supply chain disruptions and dramatically rising prices for just about everything.  Inflation is going to force the Fed to raise interest rates.  Trends researcher Gerald Celente summed it all up perfectly this past week on and said, “When they raise interest rates, this thing goes down — end of story.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 10/22/21.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Pierre Kory, a top critical care Covid 19 doctor, will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will be talking about the fight to get Ivermectin recognized as a cure for CV19 and cut through the huge lies being told by the government and Big Pharma that could cost you your life.


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  1. Marie+Joy

    Expect food rationing in 2022.

    • Warren B.

      I really don’t care about how much and how hard they push with this TOXIC Jab….but I’m not playing the game of Russian Roulette (and I’m not letting my family play it either).
      Got it !!!!

      • jack

        This woman in Sept 2019 predicted what would happen in 2020.

        • JC


          And she has a new video from a day ago…

          “I didn’t predict the future, I merely paid attention.”

        • Paul ...

          Inaction by the public when babies were being aborted “right up until the time of birth” … is now coming back on them … as “their” children (up to age 11) will now be “aborted by mandate” with a “jab” on Halloween (in celebration of Satan’s pagan holiday)!!

          • Paul ...

            Surprise surprise … all those who got “jabbed” will now need to pay Big Pharma a monthly subscription fee “to stay alive” (they will call it a carbon tax) … without a booster shot each month … you DIE … (because your God given immune system has been destroyed by their Spike Protein Jab) … isn’t that just “Great” … well … Trump wanted to make America “Great Again” … and now we have it … “a monthly injection to stay alive” … isn’t that Great!! …

            • Laura McDonough

              Never ever trust any politician and avoid all voting ongoing. We knew Trump was one of them, now others have exposed him as a fraud.

              • Greg Hunter

                No we did not know Trump was one of them and he’s still not. If he was “one of them” there would have been no need for a nationwide cheat in 2020. Just illogical Trump hating.

                • Gandhi

                  Greg, the whole point of this fiasco, that trump undeniably initiated, is to destroy confidence in our fake election system. Even though trump declared an emergency and so bypassed medical safety protocols with warp speed and gave scum like fauci and gates a blank check, he never took down any swamp creatures. He was still taken down as an example that the prez does not run things even if he does their bidding. Once our confidence in the “elected” is shaken, by medical disasters, fake market financial disaster, fake borders, fake voting and many other corrupt choices, it will be time to bring forth their global saviors. Please read Shakespeare: trump is playing the part of honest Iago. If trump took the fetal tissue injection as he said he did, why would trump repent now? Funny. No one is coming to save you, especially trump. LOL. Billionaires are not outsiders.

        • AndrewB

          Hi Jack and thanks for the link.
          Wow! This woman (name ?) is a TIGER!!
          Love her closing challenge to her listeners: “Is this the land of the free and the brave, or is it the land of the sheep and the slave?!

          P.S. Warning to all those mortally offended by ‘industrial language’. This lady makes Gerald Celente sound like a librarian 🙂

        • Ed Mustafo

          EVERYONE PLEASE LISTEN!! The Deep State was planning on using the “ pandemic “ to keep the economy/ world SHUTDOWN for at least five years. Trump knew this !!!! That’s why he created the task force and pushed the vaccine through so fast, to keep the economy/ world open. If he didn’t billions of people would have died without a choice. He never FORCED anyone to get the vaccine.He expects people who are AWAKE to read between the lines and think for themselves. Brainwashed people who got the jab by choice could end up as collateral damage but nothing compared to what would have happened without a vaccine. Trump has to “ play the game “ in this information war. Sometimes disinformation is necessary. Don’t lose faith in Trump. Remember, always trust yourself and think for yourself.

          • Andrew de Berry

            Thanks Ed. Good post! Anti Trump hysteria is rearing up on this site!

            • Greg Hunter

              Just because I disagree with President Trump on the Vax issue does not mean I would not support him for President. I like Trump, but as a reporter, I have to point out facts and the facts say he’s wrong on the vax. I work for “We the People” not Trump or anyone else.

              • MikeB

                Something to think about and maybe chase down see Zero hedge 173,000 US troops overseas 80 countries

                173,000 x $100,000 each = 17,300,000,000
                that’s TRILLION a year is this what finally does it and is this where
                the Skidmore trillions are??

                Regards and you are doing Gods Work
                MikeB from New Zealand
                PS contact me for any insight on the ground in NZ

                • Earth Angel

                  I think a lot of the missing trillions Skidmore discovered have been spent on geoengineering the climate & the weather warfare operations being used against us all. No doubt that all the money being printed from thin air by the global bankster cartel has been plundered and wasted in numerous evil ways. There’s really no way to quantify it at this point- the counterfeiting crimes have gone on for so long now. As hard as it will be to take- I see no way to stop all the evil programs, the AI, the wireless cellular debacle, the bio-warfare funding, the bio-engineering in the labs of God’s natural creations, the endless useless wars, criminal bribes and blackmailing of political puppets, and on and on and on, until we see the total collapse of our satanic money system as we know it today. It will be a bitter pill to swallow; it has spun so out of control but I can see no other way to stop the destruction of planet Earth and ALL her inhabitants & life support systems until this is done away with. If done soon enough, perhaps there will be something left of God’s Natural world to survive and regenerate. To continue with all of this is nothing less than suicidal/ omnicidal behavior if we continue giving our consent to these crimes.

              • MikeB

                Something to think about and maybe chase down see Zero hedge 173,000 US troops overseas 80 countries

                173,000 x $100,000 each = 17,300,000,000
                that’s TRILLION a year is this what finally does it and is this where
                the Skidmore trillions are??

                MikeB from New Zealand
                PS contact me for any insight on the ground in NZ

              • Greg Hunter

                I think trump was a great President and he was cheated out of office. Hope he gets back in soon.

                • Earth Angel

                  I agree with you Greg. Although Trump was not a perfect human being he DID have America and OUR PEOPLE as a NATION’S BEST INTERESTS at heart. As far as I can see the last election cycle was a TOTAL SCAM and he should be our duly elected President right now. It seems to me America is right now adrift without authentic lawful leadership so we as sovereign individuals must step up, as our Constitutional Charter dictates, and take charge of our destiny, our lives and communities! Get back to our foundation as a Christian nation of State’s and PEACEFULLY (Dr. M.L. King got it right!) take back our POWER.. Never a better time to do so. Get back to the Ten Commandments and follow the golden rule of ‘Do unto other’s as you would have them do unto you’… We CAN DO this folks! : )

    • william J north

      Read the DEAGLE REPORT,225 million less americans by 2025? Gee golly what could cause that ?jab jab

    • Astraea.

      I do not understand why people do not understand that Trump is in on this diabolical game. He cannot possibly be unaware of what is going on – and has been from the start of this monstrous genocide – or attempt at genocide. Of course he knows what is going on!
      If we know how can Trump NOT KNOW?

    • Pat Munoz

      That’s interesting.We shop at our local grocery store. What would that look like.

    • Terri K

      Greg…I understand Colin Powell was in the last stages of a b
      lood type cancer. Though his family reported he was fully vaxed (2 jabs?). I have heard that the jabs will increase inflammation to areas that are weakest in your body. The contents of the vaxed could have speeded up Collin Powell’s blood cancer. I would highly suspect that is true. His family have made a point that the Vax they believe caused his demise.

    • Rob

      I find it funny most people are gullible enough to think it’s the same vaxx you do realize they switched out trumps Vax for this death jab right, think about it one was approved one is not, they are trying to turn people against Trump and America 1st with this

      • Greg Hunter

        How do you know that?

    • DEE DAY

      this is a reply for all commenting here and all those reading at this site…………………………………………….
      AS IT BECOME THE GOD VICTORY……………………………..


  2. Robert

    Trump’s son Don Jr reads Zerohedge. Zerohedge has ongoing articles about the failure rates these vaccines are experiencing. I don’t see how Trump doesn’t know. DeSantis is the best candidate for POTUSA 2024.

    • Greg Hunter

      DeSantis said, “The vaccines are saving lives.” I heard him say it!! Tx Gov. Abbot says, The vaccines are “safe and effective” They are not and the science totally backs that up!!!

      • Wanda Grubbs

        Greg I have heard a couple others mention Abbot and Desantis may be iffy? Like they are playing both sides of the fence. I dunno, maybe Abbott is being his way to keep the deep state guessing or some one is not advising him as they should be, we seen that with Trump how many times? I dont understand with Trump, his family all seem very intelligent, educated, and a few world wise. Perhaps he is not good at listening to them, or simply wouldn’t.
        Desantis appears to be bullish for his State, only wants what’s best for Florida. He was Military so maybe he doesn’t know any other way to be. “Tough” as nails.

      • Marie+Joy

        I WAS a rabid Trump supporter and, now, I am not.

        • Brooklyn

          M+J, “The Queen of Succinct”

        • Robert K


          I agree with you about Trump. Wasn’t it Clif High who said Trump was playing a role? VP Pence too? Worthy of academy awards? Maybe they are just playing their parts. To be honest, it doesn’t feel like it… Massive hyperinflation, totalitarianisms, the country going to hell, Americans under attack on all fronts…All under one years time…

          • MC

            In some ways Jesus’ time upon the earth was role playing. Just think about it for a second. … For one thing, all the questions Jesus asked of others were rhetorical questions. For he already knew what would be their response before he posed the question.

            And check this out: at the resurrection of Lazarus. Key verse: John 11:41-42. — So they took away the stone. Then Jesus looked up and said, “Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me.”

            Lots of revelations in days, weeks and months (years?!) ahead. Some of it may turn what we thought was history and the Bible sideways, or at least until digested. Jesus was always bigger than the drama you were reading anyway. So don’t get hung up about what you think you know/believe. Focus intensely upon what you do.
            … Revelation 22:11-13

            cue youtube: “Beethoven – Symphony No.5( jazz version )” [Tomáš Kačo] 7mins

            ps. great video Mr. Hunter. You are a service to the American Republic and all people of good will.

        • Yves Groulx

          Same here. There is and there will be no savior until Christ comes.

          • Brooklyn

            ^UP VOTE^

      • Robert Adolph

        American Intelligence Media (AIM) has called Trump a trader for his major role in selling the bogus Covid “pandemic” and experimental “vaccines” to the American and world public. Trump declared Covid a pandemic on January 31, 2020 when there had been 5 cases identified. Then, on March 20, 2020, he declared it a National Emergency when there had been only 25 deaths. AIM has an excellent reputation for honest, conservative and Christian values and had BEEN an avid Trump supporters for years. This revelation brings into serious question as to whether Trump is just another deep state puppet. He didn’t drain the swamp but did set us up for a world-wide genocide and the NWO! Please listen to AI’s detailed discussion here:

        • John Birch

          This is way beyond politics, this is the end of the age, the dispensation of grace. The stock market bubble is about to burst, the Chinese are flying jet fighters over Taiwan, we have lost our country to the communists, a democracy/republic can’t function without a free press and the freighters parked off our coasts can’t unload because there aren’t enough trucks that meet the high air quality standards set by CA and NY state green governments . You can’t solve a spiritual problem with political solutions. Justice is coming and it’s called the tribulation. Are you born again and led by the Holy Spirit?

          • regaleagle

            Yes……the tribulation dispensation does follow the church age of grace we are now in. But there will be a rapture of the church previous to the tribulation dispensation. The Rapture of the church can happen at anytime…….all of the prophecies in the King James Bible have now been fulfilled. Get yourself spiritually clean with repentance and looking upward for your redemption……the time is very short.

            • Self Exiled

              Was thinking of you because I had not see any posts, was about to inquire.—-I am the Good Shepherd, and I know [without any doubt those who are] My own and My own know Me [and have a deep, personal relationship with Me]
              John 10:14 AMP 1987

      • Barb

        Greg I sent you 3 videos you need to watch . This information needs to get out there. Your right it is less one of the videos talks about that . God Bless you thank you for getting information out to the people Barb

      • Robert

        Greg, the Republican party is just like the Democrats are ….hopelessly attached to the donations of big pharma. In a perfect world DeSantis would call out that relationship but then big pharma would favor the Dems. At least DeSantis isn’t doing a hard sell like Trump is and even taking credit for their creation. It’s going to come back and haunt Trump when the death counts start making the news.

        Tucker has said the actual overall death count from all death reasons is climbing unlike it did in the COVID months of 2020 before the vaccines were rolled out. The science is saying the vaccines are destroying the immune systems of those who’ve been jabbed twice. 40-70 year olds being the main age group in this accelerating overall death rate. 30-40 year olds will start falling victim next spring. Supposedly It takes 6-8 months to begin destroying the immune system, then the immune system dies at about 5% a week. . That’s why the overall death stats are climbing for all diseases. I’ve read that the vaccines have HIV virus among other unsavory ingredients. Anybody else hear this about the attack on the immune system and Tuckers observations?

        • peter

          Look….they might have lied to him too…gave him ivermectin and told him its the vax…so as far as he is concerned the vax worked…… you think the world would have jumped on the vaccination had Trump died from the vax or from covid showing the vax does not work….i find a lot of people seem to have their heads in the dirt because they dont want to even think about ALL possibilities…only their own half baked narrative and tell me some lefties dont leave messages on every platform out there….always throwing doubt…I say look at facts…India Japan Iceland Sweden…ect ect….. ivermectin works

      • Robert

        Here’s the link to the Tucker Carlson story about the unexplained increase in deaths around the world since the rollout of the vaccines. It starts at about the 35 minute range

      • Brian

        None of these politicians can be trusted

      • Paul ...

        Is DeSantis in the dark like Trump?? … doesn’t he know that 86% of the deaths occurring are directly attributed to the “jabs”???

        • LizaCA

          DeSantis got the jab. Big vax supporter. His young wife was recently diagnosed with cancer. Did she get the jab too?

      • Jeannine

        Maybe we have been had supported the Republican too. Maybe we need both parties gone. I am beginning to think if Trump wanted to he could have taken care this earlier. Washington maybe just a game with both side playing to get and keep wealth and power.??? I have supported Trump from the debate time. But now I am doubting. God I trust. I will not get shot.

      • Brooklyn

        Greg, We listened to your Weekly Wrap Up, which is always first class and we thank you for your continued courage to dig down deep into what’s really going on in our world, and by highlighting the most important issues that may soon effect our daily lives. And, we thank you for it from the bottom of our heart. God Speed, Greg Hunter.

      • Kay

        I believe the only one against this gene therapy jab is Rand Paul? Who are the others? Maybe Rand will run for president. I do have a feeling that Trump will blame Pence if this all goes south. Pence was in charge of the Coronavirus task force. I think both Pence and Trump should face hard questions on this one and I voted for them!

        As far as I know, Desantis and his wife are fully jabbed. Now DeSantis’s wife has breast cancer. Is anyone tracking cancers, autoimmune disorders, neurological problems etc…after this massive jabbing job going on in the USA? I think we should. Cliff High said it takes about 6 months for cancers to start showing up.

      • Jr

        and Rand Paul says it and Trump says it – so we have nobody to vote for in the next fixed election. ~ Jesus didn’t vote out the money changers HE DROVE OUT the money changers ~

      • dd

        This country used to be run predominantly by protestants. Both DeSantis and Abbott are Catholics. By the way, so are Fauci, Biden, Pelosi, and a majority of the Supreme Court justices. including Chief Justice Roberts.. so in effect, the rule of this country is given over largely to the Catholic church. This country was much more free under bible believing protestants leaders. This current Jesuit Pope Francis is malignant.

        • Greg Hunter

          That’s pretty narrow view. The biggest criticism of this Pope comes from inside the Catholic Church and there is a lot of criticism of this Pope. I am not Catholic, but I know for a fact this is true. I am a former Catholic. Catholics are good people but this Pope, not so much.

        • Dee

          the catholic religion is service to the antechrist and the dominion of lucifer. They are the censors the marxists. Their rhetoric is antechrist. Always. They are commiting all the crimes. Every one of their kind too. Service to the beast is thier devotion. They block the way to prosperity and enter not themselves into the kingdom. They’ve been censoring the internet since before Luther. They should be exercised

          • Greg Hunter

            I am not going to let you come on here and wish eye cancer on people. If this is what you are praying about, you are not praying to the God I am praying to. My Savior is Jesus Christ, and your “prayers” are not to him.

      • Hugh MCDANEL

        We are under attack by our on government. Trump is a part of the system. Do not put your faith in man, or money, and this system can not be saved by ballots or bullets.
        Normal is a setting on the washing machine and that is all. You have been living in the boiling pot all your life reacting to the heat being turned up. Improvising and adjusting to each change of administration. We don’t live like we did when we were kids, but it would be better if we did.

      • Bronson

        Here is why, I believe they are letting Americans die and letting the people in India live. Americans are the biggest consumers on the entire planet. We are the ones that contribute to CO2 the most. Just my opinion.
        I just found out that aspirin reduces your chances of going on a respirator by 44%. I do not remember, where I saw it. Do some research and find out. Lets all of us know about it.

        • Bronson

          Internet search ” Aspirin reduces ventilation and deaths in hospitalized”.

        • Lesko Brandon

          Aspirin thins the blood clots.

      • Christopher

        Hi, Greg. Great show today. Some intel for you: Here in the DR the gov. put a vax mandate to enter supermarkets , clinics, etc. My friend bought a fake card (cardboard vax card with shot dates and type). Cost $100. Now they mandated a booster. The sinovac is mostly given which is NOT MRNA but a regular deadened virus traditional shot. Not allowed in USA by the way. The booster is a MRNA by AstraZeneca.
        Let’s just say that my scanning copy printer is coming in handy these days. I wish you well, Greg. If things get crazy, call me and hop a flight. We’ll never run out of food here. Mom and Pops are on every corner here.

      • Alexander Kalish

        Great show Greg and you nailed it again. Trump is a blockhead and easily lead. Example, the FBI set up his national security advisor and he fires him and lets the FBI run all over him. He should have sent in the Marines and arrested the heads of the organization. He let the republican party (which was against him the whole campaign) choose his advisors. He spent money like a drunken sailor instead of ending the FED and increased the deficit. He let Goldman Saks run the show.
        He never investigated the Wuhan lab funding, never shut down the Clinton foundation and let the Democrats steal the election. They were public about exactly how they were going to steal it. He could have sent federal marshals to the key polling places to stop the boxes of phony ballots from being counted but did nothing. His campaign was a corrupt joke that ran out of money – I must have got 10 messages a day for money.
        We needed a Lincoln and we got a draft dogging pussy is the truth – the vaccines are as much a Bioweapon as the virus. Who does he meet with for advice – Bill Gates.
        Lincoln would have sent the army in to lock up Comey and his crew and thrown HRC in the same jail for corruption and fraud.
        With a election between the Democrats and Trump nothing will ever change. Which is exactly how the real rulers want it.

        • Tim Bo

          Wish it were not so but hard to argue with your assertions.

    • Marilyn Guinnane

      Robert, I’ve been saying since March of 2020 that DJT is in cahoots with the Deep State and I don’t know what could possibly be more obvious. He’s “Donald Trump,” “the Donald”, so I suppose he thinks he’ll avoid Nuremberg 2.0. He had the best intel in the world, with the possible exception of FSB, and he declared a nat’l emergency for a puny virus with a 99.7% survival rate, killing Main St. as he declared that, or soon thereafter. He buried this country all the while singing out ‘Make Americaa Great Again.’ The Emperor Wears No Clothes w/a viral twist. DJT gave Pfizer $2bn. Poor beleaguered Pfizer needed the money to comply with Trump’s “Warp Speed” horse manure. Why would anyone declare themselves a “Trumper”. Are they sick? Hey, I used to be a supporter but I caught on last year.

      • Robert

        Marilyn… Well said. Malignant narcissists cannot be cured. Ever. He is what he always was and his main ideology is Trump. Am done with the “lesser of evils” rationale…

      • Robert

        Marilyn, I don’t think Trump is evil but I do think he’s in bed with people on the wrong side of the argument. He may be placating certain groups for the safety of his family. It’s an ugly world at that level in our society. It’s getting that way at the street level too.

        DeSantis is also educated at the very universities the other deep state presidents have come out of. He too will have to cow tow to his string pullers if he is elected POTUSA. It might be best if he remains governor of Florida.

        The USA has been sold out by the unelected class that really runs this nation and the world with the help of many of our elected leaders whose job it is to bring us along. I think for the boomers the best thing we can do is move to a red state that is firmly red, and avoid the jab. Long term the globalist win. The corporations are deeply in bed with China. It’s the youth that are going to inherit the full on totalitarian future we’re headed towards. If they don’t stand up to it, they must want it.

        There’s two people posting as Robert. I wish Greg’s system would not allow duplicate names. In the past the other Robert has made some claims I don’t stand by.

        • David Lionheart

          Robert, long term, God wins, not the Chinese. We’re all being played like fish. These days are so deceiving because Matthew 24:24 and 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 are being fulfilled right now. There really is a God (of the KJV Bible) and He really is fully in charge of all things. That means that He is orchestrating all world events to test and to prove who fear and trust Him and who do not. In several of my books, I document the 11 end times prophecies that have been fulfilled in the last 7 years. There is only one end times prophecy that has to precede the second coming of Yahushua (Christ) that has not been fulfilled, and I would not be surprised if that has not now been fulfilled as well. It’s Rev. 6:15-17 in which the billionaire class and their cronies go hide in the dens and rocks of the mountains to hide from the wrath of God and of Yahushua, the Lamb of God and the Messiah. Sadly, those who are not of the elect cannot see any of this and are unable to connect the dots to understand what this tells us about where we have to be in God’s prophetic end times timeline. We are much closer to the end than almost anyone realizes.

          • Paul ...

            DL … Anyone ever think God the Father who flooded the world “to kill everyone but Noah and his family” because he was just fed up with all the immorality in the world … sent his Angel Trump to wipe out the world (this time with a “jab”) … but then who is Noah in this hypothetical scenario?? … can’t be Bill Gates? … Fauci? … Soros? or Schwab … they are not moral men … perhaps … perhaps its Alex Jones … that would make sense!!

      • Bob

        Yeah Marilyn, I too have questioned why Trump keeps talking-up the vaccine. I used to send him $donations, but have stopped this past 2-3 months. I’ve never seen the sheer volume of begging that’s going on now from him as well as all politicians. Fully 50% or more of the emails/texts I receive are from these people (who have a hell of a lot of more money than I do). Never once have I been thanked. Just rewarded with more requests for $. Damn tired of it!

      • Brian

        Marilyn, I’m starting to believe this also

      • Self Exiled

        Elections have been a false hope for many {40} years, Florida’s ballot hosting has marveled me for years. They find extra votes in the most unlikely places. And if that doesn’t work they can assassinate the president, or shot the candidates in the kitchen if they are a threat to their agendas. The candidates know this: so they; I’m sure, figure this all in and make deals along the way. The pockets of resistance are identified and even collect in isolated groups {counties, states} and will be passed over or dealt with in time. The opposition has an eternal collective knowledgeable presence, that is why these governments/people/forces will be dealt with buy an Eternal Holy Omnipotent Power. Remember the 2 candidates are picked for us.

        and by unlimited seduction to evil and with all the deception of wickedness for those who are perishing, because they did not welcome the love of the truth [of the gospel] so as to be saved [they were spiritually blind, and rejected the truth that would have saved them]. Because of this God will send upon them a misleading influence, [an activity of error and deception] so they will believe the lie, in order that all may be judged and condemned who did not believe the truth [about their sin, and the need for salvation through Christ], but instead took pleasure in unrighteousness. 2 Thessalonians 2 10:12

    • Tom Cunningham

      I think at this point Rand Paul is the best candidate for 2024. I just know if he can get enough traction.

      • Brooklyn


        If Clif High is correct, there will be no 2024 elections….

        The truth is there are a number of misnomers or clarifications that need to be made.

        1. I agree totally with others who commented here, and know that Trump is a dead man walking. He was the catalyst behind the OWS to get the Killer Vax out right-on-schedule, knowing he had to authorize an EUA with NO APPROVED ALTERNATIVES DRUGS AVAILABLE! -NONE! He was told by his global elite handlers (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, Gates, Bush, etc…) that under no circumstances could he fire Fauci! Trump then went and lied to all of us when he himself took HCQ or IVM to make his little Covid problem go away. As Clif High told us, people will come after those who were responsible for the Spike-Protein-Killer-Clot-Shot and Trump is on the very top of that list! That fact alone will be part of the Great Awakening.

        2. Clif High’s recent data “…shows everything is in the process of breaking down.  Food production, trucking, health services, millions will get very sick and many of them will die, the military breaks down, POLITICAL SYSTEM BREAKS DOWN AND THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM will suffer a horrible unfixable crash”. Forget about who might be our next POTUS. Our system of government is totally corrupted and must BREAK DOWN! And, completely destroyed! There will be no elections in 2022, or even 2024. The USA will likely break up into 3-4 separate countries, and will slowly become nation states again, but that process will take time.

        Then there is the totally corrupted US financial system. The Federal Reserve will be gone, and the US dollar will run in parallel to a new form of gold back currency for a period of time. NESARA will become the most ground breaking financial reformation to sweep the United States of America in its entire history. The act does away with, as mentioned above, the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the Global Elite controlled-shadow-government will be gone, and much more. With the strong possibility that the rest of the world will join the US which would be known as GESARA

        CAUTION! This link dose define NESARA very well, but also speaks of cloning people, and if that is a bridge-too-far for you, don’t even bother going down this rabbit hole:

        Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum…


        • David Gordon Dunne

          I totally agree

        • AndrewB

          Hi Brooklyn,
          Yes, I totally agree – except for the last bit. I have serious doubts about GESARA / NESARA. Would love to believe it’s more than just a ‘wish list’. I have read up on it, and it’s an idea – an equitable financial system – that appears to have been thwarted at every turn by TPTB. What’s changed?

          • Brooklyn


            Thanks for the get-back. The “thing that changed” is the Great Awaking, where many if not most, according to Clif, Bo and Gerald, will pay the ultimate price for their crimes against humanity. If you had an opty to read the NESARA link, it notes that it was, in fact, passed by congress on March 9, 2000.

            Believe me, I’m not looking forward to any of this, but the only way to “get to the other side” is a complete breakdown of our societal norms. Many will die. But, (hopefully) for those who have prepared, many will survive…

            Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

      • Marie+Joy

        Rand Paul takes lobby money from the people who are bringing you this genocide. He is, at best, controlled opposition.

      • Robert

        Notice though how Rand Paul can’t bring himself to condemn Big Pharma. That’s the cash cow for both parties.

    • Coal Burner

      The years are rolling on trump, maybe he does not really want another round in the viper pit. Cannot blame him. He may just be trying to keep them worried so they don’t start Xing his family. Maybe he thinks mostly Democrats and his enemys will get all the jabs???? Or that those are going too already have and he doesn’t want to cross the Davos crowd any more.

    • John

      Only Senator that is putting up any kind of fight is Rand Paul. Fauci needs to be tried for Genocide. The guy is psychotic.

    • Marie+Joy

      Various politicians put on a good show for the masses but they still take money from the wrong people. DeSantis, Abbott, and Rand Paul, among them. They are controlled opposition.

    • Rob

      He is t great he didn’t see them slip in they can declare you a public health risk and force you to get jabed into one of the laws he signed, or he did and is just a wolf in hiding

  3. Todd heyns

    Love your posts! Lately having a hard time finishing them they glitch and freeze. Thanks for your great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Try unplugging your modem and plugging it back in after 20 sec to clear the codes. Also try a different browser. These are forms of big tech censorship.

  4. Stan

    I don’t see the economy fragile at all. I was at Keen’s Steakhouse tonight and it was packed. Then I drove the Bentley over to Louis Vuitton to buy a purse for my girlfriend and it was packed and out of stock of one of the purses she wanted. Later I drove the Bentley to the Tobacco Shop and they were out of Davidoff Double R’s! Folks, this one of the strongest economies I have ever seen. I applaud the Federal Reserve for their management of the economy.

    • Greg Hunter

      You don’t make $20 an hour. Half of the workforce in America makes less than $50,000 per year.

    • 1ofthemany

      Oh Stan the man…applaud until your hands fall off cause this is not happening to most Americans or maybe you just need a little entertainment…maybe.

    • Jerry

      You do not live in the real world. This is what is happening.

      Computer chip shortages have drove up car prices. My son who is a developer can’t get supplies to finish many of the homes he is building, and one of the oxygen companies I use to supply my breathing machine with says, there are oxygen tank shortages. Stan it’s just a matter of time before reality bites you in the behind, then we’ll see how snarky you are then. Good luck my friend.

    • Marilyn Guinnane

      Sorry Stan, people who crow about driving a Bentley (not a car, mind you, but a Bentley) while shopping Louis Vuitton, I have found over the years, are . . . how shall I say it, exaggerating, puffing their egos up? Full of canal water?

    • Rachel.M.

      Ha Ha, come on… you have a girlfriend? H’mm …. I’m not sure I believe that!

      • Self Exiled

        I’d like to meet her! I wonder if she knows what a Bentley is and if she doesn’t; I would consider Stan blessed. It would have to be just him [not$], but my imagination runs wild. I think Stan might just have a vivid imagination. Like me. Come on Stan there’s more to you than money and materialistic status.

      • Ray

        Of course Stan has a girlfriend Rach!!!
        I mean……after his stop to buy her a new purse, he was headed off to Walmart to buy her a shiny new foot pump, but alas, they too were out of stock, leaving Stan (and his girlfriend) feeling rather deflated with current economic circumstances!
        Canberra, QR Code Mirror Maze Nation

        • Rachel.M.

          It’s probably for the best Ray, because billionaire mining legend Pierre Lassonde says he should buy gold stocks until it hurts instead…

          • Ray

            We shall let S(a)tan be……with his Davidoff cigars and whatever other tokens of material wealth he deemeth worthwhile pursuing whilst his earthly time clock runneth down.
            Somewhere, deep down inside…….surely he must wonder about his final earthly moments……those last intakes of breath……and the mysterious period directly thereafter, where all his deepest thoughts will be laid bare in front of his Creator…..where a fair and honest reckoning will take place.
            Davidoff cigars and Bentleys will count for VERY LITTLE in that moment……yet there layerh the sum total of his aspirations…….the chaff will be easily separated by God, who abhors such a way of life.
            (And may I add…..a WASTE of a life).
            Canberra, QR Code Mirror Maze Nation.

            • Self Exiled

              This is why I keep asking Stan to open up. He’s been around so long I’ve grown an attachment, and concerned about his eternal self.

      • RTW

        I suspect Stan rents his girlfriends by the hour.

    • markp

      Stan, please be careful. You might drown in your own b/s. markp.

    • John

      You are delusional or just plain stupid.

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Do you know how many people you have injured along with the other globalists and their KILLER CLOT AND HEART “Stab”??? … GOLD IS OVER $1810 PER OUNCE … AND LOOK AT SILVER …

    • Robert K

      This guy loves to troll. Don’t take him seriously, everything he says is laughable.

      Dont feed the trolls, it is that simple. Leave the conversations for the adults.


      A question I have been asking myself for a long time now is why did Trump support the vaccines and continues to support them even although many people have been injured due to side effects and thousands have already been killed by the vaccines? Trump is not stupid and knows very well what the vaccines are doing to those who are injected, and quite possibly before they were even available he knew what would happen to those who get vaccinated. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize winner doctor for his work on AIDS, after analyzing the contents of the vaccines, said (paraphrasing what he said):
      “I have analyzed the ingredients in these vaccines as informed by the manufacturers, and I can state that all those who take the vaccines will die in a few years after taking it. Now the world has to start preparing to bury or cremate the death. There is nothing else to say.”

      A question that could be asked:
      Is Trump being blackmailed to give his support for the vaccines and gives in to the demands because not doing so would cause even more harm to the country and to the people? The following are just some conjectures of what such blackmails could be:
      a) Destroying many large cities of the US with missiles carrying nuclear weapons brought in inside shipping containers by the cabal during the Obama years (remember that the port of San Diego was under total control by the Chinese);
      b) Forcing eruption of the Yellowstone Volcano (this may be possible) which would destroy much of the US and North America and would mean the end of the US and its people.

      These possibilities of blackmail make one ponder if the vaccines are now also being used by the “white hats” fighting the cabal, if such a group really exists, to expose the cabal pharMAFIA criminals and those who support them (corrupt politicians, academics, health professionals, etc) who are daily committing crimes against humanity that would justify a death penalty for their crimes?

    • It's Game Over

      He’s being sarcastic, people.

      • Dee

        Powell died from covid complications 😃 🙂 😺

    • sk

      You walked behind poor old Bentley, whip in hand? For shame!

  5. Martin Magnusson

    USA Watchdog! The best, keep on telling the truth, God bless you 🙏 Greetings from Sweden

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Martin for all your Blessings & support from Sweden!

      • 1ofthemany

        I do love this show and this news caster…Greg Hunter…let the truth spread further!!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks #1

  6. Charlene

    I am flabbergasted that you believe Trump thinks the injections are working well because someone is telling him so. There is no difference between Republican and Democrat. They are all on the same team. Their game has nothing to do with service to the American people. Trump surprised them by winning; but to be sure, he was selected to run. He is simply different lipstick on the same pig.

    • Winston


      You are 100% correct. I myself was thinking (incorrectly) that it was Trump’s ego that kept him on the phony injection train, but it’s obvious now that the guy is in on this. Beware of Trump no matter what. If he runs and wins in 2024 it is because they are allowing it to happen.

      Both Republican and Democrat shills at the Presidential level are put into office by the Deep State – end of story. I think there may be a few in Congress that are good but other than that we are so screwed. You watch, they will shut down the ‘awakening’ that is happening now with martial law…

      … and still people refuse to turn to Christ, still refuse to see how all this lines up PERFECTLY with Revelation 6. I’m telling you, non-violence is the only kind of resistance I can embrace, so it’s wither comply or get dragged away by the heels. I only pray for the strength to endure and stand on my principles.

      Take care of yourself!!

  7. W.G.

    Trump is not stupid, he is part of the evil cabal, he gave us the clotshot Mark of the Beast.

  8. Guy Azbell

    God Bless you Greg
    I am praying alot of big medical (professionals) finally reverse this travesty because so many are being given a death sentence by refusing life saving procedures transplants and causing many to need transplants this will go down in what history we have left as a genuine demonic evil attack simular to the holocaust and the millions killed by Mau or Stallin this is real evil.

  9. Robert

    I watched the whole Oct 15 video with O’Reilly and was so disappointed that Trump seems to have willful ignorance regarding the dangers intrinsic to the jab. You would think when he was booed at his rally he would have asked questions about why he was booed. O’Reilly also asked him why he did not fire Fauci and Milley and he said because they have been there so long. How dumb. Trump is spot on for certain issues but he is a complete moron with regard to the dangers of the jab. If he does not spend a few hours and do his own homework on the jab my support for him will fall greatly. The excuse of “they” told me the jab is awesome is not going to cut it.

    • Robert

      There’s two different Robert’s on USAWD. For the record.

      • Paul ...

        Robert … Put a “…” after your name (the way I do to distinguish between the me and the other Paul)!!

    • John

      I saw Trump say, “If you had covid, you don’t need the shot.” But he had covid and then took the double jab. Was it the saline double jab? Trump is a narcissist and because of his mental condition, he won’t let anyone else take credit for Warp Speed, even to his own demise. That’s how narcissists behave.

  10. Ana

    Hi Greg
    Thank you for the information. I am reading you from Australia, I am interested in your comments about the “new study done by Harvard for the NIH (National Institutes of Health), and it basically says the vax injections do not work”.
    I was trying to find the article name from the University? Who said it? I couldn’t find it!
    I loved your writing about this news!

      • Jeff

        I believe the reported vaccinated who die is another twist of the truth. They are dying from the jab not from a flu (covid).

        • AndrewB

          Hi Jeff,
          Totally agree. Even people who are awake to the truth perpetuate the Covid scam by talking of ‘Covid deaths’ – using phrases such as, ‘he/she died of Covid’or ‘Covid complications’. They died from the shots. They were murdered!

          • Brooklyn

            Greg, Jeff and AndrewB,
            The top URL took us to:
            Headline: “Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2,947 counties in the United States.”

            This total propaganda garbage.

            The Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, aka: AIDS. KEYWORD: IMMUNE! They are dying of AIDS, not covid 19.

    • Jerry

      I just got out of a covid19 treatment unit. 65% of the people who are in ICU have been vaccinated. The vaccines are not effective and that is why the boosters are being rolled out. I’ve seen it first hand, up close and personal. The doctors who are promoting the vaccines are just doing what they’re told, but behind closed doors they are puzzled by the outcomes they are seeing. One of the doctors who was flown in from Miami to work the unit, said that the situation is evolving daily, and that the virus is mutating according to his research. That should scare the crap out of anyone who has half a brain. What will they do if the boosters don’t work? People have compromised their immune systems with these vaccines and there is no turning back now. Believe
      what you want. But I now know the truth.

      • JC


        RUMORS GROWING — Did a Delta Airlines pilot die during flight after receiving 2nd dose of Vaccine…”

        G.A. STEWART: Consider Lt. Col. Theresa Long’s warning; problematic heart side effects may cause pilots to die in mid-flight; she is the Flight Surgeon for the Army’s 1st Aviation Brigade.

        Biblical and Nostradamus prophecy is just a hobby. Losing my job was actually a consideration on my Apocalypse Timeline. It is right there in The Holy Bible to see and read.

        • Paul ...

          JC … All pilots who receive a “jab” … should be banned from flying for at least 2 weeks … as most (about 80%) of the deaths from the Covid “jab” occur within two weeks of receiving the Kill Shot!!

        • Jerry

          The major concerns with both the virus and the vaccines are blood clots. Last night I had to run my wife to the ER after she had a nosebleed that wouldn’t stop. The doctors from the hospital had her on three blood thinners because of the virus. Holy crap! Three! Today we discontinued them. I have no doubt that the pilot was killed by a blood clot from the vaccine. I can’t even imagine how a blood clot would interact with cabin pressure.

      • AndrewB

        “The vaccines are not effective and that is why the boosters are being rolled out.”
        The vaccines work great – they are killing and disabling as intended – but the human organism is resilient and too many people are surviving. That’s why the boosters are being rolled out!!!

        • Jerry

          As Greg, stated, Dr. Yeadon warned about the top off shot six months ago. But people can’t believe it.

          • Paul ...

            Jerry … By December all the people from age 40 to age 90 who took the “jab” will have a completely collapsed natural immune system … and they will be completely vulnerable to any common cold that comes along … thank you to Trump and Big Pharma!! … now … they are working on getting our children!!!

        • Brooklyn


          “…to many are surviving..” – PERFECT!



          FJB – LET’S GO BRANDON!

      • Gabe Mas

        Jerry be open mined ,please watch the video with dr Mikovits that will explain you what really is goin on.

  11. Paul in OZ

    It is time to follow the science pg. 13 Covid 19 cases generally cases per 100,000 people with double jabs vs cases per 100,000 unvaccinated is generally greater for those double vaccination .. not my data official UK data found here

  12. JC

    G.A. STEWART: I do not accept the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate. It is tyrannical, period. All the science has been thrown out the window, because the vaccine clearly does not work, and the cardiac and clotting side-effects are now well-documented.

    Even if this were not the case, I would not be injecting myself with anything created from aborted fetal tissue.

    I have always supported a woman’s right to chose. That is a personal decision someone must make with God. I, however, do not have to be forced to inject their sin. When I say Their Sin, I clearly mean both the man and woman who carelessly brought life onto this Earth and then agreed to snuff it out. Instead of a proper burial, these murdered babies are traded like car parts.

  13. Enrico

    I am so happy to be able to tune in to you, Greg, along with Cilf and also when you have Gerald on the broadcast. God bless you all.

  14. JC

    Soylent Green?

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Let me remind you that Bill Gates and others have been advocating for a move to 100% synthetic beef. But his logic only applies to the “rich” countries such as the US and Canada. “Weirdly, the US livestock, because they’re so productive, the emissions per pound of beef are dramatically less than emissions per pound in Africa,” Gates said in an interview in February 2021. “So no, I don’t think the poorest 80 countries will be eating synthetic meat. I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef. You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time.

    • Paul ...

      JC … Eating “beef” made out of the insects that die eating Round-up is not going to be very healthy for us … it will likely give everyone cancer … which is just beautiful to Bill Gates … as a way to kill all the un-vaccinated who refused his “jab”!!

      • Paul ...

        They will likely have to put “our farmers pledge” to use “only organically grown and pesticide free grasshoppers” to make this “Beyond Meat” (on the package) … to get people to even try it … but they way everyone lies to us … who is to say “their pledge” is any good!!

      • AndrewB

        Hi Paul . . .
        “Eating ‘beef’ made out of the insects that die eating Round-up is not going to be very healthy for us.”
        Brilliant observation! Only you could have thought of that . . .

      • Ray

        Maybe the unvaccinated should concentrate on a method to reciprocate to Gates……if you get my drift.
        I’d be happy to chip in one hundred bucks to the cause, and if say, ten million like minded others around the world did the same……why…..there is $1 Billion to get the job done!
        Now…….where did I put my big, shiny silver platter????
        Canberra, QR Code Mirror Maze Nation

        • Paul ...

          Ray … That’s how Americans in the Old West solved the problem of eliminating their thieving murderers … put a bounty on them … and let bounty hunters bring them in Dead or Alive (preferably Dead)!!!

    • Ray

      Interesting JC!!
      Ahhh yes…..Soylent Green……one of THE GREAT movies.
      As I have done here before, I was looking to post the opening montage of SG for people to contemplate as a mirror to todays’ society……lo & behold… has been scrubbed from You Tube!!
      I suppose some things are just a little too close to the bone for The Controllers…..and boy – O – boy…….Soylent Green gets close to the bone on multiple, multiple fronts.
      I was just going through the cast of Soylent Green, and noted that the governor of New York is a character named Governor Santini.
      Sounds a lot like DeSantis (although as I understand, that crocodile is governor of Florida).
      Soylent Green…..the movie that just keeps on giving.
      If only we had Charlton Heston and Edward G Robinson here with us now.
      They just might have saved us from this complete and utter sh*tstorm called life in 2021!
      Anyway…..Happy Birthday to me……someone please pass me another celebratory aperitif for me to guzzle!!
      Best wishes be with all our WatchDog Family x
      Ray, Canberra, QR Code Mirror Maze.

  15. Daniel

    First class job Greg kicking evil butt in spirit…… Keep up the good work and rock on…..

  16. JC

    There is no Cavalry coming to the rescue.

    G.A. STEWART: Western society finally reveals itself for what it is… temporary. That is why this is called The Apocalypse.

    At this very moment in time each of us, individually, is going to have to put-up or shut-up regarding their personal beliefs about freedom. There is no Calvary coming over the hill to rescue anyone or to defend our individual beliefs. Irrespective of religion, metaphorically, each of us is a naked Christian walking into a Colosseum of hungry lions.

    • Paul from Indiana

      JC, this is why, over and over, I say on this forum that things are in motion, are irreversible, and are going to have to play out. Each of us has to decide how he/she is going to navigate the storm. As you say, choices will have to be made. This is also why I say, over and over, don’t let anyone do your thinking for you. Best always. PM

  17. Ed Mustafo

    Bad news coming out daily against the Deep State. Major distraction needed. “ They “ use directed energy weapons from satellites in space to activate volcanoes. The tremors on La Palma began on September 11th. Coincidence? Conspiracy theory? There’s video possibly still on YouTube of a laser beam striking a volcano in Japan earlier this year shortly before it began erupting. Prepare and Pray

    • AndrewB

      Hi Ed,
      Strange statistic about the eruption in La Palma. I have been watching the Live Stream from ‘TV Canarias’ and it shows stats in a text comumn at foot of screen. For many days the output of lava is showing at 66 cubic metres per second. Not 65 or 67 but exactly 66.
      Make of it what you will . . .

  18. Boz From Oz

    Hi Greg,

    I’m still baffled how Comirnaty got approved in countries like Australia, do you know if Comirnaty went through more clinical trials for its approval than Bion tech or is it the same same as Bion tech.

  19. Gabe Mas You are right. He can not be so ignorant about this vax. I am afraid that may be, he sold himself for fear to the mafia, because pried is no excuse when there are so many life at stake

    • Greg Hunter

      I still like trump but he’s wrong on the vax. He will ultimately have to say it was s mistake and they lied to him. Missive death and injury form the vax is not what he had in mind.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, maybe it’s not what he had in mind, but it is certainly what he is getting. All of us need to move on. President Trump did much good, but it’s over for many reasons, and we must face the future. Say a prayer of thanks and move on. Best always. PM

      • walter johnson

        I like your reporting and your passion. I hope you are correct about Trump’s motives. I resisted the idea of a mass die off being deliberately orchestrated but maybe there is that much evil in the world. It would solve some pressing economic problems for the rich.
        I must pray that I am wrong.

  20. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Congratulations on your WNW #500. What a long journey for you and us it has been. Still raining like mad here in Sonoma County, CA. Still raining madness here in Sonoma County, CA.
    If we stay true, we happy few, we’ll be all right in the end.

    • Self Exiled

      The reverent, worshipful fear of the LORD leads to life, and he who has it rests satisfied; he can not be visited with [actual] evil. Proverbs 19 23

      • tim mcgraw

        Self Exiled; Well, your moniker says it all. I also am self exiled from society. Better to stay sane and alone than join the mad mob. Life is but a glimmer anyway. We both know what is important. It is the unseen.

        • Self Exiled

          Well said. The mob has never appealed, never seemed to have any answers. Grew up in farm and ranch country. Self exiled at retirement. Found the abundant life in a poverty neighbor hood 3rd world country.

          So we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are unseen; for the things which are visible are temporal [just brief and fleeting], but the things which are invisible are everlasting and imperishable. 2 Corinthians 4:18

        • Ray

          Very well stated Tim……..take a bow, sir.
          Canberra, QR Code Mirror Maze Nation

          • Self Exiled

            Ray this QR code thing—- what is it???? when I left local Kalibo airport for Manila {when they kicked me out of Philippines] a young man wanted to see my QR code. Told him I tried/failed to put it on my phone but didn’t really know what it was, he looked at my cell phone and asked how old it was, he tried it out. Told him it was ten years old and he began laughing and then he said, ”go—go ahead” waved me through, so I proceeded.

            • Ray

              Hi SE,
              Every single business in New South Wales and the ACT (which is landlocked inside NSW) MUST display a QR Code (Quick Reference Code) on the front of its’ entrance.
              It looks a bit like an old fashioned crossword puzzle at first glance.
              People are “mandated” to point their Digital Handcuff (ahem… phone) at it, and then your time of entry and personal details are “stamped” into a database.
              If some crocodile goes into that store, say 2 hours before you did, and later, he or she is “confirmed” to have had C19, you get a text message asking you to go and get tested.
              As we say here in Australia…….”they can root their boot” as far as I am concerned.
              This has nothing to do with public health.
              It has EVERYTHING TO DO with erecting a DIGITAL PRISON.
              …….and The Sheeple love it.
              The next person who tells me to “stay safe” might get slapped with a wet fish across the gob!!!
              Canberra, Digital Prison Nation

  21. Clayton Marshall Bye

    Hi Greg
    It’s clayton from vancouver
    I was asking questions from your viewers in the comment section about ivermectin.
    I got some sincere answers and some answers that made me think there are trolls in the comment section.
    I was able to purchase ivermectin from the Ukraine off ebay. Ebay has stopped that now.
    Well … yes I got covid 3 weeks ago and instantly started taking ivermectin. I was tested negative in 3 days. All in all it was a terrible 3-4 days during that time I preyed to God for the strength to get through it.
    And yes I’m double vaccinated.
    Trick by my greed to travel.
    It was foolish of me to think that things would ho back to normal.
    I follow clif_high and believe now that the world has change and we are never going back to the way it was.
    I’ve been preparing for the crack up boom by reducing my exposure to fiat currencies and stocking up on can goods.
    Thank you Greg your your tireless work informing us.

  22. Clayton Marshall Bye

    Oh ya…
    God bless you and your loved ones Greg

  23. Clayton Marshall Bye

    God bless you and your loved ones greg

  24. Ryan Merritt

    I too wish someone would come save us all but if it ain’t Jesus then you better have your house in order.
    I like trump but did the deep state kill a president infront of the entre world to then just let anyone get elected ? No, logic dictates they tighten up their satanic grip on our land.
    Please don’t be naive ! They use our hope against us !
    Trust in God and prepare your house, keep good with your neighbors and may the father above put all of us to good use.

  25. William Nedbalek

    I love Trump, but I think he’s so enthusiastic about himself that in his world he just can’t picture that anything he spearheaded isn’t the best thing since sliced bread. You have to be big enough to admit that sometimes you’re just wrong. This is the one thing about Trump I never could understand.

  26. Jr

    Either Trump did the job he signed up for or he’s the densest 160 iq dufus that ever was a “patriot” – He is on tape saying he’s a mason ~ some facts: o’care contains language allowing the govt to forcibly implant a “medical device” and it’s still law. Why? Because Trump couldnt see his way clear to write an EO to kill it – but he did see his way clear to warp speed this non vaccine invented by Gates & Fauci which they have -patented and appointed Fauci to run the operation. Trump said he took the jab. He lied. Regeneron is not the spike protein. Trump surrounded himself with every slimy complicit elitist dog imaginable – sorry, when he recited the snake he wasnt referring to hildabeast like we all thought. Let me know when he mentions Jesus name – let me know when the Donald replaces his trump tower ceiling mural of apollyon (A bad don) with one of the risen Christ & I’ll reconsider him as a political candidate. Until that occurs, Alex Jones is my candidate for potus. I know where he stands. He stood alone for 25 years – I’ll write him in if there is a next time.

    • Self Exiled

      Now that would be interesting. [candidate for potus]

  27. Andrew de Berry

    Dear God in heaven. Very hard for me to eat crow if Trump is not God’s man.

    • Paul ...

      For what Trump has done to us … we would have been better off if he dressed up as a Drag Queen in a Clown Outfit and whent to our schools to bounce babies on his lap … at least that way only a few hundred kids would have become messed up … instead … we now have all the children between 5 and 11 years old “in the entire Nation” being set up for the Kill Shot (to damage their Hearts)!!

    • Paula Davis

      This is the most disturbing info yet…”Steve Quayle survives assassination attempt using gene-targeted bioweapons.”
      Account of Rob Skiba’s onset of symptoms ( Rob sadly succumbed in the hospital) is similar to the account Jerry has shared…
      Can we set aside our theological differences & earnestly pray Psalm 91, assurance of God’s protection, for each & everyone including & especially for Greg Hunter?

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Paula for your Blessings & support.

  28. Marjet Bedi

    I agree with everyone except Stan. Love your work and your guests.

  29. Rich

    Hey Greg
    Congrats on getting to 500 wnw. Been following you for years because you put out great content. Your integrity is amazing. You don’t always get it right but you admit when you get it wrong. And you cover both sides of the story.

    • Rich

      Also expect not just food shortages but copper and magnesium shortages as well. Yaa (your advocate alliance on YouTube) did a video talking about the coming magnesium shortage and how it’s just going to get worse. 40 of 55 of the Chinese magnesium production plants are shut down now.

  30. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    While many of us are very unsettled with Trump’s pronouncements on the jabs, Tana Goertz, business woman and former runner-up of Trump’s Apprentice insists that he is being badly advised and whilst alarmed still insists that Trump remains the true deal. See Stew Peters’ interview with Goertz at around 7 minutes.

  31. David Gordon Dunne

    Trump is a Jesuit, went to a Jesuit Universtity and they control the world. With his stance on this killer jab, he is not for the people.

  32. Andrew Cox

    I say the 23rd Psalm most days – as it helps to fight off evil.
    I even keep a printed copy on the wall above my laptop.
    Evil must not and will not triumph!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother Andrew!
      Brother Greg

  33. Karen Allen

    Brooks Agnew has spoken about the supply ships off shore on his recent programs. He also thinks it’s a white hat operation intended to cripple China’s monetary system. He says the cranes are not moving but there are trucks lined up for a hundred miles, waiting to pick up goods that are sitting off shore.

  34. W E Goode

    Congratulations Greg on #500 I subscribed way back and was very lucky to discover your presentation. Keep up the truth it’s appreciated.

  35. Lois

    Remember disinformation is necessary. Trump told everyone months ago about what he believes.
    Trump is a genius. People need to think for themselves not let Trump or anyone else think for them. Disinformation is for the DS confusion.
    God is in control.

  36. Marie+Joy

    While vaccine manufacturers have immunity, employers who force their employees do NOT have immunity if/when their employees are injured.

    • Paul ...

      All these corporations forcing the “jab” on people will be hit with huge class action lawsuits … to get in on the Class Action Lawsuit “payout” … you must refuse the jab and “let them inappropriately fire you” … if you voluntarily take the “jab” you can’t sue the company for damages (unless you have the company sign a statement that they take responsibility for forcing you to take the “jab” to keep your job)!!

      • JC


        There may be no escape from vaccination, other than being placed in a Covid camp.

        They want vaccination, vaccination…

        They want to VAX THE NATION!

  37. ww

    You can listen when someone tells you who they are and question it. But when they SHOW you who they are, you better believe them. The showman has shown himself.

    • cece

      Thats why they are so adamant about telling employees the gene jab is
      (quoted from email)
      “a strictly voluntary opportunity for employees who are not yet fully vaccinated, but wish to be.”
      and then make us sign a waiver stating we agree to be a lab rat….

      • Paul ...

        Don’t sign … otherwise when the Multi-billion dollar lawsuits begin … you will get nothing … and won’t be happy about it!!

  38. Catherine

    So I was right that Trump was a big disappointment when he never put ANYONE in prison. The real show behind the scenes was orchestrated and letting him be the fall guy as a rouse to make him a hero fooled us because there was truth in his speeches regarding the circumstances of fake news etc
    It’s not nice to get played but if he really is just a clown dancing for money then we are meant to see it and know it.
    Why? Well I believe that the almighty Judge is now Judging and I would advise everyone that NOTHING EXISTS BUT GOD. He the Creator of ALL THERE IS and He is allowing this to happen. The angel of death has been released and all of humanity is now being judged. There is no escape God knows all. He will at some point stop the evil surrounding us but only after judgement is finished
    God created evil precisely to give us FREE WILL This situation is the test. Let’s pass the test by increasing our faith and praying for help. Have courage and put your trust in God.
    That’s all there is.

    • JuicyMoosey

      If we could go back to the way things were then what would we have learned as a people? Maybe we shouldn’t even want to go back to the way things were if that state of being is what led us to where we are now.

      We obviously made mistakes. We got complacent. We let evil happen on our watch. We knew deep down what was going on and let them continue doing it so long as they left us alone and spared us enough crumbs from “their” table to keep us satiated. When they went to war and looted other countries we let them do it because it kept our standard of living flying and kept us soft like a pampered pet, just as we liked it.

      Only “master” is now turning into a vicious mad thing and we’re too soft, defanged and domesticated to know what to do about it. And we let this happen to ourselves.

      We have to atone. We have to become a new people and therefore a new civilisation. To do that we have to learn the lessons that are being taught here right now. The longer it takes us to figure this out, the more painful the process is going to be.

      • Dee

        Nahash a the Ammonite went up and besieged Jabesh Gilead. And all the men of Jabesh said to him, “Make a treaty with us, and we will be subject to you.”

        2But Nahash the Ammonite replied, “I will make a treaty with you only on the condition that I gouge out the right eye of every one of you and so bring disgrace on all Israel.”

    • Mike Foley

      I agree. Trumps supporters chanted ‘Lock her up!’ over and over.
      He did nothing there. That was a big red flag.

      The NWO is in full press now and they will not back down because they can’t.

    • Andrew de Berry

      Thanks Catherine.

  39. Graham Leadbeatter

    Greg, Can you please, please, please do something about your AUDIO!!! Listen back to your broadcasts and fix the problem please.

    • Greg Hunter


      • terry broomhall

        Trump fooled us all Greg. I believe he’s controlled opposition. They used him as a barometer to see how many people were against them. No matter how hard it is to believe to those of us that voted for him, with him pushing the vaccine from the start till the end, we can only come to the conclusion that he is in on it. The depopulation.

        • Simple Girl

          Terry Broomhall, my thoughts exactly.

      • BreadCrumb

        Perfect Response Greg……..haha.

  40. Vincent

    Greg, good show as usual, I heard what you are saying in regards $5.00 a gallon for petrol, we in the UK are currently paying £1.42 a litre, which is the equivalent of £5.10.a gallon, and that’s a US gallon, which equates to about $6.80 a gallon, US money. I think you guys still have it relatively cheap in comparison. God bless you for all you do Greg and all the great guests you have on. Vince in London.

    • Charles H.

      I began buying gasoline as a boy. I had a motorized scooter for off-road use. I could collect discarded bottles along the roadside to pay for my purchases: under 25 cents a gallon. At $3.00 a gallon – that’s twelve times as much; or 1,200%. My ‘relative’ is different from your relative, it seems.

      • Self Exiled

        I remember 19 cents a gal. Hostess cupcakes 5 cents. When they went to 8 cents, first lesson in price hikes.

        • Charles H.

          S E,

          I remember 19 cents a gallon too – but didn’t think anyone would believe me. And just before Whatshisname falsely took office – I was in South Texas and saw one gas station with $1.99 a gallon regular. I didn’t really need much at all: but I wanted to hit that price, as I had a feeling we would never see it again. I turned around and bought a few bucks worth. I think it will never go that low again.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Charles,
        The value of the petrol/gas is still the same today as all those years ago. The value of the fiat currency used to purchase it has fallen. Soon to be falling ‘off a cliff’!

  41. James

    Thanks, Greg! Another excellent program.

    Here’s one of the ways they’re lying about CRT: Georgia rebranding CRT – “The Savannah Chatham County Public School System (SCCPSS) purchased a Panorama Social Emotional Learning (SEL) License for $95,375.00 with CARES ACT 1 federal funding. SCCPSS and Panorama Education, Inc. contracted on April 19, 2021. The current contract term is one year. The terms ‘Critical Race Theory’ and ‘Social Emotion Learning’ are nearly synonymous by definition. This is yet another example of the imaginary world of leftist language manipulation to pacify stakeholders in a way that blur and denies the truth.” –

  42. caroline

    I ordered Ivermectin and put it up in case I need it, straight from India. I have maintained a stock of immunity builders from natural derivatives. I just say NO to tests, jabs, mandates, or masks. Period. I do not recognize 3 letter entities as being anything anymore. I make my God given freedom decisions and go from there. I follow the laws but I do not pay attention to anyone with debate or unconstitutional orders. I will not stand down, give in or give up. If you are not living for a future vision then you are stuck on the past and that puts you way behind in this day and time. Get your house in order. God Bless.

  43. David Lynch

    Thanks Greg, for pointing out that Trump is still pushing an experimental mRNA injection which are now being forced on people by way of threats of job loss and other “ incentives “ . While I do believe he is the President by way of the 2020 election , which was clearly stolen through massive fraud and the usual cover up, he clearly is not the man to turn our country around. He has blood on his hands from pushing this “ vaccine “ which is killing and injuring human beings all aver the world. Now these demons want to go after the children with this thing ? The information about this shot is available for all who care to look into it , and has been for many months. There is no way possible that DJT does not know what is happening with this “ vaccine “ . This is a massive eugenics program in progress, nothing less. I will continue to support the many courageous men and women who are losing everything to make a stand against this Death Shot ! Please people , stop cheerleading for the “Pied Piper Donald Trump “ and pray to the God of heaven for some real leadership who will not lead humanity over a cliff.

    • Paul ...

      Alex Jones as President should be shouted along with FJB in every stadium around the world!!

      • Jr

        AMEN. Let’s fill other “comments” sections around the web with ALEX JONES 2024 and see if we can start something –

    • dee

      the city if philidelphia should be vaxxinated. they were calling for open violence against civilians.

  44. Neville

    This moron ,imbecile call him what you like fauci!!! Talks about “the science” well of course we can take it for granted that what he knows about so-called the science you can write on the back of a penny postage stamp and have plenty of space left.
    What I think is that he really meant was the SEANCE which is the communication with the dead which he hopes for after vaccinating all and sundry !!!
    As you say Greg this foul coctail of chemicals in all the vaccines is in the first instance a huge insult to Our LORD GOD CREATOR who gave us all a perfectly adequate Immune System to cope with anything as he knew what was in the pipe line with the cretins like fauci etc swilling around in the filth with which they traffic in……..They don’t know what they do and there will be NO forgiveness this time only the burning of their souls in the fire that never goes out……
    Thanks for the wrap…..
    And we all say AMEN to

    • Paul ...

      If we don’t arrest Fauci … when Jesus gets here … all he will be judging is the dead!!!

  45. George

    Greg, you are on the cutting edge of information so needed by the people. Thank you for that. Could you do an analysis on what the nations of the world are doing about the evil coming out of the World Economic Forum, from criminals Gates, Soros and Klaus Schwab? Who are the USA members of that club? Every Christian patriotic American should know who they are. Thank you.

  46. Brandon Iron

    Greg, between the 32 & 37 min mark deep state inserted tons of muted pause segments. Most lasted a split second but some were 1-2 seconds.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know why that happened. Thanks for pointing it put.

      • JuicyMoosey

        Could be something you’ve got running on your computer causing a problem.

        If you’ve got a browser running with lots of tabs and scripts “pulsing” in the background while you’re recording your show then it could cause glitching.

        When recording, try to close as many unneeded browser tabs and programs on your computer as you can and see if that improves things. The other thing you can do is look at your task list and see what services your computer is running. Often there can be dozens of tasks “pulsing” in the background that aren’t needed sapping your computers power and resources.

        The other thing that might cause glitching on your own computer is a failing hard drive or SSD drive. If you have any backups to do – especially passwords, etc – then I’d get them done ASAP, just in case there is an issue on your end.

        • Greg Hunter

          I did have some sort of glitch and it was on my end but I don’t really know what happened. This has never happened before.

          • AndrewB

            Hi Greg,
            Glitch or no glitch, it was great as usual! I will readily accept breaks in sound, out of sync audio/video, and other glitches, to tune into USAW!

  47. Mike Low

    Alex B. of Substack is reporting the beginnings of a possible die off of people under 50 in UK, Germany and US of cardio vascular issues. Can you get him on for a Saturday Post?

    • Paul ...

      Can’t hide it any longer … 3 out of 4 people “jabbed” … DIE (within 14 days) … the one person who survives (will likely be dead a few months from now) … wonder why is it called the Kill Shot!! … … and the sheep here in America are going to allow Bribe’n to “jab” their 5 to 11 year old children (as a Trick or Treat Halloween gift for their Hell’th)!!!


    Assuming this jab won’t kill the requisite no. Of people to satisfy the elite group, what will come next? This is not over. Something worse is on the horizon!

  49. Linda Puetz

    There are people dropping in front of me, There are vaxxidents on the highway back and forth to work. My family has stupid people in it. I am isolated because I believe the jab is genocide. I was relieved to see your email early this morning. The week passed very quickly. Peace to all who enter here.

  50. Gary

    I appreciate the posts, but I do get really tired of the constant anger.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nobody forces you to view my free content. Please Go someplace else if you do not like the presentation.

      • Mike Foley

        Greg, I am more outraged than you.

      • wm.jnana

        Greg, he referred to the “posts,” not your “presentation.”

        • Greg Hunter

          How do you know?

    • Marie+Joy

      Gary, And I think there’s not enough outrage.

      • Greg Hunter

        Wait until this winter Marie.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Greg, if we really WANT change, we’ll find a way to shut off the money to our “representatives”. Absent that, nothing will change. Things are as they are, because somewhere, somehow, somebody is making money. We know who those “somebodies” are. Best always. PM

          • Paul ...

            Use the 27th Amendment to the Constitution … and we can stop their salaries for creating conditions leading to riots (like closing down businesses and forcing people to be fired for determining what is or what is not injected into their bodies)!!

    • Mark

      Somebody needs to show anger. otherwise, go along quietly to the fema camps without a fight.

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg, Loved this wrap up… I do hope you might be able to get Dr. Kory to touch on how people can test/prove the shedding in/around them or how they can take samples and where to send them. And yes, many nurses and 1st responders have already been terminated in my area as well. Many with many years of ICU and staff nursing experience…who are let go all why the hospital ””says””’ they are short staffed and being overwhelmed with patients? hmmm

  52. Abba

    Great wrap up Greg! What party do the 200 congressman come from? Are they all Republicans? Were there dems acting hypocritically among them?

    Kudos to WXYZ Detroit! Also, looking back at the riots of last year, The Detroit Police did their job and protected the community. They were not counted among the cities that allowed rioters to go violent and out of control! There is life and hope for Detroit!
    (Yes, I am a metro Detroiter)

    • Charles H.

      I miss Bill Bonds.

    • Charles H.

      And I really miss Soupy Sales!

      • Self Exiled

        I miss caffeine free coke, and Cherry Dr Pepper and that’s not that long ago.

  53. Patrick J.Arbow

    Great Job Mr. Greg Hunter! Been listening to you from the start. You my friend are today’s Walter Cronkite! There is No One today even close to your Professional Reporting! God, gave you the Talent, for today’s Worlds Crisis! We Love you, Greg Hunter! Please know you have an unseen Army! Keep the Faith, my friend! Molon Labe!

  54. Da Yooper

    On Tuesday I was notified that 3 of my friends had died from 2 strokes & 1 heart attack in the previous 24 hours all were double vaxed 4 to 5 months ago . 75% of the people I know who took the vax are sick.

    Trump is a germaphobe thats why he is so hung up on the vax.

    Greg look at this article from zero hedge. Humm the CDC calls for folks to throw out their onions when 652 people get sick but when 16,000 die & 752,000 get sick from the vax the CDC does NOTHING . This is criminal .

    Salmonella Outbreak In Multiple States Linked To Onions: CDC
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    THURSDAY, OCT 21, 2021 – 07:30 PM
    Authored by Mimi Nguyen Ly via The Epoch Times,

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a food safety alert on Wednesday regarding an outbreak of Salmonella infections in multiple states it says has been linked to whole onions.
    At least 652 people from 37 states have reported sick, 129 of whom have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported, the CDC announced.

    • Paul ...

      Notice how after the world was told to eat onions (to get the Quercetin they need … to help get zinc into the cells to kill the virus) … all of sudden … we have an onion recall!!!

      • Da Yooper

        YEP my point exactly Paul ……..the CDC is a criminal syndicate.

        • Charles H.

          Like evil Muppet judges.

    • Tin foil hat

      “75% of the people I know who took the vax are sick.”

      If you don’t mind me asking, what is the average age of the people who are sick? Most of the people I know who got sick or passed away are over 60, over 90% of the people I know who are under 60 are doing okay for now. I’m hoping they will get thru this “Dark Winter”.

      • Da Yooper

        TFH the dead are as follows 44 year old male Heart attack – 56 year old male stroke – 72 year old female stroke all double vaxed . The average age of those who are sick would be 48 . But age may be lower because i am terrible when it comes to guessing some ones age. I am referring to 16 people 11 males & 5 females.

  55. Paul

    FYI Greg Colin Powell had advanced case of cancer, he did not have long to live. Great show

    • Greg Hunter

      The family said he died of complications from Covid–period. I believe the family and Powell did NOPT get Ivermectin and he did get a booster making it three shots and he still DIED of Covid according to his own family. I am going with the family and not the false narrative.

    • Simple Girl

      Paul, we are just playing by their rules. Almost all the deaths they were counting as from Clovid

    • Simple Girl

      Paul, just playing by the rules they set. They were counting people like him last year as corona deaths.

  56. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg. Another week is behind us and things seem to be ramping up.

    The Harvard study mentioned can be found on the NIH website at:
    “Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States”

  57. Marie+Joy

    We see some minor outrage. I hope we see much more outrage and a return to the old American wild west.

  58. Mark

    Greg, I walked outside in the 4:00 AM range last night. I looked up and saw chemtrails in the full moonlight. That tells me they are laying chemtrails at night. It is my hope that they are not using them to spread Covid. I have never seen chemtrails as dense as the ones in North Arkansas. Please address this to Dane Wittingham the next time you interview. I have no doubt that the government is trying to methodically kill everyone off. Can chemtrails be used regionally to spread Covid? We need to know. There have been very unusual Chemtrail patterns lately. Your reporting is the best and helps open others’ eyes.
    Something is rotten in the United States.

    • Steve McDonald

      Could not agree more! I also wonder about the affects on all our trees, plants, gardens and most importantly, crops. Hmmmm agent orange was a defoliant as well as other negative health impacts on our U. S. Soldiers and other country’s soldiers and civilians .
      Hate to use the definition of enemy soldiers as most wars are contrived.

    • Kay

      Mark, we have noticed loads of Chemtrails in South Florida too. We get one nice sunny day, the spraying begins, then it is gloomy the next few days which cuts our Vit. D. We are near Mar a Largo so guess the Trumps are being sprayed on as well.

      It is time to earnestly pray. So grateful that Mr. Hunter tells people to get right with God. Best advice ever.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      We moved to KY in 2014 and were hopeful to stay forever but our lovely biased Immigration ran us off in 2016 back to Thailand. I would sit in the afternoons in KY and watch all these chemtrails everywhere everyday. I have never seen one chemtrail in Thailand ever.

  59. ron martin

    Greg, I ordered and received my ISatphone2 and specifically told them to credit you.

  60. Paul

    Greg, Colin Powell cause of death should have been cancer not covid, apparently covid is the cause of most deaths these days. Unreal!

  61. John

    Man is not outside of God’s sovereignty. God will permit this madness to continue as long as it serves His purpose, then He will pull the plug and all will be over. Keep faith in Christ because that’s all you got.

  62. JOhn

    Colin Powell was thrown under the bus to keep the false narrative going. Had he been given Ivermectin and lived, then their narrative would have been exposed for what it is, bullshit, game over. As far as trump goes, he may be a Trojan Horse, you know, good cop bad cop; just a thought.

  63. Steve McDonald

    Thank you for all you do !
    I tried to listen to what Gerald Celente had to say. Shut it down after about 10-11 minutes, No thumbs up, no thumbs down … just could not take the cursing and antics that is too common with Gerald. I will listen to your Friday News Brief and see if you have a synopsis, ‘Cliff Notes’ on Gerald’s message. I will appreciate your guests that can express themselves without the cursing. Are we in dangerous times and are there corrrupt people running the world … yes! Lets hear what we can do to stop what is planned.

  64. Marie+Joy

    Pfizer, J & J, etc are into bioweapons so does that mean all their products are bad for me? I think I will not be buying their pr0ducts because I fear for my safety.

    • Paul ...

      Boycott all their products to pay them back for murdering our loved ones!!!!

  65. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rod for all your support of USAW & for your service to our country!

  66. David+Bain


    In summary regarding the safety of vaccines, and as Judy Mikovitz(former NIH employee) has stated, the vaccine programs should all be stopped, The Politicians are criminally complicit in this operation.
    It is plain as day, the vaccines or should we say, the DNA altering shots, is about the money and this is driving the politicians actions, yet they are exempt from the vax and are taking ivermectin, and the Pharma is not liable for their actions . This is to me, one of the biggest OATH breaking events in USA and world history. Punishment is appropriate for those devising and partaking in the implementation of this system because of the resulting die offs and injury’s and not bringing this operation to a complete halt. This is the classic example of treason, sedition, traitorous and health injurious behavior.
    It is patently obvious.
    Political failures across all government levels and Social Media Censorship is what we the people are witnessing.
    We need to remember, Just because politicians and mainstream social media platforms repeat a lie long enough, does not make it a FACT. We need to adamantly call them out on their failures and we have to continue to hold the line.

    From my chair,


      We need to execute them, or they will kill us.

  67. barb davis

    Everyone, watch from last Tuesday, the 12th of October entitled, Tentacle Tuesday. He has videos of an American doctor and a Polish doctor who have seen horrifying creatures in the vaccine. They show pictures of them. The Polish doctor is amazing and what he is saying is off the charts bad.

  68. Charles Turner

    In India yesterday there were only 15000 new Covid Infections from a population of 1.38 billion.
    In the UK yesterday there were 49,000 new cases of Covid from a population of 67 million.
    One country has 90% of its adults vaccinated,. The other one only has 21% vaccinated.
    Any guesses which one has the most vaccinated?

    • Kay

      Charles, I lived in India for many years. I still have friends there. India is not using RNA vaccines from what I see. They have Covivax, Covishield, and Sputnick V. I don’t think they are safe vaccines but they are not the same ones we are using. I have read that Covishield gives brain bleeds. Martin Armstrong also said his contacts in India were saying that the jabbed were the ones dying in India during their surge of COVID cases. I don’t believe he had a follow-up on that one.

      I saw Dr. Malone on Stew Peters the other day. Dr. Malone helped develop RNA technology many years ago. The Dr. is developing a new vaccine in India with Reliance. The family that owns Reliance are billionaires. I think it is called Covax. I find it really odd that anyone would want to vax Indians because they have a young population for the most part, which do well with recovering from the virus, and 80% of chemists will give a person Ivermectin or Hydrocloriquin over the counter without a Dr. script. It is much easier to get meds from a chemist over there than in the USA.

      I also don’t understand how people are tracking this virus in India. As far as I know, they don’t have a great tracking system of anything in India. Most there distrust the government and are reluctant to be honest with their representatives.

    • Russ D

      Even stating that there are “such and such number of positive Covid cases in such and such Country” is total BS!!!

      If these Countries are using the PCR test to determine who has this FAKE virus Covid… IS LYING!!!!

  69. Concerned Canadian

    Hi Greg…Canada is doomed with the trudope puppet at the helm…he is allowing Chinese troops to set up in Canada..i read a report they will soon go door to door and take the shot or go to a determent camp that were built across canada..they are planning to close all borders in Dec… our shelves are already bare…i went to walmart the other day..and they had NO meat in their grocery section…?? stock up get a generator..get as much fuel as you can when the power goes out hook your generator directly to your house furnace so that at least you have heat this winter

    • JuicyMoosey

      If they go door to door, we all need to prepare for this, wherever we are.

      I suggest the power of flames. One man could take on several armed and armoured soldiers. And if those shelves are empty that’s free fried bacon came right to your door. We know this is the way those Chicoms like dogs… aint’ Karma a bitch.

  70. William Woelke

    I don’t know if Big Brother is messing with your video c
    brother, but it was horribly in and out with the sound at times. Love your work and Spirit. Keep up the good work.

  71. Diana Brown

    Thanks for the recap Greg. Appreciate your perspective and look forward to the Saturday night “special” as well.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diana for all your comments & support!

  72. Donna L Carey

    Dynamite talk. Forwarded this to a neighbor who took one jab that he will admit to.

    I began to get cold feet re Trump as he repeatedly made one atrocious personnel pic after another, i.e. Bolton. Scaramucci!!?

    My hair stood on end when he talked up the vaccine. You can bet that there are people who trusted him and took the jab who would not have otherwise.

    I never liked his family camped in the WH. I did not vote for the whole crew. Family is a big distraction and broadens the target. I expected a serious CEO type to straighten the country out.

    That said, if my 2 choices are Trump and a dem for prez, then the choice is clear. But, I would expect nothing more than another 4-year reprieve. An election may well be all but moot by that time anyway. You said not to worry about 25-year food supply as events will not take that long, an utterance both funny and grim.

  73. Kip McKenzie

    Hi Greg,

    I have been watching you for years from Canada because in the world of Globalism what goes on in America goes on here. Your show provides me with great guests and information that helps navigate through this intentional madness. I think like Cliff High, in that the world as we knew it is over, and one can only hope that what comes next is one of two choices. A 6uild 6ack 6etter technocratic, feudal, world order or a free society built by those who make it through to the other side of this die-off and collapse. Obviously, I prefer the later.

    Unfortunately Donald Trump is a lost cause at this point in my opinion. I see him as part of the left/right political performance put upon us. His is an el(ite), like the el(ected). He was chosen for his role like the rest and did a fantastic job setting the USA up for what is happening. If I know about the MNRA injections and their inclusion of graphene oxide, microscopic steel particles, self-assembling nanotech, self- replicating parasites, and the cellular DNA rewrite to produce spiked protein – so does he. He speaks the truth when he says “I think the three injection choices are effective”. Could you imagine if Donald Trump was reinstated just in time for the mass die-off? It would be a disaster as his remaining supporters would turn on him just as much as they do with Joe Branden. I think its time to hold onto the constitution and bring it forward as a guide to establish a better world if we win. Donald Trump has said enough in public to have him included in Nuremburg 2.0. WE all can do better as everyday people. We need to stop idolizing these “leaders” and putting them on another level than us. That is how they got away with this in the first place.

    Here in SW Ontario, I have been monitoring the EMS paramedic communications on Broadcastify. Almost all of those needing assistance are double-injected (as part of COVID protocols they must state the injection status in the dispatch call to the paramedics). Here are the conditions that are recurring in men and women from ages 16 to 99: respiratory failure, heart failure, disorientation and extreme forgetfulness, strokes, miscarriages, loss of fine and gross motor control, pain and inflammation to joints and internal organs and they are finding people dead in their homes who have been missing for days. Its the same everywhere. We are definitely in the exponential growth curve of the die off. In my own life, I have a mother who is failing in more ways than one since her injections. I have also seen an injected friend suffer from cognitive disorientation trying to simply place a take-out order on the phone. Other friends are suffering heart failure, upper respiratory problems, and a friend who was perfectly fit is no longer able to work out like they used to due to exhaustion. I am witnessing the societal break-down phase happening quickly around me now. Ironically, before the injections started, nobody around me even had a sniffle or a cough. And I work in education and a very social environment.

    Love what you do Greg.
    Keep that strong faith of yours going. We need it right now.
    All the best,
    Kip from Canada

    • AndrewB

      Hi Kip,
      EMS paramedic communications. What a brilliant source of raw data you have picked up on!

    • Kip McKenzie

      So after I posted that listening to EMS calls is a good way to gather data on the injection situation, the broadcast of 911 calls was terminated online from the local transponder. Greg, 5 eyes is watching your site. What a world!

      From Broadcastify.
      Status: Feed currently down for an unknown reason. The feed operator has been notified and is working on the issue. In the event of a power outage, this feed is supplied with an uninterruptable power supply that lasts about twenty minutes.

      • Greg Hunter

        How do you know 5 eyes is watching USAW?

      • Kip McKenzie

        Hi Greg. Part of what I was saying on Five Eyes was in jest. However, with that said. I would not be surprised, in these times, if my posting was monitored from my end. My original posting was the first time I have externalized information from my findings on who is being taken to the hospital by monitoring EMS services over the past few months. Just after my first posting, the EMS service transponder was taken down in my area for 24 hours. I only stated that I live in SW Ontario which has many cities, towns and rural areas. Only the transponder in my community went down and the rest remained on. That never happens. I took it as a sign to shut up and we (the conspirators) can turn off your access to EMS calls anytime we want. Just like everything else on the internet. All the best. Praying for you and your continued work, Greg. These demons are shutting down our means of speaking the truth.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree Kip. Not farfetched but real!!

  74. TJZ


    The CDC supplied the VAX poison to Moderna and Phizer. The whole COVID fraud was meant to lead to the DEATH SHOT introduction! World wide GENOCIDE!
    Trump’s continued support for the VAX, under the pretense of an all out effort to find a cure…….IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG!
    Lord have mercy!

  75. A+Jones

    A couple of thoughts after hearing this episode: First about inflation: We keep talking about inflation but how psychologically does that resonate with people. We have to learn to weave propaganda methods into our presentations. For example, instead of saying we had 8% inflation we should say you just took an 8% pay cut. If you were making $20 per hour last year now you are making $18.50 per hour and if this keeps up next year you will be making $17.15 per hour and the year after that you will be back to the new minimum wage. Same thing stated differently but the psychological response is totally different. Not everybody is affected the same by inflation but we are all affected when we get a pay cut. That makes it personal to everybody and not just a few. Say it this way: “American workers took an 8% pay cut last year.” The word inflation has many definitions and is an abstraction, but a pay cut cuts to the bone.
    Now about Trump: Why does he keep harping on taking the jab? A number of possible reasons: First he may believe it. We are all conditioned to look to the authorities when in question. When the Federal government supports an opinion professed by experts in the field some people will believe it no matter how insane it may be. The congressional record is full of examples. That is the way their minds were conditioned. We as humans are probably wired to think that way. People believe different things because our brains are wired differently. I post a lot on things I have seen on PBS-TV. I don’t like PBS but I have seen some good stuff on their documentaries. One documentary years ago was on the human brain and how it is wired. I am not making this up, but there are left brained and right brained people. You can actually see the difference under the microscope. The brain cells are totally different. I have actually seen it. It is like two computers with different operating systems. They both work but on different logic sequences. If that is the way it is we just have to live with it. Then too a lot of this medical evidence is highly subjective. For example, I have heard for a long time of people having blood clots. You can associate but you cannot prove any of these correlations. How can you show evidence, other than statistical, on whether or not the jab is working? Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. How could you know this? So how can you say if some get the disease the jab would have prevented it? You can’t. There is wiggle room on both sides.
    I am one of the ones that do not want the jab and will not take it. I have seen every presentation on the Web by experts for and against the jab. I base my opinion on the way this is being handled by the government. I have always heard the best method of detecting insanity is by a lack of balance in a person’s thinking. For example with a disease with 99.7% survival rate and they counter this by destroying the economy of the globe and take away peoples Constitutional rights because they will not take a jab that we have no idea will work but have plenty of suspicion it could cause more harm than the disease itself. Just imagine the consequences if the jab did in coming months cause health issues? That would be a disaster beyond belief. How could they possible justify taking this risk? I am a right brained person and my brain tells me that “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” If this is not a lack of balance I hope I never see a lack of balance. “Ye shall know them by their fruit.”

  76. Julia

    Mr Hunter, I agree with you the shots are a depopulation tool. I appreciate your show very much. I know I am getting news which is researched and filled with facts. Like others have stated I am not a fan of Trump and the vaccines. My understanding is the Trump people say we are in a war and that is how deaths are being justified. I dont kow if the people understood we were in a war they would get the shot. Colin Powell obviously did not receive the message.

    God bless you Mr Hunter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Julia for your blessings & support!

  77. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    I am asking this question to be somewhat prepared mentally and spiritually. Will there be 10s of millions of deaths in the US due to the covid inoculations?

    If so, this will be horrific!!!

    God bless you and thanks for the life saving information.


  78. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg “Fear not VAX not” Go Brandon! Jesus is real!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Fred!

  79. WarProfit

    The only protection anyone gets from these shots, is the pharmaceutical companies making them along with the fortunes$$$$$$.

    • Paul ...

      It’s like paying “protection money” to the Big Pharma Mafia … and still having your business blown up!!!

  80. Wayne K

    Vax doesn’t work…here’s confirmation of how much it does not work. Chris Martinson examines a very recent study looking at just how ineffective the vaxx is:

  81. Thomas McLaughlin

    Congrats on 500th WNW, I’m honored to be a staunch supporter.

    God forbid, evil as it seems, but are TPTB preventing Ivermectin from being used, propagating the vaccine usage, knowing it will increase covid cases, and use that in the 2022 elections like they did in 2020?!!

  82. Matt

    Trump’s popularity will collapse once the “vaccine’s” lack of effectiveness is exposed and DeSantis’ star will rise..

    But this article from Nature exposes the true evil of pharma:

  83. Rich from Milford

    “Colon” Powell may have been killed or “let to die” because they were afraid his older brain might no longer be able to keep his mouth shut about all the treasonous murderous frauds of….that September thing, when somebody did something…and the subsequent loss of freedoms and life thereafter.

  84. Walt

    Trump is just as bad as what we have now. He’s been in on it from the start. I realized this the moment he said (after the election) “the Clintons are good people”, and refused to go after them .

    • Paul ...

      Me too!!

  85. Gerard Gubbels

    Congrads on Reaching the Milestone of 500 Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gerard for all your support!

  86. PeteM

    Just say it. They tested it on animals and they got the results they were looking for – they all died.

  87. Ann Minks

    Your wondering why Trump is promoting the vaccination at this point with the EXTREME amount of truthful information out there? I WAS an AVID Trump supporter since he first ran for office until recently. One thing we know is that Trump is NOT STUPID and he isn’t one to actually listen to others, yes? So, what conclusion can we come to except that he is a decoy wolf in sheep’s clothing. The Deep State has always run and started BOTH sides of any war and profited from both sides. Why is this WAR any different? I say it isn’t. Watch what a man sayeth and doeth and ye will know who that man is and what he believes. Trump has shown us…this was a VERY hard pill for me to realize and swallow but nothing else makes sense. People, there is no savior that will swoop in and save us…we MUST save ourselves and those we love. Our very lives depend on it.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Ann,
      Well reasoned – well said!

  88. Der Prof

    Here is the latest, and one of the best compilations about the Covid scamdemic and its ramifications. Just about everything you want, and need, to know, with sources.

  89. Cheryl

    I was distracted from your point about SWIFT collapse for feeling horrified about $4 for a cup of coffee.

    What’s with DJT and push to get the jab? Disinformation is one thing but exposing US Citizens to health risk is horrifying.

    • Paul ...

      And he thinks Hillary “is a nice lady”!!


    Let them die, and bring on the revolution, otherwise we all die.

    • Paul ...

      An eye for an eye and a jab for a jab … get your bows and arrows ready!!

  91. Billy

    They may not raise rates. They may let it go like Zimbabwe or Venezuela. If you look at the Afghan pullout, anything is possible.

    Greg you need to be speaking far more about the climate change summit at Glasgow in November. Covid and Climate change are the two instruments the elites are using for world order, world money and world taxation.

    The Glasgow summit means you will be taxed on everything and won’t be able to use energy unless it is green. Every country other than Russia and China is agreeing to this new net zero deal. It will collapse the western world.

    The people will be taxed more and lose there freedoms under Glasgow deal and this is all happening in the next few years.

    • JuicyMoosey

      What if we modified our vehicles to run on Hydrogen. Anyone can make hydrogen by a simple process of electrolysis, water and stainless steel plates. We’re not helpless nor beholden to the system to supply our own energy needs.

      What I want to see is THEM thinking they can bring us to our kness, begging. And instead in response, we collectively create clean food, water and energy in abundance… free for everybody.

      If ever there was a silver bullet for the “elite” it’s the day when WE give away free stuff for everyone without any auterior motive other than… why not.

  92. Rodney

    Unfortunately the more I hear of trump and sit back and keep taking the shot, the more i feel its ALL just a matter of GOOD COP,BAD COP, to push this ELite’s global cull and ownership.

  93. Roger

    Trump, Congress, Politicians, Media, Religious leaders know the shot is deadly and is part of the great reset worldwide. Anyone who thinks these people do not know or have your best interest has absolutely no discernment for the times we are living in.

  94. Dave

    Trump is a blockhead? Maybe Greg but the more plausible explanation is that he was a Deep State plant. Look at his appointees from Tillerson, to Azar, to Sessions to Barr. And more – all Deep State folks. Look at his court appointees. Not just the SCOTUS but the lower court appointees who are more and more proving to not be bastions of conservatism and originalism.

    That he still touts the vaccine is unforgeable. It has saved “billions” – that is Trump’s un-Christian pride showing through as it always does. If the die-off occurs Trump will need to be put on trial with the others.

    Some sites are talking about a secret executive order Trump signed to pave way for the shutdown of business (mostly small businesses) and forced vaccinations. Trump was in on it all along IMO. Finally Trump supporters are catching on to who he is and he is losing his base. Christians are catching on too. He was never the anointed one for this time as some Christians tried to convince us he was.


    Wow congrats on 500!

  96. Jan T.

    I love your interviews and your good intentions.
    But you have been played.
    Robert F Kennedy Jr. is who you should be interviewing.

    I first saw this last Dec. 2020

    Kind regards,

    • AndrewB

      Hi Jan,
      Great interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. – thanks for the link.
      Highlights I picked up on: Post election victory but prior to inauguration, Trump calls RK for a meeting and asks him to set up a ‘Vaccine Safety Committee’. Trump expresses the opinion that, “He believes vaccines were making people sick”. RK agrees to the appointment and at Trumps request, makes announcement to the press. Subsequently, Pfizer makes a $1m contribution to Trump. Trump appoints Pfizer lobbyist to run the FDA.
      Says it all really . . .

  97. Jdog

    There are two things we now know which are very disturbing. One is that mRNA technology can provide temporary targeted immunity. The other is that mRNA technology can and does destroy natural immunity.

    Now ask yourself this. Could it be, that after a series of mRNA injections, it is possible to effectively destroy the natural immune system and to make the the vaccinated person totally dependent upon periodic boosters of mRNA vaccines to provide immunity against not just COVID, but from all disease?

    If the government were able to accomplish this, they would in effect, have complete control over the entire population. Once fully inoculated, you would be dependent upon the booster shots for your continued survival.
    Without natural immunity, and dependent upon mRNA immunity, even a common cold would be deadly if you did not get your booster shot. Step out of line, and no shot for you.

  98. Justin Facts

    Matt Taibbi: Yes, The Deep State Does Exist, And It’s LIBERALS Who Are Doing Its Bidding /56,764 views Oct 21, 2021 The Hill+
    Co-host of Useful Idiots podcast and author of TK News, Matt Taibbi, breaks down the resurrection of the intelligence apparatus’s public image.
    Finally the youngsters are seeing the light of reality reaching into the x-gen, Game-Stop basement, B. S. bunker dwellers going rouge!

    Fauci LIES On Gain Of Function Research CONFIRMED By NIH, EcoHealth Failed To Report Findings /160,548 views Oct 21, 2021 The Hill
    Team Rising reacts to the NIH’s apparent acknowledgement that Dr. Fauci misled members of Congress on whether the U.S. funded gain of function research.
    Colin Powell was immune suppressed, hope he was given some of the immune boosters instead of just the clot shot? Andy.
    Andrew Feldman, he Democrat strategist: “Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who…”
    Randy Andy, read the comments. Your a joke sir.
    An important person once said before they shot him in the head, by another angry person like you Andy. . . . .
    Undoubtedly the most famous utterance ever attributed to Lincoln is, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Early recollections place the saying in an 1858 speech Lincoln delivered in Clinton, Illinois.

    What’s All the Gabby Petito Fuss?
    Inside the Gabby Petito murder investigation: Could she have been saved? | 60 Minutes Australia

  99. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter a clear analysis of real information.
    The betrayal of the American people by Fauci et al
    Is it possible that Mr Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum and his cohorts were behind the release of this virus in Wuhan ? Everything that is happening seems so convenient to their agendas all across the board. I cannot help but see that China was attacked as well as America and Europe .Perhaps Mr Xi sees the truth and needs to target the Davos set ruthlessly if China and us are to survive.

  100. Justn Observer

    Dr. Madej photography’s the Hydra type substance being injected into the vaxers? =
    more to soon to be released also by Project Veritas it is said….

    • Justn Observer

      Will leave this for others to contemplate (consider these but re-tweets) thx to Clif HIGH =
      * Did you know Army Regulation AR40-562 paragraph 2-6 under exemptions the policy states that naturally immune evidenced by serology are exempt from immunization?
      Why aren’t all being tested for both IgG and SC-2-specific T cells prior to?

      ** The latest
      Vaccine Surveillance report now reports that the vaccinated are testing positive at a higher rate than the unvaccinated for every age group from 30-39 up …

      *** Non- negotiable! EUA is designated in EMERGENCIES! Show me the science that 5-12 year olds are facing an emergency with C19! Prove that the shot is beneficial and poses no risk! NONE of these things can be proven. Not one!

      AND do we ever love CAF’s take on it =

      yup – and there is that company name again =

  101. J. Facts

    China Tests Sub-Orbital “Cruise Missile” – US Didn’t Know

    • Coal Burner

      Sorry: BS
      Distraction from something, maybe all the people losing jobs from the mandate lies and illegal force put behind that. They knew Clinton sold it back after he sold Loreal Guidance systems to the Chinese. How would they ever have made ot to the sky lab. China is a Commie country they do not have the freedom to invent or create new things. When you chain the mind, it is chained. So what is their option destroy our freedom build education system. Or kill all the kids with a Covid shot.

      Don’t worry about the fast rockets, just so much BS to talk about. They are nothing against Iron Dome and the Rod of God.

  102. Sue Patterson

    I may have heard them all. Just keep doing your thing, It’s working.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for supporting USAW all this time.

  103. Judith

    Greg, Love the shirt and tie and of course your info is always spot on and excellent. Thanks gobs, Greg.

  104. iwitness02

    As iwitness02, I have seen enough.
    I have been scared straight. Let God’s will be done on earth
    as it is in heaven. Wisdom is the most expensive asset in the universe.

  105. Marie+Joy

    Dr Tenpeeny on myChannel on Brighteon, says, “Hospitals are kill factories, now and doctors are murderers”.

  106. Lawrence Baker

    Planned gynecide like the Small Pox gynecide of the Eastern Natives transmitted in blankets given to them by white men.

  107. Marie+Joy

    Cinderella Syndrome is when you’re waiting for some man to save you. That’s what we’re doing. Doesn’t matter which man you expect to save us, we’re all a bunch of Cinderellas.

  108. Al Day

    I stopped believing in Trump when before the ’18 elections he did little to nothing to get Hillary and that ilk put where they belong. Shortly after, the demz won and installed the old battle-axe Nancy Pelosi. Cheating is a way of life with these people and Trump was elected to put an end to it. But instead he went on a 4 year bloated ego trip, selling himself and his accomplishments. Not to say he did nothing good……..but so much more he could have/should have done. Military tribunals should have been put in place while he was prez. Instead he left in a whimper and left us to the mess he was elected to clean up. Not a Trump fan since 2018.

  109. Paul Kramer

    The people who advised Trump on the vaccine shouldn’t be fired for lying. They should be tried for crimes against humanity and shot. And if Trump doesn’t start getting honest about this topic, he should be given the same treatment. Sorry to say. I love DJT. I give him an A on everything he did in his administration except what he did with vaccine safety and for that, he gets an F.

  110. MCasey

    This is serious. When dementia patients become confused it is often necessary to redirect their focus with calming phrases from someone they trust such as “You’re safe here”; or as in the video below, Jill Biden reaching her hand out to Joe and redirecting his focus with, “Look at me”.
    Biden continues to be “confused” and at the end of the 5 second video Jill again steps toward him, but I can’t find a longer video to see/hear what happens.
    Can you imagine this occurring with any other U.S. president? We are in serious trouble. This has to be more than apparent to members of Congress.

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer

  111. TIM


  112. MCasey

    So just what is in those Cargo Containers that are surrounding the U.S…..anchored off the coasts at Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Oregon and Texas?
    (2 minute video)

    BUT, ports in China, Malaysia, Taiwan…all over the world….are experiencing the same backlog of ships. The plan may actually be to destroy the world economies by bankrupting its three (3) main components: the manufacturers, the retailers and the consumers (via job losses).

    Then, when the manufacturers and retailers can’t pay off their credit line; and consumers can’t pay their mortgages and car payments, it will destroy the banks and they will be taken over by the World Bank.

    Then city, county, state and national governments will go bankrupt because of reduced or no import/export tariffs; no sales tax; no luxury tax; no income tax, no payroll or business taxes (unemployment insurance, social security, medicare). And they will be taken over by the Globalist’ New World Order.

    A lot more rabbit holes, but you get the picture. No empty containers, no warehouse space, moldy products from sitting in salty humid conditions, etc.

    As Biden, Klaus Schwab of the WEF, and the Globalists’ motto, “Build Back Better” implies, the world economies must first be destroyed before it can be built back.

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer

    • Susan D

      Sadly, the FBI and all alphabet agencies are beyond corrupt themselves. But I’m sure you already know that 🙁

  113. Roger

    Word Directly from LaPalma: Steam Coming out of ground on other side of island; near constant earthquakes. We’re frightened

    If on the Eastcoast might want to be aware of this just in case as Greg had mentioned.

  114. Geena Gador

    Keep up the good work, Greg. Let us all pray that with God’s help, we can turn this vaccine BS around. What’s up with Donald Trump? He’s not that stupid. Maybe he has been captured by the Deep State and we are watching a clone.

  115. Russ F

    OK, DeSantis is probably not perfect, but he is probably the best of the bunch. I am glad I live in Florida; we need to keep him, but the country needs him more. He may not speak against the vaccines, but at least he is working to protect those of us who won’t take the jab. How many other governors are “undermining” the feds?

    TALLAHASSEE — Florida’s governor has declared war on mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.

    At a news conference in Clearwater, Gov. Ron DeSantis laid out a litany of legislative policy priorities that would undermine federal requirements that workers be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

    DeSantis said he’s planning to call a special session later this year so the Republican-dominated legislature can pass these and other measures.

    “I don’t think you can wait until next year,” the governor said.

    This is a developing story. For updates, visit

  116. Susan D

    Yup, I concur with everyone here. I don’t trust any of them. We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For. No one is going to save us. We need to stand up as a collective and fight against this insanity.
    Thanks Greg for all you do! Love your show and the folks that come on! Especially thrilled with Bo Polney and Cliff High!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Susan D for all your support of the site!

  117. Allen Macri

    Hi Greg, another powerful program. I think that any politician who sticks their neck out too far will become a casualty, unless they support, or at least, appear to support the jab.
    Keep in mind, why did Ross Perot drop out? His family was in the crosshairs. What happened to JFK, RFK, and MLK Jr.? We have to keep them moving in the correct direction. Total condemnation could be counter productive. I am stating this as someone, who does not travel in their circles.
    Colin Powell’s death should prove one thing, TPTB hold no allegiance, even, to their own soldiers/generals. ‘They’ are the guilty privileged ‘whites’, ‘they’ let a black man die, when he could have been saved. ‘They’ ‘made’ him, and ‘they’ let him die. This should get all BLM to turn on their ‘masters’. One can only hope they will open their eyes. Let us pray.

  118. John M.

    Greg, you are correct to shout out that Pres. Trump should never be condoning and cheerleading for the jabs. I’ve been saying this from the start with Trump’s stupid “warp speed” blabber and with his more recent endorsements ever since; he is making a huge, monumental mistake that will haunt him. I have many friends who have received the mark of this experimental gene therapy proudly and many of them have cited Trump as being a very important reason for trusting in it.
    Sure, I’ve heard all the arguments about Trump having greatly reduced the greatest damage by forcing them to bring out the jabs way ahead of schedule, and also in Trump trying to end the lock-down of the economy. It still doesn’t all add up in my mind, because why are the “white hats” supposedly involved in creating the supply shortages, problems at the ports, and very dangerous conditions in our military and economic security? It seems that the bad guys are all in, and they have no choice but to take America completely down, if they can.
    I sure hope Trump is at least one of the good guys!?

  119. Al

    There are several people (besides clif) that say something is going to happen right around the same time clif mentioned it.
    Bo Polny, for example. Then there’s a person called Juan-0-sevin who is in with some big wigs in DC, he says the same thing.

    There is a marker coming, that will be the first punch Trump throws at the deep state. They have been punching him left and right with weak effeminate punches and Trump just took the blows to get them good and tired. Now BANG!!! He will throw his punch and it will be around the time clif and others say.

    The fight won’t be over, but the DC scum will get their wind knocked out of them, then Trump is going to lay back a bit and BANG !!! another punch! This time in mid to late November, around the 23rd. But the fight is not over until Trump decides to throw the fatal punch.

    God Bless You and your Family Greg. WOW … 500 Episodes. I remember watching you on YouTube with less than 10,000 viewers. It’s been a long journey and you stuck with it and now YOU HAVE MORE VIEWERS THAN CNN !!! Awesome!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al for all your Blessings & support of the site! Yes, it has been a long haul.

  120. Mark

    “The higher vaccination rate in the population, the higher the C-19 infected rates and deaths within that population.” The “vax” works perfectly as they designed it. It was designed to kill you.

  121. Coal Burner

    Big 500, wow congratulations!

    Colin Powell was a loose end. And there are a lot of them around yet. I couldn’t believe Strozk, and McCabe and Steel were mouthing off last week. They are loose ends and I bet they get wrapped up before long.

    Evergrande is going to destroy lots of American investment in China. Remember the fuss about federal employee investment in retirement instruments in China??????? Worried yet??

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Coal Burner for all your support & insightful comments!

  122. Xie Hang Ten
    Watch “US…SR? | Putin says US is following the path of the Soviet Union”

  123. AndrewB

    I subscribe to AFLDS – America’s Frontline Doctors – and received this e-mail message today from their founder, Dr Simone Gold. Dr Gold attended the Trump rally in Washington DC on that fateful day – but did not enter the Capitol building. Where are DJT’s words of protest about the grossly unfair treatment of his supporters, held without trial? His words of protest must be in the same ‘pending’ file as his words of protest about the incarceration and solitary confinement of Julian Assange. Candidate Trump said, “Don’t you just love Wikileaks.” President Trump turned his back on one of the bravest journalists of our time. Go figure . . .

  124. Jeff robbins

    Thanks for keeping up on these things. We’re making a tactical shift by selling a small lot and using the money to buy a tractor and put in a pond (liner is going to be almost 15k). Stocked with catfish, I’ll sleep a little easier.

  125. Lois Douglas

    Greg. I was diagnosed with C19 on 09/24. I wasn’t able to secure ivermectin until 7 days in to my illness. It was like someone flipped a switch! My husband as well! We still have left over symptoms that are mild ( post nasal drip, cough) but nothing like those first couple of days. The point in this all was how unbelievable hard it was to find local help! American Frontline Doctors ultimately gave us medication but not without cost. We are both in our 60’s. I contracted C19 from 2 vaxxed coworkers who both tested positive. They are now both getting the booster and I am just stumped. Why get another shot that didn’t help you in the first place? People are either blind or stupid. Common semse has flown out the window. Dr Peter McCullough said it is a “Crisis of Compassion” he is absolutely correct.

  126. Jeffersonian

    First —Greg 500 shows impressive you’re up their with Ruth Mantle Aaron and the other non steroid cheaters. Keep it up your passion shows you care and are on a mission to shed light on darkness and ignore the haters their hate reflects their own dissatisfaction with themselves

    Please get over Trump —the deep state bought and paid for him long ago blue red only different in name but both play on the same team only there to distract you from the real issues don’t believe me? Here’s the facts—

    Trump increased deficit
    Mandated lower interest rates
    Increased pentagons budget
    Kept war in Afghanistan funded
    Kept printing press full throttle
    Wealth gap increased
    Appointed deep state players to key positions
    Wall Street thrived
    Ramrodded the clot shot without adequate trials
    Called it a pandemic requiring lockdowns
    Calls himself the father of the clot shot
    Tells us we need to get jabbed
    Glorified big pharma Pfizer moderna and Jj
    Appointed Billy Barr to allow Epstein to kill himself(not) allowed Hillary and her foundation to go unindicted Muellers Russian hoax persisted no major player was ever prosecuted
    A wall was built but not finished
    And factory jobs well not really
    And Walmart stayed open and mom pop got shut down hmmm…….
    And don’t forget the fomc bailed out Wall Street in March of 2020 Plunge protection team at their finest

    I can go on but hopefully you get the picture

    Trump’s a con artist pure and simple and many people got played just like the people that were told take the the clot shot and you’ll be safe sorry not true it can mitigate symptoms but not prevent you from spreading or Dying from it. People you got played on all fronts

    My take three classes of people

    The warriors maybe two percent of population they won’t and will not take the clot shot and won’t play in a corrupt system but instead will live by their own accord and will answer to God the almighty and obey his laws only

    The fence sitters the majority 55 percent of people who want their cake and eat it to take the clot shot so life is easier hope for the best vote even though it doesn’t matter feed the beast and pretend they are warriors but are only pretenders in the final analysis they are ineffective

    The sheeples 43 percent —apathetic too lazy to think for themselves dumbed down these are the followers do what they are told regardless of consequences take clot shot wear their masks believe blue and red matter and deep down have little if any self respect and watch cnn fox mnbc and believe every word

    So my advice
    Don’t take clot shot
    Don’t feed the beast
    Don’t play in their game
    Be self sufficient self reliant
    Stay and eat healthy
    Build community
    Develop valuable skill sets like welding
    Hang with like minded people
    And above all interact with God each and every day
    Life is good but you do have to work at it constantly

    Did he increase pentagons Busg

  127. Gregory Carter

    From what I understand the goods that are in those ships are no longer any good. Things like textiles etc, will start to develop issues from heat and moisture that they will not be saleable condition now.

    Also I have heard of reports that this week many of the crews have abandoned the ships as some of them are running out of fuel and food for the crews living quarters, mess..etc.

    So even if they could off load the ships, it won’t help.

    As for the vaccine, watch Boeing. I think they will be caving next as Southwest has retracted the vaccination requirements for thier staff.

    I think Boeing will announce a similar retraction probably before Thanksgiving.


    Greg you are a moral and honest man. But may I say that when the Jesuit Pope says it is the duty of every Catholic to take the jab it is important to take my case in to consideration : ; and that there is something much more sinister afoot when Karen Kingston says no only is this a kill shot by design but a control and training program that is adopted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff bapparent when the Navy declares ALL sailors who resist taking COVID-19 vaccine will be discharged – no exemptions, no exceptions
    The diabolical Jacobin left has taken over virtually every single American institution there is, but they have never had much of a foothold in the U.S. military. A bastion of selfless, freedom-loving patriots, most military members trend toward the Republican Party and conservatives because left-wing Democrats have long supported anti-Americanism throughout our society: Flag-burning and kneeling for […]
    OCT 21, 2021 AT 5:07 PM
    The Jesuits are running the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon and Jesuit Coadjutor Joe Biden, are further weakening the American Navy in preparation for its Defeat in the Coming War with the Order’s Red China by Mandating the Jesuit Jab for Every Sailor!

  129. Bob Lamb

    And the CDC (which VAERS is a part of) shows numbers that you are far more likely to die of the virus than the vaccine if you are older.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s total BS Bob. The FDA and CDC lied big time about the actual deaths from Covid 19. They were caught counting everything as a Covid death including a motorcycle wreck in Florida–I kid you not. The CDC changed the language from dying from Covid to dying with Covid to explode the numbers for the Plandemic. Now the CDC is saying it you die two weeks after getting the shot you did not die from the injection, but you died from Covid. The numbers are all a lie.

  130. Justn Observer

    Greg, Was just informed Biden and Garland’s declared war is now in play….consider it the 3RD PUNIC war…between those of Hannibal and of the inner-married wealthy inner married with the ruling elite of Europe and Rome…
    This IS a war between atheist and God loving Christians and Jews of faith…
    The lessons learned by Christians in the days of Rome, and those learned by the God loving Jews sent into the mines and death camps…as often said…’ NEVER AGAIN !’
    If course many will never figure it out, refuse to bother to do research beyond a click ago… but one only has to read the last of H.G. Wells book , ANTICIPATION
    and Wells being an advisor and counseled FDR regularly…who was a Fabian Socialist that also had the ear of many of the Saxon british ilk…who prized eugenics of the deplorable masses…and sought not unlike today’s democrat party to purge if not eliminate the same deemed ‘deplorables’ today.

    Who also was an advisor to FDR at the time, one named Samuel Rosenman, a judge at the New York Supreme Court ? And who today might be related to that man? According to this report, AG Garland’s wife is his grand daughter…

    = Of particular interest is a document she co-authored with the Brennan Center for Justice, which became notorious for fighting against 2020 election audits. The November 27, 2019 document was described as “Verified Voting in consultation with Lynn Garland, Independent Advisor

    Might that have be A GREATER conflicit of interest than his daughter and husband links to CRT?
    as =
    One of Merrick Garland’s most provocative actions as attorney general was to threaten Arizona over its independent audit. In June, Garland issued a stunningly partisan announcement about Arizona’s state election integrity efforts.

    What does that have to do with now and FDR? This article found is of interest and worth considering IF it is true and the notations prove so =

    Of FDR, Rexford Tugwell wrote: “He had a good Harvard education when
    Fabianism was developing, and he probably knew quite well the works of H.G.
    Wells and George Bernard Shaw (Fabian Socialists).” Well-connected
    socialists early this century were familiar with the political winds and
    helped influence the direction they were beginning to blow. John Dewey, the
    father of humanism, wrote in Individualism, Old and New (1929): “We are in
    for some kind of socialism, call it by whatever name we please, and no
    matter what it will be called when it is realized….There is still enough
    vitality in the older individualism to offer a very serious handicap to any
    party or program which calls itself by the name Socialism.
    FDR was extremely pro-Zionist from the very beginning of
    his political career and was often honored by Jews. Henry
    Morgenthau, Jr.; Bernard Baruch and Samuel Rosenman were
    among the Jews who influenced his twelve years of office.
    Thus you can see how Jewish Communism penetrated so deeply
    into the American government, in spite of the warnings from
    early American leaders, such as Benjamin Franklin, who
    warned that this would happen.

    Certainly seems to be a long held group think with a socialist ideology and eugenic mindset on a journey with a globalist dominion goal… not too unlike the early attempts of the World Revolutionary Movements that led to NAZI national socialist and the Russian Bolsheviks Revolutions…

  131. Fred Daake

    The alternative to Trump is no Trump. Why would Nancy/Chuck/Kamala be better? Rather than throw out the baby with the bathwater, I will attempt to extract the truth from the horse. To start, if no one else does it first, I am ready to start a new group on his new social site. It will be dedicated to discussing Trump’s refusal to face up to the COVID truths. Also, I would like to see Greg grab Trump for an interview. Trump has been giving interviews to many different small conservative groups.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Fred. My beef with President Trump is with his vax stance and by now he should be saying “Stop the Shots”–period.

    • John

      Trump is a teaser and in the end prevented Rand or Ted from winning the nomination.

  132. Lord Nasdaq

    Another great Friday Night Weekly News Wrap-UP, brother Greg.
    Commodity prices are/will soar due to vanishing fiat currencies.
    Precious metals moving along with 10 year note yield on it’s own, like you mentioned, around January from under 1% to closer to 2%.

    Semiconductors in Taiwan and social media have peaked due to demand and supply issues and DWAC and PYPL moves – jumping the shark.

    ^VIX is an albatross signal at this point compared to single (all-time lows under President Trump) digits in 2018/2019.

    Great investor I know mentioned one thing to keep in mind these next few months at our weekly Wednesday night meetings in Lewisville, N.C.
    Dr. Dow: ” The government loves digital trading (vs. stock certificates) and cryptocurrencies and alt-coins. They cut your power or have your Binance, on-line bank, or SCHW account(s) blocked, you’re liquidity bare.
    They can’t do that with hard assets and precious metal in your safe.”
    Translation – The government would love to see precious metals (since the Old Testament) go the way of cassette tapes, stamps, and sports cards.

    God bless

  133. Daryl Este

    Hello Brother Greg Hunter,

    Daryl Este – here, thank you for ALL your efforts.

    (2) two Quick question to you and your audience!

    1) Is trust earned or given?

    2) What (1) one word would you us to describe all that is going on throughout the world?

    We look forward to your replies.

    1 Timothy 2
    A Call to Prayer

    • Self Exiled

      Question 1: both ———— question 2:

  134. a. bonaminio, m.d.

    Thank You for an outstanding presentation today. just wanted to mention that if myocarditis occurs in 1 in 300 children, not counting other disastrous adverse events, that jabbing 28 million children would result in 924,000 cases of myocarditis. like other commentators, i am now quite upset with President Trump, who i felt was a great president, perhaps second to only George Washington. i am afraid the only way many in this country will wake up will be when the vax deaths and injuries become colossal and undeniable, and the currency and economy collapse into a greater depression. the data i have seen so far confirm clif high’s thesis. With kind regards.

  135. Jo

    TruNews just reported that Trump’s “TruthSocial” which is supposedly going to compete with Twitter is owned by China with a Chinese board of directors, etc. This was reported tonight, Friday Oct. 22, during the first 20 minutes of the show.

    • Greg Hunter

      I hope they have the proof.

  136. John

    Look forward to your weekly wrap up. Gives me insight into the true happenings. Stay safe and be free.

  137. tim mcgraw

    11:00 But the VAX does work perfectly. It was designed to kill the elderly. Check.
    It was designed to kill the economy. Check.
    It was designed to destroy society. Check.
    It was designed to sterilize the youth of America. Check.
    It was designed to kill us…… coming attractions.

  138. OB

    By 2030 you will own nothing and be happy.

  139. Al

    Trump said to the Media “Never bet against me”. NOW HE’S TAKING THE MEDIA DOWN without force ! How ?

    By Acquisition, a Corporate Takeover, a forced monetary Raid! BRILLIANT !!!

    Destroy public trust from your opponent. Watch them slowly die then buy them out for pennies on the dollar.

    I have worked for Corporations that did just that. After the acquisition they gruesomely dismembered the purchased Company and used its parts to their benefit, firing everyone working in that Company except a few Corporate slaves to kick around.
    A brilliant tactic which made Google, Microsoft and other companies like that the behemoth that they are.

    The DIGITAL WORLD ACQUISITION CORPORATION ( NASDAQ : DWAC ), is Trump’s new raider Company, the Stock DWAC went up over 1000% in a few days.
    Do you think Wall Street knows something?

    That Wall Street money will go to purchase the dying opposition through a hostile purchase/take over. It’s done all the time on Wall Street.

    • JC


      Remember “Chainsaw Al” Dunlop?

      Al Dunlap had one mission: maximize profits at all costs.

      This mentality led his company, Sunbeam, into bankruptcy. Dunlap not only halved 12,000+ Sunbeam workers, but he also falsified company records by a method called Channel stuffing, which puts more products into the distribution system than stores had requested, falsely boosting sales (Forsyth, 2019).

  140. Poochiman

    Great work as usual. Please consider inviting Paul Craig Roberts. He also has much to say about the current situation.

  141. dd

    Since the beginning of this Sars-2 outbreak and before the vaccines rollout, I’ve been saying that an effective and safe vaccine for coronaviridae has been one of the elusive holy grails of medicine that will not be readily attained. These viruses are highly mutagenic , like unto HIV. As of today, there is no safe effective vaccine for HIV and there is none for coronaviruses because of both their high mutagenesis. There is no one vaccine in existence that will eradicate this coronavirus disease . These medical injections masks and lockdowns are futile against the eradication of this disease. The injections are untested and therefore very dangerous. The current ” vaccines”, rolled out, are experimental medicines that have not been fully tested for safety and efficacy in animal studies and had not gone past the animal studies because of the harmful effects(I heard animals were dying at a high rate) and therefore the next step involving small clinical human trials were not performed. Because of the Emergency Use Authorization, the usual safe route had been bypassed and these were regrettably rammed through by politicians with no medical background, and profit driven immoral pharmaceutical companies, without thought of “vaccine “safety. The world has gone mad.

  142. David Gordon Dunne

    This just came across my desk and has been in the works for sometime now. I hope there is BITE in it.

    This lawsuit has nothing to do with Israel’s lawsuit. Both are at Nuremburg’s International Court, but with totally different principals.
    This lawsuit is US based and massive. The accused, CDC, WHO, & DAVOS, equally massive. No less than a thousand lawyers, and began with 10,000 doctors, and rapidly growing with doctors & experts in the field, from other countries are joining in.
    Israel’s lawsuit did not provide enough evidence, but this one, with 1000 lawyers, will drown the Court with evidence.
    They are the only people meaningfully fighting for us, using their time, money, and energy to fight, not just with outrage. These are our unsung heroes.

  143. Lancelot Fotbes

    I Disagree with Cliff High and Gerald Celente regarding the Chinese housing market and the implications for the collapse. The collapse is firstly deliberately engineered . China does not want to create bubbles in the housing market as the leaders understand the implications for general welfare. Secondly most of the money that funded the housing boom came from the government and can be written off without much consequence except to some unfortunate bond holders.
    I also cannot see how the FEDS can raise interest rates. As many have said in the past , you cannot taper a Ponzi scheme. Secondly the inflation we are experiencing is coming from shortages due to shipping delays as well as drought and manufacturing bottlenecks . Main street is not seeing the inflated dollars , unemployment is over 20% and the rich arnt spending into the general economy , only stocks and other commodities. The dollar is still king for now.
    Without massive fiscal expenditure debt deflation is going to strangle the economy .

  144. Wendy

    Dr. Bryan Ardis had a very informative set of data, charts, of the efficacy of Corona 2 treatments. It was very fast and my memory might be spotty, but I think for prevention, higher than Ivermectin by far, were Quercetin, povidone iodine 1% nasal spray, gargling twice daily with certain kinds of gargle (e.g. original (w/ thymol) Listerine), among quite a few others. He’d have the charts on his website

    On a different note – I wanted perspective on how my county is doing. Case no’s are bullpucky, as are probably who died of what (of 539,137 fully jabbed, 36 deaths), but they had an informative chart on jabbed statuses. With virtually 3 out of 4 persons 12+ jabbed around here –
    Rate of infection of fully jabbed – 0.72%
    Rate of hospitalization among fully jabbed population – 0.035%
    What do y’all think? are these two stats bp as well? Doesn’t sound as dire as I’m hearing…

  145. Billy

    I remember G Edward Griffin was not a fan of Trump. He was always concerned of his inaction on key matters.

  146. Brian Susi

    If you want to know why they are doing this look no further than the Moderna stock price. It was a tiny company and now it is worth $150 b over night. Bigger than target. Lol. Every shot a cut come off the top for bribes. I say follow the money

  147. Arthur

    Awesome show Greg, my whole family was vaccinated in July with Phizer, my wife, 2 daughters, 3 grand daughters, one unborn great grand child due in February 2022, {only way to work},I refused the jab.
    So I, like all of the unvaccinated are just waiting to report to you when their family falls, so far my family has no real side effects, so, good so far as of October 22 2021.
    God Bless every word that comes out of your mouth,
    God Bless us all

  148. RetiredIT

    You people, like so many others in the media, apparently don’t know that President Donald J. Trump speaks in “code”. When he talks about “vaccine” he does NOT mean the poison they are injecting into naive, gullible people. To Trump, “vaccine” means the military which he is going to use to clean up corruption in the U.S. Get with it USA Watchdog!

    • Greg Hunter

      And you know this how?

    • Self Exiled

      Which part of the military, the vaxed or the unvaxed [who are leaving].

    • Andrew de Berry

      Thanks RT. That is my understanding too. Or do I put too much reliance on the

  149. Marvin

    The article is dripping with irony, given that the IHS was largely responsible for financing the gain of function research in Wuhan which created the virus in the first place. If ever there was a more glaring example of science run amuck and a full on lack of accountability this is it. The mass vaccination campaign is just an extension of the original problem.

    Here then is evidence of the double edged sword scientists wield when conducting experiments that, in theory could benefit human kind by uncovering the natural mechanisms which operate to create mutated infectious organisms like viruses. However such information could also be used to create bio-weapons, a fact that has been openly discussed by a high ranking member of the Chinese military.

    Just like the research done to spit the atom, leading eventually to nuclear weapons, and also powering nuclear power plants. Biological research such as that done to create SARS-COV2 is also a threat which must be taken seriously or the future of humanity really is at risk. If this virus running rampant across the globe proves nothing else, it demonstrates most certainly that, unlike nuclear weapons, nature can’t be contained by agreements, treaties or dictates of the potential for mass destruction. Rather nature is unconstrained and unsympathetic and will, if given the means to do so, kill indiscriminately. SARS COV2 is known to be a virus which many would survive. However, viruses manufactured to be more lethal would render all of us helpless to deal with, killing millions in a great swath, as did the infamous black death of the middle ages.

    All this is plain enough to see and easily understood by all but the most dim witted. Yet such work to create bio-weapons is being undertaken across the world at this very moment. SARS COV-2 has afforded such research’s a real world field test I expect has proven invaluable.

    This then might be dubbed the Hiroshima moment for bio-weapons research.

  150. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    It looks like we are approaching phase three of the plandemic.

    Time will tell, but I’m convinced a new strain has been introduced after what I just went through. I have dozens of friends who have had Covid19 and their experience isn’t even remotely similar to what I experienced. Something is wrong?

    • Self Exiled

      I think what has been created is a world wide human petri dish for the injected spike protein variant to survive and mutate. Certain individuals are carriers and survive these mutations and spread them. This process will continue as so many people have been injected that to stop it now is probably not possible. The inventors are not aware of the deception that ”they can control their experimentation”. Remember in the hunt for Red October when the Russian sub commander who is hunting Ramius kills himself with his own torpedo. Arrogance/pride is the father of deception. With a humble God every thing can become useful when the time comes.

      Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be raised to honor. Matthew 23:12

    • AndrewB

      “I have dozens of friends who have had Covid19 and their experience isn’t even remotely similar to what I experienced.”
      How do they know they had ‘Covid19’? Did they take a PCR test? Surely, by now – after all the accounts, evidence, and even court rulings – you do not believe the results of PCR testing? This is a bogus test, used to hype the fear and drive otherwise sane people to get the shots!
      Court rulings on the illegitimacy of the PCR test. Listen to Reiner Fuellmich summation of evidence gathered to date:

  151. R.M. Stockmann

    I’m from the Netherlands and i suspect that a lot of people who took
    the vaccine early on, were injected with saline solutions, a so called
    placebo shot that was unknown to all, except of course the big four
    manufactures. Many people i asked whether they were vaxxed or not,
    said they had received the shots and had felt nothing, no complications
    or sick days off. It’s safe to assume that also U.S. President Trump, a
    very important person, was placed into the so called placebo/control
    group and was injected with a saline solution. Your upcoming guest Dr.
    Pierre Kory MD reported about this here :
    “[ … ] In addition, Kory, Marik, et. al published the the first
    comprehensive COVID-19 prevention and early treatment protocol (which
    they would eventually call I-MASK). It is centered around the drug
    Ivermectin, which President Trump used at Walter Reed hospital,
    unreported by the press, though it may well have saved the president’s
    life while he was instead touting new big pharma drugs. [ … ]”

    • Dave

      The rumor has been out there that Trump didn’t really take the vaccine and that neither did his family. The whole Trump getting Covid and being in the hospital just a few days was, IMO, staged.

      • Greg Hunter

        “Rumor” is the key word here.

    • Dee

      satan used jesusto create lucifer as king of the underword. The antechrist serves lucifer, master of the Elysian shining realm

      • DEE DAY


  152. Kerry

    I humbly apologize for sounding critical it is not my intent but the last two are three videos of USAWatchdog have been very choppy Greg. Many freeze frames. Not sure if this is from my Spectrum provider are Rumble. I never experience this with Bitchute though. As for Trump, I’ve been extremely disappointed with him as of late, he seems to be out of touch with reality, the continued promotion of these jabs is very disconcerting. The entire nation is under assault and Trump’s Storm is nowhere to be seen. I would like to know if there is a place where one can get advice are a publication as to ordering a survival kit like they pass out freely in India of Ivermectin, antibiotics. Hopefully, you will have this tomorrow on you interview with this doctor. Thank You

    • Greg Hunter

      Try unplugging your modem and also try a different browser. This latest vidoe had problems on my end beteen the 32 min and 37 min mark and I don’t know why.

  153. DanKnight

    Congratulations on reaching 500 WNWs! … Excellent report. You’re our favorite news source.

    God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dan. You are very kind to say this.

  154. Bill

    Amen, Greg!

  155. Rick

    I’m sorry, but Trump is part of the Deep State. He loves the vaccine, as he has stated over and over again. Allowed the stolen elections to happen after they knew how they stole midterm elections in 2018 and almost stole 2016.

    It was planned, people. They had to make us put our guard down with Trump.

    Same with election audits where nothing happens. String you along, until they pull the cord.

  156. Eugene

    I know you do not want to believe it, but Trump has to know about the vaccines. He is privy to way more legitimate information than you or I. The whole political system is a game. It’s an illusion of choice. Our government was usurped long ago. I respect your work immensely, but putting your trust in a billionaire is dangerous. People don’t make that kind of money with integrity. You have to be part of the club.

    • JuicyMoosey

      I think that might be a bit unfair.

      I’ve personally been on friendly terms with a fairly wealthy guy. A gifted genius. He could manipulate economic, business and legal issues as if they were moves on a chessboard; placing pieces into apropriate places to achieve desired outcomes. Opportunities are everywhere for those who know how to utilise them. Money just flowed for him.

      He studied Buddhism. Was one of the most inspiring and conscientious people I’ve ever known. He invited others to use the principles of Capitalism to develop self sustaining tools for ethical projects.

      The rich are not all evil people. Capitalism (at least the Laissez-Faire free market) and money doesn’t have to be evil any more than a weapon is evil. Sadly, we may need to innovate new weaponry to counter the kind of twisted technology that may be deployed against us in the future. Is it evil to defend ourselves? Is it evil to develop a profitable enterprise with which to fund defence research?

      We need to encourage the rich to help us, not push them away.

  157. Pyra Gorgon

    Some thought experiments…
    How will Greg Hunter react when he discovers that Trump knows what the COVID injections are doing to people? Or better yet…
    How will Greg Hunter react when he discovers Trump’s knowledge and silence to the pedophilia child trafficking world of his long ago friend Jeffrey Epstein? In fact, how many in that clique are Trump circle socialites at one time or other? Or better yet…
    What sort of content would come from Greg Hunter collaborating with Amazing Polly on a bombshell story?

  158. Pam

    Greg Hunter for President 2024

  159. Marie+Joy

    Christians are taught to turn the other cheek. When European Jews turned the other cheek, in the 1930s and 1940s, they were slaughtered. I suggest we stop turning the other damn cheek.

    • Gandhi

      Gteg, If it makes you feel any better: If trump did take the fetal tissue trump clot shot then the gene therapy legally makes big pharma the rightful owner of trump just like in farming If genetically modified plants get into a farmers field. Trump really is now trumpf, so you don’t have to play Othello all the way to the bottom of the pit. I am not sure a person can repent if knowingly taking innocent victim’s gene code anyhow? But I am not a theological expert, who is? I like you Greg or I would not waste my time writing this.

  160. Roger

    I believe you also could ad Joel 2:30 about volcanoes.

    And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.

  161. Lisa Stahl

    Thank you for your clear, strong voice. Godspeed, God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lisa.

  162. Don Conrad

    Why do any of you respond to Stan? He’s fishing in a barrel and you are the fish.

    • Self Exiled

      Stan is consistent and we understand his need to be here. It’s kinda like one of the kids in the neighbor hood you grew up with. We understand what your saying on the bases of forums that are on the internet. Yes you are correct: but, Stan is also a fish: he just hasn’t figured that out, yet , but he’s part of the neighborhood. At times he’s is entertaining. He was gonna jump of a bridge once. There are others who could weigh in on this, Rachel M has interesting and rare observations of Stan. Paul and him have an exclusive relationship plus others who have come and gone. This site is/has a family atmosphere thanks to our host and his relationship to the Most High.

  163. Self Exiled

    Paul ——– stop. Onion recall, no body left to judge, business still blows up. LOL LOL

  164. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  165. Den rio

    Thanks for saying what I’ve been thinking about trumps vaccine mistake, he needs to admit he was led astray and get back to fixing things

  166. Chuxtuff

    Inexpensive and available everywhere, the amino acid L-Lysine is also a cure for Covid THAT WORKS as per Dr. Mercola who’s website is where I read about this at, so I know it works. Dr Mercola is one doctor I’d always trust!!

    • Lesko Brandon

      The Fed can print money, the millenials can create more cryptocoins to dump new fiat stimulus into, but we do not have a way to print food.
      With gas and food doubling in price we will begin to see global famine spread in 2022 unlike anything seen since the Green Revolution doubled our global agricultural output.

  167. Clyde Cates

    Trump is part of the deep state & sold us out pushing the vaccine. As soon as he started pushing the vaccine I knew he would lose the election.

  168. Greg Hunter

    What exactly do you want? I put out a free site and people like you anonymously trash me and question my faith.

    • Lesko Brandon

      Just found your site linked from Zerohedge. Great source of information. Thanks for your work.

  169. Andrew E

    Greg, about La Palma, have you seen the picture of the earthquake pattern? It is a grid-looks like the quakes are engineered IMO

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