We Are Entering the Time of Financial Collapse Point-V the Guerrilla Economist

4 jpegBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

“V, the Guerrilla Economist” says we have reached the point of no return in the global financial system. “V” explains, “We are entering a time which I call the collapse point. At the collapse point, there is going to be massive systemic shock. Why? Because you have one paradigm and one system being done away with, which is the dollar. It is going to be replaced by a new system. During that transition period, you cannot expect to trade anything because what do you trade it in? That’s why the Chinese are gearing up their own gold price fix. Once that collapse point happens and the world reels from the systemic shock, the Chinese gold price fix and the BRICS system will be there to fill in that vacuum. That is what’s being set up right now.”

“V” uses an anonymous name because he says if his cover is blown, he would lose business and his global high ranking financial sources. So, what will the collapse look like for the man in the street here in America? “V” says, “I was on a conference call at the beginning of the year. On that call were seven guys and some of the smartest people in the world.   They work in various sectors of government and various sectors of the military, and the question was asked what does an economic collapse in the United States look like? The initial, unanimous answer was you can expect anywhere from 25 million to 50 million dead in the first 90 days. I almost fell off my chair. Then they said, it’s real simple. You are going to have people dropping dead from violence, looting, rioting, lack of medication; we are the most medicated country on the planet. People also will be dropping dead from starvation, dehydration and disease. That’s going to kill a large swath of people. If you look at the big population centers: in New York you got 8 million people, in L.A. you got a couple of million. It would be very easy to rapidly build those death numbers up.”

Can you survive the crash here in the U.S.? “V” says, “My people say you need to have enough food and supplies for three months. I say to be safe, you should have supplies for six months. . . . My hope and prayer is “We the People” get this government and these things under control and prosecute these criminals at some point. . . . You cannot stop what is coming. You cannot stop this collapse. It’s too far gone and too far forward. You are not going to stop it, but right now, the race is for who is going to win on the other side. Is it going to be us, the American people? Or is it going to be the criminal cabal that is running D.C. right now. They have already made a pact or a promise to do whatever it takes for them to hold on to power on the other side of this thing. You’ve got to understand, the economy is weak and these guys are weak, as well. They have never been weaker.”

So, does the collapse point happen this year? “V” predicts, “No crash this year. You will have major geopolitical events. The dollar will be undermined. The petro dollar will come to an end by the end of 2015. There will be no market crash this year.”

What about gold and silver prices? Will they vault higher this year? “V” says, “No, but I expect them to vault higher by the middle of 2016.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with “V, the Guerrilla Economist” of RogueMoney.net.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

“V” adds one caveat to the “no collapse this year” prediction. He says if Saudi Arabia stops selling oil exclusively in dollars or if the Kingdom gets overrun and falls—all bets are off. A financial collapse would begin almost immediately. “V” says keep an eye on Saudi Arabia. There is free information and articles on RogueMoney.net

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  1. DLC (formerly Donna)

    Really looking forward to this interview once I’m done working. V is a terrific pick, thanks so much.

  2. Margie

    WOW! Interesting viewpoints. I have to digest this! Great interview Greg, and thanks for finally getting an answer about what it will look like “on the ground” with the Collapse.

    I’m surprised he said that there wouldn’t be a collapse this year and that he’s moving next year.

    • terry44

      Given that it’s almost impossible to know how all this will pan out with the Middle East, the EU migrant crisis and emerging economies in deep trouble, I don’t know how anyone can be so certain of the timeline.

      • Brian A.

        Yes, that was my thought too. Things could change on a dime. Better to be prepared to soon than too late.

  3. JimG

    It’s good to get different people to interview and hear their viewpoints but this was a complete joke. Really, does anyone think after listening to this guy talk he is someone who has contacts at high levels of government and finance feeding him inside information? It’s no wonder he doesn’t want to show his face or give his real name as it’s quite obvious he’s as phony as a $3 bill.

    There is no doubt there are major catastrophic events on the horizon that will likely lead to more than just a financial/economic collapse. The real end game is going to be a drastic reduction in the population and it is not going to take place over a few months or so like was stated in the interview.

    You can expect the transition to take many months, and when the dust finally settles, the US will be relegated to 3rd world status where it will remain for the duration of time. This is what happens to a country that had everything it needed and still found a way to squander it away, while meddling where it shouldn’t have and destroying millions of lives in the process.

    Just like the saying “what goes around comes around” and it’s just around the corner people. Get out of the US now if you can because all the fuses have been lit and the bang when it goes off, is going to be bigger than you think.

    JG the Enlightened non-Economist

    • Jim

      I don’t believe this guy is anything special. I think he’s a fake.

    • susan

      WOW! This guy is quite interesting and yes, he sounds as though he doesn’t want his sources to know who he is. So we can have a crash of the dollar without a crash of the system, yet. That coincides with what is happening so far, both in USA and the world. That answers a lot of questions for me and agrees with many of your commenters. Guess I won’t need 4 years of food and necessities.

    • jack

      yep, bad choice Greg. this guy is arrogant and contradicts himself many times. Nobody knows the timing Greg. I would advise that you quit asking that question . it will flush when the PTB decide to flush it, likely when nobody expects it.

    • frederick

      İ agree 100% JG and left this july and i am now in the process of setting up a bed and breakfast and my own organic small farm to support it on the Aegean coast in Turkey No property tax and great sunny weather and İm loving it so far And the people are welcoming and generous God bless everyone

    • RichM

      I tend to agree. My gut tells me this is on of those guys who likes to think he is some “ex-special ops guys,” who was never really in the special ops. They read a lot of Tom Clancy novels though. haha Thanks for putting him on Greg, he could be legit and I know its important to put lots of different view-points on but I am skeptical and have either the above opinion (A) of this guys or B) why trust anyone who is trusted and then goes covert against the ones who trust him as some sort of an informant….with a website that makes money???? I mean this guy is like a video game character.

      As a default, I could be wrong, its just that I am highly suspicious he has his “connections and sources.” its like a perfect ruse when you don’t have to show your face or state your name…. you could claim to be Han Solo.

    • henry

      The powers that be will hold onto power as long as they can. Once they see that they cannot win, they will grab as many assets as they can and run for the hills. Socialism will end in America. Political correctness will end in America. Media control will end in America. Those who have been domesticated are intellectually and morally enslaved and they are no longer fit to live as free people. A great many of them will die. They will not go without trying to take you with them. Will this culling take months or years, I don’t know. It will not be pleasant and I’m with V in finding a lifeboat before the USS Titanic sinks. It has already hit the iceberg.

      • Greg Hunter

        I am staying and will fight for America. If you decide to desert, then don’t come back when it is fixed.

        • henry

          I’m not leaving America, America is leaving me. The smart Jews left Europe when they realized how dangerous (National) Socialists were. The dumb ones died. If you hold it to be self evident that goverments are instituted to secure each man and woman’s unalienable rights, you are American. If you don’t, your not. America is not a piece of land, it is an idea.

        • Casey

          Well said, Greg. I ain’t going anywhere, either.

      • MICHAEL


        • Hilde

          I understand your point of view, but I’m not sure if he’s really worried about the elites. He may have some sort of regular daytime job. Once you show your face on interviews, you are a very official person . My guess is he prefers to have his privacy . He has given many interviews and never gives away his identity. That aside, IMO he’s very wrong about the reason Iran needs nuclear power. Apart from that and the Mad Max scenario I thought he had some good points .

  4. FC

    Without being disrespectful to V, but I do find it hard to believe that a person who seems to be sitting in his momma’s basement in the dark, wearing a baseball cap and talks the way he does, is a person who is well connected…………for all I know he could be a janitor with big ears, cleaning the Halls of Power.

    Perhaps I’m wrong, but he didn’t really say anything I didn’t already know, apart from placing an estimate on the number of body bags needed during the reset.

    Greg, I’m little surprised you interviewed V as he is anonymous and we all know your opinion on anonymous comments on your website, but it was good to hear a gang members point of view on the economy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes I took a chance on doing this but after doing some research and talking to him on the phone, I thought what he had to say would be useful to some people. Thank you for your feedback.

      • Chip

        Greg, i thought V was good. his theories on geopolitical events surrounding Syria and the ME sound well thought out to me. something much bigger is going on there than bits and pieces are coming out through the MSM… Good interview… Chip

    • JMiller

      I agree. This guy has no more creditability than any other of Greg’s guests. Also this guy said he hopes to move out of the country by 2017. Huh? A smart person would get out now if that was what he is really planning on doing. The end could happen faster than he thinks. What about if the U.S gets nuked? How is he getting out of New York during a nuclear attack or an EMP attack? He does not sound very bright.

    • Michael


      LOL, this interview proves the gang members are smarter than the people running the country…and that’s no joke!

  5. karl

    I think of all your guests Greg this guy will prove to be one of the most accurate.
    He puts all the pieces together very well.

    • Jim

      Not convincing to me.

  6. paul

    As the Guerrilla Economist says: we are in a “great” to even “Greater Economic Depression” then we were in in the 1930’s … now does anyone remember what Roosevelt did back in the 30’s to get us out of depression?… first he got people “out of gold” … then he “raised the price” of gold!

    Fast forward to today … look at the gold market … you see what the bankers are doing … the bankers have gotten most people “out of gold” just like Roosevelt did … not by calling in gold coins … but by bashing and manipulating the price of gold downward by short selling futures contracts … and secondly by hypothecating the gold people “thought they owned” and “thought was held safely in storage”… and thirdly by creating paper gold instruments like GLD, etc., etc. … what the bankers have achieved is “a removal of gold from peoples hands” so that now one ounce of gold is “effectively owned” by 250 people (this means 249 people out of 250 are screwed and don’t own the gold they thought they owned) … thus the bankers have surreptitiously manipulated gold out of the hands of 99.6 percent of the population (except for us WatchDoggers who hold physical) … and therefore the bankers are now likely very close to announcing a re-set in the price of gold “higher” the same way Roosevelt did in the 30’s (or perhaps they say nothing and make it look like “market forces” are driving gold higher) … which ever way they do it … the result will be the same … the price of the US dollar will be driven lower (this will create the “inflation necessary” to counteract the derivatives implosion/meltdown that “will occur” when they raise interest rates this fall (or early next year, or whenever “they” are ready) to crash the system! … as the Guerrilla economist says the entire financial system is an inverted pyramid that “can be toppled very easily” by either the good “they’s” or the bad “they’s” by simply raising interest rates!

    Once gold is re-set higher … the price of silver and other precious metals will follow … and what comes as a result of “a devalued dollar” in terms of gold? … other commodities prices will rise … … this means “base metal” prices like copper and nickel will rise right along with the precious metals … making the copper and nickel coins in your pocket “more valuable” then the “devalued paper fiat dollar” that most people have saved under their beds … once Fed IOU’s (dollars) are recognized as simply a worthless “broken promise” to pay you anything that has real value … the Treasury coins in circulation will become the “only cash” that is going to be of value for emergency purchases!

    • paul

      Just to be absolutely clear … when I say “the Treasury coins in circulation will become the “only cash” that is going to be of value for emergency purchases!” … I implicitly make the assumption that you know I mean “for those who don’t own any physical gold or silver”! … those holding “precious metal” coins will obviously be in a better position then those simply holding “base metal” coins … but at least those holding “base metal” coins will “be in a better position” then those simply holding (broken promise) Fed paper IOU’s!

      • Sandra L

        You should be interviewed by Greg! Thank you for your wise comments.

    • Calgirl

      Once the economy collapses, there will be very little need or use for the commodities for multiple years, except gold and silver (if you want to call them commodities). Who will be building with copper, iron, etc., when people are dying of starvation? The elites already have their “bug out” homes built and stocked. A “Roosevelt recovery”, which would require building materials, requires money to pay the workers. Since the dollar will be dead and we have used all our gold to manipulate the market and to return the gold we supposedly store for other nations, there is no way to pay the workers. I don’t think there is any way the “hard” metals will see any recovery in price.

      • paul

        Calgirl … Money is something the “average person” knows as money because he uses it regularly as a medium of exchange in his daily life … so in a sense common “base metal coins” are “real physical money” more so then gold or silver “to the average Joe” … and it doesn’t matter whether “building is going” on with copper, iron, etc.! … the average Joe may also mistakenly look upon phony fiat Fed paper as money … but it is not “a real physical commodity” like pocket change … just a written IOU promising to pay you back with another paper IOU!

        • Calgirl

          You make a good point about the common person seeing pocket coins after the crash as a medium of exchange even though they know that the paper currency is worthless. Using pocket coins may work for a short while, but I don’t think for very long. You make some great comments in your previous posts.
          As relating to your comment “this means “base metal” prices like copper and nickel will rise right along with the precious metals … making the copper and nickel coins in your pocket “more valuable” then the “devalued paper fiat dollar”. I don’t see the commodity markets functioning so how will we know that the base metals are more valuable?
          And with the collapse, I doubt any mining will be taking place either as most miners will be bankrupt. If people perceive that the base metals are more valuable, then maybe you are right, but it will be purely speculation IMO. Presently we have a glut of base metals with the present economy so slow.

  7. paul

    As the Guerrilla Economist says: Russia just dealt a devastating defeat to the Neo-con’s strategy of wars everywhere in the Middle East … Russia is forging a coalition of nations to isolate and destroy the Neo-con created “Frankenstein monster beheading Christians” called ISIS … even Netanyahu is distancing Israel from the Neo-cons … at the end of August Russia’s Putin made a proposal to Israel … for Moscow to undertake responsibility for guarding Israel’s Mediterranean gas fields … along with an offer of a Russian investment of $7-10 billion for developing the Leviathan (the largest gas well) and building a pipeline to Turkey for exporting Israeli gas to Europe.

    Consider that a multi-billion dollar Russian investment in the Leviathan gas field would make it “a Russian project” which neither Syria nor Hezbollah would dare attack (even though it belongs to Israel) … so with the gas field “protected from attack” by both Syria and Hezbollah (supported by Iran)… top Israeli security officials are now saying “that leaving Assad in office as Russia wants might be the better option after all” … Putin is a very skillful chess master … the checker playing Neo-cons are being left dangling in the Middle East wind … along with their warmongering program of destabilization and destruction of every government in the Middle East … Russia is firmly in charge of the region now and with its advanced weaponry the world is likely to breathe a lot easier “with them” in charge … thus we may have taken a giant step “away from the World War 3” the Neo-cons were planning (to cover their massive financial swindles)!

    • paul

      Wouldn’t it be nice if after Russia takes care of ISIS they next bomb all the poppy fields in Afghanistan … because just saying “NO to Drugs” is not working … the reason a large majority of American children are drug users is because it is cheap and easily gotten on the streets of America … cut off the cheap drug supply from Afghanistan (making drugs un-affordable to ordinary kids working for peanuts at McDonald’s) … and perhaps the next generation of kids will begin to become “more morally responsible” adults … and our next generation of politicians won’t be “drug snorting loony tunes” always getting America into trouble around the world!

      • Calgirl

        If the poppy fields in Afghanistan are destroyed, where is the CIA going to get it’s money to fund all these covert NGO, etc. operations? What would happen to bank revenue such as HSBC and their money laundering? Seems like bombing the poppy fields would be a way to “take down Amerika”. Where’s all the $$ going to come from to buy politicians? Them’s “words of war”!!!

        • paul

          It will only take down the “corrupt criminal elements” now strangling America … and allow for the good, righteous and moral Americans to take back control of their government and re-institute the Constitutional guarantees our founding fathers fought so hard to provide for us … and which we have now lost because we were not paying attention to what the crooks were doing behind our backs !

          • paul

            It’s been 5 years now since Russia first called upon NATO to help it eliminate poppy production in Afghanistan … http://www.reuters.com/article/2010/03/24/uk-nato-russia-afghanistan-idUKTRE62N56U20100324
            … how long do you think Russia will continue to wait for the West to do the right thing? … Russia is now acting alone to get rid of ISIS (saving Christian’s from be-headings) … perhaps Russia will act alone to save children from drug addiction!

            • paul

              If NATO is “more worried” about the poor Afghan farmers producing a different crop that does not pay as well … then why don’t they subsidize the Afghan farmers the way the US subsidizes US farmers? … what is more important?
              The government provides money “to abort” children’s lives … how about governments providing a little money “toward saving” children’s lives!

            • Greg Hunter

              I am not so sure Russia is all good and the US is all bad. Remember, USAWatchdog.com (RussiaWatchdog.com) could not exist in Russia (or China for that matter). If you were a Russian in Russia, you would not be allowed to criticize Putin for long–if at all.

              • paul

                I know Greg … we are still very fortunate to be living in America … sometimes I just get so mad at the evil cabal that has a strangle hold on our beautiful country!

          • Calgirl

            Unfortunately I believe that the “corrupt elements” in our government are rampant. It is going to take many powerful righteous leaders to man (or woman) all the agencies that are corrupt almost to the bone. I wish I had more faith in our government. It seems that powerful individuals with money to spend are numerous. Fear of retribution will slow the progress toward a government working for the people. The corrupt individuals are presently backed/financed by some awfully big companies which will not turn the page willingly. This corruption has gone on so long and is so deep that it will take the hand of God to save us.

      • Halfadime7

        Hate to burst your bubble, but the majority of opium poppy heroin in the US originates in China (Asia) and Central and South America. European dope goes mostly to Europe and Asian dope comes to the US via Mexico. Since Marijuana has been made legal in several states, Mexico no longer finds the cultivation of that plant a good investment and has begun planting opium poppies in the old marijuana fields. We have a lot of crap coming in from China, including the synthetic drugs that are very popular now.

      • frederick

        İnteresting isnt it Paul that opium production crashed under the Taliban and is now at a record high Could the money be propping up the Wall Street and london banks by chance?

        • dbcooper

          I would refer you to Michael Rupert’s book ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ in reference to the poppy production in Afghanistan. DB

    • Macray

      at the end of August Russia’s Putin made a proposal to Israel

      I do not question your excellent comments. I know the leaders of Russia and Israel met recently, but I missed the part of Putin’s proposal to Israel.
      Do you have any links from Russia or Israel sources that further elaborate on the proposed deal you indicate?
      Thank you

  8. Nina

    I imagine, that when nothing works anymore, people will help each other out. When people can abandon the attachment to money, then all people can offer their abilities to others and drive the bus or make the electricity work despite not earning a salary. In exchange somebody will bring food from the urban garden ect. I think it should work when people remember their hearts and faith. Best regards.

    • Silverando

      Sure, eventually calm will materialize. But, initially the masses will be freaking out not understanding the big picture or what caused the country to collapse. People are dumb in America. Jim Willie says out of all the Americans he speaks to he’s yet to speak to anyone who understands that the US $ is the world reserve currency and knows what that means. So, the regular people will be pointing fingers at each other, desperate for resources, and looking to the government for help. When help doesn’t arrive all hell will break lose until the madness and chaos burns itself out. Understanding that the US will reap what it has sown will be speaking loud and clear.

    • Macray


  9. David

    Greg: Regardless of all the problems that our country is experiencing, having lived overseas for over 25 years, I can tell you that we have it pretty good, even on our very worst days. People often talk of living elsewhere, but “elsewhere” won’t be any better off than the U.S. The grass is not greener in the other corners of the world.

    I do believe that our Congress, the Fed, and other institutions have made lousy decisions and I am confident that we will experience real financial hardship in the near future. That said, at the end of the day, I believe in the American people and the power of collective strength and determination. WE still “own” this country and I believe that the American people will take it back irrespective of how wide and slow the pendulum appears to swing.

    Your programs and interviews provide valuable perspective. Thank you for doing this. You are a positive example of what I see in the American people.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David.

  10. Margie

    Greg, I am just wondering, V says he and his colleagues guessed that within the first 90 days between 25-50 million people would die if/when there is a collapse.

    I am thinking this number, even at 50 million, has to be low!

    I just checked, the population of the USA is approx 318 million

    V says the actual number of unemployed is approx 31%, so that’s approx 98.5 million. I looked up online and it says there are approx 64 million people on social security benefits and 46 million people on food stamps.

    Even if we assume that the 46 million on food stamps are incorporated in the unemployed number, it is still 144.5 million that most likely do not have the means to survive a crisis, especially for 3 months. These people will be very vulnerable.

    Then if we look at the number of obese, I just saw more than 1/2 of US adults are obese.

    And I’ve not even looked up medical condition statistics.

    Surely these people are all very vulnerable to collapse. Would I be off base in thinking that in a collapse situation, within 3 months possibly half the population could have passed on?

    • JMiller

      “V” is wrong. The unemployment rate is not 31% or 34% or 40%. He is double counting the tens of millions of people who get multiple benefits. Seen people do this before. “V” also wrongly states that we have 94 million PERMANTLY UNEMPLOYED. Really? When it come to the 94 million “not in the labor force” (which I am sure he is referring to) he erroneously does what a few others in the ALT media are also doing and that is to count all of them in the unemployment rate. Well about half of the 94 million “not in the labor force” are full-time school students, housewives, disabled people and retired people. Most of them are not available to for full-time work or in the case of many retired people do not want to go back to work. Most are not unemployed workers who can’t find a job as wrongly stated by some. These people groups were never counted in the in the unemployment rate in past decades and for good reason.

      • frederick

        @JMiller not all of them İ lost my job at 57 when my boss realized he could hire 2 undocumented kids for the same money and train them so dont be so sure of what you are saying İt may not be true Frederick M.

        • JMiller


          I never said all of them. Was only talking about half of the 94 million “not in the labor force” who are not unemployed workers but students, housewives etc… Then after that I said,

          “Most of them are not available to for full-time work or in the case of many retired people do not want to go back to work. Most are not unemployed workers who can’t find a job as wrongly stated by some.”

          Never said all of them.

  11. Doug

    Good interview as always. I’ve heard of this guy before but didn’t know anything about him…and really still don’t with someone who is anonymous. But like with everything else you listen to what they say and filter it through what you already understand and I find myself more in agreement with what he says than not.

    As far as timing the collapse that is a fools game imo. Fact of the matter is that as V said it’s happening right in front of our eyes as we speak. At some point there will be an event, or a series of events most likely in a short period of time when it becomes obvious to the man on the street that the wheels are coming off the cart.

    Will it be a war in the mid east, economic and financial collapse here at home, or a ‘terrorist’ event, grid collapse or hacking?? I don’t know, you don’t know and V doesn’t know. We’ve truly never been down this road before. What we do perceive is that time is running out. If V’s understanding is right and whatever event we’re looking before doesn’t happen until next year or 2017 then praise God as he is giving us more time.

    I believe that we have to be ready right NOW for something to happen at any time where life as we currently know it is over. It could happen any day now, a month or two from now or if V is right in a year or so. Plan and act like it could be imminent and if not then count every day as an additional gift to be prepared.

    Thanks again for the interview,


    • Calgirl

      What can we, the everyday American, use to help us identify when the collapse might occur? I understand that a black swan will greatly influence any indicators we might use, but the guestimate as to when the collapse will occur seems to be a question most often asked. All those interviewed have their opinion, but I like to mix their opinions with my own. Here are a few ways I evaluate the state of the dollar and the impending collapse. Please add your own in the comments so that we all can evaluate them. Thanks

      Of course, when evaluating someone’s opinion, you must make a determination as to what their motives might be. Are they “talking their book?”, or trying to sell a book or newsletter?

      As the economy is primarily dependent upon confidence in the dollar, I use:

      The indicator I weight more heavily than others is the price of gold. The higher the gold price, the less optimistic the world is about the economy, IMO. The price of gold is a measurement of the general opinion of the dollar. The more negative the gold price, the better the dollar is perceived to be. The price fluctuation can also be used to judge our government’s viability. If the PPT is routinely knocking the price down (which can be seen on the charts) then the government has not given up fighting to stay in business. When the PPT stops manipulating the gold price, doom is imminent, IMO. The availability of supply must also be taken into consideration. At present the gold supply seems to be adequate but tight. (The silver supply is extremely tight, but not necessarily a good indicator of the state of the economy as it is a monetary metal and an industrial metal. Here is a link to a gold charts I use: http://www.kitco.com/charts/livegold.html If you look at the chart over a longer time span you can see the PPT manipulation. Of course, the gold price takes into account world news events, so all must be factored into consideration.

      Everyday world news: I rely on Andy Hoffman’s opinion and statistics. He can be found on Youtube.

      DOW INDEXES: I feel that the DOW indexes can be informative but I have minimal trust in the numbers. First, the PPT is manipulating prices trying to influence the market. Secondly, I don’t have a lot of trust in the analysis’s opinions as they “talk their book” which influences the market. It seems that the DOW tends to go in the opposite direction than I feel is should be going too often.

      VIX: CBOE volatility index…….a fear estimation of how the options market views the economy. A VIX chart over a long time period can help me visualize where the market psychology is in relation to confidence in the stock market.

      Baltic Dry Index (BDI) looks at the volume of freight transportation. The poorer we are/feel, the lower the volume.

      DXY: Dollar Index. The “value” of the dollar relative to a basket of world currencies. Since each dollar is really on worth 4 cents at present, more QE can only exacerbate the situation.

      TNX: 10 year Treasury Note: the yield can give an indication of how investors feel about the economy. The higher the yield, the more optimistic investors are re: the economy.

      A slumping currency and falling bond yields are almost always a positive signal for commodity prices, and the gold price most of all.

      And finally, another indicator is when the “elites” start quitting their jobs and moving to a new location.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        Calgirl, for what it’s worth, in my opinion, you have some excellent, well thought-out points of view and opinions.

        But, ” The price of gold is a measurement of the general opinion of the dollar.” This astounds me.

        With the statistically-proven manipulation, the unfettered naked shorting, the relatively small size of the market, and the geopolitics behind the transference of tangible wealth, then I am left befuddled, wondering whose opinion of the USD you feel the contract price of gold reflects.

  12. Tim

    I’ve become quite wary of these anonymous types who claim to have connections to others in high places. I’m also tired of all these predictions. NOBODY knows what will happen. What we can be sure of is that the current state of affairs is unsustainable and will eventually end.

  13. 8Ball

    I think it is obvious at this point that the monetary powers have no intention of “fixing” anything with the present economy. Like Bix Weir said: they intend to pump it until it blows up and then do a reset… to another manipulative and exploited monetary system.

    The big crooks will be off the hook for all their bad bets and the general public, for the most part, will be living in a form of 21st century serfdom.

    The only solution to this is a total revolt by the people who still have enough brains and resources to realize what is being done to them. One person on another website said that he was going to “sit , eat popcorn, and watch the show”. Sitting on your butt and “watching the show” is not going to cut it… you are going to have to put some skin in the game.

    • Rose

      Or we will just die a slow death until we remove this cancer once and for all!

  14. Doug

    Greg, great new guest today. But since he will not/ cannot disclose his identity, do u have any concerns as a journalist re the veracity of his statements and opinions? Do you know of any prior predictions he made that were either spot on or off the mark? Thanks so much and…fear not.

  15. JC Davis

    Greg. In this timeline it would sit Obama up as president 2016. Am I right?

    • Calgirl

      I think you are right, they need a good follower “in charge” but:
      President of what?????? There won’t be much left !!!!!

      • JC Davis

        Who really knows what s going on? Trust God and live life is better then telling folks not to fear.

      • JC Davis

        Calgirl President of the scrap metal yards that was America.

        • JC Davis

          Oh I got to add OBAMA is just glad he moved from the trash cans of Chicago to the dumpsters in Washington

  16. jim chudzinski

    Hi greg, First i would like to say I know a collapse is coming, but this guy gives all the nay sayers a reason to doubt your site. He talks out of both sides of his mouth, First he said that china is going to reprice gold any day now, but in the middle of the interview he said that gold won`t go up until the middle of 2016, which is it? He also said the dollar will fall apart by the end of the year but stocks could go to 30,000 , Who is going to buy stock if the dollar is worthless ? And also he sounds kind of young and can`t possibly have all of these inside connections at his age .Greg you are the best, and i get a lot great info ,but this guy sound too wacky and hard to believe unlike a lot of your other guests.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, I took a chance on doing this, but after doing some research and talking to him on the phone, I thought what he had to say would be useful to some people. Thank you for your feedback.

      • Calgirl

        Thank you so much for presenting so many different points of view. It allows me to mix and match with my own opinions and observations, and helps me prepare for what is inevitable. Your site is exploding in recognition for the wonderful job you are doing and I am sure that in the “brave new world” you will be very influential.

        • foggygoggles

          What different points of view? The only difference between the guests is how bad things are going to get, and when it’s going to happen. The when of course, continues to be pushed out. No one knows what’s going to happen or when, and it’s pointless to ask. I would like some balance, and to hear from people who have different points of view. We don’t need another SGT Report.

          • Greg Hunter

            I think the word your looking for is “consensus.” There is no real “balance.” There is the truth and everything else is noise, distortions and lies.

            • foggygoggles

              No, I meant balance. There really are smart, knowledgeable people who do not believe in a dollar collapse. As for Truth, it appears subjective these days, and mostly a function of one’s level of fear–sadly.

      • Jerry

        Don’t sweat the sniping from the peanut gallery. I have been a follower of Rogue Money since its inception. V – was the only alternate media source to predict the mass Banker Suicides three months before they happened. I know from many if his reports that he does indeed have contacts within the City of London Corporation (who is essentially the Fed) and most if his information is spot on.

        I do disagree with his timing though. The collapse will take place when the Chinese have their RMB Exchange System ready to go and not before. Jim Willie says it won’t be ready until September of next year. But from other information I have gathered “something major” will happen before the g20 meeting in 11/15.

        The RMB system will be the replacement of the current Bretton Woods system. Why the G20? If you remember correctly the United Nations (who was established by the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s) organized the United Nations, and they just happen to be the primary owners of the Federal Reserve Bank. They were also instrumental in organizing the Peoples Bank of China.
        Now do you get the picture?

        • Jerry

          As I was saying. CIPS to launch in October.

          Those of you who think it doesn’t matter, ask yourself who will buy our Bonds if other countries are using their own currencies for trade?

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Jerry,
          I took me a long time to decide to put on “V” and protect his identity. I just though after talking to him on the phone and doing some research that putting him was worth the risk. I think some people will get some value out of what he says.

          • Jerry

            The guys legit. He has several major economic writers that write weekly articles on his site, and he has a weekly radio show on Freedom Slips. People need to do their research before they make such ridiculous knee jerk statements. But that’s not your fault Greg. That’s the price of having a free site. If you charged $3.00 a month you’d not only get rid of the trolls, you’d get rid of the CNBC educated progressives as well.

      • Jerry

        USA Watchdog listeners . If anybody is interested in hearing more V, this is one of my favorite interviews.

        With something of this magnitude, can anybody be 100% correct on everything? The paper pushing powers that be are not going to send out notices when they’re going to collapse the system. ITS JUST GOING HAPPEN, and you’ll either be ready or you won’t.

        My philosophy has always been, “the things you do when you don’t have to, will determine where you will be, when you can’t help it”.
        If you do nothing. You’ll probably get what you deserve.

        • Hilde

          Thanks for posting, Jerry. I also heard some other interesting interviews with him. The only reason I was somewhat sceptical is because of a few things he said which I thought was weird. I disagree with him being discredited because of the language. There is not an automatic connection between being silver-tongued / eloquent and trustworthy.
          As for sitting on the beach, some of the guests on this show certainly seem to have the means of owning the beach abroad they appear to me to be “sitting on”, as well as the property around. They just would never put it that way.

    • Silverando

      V did not literally mean today, tomorrow, or even next month. Next year, given space of time, can also mean any day now. Go to his website roguemoney.net and decide for yourself. He also has a radio show on Freedomslip radio.

      • JC Davis

        Right on the gold money Silverando. I tried to point this out to people that listened to this interview. A rabs can flip the switch. War or many other vibrations can slice this structure any day. Walking on a fishing string we are.
        I don’t see 2016

  17. John


    This guy has been around for awhile and seems to keep pushing the date back. I realize nobody can predict an exact date, but I am saying take whatever he says with a grain of salt. I don’t put him in the same category with your other guests.

    Two other things, he says he is concerned with anonymity, but his voice is pretty unique. I can pop another interview and when this guy speaks I know it’s “V”. I can’t believe those he works with, cannot recognize his voice.

    Lastly, leave this country and go where? Why would it be any better anywhere else? I’ll remain right here and do what I can to fight for what is right.

  18. gregd

    Its always “next year”.
    I’m now of the belief and fear that it won’t be a collapse but a crumble. A death of a thousand cuts type of fate. And I think that is worse, and unrecoverable.

  19. john duffy

    Greg as a journalist and former Catholic you may find this article by a Polish priest exposing the dark side of the church, interesting.

    • Southern Girl

      John Duffy,

      Thanks for the link. I read almost all of the long article, but the writer knows what he is talking about and how things such as terms that are being used in the Catholic Church are incorrect. I do believe there is still an underground of that going on today. How to kill off the Catholic Church is to implode from within. The perfect Trojan Horse the author wrote about. I would still like to know why Benedict XV really retired. I wonder if he was threatened with something he thought the Church could not withstand?

  20. Scott

    Hard to respect a guy who runs away from the country that made him rich in its darkest hour and then, with uncounted millions dead and victory won by those who brave souls who were forced to remain, he comes back to return to his old life as a money-player.


    • Jim

      He’s trying to pretend he’s better than everyone else.
      Change the brightness and look at his hands.

  21. al hall

    Greg: another great interview. reaffirms what all your guest have been saying.
    People had better prepare- 50 million dead in the first 90 days!! THINK ABOUT THIS PEOPLE. This is why the government has millions of plastic coffins on hand that hold 5 bodies each, placed around the U.S. They know this is coming!!


  22. Wayne

    I’m tired of the “there is no gold/silver” crying-wolf crowd. I just bought gold and silver bars last month and had no problem. Premium for gold: 2%, silver 3.8%. A shortage of 1 oz coins? Yes, but lets not get carried away. This reminds me of the late 90’s. You cry wolf too often or long, you lose credibility.

    • Chip

      WHERE did you pay such a low premium for silver? I’m seeing 25-30% through my research… Chip

  23. Silverando

    Been listening to V & W since last year. W is also very interesting, and Greg, try to interview W also. Their forecasts are turning out to be right on. Very scary scenario about what collapse looks like on the ground in the US. But, it’s true! Look at Greece and any country that has experienced collapse and multiply the affect times 10 for the US. I wouldn’t even try to wait things out in the countryside. I’d rather be out of the country also. It will be a total catastrophe here. Just think about Hurricane Katrina and how that affected one region. Nop, I refuse to put myself and family through that. The good news is that at least there is still time to make preparations.

    One other thing is that what he was saying about resources seizing up during a collapse matches with what Mannarino has been saying, and the US dollar being defended with the might of the US military matches with what Catherine Austin Fitts says. All in all, great interview!

    • Calgirl

      Where can you go that will be sunshine and roses? This is a worldwide economic collapse we are facing. Unless you have a well stocked island in the middle of the ocean, the conditions will be the same all over the world. The only difference I can see is how different cultures will respond to starvation, military oversight, pandemics, etc. Amerika will be the last to fall, but fall it will.

  24. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, I think it would be safe to predict that by 2018 many prognosticators will be predicting a collapse some time in 2019-2020, 21. “hyperinflation by 2014” -“We will not make it out of September”……How long has Japan been grinding along?…20 years…. Dow futures are up 138 its this morning and now “traders are looking towards earnings” or whatever BS it is this week. Last week it was the most important Job Numbers ever. After an abysmal report- that was polished up to sound good and support the ridiculous job recovery the market swung up more that 400 pts. Seriously, unemployment is 5% – who is stupid enough to buy this sh@#$%^&-It is all BS. Horrible data continues to flow in but the ministry of truth continues to fool the masses…………….

    How ridiculous are things at this point with the interest rate debate: will they, won’t they. The Fed’s last move was what the market was anxiously awaiting…..Immediately after they announce no increase the clownshow debate starts up again.

    They are in control and the screws tighten at such a slow pace that the masses don’t really seem to care to notice. Those who see through it all will be insane first…………..

    • Greg Hunter

      No, ConcernedAmericanDad, that would be quite dangerous in my opinion.

      • ConcernedAmericanDad

        point being- we can all see what is wrong and what is imminent. But how imminent is imminent? …..’all depends on one’s perspective.

        • Jerry

          Concerned American dad.
          Does it really matter about the timing? If you’re not prepared what difference will it make? Its like anything else. Its better to be to early, than to late. Many here will regret their decision to debate rather than prepare. History is littered with skeptics. Most of them were buried with their bad decisions.

  25. andyb

    He makes a lot of sense, but like others, is light on specifics. When the SHTF, does it happen when the banks close and the ATMs don’t work, or will there be another false flag like a nuke or WMP attack as a distraction and a psyop to engender nationalism to ensure that the sheeple back the USG and the totalitarian edicts to come?

    Ever since I became aware of the self sufficient humongous city underneath the Denver Airport, my antenna is programmed to be alert for any large gathering of elites in that area that would signal that an event might be forthcoming. I’m always nervous when the Jackson Hole meetings are held for that reason. The neocon fascist mindset is too ingrained; a false flag attack, even if too obvious, will be implemented.

  26. mushoom

    Extremely intelligent interview. Many excellent opinions put on the table face up. Thanks.

    V KINDA agrees with the CPRoberts opinion of no crash but rough slide.

  27. Smaulgld

    The German Regulator Bafin quote that “gold rigging was worse than Libor” is from January 2014


    In January 2015, the German Regulator found no signs of gold price manipulation :

    Here is some history on gold and silver manipulation:
    https://smaulgld.com/gold-silver-price-manipulation/ suspected cases
    https://smaulgld.com/gold-and-silver-manipulation/ actual examples

    Re the mannipulation that goes on at Comex and all the predictions we have heard about an imminent collapse of that exchange (Billl Holter has made that claim many times over the years eg http://www.silverdoctors.com/odds-of-comex-default-increasing-exponentially/)

    It’s not going to happen! Here is why: https://smaulgld.com/why-comex-wont-default/

  28. Russ

    Interesting interview Greg. Unfortunately by its cloaked nature I have trouble giving it more credibility than I would a stranger on the street who tells me that he knows some power players in DC who are planning for chaos regardless of the rosey picture being painted by the MSM. IMO he needed you to get his story out more than you need him.

    We all know the gov’t numbers/statistics are fake, http://www.shadowstats.com/ is the go-to site for more honest numbers. A little thinking will tell you that when the dollar collapses, the price of gold measured in dollars is meaningless; when someone says the price of gold is going to $50,000 per ounce, it really means nothing if the dollar has collapsed and gone hyper-inflationary. An ounce of gold/silver is an ounce of gold/silver; how many dollars they can buy you is not the question, rather, how much gas or food or water can they buy.

    When it happens is anybody’s guess, whether the name is Greg, Michael Pento or “V”. It happens when it happens and now that Russia has entered the Syrian conflict and apparently the Chinese are also players, geo-polittical events could unfold on an accelerated timeline. If a person is inclined to attempt to get ready (you will never be totally ready) the time is now, otherwise just wait for the collapse to have been triggered, the store shelves to be stripped bare within days and the lights to be turned off — then start to prepare — good luck and god bless.

    Should I buy food, water, guns and ammo, gold or silver? The answer is “Yes”, pretty much in that order. But that’s just my opinion; relatively speaking I’m a nobody who is on a first name basis with some important people 😉 They call me Russ, I call them Sir, first names.

  29. Smaulgld

    “Why would I sell bread to you at $5 when I can sell it to you tomorrow for $15 or $20?”
    because you can’t because tomorrow the bread would be stale 🙂

    • JC Davis

      Correct! Smaulgld. A pound of ten year old preserved beans will buy gold and silver.

      • JC Davis

        I must add a person that knows editable wild foods / weeds will be top of the chain. Many friends to watch his back. We in America walk of food everyday.

      • Matt

        A loaf of wheat bread/grain will not stale out in a day. Real bread/rolls will.

        • JC Davis

          Matt. With Dead bodies floating, One must know mold will be the biggest problem in preserving food. Learn about wild foods today.

      • Jerry

        You can still buy Spam for $2.50 a can at Wally World.
        I found a can in the trunk of my car that had been in there for at least 10 years. It was still good when I opened it. Some things are timeless. Left over pork shoulders in oil is one of them.

    • RadarNJ

      you will eat stale bread if you are hungry.

  30. Eric

    The US is clearly a host with a nasty parasite feeding on it. The Fed, The Neo-Cons, the Bankers, Hollywood, and the Media all have one dominant and common foundation in their power structure. But mentioning it is beyond politically correct – perhaps even illegal in the near future.

    I’m sure the Russians and Chinese wonder how we Americans cannot see this obvious fact.

    One day, I hope America will rediscover the Constitution and re-build itself. I hope it’s peaceful and orderly, but there are going to be a lot of very angry people looking for who’s responsible. I hope one day, we will view all people as the Chosen People. Humanity depends on that paradigm shift.

    • Greg Hunter

      You forgot to add “Progressives” as I like to call them communists.

  31. Andy M

    No collapse this year or before the end of 2016 presents a dilemma for the election process. It is a foregone conclusion that the powers that be, for as long as it is possible, to exert control and influence, will not permit a collapse during an election year. As a point of interest in a conspiracy theory, what would be the political leanings of the powers that be? Should a viable patriotic candidate, of sound economic principles be allowed to prevail in the current contest, what would the chances be that an honest election might prevail? After all, will the powers that be permit on of their own to be left holding the bag? Conspiracy theory? Who possesses the wisdom to determine what is truth or fiction in an environment such as is prevalent?

  32. Mr.Lee

    Good Interview Sir. The only issue I have is with the Mad Max scenarios. Let us look at what we know. In 2008 Congress was told by Paulson that if they did not retify TARP, martial law would ensue. Same thing would happen in this situation. Congress would enact the War Powers Act for the President and any asset including food (as per executive order) would be subject to confiscation and utilization. This includes you home, bank account, guns and ammo, gold and silver and what ever else the State deems as essential. Any resistance would be met with extreme prejudice.

    The scared public would go along with this and what ever liberties we have left would evaporate that moment. This scenario would be the very thing the fascist/collectives status quo would be looking for.

    • WD

      Mr Lee…

      I saw an interview with a survivalist blogger and military general ( retired). He said imposing martial law is a near impossibility to begin with. And even if they were able to maybe they could do it in 3 or 4 cities.

      Then deal with the people who are restless and armed. It will be utter destruction.

  33. Ted


  34. Sam Sandwich

    Greg Hunter and “V” The Silver Back, Oweeee! One of Greg Hunter’s best interviews.

  35. Marcus West

    Really liked this guy lots of good information to think about!!!!!!!!!!

  36. dbcooper

    Greg, Thanks for another good interview … we have heard this before that Iran needs nuclear for power to extract oil … I am missing something and perhaps someone smarter than myself can explain … Iran is sitting on an ocean of oil … oil burns … makes heat … boils water … makes steam … turns turbines … turns generators … makes electricity … which powers pumps and all the other equipment to extract and process their oil … So Iran needs Nukes for what? And, oh right, I really trust a country that rants all the time about destroying my country!!

    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

  37. Sheri W

    Come on folks! The cloak and dagger disguise is just plain bogus. We’ve been seeing these type individuals for too many years. They speak 2% truth and mix in 98% crap. Greg, you are trustworthy friend, please don’t damage your credibility by interviewing these type individuals.

  38. JMiller

    For any one who did not catch it, “V” lives in New York. He said in the interview that we have 8 million people living HERE and pointed outside the window.

  39. Calgirl

    What we each one of us do when someone demands food, either at gunpoint or without a gun, to feed his starving children? What happens to you and your family when it becomes known that you have food? Better we rehearse these scenarios in our minds now when there is rational thought.

    • JC Davis

      Give. . GIVE Guns are only needed against evil folks. A hungry person will repay when he or she is strong. I know my belief seems wrong, With a gun in my mouth the auditable voice said If you are going to kill yourself give yourself. He said it the second time MUCH LOUDER. It shook the house. You never go wrong for giving.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.

      Joel Skousen (and others) have suggested stockpiling a LOT of rice.

    • susan

      What we plan on doing is taking our food to the church where it will be passed out without anyone knowing from where it came.

  40. Sierra Dave

    Unless he has access to really privileged information. I wouldn’t wait. Get out now. The system is oscillating right now. It could happen before they are ready.

    I have been prepping for 7-ish years. Debated how it might play out based on ADL’s. Activities of daily living. IMHO, hyperinflation will not happen. The system cannot disburse money nationwide fast enough. Wiemar Germany had 20,000 printers spread throughout the banks. Printing money on a daily basis and passing it out. Now consider America. The logistics of trying to get money across 3000 miles on a daily basis through roads blocked by vehicles out of gas. Not even sure helicopters could take cash to the banks let alone find somewhere to land. It’s pretty unlikely

    I think the system will break at the top and then the banks will shut their doors.

    Debit cards will stop working. Cash only in grocery stores. People with cash empty stores in a day or so. Truckers at the same time are stranded as they cannot refuel. Food delivery stops. Food riots in minority/poor areas. Panic spread by cell phones. Home invasions skyrocket withing 3-4 days as desperate people raid for food.

    And it will only gets worse. This will be the end of Rule of Law.

    Due to the financial corruption and JIT. America will have a reboot. Many will die.

    I believe I have come up with this quote. “The population will match the food supply.”

    • Neo-ConMan

      The Chickens Will Return… To Roost Your Goost !
      Sierra Dave,

      The money has been printed and is protected and stored in nations all around the world, in Fort Knox’s like facilities and despite the fact some of these dollars are only digits in the ether, the humongous amount of cash that will be returning to our shores will overwhelm the country as the big sell off/out will make every citizen a sharecropper in his own land, as the true owners along with their paramilitaries take whats rightfully theirs!

      Look at the bright side Dave, we will get our dollars back and we’ll have toilet paper up the gazoo!

  41. Diane D

    Greg, it was good that you brought up the subject of ‘bugging out’. There is so much out of our control. But families CAN take action to improve the chances for their loved ones to escape much harm and suffering. This is especially true for those living near metropolitan areas. Cities will be death traps.

  42. Ted


  43. Coalburner

    I like what Paul had to say, I mean, that he is probably right.
    Not happy about where my country has been for a number of years.

  44. Mark

    In this case, I thought the fact that V was anonymous discredited the interview. I would enjoy to hear an interview with Jim Rickards. He speaks with insiders regualrly, and the interview would not be anonymous. I think he could provide some very interesting view points on the state of the financial system.

    I do enjoy your interviews with guests and look forward to more.

  45. Curious George

    I remember hearing about this so called “V.” He has been calling for an economic collapse and precious metals rally year after year. With such high insider sources, seems like his predictions keeps getting pushed back year after year.

    Yeah i understand the system is fragile, but this guy is not a reliable source by any measure. He has high up sources all over the government, military, cia, finance, etc. Yet for all his contacts he’s still peddling a subscription fee on some random website.

    • Calgirl

      Curious George,
      I agree………one must always consider the source. I went to “v’s” site and found very little that was “free”. Almost every article had a teaser paragraph and then went to required subscription for the rest of the article. If we readers can afford to donate to Greg’s free site, we should. Sites like Greg’s give us all a hand-up to personal responsibility, and an enormous amount of information to ponder via his interviews and the public’s comments.

    • Linda louin

      C. George:
      I’ve heard this fellow before too. I understood from this conversation (as others have too) that this guy lives in New York. If he’s the prominently known professional that he wants everyone to believe, his VOICE would be a dead give away because it’s very distinctive (if he really needs to hide, there are very effective ways to disguise a voice, which he is not doing). In addition to, V says he’s leaving the US in 2017 to an undisclosed island to ride out the crash/events in the US, but I did not hear a rationale/reason for why he would evacuate the country at this particular time frame? Did I miss something, or does this fellow have a great gig?

  46. Deanna Johnston Clark

    According to Christian Solidarity International, (one of the very few groups actively on the ground helping the Christians and indigenous in Syria, Iraq, and Sudan) the people in Syria and Iraq are sure their only hope of protection is Russia…they have been praying and praying. Most of the Christians are Orthodox and feel that America is causing most of the trouble…they have no trust in Washington, zilch. The Yezidi girls being held as slaves by Isis are BEGGING to be bombed and put out of their misery.
    I have tried to find western churches actively helping these victims. Anyone? Anyone? Are their pension funds and investments at risk? Would anyone care to defend our church fiefdoms with combined billions? Any hard facts in their defense?
    These Christians are not right wing rednecks or radio hell mongers. These are simple, middle easterners with the same dna as the original cast…and language, too.
    Isis is eradicating history from the middle east…. why?

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Two other organizations involved “on the ground” there are “The Voice of the Martyrs”

      and the Iraqi Christian Relief Council

    • Grafique

      You had me until “right wing rednecks”.
      Maybe you think that all the money this “right wing redneck” donates to good charities isn’t worthy, since it comes from someone like me?

    • Linda louin

      In answer to your question why? The US Administration armed and trained ISIS in order to destroy Syrian President Assad and gain control of this vital region’s assets/fuel lines. The Western powers have pretended that they’re working to destroy ISIS, but all along have supporting them in hopes that they’ll take out Assad. However their game is up because Putin is sick to death of this whole scenario, plus he doesn’t want to lose his interests in the region. In specific regard to your WHY question, Christians are being singled out and killed because as far as the big power players are concerned, Christians have no place in the coming New World Order (remember the biblical TOWER OF BABEL and God’s wrath pertaining to such ideas). Christians will never go along with the guiding principles of the New World Order and so they’re being eliminated where ever the opportunity arises throughout the world/Middle East, and likewise, it will occur in America too. In addition to all this, we have a Muslim President in power now that would like to replace Christians in America with Muslims. I have heard that the granting of asylum to Christian refugees coming from the Middle East is much harder than for the Muslims, and no one is really talking about this because it’s all part of a very evil game plan that has been in the works for a long time.

  47. don

    A couple points. You do not need nuclear power to refine oil…absurd statement. The Russian military, beyond their nuclear ICBMs, are a paper tiger. They have so few troops they have been forced to start the draft again. The oceans are littered with their obsolete subs. V’s statement that the Russian fighters are the best in the world is laughable considering they don’t even have a combat record to speak of…and they only have a few of these aircraft and lack the resources to keep them flying for any period of time. They are not even using laser guided/precision guided bombs in Syria. Any missile defense system, even the ‘vaunted’ S300, can be penetrated and knocked out given the right tactics. As to China’s military, they are also totally unproven at present. As to his statement that 50 million people will die in 90 days is equally silly, and in my opinion borderline insane. I don’t think interviews like this do you justice Greg.

    • WD


      Our laser guided bombs are hitting hospitals- go figure. Russian military has been greatly revamped since 1990s dont underestimate their strength.

      We are 0-4 since Vietnam not exactly a great record

      • WD

        Since WW2 sorry

    • aries

      Man Don, you put the way i couldnt, it does sound like interview with a internet scouring info geek. And anyone who hides in shadows, ?????????? u understand.

      • Hilde

        I think you could be right about that.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Yes as you say the Russians and the Chinese are not well practiced like the US when it comes to global bombing ad killing!
      We just agreed on something!

  48. Curious George

    Have you ever tried getting Jesse of jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.com.

    Doug Noland of Credit Bubble Bulletin would be another great guest to have on.

    Eugon of bawerk.net would be a great guest as well.

    They all have more economic insight then V.

  49. matt

    One of the best comments I heard from Texas Head Fund manager during a symposium was from Kyle Bass. During the Q&A will two others was Kyle s comment after his questioning a high level Obama official about GDP and debt levels. Officials response was ” Were going to kill the dollar”. Would like to see Jim Willie back as well.

  50. aries

    As much as i appreciate Gregs hard work i cannot but sit in awe as this dude in the shadows proclaims he is going to the beach in some other country, ass hole, i am from another country and i can say for sure by just traveling in europe last month that the only place i want to be during colapse of any kind is in the good ole USA, because outside these borders will be living hell, enjoy the beach dumass and when you swim back here to safety i will be standing on the shore with my trusty rusty hexagon 22, unbelievable, f___ken hero. abandon and then come back with all his gold in tow…HAHAHHA i lost it now.

    • Matt

      I have to agree. I never would consider leaving. If their is a true fight to rebuild and get back to sound principles, which i question anymore as it is complete dumbdown mass
      thinking and living anymore, coming back after the fight is over is wrong. But again, as it
      was said ” Don’t let a crises go to waste”.

      • aries

        you know matt, this whole entire dumbdown syndrome we are experiencing might be contributed to the google arm chair warrior, professor,hero,god behind the keyboard mentality, internet information highway overload, just a thought of mine, thanks

    • sk

      Just curious…which country ARE you from?

      • aries

        dead center europe

    • Diane D

      Granted, the ‘beach comment’ was kind of smug. Surely many had the same reaction as you.

      I fought for our Constitution for decades. I took a lot of flack. But in the end I made no difference. Our Republic (1776-2011) and Constitutional rights simply no longer exist. Name one right of the Bill of Rights that has not been trampled. Yes, militarily the US exists, but even that is basically as a private, unconstitutional mercenary to meet the needs of global elites for perpetual war. So really, what difference does it make if someone gathers their family and bugs-out to Alaska or some beach in the southern hemisphere? If we are truly honest with ourselves, how many of us would do what V plans if we had the resources? Guys, you might want to consult with your wife before making that decision.

      • Jeff L

        Diane You just made one of the truest observations. This country does not resemble the one Founded by our Fathers…… So stop all the BS flag waving……. Furthermore, an economic implosion will be our least problems when China and Russia hit us with an EMP attack……… BTW, we deserve it for all the lives we destroyed throughout the world the last 5 decades…….. The US has been at war for 93% of the time since 1776. 223 years out of 235….. Yep, China and Russia haven’t “proven” their weapons…. I guess practice makes perfect….. NOT!

  51. The Joker

    @ 7:05, he sounded just like Austin-Fitts. I’ve got a hunch DC will instruct the IRS to issue $833 billion in free money rebates (QE-5) to all those that don’t even work, $7,500 per person and for each dependent, for all those with no working taxable income, especially for illegal invaders. Some welfare households will get close to $100k. Democrats want to win in 2016 and must buy the votes, Republicans will roll over and agree to this because they don’t want to be branded as anti-poor.

  52. FC

    Only a thought Greg, but have you ever considered interviewing a Keynesian Economist on your show, by twisting up your typical line of questioning to them…………..you may even consider a one hour debate per week between an Austrian thinking Economist against a Keynesian’s one.

    The likes of Mark Gertler, Nouriel Roubini, Paul Krugman or Carmen Reinhart against Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, Ron Paul or Gerald Celente would all make very interesting and lively debates, but I doubt the Keynesian’s will accept the invitation.

    What I would find more interesting is to use the same formula on our young and upcoming economic students, who have nothing to lose and everything to gain in participating in such a debate, after all our future will be in their hands.

  53. ulrich sherry

    Thanks Greg,
    V covers many areas of concern with eloquence and a deep understanding of the issues. This interview had teeth. Well done.

  54. Ole Timer

    Don’t panic. Stand your ground. Believe …

    And for adventures …play this. Nothing has changed.


  55. Jared


    Look forward to your weekly interviews! I enjoy hearing different guest opinions, but if you look at them all together they are basically saying the same thing, but differ on the time frame. I think V nailed Russia and China (basically the BRICS) to a tee. They are making a huge power grab, which will in time destroy the Petro Dollar. I believe this is already happening, just slowly until more gold shifts to the BRICS nations. I definitely believe by 2018 we will be looking at a different world! What say you Mr. Hunter?

  56. Curious George

    7 billion loss at db. Maybe you should be interviewing cryptic little sister instead of this guy.

  57. BpSitRep

    I need to watch more of this clip and do some more research myself, but what I saw and what I read here, I’m in total agreement, sadly. Especially this part:”…… and the question was asked what does an economic collapse in the United States look like? The initial, unanimous answer was you can expect anywhere from 25 million to 50 million dead in the first 90 days.” I totally believe this and can foresee this event and the numbers. Firstly, look at all the retirement homes, special needs homes-hospitals, all of those people are going to die. The inner cities are going to become hell on earth. Every nut job and group of thme out there with a ‘vengeance’ against whatever class of people, are going to just start killing and killing. You better arm yourself and have an escape plan.

  58. Silverlining027

    This guy lost my confidance when he stated, Chaina won the kargil war againts India on mountains. sorry V, India won the great Kargil war againts covert Pakistan. Please correct yr facts. Its great blunder by V.
    Greag, thanks a lot for yr hardwork. One of yr longtime silent follower.

  59. Coalburner

    Sorry Scott, my blood is as red as it gets and I will want to get my Grandkids out of here if there is anyplace to go.

  60. BRF

    Sounds like “V” and Doc Willie exchange notes and have similar styles of presenting information, Willie being and little more dramatic and sarcastic. Very entertaining but I still hold that the BIS system of CBs can paper over anything that comes along money wise and that if confidence in that system remains so will the system; that is until the BRICS led by China can get their own system up and running. Then the Federal reserve note will collapse but not before the banker boys have shifted into the new BRICS system. The only way to ever defeat the banker boys and correct the economic injustices oppressed on humanity is with a full out revolution or the second coming which would straighten out the banker boys like yesterday. My money is on that revolution will happen first.

  61. John M.

    Greg, your instinct was entirely correct to interview “V”. I’ve listened to him on a variety of other sites and I think he is as credible and connected as they come. Unless of course, you can somehow kidnap one of the global cabalists from their inner temple and water board them into submission so that we know exactly when and how they are planning to destroy America.
    I believe that “V” is a member of the same brain trust that Dr. Jim Willie often speaks about in his newsletters. Which reminds me, Willie is long overdue on USA Watchdog. I’ve mentioned it before, but Joel Skousen has another interesting perspective on geopolitics and our dire economic/monetary problems. They all agree (the 40 or 50 people that I follow on the internet) in the big picture about America’s inevitable demise, they just differ in the details and the timing. No one can predict what God has in store for a nation that no longer believes in Him or his laws. The Constitution is no longer sacred for many. Our materialistic secular nation does not even believe in the value of sound money or the importance of real economic production. You don’t need to be freaking Nostradamus to know that this will all end very badly.

    • Casper

      I am dying laughing at your comment. Where you said, “Greg, your instinct was entirely correct to interview “V”. I’ve listened to him on a variety of other sites and I think he is as credible and connected as they come.”

      First, of all “Vs” real name is Viji Varghese and his banking resume is fake. He never worked as a Head Trader at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Nor does he have a Series 7 license. Nor has he worked in commodities. He made this up so people like you would trust him.

      He is a fraud and a liar. We did find he worked at a Citizen’s Bank where he was fired for violating Bank Secrecy Laws. He does study other people’s work and then he puts his own spin on them.

      I think this site should have actually vetted him before believing the lies that so easily and convincingly flow off his lips.

  62. RadarNJ

    Hi Greg! I’ve been listening to V for a couple of years at least. He has been spot on as well as ANYONE can be in today’s world. For one he called out first the many bankers deaths internationally that happened a year ago. It wasn’t Jim Willie. V has been correct on the BRICS, AIIB, Silk Road, Shanghi Gold exchange, Putin’s chess moves, Saudi weakness and pumping oil decline reaching out to the east and departing away from the petro dollar, first on the shipping by sea decline internationally, the Russian Military abilities, the CIA destroying stability in the middle east … etc… As far as the ones here saying he isn’t for real because of the “V” thing … I partly agree. V has the personality and vocal delivery that cannot be masked. I think he stays mysterious for personal reason of the media attention for family. Who in their right mind would want 15 minutes of fame in this fallen world? V also calls Jesus and his savior. Now that may alienate more from what he has to say… So be it. Greg if you ever have a chance to listen to V, W, and the whole crew at Rogue Money on a Friday nite show … it’s a good listen. The same as you!

  63. Calgirl

    You can bet this Republican assemblywoman from Nevada will not be getting any campaign contributions from Pfizer, Merck, etc. ! She’ll be lucky if not found trying to fly out a high-rise window…..

    Lawmaker Calls For Study On Links Between Pharmaceuticals And Mass Killers


  64. MikeIN

    I stopped listening when the guest said he will be leaving the country to save his ass then return to help rebuild (when, after the fires are out and the patriots have either won or lost the fight). I suggest the guest should stay in America and help defend the Constitution, the rule of law and do what is necessary to restore our Republic during this very turbulent event.

    I quote Thomas Paine, “The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country”.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am staying MikeIN. Thank you.

  65. paul

    American’s always say they are a truly exceptional people … this seems to prove it hands down … http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/02/america-war-93-time-222-239-years-since-1776.html … instead of being “exceptional” why can’t we be “normal”!

    • paul

      Exceptional Americans are almost continuously at war … they call it “peace” through strength … to keep the world “safe” for democracy … and our President is anointed with the Nobel Peace Prize because he leads this exceptional country!

      • paul

        US forces called for an attack on a hospital … http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/oct/06/doctors-without-borders-airstrike-afghanistan-us-account-changes-again … which is a war crime … supposedly it was an “accident” … but “never once” in the 8 or more years we were in Afghanistan did we ever “accidentally” bomb a poppy field!

        • Greg Hunter

          I read the article and I am not sure it is an actual “war crime.” It IS an enormous mistake and we should wait until there is an investigation. The US, so far, is saying it was “not intentional” but then again, the attack lasted an hour according to published reports.

  66. Mike R

    50 million dead ? Come on folks. It would take a nuclear strike, or massive bio and/or weapons to be deployed for something like that to occur.
    After that, there isn’t a word you can believe from this V.

    Greg, with all deference and due respect, I’d say give your whole web-site and interviews a rest until after the end of this year.

    You’ve sort of got this sensationalistic, feverish pitch going here, where it seems you have interviews where one guy is trying to top the prior guy for outrageousness.

    I hear Mercury is retrograde until October 9th, and so maybe thats why everyone has been so wound up and doom and gloomish ? Pluto is also in hard angle to the moon.

    Venus conjoins Jupiter on October 25th, which is a rare occurrence, so maybe things will look much better in the markets and around the globe by then. These are all true statements, but they have little to do with the price of eggs in China, and whatever V says has little to do with what is going to happen tomorrow or a year or 5 years from now. Nobody can ‘know’ the future.

    Chill people. If you’ve all prepped out the ying yang, like it sounds as though every poster here likely has, then why worry ? Worrying won’t change a thing, never has, and everything mentioned here is out of everyone’s control. Maybe increase those doses of Xanax, Wellbutrin, Celexa, Zoloft, Abilify, or whatever your favorite flavor of medication you are taking, and you’ll at least be able to get a grip on reality.

    • Neo-Con servant

      Mike R,
      ◄ Philippians 4:5-7 ►

      Stand Firm in the Lord
      …5Let your gentle spirit be known to all men. The Lord is near. 6Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

      So Mike don’t be anxious and by being thankful you have to think about something to be thankful about, so it cheers you up and you kill two birds with one stone!

  67. Dan

    Hi Greg,
    Well, like they say, “reasonable minds can differ”. I thought this guy sounded like a bit of a kook (kinda like Karen Hudes), even though I think a complete collapse is a real possibility. Nevertheless, I REALLY appreciate you providing us with a vast variety of sources of information! As always, it’s nice to hear various viewpoints and then for people to make up their own minds about what is happening & what the future possibilities may be. I look forward to all of your interviews!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan. I am trying to put up the best and most diverse opinions and information
      Greg. Some are going to be correct and some, not so much. One think everyone agrees on is a big paradigm change or crash is coming. The other thing most agree on is when it breaks (timing is always an issue) it will be quick and violent.

  68. Grafique

    “V” is obviously light-years ahead of where I am in terms of the economy, but…

    First – in his rundown of the Middle East’s prospects, he never mentioned Israel.
    Israel is the key to the Middle East. It’s all going to come down to Israel. That’s not my opinion, that’s the Holy Bible talking.

    Second – and this is my opinion – it’s useless to talk about “rebuilding” after a collapse. I believe the major upcoming “collapse” event will be nuclear war, followed by the one-world system of the Antichrist.
    Somehow the American economy will limp along in spite of the damage being done by the Socialists. But with Russia, China and Iran now in Syria, the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39 is imminent.

    When you see a coalition of nations – led by Russia and prominently featuring Iran – gathering on Israel’s northern border, with the intent to invade Israel, gather your loved ones close and hunker down.

  69. Len Penzo

    Greg: You know I think you do a fantastic job here — but this guy has ZERO credibility, as far as I’m concerned. And, frankly, I’m disappointed to see him on your site. A couple of summers ago, he claimed to have interviewed a US 4-star general who talked about a planned collapse of the US in 2017. He wouldn’t give this general’s name, but he said the officer climbed in rank from a Major to 4-star in four years, which is preposterous on its face. Unfortunately, for the Mr. Guerilla, he forgot that promotion and service records of US military personnel are public record — so I checked out his claim. Long story short: none of the active duty 4-star generals met his “4-star general’s” amazing promotion record; the fastest any of them got from Major to 4-star was 16 years.

    • Paul

      I believe V meant Major General (2 star General) to General (4 star General).

  70. Felicia

    Greg, Neil Howe, one of the authors of the books “Generations” & “The Fourth Turning” is predicting the collapse will occur within the next 12 months, if not sooner. Neil might be someone interesting to hear speak, what with his study of cycles. Here’s an interview he gave in March … http://www.theburningplatform.com/2015/03/16/neil-howe-what-to-expect-from-the-fourth-turning-were-now-in/#more-94456

  71. Aurele

    Hey Greg, not my fav interview but you cannot be expected to put them out of the park every time. I give you two thumbs up for taking a chance on this guy. I think what put me off was the manner in which V addressed the questions. What I mean is he did not exactly come across as someone who is well connected (not in is manner of speaking anyway). Anyway, I love you show Greg and God bless you for all your hard work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Aurele.

  72. Don

    Good job once again Greg, a little different than usual, but hey, nothing wrong with that. It occurred to me, maybe a current look at Bible prophecy, with a guest like Bill Salus. But it may be a little to much for some of your usual audience. On the financials, liquidity dried up big time in Sept., a sure sign the system is starting to go in labor. The next move will be in the Fed’s corner. Another repo purchase maybe, whats your guess? The big news, is Putin, and his move to fill the vacuum in Syria. Israel has a right to be nervous, Russia has become a dream come true for Islam, at least they think. Its my guess, that if America don’t get aggressive in opposition to there moves, and Syria is secured, that we may see aggression toward Israel. Look out Damascus if that happens. Well, lots to talk about, now days. If this guess informants are right, look out 2016. Great job, once again

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don.
      People forget that Russia is not conducting its actions in Syria alone. It too is using a terror group in Hezbollah. Iran has been conducting a proxy way using Hezbollah for a couple of decades. The Iranian leadership has said many times “The destruction of Israel is not negotiable.” When Russia gets these terrorists under control, and it will, then what? I suspect Israel will be in the cross-hairs, and that’s when it goes nuclear in my humble opinion. . Thank you Don for your feedback and support

      • Neo-ConMan


        Putin will and has met with Netanyahu, Obama refuses and refuses to even listen to Benjamin Netanyahu when he talks, walking out of major assemblies. According to Donald Trumps book the “Art of the Deal,” that is not how you run a company, let alone a country, especially the United States of Amerika!

        By the way, Trump has met Putin and says he can deal with him.

        As the great deal-maker Kenny Rogers has stipulated countless times over the airwaves, you got to know how to hold em and how to fold em and only walk away when the deal is done, well done please, chard rare! Thank you.

      • WD


        Russia has a significant Muslim population that has caused them problems many times before.

        I cant see Russia/Putin turning t o destroy Israel. Does not make sense to me. It would be a terrible move. Putin has met wit Ben Net, and I believe they have more in common that mutual destruction.

        It would be tremendously irresponsible of Putin to try and destroy Israel as he is also a devout Christian.

  73. Dev

    to the end of interview V mention about kargil war
    which was between India and china.

    Kargil war was between India and pakistan in 1999.
    1962 war was sino-Indian War basically had to do with Tibet china and india
    on there border claims.

  74. Tommy

    Just shoot me now.

  75. Russ

    Hi Greg,

    I’m a big fan of yours and for the most part, I find your guests to be very informative. I must agree with some of the other comments in that this guy seems a little on the sketchy side. I went to his website and see that he markets a variety of products including “Karatbars”…which is of the MLM variety, and “Panama B”, a service for those interested in fleeing the country. All in all, I came away thinking that he’s someone that’s simply assembled much of what he’s seen, and read and then started his own site to profit from those looking at alternative media. I realize that it’s difficult to do a full background check on these individuals and I’m sure you and your staff do your best, unfortunately, I’d put this guy in the “no return” bin. Keep up the great work!

  76. Scott

    Dear Greg,

    In thinking about it some more, I don’t think you should have this guy on again.

    It’s clear to all that you work hard on Watchdog, putting a lot of time and effort in to find and interview real experts. This individual detracts from the professional qualities of the program in a major way. People who won’t identify themselves have no credibility.

    Apart from that, keep up the great work.



  77. Pierre Bernier

    Hi Greg,

    I have some really good graphics showing that earth’s temperatures are a function of solar activity and sun spots and nothing to do with that CO2 agenda . Would like to send them to you and have one of your guests comment (Lord Monkton or other). Need an email.



    • Greg Hunter

      Can you post them in the comment section? How about posting a link??

      • Pierre Bernier

        Sent them at subscription address ***@***********.com

        • Greg Hunter

          I may have deleted it or it hit the spam filter. use info@


      • Pierre Bernier

        Here’s an interesting one. The guy can predict the sunspot count only using Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus gravitational effects on the sun. He’s spot on and we have a little ice age on our hands in the comming years…



  78. Mike from the North

    I think that Greg is doing a great job of getting a variety of guests that provide us with a greater and greater broad view of the general monetary and geopolitical issues at hand.

    This guest regardless of who he is and what his motivation might be still adds valuable information to the mix.

    When does the system shudder under the weight of the pressure is noting but a big guess.

    What we all realize here is the following.

    Debt levels are past the point of sustainability under a normal interest rate paradigm.

    Central banks that have followed the route of the FED have only been led to the edge of the cliff.

    Everything out there seems to have been kept alive by means of false truths.

    You do not go in a hot air balloon that is showing major signs of age and decay.


    Fill your pockets with ballast that can save your life. SILVER AND OR GOLD

    Last but not least. Thank You Greg for all you have done and all you will do in the future to provide us with relevant information.

  79. David B.

    Revisit the big picture from former government officials “V” has met: Banking system down, limited to no access and probably an immediate bail in; government benefit and employee check not forthcoming; supply chain disruptions for a time; credit system down, therefore a horrendous spike to unemployment; Americans have very limited savings as it is.

    I wish I had confidence in his quoted numbers.

    Everyone in Congress has been aware of this scenario, yet over the last eight-plus years, conditions have worsened.

  80. Aussie Al

    Greg only saw this interview today, Have to say very interesting comments indeed. it has been commented on by many of your guests that the collapse is like – and I quote Rob Kirby, A freight Train going full tilt and has come off the rails and is now going through a corn field with a cliff at the edge of it.
    It kind of annoys me that so many Americans (I’m from OZ) still to this day would rather concentrate on the person rather than the message of the guest and indeed your good self.
    the message is thus, The status of the USA is now finished, the lifestyle that you had in the USA is now finished, the lifestyle that you had planned for your kids and even your grandkids is finished, it is now time to prepare, personally, spiritually, and socially.
    Please note that I say this as an Australian who has a deep love for the USA and its people, but I say this “HEED THE MESSAGE” the collapse is now!
    As always Mr Hunter you have come through again the message to me is clear and I appreciate it.

  81. Brian A.

    I’m based in Japan and have travelled extensibly throughout Asia for 35 years. (Getting tired of traveling and trying to stay home more in a small town we moved to in Japan.) Anyway, back in the late 1990’s I knew some people who were doing business in Siberia. These were American business people. I had some interesting conversations with one guy. Everyone else was laughing at how the great USSR was in a state of collapse. BTW my father went for several weeks to Russia as consultant during this time as well and his comment was this “How the hell we feared these guys is beyond me.” He was sent to help set up a factory in Russia, and he just lamented at the level of incompetence. So I shared these facts with the businessman. His answer was shocking. He said, “that is what the powers behind the scenes in Russia want. They want the West to think that Russia is weak and dead” He went on to explain that he was befriended by some top Russian military officials in Siberia, and they confided in him that the military was not happy with the fall of the USSR and they were planning a comeback. Here is perhaps an even more uncanny note. My friend was a Christian as am I and I told him that I had always thought that Russia would be the Antichrist government of the end, but it looked like that theory was dead. Again I was shocked by this guy’s response. “the beast had a deadly wound and yet did live” In a nutshell he told me that from his time in Russia he believed that the Russians would quietly regain their military strength, and then at the right time they would come back on the scene. I lost contact with this guy, but all of those conversations came back to me recently, especially after Russia entered the fray in Syria. Food for thought to be sure! I need to research to verify this, but I remember reading that after Putin was first elected his first stop was a speech at the KGB and his opening remark was ” We’re back”

    • Cassandra Jackson

      I think you are very wise to be wary of Russia. Back in the late 1980’s early 1990’s I was seeing a spiritual healer called Edmund Harold. He wrote a book called “Vision Tomorrow”. Way back then, in his book he states that an unusual alliance will form and will be between China and Russia. Instigated by Russia to bring the downfall of America and America will be reduced to a third world status. It states that both China and Russia secretly want world dominance, Russia however is very stealth and very careful as to how it appears to the rest of the world, not wanting to get the masses offside. I think about that a lot as Russia’s momentum as the victim grows. The victim is a very powerful role as all eyes are on the aggressor while the victim gains the support. The book also says there will be many anti-christs but to keep your eyes on China for the final anti-christ. It states he will appear to perform great miracles when in truth all it is, is a manipulation of the atoms. Just more deception. Things change and nothings written in stone, so events may not necessarily play out that way, I do however, remain very wary of both China and Russia, but Russia in particular. I personally think it’s important to remember that deception is the key with what is going on globally.

  82. Mike from the North

    As we all should remember The Titanic sunk in 1912.

    103 years later we have another Titanic of sorts headed for an iceberg.

    Will you and your family go down with it or will you take heed in the warnings.

    Minimizing your counter party risks as much as you can might be the route to go.

  83. Doug Krause

    Hello Greg
    Man you call me out and undress me, telling me to man up for posting a comment with no last name, then interview this anonymous thug that says nothing you couldn’t read on zerohedge.
    This is pure doom and gloom porn at best.
    Probably your worst segment since I been following this site the last couple years.
    Greg your are fine journalist,reporter, producer but this guy was a bust.
    You blowing the wrong end of the trumpet with guests like V.
    Cheers Doug

  84. Rose

    V’s one caveat on the Saudi’s seems to be playing out right now. I would also have to concur with V on this as well because Saudi’s are considered the head of the snake according some locals in the ME region I know. Just sayin…

  85. Sierra Dave

    Just a heads up. You can adjust the Gamma of some pictures and turn a black image into something viewable.

  86. Calgirl

    John Titus: “Criminals Are Running The Fed”

  87. Jerry

    More proof the RMB is being vetted as world reserve currency.

    Its bad enough that the western cabal is trying to sabotage the launch of the CIPS system through the SWIFT system. Is it any surprise? These people will do anything. Last month the tried to blow up the super computer in Tingin.

  88. Lexi

    I myself have listened to “V” the guerrilla economist in the past and he, most assuredly, did NOT resonate with me. IMO, he is nothing more than a Cabal shill that seems to love promoting fear-porn. Sure, some people may say that not listening to people like this would be at our own peril. However, with him saying that millions upon millions of people will DIE shortly after the collapse, I think that if people listened to and believed this, I think that THIS would do more harm than not listening to this puppet for the Cabal. As I said earlier, I have listened to other interviews with this joker in the past. Since then, I have not listened to this guy again, and I certainly hope that Greg Hunter does NOT have this person on his show again.

  89. karl

    After listening to this guy.more and more I think he is a fraud who listens to everyone else abd rehashes it. He seems to be repeating what J Willie is saying. I do not hive this guy credibilty. That does not take away the fact that what he says is corrrect

  90. Eric

    So V is so scared for his life that he will leave the country he lives in, but so confident in his abilities to predict the exact timing, that he will bet his life it won’t happen before 2017. What a bunch of BS. Wouldn’t be surprised the anonymous interview is just a gimmick.

  91. Mike from the North

    Have you noticed how quickly this is beginning to unwind.

    Everyday the news (alternative news) is filled with stories that should be front page headlines but are barely even touched upon in the MSM.

    Each morning I read Zero Hedge and am amazed by the number of stories I find.

    The next 60 to 90 days may prove to be too much for the system to handle.

    Are we seeing a runaway train slowly picking up momentum here.

  92. TheWayfarer

    This RogueMoney guy reads like pure 100% Hype-ster looking to commercialize off of doom and gloom. Greg, you’re better than this, buddy. I’d like to see you sticking with real people with full names and genuine credibility which you have in the past. Zerohedge already exists so anonymous posts like this take away from the authenticity of your site. Of course everyone is looking for new content and genuine information to stay ahead of the curve but this article reads more like grasping for straws than something with real teeth. There’s nothing new in it other than new speculations which any of us who’ve been following this slow demise could generate on a whim.

  93. glen

    more likely millions will realise they don’t actually need pharmaceuticals.

  94. Mary

    The voice sounds like Peter Joseph from the Zeitgeist series

  95. JD

    I agree with some of the posters that V is a sham. He doesn’t have inside information. He’s a story teller. He’s taking opinions from others and embellishing them to make himself more interesting.

  96. Angie

    Those of you who advocate leaving I want to know just were are you going that you and your wealth will be protected? A paradise in South America??? – Think again as the government can come in and take what they want whenever they want. What makes America so special is our US Constitution and our is one of a kind. It is worth fighting for.

  97. brian

    This “V” character thinks he can run away and hide, let the criminals screw everything up and then come back and prosecute them after they have been allowed to fully develop and exercise whatever power they can!?!?!?!?!?! WTF dude.

    Either these crooks get prosecuted now before all hell breaks loose or we suffer a HUGE FUCKING PENALTY FOR OUR TACIT APPROVAL OF WHAT THESE $#@!$ ARE DOING TO OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. RadarNJ

    Hi Greg! V’s Friday show, the first hour, on FreedonSlips.com with James the Russian Analyst was very insightful. The middle east was discussed in ideas and facts you will hear nowhere else. One interesting thought that was brought forth was there is a stabilizing beginning to set in the middle east. Even Israel was mentioned with the advance optics provided to Russia in the drones being used. The push back you got on Vs interview was by ones who are not educated with the rogue money group. As with anything or any one we must draw conclusions. I’m sure you would find the discussion fascinating. Hopefully Greg you still peruse your comments after other shows have aired.

  99. Paul M

    THANK YOU, Greg! I, for one, appreciate ALL the guests you have on. It is important for me, as part of this eye opening education into the real world where we live, to be exposed to all the different perspectives. In that way I can draw my own conclusions and prepare myself and those around me to survive whatever may come our way (while continuing on with the business of living). No one can truly predict the how and the when…there are a myriad of global players, but we do know something is coming and knowledge is power. You do us all a tremendous service, and thanks for the courage you have displayed in choosing all your guests regardless of “popularity”.

  100. Liz

    V said in the “after the interview” section to keep our eyes on Saudi Arabia. If they fall “all bets are off.” Now I read this article “Its Time For United States To Start Worrying About A Saudi Collapse”
    Looks like he may know what he’s talking about.
    Thanks Greg for thinking outside the box.

  101. mike

    Let’s get real.

    Oh please. End of the United States as we know it? Leave the country by 2017? Financial chaos? This is irrational thinking.

    Let’s look at history. Germany and Japan were bombed extensively during WWII. Two atomic bombs where dropped on Japan. But neither country turned into a Mad Max scenario. Yes, we can always have a financial breakdown – but it doesn’t mean that we will descend into chaos. During the Civil war in the U.S., did the U.S. descend into universal social chaos, uncontrolled violence and starvation? No.

    The only thing your guest didn’t bring in is “the end times”. It is going to take a lot more than the “collapse” of the U.S. dollar to bring about the imagined “end times”.

    The Australian dollar, Brazilian dollar and the Canadian dollar collapsed during the last 18 months by at least 20 t0 30 %, depending on which currency. Emerging market currencies are down 20 plus percent or more. I see no evidence of social breakdown in those countries.

    Additionally, America has great natural resources and is the bread basket of the world and has great clean water supplies , lumber, domesticated animals and cattle. So how are Americans going to starve? But yes, in the event of financial disruption, the government may have to step in to ensure proper distribution of essential goods and services. And Americans stick together in hard times. The doom and gloom people ignore the resiliency of Americans and their compassion.

    I know that it is in vogue now to attribute any accomplishment in the ancient world to Alien intervention or any modern science breakthroughs as a gift of some Alien race or some reversed engineering from the supposed Roswell crash. Many people deny us “humans” of our past achievements and our ability to survive and come out stronger.

    I think America can withstand a dollar collapse of 50%. Recently, Russia and Brazil have. The Euro is down about 30% or more against the dollar compared to a few years ago. I don’t see these countries descending into chaos.

    So your guest plans to leave his N.Y.C. abode by 2017. Well, I think that there will be a Chinese or Russian national waiting in the wings to purchase his condo or home. They want to be here, so what do they see as a benefits to living here? Maybe they see something that many here do not.

    Finally, maybe the dollar is overvalued. If so, will we be facing social chaos or instead evolve into a more competitive economy where jobs are brought back home and our economy becomes more self-sufficent. Just thinking.

  102. Bill

    I wonder how everything will reset so fast? I think it will be great if it does, but how can anyone really know?

  103. Bob Kranz

    I don’t know what to think of V. His claims of huge premiums on gold in Singapore and Hong Kong may be true but I doubt it. As a part time coin dealer for 35 years and a buyer for 40 years, the premiums on Gold Eagles are about normal and available in the US except maybe 2015 issues a little higher.
    Silver is another story with premiums and delivery delays, the worst case is pre-1964 silver coins. I made 2 trades in the last couple months trading silver coin for .999 silver bars gaining 15% in bullion and 20% the second trade. I had to wait for 3 weeks on the first and 12 weeks the second, I won’t get the last .999 until December. It was a perfect arbitrage opportunity since I’m a long time holder of silver. I did the same thing in 1999 with the 2000 computer bug fear and traded back to coins about 4 years ago when no premiums prevailed. I’m dealing with a major refinery so the only risk is a world force majeure in the silver industry.

    • Cassandra Jackson

      I’ve listened to this guy on other sites and I personally think it’s Ben Fulford. Ben Fulford has a particular slight lisp and uses the same phrases when describing events. Even the voice tone is almost the same. I think Ben Fulford got such a bad wrap and came under considerable scrutiny as a fraud that he has just reinvented himself as “V” the guerrilla economist. I’m very cautious of this guy.

  104. Donna

    I’ve listened to interview with V twice.Imo V is spot on. Good interview Greg,thank you!

  105. Larry Maheu

    Greg, Today is December 17th, 2015. You have interviewed a few guests and the two of all seem to believe the world has hit a brick wall. With 260 trillion in debt and interest at 30 million per minute, this is unsustainable. We cannot raise interest rates, and if China does it will its’ economy will implode. This will lead to World War 3. The guests are Gregory Mannarino who wrote “The Goal is War:, and Warren Pollack, who wrote “The world getting ready for war”. If the whole world economies collapse, wouldn’t money be worthless, since it is being printed for the bankrupt banks and then banks charging the printers interest. What an easy business, yet it’s all a Ponzi scheme. If money is no good, who wants to work for nothing? Gold is useless, because everyone would be scrambling for food. We can’t eat gold. Wouldn’t everyone be broke, including the leaders? What would Donald Trump say about all this?

    • Greg Hunter

      “Gold is useless”. That’s funny.

      • Larry Maheu

        Greg, not very many people would have gold to buy basics, such as food. But my question remains, What would Donald Trump say about the impending economic world wide collapse leading to war, as so many experts are saying on your site. He wants to make America great again. Can he get all the jobs back if there’s an economic collapse? Seriously, I value your opinion. I haven’t heard honest talk from experts before, and I’m trying hard to understand the consequences of all political parties seemingly make the same mistake, Have you ever wondered if Obama is on the side of Isis?
        Why would he give 150 billion to Iran? Why wouldn’t he stop buying Saudi oil? Obama had lots of chances to destroy the trucks used to transpot oil, The US Navy pilots are so frustrated with Obama. They had to obtain permission to destroy those trucks. Obama ordered them to ‘stand down’ for an hour. Just to give thr terrorists time to get to get to their destination. Personally, Obama should have been impeached a long time ago Everything he has done has hurt the economy, and the military.
        I hope Trump becomes President, And I hope the economy doesn’t collapse.

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