Syria Cease-Fire & Safe Zone-Not, South China Sea Heats Up, Apple & DOJ Spar Over Unlocking I-Phone

1bBy Greg Hunter’s  (WNW 228 2.26.16)

A cease-fire is supposed to begin on Syria Saturday. Many geopolitical experts are skeptical that it will ever take place. It was negotiated by the U.S and Russia. With Secretary of State John Kerry doing the negotiation for America, I don’t have any faith in it being a success. John Kerry says if the cease-fire does not hold, he may push to partition Syria. I say the odds of that happening are slim to none. Even though it is reported that Kerry is thinking about making some sort of “safe zone” in Syria, it will require as many as 30,000 U.S. troops.

Speaking of war and rumors of war, China is heating things up in the South China Sea, even though it is hundreds of miles from China. In the latest escalation, China is sending fighter jets, building sophisticated radar and deploying missiles on some of the islands it built in the last few years. The U.S. has vowed to increase patrols in the disputed waters and wants the waterways there to remain unencumbered and open to all shipping traffic. China claims the islands as their own, and other countries in the region dispute that claim.

The FBI wants a lot more than the phone of one Islamic terrorist opened in the San Bernardino attack that happened late last year. It told the public it wanted the phone used by one of the terrorists, but now it’s coming out that it basically wants the ability to hack into any I-phone. Even NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has weighed in and Tweeted, “The FBI is creating a world where citizens rely on Apple to defend their rights, rather than the other way around.” Snowden also contends the FBI already has most, if not all. of the information connected to this phone.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Doug

    Great. The banks want to be nationalized if Kashkari has his way. That way the banks can appoint national leaders without the waste of an election. Too big to fail.

    • sk

      When banks are nationalized, the profits get returned to the national treasury, no? Rather than to private bankers’ pockets. Isn’t this what Ellen Brown has advocated for some time? Isn’t this a good thing compared to what we have now? Also, aren’t national leaders pretty much ‘appointed’ now via huge donations to their election campaigns, elections or no elections? Am I missing something here? Campaign finance reform, seems to me, would accomplish more in making elections meaningful. Incidentally, nationalizing banks was the method by which Hitler pulled the Germany of that time from its financial morass.

  2. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for enlightening everyone on this Apple/FBI …er…ah…dispute. People I have spoken to believe that Apple is withholding the information on this particular phone and don’t understand what it is that the FBI really wants. As for John Kerry he is even more incompetent as Secretary of State than Hillary Clinton.

    • Galaxy 500

      Apple isn’t withholding anythimg, they just aren’t going to design the destruction of their brand. When the Head of the Federal Bureau of incompetence starts argument on emotional grounds, you know he doesn’t have legal leg to stand on. They have the phone, let them crack it if they want it opened. And they have the metadata. They know who the terrorists were communicating with. If they need more data, call the NSA. If the NSA doesn’t have it, why do they exist?

      • freebreezer

        G-500 – You voice my thoughts exactly … how many tens of billions and billions have been spent on the huge, huge, huge metadata collection centers? Look at the new facility in Utah – it is enormous! And for what? My guess is that they are for monitoring and categorizing all of us (think tax collection and confiscation) and not for terrorist … other wise why did they not catch the Boston guys, the recent Cal killers etc? And why are they not bragging about all the data collected per the killers and all their contacts? Or is it, in addition, another mean of enriching all the cronies in and out of government? “Something really stinks here!

  3. Faith

    Russia Syria cease fire impossible? Yes. Just smoke and mirrors. Kabuki theater.

    WOW Kerry is going to partition Syria? Sure. That tells me that Kerry is completely out of touch with reality.

    Apple versus the FBI: this is about destroying the 4th Amendment. This will kill the Internet. Plenty of people have gone back to using old style flip phones.

    I don’t know when the MSM financial media is going to actually start talking to regular people. Last night on Coast to Coast AM, George Noory interviewed an economist so maybe people will finally start to wake up with regard to how bad the US economy is at the present time.

    I think Snowden is a hero. He told the truth and look where he ended up, as an outlaw living in Russia.

    Could the US get any worse? I don’t know. Maybe a nuclear bomb or EMP.

    • 8Ball

      If Trump gets to be president he could employ the jobless people in the US and put them to work shoveling all of the crap out of Washington DC. Lots of work to be done there…

      • Faith

        8Ball: I wouldn’t mind it if an EMP went off over Mordor on the Potomac.

        • JC Davis

          Tad. The plot thickens. Elections are rigged from start to finish. Like a well planned football game. There is nothing outside of oligarchy control. All out revolution is the only change we can hope for. That will be bloody.

    • Linda L.

      I have a very old style flip cell phone. When its starts to die (rarely), I just replace the battery for $3.00 and it works like a charm!

  4. Gregory Mannarino

    Thanks for the mention Greg! Always TOP NOTCH work my friend!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for sending e the chart!!

    • JC Davis

      Greg M. I must say I am wrong for giving you such a hard time for playing stocks. I think your heart is in the right place. God bless you Greg Mannarino.

    • Sayonara

      You are my favorite interviewee on GregH’s excellent site. I thank you for your clairvoyant information and you have saved my family and friends substantial sums of money. I have been out of the market for the most part since early last summer and parked in assets that have no 3rd party counter risk. Look forward to your next appearance.
      Be Well!

  5. David

    Thank you Greg for another great week.

    Kerry’s comments make the U.S. look like a toothless lion. Obama is not about to commit 30,000 troops. His legacy is eleven months away from being sealed. Putin knows this (he broke the code on Obama a long time ago). Kerry’s comments regarding a partition of Syria is laughable.

    Regarding Apple. Apple’s legal position is interesting. They argue that the United States government cannot force a corporation (a person according the U.S. Supreme Court) to “write” code to break their encryption design. In other words, Apple’s defense is based on the first amendment and freedom of speech. Or, in this case, forcing a person to write something that they oppose. This could easily make its way to the Supreme Court. If it does, Apple will probably lose, especially with Justice Scalia gone. In any case, this will likely go down as a landmark decision.

    • Galaxy 500

      It’s also based on forced servitude

      • David

        That’s a good point Galaxy.

  6. Klemens

    Dialectic Rothschild-Ruled Superlodges Ruling the World
    the Link above is only about the first book.

    Somebody has to translate this two little books into english.
    In the second book there is an explanation how they create the presidents of the USA.
    Each president from Kennedy to Obama!!

    Superlogen regieren die Welt 1+2

    best regards, Klemens

    • Faith

      Klemens, there is a German-to-English translator that translates articles and video footage here:
      Contact the site with links to the books.

      Another site that is in English but that has a number of sites around the world in various languages is here: www dot thesaker dot is (The site is located in Iceland). I am pretty sure the Saker, or one of his contacts, could easily translate the texts you linked above. Good luck!

  7. 8Ball

    Around 2500 years ago, Aesop said: “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” Looks like nothing much has changed…

    Read more at:

    • Klemens

      Faith, I do not konw if I am allowed to translate it, because of the Copyrights.

  8. Gail

    Hi Greg,

    I always look forward to your weekly wrap-up, but I must say that your closing statement is always my favorite part. God certainly is in charge! Thanks for all of your hard work every week. Blessings to you and your family…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gail. I too think it’s the best part of every WNW!! If people hear nothing else I want them to hear that.

  9. K-in-Maryland

    Hillary should have been in jail months ago. I have worked in national security and I can tell you without hesitation that if I had that level of information in my house on a public internet connection, I would have been swat team raided, slapped in cuffs, issued an orange jump suit and awaiting trial, with much media attention, while in prison. This CLEARLY shows that our country has one set of rules for the rich/powerful and for the rest of us.

    I’m sure Kashkari would love to have public banking brought back so these criminal banks can then move all their toxic assets from the investment bank partition to the new public bank partition. Please don’t ever think these banks will ever do anything but steal from you and when it goes wrong, pass the debt-bill onto YOU.

    • Faith

      K: I said the same thing, here, months ago, about a two-tiered justice system in the US. As a former service member I would have been sent to Ft. Leavenworth, probably for 10 to 20 years, for mishanding classified information. If Hilliary Clinton is not indicted that proves that there is no rule of law in the US.

  10. Jerry

    This will be the straw that breaks the dollars back. Is anyone surprised that it’s planned post April 12th? I’m not.

    Anyone who thinks this will not have a direct impact on the world markets is delusional. China has been encouraging its citizenry to buy gold over eight years for a reason. A call is coming, and when it does, you will know why those ghost cities were built? They will be housing China’s new middle class.

    FYI- Al is right. There will be no election this year. We will be swimming in the waters of survival long before then. Stop and think about it. If there was really going to be an election don’t you think the Democrats would have trotted out somebody else besides a potential jail bird, and used up socialist that has green teeth? At least Obama was nice to look at.

    • Jerry

      You can add this little gem to the gold fix.
      The oil company defaults will begin rolling in just about the same time the Chinese gold fix takes place. Coincidence? or a calculated strategic move by the Russians and Chinese? Now you know why the Rosneft deal with Morgan Stanley was so important. Once again an American corporation has walked into a bear trap because of greed and in the process sold out the American people.

    • Jerry

      addendum II
      The G20 meeting this weekend, just happens to be in Shanghai, the site of the China Gold Fix in April. Hmmm.

      • Sam Hill

        Yuan Gold Fix in April? You’ve been smokin’ something, Jer.
        Put this in your pipe. And smoke it.
        Yuan Gold Fix won’t be happening any time soon.

        I trust what the PBOC says even less than the Fed.

        • Mohammad

          Sorts are attacking the Yuan, i think it is bust but will see when they will release their monthly receive currency bleeding, they skipped Feb and they put January smack in the middle (doctored the books).
          35 billion monthly bleeding to say China busted the shorts.
          200+ billion to say shorts busted China.
          January number was doctored 120 billion smack in the middle.
          They skipped Feb. Hmmmm
          Lets see what the next number will be.


          • Mohammad

            WTF with auto editor.
            First : “shorts” are attacking Yuan.
            second: Monthly “reserve” currency bleeding.

            Sorry for typo.

            • brian

              Mr. Mohammad, I guess it just goes to show, if you want something done right then take the time do it yourself….haha

              I guess your spelling mishaps also serve to demonstrate to us how it is technology can go awry if not handled properly. If a tool is not seen and subsequently used within a realistic context and with an honest accounting of its short comings unintended consequences are bound to arise. We should all be more cognizant of our use of any technology lest we over-rely on something and expect it to do things it simply cannot do.

              • Mohammad

                And the substance of the post:
                I mean Yuan being bust or busted by the shorts?
                do you see how ego can blind you to the degree that scoring a point will make you miss out on something more important?



                • brian

                  Don’t worry yourself my good doctor; that your every word is not glorified with ten more from the scores of people you seek to instruct does not necessarily mean you are shouting in the dark.

                  Take heart Mohammad, I am sure many people anxiously await to hear your every insightful utterance, which you so graciously bestow upon us with such generous volume; and if by some obvious misunderstanding I seem as though I am not counted among the most grateful host that is your beatified audience it is surely more my fault than yours.

                  I am so sorry Mohammad for not properly acknowledging all of what you have said.

                  • Mohammad


                    It is very simple,
                    Just the substance of the post.
                    No more no less.

                    Peace my friend.


          • Jerry

            You need to get up to speed on what’s really going on. This is Jim Willies latest. We are already in the collapse, and yes the Yuan will play a big part in where we go from here.

            • gthomas


        • Jerry

          Read the link. Its not a prediction. Its news. The only one smoking anything are the PPP’s ( paper, pushing pimps), that seem to think a piece of paper is worth more than a hard asset. China has gold. China has manufacturing. China has Russia (the largest oil producer in the world) for an ally. The United States has a printing press. The United States has no manufacturing. And the United States doesn’t have one ally, unless you count Turkey (which I’m not sure they are).

          David Stockman’s opinion means very little at this point.
          Our fate has already been sealed by the politicians and the corporations who sold us out. His economic theories have been buried under a mountain of socialism and are a distant memory.

      • Faith

        Jerry, thanks for the information! I didn’t realize the G20 was meeting so appreciate the heads up on that! Keep up the good work, some of us are paying attention.

      • Jared


        I still think China will become the new world power, but it won’t be until 2017. China will be initiated as a world reserve currency in October and by summer 2017 it will be the dominant world currency. I think the USA keeps its head above water until thus fall and then things go boom. Like Stockman says though, the markets should start collapsing by the end of March or April. Gregory Mannarino says things could start falling in the coming weeks also. The world us definately entering troubled and dark times.


    • Dan


      You’re a smart guy and I like most of your comments. But you have no idea what you are talking about regarding the Yuan Gold Fix and its possibility of be used to back the Yuan; so, hopefully, let me clear things for you once and for all (no personal malice intended). So here we go (and I hope all the other viewers finally get it too):

      Firstly, note that I have been living and working in China since 2008 (that’s 8 years now) so I have an inside, untainted, on-the-ground perspective that others don’t. More specifically, I have given *business* training (including investment banking among other topics) at some of China’s top SOEs and top banks, and also at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Consequently, I have a first-hand comprehension of how top level Chinese managers think, act, and how they must follow orders emanating from the top. A lot of these marching orders emanate from the very top echelons of the gov’t and these mostly relate to 2014 very rigid NATIONALISTIC REFORMS (i.e., read more isolation and protectionism in the Economy, Finance, Education, Control of the Media/Propaganda, Chinese Cyberspace, Everything!; “Document 9” if you care to look it up and read it).

      1) Firstly, you need to understand that even a Yuan Gold Fix (which ***ALREADY*** exists by the way – see their website where gold prices are quoted every single day in Yuan) won’t change anything as this particular fix, the Shanghai one, is NOT the global standard, nor will it likely to become in the near future (perhaps only with the exception of a total COMEX/LBMA fix collapse). Last year there were 11 foreign banks involved in this fix and now there are only 4 (i.e., they are being driven out, as are most foreign companies in this country). So this is not going to bode well for an internationally recognized and accepted Yuan Gold fix!

      2) Regarding the possibility of a gold-backed Yuan: it ain’t gonna happen! (even though I would like it too). Just look at how the Yuan currency has been debased and devalued in the last several months. This means they want a tighter grip on the currency which goes against its possible internationalization. For a gold-backed Yuan to make a global impact it would FIRST have to become free-floating where its value is totally determined by the market (not by monetary and fiscal intervention). The Chinese WON’T give that up; they are much too frightened about loss of control and, inherently, possible negative consequence most notably social unrest which could mean the end of Party rule.

      Moreover, by debasing the currency (by a lot of printing and credit expansion) they would be “diluting” the value of each currency note hence making it less valuable. If a note is backed by gold and it is constantly devalued then it will just fade and fizzle away (just like what happened with gold and silver coins that led to the demise of the mighty Roman Empire, along with the thousands of other fiat currencies that became less-backed or no-longer backed by something).

      Another reason (they won’t give up their grip on debasing the currency) is just look at the current chaotic state of affairs in China (; so in this kind of context, it’s not gonna be time for some grand experimentation in a gold-backed currency. For it to happen, the opposite would have to occur (i.e., the strengthening of the currency whereby less notes would be in circulation (to increase the value)); only then could a gold backing become [mathematically] feasible.

      If there are any specifics you are still unsure about, just let me know and I will explain them to you.


      • Gary Canuck

        Dan, great post, I agree with you 100%. All IMF members
        give up the ability to back their currency with gold.

      • Sam Hill

        Excellent post, Dan. I included the same David Stockman link for Jerry in a previous post. China’s present instability is not conducive to backing its currency with gold. Stockman’s “opinion” doesn’t fit with Jerry’s confirmation bias and so he ignores it. April will come and go with no Yuan Gold Price Fix. Jerry will have a new date by then no doubt and, like an Islamic Fundamentalist, will insist he is correct because he says he is. He makes good points but needs to recognize his weakness at predicting dates.

      • Jerry

        You reflect the attitude of a lot a people on this site. Even when facts are presented to you, you want to argue with them. What does curbed mean to you?

        I deal with foreclosure properties everyday. Most people that are in foreclosure don’t think they have a problem. The water runs. The lights are on. There’s a fire in the fireplace. Everything is O.K. That is until the Sheriff shows up with an eviction notice. That pretty much sums up the attitude of the American people.

        Footnote: I guess China has been buying up massive amounts of gold because they have a love affair with gold. Right? Makes since to me. I can see PM Xi clutching that gold bar when he goes to bed at night.

    • Jerry

      Hard Assets?
      Let me give you an example of what I mean. A few months ago my son came to me and said, “I need to borrow two thousand dollars to pay off some debt”. Did I go to the bank and borrow it? NO. I went to the bank of Jerry and got cash. Well you say, “what happens if the banks go digital and do away with cash and make us all use a digital credit card to buy food and basic necessities? I’ll say keep your digital credit card, I’ll go shopping at Jerry’s grocery store for food, and when that runs out I’ll be harvesting from Jerry’s farm. So you say, “what happens if the power companies that are owned by the banks tell us that if we don’t use the digital credit cards, they will cut our power off? Jerry will say keep your digital credit cards, I have my own source of power with solar generators, and solar lanterns for back up. Well you say, what happens if the banks will only take payment by digital credit card for my mortgage, what will we do? Jerry says, I don’t have a mortgage, I own my own home, and when it comes time to pay property taxes I will pay with cash, gold, or silver. Well you say what happens if they refuse to take cash, gold, or silver for payment, and require you to use a digital credit card to make payment. or take your house for nonpayment? Well that’s where Jerry will use his next hard asset. The services of Smith and Wesson courtesy of the second amendment of the Constitution. At some point when all other hard assets have been exhausted, and you have no other choice, you will either get on that bus to camp FEMA and use your digital credit card to eat, or you will decide to be self reliant, and make a stand. Its just that simple. This is what happens when freedom meets tyranny.

      • lastmanstanding

        Standing exactly where you are Jerry and 1000% with you.

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • Macray

      “Is anyone surprised that it’s planned post April 12th? I’m not.”
      I am not understanding your point as to why the launch of the yuan denominated gold fix after (post) April 12th is significant as opposed to before (pre) April 12th. What am I missing here? I understand that is will have a direct impact on the world markets.

      • Jerry

        Macray. Dan
        Most Americans fail to understand the fact that the united states has been under the control of a rogue criminal enterprise since the Federal Reserve Bank was allowed to seize control of our U.S. Treasury.
        ( #3 important points)
        1.) QE has never ended. The Fed prints approximately 125 billion a month to keep the U.S. Economy afloat.
        2.) Because of continued QE the dollar has put stress on the other currencies of the world that are forced to do trade with us.
        3.) Because of that, key members of the G20 along with the BRIC nations have created an alternate exchange system to replace the dollar with. In fact they are purging dollars out of their system right now in preparation for a gold backed Yuan.

        This is not hard to understand. In business you always look for a cheaper way to do trade. Every time China devalues its currency, it is preparing to establish a base point for trade in its new exchange system that will be much lower than the dollar. The United States has nothing left to offer with an average GDP of 1.0%. What would you do if your customers were broke? Replace them with new customers, and that is what China is preparing to do.

        • Jerry

          Sorry Macray.
          I had to answer a phone call and didn’t answer your question.
          “Why am I not surprised about the gold fix taking place after April 12th?” Answer: The central banks want to make sure they collect all your tax money before they collapse the system.

          For what its worth, the central banks and the Chinese have been in on the theft of American assets from the beginning. I’m even told that China owns the Federal Reserve Bank or at least a good portion of it. Americans have short memories (including the ones who live in China). Did you really think China was going to lend us 3 trillion dollars and let us walk away and hose them over?

          • Jerry

            FYI – If anyone has any doubt about where your tax money goes, I would encourage you to read the “Grace Commission Report” that Ronald Reagan authorized in 1989.

          • Macray

            Thank You for your reply.
            A few more questions, but it’s Sunday! Hopefully you and all other watchdogers get out and create some awesome memories with family and friends today! Go ahead, use your I phone and take some pictures : )))
            We have all next week to about when the system collapses.
            Again, thanks Jerry,

        • Dan


          Apart from QE not having ended and the Grace Commission Report, you need to get your facts straight as well as your history.

          I have also read about the Chinese owning the Fed through what is called the “Dragon Family”; but in absence of hard facts, it is best not to just loosely speculate about these things, as it serves no purpose to the viewers here.

          Regarding history, the US has been hijacked LONG before 1913 and the Fed. So please brush up on your American history as you will see it dates back to the time of Alexander Hamilton – the London banker ass-licker crony. I highly recommend the book entitled ‘Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power’ by Jon Meacham if you care to dig into the real history of banking in the US from the foundation of the country. Jefferson and Franklin knew all too well about the French and British banking cartel (read Rothschilds et akl) and tried to avoid it happening in the US constantly fighting with Hamilton on the issue. You can also read up on how the US Civil War was financed by crooked bankers. So don’t lecture me or any of us here on having a short memory on American history buddy,

          As for China, week after week you keep pointing to these websites that say the Yuan Gold fix or backed currency will replace the dollar. Get real buddy; we are a LONG way from there. Yes the BRICS nations are moving away but more than 60% of world trade is still done using the greenback and this won’t all of a sudden change on April 12 (notice I didn’t put the year, as it was suppose to be last year). I’ll bet you anything you want that April 12 will come and go and nothing will change. You still have no idea about the Chinese. With still over 1 trillion in $US reserves and the US being their BIGGEST trading partner, that they would just dump all that quickly? NO! It would devastate their economy even further. The Chinese are sneaky and do things s-l-o-w-l-y and are still stacking.

          So please, stop smoking whatever it is you are smoking and get a dose of reality. Please post hard facts instead of lame “same-as-usual” articles and comments that are not adequately based in facts.

          And if you were referring to me earlier with your comment: “Americans have short memories (including the ones who live in China)”, that’s yet another speculative comment, as I am NOT an American (as are many viewers and commenters on this website).


    • Galaxy 500

      I noticed that the writer of your story has no credentials and no bio.

  11. Dale

    I fear that if Donald Trump gets to the white House, he will be even more of a Bully than he is now. He trashes everyone who has a negative thing to say about him. Hie personal attacks about candidates looks or gender is outrageous. If someone asks him a tough question , he gets upset and says the question is unfair. I fear he will be a dictator if he is elected. God help America. God help the World.
    Clinton or Saunders are bad choices too. I don’t know who I like best. I just hope you guys don’t vote in someone who will destroy us all.
    Evil prevails when good people do nothing and today EVIL IS STARING US IN THE EYES.

    • Mohammad

      Sheep love their Shepard, what they do not know is he cares for them only to grow em bigger, just to slaughter them at the end.


      • Grafique

        Not the Good Shepherd.

        • aussie jeff

          Its time for the sheep to listen to the “Good Shepherd”

    • susan

      Are you kidding? Donald Trump is the only one who answers questions instead of rote answers. If he can live until the election, that will be a miracle.

    • Galaxy 500

      Trump is the only choice. Sorry he’s upsetting your Apple cart and isn’t PC. He’s just what the country needs and he’s been sent by God.

      • gthomas


      • allen ols

        GALAXY 500

        You told us to vote for teddie cruz for congress, what s up.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Good Grief Dale,
      We’ve endured two terms of the “Amateur Hour” with Obama, how anything going forward won’t be an improvement, would be hard to imagine. As a bit of a cynic, I thought many of your concerns could also be said of our current sitting President.

  12. Linda L.

    This foolish Administration doesn’t have the ability to ensure any kind of division in Syria. They’re desperately baiting the players for a larger, world war which will happen at some point down the road, and then blame the war for ushering in the economic crash. On another note, it’s interesting that Mr. Snowdon had to flee the country for exposing so called national security interests, but HILLARY, who transmitted extremely high levels of security info. in thousands of unsecured emails is free to run about the US, seeking the highest office of the land….such hypocrisy.
    Greg, thank you for your reporting and have a nice weekend.

  13. diane s.


    • JC Davis

      I have been thinking where will I live outside the USA if Hillary gets elected. I give it 3 months max before the country gets nuked.

      • aussie jeff

        You might want to start planning for your new address JC,
        While I’m not big on politics, to me this campaign is starting to wreak of a Hitlary win.
        My hunch is and I stress this is only a hunch, Donald does not really want to be president.
        I believe he will mysteriously pull out at some stage,this will leave the republicans scrambling to quickly get up their next best candidate,causing swing voters to side with the devil they know and the elite get their way as per usual while most Americans will think that democracy has ruled the day.
        Those who pull the strings are masters at “slipping a mickey” in order to get their man, or in this case woman to where they want her to be.

        • JC Davis

          Aussie Jeff. I agree it is a set up. Even if Trump wins things may be better, but I doubt anything will change. The establishment has set this beast Oligarchy into a undefeatable position regardless to any one man. I still play this song.

  14. Daniel Song

    The Apple-FBI showdown is pure theater in my opinion. If FBI really wanted the information they could’ve just hired some hackers and gotten in. And Snowden proved that the federal government already has the “back door” to Apple phones. It appears that both sides are spreading disinformation for mutual benefit.

    • Macray

      “It appears that both sides are spreading disinformation for mutual benefit.”
      Both sides definitely would have much to gain if your opinion is correct.

      The majority of Apple I phones are sold outside the USA
      Last Updated: March 9, 2015

  15. Peter

    Hi Greg,
    I listen to you intent every week and I note that you slowly shift your position based on your research and arguments you encounter and I commend you for it.

    However, regarding the South China Seas, I note that you seem to blame China for thew tensions there. I also don’t know the whole story but I do know that China is not the only ones “Building” island, other nations are doing the same. Why are they not criticised also when the issue has not been settled?

    Did you know that Rand McNally, map makers based in the USA shows some of these island as part of the Chinese territories. The maps are historical maps and not recent maps. Maybe more research on this can be carried out.

    • Mohammad

      It is the hidden gold in Philippine Karen Hudes talked about that they are after.


      • JC Davis

        B S this is about dominance. That gold is long, LONG gone in a vault in Germany… Think about it. Karen is peanuts on steroids.
        Your right Peter. What right do I have sitting in my garage tapping on this computer to tell others how to govern what they own. Many will say they dot own the are. We don’t own Cuba, but Russia better not move in a battleship. I say bring the troops home world wide. Stop the murdering.

        • JC Davis

          Sorry for the bad spelling.

      • Galaxy 500

        Somehow all the estimates of world gold production is off by a factor of 2 and that pile just happens to be unguarded in the jungles of the Philippines.
        Hudes is a nut. First she said it was in the Bank of HI but when Greg pressed her, she said it was really in the Philippines .
        I have no doubt that you believe it’s there.

        • Silence is Golden

          She never said it was Physical Gold…she said “Gold Bonds”.
          Go back and listen to the interview that Greg had with her last time. I recall making a comment about the fact that the Gold Bond Paper was worthless…something to that effect. 😉

          • Greg Hunter

            If you sent me an email I either deleted it or it hit the spam filter.

          • Macray

            Wow! 1.715 million tons of hidden Gold Bond Paper : ))) Too Funny!
            SIG, you made my day!

          • Galaxy 500

            Sorry Dude, youre either being intellectually dishonest or you’re remembering it wrong. Go back and listen to what she said. She said the Bank of HI had gold bonds backed by the gold in the Philippines.
            And no offense but gold bonds without gold to back them are worth less than candy wrappers.

            • Silence is Golden

              Correct. Exactly what I said Gold = sham.
              She did change her narrative a few times but I distinctly recall the Gold Bearer Bonds coming up in the last episode.

  16. Mohammad


    I mentioned before the odd times of both:
    SYKES -PICOT agreement ……….1916
    KERRY -LAVROV agreement …..2016
    on the mark of 100 years……!!!!

    So yes, both Russians and US/EU had agreed to partition of Syria.
    When Assad recently said he will retake the whole Syrian land, a Russian’s top diplomat said to him:SHUT UP in a diplomatic way of course:

    “MOSCOW — A top Russian diplomat has warned Syrian President Bashar Assad over a statement he made promising to retake the whole country, threatening a withdrawal of Russian support if Assad does not come back into line with the policies Moscow is pursuing in the region.”

    So YES, SYRIA IS PARTITIONED on the mark of 100 years of the previous partition.

    Now i agree with your assessment that cease fire will not hold but for a different reason.

    US is trapping Saudi Arabia and Turkey into Syria, of course, one bonus will be the write off of trillions of US debt held by Saudis when their regime falls apart.

    That will push Russia to have boots on the ground, and nothing pleases Langley mercenaries than having Russians sent back to Moscow in coffins, it is already happening but only on a smaller scale just to escalate with time.

    “Report: Dozens of Russian generals in Syria killed after a car bomb hits their military base”

    I said it before and i will repeat it again:



    • Galaxy 500

      From what I am seeing, it looks like the terrorists are bleeding out. Assad and Russia are winning and that’s why Kerry and Obama are trying to get a cease fire so good Al Qaeda doesn’t get wiped out.

  17. Jallen

    I would like to thank SIG for the correction to my posting a 100 year limit to the Federal Reserve. As SIG stated it is unlimited at this time. SIG, Jerry and Watchdogs, are we now about to experience the result of a CRACK UP BOOM as described by Ludwig Von Mises
    in his great work in book form ‘HUMAN ACTION’? Greg, your weekly report shows what a sad state of affairs America is in! Don’t the newspapers realise people are going to sources such as USAWacthdog to replace the slop and propaganda they publish!
    Nero ‘fiddled’, while Rome burned and America is ‘politically correct’, while the borders are overrun and the Federal Reserve and the US Congress and POTUS are destroying our economy and our currency. As a nation we have defied our forefathers and will shortly pay the price. The dollar as we know it will cease to exist, when the reset comes.
    Where will the Banksters, Liberals (so called progressives) and Neo Cons hide after the reset? How many USAWatchdogs have any faith in the Mainstream News Reporting?
    Greg, perhaps you could keep a list of ‘THINGS TO DO and post on your website” to prepare the Watchdogs for the ‘RESET ‘. Let me see, more wars by the Neo Cons, more freebies from the progressives, more truth from media, more great trade agreements by congress and POTUS, more Hillary Clinton leadership ‘What difference does it make’, more ‘you deserve that vacation’ from the Banksters, more Liberal control of our school systems, More false flags (All of Hollywood was called out to perform for 911), more banning American’s right to own guns, More crazy economist wanting to ban cash,
    What me worry, of course not, the last time they did this was in Russia and it was called the Bolshevik Revolution and about 30 million people died. Beware of the Money changers!

    • Silence is Golden

      As with the Collapse …the removal of rights and freedoms of free born humans….is being managed systematically and progressively. With each cut it practically goes unnoticed and yet we move closer to being under their total control. For the observant, those cuts over time, become open flesh wounds which are now showing signs of infection. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day…neither did its demise occur instantly. What is characteristic of historical events is that there is clear evidence of the ruling elite transcending the death of an empire.

      • Greg Hunter

        Email me at info@

  18. Robert E. Salt

    Greg, I heard you the last time you were on Coast to Coast, say that you thought that Joe Biden might be drafted for the Democratic nomination. You’re not alone. Bernie Sanders won’t be permitted to run because he’s an opponent of war and banks. I’m surprised Hillary has gotten as far as she has with all that baggage. Her husband doesn’t look well enough to help her carry that baggage. He looks like someone sucked all the energy out of him.

    • Tommy

      I fully expect a Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren team. Although I think it would be a disaster if they won it would appeal to both Hillary and Bernie’s useful tools. And inserting Biden at a late date would limit the attacks on him but he would still have the name recognition and the financial support of the party and their owners.

  19. Jedward

    Hi Greg…..good work as always! I would like to make a couple points about the iphone issue. First, it is my understanding from other sources that the phone in question DID NOT belong to either alleged shooter but rather a friend or associate. Secondly, this is only partly about this phone; it is mostly about setting a president for the future. At some point the FBI will want to de-encrypt every phone of every member of some Mosque….or every phone of every member of the alternative media including someone’s 6 year old child. I think you should reconsider your position vis a vis this issue. Government works slowly, slyly and never ending to erode personal freedom. Another point, I don’t see them actually banning cash because how would politicians get their bribes, how would they pay for their cocaine and hookers. How would they hide their ill gotten gains. It’s just fear mongering in an attemt to get people spending more. BTW I’m not hearing any global cooling talk this winter. Last winter was influenced by an inordinant amount of volcanic ash. This winter we have the largest, most powerful el nino ever. I live in Naples, FL and we had a tornado here 3 weeks ago and 5 others in Ft Myers and Cape Coral…….global cooling, balderdash!! Final point, I predict that it will be Turkey that will be eventually partitioned not Syria for a variety of reasons….no new Ottoman empire will be allowedby Russia or Iran. When the Turks start firing at Russians they will be forced out of NATO and be left to their own fate. Best regards and keep up the great work you are doing.

  20. Mark


    I heard a lively interview with the Apple lawyer on Fox News this week that’s worth a listen. It seems clear as this issue unfolds what the true intentions of the government are as you and this lawyer have exposed. I also heard other tech giants like Microsoft are lending their support to Apple as well.–mbQ7M

  21. vincent_g

    Waking up this morning I checked the news and wanted to see what everyone’s take was on the debate.
    To my surprise I am seeing Rubio Won!

    Wait a second.
    What point did he make that gave him the win?
    Where did he best Mr. Trump.
    Talking about some sub contractor he hired that had hired illegals that took place so long ago is the best Rubio can do?
    Was Rubio born when that took place?

    Then Rubio says Trump is repeating himself.

    So Rubio doesn’t understand the difference between repeating a line on a specific question and repeating a canned response to any question.

    If we are to judge it on talking over people then yes Rubio won.
    If we are to judge it on breaking debate rules then again Rubio won.
    If we are to judge it on poor behavior then again Rubio won.

    From my viewpoint both Rubio and Cruz lost big time.
    As both of them were out of order.
    Trump was a victim of a gang bang and CNN was guilty of promoting it and allowing this to turn into a bar room brawl.

    Why bother with this speech at the beginning of a debate stating that each person has x amount of time to answer a question and when the bell rings they must stop.
    What is the penalty?

    There is no reason for Trump to attend another debate if the people that run the debate try to promote this type of behavior and don’t enforce debate rules.

    From what I seen Trump came away untouched.
    Rubio and Cruz engaged in child like behavior where each was begging for more time.
    Each of them had 10 times more time than Kasich or Carson but it wasn’t enough in their minds. Each of them talked over Donald which at one point was so bad you couldn’t understand anything anyone was saying.

    I doubt anyone is buying this yarn that Rubio won.

  22. Rodney

    They have already opened it, added their disinformation and now set up this BS that they can’t get in. Kills several birds with one stone. Makes Apple look good in the free speach department, but rumor has it that a back door has been built in to all devices. Makes it look like gov’t couldn’t have opened the phone and change anything. Looks like conspiracy to me.

    • Galaxy 500

      Sorry but i don’t buy that you could build a backdoor in and could keep it secret. Ask Cisco who put one in at the behest of NSA and now can’t sell their stuff.
      Anyone on the project at Apple would be leaking it if not selling it.
      Secrets are easy to keep, if everyone that knows them is dead.

  23. Diane D.

    Kerry wants to partition Syria? Well I want to partition the United States!

  24. OutLookingIn

    FBI to Apple:

    FBI is the fox. Apple is the chicken farmer.

    The fox said; “Give me the keys to the chicken house. I ‘promise’ I’ll take just ONE chicken”.

    Yeah right. As if…

  25. Justn Observer



    • Jerry

      Justn Observer
      I see you are paying attention. All eyes should be fixed on the Chinese gold fix on April 19th. We are witnessing the birth of a new exchange system taking place right before our eyes. Then you will know why AIIB, CIPS, and the massive gold purchases have all taken place. All America has left is, market manipulation, denial, and the coming false flag.

  26. John Shipp

    I love this website, real news , well explained. Is Kerry out of touch with reality, certainly.
    If one government agency (FBI) gets permission to read all iphones how long before the IRS goes after those tax evading terrorists, (all of us).
    Greg, these people have not been laid off, they have been “promoted to leisure” I am waiting for this to be announced by BLS, it makes as much sense as anything else they say.

  27. Jerry

    Syrian war could go hot anytime.

  28. Oxfarmer

    As always, a beautiful view of the whole picture. I need and appreciate it, not having time to keep track of it all.

    I like Trump and I do not like the jokes from various quarters that an assassination would benefit the Good Old Party. Justice Scalia’s suspicious death, so Third World! makes me less willing to brush such threats off. Trump’s in my prayers for safety. Even if you don’t like him, how would it feel to see a legitimate Presidential candidate knocked off because he threatens the very establishment that stood with Obama these past few years, to our ruin?

    I don’t think Trump is likely to pick a vp out of the present contenders. He’ll go for outside talent maybe Palin. I am not sure but that her campaign appearances weren’t a test run.

    I have lived in TX, too. No way that state will cave.

    • Mohammad

      According to Jim Willie Judge Scalia is alive somewhere on a sunny beach … a deal was cut.

      Look his latest interviews on


      • Grafique

        Scalia alive?
        Give me a break.

        • Mohammad

          And Qaddafi,
          That what Jim Willie said in recent 2 hours interview on his site…


          • Galaxy 500

            Yes, they are on the beach like the winners in Arnold’s Running man movie.

      • Dan

        Tin foil hat stuff that only tends to reduce the credibility factor of an otherwise excellent comment section – IMHO

      • Galaxy 500

        Well, that confirms much of what I thought about Jim Willie.

        • Macray

          What sets Burger King apart from their competitors?
          THE WHOPPER!

      • JC Davis

        Jim said he might be alive. Not that I agree with him. To hear that part start at the 125 minute mark.

  29. RTW

    When grilled by Congress about the closing of Gitmo, John Kerry (who served in Viet Nam, by the way) was reminded that one of the detainees returned to Al Quida soon after being released. His response was, “He wasn’t supposed to do that”. Really?!! We’re supposed to believe Kerry’s the guy who will resolve the mess with Syrian? I don’t think so. He couldn’t broker a deal between two third graders, fighting on the playground, during recess.

    • Greg Hunter


      This line about Kerry is priceless “He couldn’t broker a deal between two third graders, fighting on the playground, during recess.” Too funny.

  30. Linda L.

    I know this information doesn’t directly relate to this week’s wrap-up, but I wanted to pass it on (new info to me, but may be old news to those folks on this site).
    Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi apparently worked on task force with goals to eliminate borders. If this is true, I’m wondering if this apple (T. Cruz), doesn’t fall far from the tree?

    • Greg Hunter

      Linda L.
      This is very good info!!!

    • Jerry

      Heidi Cruz works for Goldman Sachs. That should tell you all you need to know about this supposed election.

      • diane s.

        Why isn’t this fact troubling Conservatives…soon as I heard this …Cruz is off the table for us.

        • Jerry

          diane s.
          Americans need to wake up. Politicians don’t run this country anymore. The Federal Reserve Bank and the Exchange Stabilization Fund do. Goldman Sachs is simply one of their errand boys.

      • allen ols

        g five hundred was trying to convince us to vote for crux in the senate elections. I sent im formation on hidie cruz with cfr and Goldman Saks.

        • Silence is Golden

          Its official….its Trump vs the Vampire Squid.
          Like I’ve been saying …they will get their President Elect into office….and no one will be the wiser. What a wonderful Democratic process.
          There are still a few here that believe that their vote counts and that a new Pres. will make a difference. Sad days.

    • Jerry

      As far as Marco Rubio, he has ties to the Bushes along with Ted Cruz.

      At the time Rubio took office as speaker, Jeb Bush was completing his term as governor, and Bush left office in January 2007. Rubio hired 18 Bush aides, leading capitol insiders to say the speaker’s suite was “the governor’s office in exile.” An article in National Journal described Rubio’s style as being very different from Bush’s; where Bush was a very assertive manager of affairs in Tallahassee, the article says, Rubio’s style was to delegate certain powers, relinquish others, and invite former political rivals into his inner circle.[18] As incoming speaker, he decided to open a private dining room for legislators, which he said would give members more privacy, free from being pursued by lobbyists, though the expense of doing so led to a public relations problem

      • Linda L.

        I’ve never cared for Rubio or his attitudes regarding immigration. Rubio sold out to the Elites/NWO order agendas a long time ago. How disappointing to find out that Cruz is no good either. What a pack of lying, impostors.

        • SusyQ

          Last year 3 candidates spoke to a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) audience, – it was video taped. The candidates were Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio. I saw the video on the CFR website. I have no doubt they were vetting all three. If you have question about the associate of Ted Cruz’s wife, check out the CFR membership list on their website – it is available to the public.
          My only interest in CFR is to find out who they are and what they are doing and how they are affecting international affairs. They are definitely a tool of the New World Order.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      The very first time I heard Cruz speak he made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.
      The man strikes me as an evil lying snake…much like the last two Presidents. The more I read about this creature the more obvious it becomes that he would be a Neocon dream come true in the white house… perhaps second only to Hitlery. I am afraid Gerald Celente was pretty close to the mark when he said that the POTUS race was really just a sick freak show.

      • gthomas

        You people are insane…and never right. Cruz is our best hope. Collapse in 2014 for sure; shemitah and 2015; oh, you don’t get it mr. Gthomas, meant april 2016. Jerrymeandering. Fair and unbalanced. Greg, have you interviewed anyone with an opposing view…..ou know, the one’s who have actually been prescient? Rhetorical.

      • allen ols

        colin true

  31. BruceM

    Qatar and the US wanted a pipeline across Syria to the Mediterranean to supply natural gas to Europe. Assad said no. Iran, Iraq, and Russia wanted a pipeline across Syria to the Mediterranean to supply natural gas to Europe. Assad said yes. So, the US and its gulf allies want to replace Assad with a US friendly regime. Hence, “Assad has to go!”
    Failing that the US has Plan B: Partition Syria so that the area where the Qatar pipeline would be built is under US control.
    Failing that the US has Plan C: Devastate Syria. “If we can’t have a pipeline across Syria, nobody can have a pipeline.”

    • Mohammad

      Fair assessment…!!!


    • Galaxy 500

      With the current crop of terrorists all over that area, you could keep a pipeline up and running for a day.

  32. Chadder

    Glad to see you came around on the Apple situation. I was really mad at your comments last week – keep up the good work

    • Greg Hunter

      I clearly said last week the FBI should only have access to the San Bernardino phone. That the FBI should not have access to all I-Phones. Now it is clear that they clearly want access to all I-Phones and are just using the San Bernardino phone as a wedge because it was involved in a mass murder. I want to stop Islamic terrorists but don’t want that to be a scam to trick me and everybody else into giving up our freedoms. As Edward Snowden recently tweeted, “”The @FBI is creating a world where citizens rely on #Apple to defend their rights, rather than the other way around.” Thank you for your comment.

  33. steve w

    Hi Greg, thank you for another informative analysis. Regarding the FBI erroneously changing the password on the cloud access. For all we know this is a ruse, where they had downloaded or viewed what tbey wanted, then pretended to forget the new password. All for the purpose of trying to get a backdoor built into the iphone system. It might be possible to check logs for data download, but viewing and taking snapshots would not show up as something nefarious.

  34. Jeff

    Hello Greg,

    Long term follower!

    Just wanted to make a suggestion to look into author/researcher Jeromi Corsi , he is very close to finishing his book, on the “Clinton Foundation”.
    He is on CtoC w/George periodically reviewing world events.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeff.

  35. Jedward

    Trump will possibly chose Kasich (sp) because as Ohio goes in the general election, so goes the nation. We may not get to the election as Obama sees himself as ‘ dictator for life ” so I’m expecting a big event before then. As in News Flash: Missing Malaysion plane found in pieces at Indian Point nuclear reactors. Reactor also in pieces. That plane didn’t fly 7000 miles to crash unseen into the South Indian Ocean, it’s in Pakistan being stripped of all identifiers I postulate. Not that Fukushime radiation isn’t already doing a nasty job of it. EPA radiation monitors are picking up so much airborne radiation that the agency TURNED THEM OFF rather than having to tell the truth or to be possibly caught telling a BIG lie.

    • Galaxy 500

      Why would Trump do that? He’s besting Kasich in OH now.

    • gthomas

      Was the, “sp” for “kasich” or “chose.” Just kurios.

  36. Mohammad


    An interesting angle Al HALL mentioned in the previous interview was to me like something came form far left field that i never saw coming.

    Planet X was described in science magazines multiple times before:

    So lets say that the financial collapse is well timed just ahead of this passage of this huge planetoid with al the trash that follows it, then they can establish the marshall laws to keep people down and law enforcement to implement it, after all it is just a financial break down and after it business goes back as usual.


    So it is crucial if that info is true, to hide it from every one so law enforcement that is supposed to keep the populous down will not run ahead of that populous to the southern high lands of Arkansa where most of the top intelligent navy personnels are residing.

    Interesting angle that is worth studying further and deeper (time is of essence).


    • Mohammad

      Follow up thought.

      IS that the reason why gold is moved to china since it has a HIGH PLATEAU of TIBET…!!!! so it does not submerge under water in NY/Swamps of north west EU?


      • Galaxy 500

        Pushing AlGore’s Glo-Bull warming are you? According to Gore, we ran out of time in January this year to keep NY from flooding. Last time I looked, it wasn’t flooded. And they are not getting the rises in sea level they predicted because their models are fatally flawed.

        • Galaxy 500

          I’m sorry, Planet X. Yes, its coming. I saw that in the late 60s. It was a B movie then and still is today.

          • Grafique

            Greg does a great job of providing informative and interesting guests. It’s disappointing when “tinfoil hat” comments like these are made here.

    • freebreezer

      M- Pleeeease – not the old Planet X ! see Is there a Big planet out there – most likely. Coming to town by you soon – not likely. If amateur scientist can spot comets out by Saturn that are only 10 to 20 miles in diameter, they sure the hell are not going to miss something the size of earth, at ~ 8000 miles in diameter, out by pluto. In addition, all and any of these amateurs would love to have their name attached to finding a new planet by being the first to see it. All so, it will takes many, many, many years for something out by Pluto to travel to the inner solar system, thus sit back and have a beer. If you want to talk about something that is a whole lot scarier and is on your doorstep … human greed and power that is spelled goldmansucks.

  37. Oxfarmer

    Mohammed, my sister is personally acquainted with Judge Scalia’s son, a priest who celebrated and gave his eulogy at the funeral. It was a real funeral and the Judge’s only beach woud be in heaven.

  38. Stewart

    Deutsche Bank is backing gold:

    In terms of cross currency rates, gold this year has rallied 16 percent against the euro and 24 percent against sterling.

    The advice: Buy tactically on the dips folks.

  39. Mohammad

    Every one,

    I would like to pick your brains to see what do you make of Christine Lagarde famous magic 7 speech in 2014, if any mile stone in 2014 that you can think of stands out to fulfill any kind of relation to 7:


  40. 8Ball

    They are scrambling to deal with Trump because he has caught them by surprise and they have totally underestimated the dissatisfaction of the general public with USG BAU… (business as usual)

    Noonan is correct, they do not understand the anger and the level to which people are fed up with the crap that the government has been shoveling on them for years… With the standard clones that they usually run for president there was only the choice of bad or worse. When Trump came out people lit up like someone pushed a switch (look at the faces in the photo). The same in Europe… They want their country/countries back.

  41. Joe

    Hi Greg,
    Please listen to your videos and notice all the banging sounds as if your mic is banging against a desk or something. I can’t listen to your videos any more because it gets on my nerves, and that’s a shame cos I like what you say. Please fix it.

    • Greg Hunter

      I will not bang it in the future. It was my error so sorry.

  42. Donna

    Trump elected Fire idiot Kerry,Try Hillary Obama,Jarret for treason.Put in GTMO along with Sharpton

  43. Zoey

    Obama’s and presidential candidates’ symbols decoded…they all lead to the same agenda!

    • Mohammad

      Thanks Zoey for the link. i found the other videos on his channel as interesting.


  44. r.j

    Greg . The gold dow ratio will go 1 t0 1 whether that is 5000,10000,or 50000 it doesnt matter. In Canada if you held gold instead of dollars ,you have done better than just retaining purchasing power you have enhanced it. If you held quality gold stocks as of Jan. 1 you would have doubled your purchasing power in some cases.This is what is coming to America it is just beginning.I agree with Jerry its time to push all your chips to the centre of the table before april.The stars are alighning for a big move up methinks.And Greg , if there was an oscar given out for top truth telling journalism you would getting one come sunday.Thankyou

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you R.J.!!

  45. Fanny Flabergasted

    I’m a political junkie and have voted a straight R ticket ever since it dawned on me that Clinton was getting BJs in the White House while Osama was plotting in his Afghan compound. 90 days ago, Donald Trump was just that rich guy that fires people on a reality TV show. Since then…

    1.) He’s caused my first choice, Scott Walker, to politically immolate himself over the 14th Amendment
    2.) He’s practically driven Rick Perry (my second choice) from the race by making him look weak on immigration
    3.) He made Rand Paul (somebody I might have considered voting for) look like a whiney b**** on national television. Oh wait, that was Christy that did that. Anyway, advantage Trump because for some reason it seems like Trump did that. I guess he hypnotized me.
    4.) And Jeb!, please, America was going to pick that low energy beta over Trump? No way!
    5.) Then there’s the neocon brown nosier Marco Rubicon man who never saw a neocon he didn’t want to brown nose or a war he wished he couldn’t help start along with John [insane] McCain who would love to be Marco’s VP and granddad.
    6.) Last but not least, so sad how the Donald got more evangelicals then the Tedster in Nevada. The Donald did say he was a strong Christian, in smell. Everybody loves the smell of money and success.
    So, I’m basically left with Kasich, who’s looking an awful lot like he’s running to be The Donald’s VP or maybe first Supreme Court pick.

    Or, I guess I could vote D for the serial Liar that can’t be trusted with state secrets, or the Vermont socialist, the old dude that’s lost three times already and doesn’t know what time zone he is in half the time.

    Yeah, tell me again why Trump can’t win, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, Hugo the Hewitt!?

    found somewhere in the ether of cyber space. . . . .

    PS. Been Carson’s VP? What u think?

  46. Peter

    Hillary Clinton should be in jail, not running for president.
    Apple should be punished, not praised as the FBI is only asking
    for access to one phone. Apple shipped jobs overseas, doesn’t pay it’s fair
    share of taxes and used slave labor in the past. You can bet Apple donates to Hillary Clinton’s campaign as corrupt birds of a feather flock together.

  47. FC

    Hillary and Bernie, both in their speeches talk about how, if they were the elected leader, they would be able to win the election over the Republican Party.

    But when you listen to all the MSM commentaries about the Republican Party nominees, they all mention ‘can he beat Hillary’

    And yet at the same time, all the speeches made by the Republican nominees, all profess to have the ability to win the election over Hillary.

    This would indicate some sort of subliminal message, that Hillary, is here for a long time.

  48. glen

    Chinese are completely ignoring everyone when it comes to the territorial issue,
    it is a dispute that will only be resolved with the application of force, by all claimants.
    historically this is the norm.

  49. Justn Observer

    Mohammad – Speculation is also that the ghost cities are for the evacuation of the coast line prior to the Planet X event…as their (Chinese) ancient historical records show re-occurring ‘flood’ data… Yes…their is also a historic polar magnetic shift occurring presently as well…and China’s historical records also coincide with biblical records — side note – biblically in such days they sought refugee in the caves of Petra, Jordan – Enjoy….might listen to:
    1983 IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) spotted a red dwarf, later named M6V 11825 (Minoris)
    The volume of leaks from insiders, observatories, and the Vatican is bursting the dam of this disclosure wide open. The most important story on earth in over 2000 years is fast breaking loose from being held back by the controllers of the financial markets and major media for fear of panic and financial collapse

    Dr. Robert S. Harrington, the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory, died before he could publicize the fact that Planet X is approaching our Solar System.
    Many feel his death part of a cove-up? One in which government agencies quickly moved to conceal the most earth-shaking discovery in history. If so, the search for truth begins in New Zealand.
    In 1991, Dr. Robert S. Harrington, the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory, took a puny 8-inch telescope to Black Birch, New Zealand, one of the few viewing points on Earth optimal for sighting Planet X, which he definitively calculated to be approaching from below the ecliptic at an angle of 40 degrees.The Location of Planet X Documents here: US Navy Observatory Washington DC Continues On In Doc 2 Continues On In Doc 3

    – See more at:
    MAGNETIC DECLINATION by NGDC Scientist Patrick Alken

    MAYBE GOLD AND SILVER ARE WHAT WILL SURVIVE SUCH AN EVENT? Such a solar event might also just wipe out digital data if the magnetic fields are so disrupted?
    Might want a faraday cage vault to store your computers – laptops – cell phones – camera chips , computer boxes of your cars etc… all cloud based data centers if not so protected also? So much for ‘high’ tech…if reduced to basics ! lol

    • Mohammad

      Thanks for the post and the links.
      Takes some time to digest.


    • Mohammad

      Also, since it is ~ 3200 years for a full cycle of the planet why it was not the reason for the flooding in Noah times in its recent pass by.
      It was mentioned in Quran that the ocean waves where like mountains , and nothing can do that but a pole shift form scenario like this possible coming one, it had to be grand and abrupt.


    • Galaxy 500

      Or the ghost cities could be just bad real estate investments.
      It looks like aluminum foil is becoming a PM

  50. Galaxy 500

    Turkey has already invaded Iraq. They have designs on parts of Syria and Iraq in addition to the extermination of the Kurds, just like they did the Armenians.

  51. Marcus West

    Here is a little blurp from Miles Franklin he had on his daily newsletter, kind of a funny video

  52. Sayonara

    WNW 228 Comments:
    Middle East:
    What a mess! Obama, Clinton and Kerry are directly responsible for this mess and they are drenched in the blood that they have spilled. These three traitors are wickedly stupid and evil period.
    No recovery at all! The sad state of the global economy is a direct result of keynesian central banks, their TBTF client banks and global corporatism. There are no longer free markets and no incentives for free people to innovate and conduct trade and that is why the global economies are so distressed.
    FBI and Apple:
    It is clear that the FBI is using this to destroy our personal free speech rights. Who would ever thought that we are relying on a large global corporation to protect our 1st amendment rights. I am all for getting information from terrorists on a specific case by case basis, but to allow the government carte blanche to access everything is unacceptable.
    The reason why Trump is so successful is that he is only candidate that has actually accomplished anything tangible compared to the others. The others are nothing more than hot air. And the favored Democrat is a serial criminal. I still suspect that a black swan event will curtail the Presidential election in the next couple to few months.

    Everyone sees the impending implosion coming. It will be interesting and scary to see what will rise from the ashes. My fear is that the current remnants of our constitution will be permanently part of the ashes.

  53. Galaxy 500

    Moslems behaving badly. You can bring these people into a civilized society . These young animals are feral.

    And I keep hearing about the might BRICS.
    Brazil and South Africa debt has been downgrade to Junk. South Africa has a new anti white movement and they are going to go the way of Rhodesia, spiraling down into a country that produces nothing but misery.
    If the blacks South Africans cant get free education and texts books written the way they like, they’ll burn that bitch down. Sounds an awful like the Black Lies Matter squad doesn’t it? Why? Because the Communists are pushing both.

  54. art barnes

    Greg, never believe the elite are not above the law, Jailary is a prime example, her felonious self marches on with extreme smugness. Can you say “I got away with it”?

  55. Mohammad

    “Donald Trump Is Winning Because White America Is Dying”


    • Greg Hunter

      That sounds pretty racist to me.

      • Mohammad

        It is what Noam Chomsky said not me.
        He is a think tank, and when it comes to his caliber in intellect and MIT i guess being politically right bull $#!t is the last thing on his mind.
        Again it is his view not mine, i just quoted him, but if you read what he says , it may hit a cord.


        • Greg Hunter

          I did not say you were raciest but the quote was racist.

        • Galaxy 500

          His caliber of intellect?

    • 8Ball

      Allah is talking to Mohammad…

  56. Justn Observer

    Per ( 7) Question of Christine Lagarde
    Date ? JULY 25

    • Mohammad


      VERY VERY intriguing, what surprised me was her celebrating the beginning of WWI where you would expect celebrating the end of it .


  57. Ross Herman

    Hello Greg, as the days pass and Shillay just marches foward to the next fund raiser, you must be getting that sick feeling in your stomach that you may have underestimated the temperature of the water we are about to boil in. The biggest irony with the current fake news propaganda about Apple vs FBI is that the FBI directs or runs the bulk, if not all, of the many false flag operations (“terror attacts”) that we see in the US. The FBI has access to everybody’s phones already, they have admitted to opening over 70 iPhones previous to this request, with nothing to show for it as of course they will never arrest themselves. By the way, the FBI has stated that they no longer are involved with investigating crime and as such how long can they pretending to collect evidence with no result year after year?
    We shall, fear not

    • Galaxy 500

      opening over 70 iPhones previous to this request
      That is a misstatement of fact. Apple has NEVER unlocked a phone for anyone. Some data could be accessed on the old phones without unlocking and that’s what Apple gave the government.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Justn,
      This is big when you consider the source. The dark powers only give this type of warning unless something is immanent. Thank you.

  58. Rostomic

    Greg , liked your reminding us that the rise in the temperature in the South China sea was not due to the rise in water temperature… but….

    On another note this posturing by US and allies in this region is just too little too late … or in Trumps language “all words and no action”!

    Also, with respect to the criminality of the Clintons and support of Trump 2016 .. the readers ought to review the following… evidently the ruling class cabal is upset, said mildly!
    “Trump Insider Roger Stone 00.53.00 to 3.00.00”

  59. Zoey

    Medical tyranny comes to Colorado: Law would demand names and addresses of unvaccinated children be registered with the state, outrageous!!

    • Diane D.

      I live in the Pacific Northwest amongst many ‘liberty minded’ families. Virtually all families homeschool their children. If Socialists think gun control would be resisted here, just wait until they try forced vaccination of our children.

    • Galaxy 500

      If you don’t want to vaccinate your kids, home school them. You don’t get to put other people’s children in danger by not vaccinating your kids. So if you feel so strongly, home school.

  60. Danny

    Good day Greg: This is the first video of your weekend commentary I have viewed. Bravo to you. I think you are doing an excellent job. I have a few thought on today’s topics:
    1 I think as far as the South China Sea situation goes, I think the U.N. Ought to get some Back bone and act the way they are supposed to .I think They should stand up to a lot of these world situations . Maritime law already has standards for territory possession. The U.N. is nothing but a world class of Leaches.
    2: From what I have read, The C.I.A. and NSA already have the know-how to unlock phones etc. The F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Intimidation) either will not (a pride issue) or cannot (male measuring) ask for assistance.
    3: This Syria B.S. when will the U.S. learn that we are NOT the world’s policing agency.
    Once again this is for the U.N (United Nambypamby’s) to step forward.
    It seems all they do Is collect membership fees, and lounge around patting themselves on the back while parroting esoteric platitudes to themselves.
    Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Danny for posting here.

  61. 8Ball

    The American powers that be were planning to use an ISIS suicide bomber to take out Donald Trump… The practice run did not go very well.

    • Galaxy 500

      Now that’s hilarious. I hear those suicide vest are a bit sensitive

  62. Grafique

    If votes mean nothing and the parties decide who nominees will be, why is the GOP threatening to run Romney to try to thwart Trump?

  63. Klemens

    one other interesting story from Germany:
    Angela Merkel ask Mark Zuckerberg weeks or month ago to make a censorship of goverment critical comments at facebook. Only two days ago Facebook did start with the censorship.

    They also make a censorship at one of the biggest economy and financial web sites of Germany, called “Deutsche-Wirtschafts-Nachrichten” so this censorship people make their first big mistake, this people are very angry and stop posting on Facebook!!

    Now many germans are also quit at facebook and the most germans are going to VK
    For example one german Anonymous group:
    or a magazine:

    this is only the beginning of a big change in Germany and Europ Europe, away fom Facebook.

  64. Mohammad


    Is that what you want as a president you and all the cheer leaders on this blog that are fascinated with Trumpet?

    Another Mussolini?
    Another Hitler?


    • Greg Hunter

      Get real. No way you can equate Trump with tyrannical mass murderers. Mass murderers are the radical Islamic terrorists from San Bernardino and Paris.

      • Mohammad


        I quoted Trumpet, on the record, from the mouth of the horse.
        He likes to quote Mussolini so they think alike, if you are oblivious to this FACT then it is you problem.
        That what the guy tweeted, go back to read it over and over and chew it. When it sinks in then reply and am glad to hear your objective answer to HIS QUOTE.


        • Greg Hunter

          Trump got caught retweeting a spoof quote of Mussolini not a real quote.

          • Mohammad

            And that tweet?


    • 8Ball

      Trump is not a thug… He built his empire through hard work and yes, he may have done business with “the mob”but if you do any serious business in NYC then it is inevitable. Trump was a real estate developer and built some major buildings… The mob controls the labor unions and all construction work is “unionized”.

      My suggestion for you: go buy a skateboard and practice.

      • Mohammad

        I cannot match your street level in your lack of manners.
        I cannot answer your insults because i have to go down to your level and i do not want to do that.
        This is not the first personal insult you have given to my posts and i never done that to you, I never came across any of your posts.
        It is my last comment to you, go ahead continue your insults, i promise i will not respond to them from now on.


  65. Justn Observer

    That supposes that were maybe jubilant that their ‘plans’ then were going forward…as they…might be now…seeing the beginning of their new ‘plans’ completing the final phase of the NWO…one world banking system…? There was a time some effort was to plant the Mexican/ US/ Canadian flags together seemingly to introduce an idea of the AMERO….about the time of the EURO…which was stalled by a public reaction… Since then however…their has been much effort for obscure border policy…and the blending of the market place….has been on track…through GATT, NAFTA etc…The gradual ‘regionalism’ pointed to by many skeptics of the day… We – as those prior links you had not gotten into but for a few min. can see the strata and layers have been laid over for some time….like an onion skin… religious/political/economic/military/banking as has the clash of ideologies of a three legged stood…always… Looking on from a more astrological- astro-theological – astronomy bent…does however lead me thru ‘the logys’ of religions because of the hieroglyphics and phonetics of the languages as they blend and fork thru history… thus you can not discount the ‘recent’ history of the current religions and from which they emanate… reaching back one might take visitation to the works of :
    Carl Munck:
    The Code pt 1:
    The Code pt 2:
    The Code pt 3:
    Although I offer dots…they are for each to connect in their own way…
    Life however I offer is a force unto itself… and the belief I do have is that my ‘Creator’ bestowed us each with – free will…and with that comes responsibility of one’s actions…with the only lines…are those where your free will imposes on another’s!
    So- I reject the StarWars – the force be with you…since it is with us all ! And any external -force – contrary to free will… which without an open expose’ of just what/who is the NWO…leads one to consider things hatched in darkness…is so…believing that if in the open … people with free will…might not like or accept it …economic enslavement that is ! Which as was – is – and will be….so were, are, and soon another ’empire’ is being planned FOR us ! lol So as the legs of the stool are being kicked out – again…those Islam/Catholic/Christian – to merge to a ‘one world’ view of all…there is the friction…the wearing of those edges to weaken all…. and while the DARTH forces…behind the black robes…will mold us towards more ‘secular’ earthly priests !
    Free us they will…those temple builders of old…those stone idol makers…masons were, are ! So will only leave a few more dots….and it will be your choice/chance/effort to with square and compass….make you’re own connections or not ! And as stated linkage passed…. from the Talmud – Torah – Koran…old and new testaments to where the future was to be searched for…. from the under the stars of Taurus, the to under Aries (and the lamb), to Pisces (the fish -fisher of men), to where he goes for us to follow the WATERBEARER…and find him in AQUARIUS…all while be wary of those who wish to lead people astray..(astr0-logical?) So as people on knees do pray and watch the priest raise up a transmuted Christ held within a sun burst…what is then the IHS on his vestment for ? the Son of GOD… or isis/horus/sep the illuminated gods of Egypt? hmmmm Obelisks all – in front of the Vatican – the middle temple court within the City of London… and in front of the White House… I digress
    dots..more dots for you…when most speak of foreign tongues…it is signs and symbols then that are the breadcrumbs…. to those that have eyes and can see…to those that have ears and can hear… ATONISM ….MONOTHESIM ….ANTON to AMEN was the change in the ending of the names made ! as was their beliefs for that period ! And their obelisks and stones distributed throughout the world since – were they not.
    Occult rituals and where will they take us?

    and in the more current times – the ‘current cy’ $ (the snake wrapped around the pole) with the loaning of money (usury) once a ‘sin’ for Christians — others without concern of ex-communication where left to deal such where they not?
    Accent of Money:
    Again -a fine day each Sunday brings as to the start of another fine week we call all still rejoice in open and free discussions – least till the 1st and 2nd fall eh? the latter only to support the protection of the 1st! lol RIP Judge Scalia …
    Thank you – Greg – for your tolerance of the breath of conversation in everyone’s attempts to understand these time we are in…and the seriousness and consequence of our understanding of it as well as of each other…where we many find unite and common ground upon to which re-build upon a more free and honest foundation…least one under the light of day…and not guided by the ‘dog star’ of secret societies and black robes? One does wonder — could that be found by following LUKESKYWALKER? to seek hints in the Book of Luke? or these all just extensions of historical obsessions?
    Sacred Knowledge: In Plain Sight:

  66. Agent P

    I remember the old days of Apple products with the ‘Rainbow’ Apple logo. Funny, in this day & age I wonder why AAPL hasn’t ditched the platinum logo for a nostalgic return to its original… The timing for such a ‘re-branding’ would seem almost serendipitous, would it not…?

  67. Justn Observer

    Maybe Apple should move it’s HQ to Europe where there encryption is still ‘legal’ …where is / was that …the Netherlands? hard to keep up these days eh?

    • Mohammad


      Do you know that Netherland is the corner where all our Electronic Medical Records are heading?
      We had different levels of approvals of softwares but the ultimate goal is SNOMED…!!!
      and that is the international classification of diseases.
      If you dissect it it is freakin scary.
      For example if a patient comes in with a falling injury, I as a doctor have to document those things (ICD 10 which is still a step down from SNOMED):

      Please take a look at the level of intruding in the privacy and look what needs to be on the record in the example above.

      SNOMED is worse.
      And it is in NETHERLANDS.
      God knows where those servers are hosted and if apple makes the move there and since apple is the “BEST” encrypted package then all pieces fall in place.

      Our info of all patients is snooped at in NETHERLANDS….!!!!


      • Mohammad

        Click on the question mark next to the colored coded pieces of history in the S section (Subjective) and your head will spin on what needs to be documented.


  68. Justn Observer

    Does it sit well with you that George Bush’s relative is the CEO of Athena ! Actually a co-founder –
    So with Liz Fowler the presenter to Sen. Baucus for sponsorship…to a bill passed in the dark by ONLY democrats…with the help of MIT Gruber… Athena (ATHN) was
    Notice Bush says…for global ‘population management’ ! ding ding
    Ekekiel Emmanuel:
    right -incrementalism – left – gradualism
    Liz Fowler:
    and if you followed my other links – you might notice the ties within the Jesuits/Templar/Freemasonic-Illuminate with them surrounding the Presidency, State and Dept.s – alphabet agencies headed by such…. matters little which ‘side’ of the establishment wins…only that one of ‘their’ picks for you to pick from wins…
    Who surrounded and where was Judge Scalia? and what hunter ‘club’ members? lol
    operations Mockingbird – Paperclip – etc…
    The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline by James Perloff:
    The Real Council of Foreign Relations:

    • Mohammad

      Oh my oh my.
      Justin where do you get those razor sharp info from???????
      I wrote my self an EMR for our office so i keep the server on premise and not in the “cloud” , part of the program i wrote was to verify medications, Drug-drug interaction, drug – age, drug dosage- kidney status flags….so forth.
      MOST OF THOSE DATA BASES GOES TO ATHENA (out of all names), and they won’t give me an access to the database where i can include it in my filemaker software…!!!!!
      I stopped my project , i could not proceed.


  69. Mohammad

    (This is Greg Hunter. I have removed the link to the video you posted. You are not going to use this site to praise Allah and discredit God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. You are welcome to start your own site and post whatever you want on it.)

    • Mohammad

      You cannot handle the truth??????


      • Greg Hunter

        Your “Truth” and my Truth are very different. Now, is this the part where you tell me I am going to “burn in hell” for believing that Christ is the Son of God?

        • Mohammad

          Clean up your heart Greg,
          And do not put words in my mouth.
          You believe what you believe, i will do the same, one day we will find the truth when our journey is over.

          You hid my post and it is your right since you are the host and am a guest. BUT DO NOT PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH and do not interpret Quran out of ignorance, Quran is a unit, one unit from cover to cover, if you spend decent time reading it you will find your interpretation is out of context and erroneous.
          Any way enough ranting i guess, and we will find out one day the truth.


          • Greg Hunter

            “clean up my heart”? There is nothing wrong with my heart and if you actually read the Koran you would know it. The Koran dams and curses anyone who says Jesus is the Son of God. You can find this in the following Sura’s: 4:165, 5:18, 6:101, 9:30, 17:11, 19:38, 23:91, 88:92. Look it up my friend, this is in the Koran.

            Your book also says Jesus is nothing more than a profit, and when he returns he will kill the Christians and Jews who will not submit to Islam. I did not “put words in your mouth.” I summed up and quoted your book. I know what the truth is, and as I said before, your “truth” and my Truth are far apart.

            • Mohammad

              putting my truth in quotation marks and yours in capital or bold face does not change any thing, your truth is based on human sacrifice and that is NO TRUTH, it is immoral.
              In Islam the lamb is sacrificed to save Ismail and that is the nobility of Islam.

              Read Quran and do not pick and choose and you will find that human sacrifice you believe in is the root of all evils.

              God does not sacrifice his son if he has any to start with. God offered a lamb to save Ismail.

              That is the god i worship, the merciful.

              You are free to worship who ever and what ever you want. I just pointed to the flaw in your belief.

              again every one is free to believe whatever they want, BUT ONE DAY we all will find out the truth, and do not tell me then that i did not showed you the right path.
              My last comment here, i will leave for you the last word.
              Peace Greg.


              • Greg Hunter

                In Christianity the lamb of God is Christ, and Yes, God did sacrifice his Son (which he willingly agree to) to save the world. That is the God I worship. There you go again, you just basically called Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and Christianly the “root of all Evil.” You totally proved I accurately quoted your Koran and there is no “flaw in my belief.” The only flaw is that I am a sinner, but I thank God the Father everyday for send me his Son. Peace to you.

  70. Mohammad


    I need to pick on your knowledge here.
    Did they lie to us in math all those times:

    They said the circle circumference is pi * diameter.

    They told us pi = 22/7

    That holds true if the circumference is 22 inches and diameter is 7.
    22/7 * 7 =22 since it is easy to cancel 7 and 7 and 22 remains.

    But anything different than a multiplication of 7 (which cancels out with 7 easily) then you are dealing with pi INFINITE number that does not end, 3.14…….etc
    That leads to the fact that if you multiply any diameter other than multiplication of 7, the circumference is INFINITE which is not suppose to be.

    Am i missing something here?

    Does not add up.

    What lead me to the question is Christine Legard’s rule of 7, and pi came to my mind right away…..?


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