Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.18.16-Greg Hunter

1cBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com WNW 231 3.18.16

The mainstream media (MSM) is at it again, this time trying to trash Trump on a big primary day.  It didn’t work because trump won just about every contest.  The MSM also tried to bolster Hillary Clinton.  USA Today was particularly blatantly unfair and biased.  This is nothing more than telling people how to vote and the USA Today trying to thought shape and distort the election process for its political criminal cronies. When this happens, it is not journalism, and USA Today ceases being a bona fide news organization. You have to be fair and objective to call yourself a news organization, and the front page of the USA Today on the second so called “Super Tuesday” of the 2016 election cycle was anything but fair and objective. It is outrageous that anyone calling themselves a journalist would do this, and that means top management of USA Today, in my view, is either stupid or corrupt. I do not think they are stupid.

Russia is pulling some troops out of Syria. Many are hopeful this will signal an end to hostilities. Many are also thinking this will put pressure on the Assad regime to cut a peace deal. The Free Syrian Army, Al Qaeda, ISIS and the U.S., on the other side of the conflict, are dreaming if they think Russia is going to turn over Syria to ISIS and lose its new air base or give up its strategic port in Tartus. The Russians turned the tide of war in Syria with a surge in military power just like the U.S. did in Afghanistan. This is simply a cost cutting measure, and Russia says, if need be, it can send back troops quickly.

The Fed came out this week and surprise, surprise, it’s not going to raise interest rates. Why not hike rates? After all, it’s been harping that the economy was getting stronger. The simple answer is the economy is not getting stronger. It’s clearly getting weaker. Greg Mannarino of TradersChoice.net says this is really a “no confidence vote in the economy.” Mannarino also contends, “Gold is going up and so is the stock market—for now.” Mannarino says, “The market will top soon, and gold is going to the moon. All the global central banks are doing, at this point, is financing bankrupt governments.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

USA Today did not return multiple calls for comment, including calls to top management.


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  1. Game Over

    Now its 3 times worse!! Global Government Debt Is Actually Triple What We Thought, Thanks to Pensions. Add 50 trillion more debt and I betcha the S&P sets a new all time high by June. The more debt, the higher she’ll go. Talk about cutting debt growth by a penny and wall street crashes. http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2016/03/17/global-government-debt-is-actually-triple-what-we-thought-thanks-to-pensions/

    • Allen Starr

      I don’t know if you got my last post on the other thread as it posted down a few places from where I wanted it. Things were really different here in Russia in 92′ and Russia has come a long way since then under Putin. I can’t believe how smart he is and also the people around him who advise him. I’d be interested to hear what you say about your Murmansk stay. Send an e-mail to [email protected] and I will respond from my normal e-mail once we establish contact.

    • Southern Girl

      Game Over,

      I keep wondering how this will effect my teacher retirement pension…a lot of mine in Arkansas is in land…I try to keep up with it, but in the long run I can only hope for 1/2….Maybe lucky to just get that. In the mean time I am using my SS check for improvements to my house. Don’t know how long that will last or how much it will buy in the future.

      • Southern Girl


        A lot of Arkansas’s Teacher Retirement Funds are in land assets.

        • allen ols

          Acts 11:27
          And in these days came prophets from Jerusalem unto Antioch.
          Act 11:28
          And there stood up one of them named Agabus, and signified by the Spirit that there should be great FAMINE throughout all the world: which came to pass in the days of Claudius Caesar.
          Act 11:29
          Then the disciples, every man according to his ability, determined to send relief unto the brethren which dwelt in Judea.
          Act 11:30
          Which also they did, and sent it to the elders by the hands of Barnabas and Saul.

    • Beligarant

      Wow, wow, wow!! Everyone needs to watch this documentary that just got released that outlines why the DOJ never prosecuted a single banker. This is a must watch!


  2. Dan

    Hi Greg,

    I noticed that you still host the Usawatchdog.com server in the U.S. (California). I had suggested in the past that you perhaps move it out of the country (perhaps to Switzerland as does http://www.zerohedge.com). Because when the SHTF for real, I would certainly and safely assume that sites like yours will easily be shut down, attacked, censored, or all of the above by the authorities.

    I think I can speak for many on this site that it would be a damn shame to one day no longer be able to connect to Usawatchdog.com.

    God bless you and all your guests for all the fine work you do.

    Very much looking forward to Rob on Sunday!

  3. FC

    Hopefully 2016 is the year that this saying comes to fruition.

    June too soon, July stand by, August you must, September remember, October all over.

  4. Don

    Greg, right on every point my friend. In the primaries, the republicans are scrambling, led by Ryan and so called conservative, along with secret meetings everywhere, on how to steal the nominee from Trump. They prevented a public platform at the convention for Ron Paul to speak and Romney was favored by rule 40b, to change the way delegates are counted at the last moment. It made delegates that would have been counted as Ron Paul’s , not be counted at all. Seems they have set the rules up, so they can change them the day before the convention. The Paul delegates went home without being able to vote, because the rule change disallowed their vote. The republican party is showing the country why they can’t be trusted, and Trump may be right about riots breaking out if they fell to give him the nominee. I know one thing, Trump is a great threat to the NWO and globalist plans. We’ve already had a takeover of the parties, as now evident by the party. Normally, a party should be glad to see a nominee that has drawn so much support, but since its about globalism and the puppet masters control both parties, they would rather lose to Clinton than allow the peoples choose, and a president that cuts the flow of money off to there masters. They are scum, as far as I’m concerned. They have gave our sovereignty away to the globalist, and don’t want anyone threating there power. Trump is aware of whats going on, I saw him on InfoWars interview. Seems the whole world is attacking Trump, a good sign. As far as Russia, I think they are financially draining their country by continuing the war, even though Putin claims mission accomplished. The economy, continues to tank doesn’t it? I look for, any day, something uprooting, economically, and the metals to take off. I just think about the unprepared if something major, gets out of hand. Good wrap up Greg, your site is a pleasure to visit. I know you try to bring truth, farewell

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don for adding you analysis here. It’s good.

    • Mohammad


      Why did republican party allowed Trumpet to run underneath their umbrella to start with?

      Are they stupid? didn’t they know the mood of their base and the rest of Americans?
      I think not, they knew fully the results, actually they wanted to lock his running to their party by pressing him to sign the waiver to run independent.

      Is fox news really bashing, embarrassing trumpet?
      I saw all the theatrical set from Megan to O’Rilley and all i can see is they were putting a psychological warfare to boost the man UP and not down.

      And that secret meeting BS ?
      How is it secret if every one heard about it?
      When they conceived the federal reserve, THAT WAS A SECRET MEETING…!!!
      No one heard about it except after the fact.

      Wake up people, what is wrong with you?
      How do you fall easy preys to the Psy-op the establishment is unleashing on you?

      Gosh are you guys too blind to see?
      That is their TEXT BOOK play of shocking the medium by raising your hopes all the way up then slamming you down when they deprive him the votes so you go to a civil war.

      they really dumbed out people in US to the degree to run by their own will to the slaughter house happily.


      • Silence is Golden

        No disrespect…….Finally we have some critical thinking.
        Long time ago I said that the whole democratic process is a sham….and I especially said that Trump will not make a difference regardless of what is spewing out of his mouth (Rich M, JC, Allen Ols, Jerry, Col and even you Greg…. you can all testify to that).
        Lets clear this up once and for all.
        The President does not represent the good citizens of the USA (by protecting the rights – of which there are really none – of the people in the republic). The President is a foreign agent working for offshore interests. His mandate is to steer the ship (USA Inc.) in the given direction. He cannot even slightly deviate from the set course.
        The agents of the Elite are notorious for stirring up trouble….can we say Trump and TROUBLE in the same sentence ??? YES!!!
        If one has eyes that can truly see….try to picture the end game.
        Create a sense of disenfranchisement ….of not belonging….of being treated unfairly amongst the working and middle classes…and create a HERO …who can rectify some if not all of it…by threatening to pull down the curtain and making the country “GREAT” again.
        Hmmmmm…..you want action….the good (and very angry) people will create the very platform that will allow the very same ESTABLISMENT, to take this play to the next level. All they really need is a good excuse. Problem …Reaction…Solution.
        Let me tell you about a story…its about a girl called Little Red Riding Hood …..its not safe to go into the forest.

        • Mohammad


          I concur 100%
          I have seen it before in SYRIA and when i saw the early signs of it here i called, because i recalled it.


        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          SIG, Greg, Fellow WDers
          The US and indeed the world is at a crises point and a new renaissance been spawned where the masses have awoken and are just beginning their rebellion.

          The incoherence of the vast majority of all aspects of the Presidential race is a manifestation of the beginning of this revolt. It is now tragically apparent that it is merely a staged sideshow that is orchestrated and sponsored by the plutocracy and only exists to create an illusion to the masses that they somehow have some involvement in the outcome where in essence they have none whatsoever.

          IMHO there were only ever two candidates in the whole race that ever offered any real alternative to the establishment. In reality under the status quo neither had a snowballs chance in hell of ever being successful. One of them disappeared early in the race, apparently he doesn’t have enough charisma…. never mind about his platform or his message, the other is still a ‘frontrunner’ on the Demoncratic side of the ledger. However, it is completely naive to even contemplate that TPTB would let him get within a mile of the big old house.

          I believe that the Fed is in essence, the funding base for the monumental neoliberal movement which has usurped all real power in the US. The elite now control almost every aspect of not only the executive, the judicial, and the legislative processes of the country, but can also completely override the popular vote as to who will become President.

          I also believe that to begin the process of disempowering the Neoliberals requires the complete dismemberment of the Fed. For this ever to be even contemplated it would be an absolute prerequisite that this agenda would have to be at the top of the list for any new President entering office.

          If this opportunity is missed this election there will not be another chance, for at least 4 years and in all likelihood 8 years, to elect a spearhead to push this agenda. With the Fed in place in its present form and as the foundation and funding base for neoliberalism, the US economy will simply not survive another 4-year term.

          I am in the process of reading a very interesting book written by Nick Davies, ‘Hack Attack…how the truth caught up with Rupert Murdoch’. Part of the epilogue really struck a cord with me because I found it to be such a powerful description of the situation that the US and much of the world is now embroiled in.
          I quote:

          Neoliberalism worked, for some. It generated economic growth which in turn delivered short-term political benefits for the governments who sponsored it and enormous wealth for those who ran the corporations which were its flagships. But….

          When you allow global corporations to roam global markets, you make them more powerful than nation states: when you roll back the state, you reduce the power of the people in each nation: when you cut back regulation, you allow the biggest corporations to dominate and exploit their territories: when you break trade unions and tear up employment laws, you allow those corporations to ride roughshod over those who work for them. The simple beautiful idea that people should run their own societies disintegrates, allowing the few to rule and the many to follow.

          Over and again , you allow the hard logic of the market to usurp human choice and so you create a society with the morality of an anthill, where all human life is reduced to labour, all freedom flattened by the demand for efficient production, all weakness punished, all violence justified, where schools and hospitals are cut while crime and alienation flourish and millions are thrown into the deep pit of unemployment.

          You privatise your industries, so you lose control of the essential raw materials of life: you cut taxes for the rich and cut welfare for the poor, so you manufacture deep layers of inequality and great pools of poverty. Listen to the words of Joseph Stiglitz who, from his vantage point of chief economist at the world bank in the late 1990s, watched as neoliberalism infected the whole planet: ‘Those at the top have learned how to suck money from the rest in ways that the rest are hardly aware of. That is their true innovation.’


        • JC Davis

          SIG the most eye opening statement this year has come from Newt Gingrich. Quote- Trump has not been threw the initiation to the secret society.

          • Mohammad

            And do you think Newt is so naive or stupid to come up in the open and say that?
            You are played in their hand.
            That is the trap that will propel the masses to fall in Trump.
            THEY HAD YOU TOO.


            • JC Davis

              No they did not get me. I no longer vote. For more then 50 years the thought of a secret society has been laughed off even by Newt. Yeah something has changed for him too say they exist.

        • teri

          Yup. I’m not sure why anyone thinks the political establishment, the media, or the wealthy elite are “against Trump”, “worried about Trump”, or “concerned about the quasi-fascism of Trump”; they sure all seem to be promoting him at every opportunity. Hell, last evening, MSNBC ran a lengthy biopic about the man, something they haven’t done about or for any other candidate. I didn’t listen to the thing, but at first assumed it was a paid commercial by the Trump campaign and changed channels. However, as I switched back and forth amongst other channels and MSNBC, I realized that it was not a short commercial, but an actual biographical program about Trump put on by the station – and it ran at least half an hour. (At that point, I quit checking. No idea how long the program ran in total.) They even suspended the usual news crawl that runs under the broadcast.

          In the past months, news channels have frequently aired Trump’s entire speeches. They rarely even do that for the freaking sitting president, for God’s sake.

          Unless the guy has way more money than anyone else on earth with which to buy such air-time, he is in reality being presented as the presumptive Republican nominee by a willing media and the body politic. They might be framing it as a “troubling development”, a baloney toss-away line that they throw out to make it appear they don’t like him or his tactics, but it’s obvious the people in charge want this guy to be the prime focus in the minds of the voters.

          And why wouldn’t they? The business community (think Boeing, Monsanto, GE, Exxon, Pfizer) has been writing our legislation for decades and enriching themselves as best they can through the results; why not just get one of the corporate oligarchy at the helm to run the whole shebang?

          On the other side, which one might refer to as “the distaff side” given her gender, Hillary Clinton is just as acceptable to them. And so we see (presto-change-o) that Sanders is being summarily written off already by the talking heads, although less than half the states have held primaries.

          None of this is accidental or unexpected to the people running things. And Trump is playing his role of “outsider” quite well. And TPTB don’t hate or fear him in the least.

        • freebreezer

          SIG – Exactly … It is the Left, Socialist, Fascist (elitist, power mongers, TPTB, or what ever you wish to call them) strategy of getting those who are impoverished to revolt against the middle class and thus allow TPTB to squash every one beneath them and give ultimate control to TPTB. Some call it the Cloward-Piven strategy, but it predates them 200 years. The big question is can the middle class of America wake up and withstand this onslaught and ‘Hold’? Or do we fall?

        • Silence is Golden

          There is another (to me) glaringly obvious dichotomy at work here.
          Trump is not a politician….he doesn’t possess even the remote qualities of a Statesman, one whom you would expect to be more than capable of defining the underlying issues in a discernible, coherent and respectful manner and do so without the use of harsh/insulting language. If you take a step back and witness what Trump is doing….he is destroying the process as well as the candidates… in tandem…..which can be better/more appropriately described as the actions of a School Yard Bully.
          What Trump is good at, is being a ruthless business man.
          He has earned his stripes in the school of hard knocks and has the bruises and failures to prove it. There is nothing in his manner or his vocabulary that displays empathy, decency, tact, morality and judgement or even a remote understanding of the true war that requires to be fought.
          There is an air of contempt….an eerily uneasy feeling…about him and his shotgun slogans and retorts.
          I detest them all….however.
          Hillary is the maniacal war monger machine that will unleash hell in the ME (her resume proves it).
          Trump is the loose canon, who carries a pocketful of matches.
          Neither of the two in my summation are suitable nor desirable.

          • RichM

            SIG, Mohammad, others. Let me ask you a question. What might you do if you were a multi-billionaire and know what you know about the corruption and globalist agenda. You are a patriot and believe in the founding principals of our Republic. Might you consider doing the same thing as Trump… or die trying? I know I would. I believe Trump is, at least for now, against the corruption which he is well familiar dealing with.

            • Silence is Golden

              I respect your line of thinking but I believe that is based on supposition.
              Trump has lived and breathed the world of corruption. He knows it intricately. One thing that you do not do …is bite the hand that feeds you.
              We all want change….but Trump will be proven to be a false hope. I may be wrong…however it is highly likely that Trump is being set up…to take a great fall. Who will be left to take the reigns?
              Powerful forces are at play here. Much work is being done behind the scenes.

          • Marg

            Silence is Golden.
            Agree with you 100% . You are most articulate. Trump is an unfeeling, uncouth braggart and, if elected President, will be an embarrassment to the US.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        I agree with your comment completely.

        For the life of me, I cannot understand how so many can be so blind.

    • susan

      They hate Mr. Trump. So I love Mr. Trump. so goes the days of our lives.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        You nailed it in two very short sentences.
        And to think that the above reaction has become the main premise for selection of the next CIC….WTF!
        Susan….you are indeed very much awake my friend!
        Best wishes

  5. allen ols


    As I have been SAYING, ” YOUR VOTE DOESNT COUNT,” Here is BILL HOLTERS new comment on the election.

    “Immediately after turning on the business news this morning, I heard an interview of a Republican National Committee member talking about “rules”. I did not catch who it was but the essence of the interview was it did not matter who had the most votes or delegates …the Republican committee would choose “their candidate” if no one had the majority leading into the convention. He was questioned with “so the will of the people doesn’t matter”? To which he answered and I will paraphrase in my own words as I understood, “it doesn’t matter who the people vote for and we will even overturn a majority if we see fit, the Republican party will choose their candidate for the good of the Republican party”.

    • Galaxy 500

      My vote counted in NC. Trump won. How is Sinclair ‘s thing in Tanzania working?

      • allen ols

        baaaahhhhh…..of course it counted, makes u feel fuzzy, sorta like your a part of the freedom of the republic doesn’t it? But the REALITY is; your just one of the suckers, just like Hillary has her sucker base of voters, or like the sheeple who think the federal reserve is a government bank/entity. baaaahhhh

      • 8Ball


        • 8Ball

          You’re not your… And just perhaps it is you who are the “sucker”. Never say never…

    • Silence is Golden

      Bill should come over here more often.
      He needed the insiders to tell him that the democratic system is a scam.

      I especially love this line “Because of the financial backdrop I wonder whether or not we will even have an election? If the financial system were to come down prior to the election (which I believe is likely), would we have an election under martial law conditions? ”
      Seems like Bill does take a sneak peak every now and then…….
      SIG 03/15/2016
      “If we get to this stage….in all probability the Martial Law plan will be invoked”…..
      …..as do many other writers for the ALT Media. Not naming names…but I will if someone asked me to.

    • allen ols

      greg, sig, pfi, tin foil;

      Deception of our govmnt.

      start at the 14 min mark, and WATCH TILL the 20 min mark.


      • freebreezer

        allen – I am sorry but I just can not buy in to this crap. My MS degree in engineering will not allow me. Physics is Physics. Per a conspiracy … I do not know; complicity – most likely some where in the dark corners of government. Per the 2 twin towers and the collapse http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhN4K8VCKmV7oGB2sd. I took 10 minutes to find my ME handbook, and 30 seconds to open to a graph per yield strength vs. heat; at 1400 degrees 318 s steal looses ~ 80 % of it’s strength … shut book because I do not want to waste my time! When those beams became heated and soften on the three of four floors of intense heat …game over. it takes two or three beams to buckle and then the load transfer to the adjacent supporting beams goes up exponential (micro seconds) … again game over by pure physics . As a youth did you never take a metal hanger and put a bik lighter to it … bends like a noodle where heated! Now per building seven containing all the pentagon and CIA records … ?

        • Greg Hunter

          Can you open that engineering book and explain how Building 7 went straight down 8 hours after NOT being hit. Here’s video for reference: http://rememberbuilding7.org/ No fires and next to zero impact damage. Building 7 was a few hundred yards away from Buildings #1 and #2.

          • JC Davis

            I cant resist. The answer is easy. The heat from the twins heated the metal cloths hanger wire the building 7 was framed with. Ta Da.

          • Silence is Golden

            Facts remain facts….and yet still unexplained…
            The anomaly that was Building 7.
            The excessive amount of dust/ash that spewed from the collapsed towers.
            The intact “combustible” paper that flowed freely from the buildings and lay scattered on the streets.
            The strange menace of the vehicles in close proximity to the towers which displayed the symptoms of combustion and yet none were scorched.
            The lack of building debris at ground zero.
            The commencement of the never ending War on Terror post 911.

          • freebreezer

            Greg – That is why I put the question mark per 7. I have watched the multiple films (there are multiple angles) of that building (7) and everything I see says it came down due to un-natural causes. My point was that you do not need out-landish ideas to explain the Twin towers; Both twin towers had multiple steal beams knocked out by the planes, thus the load on the remaining beams have now increased exponentially. With the jet fuel (important) combined with all the plastics, desk, carpet, etc. etc, it got really hot in there to completely compromise the remaining steel beams on those floors where the planes hit (see video above). The steel beams DO NOT need to melt to fail catastrophically – My entire point! Per building 7, having all the main support beams fail at the same time, all on the bottom floor in a long rectangular building is … well can you say OOPS … all the CIA and pentagon trash is gone … surprise, surprise! That is why I stated above, I believe there was complicity in the dark depths of our government … similar to FDR per the carrier fleet at Pearl Harbor. He personally sent all the carriers south of the Big Island a few days earlier (Hmmm). FDR knew, and someone else per building 7 knew. Both got their desired outcome. The dark corners of our government is a scary place!

      • C romana

        What a video! The guy dies just after? Unbelievable information.

  6. Trude B.

    Cleveland a Step Ahead of Trump Convention Riots Prediction
    Bloomberg; Elise Young and Mark Niquette 5 hrs ago

    John Kasich Issues Warning to Hillary Clinton

    Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in Hospital

    Flint Hearings Show Failure Of US Government

    California University Attack Was ISIS-Inspired

    Paul Ryan Meets With Republican Donors   
    On Thursday night, House Speaker Paul Ryan met some of the Republican Party’s biggest donors in Florida to assess one big issue for the party: what to do about Donald Trump.

    Cramer: Listen to Donald Trump

  7. Bill

    Dude i love your passion.!
    You also have the best guests in the wold on your show.
    Many thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill for your kind words of support!

  8. Brent


    I really would give up on USA Today. They may not have started out that way, but now they are as corrupt as they come. We really do have state run media like China, they just mask it to make people believe it is a private company. USA Today, just like NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN, etc, is really the mouth piece of the white house. Sad, but true.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please don’t take away my fun. Pointing out the lies of the MSM helps keep me sane in an insane world.
      We are the resistance.

      • art barnes

        Greg, USA Today should change its name to USA Today Pravda. The FED is not our friend. We are the resistance indeed, and, out here on the Western Front I am glad to announce that the resistance is growing daily.

    • Diane D.

      Yes Brent. And I wouldn’t rule out ‘stupid AND corrupt’. Watch Dogs know Lap Dogs when we see them.

    • RTW

      I wouldn’t line the bottom of my birdcage with USA Today in case my bird can read.

  9. Clive Foyster

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all Western MSM is biased against Trump. Our own ABC in Australia as well as our other MSM channels continually portray Trump and anyone that votes for him, as crazy. And of course you do not hear a thing about Hilary’s (and Obama’s) treason in regards to Benghazi and the cover-up; her illegal server or the investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Most people want to believe what is fed to them by the MSM.
    When Obama was elected you were able to predict what he was likely to do by simply looking at the people that he placed (or who were placed) around him. His ‘Yes We Can” speech for change was soon forgotten, and the continued destruction of your great country and the threat to the rest of the World continued and increased after Bush.
    I feel that the same judgement will apply to Trump when he takes office. He says he will get the right people behind him – lets hope for everyone’s sake he is genuine.


    • art barnes

      The elite are trying to destroy your great country as well, they simply don’t like freedom of thought and action, its against their religion of fiat money. Glad you boys & girls down under are watching too! a

  10. Dale

    November 2016 will be the beginning of the end for America. Trump and Clinton are the worse of the worse. This is a terrifying state of affairs!!! I never thought americans could be so blind.

    • Galaxy 500

      Sorry but Trump is a gift and he would be great as President. No, he won’t bow to your crony buddies etc but Trump is our only hope for the people to regain control of the government.
      That you would compare Trump to Hillary shows you are suffering from Trump derangement syndrome fed by lies in the MSM. The GOPe is afraid of him as are the Demoncrats. Why do you think that is? It is because Trump is an end of BAU in DC.

      • susan

        Thank you G500!

      • allen ols

        jerry has it right!!!!!

        Jerry 03/18/2016 •
        I voted Tuesday just to make myself feel good, knowing that my vote meant absolutely NOTHING! For the record I voted for Trump. It was a choice of one Wall Street insider over another. Cruz has ties to Goldman Sachs through his wife, so he’s just the flip side of Trump. The Ohio governor? He’s a George Soro puppet.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        Hasn’t is struck you as disingenuous that “the establishment hates Trump,” yet his picture and message have been front-and-center on almost every major MSM site and broadcast for months? Is that how someone is “buried”?

        Enough people have caught on to the false two-party paradigm that something “different” needed to be done. It has been.

        Trump has openly touted his plans to continue the build-out of the police state, and he has openly stated his disrespect and disregard for the rule of law.

        A lot of seemingly smart people have fallen for it, but it’s just another stanza of the same old tune: “Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.”

  11. Al

    A masterful job as always Greg. Thanks for highlighting the week’s REAL NEWS, not the minutia garbage fodder tripe the lame stream presstitute media vomits out on a minute by minute basis.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al.

  12. Tommy

    Most of us realize that there are no news organizations anymore. But not only are they biased, they are making it up. Millennials are not going for Hillary. They are going for Bernie. The democrats fear that when Bernie is out, his young supporters will not go over to Hillary. The average Hillary voter is a 65+ year old woman. There’s no energy in her campaign and they are scared to death of The Donald. So are the republicans. He threatens to break up the clique and they don’t like it. It is quite obvious that they are launching everything they can now that he is the clear front runner and they are not going to stop. They will become more shrill and more irrational as time goes on. Hold fast to the truth. Maybe we will end up with a new party of disaffected and disillusioned republicans, democrats and independent that will be large enough to turn the table on the republicrats and democans.

    • art barnes

      Tommy, your astute observation of a possible new party in the offing is, indeed, coming to fruition as we speak – watch, its exciting to see the elite losing their grips on thinking Americans. Enjoyed your comment, a

    • susan

      Tommy, I am ready!!

  13. Russ

    Hey Greg — Good wrap-up. I love how you point out the bias of USA Today, they are so in the liberal/progressive tank. The lesson in front page layout was excellent.

    I mostly agree with your analysis of Syria, Putin is giving his troops a break and saving some money while he allows diplomacy to yet again fail and then he’ll be back — bigger. Remember that he can fly strike missions with his heavy aircraft from Russia, they can do strikes within hours.

    As for gold doing a moonshot with the next interest rate cut & QE — watch silver closely. The current gold/silver ratio is 78, down from 81 just a few dats ago. Silver will move fast once money starts leaving stocks. There is a reason that JPMorgan went heavy long in silver a few months back. They know what’s coming.

    Have a great weekend, looking forward to Rob Kirby; he’s always a good follow-up to the FOMC meetings.

    • art barnes

      Putin is in reality just giving the western powers a chance to allow Assad to stay in power by decree & compromise for peace, if that doesn’t happen he is saying like the Terminator once said “I’ll be back”.

  14. Jerry

    I voted Tuesday just to make myself feel good, knowing that my vote meant absolutely NOTHING! For the record I voted for Trump. It was a choice of one Wall Street insider over another. Cruz has ties to Goldman Sachs through his wife, so he’s just the flip side of Trump. The Ohio governor? He’s a George Soro puppet. Hilary? Do I need to really answer that one? She takes her orders straight from the Council of Foreign Affairs which is the action arm of the NWO. Bernie Sanders? He’s being paid under the table by the progressive elites to be the dancing poodle, in Hilary’s dog and pony show.

    My friends we’ve all been sold out by the banking cabal that has seized control of our banking system, our government, our press, our military, and our election process. Trillions of dollars have been stolen from us in order to secure their positions in the NWO that is sure to come through the agreements that have been signed with the United Nations.

    The BRIC alliance (which composes over 120 nations and multiple allies) know that financial theft on a global scale has triggered a global economic collapse that is currently in progress that will eventually lead to a reset. That is the reason they have constructed an alternate exchange system (using gold as a backstop) to replace the current Bretton Woods system that operates through the IMF. Deutsche Bank is merely the canary in the coal mine. Will it work? I have no idea. But I can tell you this. The BRIC alliance has no intention of going down with the IMF pirate ship. Once they complete the transition of the Gold Benchmark in April, making Shanghai the central trade hub, the western cabal’s days of controlling the markets will be numbered . No one knows how much time we have left, but I would use every moment to prepare physically, emotionally, and above all spiritually. As Greg says “fear not”.

    • Galaxy 500

      Glad you voted Jerry.

      • Kakistocracy

        Voting is for HOPIUM for the masses.
        AmeriKans keep getting fooled again and again.
        “You have to vote! Its your civic duty !”
        They can’t face the facts.
        Voting doesn’t matter. The entire system has been irredeemably corrupted.
        That is the truth you cannot face.
        Like the single mother who suspects her daughter is being molested by her current boyfriend. She needs his rent money, and she is all alone. Thus she cannot face the terrible fact, that her boyfriend is a demon.
        Neither can you.
        Voting is USELESS !
        End the private Criminal FEDERAL RESERVE and you will end ALL EVIL and FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS.
        Do it not, then continue voting and living in ignorance to be replaced with slavery.

        • Greg Hunter

          If it didn’t matter, the criminal Crony Class would not be fighting it so hard.

    • Jerry

      In advance of the interview with Rob Kirby on Sunday, I highly recommend viewing this link, for those that are dialed in and want to know what is coming. It summarizes what I have been posting for the last two years superbly. Enjoy.

    • Jerry

      And so it begins. Venoco files for bankruptcy.

      Just in case you missed it, Rosneft ( a Russian company ) seized control of the petroleum industries pricing arm with the purchase of Morgan Stanley two years ago. This economic maneuver allowed them to set the price of oil globally while accepting payment for petroleum in the form of Gold from China. Russia has essentially killed two birds with one stone. On the one hand they have essentially collapsed the U.S. petroleum industry by driving prices below $60. a barrel (the break even point), while acquiring gold for the coming reset with China. Here’s the kicker. Once China sets the Gold Benchmark in April, how long do you think it will be before OPEC wants its payment in gold instead of dollars?

      • JC Davis

        Jerry. The frog has begun to boil the humans very slowly.

    • Jerry

      Timing is everything.
      It now appears that a David Rothschild indictment of PM market manipulation is a precursor to the Shanghai Shock coming in April.

      I’m sure Rob Kirby is keeping this information under his hat, in order to avoid the avalanche of orders he will be receiving as this news begins to leak out. Exposing this scam at the same time the Chinese were planning the Benchmark on April 19th was no doubt a strategic move on their part. Greg, the naysayers may have to take a number in order to get a spatula to wipe the egg off their face.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        I’ll take the number “1”.

        The Chinese will not back the yuan with gold, and a major reset of the price of gold, if it does happen, will not have any immediate, significant effect on the values of any major currencies relative to one another.

        See you again on May 31 (just to allow plenty of time after April 19). And I’ll let you borrow the spatula.

  15. Oxfarmer

    Nice Wrapup, Greg. You are a true journalist, one of a dying breed. It’s so refreshing.

    Trump has certainly smoked out the weasels and their agendas. The GOP isn’t even pretending any more that they ignore all those primaries and manipulate the results, which is how we’ve gotten such losers for many election cycles. Bob Dole vs Clinton? Romney vs Obama? We’ve known for a long time that it’s all about which good ole boy has earned his place in the sun, and who will rock the boat of perks and privileges the least. How else do these people leave Congress wealthy men and women?

    I haven’t followed the MSM for a long time because of their obvious bias. I thought briefly Fox might do better, but sometimes I have to laugh out loud after a news segment on the radio, clearly biased, followed by the prim, “Fair and balanced”.

    My family started prepping in 1999, for Y2K. The world didn’t end, but we were well positioned for many natural disasters that came after that, emergencies, unexpected guests. In any prep scenario metals are discussed. Looking at the Kitco 5 year chart, gold has dropped consistently from a high of around 1900. While metal is the doomsday currency for many preppers, to be held until needed, it certainly isn’t a good investment unless you were lucky to buy on a low. We hear, almost yearly by so many experts, that gold is undervalued, manipulated, and is going to soar any time, now. But, it hasn’t. And if you want to sell it, you won’t get spot price, you get what’s left after dealer fees and it’s a capital gain if you made anything on it.

    I know fiat currency is worthless, so others say to get into real items people will need. This strategy seems to make more sense than metal buried in the yard.

    Of course, if the government actually gets around to confiscating such items, all seeds, farm equipment, fertilizer, livestock, generators, incubators, pumps and anything used to grow foodstuffs, maybe gold will be good for bribes. More likely, they just come in with metal detectors before they shoot us, as we get the deer rifle and take a stand at the barn door.

    I couldn’t face it if I didn’t believe God is in control. Ps. 37 says it all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Oxfarmer and “Fear Not.”

    • Galaxy 500

      My of us plan to resist confiscations of legal, lawful property.
      Wish you were in eastern NC. Plenty of former Marines here that plan to resist. God blesses the righteous rebel.

      • frederick

        Galaxy İ have 2 good friends in the Raleigh/Louisburg area great place and great people İ spent 6 months there in the last year looking at real estate but in the end decided not to buy

      • Jerry

        I live in the Ozark hills. Probably 70% of the people in my county own AR-15s. All I can say if they decide to go house to house here is, “come on in boys just be sure and bring a good supply if body bags”.

  16. JC Davs

    Greg. I don’t think people are for Trump so much as they are sick, and tired of being lied to by the MSM, and everything the CCC is reporting. We the people want a nation to respect our leaders. Trump has tapped the hearts of millions because they feel he is saying what they have been screaming. Truth is not ignored just because some will not speak it.
    I see nothing wrong with a peoples revolt against this illegal government.

    • Galaxy 500

      I am for Trump because I believe he is a change agent.
      And isn’t it amazing how the Republicrats fear that he will upset the apple cart?

      • frederick

        Why wouldnt they? Nobody enjoys having the fat taken away now do they İ just hope he actually DOES more than just talk and pander to the masses Cant imagine how he could do that and keep from gettin Scaliaed

        • JC Davis

          Fred. Hopefully loose lips will sink ships.

      • JC Davis

        G 500 This election is by far the strangest in my life time.

    • art barnes

      JC, please reread the Declaration of Independence once again; there is nothing wrong with people revolting against tyranny. “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”… with respect, a b

      • JC Davis

        Thanks Art.

      • JC Davis

        CD a man is never more alive then when he is standing for a Godly cause with his life on the line for that cause. It changes life thereafter.

  17. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs;
    Communist China has come out against Donald Trump. I wonder why. Was it because the Clinton Administration allowed (Bill) China to get Nuclear State secrets and shared it with North Korea? Let me see, is not Hillary Clinton who the FBI is investigating for having Top Secret and Above Top Secret emails on her private server, running for President. Thank you Communist China for letting us know you are against Donald Trump, because that leaves Hillary Clinton and her private server and who has some of the greatest hackers in the world? All you Liberals and Progressives make sure you vote for Hillary, after all, she has your best interest at heart. My comment for the Federal Reserve; definition of a MORON; doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Janet Yellin, you go girl! Janet, please tell us where you are investing your savings. Perhaps GOLD? Perhaps the USATODAY can rename itself, The Karl Marx Daily and perhaps they can editorialize all of Joseph Stalin’s Human Rights accomplishments on the editorial page. Perhaps we can get Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Shultz to debate, wouldn’t that be a whopper fest!

    • susan

      Jallen, you are so right! I enjoy your comments.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I think they’re jealous of his diplomatic skills.

  18. southernpatriot

    Thank you Greg for keeping us informed and for reminding us that God the Father is in control. There are many day’s that I can’t get out of bed, there’s not enough money to get the medication that I need or the surgery to improve my lot in life. The pain is constant and tends to make a good day or night, worse. But then I hear someone life yourself, who’s willing to remind me to drink the water’s of life for healing and second chances thru the Father. I still struggle, but somehow I’ll make it. Thanks and blessing to everyone. These man made problems facing us today aren’t so scary when I remember who control’s my life and my world. Peace. SP

  19. Eric From Raleigh

    I had to stop watching the morning news.. It’s like the Happy-Hillary show every morning. Sadly, I see very few scenarios for TRUMP to get a nomination, much less a victory – when his own ‘family’ hates him. All roads lead to a Hillary presidency, and Ms. Fitts sees the future with her at the helm. The CCC will reign, and the middle class will pay. We are cooked.

    • Galaxy 500

      Did you vote Eric?

    • Galaxy 500

      Who in Trump’s family that hates him? Do you mean the Republicrats?

    • frederick

      İf i had to watch that beast every morning İ would probably cancel my cable subscription and sell the tube ASAP

  20. Linda L.

    As you know, USA Today, as many media outlets are just propaganda machines, all occuring when freedom is GONE. All one has to do is to look at news outlets in other communist regions of the world as examples for what the US is sadly becoming. The heads of these media organizations in America, in some cases, may not even be engaging in these activities willingly for all we know.
    Regarding Hillary, until recently I believed that Hillary would be indicted, but I’ve changed my opinion. The Clintons have a long list of past investigations/dirty laundry for suspicion of horrific crimes dating back, even years ago, but they still walk free due to their deep connections. Hillary will never answer for her current crimes because she has been chosen by the real ruling class for the NWO agenda, where as Donald is a threat to this plan. As a result, if Mr Trump is truly what he presents to be, I fear for his very survival if he continues with his campaign. On the other hand, if this route appeared too obvious, the Republican Party may just do as they’re threatening to do, and by pass the will of the people, picking another candidate who will abide by the rules of the “criminal crony class”.
    As far as Syria is concerned, doesn’t the bible prophesize that Damascus will be completely and quickly destroyed in latter times? If so, it appears that this event isn’t that far off. Greg, as you often remind us, we need to take comfort in knowing that God is in control.

    • RTW

      I too have given up any hope of Clinton being indicted. They already have enough evidence on her to lock her up in Gitmo, for eternity. However, she is running around the country with crazy Bernie practicing for the big show. Bernie could put her away if he wanted to, but it’s not in the script. Hillery has left a trail of slime from Arkansas to DC. Bernie just needs to scoop some of it up. But no, he won’t even touch the e-mail scandal, picking on her wall st connections instead. The only thing Hillary could use against Bernie is a possible handicap parking violation. It’s all just theatrics. Hillary is a pathological liar, or worse and only the truly sane can see it. The absolute scariest part are all the ones who don’t. As far as Trump goes, I don’t trust him either. He was good friends with the Clintons in the past and he announced his run for the WH after a phone call from Slick Willy. If this charade plays out and he get’s the nomination, big money is on him getting schlonged by hillary in the general and what would be the harm to him? Nothing. He hasn’t spent as much money on his campaign, compared to what he’s donated to candidates, in the past. He’ll just go back to his lavish life style and keep building casinos and we will all be left to the horrors of a clinton WH.

  21. Cathy

    Thank you again and again for sane news and views!!!!

  22. Mohammad


    Russia did not pull out to cut cost.
    Here is a chart shows the healthy foreign currency reserve Russia enjoys:



    • Greg Hunter

      They man have some reserves but their cash flow is way off with falling oil prices. Again, the troop movement changes nothing. The Russians are not retreating just repositioning. Thank you for your comment.

      • Mohammad

        Russia’s move is allowing Iran to expand.
        It is emboldening Assad in his position and not weakening it.
        Russia will never give up Assad, he is the one that gives Russia the legal coverage for its activity in Syria.
        That is why the Israeli’s president hurried to Moscow to understand what the hells is going on and to have Russian guarantee that the Israeli border is safe after Russians retreat.
        There will be a following up meeting between Putin and Netanyahu at a later date.


      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        The ruble is weak = significantly more revenue for exporters.
        The countries total debt is minuscule and it has significant reserves.

        Russia is quietly and very happily selling oil and gas in huge quantities. They use the US $ to facilitate the trade but immediately exchange all of this into physical gold.

        It is high time that the West stopped dining out on how badly Russia is doing. Can you imagine what they might in reality be getting for their current oil sales if they trade out of their gold in the future.

        Trust me, their withdrawal from Syria is about anything but cost savings!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Thank you Mohammad
      Russiaphobia is an epidemic…even on WD.
      Facts are facts!

      • frederick

        Sure is Colin and we understand why that is right At least İm sure you understand the reasons for the irrational beliefs Cheers friend We are getting ready for a roadtrip to istanbul for some purchases i will report on what i see while crossing the Dardenelles by ferry

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Travel safe my friend.
          The Dardanelles and Gallipoli are very close to the hearts of the Anzac countries NZ and AUS, for it is here that we paid a terrible price in an endeavour to capture this highly strategic gateway to the Black Sea. NZ sacrificed 2779 and Australia 8500 lives and yet Gallipoli remained in the hands of the Turkish forces. The Turkish toll was 87,000 and there were some 44,000 casualties from France and the UK. In short it was a monumental bloodbath.

          The wholesale slaughter is made even more shocking when in hindsight we reflect on the fact that no one has ever come up with a coherent reason as to why the war ever began in the first place. There is a multitude of contributing factors, including political bluster, greed, unwise alliances, long-standing territorial disputes, the list goes on.

          However, one item alone stands out like a beacon in my mind as the catalyst that pushed the world over the precipice and into world war. IMHO it comes down to manipulation of all of the above factors by the elite who would stand to profit from wide-scale military engagement. They would signal their ongoing and absolute total disregard for the value of the lives of the masses and this characteristic remains to this day.

          Just over a century has ticked by and this very same group from behind their shroud carry on their evil agenda with the exactly the same aim…wholesale carnage and destruction on the widest possible scale. These people tread this same region again. They carry the same playbook, the same motive and the same intent.

          One hundred years on the only difference is that they have successfully recruited globally on a massive scale into their ranks, and they now even more powerful and influential. Now they are aided by an array of completely moronic western ‘leaders’ from around the world who seem intent on aiding and underwriting their murder and their mayhem.

          I contend that as stupid as these people are they do have some limited knowledge of these treasonous crimes but do not even begin to understand how monumental the sheer toll of their complicity. These creatures and lunatics include Bush, Blair, the Clintons, Cameron, Obama, Nuland, MaCain….the list is as long as it is murderous.

          What is completely astonishing to me is that amidst all of this it seems that the western pandemic of Russiaphobia has completely blocked out any recognition or acceptance of the fact that Putin has been the game-saver on at least three occasions in the last 18 months alone. He has steadfastly and repeatedly defused situations that could easily have escalated into major wars were it not for his cool head, his intelligence, and his diplomacy.

          I don’t even want to contemplate where the world would be right now if Russia was cursed with leadership resembling the dreadful characteristics and recklessness of the above-mentioned names.

          • C romana

            Well said.

  23. Southern Girl


    I like when you call BS on the BS….I haven’t bought USA Today in maybe 10 years…to childlike for me.

    Sure wish you could do the news every night…enjoy your take on things….plus we get the truth.

  24. Jerry

    How the Chinese Gold Benchmark on April 19th will differ from the current London pricing.

    • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

      Jerry – Your April 19th prediction is bogus. It will be one more in a long series of timing faceplants of yours. Nov. 15, Nov. 30, April 1 etc. I’m trying, probably unsuccessfully, to keep you from looking stupid. I’ll remind you again of this on or about April 20.

      Stupid is as stupid does…

      • Jerry

        Educate yourself before you post such bovine fecal matter. I’m not making a prediction I’m reporting what the Chinese are saying. Go pound some more of that crap you call thinking between your ears. That’s what you seem to like obviously.

        • Jerry

          I guess you’re smarter than the journalist at Reuters. They’re the ones making the predictions not me.

          • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

            My, my but you are insecure about all of this aren’t you? This article says nothing about April 19 or any other date for that matter

  25. Mark


    Great wrap-up this week. Since you’re bringing Rob Kirby back take a listen to an interview he had a week ago. He mentions “admissions/fines” and great revelations coming shortly concerning the PM markets. It would be great if you could get him to elaborate on these comments! Looking forward to another great interview with Rob Kirby!


    • Southern Girl



      Thanks for that link. Great info.

      Greg, remember I told you the interview you did with Rob Kirby December 9, 2015 was on Lindsey Williams latest DVD????? Lindsey indicated that Rob was one of the insiders in the know. Hope this is true about the ratio of Gold to Silver…he indicated 500 paper shares for one real once of silver. Just bought some silver and it should be here soon…will be nice to be ahead of the game.

  26. Jan

    When Obama was running for POTUS, he was the darling of the media around the world. Greg, you are correct to protest against USA Today and how Hillary is the darling of American mainstream media. Thankfully, as yet, she fails to capture the same worldwide media devotion. One site I follow since I am a dual citizen of the US and Canada–The Isaac Brock Society–just took a strong stand against Hillary Clinton. The post said:

    “This story appeared in The Hill on Friday, March 10, 2016. I simply cannot believe I have not heard anyone in the expat world speak of it, and/or the American presidential arena has failed to emphasize it. Perhaps it is just buried along with the general theme of Ms. Clinton, her Wall St. speeches and “her damn emails.” And we all have heard the justification [for the U.S. imposing its Citizen Based Tax (CBT) laws on all tax-paying residents of other countries born in the US and their spouses] that the[se] laws have to be applied … because [otherwise] they would be seen as supporting tax evasion, right? Well Madame Secretary Clinton has bested that by a long shot. It is so outrageous you simply cannot make this kind of stuff up.”

    The post went on beyond citing the initial “story” to point out how the Clintons and their greed have made the world worse for the 99.99%.

    You can read the post here: http://isaacbrocksociety.ca/2016/03/14/hillary-clinton-directly-enabled-tax-evasion-in-the-swiss-bank-debacle-i-kid-you-not/#more-48432

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jan for the comment and the links!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Thank you for posting this excellent link.
      The dishonesty of the Clinton machine is monumental and yet this creature remains a leading contender for POTUS……..absolutely astonishing……and proof to the world that the US has indeed lost its morality, its direction and become completely incoherent. This situation is now extremely dangerous to global security.

      • allen ols

        In the early 90’s I saw h.w. bush speak at UN talking about the NWO. I then we were in trouble. I told a buddie of mine, ‘lawyer’, to watch the muslims infiltrate the US. A whole bunch of americans are duped, but there are a bunch of us that are not/duped/gullible/etc. EU is screwed letting the muslims through their borders.

  27. Concerned american dad

    At this point greg, u’m wishing i had taken the other pill to remain blissfully ignorant. If i had done so iwouldn’t have been reducing exposure to stocks in all our funds, etc…..if i had simplty ignored all the imminent warnings of disaster from all your guests and had just left things as they were we would have recovered from the latest swoon. Now it is getting harder and harder to get anyone to listen- no one wants to be bothered….hyperinflation by 2014, not making it out of september and on and on it goes……

    • Greg Hunter

      I’d rather be early than late. It really is in a process of crashing like a frog in a pot of boiling water. If you are one second late you will never recover. The math says so and then there is this: http://money.cnn.com/2016/03/16/investing/us-debt-dumped-foreign-governments-china/

      • Jerry

        I missed that one. The BRICS are obviously at it again, dumping U.S. debt and buying gold. The kicker is the Financial Security Board will probably mop them up anyway, but they can’t derail the alternate exchange system China has built. That my friend is on schedule whether they like it or not.

        • Silence is Golden


      • Concerned american dad

        Thanks Greg, you’re right-‘ just gets lonely and more frustrating at times.. … I did see that earlier in the week, i think from Drudge- oddly no mention of gold acquisitions in there…… Keep up the great work. I look forward to your doses of sanity three times a week.

        • Greg Hunter

          When this reached full collapse speed you will not be able to do any more than you have already done. Remember Lehman blew up over a weekend and by Monday morning it was all over. The next crash WILL be far worse because the global financial markets took on an additional nearly $60 trillion in debt and now the big banks are much bigger than 2007-2008.

  28. Rick

    As a christian , I probably shouldn’t say this but I’m so ready for Almighty God to come down and just crush,burn or at the very least completely overthrow this cesspool of zombies that people and powers have become once and for all !! Thousands of years of human history prove that man’s intentions and ideas without God is futile . I rest in this verse : “From his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron. He will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty.” (Revelation 19:15)

    • susan

      thank you,Rick. Amen.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”

  29. Jonny Boots

    It may be time to boycott the MSM as well as the companies that advertise with them.
    Buy only what you need for day to day existence. As a matter of fact, boycott all large companies. Revenue from sales tax will evaporate and the companies stock will drop. It might be wise to sell these stocks before this occurs.
    You can make this idea go viral by e-mail and texting friends and family.

  30. Paul

    Interesting that Russia pulls its troops back as the US brings in B52 nuclear bombers to “fight ISIS” (already knocked out by Russia) and is supplying Turkey with weapons capable of taking out Russian bases … we definitely need to get Trump (the Pope seems to hate) elected this fall to save us … but that is months away … the neocons seem intent on moving toward a first strike against Russia “before the election” … all the military drills and exercises we see taking place is just a cover for pre-positioning the neocons military assets that they will use to start WWIII … the neocons desperately need a world war to hold on to power … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i185WpM6HfQ

    • art barnes

      Paul, unfortunately bringing very outdated B-52’s to a Russian held area with Russia’s newly guided missiles systems which are the state of the art is like bring a knife to a gun fight; this is the best that the Pentagon can think off, maybe its time to have a change of command at the top of the Pentagon? I do agree that the Neocons are doing all they can to get us in deeper into a war we may not want to fight for so many obvious reasons.

      • art barnes

        And, Paul, Hillary, if elected. will get us into another war within her first 2 years in office; Trump for President!

        • susan

          yes, art!!

  31. RGT


    I heard today that TD Asset Management will hold a special shareholder meeting in Toronto on April 6 to discuss merging the TD Precious Metal Fund into the TD Resource Fund. This of course will drastically reduce gold and silver stocks in the merged fund.
    I find this move to be rather strange considering all the forecasts of much higher precious metal prices going forward.
    Sounds to me like they are up to something.
    TD is now also one of the banksters involved in the gold and silver London price fix.

  32. don

    Greg, the word is Obozo has stepped in to tell big donors to back Hillary and stop messing with Sanders. That to me is evidence the Obozo Administration will never indict Hillary.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Don,
      That is a disinformation smoke screen. When Hill is indicted O will say ‘Hey I was pulling for her. I don’t have anything to do with the indictment.’ Then he will bull Biden out and get him to run with Warren as VP.

      • andyb

        And wouldn’t it be great if somewhere in the process of a Hillary indictment and the crowning of Biden/Warren, Donald was removed from the scene, leaving a clear path. I am very disturbed that threats against Trump seem to be escalating. Will another patsy be found or created to pull the trigger? Or will the Boothe,Oswald, Sirhan, Hinckley, Lanza, McVeigh fabricated histories or events be replaced by an unfortunate “accident” like Michael Hastings and too many others.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          The threats you mention are real and are in place, the security experts in our country have a name for them–its called the “Red & Green Axis”. This is an alliance of the Muslin Brotherhood with a host of radical groups from our progressive left wing. You have already seen them in action at Ferguson, MO and most recently at the Trump rally in Chicago. Chaos and accidents are the hallmarks of their game. “Days of Rage” will unfold in the days and months ahead–you can bet on it!

          • susan

            tell us more, please.

            • Shadow of Doubt

              Susan, I believe those in the know have sources that have speculated that the “Red & Green Axis” have a “plan” to march and cause mass arrests in hopes of shutting down the District of Columbia on April 2nd. I suspect if this occurs FOX will have these Security gurus on to inform the general public. Much like the “Arab Spring” in the Middle East they are said to be planning a “Democratic Spring” for the U.S.! Possible riots and general civil unrest may run into November.

              • Shadow of Doubt

                Sorry, that’s democracy spring not democratic spring!

      • art barnes

        Greg, respectfully disagree, Hillary, as I have said many times. will get a pass as she has too much on the Muslim in Chief.

      • RTW

        I used to think, no, make that hope, that hillary finally stepped in it deep enough to sink. But, as time goes by, it is becoming apparent that she is going to make it through this, and (gulp) maybe into the WH. You’re right though in thinking this is all a disinformation smoke screen. Only once again, it benefits her. The problem is, that career criminals know who all the other criminals are and they use that information as a “get out of jail free” card.

    • Galaxy 500

      To me, this gives 0bama cover to say he supports he and it isn’t his fault she is a criminal

    • Eric From Raleigh

      DON, Greg,
      Didn’t a reporter ask Hillary, recently, if she would ‘drop out’ of the race if she got indicted?
      LOL – what was her response – “Oh, that will never happen..”.
      She is protected by the current administration, and will never be held accountable. If you think about it, she probably has so much dirt on those folks that if she goes down, they will follow right behind her.

      • Greg Hunter

        This came out today: http://observer.com/2016/03/hillary-has-an-nsa-problem/

        • JC Davis

          WOW Greg this changed my view. Your right she is going to jail, or take down a lot of people including Obama. The scary part is now our enemies may be able to disable our nuclear weapons. Who knows how many countries know everything Hillary knows. Our top secret documents are wide open to spy’s.
          This link should be read on every TV channel.

        • Silence is Golden

          That’s very damning….but we also tend to overlook her real credentials…here are some of her standout achievements taken from her resume (rap sheet) :
          ◾She waived restrictions at the State Department on selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Qatar, all states wise enough to donate to the Clinton Foundation.
          ◾She has advocated for arming fighters in Syria.
          ◾She supported a surge in Iraq even before President Bush did.
          ◾She helped facilitate a military coup in Ukraine.
          ◾She pushed hard for the overthrow of Qadaffi in 2011.
          ◾She voted for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
          ◾She does not hesitate to back the use of drones for targeted killing or to warn that she could obliterate Iran.
          All the great qualities that the Elite desire of the next President.
          People, get to know the real Hillary.

  33. francis m reps

    Nice weekend report sir. Your ending ;” good news “commentary in reference to a few days of rainfall in California belies the fact that you are well aware of the incessant Geo Engineering activity which has caused the drought ; simply mentioning Dane’s name as the source of some statistical information won’t cut it. Not everybody will like the truth teller, but to not use your comment on the rain to point out the real causes of the drought is typical of The Seemingly Political Correct posture you have embraced. Come on… no one expects you to be a Trump….but stop kissing the asses of Celente and Fitts…and start raising hell about the destruction of life on earth by climate engineers. This social/financial scheisse will mean nothing if life on earth is destroyed. “Man Up “Greg.

  34. Charles Turner

    Is there a chance that both the Democrats and the Republicans may have a presidential candidate that has not been elected as the nominee via the caucuses and these two non elected nominees will run against a third party Donald Trump?

    The Republicans are already planning to usurp Trump and he will then go third party. But on the Democratic side, Hilary may have to step down once she is charged. Then will the Democrats really let Bernie Sanders be their nominee or will they put up an establishment clone?

    Russia announced its withdrawal from Syria a day after a large terrorist attack in Turkey that was blamed on the Kurds. Turkey is a rogue state and is on the cusp of invading Syria. Putin is a poker player. Has he made a tactical withdrawal to make it easy for Turkey to invade parts of Syria and then say to the West. Look what you have done! Your ally Turkey supported ISIS, they bought oil from ISIS, we stabilized the region and as soon as we left your ally Turkey showed that they are hand in hand with the terrorists and are trying to commit genocide on the Kurds . The UN would have to come down on the side of Russia on this one.

    Donald Trump is right. Globalisation in its current form where goods and services are moved to the country of the lowest labour costs is killing great nations like USA and Britain. We have all benefited from the temporary pleasure of cheaper goods and low inflation, but like a cancer has taken away the career prospects and standard of living of the next generation. I am not sure they will forgive and forget.

  35. vincent_g

    This year has the makings of a blockbuster movie.
    This has got to be the greatest show on earth.
    People from all over the world can’t wait till they get the next news release or next interview.
    This has left them on the edge of their seat!

    What ever happens will go down in history as one of the biggest events to take place in the history of the country.

    Only in America

    I love it

  36. Scott Miller

    Did it ever dawn on you that the 70 trillion, plus or minus a few euros, Deutsche Bank has leveraged, is one of the mechanisms for controlling such a leveraged system? You keep repeating about how dangerous this is, yet do not mention this is how the economic collapse has been prevented. Leveraging allows the status quo to continue and so far, has prohibited the collapse from occurring. Other banks are also doing the same leveraging, and their collusion in effect, has moved us from 2008 through to 2016. The secrecy you alluded to regarding the TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership, is part of the same opaque system the bankers are and have used. The secrecy surrounding derivative amounts, as well as the TPP, are just mechanisms for controlling the economic and political system. The system is designed for the elite. History shows according to the chart you used, they were successful in pushing up the stock price to up around $140/share. If it is at $19 now, and I don’t question your chart, then we can assume that $19 represents the EU now, just as $140 did eight years ago. Even if it isn’t as high as it was in 2008, the correlation to say a collapse is imminent over a “weekend” is a huge leap. For example, gold was almost at $2000/Ounce. However, now it’s in the $1200s, despite massive paper gold suppressing the physical price. You may be able to make an arguement either way regarding both issues, but that doesn’t mean an economic crisis is imminent. I think it means business as usual. Oil would be another example. Silver another.


    • Greg Hunter

      You saying the very bank (DB whose stock that is now below $20) is saving the system? The $70 trillion is stabilizing the system? You do know the stock was in the $120 to $140 range in 2007? You do know that DB stock is now lower than it was in the depths of the last meltdown? When you say, “The secrecy surrounding derivative amounts, as well as the TPP, are just mechanisms for controlling the economic and political system.” This is the reason why the world is starting to hate the pompous and reckless “criminal crony class.” It’s a secret because it’s CRIMINAL. I really hope you don’t manage other peoples money on Wall Street. Your argument is nonsensical and one big apology for the crooks ripping us off. NO WAY $70 trillion in leverage ends well for a bank that’s tanking–NO WAY.

      • Scott Miller


        No. What I am saying is an insolvent bank, leveraged to the nth degree, is prohibiting an economic collapse, along with the other big banks. Otherwise, Europe would have collapsed already. Leverage controls the paradigm. Leverage keeps the rest of Europe from a calamitous Greek crisis. The system is stable until it collapses. Good, bad, recovery or not, DB is hurt by an insolvent Europe, but there is no collapse.

        Therefore, the numbers in America, much more dire than Europe, also hold true. Leverage is keeping the economics from collapsing. Leverage has, and leverage shall continue, to prohibit an collapse,

        Until it doesn’t.


        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Scott we agree “Until it doesn’t.”
          Thank you.

    • Jerry

      Scott must be in the banking business. Bankers are the only ones that think 0+0= 2.

  37. Mohammad

    Trumpet is Hillary’s trojan horse folks…….

    Be careful what you wish for:


  38. Linda L.

    Have you seen this? I think that we should send this lawmaker to the war zone in Syria and see if he changes his mind:

    Knoxville Lawmaker: ISIS should be allowed to recruit at University of Tennessee:

    • Occasnltrlvr

      If the government can silence ISIS at UT, they can also silence you.

  39. K.Cobain

    Donald Trump’s final foe: Is Ted Cruz a conservative, a neocon or a conniver? | Mulshine

    Is Cruz a conservative non-interventionist in the Ron Paul/Pat Buchanan mold?

    Or is he a nation-building “neo” conservative interventionist in the John McCain/Lindsey Graham mold?

    It’s hard to tell. Take the 2003 Iraq invasion. Just a year into that war, Trump had already accurately diagnosed why that exercise in nation-building was doomed and they [the neo-connies] put out the big lie he’s a dimwit!


    Losing to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz goes neocon in a desperate attempt to save himself | Mulshine

    By Paul Mulshine | The Star Ledger
    Follow on Twitter
    on March 18, 2016 at 3:44 PM, updated March 18, 2016 at 3:52 PM

    Till now, Ted Cruz has always straddled the line between traditional conservatism and the left-wing liberal internationalist movement known as “neo” conservatism.

    No more. Cruz has sold his soul to the neocons.

    That became obvious the other day when Cruz announced a team of foreign-policy advisers with some of the nuttiest neocons in America on it. World War III anyone?


    To put it in today’s prospective switch roles of the president and the general, you can also continue the clips if you wish;

  40. Peter

    The FBI is partly in Obama’s pocket, just like the IRS, NSA, CIA and other government agencies. There are high-level leaders in these agencies working for the democrat party, just as on college campuses. These agencies go out of their way to promote the liberal agenda and waste tons of tax-payer dollars on political correctness, diversity, etc.
    Several of these federal agencies are broken and need to be eliminated for other reasons.
    It’s likely that FBI employees are informing the Obama camp on Hillary’s case, although they aren’t supposed to. Greg is correct in noting that USA Today is corrupt and I stopped reading it long ago..

  41. Grafique

    Here’s why this election doesn’t matter:

    “Many of us don’t even know what marriage or sexual propriety is anymore, the difference between a tissue mass and a baby, or even what boys and girls are, as we dial back our maturity level to the infantile stage during which a child can’t distinguish between male and female.

    “This is why none of our “solutions” will solve anything. We can talk about Ted Cruz and constitutionalism. But was John Adams a fool when warning in 1798, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”? We are now the “other.”

    “We can echo Donald Trump echoing Ronald Reagan and say “Make America great again!” But as an apocryphal quotation oft repeated by Reagan goes, “America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.”

    “And we can bellow “Freedom!” Braveheart-style. But as British philosopher Edmund Burke noted, “It is written in the eternal constitution of things that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”

    “Intemperate minds abound. Passions we’ve got. Fetters we’re getting. Of course, I’ll choose to, if possible, add a few more pages to the American republic’s story. But I know that, even now, her last chapter is being written.”

    This election doesn’t matter because Society has, en masse, turned away from God (as revealed in Christ).
    – Grafique


    • aussie jeff

      Excellent post Graffique,

      What amazes me is soo many folks seem to be putting their faith and trust in a political system that is as corrupt as the Fed, is Donald Trump really going to save America?
      Whether it’s Donald, Hillary Bidden Cruze nothing will change, nothing, zip.
      The political system belongs to satan, he rules it.
      God asked us to pray for His Kingdom or if you will government,this world is lost, those who think that a saviour will spring up from within your political system to make America great again will be bitterly disappointed. Their is only one Saviour Jesus Christ!!
      Peace to all.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Well said indeed, Grafique!

  42. RichM

    I’m a little frustrated. So Manarino called for a big drop in the DOW twice now this year so far and so I went in heavy on DXD (inverse fund betting against the DOW) at $24, its now down to $19.09. This sounds like more than a “fools bounce” he mentioned and more like the same old typical massive manipulation via derivatives that may prop up the bubble for a significant amount of time yet. This isn’t the first time I lost big following Manarino’s advice. He made the same type of calls in 2014 and 2015. His lastest call is saying the DOW is in the process of dropping below 6,000. Once again, I’m losing big. They end up small little adjustments downward then move back up to near all time highs… as we are seeing right now once again. Just saying…..

    • Silence is Golden

      Did you pay for that advice ?

    • Sayonara

      Patience! The fundamentals in the global economy stink to high heaven. The Fed is doing everything they can to prop up the stock market because it is the last bastion of wealth for a majority of people in this country who have had to forcibly invest their retirement earning in IRAs and 401Ks to save taxes. The market will fall because corporate earnings have peaked and will fall because their is no mechanism for organic economic growth. Fundamentals dictate this.
      I myself have invested a chunk in SQQQ at 23. Several weeks ago it went to 28. Today it is at 19. I am a man of patience especially when I smell the fundamental rotting that is occurring in the economy. I maybe averaging down on Monday after watching the Rob Kirby interview on early release Sunday. Rob Kirby is a super sharp dude and knows his stuff.
      You should not be investing speculatively with leveraged securities if you do not understand that criminal manipulation is at play resulting in highly volatile markets and have the patience for the long term trend to play out. If you listened to Mannarino carefully, he said that the market would have near term spikes higher before it ultimately goes down. Be patient and be well.

      • RichM

        Well, I sure hope I end up looking back and laughing at my lack of patience…. I am sticking with DXD long…. but watching Rob Kirby. I just had a bad couple weeks is all. I appreciate the input. It helps re-assure that I do think he is right when he says “the market has no where else to go but down.” thanks SIG, Sayonara, and Tracy.

      • Tin foil hat

        Both 2x and 3x ETFs have deterioration risk. Because 3x ETF’s require so much leverage they roll over futures and options contracts on a regular basis, much more often than 2x ETF, and every time they do that it costs money. The 3x ETFs can experience serious deterioration over time based on costs. SQQQ is not supposed to be held long term. I usually don’t hold any leverage ETF overnight.

    • Tracy Welborn

      I’ve never seen Manarino suggest a DOW fund. He’s usually in a position for a couple of weeks and then out. Right now its Goldman Sachs. He wins more than he loses but you’ve got to do it the right way.

    • BetterChetter

      When Mannarino thought the market would bounce up at end of Dec, I sold my DXD, and then the DOW dropped and DXD rose – and I lost on the action. Yet I took his word, without having my own barometer for decision making. As SisG noted, it was free advice and just didn’t work – but again, its important to develop a trading strategy independent of what experts say … like confirm a bottom has been reached and the price is stable, so that we buy in when the price is due to rise. I’ve heard a few folks say, that when a stock/etf spikes, the majority of the rise occurs in the last few periods (as most of citizens gobble it up), and then it is nearing time to sell, before the correction comes ~

  43. rahrog


    Thank you for your hard work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rahrog.

  44. David Clumpner

    Thnx Greg,
    Now perhaps u can drum up a little more ammunition on the thesis of the Uber Elites purposely planning to pull the plug, probably this year between now and the election.

  45. Donna

    My prayers are for Trump to clean house prosecute Obama,Michelle,Jarret, Reid, Holder on down to Hillary,congress for Treason.Put them in GTMO cleaning toilets

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I’d be willing to see Reid go to Camp Fed; he already had a little justice meted out on him.

  46. r.j

    Greg you said we are the resistance. Would you mind if i changed that to We are the renaissance.

    • Greg Hunter

      Either way, we are it.


    Putin bashing resulted in his becoming the most popular man in the world and the same is set to happen with Trump

  48. Mohammad


    When i said that a premium may be placed on smaller bills when 100 bill is taken out most jumped on my throat…wellllll:



    • Tin foil hat

      Smaller bills haven’t gone up in value in Greece. No one are buying more stuffs with smaller bills and $500 euro bill hasn’t been taken out of circulation in Europe. What are you talking about?
      They are just discouraging folks from hoarding cash. Nobody hoards small bills. One can still deposit the large bill in the Greek bank and make withdrawn in smaller denomination with no additional charges.

  49. Don

    Greg, was wondering if you would post my thoughts on Trump, as you have always been gracious to me. I just wanted to reason for a minute with your readers, who come here fore your timely commentary. I have done a great deal of research on the front runners in the republican party, since the demo’s candidates are a professed socialist and Hilary, as you has been under email investigation, and a quick look at her belief’s puts her in a communist category. So neither would, at least for me, be a presidential prospect. After looking at republicans, I found that Mr. Trump and Mr. Carson was the only two candidate who was not supported by globalist groups. With Mr. Carson dropping out and supporting Trump confirmed my selection as the best candidate. I don’t have to like or agree with every point of a candidate, and at first glance, Cruz was my first pick, being a conservative, and a Christian. But I believe, that this election will determine, if America will be lost to a globalist shadow government or have the people awakened enough to see the real threat. Goldman, and CFR, are the two front representatives in the NWO, being a globalist shadow government, in strategic positions in our government, that controls both the policy and money flow from the globalist to the supportive politicians that due their bidding. If you noticed, Trump brought an urgency to what should have already been the coarse of our leaders, if they truly were working for us. The attacks have come from across the globe, from the NWO participants. I watched Trump in an interview on INFOWARS.com, and he understands the true threat, that a loss of sovereignty is the real threat. By attacking the trade agreements and renegotiating them one on one, with a currency debasement stipulations in the agreement, it make it fair. Also the way the NWO is set up, and uses the trade agreements to finance there global infrastructure. Wealth is transferred from one nation to another, and national sovereignty is loss by the agreement. Mr. Trump was stabbing the NWO’s method for wealth transfer. The open borders policies of NAFTA, which were being implemented by Obama, will be stopped in there tracks, and I believe this is just the beginning. Mr. Trump understand big business, and trade, along with the sovereignty issues of global government. We have a real chance, to restore the constitutional government we all desire, if Trump is elected. George Soros has now become involved with both Sanders and Clinton campaigns, and also playing a role in the recent protest during Trump rallies. Our leaders are being controlled to establish the NWO, global government, and getting wealthy while they do it. We simply have to stop this takeover. Thanks Greg your da-man

  50. Sayonara

    WNW 231 Comments:
    This is blatant manipulation and taking advantage of a majority Americans that have no clue and that they are being played. Goebbels could not have been prouder of the Main Stream Manipulation.
    You are exactly right that Russia is in a cost cutting mode. We have no real policy in the Middle East and John Kerry in the eyes of the real world, looks like a aimlessly lost and driveling Alzheimer patient. So Russia really does not need the military assets it originally thought because there is no real American policy or threat.
    The FED and Janet Yellen in the eyes of the real world, looks like a aimlessly lost and driveling Alzheimer patient. Mannarino is exactly correct in stating that the only thing central banks are doing is financing bankrupt governments.
    Alzheimer disease is a terrible disease and feel terribly for those who are inflicted with it and their love ones who have to endure it. I am outraged that our crony criminal politicians and elites by choice of their actions submit the rest of us to what is effectively their Alzheimer’s disease.
    Finally, I am very much looking forward to the Rob Kirby early Sunday release.
    Thanks for all you do Greg!

  51. Linda L.

    (People getting their pensions/retirements cut. Another slap in the face for US taxpayers):

    • Tin foil hat

      Linda L.
      You can take a man out of the ghetto but you cannot take the ghetto out of the man. It’s in his DNA.

  52. Jeff

    I really enjoy your passion and it must really hurt you that since you are an “old school” journalist to see what has happened to Corporate Media. For the last three weeks before Super Tuesdays there have been orchestrated attacks against Trump. First it was the KKK, then it was all about Romney and recently it was all about Trump inciting violence.

    The good news is that people are starting to wake up because the coverage is just so over the top negative on Trump. If a miracle happens and Trump does get in I am sure he has a good memory of his back stabbers. Also according to the interview on Alex Jones yesterday with Dr. Corsi who is a friend of Trump……he said that Trump is fully awake to the New World Order Agenda. Lastly if he does win the nomination, I sure hope he picks a VP that is identical to him in views so he is not JFK’d in the first year.

  53. Eric

    The fact that Trump is gaining in the polls every time the press tries to paint him negatively tells me how much sway they have with the public. Not much. Thank God for Trump, he is changing the political landscape of America.

    Keep up the great work Greg.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Hmmm…let’s think this over…

      Trump gets attacked in the media; his popularity goes up.

      Trump gets attacked in the media again; his popularity goes up.

      Trump gets attacked in the media before a primary; he wins the primary.

      Trump gets attacked in the media before another primary; he wins that primary.

      This isn’t difficult: the media ARE swaying the public.

  54. pat the rat

    All Clinton needs is to be indicted an her bib to be elected is gone. I can see Trump with the hand cuffs at his rally holding them in the air, saying wait till I get to the white house!

  55. Paul

    Perhaps Russia’s unexpected pullout of troops and planes means a military/economic deal is being forged with Israel … where Russia helps develop Israel’s gas fields and keeps Hezbollah at bay … where Israel pledges to leave Russia’s client Assad alone (along with Russia’s warm water military port) … such a deal would have mutual benefits … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdAQQfx46Hk

  56. Ken Weberg

    Greg if you haven’t and get time 3 great reads to totally understand what is taking place. Sir Francis Bacons New Atlantis, Followed by Manly P. Halls The Secret Destiny of America then H.P. Blavatsky The Secret Doctrine. In your face doctrines and pretty much covers whats taking place in our country today

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ken.

  57. Paul

    Interesting … instead of just talking about ending the FED … lets release a T-Rex to eat the Fed … then we can bring the T-Rex down to the US/Mexican boarder to patrol the fence “Mexico will pay for” … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_nBmA0IFyA

  58. JC Davis

    Greg now may be a good time for a new survey question.

  59. Paul

    Just another reason to elect Trump … remember the way LIBOR was “manipulated” and the way the PPT “rigs” other markets … well the NASA satellites put into orbit to monitor global warming have found a “statistically insignificant” 0.078 Celsius change over the last decade … so it now has recently been “adjusted” to be five times higher! … and the Powers That Be (who want to collect a “global tax” on humanity for raising Earth’s temperature) are now discussing ways to quell “climate change” deniers by referring such people to the FBI for investigation … http://www.thenewamerican.com/tech/environment/item/22735-doj-has-discussed-referring-climate-denial-cases-to-the-fbi

    • Paul

      Everyone knows the US national debt of 19 trillion dollars is outrageous … but do they realize that the “taxes” collected for climate change violations will amount to 12 trillion dollars over the next decade! … this debt and tax bill of 31 trillion dollars is more then 3 times greater then the value of all the gold in the world (170,000 tons of gold x $1200 dollars is only 9 trillion dollars).

      So even if the US invaded every country in the world and stole every ounce of gold in the world … that 170,000 tons put into Fort Knox would still have to be “re-set” to a price of $3600 dollars per ounce just to pay off the above debt and tax bill … add in other unfunded liabilities and the re-set will push gold to between $20,000 and $50,000 dollars per ounce!

      • Paul

        Bankers usually demand that your assets be 3 to 4 times your liabilities … with the world fiat system at least 300 trillion dollars in debt and all the world’s gold assets currently worth 9 trillion dollars means that even just re-setting the world’s gold assets to be “equal” to the world’s liabilities means the price of gold has to be re-set 30 times higher ($36,000 dollars per ounce) … to make the world’s assets (gold) 3 to 4 times the world’s liabilities (fiat) means a gold re-set to between $100,000 to $145,000 fiat dollars per ounce!

  60. Mohammad

    The harsh reality is this:

    US is sold to China.
    They will collect in 2016 on.
    300+ million peasants in US to serve the 2 billion Chinese in main land.

    This is the punishment of the US for abandoning god, they let it slide, no prayers in schools, ok for Gay marriages….the ultimate sin is done and the fate is written.
    You are just seeing it unfolding in front of your eyes.

    We in US are the hebrews in the holy lands and the Chinese are the Babylonians that enslaved us, history is repeating itself.

    When humans will ever learn….?!


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