Spying Lying Exposed-Trump Proven Right, Economy Tanking, North Korea Update

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (3.24.17 WNW 277) 

Donald Trump was mocked by the mainstream media (MSM) for saying Obama “wiretapped” or spied on Trump and his top advisors. This week, Trump was proven 100% correct when information came out that President-elect Trump and his transition team were, in fact, wrapped up in government surveillance.  Information was illegally leaked to the press, and identities were illegally “unmasked” to discredit and embarrass the incoming President and his team.  This makes Watergate look like a squirt gun fight, and this investigation is now set to reveal “smoking gun” proof that the Obama Administration was involved in illegal activity.  This investigation is far from over and could directly implicate former President Obama.

Sears is in financial trouble, and is reportedly having trouble finding the money to keep its shelves stocked with merchandise. Sears, once the largest retailer in America, is saying that it could even be filing for bankruptcy within the year.  This is only the latest problem that has surfaced in the retail sector.  Macy’s and JCPenney have also recently reported financial problems that have forced store closings.  Nearly two dozen other national retailers are reportedly in financial trouble.

North Korea has announced it will “launch another nuclear test in the next few days.” It recently had a failed rocket test, and there are growing concerns with Japan and South Korea about threats North Korea is making.  Just a few weeks ago, it fired several missiles in a mock attack on Japan.  The missiles fell harmlessly into the Sea of Japan, but it still upset Japan enough to make threats of a preemptive first strike against the communist nation.  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says “all options are on the table” in future dealings with North Korea.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

Economist John Williams of ShadowStats.com will be the guest on the “Early Sunday Release.” Williams says President Trump has a short amount of time to get the economy going.


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  1. Faith

    Another great weekly wrap up Mr. Hunter! Well done!

    The hidden state / deep state reminds me of this: the Stasi that controlled East Germany. For folks that are younger, or missed it, there is an older movie, “The Lives of Others” which portrays what life was like in East Germany. The tools that the NSA, CIA, and FBI have at their fingertips would have made the Stasi green with envy. The only thing holding back the deep state from being rogue or a coup is the rule of law. I wonder if the rule of law is extant in the US at the present time. Certainly if you are wealthy you have access to a strong legal defense. Certainly the state can afford to prosecute whomever they see fit. But with regard to the rule of law and the common person? It is too easy to exploit us. 50% of the US population doesn’t have $500 dollars for an emergency repair let alone money to defend themselves in court or to try and prove property seized by the state, is in fact, their legal property and not ill-gotten goods.

    The Clintons should be prosecuted for a number of reasons, including running a fraudulent charity and selling access to the government for personal gain! It is sickening that nothing is being done to prosecute the Clintons. President Trump made a mistake by allowing Comey to stay on as the head of the FBI. It is obvious that Comey is a globablist and has no loyalty to President Trump. None.

    As for North Korea, thank god Secretary of State Tillison has said, “enough.” I absolutely agree. This is the third-generation of this family and 20-plus years of appeasement and discussions have resulted in a very real nuclear threat to the entire west coast! Do people realize a nuke isn’t even necessary to disrupt the US? It only takes a few well-placed, small, atmospheric tactial nukes to cripple the electrical grid! If the electrical grid is disabled that means you will not have city water, that the Internet will be down, that you will not have electricity to heat or cool your home or to keep your food frozen or cool. On top of that if the grid goes down people will be unable to use their debit cards or credit cards to purchase gasoline or groceries. I wouldn’t be surprised if many grocery stores refused to accept cash because their electronic cash registers would be unable to scan the price and calculate change! We take so much for granted.

    These are dangerous times.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes they are.

  2. Colateral Damage

    Re: Unasked Questions About Whistleblower Dennis Morgan at Committee Hearings on Surveillance,

  3. Colateral Damage

    Find this letter on the internet, use ‘Duck Duck Go’, I don’t think you will find the letter using ‘Google’.

    Re: Unasked Questions About Whistleblower Dennis Morgan at Committee Hearings on Surveillance,

  4. Colateral Damage

    Leaks and Alleged Russian Involvement in 2016 Presidential Elections.”

  5. Colateral Damage

    On this website (without the spaces): www_Freedom_Watch_USA.org

  6. Colateral Damage

    I cannot get the link to post for you this morning….


  7. dlc

    In regard to health care, try 30-50 mil illegals as opposed to the parroted 12 mil. They will be saying 12 mil illegals for the next 12 mil years. And, they are all in the ER.

    Since we have no borders and they hemorrhage into this country nonstop, how can you possibly provide health care? I would go for even repealing Medicaid and Medicare. They are bloated, corrupt scams and illegals benefit from these also. The only care illegals should receive is stabilization in a medical emergency.

    I could go for a simple catastrophic plan with clinics for smaller health issues with gov’t totally out of the loop. For as long as gov’t has a finger in the pie you will never see sane affordable care. Look at education costs.

    As to the other issues Trump is out to address, I feel that he will run into the same aggravations that he had with health care. Congress is populated with crooks and bums who, remember, were rewarded just recently for being crooks and bums. They will drag their feet wherever possible and even burn the ship down if necessary.

    And this is the syndicate that we hope to get health care relief from? Your health care is now political, and you will crawl over broken glass begging for a fix here and a fix there to no avail. Sadly, I see a total implosion of the economy as the only cartridge left for killing off this medical/political monstrosity.

    Also, many illegals come to this country who just happen to be “visiting” a relative when they find out they have cancer. Amazing. They find out while “visiting” that they have cancer, and we suck up the costs. Some will just simply come here when they have exhausted all care and hope in their home country. Why not shoot for miracles in a generous land of plenty?

    • Arthur Barnes

      Yea, 30 to 50 million, but way over that if you believe that a child born here from an illegal is still illegal; which I do. Start packing illegals, go home and cry for benefits from your own people/culture/government(s).

    • Frederick

      dlc you are absolutely correct The 12 million number is a crock

    • Robert Lykens, Rabid Zionist

      The most merciful, generous health care system would be one that is 100% capitalist, with no freebies for anyone.

    • BLT

      This is actually a very good point. As a parts salesman for semi trucks in Houston, 90% of our front counter customers are Hispanic and do not speak very good English. Most of them are hard-working although I cannot comment or pretend to know how many of them actually pay their fair share. However what I do know which was the point for me writing this was 5 years ago a mid thirties attractive Hispanic woman who had just entered the country came in to pick up a part for one of our best customers. We did not have her part in stock and she did not know how to get to our body shop which was across the street. I had Parts I had to pick up from there so I agreed to drive her in her car to the body shop so that she would know how to get there and kill two birds with one stone. Upon entering her car there was a mountain of paperwork that she had to move from the passenger seat and put in the back seat and I inquired what are all those papers? She answered with one word “Medicaid.” I asked “for who?” She replied “for my children.”. In a joking manner I asked “well how many children do you have?”. As I said before she is an attractive woman I would never have expected her response to be “5.”
      At this moment anybody who is in the U.S. reading this comment is paying for those five children. She is a respectful lady and works hard, but this is just one scenario to point out the severity of the problem. Now that is real world reporting. Thanks Greg for all your hard work.

  8. dlc

    Watched the latest Steve Pieczenik interview, if you can call it that. Read the comments section and noted that others were just as frustrated with the interruptions by the host. It was as close as I’ve seen Pieczenik come to losing it. It was a total train wreck. This is one person who I’d like to hear what he really thinks, but it just isn’t possible with the CNN-like approach of the host who, for some reason, gets more rabid with each interview.

    On the other hand, enjoyed your interview with the Hagmanns. Doug Hagmann has a very professional approach and I just find him so likable. When you are the interviewee, you are at your best, very animated, at your most informative, taking no prisoners (like your Michael Jackson remark, of which I concur). I try to avoid drinking anything carbonated when you are being interviewed. You are fast on your feet and I’m afraid I will fizz my sinuses over your many zingers.

    • Charles H

      Greg Hunter and carbonated drinks – at your own risk! Priceless.

    • Canadian Prepper

      Dlc :

      I agree. What I love most about Greg is his ability to contribute to an interview without over talking the guest. The H and H show the other night was great! Greg should try to interview Pieczenek. I too get frustrated when he is constantly interrupted

    • Susa Glenn

      Steve Pieczenik interview now available (with the interruptions edited out – thank you River Mersey) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V03s2aQKhaI
      Makes it easier to follow.

  9. philipat

    I don’t think trump will have to wait long for Obamacare to implode under its own weight. So putting it aside and moving on is a very sound strategy IMHO.

    • woody188

      Might the best strategy, because then Obama and the Democrats get the blame for the program they forced on the people and wouldn’t even let them read it.

  10. Tom H

    Hi Greg, wondering if you saw this?


  11. Elusive Joseph

    When I was in the US Air Force, I remember my training instructors asserting that the meager U.S. military presence posted along the South Korean border is symbolic and has no true physical application. If North Korea’s military rolled into South Korea, the U.S. troops would easily get overrun due to their small numbers compared to the massive force of the N. Koreans and their readily available military apparatus. The U.S. would not have enough time to respond to the invasion of S. Korea by N. Korea. What would happen in the aftermath of the invasion is something entirely different, but the current “protection” of S. Korea by the U.S. military acting as “guards” is a joke.

  12. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Thanks, Greg. Those stores sold out long ago anyway. You don’t remember when Sear and Penneys were nice. Old JP never let subliminal scribblings in his catalog. Now they are depressing rag shops full of weedy, cheap slave clothes.
    Malls began with cafeterias, dime stores, a drug store, a grocery store, and a movie theater back in the late 60s. Stacks of tailored pajamas with piping were a joy to see…in different colors and with union labels.
    I grew up in Big D going to Neiman Marcus with my aunts. My young folks can’t believe what fun it used to be to shop….and mostly American made. I could write an essay about the trolley ride downtown and Sanger’s chicken salad sandwiches.

    • Charles H


      My mother had a JCP credit card – for years. It was a legitimate source and staple for really good products. When I was to pack and set out for college: she handed me her card and told me to buy three shirts. While there I saw an actual oriental rug, 100% wool, texture cut, and beautiful – but a couple hundred dollars. I never got it, regretfully. 60’s America is now a beautiful memory. Shopping used to be an almost magical experience.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Not just for rich people. It was a Saturday excursion for Mothers and daughters, Dads and sons going to Sears to look at the fishing lures.

        Dept. stores had coffee shops with actual cooks who made salads and baked goods.
        Of course, our Navy also had cooks who could really cook!!!
        Whatever happened to cooking? I remember the looks of pride when customers complimented them.
        OK, this is getting sad….

  13. Tommy

    What is amazing is that the NYT is basically saying that their headline on the Jan 20 front page to the left of the photo of Trump on inauguration day didn’t say that wiretapped data was used in inquiry of Trump aides. The entire left has locked arms and is saying that Trump is lying about that. The illegal release of information is not debatable. Oh, and here’s the joke of the week. The Washington Post had an opinion piece the other day by Susan Rice, yes that Susan Rice, saying that when the White House twists the truth we are all less safe. Now that’s funny.

  14. dave l roselle

    Hi Greg

    You are so wrong about Trump.You only need to look at his foreign policy to see nothing has changed and as far as debt ceiling will go on .The free shit will go on.Everything will stay the same. Although i believe war will pick up,just like Hillary was there.As for the economy,Trump can do nothing except reduce GOV and allow the free market to happen.GOV CANNOT create jobs
    Good Luck with Trump


  15. Laura Snyder

    This was an excellent presentation loaded with up-to-date researched, credible facts & delivered with power & skill. You truly deliver the news to the public as you promise.

  16. Chip

    Have a great weekend Greg… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip. You too.

  17. dlc

    I needed to address my 4th round of skin cancer which I keep a close eye on. For me, it is a simple matter of walking in to make an appointment for what amounts to a 5-minute procedure with biopsy, for which I pay. I’m familiar with all the medical jargon and better equipped to know what to say no to. I also refuse all prescriptions.

    This time around, the patients in the waiting area were thicker than park pigeons. I found myself in an ER atmosphere and prepared myself to pass a birthday while waiting my turn. Provide “free” and this is what you contend with. A few hours later I was out of that pigeon coop after the 5-minute procedure.

    I think the MD approach is the best when it comes to trauma. My handyman’s girlfriend was involved in a head-on collision at 60 m.p.h. Miraculously everyone in both cars survived. Her injuries were massive — all from her seatbelt — collapsed lung, mutilated intestines, nasty multiple rib breakages. She went home with a gut left open like a gym bag, to be zipped up at a later date.

    I made a point of telling him to not allow her to start romancing the opioids once she returned home. It is what killed my sister who, as a nurse, got hooked after multiple car accidents.

    I see no point to health care for a procedure like I had undergone, and I have a meager fixed income. It would be even more affordable if it did not involve bloated costs to provide from someone else’s free ride.

    • Greg Hunter

      Praying you are going to be healed!! Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Charles H


      I had experience with oxycodone, a commom opioid. You are right – it is scary stuff. Along with the pain reduction: there is a presence like a wet blanket, which seems to completely envelop. In order to walk away – I HAD to choose the pain and refuse the relief. I could sense the pull and seduction: it is palpable. And the more time spent with it: the stronger it calls. Along with the prescription: patients NEED to be assessed as to dosage and addiction liabilities – but it just doesn’t happen. MANY people out there are exposed to these dangers on a routine basis, and are not informed or prepared. “It won’t happen to me” – no longer applies in this modern world.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      dic….eat fruit and beans like limas and black eyed peas. Drink V8 juice.

    • Garth Harris

      Well said DLC.
      You make some very good points on taking responsibility for one’s own health and well-being. We should not leave it to the ‘state’ to look after us, or what I would call the ‘entitlement mentality’ that has gripped so many, who feel they deserve it.

      It comes down to this – if you do not have to pay for it, you will find no value in the service. Nor will you respect that others have to work hard, paying taxes to support this so-called ‘free medicine’. As we all know, nothing is really for free. But those who benefit the most from socialistic policies , usually do the least to contribute to society at large, and on it goes.

      All the best with your skin cancer issue. In case you are not aware of this, and it could be of help in preventing further occurrence, there have been some good studies on a natural compound, Nicotinamide (vitamin B3), showing that it can significantly reduce recurrence of non melanoma skin cancers (like SCC’s & BCC’s ) by 20-30%. See the following links: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1506197#t=abstract & https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4570055/. I hope this information is of help and all the best.

    • Faith

      I agree about your commen on opiodes. People need to be very careful with those types of drugs. I feel that way about all drugs. Fine if I take them for a short period of time.

      I am going to go in for a colon resection due to diverticulitis and an abcess that just about killed me due to sepsis (infection in the bloodstream). I had another mild bout a few weeks ago and that is it. Is m done. I am healthy and have done fine with prior surgeries so willing to do this procedure to ensure my future quality of life and health. My primary care doctor (and his father) both had diverticulitis and both had to have their colons resectioned. On of the docs on my GI surgical team also has diverticulitis and has done well without surger. The antibiotic treatment for flare ups is horrible. Adding fiber to my diet has been a good solution but not enough.

      I am fortunate that my HMO lowered the deductible this year from $3K to $2K. The blessing, for me, is that I can be seen at my local hospital, by local doctors, and I don’t have to deal with the VA. Having colon surgery at the VA is not my idea of a good time. I am very blessed that I have alternatives!

      This will be an elective surgery but given the cost to treat this type of disease while you have an active infection it is much better to deal with this while you are healthy and strong rather than waiting until a flare up / infection.

      Please keep me in your prayers. I am blessed with a great team of doctors, one at the VA is a retired flight surgeon and another is a former Marine! They will be taking good care of me but, if you don’t mind, keep me in your prayers, please.

      They key to cancer is early diagnosis and treatment! Had my first colonoscopy a few weeks ago. It wasn’t that bad! Local place has an assembly line, great sense of humor, had me in and out in no time! Loved all the nurses and the docs. They were all very nice.

      I hate to say this but my favorite cheater for five are gummies: I found one that has 2 grams of fiber per gummie. I take out 5 for the day and eat them with each meal / snack. Easy way to get fiber if you hate the other stuff!

  18. Flattop

    GREG: Latest good news from California. The state govt has decreed that any contractor who participates in the construction of the wall, his state contractors license will be immediately revoked.

    • Greg Hunter

      That is unconstitutional.

      • Chief Two Beers

        This country has gone completely bonkers.

    • JC Davis

      Great maybe the wall will be built right. Not left.

    • Mike R

      Very easy to address that nonsense. Just build the wall right on the border, using mexicans hired from right on the other side of the line. No USA contractors needed, and CA can’t do a damn thing about it. States rights shall be TRUMPED by Federal rights. The FEd has the RIGHT to protect this country from harm. In fact, they could use the military to build it, and the military would do it right, and do it super fast. CA is a fraudulent state no matter how you look at it. They do everything the wrong way, its backwards, and its led by liberals who have no morals, and no empathy for the rest of the country. There is a great study that shows that when the earthquakes cut lose on CA, a good chunk of it will literally collapse right into the ocean. Best part is it will be sudden, and very swift. No slow slide. Just Kerplunk. Right into the deep blue sea. Lets hope it catches a lot of liberals and many illegals that are siphoning off of hardworking Americans, who actually pay taxes too.

      • JC Davis

        Mike worth a repeat. In fact, they could use the military to build it, and the military would do it right, and do it super fast. CA is a fraudulent state no matter how you look at it.
        1 trillion a year is spent on military and this wall is a problem. I don’t Think so !!
        At the end of my 12 gauge there is a name I don’t know, yet he is a member of a oligarchy that controls this republic.

  19. lastmanstanding

    Just repeal the ACA and let the chips fall. Some will survive, some will not. Meanwhile, you suckers who pay for health insurance are paying for these low life politicians families and staffs Cadillac plans. Don’t forget about those that do nothing for the earth or humanity. George Carlin always said, “It’s a big club, and you aint in it.”

    You toughen up and want to live on your own or die. That is how God’s green earth works. Yeah, everybody wants to live forever… then get over yourselves and take matters into your own hands. Then be thankful for what you get.

    • Charles H

      I’m on your side. Kill the beast and invite the industry back under previous terms, before the ACA. The beast is too big now.

  20. Bill

    I hate to see it come about, but in the near future there will only be Target and Walmart, if THEY survive. Having to buy all things on line, the delivery guys, FedEx, UPS will be good stocks to invest in for the future.

    • Frederick

      Bill I sure hope Kroegers survives They’re my favorite Walmart is overrun by illegals

  21. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Excellent report. The FISA issue is a non sequitar. The NSA is a presidentially inaguarated agency and every DIRNSA (Director NSA) is a flag (Admiral or General) active duty officer. ((This is not the case for the CIA until Obama)). Because of this the president can direct the collection effort of NSA simply by verbal order WITHOUT the need of a FISA warrant.
    Also, 100:1 odds that Dennis Montgomery is Nunes’ “confidental” source.

    • Paul ...

      Now there is no longer “a rule of law” like a FISA warrant that must be adhered to by Presidents of Nation States … which opens the possibility that there is an “unwritten agreement” now between Putin and Trump … to make preemptive 1st strikes against “all the ego-maniacs” … creating most of the problems in our world! … consider the possibility that the US has been given a free hand to gun down the North Korean leader … and Russia given a free hand to take out the maniacs in the Ukraine (building a “dirty bomb”) … in such a “free for all” world … Israel could easily become a target of a Russian nuclear 1st strike (if they don’t stop antagonizing Putin) … those who love Israel the nation … should be very seriously thinking of voting out the man endangering Israel with his big ego!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zzsr4yRDSVk

  22. Jerry

    Great weekly news wrap up as usual Greg!
    I for one am not holding my breath to see what Donald Trump does or doesn’t do. I think it should be apparent by now that one man cannot fight the globalist and their minion’s in shadow government. Here is a prime example of their global influence. Why on earth would Canada risk losing an oil deal with Donald Trump in order join AIIB who is basically a globally controlled organization by China? http://presstv.ir/Detail/2017/03/24/515445/13-states-including-US-ally-Canada-join-AIIB
    In this game of financial musical chairs, when the music finally stops (and it will) its always go to have an extra chair to sit in. As Americans what’s our back up plan?
    – QE ? …….done that.
    – Borrow money from foreign investors?……….done that too.
    – Borrow money from tax payers? ………….done that again, and again…etc. etc.
    – Give away free money?……can you say zero percent interest rates?
    When all else fails ( and I would consider less then 1% GDP a failure) follow slick Billy Bob Clintons philosophy. ” Lie about everything and ask to see proof”. It always works. At least for awhile.

    • Jerry

      Here’s a follow-up question to my last post. China has vowed to protect globalization. How? http://thebricspost.com/australia-china-to-protect-globalization/#.WNUvpXx1ofg

    • Just the facts please

      As a Canadian I will tell you that Trudeau is a globalist! He lied throughout his election campaign about EVERYTHING, and in his first year has backed out of all his main platform promises. Our media, all of it, is worse than your CNN for fake news. Check out our CBC news report some time and see how ridiculous it is – they will still be running with a story that has been debunked as fake news, even by CNN and it is still real news for the presstitutes on CBC three days later.

      • Jerry

        Just the facts please.
        I think he sees the train coming down the tracks and wants to get on board.http://asia.nikkei.com/Politics-Economy/International-Relations/AIIB-to-have-85-to-90-members-by-year-end

        Americans are to bogged down fighting with each other to see that the rest of the world is isolating us. Once the BRICS boat is full, they will hand us the anchor. Regardless of the fact that nothing has happened “yet” anyone with half a brain can see the numbers simply do not add up. Use this time to get what you need. We don’t have much left.

        • JC Davis

          Jerry the anchor is no so bad when you look at the resource’s of America. I welcome that day.

  23. Fear Not

    A notable quote:

    “Nothing’s too good for the people who are getting it for free.” -Greg Hunter

    Well said, Greg. Well said.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Fear Not!

  24. Sawmillcreek

    What is ringing in my ears: If Trump gets in we will all hang(Clinton)

  25. john duffy

    There is something seriously wrong with the world:

    When a country, a government as well as individuals from that country fund, arm and train terrorists who have murdered thousands, tortured them, rounded up women and children and sold them on sex slave markets or used their bodies to harvest organs and yet the king of that same country flies all over the world in a disgusting display of wealth and opulence and gets to ride on golden escalators.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Robin Cook resigned from his positions as Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons on 17 March 2003 in protest against the invasion of Iraq. He had this to say in guardian…

      “Bin Laden was, though, a product of a monumental miscalculation by western security agencies. Throughout the 80s he was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Al-Qaida, literally “the database”, was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians. Inexplicably, and with disastrous consequences, it never appears to have occurred to Washington that once Russia was out of the way, Bin Laden’s organisation would turn its attention to the west.”


      “In early August 2005, Cook and his wife, Gaynor, took a two-week holiday in the Highlands of Scotland. At around 2:20 pm, on 6 August 2005, while he walked down Ben Stack[27] in Sutherland, Scotland, Cook suddenly suffered a severe heart attack, collapsed, lost consciousness and fell about 8 feet (2.4 m) down a ridge. He was assisted after his fall by another hill-walker who refused all publicity and was GRANTED ANONYMITY. A helicopter containing paramedics arrived 30 minutes after a 999 call was made. Cook then was flown to Raigmore Hospital, Inverness. Gaynor did not get in the helicopter, and walked down the mountain. Despite efforts made by the medical team to revive Cook in the helicopter, he was already beyond recovery, and at 4:05pm, minutes after arrival at the hospital, was pronounced dead. Two days later, a post mortem examination found that Cook had died of hypertensive heart disease.”

  26. Rodster

    Greg, any chance of having Brandon Smith from alt-market.com in the near future? His most recent article is a whopper.


  27. Gadfly


    O-bama Care is the cornerstone of economic freedom and therefore potential growth. Unless repealed or modified, we are unlikely to see any real small business relieve or much additional growth or hiring. All this means if he can’t get the whole enchilada, then he wants to go back to Trump Towers. Well, you have to compromise in politics if you want to accomplish anything.

    So, absent dealing, there can be no Act of Congress today or any real economic improvement. So, if Obama Care Reform is a No-Go, then President Donald Trump is likely a one-term president. I don’t really think he will even want to hang around any longer if his own Congress won’t back his key legislative and budget agenda early on.

    The “Wiretapping” of The Trump Team in his Towers in 2016 is a political side-show. No one is going to jail. So far, he is not prosecuting or firing any of the alleged participants. The big names are gone. We just lambast Clapper the Lightening Rod and think we did something (about it). In fact, nothing has yet happened ( just talk ). The accomplices, like rats ( or moles), have already disappeared into the Federal Government Bureaucracy ( a.k.a. “Deep State”). Its just a big circus, as was during the Roman Days of wine, bread, and circuses. Are we looking for (easy) scapegoats? SAD !

  28. Russ

    You don’t know what you don’t know.

    You can’t prove a negative.

    How could F.B.I. Director Comey know definitively that Trump tower was not the subject of illegal surveillance? He couldn’t. The F.B.I. does legal surveillance (bread & butter), but would have no way of knowing what was being done from within a project he was not privy. He and Clapper would (should?) have known about any and all legal surveillance, but if Trump was targeted by the N.S.A. “illegally”, Comey and Clapper may very well have never been allowed to know. Neither man would want anything to do with an illegal surveillance op considering that it would possibly put them in a position of having to lie to Congress. Then again, maybe Director Comey and the DNI Clapper did know and simply lied to Congress — under oath. I prefer to think they were kept in the dark so they could testify truthfully, but I like to see the best in people and am often woefully disappointed.

    IMO, all the talk about surveilling Russians or other diplomats and non-U.S. officials is just cover to allow “legal” intercept of Trump, Flynn or any other Trump staffer, who were the primary targets, using inadvertent collection as cover. Why do I think this?
    (1) They are talking openly about intelligence collection operations against Russian diplomats and that would not be happening unless something bigger was at stake; intelligence professionals do not disclose anything about what they do, to whom they do it or how they do it. Every Russian diplomat probably thought they might be surveilled, now they know. You can throw that “cannot confirm or deny” thought out the window. It’s been confirmed at they highest level.
    (2) Names were unmasked rather than being referred to as generic person A/B. Unmasking names is not done by accident — oops, sorry about that. Someone needs to state the rationale for unmasking those names. Without good rationale, my conclusion is that those U.S. persons were the subject of the surveillance and not inadvertently caught up. The folk who drafted those reports are intelligence professionals and they don’t make mistakes like that and stay in a position drafting intel reports for POTUS. Unmasking was not a mistake, it was deliberate.

    It makes me sick to my stomach to hear bureaucrats openly discussing intelligence collection operations and using legitimate collection as cover for illegal surveillance. I will be watching the news very closely today to see just what “smoking gun” is released.

    • Flattop

      Russ: Nobody goes to jail anymore. You can lie to congress like Clapper, Comey, the former Atty General, Clinton, and the list goes on, and there is no action taken. So why not lie to cover your butt, nothing happens when you do.

  29. dc

    Hi Greg. The question came to mind, “Why is the media being setup this way to report certain thing the way they are (lies) and not report other things (the truth)?”
    If they can convince the public that Trump didn’t win rightly (similar MO they applied against Bush – make his win questionable [never questioning the second win of obama when he’s crying in happiness standing before a group of computer hackers]) and discredit him (no wiring tapping – but ‘if there was’ fraud Bari had good reason to suspect him because “Look he was in cahoots w/ the Russian’s and won!”). All of this to pad the ‘fake reality’ of the up coming Coup. That’s the point of it all.
    Those ‘loyal’ to that regime and “way of thinking” (swamp fever) will be willing pawns to fight against real Americans when the time of uprising comes (and the usurpers telling them to “report your neighbor” if they’re ‘one of them’ [Trump supporters] type of dealing). I just see the lies being used for a false front that will ignite the ‘indoctrinated’ to “believe and serves the lies and liars” – going against truth, the law and their neighbors.

    • C romana

      Dc, I agree. Even in Ontario the news is that Trump or his team colluded with Russia. Most people fall for the lies. They are being primed for the finalround. In Ww2 the whole of Germany was indoctrinated, so I don’t have much hope left. The news is against Trump on a daily basis. Propaganda works and most people listen to radio when they drive.

  30. andyb

    Greg: It is becoming quite obvious that Comey is a charter member of the DEEP STATE; but given his height (6’8″), he has been able to keep his head just above the swirling turds in the swamp—sarc. Why hasn’t Trump fired him or asked for his resignation? His lies are blatant and have been proven. And what’s the deal with Acosta for Labor Secretary? The same Acosta who was instrumental in Jeffrey Epstein’s illegal plea bargain deal over sex with underage girls at a Caribbean island. Is Acosta’s appointment a quid pro quo for not implicating Trump in the pedophilia? Although if Trump truly was involved, the DEMs would have provided the flight logs, or are high ranking DEMS also involved, so no exposure? Still waiting, waiting, waiting for the evidence in the Wiener computer file (labeled “insurance”) to surface. Boy, the rabbit hole is very deep, isn’t it.

  31. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, that foreign born closet Muslim Obama is up to his eyeballs in the Trump surveillance, but we all know he will get a pass, after all you can’t have the first black President going to jail even if he commits treasonous felonies in lockstep with the Clinton’s. Comey is also part of the conspiracy and needs to be indicted as well, he lied to Congress. What Obama Administration did say was the truth, they said “The White House did not order any wiretapping”. That is true because only a JUDGE can ORDER a wiretap, but you can bet Obama and Company was at the heart of it, instigated it if you will. I think Trump will get to the heart of the spying, and, as you said Trump will get stronger as time goes on and when he does look out Obama he will be after him, after all Obama drew first blood. Trump was sufficient to just let the past be the past, but spying on a President elect just went to far to be let go and just forget about it. Obama better keep a good watch out because he could be indicted in the near future, they got Nixon for a lot less!

  32. Roger D

    Thank you Greg for another excellent news wrap-up.

    The central government and its Deep State handlers will protect any of their own from jail. Jail is for the masses. Liberty and justice are long gone. Want proof? Ron Paul correctly stated, “victimless crime” laws are incompatible with liberty.” Yet already 86% of the Federal prison population consists of those charged with victimless crimes.

    It is important to follow the news, but sadly we let it distract us from seeing the end game. We live in daily fear of ‘terrorists’ (most created by war-mongering DC), Muslims, all countries in the Middle East (except one of course) and now it’s North Korea. Yet our greatest enemy is the US government with their Nazi Police State, Surveillance State and Warfare State. It pains this old coot to watch us still trying to save an evil system intent on destroying us. Meanwhile the tree of liberty was taken to the saw mill without one shot fired. It will not be long before no one is left who remembers what we lost.

  33. Wayne Donenfeld

    As we know, all of these actions perpetrated by the Deep State are geared toward maintaining their power and control as the shadow government of the US to do as it sees fit, the government elected by US citizens be damned. The 80/20 rule to distill all of this continual nonsense of a dysfunctional government into a few common factors can be remedied by enacting just a few things:

    1. reinstate Glass-Steagall to destroy the vampire squid Wall St.
    2. enforce existing health care laws to drive its costs down from 19% of GDP back to its 3%
    3. arrest and indict all high (and low) profile criminals for sedition-treason-fraud-human/child trafficking-pedophilia; push for the death penalty where applicable
    4. remove all incentives for illegal immigrants to want to “migrate” to the US
    5. stop endless undeclared warfare, stop the arms race, declare NATO obsolete

    Dream on. Of course the financial/bankster, military/security and pharma/healthcare monopolies will resist to the bitter end any attempts to rein them in. And the chaos that would ensue from enacting such measures would be devastating in itself. Its fallout would be global, with unintended consequences galore.

    To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, one of the truly visionary Founding Fathers:
    “You have a government that is a Constitutional Republic, if you can keep it.”
    “Once the citizenry learns it can feed at the public trough, the Republic is lost.”

    The balkanized nation that the US has become of productive citizens vs. parasites that feed off them cannot be sustained. The ultimate question right now is whether or not this nation can survive, or is even worth saving. It is very sad to admit to oneself, but I think this is the question all of us who ponder such things have been wrestling with.

  34. Linda L.

    The spoiled little man brat, N. Korean dictator Kim Jung is a danger to the entire globe because he lives in a bubble with limited understanding regarding the end consequences of his proposed, stupid actions. I’m surprised he’s still alive.
    The Russians are coming/threat dialog is really getting old. Simply put, the western powers want Syria, energy pipe lines, and access to this very strategic area for their own unhindered use and armed rebels (ISIS) to carry out the plan, while Putin is trying to stop this globalist agenda, protecting Syria and his own interests in the region. In order to keep Trump at bay, the deep state has brilliantly created the RUSE that Trump and his associates are in deep collusion with Russia, which makes it extremely difficult for Trump to interact with Putin diplomatically (shameful). In order to save himself and get to the business at hand, Trump might want to share (in a big way) the real reasons why the Russian threat was manufactured.

  35. Gwyn Charlton

    Why do you not talk about what is happening with Japan Nuke problems? Why news from the ENE.com is not just as important then money problems?
    Food problems and Water and last about how it will affect the air we breath. It been six years the sea life is being affect.

    • Wayne

      This site had a fairly recent interview with Dane Wigington, who addresses issues along these lines.

      Yes, aside from being irradiated, the oceans are becoming more acidic. The air is polluted through chemtrails, where the heavy metals then fall to the soil. The earth is further contaminated by fracking, which then poisons the underground water tables. And this cycle of destruction is completed by GMOs that poison their consumers, who may not know what they are eating because the FDA will not allow accurate labeling.

      In a world dominated by a dying empire still seeking global hegemony and by corporate fascism trying to wring the last penny of “profit” out of anything they can contrive in the latest millisecond, the above concerns are somehow considered irrelevant.

      As many have noted, unless these issues are addressed soon enough, what does it matter how big your 401(k) balance is?

      Yet the “elites” must have a plan to continue their New World Order! If thermonuclear war renders the surface of the earth uninhabitable, they will hunker down in their underground cities or escape to their colonies on the dark side of the moon, etc. If extraterrestrials really are observing us, the frontrunner for their award of Oxymoron of the Millennium must be “Homo Sapiens.” Apologies for the sarcasm, but one way of dealing with this reality is through humor.

  36. Jerry

    Evidence the natives might be getting wrestles.

  37. Dee Garmon

    The only thing that comes to mind that he is being blackmailed with the knowledge that intelligence chiefs had previously committed perjury and got away with it.

  38. Linda L.

    I think that the career politician and House Speaker Paul Ryan isn’t to be trusted (makes me sick to look at him). What did he ever do for the GOP/America People under the Obama Administration? He said in October 2016 that he’d never, ever support Trump and I believe that he meant it, so I worry about his involvement in the new healthcare bill and won’t be surprised if it either fails or retains too many similarities to Obamacare:

    • Linda L.

      With the healthcare bill being completely pulled because the 30 or so GOP didn’t really want to cooperate, at least Trump knows who these guys really are now, and thanks to Obama and all his cronies, like so many working folks know who live in Arizona (myself included), we’ll have a mortgage sized, monthly health insurance bill for quite some time to come.

  39. Jan

    Greg, thanks for reporting matters of substance. I can count on you to cover the bases!

    No matter what the press or Robby Mook says, though, I don’t foresee Hillary ever getting any traction–even if her health holds up and she never has any further scandals. Back in ’08, the young senator of Illinois–Obama–beat her easily. This past time, despite his and his wife’s efforts and those of big celebrities and MSM and the coffers of $$$$, on Election Day, the Democrats got whipped. Why would they let such an unpopular person represent them again? She has no stage appeal; she couldn’t fill up her rallies. They will want an “insider” who can.

  40. VegasRob

    Another excellent week of interviews with an equally great WNW. As always, thank you for what you do.

    Regarding Dir Comey and the testimony, please look at this video and you can clearly see the collusion between Rep Schiff and Comey in regards to the ‘edited for sound-bite’ QUOTES they are both reading from. Comey had these questions sent to him in advance…question is, did he also have the answers sent to him in advance. It does seem a little odd that Comey ‘read’ most of his responses vs actually ‘answering’ the questions…why all this preparation.

    Comey has got to go, he is colluding with the deep state and a huge liability to this country. In my book you can put him down as another Clapper who thinks their job is to LIE to the American people.

    This swamp cant drain fast enough.

  41. Tin foil hat

    Just heard this on the Rush Limbaugh Show; Obama is away on vacation by himself in Fiji. Rush said; “He was seen in an all male retreat …. Oh, no, no, I didn’t say that. He could be in an all male spiritual retreat.”
    Lol, you just can’t make this crap up.

    • TheTao

      Rush makes up crap like this all the time.

  42. stonewall

    Greg. a day or so ago I listened to you on the Hagman report and you were on
    fire. Terrific interview. You are to be commended Mr. Hunter because you
    got balls unlike the mealy mouthed, self serving, double speaking fraudulent
    sad excuses for journalists on main stream media. More and more people
    are tuning into USA watchdog because they want real unvarnished
    true facts and not fake news. Keep up the good work. I look forward
    to the early Sunday release.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Stonewall!

  43. coalburner

    Greg; Referring to the Rapeugees in Maryland; These were probably some of the aged 10 to 30 children that rode the train up thru Mexico in the two years before Obama was flushed. He set up secret holding/housing pens for them where they tried to “civilize the savages”. I know it sounds hard to beleive for the Gina types but one pen was in Artisia, New Mexico and run by and provided employees of a private contractor. As always some of these people were local, though sworn to secrecy they were aghast at these people and the word started to leak out in New Mexico. The primitiveness and ignorance of these “Chldren savages” was amazing but money was being made. In a mass area, cot sleeping human storage, they taught them a quick but feeble lesson on morals, wearing underwear, what feminine products were and their use, how to eat, use a commode, urinal and other necessities. Word began to leak out so over a weekend when people went home from work expecting to come back Monday things changed. Overnight they were secreted away to never be seen or heard of again by people in NM. We believe that was one of many holding, training centers and that the groups were moved around until deemed suddenly civilized and dumped on the streets. Clearly an Obama plan to disrupt, destroy, and damage our culture, and the thread of life in America. IF you ever find out I bet this was two of the planned failures dumped in leftist moron town , Rockville Maryland. People who care avout their children better plan to protecting them themselves. The government at any level is too stupid to do it. Not even Trump can back up this tragedy. All he can do is deport everyone of these timebombs that he can. And more to my friendly watchdoggers , what happens when the Dimocrats take over again. Years go by! I say prepare, send your children to Jui Jitso, it is the most dangerous Martial Art I have seen and little kids learn it fast. I admit I never had the ppportunity. Teach them the weapon arts, I had the best of that, much of it is in ones head, not to live in fear, always be ready to defend selves. It is not easy to explain. But I grew up as many of you living it, I was not taught it was just part of life. Survival of our decendents may depend on there ability to think under duress and defend lighting fast. All my Grandkids are on the way to Jui Jisto masters and they will be the master of weapons too. They will be far advanced in Anatomy, Medical advanced basic training. On New Years weekend I had them sitting at the table under my Dr. and College anatomy teaching daughter’s trained eye dissecting an elk heart, saved special for a fun indoor adventure. The sixteen year old and nine year old were up to their elbows into it. Never leave education to schools alone. IF you have minimal skills, there is 4H, Boy Scouts, Red Cross, HunterSafety, You Tube, CD’s and training from Infidel Body Armor and Black Scout training and the master down the street looking for people to pass it onto. I believe if anything Trump a Devine Intervention for some breathing room for learning more and preparing.

  44. Flattop

    I have heard that in the not too distant future, our President will soon ask the resignation of Comey, and the current governor of new jersey is standing by to assume he position. Might you know anything of this???

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not but something is going to happen. I think Comey committed perjury this week.

  45. Kevin Tadych, MD

    Hello Greg, after listening to your weekly wrap up I would like to make you aware of the Christian co-ops for health insurance. Maybe you know about them already, if not you could save $1200/month for you and your wife from what you are paying now. I am an orthopedic surgeon and I am highly involved in the free market medical movement which is starting to take place in the United States. My website : fairmedicalcare.org has several links which I give to my patients frequently. I have taken care of several patients with the Christian Medical share and Samaritins and they work well. There is also Liberty Share which works as well.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kevin for giving us this information!!!

  46. Linda

    A must watch video of William Tompkins talking mind blowing stuff, key thing, Trump is not a reptillian, Obama, Bush, Clinton are. These links is for Part One and Part Two as well, watch them both!!!!! We have been lied to!



  47. Justin

    Hey Greg,

    How about: Dr. Phil exposes elitist pedophile organization from this week?

    • Greg Hunter

      Please post another link for that if you have it! Dr. Phil did something good here.

  48. Robert Lykens, Rabid Zionist

    It’s good to see the Trump administration standing up for itself and putting the liberal media in its place. http://www.wnd.com/2017/03/source-nsa-has-smoking-gun-evidence-obama-spied-on-trump/

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a HUGE story!!

      • Scott Miller


        The liberal media is not stopping or slowing down or pausing.

        Nothing has changed.



  49. John M.

    It’s quite apparent that objectivity, and the rule of law, no longer exists in America. My local McClatchy newspaper, will not budge in their opinion pages that Russia and Trump must be having a love affair no matter what the facts are saying to the contrary. Now they are saying, that Rep. Devin Nunes is an “apologist for Trump”, and he should step down as chairman. The MSM will not accept defeat. Their pride is too great. Lies and deceit are justified by them because they do not believe in God and virtue. Maybe they are all frightened and unified because Trump wants to squish them like the cockroaches that they are.
    They will never let go of the fantasy that both Russia and Trump are the biggest enemies of our republic. They will keep bending the facts to match their grand diabolical agenda. The true enemy of America are lies, and demons are always closely linked to lies.
    I sure hope that President Trump can drain much of the swamp before he is blamed for the collapsing US economy and the dying US dollar. Because that’s surely on the way.
    I think the Achilles heel of the left is actually located in their loins. It would be fitting that Pedogate (aka Pizzagate or ChildMurdergate) will be their downfall. Truth needs to triumph every once in a while.

    • Greg Hunter

      John M,
      Never in the history of the nation an outgoing President and his Administration used government Intel agencies to spy on an incoming President and his administration for the sole purpose of discrediting him and undermining him–never. This makes Watergate look like a squirt gun fight. The MSM looks at everything but this glaring FACT because it makes their propaganda look like, well, propaganda. This spying story will not go away and will mushroom.

  50. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg, thank you for another great weekly wrap up news for all us who lost total trust in the USA’s MSM.

    For your information, about two years ago, when the West imposed illegal economic sanctions against the Russian Federation, (all sanctions outside of the UN’s Security Council are illegal) in order to avoid the possible disconnect of Russia from SWIFT, the Russian Government tusked its ministers to develop, as soon as possible, the Russian SWIFT system and replace all western credit cards, like “Master Card”, “Visa Card”, and others, with Russian national credit card called “Mir” (which means “World”) and consequently refuse to recognize the western credit cards any longer. At the beginning of this week, RT (“Russia Today”) announced that the entire work has been successfully completed. It is now going through the testing stages. It is expected that the Russian Government will soon officially announce the usage of its national SWIFT system and its national credit card(s). Needless to say who is here the biggest looses in this less than intelligent sanction impositions on Russian Federation by the most of the Western governments working in sinchornism with Washington.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miro. What a mess.

  51. charles Turner

    I would be quite happy if Trumps one major achievement was too drain this swamp. Given the economic and debt situation, making America great again may be one step to far for a mortal man.

  52. Scott Miller

    Remember! Today is March 25th. Ten days ago Stockman made dire predictions about the March 15th debt ceiling.

    Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Get ready for the next set of wrong predictions.

    Hear them for what they are.

    No doomsday people.

    That is why you “fear not”!


    • Greg Hunter

      Stockman said March 15th was the beginning and that what was going to happen would not really take hold until August or so. Why do you come here anyway? You obviously get nothing out of this. Why not go somewhere else like an MSM outlet? They will tell you everything is fine and you will be with like minded people.

    • John Davis


      This whole process is slowly uncovering itself – it is rotten to the core. I have been in medicine since 1980 so I will discuss this first. Since 2008 I have seen my income drop 40% primarily due to emr. The issue is not being able to see your doctor but the ability of your doctor to see you. We are quickly losing experienced physicians because the administrative burden is insurmountable. People are not going to go into medicine owing upwards $400,000 by the time they finish residency only to see their income destroyed by government regulations. The crisis is here now I can assure you.
      Next, if we can’t change health care as recently attempted by the Trump administration what does that tell you about any effective tax relief for the middle class? If the Trump agenda is going to be stalled by the Democrats at every front then I am afraid what Stockman warns of will be upon us very fast. We shortly face: corrections in the housing and bond markets as rates rise and more money flows into stocks where there is no “E” to support the “P” in the standard P/E ratio – thereby inflating this bubble further until people wake up and realize that they need to get out but can’t because the liquidity has dried up in these markets. I am afraid that some people are looking for a static event when the process has been quite dynamic until the time comes of course where rates can’t be manipulated lower and gold can’t be suppressed any further – thereby increasing the costs of holding 20 trillion dollars in debt at the same time the dollar is losing its value in an inflationary environment.

    • JC Davis

      Scott M I remember that prediction. A few others were saying the same thing. When the titanic sank the last thing anyone wanted to hear was… OH no we are going down. You should not expect to hear what has happened until it happens in your life alone. Distractions only work if people are watching. No one is watching right now! Now is the perfect time for a big distraction./ War.

  53. Margaretha Geertruida "Margreet" MacLeod

    A Picture Is Woith A 1000 Words!
    Obomber care is insurance company FRAUD on the working Amerikan sheeple!
    The shadow Mata Hari Madow people still rule, but not fer Longie, . . .. Civil War, Un-Cybel Peace!

  54. Justn Observer

    Greg….Great wrap up …. Your contributors and guests here would be wise to listen to this …longer yes…but filled with information that will save their lives…might help them from becoming ‘labeled criminals’ by the gov’t for their opposition to healthcare…YES – even in the Paul Ryan plan…! And the dirty secret that most of the most dangerous parts of ACA…and…the part that may remain…even if they ‘repeal’ ACA is was in the Obama ‘stimulus bill’ …before the ACA was ever passed ! The ‘agencies’ and protocols of boards set up to ‘administrate’ healthcare by the gov’t… For instance….ONLY 7% of all doctors are even in the AMA…but wouldn’t you know that ‘they’ have the patent on the ‘coding system’ now set up and are making between $80 and $100 million forcing the medical providers to use it via licensing? That doctors can be fined and worse for ‘not being efficient providers and users’ of the boards directives as to ‘suggested’ care… So much more…but it totally exposes Paul Ryan’s plan…and any plan put forward that does not dismantle the framework set up under the ‘stimulus’ package!
    Basically – the people are being duped…that any efforts will result in any change in high med. costs….because the plans are not about anything other than of the people, their ‘access’ to coverage…and ‘denial’ of care at the later ends of life… And whether your – penalized, taxes, fined, forced to pay high deductibles, or your doctor is – to passed along to you in billings…is of little matter to ‘them’ globalist…lobbyists…bribed politicans…and the heck with prevention or actual care as long as you fork over ‘insurance premiums’ and are forced to use ‘their’ coding system…and are or ‘are not’ treated according to their policies = cost vs. longevity/value to system ! YES – ‘death panels’ by another name….Palin was right… but she was wrong only in that they were not in ACA….but in structure set and paid for by the stimulus package … a ruse for most …since when people went looking in the ACA much of the worst is not IN THERE! Lastly as pointed out here…the worst of Obama care does not even kick in until after Jan 1, 2017…by design because they knew if this was found out it would have lessened Democrats getting elected in 2016. So watch for the harsh panel directives to kick in this year… This doctor as a result….retired from medical care as of Jan. 1, 2017 not wishing to have his care dictated to him…nor wishing to be fined up to $100,000 or having his license suspended for ‘none compliance’… AND YES GREG…this is and will become a much more HUGE STORY as well…as this unfolds…if the people do not make their political representation AND their doctors aware …that they are AWARE of what the REAL plans are !
    Dr. David Janda: https://youtu.be/xVV_lL-VOHM

  55. francis m reps

    You are hitting triples and home runs Mr. Hunter. This wrap up is on target. As an aside : Planned Parenthood is castigating Ivanka Trump for her alleged silence in reference to ” Women’s Rights ” because she is not speaking out for ” Women’s rights { Abortion }. Has anyone at Planned Parenthood addressed the issue of destroying the rights of HALF THE UNBORN BABIES THAT HAPPEN TO BE GIRLS ??. Isn’t this a Women’s Rights issue ?.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Francis!

  56. Charles H


    Concerning Obamacare – it needs to be completely and irrevokably repealed. Period. Two points. Nothing impacts Americans as hard or unnecessarily. What should be around 7% of income is nearing 20%. It is a soaking. Secondly, the ACA took LOTS of political capital and time to ram through. If that is what it takes to GET RID OF IT – so be it.
    The perception of ‘limited time’ to do “X” amount of things – doesn’t smell right. In fact, going after business this and that – may be the Rabbit Trail itself. No future has a crystal ball – so even ours is a matter of trusting that doing the right thing is enough and not giving into fear so as not to be pushed or make bad decisions. Some simple goals of undoing what the Democrats put in place is, to me, the first step. Reinstall Glass-Steagall; repeal the ACA; replace the FTC with something that WILL shackle bad business dealings: reform Welfare, Fannie Mae & Mac; Medicare; etc.
    In war – for a wounded soldier: you don’t look down the road to physical therapy, if you don’t first save his life. Triage is saving the person’s life by stopping the bleeding; stabilizing the body. America needs exactly this. Stop the bleeding and save the life – then look toward “rebuilding”.

  57. Polly Huggins

    Gregg, thank you for your weekly report and for the eye opening interviews! The knowledge I gain from your insights and from your reader’s comments is priceless. I just had a thought about the so called “Ryan Healthcare Plan.” Do you think it was written not to pass in the House of Representatives in the first place? President Trump can make the claim that he kept his election promise, he tried, and in doing so his hands are clean from any negative impacts of a new healthcare plan. When Obamacare fully engages, the public in general will become more vocal as their insurance rates rise even higher and the quality of their healthcare decreases. I think these negative impacts will stir up the general masses again for the 2018 elections. At that point the issue of healthcare reform can be addressed again. Its too bad people will suffer under Obamacare. Now President Trump can move forward to other pressing issues.

  58. charles Turner

    I assume nobody in the Intelligence Service or the Obama administration ever thought Trump would get elected. Maybe the plot was to take Trump down after the election and to destroy the Republican party. If Hillary had got elected, Trump would have got nowhere near the intelligence services. This is maybe why this ‘incidental collection’ has been so careless and there has been dozens of reports and unmasking of people. Maybe it was never to do with the Russians helping Trump get elected and all to do with first Trump losing the president election and then Trump and anyone not towing the line, being destroyed post election.

  59. J. Bethune

    Bill O’Reilly: Treason is in the air / Plus reaction from Bob Woodward

  60. coalburner

    I listened to over 110 minutes of Dr. Janda, compliments of JustinObservor. IT is required listening for every American. We need to start hearing the names of these Elite world order power brokers. We all generally know a few of these people or who they are. Why don’t we know who is trying to make us all Serfs?????? I also want to know why the “Freedon Caucus” doesn’t write the bill themselves. A guy like Janda would help edit and reconstruct a new bill that actually had a positive impact. Also do all these Congress people know, “Freedom Caucus” that the Death Panels to managed withholding of healthcare is in the language of the bailout bill and must be repealed also. If not then which Congress people do we need to get rid of next election. DO we have a list of them yet?

  61. coalburner

    Greg and Flattop Something is cooking, I believe you are right. Unless it has to do with other classified info that must be kept from the news. I noticed several times going back months when I thought the needle was being threaded for that reason. There may be traps set for leakers or ???? Comey may be searching for felons making his testimony difficult. That could be why he showed up at the WH this week. If it were me, I would want the felonious trash out of town one way or another.

  62. anthony bonaminio, m.d.


    thanks greg for all of your great work. with kind regards, tb.

  63. Lore

    “Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done.” President Trump MUST INDICT. HE MUST ACT, AND BE SEEN TO ACT, otherwise the same behavior will continue and escalate and he will be a lame duck. The question is, in the midst of such amazing corruption, who can be trusted to carry out proper investigation and bring charges? What other scandals are about to surface?

  64. Herb

    Hmmm. I see that Breitbart has deleted the Nunes report. NBC News says that Devin Nunes has “backed down.”


    What is going on? Is there a fact-checking problem here?

  65. Stephane M

    Greg, did you ever try to get Trump for an interview? That would give a good slap to the MSM!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Still working on it.

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