Clinton-Lynch Airport Meeting, Gun Running to Terrorists and the Most Systemically Dangerous Bank

1aBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 244 7.1.16)

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, along with the FBI, is investigating the biggest political scandal in American history with Presidential presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton. Allegations include:  a private server that jeopardized national security, charity fraud and bribes paid in donations for favors from Clinton while she was Secretary of State.  Against that backdrop, Lynch took a private meeting with Mrs. Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, on Lynch’s private jet in Phoenix.  We are supposed to believe this was a chance meeting, and we are also supposed to believe they talked about golf and grand babies.  That is preposterous, and I think somebody called a meeting.  It was so important that Lynch put her reputation and credibility on the line.  This was a powerful meeting, and it is impossible to believe that they talked about grand babies and golf when the most explosive political case in U.S. history hangs in the balance in an ongoing FBI criminal investigation.

The 800 page Benghazi report is out, and we find out that a rescue mission was never launched. We also see the mainstream media will not cover the case and not show presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lied about the cause of the attack that murdered four Americans.  She told America and the victims’ families the cause was outrage about an internet video that insulted Islam.  She knew, the night of the attacks, that it was a terror attack by Islamic terrorists and yet lied to save her legacy as Secretary of State.  The biggest thing that did not come out in the report is how the Clinton State Department was knowingly allowing gun running to ISIS terrorists in Syria.

The most dangerous bank in the global financial system is Germany’s Deutsche Bank. The stock price is at 30 year lows, and it failed the most recent Fed stress test.  Other banks that did well in the test are now allowed to buy back their own stock with money they got for free from the Federal Reserve.  Gregory Mannarino from says this is a “backdoor bailout” that helps enrich bankers and keeps the financial system going a little longer.  Instead of loaning money to businesses to create jobs, Mannarino says they are inflating the stock prices of the banks and turning their backs on helping the overall economy.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    Thanks for the mention Greg! I think your followers will like this video. “EXPOSED! Federal Reserve Using Major Banks To Directly Prop Up Stocks.” Click here:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory for sharing your analysis!!

    • JMiller

      Mr. Mannarino,

      You may already know this but for those that don’t, banks buying back their stock is not something new. The Fed allowed the banks to do it in previous years after “successfully” (according to the Fed’s opinion) passing their stress test. However these stress tests are for the Bank Holding Companies (BHC) and not the actual bank which is a subsidiary of the BHC. Many of those banks have capital ratios less than their holding company. Since some BHC barely passed their stress test it is almost certain that some of the banks themselves would not have. Of course these stress tests really can only estimate what would happen in a given scenario. There are some variables that could easily change the projected outcome to be much worse.

      As to why these banks are buying their own stock instead of lending out the money, it is because the banks are doing what is best for them and their shareholders, not for the economy and the average person.

      • SusyQ

        Thank you for this useful information. I would be interested in knowing the relationship between BIS and the BHC and the affects it has on the public and government.

        • JMiller


          As far as the relationship between the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and the BHCs (bank holding companies) in the U.S., there really is no direct relationship but one that is more indirect. The BHCs are regulated by the Federal Reserve which is a central bank. The mission of the BIS is to serve central banks in their pursuit of monetary and financial stability, to foster international cooperation in those areas and to act as a bank for central banks. So the BHCs have a direct relationship with the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve has a direct relationship with the BIS.

    • Diggin the Dirt

      Meanwhile, the silver short squeeze is in. Up $1.23 pre market as I write this.

  2. Chelly Coon

    Never miss a report – you are the best! I agree, there was a forced meeting. The Clintons have something on Lynch, presented it at the meeting, and the next day, coincidentally, Lynch puts a hold on the investigation of the Clinton Foundation for 27 months.
    Isn’t this the way the Clintons work?

    • Paul ...

      Under Hillary … in 27 months we will be in a full fledged nuclear war with Russia and China … “so what difference does it make” releasing it at that time???

      • Paul ...

        Looks like the Clinton’s have a rope around Lynch’s neck … for her to agree to postpone the Clinton Foundation investigation for 27 months!??

        • Deanna Clark

          The rope has a name…Control File. often a file of embarrassing, illegal, or nasty photos is necessary before a person “gets anywhere”. This keeps them from getting ideas or growing a conscience. I’m not saying this is the case here…but something sure brought Loretta to heel.

        • Anni

          Greg I agree you are the best. Boy they really think the American public are stupid. Probably they don’t care what we think. They have their own little world and we are a side show for them. “They” are in for a big surprise when that bubble bursts.

    • Galaxy 500

      Didn’t put a hold on the investigation. They are holding up Hillary’s email for 27 months.

    • Robert

      Or… the Clintons want to offer something to Lynch.

      • Paul ...

        Yeah … they were just “killing time” … at a “completely coincidental” airport meeting … where Lynch viewed “bills” briefcase … filled with beautiful “baby pictures” … Lynch was so “taken by them” that she granted the very next day … a 27 month delay in releasing Hillary’s e-mail records!

      • Freebreezer

        or it is just a set up to play the American public. Lynch is never, ever going to indite Hilliary … she is part of the Democratic political machine! It is all so part of this ruse that the Clintons and Obama’s hate each other … they do, but the purpose of the Democratic party is far, far more important to both! I would not doubt it if they purposely set this up knowing the publicity! Who leaked it to the press? And how? Trust nothing when it comes to the clintons … Every thing about the Clintons is a lie and dark, and is this just another ruse with in a ruse with in a ruse? I am sorry Greg, but she walks and this will be right before the democratic convention for maximum effect! And I do pray that I am wrong!

        • MsLiberty

          Sad to say it, Freebreezer, but you’re not wrong. Today we see director Comey all but exonerate HRC of the crimes he “investigated” and if they went to all that trouble to spare her an indictment going into (S)election 2016, then the prediction that there’s no way she can win will not come true either. It doesn’t have to be that way, but the only ones who can stop it are us.

  3. frederick

    Outrageous what these grifters get away with Greg İts time they face justice for their nonsense assuming theres still a shred of that left in our country On another note does everyone see whats happening with precious metals lately?

    • Greg Hunter

      We are becoming lawless and there may even be treason being committed behind the scenes.

      • frederick

        Greg İ will be in Raleigh most likely late July or early August and İ would like to donate to your site How would İ go about doing that İ know we dont always see eye to eye but İ sure get a good feeling about you and believe you are a good person and want the best for everyone and İ salute your mission buddy Have a great İndependance day

  4. DLC

    Too funny, Greg. Hey, the Clintons and Obamas are scorpions — stinging is what they do.

    How did it come out that Clinton and Lynch just happened to be on the same stretch of tarmac in Phoenix? For anyone who remembers how Nixon was brought down and his “Plumbers” went to prison (like G. Gordon Liddy), it is just jaw dropping to see what Dems get away with.

    (Ran into Liddy 2 decades ago in a Scottsdale bookstore. He used to put out a calendar featuring model types toting guns.)

    I listened to a few interviews with Andy Hoffman while I was waiting for you to post, and he feels Trump will win in a landslide and Obama will not escape his presidency without bearing the blame for the gutting out of our economy. He said it would make no difference who gets elected, that we were not going to escape financial calamity. Just hope people don’t seat Hillary who will use circumstances to bleed us out in every manner and impose her brand of butch nasty.

    Roger Stone says that Chelsea is even more foul-mouthed and just as corrupt as her mother. Great. I just hope the Clintons, Obamas, McCain, McConnell, Ryan, etc., will be made to go home and leave us alone finally.

    It is odd to me what has happened to all too many women. I do not understand it myself. There is a coarseness and a meanness, and they do not realize what gov’t dupes they are.

    Obama did zip for the blacks and the worker. Hillary will do zip for women. Can’t people see that they become richer and more power mad as we become ever more diminished, never mind what side our loyalties are on?

    Clinton and Obama, and most all politicians do not think in terms of “R” and “D.” They will live like pashas while we fight each other over the last quart of milk. Note Michelle is on her latest junket. We have a caste system. We work and scrimp, they jet and pig out.

  5. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Speaking of Deutsche Bank, some of the bankers who “suicided” were connected with it or with banks alleged to have colluded with Deutsche Bank. Video of David Rossi hitting the pavement raises serious questions that he was actually murdered. One oddity is that someone actually walks up to Rossi’s body and then leaves without raising an alarm.

  6. Rick Geisler

    In regards to the abortion decision by the Supreme Court. It is always easier to kill the baby than be expected to change ones decadent and moral-less behavior. I mean what are we mature adults with complete accountability to our reproductive actions? I mean please!!! I need a good Saturday. The baby, oh I mean fetus, be damned. Progressives never stop amusing me with their word games. Fetus, Baby, Global Warming now Climate Change etc. Any lie to advance the left agenda. Once you understand Saul Alinsky and Antonio Gramsci you understand these Satanic inspired evil-doers.

    • Diane D.

      Rick, the GOP is just as evil as the Democrats. Satan can thank the Republican Party for protecting legalized abortion.

      The 1973 court that released the Roe decision was a Republican-appointed court by a 6-3 margin. Even worse, the phony “pro-life” Republican Party controlled the entire federal government for SIX YEARS from 2000 to 2006. The GOP dominated both houses of Congress, the White House, and the US Supreme Court. Yet the GOP did not save one single unborn baby’s life was saved. Not one!

      • Deanna Clark

        Yes of course…it was all bs to rope people like us into voting GOP. Besides that…how many pregnant women were collateral damage in the wars? I decided to vote for candidates who support WIC and programs that tip the balance for girls and women who are tempted to abort for lack of money. Not as Idealistic and Grand…but effective.
        Many so called Christian Churches get huge funds from USAid…abortion referrals (to keep their own hands clean) are policy. Beware of “matching funds” charities…often the donors are anonymous for good reason!!! The world is a masked ball today…nobody is who they say…nothing is what claims to be.

        • Paul ...

          Diane and Deanna … we are being treated like chickens in a cage … where eggs and fetus’s are stolen each day and sold for profit!! …
          Hey controller Devils …give us some dignity … allow us to live as God meant us to live … Hillary takes orders from you for a “cozy nest” while telling the rest of us chickens we have to be de-beaked (our guns taken away) and thrown in a crowded FEMA cage!! … but we have a God given right to be “Free Range” chickens!! … a lot of moo moo’s out there may think it perfectly fine to eat MSM newspapers and be milked (by fraudulent means) every day … when they should be demanding to be free “grass fed” cows unattached to political milking machines!!!

          • Paul ...

            Hey … to you traitors out there … true Americans are not chickens or moo moo’s … we are intelligent human beings … free men who live by God’s rules … we love our country … and we want all you neocon traitors brought to justice NOW!! … lets go FBI you don’t need another 27 months to do your job!!! … in case you forgot … here is the “definition of a traitor” [One who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty.]

            • Paul ...

              FBI “delay” in my book is just a sneaky way to avoid being called traitors !!!

              • Paul ...

                And to you Republican and Democratic neocons (who do the choosing as to who “we the people” have to vote for) only wanted to give us a choice to elect either a Commander and Chief with “duel-citizenship” or “one who’s only loyalty is to money” as the POTUS !! … well your Trumped … we have a true American to vote for this year !!

      • Rick Geisler

        Where did I mention parties in my comment? The Progressives are a cancer that have infected both parties. We are all at their mercy unless we do something.

  7. FC

    Greg, I feel your frustration about Shillary Crimton and nothing would make me happier than to see justice served, but unfortunately the Political Elites spell it ” Just Us “

  8. vincent_g

    Puerto Rico would most likely not be in trouble if it wasn’t for what Bill Clinton did.

    Way back Gerald Ford gave Major Corporations a Tax break if they would open offices in Puerto Rico.
    Why this was done was to try and give the people of Puerto Rico a way to be self sustaining. Prior to this tax break people from Puerto Rico were flocking to the States hoping to find a better way.

    Thanks to Gerald Ford the economy of Puerto Rico grew and fewer people left their homeland.

    Then along comes Bill Clinton who then kills this tax break and without the tax incentive companies all left as it was now more expesive to run in Puerto Rico than it would be in any state in the USA.

    Lost tax income from local government causes them to borrow more and more.

    Add to this too big to fail also due to Clinton for it was he that signed into law the repeal of Glass Steagall.
    Did I leave out NAFTA – another great thing he left us with.

    But according to all the Media the Clintons were so great!
    They had a balanced budget!

    I don’t know why we need an Army.
    An Army is supposed to protect a country.
    Why waste money protecting a country that’s hell bent on destroying itself?

  9. Rebecca

    Amen, Greg.
    I had the same reaction to the women cheering over the right to “murder” their unborn children. It is a sad day in America.

    Revelation 18:2 came to my mind.

    • brian

      Job 1:22 came to my mind.

  10. James Hastings

    We live in a sick society. With a very short time left.

    • brian

      Read the book of Habakkuk….if you haven’t read it already I guess.

  11. Tommy

    This is just another and I believe the most blatant in your face incident that the media has chosen to ignore. Can you imagine the media coverage on this if the political parties were reversed? Of course you can. It would be wall to wall, 24/7. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would be hyperventilating. There would be so much outrage and calls for Lynch’s resignation or more probably, her indictment. But no, it’s just business as normal here at Happy Acres. The corruption runs so deep and is so common place and accepted that the players don’t even pretend anymore. I seriously doubt that anyone can save our ship.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Tommy,
      This makes Watergate look like a playground prank, and thus, this is the biggest political fraud/crime story ever in U.S. history!!! If the Media is not all over this every single day then you know it is corrupt–period, the end. The MSM should be ashamed but they are so delusional they think they are doing us all a favor.

    • MCasey

      Tommy, To your point, they stopped “trying to pretend” about 3 years ago. At that point, I realized the end is so near they see no reason to pretend anymore; and it was probably too late to save us. At this point, anyone but a politician.

      • Deanna Clark

        Actually there are those who still pretend…big corporate charities. They still want “caring and compassionate” suckers.

  12. Spanky

    Admittedly, Greg, I’m cynical and pessimistic. For I no longer believe that we, the people of the United States of America, have a functioning republic (one that adequately and dutifully serves its citizenry). I fear we lost that a long time ago, though not all at once. What we have instead is merely an illusion, a republic in name only (like the Peoples Republic of China or the old Soviet Union). Essentially it’s a Potemkin village – a facade designed to hide the truth. As such, its purpose is to deceive. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that almost everything that emanates from the center of power in this country is intended (in one form or another) to mislead and control the public (or the public’s perception). A few examples of this include a fiat dollar based on debt, the plunge protection team, the Federal Reserve, trade bills crafted in secret, needless and illegitimate wars, legislation that suppresses our constitutional rights, bail outs of large banks, gridlock in congress, and Supreme Court justices who feel they have the right to modify rather than interpret the Constitution. To make matters worse, the MSM-the fourth pillar of state-is either MIA or has become a mouthpiece for political spin.
    Am I mistaken about our losing the republic? Yes, it’s very possible that I am. In fact, for the sake of future generations, I hope I’m wrong. The answer to the question of whether I’m correct or not (at least from my standpoint) depends on the outcome of the FBIs investigation into the alleged MISDEEDS of Hillary Clinton. I hope justice is served.

    • Charles H


      It sounds as if you are quite ‘realistic’ – in seeing the picture accurately. Time will only serve to plow more and more under; and remove America from what it once was. Either you put your head in the sand; or things resemble the Twilight Zone. America, then the world is toast: it’s being saved (Biblical Salvation) that matters.

  13. ivan kruger

    Americans are the new indians. The globalist want a one world nation with a central government and bank ;thus, sovereign countries have to go, and mass immigration destroys nations . Ask the american indians and they will tell you it is so . ( Look up Russell Means on YouTube . )

  14. JC Davis

    Open invitation to Bill Clinton. I will be at home all week, so just come on in, take your shoes off, and sit a spell. I promise to give you the respect you deserve. hu.
    Who wants to bet that don’t happen ?
    Years back say 5, most people could not define the word oligarchy. Only those conspiracy nuts. Today the nuts are proven right.
    Greg thanks for your work. Sundays interview should a boom.

    • evan trofholz

      “Years back say 5, most people could not define the word oligarchy. Only those conspiracy nuts. Today the nuts are proven right.”

      Wow, that’s a really good point. Hadn’t thought about it that way before. For the next ten minutes at least, you blew my mind.

      • JC

        evan trofholz , Next question is how far down the rabbit hole can one go ?
        From freedom to fascism, Aaron Russo. After this documentary many laws were updated to keep them in place.

  15. k-in-maryland

    O…M…G…. primary dealer banks, that can borrow money at 0% from the Fed, are purchasing their own debt/stock? This is the new low in desperation and fraud… I am dumbfounded, standing with my jaw open at the blatant nature of criminal activity our own govt officials are participating in. I feel like the guy on the beach in Thailand when the tsunami wave was hurtling toward him in the distance…. awestruck with no ability to change what is about to happen – it’s too late. Thank you for the great wrap-up this week Greg…

    • Charles H

      High-ground, k. You know better.

  16. Paul ...

    Putting Hillary in charge of our Government is like putting Judas in charge of the Apostles … we can’t have people with divided loyalty in charge of our Government! … Judas’s love of money trumped his loyalty to Jesus … similarly Hillary’s love of money will trump her loyalty to America … we the people must “trump out” of our mist all those with divided loyalty (look at Obama and his birth certificate problem, look at Cruz with his Canadian citizenship problem, etc.) we can’t have people within our Government with duel citizenship … as their divided loyalty … will nail us to a Cross as surely as Christ was!! … All people working within the American Government having “duel citizenship” should be immediately removed from their positions of power!! … Did we learn nothing from the Crucifixion of Christ?? … 9-11 was only the placing of a Crown of Thorns upon our heads … the final Crucifixion of America will be Nuclear Armageddon!!!

    • Paul ...

      No one in a Government position (with duel citizenship) should be representing American citizens!!
      “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language.. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.'”

      Theodore Roosevelt 1907

      • Galaxy 500

        Which is why I didn’t like Ted Cruz the lying Canadian.

      • frederick

        good reference Paul thank you and İ agree with him

  17. David

    …. and now the rest of the story. Maybe this is what Clinton and Lynch discussed.

  18. Harvey

    The tarmac meeting was a staged event so that Loretta Lynch will “have to” recuse herself for one of two reasons:
    1. She wants someone else to take the Republican heat for not prosecuting Hillary. In this scenario, Lynch perhaps saves her legacy.
    2. She wants someone else to face the democrat party wrath for allowing prosecution of Hillary to move forward.

    At least it is an interesting chess game after this last move. (As opposed to everything being always so predictable with Hillary.)

    • Deanna Clark

      Wow…staged event? Guess I’m not the only Miss Marple here!!!!

    • TPTB

      Harvey, I wish to respectfully submit that if the meeting were anything other than an unprofessional blunder, that you need to consider that these people are all lawyers, and between the lot, they will pencil out every permutation and combination that needs to play-out to overcome a guilty verdict.

  19. Jerry

    I really love your reporting, but the Clinton email scandal is going nowhere. We are in the clutches of a criminal cabal that has not only seized control of our government, but the entire justice system as well. They have an agenda, and indicting Hillary is not part of it.
    Greg, you are so right to mention Deutsche Bank. With a balance sheet ten times bigger than Lehman Brothers, it will be interesting to see how the bankers pump this one up.
    NOT!!. Deutsche Bank is going down in July! Vulture capitalist like George Soros know where to find a rotting corpse, and Deutsche Bank fits the bill. Just like a foreclosure, once Deutsche Bank defaults its toxic derivative debt of 80 trillion dollars will be pumped back into the worlds financial system. George Soros gets a bank for pennies on the dollar, and the rest of us get the shaft by getting to cover the losses with our bank accounts. Yes there will be a lot of fireworks in July.

    • Russ

      After today’s announcement by AG Lynch, the HRC email scandal just got new life and it is going somewhere. Something in the back of my mind though thinks that Niccolò Machiavelli is alive and well in the current administration. AG Lynch is now out of the decision making process and it’s Bill Clinton’s fault. Dems can’t blame Lynch or Obama, the Clinton’s brought this down on themselves.

    • Charles H

      Law becoming the means by which the Elite steal. How novel! (Must be ‘new and improved Clarity)

    • Galaxy 500

      Want to bet 10 rubles that Deutsche Bank doesn’t default in July?

      • Greg Hunter

        I say end of third quarter is looking good when you consider it’s stock chart, but who knows what the banksters will do next?

        • Galaxy 500

          Who know? Exactly. We ALL should know that something is coming. When and what it will look like is where some of us disagree. Third quarter, maybe. I can see the socialists / communists doing there best to crash the system when Trump is elected.

      • Jerry

        Since you’re so sure I’m wrong, instead of betting me, why don’t you buy some of their stock. Its dirt cheap right now. If I’m wrong you’ll make a bundle.

        • Galaxy 500

          So you are afraid of betting again since you lost last time. No problem.
          Every time you’ve picked a date, it’s been wrong.
          There is an upcoming economic and social turmoil. It is folly to try to predict the date.
          I’ll pretend like you bet and remind you that you missed again Aug 1.

          • Jerry

            O.K. I’ll bite. You already owe me for the April 19th gold fix that you said would never happen. How about the IMF giving SDR to China, did you forget that one to? You remind me of my alcoholic brother-in-law. You have convenient memory loss,

        • Galaxy 500

          Selling it short Jerry. A charted decline doesn’t mean bankruptcy in July.

        • Diana Dee Jarvis

          Jerry, 10 rubles comes to about 16 cents USD. Lighten up.

    • JMiller


      Based on what I have learned, if Deutsche Bank becomes officially insolvent, a bridge bank most likely would be created and all the good assets and liabilities would be transferred to the newly created bridge bank. A bail-in would occur which would recapitalize the bank, which is now the bridge bank. Shareholders and bondholders would take a loss. Even uninsured depositors could and probably would lose some money. Derivative contracts would also be transferred to the new bridge bank and because the derivatives contracts are now in the bridge bank which is solvent, derivative counterparties can’t close out the contracts and take the collateral because of default. The regulators then would try to liquidate the bank in an orderly way. So unless the powers-that-be want to crash the system and the regulators do nothing to minimize the damage by creating a bridge bank and doing a bail-in, then things will not happen quite the way you think. There will not be 80 trillion dollars of derivatives defaults pumped back into the financial system, at least not right away. Most derivatives will be locked up in the new bridge bank. George Soros being short Deutsche Bank stock would make out good but George Soros would not get the actual bank for pennies on the dollar. The regulators take over the bank not George Soros. This is why I do not believe in Bill Holter’s scenario of a complete world wide collapse of the financial system that happens in only 48 hours. If it does happen it will more likely take place over at least several months.

  20. Tad

    The FBI Director James Comey should release the information, and then resign.

    The truth will set him free.

    As for Loretta Lynch, she was probably searching for some continuity in a Clinton administration, among other things.

  21. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Happy 4th of July! May the Lord help and bless our country with wisdom and peace…

    The secrecy and torture of our countrymen in Benghazi will haunt everyone…regardless of their politics. Such things are not about opinions. I think the Hillary people underestimate the citizen outrage that everyone knows is part of her private e-mails and gun running.

    I love how you are trying to separate manipulated populism (now called astroturfing) from real democracy, which is about a free press, debates, and a balance of head and heart…not reaction and emotionalism.

    • frederick

      İd like to agree with you Deana but how can god bless us if we continue to allow the deception of 911 to stand unresolved?

      • Paul ...

        Our military generals should stand up like men and confess they were duped by traitors on 9-11 … and begin to rectify the situation … only then will we will forgive them!

  22. Russ

    G’morning Greg, still listening to the wrap-up but was just at and the headline article there is “AG Lynch to Remove Herself From Decision-Making in Hillary Clinton Email Probe” – .

    The meeting may have been called by Lynch as you suggest, but regardless, Lynch is out of the Hillary mess — sorta kinda. But that first paragraph is huuge — “…she is accepting the recommendations of career prosecutors and FBI Director James Comey on whether to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state…”. Boom badda boom Waiting for Hill to call it a security review one more time.

    Have a great Independence weekend.

  23. mike

    Trump gets great support saying he wants to make America great again. But many of us outside the USA don’t want to see anyone make America great again. We want to see Americans making all the people of the world great, everyone free of tyranny and oppression, economic slavery, wars, pollution, GMO, etc., etc…… Too few Americans will admit that the prosperity and peace they experienced at home these past several decades has been largely at the expense of other nations. The nasty tricks America’s top brass, FBI and CIA used in the past were just as nasty as today, but only better camouflaged. Read more about American Hegemony at sites like and here too:

    • Deanna Clark

      “Great” has many definitions. I love this story:
      A boy was introduced to Arturo Toscanini after a concert. He bubbled, “Wow! I hope when I grow up I’m a great man like you!!!” Toscanini said, “Son…don’t try to be a great man. It’s best to be a man.”
      For all the powerful have done “for us” are we happy? Have you seen our children in public? Have you seen our women in male clothes, anxious, always checking their smart phones…the stressed out children following yards behind? Some don’t know where their kitchen is…they bring home fast food every night, too bone tired to create a meal. The statistics on addictions give the lie to all that . We need a revival of souls, of meaning, of joy. We need time to cook and sew…to paint and draw! We need beauty instead of box t-shirts, pointed collars, and concrete!
      I love your wise words, Mike. So be it!!

    • Freebreezer

      Mike – I agree with your comments but with the caveat that it takes two to tango! the inherent, prodigious corruption already present in these countries was the lever that the CIA used to gain and sway power. And I am not sure that the outcome would be any different if the USA did not get involved. Don’t think for a minute that Russia, China, Eu powers would not step in to gain wealth and influence. The wealth and power flows some where. Corruption, the want of power and evil is universal. Take Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, his daughter retired with a measly 4 billion under the guise of social justice and socialism! The USA was not the instigator of Chavez, and it was the infrastructure of the Oil giants the propelled Venezuela to prosperity … and power mongers (chavez & company) who shredded the country. On the other side, the US led death of Gaddafi has led to complete melt down per Libya.

  24. Paul Dodo

    WOW ! Loretta Lynch to accept DOJ, FBI recommendations on Clinton email

  25. Greg

    Greg….Great Job!!! Have you heard about the SEC change to 401k Money Market Funds…they will not allow Non-Government Money Market funds starting in Sept…the last step…take people’s retirements!!

    • JMiller


      The amendments to the rules that govern money market mutual funds was introduced almost two years ago and have to be in effect by October 14th of this year. Changes include a floating NAV, redemption gates and liquidity fees for certain types of money market funds.

      GREG, you said “they will not allow non-government money market funds starting in Sept”. Who is they? It is sure not the SEC. You 401k can still have a non-government money market fund if it wants to but most fund companies are switching their clients to a government money market fund which will not have floating NAVs and are not required to have redemption gates and liquidity fees.

      I, for one, am glad that Vanguard is switching their brokerage settlement fund from their Prime money market to their Federal money market. It is relatively safer.

  26. D, A. Espinet

    I´m a recently retired US Naval Officer and I´m as loyal to my country as anyone can be – but seriously, one thing is supporting our country and another all together different is supporting our current corrupt government. While I disagree with much (if not most) of our government´s recent actions and policies, I understand that times change and that perhaps at the age of 50, my oppinions are no longer those of the majority of Americans, so I roll with the punches. That said, there are some things that realy make my blood boil, blatant corruption is one. This secret meeting between Mrs Lynch and Mr. Clinton is nothing more than ¨Corruption as SOP¨. While it´s been a while since I figured out the false Left-Right paradigm, I think that for the first time in decades we have an opportunity to change our country´s path before it´s too late (hopefully we have not passed the event horizon). While Mr. Trump may not be perfect, I need to believe he at least has a chance to save our country. In any case, one thing is for sure – if Hillary becomes our next president, then it´s truly game over…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanbk you for your comment and service to the country D, A. Espinet.

    • Paul ...

      Good for you Espinet … you call a spade a spade … a Judas a Judas … so all in the military are not cowards … only the generals!

      • Paul ...

        As July 4th approaches all our US Military Generals are probably shining up their medals so they will “look good” when they salute the flag of the nation they failed to protect from attack on 9-11 … we don’t need their salutes … what we need is for them to “act” when American cities and the Pentagon itself come under attack!! … just how many “duel-citizen generals” do we have in our military anyway?? … we need to have “only American citizens” controlling our military forces … so that their allegiance is to “our country” … we need true American Generals who will defend our country and shoot down a cruise missile fired exactly at the one room in the Pentagon where accountants were homing in on the neocon crooks who stole 2.3 trillion dollars in defense department money … and also military men with the courage to “sink the sub” that fired that cruise missile at the Pentagon on 9-11!!

    • Deanna Clark

      My Dad was a WWII Naval officer. I grew up hearing him and his friends accuse the Washington government of the same stuff….what I can’t understand is how a generation in between got so gullible and fooled. Was it the Reagan years? Was it Strawberry Shortcake?

      • Paul ...

        Deanna … I know there are a lot of good Americans in the military … I rail at those in charge in order to get them off their ass and do something to rectify the situation … they must have the courage to admit that they were duped by traitors on 9-11 … and set up procedures whereby a traitor (at a high level of government) can’t give the military orders that violate their oath to defend our Nation when under attack … there must be some “fail safe” override procedures put in place so that some “loony tune” can’t give the military orders to press the red button and create Nuclear Armageddon destroying not only humanity but “all other life forms” on our planet … no “one man” (or woman) should have the power in this “Nuclear Age” … the destruction and dire consequences are just to great … all military decisions that have a direct affect on our Nation should be reviewed carefully and decided “unanimously” by a committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (who are only composed of true Americans who don’t have duel-citizenship)!!!

        • Paul ...

          Remember … it’s “the traitors” who want to (s)elect a Commander and Chief either with duel-citizenship or loyalty only to money as the POTUS for us!!

          • Paul ...

            Or place our military completely under foreign or UN control … under people who don’t even pretend to be Americans!!

  27. Angelo


    I don’t think you mentioned that the only reason why there was even a story on this meeting was because of an affiliate news outlet. MSM is not anywhere in sight to cover this.

    BTW, do you still believe the blood feud between the two democrat players?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes I do believe the “blood feud between the two democrat players” is alive and being kicked into the end game.

  28. Robert Lykens

    I contend that during the tarmac meeting, AG Lynch was informing Bill Clinton that an indictment is to be brought against Hillary.

    What’s behind all this? Hussein Obama, what else?
    I’m going out on a limb here and predicting that Bernie Sanders will be the next president.

    Why? How?
- As Hussein Obama surveys the electoral landscape, who does he see that is sure to continue his policies of NWO/globalism? Trump? Hillary? Longshots Biden or Romney? Please. No, the most sure bet is Sanders. Further:
    – Hussein Obama and the Clintons hate each other. He’d do anything to deny her the presidency, so he will. Sometime soon (my guess is late summer, after the convention) Hussein Obama will direct the Dept of Justice to indict Hillary. The MSM, normally in Hillary’s pocket, cannot ignore such a move. She will be forced to drop out of the race.
- In the “crisis” that follows, Sanders and Joe Biden will face off for the nomination. Sanders will easily whip the buffoon Biden. This will serve Hussein Obama’s socialist/globalist interests perfectly.
- Democrat voters, excited and energized by the populist Sanders, and with the loud trumpeting of the MSM, will rush the polls in November and sweep Sanders to victory. Trump and right-leaning voters will be buried beneath the avalanche of publicity. 

    – During the following four years, the United States of America will become part of the “Amerozone” and the globalist economy. UN Agenda 2030 will become the law of the land.
    The United States of America as it was founded will cease to exist: every leftist’s dream.

    – And in a final, magnanimous act, Hussein Obama will pardon Hillary just before leaving office.

    • OutLookingIn

      Robert –

      Very astute observations. Could possibly stand a high chance of occurring.
      I like your down to earth, common sense type of reasoning. Right down to the crowning glory of BHO “magnanimously” pardoning Hittlery.

      • Robert Lykens

        OutLookingIn, thank you.
        Another aspect to this – if it happens this way – is that the USA may be brought into the NWO without any kind of collapse crisis or revolution/civil war.
        Suddenly, under Agenda 2030, our guns would become illegal.

    • Galaxy 500

      Sanders won’t be the choice nor will independent voters elect him.

  29. Tinfoil Canuck

    Greg — wow, your animated delivery brings to life your news show. Love it. Greg, my cynical take on the Clinton crimes is that even if the FBI leaks what it has on Hillary out of frustration because their political heavyweights above them on the food chain refuse to act — it won’t matter. The mainstream media is just so deep in the pockets of the puppetmasters, and the public just so blindly loyal to them, there will be little chance of a groundswell of disgust. Furthermore, should a movement start, with the far reach of the surveillance state, leaders can easily be neutralized. Sad and cynical I know, but their is little contrary evidence to support hope for a better future.

  30. Bill

    GREG; Your commentary is right on target. However, its the same old same old. The only thing that changes are the names and the places. Their opinion is that we are too stupid to get it or we just don’t care what they do, or maybe both. You can take a pig out of the mud, give him a bath, but in the end you still have a politician. God Bless

  31. Freebreezer

    Greg, I think you referred to Chelsea as Bill Clinton’s daughter … you need to let your readers decide for themselves who is daddy? … A picture is worth a thousand words. Remember Hillary worked for Hubble and soon after getting pregnant became partner …hmmm. Hilliary’s whole life is a big lie and this kind of fits the theme.

    • Charles H

      Shame only exists where there is a Conscience,

  32. gregd

    And I might add, SHE DIDN’T DISCLOSE THIS MEETING. It was discovered by a local reporter. Nobody was suppose to find out. The democrats said its not unusual for friends to talk. I might add, that if that’s true, perhaps a friend shouldn’t decide if there a prosecution.

    • MCasey

      Those Democrats are blowing smoke.

      In my job, I was privy to an abundance of confidential information (as I’m sure many WatchDog readers are).

      When I encountered an involved individual (even a interested friend), I can guarantee, before I opened my mouth, my first thought was, “What can I NOT TALK about?” And analyzing that, determined how, or even if, the encounter proceeded……and with or without witnesses.

      If, in fact, this was simply a chance meeting, I believe that would have also been Lynch and Clinton’s first thought as well. So she is either dumber than me (and she is not) or she is lying….maybe that does make her dumber than me.

  33. Ken Williams

    Right on Greg!! Rome is burning around the globe but other than that, all is well.

  34. Dawn Garmon

    Did we need additional proof that justice system is below par even by third-world standards?

  35. andyb

    Greg: re Lynch and Clinton meeting: I am reminded of the old Shakespeare quote “oh what a tangled web we weave……….”. I agree with you that the email hairball will not go away, but the larger issue is the Foundation with its implications of high treason in which the death penalty is at play. But we all know that any indictment will never happen. Instead, there is a strong probability that Hillary withdraws, with Biden stepping in. This assures a Trump victory, unless he gets assassinated by a convenient CIA patsy (has to have 3 names for consistency). Then, voila, globalist puppet Romney gets anointed at the Convention. Just one of many possibilities. Should be an interesting summer in so many ways.

  36. Hatemail

    You really know how to cut through the crap and get to the heart.

  37. Jerry

    Here you have it. The World Bank setting the financial table for the BRIC alliance through AIIB.

    Just as I suspected, the central bankers are in the beginning phases of transitioning the Bretton woods system (featuring the petrodollar) into a new Yuan exchange system (backed by gold). Just like a hand sliding into a new glove, I imagine one Monday morning awaking to the news that we have a new world currency following some kind of black swan event (most likely a cyber attack).

    This event will accomplish several things.
    1. It will reset the present exchange system by wiping it clean of all debt.
    2. It will set the stage to install a digital currency that the central bankers have wanted all along, by eliminating cash, and precious metals.
    3. It will satisfy the long held desire of the globalist to have total control over the worlds economies and eliminate nationalism.

    Though its hard to envision, I suspect some Monday morning awaking to an announcement that because of this attack the American people will be asked to accept a new exchange system using a “supposed temporary digital identification card”until the banks can reset the system. You will be told that your bank accounts are safe, and that you can use the identification card to access your account for up to five hundred dollars a week. Can you see how this plays out? Its just like boiling a frog.

    • diane s.

      Who and how can they set the price of gold so all countries agree on it?

      • Jerry

        Good question Diane. Here’s your answer.

        The banks run the world. Not the politicians. Donald trump is right. The system is rigged. Rigged to the highest bidder, and those who have inside contacts that want power. Ask yourself this question. Has anyone besides Bernie Madoff (who was a cabal stooge) seen a jail cell because of the banking theft that went on in 2008?

        • frederick

          Jerry didnt the late great George Carlin warn us about that many years ago?

          • Jerry

            I’m pretty sure George was whacked by the cabal to shut him up. Most people don’t believe things like, but then again I guess some thirty odd bankers committing suicide was just an accident to?

            • frederick

              Yeap Jerry İ agree he had a huge fan base and he couldnt be allowed to go on waking sheeple up just like Aaron Russo Coincidence didnt they both die from fast acting cancers?

      • Tin foil hat

        Diane s.
        Well, one must understand FIAT and GOLD:
        When gold is allowed to function again as an asset based currency, it represents payment in full where as fiat currency, a debt based currency, merely represents a claim in the system. In this light, the ‘preservation of wealth’ simply means – he who holds gold has already been paid.
        The basic difference between equity and debt in monetary terms. This is not a new idea. These thoughts have been held by generational wealth for many centuries.
        Fiat currencies are always competing for usage. They do this so as to expand the base from which they can gather taxes through inflation. Inflation is KEY.
        Understanding inflation as the key to a modern functioning currency is not just a post, it’s a series of posts, but most people can understand that a fiat monetary system is based in essence upon infinitely expanding debt (where bubbles are born) and infinitely expanding debt can only be managed through inflation.
        Remember that the larger the currency base, the larger the inflation can be without being detected. The politicians love this because now their policies can stretch as far at the dollar can reach – anywhere in the world.
        Competition with other states becomes easier because you can outspend them. All the while, because the dollar has found function in THEIR country, you have reduced their political will to a size smaller then what their economy should support. Thus, in the effort to compete with the dollar – politically, other currencies look pathetically weak and price inflation runs rampant in these smaller economies.
        If we would let go of the unilateral monetary system or the dollar reserve status, the price of gold will be set freely in the FX market rather than a fix price set by trading partners similar to the gold standard in the past.

    • Charles H

      Digital currency had to be in conformity to “the mark of the Beast”. Complete control comes from man’s insatiable desires. Dis-arming America is essential to it’s removal from primacy. The value of Precious Metals then vests in the Black Market. Thanks, Jerry.

    • Jerry

      To my friends here at USA watchdog (and that includes you Greg). This is my Independence Day Gift to you.

      V and I are on the same wave length, as far as the information in this article goes, but I disagree with him on his timing. He is going with a 2017 timeline. I am not. In my opinion the wheels of the reset are already in motion. If you have read my last post, I have a question for you. Can you think of any other time when the World Bank has signed an agreement with an organization like the AIIB (who is essentially representing the BRIC alliance)? The one that comes to my mind is the ECB. It took over thirty years to build that alliance under several sitting presidents. But the BRIC nations did it in less than two. Do you see the urgency?

      • Kim

        Most of the people who watch and listen to Greg Hunter and his guests, have a higher level of awareness than the general population. Jerry, you seem to have an even greater higher level of awareness, so I want to thank you very much for sharing your insights!

        • Jerry

          Thank you Kim.
          I have learned from others over the years and have become a student of the global reset because of my fascination with human behavior and history.

          Right now we are watching something unfold that has never happened before in recorded history. I know as a reporter Greg is as fascinated as I am.

          Grab your seat. The show is about to start.

  38. diane s.

    I have a question for you…Watchdoggers?

    Who are worse?
    The Clintons or the Obamas?

    • Jerry

      Which end of a brick made of manure is better? Same question.

    • frederick

      Or the Bushes İn my opinion all three families are equally bad They all work for the same satanist banksters no doubt about that and will all get their “just rewards” when the time comes of that İ have no doubt People like Greg who care for the little guy will be rewarded by eternal life in heaven İ truly believe that to be the case

  39. Ken Russell

    Thanks Greg. You’re probably aware that a lot of us already know about the stories you cover in the WNW. However, every week you take the time to put them all in a bag and set them out, one right after the other as a jaw dropping recap. We can see the sweep of corruption and the results of it visited upon the world, especially the US, by these oligarchs from your WNW’s. We can disagree about what we think is going to result from the enormous mountains of evil and lawlessness and that’s okay, but man, having it all in one place is greatly appreciated.

    • susan

      Ken, my sentiments exactly. Thank you.

  40. Joe C.

    Hi Greg,
    first, before I comment about Italy and the euro currency. You have very good commentary.

    When Italy joined the euro currency, product prices doubled overnight. I have read that it has to do with the euro currency being stronger. But their wages did not increase.
    It does not make sense the product prices should double.
    Take a look at restaurant prices in Poland near the border with Slovakia. Slovakia restaurant prices are similar to like the rest of the EU that have the euro currency. While the restaurants on the Polish side (which do not have the euro currency) have prices that are about 75 percent less. For example the same meal costs about 20 euros in Slovakia, but 5 euros in Poland. People claim that if Poland joins the euro currency, those prices will triple. How can this be?
    Canada’s restaurant prices are more or less in line with the USA and both do not use the same currency.

    • Tin foil hat

      Fiat currencies compete for usage. Euro is used a lot more that the regional Polish currency. That makes its worth artificially higher than the Polish currency which few nations would hold it long term as a reserve.

      Canadian currency is commodity base. If Poland exported a lot of oil to Europe, the price difference between restaurants in Slovakia and Poland should deminish significantly.

  41. mike

    Greg you are one of my favorites! Like Celente…. i have to get my daily dose. And fyi, it’s not Deutsch bank it’s DOUCHE BANK! lol

  42. Casey

    Ok Greg, I’m sorry but I must disagree with you about the Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta lynch. I believe lynch is considering indicting Hillary, and that bill just showed up at the airport to talk to lynch about money, a long life, and oh would like to see your grand children grow up. The trail of bodies left behind by the Clintons should be a big clue as to what the meeting was about…imho Hillary won’t be indicted and lynch will see a big future open up for her within the foundation.

  43. Gord Higham

    Speaking about getting out of the EU how about Austria and a re-run election granted after their courts confirmed wide spread vote fraud

  44. evan trofholz

    Great Weekly News Wrap up, Greg! One of your best!! Pretty odd that it’s virtuous to not be cut out for Main Stream Media these days. Well done!

  45. Mike Fay

    Once again I’m reminded why USA Watchdog is one of my very favorite websites.
    In contrast, I can not even stomach watching the nightly news on television any more with their spin and their failure to report important facts. Greg, keep up the good work and thank you for all your effort to bring us the truth.
    Mike in WI

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike. They (MSM) are killing their own business to push a left wing NWO narrative.

  46. Bill

    Robert Lykens; Maybe Bernie, but more likely it is Biden and Warren

    • Robert Lykens

      May be, Bill. I just don’t think Biden has the same draw as Sanders. Sanders’ supporters have shown themselves to be violently faithful. In my opinion, Biden doesn’t inspire that kind of loyalty.
      Warren, on the other hand, would give the true leftist believers a reason to turn out.

  47. Bobd

    Best show ever. I think you nailed the reason behind the airport meeting.

  48. Jeff

    Brandon Smith at has written an insightful article about the Brexit referendum (see link below). In the article, Brandon makes the case for why the Brexit actually benefited the globalists and outlines a potential scenario for the demise of the financial system:

    Brexit Aftermath – Here’s What Will Happen Next

  49. John

    As a Vietnam veteran, I am truly disgusted with what is going on in our government. These people do not have any shame, but do have complete arrogance for the people of America. If our fathers who fought and mothers who contributed for the WWII effort were still alive, can you imagine what they would be thinking right now? America, land of the brave? Not anymore. America, for and by the people? Not anymore. I think the only way Americans will wake up is if, God forbid, something really bad happens here on the homeland. So far we have had a couple of bad terrorist instances but I think its just a taste of whats coming. Wake up America, get out and vote, we are on the wrong track, and cannot continue this route. Our only hope is with Mr. Trump, because the alternative is just more of the same ol, same ol. He may not be perfect in some respects but he certainly needs a chance, otherwise this country will go down in ashes in the dustbin of history.

    • Tin foil hat

      Most Americans know nothing or they just don’t care. We did nothing to save Americans in Benghazi (militia loyal to Gaddafi did), we did nothing to evacuate Americans from Yemen (the Russians and Chinese did) and we will do absolutely nothing to keep Americans safe in the homeland (only the 2nd amendment will).
      Most Americans don’t care unless they are personally affected or inconvenient by whatever fall on their laps, then maybe they will wake up and vote for Trump.

  50. Dindo

    Remember that Bush 2 did not purge the departments after Clinton 1 left office. So, the “leave behinds” are now senior in all departments. What are they going to do? They do not need instructions. (Think Loser Lerner) The hive mind is running the gov’t.
    Fellow travelers.
    What were the names of the FBI files that Hitlery had access to? They are all compromised.
    Have a great last 4th of July. Yeah, This is the last one. Have a beer on me.

  51. StClare

    I know your probably pretty busy, but it would be a nice option to have an MP3 Audio download link. I’m self employed with 2 home based businesses and my wife and I homeschool our children. It’s hard to find time to sit down and watch the video, also there is a lot of content that you wouldn’t want your seven year old to overhear (it could scare the wits out of them, or introduce them to subject matters that they’re not old enough to handle yet.) With the MP3 download link I could put it on my MP3 player and listen to it while I fill orders, etc…

    Also it would be neat to see a guest on who would have some advise on how to handle your business when the economy crashes. We sell heirloom garden seeds and I expect that when the economy crashes our orders will shoot thru the stratosphere. But if the dollar is worthless how would one take payment. Most of our sales are online. Thanks!

    • Galaxy 500

      You something free? How about funding it. Greg earns a living and keeps his sight going with advertising. As of today, I don’t know of a way to monetize MP3/MP4.
      I am not busting your chops , I am merely pointing out that Greg is a one man show. I am amazed that he is able to do all that he is and put it out to us without a subscription fee.

  52. Pvt. Mushroom

    Lynch WAS working hard on the way to a tenured Supreme Court seat.

    Suddenly on a nowheres tarmac -CHECKMATE ?

    • JC

      PVT. I was thinking the same. I wonder what will happen if people covering for Hillary start comparing notes, and find she has promised them the same positions.

  53. MCasey

    Greg, I’m with you on the 38%.

    Yes, the “DOUBLE-CROSS” cometh:

    Apparently, Loretta Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton to get Hillary to drop out was a big “FAIL”.

    So as the AG stated today, she will accept the recommendation of FBI Director James Comey on whether to bring criminal charges against Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

    FBI Director James Comey will recommend indictment (probably before July 25-DNC). Under indictment, the DNP will force her out, if she will not drop out.

    And, Hillary will enthusiastically support her replacement (Biden?) because her only hope to obtain a pardon is a continued Democratic administration.

    If the Democrats lose, she will be turned over to the new Republican president. Vote Trump!

    • Galaxy 500

      My Mother-in-law will vote for Hillary regardless of her being indicted. She says it is time for a woman to be in the White House. She got mad when I said that genitals and color should not be who a President is elected. It should be based on abilities and who will have the interest of the people and the country in heart.

      • Paul ...

        Galaxy … you should tell your Mother-in-law Hillary is “not a woman” but a trio-sexual approving “warmonger” !!!

  54. Robert Lykens

    In these last days, it can be good to turn on the blues, grab an adult beverage, snuggle your woman up close, turn on the blues and forget the world for a while.

    Any other blues fans here?

  55. Robert Lykens

    Al Qaeda Leader Threatens ‘Gravest Consequences’ If Boston Marathon Bomber Executed, Reports Say

    So what are they gonna do? Bring it, boys. Let’s see how you stand up to real Americans in a firefight instead of blowing yourselves up like a bunch of chicken-s**t pansies.

    • Paul ...

      Al Qaeda probably figures if Hillary (who sent them all their guns and bombs) gets pardoned … why shouldn’t the guys way down on the totem pole (who actually do the dirty work) get pardoned! … the “Gravest Consequences” probably means … Al Qaeda won’t bomb any more American cities … until … Al Qaeda “gets a guarantee” that their operatives won’t face punishment (like all the bankers on Wall Street and the other neocon traitors within the US)!

      • Paul ...

        Yeah! … Al Qaeda is playing hard ball … if the neocon traitors need to bomb American cities to get a war started to cover-up their evil deeds … they will “have to” pardon the Boston bomber … lets see what happens!

        • Paul ...

          Perhaps the neocon traitors will come to some sort of a compromise whereby the police can only use “rubber bullets” when the Al Qaeda/ISIS terrorists kill Americans … but have no fear … something will be worked out … because the neocon traitors “need to keep bombing American cities” so as to have “an excuse to start a nuclear war” which will save their evil necks from the gallows by covering-up all their evil crimes, frauds and theft of trillions !!

          • Paul ...

            The evil neocons figure they will all be safe in their underground shelters when the nukes start falling “destroying the evidence of their evil crimes” … but I’ll crawl if I have to … burnt and blistered in the hot radioactive atmosphere of Nuclear Armageddon to their underground ventilation shafts and with my blistered hands stuff it with radioactive mud and kill the evil bastards!!

            • wondrouscat

              I bet you make a great dinner guest. JK

              • frederick

                İ would Love to have Paul as my dinner guest Someone who speaks his mind instead of some brain dead liberal spewing nonsense propaganda and useless ideologies all night long

  56. Don

    Your da man, Always in time, with things that matter. The blatant corruption of this globalist administration, is beyond belief. The public needs to bliss the Whitehouse, along with every republican official. You probably don’t remember, about me bringing up the idea about Chelsey being in danger over this. Something else, I think needs to be said, is Mrs. Lynch has file a delay of imformation request on email, foundation, as well as other information, in court, and it would not allow it to be publicly disclosed for over two years. We truly have a mafia type government, where all things are allowed, if your on the right side. Why Obama, hasn’t been tried for treason, along with others supporting the globalist, I’ll never understand, as they are all seeking to destroy our national sovereignty, and betray it to an oligarchy, social, for of corporate world government. The corporate debt there buying is part of the shadow government. They enrich the politicians, while at the same time operate as policy makers to form there power infrastructure. All we can hope for is that Trump gets elected, and brings to bare the treasonist acts, corruption, an those who assisted get thrown in the pen. I don’t think we have long now, before the collapse gets rolling, and another QE is done as the last attempt to keep the system afloat, and to steal any remaining wealth in the population. Good Job Greg, your wrap up is always refreshing, but I have to say, it sometimes angers me over the evil I see. Farewell friend.

  57. Robert Lykens

    Shocking Poll Shows What US Muslims Think Of US Laws

  58. john duffy

    Greg you are so right about abortion. The Pagans of old would sacrifice their babies to the Gods. We sacrifice our babies to the gods of pleasure, money, and convenience. How are we any different than the Pagans of old? We knock over the ten commandments like ten pins and the courts legalize it. God doesn’t have to punish us, we are doing a good job of doing it to ourselves.

  59. Sayonara

    Welcome to the end my friends. This is the end.
    The price of silver is leading the way.
    Corupt politicians and central bankers are all of sudden naked for everyone to see.
    Ithe is time to say Sayonara.

  60. Emory

    Greg – It would appear that reincarnation is for real. IF that’s the case then to me abortion isn’t that big of a deal. Perhaps you need to spend some time evaluating the beliefs that you have and try to see how they are hindering your growth as a being.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a pompous, idiot, condescending atheist. Go away and don’t come back.

    • Jerry

      Emory. What a line of consolidated bull crap.
      ” Greg – It would appear that reincarnation is for real. IF that’s the case then to me abortion isn’t that big of a deal.”

      If you really believed that, you would have killed yourself along time ago. By the sheer fact that you’re here tells me you’re just peddling a line of BS that makes you feel good.
      Have you ever had a child die in your arms? Or had to pull the plug on a life support unit for a loved one? If you had you would appreciate life a little more, and peddle a little less BS.

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes Jerry, and I am sure you say my answer. Thank you for your comment.

        • Emory

          One other thing Greg. It would appear that for you belief has precedence over fact so I’m left wondering if there’s really that much difference between you and the reporting done by USA Today. Ignore or twist the facts when it’s convenient.

          • Greg Hunter

            I stated it was my analysis and opinion. I said “I could not prove it.” The USA Today give their opinion and bias slant and calls it reporting. Also, what they do not report disqualifies them to call themselves a news organization. They did not report this meeting in AZ with Clinton and Lynch. This is what political spin organizations do. Ignore stories that make your candidate look very bad. I DiD and Gave my analysis, which is in the slogan of this site. Read the header on each and every page. I’ll say it again, The Clinton email/bribe/money laundering/charity fraud story is the biggest in the entire political history of the United States. For the USA Today not to cover this story (and they in fact did not this week in their news paper) is “Too stupid to be stupid.” So beat it you paid troll.

          • Jerry

            One of the brilliant FACTS about life on a higher plain is, in the end you get to find out just how really smart you are. For people like you, when your time comes, all you will leave is scratch marks.

          • Charles H


            Every organization or system produces proofs to it’s intrinsic value. India is a cest-pool physically; a caste system, culturally; and stunted politically. America is healthy; free and class-mobile; and just arrived at political torpid-ity. You throw-out comparisons without substantiation. Stop transferring your doubts and demons unto everyone else; or arguing for some perverse arguing’s sake. It comes-off like a child’s playground chime of – ‘I rubber and you are glue…’.

    • Tin foil hat

      Do you know the purpose for reincarnation? We are here to pass the test. Abortion deprives the child’s opportunity to take that test and ascend to a higher plain.

    • Galaxy 500

      Reincarnation ? ? Hahaha, where is your proof.
      Wow, another mentally gentle giant with low double digit IQ.

      • Tin foil hat

        GALAXY 500,
        Heaven, hell, soul, etc..? Where is your proof?
        All Buddhists believe in reincarnation.

      • Freebreezer

        G-500, remember the 90/90 rule … 90 million Americans have an IQ below 90. It is just the facts and statistics per the bell curve. Thus I am never, ever amazed at what some people will say.

  61. RTW

    One thing is certain about the tryst in Phoenix between BJ and Lynch….it wasn’t a coincidence. Another certainty is that they didn’t talk about grandchildren. The fact that they stated that, shows their lack of respect for the American public. They state obviously blatant lies without shame because they don’t care. The reason they don’t care is because they have no fear. Lynch was being interviewed about it in Aspen and the audience laughed, along with Lynch, when she was asked “What was she thinking”? This most recent event was nothing more than Kabuki Theater.

  62. Robert

    As far as holding sovereign debt: Why would anyone lend money to a bankrupt government and think their money is safe?

  63. 8Ball

    Sad to say but it looks like there will be no prosecution for Hillary. She is an evil witch but she will skate because there is too much dirty laundry that will come out in the process. In short, the Clintons are blackmailing the the rest of the rats in the government that colluded with her so nothing is going to happen…

  64. Gryphon

    Greg –
    On this the occasion of Canada’s 149th birthday – today, July 1 – I wanted to thank you for all your work.
    Your website and your columns are great. One of my favorites (along with PCR).
    The generous wealth of comments here, along with their tone, give me the uncomfortable feeling that more and more Americans are waking up.
    Which is a good thing actually! But I say uncomfortable because they’re pissed off.
    I can feel it… I can smell it. Makes the hair on my neck stand up.
    PCR says the only possible solution is if Britain, Germany and France stand up for themselves instead of being Washington’s enablers, and stop all the nonsense with Russia, and stop all the nonsense with NATO.
    Otherwise we’re all doomed.
    But what do you think the odds of that happening are, heheh…
    Because they like Washington’s money (YOUR money!) too much.
    So I guess we’ll see… Anyway, thanks again from Canada and keep up the fine work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gryphon for your comment, kind words and support!

  65. Kim

    Here is an article for general guidelines to prep for the coming crash. The GOTS Checklist – A Review (Get Out Of The System)
    If anyone else here on this blog has other insightful info, would love to see it! Thank you in advance. Being informed is being empowered! God bless! God is in control!

    • Brian V

      Thank you for your post. I would suggest checking out some of the Gregory Mannarino interviews on USA Watchdog. “Become your own central bank”. A simple yet powerful statement that Mr. Mannarino has talked about on numerous occasions. God IS in control. Fear not.

    • Freebreezer

      Just a thought – for those looking to buy silver, think about buying old silverware sets. You can pic up old sets from the 30’s, 40’s and so on for 5 to 10% over the cost of Steriling. There are so many young people inheriting Grandmas silver set and selling it to get cash to buy cheap what ever. Shop around, there are some great, great buys at the local coin shops! Unfortunatly, most of this sets are getting melted down,

  66. rahrog

    Independence Day marks America’s SECESSION from Great Britain. It is well past time for the American people to SECEDE from the current federal government.

  67. diane s.

    If a global digital currency is established.
    Will our money be converted into the new digital ?

    • Freebreezer

      G-500, what is sad, take the water article, if it was a private entity the government and media would come down on it with a ton bricks per se – this would not be allowed to happen in private companies (jail time, huge fines media assination of character, etc.), but being the incompetence of government … oh well, we will try and fix it.

  68. RTW

    It’s Saturday morning and Fox News is all agog about HC talking to the FBI for over 3 hrs. They’re speculating what is going to happen to her, as a result. The answer is simple….NOTHING! She didn’t have to talk to them at all, so the fact that she did, shows an overwhelming confidence, on her part, that she knows nothing negative will come from this. It’s a win/win situation for the FBI, The Dems and HC. Comey can say that that they did their job and found nothing, the Dems don’t have to scramble to prop up a replacement and HC can go on to fulfill Gina M’s life long fantasy. This country is on a quest to create “historic moments”. It elected our first bi-racial, Muslim, backbencher, not once but twice. Now it’s on the verge of making a bigger mistake by historically electing our first female president. The fact that she’s still out there acting like a carnival barker coupled with the amount of “low information” voters who so desperately want to be a part of history indicates that it will happen. After that, we will experience another “historic moment” … the collapse of the U.S of A. I pray that Trump can weather the storm,which is about to hit him, and defeat her, but I’m beginning to have doubts.

    • Greg Hunter


      Indicted she will be. Bill found that out in the meeting in AZ.


      • RTW

        I hope you’re right,,, for all our sakes. The CCF has been getting away with murder for way too long. It’s time justice gets served and let’s hope it’s severe.

  69. Red Walker

    I am still wondering why, no one stands put to these people in public. If someone where to expose them for who and what they are, America would applaud and rally around that person. There are more of us than there are them….. If the Clinton’s threatened people and their families….you’d think someone would stand up and say bring it on. What better life and reputation to have and leave behind than that of a great patriot ready to give all you have for our country. Perhaps that is too patriotic and idealistic…..?

    • Diane D.

      They came for our 1st Amendment freedom of speech and took it. Not a shot was fired.
      They came for our 1st Amendment freedom of association. Took it. Not a shot was fired.
      They came for our 1st Amendment right to access government information. Gone.
      Our 4th Amendment freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. Poof.
      Our 5th Amendment right to due process and freedom from being held without charge.
      Our 6th Amendment right to legal representation.
      Our 6th Amendment right to a speedy and public trial.
      Our 8th Amendment freedom from cruel and unusual punishments.
      Our 14th Amendment right to equal protection.

      Not a shot was fired by Patriots. All FedGov had to do was destroy three skyscrapers and blame it on Muslims.

      GW Bush’s Patriot Act was signed just 45 days after 9/11. Thus began the ‘War on Liberty and Sovereignty’. On New Year’s Eve 2011, Obama (in concert with GOP Presidential nominee McCain) signed the NDAA. That was the death blow to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      All this happened on our watch. You ask, ‘What’s my point?’. I ask you, ‘What are you celebrating tomorrow?’

  70. eddiemd

    Where is Bill Clinton? He has been in hiding since the meeting with Miss Loretta. Maybe he is golfing here in Phoenix again in the 100+ temperatures.

    What about the FBI and Secret Service in regards to the meeting?

    Where is the republican leadership?

    • frederick

      eddiemd probably hiding out at Epsteins Carribean retreat

    • Paul ...

      God does not need a Star Ship to traverse the universe … but Hillary is going to need one to escape from the Hell she created for herself!!

      • Paul ...

        Hey Aliens … can you please provide the Star Ship? … take not only Hillary but all the neocon traitors to another star system for us … you will be “doing God’s work”!!!

  71. coalburner

    Eddie, you are an MD, so you know where the repub leadership is. Kissing up to the dirty money changers of the Catholics and Lutherans who lied about bringing in Muslims loaded with TB to pollute Minnissota and the USA. Same as I informed last year about Obama’s illegal children from Central America bringing that killer lung disease and uncivilized habits to spread in NM and where else they were shipped.

  72. coalburner

    Yes , I forgot the savages sent to Idaho.

  73. vincent_g

    I have been looking at the poor coverage of the now famous email server.
    We hear that the government system had shut down it’s security to allow Mrs. Clinton email server to communicate with it.

    Lets see if we can clear this up so people understand what happened.
    Based on the fact that emails were being rejected as spam it’s clear that her server was blacklisted.
    What does this mean?
    When a person uses their email for the purpose of sending out thousands of emails to people on a list of people that did not subscribe or authorize you sending them advertisement you risk getting blacklisted by one of the many organizations that monitor emails for Spam.
    Once listed the person in charge of the server needs to investigate the cause take precautions that it doesn’t happen again. The server manager should then find out which organizations have blacklisted the server and request removal from their list and stating that the problem was solved.
    Based on what I am hearing this appears to be what was done.
    Since IP removal is not quick they went a step further by white listing the server in the government’s mail system so that it emails would not be rejected.

    This does not put the government servers at risk!

    But it shows us that Hillary’s server was taken over by hackers.
    A common thing that amateur hackers do is try to take over servers to use them for spam emails. In some cases it’s done to blast out hundreds of thousands of advertisement emails and in other cases its emails to spread spyware.

    This can happen one of two ways.

    Either the hacker infected a PC that was used to send the emails or the hacker broke into the server directly.

    My guess is the hacker broke into the server as it was most likely a Windows server using MS Exchange email server and the tech people were not capable to secure it properly. An outside service should have been used to analyze the server and make security recommendations. Testing should have been done on monthly intervals for security issues. But from what I see it looks like none of this was done.
    The company hired was not capable of doing this job due to a total lack of experience on setting up proper security.

    MS Exchange is a popular choice since it supports the blackberry and other mobile devices better than a Linux email system would.

    Due to windows servers being easy targets by hackers additional hardware firewalls would have been needed but most likely were not used.

    So what we see is confusion and poor coverage in the news reports as to what took place. Why the coverage is so poor is no one is talking to computer experts to understand what has been released by the FBI or other sources.
    Instead they glance over it or overstate the importance of the new information.

    The facts are that Mrs Clinton had a personal Email Server in her home.
    A typical server can cost anywhere from $4000 to $14000 depending on redundancy requirements.
    This server may have been purchased or leased by Clinton.
    Along with the setup and server costs there were also maintenance costs.
    My guess is the server was leased and the monthly costs were probably around $900 to $1200 a month.
    This would have included onsite service that would allow up to X number of hours per month. Should a month go over the fixed number then they would bill her at a fee of most likely $60 per hour.

    That I think covers it.

  74. AJ

    I wonder if this bit of wet work is what prompted Obama to lower the boom:

  75. pat the rat

    This just a guess the next president of the united states Elisabeth Warren. She may be smarter then anyone thinks.

  76. RTW

    Like the saying goes, you have 3 guesses, so take another one. Pocahontas is not going to be the next POTUS and as far as intellect goes, hers is nowhere near exceeding the ambient temperature in Massachusetts, no matter what her fans think. One only needs to listen to her for 30 seconds to conclude that. She makes Clinton look good.

  77. Ron

    Another Hillary billboard:
    I LIE! – what difference does it make!

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