Clinton Foundation Sinks Into Deeper Trouble, Economic Update and Gold, Iran/US Middle East War Update

1azBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW252 8.26.16)

Hillary Clinton and her Foundation are sinking into deeper trouble. More emails were discovered, and more pay-to-play accusations are rolling in.  This all happened while Clinton was at the State Department, and it looks like there is no end to the tawdry revelations.  Now, there are accusations that the Clinton Foundation is a global charity fraud because proper paperwork has not been done, and there is no real accounting for all the money collected.  The Clintons say they are doing good charitable work and dismiss the accusations, but none the less, charges of wrongdoing keep mounting.

A U.S. destroyer had to fire warning shots at Iranian attack speed boats that were taunting the warship. This on the heels of the news that the President lied about paying ransom to Iran and that the U.S. could not wire money.  The U.S. did, in fact, wire money to the Islamic Republic along with delivering a pallet of cash in return for release of U.S. hostages.  Meanwhile, Turkey has invaded Northern Syria in a race for the city of Aleppo.  Troops, tanks and aircraft were all part of the assault on ISIS, and there are fears of Turkey, which is a NATO member, widening the war in the Middle East.

Deutsche Bank (DB) CEO is out with fresh warnings of “fatal consequences” for depositors and savers. Meanwhile, a top DB economist is adding to the warnings of “social unrest and another Great Depression.”  Those warnings might be the reason why billion dollar money managers, like Crispin Odey, are recommending people buy physical gold.  Odey contends the “price of gold against paper money will be massively revalued upwards.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

Charles Ortel will be the upcoming guest on the “Early Sunday Release” and will disclose shocking analysis and revelations about the Clinton Foundation.


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  1. David H

    I pray that America takes its final chance to save herself by not voting Hillary. You have done an outstanding job documenting the unprecedented bias in reporting. It’s in God’s hands. You are appreciated.
    David H

    • Diane D.

      I have to wonder if God has already passed judgment on America.

      • Paul ...

        He will if we don’t vote for good over evil!

  2. pat the rat

    Still say that Clinton is closer to a nursing home then the white house. Clinton dose not have the lower body ability to stand for very long.Talk to any nursing home nurse, and she will tell you why?

  3. Colin

    All gender bathrooms, lockers, showers –
    try looking at Michelle Obama (Michael Obama) and it may give you a clue to the source of this insanity. Obama is homosexual, like it or not folks

    • Paul ...

      The Democratic Party is the Party of Sodom and Gomorrah because we have queers running our country … they are telling women they have “equal rights” (to what … fornicate in any restroom in America?) … yes Democrat’s… lets let women shower with the men and boys … and don’t forget to vote for Democrat Hillary this November as she supports a “women’s right to do as much evil as she has done” with her “Charity”, etc., etc. … yes … lets vote Democratic this November … and make our entire Nation a perverted “Village” (modeled on Greenwich Village in NY City)!

  4. frederick

    I totally agree with you 100 percent about the crazy wackadoodle unisex insanity Greg In regards to gold I think 15 to 20 percent of everyones assets should be in metals as an insurance against currency debasement and/or collapse Have a great weekend everyone

  5. David Dee

    If you have not read it yet CNN parted ways with Dr. Drew.
    Ironic that just one week ago Dr. Drew stated on his CNN show
    his concern for Hillary’s health. Now I want someone to tell me
    we are not living in a bourgeoisie totalitarian country.
    God Help America (Please).

  6. Robert Lykens

    Greg, the absolute scariest part of your cartoon this week is not the money raked in by the Clintons, it’s Huma Abedin in the background, waiting patiently to inflict her monstrous muslim/feminist/socialist fascism on us.

    • frederick

      No the scariest part is definitely the Hildebeast and your comment is typical of your anti Muslim rhetoric

  7. David

    Clinton said in the beginning that her private servers and associated emails only involved exchanges about yoga, Chelsea, wedding plans, and other personal family matters, etc. Look at the information that has surfaced since those claims. The dishonesty and deceit says it all. It’s at the very core of her personality, her DNA.

    The Clintons have a single page political game book…. lie and deny. And if that doesn’t work… deny and then lie. If that doesn’t work, rinse and repeat until it’s declared “old news”. If all else fails, deploy the “victim” card and circle the wagons, because it’s a “…right wing conspiracy out to get us!” And if that doesn’t work? Unleash the nuclear option: James Carville on every Sunday talk show. Stay tuned.

    • Dave

      Then Arkancide.

  8. GW

    All Gender Bathrooms / locker rooms whatever……

    • BLT

      This problem will work itself out. I predict that the first time a female has to sit next to a truck driver in a loves truck stop they will realize the perils of transgender anything. Or when the first female gets “towel whipped” by the boys in the locker room they won’t like it so much. I know I didn’t lol. To the females who are good at towel whipping I didn’t mean to offend, and in emergencies of course bathrooms could be gender neutral, it just depends on how much taco Bell was had prior to the bathroom visit👍

    • Paul ...

      You know … we “non-transgender people” have a sex condition also … it is called “Dysphagia” (the inability to swallow bull shit) … and “our condition” should be addressed with as much vigor and enthusiasm by our queer Government officials who are now going all out to build unisex restrooms in violation of the anti-discrimination laws of our country! … we demand “Equal Rights”!! … if the pay to play Hillary already approved the unisex restroom contract to the highest bidder … let them build them (for gays and lesbians to use) just don’t remove our MEN and WOMEN restrooms … this is a matter of our Fundamental Civil Rights!!

  9. Tommy

    Thanks Greg. Another fine update on all the craziness going on. Well, when you have nothing you start launching. Yesterday Hillary’s KKK attack ad came out trying to link Trump to white supremacists. Although nothing could be further from the truth (Trump is undoubtedly the most socially liberal Republican nominee in history) that didn’t stop CNN and msnbc from spending the day “analyzing” the hit piece as if it were news worthy debating whether or not the Republican party has been captured by the “alt-right” ( a term that I had never even heard before). Never a mention of her “mentor” former KKK Exalted Cyclops and Democrat senator Robert Byrd and Bill Clinton’s “mentor” J. William Fulbright, an avid racist who fought against civil rights legislation and for the continuation of Jim Crow laws. And what Republican governor would get a pass on celebrating Confederate Flag day during his terms? Only Bill Clinton. Anyway it appears that HRC was given an extra dose of her meds yesterday as she spoke even more slowly and deliberately than usual. After a week and a half in hiding you’d think she should have been rested and ready to go.

  10. Tad

    Dr. Drew’s show is cancelled by CNN; Julian Assange’s life is threatened by London embassy break-in; dead lawyer resulting from the email and/or Clinton Foundation story.

    I see dead people.

  11. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great report. I come from a time and place when our women were sacred. I still believe that they are. Laws were made for their protection.

    Hopefully, Mr. Trump, after he is elected, will remember each and every news agency that treated him like crap and will not have them in the White House press room. By the same token I hope he remembers all those who were fair and has them in the press room. You may have to buy some new ties. LOL.

  12. Russ

    Thanks Greg, I hope the Trump campaign is doing better than the MSM makes it appear. I’m curious as to what Julian Assange will release next, and whether the MSM will mention it.

    Deutsche Bank CEO Warns Of “Fatal Consequences” For Savers
    “…implicitly suggesting that if Deutsche Bank goes down it is taking everyone down with it …”
    I take “everyone” to mean groups, funds, individuals and any other entity with a DB account that falls under the EU’s bail-in legislation.
    When I first read that quote it seemed like a threat, but it is really a warning that, “monetary policy is now running counter to the aims of strengthening the economy and making the European banking system safer.” Really?(sarc) It’s a warning that if DB goes down, the bail-in laws are on the books and available, so account holders will get taken down too. But more than DB accounts, I’d worry more about the systemic issues. Regardless who will be blamed for DB’s derivative exposure, if/when DB fails, “everyone” will also include other banks and the failure could cascade. I’m not smart enough to know the ultimate result of a single major bank in Europe failing, but I have a feeling it will reach the U.S. in days.

  13. Jerry

    The G20 meets in approximately 11 days followed by the Yuan being officially introduced into the IMF basket of currencies on October 1st. My question is, at this point ” what difference does Hilary make “?

  14. Linda L.

    Businesses closing, increasing unemployment, banks broke + zero interest rates, rising stock markets, corruption = FANTASYLAND

  15. Mike

    There is an alignment of planets converging in the solar system. Earlier, when the moon aligned with Neptune, there was a 7.4 in the South Atlantic. As the moon aligned with Neptune–shortly after there was a 6.2 in Italy, then a 6.8 in Burma. The Alignment is at its peak Sept 1-4. During the time the moon crosses the sun on the 1st and then Jupiter and Venus on the 3rd– a whole lot of shaking will occur. Be prepared.

    • Mike

      The second Neptune is Uranus–My typo.

    • Rob M

      Actually most of the planet’s orbit on planes that do not align, so this will never happen. The moon and the sun are the only celestial bodies that have a significant gravitational influence on the earth.

    • Paul ...

      Mike … Some “indisputable hard facts” the nay sayer’s will have trouble explaining is this: earthquake activity has now increased from about 400 to 696 magnitude 4 and higher quakes around the globe in just a little over a year … the Earth is obviously being tugged at (by unseen magnetic and gravitational forces)! …

  16. Leah from Seattle

    Hi Greg, Ive been following your blog for a long time and have often donated. But the whole bashing of transgender people is because you have been the victim of MSM and its stereotyping and labeling. In fact, I am transgender and want to educate you on your false assumptions of genuine T-people who are only attempting to seek acceptance in society. The best way for me to do this is to paste in the letter I sent to my mother on my coming out. You can post it or not if you wish.

    Hi Mom,
    I need to tell you something that I have been putting off for over a year now. I alluded to a significant change I’ve made in an earlier email. Time is catching up with us both so I think it’s correct to tell you about me. That being said, I must call upon you’re sense of fortitude to endure a difficult issue. Nevertheless, I love and respect you for your constitution to circumstances and hard times and because you are my Mother.
    A primary reason for telling you all this now is that there have been many changes in my life that I wanted you to learn about from me and in the correct context. Otherwise, you would have noticed them anyway and wondered what was happening if I lived closer. Let me explain some of these changes.
    I have gender dysphoria. I am transgendered. I am not a cross dresser or a transvestite. This is not my way of telling you I am gay. This is not about who I want to date or sex or fetishes or wearing woman’s clothing. Let me explain.
    There is a difference between sex, gender and sexual orientation. In way too simplistic terms, sex is about anatomy, sexual orientation is about attraction and gender is about social roles and interactions. These are very closely related things, of course, but they are not identical.
    So first, here’s what this announcement and process is not about. It is not about sexual orientation. In fact, as you know, I have purposely put the whole notion of dating, relationships, etc, on hold for a while so as not to confound more important issues. It is not really even about anatomy, except inasmuch as anatomy is linked in our society to social roles.
    It is also not about wearing women’s clothing except in that that too is inextricably linked to social roles. It is about social roles. I’m sure I will never be able to explain this right, but let me try. My whole life, yes, my whole life, every single day, I have thought about this. I have wondered, dreamed, fretted, felt guilty and obsessed about my identity.
    Every day. My whole life. There has always been an expectation because of the “M” on my birth certificate that I would behave in certain ways, feel certain ways and, in fact, be a certain way. It is about big things and about very little mundane things. How I stand. How I sit. Who I play with. What I play at. What I wear. How I live. What I look like.
    I have had to think carefully about my every physical and emotional action, reaction and interaction, my whole life. I have a million relevant memories about how this has affected my day-to-day world since I was maybe 8 or 9. These are painful memories but you know what? They really aren’t for me. I suppose they are mildly tragic in that they had to continue for forty years before I did anything about them, but mostly I’m okay with the past.
    My successful practice has always been to hide how I felt, to disguise the societal incorrect gender-defined mannerisms or desires and to blend in. I think I have been pretty good at hiding my thoughts and pragmatically doing what I was supposed to do. Please understand though that gender is not really a strict duality, but a more like a continuum.
    I have no more possibility of or interest in becoming a really frilly female than a really butch male. Those extremes are just not my nature. Now it’s just me! It’s not really exactly about being a man or a woman, but it will look like that, I’m sure. It’s about being genuine. My gender dysphoria, as happens with most transgendered folks, has become a crippling distraction with only one realistic fix—I needed to stop fighting this and take an informed, cautious journey.
    Hence, I made this change on October 9th 2008. This is when I flew to Argentina and had surgery. I left the country as a male and reentered as a female.
    I know you have this image of me as your Son and that you were proud and happy for me, and you felt I was an appropriate reflection on you to your family. That makes me happy if it made you happy. Part of me thinks that in hindsight, you really wouldn’t want to know about this.
    I don’t have any choice but to follow what I believe is the genuine “me”. I guess its better that you know now than be surprised later under not so favorable conditions. This is why I haven’t been calling as frequent. I really wanted to, but its harder to talk with a lower tone now. My face, voice, body, as well as my name have changed.
    Emotionally, I’m amazingly fine right now. Better than ever in a lot of ways. Actually, my mental health has always been pretty good. Sure, there’s been Attention Deficit Disorder and a bit of depression now and again. Still my biggest emotional problem, lifelong, has been repressing the gender dysphoria.
    It really has impacted my life physically, emotionally, financially, and organizationally. Imagine, the thing in your life that you have thought about the most—everyday as long as you can remember—and you repressed it, denied it and never talked about it with anyone. That’s pain and an incredible expenditure of negative energy. That’s repression and that takes a toll.
    Now, imagine, you seek help, come to terms with it, meet people like you, find out you’re not a freak (by some definitions at least), make a decision to deal with it, and then deal with it—do what you need to do, tell those you care about, stop hiding it. It can only help, right?
    The last couple of years have been very tough for me. But I had a knowledgeable therapist (she doesn’t believe I need any more counseling) and some very knowledgeable and caring transgendered friends who have gone through this, and I really do have my head screwed on right and tight.
    You will react how you react. I have been working on this for almost 40 years—I can’t expect you to understand or accept it in less time than that. In some ways, the whole point of this is that I am doing what I think I need to do. So I expect and want you to do what you need to do.
    If I have asked you to read this, you must know that I think of you as a good person. That does not mean that I expect you to accept what I’m doing or even understand it. Indeed, I fully expect that my relationships with you will be dramatically strained or end.
    You may learn to tolerate it, you may resent me, and you are likely to decide that there is no place in your life for me. Any of those are okay. I really mean it when I say that I want you to do what you think is right for you; I am doing what I think is right for me.
    I am doing this for me. It is an imperative, believe me. Still, I feel deeply that it affects you. I therefore really believe that I have certain responsibilities to you to help rearrange any negative impact I may have on your life or impression of me.
    I will answer any and all of your questions as thoroughly and clearly as possible. I know this isn’t something you have dealt with everyday like I have. As I said earlier, I have been thinking and reading about this for decades—you haven’t.
    I will answer any and all of your questions as honestly as possible. As much as I have dishonestly hidden this for years, I am definitely anxious to come clean here with you. Talk to me about this if you want to. Any time.
    Keep in mind that, while I do take this seriously, none of this diminishes my sense of humor. If anything, I need it more now, so you still should expect me to joke a little. I know you will experience a loss just as Melissa did. When its all said and done, I want you to know I’m still your son and always will be.

    Greg. My mother died in 2012 having disowned me ever since I sent her this letter. When she was in hospice I remember carrying her broken body back to bed thinking I wish I could tell her that her son was with her until she passed. But I never did. So you see, there are many T-people that you would never guess were sharing the same bathroom with you. And after all, thats all they are doing, is going to the bath room. For the ones that are unfortunately and obviously not “passing”? Oh well, that is their own dilemma and they should be obligated to working hard not to be a distraction.

    • Greg Hunter

      These are two entirely different issues and I am NOT “bashing” transgender people. The powers are using this issue to strip us all of our identity. This is the kind of thing that the Nazi’s did in the 1930’s to get people to get in line and control them. By the way, what about the rights of parents that do NOT want this for their children????? Don’t they have “rights” too?? Peace and love.

      • helot

        When I read the mention of A.D.D., ‘gender dysphoria’ and, ‘a knowledgeable therapist’ I thought of this thread:

        Anyway, Greg, I like everything you wrote and had not thought of things this way before:

        “By the way, what about the rights of parents that do NOT want this for their children????? Don’t they have “rights” too??”

        And, for sure: “Peace and love.” Cool reply.

        • Paul ...

          Gender dysphagia is like having leprosy … you can’t treat it … in the old days lepers were simply put on a secluded island and segregated from the healthy population! … Plum Island may be available!

          • frederick

            Nope from what Ive read they .will be building mansions for the Wall Street ,crowd over there Good luck with the lyme disease ridden
            Ticks is all I can say to them

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Leah, it’s sad that your mother disowned you (to put it mildly). My condolences to you on losing her twice. The transgender bathroom issue has been blown out of proportion to distract the public from other issues, and it’s sad how many people are falling for that too. (And yes, Greg, erasing gender identity is a separate, though related, issue.)

    • Diane D.

      Leah, you say these people just want ‘acceptance’. Tolerance is not enough, and there is the rub. We need to accept what we believe to be sinful deviant sexual behavior. Sorry, but this Christian family will never bow at their altar. And we expect you to tolerate our beliefs.

    • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

      Leah, if you were born male then you’ll die male. Regardless of what hormonal or surgical changes you inflict on yourself, you’ll never have a uterus. You’ll never have ovaries. Your DNA will always be male. If you wear lipstick, you’re a man with lipstick on. If you wear a dress, you’re a man with a dress on. Regardless of what pronouns you adopt, you’ll always be “him” or “he”.
      What? You think your Maker made a mistake? I hate to break it to you but just because you lust for men’s flesh that doesn’t make you female. It’s just another sin like my lust for female flesh.
      Jesus cares about you and will receive you, mutilated body or not.

      • Rob M

        Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

      • Rob M

        Thumper, I feel the love of Jesus emanating from you.

      • Paul ...

        I thought animals were not allowed in Heaven? … maybe Jesus will allow our normal pet pigs in … but transgender pigs with lipstick and a red dress on? … I doubt it!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Leah, I’ve had many friends over the years who disowned or were disowned for everything from changing churches, being gay, or smoking pot. It’s a power thing. My mother threatened to disown me for NOT aborting my 3rd child…she adored PP. Just know this: Jesus never shunned ANYBODY. Your Heavenly Father will never disown you, His beloved child. How do I know you are? Because you’ve suffered. You’ve shared the cross. And your natural mother is not out of your life story…that will come in the next chapter. God bless you….

    • Jerry

      Follow the money. First George Soros. Now lord Rothschild.

      The market manipulators have kept precious metals cheap for themselves and for their corporate banker friends. As usual the sheep on the street will get the shaft once again when the time comes. As I have stated before I know first hand how this works. My mothers aunt owned a clothes design company that did business with Warner Brothers in 1920’s. Precisely six months before the crash in “October” of 1929 she was advised by her business contacts to move her money out of her bank in L.A. to a bank in Shanghai. Coincidence? Hardly. The elite and the connected always look out for each others business interest because they know the game is rigged. It always has been. Unfortunately you and I are not in that club. But take this article for what its worth. A sign something is going to happen.

      • Jerry

        This warning should be for anyone who still has money in a bank.

        • Paul ...

          The neoCON Artists are playing the old phony game with us … HEADS (“H”illary) they win (more war and low interest rates) … TAILS (“T”rump) we lose (rising interest rates and crashing economy) … hey neoCon Artists … the real game is TAILS “we win” (the Fed is shut down, the banksters go bankrupt, the international corporations are slammed with high tariffs until they bring our jobs back, etc., etc.!

    • Tin foil hat

      “A press release providing the final currency amounts in the new SDR valuation basket to take effect on October 1, 2016 will be issued by the IMF on September 30, 2016. The first SDR interest rate based on the new basket will be determined on October 7, 2016, and will be applied for the week beginning October 10, 2016.”

      – September 30th = Final currency amounts in new basket
      – October 7th = First SDR interest rate determined
      – October 10th = First SDR interest applied

      Investors will be looking for the best yields. With SDR bonds now being issued, it’ll be interesting to see what the rate is. It just may force more interest rate increases to compete with SDR bonds, whether Yellen likes it or not.

  17. HankH

    They want unhindered access to your little Boys and Girls and want to Marginalize then Criminalize you for resisting their pedophile advances.

    • Paul ...

      They want to destroy the family and our moral values (once they create “their Village” where parents no longer have a right to their own children … it makes it easier for the Lucifer worshiping “Skull and Bones Neocons” to steal our kids and make them into “human sacrifices” around the fire of Lucifer’s Evil Alter!

  18. Dee Garmon

    Hillary in Mother Theresa in disguise, misunderstood by ordinary folks and adored by MSM and corporate America.

  19. Hill

    I am getting this gnawing feeling that Hillary Clinton might drop from the race. She could use her deteriorating health as the reason to gain public sympathy and make the ongoing criminal investigations mute. Joe Biden would suddenly enter from stage left with a relatively short time before elections. If so, would Biden & Trump debate? How prepared would Trump be to face an onslaught of a far more (possibly) prepared Biden?

    The sociopaths and psychopaths that took over our system of government post 9/11 will not go down without a better chance of remaining behind the throne of power.

    • MCasey

      Hill…..been getting the same gnawing feeling. And concerned it may have a negative impact on Trump…?

  20. VegasRob

    To all my fellow USAWatchdoggers –
    I see a lot of you on here daily, reading, listening and commenting on these great insightful interviews and newscasts and I often ponder….

    “How many of you are supporting this site financially ?” I pray it is all of you !!!

    I have not been asked by anyone to post this as it is of my own volition and here is why.
    “The volume of information coming out these critical days before an election is staggering. Greg Hunter is but one “human being” and can not possibly process all of this and make these great videos at the same time…he needs staff or others to assist in the investigative part of his work.”

    For those of you whom are already contributing, thank you very much !
    For those of you that are not, please consider making at least a one time donation if you can and if you have the means, please contribute regularly.


    Thanks again not only to you Greg but also to all those other regular USAWD’ers that also contribute greatly to each and every posting.

    This is my #1 site and source of information from the alternative media for a reason…

    God Bless to all 🙂

  21. dee

    could not get your WNW-8-26-16 to pull up on facebook today. had to go to Maybe just me ? I don’t know.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dee. I don’t know what happened but I fixed it.

  22. Floyd

    The main train station in Frankfurt Germany was built in 1930s under the Nazi regime. It has one huge restroom used by both sexes. Stalls with doors for privacy line outside walls. with island in the middle — sinks on one side and urinals on the other side. Restrooms like this is what the ultra left want here in USA.

    • Paul ...

      All this proves is that the Nazi’s were queer … how else can you explain their murder and gassing of innocent women and children (only keeping the men alive to work in the war effort)!

  23. Southern Girl


    Thanks so much for being our eyes and ears on the news. I quite buying the rag, USA Today so many years ago. They assume we are all sheeple and cannot think for ourselves. Problem is that most people don’t read, understand, and/or care about the news. Leave me alone to live in my false reality…don’t bother me…you mean you want me to think… what the h@ll kind of person are you.

    Normalcy Bias will do more harm during this election…heck my neighbor is the only one with a Hiltlary sign in her yard. Does she know how crooked Hitlary is??? She doesn’t care. All she cares about is the women of the world unite to put a crook into the White House…..God help us all.

  24. stonewall

    Terrific wrap up Greg. The leftists are in control and their agenda is frightening. I say
    that even though I’m a senior citizen transwoman. I don’t agree with unisex bathrooms but I do want to be able to use a female washroom when I need to go
    pee because I am a woman so can’t use the men’s washroom.

    Being transgender is not easy Greg and it was a living hell when I was a young person
    desperately trying to present as male. To cope I went the macho male route that many
    of us traveled to try to be the best man a woman can be, similar to Kaitlyn Jenner.
    Somehow I was able to suppress the feelings I should be female until I retired and then
    what I had been able to more or less control became uncontrollable. I actually thought
    I had suddenly gone crazy because the compulsion to emasculate myself was so intense.
    That’s when I reached out for help and learned about transsexualism so that upon reflection my life finally started to make sense and I began to understand why I was
    always so angry and didn’t know why. I am one of the fortunate ones because my
    wife stuck with me and was very supportive while we learned together about the
    condition. I relate my story because I want your followers to know and understand
    that transgenderism can’t be turned on or off and many very good people have
    killed themselves because they could no longer suffer the torment of being transgender.

    entire life.

  25. Gina M Mancarella

    Machts Nicht ! (it does not matter)

    • Paul ...

      Yeah Gina … war does not matter, criminality does not matter, the morals of our children does not matter, etc., etc. … what only matters to you is the freedom “to do anything you want” … that dear girl can only be found in Satan’s world … in God’s world we live by certain rules … read the 10 Commandments if you don’t know what I’m talking about!!

    • RTW

      Frau Mancarell;
      Nein, sie sind falsch. (as usual). It matters a lot. It matters that there are a handful of deranged scheiskopfs out there who are willing to swallow the smegma produced by, the epitome of corruption and depravity, also known as the clintons. These two reprobates are perfectly willing to drag our country into the abyss with the aid of poor imbeciles, such as yourself, smiling and clapping all the way down. It matters that this country doesn’t get brought down into that same gutter that they reside in. If you really want to help hillary, buy her a walker.

    • wondrouscat

      What’s up with the German? What’s happening? and why does Hillary dress like a North Korean dictator, literally all the time?

      • Paul ...

        The Nazi’s believed in “transgender murder” (just like the neocons) only keeping men alive to work in their war effort … Hillary dresses like a dictator because that is what she will become … but for all her (and her husbands) evil doings the payback is … he gets AIDS … and she needs AIDS to hold her up!

      • Rob M

        That’s hilarious. Hadn’t thought of that.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      “(it does not matter) ” was added by Greg who put words in my mouth.

      Be honest about this Greg.

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes Gina, I used Google translator and added what it meant. (That’s why I put it in parentheses.) Was the translation incorrect??

  26. andyb

    Greg: when you have Ortel on, ask him if he knows what happened to the $14 billion for Haitian relief after the earthquake. I happen to know several prominent Haitian medical professionals who are now my neighbors and they tell me that only $2 billion (at best) can be accounted for. Don’t you remember those commercials with Pappy Bush and Clinton sitting side by side pleading for donations?

    Re: the transgender restrooms: The Target store a mile from my house (Davie Fl) has become an echo chamber with the immediate parking lot less than 1/2 full. On the other hand a Walmart, only 2 miles away, is busy and has a full parking lot. Have others noticed this in their areas?

  27. Paul ...

    The United “Snakes” (assuming Hillary will be (s)eleced President in a landslide victory) have essentially invaded Syria by inserting military forces without Syrian government permission in violation of international law … and the “Snakes” have now declared they will prevent Syria from protecting its own forces on its own soil (like the Wehrmacht did when it condemned Poland for daring to defend its own territory in September 1939) … confronting the “Snakes” is the Russian “Bear” and the Chinese “Dragon”, etc. … well folks … if Trump is not elected get ready for WWIII … we the American people can still turn this around by voting this November to stop Armageddon from happening … those who don’t vote (because they consider the government a hopeless mess) better get off their asses and vote this year… because if you don’t … you will be “blown off your asses” by Russian nuclear bombers currently flying right over your heads!

    • Paul ...

      It is only the grace of God holding Putin’s finger back from pressing the “Red Button” … God is looking for us Americans to act in a responsible manner … otherwise what is the use of saving unworthy people living just like the people of Sodom and Gomorrah!!

  28. Greg Hunter

    Oh I forgot, you are smarter than all the multi-billion dollar fund managers making this call and recommendation. People should listen to you and not them–right???

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      Hate to be a downer, Greg, but… Multi-billion dollar fund managers making this recommendation have a profit incentive to make it. I and some other scholars don’t. And yes I know as much or more about the economy as any of them. Gold will never be a substantial currency in the US like it might be (or already is) in other countries. The US government will never allow it. It already taxes, tracks and constrains in many other ways the exchange of gold (like restricts movement). Your gold is far more valuable in many other countries than the US despite an unfavorable currency exchange. I’m not saying that gold isn’t going to 20,000,000 Lira. It might. But not in the US. In the US it’ll still be between $800 and $1,600. And good luck getting gold out of the country to exchange it for more than that and enough to matter. There are considerable constraints on that and risks. I know a lot of people don’t want this to be the case, but it already is and it’s not likely to change. Gold won’t reach $2,000 an ounce. You’ll be lucky to see it ever reach $1,900 an ounce again. I could be wrong but not likely. There’s a greater probability that Trump will win the election than gold will ever reach $2,000 an ounce. And that’s not much.

      • Greg Hunter

        I think this is more about reputation management than anything. I have never heard so many top money people warn in this way.

        • Bob

          Greg – I think your “anti-gold” posters are living in this false QE la la land. Dr. Jewetts assertion that gold will be worth huge amounts outside the US but never in the US is absurd because all other currencies are linked to the Petro-dollar. With the total debasement of all fiat currencies there will be a reset to the world monetary system and given the stagnant state of all world economies, the reset will come sooner than later. I would like to believe we could ‘kick the can’ down the road forever but that would be to live in denial of what is coming. I have lived through every crash since 1985 crash ( 1999 and 2008) – the coming crash will make those look like child’s play because this time it is the currency itself that will fail. To that end I am a big believer in acquiring physical gold and silver as an insurance against what is surely coming. I am also a buyer of gold/silver miner stocks that will go exponentially higher as gold price rises. The particular stock I prefer is a ‘mineral bank’ called First Mineral Financial (ticker FF on the Toronto exchange or FFMGF in the US) . If you research the founder, Mr Keith Nuemeyer you will see why. In fact I would encourage you to interview Mr. Nuemeyer on your show – he is a solid , successful and knowledgable person who also founded First Quantum Silver ( Symbol AG in US markets) . Having said all this – I look forward to your video telecasts as they have helped me shape a course of personal action to safeguard against the crash that is inevitable and I believe imminent. The Fed will try to keep the status quo until the Hillary coronation and the SHTF ! We must listen to the warning coming from ALL tne indicators and not live in denial. Especially when one source of warning is one of the biggest banks in the world DBank !
          Keep up the great work you do Greg and may God protect and bless you and your vital work !

          • Greg Hunter

            Gold and silver have a at least a 5,000 year track record of currency and store of wealth. The dollar we have today has ben around since 1913. I am going with the 5,000 year asset. Thank you for weighing in here.

            • Greg Hunter

              Do what you like.

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          I agree they’re warning. And I agree the reasons are correct. I just don’t believe the outcome is going to be what they think. Theoretically, the value of gold in US dollars should be much greater than it is. And that it should go much higher is a reasonable expectation. I have profound respect for financial scholars who you interview. I’ve learned a lot from them. But I think all of these people completely underestimate the extremes to which the government will go for suppressing gold. As much as they seem to understand what the government has already done, I don’t think that even they understand everything its done, just how bad our circumstances are, and how much more it can and will do. As I’ve written before, a complete collapse of the system is a good scenario. That’s what any reasonable person should hope for. But the government has other things in mind. The system isn’t going to collapse. Something far more insidious is going to happen. I hope I’m wrong. But I never have been when it comes to these things.

      • Robert Lykens

        Try not to think of gold/silver in terms of a “dollar value” it could someday reach. The more pertinent value is “how much silver will it take to buy a half-dozen eggs?” or “how much gold do you want to let me and my family cross this state line?”
        Precious metals make great preps but very poor investments.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      Oh and I forgot to mention that despite my disagreement about Trump ever winning the election and gold ever becoming a valuable currency, your interviews are still a primary source of news and information about the world that can’t be found anywhere else in the MSM and even most alternative media. So thanks again for another great (if not depressing) weekly wrap-up.

      • helot

        Dear Dr Darryl Jewett,

        Did you read the links I posted in response to your comments in support of Socialism a few days ago?

        Also, you say, “Gold won’t reach…” … Why is that?

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          Never underestimate the extremes to which the government will suppress the price of gold. Gold is a real currency and it threatens the delusional fantasy land that the government has created where unicorns prance around farting rainbows and lollipops.

          • Paul ...

            Hey Doc … how much do you pay your mechanic to fix your car? … about $2 dollars per minute! … that’s about one ounce of silver every 10 minutes … a bit high don’t you think! … Oh but I forgot gold and silver are not “real currency” like fiat paper printed out of thin air … I must be living in a delusional fantasy … so I guess all those Spanish Doubloons I found buried on the beach the other day should not be taxed by the Government as I go around farting rainbows driving my brand new Lamborghini and buying a million dollar estate in the Swiss Alps!

          • gregd

            Dr. DJ,
            The point is , there will come a time when they can’t suppress the price of gold. That their fiat money isn’t worth anything because they printed so much. And lets not forget that the central banks are buying PM’s. As well as the to big to fail banks. Also the 1% ers. It’s a very small percentage of regular people buying PM’s, so perhaps your time would be better spent warning those I have mentioned earlier.

  29. Julie Tyra

    Hi , I found your site only recently and try to never miss it. You are straight up honest about the scum that are doing their best to ruin our country!
    These is no way I would take my grand daughter anywhere that allows men into the restrooms , changing rooms etc. I have cut up my Target credit card along with a call to their headquarters.
    I’m in my 50’s now and if someone had told me 10 years ago about the inconsieveable things that are happening today …. I would have called them a liar to their face.
    My faith in our laws has been flushed down the toilet because if you have money they don’t apply to you.
    Hearing that Harry Reid called the mother of one of the murdered in Benghazi ( CRAZY ) has really put me over the edge. Is there no CHAMPION who will take this scum to task for his uncalled for slur? If I was a man H Reid would be knocked out cold and I would post it on Facebook. God help us because it seems nobody else will 🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Julie. I to have cut waaaaay back on shopping at Target for the same reason.

      • helot

        I stopped shopping at Target years ago when the cashier demanded an ID from a 70-something year old old man and his wife in line in front of me as they tried to buy a grocery cart full of groceries along with a bottle of wine.
        It’s horrible what fascism is doing to our culture.

      • Paul ...

        The only good thing that can be said for unisex restrooms is that people with incontinence problems can urinate in public without being arrested … come to think of it why do we need restrooms at all?

        • Paul ...

          Like the MSM … I took a private poll … and my two girl friends Sodom and Gomorrah think having no restrooms at all will be really cool! (I voted against it … so the results were 2/3 to 1/3) … the only thing the girls complained of is that they don’t want to be bothered scooping anything up off the street like they have to do now for their dogs!

  30. Charles H


    The issue with Gender-Neutral facilities is SPIRITUAL. Confusing the sexual identity of young boys and girls at a susceptible and formational age is evil: working only to the destruction of God’s creation – man. The declining slope of degradation, beginning with Women’s Lib and sexual liberation; runs to abortion; then embracing of LGBT(ad nauseum); the destruction of the Institution of Marriage; and finally to the trashing of Humanity’s treasure – it’s children. Arguably, there is NO GREATER BOND of identification than sexual – as Natural Law in reproduction eloquently states in almost all species. Sexual Confusion is a step for sexual perversion, and the destruction of the soul. Damage this deep doesn’t get remedied easily or often.
    Form renders function. God designed the sexual apparatus: and the function or role of usage goes with it. You don’t use a hammer to take out a screw, or use a screw-driver to drive in a nail. Gender-Neutrality is the near Logical Conclusion of (stupidity and) rebellion against God. It lends itself only to ‘the wickness of man to become great… and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart to be only evil continually.’ – and poor, innocent kids won’t even know better.
    Perverts will be enabled to prey, hordes of ‘copy-cat crimes’ will ensue, and rape will become more prevalent nation-wide than it is now on college campus’ – with PC cover-up from all sides. Meanwhile, historical Social Mores and values will be erased. In short: we are being marched into Sodom and Gomorrah. Remember Pandora’s Box?

    • Leah from Seattle

      Charles. Transgenderism is an ancient phenomena and is no way a product of our current society. In the earliest ages, people who were seen to bridge the genders were quite often thought to possess wisdom that traditionally-gendered people did not, and were venerated for this. As civilizations transformed from matrilineal and communal societies into male-driven societies with rigid class divisions and emphasis on property ownership, those male-driven cultures reduced the status of women… and because they were threatened by a persistent belief that those who blurred gender lines possessed some greater insight, they set out to crush gender-transgressive people most of all. Into the modern age, transfolk resurfaced, but it is a long climb back just to restore any sense of equality.
      In fact, it is also demonstrated in nature. One out of every 500,000 female deer have horns, and there are many other examples.

      • Paul ...

        So what you are saying is that there is nothing wrong with transgenderism and that such people possess special wisdom we ordinary people don’t have … and even if transgenders sprout horns … we should accept them as special because they possess greater insight then normal people … so let me ask you this question … if someone came down from Heaven (or was thrown down out of Heaven) with horns on his head wearing a red dress would you accept him as your lord and savior??

      • Charles H

        Thank you, Leah. In regards to your position in life; and experiences that tend to define a person – all I can say: it is your own body – and you have done what you have done. Self-determination, powered by the (sovereign) will, is each and everyone’s responsibility to employ and direct. This is a cause-and-effect, action-and-consequence world: you are where you worked to be, and will defend your position. I, in honesty, cannot agree with what you have done.
        I view myself as one who is subject to Nature; and that the processes of being in the chain of Life – generation by generation – is not to be altered. In like manner – Natural Law, or the reproductive and life sustaining systems, balanced by destruction and death: are to be observed. I am a part of Nature, not above it. To change what the course of Nature and time establish is un-natural by definition. And just because someone CAN do a thing – doesn’t mean they SHOULD do that thing.
        As to gender-bridging people of antiquity: there is always deviation from the norms; and aberrations occur by DNA degradation over time, along with opportunistic causal factors. That such people were “thought to possess”, or “were venerated” for their distinction – fits into the Alphabet Soup of History: but in no way make any impression on the main course of Humanity.
        My orientation – which follows an unbroken line of 4500 years, concurs with Nature; and sets in order the dynamic of the family, society, sex, and Sacred Knowledge (as well as much more). It has been the Rule, and Convention for centuries and it still works well – when followed.
        I cannot buy into your suggestion of there having been “matrilineal and communal societies” in a way of being the majority at one tome. I believe most all the great civilizations of times past were Patriarchal. To suggest otherwise is a form of Cherry-picking; or re-writng history from a pointed view.
        Again, to suggest that cultures through history – “were threatened by a persistent belief that those who blurred gender lines possessed some greater insight” – is something I don’t buy. I would think they were thought of as ‘weird’ or ‘un-natural’, or even defective. And for cultures to “crush gender-transgressive people most of all” – is simply a martyr-syndrome.
        How one launches-out about ‘transfolk’ resurfacing and ‘restore a sense of equity’ – is just code-speak for special treatment and guaranteed acceptance. No way. I have several family members who are drug-addicts, who have destroyed their lives and families around them with their choices. I am not obligated to accept them, except under my own conditions: which is VERY limited. If I go to a restaurant and get a waiter or waitress who is all pierced-up: I leave. Just as you have exercised self-determination in your choices and actions: so do I according to my values, judgment, and perceptions. I like spinach and strawberry-rhubarb pie, not together of course; but everyone has their likes and dislikes and their own criteria. You may have come to a position of thinking that everybody should accept anybody else no matter what, as being right; and everyone should be that way. I maintain that everyone has their own right to make up their own mind and to deal with others according to their own lights on a person-to-person basis. Giving everybody a blank cheque of acceptance is nothing but a ‘Herd Mentality’. Not for me.
        I will stay with the “natural’ , historical and culturally “normal” orientation and operation – which has served its’ purpose well. That which deviates from the norm – I will consider to be ‘different’, to defective, to ‘abnormal’. Nature is the true context with which all bearings and assessment is derived from. You’ve chosen otherwise, and seem happy, or better: but it appears the great consequence is a loss of acceptance. I think transgender is messed-up; so I must fit in that category of diminished or denied acceptance. Again, the balance of Nature, the Norm – is what defines the whole: not the exception.

  31. Donna from AR

    Greg, what do I do with the money in my savings account? I inherited a substantial amount when my parents passed away recently. I read where I should be buying PM, but at the same time I feel stupid in doing it. Its all confusing for the “joe blows” in society to see anything wrong going on or about to happen. My town of 100, 000 has “help wanted ” signs all over the place. Plus the building of new businesses is crazy, even new banks. So, how can a normal everyday person correlate that there is an issue? I have been stocking up on groceries, toiletries, batteries…etc. I do not want to lose what my parents earned, so please give me a straight forward answer that I can follow. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Top advisors are telling me get physical with your assets. You do need some cash, but you also need your home and cars paid off and everything working in top shape. As far as gold and silver investments, you should have 10 to 20 percent in physical metal. Even one of the Rothschild has said last week, his funds have at least 8% in gold, and I’ll bet it’s much higher. Don’t worry about the price fluctuations, just hold it as a core asset. I am not a money manager or investment advisor. I am just telling you what I am hearing on a consistent basis from top people. All the best.


      • Rob M

        Greg, I am not sure about having your house and vehicles paid off. If gold skyrockets only a few coins will pay off the house. No?

        • Greg Hunter

          Rob M.
          You have no idea what is going to happen with the currency. I suspect they will revalue the loans in a new currency. Debt fre is the lease risky thing to be. The Au and Ag will take care of itself.

        • Rob M

          But my mortgage is a contract and says I owe X dollars and has no clause about revaluation of dollars, just how many I owe. I think that is one of the points about owning PMs.

          • Charles H


            If there is a reset, and new currency is introduce at some discount – you most likely will be ‘on the hook’ for the difference. Get a magnifying glass and the contract and read the fine print. Mexico devalued it’s peso in 1993-4 (?) and their Supreme Court upheld the Banks over the people. Don’t the rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender?

          • helot

            RE: “But my mortgage is a contract and says I owe X dollars and has no clause about revaluation of dollars, just how many I owe.’

            I think that’s why people were banging on pots and pans in the streets in Argentina after the first devaluation. (Ask FerFal) Those people had the same outlook, yet they were taken to the cleaners.

            Paul Craig Roberts: The Rule Of Law No Longer Exists In Western Civilization

        • frederick

          Rob they fool us all and we get a huge deflation then your mortgage will be unpayable but .metals should maintain value

    • Charles H


      Read and research until you DON’T feel stupid buying physical PMs. The manipulation; the propaganda; the emotional roller-coaster of “prices” – isn’t for the weak. I went into physical because Interest Rates fell from over 4% to under 2%. Something was really wrong, and now near Zero Interest Rates, legislation for Bail-ins, and Banks out of control with government backing… I changed over.
      And if you decide to buy: get a safe. I mean a REAL safe – made by a company who makes them: not any Costco or Walmart variety. Something over 600 pounds and with room for papers and other such keepsakes. Even some of the “gun safes” aren’t good. Do your homework on YouTube.
      Finally, Greg Hunter is right: get out of Debt, and get things fixed-up. Precious Metals are for INSURANCE against calamity. A Monster Box of silver coins (best purity), and then gold (coins?) to wherever you decide. Honestly, nothing is certain – it’s a bet for the future. Be sure before you make the plunge. But if you do – stay the course.

    • Southern Girl


      Southern Girl here from AR….I went online and learned everything I didn’t know didily squat about in 2010…been learning ever since. This is a great website to learn from everyone else. Paid my car and house off. Took my retirement pension which was in an IRA and split about 50-50 gold and silver ETFs. Made $39,000 on silver back before it dropped and moved my ETF’s into IRA Gold and Silver…have since cashed out paid the taxes. I am still buying. I have bought from someone local in the past, but they want to much for the spot….$5.00 for silver and $100.00 for gold.

      There are many places to buy PMS. Greg has some on this site. I have been purchasing from JM Bullion…If you write a check or wire cash you get a better discount that paying with a credit card. After you have used a check for a year they will then automatically pull it out of your checking and/or savings…as a help to you.

      I buy so much every month. I set aside a certain amount and keep buying. I have also started buying Sterling Silver Flatware such as Grand Baroque Sterling Silver. I want a variety of hard assets… you can also invest in jewelry which is portable and you can get some great buys on Ebay.

      Land or garden areas away from your house could also be advantageous. Seeds are another good thing to stock up on. You can leave then in the fridge for up to 10 years. Grow your own vegetables in land, raised beds, pots/ etc.

      Best advice from my Dad who died in 2010…IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE ANSWER FIND AND EXPERT(S) AND LEARN FROM THE. That is what you are doing on this web site. You can UTube and find videos on all then things in the banking sector that you are not familiar with.

      Can’t figure it out put our your questions on here and wait for everyone on this site to help…it is not too late….but get out of debt…house, car, and CREDIT CARDS. Good luck girlfriend from AR. Whooo Pig Soooie!!!

    • MCasey

      Donna, I think the building (especially banks) is because businesses ARE putting their money into hard assets……land and buildings. With zero interest rates and threatening negative interest rates, businesses with cash may have decided their most productive investment was real estate. I have noticed a lot of new building, but then they stay vacant. Or the business does move to the new building and the old one is vacant. And even vacant buildings provide for tax write offs and cheaper maintenance. My brother in Santa Fe has noticed the same thing.

      Remember McDonald’s business model: “It’s not a burger company, it’s a real estate company that sells burgers,” says Sam Oches, editor of QSR, a trade magazine for the fast food industry.

    • JMiller

      Donna from AR,

      I am not a money manager or investment advisor either but I have been investing for 30 years and have acquired a good deal of basic financial knowledge. I can tell you that I agree completely with what Greg has said to you.

      You said you feel stupid to buy precious metals. Don’t feel that way. I started buying physical precious metals because I read several studies that showed having a certain percentage in gold as part of a diversified portfolio is beneficial. It can increase the return and reduce the volatility of your portfolio over the long-term. So it made sense to have about 10% in gold even in normal times. Later on as I read more about precious metals I learned how gold and silver have been valuable in the past during times of crisis and is viewed as insurance which is how I view precious metals today. People that do not have any physical precious metals are at an increased risk of suffering significant loss if and when certain possible scenarios happen. So Greg’s recommendation to have 10 to 20 percent in physical precious metals as a core asset is certainly good advice. You could increase that amount later on when you feel more comfortable. But 10 to 20 percent is a good starting point. Also paying off any debt, such as a mortgage, car loans, etc…, as Greg stated, makes good sense. Besides feeling better to be debt free, when you pay off debt it is like getting a guaranteed return on an investment. For example, if you pay off a 5% loan that is like making a 5% return on that money. Pretty hard to do that today without taking a lot of risk. Right now the risk/reward for having money in stocks and bonds are not good. The stock market according to a number of measures is overvalued based on past history. Going forward it is very likely that the return for stocks, in general, will be below average. Bonds yields are at historic lows so it is also very likely that bonds, in general, will have below average returns. So it does not make sense today for an investor to have much money in stocks and bonds. Having some physical precious metals along with some cash that is in your possession are more appropriate in today’s high risk environment.

      You said that you inherited a substantial amount that is now in a savings account. Hopefully it is in a relatively good bank or credit union and is under the insured limit. If you are looking for a safe bank in Arkansas, relatively speaking, you should check out Weiss Ratings website to see if one is near you. Most of the safer banks are smaller in size.

      Just a word of warning. I would not recommend putting much, if any, money in a certificate of deposit since you almost always have to give a 7 to 30 day written notice if you wish to cash in the CD early and even then they could decline your request. Hope I have been helpful.

  32. Oxfarmer

    Amazing work, Greg! My donation will be in the mail before its usual time and it will be more. If we were were paying Greg for his time, what it is really worth, not many of us could afford to subscribe.

    I continue be astounded that the Bathroom Issue monopolizes while Deutche Bank warns of a collapse and N Korea says their missles can reach our heartland. Truly we are in a fantasy world.

    If a man/ woman wants to go through the trouble of dressing and acting as the opposite gender, then goes into the presenting restroom, fine by me. Opening restrooms to anyone who feels a gender that day, is absurd and opens the door to perversion and rapes. This is so self evident I am breathless with astonishment that anyone would believe the propaganda. Come into the resl eorld, America. Will your clothes matter when SHTF?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ox!!

  33. Larry Galearis

    Ultra left wing liberals? Nyet. Methinks the media is providing a distraction. Did you buy in and get outraged? Sure, and most would. It won’t fly, there would be a boycott of any school that tried to implement this. And why would they even try this to foist this on people? To save money on bathrooms? No, this is a HUGE red herring. And, sorry Greg, you fell for it! And the left, oh those misguided LEFTS, get the blame. Do you for one moment think that “bathroom politics” would play as a niche element in ANYONE’s platform? Including the so-called Left in your country. Calm down, please, and focus on events that will kill us all – as you ably deal with about the latest news – and do not let the propaganda ministry distract from what is really important.
    Take care,…

  34. wondrouscat

    Greg, you are a true gentleman for saying you do not want to share a public bathroom with women. Hopefully there are many more like you. For years and years, decades really, I became quite aware that in movies, all kinds of movies, there would be the obligatory male bathroom scene, of men standing with their backs to the camera urinating. Knowing now that movies are propaganda machines, I think this scene is planned to gradually de-sensitize women to this, to put them in the men’s room so to speak. Women are the backbone of civilization. Women have a civilizing affect on men, this is known. This transgender all gender bathroom issue is really a full frontal attack on women’s sense of propriety. Get women to cede manners, and your society is that much closer to anarchy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and analysis. You are probably correct.

    • MCasey

      Wondrouscat…..It’s true, I also have noticed all the bathroom scenes….both horizontal and vertical and both sexes. When they want to “rethink” society’s value they start with T.V. and movies….especially the commercials. So if you want to know where they’re headed, watch the commercials. They betray men as foolish, tolerated by their wives and outsmarted by their kids who are in control. For awhile car commercials were an exception (still appealing to a man’s ego), but that has even changed now and the kids tell the dads what car to buy…in one the kid is controlling the dad in the car by remote control. Have you seen the yogurt commercial where the dad is questioning the kid getting the yogurt out of the fridge in the middle of the night and the kid essentially tells the dad to drop dead that mom is in control and she said he could have it. However, I was shocked about two weeks after it first aired when they re-scripted it to a more agreeable conversation between the dad and the kid… least it was encouraging to think people did complain and they realized they may have gone a step too far.

  35. Clare

    Well done Greg….go get them…. The truth needs to come out now. Let’s stop this distraction of society.
    God bless you always.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Clare and God Bless you and yours as well!!

  36. Gina M Mancarella

    Machts Nicht ! You see my fellow Americans, Hillary is the de facto ….. as in DE FACTO ….. President Elect !!!!! Take it to the BANK !!!!!!! Now, get ready to either step in line or become an irrelevant statistic. If you are not with us, you are on the outcast list. You dont want to be on that list.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are stating to sound like a paid Nazi troll. Don’t take the bait here folks and say nasty, violent things to “Gina” here. Peace girl!!

    • Charles H

      Actually – I DO want to be “on that list”. Shill intimidation only works for sheeple – who have no self-esteem and know their own value. Herd Mentality. Bahhhhhhh!

    • Jerry

      What Bank Gina?
      In a few months there won’t be any. If the internet is still up, be sure and stop by and tell us how it feels to be played a fool.

    • MCasey

      Thank you, Gina, for your comment. I’m encouraged. You’re finally starting to sound desperate…..(might be all those “!!!!!!!!!”) Vote Trump!

    • Rodster

      As we all suspected, Killary Clinton will unleash more tyranny at the hands of the all powerful State and is willing to eliminate her enemies Vince Foster style. Thank you for admitting that Gina.

  37. Sayonara

    Great weekly news wrapup! I think that it is critically important to expose and highlight that the MSM is now a full throttle propaganda tool for the evil progressive left. They lie, they cheat and they steal. The problem is that common sense conservatives allow them to continually beat them up over and over again. Enough is Enough!
    Conservatives need to stop playing this “we take the high road” crap and get wickedly in their face and verbally trash them for what they have done to this country and that they, the progressive liberals are in fact the truly evil and tyrannical ones.
    I cannot believe that most corrupt candidate for POTUS is actually leading in the poles.
    People I talk to actually believe Trump’s trash talking is worse than Hillary’s actual criminal deeds.
    I fear she will win by a large margin and then we will see political corruption against conservatives that will make evil third world dictators blush. She has clearly demonstrated that capability.
    Sorry Greg, I disagree with you regarding Trump winning. She did not get indicted by the FBI because the system was and is rigged and the same thing will happen with election.
    I will still fight to the bitter end because there is no moral alternative.
    Thank you for having one of the only places of intellectual honesty left on planet earth.
    Have No Fear and Fear Not!

  38. Paul ...

    [Op Ed by John Q. Public]: Breaking News … the MSM has declared Hillary the early winner of the Presidential election based upon recent polling data … Hillary is projected to have 99.99 percent of the vote to Trumps 0,01 percent … so there you have it folks … you have no need to go out and vote (why waste your valuable time and effort for nothing)!
    Note: When the MSM’s “early projection” of a Hillary Landslide Victory was questioned by Op Ed Reporter John Q. Public as to how the MSM collected their polling data … the MSM stated “our polling data is based upon a broad spectrum of people” … when asked further … what constituted this broad spectrum of people … the MSM refused to answer stating their polling techniques are proprietary information and cannot be revealed … however unnamed sources claim that the MSM polling data is based solely upon responses by neocons, banksters and people who have no belief in Hell (or God)!

    • Paul ...

      Hey Gina … do you think by telling us Americans … that Hillary is a shoo in … a done deal … the de facto President elect … you and the MSM will stop us from voting this November?? … you and your MSN buddies are sadly mistaken … come Hell or high water we Americans are going out to vote … and we will not only put your MSM buddies into bankruptcy by not buying their newspapers but we will have Trump trounce Hillary by 2/3’s to 1/3 … just as God did when the good 2/3rds threw the bad 1/3 out of Heaven!

  39. Claude

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you again for another great WNW. I look forward to these as well as the interviews every week. It is almost impossible to get “real news” here in the US any more. I noticed they only talk about things like the floods down here in Louisiana where I live only for so long until the ratings start going down then they switch back over to politics, the latest celebrity scandal, etc. One thing that is still going on that they won’t even say anything about is the hundreds of millions or billions of gallons of radioactive waste that is still leaking from Fukushima into the Ocean.

    Also, The one thing I can say about gold and silver prices going down a little bit is, it’s going on a temporary sale. Buy more while it is cheap.

    I am not sure if it was on here or on X22reportspotlight where Dr. Paul Craig Roberts spoke about the site there you can pretty much set up a monthly plan to purchase silver or gold and I know for silver every time have 20 ounces you can take delivery.

    • Claude

      Quick correction to the silver/gold purchasing site. It is without a dash.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and support.

  40. Laura

    You’ve got to listen to this! Hopefully the Trump campaign will listen to this too! Hilliary’s playbook… the same as Johnson’s!!

  41. coalburner

    Wonderouscat describes western society. Look at non western society where women have no say about anything and are owned. Uncivilized! And we do not need to civilize them either!
    Been watching Venzuela? A haven of socialism?

    • wondrouscat

      coalburner – My father was a thinker who once said, out of nowhere it seemed – The Middle East has not advanced (as the West has) because of how they treat their women. Period. At the time this sort of stunned me, and yet I now thoroughly believe that to be true.

  42. Nobel Peace

    Paul Wolfowitz: ‘I might have to vote for Hillary Clinton’
    By Louis Nelson 08/26/16 01:37 PM EDT

    The former George W. Bush administration official who is often referred to as the “architect” of the Iraq War says he will likely end up voting for Hillary Clinton for president this fall.

    Read more:

    Our Deep State Queen, will be much more malleable than Obama, who pushed back too much for his own good!

    • Paul ...

      Hillary will and has done”anything” for the Luciferian snake’s all mighty greenback fiat dollar … but now is finding that collecting all the evil snake’s paper (from payers around the world) is De Facto “worthless” to her and her husband … such is the payback for evil!!

  43. Oxfarmer

    Wondrouscat describes a woman’s role in a Christian society. For proof look at the ‘wild West” years in the USA. Women were the civilizing factor and if a man was interested in any kind of relationship, he needed to be clean, not drunk or profane, and able to carry on a civilized conversation. Good point, Cat.

    The poor poster who felt ‘compelled’ to a gender change probably needs a priest, not a trans bathroom. And if you can’t relieve yourself properly in your role as a woman then maybe, just maybe, God did create you male and female no matter how many wigs and hormones you use.

    Again, look at the very serious issues facing the usa and tell me if you really think your need for a urinal in the women’s bathroom is really important. If you say it is, narsisistic is the kindest word I can think of. Suck it up, women sit. It is part of the reality of being female. And because a woman has to get half undressed, she requires privacy, which her husband, brother and other decent males try to make sure she gets. You want to be a woman? Be a whole woman, not just when it is convenient. I notice Jenner hasn’t gone the whole way yet, still wants that convenience and ability to return to maledom, yet is praised for his/her bravery. Jenner hasn’t done anything that cannot be reversed. That is not bravery at all.

    Something is going to blow anytime globally. Stick to things that matter.

    • wondrouscat

      Thanks Oxfarmer – and yes, as far as I know, Jenner still has his/her three piece suit as they call it.

  44. Bob

    You have missed the point entirely my friend. The ‘t’ has already happened and is happening each and ever day.
    Point one – gold does not rise or fall in price – it is paper fiat currency that moves – not PMs .
    Point two: with every new dollar inserted into the economy, all previous existing dollars are worth less. The paper fiat money is increasingly diluted. It’s called ‘inflation’ This is why a house that sold for $200,000 10 years ago now costs $1,000,000. The house didnt change – it was the purchasing power of the paper money was diluted .
    PMs are a store of wealth without counter party risk. Until you fully understand this as well as understanding the Ponzi scheme that is fractional banking – you are destined to eventually be wiped out financially if you keep your entire faith in this ink on worthless paper .
    Having said that I am happy to be able to purchase PMs at such low cost in the current fiat system because when the reset of the World monetary system takes place it will be impossible to physically acquire gold or silver.
    And – if you haven’t noticed – PMs have given the best return over the past 12 months or haven’t you noticed. ‘t’ is happening now my friend.

  45. Sparky#1

    Hi Greg,
    For the record, I don’t care for or trust either of the two candidates in the 2016 “Presidential Reality Show” as so aptly named by Gerald Celente. However, I do recognize a MSM bias towards Clinton. I’m particularly bothered by The New Yorker author Andy Borowitz, who (apparently) writes anti-trump satire–which is all fine and good–EXCEPT that The New Yorker and Borowitz fail to label the articles as “satire”, “humor”, “commentary” or “opinion”. Misleading articles labeled as “Politics” with intriguing, sometimes quirky headlines draw-in the reader, who needs to read through the article to (hopefully) discern that it is indeed, a spoof or fantastical BIASED narrative designed to discredit and/or ridicule this particular Presidential candidate (Trump) and his VP candidate (Pence), along with their party (Republican). Here’s a link to Borowitz’s bio; scroll down to view the titles and links to his Borowitz Report articles: Edward R. Morrow must be rolling in his grave. Journalistic integrity and transparency are indeed rare these days. Thanks again for all you do, Greg.

  46. notSalafist

    Turkey widening the war? Lets see… the US is still aiding the IS… if not, the IS would not exist… in fact, the US gave IS money, weapons, logistics, via certain proxies in the region to get them going in the first place… The US continues to make trouble trying to create an autonomous Kurdish region that would happily become an a?? licking vassal just like the other vassals in the region… Turkey seems to be shifting East… have better options with the Silk Road initiative where the pirates of the sea can be kept at bay with surface to sea missiles… Turkey is going to become part of the BRIICTS with Iran and Turkey as new members.

  47. Rob M

    One thing is certain. If the markets fail and the monetary system collapses, those who did not buy gold and guns will be the zombies in a zombie apocalypse. I don’t mean zombies in the sense that Hollywood has always portrayed. They will be a mass of starving desperate people who have no choice but to attack those who prepared for it: the gold and gun buyers. This is an ugly but very possible scenario.
    If I it does not happen this way, those with the gold and guns will still be okay. Even if Harry Dent is right our gold will not be worth as much, but gold has never been worth nothing.
    So it is the left that is gambling and as sad and heartless as it may sound, if the doomsdayers are correct, the people on the left, those who cannot be reached with logic who are just smarter than everyone else will starve and die.
    I don’t believe in the rapture, but this will be the opposite of the rapture unless the Bible is read to say that those on the left will disappear, leaving us with a world free of all of these left leaning ideas, criminality and they will take their gene pool with them.
    This will be a massive correction, not just monetary. We will be left with a world we can rebuild. Think of it as a worldwide flood if you must, but it will be a massive reset. It will be grisly and awful, but like the plagues of Pharoah, it will lead to freedom.
    As some of you may have gathered from previous posts, I am an atheist, but also a Bible scholar and I do love the Old Testament just seen through a secular lens.

    • frederick

      Good analysis Rob from an agnostic

    • Charles H

      An atheist, who doesn’t believe in the Rapture; yet asserts being a Bible Scholar? Sorry – no dice: none at all. To deny the existence of God directly disconnects one from the Third Person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit: which is the only source of inspiration by which the Bible can be understood.
      Next time you get pulled-over by a policeman – just tell him you don’t believe in him and that you are an expert on humanity.
      Neither scenario works.

  48. Doug C.

    I just watched “Now you see me”, the movie. It reminds me a lot of what is going on in the former Great USA. Its all, misdirection. All the Transgender Bathroom, Obama etc. going to Ferguson and riling up the race wars, “If I had a son, he would be a little crook just like ……..etc. . What kind of President says stuff like this? The people of the USA need to get a stiff back bone and demand to have Hilary indicted. Go to the steps of the DOJ. Demand to know where the misssing $4 Trillion that the Military doesn’t know how it was spent, went. Last time this came up, (Rumsfeld had a press comfrance over $2.3 Trillion and the next day was Sept. 11 2001, no more talk of missing money, coincidence?), The Pentagon was “Bombed”, oops hit by a B757, ya right. Demand to have the Drone killings around the world stop. The American people do not act like this. It is the Oligarc’s that are running the Government. There is a great video on “The Saker”, with Ret. Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson @

    He explains in great detail how Eisenhower was correct in saying “watch out for the Military Industrial Complete”, because they are running the show. Endless War, endless redirect to promote Endless War, and endless arms sales. It is ALL about the need to sell more ammo, more small arms, more fighter jets, more tanks, more more more. How does ISIS get trucks from Texas and no one goes to jail? How does the TPP help American workers? It doesn’t, it helps Multi-National Companies that do not care where they get their cheap workers. The Western world is now a Fascist State. None of us have Politicians that are working for the People they represent. They all are making laws for the Corporations. Period. Trump is scaring the begeezers out of the Corrupt class (even though he had been one, not that long ago). He is the best of the whorest, whether that is good for the American people will only tell with time. The thing that has to be remembered is that, for no fault of the American people (other than allowing it to happen through misdirection and compacency), the US is at the end of the line for being an Empire. The Fascism that has been building since the end of the Second World War, has ran its course. The Government is as Corrupt as it can be and is now so embolden as to not even try covering it up anymore. The FBI and Justice Dept. will not prosecute a blatant Criminal by the name of HRC. The US dollar is being dropped where ever it can (without being invaded to force use, ie: Libia, Iraq) and China has built a new banking pay system to work around SWIFT. China is going to be in the basket of currencies in the next month or so, and the use of the US dollar will drop. This will limit how much more money the US Government can borrow, since they will never have a balanced budget until the game is over. The Federal Reserve (not federal or working for the people of the USA) needs to be dismantled and the Western World needs to get back to a true Capitalistic Ecconomy, where Inflation and price discovery is determined by demand not by the Fractional banking system that requires inflation to continue making more and more money.
    Great job as ever Gregg. I think you need to have Karl Denninger back on. He has some great stuff to say about what is and isn’t going on in the US right now.

    • MCasey

      Doug C….. you said it in a nutshell. Thank you.

  49. Dave

    When you own a piece of land, I mean own with no liens, you can look out on it and appreciate it every day. No matter what happens in the stock market that piece of land doesn’t get any bigger or smaller. The dollars it is worth are meaningless until the day you decide to sell it, if ever. Then you could reasonably expect to sell it for a fair price. Or, maybe you will just pass it on to your kids. Until then you get to use it, enjoy it, and appreciate its beauty.

    Tremendous peace of mind comes with that. It is difficult to comprehend without experiencing it first hand.

    Gold is the same way, with an added feature; you can put it in your pocket.

    • Paul ...

      Gold is better then land because land can be confiscated … gold coins can be carried away … and to those who say a “Roosevelt type confiscation” can take my gold coins away just as land can be … the answer is simple … when any gold coin confiscation order is issued … simply melt your gold coins down with a blow torch … pour the liquid metal into a mold … and make it into a work of art!
      This is the reason you don’t ever want to own “numismatic gold coins” as some dealers will tell you … only buy bullion coins … because if a day comes where you have to melt your gold coins … you won’t lose any numismatic value!

  50. Matt In Pa

    Buy ammo,food, and of course guns. Expect the worse, you won’t be disappointed.

    • Andrew

      Doug, Great piece – it’s good to know their are ‘like-minded’ people out there. What to do about it is the BIG issue. People with families who understand what is going on also understand the risks of becoming active. Hats off to Greg Hunter. Gregory Mannerino, V the Guerrilla Economist, Alex Jones, Dave of x22report and many others who dare to lead from the front. Hard to like for many years, DJT has to be admired for speaking out against the ‘criminal’ establishment and may be our last hope for a semi-free society. Short of rebellion, voting for Donald may be the last best hope for humanity. Unfortunately I will not be able to vote as I am not a US citizen but I wish all those who aspire to peace and freedom success on 8 th November – that is, if the election is not called of due to some ‘national emergency’!

  51. Bill

    GREG; After so much has been said about Trump/Clinton by almost everone, we all agree there has never been an election such as this. I see two possible scenerios. 1. After the election of Hillary, Trump will expose the proof of the neocons stealing the election, and will bring a lawsuit, throwing the election into chaos. or 2. as Bill Bennett has publicized, if he wins the election, the neocons will have him assassinated, throwing the election into chaos. Either way, God help us.

  52. Daniel Jantzi

    Greg, Leah from Seattle,
    I heard a report from a Doctor who works at John Hopkins University hospital (I do not have the source of that information at my disposal right now) who had been performing sex change surgery for persons but has terminated doing these surgeries. The reason he stated was that after several years and being in contact with his patients he discovered that they don’t feel better about themselves after the surgery than they did before.

    My question to you Leah is this; do you feel any better about yourself now after surgery and after telling your mother and others all about it ? Has this set you free from those troubled years of identity ?

    • Leah from Seattle

      Daniel, Absolutely yes! At the end of the day, we all want to feel comfortable in our skin and respected in our identity. Thats not a trans trait, thats a human trait. The stereotyping that being T is a deviant sexual disorder just erks me. As a whole, the transgender community faces a lot of prejudice in American society, and current transgender representation in the media has the power to reinforce negative stereotypes.

      • RTW

        Of course there is prejudice against this transgender phenomenon. The reason is because it’s rooted in mental illness. What would you think of someone who thought they should have been born as a basset hound? Should they be allowed to go around acting like a dog and be respected and considered normal by society? If you think that’s too absurd? Just wait.

  53. gldgtr

    There are readers here who are misinformed. You can easily buy gold and have it shipped reasonably to your depository of choice. Delivery time about 2 days for the closest offshore depository and 1 week for Singapore. As for the dollar, its days as a reserve currency is coming to a close. US treasuries are not being sold-look at the auction history. Better to have gold, silver and platinum offshore.

    • frederick

      Not a bad idea That is what Jim Rogers always advocates for US citizens

  54. Roxane Premont

    Greg: Do you think it is all about creating the case law necessary in prep for a draft of our teenage girls?
    Afterall, the dept of defense is trying to make sure that every combat unit has at least one female. And, that is necessary in order to hide the differences that would be more obvious if you allow all male combat units to continue.

    • Greg Hunter

      They can already do that I think.

      • Roxane Premont

        Maybe you are right. But, we still (not even in the military) force women to shower and potty together. That might be needed in certain combat situation—–and thus come up as an argument against conscription Below is the short article that got me thinking: Justice Ginsberg arguing against shared intimate facilities.! Thanks, by the way, for all your efforts. You do a great job!

        • Greg Hunter

          The Liberals in Charlotte did away with men’s and women’s restrooms/locker rooms and showers from grade school up. Unisex just like Yale University and the DNC convention. A few exceptions, are just that, in the minds of the PC Marxist/communist Democrats.

  55. G. Berkshire

    Germans told to stockpile food and water for civil defence
    22 August 2016 BBC Europe

    For the first time since the Cold War the German government is advising citizens to stockpile food and water for use in a national emergency.

  56. G. Berkshire

    US elections: Trump details plans to track illegal immigrants
    5 hours ago BBC US & Canada

    he US Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has said he will develop a tracking system to help authorities control immigration.

    Speaking on the campaign trail in Iowa, he outlined what he called an “entry-exit” programme, which would track those who overstay their visas.

    He also reiterated his support for building a wall along the southern border with Mexico.

    And he said he would stop illegal immigrants getting welfare benefits.

    “I am going to build a great border wall, institute nationwide e-verify, stop illegal immigrants from accessing welfare and entitlements, and develop an exit-entry tracking system to ensure those who overstay their visas are quickly removed,” Mr Trump said.

    “If we don’t enforce visa expiration dates, then we have an open border – it’s as simple as that,” he added.

    Sarah Palin’s W A R N I N G ! & MORE;

  57. Jeffrey

    I enjo

  58. Jeffrey robbins

    I enjoy your broadcasts, don’t change your easy to follow style. These things should be shocking but when we consider a bit of history, then maybe the bottom line is that we are hollowing out our nation. That’s how most nations have declined from greatness. Would it be difficult to include examples of the fall of other nations/empires? It’s obvious we don’t have the morals or values of the generations that made this nation strong. One other thing, as a Christian man and people watcher, I feel qualified in saying, that there is a lag time for money/wealth. When folks go either the right way or the wrong way – wisdom or lack of it- most of the time good finances follow that wisdom or flee from the lack of it. Dumb luck and things built from past generations only last so long. It’s a challenge to teach my kids these many things. Thanks for the part you play.

  59. Andrew

    Hi Greg ang thanks for USAW

    Transgender bathrooms, locker rooms and showers – what is the real agenda? Quite honestly, I do not know, but could it be part of the desensitisation / dehumanising social engineering programme which includes denationalisation ((‘forced’ immigration) and deliberate weakening of national identity. Shared bathrooms et al will lead to weakening sexual identity.

    When human kind has less sense of identity they will have less resolve to defend their values – for what will their values be?

    Shared bathrooms, prosaic as it may appear, is yet another brick in the wall of the ‘globalist agenda’. [Could it be that the transformation of Bruce into Caitlyn Jenner was a precursor to desensitise the public prior to unisex showers?]

    Throughout history, the elites have always feared the masses may rise up in rebellion and depose them. Powerful as they are, they aspire to disarm and neuter us in order to maintain their position of supreme privilege.

  60. Just'n Observer

    Greg….could this help clear up any hysteria about dependency on Saudia Arabia and Middle Eastern oil?
    Much more if you google up Gull Island area – Alaska

  61. diane s.

    This is a very interesting article.
    Would you be able to interview this man?

    UNLOCKING GOLD’S TRUE VALUE: The Economic Code – Finally Revealed | Zero Hedge

  62. David

    Ouch, Hallelujah! Keep it coming, Greg. The truth is painful, but can set us free.

  63. Lelia

    Here’s what I can say for certain: Overwatch is a great,
    occasionally fawntastic shooter, and illed witrh fresh, clever design decisions.

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