US and Russia Close to War, Global Economy on Brink of Collapse, NBC Biased for Clinton

1aaaBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 256 9.30.16)

The United States is reportedly suspending diplomacy with Russia, and it also says it’s preparing military options in Syria. The U.S. has asked Russia to stop its bombing campaign in Syria, and Russia will not agree to do so.  State Department spokesman John Kirby says, “More Russian lives will be lost, and more Russian aircraft will be shot down.”  This is a serious escalation between Washington and the Kremlin, and the only outcome to this is a wider war in Syria that could mean an eventual global war between America and Russia that would, no doubt, involve all allies as well.

Deutsche Bank (DB), that was deemed the “most systemically dangerous bank” by the IMF this year, is in big trouble. Depositors and hedge funds have been pulling money out of the bank, and the stock price is falling like a stone.  Deutsche Bank shares fell nearly 6.7% on Thursday, and Wall Street sold off.  Now, there are rumors that Germany will have to step, in but that is politically dicey and by no means guaranteed.  DB has been compared to Lehman Brothers, which many say started the 2008 financial meltdown.  DB is much larger and way more leveraged than Lehman was in the last financial calamity.  Many other banks, especially in Europe, are plagued with big solvency problems and liquidity problems.  DB could be the first very big domino that starts a chain of defaults.

The mainstream media (MSM) says Hillary Clinton won the first Presidential debate over Republican Donald Trump. The overwhelming percentage of online polls say it was Trump who was the big winner.  This is despite the fact that NBC’s Lester Holt interrupted Trump more than 40 times, while interrupting Clinton only 7 times.  Also, big subjects embarrassing to Clinton were omitted from the debate such as the Clinton Foundation, which many call a global charity fraud, and the email scandal, where Clinton told many lies and jeopardized national security.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(There is much more in the video newscast.)

After the Wrap-Up:

Top trends researcher Gerald Celente will the guest on the “Early Sunday Release.” He says get ready for more than one surprise in the month of October.  Celente lays out what the “October surprises” could be in the upcoming interview Sunday on


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  1. Tad

    If we’re “lucky,” Russia will destroy our infrastructure through cyber vulnerabilities. They can’t win a prolonged military ground war, nor do I think they’re inclined to engage so.

    I’d like to think wise men still exist. They do, just not in Washington.

    The October Surprise is that Monday is a German bank holiday. Tuesday could be another story.

    • Matt In Pa

      Ground wars? There is no need for immediate ground wars. Missiles will fly in all directions. Putin made it clear in a speech and lessons from Stalingrad, strike first. Russia is not spread out thru the world as we are and their people are more familiar with defending the Motherland. Russia, unlike America, has defended itself many times in history. The lunatics in charge will get their desired goal of population reduction.

    • Jean-David

      Neither the US nor the Russians can win a prolonged military ground war. And our military, and the Russian military, know this. That is why, if it is fought at all, it will have to be nuclear.

  2. Dan

    I see 70% of your viewers thought Trump won the debate. LOL, did any of them actually watch the debate? “Yuge” opportunity lost by Trump! Lack of preparedness – not a great trait for a POTUS! I know, I must be a troll or (even worse) a Hillary supporter (NEVER, she’s even a bigger liar & crook than Trump!), just unbiased!

    • Greg Hunter

      Then, you have to consider the debate was rigged, and in reality, Trump was up against NBC News, (puppet) Lester Holt and Hillary. Trump had a debate to burn and he still won.

      • philipat

        And it also now seems probable, as reported from several sources, that NBC shared the questions with Hillary before the debate. That would be entirely consistent with everything else the MSM have done to try to put the fix in on this election.

        • ED1

          Mr. Miller. At least Trump worked his way up to his fortune. We all know that Clinton scammed herself to her present position. No need for further discussion on that one.
          I must disagree with you on your comment “most Americans are arrogant, ignorant, and just plain stupid”. I can assure you sir, that is not the case at all. Yes there are some, just as in every country, but average Americans are actually good, educated, folks just trying to survive in this world.
          You are correct in your comment on how the U.S.A. has become such a large debt-ridden nation. This was not the will of the average American. It was accomplished by the Obama administration, the elites, big banks, and by design to bring this country down. If you check the facts, sir, you will see that Obama doubled the national debt in less than 8 years. More than any other president in history and over 200 years as a nation.
          The elections are and have been rigged. Therefore most Americans did not want some of the politicians we have in Washington that are calling the shots. Obama and his minions have brought this nation to its knees. So much corruption, so much evil from the career politicians getting their pockets lined by special interest groups, big banks, and the likes.
          In addition, I strongly disagree with you on yet another statement you made “we should look in the mirror if we want someone to blame”. It is easy for someone from outside to judge others, but until you know the facts perhaps it would be best if you actually do some research first.


      • Peter Harris

        If indeed Lester Holt was a “puppet” as you say, where was the evidence that he was bias against Donald Trump?
        As a neutral observer, in another country, I thought Lester Holt was within his rights, as a moderator to keep Donald Trump honest.
        At times, Donald Trump deliberately used non-sequiturs to answer questions, and as a moderator, Lester Holt had every right to call out the speaker for dodging an answer.
        And before you run off at the mouth, and accuse me of being a Hillary supporter, I’m certainly not.
        Choosing between Trump and Clinton, is like asking how you want to be killed, poisoned or run over by the 8:15 bus.
        I’m just pointing out, once again your hypocrisy when it comes to your accusations of bias in the mainstream media.

        • Greg Hunter

          Peter you are not neutral if you think this debate was fair. It was NOT. Here’s my answer to “Dan” that lays out my points: “It’s not a conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy fact. Holt interrupted Trump 42 times and only interrupted Clinton 7. Holt acted as a second (Clinton) debater and got the Constitutional “fact check” WRONG about “stop and frisk.” Also, Holt should have been introducing the server/bribery/Clinton (charity fraud) Foundation stories into the debate. All these stories have criminal and treason implications with them. This was his job and questions about these very important stories (and crimes) were never asked by Holt. Missing these stories are “too stupid to be stupid.” That was planned, in advance, by NBC executives at the very top. These are some of the biggest stories of the millennium and certainly some of the biggest of the year. I worked at two networks (ABC and CNN) as an investigative correspondent. I never did a big story without legal, standards and practices and a through journalism review by the top bosses. I know unfair when I see it, and I have laid out my exact reasons why it was unfair. These are not “wacko conspiracy theories” and I do not appreciate you trying to destroy my credibility with some ridiculous “wacko” rant because you do not make an intelligent argument to offer. Clinton won on style and rigging but trump still won on message and every single online poll had Trump winning by a wide margin. Also, just today the LA Times (hardly a right wing publication) came out with its updated national poll and Clinton ended the month down 5%.

          You made some other good points in your comment that I do agree with whole heartedly. Thank you.


          • Chip

            well laid out argument greg. cheers… chip

          • Peter Harris

            So Greg, where are my follow-up comments??
            Why on earth did you not post my comments??

          • Peter Harris

            Hey Greg, are you losing your senses?
            You will publish my post, asking you why you did not publish my rebuttal, but you will not publish the rebuttal itself?
            That does not make sense at all.
            So what have you got to hide, if that’s the reason you didn’t publish my rebuttal in the first place?

            • Greg Hunter

              Peter Harris.

              What rebuttal? That said, I might remind you that I can publish what I wish. You can post whatever you wish–on your own site.

              • Peter Harris

                What rebuttal?

                The rebuttal where I make my argument about your bias towards Trump.

                ” …I can publish what I wish”

                Why don’t you have the balls Greg, and tell me that you banned me?
                It’s so funny how often I get banned from the websites of the alt-right, including your friend Michael Krieger.

                And it’s also funny how those on the alt-right complain about “safe spaces” and social justice Warriors, when it those on the alt-right that don’t have any backbone.

                As we say in Australia, weak as piss!
                And I think that sums up the entire American culture of false Bravado & I’m tougher than you b*******

                • Greg Hunter

                  “You can publish what you want on your own site.” That’s what I said, and because you cannot get simple facts like that correct, I do not trust you to be fair and accurate.

                  • Peter Harris

                    “You made some other good points in your comment that I do agree with whole heartedly. ”

                    Then you said 2 days later;

                    ” …because you cannot get simple facts like that correct, I do not trust you to be fair and accurate.”

                    No contradiction there Greg?

                    I think it’s clear that your anti-ascetical view of Christianity, which is so popular in the United States, will render you and your country totally rejected when Christ does return.
                    Your Ayn Rand interpretation of altruism and Christianity is an abomination, in regards to what Christ taught.
                    Furthermore, your support of Trump (now in light of this new audiotape, where he trashes the sanctity of sex.), will leave you even further isolated when the second coming arrives.

        • Galaxy 500

          “If indeed Lester Holt was a “puppet” as you say, where was the evidence that he was bias against Donald Trump?”
          Didn’t watch the debate did you boy?
          Lester “the Media Molester” interrupted Trump 41 times to 6 or 7 for Hildabeast. And did you miss the questions he asked Trump verses the questions HE DID NOT ask Hildabeast?
          Again I ask, “What is the hourly wage that Craven, intellectually dishonest people of your ilk require to sell your soul?”

        • Bart

          On youtube there are videos proving:

          1. Hillary was signalling Holt by touching her face in certain ways and Holt would respond by NOT changing the topic and passing the mike over to Hillary ASAP. The evidence on this is 100% undeniable. She often looked at Holt directly looking for acknowledgement and on one occasion her massive grin when Holt interrupted Trump right after one of her signals was just amazing.

          This is a good link. Total proof:

          Gets removed from YT so here’s a more solid link.

          2. She had a cleanup crew take her notes and other items from her podium, while trying to hide the fact. She had a secret teleprompter, and possibly an earpiece. She cheated. Trump did not.

          3. She had a micro seizure. Trump mouthed “seizure”. but never said anything more than a grumble about it.

          YT seems to be slowing the video down or skipping frames. They don’t want people seeing this.

          *Hillary Fingering her Nose….a signal to Holt*
          *Hillary Fingering her Self….a signal to HUMA!*

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, yes, Trump debated against Hillary, Holt & NBC! He was interrupted so many times by Holt that it became quite clear that Holt was conducting a inquisition and not a debate. Shameful, just shameful, another debate rigging or two and then an electronic poll here and there will be rigged as well; outcome: President Crooked Hillary!

        Also, Comey was a joke this week before Congress, his investigation was a sham just like the debate. Comey is, was, and always will be an Obama WEASEL; no honesty there even though he said it was so. Can you say Got Banana Republic?

        • JC Davis

          A B. they had to fool some to make a mock election. This is a non election.

      • Winston

        Not so Greg.
        He was an embarrassment, so badI had to turn it off.
        His egomaniac billionaire took over, because he just didn’t prepare.
        i say that, but will still vote for him, because ANYBODY is better than
        Hitlary.Either way the collapse is on us, but there’s a 50% chance
        that with Trump,homo sapiens may survive as a species.With
        Hitlary,maybe <5%.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is your opinion and you are in the minority. Nearly ALL online polls had trump winning the 1st debate. I agree Trump should have done better even though it was rigged and he essentially debated Clinton with Holt and NBC as backstops to her. I will agree that Clinton won on style and strategy and rigging but Trump still one on what mattered, and that was message. In the latest LA Times nationwide poll, Hill is not up +5% but ended the month (Sept) down -5% : My prediction is that you have seen Clintons best “rigged” performance. It’s downhill for he from here.

      • JC Davis

        Miller you aint from around here are you ? you said But you don’t live in a sane country.
        What country are you from, and how is it so much better then America ? Why is your country not the most powerful in the world? Don’t down America when speaking of our leaders. The votes are rigged. We the people don’t have control anymore, but time will change this. Get to know the people in the hills.

      • Robert G

        Trump interrupted Clinton 51 times and she interrupted him just 17. No wonder Holt had to interrupt Trump,who was rude by all his interruptions. Holt let them talk, why didn’t trump bring up things, he could have. He just wasn’t prepared. Besides some of these other questions you think Trump or the moderator needed to ask can still be covered in the next debates. Trump lied quite often, Clinton did a few. As far as online polls I can’t believe you give them any weight, somebody can enter more than once and most online polls are from conservative sites as Drudge report and Breitbart and many more. By waiting 3 or 4 days you get the more scientific polls as I’m sure you know. I don’t care for her but she clearly won. Her poll numbers have even went up. Here is a word for word, fact checking as it goes along, text of the whole debate, every word that was said. Respectfully submitted.

        • Greg Hunter

          Robert G.
          Yes, “Trump interrupted Clinton 51 times.” That is what a debate is all about. It is Not having the moderator debating and interrupting and omitting major events and problems in America. We got Ms. Universe when we should have gotten a debate question about the universal failures of Obama Care. I don’t give a &^%$# about NPR who will never say anything against the Democrat Administration that pays them. Hardly an unbiased source. Respectfully replied.

        • Galaxy 500

          Nearly everything Hillary said was demonstrably a lie. Stop drinking the kool-aid and fact check instead of taking the media’s word that it’s true. They lie as much as Hildabeast

        • Bart

          When Hillary wanted to interrupt Trump she signaled Holt and he interrupted Trump for her so she didn’t have to. Then she played a set piece and tried to demolish Trump.

          So add Hillary and Holt’s interruptions together: total =
          17 + 40+ = 57+.

          Trump interrupted Hillary 51 times, and Holt interrupted Hillary 7 times: total = 51 + 7 = 58.

          ABOUT EVEN – except Hillary had Holt interrupted Trump 6 of those times by signaling Holt, which is cheating, and counts as worse than a normal interruption.

          IN ADDITION:
          Trump’s microphone feed to the auditorium was interfered with to put him off. He sounded fine on TV, but he was wondering if he was coming through at all. Another dirty trick.
          You are not impartial. Stop pretending. BTW, I’m not American and can’t vote for either, but Hillary cheated here. That is undeniable, and far worse than “interrupting”.

      • Julie Tyra

        Trump is just learning the ropes and the evil doings of just how far the Crooked Clintonns will go. He has plenty of ammunition, it’s all in the timing of when and how it’s used. Clinton wants this so badly she has danced with the devil and other disgusting things too horrible to describe.
        I believe he needs a new set of advisors that have jousted with those that play dirty. I listened to Lionel on Infowars today, if he could be persuaded to join the team he would be a great help. I understand Mr Celente has not picked a side, that’s too bad. He has a wealth of knowledge that could be helpful. I love your show and the way it’s presented, don’t change a thing. LUCEO non URO

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Julie for the comment and support.

      • Galaxy 500

        Wow, you sound like an America hating liberal. Are you a foreigner and a moslem perhaps? Or just a liberal.

        • Peter Harris

          And thats an ignorant American comment.

      • goldminor

        My thought on watching Trump through the first half of the debate was that he handled himself fairly well, especially as compared to his talks during the nomination campaign. I hold sentiments similar to Dan, above. I think that any other R nominee would have been better then Trump. Any other R nominee would likely have been well ahead in the polls over Hillary by this time as compared to Trump. Yet here we are today with Trump as our guy.

    • Bill

      Dan: I thought Trump did a good job considering it was his first POTUS debate and Hillary is a professional politician and debater. She’s been there and done that a few times

      • Charles Turner

        Nobody seems to have raised the point that it is winning the last debate not the first debate is the most important. What is important in the first debate is not blowing it. Come the third debate most people wont remember hardy anything about the first. No one won, no one lost this week. But Trump got what he wanted afterwards – lots of free media. Anyone who knows anything about negotiation, and I used to teach it, , knows that you keep your best powder dry for the right time. In Trumps case it is even more important as by the third debate it gives the MSM even less time to paint a different picture. It is round 3 that really matters. Smart move inviting Nigel Farage across to help

    • rwmctrofholz

      Dan, I guess Trump should have spent 11 days at home getting ready (like Hillary did) for the debate instead of traveling around campaigning? No matter how you slice it, Hillary didn’t get any bump after her perceived victory in Monday’s debate. So in that capacity, who cares who won?

    • Paul ...

      Dan … you can’t imagine that 70% of viewers thought Trump won the debate when he “didn’t talk” about all the evil things Hillary has done … and that because of this according to you “he lacks what it takes” to be President … so let me ask you this question … would you prefer Hillary’s (we saw, we came, he’s dead, hee, hee, hee) hand on the nuclear red button? .. or Trump’s who said :”I could have been very rough on Hillary” but (when he saw Hillary’s daughter Chelsea in the audience smiling and rooting for her mother said to himself) “I just couldn’t do it”!! … Trump is no neocon … neocons like Obama and Hillary have no feelings, no compassion, no remorse and can kill women and children without guilt of any kind as long it advances their political agenda (like using drones or shooting our kids in school to take away our guns or gassing Syrian women and children to get rid of Assad, etc., etc.) … Trump being a gentleman does not mean he can’t fend off people like Holt, etc. … and he (unlike Hillary) does not think that a Nuclear First Strike Policy is the proper strategy for a Great Nation to have!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Dan, yes I watch the debate promoted as Trump against Hildabeast. But it was a typical example of bait and switch. What was televised was Trump against Lester “the media molester” Holt and Hildabeast verses Trump. Yes, Trump won. I have never seen a better example of bias by the media in my life.
      Dan, I keep seeing people of your ilk post here. Your are intellectual dishonesty is unsettling. What is the hourly wage that for the selling of one’s souk these days?

  3. DLC

    Rense/Rifat take on the debate with some funny visuals.

    They brought up one point that I’ve been thinking for some time. Donald Jr. and Ivanka have inserted themselves into this campaign way too much. I don’t like the trend, just as I did not like Michelle and Hillary using their husbands’ positions to launch themselves. DC and the press provide enough nepotism, enough incest.

    Trump mentioned backing off on some of the things he wanted to confront Hillary about out of respect for Chelsea. WHAT? His liberal kids need to butt out.

    I was very disappointed over the first debate and will not be watching the other two. To steal an expression from Trump himself: “He choked like a dog.” To allow criminal Hillary to get away with defining him as the shifty one was more than I want to sit through again. Would be a shame if he continues to sputter over non-issues like he did Monday night. Nothing that is staring us in the face is getting discussed — read Ann Coulter’s column.

    I learned one thing the hard way with lib types, especially victim/bully types. Either walk away, shut the door, or go rabid. The rabid option is only if you expect to gain something. Trump wanted this opportunity. No time to get intimidated and defensive. I expected more than a Romney choke.

  4. Dan

    OMG, now Lester Holt was biased at the debate? Enough of the wacko conspiracy theories. Why didn’t your boy Trump bring up the Clinton Foundation’s “pay to play”? He had plenty of chances to talk. Because he wasn’t prepared! And he is a proven racist & sexist. Your site is certainly closer to the truth than the MSM, but still biased. That’s why I’m called a troll and told to “go away” by some of your other readers, because they don’t want to hear different opinions (perhaps the truth?). Everyone prides themselves on being “awake” to the truth, yet the Red/Blue, Republican/Democrat, Liberal/Conservative narrative is just 2 sides of the same coin. To think that Trump will be the voice of the People is as foolish as thinking that Clinton will be anything but more crooked “business as usual”! Look at all the “little people” Trump screwed in the name of making money. (I’d love to have a viable 3rd choice, but the Libertarian candidate can’t even name ONE world leader!). Trump wouldn’t have even gotten this far if he truly represented “We, the People” or truly intended to do away with the Federal Reserve unconstitutionally printing U.S. currency. Also, Greg please quit minimizing Watergate. The proof is in the pudding – it led to the ONLY RESIGNATION OF A U.S. PRESIDENT (because of the cover-up and the blatant lying to the American People by Nixon). I lived through Watergate (as you may have). For myself & many others, it was the beginning of the overtly rampant criminality and almost universal of all of our politicians (not that it didn’t happen earlier, just not as blatant), continuing with “I didn’t have sex with that woman”, “weapons of mass destruction”, ” I’m a uniter, not a divider”, “I’ll close Guantanamo”, “you can keep your doctor” (o.k., O’Bozo has too many to list). I do agree that 911 was clearly an inside job. I believe the Saudis, components of our own government & Israel was involved. I’m sure I’ll be called anti-Semitic now (Galaxy 500) because we can’t dare say anything bad about our puppet masters, just like saying ALL LIVES MATTER is somehow interpreted as racist by the BLM movement! I know I’m ranting now, but it’s out of love of what the USA used to be frustration & anger about the course we (America) is on. We used to be the shining beacon of freedom for the whole world. Now, we are the world’s great bully that tries to force every country to have a leader that’s acceptable to the US or we bomb the hell out of their country, meanwhile becoming the biggest debtor nation in the world so we can all continue to live beyond our means! Shining example, my a$$.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not a conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy fact. Holt interrupted Trump 42 times and only interrupted Clinton 7. Holt acted as a second (Clinton) debater and got the Constitutional “fact check” WRONG about “stop and frisk.” Also, Holt should have been introducing the server/bribery/Clinton (charity fraud) Foundation stories into the debate. All these stories have criminal and treason implications with them. This was his job and questions about these very important stories (and crimes) were never asked by Holt. Missing these stories are “too stupid to be stupid.” That was planned, in advance, by NBC executives at the very top. These are some of the biggest stories of the millennium and certainly some of the biggest of the year. I worked at two networks (ABC and CNN) as an investigative correspondent. I never did a big story without legal, standards and practices and a through journalism review by the top bosses. I know unfair when I see it, and I have laid out my exact reasons why it was unfair. These are not “wacko conspiracy theories” and I do not appreciate you trying to destroy my credibility with some ridiculous “wacko” rant because you do not make an intelligent argument to offer. Clinton won on style and rigging but trump still won on message and every single online poll had Trump winning by a wide margin. Also, just today the LA Times (hardly a right wing publication) came out with its updated national poll and Clinton ended the month down 5%.

      You made some other good points in your comment that I do agree with whole heartedly. Thank you.


    • Jallen

      I appreciate your passion for your subject matter and in many things you are correct.
      I would like to point you to the begining of woes for America.
      Start with the Federal Reserve founded in 1913-1914. It creates Fiat Money at will and can buy and politician it wants. It should be obvious to you, all network television is in cohoots with the invisible government behind the scenes. Consider the Wells fargo Bank and what they did to their customers. Consider Nancy Pelosi concerning obummer care, let us pass the bill then read it. Our Government decides what words you can say or not say, you are on your way to communism. It should be obvious to you our government is going against white people, especially Christians. I could go on and on… Dan wake up, your freedoms are being taken away and that is not about to change. We vote for Donald Trump just because he is not a politician, he is a businessman. You have to be anti american to vote for Hillary Clinton, Neo Cons, Liberals and Progressives are a danger to your freedom and to the world. My advice to you, vote Donald Trump and pray, there is no alternative!

    • Freebreezer

      Dan – Clinton was brought in front of congress for gross negligence (Per the FBI) in handling the top info per our country and not one question from the moderator per this subject … Hmmm? … either I am missing something or what … please enlighten me? And per Nixon, he deleted 18 minutes on a tape and was taken down by the media – Rightfully so(!) and as you put it – “it led to the ONLY RESIGNATION OF A U.S. PRESIDENT (because of the cover-up and the blatant lying to the American People)! Clinton deletes 30,000 e-mails per state documents, blatantly lies to the American people about it, endeavors to cover it up and the media focuses on a beauty queen that puts on 70lbs and was reminded by the owner that she represents an image and to lose weight … and that is the media focus – telling a beauty queen that she is fat and this shows he is a sexist … WOW … Nope – no media bias here.

    • Galaxy 500

      Didn’t watch it did you boy?
      Either that or you are part of the Hildabeast thought shaping team. Your intellectual dishonesty won’t fly here.

    • Galaxy 500

      “Also, Greg please quit minimizing Watergate. The proof is in the pudding – it led to the ONLY RESIGNATION OF A U.S. PRESIDENT (because of the cover-up and the blatant lying to the American People by Nixon) ”
      What Obama and Hillary have done compared to Watergate is like comparing incurable bone cancer to a single small pimple. And let’s not forget the Hillary was fired for cause on the Watergate committee.
      And you call Trump a proven sexist and racist while ignoring all the stuff that Hillary has done.
      Wacko conspiracy theories? There may be some I see as such presented and just because I can not explain something doesn’t lend credibility to the other side as I can’t explain God either but I know him just the same. But Dude, when it is Televised and viewed by 80 million Americans it isn’t a Wacko conspiracy theory. As Greg elegantly put it, “It’s conspiracy fact.”


    Deutsche Bank at 4 am down .85 cents now at $10.05 ) Greg calls it a FREE FALL. Times running out for FREEDOM but the NWO is in the FUTURE. Warning signs everywhere including UN trucks seen in many areas.

  6. rahrog

    Major banks melting down, and the good old USA doing everything it can to start a war with Russia. This is NOT a coincidence.


    • Pinocchio

      Last week some Secessionist groups from California and Texas have met to discuss about the referendum to secede. The meeting was also attended by some groups from Scotland, Quebec, and Basque.

      Secede !!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      My people tried that last time and we may again. This time we have industry and agricultural

  7. Oracle 911

    I think the neocons want start a major war (with Russia) before the financial system goes bust. Our luck is only one thing, there are also (somewhat) wise and SANE mans near the levers of powers alongside with Putin. Which means, the neocons and sadly their main power base, the US is now toast.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Truth

      Oracle 911,

      I pray the neocons don’t get the war they want…the Russians have exercised enormous restraint. The Russian gov’t has shown far more concern for the lives of Americans, than our own leaders…Sad, but true.

  8. Robert Lykens

    Russia, Iran and others will invade Israel from the north (apparently Syria). When this happens the invading armies will be destroyed by God himself.

    At this time you will see a true miracle: the nations around Israel, seeing that God has intervened on Israel’s behalf, will know that Israel’s God is the LORD – “Thus will I magnify myself, and sanctify myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the LORD.” – Ezekiel 38:23

    Apparently as the invaders are being destroyed the order will be given for the ICBMs to fly. Ezekiel 39:6

    So the seeds of WWIII have been sown in Syria and are now sprouting. The fruit they will bear is nuclear war.

    • Paul ...

      Robert … I don’t believe God planned on getting involved in a war created by really stupid neocons … this didn’t need to happen … Israeli neocons sure do know how to get themselves on the wrong side of things ( the wrong side of world public opinion and the wrong side of this coming WWIII military battle) … the neocons in charge over there have now gotten Israel surrounded by enemies “even more powerful then the ones they had before” … Iraq, Syria, Iran and now even Yemen are offering Russia and China military bases (both air and port facilities)!
      And how Israel managed to get itself into bed with the “pure evil” Saudi regime (which is now near political and economic collapse) is beyond me … when Saudi Arabia finally does collapse Russia will likely get military bases in Saudi Arabia also … was the goal to get Israel completely surrounded?? … Israel should have joined with Russia years ago to develop our really giant gas fields which could have been easily connected into Russia’s gas pipe lines to supply Europe … and Israel as an economic partner would have had Russian protection … instead Bebe stupidly supports Kerry and the US neocons (who want to start WWIII with nuclear armed Russia and China right on Israel’s borders? … now that’s really smart … Bebe and his neocons seem to be living in a dream world as they continue to push deeper into Palestine against world public opinion probably thinking the world will forgive them because they are “God’s Chosen People”? … Bebe “is not” doing Israel any favors … he has gotten Israel surrounded by nuclear enemies “and adversaries more powerful then they were before” … so now Putin will begin to shoot down Israeli warplanes … isn’t that just great that Israel is now “a Russian target” … where now we have to call upon God to save us … this didn’t have to be!!

      • Truth


        That was beautiful. You just described the geopolitics more thoroughly than I’ve ever heard in one short synopsis.

      • Truth


        That comment was so stellar, that it deserves a second recognition. All they had to do was switch sides and join Russia. Anyone with a moral conscience can see that Russia is on the just side. Besides that, it’s the most strategically intelligent move they could have made. Unbelievable, that they couldn’t see that.

        Thank you for articulating the truth.

      • Truth

        By the way, Paul, they attacked Quinetra, Syria 5 times in a row, in the week and half leading up to the day America killed all those Syrian soliders in Deir ez-Zor, Syria…and on the same day, they killed 1 and injured 5 in Quinetra, in a drone attack…That was a very well-coordinated “mistake”…

        They also control the al-Qaeda branch that controls the area southwest of Damascus…This is common knowledge, everywhere except the West.

        So, now Debka (consider the source) reports that a confrontation is ‘imminent between the US and Russia’…I’m sure that’s a “coincidence” to add to the above “mistake”…

        Thankfully, Russia is very level-headed…

    • Galaxy 500

      “Apparently as the invaders are being destroyed the order will be given for the ICBMs to fly. Ezekiel 39:6”
      Really? That isn’t in my translation.
      Is that the Bible or are you reading the latest from J. K. Rowling?

  9. Mike from the North

    Maybe Trump just played a poker hand with this debate.

    He may not always be politically correct but he is NO FOOL.

    Sometimes it is about strategy and timing.

    There is not enough silver polish in the World to take the tarnish of the corrupt political system.

    • Paul ...

      Mike … Trump playing a poker hand?? … perhaps your right? … Trump did seem to be playing (under the weather cards) … while Hillary was playing (picture of health cards) … likely they are holding cards “just the opposite” of what they were projecting with their poker faces the other night! … Trump has not shown his full hand yet … but I think we can be sure he is holding some powerful aces to Trump whatever hand Hillary puts on the table!

  10. andyb

    Greg: lots of ominous signs entering October:

    Deutsche Bank implosion and collateral damage to the TBTFs in the US

    NY Fed has large truck shredders parked outside (ZH article this AM). Hmmm; wonder what evidence they are destroying?

    1000s of marked UN vehicles seen across US, including ambulances, MRVs

    Turnover of internet. Total censorship coming?

    Bill Holter has long maintained that it’s only 50:50 that the election will be held. If Assange reveals an irrefutable Clinton smoking gun, and “true” polls show a potential Trump landslide, it’s likely that something will happen or be instigated; I don’t put anything past the criminals in charge.

    • Truth


      I agree with Bill Holter. It’s 50:50, at best.

    • Freebreezer

      I am sorry but the UN vehicle stuff does not ring true in being alarming. Where are all the foreigners who are going to drive and operate this hardware! It sure the hell will not be American boys, and gals … a whole lot of the military comes from fly over America and you can rest assured they will not willingly participate!

    • Galaxy 500

      To the people that think 911 was done to cover up some crime: So why wouldn’t the government just destroy the eveidence? Much cheaper than destroying the WTC. Oh, to go to war you say. And I ask do you think they need a WTC event to justify that? We attacked Iraq which had nothing to do with WTC.
      Sorry it doesn’t pass the smell test. It is a non sequitur that makes a mockery of logic and Ockham’s razor.

      • JC Davis

        G500. 911 ( IMHO) was a stage to steel gold and destroy evidence, also a way to control the currency. I have done a lot of research about this seeing it was the pivotal point of where we are today.. Gold went to china from the basement of building 7. China was paid to receive the scrap metal/ gold, and dead bodies . I think China has most of what was the stock pile of gold in America. Now China is restructuring to let their fake currency fail, and cause a return to a gold standard mix with electronic currency. The RFID is the end plan. To get everyone without gold power chipped.

  11. JC Davis

    Long live Greg Hunter, and my auto repairman. Two folks I would not be able to replace.
    Greg do you think Saudi’s will sell treasury’s when they lose their first law suit?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think it would be stupid not to move money out of reach from possible plaintiffs. That means they are going to sell U.S. assets. Can’t see how Saudi Arabia does not do this.

      • JMiller

        You are absolutely correct about that.

    • Dan S.

      Jim Rickards predicted a few months ago that Saudi Arabia would devalue their currency

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi JC,
      They have to sell before suits are filed and injunctions issued to prevent selling. The Saudis are not stupid and even if would have started selling right after the vote. Wouldn’t you have too?

      • JC Davis

        G 500 in todays world perverted trading works better then fair trade. Things are about to get real.

  12. Jughead

    Greg….if you want a different take on the 2016 election, and why Hillary’s win may be in the best interests of our youth and future,….listen to the current podcast by Dave Mcalvany. A really intelligent guy and his viewpoint really makes sense…(though I gag at the thought of Hillary as pres)…..

    • Greg Hunter

      So this idiot wants a Neocon that will take us to war and use nuclear weapons in a first strike? This guy thinks having someone as President that used private unprotected servers to hide the fact she (Clinton) was taking bribes and committing treason by selling favors for “donations” to her m(Clinton foundation a global charity fraud? You want a woman for President who said in her Chris Wallace interview a few months ago that “there are limits to the 2nd and 1st Amendments”??? This guy is an idiot or a shill.

      • Jughead

        Greg….sorry, you missed what he was trying to convey……if things go down, like we all feel is likely…..whoever is in charge will reap the ill will of the millennials, who will control the rebirth of our economy and society…….the market -oriented changes would be best served if not in charge when the SHTF…..which would suggest Hillary should win….and receive the animosity she deserves……yes, we will experience a , probably horrific time, hopefully not terminal……but the rebirth will encompass capitalism, the rule of law, hopefully representatives that are not lifers, like we have now…..and respect our constitution….
        You may not have read ” The Fourth Turning” by Strauss &Howe…….I suggest it may be worthwhile time spent….

        • Greg Hunter

          Fair enough Jughead. Thank you.

        • Galaxy 500

          I have heard that argument before but I put no faith in the outcome. Remember when the Czar was overthrown, or the Emperor of China, or even more recently the Shah of Iran?
          Plenty of other examples of people betraying the movement for personal weather and power. Bernie Sanders?

      • Freebreezer

        Greg – I have listened to this man for years and calling him an idiot was way out of line. As a matter of fact, he would be a great guest to be on your show. When you listen to multiple shows you will hear that this guy is extremely (and I mean extremely as defined) well read. I would pit him against any of your guest per knowledge per se! It is my opinion that you have insulted a good man.

        • Freebreezer

          … and i forgot to say … with out doing you homework.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow, regardless of pretty words, there is zero possibility that Hillary is a positive of anyone other than her child and less than that for her to be a positive for the future. Unless you believe chaos, poverty, destruction of Liberty and Freedom, and terror attacks are a positve. And some do see this as a positive, so why not you.

  13. Mr Mister

    For sometime, Trump has been harping about the dishonest media. Sure enough, Trump fell right into Hillary’s trap. Oh man alive, Grandma was a live and well, and she seemed to be quite knowledgeable. Trump messed up with his campaign, he should have concentrated on domestic issues, such as taxes and regulations. Hillary Clinton served in government, and she projects the illusion of authority, for example when she spoke about international trade.

    Work on the assumption, the voters who are up for grabs, they only receive information from the MSM, therefore it will be futile to talk about the dark underbelly of society. The only way Trump is going to win, is to worry about domestic issues, rehearse, and hit Hillary with her official record. Trump needs to have a sophisticated psy-ops team to bring out the real Hillary. Yes the debates will be rigged, but when Hillary cheats, she does it in style. The media in general is like a cannibals’ convention, where well meaning people will end up on the menu.

    • Greg Hunter


      Remember Clinton told the FBI 39 times she could not remember all kinds of stuff surrounding here servers or training in how to handle classified documents. She hit her head- remember??

  14. Jerry

    Today’s financial collapse will pass like tonight’s dark full moon. It will happen in real time “but you will never see it”.

    Is Deutsche Bank going to collapse? Yes. . But thanks to the cabal controlled media, you will never see it.
    My sources told me months ago that any assets worth a tinkers damn were already siphoned off and sold. DB is dead. They’re just trying to figure out where to put the body. In my opinion, they will bury it with negative interest rates, and plant a pretty little flower on top of it.

    As far as the IMF inclusion of the Yuan? Today is the beginning of the end for the dollar as reserve currency. China and Russia have been buying massive amounts of gold for a reason, and it isn’t because they have a love affair with gold. Its because once the SDR is up and running smoothly, they know the IMF is going to introduce gold into the IMF basket of currencies as a benchmark of currency value. Talk about the emperor having no clothes? Just wait until the Chinese demand an audit on U.S. gold holdings. How do you think that will go down? The U.S. couldn’t even give Germany back even a small potion of its gold they were holding when they asked for it.

    Let me be clear. The cabal controlled media is not going to send out a notice when the bottom falls out. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a news report or expect me to post a link to give you a warning. The sand is going to continue to erode from underneath the global financial foundation, until it finally topples over. You first clue is when you go to your bank on a Friday, and its closed. It could be today. It could be a Friday a month from today.

    • Jerry

      If you’re an investor and you like pounding your money down a rat hole. This is where you want to be. But then again governments have no problem with throwing the baby out with the bathwater along with your tax money.

    • Jerry

      Don’t be fooled by the MSM propaganda that the markets are settled and nothing is going to happen. Behind closed doors a new economic construct is all but complete, and the rules governing its operation will be laid out at this meeting.

      The DOJ put a temporary patch over Deutsche Banks massive rat hole by lowering its settlement to 5 billion dollars, but that doesn’t even begin to cover their problems. October will truly be a month of surprises and possibly something really scary before the election.

      • JC Davis

        Just to say thanks Jerry.

        • Jerry

          If the central banks weren’t worried about it, they would have never backed off the 15 Billion dollar settlement by the DOJ. They know the they’re trapped. Besides DB has no where to go but down. Would you put your money in that rat hole? Not me. There’s no telling how many other things we don’t know about.

          • JC Davis

            Received. I took my money out in 2010, at a lose no. I bought land that cant be bought today.

      • Charles H


    • Jerry

      The Yuan is quietly entering the IMF basket.

      Folks don’t be fooled. This is the Chinese version of the Trojan horse. Once their economic system is in place, the fireworks will start. Gold is the key. They want to make sure they have the gold market cornered before they make their play. The clearing houses are in place. The swift system is tuned up with the banks. All they need now is a trial run for a few weeks to test their EFT trade mechanisms and its game on.

    • C romana

      Wow, that’s an eye opening post. Thanks.

    • Freebreezer

      Jerry – the sad truth about the USA is the old adage … “if your digging your self deeper and deeper in to a hole STOP DIGGING”! But the USA government keeps on spending us deeper and deeper in debt (both parties) … and yes – it is too stupid to be stupid! It is both fascinating to watch, but all so very, very scary in that what is at the end of this tunnel is most likely horrific but unknown. And watching the self enriching politicians (and big banks and media) at the expense/demise of America is plainly vile!

  15. Jeremy

    I watched the debate live in Australia, mainly because if Hillary collapsed on the stage it would be one of those history defining moments that you could tell your grand kids about. I was actually surprised to see her looking so well. Your analysis is spot on as usual Greg and always worth watching.

    • Freebreezer

      Jeremy – it is amazing what drugs can do.

      • Freebreezer

        correction – it is amazing what drugs can “temporarily” do.

  16. eddiemd

    Ash Carter has plans to sacrifice some SF soldiers there on the ground in Syria. Fratricide to be blamed on the Russians or perhaps putting the troops into the line of fire with the g-forces (otherwise known as the “moderate terrorists”).

    Interesting story on a bunker command center being taken out in the Aleppo neighborhood area that supposedly had turks, CIA, Israeli intelligence agents coordinating planning. Not sure if the story is true or not. I suspect that Russian RDF were able to track the SIGINT from above and below. I am wondering if the Russian drones can intercept SATCOM. Certainly the AWACS have capability to detect.

    John Kirby is the ultimate boot licker. This same guy was the mouthpiece for the Pentagon. He never commanded a ship or any unit for that matter. His record shows that he was a public affairs officer right from the start of his career. Disinformation agent probably working for the CIA for his entire career. Now he is the mouthpiece for the State Department. It reminds me of the days when the communist party embedded political officers within the ranks of the military–the commissar.

    “Our Principle is to have the Party control the gun, and never allow the gun to control the Party.” Mao

    Lawful versus unlawful police orders. Similar to military orders. Going to court is not in your favor. Who has the money to go against the corrupt court systems? Talking about rigged systems. They have to fill the beds in the private prison industry.

    If the FBI is corrupted then the local “law enforcement” is even worse. It is all about getting the pensions which by the way are going bankrupt.

  17. Texas Citizen

    I watched the debate. So obvious was the bias – shameful.

    The dark power behind Clinton will do anything to see she is the POTUS . Anything!

    I will vote for Trump once and pray for him often. May God grant us mercy.

    Meanwhile those of us who know the Lord and serve Him need to keep our focus on His agenda and be busy with His business. He has it all under control even when we don’t understand.

    • Charles H

      You are So right. Thank you, pardner.

      • DBCooper

        CH, So you do a lot of shooting ? I have a love affair w/ the 45/70 and also casting/paper patching … I am working up a 405 gn. hollow base which allows for twisting the tail into the concave … have yet to do some tests … Yours in Faith and liberty, FN, DB .

        • Galaxy 500

          Wow, sounds like fun. I live where I get to shoot in my back yard. The only thing I am shooting from that era is 45 Colt.

        • Charles H

          DB – I don’t shoot anywhere near my likes or need. But I am a good shot.

  18. ED1

    Nice WNW Greg! I much enjoy your honest and fair reporting. Keep up the good work.

    As much as I would like to agree with you on the MSM losing all creditability, I cannot do so. Not in entirety anyway. IMO we have too many folks that will not take the time to research the truth or they simply buy into everything they read or see in the news. They are too busy walking around with their heads down looking at their cell phones or watching Dancing With The Stars to take the time to find out the truth. Then we have the education establishments backing up the MSM. Also, I have found the normalcy bias kicking in with most of the folks I try to talk with about current events. They either don’t believe it or don’t want to hear it.

    I do, however, agree with you 100% on your statements on folks should respect law enforcement commands. I have been saying this for quite some time now, that the president should include this in an in address the nation speech, but he will not do so. It appears he is happy with the way they are going. If folks would simply abide by law enforcement commands they are much less likely to be shot and/or killed. I call this “baiting the police”. I have often asked myself whether some of the folks that were killed by police were out to “take one for the team” to further an agenda or were they just wanting to be in defiance with the police? Either way they are dead and more will surely die if they do nor abide by the police orders. It really comes down to common sense.


  19. Chip

    Agree the debate was rigged. HiLIARy had the questions before hand. And another thing that no one is talking about, HiLIARy looked HEAVILY sedated. The way she blinked her eyes looked like she was struggling to stay awake. Did you notice that Greg? Great WNW again… Chip

  20. John Q

    Hey Greg,

    2 things:
    1) Regarding the polls showing Trump won the debate… it only shows most of us are in the same boat. It wouldn’t matter if Trump was naked eating a big fat bowl of ice cream and every time Holt asked him a question Trump responded with a loud fart. He is getting our votes. The only way Hillary will ever get my vote is when I’m on her jury then – heck yes! She will get my vote to send her to prison.
    2) Are you hearing this crap that they want to make it illegal for news organizations to report on any political issues if that news organization is partially owned by foreign interests? Well… my take on that is I’m 110% for it just so long as they also bar anyone from running for any public office who accepts money from foreign interests.

    • C romana

      Great humor there!

  21. Brent

    Hi Greg! Great wrap up as usual, however, you missed something I thought you would be all over which is this:

    “The USA Today editorial board for the first time is taking sides in a presidential race — but it’s not asking voters to back a specific candidate, but rather oppose Donald Trump.”

    I know this is no surprise to you as you have called out USA today on their biased reporting many times. I think this one really takes the cake.

    • Greg Hunter

      This proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the “news fraud factory” (as I describe it) called USA Today, is nothing more than a political hack operation. Hillary is in big trouble and the internal polling and external polling show it.

    • JC Davis

      Brent how can we respect them as news representing truth ?

    • Greg Fan

      As Trump says… just “follow the money”… Hillary has spent many many millions more than Trump on advertising and the media needs that money. Plus Hillary’s rapist husband’s presidency made it possible for what used to be hundreds of independent papers and news organizations to merge into what 5 mega corps today? So, it should come as no surprise that all of the mainstream media backs Hillary to the point of out right lying for her.

      It really illustrates the need for people like Greg… telling the truth… fighting the good fight! Go Greg!

  22. Justn Observer

    Greg…Great wrap up ! Caught it on You tube…some of the comments there led me to this concerning Comey’s brother and Mills who started the Haitian end of the Clinton Foundation gambit… Watching the spectacle on the television…seems the hearings missed a lot of the connections that are so suspect concerning ‘immunity’ ! You’d have thought Director Comey would have recused himself considering the interlocking family- friends – business dealing …unless that is of course his job was to steer things away from them?

    On another note— since Nomi Prins predictions and observations have come full circle might you have her on again…. I re-visited your interviews with her previously…what an accurate roadmap she laid out…and her current work is eye opening as well !
    Keep up the good work… God’s Speed !

  23. CJ

    Hi Greg,

    You should check out John Paul Jackson and the Perfect Storm. Pretty compelling almost 8 years later.

  24. 8Ball

    The last thing that the globalist powers want is to have the US Military and NATO getting their butts kicked by the Russians and Chinese for all the world to see… They might figure out that bloated pentagon budget and all of that missing money was either squandered on useless weaponry or just stolen…

  25. francis m reps

    Mr.Trump presented himself as a serious, thoughtful person. He made good points. He did not attack Hillary in a manner that would make him appear to be a bully. Hillary was ” Nasty with a Smirk”. I think Mr. Trump will do very well again in early October….now that his Presidential demeanor has been established. My worry ; If it looks as if Trump will win the election….Hillary and Obama will start a world war to avoid having an election. If it looks as if Hillary will win….The Russians { of necessity } must start a war in order to keep Hillary from having the time to start “Her War” shortly after the election. A sad but fair take on this situation. I only hope that if the war is nuclear….the initial damage is visited on that nest of vipers who live in DC. There do not appear to be any agencies or individuals in our nation capable of heading this disaster off. Military men and other patriotic Americans seem to be non existent. I hope I’m wrong. We need a coup right now.

    • Galaxy 500

      Obama culled the Patriots out of the high offices of military leadership and put deviants in charge

  26. Buck

    I prefer to live in a society where “Lawful Commands,” are rare, unlike the current “Police State” where we find ourselves now.

    Trouble started when “Peace Officers” were replaced by “Law Enforcement Officers,” or “Revenuers, “as I like to call them. Some Departments are great and others exist to financially harvest the individual (fines, tickets, and asset forfeiture laws), or feed the prison industrial complex (see privatized prisons and corporate prison labor industry). The Just-Us system is rotten to the core, and needs a complete overhaul.


    • Galaxy 500

      I prefer to live in a society where lawful commands are rare, you say. Me too. How do you propose to get rid of criminals and ferals? Without lawful commands?

  27. Jallen

    Greg and watchdogs, a Jallen rant follows,
    Another excellent weekly wrapup. Your explanation about listening to police legal commands should be broadcast on all major networks and taught in our schools, as it would save so many lives.
    We obviously have a government that has been subverted by evil forces! Watchdogs, please plead your case with the ALMIGHTY GOD of ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB!
    Christians be sure to ask in the name of Jesus Christ. I am starting to think we are in THE DAYS OF JACOBS TROUBLE, mentioned in the Bible. All the central banks including our Federal Reserve are caught in a quagmire of their own making. Another way of looking at it; The CENTRAL BANKS ARE IN QUICKSAND, the harder they try, the deeper they get into destroying their currency and thus their banking systems via such instuments such as Derivatives, Bonds, Stocks etc. The three stoogies, Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen are baloonists as they will inflate the dollar baloon until it bursts!
    Beware Americans, they are coming after your pensions, as they will force your pension into government bonds that will become worthless. America seems to be threatening Russia with war for supporting Syria’s Assad, we better be careful, as we just might get what we wish. I have forwarned Watchdogs, governments that are broke, look to war as a way out, in order to keep their constituents in line and stay in power!!!
    Americans are about to find out, what happens when a country goes off the GOLD standard and embraces FIAT money, the central bank magicians turn dollars into toilet paper. I say to all Neo Cons, Liberals and Progressives, you have fallen to the political pied piper, you traded in the Bible, Constitution and the American can do attitude for a welfare state that is on its way to total collapse, what a legacy you leave for your children, you will go down as the generation that traded in its freedom for a false sense of security known as socialism / communism. HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM HISTORY? Vote for Hillary Clinton, the latest version of the PIED PIPER, she will take you to war and tax you into oblivion! Look what Hillary did to Bernnie Sanders, what do you think she will do to you? I know, you are special and Hillary loves you and the Neo Con, Liberal, Progressive way.

    • Chip

      Great rant Jallen… Chip

  28. Concerned american dad

    Ahh Greg, thanks, another good venting session by you. It is alllllll bs all the time. This morning, futures hovering lower all morning, news, worries about the banks, despite cnbs’ headlines all morning to not worry- nothing like 2008- party on. Then at the open the Dow rockets up 130. We are in the Truman show. It is an entire fabricated reality that drives you insane if you are seeing through it. Also, if you forgot to watch your tv lately, Russia is really bad, they are even hacking into our election now. They all hate us for out freedoms- so free by the way that in Philly Uber may be outlawed this weekend.

    • Chip

      Spot on CAD… Chip

  29. Steven R

    I will vote for Trump as a vote against Hillary. To me in the debate Trump came across as egotistical and unprepared. Hillary would simply bate him by questioning his business prowess and off he would go talking about how many millions he makes for what seemed like hours. All he had to say was at least he hadn’t spent his whole life within the broken political system and he had a experience in the real world. Trump didn’t lose any votes but I don’t think he gained any either. Hillary is low hanging fruit and should be an easy target for any competent opponent and I question why Trump refused to pick it…

    • John Q

      Just a wild guess but I think Trump took the high road because he knows he won’t need to pick the low hanging fruit… Julian Assange has been saying that he is going to drop a bomb (figuratively not literally of course) on Hillary in October. My guess is Trump knows what is coming down the pike and he feels that Hillary is toast and she just doesn’t want to realize it. Well October is here and my guess is that tick tick tick… Hillary is hearing in her ear is the truth about her past about to explode.

  30. Tommy

    What a mess. Why anyone would want to get in a shooting war with Russia is beyond me. I think we would be greatly embarrassed. We have a corrupt government from the Oval Office to the State Department to the Justice Department and on down that is rotten to the core. We have a woman who may very well be president who would make Al Capone envious. Our military has been stripped of the warriors and replaced by people who care more about feelings that fighting, more about bathrooms than battleships. We probably do have some weapons that we cannot even imagine, but is that where we want to go? If we get engaged with Russia in Syria does anyone think China, N. Korea, Iran and others won’t take the opportunity to engage in settling old scores? Our society is crumbling faster than anyone could have imagined. Our economy is nothing but smoke and mirrors. The press has forgotten about any journalistic principles and most people are plugged into their phones and have no idea what is going on. Good Luck!

    • Chip

      Another great comment on this thread. Greg you’re inciting some real passion here. Thanks for what you do… Chip

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Chip and Tommy!!!

  31. eddiemd

    Fast-tracking the Zika virus vaccine.

    The 29 September issue of the New England Journal published an article on fast-tracking a vaccine for the Zika virus (ZIKV). This information is presented by the Department of Defense researchers in collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur drug manufacturer (the largest vaccine producer in the world). So far their mice trials have worked out well.

    A few quotes from the article:

    ” An ongoing epidemic in the Americas and the impact of ZIKV congenital syndrome necessitate rapid development of a safe, efficacious vaccine.”

    “Given the need to protect girls before they reach childbearing age, a TPP (preclinical studies) should address vaccination starting at 9 years of age and in people of both sexes, given evidence of ZIKV in semen up to 6 months after infection. This starting age would align with WHO recommendations and with the precedent set by human papillomavirus vaccines (target group, girls 9 to 13 years old).”

    In my opinion and experience, the ZIKV has been in a DOD lab for years. The genome is fairly easy to manipulate and there is probable evidence to suggest that the virulence of the virus was manipulated for biological warfare purposes along the way. The “discovery” in the Americas and particularly in the Northern hemisphere recently leaves one wondering about the economics behind an upcoming mandatory vaccine to be used in the USA. I don’t see a similar concern in Europe although the origin of the ZIKV is Africa.

    The globalist drug manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur slogan: Because health matters.

    Although I detest wikipedia, their background on Sanofi provides good insight into the extensive operations of the company. The question to be answered is who holds the stock?

  32. Brody

    Hey Greg,

    I remember Jim Willie allen it on DB. He always said the 40th of July meaning he couldn’t give an exact date. Anyway it looks like his sources were correct in calling DB being the next one to “go”.

    I haven’t heard from Jim since you have had him on as a guest. Will you ever have him back? It seems as he got a little carried away with anti semetism you stopped having him on here. Is that the case?

  33. john duffy

    The systemic corruption started a long time ago. As long as the ave. man in the street benefited (hi home equity, cheap goods from cheap labor and military and corporate looting) most citizens looked the other way and partied on. Now the piper has to be paid and people are angry and looking for someone to blame. They should start with a mirror. If they had held their representatives accountable years ago, we wouldn’t be saddled with this uncontrollable mess we now have.

    • Chip

      how exactly are we to hold them accountable? we have but one vote each. when there are more FSA people than there are informed people then there is no way to vote the bums out…. Chip

  34. Walter Baumgarten

    Greg, I almost wish I had stock in media companies so I could dump them in protest, or that I had cable television so I could cancel it to spite them, but I saw them all for the sellout, propaganda garbage that they are years ago. It is one of the reasons that I come here for my news instead. But here is a very sad side to this all that I am finding out more and more frequently and that is that far too many people WANT to be told lies, to be made happy, to have truth glossed over or hidden from them so that they can avoid it’s ugly glare. I hear more people every day say this to me, they want to be happy, they want the problems to all magically disappear and they are fool enough to think that by hiding the truth it will somehow not have any bad consequences.

    And do not be surprised that many people actually love Hillary The Criminal for just as Al Capone had many supporters (those who profited from his enterprises) so does H. Rodan Clinton. Additionally she has many dimwits that would vote for Godzilla if he ran as a Democrat. Think about this, how many Bernie Sanders supporters watched him be cheated out of the nod (“Super” Delegates my butt) and are now supporting the moral antithesis of Bernie and all he campaigned for? Seriously it boggles the mind. You are apparently a God loving man so you know that this is all about Him verses those who rebelled against Him and the minions of those dark individuals that follow the Cast Out One as well. We all know how it ends, only not exactly when. Soon I would think, soon. Keep an eye on CERN to see how soon btw.

    • Chip

      We cancelled cable. Felt good. They wanted a reason. I told them i did not want to subsidize the crappy/worthless channels paying for the bundles. Now we have only an antenna and get six HD quality channels. We’ve learned to live with that and have no regrets and no cable bill…. Chip

  35. Hatemail

    Fear Not, Hillary will be in charge.

  36. Shayne

    So what does this mean for the average Joe on the street?

  37. Dan S.

    Here is a great video on the recent ceasefire in Syria.

    I think were only weeks away maybe months from WW3

    Great wrap up as usual. Thanks

    • WD

      Especially when Saudi Arabia,

      starts dumping treasuries

  38. diogenese

    Fund managers are pulling funds to stop them being used for a bail IN .

  39. Jeffrey

    … it’s funny how the msm tries to control our minds with the Killary won the debate news . Trump was very sharp throughout and finished his sentences despite the interruptions . I saw Killary standing back with a funny look on her face as Donald supported America . Trump played the tone of the debate ; not needing the big punches in round one … Fix or not , Trump played it well !

  40. diogenese

    My sources tell me bank of America is doing the same scam as Wells Fargo .

  41. Diane D.

    Another excellent Wrap-Up. Thank you.

    The constant taunting of Russia is absolutely insane.

    • Greg Hunter

      Diane D.,
      It appears they want war and it’s coming. Hope I am wrong.

      • WD


        I was in the Army until 1996. I spent 8 years 50% Regular arm 50% reserves. I still have good friends that did 20 and 30 years.

        My my friend Frank who just left told me that it is not the same place. Frank is a Colonel with a top secret clearance that is in an infantry division…Frank is very very hands on type of person.

        The best leaders are gone and most importantly the best NCO’s have the left, these are the guys that really lead you into battle. He told me that moral is stagnant and equipment is terrible and more and more people getting out after 20 years and not staying any longer. He realizes that they want war with Russia and that those who are “wiser” in Army know this is a death sentences.

        That the troops know they are eventually headed int a fight and that for the first time he seen fear in the face of these soldiers….they ask about Russia and deployment and why do they even have to go.

        Greg I realize there is nothing scientific about this information but I know this person very well, and if he tells it its the truth.


        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for the info WD. I believe you!

        • Bill

          HEY WD: The old testament says, there was a time when ” God no longer went out to battle with them ” because they turned their back on HIM. I believe God has gone out to battle with our troops in the past, but our military now accepts LGBT, so has our military turned its back on God?

          • Charles H

            Not the military, alone. God deals with nations.

          • WD

            Yes it has

  42. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    This is good that we are close to war. Putin needs a good stiff punch in the face. We’ve got some new munitions we want to test out in the field – the new candy at the candy store. My pilots are going to have a blast during the next few thousand sorties.

    Then we will sing my favorite anthem …… A new day is dawning for America. From coast to coast, the freedom shines right through. And we wont forsake our calling or our loyalties. For a country that was made for me and you. Oh Oh Oh – Don’t stop believing in what we stand for. What we stand for – Oh -Don’t stop believing in America ! Here’s to America ! We truly are the land of the free. We will be free. Here’s to America ! We truly are the home of the brave. We will be free ! Its in the heart of people everywhere .. the new American dream ! Here’s to America ! Here’s to America ! Here’s to America ! Home of the FREE !

    • WD


      When we go to war with Russia, what are you going to do when China steps in?
      Maybe you can to war with a trillion dollar airplane that can’t fly. We are sending guys into a meat grinder, of course you won’t be going. I promise you that Putin will bend you over his desk and after its over you will need a wheelchair. US is a dead country walking.

      As a veteran, and a former officer I remember guys like you always wanting to go to war. We used to laugh at them and call them “re-turks” retarded turkeys. They were just laughed at and never respected. Please tell me you will be the first to fight so you will not come back.

      • Macray

        Hey Tread
        I guess if your buddy General Petraeus is correct, we Americans have nothing to be concerned about. He ran the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, so he knows how bad ass we are. Fortunately, we did not have face and Iraqi or Afghani air force in this century. Or he did not have to be worried about any weapons of mass destruction! Oops, I guess I got that one wrong. : )))
        In no way am I suggesting that we don’t have a GREAT MILITARY. The Men and Women that fought for this country in all the US wars this century did an outstanding job and did kick BUTT.

        So when the general says we will kick Russia’s butt, he considers them nothing but another Iraq or Afghanistan,
        Here is an article you may enjoy!
        Thank you John Kirby for threatening Russia

    • Matt In Pa

      yeah, ok.

    • Pinocchio

      Just curious. Why is it that you always have a Diazepam injector near you before typing your comment ????

    • 8Ball

      By chance are you in the USAF’s outer space program?

    • Paul ...

      Home of the FREE … where you don’t have the right to spend the Almighty Dollar you worked for???

        • Paul ...

          Rich … you talk about the advanced weapon systems we have that will have Russia begging for mercy … well here is a quote from Pentagon sources “the F-35 would need to run away from combat and have other planes come to its rescue”, since it “will need support to locate and avoid modern threats, acquire targets, and engage formations of enemy fighter aircraft due to outstanding performance deficiencies and limited weapons carriage.” they actually rate the F-35 less capable than the aircraft we already have … so much for the neocons outsourcing our defense work to foreign countries … the computer chips in these planes probably all have back doors … now the neocons don’t even have a military to protect them!!

    • Diane D.

      You have lost every war during your whole career. Every third world country you have invaded has kicked your butt. Sorry but defeats trump medals on your chest.

      I am a believer alright and I have to wonder if God has already passed judgement on this warmongering nation.

    • MIlton Welch

      Nothing beats downing half a bottle of Stolichnaya and then start typing.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, what an insane thing to say. You want war with Russia to test some new weapons? You don’t think Russia has some new ones too? And China has stolen the F35 in its entirety.
      I am all for war out of necessity but not for stupidity.

      • JC Davis

        G500. Now that was the proper use of the word dude. Love you brother.

    • Anthony Australia

      America is was great in the 50’s & early 60’s

      I watch reruns of Perry Mason and other shows of that time.

      A society which I loved has been decimated.

      So the American Dream has been enforced on the world but the message has been lost in translation.

  43. Diane D.

    Fellow WatchDogs, these are the ‘Good Old Days’. If you have been following Greg’s Weekly Wrap-Ups you have been warned.

    Examples using Sam’s Club. Unlimited quantities available today:
    Enriched White Rice $15 for 50 lbs.
    Black Beans $10 for 10 lbs.

    Imagine the torture watching your loved ones suffer greatly and saying to yourself, ‘If I had just spent a lousy $200….’

    • Freebreezer

      Diane – Amen

  44. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    A beautiful song

  45. NC Gal


    I agree with your observations regarding almost everything except saying that Trump won the debate. I DID watch the debate, all the way through it, in fact. I agree with Dan. Trump came across as utterly unprepared. He seemed to trust more in his ability to “wing it” than to have facts ready. The three topics were announced in advance. He had multiple openings in which he could have scored major blows to Clinton and didn’t. When the question was posed to him about why he didn’t release his tax returns, that was a golden opportunity to turn the tables and bring up the Clinton Foundation, pay-for-play, and the granting of immunity for Clinton’s aides in the email scandal. He dropped the ball entirely. He was blindsided by the questions that targeted him and he was not able to think quickly enough to handle them.

    The only thing he really scored a hit on was the “big, ugly bubble” remark and that the Fed was political. I say that from the perspective of hoping that he was more intelligent and that there was more to him than bluster. I was totally disappointed in hm, and his ignorance was blatant. He referred repeatedly to the coal miners, steel workers, and auto manufacturing as the examples of our jobs being sent out of the country, but has absolutely NO grasp of how automation is rapidly displacing workers worldwide and obviously hasn’t even factored that in to his plans.

    That being said, I agree with you that Lester Holt was hardly impartial. The questions he asked Trump were irrelevant and the lack of questions addressed to Hillary on the topics you mentioned was also obvious. However, there is the issue of Hillary’s health that I want to mention, which wasn’t addressed at all.

    I noticed some strange boxes under her clothing and wondered if they were somehow keeping her from having seizures. There is one video ( that shows them well and speculates whether they were something that enabled Hillary to be fed answers from her staff or were a medical device of some kind. There is another video ( that talks about the possibility of it being an anti-seizure device and shows the “Whooop!” moment that is so out of keeping with her demeanor during the rest of the debate. I noticed that, too, and it looked like she had been “goosed” by some sort of electrical stimulus.

    I don’t want to vote for either Trump or Clinton. A Sept. 28 article ( in Counterpunch lays it out well. BOTH of them would be terrible for this country. If this is the best our country can some up with for leadership, then our country is dead and there is no hope for anything except a total collapse and rebuilding from the ashes. I would like to think I am wrong, but it looks like we are so close to nuclear war, there will be ashes in abundance.

    IF I vote, at this point in time, it would have to be for the Libertarian candidate and platform, but even that offers no solution to our current situation. They do want to get rid of the Fed and get out of foreign entanglements, but I don’t think enough people will vote that way to defeat either of these bad choices being offered to us. Sigh. I wish I could be more optimistic, but I can’t.

    • Greg Hunter

      NC Gal,
      I’ll give you that Clinton won on rigging (with Holt and NBC) and style but trump still won on message. Every online poll had trump winning by wide margins and that includes the CNBC and Time Magazine polls. These are hardly right wing operations. Also, despite Clinton spending hundreds of millions on negative attack adds against Trump, Clinton ends down 5% for September according to the updated LA Times nationwide poll: What you think and what happened are two different things. YES, Trump could improve his performance. I do agree with you on that point, but he won on message and that is all that matters.

    • WD

      NC Gal,

      People who have worked with Trump say this a tactic he uses in negotiating….he has much more on the ball than you think

      • Susa Glenn

        Trump was play acting. Please review the hilarious Trump take down of Rubio regarding Rubio’s water drinking (see here: ) . Have you EVER seen Trump drink water during a rally? He wasn’t dying for water at this debate; he was creating a false weak persona. The water drinking was over the top. He was sloshing the water all over the place and licking his face. There’s three debates; this one was just the warm up/setup. Can’t wait for the next one!

    • WD

      NC girl
      Don’t waste your vote…if you vote you have to vote Trump

    • Galaxy 500

      You have been saying you are noting going to vote Trump for months. Go ahead and pull the lever for Hillary and be done.

  46. Julia


    Is there a way to stop the war? Public get involved? Remember the protests to the Vietnam war?

    Dan; Trump may have lost opportunities but he picked up 18 million in contributions and his votes increased.

  47. DRS

    You’re still the best……..not to make you feel cheap or used, I do ‘share’ you with many of my friends!!
    The debate; as soon as Lester opened with; “Since the economy has continually grown over the last six years adding over 650,000 jobs……….”; it was confirmed then and there what a poor excuse of a debate was being conducted. NBC should be embarrassed for assuming the American people are so foolish to not see through their blatant bias!
    Donald Trump is no fool and I like to think he allowed “it” to come away with a sense of winning the debate. Had he squashed her on the 1st debate, where does he go from there on the 2nd and third?!
    Let the first debate lay groundwork for one hellish comeback!!! Not that I want him to be a bully, there is absolutely no need for that. Hitting with an onslaught of FACTS should wipe that idiot smile off her face pretty quickly!

    • rwmctrofholz

      Yeah, hilarious. Lester started his question with a false premise and then expected Trump to respond.

      I wish Trump had said, “Lester, can you explain to me how we can supposedly have 70+ months of job growth and supposedly a 5.4% increase in household income last year, and yet somehow tax receipts were still down for the last two years?”

  48. buz

    it seems every election the republicans agree to debates moderated by liberals……I have witnessed this for so long that it has become serial stupidity!

    • Robert Lykens

      10-4 buz!

    • JC Davis

      Buz I notice that also. May be there is no logical moderator. ?

  49. Bill

    GREG: Whoever does your artwork is one cool dude.

  50. gregd

    Trump won the debate merely by negating the millions Hillary spent on ads saying, Trump didn’t have the temperament to be President. That he wasn’t presidential. He proved he was.
    I can’t wait for ads that he’ll run just before election day.
    We the people, not we the powerful.
    America must lead, this is our chance,
    The establishment is in trouble and they can see it.
    A new movement is on its way.
    Blacks, whites, and Hispanics, males, and females,
    the poor and shrinking middle class will unite.
    Trump in a landslide.

  51. Sylvia

    Since when are cops authorized to become Judges, Juries and executioners?
    Do you know the difference between lawful and legal?
    Have you ever had your brother murdered by the police while sleeping in his sleeping bag staying all night in his office trying to find out if thePOLICE are stealing from him?
    My brother and his business partner were taking turns staying all night in the office trying to find out who was robbing them. He was shot at 5″00 a.m. by two cops who climbed through his window. … left to lay there until 8:00 a.m., to die, when they finally took him to the hospital.. The court found these two cop thugs not guilty,
    even though the author of the police manual appeared in court and testified it was improper procedure to climb in a window when no one had even called the police. I hope you never have to go through this.
    You may be having a love affair with the cops, but you have not had them attack and kill your family to protect themselves.

    • rwmctrofholz

      @Sylvia Sorry to hear of your loss, but your story in anecdotal at best. In other words, your story (if true), is the exception; not the norm.

    • JC Davis

      Since when are cops authorized to become Judges, Juries and executioners
      When they put on the badge.
      When you speak or act outside the law.
      When you threaten their life.
      No I did not read the rest of your post.

    • JC Davis

      I read the rest.
      I remember not being allowed to clean a bar because the owner of it said the cops were not done robbing it. Your right there needs to be something done about bad cops.
      That is not what Greg is talking about. Good people have a right to defend themselves, and cops lose a lot of times.

    • Galaxy 500

      Even the lowly police officer has the right to defend themselves. Sorry about your brother. The story sounds unusual.

  52. cachong

    I may move to Russia..safer

    • JC Davis

      Not me. I will just stay away from the big cities in America. We sit on top of the world . sometimes the best place is where you sit.

  53. Charles Turner

    Here is a rare example of the BBC, one of the oldest established players in the MSM giving Russia the opportunity to give their side of the Syria conflict. I think history will look back favourably on Sergie Lavrov. . He makes a very cogent argument.

    • Truth

      Charles Turner,

      So true…Russia has leaders who truly care about their people.

    • Chip

      Russia seems to have real competent leaders. We have clowns Kerry and Obama… Chip

    • Freebreezer

      Unfortunately – America has no adults at this table!

  54. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Trump needs to convince black women, especially, that he wants their children to succeed in life…not as the rare professional genius…but as employed, responsible men and women. That means doing everything possible to help the young avoid drugs and gangs. Until that subject is addressed with real plans, I don’t care what else they argue about.
    Russia has the same problems…plus more alcohol.
    Nobody in the US is buying this war with Russia Washington is selling. It is pure banks and oil, yet again and again.
    Of course the debate was a rigged joke…they didn’t even act like normal people. Children noticed it.

    • Jallen

      Supposedly, the CIA is running drugs, if so, how do you stop it?

      • Paul ...

        By cutting their heroin supply lines … Russia has now taken Turkey out of the heroin picture … next objective is the big US air base in Germany … but first they must take down the German banksters … once the main supply lines are cut and the Saudi Arabia falls … watch for a direct attack on the heroin poppy fields in Afghanistan by Taliban “freedom fighters” (who begin to burn them down) … only then will American children become free of “easy drugs” which have warped their easily influenced minds (to vote for Hillary for instance)!

  55. Jan

    Given the news about the Deutsche Bank (DB) crisis last night, my husband asked me about the Shemitah timing. The Jewish year that is winding down now isn’t a Shemitah year (that was the previous year) but instead this year is finishing the Jubilee or “Super Shemitah” year. Hence, a quick Google search for our Monday October 2, the day after Sunday, Elul 29 showed this interesting article:
    Check out this article on Michael Snyder’s Economic Collapse site as well:

    My husband said that DB probably had a history of helping Nazis back in the day and now in their arrogance, they are the ones starting a collapse of dominos. He showed me the chart in this article that shows the “interconnectedness between Deutschebank and [other major banks]” — the chart looks like a starburst of bubbles with Deutschebank in the middle.

    As for the Trump-Clinton debate, I recommend Scott Adams’ analysis (Dilbert cartoonist) in which he says that Trump’s job was to look less scary and presidential, and Hillary’s job was to look healthy. He rated Trump as succeeding on his job, but Hillary didn’t convince him on being healthy, adding, “Clinton looked (to my eyes) as if she was drugged, tired, sick, or generally unhealthy, even though she was mentally alert and spoke well. But her eyes were telling a different story. She had the look of someone whose doctors had engineered 90 minutes of alertness for her just for the event.even though she was certainly alert enough to do well on the debate on technical points.”
    He concludes: “By tomorrow, no one will remember what either of them said during the debate. But we will remember how they made us feel. Clinton won the debate last night. And while she was doing it, Trump won the election. He had one thing to accomplish – being less scary – and he did it.”

  56. Jan

    Note that Michael Snyder’s column was written a year ago (after the regular Shemitah year) but it has bearing on the year we are finishing 2016 because it is a Super Shemitah year.

  57. Lake M


    Aside from Holt’s bias, this Friday afternoon Rush Limbaugh reported Trump’s mike was set improperly so it picked up his breathing which was a distraction to the listeners and he also had a hard time hearing himself speak. Perhaps a Clinton operative adjusted the settings? Would they stoop so low? …. hell yes.

    MSM is so obviously and openly biased. They have lost the right to call themselves journalists.

    • Greg Hunter

      Lake M,
      Mo way that was an accident with 80 million watching. Audio is very old technology that was perfected a hundred years ago.

    • JC Davis

      Lake M Nailed it. The Commission on Presidential Debates released a vague statement on Friday simply saying: “Regarding the first debate, there were issues regarding Donald Trump’s audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall.”

  58. Gregory Mannarino

    Always excellent Greg! Thank you.

  59. XuscitizenSweden

    Hello Greg.
    I just got done listening to your freday report.
    You mentioned James Comey-FBI, “….Corrupt, Compromised, Incompetent or all of the above”.
    Comey IS all 3 !!!

    Well here’s something I heard earlier today-

    Peter Comey, James brother is, a lawyer for the law firm that does the Clinton Foundations….TAXES !!!
    Let that sink in for a minute.
    Plus, James has other business connections with the Clintons.
    I heard this & more here:

    Have a good weekend Greg.
    Regards X-

  60. david chanley

    the government fining the banks does not demand justice. it does not demand restitution. it is just a retroactive permit fee for being allowed to do the crime. the government does not protect the victims. the government only demands a piece of the action.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is priceless: “retroactive permit fee for being allowed to do the crime.” Bravo on the description my friend!!!!

      • Charles H

        Make that – “(Privileged) Selective Retroactive Permit Fee For Being Allowed To Do The Crime”, Normal guys can’t apply for this permit.

    • Galaxy 500

      Brilliant David

  61. John M.

    Greg, nice interview!
    I suspect that the US economy is quickly headed to economic collapse. I’m a diversified farmer in the geographical middle of the Central Valley of California, where we produce much of the country’s food. Our McClatchy newspaper just reported that our agricultural county, had a farm income drop of 12% for 2015. By what I’m witnessing firsthand, my gross income will be down this year (2016) by about another 25 to 45% overall. That’s catastrophic, as prices are so low and these lower payments are delayed to me by several months because dairy milk prices are depressed with many dairies headed to bankruptcy. I might not get paid at all. The pain spreads systemically.
    I know problems in agriculture are also being reported in the Midwest. These are just some signals of hard times for our traditional, basic industry in this country, which also happens to be regulated to death in my region by the govt. I suspect it’s not much better in other industries either.
    I have not even mentioned the macro economic problems that are inevitable because our govt has printed too much money, keeps interest rates at zero, and has added debt onto debt with endless deficit spending. The banking system and overall markets are all rigged and fragile, waiting for that pin prick. Banks in Germany or Italy may be that sharp pin?
    You are right about 9/11, there are so many inconsistencies if one does a little homework. Not much different than all the other lies, like the obvious cover-ups going on at the FBI with Hillary’s emails. Only one example. I’m not sure Saudi Arabia will appreciate to be the scapegoat and fall-guy, in that alleged “terrorist event”. But then maybe, with the PetroDollar on the brink of irrelevancy, the insiders may not need to be their partners and allies with the Arabians any longer. Another Arab spring?
    As for the debate, I think Clinton looked like an angry, bitter, depraved, haggard woman. Her eyes looked droopy and heavily sedated; she didn’t look as demonically animated as usual. She was robotic as some say. Trump still won, despite everything imaginable being stacked and thrown against him.
    I talk to a lot of ordinary people, women too, and they seem to be strongly in Trump’s camp. My friends don’t believe me, but I’ve said for months and months that he will win in a landslide. Of course, I really fear they will resort to drastic measures, a la Antonin Scalia. Death and destruction is their modus operandi, and if they don’t get what they want they simply knock over the game board and let the pieces fly.
    Her personality can’t win her any points, unless you happen to like pathological liars and criminals.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John M. for the “field” reporting!!! So sorry you are having that kind of trouble.

  62. Mohammad

    Today the shorts were squeezed out and DB stocks went up.
    Someone stepped in and bought DB shares to save their behind from a blood bath that was about to spill over to US equities that magically turned green after a red start.

    Here is the rub:
    Monday is Germany unity holiday…!

    Merkel said clearly that she will not bail out DB. and in that she cornered herself and her political ambition for another term with the Germany’s coming elections.

    But the question remains:
    If Merkel was the one who flooded Germany with immigrants that are disrupting the social fabric of Germany and EU, how in the world would it be thinkable that she is going to look after the German tax money? if so she would of blocked the immigration from the beginning.

    So now it is either:
    1- Germany is hell bent on teaching the speculators a lesson and will kick the bail-IN and let the pieces fall wherever they do.
    2- Screw the German tax payers and Bail-OUT DB.

    Am leaning towards the second.


  63. Bill

    GREG: One last thing on the debate. It was brought to my attention that during the debate Hillary kept rubbing her nose! Some sort of signal maybe???

    • MCasey

      Rubbing her nose was the least of it…..Hillary’s “cleaner man/men” hard at work. (The woman in the sleveless green dress is a look-out; as well as, the woman in black as she, Bill and Hillary try to provide cover.

    • aussie jeff

      Spot on Bill,they,secretly fitted a teleprompter to her podium,its all over youtube.

    • Justn Observer

      Bill – and this popped up about Lester Holt also being wired against debate agreements as well..

  64. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Greg – Thanks for another great weekly wrap-up. The average American can’t afford to go to court and protect themselves from harassment by law enforcement. Court is not a solution. It’s the problem. Our entire system of law enforcement is nothing but a crime syndicate.

  65. Robert Lykens

    “There is a sense in Washington and Moscow alike that a military showdown between the US and Russia is inevitable – direct this time, not through proxies, like the downing of a Russian warplane by Turkish jets last year. When the big powers are in direct confrontation, minor players step aside and run for cover.”

  66. Rodster

    Dear Greg, please consider having Prof Michel Chossudovsky as a future guest. His strengths are “geopolitics, environment, weather modification, geoengineering, finance”. He and James Corbett have done YT videos together.

  67. Dee Garmon

    I find no good reason for Trump’s not mentioning of Clinton Foundation.
    That said, he might be a criminal himself. However, the point is that Hillary
    is a war criminal and belongs on the dock at the Hague Court, not in the oval

    • Greg Hunter

      There are two more debates.

  68. JC Davis

    Trumps plan to win.
    Never say more then needed.
    answer. Benghazi. Emails, Bleach bit, Vince foster, White water… The list of answers are endless. He hardly has to speak to win. Yet he rattle’s on about himself. His problem is overselling a sold item.

    • MCasey

      JC Davis….You are correct. As when audited….”Only answer the question that is asked….never, never, never volunteer additional information” .

  69. 8Ball

    People should read this PCR article regarding sound government monetary policies.

    If Trump gets elected he will have to deal with a myriad of weasels embedded in the government structure before he can hope to make “America Great Again”.

  70. Sylvia

    Greg….. you are an investigative reporter…….. look up the death of Maurice Sterling on April 15, 1972 in Albany Oregon. He was a supporter of the police and had a “pigs are
    beautiful'” sticker on his car, which was parked outside.
    To suggest that I was not telling the truth, is a real insult, which I will overlook, due to your extreme ignorance of the entire situation. I estimate that about half of all the cops in this country are crooked. Since they prefer to hire vets who have fought in the wars, and learned well how to kill, there are more bad cops all the time.
    You are living in some kind of a dream world, Greg,
    Officer Friendly died with the Dick and Jane books learn to read books.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Sylvia, but that is the exception not the rule. My message is clear: People must obey lawful commands. By not doing so escalates the situation, and that means the first escalation belongs to the citizen. If you want to fight it out with the cops every time you get pulled over, then good luck with that. I am in the real world and not a dream world. I am sorry you have a negative view of the cops. We don’t have the same perspective. What I am telling people will keep them from escalation and violence. And by the way I did not “suggest” you were not telling the truth. I was giving a different perspective and offered a set of facts to back up my point of view.

    • Tin foil hat

      You are not telling the truth. According to the court transcript, the cops were not there to burglarize your brother’s restaurant. They were checking/inspecting the premise, trying to catch the burglar who had been breaking into the restaurant twice within a month.
      You think half of the cops are crooks because they are likely vets who have fought in war!!
      And you think Grey is living in a dream world!
      The next time you call 911, do me a favor, would you tell the 911 operator you will refuse service from any cop who is a vet.

    • Tin foil hat

      Perhaps these are the cops you want when you call 911. The ones with no combat experiences and never fought in the wars.
      Come to think of it, these are the kind of cops you deserve.

  71. Thistle

    Trump kept falling for Clinton’s baits. And he’s still obsessing on Miss Universe four days later. What the heck is he going to do when he is baited on issues 1000 times more challenging?? This is what people mean by characterological and temperament issues. And he fails this test even more than she does. And that’s saying something!

    • Greg Hunter

      You say “This is what people mean by character logical and temperament issues.” So having private unprotected servers to cover the fact that Clinton was taking bribes and committing treason with “donations” to the global charity fraud called the Clinton Foundation is not “character logical and temperament issues.” You know in the FBI interview Clinton said she “forgot” 39 times when asked about here servers and classified information and the training she got. This is who you would trust in the White House???? Really???? Go away troll.

      • Thistle

        Yes. Trust overstates it, but she’s a corrupt politician. He’s insane.

        Fox News is also part of the mainstream media.

    • Tin foil hat

      Trump is far from perfect but he is definitely not insane – he is more crazy like a fox.
      He is also definitely not presidential but he is the last hope for the republic.

  72. wondrouscat

    Greg, What you said about the police was pretty much what I expressed in a comment last Summer and was accused by someone of “writing while white”. I still think people should just follow commands without argument or insolence, but I can understand the difficulty perhaps to be completely compliant in an interaction with the police without a feeling of trust towards the officer(s), and maybe that is why there is an initial, sometimes tragic, defensive posture taken – the trust has been broken. Other people just act like idiots, such as your example, and there’s no splainin’ that.

  73. Justn Observer

    Greg…Pardon the length of this repost…just to clear the ‘record’ of Lester Holt attempt to cloud and mis-represent Donald Trump’s view…
    Did Trump Support the Iraq War or Not?
    Michael Krieger | Posted Thursday Sep 29, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    The way Lester Holt “corrected” Donald Trump at Monday’s debate (as he was clearly instructed to do) regarding the Iraq War, you’d think the answer to whether he supported it or not was clear-cut. The truth is, it may not be that simple.
    Joe Concha (who has been doing some great work by the way), just wrote an excellent article at The Hill exploring the topic in detail. Here’s what he found:
    Question: Did Donald Trump oppose or support the Iraq War?
    Before answering, a quick note on why providing clarity around a relatively simple question: It’s rare that cooler heads can prevail in this media world we live in. Lines in the sand have never been drawn between blue and red media as vividly as they are now. And as a result, simple logic and lucidity is supplied less and less to drawing a verdict on whether a story is true or not.
    Exhibit A today is the aforementioned question: Did Trump — as he insists — oppose the Iraq War?
    At first, given that Trump wasn’t a politician in 2002 and therefore had no official vote on the war authorization (as is the case with Hillary Clinton‘s support of it), the press simply took him at his word on the matter with no evidence readily available to provide otherwise.
    Except there was evidence, albeit flimsy at best, thanks to the dogged work of Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski and Nathan McDermott in unearthing a 2002 interview Trump did with Howard Stern.
    Here’s what Trump said when asked by Stern during a typically long interview (Howard can go more than an hour without taking a break) if he was for going into Iraq.
    “Yeah, I guess so,” Trump responded. “I wish the first time it was done correctly.”
    So to review, Trump, a businessman at that time, didn’t broach the topic. There are no other public statements by him on the matter in 2002.
    “Yeah, I guess so” isn’t what one would call someone absolutely advocating the invasion of another country.
    Instead, a reasonable person listening could only conclude that Trump probably hadn’t given the matter even a passing thought and answered matter-of-factly. Because if Trump was so pro-Iraq War at the time, as he’s being portrayed of being by the media in 2016, one would think he — who seemingly shares every perspective that enters his head — would be mentioning it every chance he got in other interviews, which never happens.
    Trump’s next interview occurred with Fox’s Neil Cavuto in February 2003, just weeks before the invasion occurred.
    In the video, Cavuto asks Trump how much time President Bush should spend on the economy vs. Iraq.
    “Well, I’m starting to think that people are much more focused now on the economy,” Trump said. “They’re getting a little bit tired of hearing ‘We’re going in, we’re not going in.’ Whatever happened to the days of Douglas MacArthur? Either do it or don’t do it.”
    Trump continued: “Perhaps he shouldn’t be doing it yet. And perhaps we should be waiting for the United Nations.”
    But during Monday night’s debate, Lester Holt followed the lead of many in the media who had come to a definitive conclusion on Trump’s (at first) apathetic-turned-ambiguous stance.
    “The record shows it,” Lester Holt pushed back on Trump after the candidate challenged the moderator’s assertion that Trump absolutely was for the Iraq War. The record also shows Trump cautioning that the United Nations needs to be on board.
    The Secretary-General of the United Nations at the time, Kofi Annan, said this when speaking on the invasion:
    “I have indicated it was not in conformity with the U.N. Charter. From our point of view, from the charter point of view, it was illegal.”
    So if following Trump logic in his interview with Cavuto, if the U.S. and its allies had waited for U.N. approval, the war likely never happens.
    But here’s an important nugget few are speaking about: On March 26, 2003, just one week after the invasion began, Trump says at an Academy Awards after-party, “The war’s a mess,” according to The Washington Post. One day earlier, a Gallup poll showed public support for the war at 72 percent.
    The “war’s a mess” quote is even included in Politifact’s verdict before coming to the conclusion that Trump is absolutely false in stating he opposed the war.
    In the end, the solution here is simple: Politifact needs to change its “False” rating on Trump’s claim. That isn’t to say it should be not characterized as “True” or “Mostly True” either.
    Instead, in a suggestion likely to send the usual suspects in our polarized media crazy, the rating of “Half True” needs to be applied here.
    The Hill reached out to Politifact for comment but did not get a response.
    As for media organizations (and this applies to almost every one), who keep insisting that Trump supported the Iraq War so definitively, not every situation lives in absolutes. Not every question has an absolute “yes” or “no” as a final verdict.
    In the case of businessman Donald Trump circa 2002 and 2003, chalk up his perspective on the Iraq War before it started as the following:
    — At first — months before it began to get any real traction in the American mindset — Trump’s thought process was one of ambivalence via having not given it almost any thought before being asked about it by Stern, which was nothing more than a quick tangent in an interview focusing on 20 other things.
    — And then in January 2003, Trump’s public “stance” was one of caution-before-proceeding by stating a need to wait for the United Nations before rushing in. Note: There weren’t declarations around the threat of weapons of mass destruction, spreading democracy or the need to remove a brutal dictator. Trump never cites any of those common arguments for war even once, as Republicans and even some Democrats did.
    In March of 2003, as the war just began, Trump declares “the war’s a mess.”
    Bottom line: There’s was nothing to indicate Trump supported the war, as the so-called record showed.
    He didn’t seem 100 percent against it either.
    “On the fence” would be another apt way to describe it.
    Cooler heads need to prevail here.
    But “sanity,” “media,” and “this year’s election” are five words rarely seen in the same sentence anymore.
    Meanwhile, we know for sure which candidate absolutely loves war and leaves a trail of death and destruction in her wake: Hillary Clinton.

    For example…
    More Troubling Evidence That Hillary Clinton Will Start WW3
    More Troubling Evidence That Hillary Clinton Will Start WW3 – Part 2
    “We’re Going to War” – Oliver Stone Opines on the Dangerous Extremism of Neocon Hillary Clinton
    Not a Joke – War Criminal Hillary Clinton is Now Running on Her Foreign Policy “Strengths”
    “We Came, We Saw, He Died” – Revisiting the Incredible Disaster That Is Libya
    The Forgotten War – Understanding the Incredible Debacle Left Behind by NATO in Libya
    In Liberty,
    Michael Krieger

  74. vincent_g

    Now why is it the news papers or TV news can’t seem to cover the news the way a pro like you has just done it.

    Perfect – leading with the war threat and moving on to the other top stories.

    The war threat is a big problem with continued talk of a no fly zone which will cause a direct conflict with Russia.

    Seems to me people just don’t understand that a war with Russia is a nuclear exchange 100% guaranteed.

    So which USA city do we want to sacrifice for a few terrorists in a bombed out city that doesn’t mean anything to anyone anymore.

    They lost two cities so they know what it means – will we also have to learn the hard way?

  75. Sayonara

    More than half of this country and all of the political and economic elites have gone completely insane.
    Antagonizing Russia over Syria is completely mentally disordered.
    Central Banks trying to manage economies is completely mentally disordered.
    Mainstream media overtly trying manipulate an election is absolute corruption at the highest level.
    We are awash in absolute corruption and tyranny and I believe this nation is pro verbally gunshot to head. Have no fear and fear not!

    • Tin foil hat

      What you are observing is the end of the Ponzi scheme which the snake is consuming its own tail. The elitists are desperate.

    • Tin foil hat

      The lion in the video manifests the insanity which you describe.

  76. Robbie41

    Here you go Greg, use this on your next story-line, & give-em HELL..

    BREAKING: “Tens of thousands” of fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouse.

    According to sources, Randall Prince, a Columbus-area electrical worker, was doing a routine check of his companies wiring and electrical systems when he stumbled across approximately one dozen black, sealed ballot boxes filled with thousands of Franklin County votes for Hillary Clinton and other Democrat candidates.

    • Greg Hunter

      This link had a virus on it and I doubt if it is true.
      I took the link off.

      • Robbie41

        O.K. Greg Sorry..

        • Greg Hunter

          We’re cool. It’s OK.

    • Paul ...

      Hey Robbie … did they dig under the warehouse? … that’s where all the dead anti-Hillary voters skeletons will likely be found … those paper votes for Hillary scattered above was probably simply a parting gesture (like throwing roses on a grave)!

  77. Larry Galearis

    Hi Greg,

    Nice rant! Re: the Saudis condemnation ploy it looks like a “goes around, comes around”. That the Saudis did it was a lie in the first place (inside job), and now the US is going to pay a price for the duplicity. Black humour. The problem with this is the underlying theme: If Washington sees itself as the head of Empire (of Chaos), it no longer considers world opinion as a constraint to its actions. This is pretty clear in how it treats sovereign countries. It also suggests that when a government is run by criminal elements and sociopaths, it cannot see itself in a bad light without the empathy or capacity to see itself as others see it. Nor has it the capacity to care.

    • susan

      Larry, you hit the nail on the head. It sounds so simple, but you explain it so well. Maybe it will help explaining things to the sheeple.

  78. Galaxy 500

    Why did Obama allow this evil moslem invasion force into our land? These are evil Godless people who turn their backs on the One, True God and worship Shiatan, the dark on called Satan by believers.

  79. wondrouscat

    Now that we know dolphins talk to each other, maybe, after deciphering their language, we should ask them how they can live so seamlessly with nature, and not have wars with one another, and not need stuff to survive, and not have to trade their stuff for other dolphin’s stuff, and then fight over who gets to control that stuff. I have a singularly strange idea – that every invention of mankind has only made things worse. It seems the more we know the more we want; want satisfied grows into need and the more we need the more we compete until we’ve created a giant rat race and are willing to blow up this beautiful world over what – ego?

    • Anthony Australia

      They are defiantly smarter than us. Great statement

    • Paul ...

      Seems we would be better off as dolphins who don’t have nuclear weapons … why doesn’t Monsanto start working on the problem … instead of putting sterilizing DNA genes into our corn crops … it has been found that it only takes three(3) generations for people eating GMO corn to become completely sterile … now who would of thought that eating those delicious Frito Corn Chips while watching Friday night football was going to put a complete end to your family tree in only three generations! … who needs guillotines if the American public can be duped into eating Genetically Modified Corn to achieve the neocon goal of Agenda 21!!

  80. DLC

    Tips on self-doctoring down the road:

    I stepped on my cat in the dark on Thursday morning. I was badly bitten and slashed quite a bit. When I turned the lights on, I about fainted from the whole bloody sight not to mention the pain that was like an electric shock.

    I live only blocks away from Mayo-Scottsdale but decided to self treat as though there were no medical help available. I have Medicare A and B but have never used it.

    I immediately washed all the injury sites and applied Neosporin. I knew the bite/puncture wounds were going to be a problem. Hours later, I started in with hot salt water soaks and expressed the pus from the bite wounds.

    Finally, I remembered what someone suggested on this site. I applied a gauze soaked in colloidal silver to this wound which had become swollen and erythematous. I had some concerns for cellulitis but the colloidal silver seemed to soothe the burning and redness. Today, the swelling is gone, the redness is gone.

    During this time I also tripled my vitamin C to 15,000 mg daily in granular/powder form and drank loads of water, as much as I could stand to keep my system flushed and hydrated.

    This cat is strictly an indoor cat, so I was not too concerned about other complications. I used the opportunity to apply self-help and see how it went. I have no other medical problems, like diabetes, so I had a good outcome.

    When the system goes down, colloidal silver, a tube of Neosporin, salt for soaks, vitamin C in powder form, hydrogen peroxide, and plentiful water will be your ally for injuries.

    Some M.D. just gasped, but will not be there to hold our hand when everything hits a wall.

    • eddiemd

      Hours later with pus expressed from the wound? Sounds unlikely.

  81. Bob Lamb

    This may be a little late for real-time, but if you are interested in some very inspirational messages, The Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints General Conference is on TV or streaming today at 12:00, 4:00, and 8:00 and tomorrow at 12:00 and 4:00 p.m. EST. Can watch on TV or streaming at Can watch recordings at

  82. Mike R

    Trump now has over 98% of the vote, according to more than 20 million people who watched the Debates. Hillary barely 1%. See this is what the reality is on the ground, when the polls aren’t manipulated like they always are by the mainstream media. (you know, they pre-select subsets of potential voters that are known to them as Democratic die hards. You don’t think they arent keeping records from all their prior polling of who is democrat ??? Of course they do. )

    Of course its so Bad FOR Hillary, that they (BuzzFeed) later added the message that the votes aren’t “REAL” people.

    Here’s what other polls show:

    Landslide victory across the board for Trump at the debate. Desperate spin by MSM now. Not working obviously. Even backfiring. The debate was actually a royal DISASTER for Hillary. They can say she won all they want, but in reality she lost the election on that night, and probably on 9/11/2016 when she collapsed into the van. I mean who would want to elect a dishonest derelict that can’t even stand up straight after a few minutes in 80 degree weather ???

    CBS 58% Trump 42% Hillary
    Time 59% Trump 41% Hillary
    The Hill 59% Trump 36% Hillary
    Drudge 81% Trump 18% Hillary
    CNBC 66% Trump 33% Hillary
    NJ 55% Trump 40% Hillary
    Fortune Trump: 51% Clinton: 49%
    SLATE:Trump: 54% Clinton: 46%
    Variety 55% Trump 45% Hillary
    Heavy 72% Trump 13% Hillary

    • Greg Hunter Poll on Who won the 1st Presidential Debate:

      70% Trump
      16% Clinton
      14% Too close to call


      • Mike R

        This could be the country’s last chance to elect a non-establishment, non-career politician. It could also be our last chance to stop the horrendous decline of America, and Western Civilization. The elite and oligarchs, know what’s at stake here. The biggest nightmare that remains, is not when Donald Trump wins the election in a landslide, but when Obama and Clinton instruct paid operatives beginning post election, to incite riots under the guise of a Trump win meaning voters will face backlash from blacks, minorities, the eggrieved, the welfare state, such that Obama would declare martial law and find a way to remain in office. I think the elites like Soros, Buffet, and most on Wallstreet at the highest levels, have something like this planned, especially when you look at how hard they are trying to characterize Trump as the worst possible President the country could ever have. The MSM, and many high level people are voicing those warped characterizations. I think they WILL stoop that LOW, and pay/hire tens of thousands of people to immediately start riots like that in Charlotte, Ferguson, Houston where they went against the police, and do it at such an alarming and overwhelming pace immediately after a Trump win, to make it look like Obama has no other choice but to blame it all on Trump, and declare martial law under a total false flag operation that puts the country under a false emergency. They will do it in nearly every city, and many small towns. The elites fear in the largest way possible, that Trump would expose the decades of fraud within government, and cause many of them to actually end up in Federal prisons. They know Trump is beholden to no one, and they have never ever faced this kind of threat before. Of someone like him coming so close to winning. With Brexit outcome, their fears are not unfounded. They have nearly all of media waging war against Trump. This sort of nightmare may seem far fetched, but do not believe for one minute that a Trump win will be civil, and that Obama will go easily. Obama is one arrogant and socio-pathic son of a gun. He also has shown no propensity to comply with any laws or even the constitution. Pray for a different outcome when Trump wins.

      • Thistle

        Internet polls are bogus due to self-selection bias and the ability of an individual to vote multiple times. They are for entertainment value only. Enjoy!

        • Greg Hunter

          So you like the polls from the same MSM that conspired with the DNC and Hillary to rig the Primary for Clinton? (Thank you Wiki Leaks!!) HAHAHAHAHA I am rolling on the ground.

    • Anthony Australia

      Hi Mike,

      You’ll all have your chance to vote and show who be the elected official.

      Don’t concern yourself over polls.

    • Paul ...

      Mike … averaging all the poll numbers I get 61% for Trump and 36.3% for Hillary … so we have a little bit more work to do … to make a very forceful “Biblical Statement” concerning Good and Evil … we have to get trump up to 2/3 and Hillary down to 1/3 … that’s the Biblical ratio we must aim for to give the Damn evil Satanist neocons a clear and powerful message in no uncertain terms … [Don’t Mess With God’s People]!!

  83. Mohammad

    It is just getting worse:


    • Greg Hunter

      I said bad in 2010 that Russia would never leave Syria because of a naval base in Tartus. Now they have an air force base. Russia is Not leaving and I too fear a major war is near. God the Father help up all.

      • Anthony Australia

        Even the unbelievers?

      • Mohammad


        “Direct aggression by US against Damascus to cause ‘tectonic shift’ in Middle East – Moscow”


        • Greg Hunter

          I am sick.

      • Paul ...

        Greg … perhaps God the Father is helping to save us by putting Russia strategically in control in the Middle East with military bases in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey and Yemen … only neocon fools like Kerry, Obama, Hillary, McCain, etc. would even think of getting into a hot war with Russia when our most advance fighter plane (the F-35) is so defective it will actually need to run away from combat and have other planes come to its rescue!!

    • Robert G

      I heard a report, hope someone else also saw because I can’t remember where , anyway that the U.S better settle down because apparently Russia is capable and is threatening to go after our infrastructure. Now that’s scary. I will try to find link.

      • Charles H

        What better excuse for a big crash than to have fingers to point at Russia?!??

    • Tin foil hat

      Putin is too smart to make a move before the election. He will wait for the Trump (peace) card.

  84. Justn Observer

    Greg…. On the New Hampshire anti- selfie/ballot law… The view is concerning the vote to be a secret ballot…so people are not intimidated… Yet…it does not preclude poll sitters to question votes on their way out and if they ‘wish’ to offer up their selections upon solicitation…they are protected to do so by the 1st Amendment…. Yet…the pro – ban on selfie/ballot hope to make it —-illegal— for one to make a photocopy of their vote to show with pride how they voted…and that somehow…is against other’s 1st Amendment right to free speech? Hogwash…..!!! What they ARE hoping to do is to make sure there is NO RECORD of votes other than the ones they wish to authenticate !
    What if ALL pro-Trump voters put their state abbrev,their precinct, and their name, IDENTIFYING initial or a brand/number code on their ballot…. ie…NH,#28, JO, 21214 and then took a picture holding it and then casting that ballot…and then sending that pic to be used later if there is a question as to the outcome…especially in areas suspect of ‘dead people’ and other odd ‘computer glitch’ events? Yes sure likely would not be legally binding –but then– sure puts the pressure on those counting ballots and fudging…to PROVE or not any lopsided polling vs. the popular vote as seems occurs as you have indicated above … Secret balloting to protect those that WISH NOT TO HAVE THEIR VOTE KNOWN …but does not dis-allow people from sharing it if they choose! Clearly – those in New Hampshire pushing that…hope to hid something…or that hampers their ability to ‘rig’ the count ! ie…dead people don’t do selfies or self-incriminate themselves if voting twice ! lol

  85. JC Davis

    Note to site. 145 million people are registered to vote. Will they vote ? will the vote count ?
    Get up off your lazy ass and vote= This may be your last chance to count. No I don’t believe my vote will be counted, but in a republic we can have hope. Next step is revolution and nothing less.

    • JC Davis

      Last chance to spit in the devils face.

  86. Anthony Australia

    I wish we could all love one another and get along.

    One Human Race United!

    This whole battle between good and evil has tired me out my entire life.

    There are plenty of options, and highlighted facts but where are the solutions.

  87. Justn Observer

    Greg, Syria not the only place Obama policy is breaking down…Philippines opening and expressing a change of ideology with Russian and China. Apparently ..leading from behind means …leaving the U.S. behind? What a mess this Administration will leave the U.S. in… Can’t believe so many people are on board for yet another 3rd term. Is it a ‘co-incidence’ or planned that there is so much failure of policy and lack of vision and leadership! And Hillary touts all the traveling she did? Doing what? Everywhere she went … are alliances are blowing up ….drugs are rampant…and our trade failing…

  88. Charles H

    Greg & USAWD,

    Here is a link – good only until Friday the 7th – posted on BBN, hosting the president of the Rutherford Institute. This is an authoritative source on ‘Out-of-control-Police’ happenings. It’s worth the listen. My wife turned me on to it.

    • Charles H

      Once on the BBN page – you will have to hit the ‘start’ icon in the “On Demand” (Saturday) little window in the upper-right corner. It doesn’t agree with Greg’s assessment.

  89. Louis

    Hello Greg,

    Would love to learn your position on the HUSSEIN O Internet giveaway to China, Russia, Iran, United Nations, etc…

    • Greg Hunter

      Two words: Bad & treasonous.

  90. 8Ball

    Next time you have Rob Kirby on ask him if he can provide us with a copy of an actual “derivatives contract”. There is a lot of noise on the internet about how derivatives are behind the collapse of Deutsche Bank and that this will lead to a collapse of the world financial system… etc. etc.

    As far as I can tell, no one has ever posted a copy of an actual “derivatives contract” on the net. There are a million links that talk about them but no real physical evidence of one.

    Kirby is touted as a “derivatives expert” so perhaps he can tell us where to find a copy?

    • Tin foil hat

      I know someone who used to work for a hedge fund which specialized in derivatives. The fund went belly up after the subprime mortgage meltdown back in 08.
      He told me the asset vs. liability ratio of the fund was 1-100. Lehman Brothers was 1-30.
      Basically, his hedge fund sold rubber stamp to turn garbages into assets. By insuring/rubber stamping C rated subprime mortgages with derivatives, his company made unsellable garbages into AAA Mortgage Back Security with 1-100 risk ratio.
      Hence, the banksters will never allow the government to regulate the derivative businesses. Derivative is the glue that is holding this Ponzi together – for now.

  91. Macray

    Just for a second, consider that Bin Laden died many years before this picture was taken.
    Not far fetched, when you see all the fraudulent BS taking place each day. And, other than this picture, no other physical evidence was presented to the American Public.
    The point here, if this picture is total BS, the people in the picture are tied to the hip for life.

    • Tin foil hat

      I have seen many dead human bodies. The mouths of the dead are usually slightly open but I don’t think I have ever seen one with so many upper teeth exposed from under the lips.

  92. Rufus

    When a Law Enforcement Officer says, “Get out of your car”, that is a Lawful Order, but if someone disobeys it, that doesn’t mean it’s right to kill them. Don’t you know that many Law Enforcement Officers only have a high school diploma, and that for many years now these departments have been hiring retarded people, because they do what they’re told and don’t ask questions? Retarded people don’t have the best judgement. Are you sure you want to put the power to kill citizens, without trial, into the hands of these people?

    • Greg Hunter

      You said “but if someone disobeys it, that doesn’t mean it’s right to kill them.” You are correct, but the citizen is the one starting the escalation and at the very end of the “force continuum” is lethal force. How far are you telling people to go? Please focus on listening to lawful commands, so, it never gets that far. The citizen HAS a responsibility to listen to lawful commands–period. You got a problem, fight it out in court–not in the street.

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, Rufus, Tin Foil and Country Codger…
        I think it is time people look a bit deeper into the ‘chaos’ going on within our country and without… think more deeply and broadly…anti- sovereignty, anti-Christian, world dominance…from the street level to foreign policy between nations the world over… The ties that bind to subject the sheeple to a life of bondage…thru mind control (media- TV programming , the bending of morals-ethics- subverting social ties, enslave them thru economics(debt) …flipping everything upside down as it were… As above so below as it were…I have put posts on this side seeking dialog…I have only ‘speculation’ based in dot connecting…but relivant only if people are willing to go past the superficial… To ‘cure’ the problem one must name the enemy they say…focus on the motive (world domination), action ( dissolve borders-weaken faith in their spiritual beliefs, leadership and a country’s currency.
        Offer a solution- one world (NEW AGE) religion, one world banking system, and one world currency… well 2 -one for the sheeple within their proscribed plantations and another for the elite that crosses boundaries that keep un-illuminated from achieving parity in ‘their’ class unless ‘accepted’…. This goes beyond Christian/Catholic (universal)/Islamic –to the ‘brotherhood’ of the ancient past …long before the creation of those … Phonecia/Sumeria/Bablyon …It is a brotherhood of those that desire to ‘govern’ and control others… it is the secret of ancient mysteries… and looking past the superficial… to what was meant rather than spoken… the actions not the words…. Money is not evil… it is ‘the excessive love’ (lust) of money that is the root of all evil! And with that comes control and manipulation… it is the STAFF of life snared up like a python constricting it… the ancient symbol is a staff wrapped by a snake… $ … It is not – the Jews – Muslims – bankers – police –but many within them the world over within the many organizations that have worked their way up into positions from which they benefit from controlling/manipulating/ using the sheeple. It is the many ‘secret societies’ that John F. Kennedy, Eisenhower, even Wilson laments about…that Lincoln feared more than the armies before him…was those in the background in the shadows… The banking houses of Fuggars and Elm with the areas of Europe long before the current national boundaries…the Jesuits within the Catholic Church, those that survived the Friday 13th inquisiton and spread throughout the world…as “Templars” , some forming the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, The Pilgrim Society etc… those that funded Rome, minted Caesar’s currency on Capitola Hill ! To trace that…one looks not at bank accounts…one looks at revenue and foundations that acquire rents and lease on land holding and trusts… there will be found the base of two-headed phoenix…that by it’s nature always rises from the ‘chaos’ used to keep the ‘huddled masses’ down ! Humor me slightly by following these few dots !
        Once the light comes up…it is easier to see who all are in the theater and on the world stage…. !
        They don’t call wars being found in certain theaters for nothing !

    • Tin foil hat

      You know nothing!!!! Stop insulting retarded people, take a look in a mirror.

  93. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great WNW. You were talking about Merkel. I learned this from my neighbor in NM while we were there. During the last 12 months over 300,000 German women were raped by migrants. Anti-migrant feelings are reaching a fever pitch. My neighbor had just returned from visiting children and grandkids in Germany, France and Switzerland and his wife is retired U.N. Both of them were born in Europe and later obtained US citizenship. He believes that Germany is near civil war, especially if Merkel were to somehow win again.
    Keep up the great work.

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