Whole Eastern World Rebelling Against the Dollar-Jim Willie

goldenjackassBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   (Early Sunday Release)

Financial newsletter writer Dr. Jim Willie thinks 2014 will be a pivotal year for the U.S.  Dr. Willie says, “We’re going to end this year with no resemblance to the beginning.  We spent a lot of years trying to hold this thing together.  The whole system broke in 2007 and 2008 with the subprime mortgages.  I was saying before that we’ve got the entire U.S. economy depending on the housing bubble and the mortgage finance bubble, and when that breaks, the system is going to break.  In the following couple of years, it continued to break. What did we do?  We went to zero percent interest rates and made it pretty clear it’s forever.  What else did we do?  We did bond monetization, QE.  I love QE, it makes it sound like CPR.  It’s death.  It’s hyper-monetary inflation.  It’s what Nazi Germany did . . . it wrecked everything.  These are desperation measures to hold it together because the system is broken.”  Dr. Willie, who holds a PhD in statistics, contends, “Now all the QE and bond purchases are causing some major problems, breaking major economic structures. . . It’s all breaking, it’s all breaking, and they are having a tremendous problem holding it together.  Now, the whole Eastern World is rebelling against the dollar.” 

On U.S. sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis, Dr. Willie says, “This is stage two on the sanctions backfire.  The first one was the 2012 Iran sanctions.  What did that accomplish?  They worked with India and Turkey to create the workaround, which is what I call the prototype for gold trade settlement. . . . This is so basic.”  The second “backfire” is the recent Russia/Iran deal that trades Iranian oil for Russian goods.  Dr. Willie declares, “We would have never gotten the Russian deal with Iran . . . to flood the world with oil that is not paid for in dollars.  Also, to establish a pattern so that other countries can see you can go ahead and make deals to buy oil and don’t use the dollar.  This is a boycott, and it’s a defiant step that is like saying follow our lead.  It’s a model being created.  Can you imagine Saudi Arabia importing oil?  That’s like New York City importing arrogance. . . . This is a backfire against the Russian sanctions.”  Dr. Willie goes on to say, “What we got is a Eurasian axis that is starting to form.  It’s going to be Russia, China, India, and later, I think Germany is going to play a key role.  Saudi Arabia and Iran are going to play a very strange role.  They are going to end their conflict.” 

On when the rest of the world stops using the U.S. dollar after more than 40 years, Dr. Willie says, “I think we’ve gone 10 years longer than its ordinary lifetime should have been, and now we are on the death throws. . . . They are coming up with a gold backed ruble . . . If the U.S. wants to push them and poke sticks in the Russian bear’s face, they’re going to turn around and say ‘alright, we hear you.  We’ll only accept rubles.  We understand you want us to remain isolated and not use the dollar.’  The backfire is the Eastern Hemisphere has a critical mass, and this is something you just don’t hear in the Western press.  It may be critical mass because it may be the majority of global trade.  How do you isolate something that may be the majority of global trade?” 

How will this move away from the U.S. dollar effect America?  Dr. Willie says, “The United States is going to find itself in a place where the U.S. Treasury bond is no longer of value.  They are going to create a lot of paper, mythical, fictional, phantom demand, and that is going to cause the system to break.”   Countries holding Treasury bonds are not waiting as Dr. Willie contends, “They have already started dumping.  In the thirty days ending March 13, foreign nations dumped $100 billion in Treasury bonds.  The United States tried to keep that quiet.”  Dr. Willie goes on to say, “The new dollar, the Republic dollar, that will come about will have to be devalued 80%, which is going to result in a tremendous increase in imported prices.”  Dr. Willie predicts that import price increase will eventually be a whopping “400%.”  Willie says before it’s over, the USA will suffer.  He predicts, “The local American citizens are going to wonder ‘how come the shelves are empty?’  This is third world, guys.” 

On gold and silver prices, Dr. Willie predicts, “They are going to move it to $5,000 to $7,000 an ounce, and silver $200 to $400 per ounce.  Because all the world’s central banks are going to need gold, they are going to sell Treasury bonds to buy gold to make for a solution to their banking systems.  What’s the solution?  It’s legitimate reserves, hard asset gold reserves.” 

In closing, Dr. Willie predicts, “I think you are going to see, by the end of this year, that the dollar is mortally wounded and Treasury bond regarded as toxic paper.” 

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Jim Willie, Editor of “The Hat Trick Letter,” which can be found on GoldenJackass.com.  

(There is much, much more in the video interview.) 


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  1. Ugly

    ‘New York importing arrogance’–that was classic….

    This dollar devaluation will be a shocker–including me. I have always said since 2012 that these events will shock even the prepper. Jesus said that if he did not return, that no one would have survived. The Great Tribulation will be that bad….

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Willie is a gem who come up with this stuff off the top of his head. Smart guy!! Thank you.

      • akia1

        Doctor Willie mentioned the Magadan region of Russia opening up a large gold mine there. That is a Fact. I live in Alaska, directly across the ocean from the Magadan region. In fact the Russian entities that opened up that mine in Magadan own controlling interest in a gold in the town i live in here in Alaska. So far they have taken out over 10,000 oz.They have mentioned that mine in Magadan on more than one ocassion. All the gold they r getting from the mine here where I live goes directly to Russia from here. They fly across to Magadan on a regular basis. I live in Nome, Ak.
        appreciate all you do!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for the real world reporting.

        • Curlly

          “North to Alaska, I’m go’in North to Russia’s own” Johnny Horton, from the song, “North to Alaska.” Greg do you foresee us selling Alaska back to the Russki’s, for gold backed Rubles, when the SHTF? Maybe we can throw in Sarah Pallin to sweeten the deal. She will then, not only see Russia from out her window, but under her big feet!
          PS. He also sang the “Battle of New Orleans.” Hey would the French be interested in, get-tin back, the Louisiana purchase? Detroit was french, we could throw it in to seal the deal! Then there’s New England . . . . .the Queen loves Kentucky, well throw it in for good measure! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

        • Ugly

          Hopefully Russia remembers that the US purchased it from them days back. Them getting gold on our soils shows just how far bckwards we have become. But then, many countries are mining oil and minerals from our lands….

    • Bruce

      This kind of question drives me up the wall – the answer is so simple those who have to keep asking must be the stupid ones. So, why is the West (in this case the U.S president and the democrats) doing these very damaging things? The answer is: They are trying to destroy this country! Why can’t anyone see that? It explains everything!

    • Reader

      Oh yeah right The Great Tribulation.

  2. sammy

    Something big this ways comes… pay attention Tuesday. Watch BTC, gold and of course silver. It’s a good thing for the metal peppers and bitcoin addicts.

    • sammy

      Although “peppers” is a good word, the target was “PREPPERS”.

  3. rich

    That’s why he is called the golden JACKASS !!!

  4. smaulgld

    Jim lays it all out nicely. The only surprising thing, which he mentions too, is how long the dollar has managed to retain its hegemony. Who would have thought in 2009 that the Fed would still be doing QE in 2014?! If you thought that would you have thought that the dollar would still be as valuable now as it was then?

    Re gold- People talk about confiscation which I think is a remote possibility -more likely and more effective for the government if the dollar collapses and gold skyrockets is an excise tax on gold that would wipe out gains.

    • Curlly

      It’s debtemony Sam, not hegemony and yes the dollar still has value and as Greg says, everything is now one sale, the sale is ending soon and soon the only things on sale will be parts of the USA!
      All the Walmart’s in China claim they carry nothing imported, soon all the Walmart’s in the US well be able too make that same claim, trouble is there wont be anything on the shelves.
      Pipe dream or nightmare? That is the question were all going to find out soon.
      It’s a good thing the PTB are legalizing the wacky tobaccy, they knew weed all need it.
      Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Coloradans and please no more head on collisions! Where’s “Mothers Against Pipe Dream Driving?”

    • esquimaux

      Very possible. It certainly makes sense. Even now gains from collectibles don’t enjoy the same tax breaks that gains from financial assets enjoy. In the absence of gold coins circulating as cash equivalents, the excise tax could wipe out gains in metals and other commodities. For most people, there’d be no way to avoid it.

  5. Rodster

    Exceptional interview, Greg !

    One thing of note I took away from the interview is Jim Willie made no mention of an IMF Global SDR but several nations would instead back their currencies with either Gold or Hard Assets, like copper. That was new.

    • Kevin

      I wouldn’t smoke it. You get the munchies and then there’s nothing to eat.

      • Kevin

        Sorry, that comment belongs up under Curlly’s.

  6. Snorky

    Great stuff as usual, Greg. Thnx. Keep stacking.

  7. Eddie Laidler

    It’s a terrible place to be right now not knowing when critical mass has been reached and it is better to take the hit on your 401k by investing in physical metals.
    All one can do is read and stay abreast of current events.
    I will kick myself if I miss the boat.

    • Greg Hunter

      Other’s have told me they have done this and none of them have regretted it.

      • Mike R

        I’ve done just that. Depending on how you time it, the so called ‘hit’ isn’t that bad. Just watch out for AMT though.

        Now the question is whether gold and silver will actually be able to cooperate, or if the perps can keep manipulating it to stay low and lower.

        From a diversity standpoint, a small amount is still taken out of my paycheck to go into a 401k, but I view this as highly debased currency anyway, and get an automatic doubling of it, via a company match.

      • Calgirl

        We must keep in mind that our financial advisors have absolutely NO incentive, other than moral, to suggest that we liquidate our holdings. They make NO money when you liquidate and leave the financial advisor nest to buy precious metals or other hard assets.

        • Sandman

          My Ex is a Financial Advisor. Its very laughable. Ask her who Bill Gross is or about PIMCO or who is the head of JP Morgan (James “Jamie” Dimon” and you will get a blank, deer in the headlight stare. Heck, the eighteen years we were married, she couldn’t balance a check book correctly. And now she is giving financial advise? She is a great smoozer and knows the babble talk: “The market is the place to be.”
          While I agree with you that they have a moral obligation to tell you to flee the market, I know from personal experience about the lack of these peoples morality.
          You need to educate yourself and be skeptical. Dodge the so called Christians financial advisors especial the bunk about a secret “biblical” money code. Financial advising is a commissions based sales game and don’t kid yourself otherwise. If something offers a better return, its either fraught with risk or its a scam. A deacon of our old church was well respected and sold insurance and investment products. The old ladies loved him until they tried to cash in their investments. He stole from them and from the Church. He’s in jail now and he ruined many peoples life’s including his wife and children. But ask anyone before his scheme tanked and they would tell you he was a pillar of the community and a good Christian. They were fooled.
          My advice is take what you can out of your 401-k but continue to put the amount that gets you the full matching contribution. This way you have assets both in the system and outside the system. In Cyprus, people could pay the banks with their “bailed in funds”…we cant shaft those fine bankers can we? I expect the same will happen here and I grant you as we owe more than the Cypriots and we are not a nation of savers, the “bail in” will take 70% of your net worth. Don’t have any cash equity but a lot in your house? Not a problem, they’ll send you a bill. The IMF has several “white” papers on how it should be done in the USA. And the Harry Reid and the Democrats want to give Russia and China a voice in the IMF and to remove our “veto.” I am sure that Harry and Nancy and Obama have our best interests at heart. (If you believe that, you are incapable of simple logic and simple math). These evil Democrats are attempting to sell America to the world powers. While I am not a fan of the Republicans, there is no other choice. Vote for “TEA” Party Republicans if you can. Good Luck

    • Arben Qosja

      If you listen to this idiot Willie and buy gold by converting your 401-K, you will loose your shirt. Consider yourself duly warned!

  8. Ugly

    How can our shelves be empty of food? We just got a $1T farm bill passed that equates to $200B a year….for example, all farm gate receipts to farmers for Idaho Potatoes is around $850 million. Yes, the farm bill is almost exactly the same as farm gate receipts for commodities produced in all 50 states. We have corporate welfare at all levels. The game is not for the little guy, thus the little guy had better prepare for the near future in a mega hurry.

    • tsuki

      There are several reasons why the shelves will be empty. It has very little to do with production.

      Supply lines in the US are long, and in a collapse, expect they will be disrupted. Soaring energy cost will cause trucks to be idled.

      Imports will decrease. Go into the store and look at the country of origin for canned products, seafood, mushrooms, asparagus, tomatoes, granulated garlic, nuts, fresh vegetable, fruits, concentrated juices, etc.

      In an emergency, there is a run on existing supplies.

      Commodity traders will be looking for a profit, and that profit will be in exports.

      This happens all the time in collapsed economies. The cities will be hit the hardest. Government response is usually to contain the protests, not supply the shelves.

  9. Mark

    Good article. You I guess in many ways you can date our problems all the way back to 1913, or 1971 and the gold standard instead of 2007 & 2008. For me the biggest killer was the free trade agreements (unbalanced first world, third world con jobs), destroyed our country almost that very moment. The sub primes failed in many ways because good paying factory jobs along with the blue collar services they needed dried up. Bottom line I believe this country could use some time without the rest of the world especially China and Russia, time to close up shop and let the chips fall where they may. NO FEAR HERE.

    • Curlly

      H. Ross Perot said it foist.
      When you no longer hear that giant sucking sound, know that you are all a nation of
      boneheaded suckers and better start sucking in like the rest of the world. In other words Americans will have to start working and get real jobs, start bringing in, “sucking in” some capitol from over there,”PM backed currency”. So all you Lawyers, college professors, bloated government workers, Holy wood actresses, people rich in green toilet paper”USD”, you all better learn how to use your hands and backs or your going to starve! And you all better learn to like soylent green and don’t forget some soap!

    • Paul from Indiana

      We had to have the so-called “free-trade” agreements first in order to bleed the middle class. That is nearly accomplished. Everyone else is under the government hand-out umbrella (i.e. captive), and the wealthy, via the QE-ripoff, have acquired real assets through worthless paper. While all this has gone on, the government has grown ever-more authoritarian. Prepping is good; it will help, but only if all patriots work together and cooperate. No one is “prepped” enough to survive singly. Best always to all Watchdog participants.

    • farang

      Agree with all that, except I would keep everything wide open…and re-implement import tariffs like the exporting nations do.


      • Sandman

        But then we would have to have a manufacturing base which will build wealth and a middle class. That is everything Obama is attempting to destroy.

    • Will

      Mark, a good analysis and an excellent comment.

  10. Glen

    Absolutely fantastic interview with Dr Willie. I have listened to several of his latest audio interviews and this one is by far the best. I think it is because you ask the right questions. It’s hard to imagine 5000 dollar gold right now. Gold is unloved and unwanted in the West. Thanx for the great interviews.

  11. Jerry

    Greg brilliant interview.
    Greg, the Banking Cartel screwed with the Russians in Cyprus. They tried stealing the gas from Gazprom in Syria. And then they tried looting the Gold in Ukraine. We’ve got a butt kicking coming, and for all intensive purposes we deserve it. Greg Ukraine was the death rattle of the dollar……period, Its over.

    Unless I miss my guess, this week should be an interesting week at Wall Street. As soon as the investors smell blood in the water with this trade deal with Iran, you’re going to see a mass exodus to the exits. Why would you continue to hold Bonds and buy stocks when you see the world dumping dollars? These people only care about making money. They’re not going to get hosed over because Putin wants to scrape his boots with the Washington Bank puppets.

    Greg, I have real trouble seeing a collapse 8-10 months down the road. With the Bank hit squads in hyper drive, it tells me the wheels are coming off this thing right now . The pressure is building. By the sheer fact that the Chinese are setting up their trade platforms in Germany and England as fast as they are should tell us that the time is getting short.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry.

    • farang

      Think of it less as $5000 gold, and instead a dollar worth 25% of today’s value. How fast? Watch the QE indicator, and sales of US T-Bills by foreign investors.

  12. William Zabel

    Is it possible that the U.S. Government and its NATO allies will start a war to coverup this impending collapse?

    • Rodster

      You can’t rule out anything at this point. Paul Craig Roberts still believes war is still a real possibility and it could go nuclear. You think John McCain and Lindsey Graham will want to go quietly when they are told it’s all over for the US?

      • Thor

        They better exercise the better part of valor and scram! Exit stage right, or left!
        Mic cashed in at the right time, that’s all folks! Good on ya mate!

    • Calgirl

      As Bill Holter says in todays Miles Franklin email….our banksters and politicians need someone else to blame a collapse on rather than take the hit themselves….better to impose seemingly rediculous sanctions on the Russians and let the Russians retaliate by collapsing the dollar for them. I’m sure the MSM will help them transfer the blame.

  13. SilverSax

    “Chernobyl was caused by Langley.”
    Can you see me rolling my eyes?

    • yellow sportcoat

      Ya and Lillie Langtry saved Three Mile Island and not Jane Fondue.
      SilverSadSax, start inhaling, and stay off that “rub of da brush”, and if you wanna do some good, tell Janet Yellen, no inflation! That was good advice given at that rally back in the day and It’s even better advice now! Greenspace loved you and the misses fer that and stop rollin yer eye’s, your lookin more like, Al Gore everyday!

      • SilverSax

        Sorry, Yellow, but I couldn’t let that comment pass without at least a token challenge.
        As I’m sure you know (if you frequent other alternate media sites), there is no shortage of conspiracy theories out there. The question is, where does one draw the line? Are we to believe EVERYTHING we hear, just because it comes from an alternate-media figure? What if Dr. Willie said that the CIA had invaded heaven and deposed God? Would you believe it simply because he said it?
        Of course not. Some things are just TOO silly, right?
        That’s how I categorize this comment about Chernobyl. What I really find incredible is that Greg Hunter just let it pass without any kind of challenge or request for explanation. Now, I’m no journalist, but if an interviewee said something like that to me, I’d have to at least ask for details, or “how do you know”, or something like that.
        Give me a break.
        By the way, I have no idea what “rub of da brush” means, nor do I know what “rally” you’re talking about.
        Maybe you’d better STOP inhaling, if you know what I mean.

        • Flyboy,

          He thinks your Bill Clinton silver saxophone. And lily Langtry and rub of the brush were in the movie of judge Roy Bean with Gary Cooper. Do you even play the Saxs?

          • SilverSax

            flyboy, yes, I really play the sax. Do you really fly?

        • Charles H.


          “Rub-o-da-brush” is a name given to the Whiskey (that eats itself into the wooden bar – like battery acid) from the Gary Cooper movie “The Westerner”. Walter Brennan won the Oscar for his performance for Judge Roy Bean in that classic. And, yeah, Yellow Sportcoat is a bit fast, loose, and cryptic.

          And just an observation – IF greg Hunter was to challenge his guests on certain points: wouldn’t it interfere with the flow of the interview? It would. It’s really not his place to challenge his Guests; but make them comfortable and willing to communicate and divulge their points. Your expectations may not be quite in line on this.

          • SilverSax

            In my “humble” opinion, if someone makes such a ridiculous claim, you call them on it. Otherwise you lose credibility by appearing to agree with them.
            “Silence Implies Consent”.

    • Galaxy 500

      How I hate to agree with you. A closed system with 1290’s tech. And the CIA did it. What’s a Rube

      • Galaxy 500

        What is this spell corrector doing….1950-1960 tech. Just how would the CIA hack it. It was human error. Willie just gets nuts sometimes

        • allen ols


          Secret X-37B Spaceplane’s Mystery Mission!
          Secret X-37B Spaceplane’s Mystery Mission!

          • Galaxy 500

            So did this space plane go back in time and bomb Chernobyl? Sorry Dude. I couldn’t help myself

        • frank

          > Willie just gets nuts sometimes
          Not at all.
          Stop believing in cartoon physics.
          As certain as aluminium does not cut trough hardened steel, a nuclear reactor does NOT EVER, under ANY circumstances, explode. It melts, if necessary all the way through to China, but it NEVER explodes.
          Even a critical mass of highly enriched nuclear fuel (U235 or PU239/241) does not explode until you put it together with a certain velocity – well above 5000 meters/second.
          Sabotaging Chernobyl was a smart move to hurt Russia and the whole european nuclear industries.
          Nuclear power plant as highly subsidized, because they generate the fuel for nuclear weapons. And as a side effect, the can produce electric energy (to even pay off sometimes…).
          The greatest economical hit from Chernobyl then took the french industry, by the way.

          • Sandman

            They do explode if Hydrogen gas and/or other flammable explosive elements are available

          • Galaxy 500

            I got A’s in Physics , chemistry, organic chem and analytical chem. Every hear of over pressure or do you believe that you need Wili E Coyote to show up with TNT for an explosion. Just explain how the CIA got Wili E Coyote in with the bomb. I dont discount all of what Willie says just most of it

      • allen ols


        For yrs. a large rock has been sitting out side the nantz neuk facility in Iran, w/ a secret listening device telling the Isralies what progress the neuk facility was doing, until a couple yrs ago iran found it. causing the chernoble neuk blow out is an easy task for the us cia, or the mossad. the jackass is correct. The HARRP weapons doe exist, just like in the 70 s we assumed stealth tech. 20 scientists from malasia and china were on the flight that dissapeared, the tech. was cloaking techonolgy. remember, before the wright brothers we could not fly, b4 alex bell we didnt have telephone or radio, b4 the 70s we didnt have cell phones worth a flip, etc etc etc.

        • Sandman

          Is this the part where the aliens gave Nazi secrets weapons? I always love that part. You believe the CIA did Chernobyl? I bet you Greg doesn’t believe that for a minute. Not any more than he believes in Hude’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in the Philippines.
          “The HARRP weapons doe exist” and I am sure that it is right there with the Easter Bunny. Stealth was observed during WWII and the 1970’s tech was based on an obscure Russian paper that the Soviets let out not understanding its importance. The Chinese have stolen almost all our military tech. I am sure if HARRP existed, they’d have some rain.
          Reality is confusing enough without all the fictions conspiracy theories and magical CIA programs.
          I read that you are a prepper. Being prepared is good as long as you are preparing for likely outcomes. Things are going to be sucky enough in fact without blaming the drought on the CIA.

        • Galaxy 500

          science moved a few light years in the time between Chernobyl and the “listening” rock and you have to believe the Iran’s that it was what they say it was. I dont know if I buy that either. I am a professional skeptic

    • Charles H.


      Actually, Chernobyl may be a stretch; but who knows how far espionage and sabotage may have gone? But with HAARP it is very possible Dr Willie is correct.

      Think about this… both Chernobyl and the 2011 Tsunami accomplished some specific events. Chernobyl put the brakes on the Cold War. Even Khrushchov admitted this was the case. And do you think Russia would admit or allow the world to know if they got suckered in that catastrophe? I doubt it. And HAARP definitely has the capacity to exploit the Schumann Cavity and disrupt tectonic plates. Don’t you think the Military testing-out their toy in a little Mad-Science Ooopsie, while helping out General Motors isn’t plausible? Cash-For-Clunkers sold Japanese cars two to one over American. And how about that accelerator (America supplied part) and floor-mat problem (never proved) to slow Toyota (and Japanese production) – all to put the brakes on sales and reputation?? I’m not saying that one proves the other. But both DO in Cause and Effect terms – renders benefits to the US in their respective timeframes. (Grain of Salt; Benefit of the Doubt. Remember? Unless you are more “connected” than Dr. Jim Willie.)

      • SilverSax

        I am more connected – with reality.

        • Galaxy 500

          I am with you. These guys are looking so stylish in there tin foil outfits

        • Sandman

          I have disagreed with you in the past but I am with you 100% on this.

      • Sandman

        I was researching Shkval torpedos on Military weapons bulletin board (chatroom) and one guy was talking about a new 800kph torpedo built by Diehl in Germany. He was quoting all these facts found on the internet…it wasn’t a real weapon, it was from a sci-fi site. Just because some writes something and puts it on Wikipedia doesn’t make it so.

    • Tracker

      Silver, only about a third of what you hear on these websites has any basis in fact. You’ve gotta be able to swallow the meat and spit out the bones.
      That one is a little far-fetched, I agree.

      • SilverSax

        Exactly, Tracker. That Chernobyl bone was so ridiculous that I had to call attention to it.

        Imagine “knowing” that Chernobyl was caused by the CIA. Wouldn’t you go to every media outlet you could find and scream it at the top of your lungs?

        Chernobyl happened during the Reagan presidency. Every liberal newspaper, radio station, TV station and website would just LOOOOVE to get hold of that kind of scoop and discredit Reagan’s immaculate legacy. All you’d have to do is show your proof.

        Maybe that’s why Dr. Willie hasn’t taken that Headline Of The Century to anyone.

        Without proof, Dr. Willie, it’s just a rumor.

  14. No

    Thanks for another great interview. Your a rock star in the REAL news world!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you my friend “the truth” is the real star. Thank you for your support.

    • SilverSax

      By the way, Chernobyl was caused by improper conditions (too low megawatt output) during a test of the emergency cooling system.

      • Charles H.


        It was caused by attempting to use the steam turbines power output to power the cooling system DURING a low-output test. The 65-70 second gap auxiliary diesel delay to power-up to the coolant pumps was in question – so they wanted to see if the disabled turbines would carry the electrical load to cool the reactor in that interim. So they cut-off the steam turbines at speed, and turned off the coolant pumps from main power and switched to turbine output. Because they had manually removed control rods and disabled automatic SCRAM features in keeping pile power output around 160-200mw (700mw target). But as the turbines decreased in speed – so did the pumps to the core; which finally overpowered the Automatic Control System that only had twelve rods in control. So the test actually failed because of the manual reactor configuration. Steam+ positive feedback loop+ ignored warning devices+ time allowed the reactor core to jump to 30,000mw or more. So when a SCRAM finally occurred – the rods were stopped halfway in by broken nuclear core material. It was a Prompt Critical excursion steam explosion – due to human error. It wasn’t the output: it was the procedure. Now couldn’t someone have planted a bug in those engineer’s mind about attempting such an experiment that was doomed to failure, knowing the impossibility of it??!!?? Surface knowledge isn’t being really smart at all.

        • allen ols

          SILVER SAX

          AH HA, the ruskies fooled u too, slippery those kgb s, they will fool u when u least expect it. 🙂

        • Sandman

          Doesn’t the CIA have a secret mind control program??
          OK, I don’t care who you are, that was funny!
          (for those without a sense of humor, the above was a joke)

  15. Bryan

    Hey Greg any change you can get an interview with Bill Buckler? I really miss his newsletter and would love to hear his thoughts on the geopolitical and geoeconomic events since he shut down The Privateer. I always felt more informed and intellectually stimulated after reading his works. Thanks! Bryan

    • Greg Hunter

      Email me some info about him and a contact and I’ll check it out.

  16. Brad

    Jim Willie always delivers an interesting talk. At times he loses me with references like his on Chernobyl and the Fukushima disasters being intentionally caused…unless he really knows and has incontestable proof of something the rest of the world doesn’t know. Most of his talk deals with the BRICS nations strategies while ignoring the U.S. led western response which will not be without substance, and as Willie seems to portray that the west cannot summon any effectual reply. Interesting times…we shall see how this all plays out, but I do believe things will get hotter before they hopefully cool to a peaceful transition.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are referring to a war response from the west and yes that is very much in the cards as that is the last card to be played. You are correct Things will get much “hotter.” Thank you for your comment.

  17. David H.


    Great interview! I listen to you each & ever week. I also listen to Financial Issues with Dan Celia on American Family Radio. Dan states that if we have a collapse and gold goes up in price greatly no one will buy it. That since they can’t eat it that people will be begging people to take their gold. I cannot see how this is accurate. I think there are always folks with money buying valuable assets even in the darkest of times. Any thoughts? Is there any validity to his thinking?


    • Greg Hunter

      David H.
      Totally ridicules. That’s like saying right now, you can’t eat $100 bills and people are begging people to take their $100 bills. Gold has real value for the last $5,000 years. Sure you need food and water. You will need everything. Gold and silver coins are a nice piece of the survival strategy that is transpiring now.

    • Birdbrain

      David H.
      Ezekiel 7:19 has something to say about that.

      • SilverSax

        Birdbrain, the time to which Ezekiel is referring is “the day of the wrath of the Lord”, which is during the Great Tribulation. If you’re a Christian you have nothing to worry about.

        • Galaxy 500

          Amen as I will be on the first rapture out

          • blamb61

            The rapture happens when Christmas comes the second time which happens after the tribulation – therefore the rapture happens after the tribulations.
            29 ¶Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:
            30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory

        • Birdbrain

          Thats a big if, Sax’s of Silver. Roger Whitaker sang”I don’t believe in if anymore’ . . .Google the lyric’s . . .

  18. gerb jones

    Another classic Greg Hunter interview. Thanks Greg. I need a cold one and a banjo after this one.

    • Greg Hunter


  19. John M.

    Whatever America still produces in this country will soon be entirely exported to foreign countries for their stronger currencies, and unfortunately this will include much of our FOOD. Jim Willie is correct to say that American producers will not want to accept Shit dollars for their valuable real goods, which follows exactly what happened in Weimar Germany as Germans had shortages of food along with paper marks that could not buy squat as they resorted to a barter economy. Also, Weimar’s needed imports were way beyond the reach of most people as well (and America relies greatly on its imports too, probably more so).
    When what’s coming does arrive, it will happen quickly and its ferocity will not be believed. But it will surely happen despite whatever ways its obfuscated and we will try to deny it. More importantly, we must think way beyond the terrible economic ramifications and the social breakdowns that are coming.
    Russia and China will likely be provoked into war by America, since our military and nukes are all that we really have left. We probably don’t have gold at Fort Knox and most of our economic productive capabilities have been largely disassembled by now. I really doubt that the political powers that put us in this vulnerable situation will allow a new American industrial renaissance, as foreigners have been buying much of our farm land and the idle industrial capacity in this country.
    Like I’ve said before, I think America will be the big losers should we have a major military confrontation. I can’t disclose my sources, but America will likely lose in a really big way. Our worthless dollar may end up being the least of our problems.

  20. billy

    I got a question for Jim Willie. Name one thing in the last three years that you have said was going to happen, that actually did.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll answer that with this link: http://www.goldenjackass.com/forecast.html It is a page of correct calls with a date attached and some pending ones too. Do you have a body of work we can look at?

      • billy

        So in the last three years, we’ve got numbers 15 through 22. Of these eight, 16 and 18 are incorrect, and others are arguably incorrect. But even if we give Mr. Willie these eight, that comes to eight correct predictions in the last three years, out of dozens that he issues in just one interview or article? That comes to a very low percentage rate, one that makes the vast majority of what he says not meaningful. And no Mr. Hunter, I do not have a body of work of a few correct predictions spread among hundreds if not thousands of incorrect ones.

        • Greg Hunter

          You said he didn’t have a single correct prediction. I showed you dates and predictions. You lost some credibility here, but you are posting under an anonymous name–snap. You say dozens of incorrect predictions in “just one interview”–produce it.

          • billy

            Sorry Greg, please go back and carefully read what I wrote. Nowhere did I say that Mr. Willie did not have a single correct prediction. Nor did I say that he issued dozens of incorrect predictions in just one interview, I simply said he issued dozens of predictions in an interview (but his record of eight correct in three years proves they are incorrect). I don’t see where my name or credibility has any bearing on the discussion, I am simply questioning the accuracy and usefulness of Mr. Willie’s predictions. But okay, I will produce dozens (or hundreds or thousands) of incorrect predictions from Mr. Willie. Just go back through the last three years and take every prediction he has made, then subtract the eight correct ones, and all the predictions that you will be left with are incorrect.

            • Greg Hunter

              What predictions did he get wrong? Dates and articles please. You have produced zero material to back up you assertion. This is another strike against the credibility of your thesis.

          • billy

            Greg, for some reason, there is no ‘reply’ link on your last post on this subject, so I’ll reply here. You asked me what predictions he got wrong, and the dates and articles. I’m not sure what you are failing to understand here. If they aren’t right, then they are wrong. Every prediction that he made that hasn’t come about, was wrong. It’s that simple. So that means every prediction in the last three years that is not in his list of correct predictions numbers 15 through 22, was an incorrect prediction. I’ll leave it to you to look up the dates and articles of all those incorrect predictions. You said I produced zero material, well its Jim Willie’s body of predictions that is the material. It is every prediction he ever made in the last three years except #’s 15-22 on his own list of correct predictions. Those were all wrong, so if that is a strike against my credibility, then I don’t know what to tell you.

            • Greg Hunter

              I understand now you are fully discredited. You could not give a single wrong prediction with date and link. Dr. Willie will admit he’s not correct all the time.

          • billy

            Dr. Willie will admit that he’s not correct all the time? Too bad you won’t, Greg. It’s so simple: if a prediction is not right, then it’s wrong. I’ll give you a date and link: 16. March 2011 the Japanese Yen Currency Rise to 125 After Earthquake & Fukushima Event. I was not aware that the Yen had gone to 125, so I would call that wrong. That is from Dr. Willie’s own list of “correct” predictions, here http://www.goldenjackass.com/forecast.html

          • billy

            Hey Greg, I’ll go one better than giving you a wrong prediction from Mr. Willie. I’ll give you a wrong or just made up news event reported as a fact. In the post of March 6, 2014, entitled “Ukraine as the US Dollar Waterloo”, Mr. Willie states that “The Qatar royals have just ordered a dismissal of USGovt ambassadors from their nation”. That sounded to me like a kind of important event that I hadn’t heard of, so I decided to read more about it, and lo and behold, I can’t find any evidence that this event ever happened! No news whatsoever. Could you provide a link to some information about that event? If so, I will stand discredited. (Possibly it happened, but no one knows anything about it except Mr. Willie and one of his super-secret high-level insider sources who informed him)

            • Greg Hunter

              You are not going “one better” you are simply changing the parameters. You said Dr. Willie made incorrect predictions. I said name one with dates and links. You did not produce the incorrect prediction and substituted another issue to try to discredit Dr. Willie. That is your point isn’t it? Please stop, you have lost the argument and your credibility. Discussion is closed. If you cannot get any useful information here, please go watch CNN or MSNBC and fact check them.

          • billy

            Greg, sorry to be so argumentative, I certainly get useful information here, agree that CNN, MSNBC etc. are worthless, and even get useful information from Mr. Willie. My only point was “Mr. Willie gives out LOTS of incorrect predictions”. Wouldn’t you agree with that? By his own admission, only eight are correct in the last three years. Wouldn’t you agree that he gives lots of predictions in his interviews and writings? So they all have to be wrong except the eight that were right. Insisting that I look up dates doesn’t change the facts. It seems you want to steadfastly defend him no matter what. I don’t understand it. Maybe it has something to do with business relationships or friendship between you. whatever

            • Greg Hunter

              Again, you said, “Mr. Willie gives out LOTS of incorrect predictions. Wouldn’t you agree with that?” NO!!! I would not agree with that, and you cannot and did not name a single wrong prediction. I am sure there are some wrong predictions because nobody is 100% correct. You cannot list a single wrong prediction, and you should be able to do that if Dr. Willie makes “lots of wrong predictions.” I don’t mean to be argumentative either but just say you don’t like or believe what he has to say instead of offering up the same lame argument. Enough already. Let’s move on. Thank you for your comment even though we disagree.

        • Birdbrain

          billi boy,
          As the dawn approaches you know the sun s coming up, just listen to all the birds in the morning. It doesn’t take a birdbrain to realize as China buys up, its closing us, up. Wake up and smell the moola, you cant cause its all gone. We thought it was the end of the line in 79, so what. The noise is deafening. Even Jesus said nobody knows the day or hour, but he did say when you see the tree’s all starting to blossom you know that summer is near. Well look outside summer is near, and if your in Oz or NZ you know winter is near. When this rubber band breaks its going to get you right in the assets, don’t lose your life and your wife too!

        • Charles H.


          When you ask a pointed question, which casts dispersions of doubt – it is because you don’t expect a rebuttal, no? And so when you get one, what do you do? Argue a different and further point, changing your criteria – still trying to disprove the reliability or accuracy of the Guest. Then you resort to arguing semantics, even mis-quoting yourself. This is Juvenile and childish. The idea of this site is to GLEAN from Guests and commenters good, helpful info and insights: not tear them down. “Hundreds if not thousands of (predictions) within a three year period??? You are mixing things up; and lose credibility. Arguer.

    • Jerry

      Greg here we go again.
      Billy name one thing the government has done the past three years that hasn’t had the numbers manipulated on it? Do you really believe the unemployment rate is 7.6%?
      If you do, I have some beachfront property to sell you in the Ozarks.

      • billy

        I certainly agree that everything the government says is a lie and manipulated, and I don’t believe their unemployment statistics. But I don’t know what that has to do with Jim Willie’s dismal record of predictions.

        • Jerry

          I’m merely making a point that a lot of opinions cannot be proven one way or the other in a short period of time. What seems fiction today. may be reality tomorrow . Example: It was considered a crackpot idea that the government would spy on U.S. citizens until Eric Snowden came out of the NSA closet.

        • dave


          I totally agree with ya mate.Dr. Willie makes his predictions as if he(or his voice) knows when it’s all speculation.When he started going off on Haarp creating earthquakes.I had to laugh.I do like Greg’s other guest though

          • billy

            Thanks, finally somebody here without rose colored glasses when looking at Mr. Willie. While I generally agree with his worldview and outlook, its just how he so authoritatively and indiscriminately throws out ‘predictions’ in the form of declarative statements, like “the dollar will crash, gold will soar, this country will do this, that country will do that, these banks are going to do this, the bond market will do that, etc etc.” It gets old when 99% of it never happens. And check out this that I just found when going thru one of his latest posts, I was just counting predictions to see how many are in one post, when in the post of March 6, 2014, entitled “Ukraine as the US Dollar Waterloo”, Mr. Willie states that “The Qatar royals have just ordered a dismissal of USGovt ambassadors from their nation”. That never happened! (sorry Greg I can’t provide a link to a story about a story that never happened) So you can’t even have faith in the things he says are a fact and have already happened. But Greg says I’m discredited, go figure.

        • dave


          Yes..Dr.Willie is out there ,No doubt.He really should learn to say MAYBE or MIGHT,but then again…so should a lot of them when making any predictions because some people take it serious


          • Greg Hunter

            What’s the point of “maybe or might”? Dr Willie has a public page of predictions such as in 2011 he predicted there would be an increase of banker murders. Here’s a link to more predictions that came true or in progress. Enjoy: http://www.goldenjackass.com/forecast.html

  21. Fraser

    Thanks Greg – this scenario reminds me of “Rope a Dope” in “Rumble in the Jungle” – whereby Ali took punishment for seven rounds, but wore Foreman out and then KOd him in the eighth. The USA are exhausting themselves fighting multiple wars and defending the dollar with derivatives, while the BRICS are being patient, building gold reserves and lining them up for the (economic) kill…

    • Birdbrain

      Shades of “PREDATOR”, with Arnold Schwarzenegger. When that thing came in fer the kill . . . Well I don’t want to give away the story, but our future looks even worse!
      The Bible says Satan, A REAL PREDATOR, is the God of this world. [2 Corinthians 4:4] We taint got a chance!
      Like Billy thinks, the only things certain are death and taxes. But there’s always a little hope of divine intervention, that helps. Anybody see Noah lately? They say he looks like Sheryl Crows brother, from a different mother!

  22. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great interview.
    About the golden Ruble, golden Yuan and probably golden Rupee: they will have the same weight. Then the exchange rates between these currencies will be fixed and the trade between these nations will be much-much easier.
    About the US dollar yeah there will be a split, the US treasury will create a convertible dollar for international trade and the FED will issue domestic dollar in which all the debt will be denominated. Then the domestic dollar will exchange rate around 1000000 for 1 convertible dollar at 1st, than they will set a free exchange rate for domestic dollar= it will be devalued by a free-fall.
    About war: there won’t be a war, the US generals may be corrupt, incompetent and careerist, but not suicidal.

    Your thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have to digest all that. You said a lot.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg–regarding the dollar, internal and external: think “good” GM (external dollar) and “bad” GM (internal dollar), except this time no union votes to buy. Yes, it’s artificial as all get-out, but that’s the way we do things anymore, it seems. Hope this helps. Best always. PM

    • Calgirl

      How about this?
      1) and 2) He who has the gold, makes the rules.

      3) There will be a war, but it will be economic.

      (The U.S. politicians will not make the “first strike” because they know that they themselves can be nuked there in Washington D.C. You see, previous wars were fought by 99.99% ‘little people’ but EVERYONE is in harms way in the next war. They don’t want to live in a bunker!)

      The Western politicians will blame Russia, China, India, etc..these countries will actually start the economic collapse in motion in response to our utterly rediculous QE and bullying foreign policies.

    • Jerry

      The people I know that have money have moved their money offshore and bought Gold with a Bank that will convert it back to currency after the reset. If you are sitting on Gold here, you risk the possibility of losing it.
      As far as War. There has always been war, and there is always going to be war. Historically economic wars always lead to World Wars. We are no different, outside the fact that we live in a techno fantasy illusion that makes us think we are different. With technology we can go from virtual reality to having to use a bow drill to start a fire in minutes. Mega bites are great, but can you start a fire without a lighter?

  23. RedRiver

    Wonderful and insightful article. I am so pleased that I read it.

    For those who cannot invest in gold/sliver then I suggest the next time you are in the grocery store to buy as much extra canned food with a 3 year expiration date (now 2017). Buy a can of beans today for $1 and, in 3 years that same can of beans will be $3-4. So, in 3 years you can still feed your family and save $2 without paying capital gains to the USG.

    • allen ols

      red river,

      we experimented, most canned goods w/3 yr exp date can still be used and edible and tasty after 3 more yrs, so I add 6 yrs to my exp date, and rotate as needed. thankyou for your info, 🙂

  24. AxliT

    Norway to have a gold backed Krone??? What rubbish. We sold off all our gold a few years back. No more gold in the vaults of Bank of Norway. Sure we have oil, but no way we can do anything outside the EUR zone being tied hand and feet to the EU legislation thorough our affiliation, unless we finally cut the ties. Sentiment is strong to do that but politically not even possible to discuss for now. The non-membership affiliation commitment Norway has to EU are draconian and very, very damaging.

    • allen ols

      I have found that all countries do NOT reveal all their cards, and have secret gold stashed, including china. Jim says china has 15,000 tonnes, but i think that is a lowball, with no facts, just assumptions. thanks for input al

      • Galaxy 500

        he also said rhe CIA did Chernobyl which is poppy cock.

        • allen ols


          actually i can easily believe the cia did the chernoble melt down, very easy to believe it. who would guess the nsa was doing all the spying, or we looted the 144 tons of gold from gaddafy, or we put a spy plane in space, or we can launch icbm from sub’s, or we could put a man on moon, while sputnick was orbiting over head while i lay in the grass on our farm, only to hear my dad say, wont be long, we will have a man in that thing. btw, g5, we now have our own vertical take off and landing aircraft jsf-35 and b4 the 90 s we had a stealth f-117, and we have a round space like saucer flying now, in real time.
          sorta puts the “cia did chernoble” in the easy to do list.

          • Sandman

            “Puts Chernobyl on the easy list”
            The things you point to have nothing to do with sneaking into USSR during the height of the Cold War. Did you miss the part about the CIA missing the collapse of the USSR? I prefer facts which is why I like to view Greg’s interviews. Some of the guest say reasonable things and others have secret sources (invisible friends), write books for the China market that when translated in to English contradict his English version, etc ad nausem
            I wish I knew where you lived. I bring by a sack of special magic beans. They would be on sale 😉

          • Galaxy 500

            you didnt need to write “actually i can easily believe the cia did the chernoble melt down”. I think based on passed discussions, you can easily believe” while 8 am somewhat of a doubting Thomas. I just need proof. Consider it one of my many personal failings. A bunch of lemmings all running toward a cliff isnt proof of anything but the gullibility of lemmings.

  25. Rodster

    Greg, you might want to link this story !

    “Gazprom Neft CEO says it’ll ditch dollar, look east if sanctions escalate”


    • Rodster

      The gloves are off and these guys are dead serious !

      Quote from the article: “There is an opinion that any restrictions by the US directed at halting dollar operations, in long-term, may lead the United States to a default, Dyukov says.

      “The US currency is already loosing positions…The usage of the dollar as an instrument of punishment may decrease its weight as the reserve currency…Taking into account its huge national debt, at some instant there will be a problem with its refinancing as dollar assets will become interesting to nobody,” the top manager said.”

      • Charles H.


        The use of the dollar as an instrument to punish foreign entities may become the last straw – from a long line of stupid bullying and self-agrandizing manipulations. Americans in power just don’t realize the world isn’t going to put-up with them. Sadly, this borders on self-delusion. We are going to be made to pay for our bad leadership, I fear.

    • Jerry

      Yep. Its happening. Did you see the dollar index drop today?

  26. Digby G

    Every interesting article on the economy always says buy gold.

    is it because they are on a commission ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Because it is one of the key ingredients for financial survival for what is coming.
      I sell zero investments and this everyone who can afford it should have some gold and silver coins.

    • Calgirl

      Digby G…
      ALL previous fiat currencies have failed….I think that is 599 of them.
      Warren Buffett says “you can’t eat gold”…but YOU CAN’T EAT THE DOLLAR EITHER. Not to exclude the fact that the dollar has lost 99% of it’s value since the Fed was created in 1913, while gold has appreciated….and will continue to appreciate. Warren Buffet also sold his gold…….and bought a hard asset called a railroad….another hard asset that you can’t eat! Gold and Silver have been around since ancient Greece and it’s still here and valuable. In ancient Greece you could buy a toga and a pair of shoes for an ounce of gold…..today you can buy a suit and a pair of shoes for an ounce of gold. Which would you rather own, and ounce of gold or a twelve hundred dollars? Ditto for Silver!

  27. Jim G

    Paul Craig Roberts just posted an excellent article that basically reiterates much of what was said in this last interview. No way around it – something major is about to happen and much sooner than later I think. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/04/06/obama-issues-threats-russia-nato-paul-craig-roberts/

  28. Robert Bodendorf

    Gerald Celente says they always resort to war and will this time too, FDR said nothing in politics happens by accident. Outstanding interview, I think Jim Willie has few peers and you have such a good handle on this the exchange is maximized. Jim Stone has interesting info on Fukushima, never thought about Chernobyl but that was long before my tumble down the rabbit hole. I don’t put much past the gov’ns of the world anymore. Thanks.

  29. William Betts

    Thanks for having the Jackass on your news. Two things. 1. The psychopaths that run our gov’t will not go down without a war to end it all. Dr. Roberts is preaching this everyday. 2. There is something really fishy going on with the 777 airliner missing. I have been told the airliner was escorted to Diego Garcia in Indian Ocean by fighter jets. They had to be American because only American military on DG. DG has some of the most advanced radars in the world operating 24/7. Why has the American gov’t said nothing about tracking that aircraft? Why was it captured by US jets? Why hasn’t somebody demanded answers from our gov’t? Betts

    • Calgirl

      William Betts
      If we demanded answers, would that be just like we damanded answers about Benghazi, the I.R.S. scandal, etc., etc.? Keep an eye open for the next airplane attack…..bet it will be a 777!

  30. rcevan

    A chain I’ve read many times is “if America isn’t buying, China isn’t manufacturing and Australia isn’t mining.”

    IF the price of copper doubled in USD, the demand from the USA would tank. China would go into crisis …..

    Jim Willie talks about all the nations but he doesn’t see the connectedness of international trade and finance.

    in 2008 when the Fed had to provide (was it) $16 Trillion in liquidity to European and US banks, it’s because so much is denominated in USD. The owners of the $ denominated asset (not liability) don’t want to see it tank.

    Again, Willie ignores these concerns.

    A fast tanking can only happen if
    1) it is a chosen course of action, like a war, or
    2) an EMP is used on the USA or a ultra major natural disaster or _____ hits the USA. Under this scenario, the rest of the world will have a financial crisis but at least have their infrastructure.

    Martin Armstrong would be a great guest to talk about the interconnectedness

    • Birdbrain

      H.W. Bush talked about interconn ectedness, he called it a New World Order. It will be the biggest inter-conn in human history. Don’t be conned!

      _________________P E A C E _ A N D _ S E C U R I T Y
      “Whenever it is that they are saying: ‘Peace and security!’ then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant women; and they will by no means escape.” (1 Thessalonians 5:3)
      This prophecy makes it clear that, just prior to the end of this system of things, ‘peace and security’ will be declared in some exceptional way, weather by the United Nations or independently by political and religious leaders. What will follow that declaration? Paul said; ‘Then sudden destruction will be instantly upon them’-1 Thessalonians 5:3

      Face it the noise is deafening and the last one hundred years have been the most unique in humane history. One generation, the generation alive during the time period of 1914, have experienced all of Jesus’s prophecy’s foretold and some of that generation still remain today in 2014, as Jesus also foretold. Matthew 24: 32-34
      So what can we expect? Well first of all Bible prophecy has always bean better understood in hindsight, but mankind has now bean given a picture clear enough to prepare for a great tribulation, that will be worse than anything the world has ever seen or will ever see again. Matthew 24: 21 I mean it’s still better than what our great grande parents had to face, death and taxes! The Bible holds out a hope of endless life in heaven or a paradise earth. I love surfing so you know where I prefer!
      So the next time somebody say’s, ya when Kingdom comes, say ya, Gods government, with Jesus as King! Daniel 2: 44

  31. Derrick Michael Reid

    Morning Greg, always love to hear Dr Willie. THERE IS NO SUCH THING as the petro-dollar, but there is THE PETRO-BOND. 1) Oil exchanges are denominated in $, creating per se an insignificant demand on dollars, but a convenient means of transacting in $ both oil purchases and US bond purchases. 2) The US Bond market is the largest market for parking very large amounts of dollars, thereby creating a large demand for $. 3) Oil exchanges based in $ can be controlled by the US to place controls and sanctions on foreign countries. 4) The petro-dollar, which is really an easy route to the US Bond market, can not be broken to remove the possibility of US sanction, unless there is a market that can absorb very large amounts of currencies. 5) The Gold market is large enough, particularly as more buy in to it, to absorb ALL the world’s currencies. 6) In order to bust the so-called Petro-dollar, and remove oil exchanges as means to sanction, foreigners must increasingly invest in gold with elevated prices, into which gold market, large amounts of currency can be effectively held. 7) As gold prices rises, thereby devaluing fiat currencies, gold becomes the international standard, as fiat collapses in loss of confidence, recreating the gold standard, where gold can be loaned out at market interest rates, thereby destroying the petro dollar, dollar hegemony, and fiat currencies generally and world wide. THERE IS NO STOPPING THIS. The gold standard is on its way. Fiat experiment is doomed. SDRs is a forlorn hope. US dollar reserve status is toast. Freedom, capitalism, and the US republic will be restored. 44K$ gold and 4K$ Silver, the rise of monetary metals, gold preserving wealth, and silver being the street currency. Back to Dr Willie.

    Go to 27 min in, and there is, the key, The Petro-Bond. Yeah, its fun to talk about the sanctions, the dodges, but it dont mean anything, convertable currencies, but when you talk about “holding” and placing real demand, its the Petro-Bond. And competitive means to slash money around the globe, is just that, even if the perception is real of a loosening of the US grip on money flows. But in the end, its the Bond market, and the US Bond market dominates, and until there is another market (gold) that can absorb the wealth, the US Bond market plays its role, the dollar is stabilized, regardless of competitive money flow systems. Thus, enters the INTERNATIONAL BLACK MARKET, in non-US dollar monetary flows, that has been there all along, just increasing according to Dr Willie, but the bust really comes when US Bonds are dump into another market, and so far, GOLD is the only viable alternative upon reset. Petro-Bond collapse and the RESET should go hand in hand. And at the end of Dr willie, he says the same thing, sell bonds, to it into gold at 5000 Au 400 Ag, that can absorb the US bond. “They are ALL going to be selling their bonds for gold” There ya go, as clear as day, but you need a much higher gold price, to absorb the bonds.

    The schiss dollar, maybe, but US goes back to gold/silver standard, and redeems FRN at $5B/oz gold. And there is your mother of all resets, and guess who losses most? Russia and China are playing with fire. Lets ask Dr Willie, what if the US by law redeems all FRNs within a limited time, 6mo, at $5B/oz? and watch the wiggle in Wilhelmshaven.

  32. Glen

    Gregg, no one can be perfect in their predictions. Period. Jim Willie makes very thought out predictions that could very well and fully come true in the future. He is the best think tank out there for the common man seeking the truth. Psychics can’t be perfect in their predictions of the future either. They get a few predictions right usually. Dr Willie gets more than a few right and backs the predictions up with well thought out arguments. At any rate, it seems that the most important prediction, the death of the petrodollar, and the US’s plunge into semi third world status is the one that will affect all of us the most. The only good part of all this is that the US will re-industrialize and there will be jobs in the future. But, our standard of living will be reduced to levels seen in Latin America. People don’t believe this. I don’t want to believe it either, but it looks inevitable. I can imagine what it will be like because I already live in Central America in a dollarized economy. It is a picture for me of what life in the US will be like for our children a few years down the road. It isn’t the end of the world but it means that the next generation will be much poorer in the US. This is one of Dr Willies predictions that unfortunately will come true. There is no saviour out there for the US like Karen Hudes talks about. Our future is locked in stone.

  33. JOE GEE

    Great Interview with Dr.Jim Willie. The audio was loud and clear. Greg we are in the last days of America…Our only hope is our lord and savior Jesus Christ…Jim don’t miss the rapture……………….Joe Gee

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Joe for reminding us what is most important!!!

  34. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, I love this site and its regular participants, but I tire of hearing that America is out of options, that America has nothing left, that it’s O-V-E-R. So long as we have ourselves, we have what started this country from WILDERNESS. Yes, our cushy days are probably behind us. Yes, our wealth will likely disappear. Yes, we had it all and let it get away. But this storm approaching will present us with a chance for a re-start. We are in desperate need of a purge. We have the blueprint already. It’s called The Constitution of the United States. Times may get bad, but WE ARE AMERICANS, and we can honor our forefathers and our heritage and rebound. But we will have to do it cooperatively and with commitment to our founding principles. Best always to all Watchdog participants.

    • Galaxy 500

      We can, as a nation, rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes. It will thin out the herd and to be honest, the politicians need to be thinned to the point of extinction. And lawyers need to be reduced by 95%. I also believe everyone should serve two years in the military even if you’re 4F (and they’d come up with something for you to do) or four years in some buearucrat position to get FULL citizenship. And yes, you’d have the same rights with the exception of the right to vote. Our republic has turned into a tyranny of low information voters and the “vote for Gore, he’ll give you more” crowd. Why does my vote count the same as someone who cant tell you one protection from the first amendment or in NC , a dead person or a democrat that voted here and in another state.
      And contrary to the Dems that are trying to steal election, over 35,000 appear to have voted in NC and at least one other state. After it can out, the Dems in Florida removed there data from the comparison databases. Typical dem reaction to be caught. Fix it so you cant be caught again.

  35. dave

    Hi Greg
    Well what a wealth of information and predictions.Taking all of his predictions ,one could make a fortune,Or lose one .I do enjoy many of your guest except Dr. Jim.IMO,he is way too firm on his beliefs and should incorperate (maybe)with his predictions because neither him nor the voice knows anything for sure


    • Chip

      Paul I agree that is the only way. But “they” will not allow us to turn back to the constitution. “They” think it is a relic of the old past and “they” are intent on carrying out their global social experiment until we are all destroyed…

      • Paul from Indiana

        Chip, That’s where the purge comes in. “They” will have to sit down and shut up, or leave, preferrably both. Best always. PM

  36. Rodster

    Banksters aren’t committing suicide, they are NOW being MURDERED !

    “CEO Of Liechtenstein Bank Frick Murdered In Broad Daylight”

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow thAnks Rodster. Another dead banker…

    • Galaxy 500

      It appears that the murderer felt the murderee had stolen millions from him. Does look very tin hatish to me…simple and straightforward

  37. Larry Carter

    Thank God for Dr. Willie. His middle name should be Reality. We will all see Reality take over and replace the world of unreality we have all lived in for the last 20 or 30 years.
    Won’t it be wonderful to see the perplexed expressions on the faces of the MSM. Their day of reckoning is long over due. May we all find a greater sense of peace in a more honest and real world.

  38. OhioDude

    Willie is entertaining. Yes, several of his predictions have not come about, but the broad trends of his analysis have been verified. The utter disconnect between “the market” and the real economy of this nation and the world are maintained every day by the lamestream media and it’s organs. Any conscious individual can appreciate the difference between paper and reality. Real wealth only results from mining, manufacture and ag.

    For doubters … how much of those Real Events are staples of this economy ? Paper is a tertiary asset, after Primary [arable land, water, mineral deposits] and Secondary [crops, ppotable water system, and refined metals]. The USFed and its’ sock-puppet FedGov have few choices left as the window closes on the $USD. In upstate Ohio, the Chinese are buying up critical areas along the Lt. St. Claire channel into Lake Erie and in Toledo. It will give them control of traffic on the Great Lakes, if they chose to interdict. It certainly gives them access to vast industrial infrastructure that they’ll likely re-animate.

    Nit-picking Willies’ predictions is easy … timing is always the problem. But the “arc” of events taking place is irrefutable

    • allen ols

      thankyou ohiodude

    • Galaxy 500

      Timing is always the problem. If you say the world will end for ten billion years, one day you’ll be right. It doesn’t make you a reliable source of information. But then we have his invisible friends for that.

  39. mushroom

    Hi Greg,

    Your series has evolved into a highly advanced highly truthful real world graduate school. Many thanx again.

    OKay, so much for the oncoming multi-track train wreck – a few experts now would be helpful, in my opinion, to discuss mechanisms of recovery. For instance, how did 1920’s-1930’s Germany use “labor treasury certificates” to pay for massive infrastructure constuction projects and trade practices ( devoid of cash transfers) to evolve from a debt
    ridden basket case into an economic giant (albeit too militaristic).

    • Galaxy 500

      They did exactly what the Fed Reserve is doing now buying Tbills

  40. brian

    I guess I have a backhanded compliment for Dr Willie; The mans proclivity to parade around his flippantly toned, secret source inspired and often fantastical boquets of conjecture in a shrill and periodically whiny voice is more than balanced by the fact that buried within the white hot flows of irritating and seemingly condescending dross are some very novel insights and ideas that are a product of the unique perspective, significant experience and creative mind that Dr Willie is in possession of.

    • Calgirl


      My “Voice” agrees with you. What a fantastic synopsis…could not have expressed it better! Thanks for the chuckle…I enjoyed it greatly.

  41. Dwain

    Great interview Greg,
    Dr. Willy said Yellen is lying and has actually doubled purchases. But you bought up gold before he could elaborate. Does this mean the Fed is not tapering but increasing QE?

  42. John West

    I do absolutely agree that obtaining physical PM’s is a good strategy however, I find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to safeguard these metals especially when the poop hits the fan. People will be like rabid animals, the government will be desperate enough to include confiscation of PM’s while confiscating firearms via today’s technology and experience derived from over a decade of our military’s Middle Eastern excursions. Sure, foreign holding of PM’s may be the answer but what about the physical here at home which is now and has been a slave to capital controls?

    • Galaxy 500

      So when the Shiite hits the fan you think have metals in a foreign land is safe. Remember those fine Swiss bankers froze all banks accounts opened by foreigners during WWIII? How do you plan to get there? And why would they not just keep it for themselves?

      • John West

        Galaxy 500, I agree with you. That is why I was careful by using the word “may” be a safe way regarding foreign storage of PM’s. Singapore comes to mind regarding the maybe factor.

        • Galaxy 500

          This poor Christian boy is going to stay away from Moslem nations as a safe place.

      • allen ols


        u stepped into that bear trap. 🙂

    • Calgirl

      John West

      1) Buy several PVC tubes with end caps. Dig holes in the dead of night in your front yard about 3 feet deep. Place your treasure into the tubes and cover them with WELL COMPACTED soil. Then sprinkle a bunch of old rusted nails, some more dirt, some more nails and a pop top or two. Anyone with a metal detector will dig down and discover the nails before getting to the tube….decide it’s not worth it and go away. Spread your treasure out into many holes.

      2) Don’t discuss your purchase with anyone, except a reliable and close person who won’t tell their best friend.

      3) Don’t buy PM’s in bunches over 999 grand….it is not reportable to the gov.

      4) I don’t think that anyone would expend energy rounding up PM’s when WAY less than 1% own them. Besides, “they” will be way too busy trying to control the crowds, IMO. They would be more likely to go after food and guns/ammo. Most of the 1% that do own them are their best friends!

      5) Confiscation would be much more difficult of silver due to its weight.

      • Charles H.


        Excellent answers. Really impressive. And, yes, survival will be the real issue. But after the initial chaos…

      • Galaxy 500

        Sounds like a plan but #2 is hard to come by

  43. Bill

    Thanks Greg for having that update with Willie. I have to say that what Willie is saying continues to resemble what a lot of your other creditable guests have said. I would like to ask a question that is rarely asked on this site though. What does a person like me do to prepare, other than what I have already( meaning food storage , emergency essentials and protection)? I, more recently have thought that I need to convert dollars( which I have few) to gold, but how do we know the EVIL banking industry won’t end up taking our gold/money( pensions) anyway with the total backing of our own military( similar to the possibility of them coming to take our weapons, as they can track from purchases). Just wondered if others are in the same boat, as I don’t consider myself as the 50% uninformed.

    • Charles H.


      Everything you state lies within the realm of possibility. Only your own conscience and judgment must play in those decisions you make. You ARE informed and knowledgable. I think the issue lies in whether you are active or inactive in facing the future. We always win some, lose some. Think things through; propose your own solutions. Who knows but you might come-up with ideas which will win over adversity. And timing being important; it seems to be getting short. Good comment.

  44. Jerry

    Ho…Hum….another week, another Banker murder.


    Please someone tell why these Banker murders are accelerating if the current system has months left in it? Id really like to know.

    Greg this is a sure sign to me, that a new financial exchange system is being put in place by the Cartel. Usually when you make an overhaul of an existing system, you have to remove many of the old working parts. It could be possible that deals with the Banking Cartel have been made behind closed doors with the Russians and Chinese. If the reining elite can see a way they can retain power in the NWO and devise a way they could continue to control the worlds currency, why wouldn’t they agree to work unilaterally ? Just asking.

  45. Galaxy 500

    I am not a fan of secret sources or invisible friends. I think some of what Willie says make sense and some IMHO is jus made up. You know me. Ive been accuse of having an opinion on everything and I am not afraid to share it.
    Keep up the good work
    peace and out

  46. Chip

    Great interview Greg. I understand how we can enter an inflationary cycle. What I don’t understand is this “currency devaluation” that Jim Willie speaks of. How does this work or what does it look like to the man on the street? If I have say $2,500 FRN’s right now, how does that get “devalued”? Do they make me turn them in for another form of paper dollar ? Just don’t understand how this physically works. Thanks for your site and work…

    • Michael Haller

      Hi Bill,

      My advice is plant a garden in your back yard and learn how to grow your own food. I read that after the Russian collapse, the average Cuban lost about 60 pounds and everyone, including city dwellers, started planting gardens…everywhere there was available land. Actually, I probably need to lose 60 lbs.

      • allen ols

        Michael H.

        u nailed it, buy all the seeds u can, hundreds of packs mostly heirloom. I buy bags of seeds, i clean out lowes, H. D. of their organic, and others. U can never go wrong. I had co op mix me some 6-24-24 fert. for potatoes, beets, carrots, onions and picked up several 50# bags of 10-10-10 mix for above ground stuff, the other is root crops, works great. I am 63 and used fert. all my life and i am still healthy, but if u can get cow crap, chicken crap, and compost, more power. those with food, will trump gold. al ols

      • Rodster

        The problem is that the central planners in some States and Municipal Counties have made it illegal to grow a garden on your property.

        • steej

          Exactly. All they need is a drone to hover over neighborhoods and alert them to where food is being grown. If it is not forbidden to plant urban gardens, then the food could be seized for the “common good”. And if the govt. sanctioned, uniformed thugs break down your front door and put a gun to your head, you will turn over your gold, too. Even if it is buried in the front yard…

      • allen ols

        Michael H. from S.H.T.F. SITE

        If the U.S. does poorly and the economy goes into some type of monetary crisis these things [hard assets and resources] are going to be dramatically risen because people will be looking for value. Just like Warren Buffet buys railroad companies… he’s getting rid of those dollars and buying assets.

        The first thing I would get [if a collapse were imminent and days away]… hopefully, number one, I’m at home… of course last minute food… fresh foods… it might be the last time you’re getting apples for a few weeks, depending on how bad it is…

        What’s the currency in two weeks? This is a tough one. If it gets really bad the currency in some cities could be sex, alcohol, tobacco, food certainly, water certainly…

        In a general sense, what would the government do? The government will have to come out with a new currency… I don’t think the free market’s going to supply the new currency only because the government won’t let it.

        … For sure silver will be used… ammunition… and again, the collapse could be on so many levels. The worst case scenario would be where there’s a complete breakdown… and that wouldn’t probably come from an economic collapse… that would probably be more like somebody striking at our energy… our utility system… and EMP.

        I think if we had a lack of power in major cities, and all of a sudden the millions of people in Los Angeles aren’t able to feed their children, or turn the stove on… that’s when you have a major crisis.

        Will this last for two or three weeks? That’s very possible.

        Will it last for months? Much less likely, unless we’re talking about a global event.

      • allen ols

        M. H.

        I think it’s definitely in their [government] interest for us not to be smart, well thought out thinkers out there. Because then you’re a Libertarian and an anarchist and that’s the last thing you want.

        They want you to feel good about the government pointing a gun at somebody else’s head, taking their money and taking their stuff and redistributing it to everybody else.

        Is it their goal for us to be impoverished? Probably not too much.

        They don’t want us to be too poor to where we have revolution. But they also don’t want us to be too wealthy and smart to where there’s a revolution or the realization that we don’t need the government or the bureaucrats regulating our daily activities.

        I’m very optimistic, but I have to admit I’m very realistic.

        When this shock happens, I definitely see a situation where there could be rioting in the streets… so even though I want people to thrive, I think the first thing we do is we prepare.

        I tell people, ‘you prepare for the worst, but then you’ve got to look at the next twenty or thirty years.

        For years I identified with being a ‘Doomsday Prepper,’ and I would bet everyone in my life would call me a Doomsday Prepper because of what I’ve done… But, the thing is you don’t want to get stuck on it.

        We’re going into the depression. The U.S. is going to change dramatically… how we make our money… how we save for later in life… how we teach our children… It’s all going to change… I don’t want to wait for it to change.

        I’m changing now.

        The winds of change are all around us. There are a wide array of potential scenarios that every concerned person should be looking at and preparing for. But that doesn’t mean we have to live our lives in a constant state of fear of the unknown.

        It’s got to be more than just preparing for the worst and being stuck in that state… The new economy that’s out there… you’ve got to choose your own destiny.

        Daniel Ameduri

        • Jerry

          Allen good post.
          I fell asleep one night after a Veterans Day Celebration, proud of my country, dreaming of the possibilities of all the good things that the future had to offer. When I awoke I found the NSA going through my emails. Drones flying over head. The DHS buying bullets to kill me with. And being called a terrorist by my Government because I believe in the Constitution. What the hell happened? America may rebuild again. But not until it finds its soul again.

        • Sandman

          You wrote
          “I think it’s definitely in their [government] interest for us not to be smart, well thought out thinkers out there. Because then you’re a Libertarian and an anarchist and that’s the last thing you want.”
          I think that is why the schools here are such a mess. You are dead right that they are dumbing down the population

    • Michael Haller

      Hi Chip,

      They usually don’t have you turn in currency until after it is already worthless. Currency is just like any commodity. As demand increases the value increases. As demand decreases the value decreases. Since there is a great demand for dollars because of world trade…especially for oil, it has high value now. Many people believe when there is no need for dollars because countries can buy oil with their own currencies, the demand for the dollar and its value will drop dramatically. Also, literally trillions of dollars are held overseas. Those trillions of dollars will come flooding back to the U.S. and buy everything not nailed down including land, commodities, stocks, (probably NOT bonds), etc., etc., you might be lucky if your 2500 FRN’s are worth a nickle (because nickle is a valuable commodity).

    • Paul from Indiana

      The dollars you have in hand simply buy less, and possibly a lot less; hence they are “devalued” effectively, not literally. The government won’t take in your dollar bills and erase the “5” on a bill and change it to “1”. It is done through the market via price increases. As the number of dollars increases (inflation), their value goes down, so the good or service the dollar normally chases increases in price (not value) to reflect this reality of too many dollars chasing the same, or fewer, goods/services. It is the law of supply and demand in action. It is not a pretty process, but one that most people in the USA have known, to one degree or another, their entire lives. Best always. PM

  47. Stan

    Thanks Greg for another great article. My question if gold and silver prices explode the government wont need to confiscate it to collect it from the hands of the people. A 99% tax on any trade using gold or silver will do it for them. The sheeple will cheer the government as they have no gold or silver to lose and its not fair that the “rich” do…

    • Michael Haller

      Hi Stan,

      I imagine if the government decided to tax gold and silver by 90% or confiscate it, a lot of gold and silver would be buried and a large black market (like the sale of marijuana) would be created. Do I think honest american’s would actually not report their ownership of gold and silver to the I.R.S.? Maybe.

      • Galaxy 500

        I think honest Americans would defy tyranny and theft whether they call it Law or patriotic

  48. Jerry

    Where there’s smoke there’s usually a cover-up. Behind closed doors. Right.


  49. Rudini

    The FED never tapered based on my reckoning. Tapering was a cover story for the Chinese selling UST Bonds & Notes starting in May of last year. The Chinese sold so as to force us to back off of a deeper intervention in Syria. We backed off and the selling stopped. Overlay the 10 year Note chart over the saber-rattling about Syria news items, and another chart showing the so-called “tapering”.

  50. Tracker

    Grab yer gold ‘n’ guns, boys, it’s gonna be a rough ride!

  51. Rick Shade

    Keep the good interviews coming. Jim Willie is OUTTA DA COUNTRY….which means he believes what he says. I do too. However, timing and the events played out will be interesting. One thing we all better hope for. We better hope they don’t start tossing around nuclear bombs. It is just like the pangs of distress on a pregnant woman….as the Bible so wonderfully illustrates….

    As these last days play out, things will go from bad to worse, and the scope, frequency, and magnitude will continue to escalate. There is NO escape strategy for humans. Better to put your trust in the Almighty…because man, and the dying wicked, immoral, greedy world….is just suffering from what and who they are. you can’t blame a single man for what is happening. It is a machine that is wide open, out of control….

    Probably the best analogy is a freight train heading to a bridge that has been nuked….
    patch that up? nope.

  52. Felicia

    Great interview & guest, Greg! I so enjoy Dr. Wiley’s analysis. One positive thought I had from his saying the U.S. will mainly be stocking shelves with domestic products is…eventually we will be developing the means to do more & more of that. We need to get back to being a wealth building nation- doing w/out, scrimping, saving, and get away from consumerism. We have a couple of generations who need to develop those skills. The times ahead will provide the “classroom”. Again thanks for all the planning, organizing & research needed to present these timely & truth-filled interviews.

  53. Diane Ryan

    Another excellent interview. Thank you Greg. Also USAWatchdog has some very well informed followers who make valuable contributions. Thanks for your help.

    It’s hard to witness what I believe is America bleeding out. It’s vital to have hope. Being liberty-minded Christians we moved to join like-minded folks. Here homeschooling is the norm. If we need hope or a sense of purpose we look no further than our children. We are not looking for a fight but we will NOT be disarmed. We are more concerned with preserving liberty for our children than preserving a government.

    Much has been written about the ‘WHATS’ and ‘WHERES’ of survival. Don’t overlook the importance of the ‘WITH WHOM’.

  54. William

    – The collapse of the US T-bond market WILL be confirmed by a RISING USD !!!!
    – Jim Willie clearly hates the guts of the US & the US Empire. I also “don’t like” of what’s going on in the US. But this doens’t mean that it lets me cloud the view on the catastrophic developments going on China. China is going to implode as well in the next m0nths.
    – Watch the US Current Account Deficit in the coming months. When that goes down to Zero and turns into a Surplus and stays a Surplus then the rest of the world WILL be forced to sell US T-bonds. Guess what then happens with US interest rates.
    – When the Current Account Deficit turns into a Surplus then the PetroDollar is “toast” as well.

  55. Coalburner9

    This is so good Greg!

    Dr. Willie has a style of throwing extranious stuff out there to see what sticks while he is telling us some really great stuff. He is suspect about HAAARP, Chernoble and some perfectly located earth quakes. It doesn’t bother me when he does this, it is a way to get us to not be too shaken if we find out preposterous things that are true. No panic! Secondly we look at what these guys say and more real facts roll out we will be ready to act in our own defence faster when we decide what was right.
    Take note that Pakistan just refused th eIMF demand to sell their gold. THe remark was something like “not in our Natuional interest” Sounds like the Pakistanis might be smarter than US banksters and the FED are.
    And who says our leaders are not getting exactly what they want. If you read about these people, their heros, their growing up training and beliefs, you must think they are getting exactly what they want. Some are getting Vengence for some mistreatment they percieve, some are getting Rich and some are just Too Stupid to know what they are getting!

  56. Dale

    We need a powerful man of integrity to step up and start laying out a strategy for survival.

    • Diane Ryan

      Dale, so true. We tend to get caught up on defense, but God willing there will come a day when we begin anew. WHOM will we look to for leadership (locally, regionally, spiritually)?

      Also in the short-term, if we have a plan for standing with a specific group, how will decisions be made? Working together NOW helps to give folks reassurance and hope.

  57. Larry Woodward

    Greg: I listen and watch your interviews and greatly appreciate all you do. In this last interview with Jim Willie he quotes extensively from an article by Sorcha Faal. He does not cite this as a source. Willie states that the “Project Double Eagle” will be initiated soon with the result a gold backed ruble. He talks about the “Natalka Project” to supply gold for the backed ruble, he talks about a new alternative to the Swift system, etc. All of these statements are made without giving any sources- but the exact information can be found in the recent article by Sorcha Faal. The issue I have is that I cannot find any source documents substantiating the article by Sorcha Faal. Can you help in providing source documents to verify such information. Without the source documents we are all just scratching our heads trying to decide who to believe.

  58. art barnes

    Greg, the employments numbers out last week were touted as very good, so why the Wall Street sell off of last Friday & today (Monday)? Could it be the “pump & dump” is now dumping? The report was telling in that the only sector which didn’t add jobs were MANUFACTURING (which lost jobs again), a country that doesn’t make anything, produce anything, build anything except military hardware can’t sustain an economy long term. The “Enroning” of America is alive and well; remember Enron, the company that didn’t make, build or produce anything, it relied on accounting tactics to sustain its stock. Is the American economy in its “Enron” stage of exposure, I suggest it is, the East realizes it, next is Wall Street, a crash is coming, get out of securities & into real commodities which you can hold & which can be traded.

  59. Bill

    You know what concerns me more recently is the feeling of helplessness against the take over of our country that has been in the works for so long and supported by our own govt officials. I use to bleed patriotism for my country, but find myself tearing up to Neal Diamonds – They come to America, as I have become aware that the democratic “dream” is over. It ticks me off sooooo much to think about the pioneering and genius drive that our first president brought to our country and that it is lost in vain. The difference from then to now is that God was with George Washington guiding our country on Christian principals and the current president is stripping them all away. Look out USA, God is pissed!!!

    • Charles H.


      You are not alone. I have the movie “This Is The Army”, with Ronald Reagan. Kate Smith sings “God Bless America” – and I get goose-bumps just typing here. Different people handle these changes differently – but to me it is all sad. God is wrapping this world all up. With Sodom and Gomorrah rising, and lies on every side – this poor world is groaning. Becoming a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ is the key in this old world; and being saved is citizenship in Heaven. The soul of man was made to inhabit eternity either with God, or apart. It is the only sane reference and reality.

  60. Galaxy 500

    if the Republicans dont take the IRS to the mat for its criminal activity, they need to just go home. My mother-in-law’s group, We the People, was targeted because they felt threatened by the name.
    I am a fiscal conservative and a registered Independent. I feel that the only hope is to vote as many Dems out as possible. It really bothers me some of the people who complain the most here are either going to stay home or make a third-party protest vote which is a vote for the Demoncrat candidate. Yes, the Republicans have warts but not a single one lied to take over Americans health care. If Obamacare was really about insurance the 30-40 million uninsured (funny thats the same number the give for illegal aliens) they would have just set up an insurance pool like some states have done.
    A lot of people talk about hope…the only hope is to vote Republican

    • Ugly

      I’m voting all Republican. And the ACA is nothing more than confiscation of assets without giving affordable healthcare to those that actually have to pay the high premiums and deductibles. I feel Nov 2014 is America’s Last Stand.

      • allen ols


        The fragility of our debt financed oil dependent just in time global supply chain system is beyond the comprehension of the average zombie American. They are too distracted by mass consuming the products dependent on that very same fragile scheme. They are clueless zombie-like dupes who believe $20 bills magically appear in ATMs, Funyuns and Cheetos miraculously materialize on Wal-Mart shelves, gasoline endlessly bubbles up from the ground into the hose they stick in their $40,000 monster SUVs “bought” with a 0% seven year loan from Ally Financial, and that enchanted plastic card with a magnetic strip empowers them to fulfill every craving like a zombie feeding on a dead carcass.

        There is a worldwide currency and petroleum war being waged today as too much fiat currency is chasing a dwindling amount of cheap petroleum supplies. The developed world has experienced a century of relative illusory prosperity as cheap easy to access fuel and cheap easy to print fiat currency have led zombies to believe progress and prosperity are their god given right. The most highly educated zombies will be the most shocked when they realize the reality they believed was all an illusion. The Starbucks “Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato” crowd who isolate themselves in their 100% financed 5,000 square foot luxury cookie cutter brick McMansions amidst 200 other identical McMansions occupied by reclusive strangers in enclaves pretentiously named The Preserve at Meadow Lakes, and driving multiple leased BMWs, are about as prepared for a collapse of modern society as a helpless child. The suburban wasteland of strip malls, office parks, and fast food joints is completely dependent upon an endless supply ofcheap oil and cheap credit.

        The cracks in this delusionary foundation are visible for all to see as Space Available signs outnumber actual businesses, pothole dotted highways deteriorate,sewer lines crack, and houses in disrepair outnumber those being kept up. It takes money to keep a home from deteriorating and it happens to be in short supply for 90% of the population. Despite the non-stop money printing operation at the Fed and the mainstream media fantasy stories of shale oil energy independence, the suburban dream is turning into a nightmare. When the inevitable financial implosion strikes in the next few years, the illusion of progress will come to an end. The inner cities will explode in violence and will burn. The police will be helpless and scared. There will be death on a large scale.

        from shtf.com

      • Diane Ryan

        We need to be more discerning than voting for a person who has an R after their name. Obama is now ‘Judge, Jury and Executioner’, thanks to Republicans! Look no further than their best and brightest.

        We can thank good old GW Bush for his Axis of Evil (cleverly ignoring China and Russia), and his phony ‘War on Terror’ to justify the Constitution-killing Patriot Act. Followed by good old boy ‘NDAA McCain’ who supported that final death blow to our Bill of Rights. These men are traitors just like Traitor-in-Training Romney. He boldly stated in South Carolina that he would sign the NDAA if he was President!

        We need people who will support the Constitution and protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

        • steej

          Well stated, Diane. Neither party is interested in the people or the Constitution. How can anyone not see that? How much more time are we going to waste playing partisan politics, voting for liars and con men, and pretending that one group of mobsters is better than the other??

          • Sandman

            Sorry but voting is all we have unless you are preaching insurrection. Say what you will about the Republicans but as others have posted… not a single one voted for ACA while all the Dems lied and knew they were lying and passed it anyway.
            Yes, the Repubs are pond scum but they are better than the Dems and realistically, they are our only hope. I didn’t like Romney either but he had one great thing going for him…he wasn’t Obama

        • Ugly

          I know what your saying. But remember the Senate has been in Dem hands since the 2006 election. Just because I am voting all Rs does not mean I am voting for incumbents.

          • Sandman

            Some of these people don’t seem to understand that there really isn’t another viable choice.

        • Sandman

          So you want to give another Dem a try? Or are you going to sit voting out. Or have a protest vote that gives the Dems another four years. They are proven liars. I am not a Bush fan but if you check, Obama is out Bushing Bush. He has expanded all the surveillance. And Bush never changed or ignored a law

        • Galaxy 500

          I didnt vote for McCain and will give money to the TEA party person who runs against him. You sound like you think that there is another alternative to voting Republican. All of the Christians that stay home because they couldn’t vote for a Mormon gave us four more years of Obama. Seemed like a stupid idea to me, allow one of Satan’s high minions another four years give cause you couldn’t give a Mormon a try.
          If you do a protest vote, just vote for Hillary because that is what you are doing. Call it what it is.

    • Calgirl

      Yes…do vote…BUT….you still end up with evil when voting for the lesser of two evils . What we need is a leader….not a politician. But then, maybe a “leader” would end up being the anti-Christ. Some politicians sound good while campaigning, but faulter after in office.
      How’s that hope and change? There’s something about power that births evil. Have you see “House of Cards”?

      The Convention of States being voted in by many states may be evil. The agenda at this type convention is not limited. And since Code Pink and Soros backed groups are all for the convention of states scares the hell out of me. We could loose everything!

      I don’t have the answer….but I am worried, and distrustful of any “leader”.

    • Charles H.


      I have NO faith in either the political parties, or the electoral system. But to a patriotic thread that still runs through me: I drive 600 miles to cast my vote – straight ticket, conservative. Lost cause, or no – I exercise my franchise.

      • Galaxy 500

        I dont have faith either but voting the Dems out will allow us time to effect change. It may be too late but do you want another four to eight years of communist rule?

  61. Galaxy 500

    We don’t need another Clinton. We dont need another Bush either. Jeb Bush says illegals are OK. After all, its not a felony. It damn well should be a felony.

  62. Southern Rebel

    I have been listening to Jim Willie for at least 9 years. Rarely does he get through an interview without taking a dig at “The Vatican” and “Nazis”. Never does he mention the dynastic families who have always owned the central banks, interesting. I have also never heard him say a bad word about the “Bolsheviks” who killed 66 million people. In any case he did not disappoint today. He really jumped the shark when he mentioned the “Nazi hyperinflation of the 1930s”. I was aware of the Weimar hyperinflation of the 1920s when I was in primary school!!! In fact, the Nazis were wildly popular for the first 6 years because they had sound monetary management with 90% silver debt free Marks and a booming economy, in fact the only western country which had a good economy in the 1930s. Jim Willie cannot possibly be so ignorant as to not know this. Therefore, he is a liar with an agenda. A rather obvious agenda to deflect attention away from the actual wreckers of the USA and scores of other nations. For my part, this is the last Willie interview I will waste my time on.

  63. Jerry

    Greg you have to ask yourself why this story came out now by the MSM?


    To me the answer is simple. Wall Street is looking for a replacement scapegoat to blame the crash on , since Bernie Madoff isn’t available. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      You may be right and that means a crash is near–as in this year or by fall. Sept-Oct is a nice time frame for that!!

  64. Rodster



  65. Sandman

    I can not help but wonder if some of the guests you have on have an agenda. Jim Willie and Karen Hudes seem well credentialed and have a following but they both damage their credibility by outlandish claims of secret weapons, secret gold and secret government plots. Balderdash!
    It makes anyone who brings them up in a conversation with someone sensible suspect. The CIA is on of the more inept organizations we have. They missed the fall of the Soviet Union. That was their main focus and they missed it. Do they do evil things? Probably. Do they have some weapons that the world doesn’t know about? Sure. Can they control the weather? Not so much. You have to understand it to control it and we cant predict a week out with any accuracy. What good is a weapon that the backlash wipes you out? Its the law of unintended consequences. But then, the leadership (and I use that term loosely) seem not to understand that law or any of the law in the Federal Register.
    I have followed your sight for some time and it looks awkward when these guys shoot themselves verbal. Someone asked why you didn’t follow up some of the wacky responses with questions. I imagine you didn’t want to make Mr. Willie look any stupider than you had too.
    I appreciate what you do, especially the Weekly News Wrap up. Continue the good fight and thanks again.

  66. Sandman

    If anyone wonders why the lawless think they are acting legally, here is an excerpt from the Hill
    “Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday that he has a “vast amount” of discretion in how the Justice Department prosecutes the laws that are on the books.
    Holder’s remarks, during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, came in response to GOP accusations that he is flouting the law with its positions on marijuana legalization and criminal sentencing.
    Leading the questioning was House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), who asked Holder whether he believed there were any limits to the administration’s prosecutorial discretion.
    “There is a vast amount of discretion that a president has — and more specifically that an attorney general has,” Holder responded. “But that discretion has to be used in an appropriate way so that your acting consistent with the aims of the statute but at the same time making sure that you are acting in a way that is consistent with our values, consistent with the Constitution and protecting the American people.”
    Republicans on the panel grilled Holder on the Obama administration’s decision not to interfere with marijuana legalization efforts in Colorado and elsewhere, as long as states establish adequate regulations.
    Goodlatte criticized the decision, saying it is tantamount to ignoring the law.
    “The Justice Department’s decision not to enforce the Controlled Substances Act in states whose laws violate federal law is not a valid exercise of prosecutorial discretion, but a formal department-wide policy of selective non-enforcement of an Act of Congress,” Goodlatte said.
    Under Holder’s “Smart on Crime” initiative, the Justice Department has altered the charging policies with regard to mandatory minimum sentences for certain nonviolent, low-level drug crimes.
    “This commonsense change will ensure that the toughest penalties are reserved for the most dangerous or violent drug traffickers,” Holder said.
    Democrats on the panel lauded the move. Rep. John Conyers (Mich.), the committee’s top Democrat, said almost half of all federal inmates are serving time for drug offenses.
    But Goodlatte said charging decisions meant to avoid triggering “mandatory minimum” sentences would put the government’s attorney at odds with the law.
    “The attorney general’s directive, along with contradicting an act of Congress, puts his own front-line prosecutors in the unenviable position of either defying their boss or violating their oath of candor to the court,” he said.
    Holder also faced questions from Republicans on the legality of Obama administration’s decision to delay the employer mandate in the Affordable Care Act.
    In a terse back and forth with Holder, Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) argued that because an implementation date had been written specifically into the legislation, the executive branch had no authority to delay it.
    “When Congress puts effective dates in laws, do we need to further state that the effective date cannot be waived or modified by the executive branch, or is the president required to follow the law, and also follow the dates set by Congress?” Chabot asked.
    Holder responded that “the president has the duty, obviously, to follow the law,” but that “it would depend on the statute” and statutory interpretation of the law.
    Holder said the Department of Justice provided legal analysis to the administration regarding the delay, but that his agency doesn’t discuss those arguments publicly”
    Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/regwatch/administration/202932-holder-claims-vast-amount-of-discretion-in-enforcing-law#ixzz2yJr3izgS

  67. Galaxy 500

    John McRino McCain is on Cavities saying that we should give arms to the Ukrainians and if we had given arms to the Syrian freedom fighters Asad would be gone. He then laments that Obama surrendered to Al Qaeda in Iraq and that we had them on the ropes. Do you think he thinks that we dont know about his photo opinion in Syria with know Al Qaeda fighters? Obama flew Al Qaeda from prisons in Iraq and turned them loose in Libya. How can you lament not defeating people you turned loose and gave guns to in Libya?
    Does this make sense to anybody? We gave our enemies weapons? What am I missing. I can see a big or a micro picture. This makes no sense unless your goal is to destroy America.
    I detest McCain. God bless any conservative that runs against him.

  68. Jon S

    I like Jim Willie, and I enjoyed the interview. I take some of his hyperbole as just that, but don’t let it detract from the rest of what he says. He has much to say that seems spot on and perhaps the fact that some of his interpretations are different to most others I always feel I learned something, or just opened my mind to new possibilities. Thank you Greg and Jim

  69. Galaxy 500

    Hey Guys and Gals
    finishing up our taxes. Take your W-2 , look at block 12 and see if you have a “DD”. This is how much will be added to your earnings next year. Its the cost of healthcare your company pays. Just for fun add that to this years income and see how it impacts your refund or how much it adds to your payment.
    Remember Obamacare is not about healthcare. Its about controlling the population and destroying the middle-class. And its about giving govt more and you less.

  70. Don


    Your message would reach a broader audience if you also posted an MP3 version that people could download and listen to on their way to work, etc.

    Some of the other sites are already doing this (i.e.: SGTreports, etc.).

    Thanks for all that you do!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don.

  71. Paul

    Just a small point , but to my understanding German hyperinflation happened during the Weimar Republic. I think it was under Hitler that this problem was solved. Indeed the hyperinflation may in part have been responsible for Hitler’s rise.

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