WNW 168-Ferguson Analysis, Iran Nuke Deal Stalled, Gold Repatriation

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com    (Friday 11.28.14) 

I told you last week there would be no charges for the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, and no charges were brought. Of course, there was rioting and violence, and that seems to be what was wanted.   The Governor of Missouri did not deploy the National Guard, and things got out of control.  Was it done on purpose?  One thing is for sure, this is NOT about race.  The Obama Administration wants it to be; otherwise, he would not have sent Al Sharpton to Ferguson.  This is about a very bad economy and an economy that is going to get much worse.  Ferguson and all the protests around the country are a distraction.  The undertone of the protesters’ narrative is that white people and white police are hunting down black men and killing them.  This is outrageous and totally unsupported by fact.  Statistically speaking, America does not have a white on black crime problem.  Only 7.6% of blacks are killed by whites.  Only 14% of whites are killed by blacks.  Former NYC Mayor Rudolf Giuliani said on Meet the Press that 93% of black people are killed by other black people.   Likewise, about 83% of whites are killed by white people.  Nowhere in the country is the black on black murder problem more obvious than in Chicago.  Hundreds of young black men every year are killed in Chicago by blacks.  Since Michael Brown died in August, more than 100 black men have been shot and killed in Chicago.

What is Ferguson really about? Again, it’s cover for a bad economy and an economy that is going to get much worse.  Sure, the third quarter GDP was just revised up to a 3.9% growth rate.  I called economist John Williams about this, and he told me that is simply spin and not true.  We also just got bad consumer confidence numbers, a spike in unemployment claims and a big drop in PMI numbers.

You want more proof the economy is headed down? Look no further than Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer.  He just said the Democrats made a “mistake” in voting for Obama Care.  He said, “We blew it,” and said Democrats should have focused on the economy.  Does that sound like the economy is going to be getting better?  Also, didn’t I say right after the midterm elections that Democrats would run against Obama and his policies?  You know who is up for re-election in 2016?  Chuck Schumer.  And doesn’t he sound like he is throwing President Obama and his policies under the bus?  Just as I predicted.

If you need more proof the economy is going to get worse, then look no further than Obama Care and rising insurance premiums. And, just wait until the employer mandate kicks in next year.  It is the job killer everyone has warned you about.  Speaking of jobs, the youth unemployment rate in the black community is nearly 25%.  Blacks in general are unemployed at twice the rate of whites.  John Williams says the sub 6% unemployment rate is a big fat lie.  The real rate is hovering around 23% for years.  A buck an hour raise at a fast food restaurant and a 29 hour work week with zero overtime is not going to really help anyone, especially the minority communities like Ferguson.   Ask yourself this, if the economy was really growing at a 3.9% rate, would we have nearly 93 million people not in the work force?  Would we have 47 million on food stamps?  Would we have 14 million on disability?  The economy is not in a so-called recovery and the Democrats know it–and so does the Obama Administration.  This is what Ferguson and the protests around the country are about.  This is all about “look over here” and not at the real problem, a stinking and sinking economy for Main Street.

They have extended the negotiations, once again, for Iran and the nuclear deal the west has been working on for years. It will be another seven months before the next expiration date.  Iran has said repeatedly it will not curtail its program.  Here are some really the big questions:  Will Saudi Arabia and all the other Sunni nations sit and wait?  Is Israel going to sit and wait?  Those are two very big Middle East wild cards, and I think we get an answer sometime next year.

Finally, there is gold and news that more countries want theirs back. The Dutch just repatriated 122 tons.  The leading French candidate in upcoming elections says France should get its gold back.  The Swiss are voting this weekend to get their gold back inside its borders.  Why all the attention to getting control of physical gold?  Could it be central banks don’t trust each other’s paper?  If paper assets devalue or default, would having gold in your possession be a good idea?  Countries wanting physical is not a good indication that the global economy is good; and, in fact, it is signaling that it might be getting ready to tank.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.


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  1. Al

    I don’t disagree with any of your statements Greg, but I do believe there is a “bigger picture” it would behoove everyone to consider. The events in Missouri certainly aren’t about race, and I think not just about the economy either. Consider that everything going on now, world-wide is about something much bigger…

    Who will control “reality.” Whether you consider reality to be the true state of governmental authorities (which have been corrupt forever) or the lies governmental authorities float about itself, the economy, racism, etc… it is still an accelerating struggle world-wide for WHO will control reality. Think about control of the news moving from mainstream TV to internet, and govern-mental authorities struggling to reign in control (which they’re losing to) the internet, as they already control media.
    Bush wasn’t the first one to start a war on lies, nevertheless it was necessary to float those lies among its “subjects” as a pretext to launching those wars, just as it was in the sinking of the Lucitania, the Gulf of Tonkin, the “Gulf” War etc… The govern-mental-authority trying to govern-mental-reality of all the people; controlling reality for everyone.

    Consider WHY this big picture, the control of reality, and WHY it is such a huge problem for all governments now. There has been a change, a significant change throughout the entire world. So significant I don’t see anyone who recognizes what is really happening. That change is that THE TRUTH IS PREVAILING OVER LIES, worldwide, and it is shaking up every ” authority established on earth. Even the false authorities (like books, which are appealed to as standard authorities because if it’s in print, surely it must be true) are being challenged and shaken, such as supposed “history” which was penned by liars trying to shape the consciousness of the nations.

    This is something I am very thankful for; that the TRUTH IS PREVAILING EVERYWHERE even though it means the dirty laundry everywhere is being brought out in public for everyone to see.

    Yes, the true struggle of this time is the struggle for WHO will control YOUR reality, whomsoever YOU ARE. Who will you believe, and how will that belief grant or take away “power” from all would-be-leaders of men. Do consider this, and realize that ALL of scandals world-wide DO INDICATE a shake-up of the established power elites, who are desperately trying to regain control by lies and deceits, but as each new lie comes out there are many voices rising up against them to expose them for the LIARS and manipulators they are. This is a GOOD THING for us all. It is the TRUE ZEAL FOR TRUTH AND FREEDOM by people all over the world.

    Yes, the economy is great part of that, but still only a subset of the greater whole.
    The LIARS are losing control, and the TRUTH is taking over. Why, someday we might actually have an honest monetary system – think about THAT! THAT is a trend that even Gerald Celente should be noticing!

    • Wahabie


    • Henry

      Interesting comment, Al. For me, the biggest difference between reality and what the government/media try to portray as reality, is the false flag attack of 9-11-01. And I think the truth about 9-11-01 is becoming known to a wider audience with each passing day. Whenever the corporate media tries to portray “truthers’ as deluded nutjobs, I read the comments after the hit piece, and lately they have been *heavily* favoring those of us who reject the government/media conspiracy myth as the impossible, intelligence insulting pack of lies it is. I see 9-11 truth as the best hope to overthrow the criminals and terrorists who are in now running the show. I wish more people would bring this topic up for discussion, and do it early, often, and repeatedly. The truth (about 9-11-01) shall set us free….

  2. paul

    Greg …
    Any new child being born into the world today is being born into a Lunatic Asylum.

    For as soon as a US child is old enough to comprehend he finds out he owes $50,000 toward the national debt? … he looks at the few quarters allowance in his hand and says to himself … I never spent $50,000 dollars in my life … how did I get this bill over my head?

    But that is nothing compared to what a new Jew or Arab child born in the Middle East finds out … that there are other human beings all around who are intent on killing and putting an early end to their life.

    The answer for all these new born kids is to seek out some small corner of the Lunatic Asylum called Earth where they can simply be left alone and be in peace … but it’s hard to find such places (Switzerland seems ideal offering to pay everyone a living wage for not working but they make it very hard to enter and become a citizen).

    So they are stuck in a world where the Neo-cons want to nuke Russia in “a first strike” killing millions? … even when there are Russian Strategic Nuclear Bombers flying over their heads in American, Canadian and European cities???

    One strategy these new children might try … to find a safe place from the lunatics everywhere about them … is to simply sign themselves into the nearest Happydale Sanitarium … they can claim they are “different mentally” then the the rest of the people in the world and should be committed … it should be easy for these kids to prove they are “crazy” because of the way they think … they think they should not be paying for debts they never incurred … and they think it is not right to want to go around killing other human beings like the neo-cons do.

    The Warden at Happydale Sanitarium will likely agree that these kids are crazy and perhaps even “possible terrorists” because they are unlike a “normal” neo-con that wants to kill millions in a nuclear war and obviously not “normal” like the Jews and Arabs in the Middle East that are looking for every opportunity to kill each other, etc., etc.

    Yes … these new born kids should find it easy to be defined as “crazy” … the one thing the Warden at Happydale Sanitarium probably can’t understand is why all the fluoride the government puts in the water supply and the aluminium the government sprays in the air has not provided enough sedation to these children…

    But, have no fear, Happydale will provide the extra sedation and psychiatric counseling needed by these abnormal children so that stealing, burning down businesses and murder will be looked upon “as being normal” and once they are trained to be “racist” they can then qualify to be released back into society to live “the American Dream” and eventually become Bankers and perhaps even one day achieve the ultimate goal … a job at Goldman Saks.

    • Wahabie

      Bravo Paul!

    • woody188

      I was complaining about government spending after watching Obama’s “pardoned” turkey staying in a $300/night hotel room and told my 6 and 8-year old kids the worst thing was they were putting that turkey up in a hotel room on their dime, not mine. They were perplexed so I explained to them how the government was borrowing the money and sticking them with the bill. Their response?


      Smart kids!

  3. paul

    Greg …
    Want to make a futures trade? Although there is MASSIVE liquidation of futures contracts right now … isn’t that the time to initiate one?

    If you sell me one of your one ounce .999 pure Panda silver coins now … I’ll pay you $20 US dollar IOU’s 3 months in the future (on March 1, 2015). That’s $4 US dollars over the current $16 dollar spot price or a 100% percent annualized profit.

    As you know the US dollar is scarily rising and getting stronger each day and silver prices are falling (now only about $16 per ounce) and could be lower 3 months from now.

    So here is my offer … send me a one ounce .999 pure Panda Silver Coin now and I’ll give you $20 US dollar IOU’s (that are now increasing in value unlike silver) and that have the full faith and backing of an entity that is now bankrupt and has more debt then it can ever repay on March 1, 2015.

    So does trading a physical silver coin that is dropping in price now and getting paid with US dollar IOU’s 3 months in the future when most likely the US dollar will be worth much more sound like a good deal to you?.


    PS: It should be understood that once you pledge your physical silver coin as collateral to secure our futures contract “for fiat cash payment in the future” it most likely will be hypothecated and sold into the market (to help drive the price of physical silver even lower and strengthen the dollar even more for you). Realize that because you will be getting back fiat dollars that will likely be worth much more then the dollar’s value today your hypothecated silver coin can never be returned to you along with the extra cash profit on March 1, 2015. Only an “all fiat cash” currency payment will be made to you on March 1, 2015.

  4. Varughese

    Quite funny to see you are ready to believe the propaganda Israel is selling to world on Iran. Its plain simple, Iran will never use Nuke or attack Israel unless they are attacked. Because they know very clearly that will probably end their existence. For some reason the right win guys in US very much funded by the Israelis are ready to believe that. Yes, Khomenei might have said that he want to finish Israel but that’s just plain rhetoric. Just like Obama saying about Russia.

    Iran definitely supports and props up Shia groups across the middle-east like Hezbollah. But then that’s how they counter the Saudi-Israeli axis. Just a simple question how many Amerian citizen have died due to Iran sponsored terrorism? Compare that too the number of people died due to Saudi-Pakistan sponsored ones? Still you think Saudi is an ally.

    Everyone of 9/11 attackers were Saudi National trained in Pakistan. But then the usual rhetoric from right wing media guys is that they are just non-state players. Reall? Saudi has been promoting wahabi terrorism for so long. Now it has become a party with Qatar also joining hands.

    Here is the fun part, the Sunni Wahabi school believes in the destruction of every religious sector including Shias as Jihad. Saudi is actively promoting that but still you guys find Sunni terrorism preferable to Shias. I mean the basic problem Iran has with Israel due to a wide variety of reason. But still they are not stupid enough to initiate any attack on Israel as Khomenei know clearly if Iran is wiped out Shia sect is gone. If Israel is ready to negotiate and settle the Palestinian issue, the majority issue revolving Israel and Iran will be solved.

    • OzFan

      Love Greg’s work ,but you’re right – he has a soft spot for Israel…..notice how the Jewish power hold over everything is hardly touched upon? May be Greg doesn’t want to steer his site down that road, but he sure dances around the big elephant in the room.

  5. Donna

    I was age 17, driving home to Pennsylvania from schooling in Atlanta, listening on the radio to the Detroit riots. It was July 23rd or so in 1967. Bobby Kennedy was shot the month before. I had my tonsils out that very day, so I remember it well. There were the Watts riots, do not recall the time frame. I was 13 when JFK was shot. The nuns walked us to the church across the alley to pray for his soul. My future husband came home from Vietnam in 1967 after two tours to a country he no longer recognized.

    We had the Chicago riots during a Democratic convention. Mayor Richard Daley, Sr., broke heads, took a hard-fisted approach. This was before P.C. lie-down protocol. He got Chicago quieted down in short order (Daley’s thugs being more brutal than the street thugs) but the Dems lost the general election over this display. Today, rioting creates kings.

    I have been heartsick since the elections. We by and large put Republican panty waists back in office. It will take a Senate and House with hard-nosed men like Putin to push back on our dictator. What have we seen so far? Congress mostly hid out since the election and got out of Dodge as fast as they could pack. Looks like Putin himself will have to do our fighting for us. Der Fuhrer has been on a tear since the day after election, giving the country away and picking mob fights with Sharpton as point dog.

    Ferguson is about showing you “yes we can.” Think about it. Obama handed the jobs and the future to foreigners and still got the mobs out on the street, the very people that he wrecked with his policies. This was all about changing the subject (pick a subject — there are so many) and making himself once again the most relevant guy in D.C.

    I was reading a bio on Oskar Werner (German actor in “Ship of Fools,” “Decision Before Dawn”). He was 15 when the Germans invaded Austria. He said people knew what was going on. You could see it right in front of your face, the book burnings, the stores looted and burned down, the Jews made to scrub the streets on their knees, the more educated and well off the better. He had to join their Army and deserted same towards the end of the war. The rest of his life was spent trying to find peace with what he experienced, hiding in the forest from the Germans and Russians with a half-Jewish wife and a newborn daughter. Never mind all the cruelty he witnessed as a teen between the commies and the fascists.

    I sense we have crossed into unchartered territory ourselves. This twice-elected monster will continue to pit people. Just as Hitler was elected, the people in this country knew full well what they were getting. Ferguson was just a testing ground, the first shot across the bow. Name me a communo-fascist that just went quietly into the night when his time was up.

    Blacks are angry, you bet. Their guy in D.C. put them in permanent limbo without a plan B. Now if he can just redirect all that disappointment and anger and “burn this b___ch down” city by city, he will have accomplished what he actually came on the political scene to do. Unlike the days of the Detroit, Watts, and Chicago riots, the power structure is temporarily in the looter/rampager corner (civilian Army anybody?). We’ve been given notice just like the Jews of Europe that we are the problem and need to be dealt with. Just like Hitler and Stalin, the powers can always snuff the useful idiot fire bugs later.

  6. Donna

    Oskar Werner in “Decision Before Dawn.” A poignant film starring an actor who had to deal with the Germans in real life himself from age 15. Purely “entertainment” to pass the holidays before World War III. For a break from the riots, try “Saints and Soldiers” (Hulu) and “Army of Shadows” (Hulu Plus). Tough people for tough times.


  7. Clive F

    Hello Greg. Consider the secretly repatriated gold to the Netherlands as compensation for the death of Dutch citizens in the botched red flag event of MH17 in Ukraine.
    And, expect the final report from the Dutch regarding MH17 to be either inconclusive and ambiguous due to a lack of evidence or, to somehow ignore Michael Bociurkiw’s(OSCE observer) findings and released Russian Radar evidence, to side with the US/Ukrainian version of events.
    Since the 4 countries participating in the Investigation have secretly agreed that they can block any part of the report if they feel it could damage their countries, the final report will likely be incomplete.
    The repatriated gold may also serve as payment for a rigged NO vote in this Sunday’s referendum in the Netherlands.

    • Mason

      Which referendum in the Netherlands?
      There is no referendum this Sunday in the Netherlands. There is, however, a referendum in Switzerland this Sunday on gold. And it remains to be seen if it can be rigged.

      • Clive F

        Sorry Mason. My error. A badly thought out conclusion late at night.

  8. libertarian jerry

    Good Program Greg. What is happening in Ferguson Mo. are the tactics of the Cultural Marxists. That is to stir the pot and then divide and conquer. Through the use of agent provocateurs ,false flags,the Main Stream Media and the aiding and abetting of poverty pimps,race hustlers,imported looters and ambitious politicians the peaceful protests over a legitimate grievance can be usurped and then used to further the aims of the elites who wish to rule us. What the Nazis did with the Reichstag Fire back in the 1930s is what is happening in Ferguson today. Its the age old story of pitting one group against another,destabilizing the community and then using that destabilization to further one’s goals.

  9. Jim H

    Good morning Greg. This from Martin Armstrong.http://armstrongeconomics.com/2014/11/25/ferguson-what-did-your-expect-a-real-jury-decision-the-system-is-not-designed-that-way/
    Will this matter enough? We will see. Had to laugh at CNN headline this morning saying 7 in 10 say things are better now. These stats did not float at my Family’s (32 of us) Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and we are a grateful bunch.

  10. Donna

    Correction: Robert Kennedy was shot in 1968. I was indeed 17, turning 18 way later that year.

    DC riot was in 1968, Chicago riot in 1968. Detroit riot was, I believe, in 1967. Watts? This is almost 50 years ago, so I’m a bit fuzzy. Also, there was so much rioting, burning, and looting in the late 1960s that I got one event confused with another.

    Yep, almost 50 years later. Things sure have changed, huh? Same bunch, same beefs. Our President Mobutu took the mask and the gloves off on 11/05.

    He may smile like a jack-o-lantern acting all gracious and sincere on the TV. All I know is, Sharpton isn’t taking orders from me.

  11. Snorky

    Happy Thanksgiving, Greg.

  12. karmazap

    Information related to your point of view : http://theinjusticefile.blogspot.com/2011/08/black-males-rape-murder-attempted.html

  13. Paul

    Greg, another great commentary! Looking forward to interview with Rob Kirby. Gold was smacked down again last night; Comex liquidation of gold/ silver December contracts ( according to Harvey Organ he has never seen anything like this) .OPEC decision not to curtail oil production is dead aim at US Shale oil industry. Ukraine conflict; Iran nuclear issue; Japan QE to name but a few of the growing global issues. The world at present is a tinder box of worrisome issues . It only takes a spark to ignite . Unfortunately , many countries have just enough flint to cause the spark! Keep the great work.

  14. diane

    Awesome report this week, Greg!
    I wish everyone in America would listen to this.
    Thanks for sharing your insight.

  15. allen ols



  16. vincent_g

    I think your off base with opening of this wrap up.

    The problem we have is a training now given to police that is anti community.
    A training that teaches police to lie in court or shoot first and ask questions later.

    We see time and time again where we see a police action that uses excessive force.
    The police are too quick to use a stun gun and too quick to fire their weapons.

    For example we had a raid in California where police came into a store with guns in a ready to fire at anything that moves and for what.
    Because the store was selling natural milk.

    They came into this store like it was a major drug bust!!

    Those in charge of the police training across the country have to be fired.
    Police have to be trained to treat people with respect.

    Look at Boston where we had every police officer was acting like a Yosemite Sam all firing their weapons in all kinds of directions killing one of their own while trying to get the second bomber hiding in a boat.

    What we have is a attitude from some officers that should not be acceptable by anyone.

    The reason why this blows up in Ferguson is because these are people more sensitive to pain. They are most effected by a system that takes from the poor and gives to the rich.

    A system that lets rich guys walk and poor guys go to jail or gets killed for stealing a box of cigars

    We have serious problems in this country and it will just get worse if we don’t do the right thing soon.

    • Lloyd McDonald

      vincent_g : You are right-on . I have personally witnessed all that you said.
      I would like to add “Hold all officers personally accountable for their actions regardless of training”. I fear for what they may do with military equipment donated to their departments.

      • jc davis

        LLOYD. You fear of there weapons has great validity. When we refuse to lay down our protection they simply over power our use of them. Give a kid a gun and it will be fired. I call the children not because of there lack of control but because of there desire of it.

        • jc davis

          Sorry for the misspells.

  17. andyb

    Greg: I firmly believe that the whole ginned up Ferguson deal, with its 24/7 coverage was a purposeful temporary distraction to overcome the building outrage over Amnesty. Although I really don’t see the Republicans defunding Amnesty or otherwise overturning it. There will be a lot of faux anger and indignation, but the reality is that both parties are hell bent to destroy this nation, primarily through the shredding of the Constitution. By allowing our borders to be overrun with people that have never experienced our Constitutional principles, and only know corrupt regimes and the absence of the Rule of Law, it ensures that big and totalitarian government will be embedded in the American psyche.

    • paul

      Good Point andyb

      It bears repeating:
      “Allowing our borders to be overrun with people that have never experienced our Constitutional principles, and only know corrupt regimes and the absence of the Rule of Law (now) ensures that Big and Totalitarian (Fascist) Government will be embedded in the American psyche (forever).”

    • woody188

      This is the North American Union in action. The blending of Canada, the United States, and Mexico began with the signing of NAFTA during the Clinton years. Soon the borders will be erased and the common currency introduced.

  18. Tom Shane

    Excellent Friday 11-28-2014 weekly news wrap-up. Your website is still ranked No. 1 in my list.

  19. art barnes

    Greg, the democrats for the last 60 years have played the race care effectively for votes of the minorities and they will never stop as long as it is working. Obama is a master at it, talking out both sides of his mouth, on the one hand he understands their (protestors) frustration & approves of the protesting & even encourages it, on the other he calls for restraint on burning businesses, etc.; basically trying to appeal to all dogs in the fight. Further, I believe the Administration leaned on the Gov. of Missouri and told him to stand down the National Guard. Why else would he deploy them and then just let them stand aside and burn the town down? Politics, talk tough and then do nothing? The people of Missouri need to ask some tough questions of their beloved Democratic Governor & I think they might be surprised to find the Governor was in constant contact with Washington. If the minorities believe they are the only targets of the police let me remind them that in reality what we are witnessing all over the country is the “militarization” of our police forces, a even more scary & potentially deadly national scenario that can be played out on all of us. Just because our newly militarized police forces show restraint in Missouri doesn’t mean they always will. Let me remind the readers that all the Government agencies, including, but not limited to, the U.S. Post Office are arming, all the while the police forces are “riot preparing”, drilling & training for Ferguson type scenarios in their own area. Not only are they training for such events but they are arming for them as well, the national guard is only a small fraction in number of the militarized police forces in the country. No one is talking about the militarization in either party and it continues unabated; for a purpose I believe – a future event when the economy goes south & people take to the streets nationally. So, for you minorities out there that think you have targets on your back, we all have been chosen to be curtailed and thrown under the bus for the elite’s status quo. We all need to protest the militarization, our police forces don’t need armored personal carriers, machine guns, illegal gas weapons, tanks, & yes, in many, many, cases armed aircraft.
    As to Iran, another failure stemming from the poor poker face of Obama, he is not going to do anything to Iran militarily and they know he is bluffing; so they will not fold their hand. Iran will not stop “negotiating” until they have nuclear capability, then the negotiating will be stopped, otherwise they are playing the Administration like a Stradivarius. Israel will have to do it, and I think you are right Greg, 2015 may well determine this issue.
    As to the economy, its simply being propped up by entitlements, nothing more. That of course, in my opinion, is why the entitlements numbers always go up never down, they correspond with the GDP numbers, about 3 percent a year, coincidence I doubt it. Entitlements work for the Government two ways, curtails the independence of the one receiving then & appears on paper like the economy is expanding, when in fact is just more accumulation of debt & and a shrinking work force.

  20. Mason

    yes Ferguson is about cover for a bad economy and not about race.

    BUT…I think you missed one thing in this week’s News Wrap-Up: Ferguson is also about the rise of the Police State.

    To summarize: Ferguson is not about white police vs the black community. It’s about the elite and the militarized police against the white AND black population.

    This is class warfare at it’s finest.

    I wish more black and white people would realize that.

  21. HTC

    Greg, nice wrap up. I’m 100% in for September 2015. That is when the powder keg explodes. I think we are gonna see some minor flashes leading up to this, and then chaos. Might be seeing a peace treaty signed in Israel in fact. Jerry said his source believes there’s gonna be a major false flag in the M.E…. Hope everyone enjoyed thanksgiving, because I think it was the last one we will get under the current status quo.

  22. Sherrie

    Another good informative video Mr. Hunter and it’s good to hear Rob Kirby is coming back on soon. Thank you for your work!
    PS… The leading French candidate you mentioned is Marine Le Pen and she is a she not a he. I have been hearing a lot of good things about her for the past couple years.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sherrie for the correction of Marine Le Pen.

  23. Jeff L

    Common perception goes Saudi oil is causing the drop in prices. Yea, they had their meeting yesterday and said nothing new. No one increased output to effect supply and demand and today another 6% drop……… But copper, gold, silver, are all down the same. Some power those Saudi’s have. Did they also increase their copper production ? Again, 90% of this is manipulated futures market as we destroy our own oil sector…….Thank you GS and JPM. And Nobama. This is all “change you can believe in”.

  24. Jeff L

    Looks like my $1150 gold prediction could happen BEFORE the Swiss elections.

  25. em

    Your weekly wrap up is always top notch. That being said, you have discussed the matter of crime statistics many times previously and the stats that you are somehow not referring
    to are found here: http://www.propublica.org/article/deadly-force-in-black-and-white
    This is not a race crime situation, we know those exist and your FBI stats are most likely
    somewhat true. This is a Police State problem , and just like any other professionals, there
    are the good, the bad, and the ugly……..real ugly.

  26. Klemens

    This Hoax Affects Everyone

    • Greg Hunter

      Very interesting!! Thank you.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Hi Greg
        Thanks for another great week of Watchdog reporting.
        I hope you took enough time off to properly enjoy your thanksgiving.

        The above Klemmon’s link is very alarming especially if you listen to the whole of the Clint Curtis congressional testimony;

        I guess Mark Twain turned out to be right…. again.
        “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

        This is pretty horrendous.
        It really means that main-street America has been completely disenfranchised. Elections and voting are merely a charade and all results can potentially be predetermined by TPTB.
        The democratic process in the US is effectively dead!


        • Greg Hunter

          I did take some time off but if I did not cover Ferguson when I did I would have missed an opportunity. I will be taking some time off around Christmas though. Thank you for all your comments.

    • Mike Soon Over

      Yes, and thank you

  27. dee garmon

    Right on spot. Greg. The so called ” Liberals” are the very people who ignored
    the travails of Bradley Manning and instead concentrated on same sex marriage.
    As Chris Hedges correctly observes they are more to blame than the conservatives.
    Whether it is by design or not is hard to tell!

  28. JMiller

    If the officer would have also been black you would not have had AS MUCH of an outrage in the beginning and it might even have quieted down in short order. But having the officer being white just added “fuel to the fire” for those blacks who are racists who then committed what we call racial violence. So yes, race did contribute to the intensity of the situation in the beginning without question. Now however the anger and protests are more toward police brutality where it should have been in the first place.

    If Michael Brown would have been white do you think ALL those black people would have reacted in the same violent way and ALL of them would have continued to partake in the protests? Not a chance.

    So for some blacks, it definitely has to do partly with race.

  29. Thomas1

    Almost $500 per ounce premium to purchase nearly $50 million in physical gold in Asia. A free market states gold should command almost $1,700.

    Keep stacking.

  30. Paulette Hansen

    Thanks Greg, I appreciate your weekly updates. This one in particular was terrific.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paulette for your kind words and support. What the “powers” are doing to African Americans is criminal and NOT helping them.

  31. Jim H

    Great wrap up Greg.
    Some readers were asking why you gave no opinion last week on this MSM frenzy amounting to nothing for over a week, until a decision was reached. They have their answer and I agree with your take on not about race. If people want to know where we are headed, just tune in to PBS/NPR. FOX, CNN and the like are the new National Enquirer conspiracy theory tabloids (ENTERTAINMENT ONLY). PBS/NPR are funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mellon, Ford, Eisenhower and many other hard hitting Foundations. They openly talk about who funds them and push the agenda of the Founders while having the audacity to beg money from me a month out of every year.
    Don’t get me wrong, I usually detest the directions they point us in but they do give plenty of notice unlike FOX and CNN who give a 30 second blurb after it’s a done deal.
    I detest most of what I hear but the guys I work with think I’m a Prophet. So in 2015 as we plummet toward a North American Union, digital only currency and “cremation of care” toward our Brothers and Sisters let us remember that for profit before for love brought us here.

    • Paul from Indiana

      If you really want to know where this is headed, Thomas Chittum’s “Civil War Two” is the best place to start. Try the “civil war 2 checklist”. It will scare you sober. It was written 20 years ago pointing to our times now, and it is so accurate as to be uncanny. Best always. PM

  32. Jeff

    Thomas1 Any published info to show your $500 premium statement ?

    • Mike Soon Over

      Jeff, Jim Willie confirmed it recently. go to his open forum and his last interview.

    • Thomas1

      I believe Bill Holter mentioned it a couple of days ago on this site.

      I remember see a similar article on http://www.kingworldnews.com last week, but I don’t remember the interviewee.
      If you go to Miles Franklin, Bill Holter may also have mentioned it there.

  33. Silence is Golden

    I posted a comment on a previous interview (thank you for allowing it). I think it is worthy of re-posting it again. For some I hope it goes some way in clarifying what we are(have been) dealing with.

    “Lets take a step back gents.
    What exactly is the core of the problem that faces not only the US but the entire Globe. Governments, Bankers ….??
    It really is a failure from the adoption of a plan to permit the “State” to be at the centre of society.
    The dangerous pattern, that may be apparent here, is that the State has continued to progressively push the agenda of putting itself ahead of the citizens (it is superior instead of being subservient). There is also a tendency to push the concept that the STATE can better accomplish it goals by organizing society. Phrases such as Centralising, Abolishing and Confiscating are well known but not well observed. It would be true to assume that a State run society would see evidence of these characteristics. I contend that they do exist, just not in obvious form.
    Like it or not our society is under the direct control of the State as purported in the “Communist Manifesto” – Karl Marx. I trust all of you gentlemen would be familiar with the title. If not you should be….because it is being lived and brought to existence every single day.
    No Western or Eastern Politician would dare speak of Marx as being the Godfather of their ingenious plan.
    You want equality – here is a progressive tax system…to bring some balance. How’s that working out by the way?
    You want free public education – here is indoctrination of our children.
    If we go to war – you(and your children) will be called upon (patriotic)to serve your country.
    You want a public health system – here is centralisation.
    You want something for nothing – here is a socialist democratic society.
    Oh and we (The State) will dictate policy on Agriculture – We will subsidise you if you follow our plan !!!
    While we are it – why don’t we create a centralised credit system and have a Bank that acts as a Monopoly( that way we can control the market).
    The State assumes that its citizens will gladly participate but it doesn’t count on the fact that people don’t like theft, taxes, regulation and oppression which all stem from the State.
    The State will eventually find itself in a bind…when it finally works out that providing benefits comes with a cost. The cost is prohibitive taxes and then deficits and soaring Debt levels. Ahem …..attention ….World Debt at 220% of World GDP…!!
    Our fiat money system is a convenience to permit Communism to flourish. It simply fills the widening gap between desired output and real production.
    We do live in a Communist Society , but like most people (with all due respect) there is not sufficient comprehension behind the makings of a State run society or its presence in current day.
    We face a massive issue going forward because how do you reconcile the divide between Politics and Economics where Fiat is no longer available to resolve the imbalance of what is available and what has been promised. Communism will be proven to be a precursor to something more sinister”.

  34. Cathy

    Thanks Greg for tonight’s weekly wrap-up. You completely nailed it. Bravo! Standing ovation!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Cathy.

  35. Brad

    Another superb weekly wrap up. Greg’s thoughts on Fergusson nailed it.

    I differ on opinion on the Mid East. Sunni and Shia have lived side by side ,inter married and such in the secular states of the Mid East and Eastern Europe. Just as the different Christian sects and Muslims did in Yugoslavia before out side interests stirred up ancient hatreds for their on ends. These people were set on each other for a purpose, mainly to abort the Iran/Syria gas pipeline to Europe in the Mid East. Dr. Willie was correct on that one. Don’t you remember the two British agents dressed in identifiable religious sect Arab garb doing random drive bys of innocent civilians in Iraq prior to their capture and then jail springing by British forces including use of a tank? Iran has no love for Israel and Israel has only hatred for the Palestinian people and those like Iran who support them Israel must eventually find a way to peace with it’s Arab neighbors or ultimately be destroyed as a mathematical certainty.

    It’ll be great to hear Kirby and his take on recent happenings of the economic kind.

  36. keith

    I would love to hear Jim Willie again on USA Watchdog. I find him entertaining and informative. He can be a little out there, at times, but that shouldn’t invalidate everything he claims. Last year, he claimed, all of Ukraine’s gold was stolen. He was spot on. A Ukraine official has recently said, that they have “only 1% of their gold left in their vaults.” The rest was probably sent to the Netherlands, they being the Dutch, who also possess the MH-17 black boxes. Hey! What ever happened to that story? It just fell off the radar.

  37. Ron P

    Greg, Ferguson may not be about race, but it is about race perceptions. If you grow up in a community and family that constantly tells you how bad the white man is, once you get old enough to voice an opinion, that opinion is negative toward the whites. There are too many GOOD black men that have not been involved in demonstrations nor have they been arrested for any crime, but each one tells stories of how they were targeted while they were a teen or young adult by white officers. It may or may not be true, but that is the perception. Just like the multiple women who have now accused Cosby of sexual abuse, one must consider what they say might have some truth behind it.

    And I might add that there are many whites that can not believe that police would profile a black youth. The perception is the police do no wrong

    The problem today is there is no MLK that will lead the black community in constructive debate. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson just stir the pot to cause problems. America needs someone to take MLK’s dream and grow that dream.

    Ferguson was not what MLK had in mind when he said “I have a dream”.

    • jc davis

      Excellent post Ron. Love it !

  38. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,

    Hope you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving. This is trivial and probably a result of my very poor hearing. I think I heard you refer to the top contender for the presidency of France, who wants to repatriate their gold, to as a “he”. Marine le Pen, if this is who you are referring to, is a very beautiful, intelligent young lady, who is 46 years old and the mother of three (Joan, Louis, and Mathilde). Now, this is something you may or may not know, but Marine is Robert (Bob) Chapman’s (The International Forecaster) goddaughter. She was weaned on gold looking at her family tree. I think Marine (Maurine in English) is a brave, brassy and ballsy woman who has her head screwed on right. I disagree with some of her “life” choices but then who am I? Just another old, old-fashioned, old fart. I hope and pray Marine wins in the election.

    Keep up the fantastic work.
    God bless you and yours.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes I made a mistake it is a she. Thank you CC.

  39. Watchdog

    The Chessgame – A MUST READ


    Happy Thanksgiving Greg.

    • wd


      This is a great article, ut shows who the real Putin is. Calm calculated and precise. I keep telling others who thinkk he is crazy that : “that the is playing us, outflanking us, and out strategizing us every step of the way.”

      This is an outsatnding real ife potrayal of the real Putin.

  40. Suzanne

    Listening to Jim Willie’s latest interview with Turd Ferguson… the big gold buyers (b$20 million plus) from the far east are paying upwards of 35% in premiums… perhaps beyond 55%. That’s the only recognized way of preserving wealth.
    The criminal US government stiff-armed the Japanese into pouring all their government pensions into US treasuries now that QE has allegedly ceased here and the Japanese have announced unlimited QE. The US is running out of “enemies” they can go in an loot, and is now going through its short list of allies. Even the Persian Gulf States are getting out of the petro-dollar as quick as they can… cashing out their US paper (ever hear of the Belgian Bulge?) as fast as they can.
    Is the US really dropping the price of oil to hurt the Russians? How about this concept: The China and OPEC bunch is doing that to stop US fracking everywhere… and you know how fast any fracking project plays out… AND it lowers the price of oil to give China a sweeter deal for that 30-year oil contract with Russia.
    Russia stacked up another 50 tons of gold last month, didn’t it? China and Russia are playing 3-D CHESS, while the US bankster cartels can’t seem to manage a good game of checkers!
    Yes, Ferguson is a psy-op, just as the Trayvon Martin case was… something whipped up by our Kenyan president to divide and conquer. Yes, it is a distraction. If the governor of Missouri actually gave a damn, the national guard troops would have been instituting checkpoints to keep non-residents out of the area.

    • Greg Hunter

      Rob Kirby acquires large (tons) quanties of gold for his clients and he says in Asia gold is selling for at least 50% over spot. Kirby will be on Monday. Watch for an “Early Sunday Release” (ESR).

      • wd


        On this site WATCHDOG put up two brilliant and clear articles on Putins strategy with gold…everyone should read it.


  41. Watchdog

    Russia’s Monetary Solution


  42. mike

    The LIARS are losing control, and the TRUTH is taking over. Why, someday we might actually have an honest monetary system – think about THAT! THAT is a trend that even Gerald Celente should be noticing!

    I woke up early this morning Saturday with this thought…

    Will honesty ever return to society..

    The world is doomed in my view unless honesty returns.
    The Swiss vote could be the beginnings of the movement of returning honesty to the world monetary system but I am not convinced that honesty will prevail over the will of the manipulators.

    I do agree with the people that have posted comments like the one above.

    The truth movement is beginning to take hold and I am encouraged by this but we cannot give up the fight for truth.

    So many wars have been started under false pretense and so many wars have gained support by the rank and file of populations based on lies told to us by the industrial military complex.

    It troubles me greatly to realize that my children and grandchildren will pay the price for the excesses of my generation.
    We must not give up the fight for truth.

    We must do the right thing and support those like Greg and the many others that are on the front line trying to get the truth told.

    I fully expect social unrest in the future. However, the militarization of the police has been done in order to squash any efforts we make to take back control.

    In the end the elites that want to cull the world population will no doubt move towards their goal.

    A sobering reality…is it not.

  43. Simon

    Of course, the Ferguson issue is about race! It’s about other social issues as well, but of course it centers on the race question. If not, why has every media outlet reported the incident as a “white” police officer shooting a “black” youth? It’s everything to do with race, and all the modern racial implications that apply.

    As for the Swiss gold referendum, it won’t make the slightest difference to the price of gold. The Swiss central bank has five years to accumulate enough gold to back it’s currency by 20% – and that’s assuming the second round of negotiations is agreed upon. Frankly, it’s a lot of fluff over nothing.

  44. Aziz JAAFAR

    Hi Greg,
    I’m Arab and Sunni and I wish the Shia Iran could get the nuclear weapon (although I’m sure it’s not the Iranians’ leaders intention).And believe me,it’s the feeling of most of the Muslims,no matter if they are Sunni or Shia (please don’t talk to me about the rotten,corrupt Saudi king).Do you know why ? Because we are tired by the massacres,the crimes,the slaugthers,the rapes and the oppression even towards children, practised by Israel,.We are exhausted by the “unbrokable relation” between the Zionist regime and the US leaders (notice the leaders not the entire american people).If Iran gets the nuclear weapon,it would be a sort of balance between Iran and the 200 nuclears missiles owned by Israel.And the israeli agressivity against its neigbours would decrease significantly.It is as simple as that.Thus, your blind pro-Israel speech is a pity.

    • Greg Hunter

      Aziz JAAFAR,
      I am just reporting what may happen and nothing more.

  45. Albert Davis

    Hi Greg,

    I totally disagree with your comments on Ferguson and find them very insulting especially for someone of your experience. This issue is about a white cop sh0oting a black person when he had surrendered and posed no threat to Darren Wilson purely due to the colour of his skin . Darren Wilson was acquitted because he is white and also a representative of the state as a police officer. Nothing else! The bigger picture is the police behaving as black lives are inferior to white lives and subsequently killing black people based on skin colour which is historical and still continues today. Had Michael Brown been a white person Darren Wilson would not have shot him dead. The black on black killings are irrelevant in this case as most are drug and gang related and it not racial. How many black people are acquitted for any black on black killing?? If a black officer shot a white person in the same situation he would have been found guilty. The riots in Ferguson is a reflection of the frustration of the black community and the impunity of the state. Greg I like your commentary on the economy but please stay out of politics especially when it comes to the black community as your comments are so insensitive.

    • Greg Hunter

      You said, “This issue is about a white cop sh0oting a black person when he had surrendered and posed no threat to Darren Wilson purely due to the colour of his skin.” Total BS and the witnesses (mostly black) and forensic evidence prove it. Wilson was not charged because he was innocent. You are ignoring the overwhelming evidence against Brown. The facts say you are totally wrong and totally biased.

  46. NC Gal

    An excellent wrap-up, Greg. I still worry about your health when you get so stirred up about the obvious lies and insanity of our times, although your heated sarcasm does make for a more interesting presentation, for sure!

    As I usually do, I clicked on the YouTube link to listen in a larger format (just my preference) and when I saw a link in the sidebar to a relatively short interview with Gerald Celente (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsT85mCEuMI), titled “Mideast Terror Forecast 2015 ,” I listened to that, too, after I finished listening to you.

    After I had absorbed what Celente said, I came back here and read all of the comments that had been posted here and came away (once again) with the feeling that EVERYTHING IS HEATING UP, all over the world — that tensions and chaos are growing everywhere, and the clock is running on how long “normalcy” can be prolonged. I very much look forward to hearing Rick Kirby again.

    Thank you so much for having the courage to keep this going and for your excellent selection of guests. I don’t bother going to any other source for my news these days. Keep up the good work!

  47. Jeff

    Greg asks…….” You want more proof the economy is headed down? ” The drop in the price of oil is the canary in the coalmine. Or perhaps a black swan no one expected. Some seem to think it’s a god send, an economic positive………It will end up destroying our economy……..Change you can count on…….. Remember Enron and how it effected the banks ? This Ponzi scheme fracking dream is much worse. Imagine that (much worse). That’s what happens when free money chases an uneconomic model. A model both unsound AND corrupt.

  48. Agent P


    Do yourself – and your audience a favor: Refrain from ‘I told you’ introductions… Yes, I know it’s your website and you may do as you please, of course… I am only offering this as a friendly suggestion. It is a turn-off because it comes across as condescending, bordering on arrogance. Yes, we all ‘know stuff’. At the same time, none of us would know anything without the work of others, and so we humbly recognize that and reflect it as we pass it on to others.

    All the best –

    • allen ols

      Agent P.
      I didnt get that impression greg was being condescending, but i could be wrong, but i dont think so. al

  49. Robert E. Salt

    NSA spying is just the tip of the iceberg. Many American homes have a packaged deal for telephone, internet and TV service. The telephone and internet has always had two way transmission of information, while the TV has had one way transmission into the home. The system is capable of two way transmission with a modified TV. A few years ago Americans scrapped their old TV’s and replaced them with flat paneled HDTV’s. You have to ask yourself these questions: Do you find it amazing how small camera lenses and microphones are made for smart phones and iPads? Do you believe it’s possible to manufacture a small part required for building a TV with a microscopic lens and mike and a tiny rechargeable battery so that they could function while the TV is off? Do you have a TV in your bedroom? Would you be surprised to find yourself online in a porno video or doing a strip tease? I cannot prove that this has been done, but you would have to be terribly naive to think that it has not. Behave yourself; Big Brother is watching!

  50. brian


  51. Dwain Decell

    The Bottom line is the US is doing Saudi Arabia’s bidding. Our obligation is to protect their interests which was part of the petrodollar deal after trashing Bretton Woods. The Saudis have America by the Balls since they can roil energy markets. Iraq, Iran, Russia, Syria and Libya are threats to the petrodollar system. They were and are trying to get out and justifiably so, but this is a declaration of war from Wall Streets perspective. Saudis know the petrodollars days are numbered which is why they are looking East. They also probably feel threatened by the US seeking to become energy independent. Makes you wonder why gas prices are so low. The US shale oil industry sure doesn’t like low prices. Iran is not in the petrodollar system. Is this the real reason behind the saber rattling against Iran? I think so. WMD threats are just cover to seek to control Iran.

  52. Snorky

    The Swiss gold vote is coming up. I’m not sure what the paper price reaction of gold and silver will be regardless of the outcome. I’ve never seen anything like it. I bought a couple more AGEs and some SGEs this weekend. The absurdity of the situation is that one day the paper price of gold and silver could be negative $10 per ounce (i.e., I actually have to get you $10 per ounce for you to take it from me). And, before you laugh, isn’t that what negative interest rates (nominal and/or real) are in regards to paper money? And people willingly tolerate it by keeping their money in the bank?

    • Snorky

      Correction above: I meant ‘ASEs’, naturally.

  53. mike

    Well it is done.

    Swiss vote goes to NO side.

    Now we wait and do it the hard way.

    We wait and watch the US loose its world settlement exchange status.

    Then we watch the fiat currencies begin to falter including the destruction and eventual demise of the euro.

    Then all countries escalate their efforts to win a currency war.
    I think it is time to take a course on the art of barter.

    We must remember that debt only has a few choices. Default, Inflated away or paid off.

    Paid off is not going to happen so we know what is left.

    The Swiss had a way out but the choose to believe in the Central Bankers..

    Now they join the rest of us with NO WAY OUT.

  54. Matt

    And as I predicted, the Swiss folded like cheap suits. No gold portion mandated in bank. Bankers and Ponzi paper wins again.

    • Silence is Golden

      AND you called the low of $1151 …kudos big fella. 😉

  55. HKN

    Swiss voted overwhelmingly to reject boosting gold reserves to 20 percent. Gold will stagnant around current low price presenting good buying opportunities. Saudi oil play will stress Russian economy and pressure high cost producers. Lower energy prices to boast US economy well into 2016.

  56. Jeff

    Close to 80% vote down Swiss vote that merely asked for a partial step to sound money…….Either rigged or the Swiss are just as clueless as the rest of my western citizens. Initially ahead in the preliminary poles with 48% (30 days ago), it is astounding to see a drop to @ 22% in the Yes camp……. Can you say “rigged” ? Finally, if conservative Switzerland can’t awaken their populous then it’s easy to see where the West is headed……. Our Thanksgiving get together was again another example of zombies in action ( the truth hurts).

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Elections are farcically easy to rig in this day and age.
      Check out this link;

      I think this referendum was more a test of how robust the Swiss democratic process really is, more than a vote on the increase in gold backing of the Swiss Franc.
      It is sad reality that there is very little democracy left in much of the western world now. A basic principle of a functioning democracy is freedom of the press and obviously an independent news media.
      The Swiss have neither of these situations so it goes without saying that their democracy cannot function. I quoted this in an earlier post but I shall quote it once more:
      I guess Mark Twain turned out to be right…. again.
      “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”


  57. mike

    The bigger picture is about control.
    By controlling money and the ability to create money you build a method to control the population.
    If you have indebtedness to the bankers you have in some ways lost control of much of your choices in life.
    The elites of the world have us all playing in their con game of monetary magic whereby they create money out of nothing then lend it to us with interest.
    This is to many of us just another Ponzi scheme. Like all Ponzi schemes they eventually have to collapse. Unfortunately, what we are witnessing here is acts of desperation that are trying to delay the collapse but in the end we cannot avoid this cycle of collapse, However, there are steps we can take to minimize the effects of the collapse that we and our families will face.

    To fail to plan is planning to fail.

  58. Klemens

    Watch: CNN Abruptly Cuts Off Interview: “Jesus Christ Died for Our Sins”

  59. DDearborn


    On Iran: Other than sheer force of military might, why shouldn’t the Iran’s get to do have nuclear weapons when Israel clearly does. Not only that but Israel refuses to sign the NPT, refuses to allow international inspectors of any kind into the country and generally thumbs its nose at everybody. Please don’t suggest that it is because they might use them first. Israel has attacked every single one of its neighbors in the region with the exception of the Saudis not just once but repeated over the last 10 years. Iran has attacked anyone in the last century. I will take actions over rhetoric every time. And for the record Iran has NEVER stated it will initiate an attack to destroy Israel. What it has repeatedly stated in the fact of the open threats continually made by Israel is that if attacked (by Israel) it will destroy them.
    I think we should give Iran the bomb (like we allowed Israel to steal them in the late 60’s from us) Nothing works better than MAD at keeping the peace. But of course the US as Israel’s muscle in the region doesn’t want that because it stops Israel’s ongoing imperial drive for control of the region.

    Until or unless we shut down the FED the American people will continue to see their living standards decline and their country laid to waste. Gold and all its gyrations and intrigue is merely a symptom of bigger structural economic problems associated with the FED and ms-allocation of US resources both at home and abroad.

    • Greg Hunter

      What do you call sending missiles to Hamas and Hezbollah that are repeatedly shot into Israel? There are two sides to every story and in case you missed it, the Supreme Leader of Iran recently tweeted out a plan to end Israel :http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2014/11/09/khamenei-tweets-plan-to-end-israel.html But I guess that’s OK with you because Israel are always the bad guys. I do agree with your point on ending the Fed, but that won’t happen until the next very major crash.

      • Henry

        The Israeli government isn’t always the “bad guy”, but what it has done to innocent Palestinian women and children recently is obscene, criminal, and it is hard core terrorism. There is no place where Palestinians are free from Israel’s occupation, oppression, land theft, kidnapping torture, terrorism and/or murder. The West Bank is crisscrossed with roads connecting ever growing illegal “settlements”, and not only are Palestinians forbidden to use these roads, but they can’t even cross them. Houses that have belonged to Palestinians for generations are routinely demolished to make room for more “settlements”, ancient olive groves are bulldozed, and more land is stolen every day. The Israeli government does not want peace – it wants the rest of what little remains of Palestine…

        • Greg Hunter

          To be fair what Hamas just did to its own people is a war crime. It shot thousands of missiles from densely populated areas so there would be a high civilian body count. Please don’t give me the “They had to because Gaza is so densely crowded” argument either. Go to Google maps and look at recent satellite photos and check out all the farm ground between the populated areas and the 1950 Armistice line that makes up the Gaza border. I’ll make it easy for you: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Gaza+Strip/@31.4102459,34.3886928,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x14fd844104b258a9:0x7e8955cbe285984e You will find farm ground and lots of unpopulated areas to launch attacks. When Palestinians protested this military strategy they were called Israeli conspirators and executed This according to the Palestine Press News Agency, and it was reported in several places. Why not a word about that sort of “hard core terrorism.” Lots of sin to go around. I an mot going to provide a place for one sided coverage.

          • Henry

            Greg, I have a lot of respect for you and the work you do, and I agree with most of what you say. But I think you’re on the wrong side with respect to Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine and it’s endless terror attacks on Palestinians. Israel is the occupier and the aggressor, and it is in violation of international law. Palestinians are virtually defenseless against Israels’ modern, U.S. taxpayer funded weaponry, and the number of dead on each side confirms this. It’s an ongoing one sided slaughter. Push people far enough, and they will fight back, even when it’s hopeless. I hope you will take some time to look at this website.

            • Greg Hunter

              It’s never one sides fault. There is much sin to go around. In try to be fair. Please do not try to put one-sided links on this site. We will just have to agree to disagree on this point.

              • Henry

                Greg, did you see something on the link I posted that you believe is misleading or inaccurate? Like you, I try to be fair, and I found the information on that website to be accurate and verifiable. If it isn’t, I’d appreciate it if you’d point it out for me.

                • Greg Hunter

                  I don’t need a homework assignment. If you want to promote you thoughts on the Middle East conflict, start you own website and post it there.

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