WNW 171-Fed and Congress Signal Trouble, Putin Defends Russia, ISIS War

Cuba-Proped-600-LI (2)By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Friday 12.19.14)

My top story is the economy, and I think the Fed and Congress just signaled that something is seriously wrong, and it’s going to get worse.  First off, the Federal Reserve just came out and said that it was going to be “patient” when normalizing the monetary policy.  I know Wall Street is jubilant and the stock market spiked on the news, but I think this is really ominous, and it is nothing to be celebrated.  To me, that means don’t expect the Fed to raise interest rates anytime soon because the economy is much worse than what they are telling you.  Why else would Fed Head Janet Yellen come out and say the Fed was going to keep the easy money policies for a “considerable time.”  If we did have a so called “recovery,” wouldn’t you be raising rates and pulling back on the juice?  I think the Fed knows the economy will continue to sink, and if it lets off the money printing gasoline, the whole thing tanks.  Economist John Williams says, “The great dollar calamity nears.”  We are constantly told that the economy is in a so-called “recovery,” and yet, a large percentage of young people in their 20’s and 30’s are forced to live at home.  Also, you don’t have a strong economy with nearly 93 million no longer counted in the work force.  I think the Fed is scared and also knows the Christmas spending numbers are going to be the first big sign that the U.S. economy has a big problem.

The second big warning sign came from Congress, last week, in the form of gutting the Dodd-Frank law that restricted derivative trading and the use of depositor money for Wall Street gamblers.  Now, bankers can use depositor money and if or when it blows up, depositors and taxpayers will be on the hook for billions or even trillions of bad bets by the big banks.  Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts was on this week, and he thinks the trouble may come from the oil derivatives. You know you got a problem when the main stream media highlights bonds taking a hit because of a plunge in oil prices.  You know there is massive leverage in the oil shale sector, and bonds backing that industry are tanking.  They are not coming back until the price of oil comes back up.  Why else would big banks like JP Morgan and Citigroup be pushing this bailout to Congress?  The big banks likely have some very bad bets and are going to need another massive bailout.  I think Congress gave a big tipoff by packing this depositor and taxpayer rip-off in the spending bill that President Obama just signed into law.  You know it was a bad deal for Main Street when Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren votes against it with the likes of Republican Senator Ted Cruz.  They are polar opposites, but not on this issue.  About 40 Senators voted against it from both parties, but it was not enough.

Falling oil prices may be a joy at the pump here, but for Russia it is a nightmare.  There is talk of China bailing out Russia.  There are rumors of bank runs in Russia despite a new 17% interest rate.  Russia’s currency, the ruble, has had its buying power cut in half in a matter of months.  It is crystal clear the U.S. and Russia are at economic war, and Vladimir Putin gave a speech this week to essentially say the Russian Bear is not going to roll over.  There is talk of increased sanctions on Russia by the United States, but an unintended consequence is the sanctions that are hurting Russia are also hurting Europe.  This adds to the economic volatility and probability of a black swan that could come out of Europe in the form of an economic calamity.  It they go down, we will too.  The U.S. Congress has also just voted to send weapons to Ukraine.  They are calling it “lethal aid,” and it may be lethal to Ukrainians as this is going to further ratchet up the conflict in that part of the world.  It looks like the next move will be Russia’s, and who knows what a not-so-wounded bear will do.  The U.S. should expect some payback and it might wreck an already teetering economy here in the U.S.

I don’t have much on the internet hack of Sony.  I think it is a side story, and it may be a test of how weak the internet security really is here in America.  I also think reopening relations with Cuba was a very bad deal because the U.S. did not get much in return.  Democrats like Senator Robert Menendez say it “vindicates the brutal behavior” of the Cuban government.  Republican Senator Marco Rubio says President Obama “betrayed” Cubans fighting for freedom.  Maybe President Obama did this to break up the relationship Cuba has with Russia.  Who knows, but the two Cuban Americans in the Senate from both sides of the aisle think it was a bad deal for a variety of reasons.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. 8Ball

    Good work Greg… I liked the PCR interview. We live in a lie that is constantly perpetuated by the GVT and their MSM puppets. Hard to discern the real truth about anything anymore…

    • Greg Hunter

      8 Ball,
      I too get fooled sometimes to. This is very difficult to navigate for anyone.

    • Collateral Damage

      Great week of work Greg.

      I wish that the material you had to cover weren’t so distressing. It seems like it just gets worse every week. My only editorial thought for this week is to comment on a phrase that you used, picking the phrase up from the MSM and the Administration in their reference to this deployment. That phrase being: ‘Boots on the Ground.’ Boots on ground… I wouldn’t care so much if it WERE just ‘boots’.

      I think it is curious how they use a little phrase like that to lessen the impact of what is actually being done. Those ‘Boots’ belong to Flesh and Blood People. Young men and women who had their full lives ahead of them. Too many of them will come back not needing ‘Boots’ anymore.

      Collateral Damage

    • allen ols

      …this is why we hash it out here @ the WD, back and forth, w/great minds involved.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      “We’ll know our disinformation is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director (1981 Staff Meeting)


      Cubans fighting for freedom? What Cubans?

  2. vincent_g

    Not much to say as you covered it very well.
    But do have this little tid bit to add..

    When upgrading my website I noticed a large increase in traffic.
    It seems that somehow hackers in Russia and the Ukraine have some way of knowing that a new Joomla software was installed.
    10,000 hits from hundreds of different IP’s
    This went on for three days.

    My site was not hacked as it has the latest patches and security measures.
    But what about others that are not educated on proper security.

    I can see that there will be thousands of servers hacked and these people will not even know it happened.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank for the heads up Vincent_G

    • JC Davis

      Vincent I would like to visit your site. Greg has permission to give you my email address or however this can work.

  3. Coal Burner

    Merry Christmas Greg;
    I don’t know how to give a New Years
    greeting right now. I can truly say Thank You for all you do all year long.

    I have been playing catch up after a week back east and a drive back out west. I found a good used wood burner and bought it (in EPA’s eye), and brought my Mom Back with me for the Holidays and the winter. One observation, the No income tax states were hustling and bustling, the others , not so much!
    I read up on Dent and Dr. PCR, I am not willing to say a deflation is off the table but for all different reasons that Mr. Dent. The oil deal looks a lot like 1982 in the west when shale crashed the last time. It also nailed commodity metal mining at the time. It was a long hard deep recession. People in the fracking business have to be running scared as well as the big banks who are in for the debt. This is a classic case that I argue about opposing forces in the elite, super-rich barons whose names we seldom hear. JP Morgan cannot be happy about the Saudis. The Saudis are offering payback here for the Russians effectively. The Saudis make this look like a free for all bar fight. The only winner is Obama who wants to damage the US and Europe as much as he can and if the rising powers get hurt that is bonus points. As for Cuba. ha! He is now throwing all the manure at the wall he can and just hoping something sticks that he can call a legacy. It could wok out to be Cuba?

    • Greg Hunter

      Coal Burner,
      Thank you for your kind words. There is a big difference between now and 1982. Bact then the cash deficit was a little more than $1 trillion now it’s $18 trillion. Foreign debt holders and liquid dollar assets held outside the U.S. was a fraction of the more than $16 trillion that we have today. Last but not least derivatives didn’t really exist. Now the low estimate by the Bank of International Settlements is north of $700 trillion. Deutche bank alone has around $75 trillion in these unregulated debt bets. What could go wrong? Thank you for your kind words and support!! Merry Christmas.

      • Mike Soon Over

        Greg, two other things we had in 1982. Reagan and PCR, if we only had two men like that today I’m sure they would be working overtime in fixing all that’s broke in the country. Thanks

      • Jeff L

        You are absolutely right. We are in no condition to weather another storm yet they keep creating ’82 style problems. Rehash is all they know…….. We are also creating another market bubble like 2000. And a bond bubble. Just to guess, in 2000 interest rates were @ 5% and we had 1/10th the debt. Now with zero rates there’s no where to hide. Thanks

    • lastmanstanding

      The oil deal…hmmm. I live in an area where lots of folks travel from to the Bakken to work. They are gone for weeks/months and then return home for a short time. The money is good but their family life suffers…just one of the parts of the whole deal that sucks. Families are destroyed in a variety of ways. Your all smart folks here, just use your imagination on what might be occurring…because it is.

      I talked with a friend who has a trucking business in the B…I asked him what is going on. A former banker, rancher, entrepreneur that is very smart and highly cautious. Rigs numbers are slowly dropping. Outfits sign a contract to drill a certain number of wells, when the contract is done, only then do rigs shut down. They are down right now…was told that there will be work in the new year…at a rate of 20% less than what they were making. They had their best year ever.

      Their company is ALREADY retrenching out of the shale oil biz…For what it is worth, he thinks the boom is over. Oh, there will be drilling but not near the frenzy that there was. Many people will be out of work once again.

      I also have a young man that I helped raise high in this biz. He started in ND on a rig at the beginning. He also had a biz degree. He worked hard and moved up the ladder very quickly. The owner of this huge oil co. took him under his wing. This young man (under 30 makes nearly $300k yr.) He is privy to good info. The owner of this co. is a multi-billionaire. At their Christmas party, the owner became very somber and teary sharing news with everyone that they would continue but things would be very different in the future. The only reason for continuance was that it was his legacy and his life. Being that well of with no debt has a lot to do with it. His company is his family.

      More folks will be trickling back into town over the next few weeks. I hope they have better news.

      Great job once again Greg…please take some time off over the holidays. No one here will hold it against you.

      • Greg Hunter

        I will my friend Last Man.
        No WNW next week, so Merry Christmas!!!

        • Edward Ulysses Cate

          Joining in too, to wish you a Merry Christmas.
          Had a thought when you said you’d be resting next week:
          “The Federal Reserve Act (ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251, enacted December 23, 1913 . . .”

          • Greg Hunter

            Merry Christmas to you. But I am only taking off one day. I will have new interviews next week and week following.

        • JC Davis

          If you get to come to Nashville. Drop on in and kick your shoes off in front of the fireplace. Life is short live good .
          I got some home made wine with your name on it.

          • Greg Hunter

            You are very kind JC! Merry Christmas.

  4. allen ols

    Last evening for about an hour, JC Davis, and I, listened to and interview by paul sandu and Rob Kirby, dec 2 2014. We didn’t finish it but Kirby was Wound-up, tight and telling.

    anyhow, You r doing just fabulous with this site, we really have some GREAT GUESTS, but just down right, SMART POSTERS/COMMENTERS.
    I am living in GREAT TIMES, end game times. It is great to be 63, informed, prepared, w/gld-silver also.
    glad to see coalburner back, i missed him.
    He got a great deal on a wood burner, now must change site handle. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas to you Allen!!

    • allen ols


      Earlier this year, we published an article entitled, “Watch the Movie Before It Is Filmed.” In that article, we suggested that the future of the reader’s own country may well be seen in advance, by carefully observing other countries that are in decline but are further down the road in that decline.

      The basic principles are:

      Study the evolution of nations and empires of the past
      Take note of the patterns that political leaders repeatedly follow
      Examine what stage a given country has presently reached in its evolution
      Project future events based on what has not yet transpired in the pattern
      In the article, we focused on Venezuela in particular—making reference to their use of governmental regulatory edicts, price controls, takeover of private-sector factories, the setting of price ceilings, and finally, governing by decree. All these developments are standard playbook steps as a nation enters the final stage of governmental deterioration from Dependency to Bondage.

      It’s fair to assume that the same playbook will be used in other countries that are in decline.

      Those who have been watching Venezuela as a guide as to what’s to come in their own countries may now be watching “Venezuela—The Sequel.”

      Price Fixing in Venezuela
      Since the “Watch the Movie” article was written, the government fixing of prices in grocery stores has caused unnaturally low prices on many staple goods. A predictable result has been that Venezuelans have been cleaning out the shelves at supermarkets and taking the goods to neighbouring Colombia for resale. (Colombia maintains free-market pricing, and as such, a profit can be made by Venezuelans.)

      Typically, such staples as meat, grains, and toilet paper are bought immediately upon delivery to the supermarkets in Venezuela. Shortages are so significant that people frequently queue at supermarkets in shifts, as the waits are so long to receive goods.

      This movie is, of course, ongoing. Historically, however, food shortages tend to occur in the latter stages of a decline, just prior to collapse of the system. (No fear is more gripping in the minds of a population than the fear of starvation, and already, in the last year, food prices have nearly doubled in Venezuela.)

      Of course, we in the Western world have never experienced a food crisis. When we hear the term, our collective mind pictures starving children in Somalia. Whilst we may sympathise with this situation, it seems exceedingly distant from the realm of possibility in our own countries.

      Not surprising, then, if the reader feels that, however trying his present situation is, he can at least rule out a food crisis as a possibility in his future.

      Economic Deterioration at Home……contd…

  5. Neil

    Its is all very well to spectate on this each week but the situation is now nearly out of control. The criminality emanating from the US is absurd and annoying the hell out of everyone else. The US is not going to lie cheat bomb and steal its way back to prosperity at the expense of the rest of the world and this needs to be spelled out to the White House and Wall St in no uncertain terms. Who are they acting for when they try to ruin or pick a fight with Russia. Who authorised these blatant and misplaced acts of aggression on behalf of the American people? This financial debauchery and naked spite has to be arrested. I am sorry but the US is now moving from being a problem state to being something that must be dealt with. Americans themselves aren’t capable of acting with maturity or integrity so it will have to be done for/to them. The time has come when we need to stop being spectators and take the US down before their endemic corruption pulls the world into a new dark age.

    • Neil

      and BTW Merry Xmas to you Greg if you are of that religion 🙂 Keep up the excellent reporting!

      • Greg Hunter

        Christian I am. Merry Christmas!!

      • rezo

        Neil. My sentiments exactly .Your country and families are being led to slaughter for no other reason than to satisfy the psychopathic ideas of old fat billionaires and nothing else.
        I have repeatedly stated a political solution is impossible and ALL OF AMERICAS is being targeted by Russia and China for a nuclear strike if necessary .I live in Thailand and am an Aussie and I can guarantee to you that if what was happening here was the same the government would be either dead or in jail awaiting trial .They have taken down governments before .

        • Neil

          Agreed. This has run on long enough. Ever since we had little Timothy Geithner go to China and make an idiot of himself and his fellows with promises we all knew couldn’t be delivered on we have been half entertained, if we were wilfully stupid, with all manner of stalling, manipulation, troublemaking, dishonesty and bullshit as a sorry excuse for facing up to this serious predicament and doing something constructive to manage it. We are talking about declaring a national bankruptcy and an orderly reorganisation. This is like your scumbag brother-in-law promising for the nth time to fix his gambling habit and quit bringing his wife and kids to ruin. Eventually you stop being polite and go around with your brother and father and read the riot act to him. I suggest a bit of gunboat diplomacy is in order for those in the US who aren’t getting the message about their county’s conduct. I think we can probably muster an international task force of 5,000 marines to stand off NY harbour ready to assist real regulators to lock down the financial sector and start prosecutions.

  6. Mike Soon Over

    Greg, thanks from all of us whom follow you and for doing what you do. The mention of Harry Dent and the thumbs down is fine in my opinion so we disagree with Harry. Though, if we as humans only get to here our personal points of view how do we grow or learn. We all need diverse opinions in challenging our own believes. If we only here what we want to here we might as well pretend to be you and interview ourselves, how can that help? I personally seek all kinds of views, I need to learn all I missed out on after dropping out of High school many many years ago. I so appreciate the comment section for there are some of the most informative and well educated folk around. For all of those whom bring up great opinions and post articles, I also thank you. Yes, IT WILL SOON BE OVER. from Mike Soon Over

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas Mike!

  7. bob

    you talked about sony being hacked. where is the nsa? we are told that everybody is being watched. hell i’m being watched right now for this comment. have a built in camera on my computer with the bastards watching me. but i guess, to busy watching my poor butt. n. korea managed to slip in. kind of like the media, don’t look over there look over here.
    as far as cuba goes. there’s a hidden agenda. whether what you said about russia having a military base or something else, but there is a reason and probably it’s not good

  8. Joe R

    Another side affect I’ll be watching for with these artificially suppressed low gas prices is that the Fed, and many states, will have an easier time to add a higher tax on a gallon of gasoline.

    A 20 cent tax on $2 gas might not seem so bad, but when oil goes back to the $90-100 per barrel will put gas over $4.

  9. Andrew de Berry

    Thank you Greg. Every blessing for Christmas, Andrew

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas to you Andrew!!

  10. JC Davis

    Greg. You threw me off at the end. LOL Merry Christmas, and fear not. I want to say this has been a year of many disputes, and heated debates. If I have offended any I ask your forgiveness. I love you all and desire for you the best. I pray Joy, and Peace be with you all.

    • Greg Hunter

      we are all good here and I appreciate all comments.

    • mark

      JC, Greg and to all,
      The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit! For those of us who remember that He (His birth, the Word incarnate, made flesh) IS the reason for the season, we FEAR NOT!, though perilous times are sure to come, He has overcome and gives to us who look to Him by faith the victory, with the hope of His soon appearing in which we shall be conformed to His very image and a share in that glory that He Himself inhabits, (Phil. 3:21, Col.1:12-13) having been made a “new creation” in Him (2 Cor 5:17), and though there will indeed be a time where in fact it is fulfilled where “heaven and earth shall pass away”, His word shall “never pass away” (Mark 13:31). And so according to His promise we await “a new heaven and a new earth in which righteousness dwells” (2 Peter 3:13).

      • Greg Hunter

        Merry Christmas to you Brother!

  11. my2cents

    I know some, not a lot of history with Cuba, Bay of Pigs incident and Castro surely was no model government, But I have to say its absolutely hypocritical to have Most Favored trade status and open relations with brutal, oppressive Communist China but hold grudges for over 50 years with a tiny island nation right next door. US Presidents seem to have no qualms visiting to China.

    Good point about why US is suddenly changing its stance after all this time, to put a wedge between Russian and Cuba relations. Not too bad a deal Greg, if you ask me, in light of whats going on now.

    Sony Hack- I don’t get it. Banning a multi-million $ movie now from theatres because the company over some type of threats? They just roll over that easily? Something doesn’t add up here.

    The whole issue seems to be just a false flag- inside job, event either to demonize N. Korea and/or push for more draconian internet legislation that, what a coincidence! is just now making its way thru Congress.

    An article out just today adding to the fear mongering about N Korea:

    That’s just my 2cents….

    • vincent_g

      These are serious people that hacked Sony.
      It’s not your 2 bit hacker that hacks your WordPress website.

      For them to gain access they might have paid workers at Sony to get access.
      Or Sony was that bad in setting Security standards and these hackers were top notch pros.

      In either case no one wants to gamble on how well organized these punks are.
      Do we know who did it? No.
      Could it be North Korea? Yes.

      Could Russia and China be working with them? Who came up with this dumb idea?

      So far these hackers have made a not so important movie into a block buster hit.
      If they ever release it it will most likely do amazing at the box office.

      But Sony is seriously damaged as many new movies have been seen on the internet.
      Also the script of Star Wars was reported as being on the internet.
      That’s going to hurt box office and worse Sony will get hit with a ton of Law suits.

      The question is which country does Sony belong to?
      Sony is a Japanese company so isn’t this a problem for Japan?
      Why is the US Government putting it’s two cents into this?

    • mark

      Amen! I too wonder about the Sony hacking story– thanks for posting.

  12. Don

    I see something that I have ideas about but not sure.
    Why did the powers that be allow the information on CIA torture to be released, there has to be a motive, never is it to be transparent !! Who benefited.
    I think there is a rip in the NWO elites in other words division. Remember evil can never unite as they are possessed by the Seven Deadly sins, especially Pride and Greed. They agree on the concept but who will be Caesar is the question.
    What is going on ? Who benefited from the Torture Report or what is the blow back ? First clue Jeb Bush announced his potential bid for president
    The answer as Sherlock said ” Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.
    The Bush family is a very powerful faction of the NWO but only one of who knows how many.
    The Torture report opens the door for War Crimes against the Bush family
    How does the collapse of oil prices affect the Bushes, their business is oil, this happened timely with the torture release ?
    It appears there is a division at the top and struggle for power ? A house divide cannot stand !! Well not for long, but look how long it has stood, defies all logic.
    This in the form of a question, maybe I am just over analyzing ?? Ha, Ha !!
    What do you think ?
    Also, you did not post the response I made to the long biblical message in the previous interview, I only did this to respond to the rambling, I agree there was no point to post after you removed his comments, thanks for doing that.
    Keep up the Good work

  13. Mike

    Good morning Greg,
    I’m stumbling over the fact that the Saudi’s are hammering the price of oil.
    I get it in an effort to punish Russia, but why? Because the U.S. requested it?
    How does Russia effect the Saudi’s situation and the need to hurt Russia?
    I understand the Saudi’s hurting Iran, a longstanding enemy to Saudi Arabia.
    Why is the U.S. allowing the Saudi’s to do this @ it’s own economic demise with the lower oil prices? $65 a barrel would of been sufficient imho. Haliburton just laid off 1000 employees, and other producers will follow.
    I remind you that there were/are 7 nations on a list to be destabilized and removed from the global scene, let me see if my memory serves me this morning.
    Saudi Arabia
    and 1 other, Cuba?
    As stated by under Secretary of State John Bolton of the ‘W administration’.

    My point is, I wonder if Saudi Arabia, who have been stabbed in the back by the U.S. State Department a while back, along with other issues, is going to be demonized with the damaging of the necessary higher oil prices and therefore, well, BE NEXT!

    I thank you for your service my Friend.
    Mike DFW Texas

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dallas Mike for your comment and analysis!!

    • diane

      How does China fit into the picture?

    • MAN

      First of all I wanted to wish Greg a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Your website has a very refreshing list of thoughtful and decent articles and comments.
      What if Russia suddenly shows up in Saudi Arabia and in control of their oil? What would the United States do about it under our current administration?

  14. Donna

    Heard a remark that the coming monetary collapse will affect women and children under 10 the most, or words to that effect.

    Found 2 stories, both heart wrenching and uplifting, 1 under communism, 1 under fascism. These stories show you what transcends, what both systems have tried to obliterate. Good messages of charity, loyalty, and perseverance.

    The first is “I am David.” The second is “Saviors of the Night.” Will post the second one right below.


  15. Donna

    “Saviors of the Night.”


  16. CrazyCanuck

    From the viewpoint of this Canuck to the north, the cessation of punitive sanctions from the world’s largest bully is good news. Aside from the obvious hypocrisy ( given the millions of lives worldwide damaged or snuffed by the “land of the free” , beacon on the hill country ) the common Cuban people have suffered greatly. Looking ahead, I thinks their lot should get better and this outweighs what Americans got in the deal. The sanctions were ineffective and wrong on a couple of levels, it is due time to own up and start a new chapter — for the sake of the people.

    • Collateral Damage


      That made me laugh, I have heard it called by many names, but never before ‘the world’s largest bully’. 🙂


  17. Jeff L

    Someone yesterday was concerned about an article stating Russia would have to start selling their gold. I knew it was just more lies. Here’s the truth…….. [ http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-12-19/russia-busts-gold-selling-rumors-reports-it-bought-another-600000-ounces-taking-gold ]

  18. andyb

    Greg: first of all, I hope you and yours have a happy holiday season, amidst these trying times. Let me add my 2 cents to the bank friendly provisions on the spending bill. It’s patently obvious, at least to me, that the end game is nigh with the derivatives protection measures for the banks. Additionally, I wonder how much in bribes were given to the (mostly) treasonous 535. Before even FACTA, remember when the DOJ was all over the Swiss banks and the other European tax havens to uncover US tax cheats? But not a peep about some of the most egregious havens in the Caribbean where, IMHO, are located the special trusts, and hidden payoffs for our elected representatives. Just follow the trail wherein the most powerful DC law firms have satellite offices in all of the suspected Caribbean venues.

    • JC Davis

      Andy B I have to ask myself how will this play out ? When, not if the market collapse happens will they try to squeeze blood out of a turnip or take root and all. Hope you understand what I am asking. Will real property be at risk to fund a derivative’s collapse?

      • Paul from Indiana

        JC–when the intangibles (stocks, bonds) markets crash, the government loses huge revenues by loss of capital gains tax. In addition to no incoming capital gains taxes, if the market crashes, there is panic selling, and most of that selling is at a loss. The sellers use that loss to offset taxes from other income. What’s the result? The government loses tons of money already spent, because the taxes they were anticipating did not arrive. So guess what? Your tangible property will be what they come after next. Remember, the government will do what it takes to survive at any cost; it exists now only for itself. Best always. PM

        • JC Davis

          Paul M That was what I was thinking also. Ownership by the end of a gun.

        • Charles H.

          Paul from Indiana,

          This looks to be the case. (Merry Christmas)

  19. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, Great wrap as usual-thanks. With all the chaos it seems there will be plenty of possible scapegoats to choose from………..On the Cuba thing, within moments I was looking for a story from back in the summer and had a sense what it may be about.
    Putin Promises to Assist Cuba With Offshore Oil Exploration…… https://concernedamericandad.wordpress.com/2014/12/18/obama-moves-to-normalize-relations-with-cuba-obama-on-cuba-isolation-failed-hmmm/

    • Collateral Damage


      Thanks for the post, this Cuba think makes a whole lot more sense now.


  20. DiscoProJoe

    I’m happy to see that Obama actually did something right for once by reestablishing relations with Cuba! That’s been more than 50 years overdue. Ban Ki-moon, Pope Francis, Ron Paul, China Daily, and Russia Today all agree. I’m no fan of Castro, but I also could care less about what some of those butthurt Cuban Americans think.

    Peace, friendship, and goodwill toward all nations — and entangling alliances with none — are what George Washington and Thomas Jefferson advocated in their farewell addresses, at least. And John Quincy Adams said something like, “America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy.”

    Sad how those great words of wisdom have been lost among most Americans for so long….

    • Jeff L

      I can guarantee you Nobama didn’t lift any Cuban sanctions because he cares for the people or country. He did it for spite and hatred (and that’s his better qualities).

  21. daddy warbucks

    “I am attending a scheduled Citizen Lobby visit with Congressman Darrell Issa’s staff at 9:30 am PST on Friday, December 19, 2014, in Vista, CA.”


    My question to you, ‘Honorable’ Congressman Darrell Issa, is: Why do you continue to pretend that you represent us, We The People, and your military Officer and Congressional oaths to support and defend the Constitution, when your acts (voting for the HR 83 Appropriations Act; voting to ‘approve-without-objection’ electoral votes for the usurper – twice) and your failures to act (not calling for impeachment of the obvious usurper; not calling for indictments against Obama & Hillary Clinton for ‘gun-running to our enemies’ at Benghazi)?

    Is it because:
    1.a) You have been threatened with the loss of your life?, or
    2.b) You have been threatened with the loss of your loved ones’ lives?, or
    3.c) Something else?

    Your personal response of A, B, or C is required, so that I and my compatriots can decide now how to proceed in our efforts to support and defend the Constitution which you and your Congressional compatriots have so ignominiously ignored.

    In Liberty and In Truth.

    /s/ Neil B. Turner

    Read more at Orly Taitz web site


    • JC Davis

      Daddy Warbucks you will not be invited back…LOL Brave of you none the less. Will Eric Holder be there. Nail his tail to the wall also.

  22. daddy warbucks

    These protesting blacks and accompanying white liberals are nothing but quintessential useful idiots advancing Obama’s bigger plan.

    The goal is to make it look like our state and local police forces are out of control and to ‘federalize’ state and local police, further eliminating states rights and centralize federal power (like Hitler did in Nazi Germany).

    Our federal government is becoming a behemothic US sovereignty eating monster

    If you’re a black US citizen, or Asian, gay, a student, woman, a Latino US citizen (even you white idiot liberals), put futile party affiliations and self interests aside, wake up to your new reality.

    The American middle class, US sovereignty and the laws of our land are being destroyed in a sustained, systematic undermining.

    The American middle class is being destroyed in a sustained, systematic undermining which is necessary if a (now growing) federal totalitarian police state can exist.

    Notice our RINO GOP leadership keeping quiet?

    If you understand the treasonous club, things will make sense.

    McCain, Kerry, Bush(s), Clinton(s), Graham, McConnell and who RINOs and all democrats bow to:

    Check out the last 30 seconds of 2, then watch these two short videos:

    youtube: Obama and Rockefeller 1

    youtube: Obama and Rockefeller 2

    The goal is to make it look like our state and local police forces are out of control and to ‘federalize’ state and local police, further eliminating states rights and centralize federal power (like Hitler did in Nazi Germany).

    The bigger the federal government gets the worse things get, the faster the USA is going broke, getting sick and sliding into tyranny and another world war.

    American citizens are on the globalist menu as are Russia and China.

    Think the top officials at the DOJ, DHS, NSA, TSA, EPA, DOE (energy AND education) are working for the benefit of the American tax payer and upholding the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights?

    • Mike Soon Over

      Great post

  23. Jerry

    Greg, we are all in very serious trouble.
    The all out assault on the Russian ruble this past week by the western banking cabal will have dire consequences for all of us. The BRIC nations put a plan in motion several years ago to cut themselves loose from the world bank beginning 01/01/2015 if something was not done to stop the fraud and manipulation perpetuated in western markets, and more specifically in the western banking system. Russia, China, and India have been buying up massive amounts of gold in preparation for this move.

    Russia with its 2000 pound dragon (China) in the room will respond. Its just a matter of which option they will choose.
    – Russia could raise gas prices for Europe and crush the European economies. Probably will happen anyway.
    – Russia and China could dump close to 2 Trillion dollars in US Treasury Bonds back into the market and collapse the US Bond Market along with the dollar. May Happen.
    – Russia could default on its payments to European Banks, and cause a run on the European Banks. Could happen.
    – Russia could sit back and do nothing and let the American Shale oil companies default on their loans, sending shock waves through the commodity markets, and financial houses across America. May happen anyway.
    – Russia and the BRIC nations could use this financial attack on the Russian economy as the reason to push their plan forward and cut themselves loose from the World Bank and more importantly drop the dollar as world reserve currency. This is the one I think will happen.
    What say you Greg?

    • Greg Hunter

      2015 will be the year of fireworks.

      • Jerry

        As predicted. Tell me this wasn’t a set up by Putin….
        The western banking cabal got played folks. The dollar is doomed for sure. Keep stacking my friends.

        • mark

          excellent article, thank you for posting Jerry and thank you for your continued efforts to diligently bring to our attention those items which prove relevant in demonstrating the precarious nature of the developing situation. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Jerry!

      • Jerry

        The next domino to fall is England.
        Its coming our way folks. What’s about to come down the chimney is not Santa Claus. Its more like Comrade Scrooge and his band of merry BRIC elves.

        • wd


          What an article, didnt realize how far out this reached! North sea oil collapsing, and that article they mentioned oil per barrell hovering around $65, boy are they wrong.

          J is it possible, that is is an Eastern ploy. Our one source of great payong jobs is being destroyed in front of our eyes. And that they check-mated our check?

          It would seem to me that Russia should also flood world with as much cheap oil as possible, they could crush this industry completely. Thx

          • Charles H.


            I worry about this the same. It just may be the Eastern Economic Block behind all this. The Saudi’s ARE going to turn away from the US and ally to the rising power.

        • allen ols

          JERRY, GREAT STUFF, DONT STOP………!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Greg Hunter

            I agree!!

      • Jeff L

        It is amazing how our demise has been put off but that’s how well the lies have worked. 2015 will bring out the truth……. Tax revenues will be atrocious, spending (printing) will set ANOTHER record….. So far the American public has been comfortably asleep. They will only wake up when their finances are perceived to be threatened. That, in a nut shell, is the reason for the lie based market rise. It’s in a parabolic phase now (like 2000) and will soon awaken those slumbering.

        • Greg Hunter

          Jeff L,
          “2015 will bring out the truth,” I agree my friend!!!

      • Jerry

        Greg I forgot to wish you merry Christmas. This is my gift to you.
        Do you ever feel like we’re living in a nativity story? The NWO as the Roman empire. Obama as Herod.

        • Greg Hunter

          “Obama as Herod” priceless. Marry Christmas.

    • Jeff L

      The last 2, Jerry

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, my choice is #4. It fits into Putin’s m.o. in my opinion. It’s very passive-aggressive and the most economic with regard to input of effort. All he has to do is wait it out, it happens, and he doesn’t even have to take blame or credit. Like the old beer commercial, it’s “brilliant”! Best always. PM

    • Collateral Damage


      Excellent Post! Sounds like Russia is a ‘Toothless Tiger’ to me, NOT.

      Best to you and yours,


    • allen ols

      PCR says; The countries of the world, are withdrawing systematically from the west and the swift sys, etc.


      • allen ols

        pcr says, “all russia has to do is tell europe, they will not sell any oil to any country connected with nato, and boom!!!

    • Gene

      Astute observations, Jerry. Of interest, listen to the interview with PCR on kingworldnews.com released today in which he also suggests that Russia might choose not to pay against its debts. As you suggest, they might do that selectively by refusing to pay to European and US interests. They could term this action a new kind of “sanction”. As Greg pointed out, European banks are already insolvent. Some hold large amounts of Russian debt, and this could easily push them over the edge of the bankruptcy abyss.
      Some might argue that this move by Russia could lead the West to retaliate financially, but it’s not clear how this could be done with substantial and persuasive effect without the West “shooting itself in the foot.” For example, Russia can’t be excluded from participation in the international payments system without risking a shut-off of energy to Europe.
      Ultimately, Mr. Putin and all of Russia’s top officials must resist every effort to weaken their regime by whatever means, since they are well aware of what has happened to those foreign leaders, such as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, who have failed to submit to US domination. So, Russia will do whatever it takes to resist the US, including any and all of the measures you have expressed.
      As to the possibility of a nuclear attack by Russia on the US, this seems unlikely unless Russia concludes that either such an attack by the US/NATO is imminent, or the overthrow of its government by a Victoria Nuland-style color revolution might succeed in Moscow. Unfortunately, it appears US strategists have now come to believe that the use of nuclear weapons as a first strike strategic option, or even as a tactic, is feasible. (See the paper by Lieber and Press in “Strategic Studies Quarterly”, Spring, 2013, available at http://www.au.af.mil/au/ssq/archiveArticle.asp?id=30). No doubt, Russian strategists are well aware of their thinking, and have planned accordingly.
      Nevertheless, I wish everyone who reads this comment a joyful and peaceful Christmas, since Christ my Savior is Lord of all.

  24. Clare Doll

    Merry Christmas Greg:

    Does anyone remember at the beginning of the season we were all wondering how the Ukraine and Europe were going to pay their gas bills? Well we have our answer now, don’t we? Makes me think this whole business was a planned take down of oil in addition to the fact that Obama kept refusing to expand the US’s drilling all along. He knew what was happening and may even have had a hand in it!

  25. paul

    Merry Christmas Greg …

    It’s the time of year when many Red Pill’ers take the Blue Pill for just a few weeks for some needed R&R … but not you Greg … your commentary was absolutely Stunning in it’s Logic and Presentation … like for instance where you say there will be no rise in interest rates until after the 2016 election (at the least) … Right on Greg! … as this logic begins to sink into the general public’s mind it should begin to move gold and silver higher.

    As for the Russian and Saudi “payback” to the US shale oil industry and US banking industry (in response to the US sanctions against the Russian ruble and the US theft of Saudi gold stored in Switzerland) … the US Congress has scrambled to put the consequences for their stupid and insane actions right on the backs of the American taxpayer … and now are insanely moving lethal weapons toward the Russian boarder (likely because it’s no skin off their nose) in doing so they just gave the American People a nice Christmas present … what is inside? You guessed it “Nuclear Armageddon” … on the Christmas label “From Your Representatives with Much Love”.

    Only 40 out of approximately 500 in Congress are trying to do the right thing?? Does anyone have a list of these magnificent 40 … so we can get rid of the other 460 “bad guys” in 2016?

    As for the troubles the PIGS are having (I guess they never heard the story of the Three Little Pigs when they were kids) they should be living in a BRICK house!!! … Soon they will realize this as the “US Wolf” blows down their doors… eventually all of Europe will join the “BRICKS” nations and the US dollar will be toast!

    Well Greg … have a Happy New Year and Joyous Christmas … I’m going to take my Blue Pill now so I can see the world the way God Intended for a few days … after its effects wear off … it will be time to once again use God’s “Christmas Gifts” Logic, Morality, etc. … to fight off All the Enemies of Righteousness!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas Paul!

  26. rezo

    Hi Greg, I am an Aussie living in Thailand . I trade minerals etc among other things . I can confirm Rob Kirbys statement that at the current time there is a massive rush to secure gold in Asia. I just today was asked to source as much gold as possible for a client in Singapore and I stress as much as possible. I am meeting the suppliers personally on Monday Asia time to discuss .The client isn’t worried about price just reliable genuine product by the ton or many multiples of tons .I will keep you posted on what transpires , but Rob Kirby is absolutley correct and his critics are dead wrong. Many Asian countries are also buying gold to store in their countries but you don’t often hear about as they like to keep a low profile so it’s not just India, Russia and China .The bottom line is in my opinion is they are aware of a coming financial collapse and are preparing for it .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rezo for the street reporting from Asia!!!

    • lastmanstanding

      Thanks Rezo. When people with that kind of money are searching, it can’t be far off. By “it” I mean the point where pm’s will not be available thru current channels at any price.

      The client most-likely has several individuals like you looking. I would.

    • JC Davis

      Rezo Keep us informed, and if there is any gold dust left behind my three favorite words are Ill take it.

  27. Gord Higham

    Greg, New Cuban Relations = Domestic votes for Democratic party candidates, end story.


  28. Pete

    Greg… You can bet the farm that Obama wants to pull Cuba away from Russia. He mentioned that Americans will be able to use their credit cards there. Keep the BRICS out and our banks in so that the banksters can start the plundering.

  29. Horsenut

    I really don’t think Russia is as wounded as everyone thinks. They just bought 600K ounces of gold in November, and over the last year have been paying down their debt. I think the US is the one that is wounded. It shows in everything you pointed out in your weekly rap up.

  30. Janet G.

    Lifting the embargo on Cuba by the U.S. has nothing to do with the betterment of the Cuban people. Why would it. Has this administration or former administrations brought any progress to the American people. Think about it.

    It’s all about Russia, and the U.S.’s malevolent agenda for its disintegration. After all Obama’s mentor is the one and only Brzezinski, referred to as insane by his college roommates.
    THE REAL REASON – In July of this year, Putin made a deal with Cuba. He wiped away 32 billion dollars in debt to Russia from Cuba, leaving 3 billion dollars to be paid back over ten years. Further, he made a deal for 900 billion dollars of oil from Cuba.

    This is the one and only reason for the lifting of the 50-year-old embargo. When this administration speaks, think opposite reasoning.

    • Iona Laundramat

      Perhaps the main reason is that Obama (a smoker) wants to be able to buy Cuban cigars legally.

    • Jeff L

      Janet says……Regarding Cuba, “has this administration or former administrations brought any progress to the American people?” …………… I would go one step further…….. Have they brought progress, betterment, or peace to ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the world ? (last 2 generations).

  31. Janet G.

    Correction – The deal was not 900 billions of dollars. It was 900 billions of barrels of oil.

  32. diogenese

    Hi Greg
    The much hyped Russian roll over ain’t going to happen before the oil companies tank , one Australian company operating US shale is bancrupt ,another in the baken is stoped all drilling and according to the BBC the north sea is about to go belly up .
    The UK finances rely very heavily on oil revenue ,selling at a loss = run on the pound sterling , tin foil helmet here but maybe Russia is orchestrating the oil price to collapse to break the UK / US bond with american shale collapse as a bonus ? As Russia realy likes long term fixed price contracts for its energy exports the value of the Rouble against the US dollar is of no consequence .

  33. Paul from Indiana

    Random thoughts…

    How many times have we heard/read Greg Mannarino say, “it’s QE to infinity!” ? Well, it is, isn’t it? Why? Because they are trying to recapitalize the banks, which is IMPOSSIBLE, given the circumstances. The longer this goes on, the worse it gets.

    Today’s young adults, the so-called Millenials, the ones cited by Greg Hunter as living in their parents’ basements and facing severely reduced prospects in this formerly great country, are showing reduced interest in owning homes and cars. These are possibly the last two industries left in this economy. What are the implications of this trend? (Hint: it’s not good.) What about this great American myth, soon to be a lie, that each generation in America is “better off” than the previous one?

    Watch the Cuba deal. I suspect that the USA will handle it just like they did TARP, the illegal handover of GM to the unions, and the QE disaster–they will do it in such a way as the “money” goes to the elite interests and the people see no benefit whatsoever.

    I would have preferred that Castro be dead before making these overtures and instituting “reforms”. I hate that we would give even the appearance of “winning” or justification to that evil, murderous, communist thug, the darling of the Left, whom the NY Times called the “Robin Hood of the Caribbean”. (Barf bag, please!)

    I wish we could somehow separate Christmas and the Saturnalia/solstice party. Since we can’t, or won’t, I will wish each and every one of us a Merry Christmas. Have safe travels, a wonderful time, hold family and friends close, and may the Christ of Christmas come to us all. Best always. PM

    • Jerry

      Paul the main reason the BRICS and another 125 countries want to be free from the dollar is because of the fraud, and manipulation in our system. Printing money is all we have left to sustain us.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Jerry, the world economy can no longer productively absorb continued printing, and we’re not the only ones, as Europe and Japan have joined the party, so to speak. The resulting asset inflation is above all precedent in valuation to production ratios. The bust is equal to the boom, and this one has been of unprecedented magnitude. The whole world takes it on the chin in this one. Many thanks for your continued dedication to this site, and by extension, people like me. Merry Christmas and best always. PM

  34. Brian Stemmerman

    Merry Christmas Greg,
    Was thinking about what you said about Bail-ins. What bank would be left standing if they took the depositors money? They would be crucified. Hard to see that coming.

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas Brian.
      They will be lost with derivatives. The bankers will say it was out of their control and it’s the fault of Congress.

  35. Janet G.

    Also, just learned at another site, Russia is has been constructing a military base in Cuba.

  36. Smaulgld

    We have been patient for 6 years- Here is Bernanke telling us in 2009 WHEN they would raise rates and unwind the Fed balance sheet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odPfHY4ekHA&t=8m21s
    “when the economy begins to recover” !!!

  37. Matt

    Off topic. Putin was in Cuba in July on way to the BRIC countries. While there a deal was struck. Cuba’s debt of 32 billion was forgiven to Russia except for 10%. Can’t have that now can we. Well, Western bankers can’t.

  38. Jerry

    This is the real reason the western banking cabal attacked the ruble. They’re set to go online 01/01/2015.
    For all you watch dog readers, do you think an avid chess player like Putin didn’t see this coming? He’s two steps ahead of the checker brained banking cabal ramrodding our little dog and pony show. Check out my last post about him signing an agreement with China two months ago to financially backstop his oil industry. The bigger question is, what’s next?

    • tsuki

      I don’t think that is off topic. I remember the ’59 revolution and the subsequent state department blunders.

      Over the years, I have heard that Cuba is a money bomb waiting for the death of Fidel to happen. We have used the embargo to keep foreign investment out and save Cuba for our vulture capital investors.

      Now that the embargo is ending, we have the option of being shut out or using a pretext (we get a traitor and a felon, Cuba gets three spies) to open diplomatic channels. We only have until 15 May 2015 to get this sorted out. Like it or not, RossSwift will change the world.

  39. Brian Stemmerman

    Greg, don’t get me wrong I do enjoy your site. Please explain: IMF Now Ready To Slam The Door On The U.S. And The Dollar (This is good and imortant)
    I feel that living in the matrix is better than living in a non-Manipulated economy. I don’t feel that your viewers have enough gold to protect themselves. You might need an army. People will lose their jobs, their homes and their morals. It could end up being a free-for-all. Like Gerald says: when people lose everything they have nothing to lose. I also disagree with what the government has done. I do not look forward to the days that I have to protect my family. You say fear not, I say wish not.

    • Greg Hunter

      Revalue it against other currencies when they Issue SDR’s.

      • JC Davis

        Great advise Greg. After a new currency overtakes the dollar, gold will become a big step in picking up the pieces. Insurance is not investment.

    • Jerry

      Brian, you don’t have a choice in the matter. Prepare.

    • Collateral Damage


      IMHO, none of us ‘common people’ will have enough of anything to protect ourselves. The best that you, (and we) can do is to live an honorable life and be true to yourselves, your family and friends, and prepare yourself, mentally, spiritually, and physically as best you can.

      We are all in this together, and it will be as it will be.

      Best Regards,


      • Brian Stemmerman

        Best regards to you

  40. Dan Knight

    Merry Christmas, Greg to you and your family.

    Have been watching your videos on YouTube for a few months, and I certainly wish you were in charge of any major news desk. Keep fighting the good fight, and get the facts out there! Our hopes and prayers go with you.

    • Greg Hunter

      This IS a major news desk. Do you really thing these guys don’t watch–I know they do. Merry Christmas my friend and thank you for the kind words!!!


      • Paul from Indiana

        It’s MY major newsdesk, that’s for sure! I have sworn off the MSM. As Elmer Fudd said, “good widdance to bad wubbish!” I read the Louisville, KY daily newsrag for the obituaries and the weather. Best always. PM

        • Greg Hunter

          Louisville is a lovely town on the beautiful Ohio River. Thank you for your kind words of support and all your comments.

  41. Outlookingin

    The resent gutting of Dodd-Frank with the passage of legislation, making the FDIC and the tax-payer, the final bag holder if the derivatives market goes bust, is the banks just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s making it iron tight.

    On Wednesday February 10, 2010 the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation announced that, the Federal Reserve Board had approved their application to form a subsidiary of the Federal Reserve System, responsible for the Trade Information Warehouse under the new entity of the Warehouse Trust Company. Which would now be responsible for “clearing” ALL derivative contracts.

    What that means is, the American tax-payer is on the hook for any derivative contract that defaults, in any future financial meltdown. So you see, the bankers covered their a** over four years ago but needed this latest coverage to nullify Dodd-Frank! Talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house! What use are laws when the law making and breaking process, is under the control of the thieves who are doing the stealing?

    • JC Davis

      Oullookingin what would be the results? could the federal government sell off land? Greg if you talk to Fabian Calvo would like to know his take also.

      • Jeff L

        Yes, to China, in exchange for debt.

  42. Mary Casey

    Sony cyber attack?….I can’t help thinking this may be a “false flag” to lay “believable” ground work for a false flag attack on our financial system; forcing bank closures, crisis, etc that will then be blamed on North Korea or China or Russian? Already the media is prepping the public by foretelling of catastrophic cyber attacks. This movie reminds me too much of the Benghazi video? Why pick Sony for a “false flag”?….surely the NSA already knew of the emails downing Obama and we know how Obama would respond to that.

  43. Gregory Mannarino

    So how does the Federal Reserve actually continue to keep interest rates low?
    Well since the Federal Reserve possesses no magical power, the Fed. Has to actually get into the market and make it happen.
    How you ask? By printing more and more cash out of thin air and then use that newly printed cash to buy bonds. It’s that simple.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory. We will have you on again after the 1st of the year!!

    • diane

      GM? If they raise interest rates after flooding the T bills….how can they ever afford to have to pay all that interest?

    • Charles H.


      Earlier in the year, I wrote Jim Sinclair – saying I thought they would print and buy , whether overtly or covertly – forever, in a “it works, until it doesn’t” scenario. Jim wrote back saying – it was right. Looks like this train will have some speed when the tracks run out.
      Merry Christmas to you.

    • lastmanstanding

      You don’t know how many people (that I thought were far smarter than me) that I have told that to that look at me like I am nuts. Hell, their most-likely just distributing the cash amongst themselves as well. Who cares if Jamie D. and the rest get a 20 or 30 million dollar bonus…they control it, they distribute it to who they want.

      Greg, it is just that simple…that is why no one believes it.

  44. allen ols

    GAME CHANGER, SILK ROAD, envision marco polo.

    Welcome to the new trans-Eurasia choo-choo train. At over 13,000 kilometers, it will regularly traverse the longest freight train route in the world, 40% farther than the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. Its cargo will cross China from East to West, then Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France, and finally Spain.

    You may not have the faintest idea where Yiwu is, but businessmen plying their trades across Eurasia, especially from the Arab world, are already hooked on the city “where amazing happens!” We’re talking about the largest wholesale center for small-sized consumer goods — from clothes to toys — possibly anywhere on Earth.

    The Yiwu-Madrid route across Eurasia represents the beginning of a set of game-changing developments. It will be an efficient logistics channel of incredible length. It will represent geopolitics with a human touch, knitting together small traders and huge markets across a vast landmass. It’s already a graphic example of Eurasian integration on the go. And most of all, it’s the first building block on China’s “New Silk Road,” conceivably the project of the new century and undoubtedly the greatest trade story in the world for the next decade.

    Go west, young Han. One day, if everything happens according to plan (and according to the dreams of China’s leaders), all this will be yours — via high-speed rail, no less. The trip from China to Europe will be a two-day affair…….


  45. allen ols


    The trend on a global basis is getting really scary. Our forecasts have been computer generated and are by no means my PERSON opinion of what I would like to see. This is getting to be really horrible as government simply go after more and more money without any consideration what happens when you have extorted everyone and there is nothing left? Japan is now moving to become the latest country to consider taxing wealthy individuals who move abroad to take advantage of lower rates or to simply guard their freedom.

    Governments look upon the people as the great unwashed. We were born to serve their special interests and have no rights even to exist. What we earn and produce belongs to government and we should be grateful that they allow us to play with some toys. Now the Japanese ruling party lawmakers are proposing an “exit tax” under which people with over ¥100 million ($857,000) in financial assets would have to pay a tax on any unrealized capital gains on those assets if they moved out of Japan.

    We are economic slaves – nothing more.

    • Collateral Damage

      Allen, you post…

      ‘We are economic slaves – nothing more.’ and I think that their response would be, ‘it is about time that you (we) finally got used to this fact.’

      Best to you,


      • allen ols

        THANKS CD but the quote was Martin A. ‘s, wish it was mine, 🙂

  46. Henry

    U.S. politicians have a lot of nerve talking about human rights abuses in Cuba. The worst human rights abuses on that island are committed by the U.S. government in the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, where innocent POWs are abused so badly that they try to kill themselves by starving to death, but are force-fed to keep them alive so they can suffer endless abuse.
    The U.S. government owes the Cuban People a huge apology for decades of assassination attempts, terror attacks, and the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. No informed rational person takes the U.S. government seriously when it claims to defend freedom or human rights. The hypocrisy of *way* over the top. The U.S. imprisons a higher percentage of its own citizens than any other country on the planet, and now has a shameful record of torturing POWs on top of that. And of course, it also has a long record of overthrowing democratically elected governments and propping up brutal dictators all over the globe, especially in South and Central America.

    • Greg Hunter

      Commenting on this website in the good old US of A could not be done in Cuba. CubaWatchdog.com could not exist in Cuba. Does the U.S. do some bad things? Sure, but Cuba is a totalitarian dictatorship. The prisons are full of people who want political change. There is really no comparison. Thank you for your comment. “Good men can disagree.” Merry Christmas.

      • Henry

        Hi Greg. I’ve also heard Hugo Chavez referred to as a dictator many times even though he won open and monitored elections by landslides and was very popular with the Venezuelan People. Cuba also has elections, and I’ve read compelling articles explaining that they are even more democratic than those in the U.S. because they aren’t dominated by big money or rigged voting machines. I wish the U.S. government would allow me the freedom to visit Cuba on my own so I could see for myself, but that’s been illegal for quite some time. Hopefully it will change now that U.S. is finally lifting its unilateral and globally rejected embargo.
        As for freedom, it is a fact that the U.S. has a considerably higher percentage of its people locked in cages than Cuba, and as far as I know, the Cuban government is not guilty of brutal and systematic torture of prisoners. Of course, after decades of threats, assassination attempts, terror attacks and infiltration by the U.S. government, the Cuba government has maintained a watchful eye and clamps down hard on dissent. I’m sure life in a Cuban prison is no picnic, but in my opinion, the U.S. government is in no position to lecture *anyone* on human rights or freedom.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thousands of people are in prison in Cuba for purely political reasons. That is a fact and it cannot be glossed over.

          • Henry

            Greg, I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “political” reasons. If it includes collaborating with the CIA with the goal of destabilizing or overthrowing the Cuban government or staging a coup as the U.S. recently did in Venezuela and Honduras, then wouldn’t the collaborators be guilty of treason? As I said, the U.S. has a long history or assassination attempts and terror attacks directed at Cuba, so I can see why collaborating with the U.S. government would be a very serious offense in Cuba. Wouldn’t that similar to a U.S. citizen collaborating with Al Qaeda or some right wing extremist militia whose goal is to overthrow the U.S. government through violence and terror?

            • Greg Hunter

              I am talking about http://www.hrw.org/world-report/2014/country-chapters/cuba and here’s another story that includes multiple sources and links: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/in-cuba-deal-why-did-obama-back-down-on-political-prisoners/article/2557704 More than 8,000 political prisoners and this is not the CIA. Let’s be fair and accurate. Sure the U.S. has done some bad things but other countries including Cuba are very repressive. I could not have CubaWatchdog.com in Cuba. I could not have RussiaWatchdog.com in Russia and I could not have ChinaWatchdog.com in China. If you think you can, you are dreaming. You find out more about the U.S. because of the free press even though the MSM is in a sorry state. The alternative media is allowed to report. The U.S. is not all bad and the other countries you love so much are not all good either–far from it. You just are not allowed to hear about their mistakes.

    • Collateral Damage


      You wrote…
      “U.S. politicians have a lot of nerve talking about human rights abuses in Cuba. The worst human rights abuses on that island are committed by the U.S. government in the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, where innocent POWs are abused so badly that they try to kill themselves by starving to death, but are force-fed to keep them alive so they can suffer endless abuse.”
      Ouch! you absolutely hit a Home Run with that on that one!!!!!!!


    • Galaxy 500

      Glad you feel that terrorists deserve first class treatment. Terrorists get treat much better in gitmo than they deserve and a hell.of a lot better.than our people get treated.

      • Collateral Damage

        In U.S. history, since the 1900’s, after our occupation of the Philippines, Japanese officers were specifically executed for water boarding our soldiers.

        And, everyone that ever went to Gitmo was a ‘terrorist’, and not just a sorry f*ck that got crosswise with his next door neighbor who turned him in to the authorities? My Dad fought Hitler’s army in WWII. I was taught to believe that the U.S. was above that type of thing. And I wonder what true ‘intelligence’ was torn from those ‘bad boys’ anyway.

        I do believe in such thing as payback, or Karma, or at the bible says, treat others as you would want to be treated.


      • Henry

        G500, most Gitmo detainees are guilty of nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Most have been cleared for release but remain held without charges.
        And of course, the government’s physically impossible and intelligence insulting 9-11 conspiracy myth is just that – a myth. 9-11 was a false flag operation. It was the “catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” that the PNAC needed to get the masses behind their agenda.

      • wd

        G5 ,

        Excellent point-agree with evrything in your reply minus “dude”.

        Merry Christmas

  47. allen ols

    fema movie;


  48. medicalindustrialcomplex

    is President Obama simply saying ‘Americans run the United States of America, not Cubans.’

  49. Larry Galearis

    Sorry Greg, Washington got another vassal state. Cuba. And it won’t cost anything until the bag men get busy with Cuban government people.
    Merry Christmas and keep up the commentary.

  50. Sambo

    merry Christmas Greg to you and your family and a happy and prosperous new year. You have done a great job all year long and I wish only the best You simply do a great job for all of us . Keep up the good work my friend and as always (fear not) Sambo

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sambo. “Fear Not” because God the Father is in charge.

  51. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg, I thank you for your excellent work this week and your great weekly wrap-up. As the holiday season is upon us, I wish you Marry Christmas and good health in the coming year.

    Once again, I want to thank you for your conversations with Mr. Dent as well as Dr. Roberts. When I am listening to Dr. Roberts, I have sense of privilege to listen such an intelligent, reasonable and brave person, who says everything the way it is. Sometimes, I am concerned about his safety, as well as yours, because he and you are telling to all of us what our official government sources would not like us to know.

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas to you and remember:

      “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

      George Orwell


      • Miro Markovic

        Dear Greg: I thank you for your Christmas wish and the excellent Orwellian quotation, which I didn’t know about. It is precious!

  52. Sayonara

    Excellent job on separating the wheat from the chaff with your economic commentary. You hit on the real indicators that the economy is under tremendous irreparable stress. When the politicians snuck in the gutting of the key Dodd-Franks provision regarding derivatives, we now know we are WASS (We Are So Screwed). And now you have made me scared to open Christmas presents because I may open a box of Black Swans. Thanks for your excellent work and be well and fear not!

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas and “Fear Not” indeed.

  53. Galaxy 500

    Merry Christmas Greg et al
    And may the one true God bless you and protect you.from the coming storm
    Peace.and out

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your Blessings and your friendship! Merry Christmas.

  54. McRae Blaine

    Thanks for all of your hard work and very happy I discovered your site!
    I was looking over your favorite sites and did not see Mark Armstrong site http://armstrongeconomics.com/author/armstrongeconomics/ . He puts forth a lot of history, updates of different countries, and a different take on the economy than a lot of guest you have on the program. As you know, it’s real work to figure all of this out! So, I will continue to listen and try my best! Your Friday wrap up is great, your excellent!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you McRae for the support comment and kind words in the Christmas season!

  55. DiscoProJoe

    Here’s a fun proposal Janet Yellen could make to Congress: “We need more inflation, and consumers need to spend more money. Congress should pass a bill to mail a ***$2,500 shopping voucher*** to every man, woman, and child in America, and the vouchers each would carry a ***two-month expiration date***. The Federal Reserve would fully monetize this bill. After a few more months, if necessary, Congress could pass a second bill, doubling the amount to $5,000 per check (with a two-month expiration), with the Fed’s full monetization. If further stimulus is necessary, Congress could subsequently double the amount of each shopping voucher to $10,000, $20,000, $40,000, $80,000, etc., until sustainable growth and full employment have once again been restored to the U.S. economy.”

    (I’m sure that nitwit Paul Krugman would *drool all over* this proposal.)

    • Brian Stemmerman

      Most people would find a way to pay off their debts with the money. Not good for a debt-based economy. Better yet, the government could just print our taxes.

    • lastmanstanding

      Awesome idea DPJ…just imagine if they just eliminated taxes along with it!

      Alas…it is a shame that they just really want us enslaved or better yet… dead.

    • paul

      DPJ … I’ve taken my blue pill for the holidays … but this proposal of yours sounds like it will actually work … it sort of makes sense for the people to get the money and spend it … boosting the economy … rather then the bankers getting the money and using it for more derivatives trades that destroy the economy when they ultimately fail … have to think about this more when I get back from the holidays.

    • Emeth

      Disco – that is possible, and don’t laugh. After the 2008-09 crash, the Australian government posted a cheque (check) to every taxpayer, under a certain income threshold, of about $1,000 to stimulate the market. A lot of flat screen TVs were subsequently priced at $1,000, and a lot were sold, thus helping the Chinese economy.

    • DiscoProJoe

      Ha ha, you guys actually think this would be a good idea???

      Well,…it would accelerate the inevitable hyperinflationary currency collapse that’s coming, at least. If (or actually…WHEN) this idea is implemented, there’ll be widespread famine and violence. Firstly, foreigners will refuse to support it financially, and will dump the dollar. Second, if everyone expects to receive these big shopping vouchers every month for free, why work? Why produce any wealth? Demand for everything would skyrocket and supply would collapse. Store shelves everywhere either would be empty, or would have hyperinflated prices. If you can hurry up and spend that $80,000 shopping voucher before it loses more value, maybe you can buy a stick of gum with it. (Not to mention that sticks of gum, cigarettes, etc., might actually be *used as money* on the street for awhile while this nightmare plays out.)

      One other point: these would be *shopping vouchers*, and not actual checks, so you couldn’t use them to pay down debts. But in this scenario, existing debts would be the least of everyone’s worries — not only because of widespread famine and violence, but also because the resulting hyperinflation from this policy would quickly *wipe out* everyone’s debts, anyway. Stay tuned! 🙂

    • Rick Perkins

      Yes, that’s a fun proposal; here’s an alternative one.

      Rather than using our government to indirectly steal from our unborn children, perhaps it would be slightly more honorable for us to simply smash into the piggy banks and directly steal the savings our living children who can at least raise voice in protest.

  56. Smaulgld

    Whatever happened to Ebola reporting?
    Stopped doing it so it wouldn’t scare off Christmas shoppers?

  57. JC Davis

    And the Russians continue to advance there agenda.
    Moscow needs North Korean cooperation to boost its natural gas exports to South Korea as Gazprom would like to build a gas pipeline through North Korea to reach its southern neighbour.

  58. Silence is Golden

    I have no doubt that you have one of the most difficult jobs in media.
    Telling the Truth.
    Week in… week out, you bring out the best of the best to challenge the MSM and engage your audience to think outside of the box…. allowing us to remove ourselves from the propaganda that is fed to us from cradle to grave.
    We are all grateful for your efforts and for allowing us all to find a place that we can feel safe in acquiring knowledge and where we find common ground. Importantly egos are left at the door and the willingness to share is special.
    Everyone on this platform deserves respect and credit for their time and effort in supporting your work. I can see the message is getting out and although some still struggle in convincing their spouses,friends or other loved ones, we all know we are at peace with ourselves. The most difficult realisation is finding the appropriate response when there is rejection and I have used the phrase ” If you can’t handle the truth” ..it is better that you do not know. Sounds like tough love…it is.
    With every passing year we are not growing weary, we are more determined. We will not fail…we will rise above.
    A very Merry Christmas to you and your family Greg and to all the posters here at the WATCHDOG. Stay safe and out of harms way.

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas to you too SIG!! Thanks for the analysis and comments this year.

  59. Jaap

    It is all about the 32 billion “gift” by putin and some oil and militairy potential deals that was the game changer. I don’t hear anyone in the press talking about the 32 billion..


  60. Buster

    One thing about normalizing relationships with Cuba is the Treaty of 1898 ending the Spanish-American War. We agreed to return GITMO after 100 years, however we did not do that in 1998 since we did not recognize Castro’s Cuba as a legitimate government. However, Obama can now give back GITMO to Cuba and thus end the internment camps of Muslim terrorists with his latest high jinks. It is a beautiful but evil plan to placate his Muslim base around the world while working to garner the Cuban vote in So. Florida. The man is a genius, however evil, he is a genius.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Sorry mate – can’t agree with you here.
      We are all entitled to our own opinions – this thankfully is still a basic human right.
      My opinion on this one, for what ever its worth, is that Obama is as far away from being a genius as just about anybody on earth could get.
      I see him as a sad and dangerous blundering lunatic totally out of his depth in all matters of Government and especially foreign policy.
      I repeat what I have said in previous posts – this creature is more dangerous than Hitler.
      I’ll go further though.
      It is my sincere belief that WW3 is already actually underway and that most of us are just too damn thick to realize it yet.

  61. Chris. Coleman.

    December 20, 2014.

    Hey Greg. this is Chris Coleman again.

    I Love your video weekly comments that comes from you,Which is good
    becuase you have your own perspective as well, Greg.

    I hope you have more guest on with economic background talked about the situations,worldwide,for:2015.

    Your great Greg.

    Chris. Coleman.
    Northeastern.United .States.

  62. Chris. Coleman.

    December. 20, 2014.

    Your shows Are more informative than,all the major news media outlets.

    Just Keep doing what you are doing by bulding your own independent media.

    Chris. Coleman.
    The . Northeastern. United. States.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chris and Merry Christmas!

  63. Steve

    I think Obama reconciliations with Cuba is just a political ploy to further wind Russia up

  64. Don

    As always good rap-up. Has any one heard if the London bullion are in trouble, or have failed to deliver physical ? It was kinda interesting about Harvey Orgon.

  65. Charles H.


    I think that the Really Big Flag is the Bi-Partisen support that hurdled Congress which rescues the Banks by robbing the people. First no interest for Savings: now Savings are a liability. This is too wrong to be believable! Legislative Theft?

  66. mac

    Movie about blowing up the leader of North Korea. Well, change the victim to Obama or Harper or Merkel and see what happens!

    Trolls flooding with the Sony-hacked distraction – switching attention to fluff, away from the diabolical “murder” of a state leader pictured by Hollywood neo-cons.

  67. Thomas1


    US government preparations for nuclear war.

  68. Steve

    Love hearing the truth!

  69. Wim

    Hi Grag,
    I am from the Netherlands and follow the alternative media in the States. Like Peter Schiff I already expected a financial calamity, but like he says the sheeple are dumbed down. Also here in the Netherlands it surprises me. Somewhere along the line there will be a very rough wake up call. I love to follow you……..thank you.
    All the best into 2015. greetings Wim

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Wim for your support and comment!

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