2014-Middle East Total Turmoil and Financial Crisis-Gerald Celente

CelenteBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   (Early Sunday Release)

Gerald Celente is one of the world’s top trends researchers.  His top trends in 2014 start with the Middle East.  Iran, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Yemen and Turkey are just a few of the countries facing big problems.  Celente exclaims, “You just keep going around the Middle East, it’s total turmoil.”  Will there be war in the Middle East in 2014?  Celente says, “I thought it would have happened last year; but, then again, there are wild cards.”  On the economy, Celente predicts, “Interest rates are going to go up. . . . When interest rates go up, the economy is going down—period.”  Celente goes on to say, “I think they are going to institute more tapering, and it’s going to create a financial crisis worldwide.”  On gold, Celente predicts, “Then they’re going to dump more dough into the system.  When that happens, that’s when you’re going to see the real panic start to happen. . . . You’re going to see a rise in gold prices that’s going to eclipse the last one.”  In Asia, Celente points out, “Things are heating up between China and Japan.  If that thing goes into a war, it’s a whole new game.”  Celente predicts, “Absent the war card, I think we will see a financial crisis before the end of the second quarter of 2014.”   Celente sums up what he sees in 2014 as “a year of extremes.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal.

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  1. Rich

    WOW! GC is awesome. What an interview. Incredible information and forward guidance for us all.

    • Mike

      American Monopoly game is at end game. Banking, Oil, Defence Industries have each perfected their monopolies controlling American politics and court system as the richest 400 individuals now have the same accumulated wealth as do the poorest 135 million citizens. They have done this by diverting attention away from their monopoly and towards the fears and desires of the body politic… We let them do it. GC and many others can others have the evidence to prove this now – but are we too lateto stop it?

    • ego

      Yes awesome . Great Gerald Celente interview !!!. How about FATCA ? It is the worst law no one care to talk about !

    • Anon

      Annnnnnnnd, WRONG!

  2. J.C. Davis

    Who needs a Sunday quarterback with Greg on your team.
    Great call with Celente. I am reminded of John the Baptist in the wilderness. Locust and honey. What went ye online to see, A weed sifting in the wind, Yet the word of God. To him that has a ear to hear. Time is short lift up your eyes…Ie WAKE UP !

    • Anne Elliott

      Well said JC!! Amen!!

  3. mohammad


    “It is all about money”
    How erroneous this can be, No It Is NOT About Money!!!
    How can you treat if you diagnose wrong?
    I do not want to go again to what i put in previous posts, it was lengthy explanation why it is NOT about money,
    Money is only a bonus on the side!

    Here is what you want to watch for in 2014, here is what will break the back of the camel:
    Mid 2014 is the time for reelection in Syria, If no deal as GENEVA II and Assad goes in as a president for another term then that is it.

    Markets, bonds….. every thing is pending ME resolution.

    • On The Beach

      Mohammad’s right, it’s about religion and money. Religion is becoming a very bad pain in the assets of the world. John Lennon said it in song, IMAGINE NO RELIGION, oh what a relief it be. Soon the powers that be will get rid of the pain in there backside and it will be the start of something big!

      The Clash Within Civilizations: How The Sunni-Shiite-divide…
      Researchers Predict the End of Religion-Forbes
      Whore of Babylon-Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
      John Lennon-Imagine (official Video)-YouTube

      P>S> Hope something takes!

      • mohammad

        On The Beach,

        No, It is not about religion!
        The answer is never NO RELIGION, Lennon is dead wrong.
        Religion is the do’s and don’t that is put by the creator and following them will assure happiness to humanity. Same as the manual of a device put by its maker, if you follow it you do not go astray, and if yo do not you will screw up every thing and you will ruin it.

        • Galaxy 500

          Something else we agree on. Only the truly misguided or wicked wish for no religion. All things are not “right” or moral, regardless of what the evil politicians and socialist/communist. There is right and wrong. Contrary, to what the PC police say while inculcating our children, wrong will never be right.

          • mohammad

            You see galaxy, we should thank Greg, he gets us closer! 😉

          • Galaxy 500

            Agreed 😉

          • Rich


    • archivesDave

      Money ?…NO
      Religion ? NO
      Currency of the masses: Fiat
      Currency of elites: Gold
      Currency of UEs (Uber Elites): Power/Control

      • al

        It’s Money, Power, Control in that order. Broke people have no power. Once they have the money they gain in power, and control. Since they now have the power money is just a bonus, but try and take that money away. They kill presidents for that! Gold is money by the way. Dollars are just a temporary currency, and when it’s time has come it will go away. The power structure will still own gold, and tonnes of it.

    • archivesDave

      Nope Mohammad,
      Review my comment to On The Beach below.
      Griffin, B Still, and J Corbett are on the right track.

    • Rebecca

      I agree with Mohammad. It is not about money.

    • Galaxy 500

      Pending ME resolution? Doc, the only chance for ME resolution died 4-5 thousand years ago when God command King Saul to put the entire Arab race to the sword. King Saul failed God and as a result, the Jews were cursed to have the Arabs as a thorn in their side until the end of time.
      While there may be short periods of peace, there will not be a ME resolution until the end of time.

      • mohammad

        “until the end of time.”
        That is exactly what i meant!
        As far as the first part of your post I can go on and say my side but it will be lengthy. May be some other occasion.

        • Galaxy 500

          I am hoping to live at least another 40 years and I truly hope to miss the end times. But my hoping and $5 will get me a latte at Starbucks

          • mohammad

            Things are going at lightning speed pace, what took years in the past is taking now days!

    • jc davis

      It is about control, power then money. Those who control the powers that be, will influence the flow of money. Pretty simple . It was stated over a hundred years ago. Old man Rothschild. Money is nothing more then a whip on the slaves ass. Power is nothing more then a slave master. The controllers are nothing more then oligarchs controlled by evil spirited controllers. This gig has been going on for hundreds of years. Slavery never left it just changed faces. We are the slaves now.. That’s anyone deceived into trusting the nonmighty dollar.

  4. Snorky

    Happy New Year! I am a subscriber to Celente’s Trends Journal and the perspective of him and his team, along with interviews like yours throughout the year, help keep me informed about what’s really going on in the world; because I certainly can’t get this kind of information from the MSM.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for saying that and for your support.

    • On The Beach

      Back to the drawing board!

  5. Rodster

    I love that man, Gerald Celente. I could listen to his down to earth talk any time. So there you have it as I said China is no better than the US economy and almost collapsed this year. The entire world is on the march towards war because that’s the only way to keep the economies going and to hide from their people what precarious state the central planners and central banks have forced nations into. Not good.

    Egon von Greyerz, gave an interview on KWN where he says that if the global financial system unravels we could be looking at human de-population which has happened before thru out world history for the same reasons. It’s worth a listen.


    • Rodster

      Oh and a safe and happy new year to all on USAWatchdog.com 🙂

    • allen ols

      I saw that, he is one of my favorites. I always look for his blog on KWN

      al ols


  6. Jerry

    Happy New Year Greg!
    What a way to kick off the new year Greg. Gerald Celente definitely doesn’t hold anything back does he?

    Greg I believe we will see bail-ins within 90 days. The Bond market hit 3.01 % on Friday and that can’t help but put pressure on the Banks. To me its a sure sign that the Bond Market is beginning to come unraveled . Of course you would never know it looking at the Stock Market and listening to many Market analyst .

    I must admit, I have grown a deep appreciation for the Chinese. At least they are encouraging their population to buy Gold in order to protect themselves from a possible collapse. Our government does nothing but lie and cover up. The other day I watched a T.V. anchor on Fox making fun of the Wall Street broker advising his clients to stock up on food and water, and have a bug out bag. To her this is all just one big joke. This is so sad to watch. At least to my doubting family and friends I say ” its better to be wrong and be eating crow, than to be right and die of starvation”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Think about this. Rob Kirby (last week) said the big banks put on $12 trillion in interest rate derivatives in the last two quarters (No data for the fourth quarter until March of 14). 10-year Treasury yields at 3% are not what they wanted. I think the powers are having an OMG moment, and that means so are we. Thank you for the comment.

    • Anne Elliott

      The Chinese always look to the future when planning strategy, and I wouldn’t doubt that the Chinese government is encouraging their people to buy gold so that eventually they can confiscate it.

      • kirk

        it is my belief the Chinese Govt is advocating their citizens purchase gold because the leadership knows inflation is coming and, if their citizens are not protected, the leadership itself will have the crosshairs on them. i do not believe this is because the leaders care about the citizenry, but, rather, fear what the citizenry will do to them should the citizens not be protected. put another way, the advocacy for gold is NOT because of a desire to lead citizens to a better place, but, rather is because of a FEAR of what may come sans protections against inflation.

  7. Glen

    Gregg, congratulations on the great interview with Mr Celente. I noticed your video interview is posted over at JSMineset which is a real honor. Mr Sinclair would not have posted this for you if he did not approve of your work. Or, if he did not respect Gerald Celente. Again, thanx for the great interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am a big fan of Mr. Sinclair. He was the first person who told me to go for it when I came up with the USAWatchdog name. (early 2009) He told me that it would one day be “valuable.” Never bet against Mr. Sinclair in the long run. He’s very, very smart and he has been stunningly correct in making big long term calls. Thank you so much for your kind words and support.

      • J.C. Davis

        Greg a friend once told me he was thinking of opening a restaurant in a bad neighborhood. I first said no way man not there. He then told me the name was to be white trash café. I said man you could put that restaurant anywhere and it would sell itself. ( It did.) you have a great site with a great name.. It is the intellect of the posters that make me check every day… even more them my emails I come here first. I can not express how refreshing it is to come to a site that the people care about the REAL things going on in America.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you J.C. Davis for all your comments this year!! You are very kind.

  8. Fraser

    Thanks Greg… love hearing Gerald get fired up!
    I think the biggest trend going into 2014 is the growing criminality (without prosecution) of the financial system – which means that money and assets within “the system” are no longer safe. So whether or not gold and silver rise in 2014, they will be the best (if not the only) asset to hold.

  9. Anne Elliott

    Gerald is always awesome, and spot on with his knowledge and analysis of world situations. Thanks for having him on, Greg! What a way to end the year!!
    So, we are headed to more money printing, a crash, and then war??? Buckle up kids… It’s going to be a mighty bumpy ride next year…
    Nonetheless, here’s wishing you Greg, and all your readers an enlightened, blessed New Year, and that none of us lose sight of the eternal purpose for our lives for the temporary mess we may find ourselves in.

  10. Pat

    Greg, OMG what an interview! Please keep up the totally awesome work that you are doing! You and Mr. Sinclair are doing great selfless service to global society-at-large. You are opening our eyes and making us realize the TRUTH! Happy New Year 2014.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Pat I am going to give 2014 my best shot.

  11. Charles H.


    A Happy New Year to you and all Watchdog folk.

    I think that the banks and Houses of Money fabricate Interest Derivative Swaps in the same way the Fed conjures “money” out of thin air – either in plain printing, or in stock splitting-like actions. In this way they have virtually unlimited ammo to fire in manipulating. This is just like GLD at the COMEX – it went from 30, to 50, now around 90 claims to every ounce? They will “sell” ever more ‘new’ shares as long as suckers keep buying. Only when it gets to where it doesn’t work any longer, probably due to outside influences, will the charade stop; and it’s jingle all the way for the money-masters. As long as people actually believe that such “finanancial instruments” have any value beyond the paper they are printed upon: it’s still game on. See how far we have come from when value was determined by real labor ?!?

    Thank you, Greg for all your great work. Thanks guys and gals for all the rich contributions. Reading this site is NOT complete without all your comments. May God bless all and keep you safe. Happy New Year to all. And sincere thanks. C.H.

    • Greg Hunter

      Charles H.
      You are one of the people making “rich contributions” here. Thank you!!!

  12. Saeed

    Greetings Greg, thank you very much for having Gerald Celente on your program. I love this guy…he calls it as it is. He is pretty good. Thank you for also having people like Eric Sprott, Rob Kirby, et. al.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Saeed for your comment here and for your support.

  13. Harry, Not Larry, Not Jerry

    I never laughed so hard in a long time…his nickname for Dick Cheney. A few years ago, I wondered about this guy, but after listening to him for a long time, I KNOW he is a good guy and on our side! His righteous indignation is warranted in these perilous times. Thanks for a great guest Greg, and thank you Gerald for a good laugh!

  14. mohammad


    Terrible news coming from Russia, my heart and prayers go to the victims.
    It is about time that US,EU,Russia,China …..etc put their cool heads together and bring peace to the world, we cannot sustain this devision, it is only support the extremists!


    “Successive suicide bombings in Russia kill over 30”

    • tROT

      Mohammad, why so surprised? We all knew since last summer that the Chechens were going to be let lose on Russia to try to stop the games. Greg gave some links and the folks on these comments pointed out that Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan threatened Putin with just that if he didn’t get his assets out of Syria. Bandar Bush as he’s known because of such close ties with the Bush family has been spreading money all over the place lately to try to start WWZ, but that old KGB agent, Vlad , the Impaler, just wont budge! like I think you said once, he’s a fox! If it weren’t for the American people Bandar Bush would have got his war, but as Lincoln said you can fool the people some of the time but you cant fool all the people all the time. Bandy might have bought an paid for Washington, but not your capitol in Lansing or all the other 49 Capitols out there thru out the great land of Lincoln! Have you driven a Ford lately?

      • mohammad

        Very good point, very good point.
        I just hope the Saudi’s will not be allowed to continue ruining countries one by one, now they are with France going to fuel Lebanon with arm deal to the government to the tune of 3 billion dollars to do Lebanon what they did to Syria, however the Lebanese with their Christian community are the safety valve of ME and they are burnt with civil war before, I am praying they will not fall in the trap the Syrians fell in otherwise you will find extremists targeting the beautiful mosaic of christians and muslims living together for more than thousand years.
        The plan is wicked, and i hope the maturity of the Lebanese will thwart it. bur I do not know why I have butterflies in my stomach.
        Believe me if it was not for Obama/Putin, we would of been involved in WWIII to the wish of Israel long time ago.
        Obama is the safety of the whole world, as much as some do not like him he is anti wars, Putin is reasonable and the two worked together in a beautiful way in 2013 in diffusing major wars.
        I hope 2014 will not be it, something tells me that evils will keep screwing up things until they ignite it. I HOPE AM WRONG!

  15. NoOneOfConsequence

    Oh please, GC is an anachronism from a bygone era. His prognostications are not what they once were.
    Look at what he was predicting for 2013 – not even in the ball park.

  16. frosty

    Gerald said…
    “…or, if things go the way they should go, and the human spirit raises to the levels where it should be, and the people find courage, dignity, respect and integrity within themselves…. that’s the only way it’s going to change…, it will change when the people change.”

    I think that Gerald also knows, but didn’t go on to say, that one of the primary roles given to the multi-billion dollar industry he calls the “media presstituties” is to try and prevent this spiritual rise from happening.

    When the people are kept in a sate of perpetual fear, they become chronically fatigued, both mentally and physically, through an overproduction of adrenaline. In this condition, the human spirit will be prevented, or at least hard pressed, to rise to the levels needed for change to occur. The media’s role is to keep them in fear of the present and future; to keep the flight-or-fight mantra ringing in their ears; to keep them fatigued and subdued so that TPTB can more easily have their way with them.

    This current event is, I believe, as important and as significant as any of the other contemporary news events that Gerald addressed in the interview. It gets to the very heart of the reason why he invented the label “prestitutes”.

    Thanks for the work you do Greg.
    I wish you continued blessings in this new year.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frosty for adding to the content of this site.

    • Galaxy 500

      Well said. False news to distract and breads and Circuses to feed and.entertain…make that distract.

  17. art barnes

    Sounds like 2014 is more of the same we have been seeing, but as Gerald expressed this is going to be a grassroots movement and in my opinion its starting, I may not live to see the outcome but I am sure sooner or later the bums of Washington & Wall Street are going to get a comeuppance. They won’t give up easily to be sure but they will be outnumbered and when some of the MSM personal begin to broadcast the “real news” as opposed to the scripted one that will be the sign(s) of the “movement” has commence in earnest . Breaking tyranny is never without loss, my hat is tipped to the future protesters who take it to the streets for change we can be proud of, I for one will be the one holding the sign that reads Don’t Tread on Me. Greg, I see you as the bugle boy sounding the charge of the movement, may God keep you safe and bless you next year.

  18. Randy

    Dear Greg,
    How about posting The Three Magic Questions sometime? They are as follows: What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYBODY has the right to commit? What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYBODY has an actual obligation to endure? What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of in the instant case?
    Those three simple questions lay bare ALL of the lies being told to us by ANYONE!! Think about them all day long. Write them down on several pieces of paper and post them around your home and office so that you see them all of the time and do it for a whole week at least. Share them with others until you have a change in viewpoint as to just how valuable they really are!
    These questions are too radical of a departure from what is passed off as “thinking” these days for 97% of the dumbed down masses, but if we can just reach that other 3%, incredible results can be achieved!!

    Randy Gaumond, Sui Juris

  19. John Allen

    You are spot on about Jim Sinclaire amd Jim is spot on about you and USAWATCHDOG.
    Gerald Celente is always a great interview as he is passionate for his love of Country and Liberty for his follow man. I have watched your website grow and you have landed the best of the best for interviews. You have rubbed elbows with the big hitters and it has shows in the confidence you have in your interviewing skills.
    As far as POLITICAL ISRAEL and her Zionist mouthpiece such as AIPAC and all the shills in the media, do not let them get in the way of your mission to serve the public through the USAWATCHDOG website. I see the USAWATCHDOG website as a great resource for people who seek truth and knowledge and your portfolio of interviews speaks to that.
    Greg, stay humble and continue in your service to educate the public, You have accomplished an outstanding body of work to date.
    Thank you,

    John Allen

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John Allen. We are all watching a key piece of history unfold. A wild ride is coming, especially for the asleep and unprepared.

      • Galaxy 500

        Maybe I missed it but how/when did the mythical Jewish puppeteers keep you from speaking or writing the truth. It would be amusing if it wasn’t so damn dangerous…We have seen were antisemitism leads. It’s sad to see otherwise intelligent people pointing to the Jews as being the evil power behind the scenes. Maybe these posters agree with with Hitler and the final solution or maybe they are looking for a scapegoat.
        I am not Jewish . I can’t find any proof the Jews are behind this any more than the Christians or Moslems. I do see posts about grand conspiracy theories that are based in previously debunked attacks on the Jews, like the sad clowns that posted scrap about Elders of Zion. Just my two cents. If posters want to be jew haters, let them post a disclaimer as such instead of wild fantasies as fact.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are spot on. I have been attacked by people who do not like the truth, but No one has ever asked me to spin the truth here.

        • lastmanstanding

          500, not all Jews are bad. Same as whites, blacks, greens, reds, yellows, etc. There is more than enough evidence to place them at the scene of the crime for thousands of years along with the whites, blacks, greens, etc.

          Here in the US, we have dual citizens (Israeli-US) in many positions of power. This is bs. This must stop and they must be tossed. No exceptions. Way to much money has been stolen from US to support them. It is the only reason that the tiny country hasn’t been swallowed up by the middle east. They have infiltrated our infrastructure and are helping themselves to whatever they want. (I won’t get into who is helping them because we all know.)

          Mohammad left a link/comment the other night about a possibility that the Israelis and Iranians are in bed together and the rest is a smoke screen to hide it. Our dictator has an Iranian handler and supposedly pisses Benji off with his weakness and everyone else to boot. (Vlad, Bandar bush, the Syrians, Lebanese, etc., etc.)

          I am not a racist. I dislike evil people and I don’t give a damn what race they are. I don’t like people who at every turn are stealing the liberty and labor of producers for their own living with no regard. We own 2 small businesses and it has been a constant battle against all of these forces to continue our meager standard of living, while attempting to support our friends, community and save for a rainy day. The global/globalist bs needs to go away.

          Check out a book by George Armstrong “Rothschild Moneytrust”…I’m sure you have read ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island”. There is adequate proof that these people have been at the forefront of world domination and for a long time.

          Sites like this allow us to have a discussion about these things. No two of us are alike, and we all get a chance to choose our paths and beliefs…as we would all like to get to the bottom of what is going on.

          A can of worms has been opened. We can all agree to disagree or we can continue discussion hoping to help one another solve the problem for our kids and grandkids.

          Someone a while back mentioned that it would be great if a bunch of us could sit around and chew the fat and drink coffee in a community situation.

          An old school guy like me would love that. I live in a beautiful place. My community is very divided. Globalist big govt types and those that just want to be left the hell alone. It ain’t looking good for those of us that want to be the latter.

          God and the earth will make the final call and I am way good with that. I just want to protect my little piece of the world and mind my own business and help my grandkids be productive and kind to humanity and the earth.

          I realize that this post is a bit rough. I apologize for being all over the place. I have been that way since realizing that the American dream is not what I was lead to believe…still it has been far greater than most get in a lifetime.

          The evil behind something so incredible saddens me.
          God bless you all.

          • Greg Hunter

            If you really believe this, you are lost. “There is adequate proof that these people have been at the forefront of world domination and for a long time.” Let’s call this what it really is: anti-Semitism. If you really believe in God and his word you should read what the Bible says about the Jewish people and Israel.

          • mohammad


            Please allow me to mention few things and it is what i believe in.
            There are god fearing jews all over the world, I think it won’t harm anything linking to those videos again, i think it will serve good:


            Another link to the same Rabbi and please notice how the zionist that claim they are jews are attacking verbally to shut his voice, notice please how this Rabbi denounces Israel, look at the flag behind him:


            Rabbi Joseph Antebi on the issue:


            Rabbi Yakov Shapiro on the issue:


            The moral of this is we should not be fooled by the agenda of the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Morgans….etc and fall in their trap which is pitting religions against each other, those families are ATHEISTS and they high jacked Judaism same way Saudi’s high jacked Islam through al-qaeda, same way Neocons high jacked christianity and Bush waged a CRUSADE!
            We should wise up and be aware of those wicked plans, we need to extend arms to each other and bridge our differences with LOVE, that is the sure way to thwart those wicked plans to destroy humanity!

          • Galaxy 500

            I am not buying the Jew cabal idea. There is no more Jews running things than other groups. Are they spying on us? Damn straight. We are spying on them more than they could ever spy on us. And if you had a closet commie like Obama as an ally, you be watching him too.
            As far as the Bible goes, God gave Israel the Jews and said when they came back, he would never let them be forced out again. The Jews are the people of God. Are they bad ones…even evil ones? Damn right. But no more so than the rest of us. I can find no evidence that stands even a cursory examination to substantiate your claim.
            However, two of the most evil Jews are Rham Emanuel and his brother. They seek to destroy this country…and they are Israel haters too.
            In five years we have fallen far as a nation and we have further to fall in the next few.
            I am not a Republican and some of them are weasels but they are not socialist / communist.

          • lastmanstanding

            Thank you all for your comments. Should have used the Z word as it seems to be used here to differentiate between good Jewish folks and others. Don’t care to get into any further than that.

            I have never been afraid to opine, question, ask to find the truth. My primary goal in coming to sites like this are to collect ideas and info from the commenters. They go thru lots of info like I do…some the same and some different. None of us can cover it all. I am more inclined to believe/consider ideas/info from a person like me who only truth.

            If my approach upsets you, just ignore me.

            Greg, I come here because you gently get in these guys faces and ask the readers and your own tough questions. thanks.

            Mohammad. Thank you for the links. I am not a big utube guy but I will look at these since you were considerate enough to help me…as I said above I am mainly here for the comments…especially from someone who grew up in Syria and found his way here. Thanks.

            Finally, Galaxy 500…just the kind of response that I was hoping for. I have my own ideas but testing them again others adds different light…different, better light. I have never lived in a tunnel and I can certainly see that none of you do either.

          • mohammad

            Very strange!

            This is about the fourth time I link to the Rabbis refusing Israel and considering in the videos that Israel is forbidden as a a state in TURAT and not one single comment on what they say!!!!!!!!!!!

            Just an observation no more no less!

          • mohammad

            Thank you Lastmanstanding, we are in ME been is nonsense fights just because of the atheist families of Rothchilds and the likes and the Saudis appointed by Rothchilds when they gave Sahreef Hussain the shaft after the win in the first “Arab spring” and assigned the Saudi family on the Hijaz, that is the origin of Al-Qaeda. Britain holds a big responsibility for it, actually they are still training them in Afghanistan.
            Israel as a state is refused by the Jewish god fearing scholars, so your point is very valid and is very accurate, if you have time to spend on those links I furnished you can see how those scholars are explaining how the atheist zionists are pushing the god fearing jews in Israel in the army to burn for the sake of the atheist Rothchilds.
            we ( god fearing moslems and not the radicals supported by Britain) and the Jews (god fearing jews and not the atheist zionists) and Christians (god fearing Christians and not the crusaders) are all victims and we should stick together, when Jesus comes back we will all be lined up behind him and will give the atheist the run!
            If it is not in my time I will pass my knowledge to my kids and teach them with practice how to respect god fearing jews and christians!
            My last post on this thread!

  20. axk

    Can this interview be downloaded?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes but it cannot be sold in any way.

      • allen ols


        Yes but it cannot be sold in any way.
        ooops, I went over to my neighbor to get him informed, and pulled up usawd, to let him hear the laurence koltikolf interview, but I told him he would have to give me one of his hamburgers, (lunch). He did, done deal, do you want me to re imburse you?
        al ols

        • Greg Hunter

          No Allen, bon appetit. Thank you for distributing the USAW brain food.

        • Rich

          I think barter is slightly different. Thanks for the laugh.

        • Anne Elliott

          Omgosh, I am still chuckling everytime I read this, Allen! You know my friend’s computer went down and now she always asks me every Monday and Wednesday who was interviewed and what it was about… After reading your post I am thinking now that my re-cap may be worth at least one donut… Greg, is that permissible?

          • Greg Hunter


  21. John Little

    I respect Gerald Celente, but he doesn’t understand the Middle East. I’ve spent 15 years there, and the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with money. The same for the Arab-Israeli conflict – and the settlements.

    Keep up the good work, Greg!

    – JL

    • Greg Hunter

      John Little,
      Thank you for adding your perspective.

  22. Chip

    Excellent interview as always Greg…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip for your comments this year and for your support!

  23. Mark

    Timing, timing, timing……….. Gerald, Jim Willie, Ann Barnhardt, and MANY others are all throwing out the truth. For the people who “understand”, the truth is in plain sight. Corruption in government, greed in New York, and murder throughout the world. All the while “the people” are being robbed and raped.
    You look around… nobody knows. You speak the obvious, nobody cares.
    It will catch us all… the question is when????

  24. smaulgld

    Another great one! I also am expecting bail ins and rather than a continuation of QE the Fed’s exit strategy may involve also raiding pension funds and requiring people to purchase the treasuries that the Fed no longer wants to buy but the government needs to sell to fund deficit spending.
    I expect the theme from our political leaders to be “sacrifice” taking the form of bailins, higher taxes, pension contributions to T-bills.
    The arguments will be couched in patriotic tones.
    Also expect the Fed to get creative with infrastructure bond buying, student loans, labor credits-any manner of intervention to further distort out markets.
    Greg- used to hear you on brian sussman in SF- do you still drop by there?

  25. smaulgld

    Gerald glossed over the importance of Saudi Arabia who basically bailout out and has continued to bail out the US dollar since we went off the gold standard in 1971
    Google :why saudi arabia matters in helping to keep the US dollar as the worlds reserve currency

  26. Albert Tesla

    Where to begin…I see a lot of commentators here dismissing the positivity of religion. I disagree to the fullest. Religion is not a plague on the world, it just has taken the wrong path. The division of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is the root cause of it all.

    I don’t mean to insult any people who follow those faiths, however the reality is you are all fools…The day that these three religions “wake up” and realize they are all the followers of Abraham will be the day peace will reign supreme over earth.

    A quote from one of the most gifted intellectuals to over grace our planet, who indeed had a firm belief in the concept of “God”.

    “Everything is determined…by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for the insect as well as for the star. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust—we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.”
    —Albert Einstein

    I am VERY surprised that Mr.Celente did not comment on the link between the recent terrorist attacks in Russia that oh so coincidentally coincide with Saudi threats towards Russia over supporting Assad.

    Could this be the trigger for WW3? Russia ain’t no little kitty, its called “The Bear” for a reason. As updated news states on the right side of USAWATCHDOG.com’s main page, China is preparing for war.

    Saudi threats to bomb Russia over Assad—-> Russia gets bombed —->Russia doesn’t take B.S, PERIOD —-> Russia WILL RESPOND once they are able to confirm Saudi responsibility = the question is, how will they respond?

    option a) feed Assad more help
    option b) Hit the Saudi’s

    Either way, WW3 seems to be at the end of the road.

  27. Liquid Motion


    In case anyone had any doubts that the USD was toast…..read this
    I have said on many occasions that the USA abused its privilege for too long with the default reserve currency. The world has woken up. All US citizens should be very afraid.
    The crisis has arrived. Welcome 2014.

    • Jerry

      Liquid Motion
      Good Information. Ask the average citizen on the street what our GDP ratio to debt is, and I bet you a steak dinner they wouldn’t have a clue. Because the masses are so dumbed down by the MSM you will see death on a large scale when as they used to say in the old films “the gig is up”.

      • Galaxy 500

        It is worse than you think. Ask ten people what GDP stands for and what it consists of…forget the second part, 60% or more will fail the first question.

        • Liquid Motion

          The Elitist world still reigns supreme.
          The rest are like lambs to the slaughter.
          Destruction by design. Death by a thousand cuts.
          A whole world of pain waits on the other side of this.

  28. Brent

    I like Gerald Celente, but I would not put too much faith in his predictions. He said that we were going to crash in 2010….didn’t happen. Around this time last year he said we were going to have a crash by March 2013. Again, didn’t happen.

    • DavidC

      While I agree with your comment, it’s also true that I don’t think anyone could have known the desperation that has since been shown to be the case of the central banks (I refuse to use capitalisation of the term central bank). QE1 was supposed to be the solution until QE2 and now QEInfinity – who could have seen that in 2010? These are all desperate acts of institutions and academic wonk individuals (who, overwhelmingly, have NEVER had ‘proper’ jobs outside academia!) to try and keep systems going when the underlying problems have NOT been solved and are actually WORSE than 2008.


    • Jim

      I don’t think Gerald like myself envisioned the amount of money that would be thrown at the economy. Where would we be w/o it. Where will we be when the tapering becomes reality? He told us in this interview his position regarding this matter. I think he is right but timing is obviously difficult to predict. Every day we are a day closer to difficult economic decisions at all levels and the reality of excessive money printing.

      • Galaxy 500

        But if he is so good at trends and so connected, how could he miss it?

        • lastmanstanding

          Not to mention that he owns RE in Boston and is only 4 1/2 hrs. from the Canadian border. Expat types will have no advantage over anyone in a world collapse…no place is safer than your own backyard.

          A lot of Canadians are coming this way. Things seem far worse there than they are here.

          However, I doubt that the nwo is anywhere near Winnipeg right now.

  29. Ugly

    All I know is that ‘The End’ won’t be as pretty as ‘In The Beginning’….

  30. mary

    Hi Greg,

    You are such a hero to all of us for bringing on great speakers and your great interviews. You are a hero to all of us for interviewing Catherine Austin Fitts and similar… I was so amazed at what you draw out of your interviewees.

    I am saddened by your toeing the line on a small country having so called nukes

    actually nuclear power, ONLY
    this has been substantiated by all the many usa intel agencies

    they have none , and have not attacked any other country in centuries

    I am sad you are a neo con
    and a war monger

    makes me so sad as you were such a hero to me


    the last person i would have thought was a neocon


    • Greg Hunter

      What do you call the funding of Hezbollah in the north of Israel and the funding of Hamas in the south? What country would allow constant sniper and rocket attacks? Is that not war by proxy? That does not count? Did you forget about that? There is lots of sin to go around in the M.E. Both the Israelis and Palestinians deserve a home. I do not know how to solve the problem, but it will likely end in war. I hope I am wrong. I am not trying to someone’s hero, I just call it the way I see it.

    • mohammad


      They are reviving the Persian empire they once had.
      They changed their name to Iran which means Aryan race, they are on the same page as Hitler, you can research that name change if you do not believe me.
      They slaughtered sunnis in Syria (am referring here to civilians,kids, women, elderly…) and in Iraq to the tune of million, once the dust settles and war stops the whole world will wake up to a frightening number of death in Syria.
      They have an agenda that is clear to the locals in ME.
      looks deceive and charming smiles can hide big huge fangs behind the mask!
      Oh i forgot,
      They make beautiful rugs!!!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Really nice.rugs

        • mohammad

          Another thing we agree on! 😉
          I think the rug in Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s room is persian, you can look back in the videos and pay attention to it, I have a persian silk rug that is 650 Knots per Inch!!!!!
          There are more accurate rugs with higher knots that are way way expensive!

    • Galaxy 500

      I humbly suggest you go to the doctor immediately. To have written what you did suggests diminished mental ability and I am concerned that you might have had a stroke. All kidding aside, when did reporting the facts become supporting a position? When Greg writes about the upcoming banking collapse, does that mean he supports it? Or is he stating what his analysis finds?

  31. Acorn

    Another great interview. Thank you!
    Best wishes to you, your family and all your followers for 2014.
    Kind regards
    Melbourne, Australia

  32. Galaxy 500

    I used to think local media was less biased than MSM. This link shows exact same wording on hundreds of local stations around the country.

  33. DavidC

    What a way to end the old year and see in the new year! A super interview from Gerald Celente, as usual.

    My best regards to you and your family for 2014, I look forward to your work which,as I’ve stated before, I think gets better and better!


    • Greg Hunter

      David C,
      Thank you for your well wishes and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  34. mohammad


    They are talking about it in the open now with war-gaming scenarios described as EXTREMELY UNLIKELY.
    If so why the heck they bother putting it out there?:


    “What would a U.S.-China war look like?”

    • Galaxy 500

      In theory, it’s to have all the bases covered. But in theory, there is no practice.

  35. mohammad


    They keep rubbing it in until it ignites:


    “Japan minister follows Abe to war shrine, pouring salt on wound for China”

    • jc davis

      Mohammad I am no war strategic guy, but I have always thought a war with China would be like this. China has submarine’s that are undetectable to radar and invisible in water due to refraction. So first the shut down the power grid with emp. bombs. Second China sends 1/4 th of there unwanted people to America armed with food, water, and guns. They could flood our country with 1/4 of there population equaling more then the present USA population. This brings a whole new thought to gun control. I know this sounds crazy. just a thought.

      • Rich

        Scary. That’s what it is.

      • Anne Elliott

        EMP would be an awesome way to subdue a nation, even rather quickly within a matter of months, but it would leave big dead zones around all the nuclear reactors when they melted down.
        If the Chinese really wanted to get rid of most of the people here, a pandemic would be better – or economic collapse and let us all riot and kill ourselves off instead.
        Guess it would depend on the long-term goal for the Chinese – if they want to move here or not. I assume they would, so woul assume EMP is less likely.
        Speaking of pandemic – there has been a resurgence of H1N1 here in central Illinois, as well as anti-biotic resistant pneumonia. Our emergency rooms are full. How about the rest of you out there?

        • jc davis

          Yes, Anne Elliott I failed to mention they would make it look like another country took down the gird, Wait till we have killed off each other then drop 400 million into the country. est. time of waiting 3 to 6 months. Win without ever firing a shot.

        • mohammad

          It is here in MI just a bad flu season, it is usually after traveling in the holiday season, now we are seeing the flu still but more of the bacterial complications of it like ear infections and pneumonia, but nothing unusual all respond nicely to conventional treatments.

  36. Greg

    Happy New Year!!
    Thank you for your excellent guests & insights throughout the year.

    The Truth Will Out.

  37. Galaxy 500

    Here is someone else contacting Obama for truth. Good Luck with that.

  38. Galaxy 500

    2013 the year financial scandal

  39. Coalburner9

    I wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2014. And the same to your growing group of thinking readers. They always impress me as much as the great interviews. I do challenge a few thoughts leading from Gerald’s comments. I mean, I ask for more thought and research. 1. I think we the American public who reiased our voices along with Putin stopped us from entering Syria and much too late to do any good. 2. I actually smiled when Hezbollah got some of their own medicine although I feared it would be from some rogue operation of ours. So I was happy to hear that Mohammad thinks Saudi’s. I fear no-one would help the Christians in Lebanon so I really don’t want them to get the dirty end of a Syria like situation. I do not credit Obama because he was ready to be pushed in until the rising majority of voices said, no. And that was really a no confidence vote on Obama and his clown administration. No one in his administration is a warrior and he is neutering the military as fast as he can. We do not want into any war with this bunch of nannys’. 3. My eyes were opemed to hear that the Saudis may have done Russia. Makes me wonder about Boston? They cannot be happy with us on several fronts, some of the problems are dufus miscalculations on our “leaders” ledger. I hope the Saudis know that and ditch our dollar over night. It is coming soon enough without their help. 4. I beleive Iran does have evil in thier hearts and tinhorn upstart or not they are destabilizing the ME and no one seems to be willing to do the deed to reign them in! 5. But I predict the real harbinger for 2014 is Fukushima. Can you find a good interview to run that down in the next few months?
    The disorganized reports on the net are piece and part and do not sound good.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fukushima is and will continue to be an enormous disaster. I should do more on it.

  40. Galaxy 500


    Martin Armstrong is likely right on this one

  41. Galaxy 500

    More IMF white papers about taking our savings and 401-k.

    Financial repression can take many forms, including capital controls, interest rate caps or the force-feeding of government debt to captive pension funds and insurance companies. Some of these methods are already in use but not yet on the scale seen in the late 1940s and early 1950s as countries resorted to every trick to tackle their war debts.The policy is essentially a confiscation of savings, partly achieved by pushing up inflation while rigging the system to stop markets taking evasive action. The UK and the US ran negative real interest rates of -2pc to -4pc for several years after the Second World War. Real rates in Italy and Australia were -5pc.Both authors of the paper have worked for the IMF, Prof Rogoff as chief economist. They became famous for their best-selling work on sovereign debt crises over the ages, This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly.They were later embroiled in controversy over a paper suggesting that growth slows sharply once public debt exceeds 90pc of GDP. Critics say it is unclear whether the higher debt is the problem or whether the causality is the other way around, with slow growth causing the debt ratio to rise to faster.The issue became highly politicised when German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble and EU economics commissioner Olli Rehn began citing the paper to justify eurozone austerity policies, over-stepping its more careful claims.Critics says extreme austerity without offsetting monetary stimulus is the chief reason why debts have been spiralling upwards even faster in parts of Southern Europe.The weaker eurozone states are particularly vulnerable to default because they no longer have their own sovereign currencies, putting them in the same position as emerging countries that borrowed in dollars in the 1980s and 1990s. Even so, nations have defaulted through history even when they do borrow in their own currency.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes sir, the great rip-off is coming!!!

  42. jc davis

    Greg . I have really grown to like this Trey Gowdy guy. S. C. congressman.

    • Greg Hunter

      If I were president I’d make him my AG.

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