2018 Predictions – Trump, Clintons, Economy, Gold, World – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Top trends researcher Gerald Celente says he sees strong trends shaping up for 2018. First up, the embattled President Trump.  Celente says, “There’s not been one shred of evidence, period, paragraph, that Russia had anything to do with tapping into or hacking the DNC information and going into their computers.  It has nothing to do with Trump, but what it does is it’s taking the people’s minds off the major issues.  It’s also building that military industrial complex even bigger. We’ve got to watch out for those Russians.  Russia’s GDP is about 7% of America’s.  Trump has increased our military budget $54 billion.  The entire Russian military budget is $48 billion.  You talk to the average person, and they hate the Russians.  It’s working perfectly . . . We don’t see Trump being impeached.”

On the Clintons, Celente contends, “Going back to the Uranium One deal. Yes, it is going to fall back on the Clintons.  The hundreds of millions of dollars given to the Clinton Foundation by Russians as they did the uranium deal.  Those are facts.  We don’t see anything happening to Trump.

On the economy, Celente says, “We are now going into almost a year going into the Trump rally. I was negative on the stock market until Trump got elected.  What happened?  We did a 180 (degree turn) a week after he got elected and said this rally is real. . . . Trump is pro-business . . . it’s good for the markets and that sector.”

But what about the 2018 economic forecast? Celente says, “For the economy, we see a slowdown.  Interest rates are going up.  That’s the bet.  Interest rates are going to go up another 25 basis points in December.  So, we believe by the 2nd quarter of 2018, you are going to start to see a slowdown because the only thing that has pumped up the markets is the cheap money. . . .The fish rots from the head down, the markets are going to melt from the head down.  The head being the very rich.  The top 10% of the rich own 96% of the stock. . . . So, this thing rots down, and we are seeing it now on research.  It’s going to fall from the top.”

Celente also predicts China will make big headlines in 2018. Celente points out, “China is not using petro-dollars.  They are buying Russian oil, their biggest supplier, with yuan.  You can cash in the yuan for gold.  It’s the same with Iran and with Saudi Arabia.  This is another reason that China is going to go further.  You can start bringing your dollars to Walmart in a wheelbarrow because that’s what they will be worth. . . . What kept the dollar alive as the world reserve currency is that all the oil being traded is being bought in dollars.  If you are paying for oil in other currencies . . . the Federal Reserve can’t keep printing up all the money that they want.  They won’t have it out there as a reserve currency.  You will see inflation skyrocket in this country, and gold will hit like a Bitcoin high.  We believe it’s starting to happen.

Join Greg Hunter as he interviews the Publisher of the Trends Journal, Gerald Celente, and hear about multiple other trends and predictions for 2018.

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After the Interview:

Gerald Celente also says the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) will be renegotiated by President Trump, and he does not need Congressional approval. Celente predicts, “The renegotiation of NAFTA will be a big positive for Republicans and a big selling point for them in the 2018 Mid-term Elections.  Right now, NAFTA only helps multinational companies.  When it’s renegotiated, it will help American citizens.

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  1. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    Love it!!!

    • Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

      Love it!!! Because it’s the TRUTH

    • Coladeral Damage

      Can anyone tell me why Sessions isn’t going after the Clinton/Obama crimes?

      The only thing that I can think is that he is being blackmailed or threatened in some way.

      And why isn’t Sessions being relived of his duties?

      I would be interested in what any of you have to say about this.

      Thank you,


    • Coladeral Damage

      Can anyone tell me why the AG isn’t going after the Clinton/Obama crimes?

      The only thing that I can think is that he is being blackmailed or threatened in some way.

      And why isn’t the Attorney General being relived of his duties?

      I would be interested in what any of you have to say about this.

      Thank you,


    • Coladeral Damage

      After all these years and everything we have experienced, it brings a whole new meaning to the old commercial jingle.



  2. Boz From Oz

    No One knows whats going on even Celente, we all know things will get worse.
    Reality is the bankers and politicians have alot of tricks up their sleeve, so dont count on 2018 being the year it comes down.

    • Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

      They’ll grind us into dust over decades. The slower it’s done the less resistance we, the people, will give them.

      • Charles H

        Why war with older, braver individuals – when in a few years, a more malleable sheeple generation will surrender themselves with ease?

    • Hatemail

      2013 was the year, then it was 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and so on. Bla bla bla.
      I say don’t worry about it but be vigilant and prepared. If and when it does go down your life will not be any better, it will be worse.
      Live for today.

    • OutLookingIn


      The more things change, the more they stay the same.
      Until they don’t!

  3. Paul ...

    It is obvious that Trump is under assault by the Deep State … lets throw around some random thoughts … as to how the Deep State will effect “regime change” here in America … their MO in other nations like the Ukraine, Lybya, Syria, etc. was to create “a fasist army” or “a terrorist army” like ISIS … to slaughter and kill people… so as to begin their “color revolution” … who did the Deep State hire for the job to get the revolutions started in other countries? … Soros … now guess who recently bought $42 million dollars of “put options” on Casinos right before the Las Vegas slaughter … Soros … guess who is putting money into the “Antifa army”and “PMC’s” (Private Military Companies) … Soros …it is now coming to light that eight(8) helicopters were hired with para-military forces aboard armed with M249 SAWS that did the Vegas shooting as the opening salvo of the revolution the Deep State intends to start on Nov 4th to effect “regime change” and nulify the Presidential election!!