A Run to Silver and Gold unlike Anything in History of Mankind-David Morgan

David Morgan: A Run to Silver and Gold Unlike Anything in History of MankindBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Silver guru, David Morgan, says forget about the manipulated price suppression of the yellow and white metals.  It’s only a matter of time before the debt and derivative markets crash, catapulting precious metals prices exponentially higher.  Morgan explains, “The bigger problem all exists in the debt markets, and the debt markets is where the problem is really.  When that problem blows up, there’s going to be a run to gold unlike anything in the history of mankind. . . . The spillover into silver will be phenomenal, as well, because once it (debt markets) starts down, everyone that understands what’s going on, which will be very few, will be running to gold.  They will try to get gold in any form that they can, and again, a huge spillover into the silver market.  All of a sudden, even at the retail level, and at the wholesale level or commercial level, or the futures market or bar level—it’s over.  A big ETF type or silver holding company will call up and say I want to buy $50 million of silver, or $150 million or $200 million, which is peanuts compared to the bond market. . . . The answer is going to be ‘we don’t have it.’  When that happens, it’s over.”

Morgan goes on to say, “These types of events are anomalies. . . . Few people see them coming, and with the silver price being so low the last three years, a lot of people who once believed us are going to say that these guys just can’t be right.  The paper manipulators are going to keep prices under control forever, but they won’t.  It will be an event that will be unlike anything we have seen.”

On the recent strength of the U.S. dollar, Morgan says, “John Exter’s upside down pyramid explains it very well.  The derivative markets blow up, and you go down the pyramid of liquidity.  The step above the run to gold is the U.S. dollar.  Most people who are under educated about money think if you have physical dollars under your mattress, you are in the safest position you could possibly be in.  If you have all of your savings in physical greenback, you don’t have to worry about a bank failure.  That is the most important step until that doesn’t work.  When that doesn’t work, faith in the dollar is lost or being lost, then where do you go?  The answer is you go to money that has lasted for 5,000 years.  So, to see the dollar have all this strength and look good, that’s just the step before you go to the last step, which is a run to gold.  So, it (the strength of the dollar) doesn’t surprise me.  It’s part of the process . . . and the run to the dollar is a precursor that is absolutely necessary before the next step down the pyramid. . . . This is the big picture, and I see how things narrow down and why precious metals are so important in today’s financial system.”

Morgan admits that his low of $18.17 silver did not hold and now thinks that the next “price spike” for silver “will be going lower.”   Morgan explains, “This means we would get a spike down of maybe a dollar or something like that, from $18 to $17 or maybe even in the $16 range.  I think that would be a spike that would be a dramatic drop. . . . It would be primarily a paper driven situation, and it would take place in a short duration.”  Morgan goes on to predict, “Silver will be back in the $20 per ounce range, and the high $1,300 per ounce range for gold by the end of the year.  That just presupposes that the system, as it is, continues, and the paper markets continue, and the derivative markets continue, and the powers that be are able to manage this price as they see fit with the derivatives.  In the event that something happens, that whole scenario could go away very, very rapidly.   That’s why you really want to be 6 months too early than 6 minutes too late.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with David Morgan of Silver-Investor.com. 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:
Morgan puts lots of free information and articles on his site.  If you want to check out his analysis, please go to Silver-Investor.com.

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  1. Ugly

    Everything is a fraud. I checked some US Eagles with the ping and ice test, they did fine. One had a clunk. The Morgans sounded great and ice melted fast. When buying silver, take a metal fork and buy Morgans using the ping test….

    • Dave

      Just a good suggestion is not to buy premium Silver.IMO you’ll never get the return

    • supreme allied commander


      what do you mean bring a metal fork? help me out here greg! Great work greg, i bought 5 oz’s just recently because of the drop to $17 range, do you advise against generic fine bullion?

      • Ugly

        A Silver round will have a nice ring to it if real. If it has a ping or a dud sound, then a person may want to do another test. I have never bought silver bars. May want to do the acid test. I am sure they are good. I had just one or two coins that did not ring good. The others rang well.

        On silver rounds, place a coin on index finger and lightly tap it with the handle end of a fork. The ring has a nice sound, not a ping. Not a fool proof test, but a start….

      • JC Davis

        The fork is for pink testing.

        • JC Davis

          Hard to here on dimes.
          I do constitutional silver only. No Gold. Confiscation is sure to happen.

        • JC Davis

          Ugly. Silver is a great insurance as long as you know when to sell it. Keep in mind it becomes the same as paper when never sold. money is good when used .

          • Duane Meulners

            It is interesting to see peoples take on why to buy silver or gold in that ever so many look at it as an investment, i.e., buy and sell. But the metals have a greater purpose akin to the buy and hold mentality. If you buy to sell then there are much better investments than the metals even antique cars that if kept well almost always go up in price, paintings too. The metals represent real money down through the ages and represent a store of value that will not rot, will not rust and will always be there either for you or your heirs. I have held metals now over 30 years and have no intention of selling and my metals have treated me very well over those years and will continue to do so.

  2. Jeff

    Seriously Greg, if I had a silver dollar for all these guys (wrong, early) predictions….. I personally have no doubt we will see highs beyond our imagination ( $5,000-10,000+ ?). But making predictions has been a fools game and hurt the average investor…… I’m no longer anxious to see higher prices because we are in such a compressed state of perfect storms whatever finally releases the price will bring much pain to the world……Nothing good cometh our way.

    • Emeth

      Yes, Morgan and all these other experts have been predicting the future for some years now, and may have profited off those who are trying to protect their accumulated assets, just like me.
      I have concluded that they really don’t know the future any more than you and I, as they are only on the fringe ——- and the real decisions are made in a place we know little of.
      Nobody on the fringe really knows how it will work out in the interim, although we may know the final outcome (by Divine revelation in the word).
      We all really exist only on the fringe, and therefore should take all these predictions with a cautious spirit, but far better … lay up real treasure where it will outlast all these uncertainties (Matthew 6:19-21) or go and live in your bunker waiting till the collapse comes, just like all those others did in the 1980’s. They must have long-beards by now.
      Sure, with hindsight, we all now know better. Certain wisdom only comes from hindsight, yet setting our values right now and working out what really matters, in the eyes of God, is all that really matters … both now and ever.

      • Diane Ryan

        I understand what you are saying but surely you believe in doing everything you can to provide for and protect your loved ones in this world. Many believers purchase precious metals to support that purpose in addition to food preps etc.

        You mock those who believe in bunkers. Surely you see the treat of nuclear attack rebuilding today at an alarming rate. If not bunkers, what alternative do you believe in to protect your loved ones from radiation?

      • wd


        I agree to a point. Greg had a guest on form Switzerland, whose sole purpose is wealth preservation.

        He gets the wealthy to put 50% of their worth into gold. I truly believe he is on the money.

        He looked exhausted and beaten, like he has seen the date of collpase.

        Just my opinion. Thanks

    • Tommy

      Yes, these predictions are getting old. I could maybe believe it if you couldn’t buy the metals from dealers at a small margin over market. In other words if there were two markets, a paper market and a physical market. Obviously with all the new electronic gadgets coming out they must be getting their silver from some place.

    • Tim

      Well said.

    • Ugly

      The predictions aren’t the answer, but just having another source of money that is not all paper or electronically related. The US Silver Eagles are good. I bought a few 2013 and 2014. I bought a 1995, but that one had a different ring, not as long as the 2013 and 2014. the few Morgans I bough all had a good ring to it when tapped with a metal fork. The answers are not price predictions, but what will happen to electronic assets some day….

      • JC Davis

        Ugly. once again I underestimated you. The heavy end of a fork works great for the ping test. I love silver coins. Constitutionally speaking.

    • West Tejas

      @Jeff : My source prediction from early July still holds. Note: This was posted on this website in the blogs. The prediction was to be in position for plunge and we’ve fallen from about $22 down to near $17.80 range.
      Everyone is focusing on price, supply and support levels. Sorry mate, but the fight is over 20:1 and 100:1 paper derivatives versus the real metal price at this point. We continue to watch the paper price collapse at an accelerating rate and question how this could happen. It may not stop, I just don’t know because a scenario could happen where the paper price collapses to near $10 and no one will accept a bid for their physical then the paper silver and gold markets basically shuts down. Hint: Go back and listen to the recent Harvey Organ interview. I think that’s when this ends is when we hit a point the mines cannot produce and no one will sell their physical silver for the paper spot price.

    • Rich

      Jeff, You are right on. I use to do scads of financial analysis (Yes Greg I am qualified: I have a BS from one of the best US Universities in Finance, and I also have an MS from one of the top US Universites in Finance). I see the problem as some analysts just have not been able to move on, since financial analysis died in the mid to late 90’s. I guess they have not been able or are unwilling to find another vocation. Financial analysis is dead for atleast two reasons: 1. all markets are manipulated, and 2. the input for most (maybe all) financial analysis comes from some government agency, and therefore the input data is not accurate to begin with – I was always taught “garbage in – garbage out.”
      Therefore, I no longer do any type of financial analysis and don’t normally make any projections. I don’t have inside contacts like some on this blog claim to have?
      David Morgan is one of my favorites, and I believe he has also seen that making projections is impossible in today’s market.
      I continue to be grateful for Greg Hunter and this blog and the comments section of this blog.
      I have no answers, except learn to rely on yourself and don’t hold paper anything.
      “The answer my friend is blowin in the wind.”

      • Galaxy 500

        What great insight…and a brilliant, true observation on financial projections

    • aj10

      re: Seriously Greg, if I had a silver dollar for all these guys (wrong, early) predictions…

      My feelings precisely Jeff!


    • 02144pomroy

      There will not be a collapse until there is a war big enough for them to blame it on.

  3. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    What a fantastic interview!
    Definitely one of your best.
    I especially appreciated the priceless analogy of the pyramids that you and David discussed at the 27min mark.
    I think this simple concept explains at least a couple of things very clearly.
    #1 Why the ancient Egyptians built their pyramid the way they did.
    i.e. with a wide base and not upside down. Perhaps they experimented with a few upside-down prototypes but soon found that they were inherently unstable and decided to change to the wide based versions that still stand in the desert to this very day.
    #2 That the modern day financial system of the world is an idiotic upside down pyramid.

  4. Dave

    Wow Greg…13-14 bucks for Silver..i predict 15 for a bottom and will resume to accumulate.Good luck and God bless


  5. Calgirl

    Fantastic interview with Chris Powell concerning criminal collusion of bankers and the government….

  6. armando

    When are you holdings of PHYSICAL Precious Metals ¨Enough¨?
    I´m very excited right now… I did not expect this recent fall in prices, I really thought the 2013 lows would hold. While I am not convinced that we´ve reached bottom, as I said I would do if silver ever got back down to where I could buy monster boxes at $10k, early this morning I have made a major purchase. I just put most of the proceeds from the ¨free and clear¨ townhouse I sold back in April into the shiny white metal – TEN monster boxes (5000 oz) of Austrian Silver Philharmonics for aproximately $96k. To maintain a Two to One Ag/Au balance I also aquired an additional FORTY oz of One oz Gold Philharmonics (aprox $50k). I no longer have any large amounts of fiat for future PM purchases, although I suppose I could sell the home I live in, LOL!
    All of my PM holdings (as will be today´s purchase) are stored outside of the US and most of it outside of the country I currently live in (entirely on my modest pension). I´ve often wondered if I would ever feel comfortable with my future financial outlook, and at various points in life I guess I have – today I once again have that feeling. At this particular moment I am indeed comfortable that I have ¨enough¨, of course if silver and gold go down to $15 & $900 respectively then that warm fuzzy could go away – in any case I really am in this for the long haul. That said, I truly believe this current economic ponzi scheme we are living is very close to ending – hopefuly a massive war will not occur and we will survive to one day enjoy the PM´s we aquired before ¨the reset¨.

    • Smaulgld

      Congrats on the purchases.
      Here is something that is typical of the financial media re buying physical metal and having it in allocated insured and vaulted account.

      “Gold bullion offer prompts investment warning” bbc.com/news/business-… Experts warn vaulted insured gold is riskier than ETFs.
      They would prefer you hold it in paper form so the bullion banks have custody and can lease/manipulate the price, but they tell you its for YOUR own good.

      • Duane Meulners

        Well Armando, you are a man of conviction; nothing wrong with that unless you are wrong in terms of your endeavor in the metals. I hold considerable PM’s also and essentially have them in hand so to speak as I do not believe in any of the outfits that sell you a paper position even though they espouse physical in that they hold it for you in their vaults which is another trust position…..I do not trust.

        I am of the mentality that says if you don’t have it in your hands, you don’t have it. As far as confiscation is concerned I don’t doubt that at some point it will be made illegal again to hold gold/silver but then if that is to be my metals will go to Davy Jones locker for safe keeping if need be. I think they call it “burial at sea”. Funny thing about knowing how to scuba dive, sort of opens certain doors to an uncertain future, but then that is something I hold in reserve if need be.

        In sum, I do believe there is no such thing as safe storage in someone’s vault…..you really need to think hard about the business of having the gold in hand even if that means burying it in the back yard and to be sure animals will not dig up your stash as they can’t eat metal.

    • woody188

      I worry for you armando, because if you ain’t holdin’ it, you ain’t ownin’ it!

  7. Ross

    If they can drive down metals low enough, people will panic and sell the real stuff to be bought for a song. Remember the money printing cannot go on for ever. Only the faith of the majority holds up our fiat currencies.

  8. Jerry

    In this episode you will see the Stock Market reaching all time highs, as the Dollar continues its upward march into the economic stratosphere as foreign investors seek safety. You will see the economy contracting another 2% as manufacturing continues to decrease, and quantitative easing goes into yet another round. You will see gas prices continue to trend lower, just about the time the Saudis and OPEC are reaching an agreement to peg the Yuan to oil prices.
    This episode is brought to you by the City of London Corporation who’s motto is
    ” When it comes to money, you grease em, we’ll fleece em “!

    • Jerry

      Its simply “mind over matter”. The world has become aware that we have nothing to offer economically. So, they don’t MIND making deals with China , because we no longer MATTER.
      Our two biggest exports:
      1. Pornography
      2. Garbage
      Thank you NAFTA!

    • Jerry

      More proof the petrodollar is on the rocks.
      Like rats bailing out of a sinking ship. This is all going to happen very quickly people, when it goes down. You want proof? You want timing? Just follow the money.

      • wd

        Jerry, This looks more like enviromental hocus pocus….look at us Rockerfellers, we care about the enviroment. Are you sure this is about petro dollar?

      • Jerry

        More bad news. France will be joining Germany in dumping the dollar soon.
        Guys and gals. Ukraine may have not had the desired outcome of what the “City” wanted (or I predicted for July 15th), but it did achieve the same goal, which was to divide NATO and the EU from the power structure of the United States. Judging by the members of the coalition going to war in Syria, I think its safe to say, they accomplished their goal. How about you?

  9. billy

    Morgan has long ago been discredited with prediction after prediction that failed to materialize. When gold and silver fail to reach $10,000 and $200 respectively by January 1, 2015, Harvey Organ will be permanently discredited and I hope we don’t have to hear anything from him again. (Or will he? It seems no one is every discredited, and in spite of being wrong over and over again, they still retain credibility and are presented as some kind of gurus who should be paid attention to).

    • Jonathan

      You can most likely add John Williams’ “Hyperinflation 2014” to that ever-growing list of “discreditees”. I like Williams a lot, but we are not having hyperinflation in 2014!

      It’s been my experience that there’s always a new crop of people connecting the dots about the amazingly fragile nature of our reality, and when they’re confronted by the wise (or seemingly wise) contrarian analysis of precious metals “experts” they’re an easy sell. However, no one can deny that a lot of people have been hurt in the last few years listening to the King World News crowd.

      That being said, I still have a significant portion of my net worth in metals and mining/resource stocks. I do believe there might be a rush into hard assets at sometime in the future, but trying to put a date on it is a fool’s game. My advice is just to set aside a little money every month and buy a little gold or silver and forget about the price. If you’ve got a couple dozen gold coins, a month or two of food, no debt, a generator and a shotgun you’re going to do better than 99% of everyone else in the event of a true crisis.

      • Mark

        you aren’t going to see hyper inflation without a dramatic increase in money velocity, and OPEC chucking the dollar and that’s not happening anytime soon. Doesn’t matter anyway, inflation isn’t the only thing driving gold/silver prices, people run to PMs when other asset classes look too darn expensive or insecure.

      • Duane Meulners

        Always give the naysayers the boot, give the oracles the door, that way each gets the just deserts. As to success, mostly not for sale as yet, thus the people who are on the sell make poor oracles and the naysayers always miss the boat. Then comes the bitter end as they lower your casket with the ropes and you take nothing with you as you go except some dirt.

    • Mark

      Hindsight alerts…Morgan’s predictions in this article have been roughly correct so far…silver price did in fact dip sharply lower on a primarily driven paper event, although it went lower than he expected by a buck, and gold did rally to above 1300 and silver near 20 but not quite (mid-18s) this January 2015…while not by “the end of the year” and not “high 1300s” as he said, it was pretty darn close. Of course, considering how range bound silver/gold has been over the last year or two, a monkey could have made predictions that were as accurate, and we have yet to see any profound weakness in the dollar or change in the range bound behavior of PMs.

  10. Paul

    But when, please tell me WHEN ?
    I am afraid this manipulation can last much longer than we excpect.
    What if BLACK SWAN EVENT will not occur ?
    What then with gold and silver prices ?

    • Galaxy 500

      Isnt it better to be prepared than trying to pick the bottom…whether its the bottom of the market or the bottoming out of an economy?

  11. allen ols

    I am sure your interview with D. Morgan is verry important to many of your audience, although I am, as u know, not investing in either gold or silver but actual commodities, land, gardening, chickens, and more. I see him on KWN but bypass, as I am not interested in the subject. It is gooood for u to meet the desire of others that are interested in this subject. thankyou. I will continue to support you, ie donations even though u have schiff, sinclair, embrey, pento, etc for the benefit of others and their desired information.

    on another note, this is to silence is golden, or silverton; 🙂 u posted this, of which i am just now getting to the video link;

    Very credible person Richard Gage with support from AIA. Recent post too (Aug 14).
    I have watched it all and the meaty part is really around the 20 min mark…..where discussion is had about CNN and BBC announcing the destruction of Building 7 …some several hours prior to the actual …..

    all I can say, is wow!!! never seen this guy b 4. I am at the 23 min mark, and your right, 20 min mark it gets intense ified. thankyou for this link it is bookmarked!!

    al ols

    • Greg Hunter

      You can’t go wrong with that!

    • Silence is Golden


  12. Calgirl

    Fantastic interview of Chris Powell, GATA Sec./Treasurer:

    “The interview being so comprehensive, it would be an especially good one for gold investors and anti-imperialists to recommend to government officials, financial journalists, and gold and silver company executives.”


  13. allen ols


    this is a telling video of Dane Wigington, and chemtrails, and how the govmnt is causing the massive drought in california and the aluminum particles and more in the air, causing ……..

    from Dane Wigington:
    The western US is under an all out climate engineering assault, California most of all. The Weather Makers can shut the hydrological cycle off from the once “golden state” for as long as they wish. Satellite images and NOAA maps shown in this presentation are shocking and revealing to say the least. Whatever one wishes to consider as the agenda of those in power, one conclusion is certain, the drought in California is a direct result of the ongoing climate engineering insanity. Weather warfare is now being waged on the American population.
    Dane Wigington


    • Galaxy 500

      I have it.on good authority that extraterrestrials caused the dust bowl in Kansas using Nazi weather control tech….or was it just mother nature. Purchasing more tinfoil futures for my 401-k. Who knew the real.news would turn into the x-files

    • Galaxy 500

      It looks like they are using a tactical nuke to spread the drought.
      Were the.previous five or six drought cycles caused by aliens, weather manipulation or Nazis?

  14. Stan

    When the prices of Gold/Silver explode because of a dollar collapse what will the masses do? What will the government do? Who will the people and thus government blame? 99% of the population will have nothing. How easy will it be to blame those who “hoarded” gold and silver? How easy will it be for the very mad and scarred public to say its not fair that you have all of the gold and silver and will profit from their misery while they starve to death? How easy will it be for government to save the day and tax all gold and silver at 100% to ensure fairness for all and to promise to use the gold/silver to help the people who have nothing. The masses will cheer and all those who prepared will have it stripped away as the government uses the power of its military to take it…

    • armando

      Stan: If you (like I) believe that an economic colapse is no longer a question of ¨if¨ but rather a matter of ¨when¨, then the questions which you pose are indeed of serious concern. Your assumption that increasingly insolvent governments may one day apply some type of ¨windfall tax¨ on precious metals to appease the desperate masses (together with what I suspect will be widespread violence) has forced me to go to great lengths to assure a bright future. While it may not be possible for many, I personally have moved both my family and all of my physical precious metals to ¨safer¨ jurisdictions – outside of the reach of confiscation or taxation. While the majority of Americans (and others from the West) are incapable or unwilling to expatriate (thereby protecting themselves and their families), many at least have the option of aquiring physical PM´s stored in ¨safer¨ places (I personally prefer Singapore and Switzerland). These days (barring a major war) I worry little about my financial future – I see two likely possibilities. If I´m wrong and like our government and the MSM tells us everything is ¨just fine¨ then I will continue to live well enough on my (retired USN officer) pension and one day even collect full social security benefits. If on the other hand I am correct and the coming economic colapse brings mayhem and misery to the streets of America, then I will have my PM´s to fall back on and perhaps even prosper greatly. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst, but consider this: PM prices may not have bottomed, but if they dont rise dramatically it´s because all is well in which case there´s nothing to worry about. Just in case, at current prices dont you want to cover ¨the other¨ posibility?

    • woody188

      This is only going to be at the highest level. There will be a very real underground “black” market that barters metals and other assets for products and property. People do it all the time now. Just visit any flea market and ask people what they are willing to trade.

    • art barnes

      Tax it, how about just taking it cause it illegal to have, keep, hold, or sell it! If you get caught its off to the concentration camps, you know, where you probably will never be seen again. Of course, that is if all SHTF, and people are hungry and out on the streets, if not, such as a controlled collapse, then precious metals may make one rich, I’m betting it will be a controlled crash which gets out of control. Buy some Twinkies they have a shelf life of 20 years, not much food value but the sugar stays in useful molecular form for energy, a cheap vitamin & and 20 year old Twinkie, all you need is some tobacco & alcohol & you have all the food groups to get on the train to the camps.

    • Charles H.


      You describe what I call – the logical end – of the strain of income equality madness. And I must admit, that owing to how the government is behaving now – this is a possibility. It would make criminals out of those who rose to the height of their responsibility. Many sources are suggesting to hold Precious Metals OUTSIDE the country (USA); basically because they don’t trust government anymore.

    • Galaxy 500

      How well has the steal/tax the wealth of the rich worked here in America? The politicians run on money. They may talk about taking from everyone but here like Cyprus, only the little guys and middle-class got the ax to the head financially. If you have assets as a big pile of PMs,
      You just load up your yacht and sail away. No wire transfers or bank accounts to seize…oh, they will get you at the border you say. My response…what freaking border.

    • Ugly

      That is why you hide it. Like at my house….

    • Jonathan

      I’ve had similar thoughts, but I really think the possibility of a gold or silver confiscation is slim. There might be some sort of “windfall tax” attached to it. But really, gold and silver “hoarders” are such a small, insignificant part of the population that no one even knows they exist. The gold market is considered a relic by most people who work on Wall Street and it’s absolutely tiny as a market . The value of all of the gold in the world is only worth $7 trillion dollars at today’s spot price! Considering that’s less than 6 months’ of the GDP of the United States, you can see that gold really could go much higher from here.


    • Galaxy 500

      Kind of like what the govt did on marijuana…made it illegal and there is a thriving economy anyway

  15. greg

    I have only one problem with the interview. You do a GREAT job , you really do the best interviews, but I couldn’t shake this one point the whole time I was watching.
    When David Morgan said it costs $23 for miners to get it out of the ground, that that is there break even point. I had to wonder why it wasn’t so long ago that silver was priced near $5 , and was profitable for the miners. What was the cause for the spike in mining in such a relatively short time period?

    • lastmanstanding

      Farmers have been subsidized for years…why can miners be the same?

      The money for subsidy is printed out of thin air. No one that receives it seems to care.

    • woody188

      I’ve been wondering too. Is it $23 USD for US miners or worldwide?

    • Mark_BC

      Increased energy and other costs.

  16. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Very good interview and David, as always, has great insight into the market, period. I do disagree with him on one count. If I have food and you have gold and need food, I may not sell my food for gold. I always tell people to invest in precious metals, lead and brass. Of course if you don’t have a gun to shoot it out of you may be in trouble. I’ve seen 4 countries collapse so I start with guns, ammo, then surplus food and afterward surplus commodities. (Which by the way toilet paper can be a commodity. After that it will be phone books. That will be one advantage of living near a big city. LOL) Keep up the great work.

    • allen ols

      I agree, we think alike, although, u are (more smart), 🙂

    • Jerry

      You are so right. You can’t eat gold. And when it comes to a tyrannical government trying to survive, they will be looking for both. A few months back several freeze dried food supply companies were forced to turn over a customer list to the federal government, all under the Homeland Security Apparatus.

  17. brian

    Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that gold and silver are THE foundational building blocks of a sound currency, and that a sound currency IS the basis of a stable society which enshrines the notion of God given rights, manifests the concept of limited government and has embedded within it the rule of law. But how long are we all going to be stuck on step one here, how long are we going to just have a parade of cheerleaders talking up metals and only hinting at the greater underlying significance of what a faltering and failing paper market and substrative currency will actually mean for us.

    To me, the most important thing right now is discovering a way in which we can begin to restore the rule of law here. A formal process of discovering, proving and punishing the epic criminal activity we see blatantly unfolding before our very eyes has got to be put into motion. What good does it do to make any personal preparations when the very reason we need to be prepared is left untouched?

    How do we organize ourselves for the purpose of starting a real, sustained and effective effort to formally summon known liars and offenders and force them to speak under oath with very real and dire consequences for those who choose to violate such an oath to speak truthfully and fully in regard to what they have done, what they know and how they understand their position to function? Because to be honest, anything we do short of this is really just a waste of our time.

    • woody188

      I think a lot of us recognize that the foxes are watching the hen house. We lack a significant communication medium to rival the broadcast networks that would be capable of building an opposition. The Internet has motivated some, but without access to the glowing boob tube, we are unable to mount a resistance within the current framework of the law. Most of us are comfortable enough we won’t risk going outside of the current law. If you are paying attention, you’ve seen Holder and others recently talk about going after the “homegrown terrorists.” This is who we are, in just discussing the possibility of going around the current framework, even non-violently. We are the “homegrown terrorists” because we believe in things like our Constitution and the rule of law. So we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    • myste

      Brian, spot on! I would go even further and ask each and every reader here to research what a sitting President may do pursuant to the entire stream of “emergency powers” put in place by all of the “Executive Orders” going back the first 20 signed by Jimmy Carter. Under any declaration of a national emergency (of an unspecified nature), [what is left of] the Constitutional form of government can be suspended and Homeland Security will be the determiner of where you can live, where you must work, what you are allowed to keep (be aware that your stores of food, water, ammo, etc. can be confsicated), and all of these extreme measures of control will be enforced by martial law. All of those billions of bullets can and will be used, and your armed resistance may take out some of your attackers, but you will in the end go down.

      THOSE Executive orders will be the “rule of law” when that national emergency is declared and no amount of stacking of PMs is going to save anyone that has not gotten out of Dodge in time. I personally see a lot of what is going down re- ISIS and our current flood of illegal immigration to be “preparing the ground” for a staged false flag attack on the US that can be blamed on ISIS and be used as the excuse to declare that state of emergency and institute martial law, resulting in complete control of the populace by the power elites that are behind the central banks. Those that resist will be eliminated, pure and simple.

      The only question is one of WHEN, and that’s hard to gauge. The progression toward control is inching forward, and none of the systems that are needed for total control are fully in place and operative just yet. The computers don’t all talk to each other — yet. The “smart cards” won’t be required until October 15, 2015. I think there are just too many unknowns to make solid predictions, but unless we can totally restore our country to a fully Constitutional republic and get rid of the Fed, I don’t see anything coming but a train wreck in slow motion, with a lot of death, dying and suffering along the way. People like PCR can describe the criminality of those in power but not come up with a plan to do anything about them, so it’s all pissing in the wind and putting a bullseye on one’s back as a “domestic terrorist.”

      It’s going to get ugly, and no amount of stacking is going to save anyone from it. See Aaron Rousseau’s full length documentary to see what it would take to stop it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKeaw7HPG04). Ain’t going to happen because there is no unity of viewpoint or leadership to guide it and it’s going to be impossible to put it together in the face of what’s forming up now. We are all watching a train wreck in slow motion, and that’s a constant theme in all of the presentations I’ve seen here.

    • g.johnson

      I hope you don’t mind if I cut out and save your post above. like codger before you, you have struck a chord with those who understand that the idea of hording gold and silver as preparation for hard times ahead is extremely notional.
      the value of gold and silver will be exposed when it becomes quickly evident that these metals have very little to no intrinsic worth to a society that has become survival oriented.
      you are correct in your assessment of the problem and its potential cure. but the problem has entrenched itself in a well crafted cocoon of tyrannical power that is designed to deflect all attempts to bring it down. not to say that what you suggest cannot be executed by we the people, but to say that we need to realize that finding justice for these jackals is going to be no small task. at this point too many of the people are like Bilbo baggins smoking his pipe and sipping tea in the cozy warmth of his little home in the shire impervious to the dark forces looming down on his peaceful existence and to the series of seemingly impossible tasks that he will accomplish to begin to bring those forces to bay. like Bilbo, I do believe that we will prevail after a long arduous test. of course we will need the help of a gandolf, a shadowfax, a Beowulf and a gladriel in order to come through. not sure exactly how those helpers will manifest, but I have a feeling they will indeed. peaceful little Bilbo got the job done and so will we the people, but prevailing against these odds will not come cheap.
      like codger says, invest in nonperishable commodities. heritage seeds are an excellent choice as even if you fail to find a market for them, you can still put them to very good use while you exponentially increase their quantity.
      but investing in commodities alone will not save you in times of strife and contention. you are going to need well honed people skills and some form of worth that you can contribute to your community in order to be a productive and useful member. enclosing yourself behind a razor wire fence or in an underground bunker will not get you far. and there are no good recipes for gold and silver.

    • RTW

      You are absolutely correct. If we don’t get back to the rule of law, nothing else is going to matter. Some signs point to the government already preparing for the possibility that it isn’t restored. The big finger pointing to this is the militarization of local police departments, for starters. Tell me one other good reason why towns resembling Mayberry RFD need to have armored vehicles replete with automatic weapons. Their idea of a crime spree is two shoplifters in one week, yet they receive enough equipment to roll into Baghdad. When the bad apple is Washington D.C it won’t take long before the entire barrel rots away.

  18. Mark

    Good interview Greg, You asked “When” of which Morgan couldn’t answer. In this interview, Morgan explained the upside pyramid. He said that the dollar would go up and that was the last thing that would be run to before gold and silver. The dollar stands at this minute as I type at 84.91. I wish you had asked him “How high will it go?”

    Morgan is a nice guy, but he is in the business of selling news letters. And, like Celente with Trends Research, It isn’t as important to be right as much as it is not to be dead wrong. That creates caution on predicting anything on Morgan’s part. I’ll take Harvey anytime as he isn’t selling anything.
    There were a lot of good clichés thrown out and I enjoyed them.

  19. n3angus

    WW3 is being engineered because of this ,

    the 2008 worldwide financial crisis was done on purpose because of this ….


    This article has a link to “U.S. Intelligence Community Assessment of Global Water Security” , and this site has been scrubbed ,
    I wonder if they were worried it would stir up the zombie societies into a raging uncontrollable group ?


  20. Galaxy 500

    While I believe that PMs are headed up in the future, there isnt any thing I can find that can lead to credible predictions in a heavily manipulated market. The real prices of products, PMs in this case, will only become apparent when the product breaks free of the manipulation by loss of faith in London/CME (default) or errors in cause and effect that break evil doers ability to maintain their ability to move the product in the desired direction.
    The current PM prices are fiction and as such, how does one predict fiction? I find this a waste of effort. From my point of view, PMs are on sale. Buy them while you can get them. Or like the ol WWII saying, “Smokem if ya got em” cause when the dollar does go to its real intrinsic value, it will be faster than most people believe possible.
    By the way, did you see how Europe has an early and hard cold spell? I can see Comrade Vlad rubbing his hands with glee. Vlad is going to teach Europe the power of sanctions.

  21. Galaxy 500

    Here is some truth from Australia where the speaker of truth is being pummeled by the evil moslem.
    Last year, Queensland Minister for Multicultural Affairs Glen Elmes called on Mr Palmer to sack Mr Messenger from standing as a PUP candidate, after he urged against “appeasement” of Islamic terrorists he said were living in our midst “sustained by our welfare payments”.

    In a letter to the editor printed in a regional Queensland newspaper, he wrote: “There was a time in the 1930s in Germany when the Nazis were hounded from villages in a shower of rocks and curses. There was a time when the German people could have emphatically said “No” to the Nazis’ special message of hate and crazy.

    “We are living in similar times and face a similar evil. And the world will suffer a similar fate as the generation of 1930s and ’40s, if we do not loudly condemn the leaders and followers of the extremist Islamic religious ideology driving this current world madness.”

    He said action must be taken before terrorists swap “meat cleavers, knives, home-made bombs and guns” for modern weapons “capable of killing many innocents, with the flick of a switch”.

    Mr Messenger has issued three “letters to the editor” by Senator Lambie over the past week on the topics of the burqa and sharia.

    Contacted by Fairfax, Mr Messenger said he could not comment other than through an approved media statement which would take time to provide.

    Parliament’s only Muslim MP, Ed Husic, said he did not wish to add to the debate.

    “If I wasted my time responding to every Tom, Dick and Lambie I wouldn’t get anything done,” he said.

    • art barnes

      500, we have the same problem here in on the Western Front, mosque’s ever where, tens of thousands soft supporters of the religion of peace abound, who knows how many will turn radical on any given Friday prayer, when you start to hear about bombings in the US with nobody taking credit such as happened in Boston, you know the cells have their marching orders, but don’t worry are President will have Holder issue a bench warrant.

      • Galaxy 500

        Amen Art,
        Obama will save us with Holders FBI. The sameone that talked to.the Boston bombers and decided they were harmless.

    • pessimist

      The Muslim jihadists are the least of our worries. It is our own government that we and the world need to fear (or rise up against).

      Google the following US patent CA 2741523 A1

      And after you determine who owns it then ask yourself (and Google too if you like) why the US Department of Defense and Monsanto have partnered to have third party develop an ebola vaccine.

      We WILL become a police state but it will pale in comparison to Nazi Germany. They WILL thin the herd in order to control the transformation into a police police state.

      The evil within our country is much more than any Islamic phobia could ever compare against.

      • Galaxy 500

        Thanks but I am more concerned about the terrorist than your conspiracy theory. We have way too many moslem curs wanting to kill us and a well financed ISIS to see that it gets done. If you want a.conspiracy theory, go with global warming nonsense or ask why Obama didnt B2 these islamofasists when they were in long convoys in the open desert. I will research you link and I appreciate your perspective

        • pessimist


          Whatever spaceman ….

      • Galaxy 500

        Compositions are provided that are operable as immunogens to elicit and immune response or protection from EboBun challenge in a subject such as a primate. Inventive methods are directed to detection and treatment of EboBun infection.
        Not sure what is threatening about someone trying to.find a quick test for EBola and a vaccine. So this is some sinister plot…not buying it anymore than I bought that AIDS was a CIA construct to depopulate Africa. Is Ebola coming here…afraid so, its probably crossed the boarders already. Thanks Barack Hussein Obama

  22. Galaxy 500

    One last thing…here is a young woman’s take on the Demoncrats

  23. Paul from Indiana

    Money is a store of value. Currency is money’s proxy.

    You will always be able to trade/exchange gold and silver for dollars or any other currency. But the time is approaching, and I believe should already be past time (shows what I know), when dollars or other currency can’t be traded/exchanged for gold and silver. Study and act accordingly. Best always. PM

  24. Craig

    Hi Greg,
    I must be in the same boat as you are because I bought a lot of silver in 2012 just at the peak of the market, and now I’m just watching my investment turn into a pile of… well, silver. IF the market ever turns upwards, I’ll be the first one to cheer, but geez, come on now, these forecasters seem to be the only ones making money on silver by doing interviews on how silver is going to go through the roof! When? You’re asking, and I’m asking, but I see that the only answer seems to be that whoever’s manipulating this will ALWAYS be manipulating this, and when THEY want it to be going for $30.00 per ounce, or whatever, THAT’S when it’ll happen. For all the predictors out there, I predict that this so-called silver boom is only good for them, the rest of us are stuck in the muck by listening to them in the first place!

    • Greg Hunter

      All my money is in this site.

      • art barnes

        Greg, you made a great investment, at least for the moral high ground. If one baby is saved from starvation when SHTF, you are a hero; meet you some day in the concentration camps, I will have a smuggled candy bar I can share with you. All kidding aside, my deepest respect!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Art!!

    • Charles H.


      I did the same – a bit over $30. And now I feel brutalized. But what I got – I got. I can’t go any farther. The price of all PMs are (Galaxy 500) “fiction”; and I must agree. When will the manipulators loose control? Who knows. When will real ‘price discovery’ happen – maybe when the Dollar crashes? All I know is that paper ‘fiat’ is not to be trusted.

  25. Charles H.


    Just like the Scotland independence vote – too many Big Players and too much involved. The PTB will not play fair. And the indication is too much violence has been done over too much time – signaling that this is a life-or-death struggle. The FED, government, MSM are out to crush – to kill – whatever works against the Dollar. Americans are expendable: the System is not.
    Like a child with folded arms and screwed-up face sitting in a corner: it will not be corrected. The G20 will have to shun the West and let it fall into a dismal funk. By then, Americans will be mindless Obots; and stackers will convert to Dr. Jim Willie clones.

  26. Doug Williams

    Again, let me repeat myself, we had twenty years of gold and silver on the downside. Twelve years on the upside. And now David Morgan had seventeen years to talk gold and silver up again. Also, didn’t Canda ” Stamp” $50. on 1 ounce silver, recently ? Don’t that make silver worth $50. Didn’t Canada “stamp” $200. dollars on their 2007 gold Maple Leaf ? Doesn’t that mean gold should not go below $200. ? Just wondering…….

    • Smaulgld

      The Canadian mint has minted some very interesting coins lately
      As you know they mint the $5 five dollar face value one ounce silver maple leaf
      They have start minting $20 for $20 and $50 for $50 silver coins
      These coins however each have less than an ounce of silver in them!
      So which is the better value? A one ounce $5 face value maple leaf for $20 or a $20 for $20 silver coin with about $5 worth of silver in it?!

  27. Timco

    I know David very well. He is a good and honest man.

  28. Brian Stemmerman

    Hi, Greg
    Couple things bouncing through my head today. First thought, if the Fed is shorting gold and silver, why does the government at times tell the truth about economic fundamentals? Why would they report -2.9 GDP in the first quater? Why would they report poor housing in August? I liked what David Morgan said about the upside down pyramid. I believe the US dollar will be the go to at first. If this is true, I think I am in good shape shorting the RUT 2000. Take a look at the YTD. Most bear markets last about a year. If silver and gold continue to fall, I will be in great shape when I buy physical. Second question: Why does China and Rissia not advertise to the world about leaving the dollar? I think most people would move to gold backed money structure . Anyway, the RUT 2000 is a market indicator and I am in the money holding TZA. Not that Iam ahead. At the end, I do not think holding any investment will have the value compared to family and friends. Thank you for your great interviews.

  29. Jim Blanchard

    Thank you, Greg, for the work you are doing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim for your support!

  30. archivesDave

    Jeff makes some sterling points….Timing is everything and the timing of most all of these silver and gold bugs has been atrocious!
    The other side of the coin resides ‘Broken Clock Harry’ Dent who’s been equally wrong calling for a gold plummet to $700 or lower.
    If I were betting right now, I’d have to go with Harry but agree it’s only a matter of
    time before some type of global reset.
    The bottom line question remains, will the IMF / BIS unite with the F R to come up
    with a global QE in the form of uber bonds &/or taxes which could postpone a reset
    for a few more years.

  31. Mason

    Kudo’s for Greg for asking the right questions. My impression was that David Morgan answered these questions as truthful as he could, so a tip from my hat for that too. Although his forecasts for gold and silver were too optimistic in the past, I throught his answers now were realistic. Morgan says he expect prices for gold and silver to be somewhat higher than today by the end of the year, unless there is a Black Swan event. In that case, gold and silver will rise exponential. I agree with that analysis. And everybody knows there is a whole flock of Black Swans flying around, just waiting to land. So it’s only a matter of time.

  32. Galaxy 500

    The Billionaires are hoarding cash…seems market negative to me
    Heres a.plan.for the antisemites out there thought up by.those bastions of integrity for evil
    When is help.no help

    • allen ols


      MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

      Mossad is Recruiting Via Youtube Video That Features Hot Blond
      Bloomberg reports:
      Israel’s legendary Mossad agency is courting a new generation of spies through social media, a Homeland-derived video and an 18-page application to be filled out by hand.
      The 83-second clip presents a blond agent resembling actress Claire Danes who leaves her son on the beach with a radio-controlled drone toy while she penetrates the computer network room in a nearby Tel Aviv office tower. “It’s not child’s play,” she intones. “It opens doors.”
      Viewers are invited to click on the Mossad home page in Hebrew, English, French, Russian and Arabic. Links carry labels such as “Engineering Management,” “Overseas,” “Farsi,” “Satellites” and “Thinking outside the box.” Each leads to the same form and a separate 8-page questionnaire for one’s spouse.

      (take your red pill, apply immediatly)


      • Galaxy 500

        I saw that Al and I applied to be an agent

        • Galaxy 500

          And I liked the video of you playing with.the.drone. Priceless

  33. sommers

    The least I can say about Morgan is he doesn’t get carried away. He sounds like a guy who has been there and done that. I guess if you’ve been studying metals all your adult life, it’s hard to let them get the best of you. The metals or the manipulators.
    My guess is he’ll be right in the long run, rather than Harvey Organ who’s predictions I preferred.

  34. Bill

    Much pain is in our future… little doubt of that.
    geopolitics will impact us severely in the future.

    Debt… that is what is the root of the economic reality we face.

    2 things occur to debt. 1..the debt gets paid 2. the debt suffers a default..those are the choices.

    unfortunately we have likely missed the opportunity to avoid the house of cards from falling.imho

  35. Jim H

    Thanks Greg.

    I really do appreciate all who allow differing viewpoints on their sites. What I hear from David and those leaning his direction on gold and silver is water swirling downward from the top of the bowl making it’s way to a destination that will make his people cringe just as I did as a young man in the late 70’s or early 80’s (hell really don’t remember exactly when) when my Brother in Law and I bought $3500.00 worth of silver each after listening to the same last gasp every cloud has a silver lining talk. If I remember silver was at $14 per oz at the time. Enter the Hunt Brothers and in the blink of an eye two thirds of the value was gone and stayed pretty much there for what seemed like forever. Even now it’s only $3 over what we bought it for then. That was all we had and was quite a sum for two young men back then. Had I put $500 in a 401K back then, I would have done much better. I will continue to repeat the mantra that the Money Changers want digits and they already have them. They will just continue the consolidation of corporations holding the digits for manageability reasons. Physical is on the way out and digits are here to stay unless the little people stop globalization. One thing I’ll say for Putin. He seems to be making an effort to keep his country sovereign. Good luck with that.

    • Jim H

      Guess it must have been the eighties. Might have went something like this. Don’t forget what I said, Rocky wants digits and he shall have them by hook or by crook.


      There is also a part 2

      • Jim H

        After seeing the end of part 2

        I had to ask myself, why I would want to go the way of the Hunt Brothers short of killing this corrupt system and replacing it with something more honest.

  36. Outlookingin

    It is inferred that the reason for precious metals manipulation, is to support the USD and keep the belief alive in it’s value. However, there is another “commodity” that suffers just as much manipulation. And that is petroleum. Since almost all oil is dollar based, as in the “petrodollar”.

    A comparison of the PowerShares DB Commodity Index Fund (ticker:DBC) and the SPX S&P 500 Large Cap Index brings this manipulation into stark relief. Since the DBC is heavily weighted (+50%) in the petroleum sector. Check the link for charts.


  37. Glen

    Greg, you do a really good job interviewing these guys. I wanted to comment on Mr Morgan though. He was right when he called the top in silver Back in April of 2011. Silver topped out towards the end of May. That was the last time Mr Morgan has made a correct call. He has been as worthless as tits on a bore hog ever since. He is lucky he is still working in the precious metals industry. His subscriber base has gone way down by his own words. He has been totally wrong with all his calls all the way down from almost 50 dollars in May of 2011, to the present day where we are now trading at less than 18 dollars per oz. Listening to Mr Morgan is a hazard to your financial health. Anyone who is interested can go back and see some of his old you tube interviews and hear what he has to say and you just shake your head. Other than that Mr Morgan is a really nice guy.

    • LeBron Jimmies

      I’ve been following Glen for about 2 minutes. His predictions aren’t so good either…LOL

      I’m waiting for the day when Glen will get it right. I’m first waiting for Glen to make a prediction.


  38. smaulgld

    Thanks for having David on. He is very knowledgeable re silver.

    Here is some background to David’s remarks on China’s silver demand :

    Here are 12 Differences Between Gold and Silver-its not just color!

    BTW- There has been a spike in gold and silver sales the past few days at the US mint.

  39. Edward Ulysses Cate

    I understand why folks hate predictions, because they want the instant gratification of hearing an inside trade or the perfect time to buy or sell. It’s just like some complaining of not having fun at the ice skating party out on the big lake because someone saw serious cracks in the ice, but the big party still continued far from shore. Others say they are seeing more and more serious cracks in the ice, but it still hasn’t collapsed, and yet more folks complain of still missing the skating party. When will the ice no longer support the party, who knows. Sort of like what Morgan says, it better to be off the ice early than one minute late, because there’s no lifeboats in sight, and the party’s too far from shore for rescuers. By the way, having bailed out of the system in 2004-2006 into gold/silver in the hand, I missed the first big party; then the great ice breakup, and then missed the refreeze and current big party. I’m on shore and content just watchin’. Never was much of a party-goer anyway. Too old for that stuff, anyway.

  40. Agent P

    Rick Rule (as many astute visitors of this site know well) mentioned something few years back that always resonated with me – likely because I happen to hold the same viewpoint. He said in essence, that he really does not ‘hope’ for PM prices to reach astronomical heights, because he understands the socio-political ramifications within the context of which those astronomical prices would exist… A ‘challenging environment’ living within that socio-political context would be the understatement of the century…

    Now, if the government was to get right with God and simply revalue gold to its true level, based upon the data currently available – say in the $7500 – $10,000/oz. range per Jim Rickards, the U.S. could likely ‘proceed’ from there – but they’re not going to eat that brand of humble pie on the world stage. They’d rather kick the can and let ‘er crash & burn before reinstating an honest currency, but an honest currency we shall get, 3rd world status or not in due course.

    • JC Davis

      but they’re not going to eat that brand of humble pie on the world stage. Excellent old friend. I see force feeding ahead.

  41. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Another valuable public service interview. Especially for those who are able to buy precious metals.

    The Washington Times has a columnist on Mondays named Charles Ortel. He is managing director of Newport Value Partners. He understands and writes about what is truly going on with the economy. He might make an interesting guest.

  42. btruth

    Not only is gold confiscation still on the books since 1933, but the the PATRIOT ACTS & NDAA plainly state, in so many words that, ” in the event of a MAJOR CATASTROPHE ALL PEOPLE AND PROPERTY WILL BE CONFISCATED!”
    So how is it anyone will be able to use gold or silver etc. when you won’t even be aloud to barter or trade by law AND because we’ll be fighting for our lives NON STOP!?
    This will be unlike any other time in human history! MULTIPLE events are headed our way and are in the works! Food, water filtration, weapons & God are the only things that will help anyone!

    • LeBron Jimmies

      I agree with you 100% but ‘aloud?’

      Really? How does that happen?

    • Galaxy 500

      Guess you missed where this act was repealed…lets not let facts get in the way of a good theory

    • JC Davis

      B Truth.
      You are right sir , or lady. Seeing so much what is wrong with being prepared for being wrong. ? May be things don’t happen the way I think, so silver seems like a good insurance. better the paper stocks…LOL

    • JC Davis

      Every year I spray to kill flees , ticks , and such. I never get them all.
      Some of these bugs are prepared for my killing them. I say go underground soon. At least of the grid.

  43. Eric

    Mr. Morgan is a breath of fresh air — thank you, David. Let me share a good piece of anecdotal evidence, which explains just how undervalued the precious metals are.
    Some of your listeners may be unaware that China has become the largest domestic miner of Gold — not South Africa, not Canada, not the U.S, not Australia. However, the geology in China does not lend itself to inexpensive mining of gold. Reports are that it costs the Chinese in excess of $2000 per ounce to mine and refine a domestic ounce of gold. (Some argue the cost is in excess of $2500 per ounce).
    Now ask yourself… why are the Chinese in a hurry to mine gold at a price that is perhaps twice the current dollar value in the open market? Especially given their history of being patient, long-term thinkers and the fact that they are not in any danger of having someone come and steal the gold from their land.
    I will try to answer my own question… I think it indicates that China realizes that the value of gold is much greater than the current quote and that as long as they have significant dollar reserves, they might as well convert those dollars into something of long-term value.
    Gold and silver are so despised right now, that even the precious metals discussion sites and message boards I frequent are quite pessimistic. In other words, even the ‘faithful’ have lost faith in gold and silver.
    I agree with Harvey Organ that we could go to bed on a random Tuesday night with the status quo in tact and wake up to a new world order. As long someone is willing to sell me real money for federal reserve notes, I will continue to accumulate metals.
    Use this opportunity to prepare yourself, in the way that Greg has suggested. Whether you can afford metals or not, there are other things you can be doing to prepare yourself.

  44. Charles Savoie

    Listening to Silver mining managements filibustering about producing more efficiently in this environment are as welcome to shareholders as Q-Tips festooned with cactus needles. Stop giving away the shareholders future at gutter prices. Announce mining suspensions with resumption contingent on Comex short sellers providing verification that they hold refined bullion to back up their contracts, with outside auditing conducted by an accounting firm designated by Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic, as he is the ONLY silver mining executive to be vocal against the silver stealers!

  45. Ed

    Greg, I enjoy your sites and insights.
    On the matter of gold in the USA, I think the average American has been away from gold so long (1971) that when the economy fails gold will not be in as much demand as other parts of the world that are familiar with it’s use.
    I also think preaching to the ignorant in the USA is a futile chore.

    • Galaxy 500

      When the democrats/communists/socialists are being burn with hell fire, they will still be explaining how good is evil and evil is good.

    • OneTinSoldier66

      Excellent ideas in my opinion. I would definitely like to see a return to putting people in the financial sector(bankers for example) in jail for fraudlent acts.

      I forget, where is Jon Corzine?

    • brian

      If we cannot convince other Americans of the plight we face what alternative do we have other than to simply let this wave of coming tyranny just roll right over us and crush us, regardless of whatever personal preparations we have made.

  46. blitzflick

    Morgan has been wrong most of his life. He has no credibility at all. Stop listening to these top-callers. Martin Armstrong is the only one who is accurate and reasonable… as is Stuart Thompson.

    • Galaxy 500

      While I like Martin Armstrong, I find some of his current predictions without merit. In one of Gregs interviews with Mr. Armstrong, Martin stated that increases in money due to QE didnt matter. I say balderdash . You have a paper note that is based on the US taxpayers and everyone knows that the debt.we.owe will never be paid back with dollars that remotely resemble the value of the dollars borrowed. He lost me when he said that

  47. SilverHawk

    You can’t lose if you don’t sell. Good things come to those who wait. Buy while it’s still available, and faget about it

  48. lastmanstanding

    I’ll say this again…you either believe in real items that the earth provides for you or you don’t .

    Soil, seeds, precious metals, metals of other varieties, water in its various forms, tools of all varieties, fuel in its many forms while it’s available to run those tools. Materials to build a safe and warm shelter…probably many other things that I’ve missed.

    Last but not least the ingenious, honest human mind and being that is awake and alive.

    We will prevail or we will perish. If one has faith, there is nothing to worry about.

    It sure is a nail biter at the moment…We must never give up or lose faith in God or ourselves. We will get exactly what we deserve. Fear not.

    • allen ols


      we agree.

      this weekend i cleaned 4 55 gal blu plastic barrels, pumped out half of 4 FULL barrels of gas, and refilled with fresh reg. non ethonal gas at one of my hidden locations. will continue and do also at 3 other locations. right now, I have 2200 galns goal is min. 3k gallons, spread over 4 locations.

    • allen ols

      last man;

      I forgot to mention, u said “soil, seeds”.

      I have a movable chicken coup, and every week we move it 8 ft to another location, and rake up one inch of the soil of previous location, and bag the fertilizer, and haul it to locations. I have 7 chickens, at my primary home in Nash. and am working on putting a barrel w/lid at small grocery store for them to put scrap produce trimmings, and will haul and mix with wood chips, grass clippings, chopped leaves. In nash. the people bag pin oak, etc leaves and set them out curbside, and I drive by collect the bags, oak trees only, no pine or cedar, and keep the bags for future use.

    • Diane Ryan

      Amen lastmanstanding. While I believe that our Founder’s America no longer exists, there is still hope. Something will rise from the ashes of this once-great nation. With God’s grace we may mold it and pass liberty on to our children. Our Pastor frequently reminds us that the Bible is replete with examples of God working with His ‘remnants’ in this world.

  49. Sambo

    Greg, very good guest and some great info. I always enjoy your guest. It really don’t matter when the faith based economy loses it faith. We all pretty much know the present monetary system is going to have to change. The pain will come to the world whether we invest in precious metals or not. As always those that are or become more self reliant can be less dependent on others and can be a power and influence for good in the world and if a person owned all the wealth in the world and had not others to share it with it would become worthless. Keep bringing in the sheaves for the times they are a changing.


  50. LeBron Jimmies

    In all seriousness, while many of the so called ‘experts’ in the precious metals field have gotten it wrong over the past years, much of it has to do with timing and the fact that the market has been interfered with.

    If I tell you that LeBron James can hit more than 50% of his free throws but when he goes to the line, someone fires a shotgun at him, he won’t shoot 50%. Okay, maybe LeBron will but that’s besides the point.

    My point is no one saw what was coming in terms of the control exerted over PM prices so no one was able to accurately predict what happened to PMs.

    The fact remains and is based on a mathematical certainty so all of these predictions will eventually be right but timing will come down to either the time that those in control lose it or give it up.

    That’s not a prediction anyone can make with any accuracy but it’s definitely coming. There is a finite amount of debt and derivatives that can be piled on until it can no longer be supported. It’s a mathematical certainty! With all of the geopolitical movements with alternatives to the dollar being put in place, it is only exacerbating the issue and making overcoming the mathematical certainty an even greater obstacle. Regardless, the writing is on the wall and anyone who criticizes Mr. Morgan, Harvey Organ, or anyone else well versed in this field and does not take proper action to protect themselves, will live to regret it.

    Separately, thank you Greg for everything you do. Truly one of the good guys. A rare find.

  51. Tommy

    Less than two years ago silver was $32 an ounce and you had panic buying. You couldn’t buy silver. Dealers had little and what they had was going for huge premiums over the spot. The mint was running out of silver, or so we were told. Now a short time later and the metal is about half that price and you can buy all you want. Just makes you think.

    • Galaxy 500

      Silver and gold are short here….some places are paying over spot. Where are you located?

  52. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg.
    I hold David Morgan, Rick Rule, Eric Sprott, Andrew McGuire, et al in the highest regard. No one knows more about the metals than these guys. I think where they go wrong (and this is the most gentle of criticisms) is that the markets are SO manipulated, you can’t really predict anything like you could, say, ten years ago. In the past, if there was a Golden Cross, that means the metals were going higher. Earlier this year, we had a Golden Cross in gold, but the Powers That SHOULDN’T Be hammered it down. So I think it’s futile for even the most experienced of experts to make predictions nowadays. It’s just not possible to do so accurately on a continuous basis. However, none of us ever thought in our wildest imagination that “they” could have kept their massive Ponzi scheme going this long, so on that basis, most of the guests on your show thought this scam would have ended last year at the latest. They underestimated the massive power of the financial criminals and to this day, none of us really know how much ammo they have in their arsenal.
    Your guests (and we) are not on the inside. We are not privy to the banksters plans. We can only sit by, try to guess what their next move is, and protect ourselves as much as possible. So I think these otherwise highly respected individuals hurt their credibility by making predictions. Bill Fleckenstein is one of the few who refuses to make a prediction. We CAN however, take great comfort in the fact that the precious metals are the garlic to fiat currencies’ vampires. That fact cannot be disputed and one day, the garlic will win out.
    I think it would also be a tremendously helpful exercise if we tried to sit in TPTB’s position with the assumption that they only do what is good for them and to hell with us. If we look at things that way, we might be able to have a bit more clarity as to the way they’re going to go forward. Wouldn’t hurt right?

  53. Mason

    Do you want to know the sad part?
    Sentiment is a contrary indicator. That means that when everyone on this site is negatieve about precious metals and is out, that is the moment that they rise.
    Notwithstanding a Black Swan event of course.

    • Jeff

      Mason…”Sentiment is a contrary indicator.” Absolutely true, but you can’t take a small, informed group (like this site) and extrapolate out to your conclusion. My view of the public is they all (95+) are pathetically neg gold. Worse than that, they are basically clueless about money/history/world events, ect, ect. They do, however know who’s on “Dancing with the Stars” tonight.

      • Mason

        Yes, correct. Maybe I phrased it too absolute. That was not my intention.
        My point is that you can also see on this site sentiment shifting negatively regarding gold. That includes my own sentiment toward gold. In 2011 I thought the whole system was going to implode then and there, I would have never dreamt that gold would decline for 3 years and still is declining. From an investment-point-of-view it is a very long wait. So as a warning toward myself, and to others on this site I was pointing out that it might take longer than you think, and the moment you give up and sell your gold, that is the moment it will rise. So all I am saying is: beware. (Again: a Black Swan event notwithstanding)

        Also, as an analogy: although KingWorldNews is more biased and has a more biased interviewer towards gold (KWN derives their income from from it) than USAWatchdog, I do not regard the KWN-listeners less informed than USAWatchdog-listeners. Apart from the bias, you can get pretty good information there. It is only a slightly other kind of audience I think. But in 2011 the sentiment towards gold was ultra-bullish. Everybody that listened to KWN then, informed though there were, is in the red now.

        I think we should ask ourselves some questions. Try to bear with me, as I try to explain. I have been asking myself: how do you measure sentiment? On which group do you focus? This is an open question for me. I think you should theoretically outright forget the 90% who will never ever ever own gold, just pretend they don’t exist from an investing-standpoint-of-view, but instead focus on the remaining 10%.
        If that 10% is bullish, is that then a contrary indicator? Yes or no? I think that yes that would be a contrary indicator. Yes, because if you pretend the 90% doesn’t exist, which they don’t from an investing point of view, as they will never buy gold, then the remaining 10% becomes the 100% of your investing-world. If this 100% is bullish, then that is a contrary indicator.
        So, is that 10%, that has now become your theoretical 100%, now the informed group? I don’t think so. It is too large. I think the really informed group is a much much smaller group, and they are looking at the rest of us for sentiment. Theoretically, they might be reading USAWatchdog if we are giving up on gold already. Do you understand what I mean?

  54. Donna C

    Let’s see, D’Souza ordered into “confinement” with weekly “counseling” (until he eats his own thoughts and words?), not contrite appearing, not sorry enough. Show him now, transformed to a pariah. Boehner is in the Hamptons hugging Joy Behar, proclaiming he is best friends with Obama. McCain is in a swoon over bombs a-blasting. Jeb Bush, Christie, Rubio being ground into our psyche for Prez. Pick one, rubes, who says we are offered no choices? Alice here, wondering which rabbit hole offers escape. November looms, and that will sure fix everything, u-huh. Change is in the air, heard that somewhere (from the Cheshire POTUS, me thinks).

    Silver/gold trumps paper, I get it. Does it truly matter, a buck up, a buck down? A bankruptcy of standards bringing on bankruptcy for all of us. Is anybody “confined” or in “counseling” among the larcenous ranks? I remember a time when you could not run for office with a divorce under your belt. Remember the family campaign photos? — even the family dog managed a grin. Look at what we put up with now.

    Not knowing what else to do, I check this site among others every Sunday night as I start my work week. Reminds me that somebody is serious and not giving up. Heartfelt thanks.

  55. Jeff

    No one knows when the prices will turn up. But we all have a sense something’s coming. For those here exclaiming they will buy later (like they know the bottom) I hope for them the best. By then there may not be be any for sale…… I remember 1980 as clearly as Jim H does and this is no 1980. We were a creditor nation, today a debtor nation. When the dollar began to fall and inflation started we had to raise rates beyond 15%. Today we have zero for one reason. A 2% rise would kill the world economy (which is already happening) and would make the interest on our debt explode…… My feeling is we will simply see the dollar rise till someone pulls the plug. I also think “they” know gold will rise and are stalling and want it to rise from a lower level……. The dollar will fall because of our own doing but we will blame it on other countries (want to take a guess who?). It’s in the cards and why the rest of the world is buying gold, including the wealthiest investors. Do you want to ride with the winners or just continue with the CNBS mantra ?

  56. Jeff

    Here’s what the winners are doing…… [ http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-09-20/meanwhile-heres-what-super-rich-are-rushing-buy ]

  57. JC Davis

    Prediction’s ? I would rather buy a refrigerator. Opinions ? Everybody has one. Drop a bomb on 10 tons of silver, or gold it will still be useful. THAT is why we AMERICANS should own it all.

  58. Joe M

    Haven’t you people heard of the concept of dollar cost averaging for purchasing PMs? Just have a fixed allocation purchase every month. and do it for however many years it takes until silver pops over 20/oz or 25/oz or whatever your “stop” is. Then stop. I truly cringe when I hear people make huge one time purchases. It’s all about dispassionate discipline and finding your “stop”. Mine is $21/oz or about the average cost of production. When the price is lower than that, I turn on the purchasing algorithm.

  59. John Bechtel

    Greg, I too listen to and enjoy all guests you’ve had on your show. I’ve been guided by some of them since I became a believer in the wisdom of gold and silver circa 2003. In the last decade I have consumed just about all the information on the PMs which these gurus and experts have uttered.
    But, given the extended length and depth of the current manipulation, one nagging question torments my understanding of the market: given that A) the Crimex has the ability to settle any contract in cash, and B) the powers interested in suppressing the price of metal can create all the paper they need and funnel it through to their agents on Wall street, how can a failure to deliver physical ever occur? I surely would like to hear a discussion from Morgan , Sinclair, Sprott, Rule, Embry, Pento, Greyerz, Willie or any expert who can shed light on what the mechanism would look like to cause true price discovery. (aside from just saying there will be a failure to deliver)

  60. howdy-doody

    At some point in the near future, the discussion of buying precious metals a few dollars cheaper, or more expensive, is going to be stupid. At some point in the future, metals will go parabolic in price, as the value of the dollar falls rapidly to it’s real value—zero. Get what you can get, and sit on it, and hold. Don’t worry about the beat down it’s taking now.

  61. John

    Manipulation ends when China annonces how much gold they have, and they revalue gold. So when that happens and gold is north of 3000 where will you choose to sell your gold.? On comex for 1200? Or in Shanghai? Gold and silver will flow into China and new era will begin.

  62. Wingo

    Don’t really want to hold physical gold/silver. Any thoughts on the Central Fund of Canada(CEF) as an alternative?

  63. Larry Galearis

    To those silver coin/bullion testers….

    Just keep it simple. Silver is the best conductor. Just put a match to it and it will heat up almost instantly….Ring tests? Ice tests? How about hot water….The temperature thing works but the “ring” thing is too subjective.
    Hope this helps.

  64. Benyamin

    The elephant in the sitting room that the mainstream media still isn’t talking about is the agenda of a cashless economy .Following the Hegelian dialectic of problem-reaction-solution,the masters of the financial system have deliberately planted time-bombs within the mainstream economic system because they are planning to replace the current system with a cashless economy that uses the microchip implant instead of credit cards and dollar bills.
    Of course,the over-riding goal of the microchip agenda is control and it is the reason why the World’s reserve currency of the Dollar was unhooked from the gold standard in 1971 and why the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 ,that had prevented banks from speculating with depositors funds,was repealed in 1999.Since then, not just the US but the World economy has lurched back to the bad old days of speculative bubbles and market crashes.Because the Dollar is the World’s reserve currency ,the whole planet is now exposed to the consequences of the deliberate agenda of ”re-destabilisation” at the behest of the super elite who want us all microchipped.
    Gold and silver create a firm foundation for locally -based economies to function,using an independent currency to the electronic,microchip system.Remember,the actual logistics of the microchip implant economy are already in place-smart phones now have Apps that can read barcodes and RFID verichips,”Obamacare” machines in Walmart have scanners for reading implanted chips,every supermarket checkout in the developed economies have scanners for reading the microchips on credit cards now.
    We have to think completely outside of the box of the current economic system in order to grapple with the issues here:the stability of the current economic system has been deliberately undermined by the most powerful beasts who run the system because their agenda is to have use micro-chip implants in order to make our financial transactions.We need to organise ourselves into alternative,locally -based autonomous economic communities that will be able to function outside of the computer-controlled cashless society that is going to replace the cash economy based on fiat currency that is now in its last days.What is going on is all part of a continuum.
    The author of the above article is right in suggesting that market forces will ultimate decide when the inbuilt errors within the system cause a systemic failure that not even governments or mighty central banks will be able to control once the bubble bursts.However,what isn’t generally discussed is the fact that the coming financial crisis is EXACTLY what has been intended by the powerful individuals,groups and organisations that want a fully -controlled microchipped population over which they will be able to to exert complete control.This might sound like conspiracy but it is as true as the words of St John of the Revelations who was given foresight of the end of this age by Jesus Christ.
    Of course, we are all at liberty to accept or reject the Bible.However,we ignore the warnings from John,the closest apostle to Jesus ,at our peril.
    I cannot tell you when the microchip-implant will take over from cash and credit cards but I can tell you with confidence that we are on the very verge of it.The next stock market crash will signal the beginning of the transition and according to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn,that could be as soon as September,but it could also be as soon as tomorrow as well!!
    Buy gold and silver NOW if you can,relocate away from the seaboards and the big cities to higher ground and buy land with friends and like-minded families.
    Pray in the name of Yeshua ha Messiah for the spiritual protection ,healing and above all LOVE that we are going to need to survive and thrive outside of the mainstream robotically -controlled ‘trans-human’ society that will be controlled via the microchip implant.
    If you get caught out and you find yourself rounded up into a FEMA camp or any government/military internment camp you must NEVER receive the microchip implant,EVER!
    As it says in the Revelations,it would be better to lose our physical heads than to receive the ‘mark of the beast’ which is undoubtably the microchip implant being mass produced and stock-piled by the government along with the billions of rounds of hollow-tipped ammunition recently purchased by the DHS .Look up ”FEMA CAMPS and ‘Ark cities and Deep Underground Military Bunkers” if you have any doubts as to what the government has been doing with the trillions of dollars collected via the carbon tax and the the Federal Income tax.
    Please take what I say seriously, I have researched this subject for many years now and it is THE most important issue of our time.
    Better to be martyred ,rather than be multi-millionaires with microchip implants in our hands and foreheads!
    Hold fast to the teachings of Yeshua ha Messiah(Jesus Christ) and do not fear because HE IS at the threshold of his return as ruler of planet Earth!

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