All Signs Point to Big Financial Crash in 2016-Bill Holter

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Financial writer Bill Holter says there are many signs that are signaling big trouble. Holter’s list starts with the troubled banking giant Deutsche Bank and says it is his top candidate for the next Lehman style financial meltdown.  Holter explains, “It would make sense that they are the candidate because, as you know, they had a recent settlement in the gold and silver fix.  So, they may get thrown under the bus.  The only problem is if they get thrown under the bus, there’s going to be a bomb that blows up the whole bus.”

So, can we make it out of this year without a big financial crash? Holter contends, “I don’t see how.  There is the potential unrest all over the world.  You have “Brexit,” and now the polls are saying that’s going to happen.  That’s going to absolutely dislocate Europe.  You have the U.S. election, and no matter who wins, I would say there are going to be riots.  There will be riots no matter if Hillary wins or Trump wins.  You will probably see rioting going into the election.  You also have the tragic event in Orlando, and it’s common knowledge that ISIS says it is going to be doing this all summer long.  So, you got all kinds of potential dislocations.  I don’t see how we get to next year with the can being kicked down the road.”

Holter also points out that there is a large increase of buyers standing for delivery of physical gold and silver for their paper contracts at COMEX. This, in turn, is cutting the available amount of gold and silver for delivery.  Holter explains, “What this is saying is if you get some outside event in the next two of three months where there is a scramble into gold and silver, they are not going to be able to deliver.  The troll community says they will just move it from the ‘eligible’ category.  They can’t do that.  Eligible gold is customer gold.  That is actually called stealing. . . . Everything has changed.  The entire smell has changed the last two months. . . . It looks like the longs are different longs.  They want real metal and will not accept paper.”

Big well known money people have been making ominous warnings about another coming financial meltdown. Why are they making these dire warnings now?  Holter says, “Because it’s gotten so obvious . . . these guys are extremely brilliant people.  I am glad they finally came around and figured it out. . . . They’re getting on the record is what they are doing.  You would not have the caliber of names all lining up in the last 60 to 90 days . . . unless it was going to happen pretty soon.”

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  1. helot

    When Bill Holter said, “I don’t see how we get to next year with the can being kicked down the road.” I thought of this bit in one of Gary North’s articles, ‘The Snowpack and the Avalanche: How to Understand Unfunded Federal Liabilities’.

    “We like to say that Washington is going to kick the can. I have used that phrase. Lots of financial columnists have used this phrase. The problem is, the phrase is misleading.

    The problem with the metaphor of can-kicking is this: the image does not address the fundamental element of the problem, namely, the progressive increase in the size of the can. It also does not convey the concept of a can which will at some point roll backward over the person who is attempting to kick it. We’re kicking the can up the hill, and the can keeps getting larger. But this is absent from the metaphor.

    What is missing in the metaphor is the great discontinuity Kicking the can sounds like a continuous action that can go on indefinitely. It has gone on so long that virtually everybody believes, as far as his investment portfolio indicates, that the federal government can continue to kick the can indefinitely.

    I prefer a different metaphor. I prefer the metaphor of the avalanche.”…

    Tonight, I posted a reply in agreement with a comment on a very popular ‘lukewarm’ preparedness blog. The commenter disagreed with the optimism displayed on the blog. I.e. that nothing has happened since 2011, so, just keep on living in Dreamtime and do the happy-talk dance, or something to that effect. Two minutes later, both comments disappeared without comment. To me – this was a very big indication about how deep the reluctance is to accept how bad the situation is – when even the preppers are pretending like a two ton heavy thing isn’t headed this way!

    See no evil, hear no evil, indeed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff Helot.

    • Scott

      A poignant posting, helot, thanks for this.

      I have seen the “disappearing comments” trend you’ve observed, myself – thankfully never here on USAWD – by individuals and organizations purported to stand for something nobler. People professing a commitment to a divergence of thought and contrarian perspectives, while practicing censorship. I find it thoroughly revolting.

      Compound this with a growing chorus of weak-kneed and semi-principled citizens unwilling to give up material comforts or make personal sacrifices for individual liberty and the reestablishment of the Rule of Law, and you have a potent accelerant for uncontested, open Fascism.

      As I sat through the highlights of assorted, overly-political (and by this I mean Statist) commencement ceremonies in the U.S. this evening, it occurred to me that, though uncounted millions call themselves “American,” very few of them understand what that is supposed to mean.

      Dark days lie just over the horizon, I believe…

    • Margie

      Dear Greg and Bill Holter

      I have spoken to my sister and she now wants to handle things as quickly as possible. She is wondering about the 401K and CD’s. Her husband is usually on top of that. I told her that when things finally “explode” there likely wont be any 401K’s or any other retirement money or other returns on investments because all that stuff is in the digital system and will be “wiped”.

      I encouraged her to get access to cash and anything she feels she has in excess of what she needs cashwise to invest in assets (precious metals or other asssets).

      I don’t want to overwhelm her with links, but if you or Bill could just respond to say what you think is likely to happen with retirement funds, that would be awesome.

      I will point her to this episode and to your response, and let her know this is what you foresee happening. It’s not written in stone, but what is predicted.

      Many many thanks Greg. I am quite prepared as a result of following your posts!

      • al hall

        Margie: Greg knows me and I have contacts – long story how I happened to blend in with them- but I was told many years ago this was coming.
        If she wait very much longer she will be stuck. Get out of the bankster’s system now. Get out of any IRA’s 401″s, etc. or loose it all. Get out of “anything” paper” – it’s will become worthless or revalued (devalued) to 20% of today’s value. ( things will cost 5+ times more. Get out of these IRA’s and the like now- pay the penalty. Would she rather pay the penalty and have something, or leave it there and have nothing.
        One friend told me -” the only real money is the money of the elite’s- it’s all they believe in- gold and silver”
        George Soro’s, City bank, and the like are buying gold and silver by the tons. They know something is about to happen.
        Hope this helps!


      • al hall

        Margie: also see this from Morgan report- may help–

        I urge you to drop everything you’re doing, right now, and read a shocking new report that has just been posted online.

        Click here to read The Secret Government Plot to Control All Your Money free while it’s still online …

        This shocking alert proves that U

        • Stewart Armstrong

          Weiss is offensive, as is his organization –anytime they ask for your email for a “Shocking” “special report”–you are being duped–wake up!!

          Almost sounds like a paid promo…

          Spend the $100 with Bill and Jim and you’ll receive all the answers you need–

          What has Greg been offering you for years–ANSWERS!

          Go to for real answers!

          Support this site– Good gracious.


      • BetterChetter