America is Doomed Without Restoring the Rule of Law-Karl Denninger

Karl_Denninger_Interview_Financial_Crisis_2012By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Trader and entrepreneur Karl Denninger has a dire warning. He basically says if there is lawlessness at the top of society, there will be lawlessness at the bottom.  Denninger, who is so distraught he has suspended writing on his popular website, explains, “It is illegal for any entity with market power or anybody else to price fix.  It is illegal to price commodities of like, mind and quantity in the market place.  That is a federal law, and violations of these laws are not civil affairs, they’re felonies. . . . The only deterrents for corporations against bad behavior is people go to jail or the firm has its charter revoked because it runs out of money.  The reason that is the case is as long as I can pay a fine and shift the cost onto the customers or shareholders or both, there is not deterrent—at all. . . . When does a CEO ever get indicted?  When do members of the board ever get indicted?  The answer is never.”

Denninger says the lawlessness trickles down, and it’s bad for growth and innovation that creates jobs. Denninger contends, “The problem with this is economic progress.  Without people having the ability and the promise to get ahead, what do you have left? . . . If this sinks into people’s consciousness, then the game is over.  If you cannot entice people to get out there and create the next big thing, to be the next Intel, to be the next Amazon, then everybody swallows everybody until there is nothing left.  If you are all sharks trying to eat each other, then there is no progress.”

Denninger also makes a dire prediction about a coming future crash. Denninger says, “All exponential growth forecasts that do not have an end date on them run up against mathematical facts. . . . You can’t have infinite expansion forever.  Where it is coming to the forefront first is in the healthcare area.  Obama Care was an attempt to extend the scam by a few more years because it was starting to collapse in 2007 and 2008.  This is how they managed to buy themselves another six or seven years by forcing everybody into it.  The problem is now you made it worse. . . . Here’s what everybody needs to take away from this and the most important aspect.  In 2007 and 2008, the crash preceded the mathematical wall by a lot. . . . The market never allows you to get to the mathematical wall because somebody wakes up every night and gets really nervous.  That’s just the way humans are.  As long as the number of people who wake up really nervous is outpaced by the number of people that say ‘that’s an opportunity to make money,’ everything is fine.  The day a critical mass of people say ‘oh my goodness,’ that’s when it comes apart.  It always happens before you hit the mathematical limits. . . . The tipping point could come tomorrow for all I know.”

In closing, Denninger says, “If we don’t cut this out and start looking at the rule of law as meaning something again, I don’t see how we get out of this. The only way out of this box is to stop the lawlessness and let entrepreneurial people come in and find the technological innovations that drive the recovery. . . . Lack of the rule of law means America is doomed unless we change it.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Karl Denninger of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Karl Denninger’s last article can be found on the home page of  The article is called “The Rule of Law” and id is well worth the read!

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  1. Dindo

    Carl is always worth the wait. Agree 100%.
    I hope Carl keeps doing interviews. I miss the site.


    • ross

      I don’t agree 100% with Karl. He ignores the huge elephant in the room called the debt money creation system. As James Rickards notes when growth + inflation gets financed by debt, the debt soon outstrips the total money supply and thus we have the bubble economy growing and real one collapsing. Soon all will collapse as people realise the reality.

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        Debt money is just another form of lyin’ and stealin’. Governments were formed to stop the sociopaths, not to join them.Karl’s right to stop for a while; preaching to the choir is tiring. I stopped a few years ago. Most people have to be devastated before they’re willing to be educated.

        • Wilfong

          Debt is great for growing something really fast, and also great and an equally impressive collapse.

        • ross

          I agree Edward.Even really intelligent well educated people I know cannot grasp this reality and continue to invest their hard earned money in this ponzy scam. Most humans are very channelled in their thinking and suffer normalcy bias that soothe their comfort zones.

          • allen ols

            Ross and Wilfong
            RON PAUL SAYS THIS;
            Likewise, Republican candidate Donald Trump misses the point. He promises to bring back jobs to America without any understanding of the policies that led to their departure in the first place. Yes, he is correct that the middle class is in worse shape than when Obama took office, but not once did he mention how it happened: the destructive policies of the Federal Reserve. The financing of our warfare/welfare state through the printing of phony money. Distorted interest rates that encourage consumption and discourage saving and investment.

            Trump tweeted this week that home ownership is at its lowest rate in 51 years. He promised that if elected he will bring back “the American dream.” He seems to have no idea that home ownership is so low because the Fed-created housing bubble exploded in 2007-2008, forcing millions of Americans who did not have the means to actually purchase a home to lose their homes. Not a word about the Fed from Trump.
            How are these candidates going to fix the problems we face in America if they have absolutely no idea what caused the problems? No matter who is elected, Americans are going to be very disappointed in the outcome. The warfare/welfare state is going to proceed until we are bankrupt. There is hope, however. It is up to us to focus on the issues, to focus on educating ourselves and others, and to demand that politicians listen.

      • James Hastings

        Great. End this crap.

        • Ronald McBurney

          What no one is talking about, is the changes made to Administrative rules and regulations, that apparently now are written by the Agcncies themselves, and not by elected Senators and Congressional leaders and appointed anymore.
          Exactly when this happened, I thave no clue. Could have been under Bill Clinton, G.W. or King Obama. But what I do now understand why my VA rights, under a law passed in 1962, were violated for 27 years, along with other events that occured during those years and afterwords, and are still being violated today.
          The reality is, that as I began investigating just how the VA coudl do whatever they wanted to, and there is tons of proog of that, I foundout exactly why no one gets fired in the Federal Government (except McCabe under Trump), and why the IRS, VA, FDA, EPA, as well as our Constitution, no longer pays attention to the “PEOPLE” (as degined by the Constitution).
          In doing my research, I started with the VA, and read all of their rules and regulations, really all of them. only to find out, that he single Agency that makes all of the decisions regarding Veterans, has added a clearly legaleze section to their Rules and Regulations. That additon allows each Agency in the Government to appoing an Administrative Judge (not necessarily a lawyer, or a former Judge, but an Administrative Judge) who has carte blanche to determine whether or not anyone can or cannot testify before that Judge or panel, whether or not to apply any given laws equally to all Veterans, and whethter or not the Veteran himself or his or her Representative can give testimony or opinions (including doctors within the VA, or outside of the VA) so that the Veteran has no rights to due process if they cannot even provide a competant or legal or medical representative to make their case for them for compensation,
          government entity has already determined that you do not have any evidence to support your claim. And then, if you get an Attorney outside of the agency in question, the Adnistrative Judge, appointed by the Agency, can decide whether you have any right to make a claim, because they can refuse to look at any proof you, your doctor, your lawyer, the DAV, VFW. Amerincan Legion or other approved person who can represents you can or cannot be used to “perfect your claim”.
          In taking this Administrative Judge to its end degree, they then can decided whether or not you can finre anyone for shredding documents relevent to your case, whether or not the agency has violated your rights for more than 27 years, has to pay anything for deliberately making sure you can not defend yourself or with someone working for you can defend yourself against decades of fraudulent acts, deliberat acts, to deny you benefits for wht happened to you while your were in combat or not. So, unil this evidence is disclosed to the public, and the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarian, Socialists, and Communist (openly admitted to be so) or not openly, can do whatever they want to whomever they want withot due process. Under these circumstances, the VA does have a failsafe method of making right what they have been delibrately went about in denying you your benefits for 27 years, and it is a statment that is called “In the Interest of Justice”, the IG of the VA can rule in your favor as to what monetary or other remedies can and should be used for the decades of lying, cheating, stealing, shredding, and denying due process, so that a Veteran can actually get the benefits due them druing the time that the VA was actively denying everything that their is evidence for, because they can choose to look at it or not,
          So until ALL FEDERAL AGENCIES who ARE REQUIRED TO BE BENEFICIAL TO THEIR CLIENTS (BY LAW), THEN THAT WOULD BE WHY KING O, willingly gave raises in compenstation, education for the vet, and his or or children or to their Spouse, except for Vietnam Combat Veterans. How is it that the new vets can have almost four times the compensation, education, and cargiver money than a Vietnam vet, and yet almost ten times as many men died in that war, than in the Guld, Iraq, or Afghanistan Wars? And how is that NOT Discrimination, Prejudice, and total Bigotry beause someone served in a war that the people who still work for the Federal Government, who are, were, and still may be wanting to punish certain veterans because it was a war they did NOT LIKE. Where are the remedies in place, and why is their no way to achieve Justice. And all I can rember during the past 50 years is that one statment of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and to this day, “JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENYED”?

    • Paul ...

      As Carl so clearly explains … America has completely reverted back to the lawless days of the Old West … the gangsters are once again simply looting our banks, etc. and making off with our cash … back in the Old West we had a solution for bringing the rule of law back to our towns … and it worked … the Sheriff would put a posse together and go after the bad guys … this is what needs to be done today!

      • Paul ...

        The neocon crooks know our Sheriff’s can deputize a posse and go after them … so they just approved procedures whereby UN peacekeepers can protect the “civilian” banksters from “an armed posse” … so the shootout at the OK Coral that is taking shape will be between “good deputized US citizens” and “bad UN peacekeepers” the neocon crooks will now use for protection!!

        • al hall

          Paul – you are correct. The elite’s have protected themselves in every way! And in this case they realize the citizens in most cases only have rifles and hand guns. But, the UN forces and or other military’s have massive power weapons, tanks etc. Us having small arms is like having a knife at a gun fight.

          I have told Greg this before. It’s been so long now I’ve forgotten the year, I want to say it was ’02. Congress was told behind closed doors that America was broke and it was only a matter of time- time now running out. Congress knows the collapse is coming- they have spent and spent while they can, and protected themselves from punishments to come. This is how they play their game.
          Karl is correct- game over, just most don’t know it yet!!
          This will come apart very quickly- days!
          We have been taken over by Fascist’s- not socialist.!!
          People will get what they deserve for not being educated on their corruption!
          Best of luck Karl in the time we have left- I know were you are coming from in your decision. I faced the same years ago!

          • Joe

            fyi – so long as the US government controls the Federal Reserve Bank, its impossible for the US to ever go bankrupt. The US can simply have as much money printed to meet any obligation. Those who are penalized are those that hold US dollars and financial instruments denominated in US dollars.

          • James Hastings

            Burn the house down, to rid it of termites. I think God did that with Noah…..and Sodom and Gamora and the Northern 10 tribes and then the Tribe of Juda…(what we call Jews) and….Ancient Babylon…verse present Babylon…….People don’t realize, God keeps doing the “reset” , until HE decides to do the DELETE….LOL (that was a maniac laugh) 🙂 I’m so bad.

          • Ronald McBurney

            Their is ample evidence of the massive fraud that occurred during the 2008 housing crash, because in 2002 to 2004 there was a hearing being run by Barney Frank, regarding the possible problems with the monies set aside by the Legislative branch to help people with VA, FHA, Freddy Mae, Gini Mae, or HUD housing, was rapidly going bankrupt.
            Their was some one in the business and knowledge of the Housing Markets, who wa to testify that 1st day before Barney Frank and his committee. But when the man started to make is opening statement, and said to Barny Frank and the committee that the whole of the housing market held by all of these Federal Government programs (with the single exception of the VA) he was predicting would be totally bankrupt by 2004. Barney Frank went balistic on that many. Stood up, shouted at him to cease talking, and then oredered him out of “his” commettee meeting, and then threatended that he would call the Seargent at Arms to physically remove him, if he did not leave, and then told him that if he ever tried to come back to “his” committee to testify for any reaso, that he would be arrested.
            Our governmeny knew, and was deliberately keeping us out of the loop when it came to what was happenning. His counterpar in the Senate, Christopher Dodd had made some changes, along with Bill Clinton, to get rid of banking laws, stock market laws, and savings account laws that nearly drove the whole of America into the poor house. They achieved what they wanted, but once again the media was completley silent. One of the changes was the way that Mega Banks, and Wall Street Mega Corps could now “bundle” millions of Home Loans, with the Government’s approval, and like sharks in the water, they started to churn those “bundled” home loans, for a mere 1-3% increase in interest rates every time the interest changed, and therefore were able to make millions of dollars by churnning the loans, much like chumming sharks, so that they could make milions of dollars ust in interest rates, because they had no intent to keep those home lones as investments, because it would take a lot longer for their profits to grow, than by just turning them over and over and over, taking the miliions of dollars in selling those bundle home loans as soon as the interested increased enough to make a new profit level each time they sold those bundled home loans.
            I guess the reason I figured this one out was that I was denyed a VA home loan three separate times by the Obamal Administration, and yet I was 100% Disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran, which would mean that the law entilement to a hoe loan for 100% Disabled veterans was broken each time. And they never gave me back any appraisal fees at any time.
            I then got an offer for an FHA loan, and needing to have my home loan changed, I accepted it. Then each year I was offered a lower interest rate, because my credit was so good, and we never ever missed any home loan payments, I got a new FHA loan three times. But, what the FHA loan people never said, was that the MIP had to be paid, and I had to have persoal home insurance, in case anything happened that was not covered by the FHA loan.
            So it then dawned on me what was happening. Since Veterans are known for making their home loan payments on time, each and every month, witht that total interest plus the MIP, I was actullay paying a 6.3% interest instead of a to 4% interest. And then it dawned on me, that in order for Barney Frank. Christopher Dodd, and the Democrats did not want to lose the next election, by having allowed the churning and bundling of loans that were leading directly to bankruptcy, so their only way to make up the difference, if they were to deny to veterans home loans, offer FHA and other federal home loans, and count all of the extra MIP towards the failing and bankruptcy that they were causing because veterans could be counted on to make their home payments. (I believe that if you looked this aspect of home loans to veterans turned down for VA loans, you would find a large amount (more than 1-2 million vets) were paying into the Federal Home Loans pockets, to get rid of the bankruptcy, and it worked, because the MIP was collected every single month, during almost all of the Obama year, and could be counted on because of the process veterans have to go through to get a home loan in the first place, which no one else in the FHA and other Fed loans ever had to do.
            One other thing, in June of 2008, the unemployment rage was 5.6%, and didn’t get up to 7.2% until December of that year. Coincidently, Obama was allowed to take over the decision making in the government right after the election, and was in control almost three months before he ever took the Oath of Office (which by the way, Justice Roberts had to make him take the Oath three times before Obama got it right. I believe it wa a way to be able to have “deniabilitty”, in the event it mght ever be used against hime for prosecuting him for ALL OF THE LAWS AND METHODS OF GAMING THE SYSTEM (OBAMA CARE ANYONE?), OR ILLEGALLY REQUIRING OUR COUNTRY TO PAY $7 TRILLION DOLLARS TO THE EU, TO BAIL THEM OUT OF THEIR BANKRUPTCY PROBLEMS.) AND VARIOUS OTHER MAJOR CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS THAT HE BROKE AND HILLARY, AND THE FBI AND THE CIA, AND THE DEA, AND THE DOJ, AND THE CDC, AND THE FDA, AND THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, AND GIVING TONS OF MONEY FOR HOSTAGES.

        • Paul ...

          Hey UN … keep your “peacekeepers” out of our Sheriff’s jurisdictions … the Feds have no rights (nor the US Military) to come in and start giving orders … an armed and deputized posse going after criminals is not something UN peacekeepers have a right to prevent nor something the Feds can declare Marshal Law to prevent!!!

          • Paul ...

            And the handing out of ammo to you traitors at the DOJ, FBI, IRS, etc. is only going to make it worse for you all … because resisting arrest and firing upon “legally deputized patriots” will simply add to the list of crimes you will be tried for! … Obama knows he can’t declare Marshal Law in response to law enforcement “at the local level” arresting criminals! … only rioting in the streets can give him an excuse to declare Marshal Law … but Americans don’t have to riot … they don’t have to do anything … simply leave it all up to the Sheriff and his posse of deputized patriots to take down the bad guys! … it worked in the Old West … it will work now!! … once the criminals realize they will be held to account for their crimes (law and order) they will stay out of town and (the rule of law) will begin to take effect … where equal justice for all is the rule!

      • allen ols

        The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will be pushed through whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is president. The fracking industry, fossil fuel industry and animal agriculture industry will ravage the ecosystem whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is president. The predatory financial institutions on Wall Street will trash the economy and loot the U.S. Treasury on the way to another economic collapse whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is president. Poor, unarmed people of color will be gunned down in the streets of our cities whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is president. The system of neoslavery in our prisons, where we keep poor men and poor women of color in cages because we have taken from them the possibility of employment, education and dignity, will be maintained whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is president. Millions of undocumented people will be deported whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is president. Austerity programs will cut or abolish public services, further decay the infrastructure and curtail social programs whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is president. Money will replace the vote whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is president. And half the country, which now lives in poverty, will remain in misery whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton becomes president.

        • James Hastings

          Relax. Drink a “Two Headed Ale”. Soon, in the near future, the world will push that “Easy” button and reach terminal velocity. Everybody will crowd closer to the tracks just before these trains collide. I’m filming from the ridge line….:)

    • Mike Jeffries

      I don’t agree 100%. Implying that Trump’s support for law and order makes him dictator-like is STUPID. Enforcing the law that protects us is what both Trump and Carl are talking about. If Carl really wanted to confront the lawlessness issue, he would have mentioned 911, an inside job by the Clinton-Bush narco-crime families in partnershp with a controlling intrinsically traitorous ethnic group. He would have strongly condemned Hillary’s arrogant lawlessness putting classified US government secrets on her illegal personal server, which is espionage and treason. He would have condemned Comey’s “too big to jail” treatment of her, which shows the FBI to be corrupt and lawless to the core. But in general Carl is right: if you don’t enforce the laws you don’t have a functioning country.

      • allen ols

        Mike Jeffries;
        How and Why Bernie Sanders Was Taken Out of the Running by the Financial Elites

        Posted on August 2, 2016 by Jeff Berwick — No Comments ↓
        Most are unaware that we don’t live in a real democracy. In the US, in particular, Presidents aren’t elected, they are selected. It has been this way for centuries and was fully cemented, and never questioned again, after JFK was killed when he tried to stand up to the nefarious groups who control the system.

        The people who control the US government are those who control the monetary and financial system (and the media and nearly everything else of importance). A key historical figure of these “elites” was Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild. He was purported to have said, more than two centuries ago, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.”

      • Galaxy 500

        It is what Greg is calling “thought shaping”. When you have a losing POS candidate that has a 30+ year history of corruption you have to impune the character and policies of your opponent.
        The ner’do’wells and ferals, blacks and whites, that choose a life of crime and or an idle life suckling on the government teat while taking untaxed dollars through illicit means, are anti law and order. They are also the base of the Democrat party.

    • oneno

      Karl Denninger needs to read about the Plejaren Revolution.

      • allen ols

        I’ve said for the last year that despite all the FBI investigations, despite Bernie’s large following and despite Trump’s large following, Killary has been selected to be the next President of the USSA.

        When you know how the system works, it’s easy to see what will happen. And the plan is to create the most chaotic atmosphere, divide the population and, eventually, install Killary to be the teleprompter reader for the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization… the financial elites.

        And there will be further chaos. The US is a terminally divided country at this point where perhaps more than half the country believes that one of the presidential candidates belongs in jail. Meanwhile, tens of millions believe the other candidate is a fascist power freak who will rule like a dictator with an iron fist. They are both right, of course.
        The money masters control everything. Your vote doesn’t count. Even Stalin knew that when he said, “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

    • Vangel Vesovski

      Sorry but the IP stuff is pure nonsense. Patent law is used to stifle competition and to hold back entrepreneurship. The US would be much better off if it got rid of the patent laws, not enforced them in a more stringent manner. Haven’t you guys ever read anything about IP or Monopoly laws?

      • Greg Hunter

        So you want somebody to invest time and money to produce a new product and you want to get it for free? Have you heard of the term “freetard”?



    Assassination Of Top US Democratic Party Official Leads To FBI
    Capture Of Clinton “Hit Team” – DNC official Seth Rich, 28 years old,
    assassinated 10 July 2016.

    • QOI BONO


      • Paul ...

        Hey Democrats … vote for Hillary and you will get the same old … “pay her Foundation for Gov Jobs” … “pay her Foundation for Contracts” … “pay her Foundation to eliminate your enemies” … etc., etc. … see a brief history of “this woman” you Democrats want to put into the highest office of the land …

        • Paul ...

          And speaking of “illogical Democrats” … the Pakistani couple that lost their son in the Iraq war “that Hillary voted for” go before the world and accuse Trump of not reading the Constitution?? … now exactly what does the Constitution have to do with the war the neocons voted for that killed their son? … and then … go on further to accuse Trump “of sacrificing nothing”?? … like they illogically want Trump to be “more like Hillary”? … who has sacrificed “many mother’s sons” (not only in Iraq but in multiple other wars she has supported)!!!

          • Paul ...

            I’m surprised the Democrats didn’t pay a “self-radicalized ISIS terrorist” a chance to speak against Trump at the Convention … he could have waved a big knife in the air (used for cutting off Christian heads) and vehemently accuse Trump of being “a racist” … and for making it very difficult for his ISIS buddy’s to get into America! … the Democrats missed a great opportunity to do so!!

        • Chip

          The Right versus Left battle is a phony construct to keep citizens divided. The real fight is between individual freedom and the ever increasing and absolute power of the state… Chip

        • Galaxy 500

 has an investigative reporter on the Khan. He is a moslem Brotherhood operative just like Huma. And, he runs a law firm that prophets … er, ah , profits from bring moslems here. He is also a proponent of the strict form of Sharia law.

    • Dude_Abides

      No, in the Old West the law was the ROPE! Judge Roy Bean “We’ll have the trial directly after the hanging.”
      I commend Karl for “telling it like it is” (ol’ Howard Cosell quote). Long live King Karl. I too for the last few years have been telling my colleagues & close friends to enjoy these days of relative calm. Live them to the fullest & love your family members everyday. For there is a storm a’brewing – and this time the center will not hold. The parasites have pretty much picked the host clean. And we have nobody to blame but ourselves because of our lack of vigilance to the Rule of Law. cheers!

    • Bill

      PAUL: the only problem with your solution,, The sheriff is the one stealing the money!!!!!

      • Paul ...

        Bill … we had “those kinds of Sheriff’s” in the old days too … when it was that bad they hired “a top gun” to clean up the mess … Trump is our “top gun” … and he is here to “punch out” all the crooks!

    • S. Little

      He did criticize Comey. See his article “America Died,” dated 7/5.

  3. anony mouse

    The the wealthy elite through big banks they own also engineered one of the biggest bond bull markets in history 1934-1937 most assuredly with the help of the FED which they also own at the expense of the American People.
    America must be informed somehow that the wealthy elite are unionized by an organization which is the Council on Foreign Relations. This is the organization that negates the rule of law that Karl refers to. They are covering for Hillary and the elites ruling the banking system and the FED that are stealing the 99% blind.
    Hillary Clinton is their tool, owned body and soul by the “Mothership” in New York as she calls it. They and their tool Hillary are the enemy of the American people who they consider a sheep to be clipped and sheered of their wealth.
    Isnt there any way to let the American people know that this relationship exists and to make it go viral??

  4. Country Codger

    Howdy Greg,
    Karl knocked it out of the park. And, I believe he is getting out for the right reason. You are staying in for the right reason. I will keep going for the right reason. (Eze. 33:2-7) When I first starting writing on the internet Chris Duane was very gracious and allowed me to write on his site. But when it occurred to me that what is coming is unlike anything the world has ever seen, and the part people like the least, prophetic, I moved on.

    Gold and silver will help initially but by 2023 or 2024 there will be nothing that will help. I am a dyed in the wool skeptic. When I was 19-20 years old I watched southeast Asia collapse from the catbird seat. I know what one human will do to another in a survival crisis and it ain’t purdy. (Sorry, this is Texas)

    Keep going. Get the Word out and try to wake up 1`(one) person before it happens. If they don’t listen it falls on them and not you. Yes, Yah the Father is in charge.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” and always remember, God the Father is in charge. “He is Good and He mad us and we are His.”

      • allen ols

        When trump said “I am the law and order President, and only I can fix this”, my red flags went up and flying high. This is the rhetoric of a dictator.
        As Karl D. says RULE OF LAW IS DIFFERENT FROM LAW AND ORDER!! I don’t vote for these morons.

        • Jackie


        • Shadow of Doubt

          You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but the Texas Rangers were considered a “Law and Order” organization and I’m sure no thought of them as “dictators”.

          • Shadow of Doubt

            You can also find plenty of men who like Trump made claims as to how only they could fix the problem; individuals who ran for U.S. President include Willard M. Oliver and Richard M. Nixon. Law Enforcement officials that can be highlighted include, Edgar Hoover, Melvin Purvis, Hickok, Earp, Joe Arpaio, John Coffee Hays!

            • allen ols

              shadow, and paul;
              These people were not presidents, they were law enforcement, except for Richard I am not a crook Nixon, empeached.

            • allen ols

              The American people are being guilted, bullied, pressured, cajoled, intimidated, terrorized and browbeaten into voting. We’re constantly told to vote because it’s your so-called civic duty, because you have no right to complain about the government unless you vote, because every vote counts, because we must present a unified front, because the future of the nation depends on it, because God compels us to do so, because by not voting you are in fact voting, because the “other” candidate must be defeated at all costs, or because the future of the Supreme Court rests in the balance.

              Nothing in the Constitution requires that you vote.

              You are under no moral obligation to vote for the lesser of two evils. Indeed, voting for a lesser evil is still voting for evil.

              Whether or not you cast your vote in this year’s presidential election, you have every right to kvetch, complain and criticize the government when it falls short of your expectations. After all, you are overtaxed so the government can continue to operate corruptly.

              If you want to boo, boycott, picket, protest and altogether reject a corrupt political system that has failed you abysmally, more power to you. I’ll take an irate, engaged, informed, outraged American any day over an apathetic, constitutionally illiterate citizenry that is content to be diverted, distracted and directed.

              Whether you vote or don’t vote doesn’t really matter.

              • Shadow of Doubt

                I prefer to “do” rather than complain or take part in advanced handwringing. So I will vote.
                I think its apparent that there isn’t a dimes difference between Obama, Ryan, Mitchell, or McCain. The GOP is doing everything in their power to undermine the will of the American people. So I will do my meager part to see the existing process reflects our will and hopefully our best interests.
                I am a realist, and I see no way for us to expect an ideal candidate from countless decades of corrupt leaders & smoke filled backroom deals , I can only hope that the good Lord will continue to work miracles thru flawed human vessels.
                I think our children and grandchildren will have every right to condemn us– for not having better championed or safeguarded their “freedom and liberty”. A choice therefore, remains, whether you pull the lever or not. Be blessed.

                • Shadow of Doubt

                  Sorry the should read Mitchell McConnell Jr, not just Mitchell.

                • Galaxy 500

                  Well said, Al is the kind of guy that complains that the boat sucks and is bad and sinking while you, Greg and I are bailing the water out. There are two kinds of people: those that attempt to solve the problem and those that are the problem, either through overt action or apathy.

        • Paul ...

          allen … as I told Bill above … when things are very bad … when you have everyone being bribed to do evil … you hire a “bad ass” top gun to “punch out the crooks” who are robbing our banks … in the Old West “they used strong men all the time” to enforce law and order … so as to “bring back” the Rule of Law! … vote Trump in and he will hire another “magnificent 7” to head the FBI, CIA, IRS, DOJ, etc., etc., etc. to go after “the Clinton Gang” terrorizing America (and the world)!

          • Paul ...

            And there is no need for violence in the streets … people can sit back and allow the deputized posse to clean out the crooks … hence … there is no need for Marshal Law, black helicopters or UN Peacekeepers … this can be wrapped up neatly and without much fuss … the same way the neocons hung Saddam Husein we can hold trials for the Wall Street Gang and give them the same punishment! … that is how you get crooks off your back … you bring them to justice … you don’t elect them to the highest office in the land!!

          • allen ols

            when either trump/cliton becomes president, they must first handcuff themselves, and throw themselves in prison, and carry congress/and ex presidents, bush one, bush two, cliton, and Obama with them in chains.

            • allen ols

              “the chicken rots from the head down”, Gerald celente

            • Galaxy 500

              What has Trump done that deserves jail Al? As opposed to Hillary. Poor logic .

          • allen ols

            trump has been buying politicians/influence/favors for years. You cant build casinos w/o dealing with the mafia.

            • Paul ...

              allen … Trump is probably “up to his ears disgusted” dealing with these mafioso’s!

            • Galaxy 500

              Yes, true in the 70s Al bit Trump didn’t build during that time.

        • Galaxy 500

          So don’t vote for Trump and let the most corrupt person in politics take control of the government.
          Wow, that’s brilliant

  5. Beano McReano

    They won’t even touch Hillary a lady illegal and unqualified for the office. They had a chance to SHUT her down but Comey did not.

    So that tells me you will get her as president because she has already been selected (not elected) by the nation’s top lawman to be your illegal president, ironically.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bernie voters are gone (46%) and they are nit coming back in November. WikiLeaks email dump was the Dem black swan.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, interesting, unfortunately when comes to the crocked Clinton’s all reasonable, rational, and astute
        arguments go by the wayside. Beano’s statement that Hillary has been selected and not necessary elected is astute, I agree with him, the elite will rig this election just like they did to old Bernie. Greg, if all the markets are rigged as you say and which I believe as well, what makes you think the electronic voting won’t be as well. The elite only has to rig about 30 precincts in about 3 states to make her the President. Remember Greg, as much as I hate to say this, the Clinton’s always come out on top no matter what they do, or say, steal, lie or cheat, even when its known! The MSM will not, let me repeat, will not, allow Trump to be President and if there is a couple of known rigging, they will say as Hillary has said in the past “at this point what does it matter”. She will be the next Selected President somehow someway, watch, wait, and be amazed at the corruption and or events which give her the votes she needs legal or otherwise.

        • Paul ...

          Arthur … in the Old West our great grandfathers were not defeatists … they did what ever they had to do to take back our Country from criminal elements … today’s generation are so used to being sheered like sheep they won’t even pull a lever on election day that will set them free!!!

  6. Tom Nacey

    Great interview, right up to where he casually says'”And the American people voted to spend this money they didn’t have”. We voted for democrats and republicans who promised us fiscal responsibility. Then they go to Washington and spend like drunken sailors. Well, that’s not a fair comparison. At least drunken sailors stop spending when they run out of money. This next (2016) election is a case in point. Where is a rule-of-law, balanced budget, end the war(s) candidate? Not to be found. So the American people can be blamed for voting for either one of them, no matter how we vote. Maybe George Carlin was right. If I don’t vote, at least it isn’t my fault.

    • Greg Hunter

      This time you vote really counts. Don’t believe the MWO hype that you are helpless. That, like everything else is a NWO lie.

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        Abolutely, Greg. (Hope this helps.)
        “Whatever you do will be insignificant,
        but it is very important that you do it.”
        — Mahatma Gandhi
        I like to think my votes are raindrops in the desert.
        Mostly insignificant, but sometimes a whole bunch of raindrops happens to get together quickly.
        It can flush out the driftwood (sociopathic incumbents).

        • Greg Hunter

          Never give up EUC!

    • 8Ball

      Hell to Pay

      noun phrase
      A very large fuss with dangerous implications; violent repercussions : Hell to pay, in other words, for anyone who was unyielding (1901+)
      The Dictionary of American Slang, Fourth Edition by Barbara Ann Kipfer, PhD. and Robert L. Chapman, Ph.D.
      Copyright (C) 2007 by HarperCollins Publishers.

      America has run up a very large bill… and it is coming due.

  7. Southern Girl


  8. Tim B.

    Brilliant. KD is the cream of the crop on USAWD. I’ll have to watch this a few more times to absorb it all ( like many of the editions)…….Thanks Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tim B. Mr. Denninger is a big thinker and very smart!

  9. Tall Tom

    Memo to Mr. Denninger:
    We are in a death spiral and we are not going
    to pull out. Prepare accordingly and hope you
    somehow walk away from the wreckage.

  10. FC

    Thankfully I didn’t stop watching at the 7 minute mark, as I didn’t like where this interview was going………………but it’s up there as one of the best.

  11. Jerry

    More possible evidence that the Chinese are preparing to dislodge from the petrodollar.

    According to some of my sources this was not a Chinese satellite that came down. It was an American weapons platform that the Chinese fried with a Russian EMP weapon. When the guidance systems failed, the satellite lost orbit and entered earths gravitational pull and destroyed it. Why you ask? If you recall a few months ago a huge explosion occurred in Tianjin China that created a massive impact crater. Tianjin just happened to be the location of the Chinese super computer that is being used in their EFT for their CIPS and SWIFT systems. Our rogue criminal government was sending a message to the Chinese that if they persisted on pushing an alternate exchange system, that they would literally use the “Rod of God” on them. Strangely enough the Chinese did not respond until now. Heads up. Something is getting ready to happen.

    • Jerry

      More on the “Rod of God”.
      Don’t expect our MSM, or the Chinese MSM to report anything about this. Why would they? Total panic would ensue on both sides knowing that there is virtually no defense for these weapons. This information is coming from on the ground sources inside China, that want free thinking people on both sides to be aware of what our governments are up to.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is good. Thank you for all your postings and links. I think the Dems are figuring out they cannot win. War card now???

        • Jerry

          Does it strike you odd that at the very same time U.S. Banks are expanding their stealth QE program that Russian and Chinese Banks are increasing their gold purchases?

        • Galaxy 500

          I find it highly unlikely that Russia gave it’s Uber weapon to an enemy. But you know me, I believe 1 + 1 is 2, even in China

      • Kim

        I know this comment may be late and never read, but will you comment on the digital currently? I am heavy into gold and silver. I would like to increase my awarenss of what is possibly going. To a least be able prepare mentally if nothing else. Thank you!

        • Paul ...

          Kim … digital currency is an invention of the evil banksters to ensnare the physical gold and silver holders into holding “electrons” instead of paper … both electrons and paper are not a real tangible form of money … and as such can be manipulated right out of your hands!

        • Jerry

          I agree with Paul. If the bankers maintain power, we go digital. If the Chinese collapse the system we go to gold backed securities. Our overlords are toying with us right now to decide which way to take us.

        • Galaxy 500

          Digital currency verses something real, tangible and requires no one’s performance or approval to work?
          Doesn’t require a lot of though

    • jim c.

      Jerry , I think you are a very smart guy, could you tell me why china opened their own gold exchange and are doing nothing with it yet, why don`t they blow this thing up?, I am tired of waiting for the inevitable . When Do you thing they will announce there gold holdings?

      • Jerry

        Timing is everything with the Chinese. They have to wait for the precise moment to pull the gold trigger. I think they are looking at two options.
        1. Wait for the coming bank collapse to expose the rampant corruption in the world bank.
        2. Wait for default on gold delivery, exposing fraud in the banking system. We already know about the manipulation.
        Lets not forget, the Chinese are trapped in the system like us. When this transition is attempted, things are going to go south rather quickly because nothing like this has ever been attempted before.

        • WD


          “V” states that Chinese/Russians will pull plug on dollar at the second they try to start war!

        • Charles H

          The Dollar “race to the bottom” is dragging everything with it. Trapped indeed.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      There are a handful of savvy political and economic insiders that that contend China is already in the throes of a “hard landing”. Westerns inside the country have noted a considerable decrease in the general welfare of the masses and have noted visible tensions, if not hostility, towards foreigners. I suspect you are correct, “something is getting ready to happen”. As Russia and China have already allied their navies in the area of China’s man-made islands – a military response would hardly be surprising.

  12. George Eddleston

    Go back in history to what is tried and true it worked, FDR four corners projects build our way out. Physical Economy not speculation, no money games. The answer does not lie with Wall Street types and game theory, real production and industry and most of all real wealth is a nations people educated and trained to think discover and do what mankind does best invent, discover new physical principles unknown before. In so doing redefine the resource base. Join the BRlCS they use FDR policies. No crises goes to infinity. Denninger can give up mankind will not,

    • Paul ...

      Good fighting words George … “lets roll”!!

  13. James Hastings

    Good interview. I’m glad I had a chance to hear him on multiple occasions. He is right, the rule of law must be observed. That and our gross sins will kill our nation. That’s where I differ from most of your viewers. I don’t see a recovery. I don’t see repentance. I see no moral regret. I see no outcry over the lawless, the abortions, the perversions, the greed, the lusts of the mob. I see ugly things, about to fall on clueless Sodomites.

    Why are we collapsing…?

    Now we know that the law is good, if anyone uses it lawfully, understanding this, that the law is not laid down for the just but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and mothers, for
    manslayers, immoral persons, sodomites, kidnappers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine……1 Tim 1:8 (Most public officials, entertainers, etc….)

    Then who is just….? For it is not the hearers of the law who are righteous before God, but the doers of the law who will be justified…Rom 2:13 (All sin, few continually repent)

    What can we expect…? And in THAT DAY….I will cut off the cities of your land and throw down all your strongholds….and you shall bow down no more to the work of your hands…and I will destroy your cities. And in anger and wrath I will execute vengeance upon the NATIONS that did not obey. Micah 5:10 (The world and us too.)

    I have many failings. I don’t do what is always right, but I do what is important. I am fair and honest. I see the truth and live in reality. We are a perverted and lawless country, beyond redemption. A few will survive the tribulation…..”Then every one that survives of ALL THE NATIONS that have come up against Jerusalem shall go up year after year to worship the King…Zech 14

    That’s the recovery I hope to see.

    • Paul ...

      James … when God cleaned up a town like Sodom or Gomorrah … he sent some really “bad ass” angels in to clean up the mess … and “punch out” the little evil rulers “who thought they had complete control of the population” … first we must bring “law and order” to our towns … only then does the establishment of the Rule of Law become possible!!

      • James Hastings

        Sorry…GOD HAMMERED them. As is……YOU ARE ERASED. Like I swatted a fly that is pissing me off. I don’t think they are around today. I can’t seem to Google their location. Let me try my TomTom…..

    • Galaxy 500

      America isn’t Sodom and Gomorrah. There are hundreds of thousands of good God fearing people. Sodom was perfectly evil, perfectly immoral, except for Lot and his family.
      And to the Trump naysayers [are you listening Al?], Lot did business and even thrived in the cesspool of Sodom, much like Trump has in NYC.

  14. Raymondo colella


    • Greg Hunter

      You are in a very small minority that think that.

    • Tracy Welborn

      That was a fantastic interview. One of the best I’ve listened to. Karl is like the exact opposite of a fool. Your comment makes no sense. Maybe you just didn’t like what he had to say.

    • Mark

      Calling somebody a fool is a tactic for those that have no argument to the contrary.

      • James Hastings

        Yep…. thats a good example. Except for democrats…..and cheesy republicans. There is always an exception.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow, such deep thinking. Based on what? Troll much?

  15. Darnell Coles

    I want to commend Karl Denninger for exposing the Wall Street Hipsters who conspire against the American public to sell us what Senator Carl Levin called Goldman Sachs shitty deal for Americans. Its bad enough that we have not received the reparations due to us by the slavers, but its time for all of us to get paid for the injustices put upon us by Goldman Sachs.

    • Paul ...

      Electing Trump to take out the evil neocons (that won’t stop giving Americans a shitty deal) … is what we need “to get paid back” for all the sufferings at their evil hands!!

  16. George Mubarek

    Dear Greg. Very nice guest. Very intelligent. I like the way that you let him Talk. As an observation, I noticed that you are focused with every interview with the “Collapse”. It is a very strong focal point in all of your interviews. And while you look for a “date” your guests never really know. I am not being critical and saying that no one today can even tell us what they had for lunch let alone the Future. With all the corruption, the only one who knows is God. Maybe you should ask Him? I am sure that he will let us know. All Governments are “Doomed”, according to Daniel 2:44. Anyway, you do a fine job and appreciate your work. Thank You. Sincerely,

    • Greg Hunter

      Fair enough, but all the signs are a collapse is coming sooner than later. I think this is the relevant news for people to focus on. Jeffery Gundlach, who manages $100 billion, said last week “Sell everything except gold.” Here is a very big sign post on the road to perdition:

  17. Sayonara

    Best interview you have ever had! Karl articulately explains exactly what is wrong with our economy, society and government. It is absolutely corrupt and lawless. The only entities that can function in this toxic environment are those that have the wealth and power to shut everyone out – large corporations and government. There is absolutely no incentive to innovate in this environment. If you try to, you have to run a deep and complex gauntlet of laws that are engineered to destroy the entrepreneurial innovator. Take real estate development as an example. You can own real estate and you are financially responsible for it, but you do not control what you own because governmental entities have created a myriad of rules, codes and laws that extort financial resources from the developer and steer the development into a structure that no longer provides sufficient rewards for the risk. You know why we do not have affordable housing? Because of governmental regulation. This just one sliver of wickedly corrupt the system has devolved.
    Denninger nails it!
    Have no Fear and Fear Not!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sayonara!

    • susan

      Isn’t this exactly what Mr. Trump is saying? He understands the mess we are in and plans on pulling us out as best he can. I believe it will be a process.

      • Paul ...

        Correct susan … first we achieve “law and order” … then we “put rules in place” so as to “keep law and order” … some here just don’t get the “process”!!

        • allen ols

          u have it backwards, estab. rule of law at the top, including bankers, etc. and use rule of law to enforce law and order.

          • Paul ...

            No! … you are wrong allen … for the rule of law to be “established one must first enforce the law (and order)! … say the speed limit in front of a school is 25mph and everyone simply does 45mph (the rule of law is not doing anything to change behavior) … however … “enforce that law” (and bring the drivers to order) … that is when the rule “gets established”!!

            • allen ols

              The rule of law for the Washington elite, upper 2 % everywhere is -not the same- as the rule of law for us at the s****y bottom of the stick. If just going after the street level people is your goal, you did nothing. The rule of law must exist “top to bottom” first then send the lone rangers in to get them all. The speed limit in front of the school is 25 for u and me, but for the pretty people, it is what ever they determine. That is why B. cliton can meet the atty. gen on the flight line and discuss golfing and grandkids and not be charged with felony.

              • James Hastings

                Sorry guys…It is cancerous. It requires dramatic surgery. That means a situation where millions of cells need to be…..irradiated….to clean the body.

              • Paul ...

                Allen … Lets not quibble … we have more important things to do … like alerting our Sheriffs to begin deputizing many Lone Ranger’s … and thus begin the process of bringing the bank robbers to justice!

                • JC Davis

                  Paul and Allen Yall are killing me. Love it ! LOL

    • mark

      HI Sayanora,
      Clear, Cogent and Concise summary of the nexus of this scheme of lawlessness by which millions are being defrauded and entrapped into debt slavery through systemic fraud. By the grace of God in Christ Jesus (Who incidentally faced the most evil and subtle of schemes of debasement and compromise in the depths of His soul but still triumphed victoriously without giving in to the corruption to win the redemption of fallen man’s souls by the price of His blood, taking upon Himself the sins of the world in the body of His flesh on the cross of Calvary 2000 years ago), we will overcome and not be defrauded of our God given inalienable rights to be humans (both male and female) created in the image and likeness of God our Creator to find in and through His Son the fulfillment of our existence as free and sovereign citizens not only of a heavenly city which has foundations Whose Builder and Maker is God, but also of a free country where the rule of law is the rule for both high and low, rich and poor, male and female, black and white and all else in between. May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Sayonara and all who come here to read and post . God bless you Greg and Karl. Thank you Karl for coming on to usa watchdog to give this interview. You absolutely nailed it!!!

  18. Tad

    Only a theory, but I equate rule of law with a stable currency ( gold or gold backed).

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Texas, Oklahoma, Utah as newly minted countries by 2022. Between now and then, more individuals will gravitate there–assuming they’ve avoided a mass extinction event.

    • Paul ...

      Tad … lets elect Trump and we won’t have to make each State a separate country … Trump can pass an Executive Order making our currency gold and silver backed like it was years ago when we were a “Great Nation” … lets make our country Great Again!

    • Dale G

      Tad, what is it about Texas, Oklahoma and Utah that will survive? I live in the Midwest. We also have a chance if we are not in the larger cities IMHO.

      • susan

        Montana also.

      • James Hastings

        I can’t speak for these states. But, it is integrity. Determination to do what is right. To be virtuous. These traits lead to survival. But, I don’t see state boundries as chiseled in stone. The social topography in america will change very soon. The ability to read political intend will determine who is worthy of citizenship.

  19. Bullwinkle

    Rule of Law?
    What is it but the arbitrary rules of the Ruling Class upon the slave class.
    Most laws have no basis in morality. If a law is moral, it does not have to be written or rarely enforced. Immoral laws require an enforcement class. Enforcement of laws not based in morality is nothing more than slavery. I am an abolitionist. I am against ALL forms of slavery.

    • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

      Bullwinkle, what you say makes good sense – only if there are no immoral people.
      We both know that isn’t the case.

      • Jallen

        Robert Lykens,
        Thank you for correcting my statement “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ as being Bibical. It is not. My apologies to all Watchdogs.


        • Rick Geisler

          Yes, but Proverbs 21:9 is real close. “It is better to live in a corner of a roof than in a house shared with a contentious woman.”

    • Paul ...

      Bullwinkle … what you say is only true if you don’t clean out the crooks first … we have to run the crooks out of town first … then the town will operate perfectly fine under the Rule of Law that is applied “equally” to all!!

    • James Hastings

      Come on people. “There is nothing new under the sun”….Justice is defined as: “That which suits the needs of the politically stronger”. Read that in a bathroom in Plato’s Bar. The number below turned out well too. The system must be destroyed to be saved. Accept a lot of pain, to become stronger. Sometimes you need to cut off a limb to save the body. We probably need to loose legs… arm……an ear……..maybe one eye too. LOL

  20. NC Gal

    Wow! What a great (if sobering) interview! Thank you both for laying all this out for the rest of us. At the very beginning, Karl confirmed my feeling that Trump’s “Law and Order” would be tyrannical. Hillary feels she is ABOVE the law; Trump feels he IS the law. Neither one is good for our country. I have decided I can’t vote for either of them. I don’t know of any candidate that has the answers to the questions that Karl raises, so I think the future is very bleak until things sort out however they will.

    I listened to an SGT Report video ( yesterday in which Bix Weir said that there is a gold deposit in the Grand Canyon that is estimated to hold 1 MILLION tons of gold. When Agenda 2030 is fully in place and enforced that area will be off limits to human use. The national parks are part of the collateral for the 1933 bankruptcy of the United States, so the Federal Reserve has first claim to all of that gold. (There is much more in the interview, which is largely an analysis of the cover of the 2016 issue of The Economist.) I don’t agree with Bix’s analysis or predictions, but I did make the connection between that gold deposit and the fact that the Fed has first claims to it.

    • allen ols

      America has a moral/sin problem of which an election will not solve. The preachers/churches have become corporations/entertainment centers, unlike our for fathers who were spiritual. Voting does not solve social/sin issues.

      • Charles H

        You are spot on, Allen. I hate to say this, as I myself am a preacher: but between the ordained purpose of God to allow spiritual decline as Scripture prophesies, and the efforts of men to engage the work of God: we men have dropped the ball. I have, in the sense of working with my hands, on my field, to build a house for myself and wife – to some neglect of ministerial time. Of my peers back in the USA – their methods to evangelize are frankly wrong; and they are concentrating a mixed crowd and preaching to the Choir.
        From a John Wayne movie – ‘ you have to be a man before you can be a gentleman’. I think – ‘you have to be a man before you can be a preacher’: and at 62, now – I may just begin to qualify for my job. My hard, physical work has provided my wife a house, car, and something set-back: all paid for – if I should die suddenly. And those who I share the Gospel Of Jesus Christ with: get the real deal. I’ve worked my way into poverty and old age to do it!

        • allen ols

          chas h

      • Galaxy 500

        When has a country not had a “sin problem?” As long as we are human we sin. What nation can you point to that has less sin than the USA?

    • Charles H

      NC Gal,

      I estimate about half a million ounces of gold are under my house! (It might take digging to China to get it all out – but I sure want to believe in my estimate!) Never-mind – Mexico would probably claim it as national property.
      Until you got it in your hands – uhm, well, yeah right. We can always mine the meteors, if worse come to worse.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Your statement that Hillary believes she is above the law is valid and there evidence to show that. However, your statement that Trump feels he “IS” the law is unfounded. You have to understand that Trump is campaigning to an electorate that has been dumbed down. He has to use terms like “law and order” rather than “rule of law” simply because people don’t know what that means. I’ve heard that news articles must be written on an 8th grade level or lower so that they can be read by the masses. I think you and Karl are jumping to a conclusion. Obama feels he IS the law based on his actions and use of executive power.

      • Paul ...

        Spot on Tracy!

    • James Hastings

      “Give us the luxuries of life and we will dispense with the necessaries”….

      Honor, Integrity, Morality……of that,… we have little.

    • Galaxy 500

      God sent King Saul when the Israelites asked for a king. He wasn’t perfect but he paved the way for David, also not perfect.
      Sorry, but by not voting Trump you assure that Hillary will be elected and you say that she is above the law.
      What I see is another Cruz support looking for a way to get Hillary elected and a rather transparent one at that.
      Karl is smart but he doesn’t have all the answers by a long shot.

  21. vincent_g

    Dragnet – we have drifted far away from the morals of those days.

    You look at police shows today and it shot outs at the OK corral everywhere.
    Back then Jack Webb would walk into a home without a gun to try and convince the person holding a gun to give up.

    The police today are treating people like a mark.
    This is not the fault of the police but those that train them and those that push them to get more money.
    Now if you are holding a large sum of money they will even take it just because they can.

    We used to have News that would push back when the police abused their powers.

    But if you look back you will notice that all these problems began with the removing the backing of Gold from our dollar.

    The rule of law went out the window when our dollar became a empty paper promise.

    On another topic we have this Khizr Khan waving the constitution, didn’t Nacey Pelosi laugh at the thought of following the constitution, and asking Trump what did he sacrifice.

    How dare this person ask another what did you sacrifice!
    The fact that you lost your son doesn’t make you special and you have no right to disparage others because they didn’t lose a son in battle!

    Why would anyone in their right mind say such a thing.

    • Country Codger

      Howdy Vincent,
      Believe me when I say I agree with you. In my hometown in the late 50’s and early 60’s we had a policeman, who was the police chief and his only deputy. He had a gun, not on him, but on the seat next to him. It was a short, sawed off 20 ga. shotgun. I think it was loaded, maybe or maybe not. He never fired it that I know of in 20 years. When I was 11 I built a 1 inch bore cannon and mounted it on an old horse drawn cultivator frame and used to fire it with black powder that I purchased at the local hardware store. I was coming back from shooting my cannon and there was the police chief in front of me, waiting for me to reach the end of the pasture. He said, “Hey boy, what you been doin’?” Well, I raised myself up to all my 11 years of height and bragged, “Been shootin’ my cannon.” His head sunk a little and he shook it and then said, “Better show me what ya doin”. So, I proudly turned around and drug my cannon back to the lower part of the pasture, proudly rammed home my 1/3 cup charge of blackpowder and a 1″ piece of lead that I had cast myself. I primed the cannon and fired it. Smoke filled the lower part of the pasture and my shot had gone through both doors of an old 49 Ford that had been abandoned in the pasture. He shook his head and said, “Don’t blow yourself up.” He then turned around and walked off.

      Do you know what would of happened if that had taken place yesterday? My wife would be a widow. The ATF, FBI and every other ABC agency would have helicopter gunships and SWAT teams at my house. I would be dead, dead dead. Everything I had worked for for over about 50 years would now be confiscated and my wife would be penniless. Everyone in America would know my first, middle and last name. ((Ever notice how that is; Lee Harvey Oswald, etc.)) But in the 1950/60’s it was harmless. Who would have thunk it?

      • Charles H

        That was a great story! While I am Stateside – I live with a firearm, literally. Instead of – “Don’t blow yourself up.”, I always think – ‘don’t get yourself shot’ either by someone else or myself.

  22. Susan

    Such a simple idea and message, yet stupid people continue to rationalize and make excuses for their favorite pols.

    Come back Karl, you are missed!

    • Bill

      Country Codger: Thanks for the humor, I laughed for several minutes after reading your post about the cannon. But sadly, the rest of your post is soberingly true. The only hope we still have is in our sheriffs, who are somewhat free of all the govt stupidity. Pray for your Sheriff. SUPPORT TOUR LOCAL SHERIFF

    • James Hastings

      “Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it may be time to reform.” Twain

      “He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing anything for money”….Ben Franklin….I use to drink with him….He spoke of us……americans.

  23. John M.

    The rule of law has been slowly eroding away for many decades, probably most conspicuously with Daddy Bush and the Boy-wonder Clinton. It’s only accelerated since then with the criminal bankers, corporate moguls, and criminal politicians becoming more ruthless and ambitious. Hideous creatures have evolved like the Hildabeast, see the Clinton Cash movie which is the least of their transgressions. Of course, the spiritual and societal conditions of this nation have slipped too, making one wonder if the people of a nation gets the rotten leaders that it deserves.
    You need not look any farther than a nation’s money, to understand that the dollar and the whole financial structure upon which it is based, is a fraudulent pile of crap. The confidence in the dollar is all based on lies and manipulation, and the SHTF when a critical mass of people begin to finally figure this out.
    We don’t know when this will happen, but we do know it will. The USS America hit the iceberg many years ago. We’re just marking time right now.
    I’m preparing myself mentally and emotionally for this inevitable event. We really need to expect rioting, unbelievable disruptions, and most importantly, the totalitarian regimes that always follow chaos and desperation. Chaos is not conducive to human freedom and the operation of free markets.
    I agree with you Greg in your commentary, that Trump should win in a landslide if the elections are even remotely fair. Like they did with BREXIT, the media is downplaying Trump’s strong polling that they must be seeing. I fear an unfortunate circumstance for Trump, a la Antonin Scalia, which might cause more concern and agitation than the ho-hum reaction we got from the news of Scalia’s mysterious death with a pillow above his head. These other guys will stop at nothing for their evil cause. We might not even have an election.
    They have planned from the beginning to scuttle and destroy what’s left of America, and they do it in so many ways. Just one example: Over here in California, we have a big reservoir called San Luis Res., that is almost empty of water because it was not refilled as our federal and state governments would rather send our melting mountain water out to the Pacific Ocean instead of using for human endeavors. All in the name of “the environment” and a fish called Delta Smelt.
    But God is the one with all the real power, and He knows what is best for us. Even if we don’t like what that might be.

    • James Hastings

      We are pass tense….

  24. By Design, Over Time

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Karl will return art some point because he feels the sense of outrage that most of us feel and he has been trying to right the wrongs for eight long years—and he feels like he’s been doing it alone. It is in his blood and perhaps a bit of support would give him a boost. Positive reinforcement does us all a world of good as we all need it.

    We owe him a debt and we owe it to ourselves to do one positive thing rather than to allow Bush (s), Clinton (s), Obama, and their puppet masters to enforce their new world order upon us via nefarious and treacherous means.

    Just before we listened to the interview with Karl,
    we watched the “Clinton Cash” documentary by Peter Schweizer. It certainly reinforced the fact that we are worse than a lawless nation. We are a nation of hypocrites.

    If this Clinton woman, with her and her husband’s, incredible record of lawlessness, is elected POTUS, this country is finished. It is finished as much because of whom we are as because of who they are.

    And for Senator Sanders to betray his supporters in
    the way he did was beyond disappointing—it was treasonous. It set back the political process for the youth of this nation for a decade. Those young people gave time, heart, and money for close to a year to support ideals in which they believed, and they were not simply about “free stuff”. They were supporting an individual who they thought possessed integrity only to be slapped in the face and pushed aside when the rubber hit the road.

    Cigars were smoked, deals were made, backs were slapped and snakes slithered away. At the end of the day, the Senator never mounted a challenge to the lawlessness directed at the very foundation of our Republic. Others have mounted those lawsuits but not the Bern.

    I believe he won the California primary, as do other knowledgeable and informed political pundits. Many feel he won the entire Democratic Primary, including myself.

    He folded his tents much too quickly. Clinton was declared victorious while the polls were still open and there were still millions of uncounted California ballots.

    Don’t let the networks or the MSM fool you. Sanders knew he had won—all you had to do is look at the crowd turn outs—after that much time on the campaign trail, you know—just like you know how your sets are playing in Milwaukee if you’re in a rock and roll band. You can’t fool the audience and you can’t fool yourself—you know—you just do! It comes through on a visceral level.

    He took the fall—for whatever reason and in the process he took the term betrayal to a new level much as he did the term spineless. If he believes that he helped to move Clinton’s platform one way or the other, then he believes that he can change the stripes on a Zebra.

    Unless Trump is totally in on a fix, he knows he is putting his life on the line. If Killary is losing significantly 45-60 days before the election, I would encourage “The Donald” to be moving around in a bulletproof shark cage.

    elections is the epitome of lawlessness although that was not the specific message that Karl was sharing, the poison can stream and meander in many different directions.

    For the record, I am of neither party and never have been. But I know the evil that lies in the “Clinton Body Count”. with Michael Rivero.

    We no longer have governance in these United States; we have rulers. We are a nation under rule and yet we will not accept responsibility of or for our own circumstances.

    “We all know the saying “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing”. Well?

    Truth is the key and it begins with each of us, just as it did with our forefathers in 1776.

    Nothing occurs in a vacuum. We may be but a few, but we are a beginning.

    People always say to me—“But what can I do?” Well, first and foremost, you can think for yourself and realize that the truth never comes and jumps in your lap—especially in this day and age. You have to go out and fight for it.

    Secondly, this time it really is different. You’re smart enough to be reading this site. Share it with one or three other persons and do one positive thing.

    Start at your local level—But don’t allow the boxcars in your neighborhood and whatever you do, never get on them.

    Catherine Austin fits talks about “ Shunning” as in not supporting the negative status quo.

    You might have to work a little, but you’ll discern your own path forward–but its time to get cracking as time is running short.

    We are now at a crossroads of history in the crosshairs of truth.

    United We Will Stand.

    Steady on


    • Charles H

      Big Yup.

    • James Hastings

      Let each of us, bend over and kiss our ass good bye…LOL

      • Charles H


        You really are getting out of hand. Many negative and pessimistic comments here. You still have the choice to act in many of the ways you mention. Try having a glass half-full.

  25. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the Democrats will pull the war card if the polls show they can’t rig the election, as I have said before, somehow, someway, the events of the day, rigging or otherwise, will place the old crooked Clinton’s back into the oval office. The country is lost to the corrupt, elite and MSM, but I will vote, but it will be in vain. One nation, under Clinton, with corruption and entitlements for all.

  26. Boo Who

    Paul … 07/30/2016 • Bears repeating! Truth works in mysterious ways.
    Art … So Hillary will pay the coal workers not to mine coal … and then pay the auto workers not to build cars … and pay the Wall Street bankers not to make loans … before you know it she will have achieved her Satanist goals … a complete Communist Utopia … who then will be manufacturing things for mankind? … China, the land of Capitalism, free enterprise and sound money! … Hillary’s response … we better bomb China … stop all their manufacturing capability and make them good Communists again “just like us”!

    Good on ya Pablo!

  27. Mike

    Karl D is right on. Why bother getting up and yelling from the rooftops anymore, only to have people not listen or do anything about it? This has been going on since time immortal. Did the Jews listen to Jeremiah? Of course not. The writing is on the wall–and the people will react in a similar manner and have a similar fate. Great interview Greg. We’ll see where we are economically a little more than a month from now.

  28. Richard

    Karl….before the fact….Denninger speaks the truth. He put his money where his mouth is…..he’s out of the corrupt system and enjoying what is left. Good for you Karl!

    There you have it folks….the future. Buckle up!!

    To the Clinton’s and the Obama administration:

    Semper Fi

    • Paul ...

      However our future does not need to be grim … if we “go back to the future” as outlined by our great grand parents of the Old West … our future can in fact be extremely bright!

      • Galaxy 500

        And part of that process is putting a man set to us by God, Mr Donald Trump. The Jews cried out for a King and God sent them Saul. Read the Bible, he wasn’t perfect.
        The proof that Trump is right is easy to see for those looking. The Dems and their media puppets hate him because he will bring back the old ways. The Republicans are not thrilled, especially the Cruzifers who support the “annointed one” and the “fulfillment of the mormon prophecies.”

  29. michael

    Social, economic and moral decline is already unstoppable but disguised and ignored. Only the timing of total disaster and distress is uncertain. The collapse of civilization will begin when the News of God’s coming Judgment and Kingdom is announced as a testimony to all nations; testimony = legal notice and warning. “First there will be civil and international wars, great shaking and upheavals in different places, pestilence and famine, mass anxiety and deception…..” Matthew 24 and Luke 21. The Kingdom of God is near but until the universal announcement (legal declaration) is made, uncertainty, confusion and guessing will continue. Those required to announce the News of coming Judgment are all still asleep.

    • Paul ...

      What we need is a universal announcement to all the Nations of the World … “the murder of women and children will not be tolerated anymore” … at that point we will know the Kingdom of God is near … for once we start to accept “just one” of God’s Commandments ,,, the Paradise of what proclaims in Heaven will be made a reality here on Earth … I think Trump (more then Hillary) will make such a “compassionate” announcement … with Hillary all we will get is more lying, thievery and war!!

      • James Hastings

        “He who is without sin should cast the first stone”…Let me….as a lowly sinner…..spit on abortion…….then let’s move on to the rest….:)

  30. Oxfarmer

    A third party would elect Trump. I haven’t seen one yet that didn’t draw votes away from one party and so benefit the other.

    The lawlessness begins in kindergarten, when kids learn rules don’t matter. In CA, it will soon be MANDATED to understand that gender is a choice. God chose a gender for each one…who’s God? The most basic things mean nothing.

    Middle school? Drugs and sex. Team sports. Nothing matters but getting and staying on the team, where a possibly good trust building affair is changed into a tight drug using group with male on male rapes . Yes, right here in my rural town. Team practice undermines family life as coaches call practice on weekends and holidays. It is lawlessness of the biblical variety, as God should come first, family second.

    Brainwashing goes on relentlessly…abortion is good , gay sex is good , the USA is not special, China and Islam are the cultures we should emulate instead.

    How can we hope for Godly leaders when this is going on? Add in one parent families, and just light a match and watch America burn.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Oxfarmer, America is already burning, you don’t have to light the match. The moral corruption from the top down is running rampant, I can remember when Sunday’s were a time to relax as the stores were not open and even if you didn’t do church you did do family. This is certainly not my fathers country any longer. Its amazing how many people don’t feel the burn, but as the fire grows they will.

    • Diane D.

      This is for parents.

      Oxfarmer, you are absolutely right about the evil of government schools. They control every aspect of THEIR children’s lives for 8 hours every day.

      My main concern now is for young families. Hope lies with them. I am convinced that the two greatest gifts parents can give to their children are Jesus Christ and schooling at home. Some mock us in flyover country for being backward. I ask them, ‘Does God still rule your valley?”. He does here (Pacific Northwest). Looking at our homeschooled children is like going back in time, a peaceful, civilized God-fearing time. They have all the makings of good leaders. I pray that one day they will get the opportunity to build a new Republic and enjoy the blessing of God-given liberty.

      • Paul ...

        Our children today need a calculator to do simple math (years ago our parents could add 2 + 2 in their head) … but kids today believe that 2 + 2 equals 5 … and even when today’s kids get the wrong answer for 2 +2 on their Math test (and put down 5 instead of 4) the “liberal” teachers say: “that’s fine 5 is close enough” and give them an A in math on their report card! … these are the kids voting to put Hillary in the White House … they simply “can’t add” her lies, crimes, thefts and wars! … they simply “want to believe” that Trump (who wants to stamp out evil) is a bad man because “he never sacrificed someones son on the alter of war” the way Hillary has done!!

    • Charles H

      Good comment – from the real world.

  31. Da Yooper

    Greg that was in my opinion

    the best & most important interview you have ever done

  32. michael

    Assuming electoral votes will change this feudal system is fiction. Never has! Democratic systems are used to fool the voting public that their queens and presidents are popular and care about commoners. Only wars and revolutions have temporarily rearranged the furniture and exchanged the psychopathic politicians for a new gang of crooks. The powerful dynasties that control democratic systems need the fiction and their illusions so they can continue to indoctrinate and hypnotize the masses. The only way to eliminate this feudal system forever is to give the psychopathic politicians, their agents, supporting religious leaders and gullible minions enough rope to hang themselves. That’s the only strategy that will work and it’s called “the Way, the Truth and the Life.” It’s never been understood or tried before but after all else fails it will be given the chance it needs to succeed.

  33. KansasCrude

    Haven’t listened yet but KD has always wanted the RULE of LAW without having honest money…. DUH KARL. Do you have a CLUE yet. You don’t get HONEST Proceedings without HONEST MONEY (gold and silver) at the very least. Still doesn’t mean you get it but at least you have a chance. Without it how is that pissing in the fan working out for you? Yep I thought so…..

  34. Scot

    Thank you for bring KD on to explain his position.
    I agree with his social/political/economic positions. In fact, KD is the only person I have read or listened to that makes the argument that there is no ownership of property. A simple example, in the purchase of a car, the MSO (Manufacturers Statement of Origin, or true title), is transferred to the State and replaced with a State generated Certificate of Title (equity title). If you had true title, the State could NOT seize your car. If you had true title, you would not pay tax. If you had true title, there would be no State asset tag (license plate) affixed. All property is transferred to the State via “Power of Attorney” forms during the sales process (giving the dealer the authorization to transfer title).
    Thank you again. KD, thank you for the additional insight you provided over the years and when then lights go back on, I’ll continue to be a faithful reader of

    • Paul ...

      So far the neocons have not succeeded in putting a license plate on our backs … but they are sure trying in the worse way to “chip us” … once we are chipped we are owned … so much for Lincoln “freeing the slaves” … the neocons were mad as hell with Lincoln when he freed the slaves (so they shot him)!

  35. Larry White


    A couple of things.

    1- News note: Rescue plan for Italian Bank faces hurdles:

    2- I will run an article on 8-4-16 on the blog featuring Central Bank expert Robert Pringle. He has been sharply critical of central bank monetary policies calling them both ineffective and immoral. He gave a direct quote to use explaining why he thinks the policies are immoral. This is a quote I think people need to see and will find interesting.


    • Shadow of Doubt

      If no rescue plan is implemented, not only will Italy seek to leave the EU, but France’s banking system which is heavily vested in many of Italy’s nonperforming assets will fall as well. This will be followed by a cascade of bank failures among those countries commonly referred to as the PIGS. The EU definitely has a problem and its not just Germany’s DB!

      • Paul ...

        Actually … when you think about it … the banksters actually want to get rid of the Euro (so as to strengthen the dollar)! … this whole European fiasco going on today was probably dreamed up by evil minds at Goldman Saks years ago … to make the US dollar (top dog) of all fiat currencies for the time when the petrodollar began to fall apart!

  36. Phil

    Why did Karl not talk a little bit about gold and silver?

    Fiat money is lawlessness. PMs are not, supposedly.

    What’s missing here?

  37. Charles H


    Karl Denninger is as good as they come. He sees the context and nature of the issue; and is able to relate them in down-to-earth language, so it can be digested and understood. I only wish his conclusions were more positively affirming: but being less than honest is below him.
    I think he is right. He’s been tapped-in; he set-out the truth to try to change things; it didn’t make a difference: so, being a self-motivating and actuating guy – he’s going to take care of his own life and quit the crusader business. I’m sure he has organized resources sufficient for way more than himself. Teaching by example may be the only course now. Good interview.

  38. Anthony Australia

    Dearest Greg,

    It always surprises me when humans think the are smarter than the Gods.
    I feel this transformation is one in which we should all embrace, regardless of ones faith.

    Thank you again did your honest work.

    • James Hastings

      I missed those passed “The one True God”. Are there more?

  39. Simon Ruszczak

    Lets face it, anyone who still doesn’t realise by now a (global) economic crash is inevitable, is either dumb or ignorant. Even my brother (who hasn’t got the internet) and sisters, after years of nagging are starting to wakeup. They’ll still get shock when my prediction I made 2 years ago, that the house prices will half, comes true. They think I’m crazy because I’m renting instead, although I could easily afford to buy. I’ll have the last laugh on that one.

    Good interview, added interesting information to what regular viewers should already know. Must be shocking if your a new viewer.

    I don’t want to frighten youse, but I’d like give you the “heads up” on the other coming disaster that’s not far away, a mini/little ice age. Which I’ve also know for a few years. I’m hoping the economy will have collapsed and started to recover, before the climate gets really bad. The Sun’s going to have a “nap” for two to three decades.

    A good web site to find out about it, , and also YouTube blogger,
    adapt 2030 . Find out anyway, even if you think I’m crazy (my siblings do).

    By the way, global warming/climate change, ozone hole/CFC/HFC , ocean acidification, to name but a few, are deliberate “money making” scams. As already told to your by Lord Christopher Monckton, on this site on, 28 january 2015.

    I’m reminded of the Chinese curse, “My you live in interesting times”. It’s getting a bit too interesting!
    Don’t the worry, the good will win (eventually).

  40. ivan kruger

    The FBI Director ,James Comey ,basically said they have enough evidence against Hillary Clinton to go to trial with , but that they are not going to criminal charge her and do that . This is obstruction of justice,and criminal charges need to be brought against FBI Director ,James Comey and Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and a grand jury should be convened for them .

    • JC Davis

      Ivan Kruger. As I understand it when the government is lawless the congress has the duty to take it too the supreme court for a ruling. Why is Congress not pursuing the case ?

      • Paul ...

        Would anyone dare call their actions Treason? … Treason is defined as “the failure to do ones official duty” !!

  41. Pinocchio

    This interview helped me to understand that this is the time to start sayonarazation of federal laws and all federal law enforcers. This the time to start the Great Secession.

    Secede !!!!

  42. DL

    Great interview Greg. KD is always full of wisdom and this is a very important topic. Thanks for bringing him on. Couldn’t find the study you mentioned about police stops and race, but did find this summary of other studies:
    Some of them look credible.

  43. vincent_g

    $7,000 plus a monthly fee is what I heard that Hillary spent on this personal email server.

    From my experience people with money don’t throw it around.
    They are typically cheap tippers and try to save everywhere they can.

    So $7,000 plus is a high price to pay for personal email when you can just signup with hotmail and others which is free!!!

    Why would someone pay $7,000 for private email?
    Would it be to have total control on the contents?

    Why is it the news has never framed the question like this?
    Why is it the cost of this server was kept quite for so long?

    Give me the old days when we had street smart people working in the news.
    The reporters today are so gullible they could be sold the Brooklyn bridge and ten others.

  44. Jerry

    And now the finger pointing starts with 1.2 % GDP in the second quarter.

  45. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, just got off of Main Street Media, I am no in recovery, please wish me well. As I said, I finally disconnected the boob tube, no Fox News either, another rubbish network that thinks that more Republicans can restore a once great society. All the republicats can do is slow the demise a little from the more rapid moral decay that the Demogod’s agenda will do. Both parties are corrupt & believe in the system of the elite. Alternate media is my news source fully now. I might add that the MSM addition is hard to break, and even alternate media I am watching with a squinted eye!

  46. Kim

    Would you please consider having Richard Mayberry on? He is a deep geopolitical thinker. He writes about the two common laws for a functioning society. These laws are common to all religions.
    1. Do not encroach on others or their property.
    2. Do everything that you say you will do.
    We live in the information age! Knowledge is POWER! Keep on rocking with the powerful interviews Greg! 😉

  47. Ken Russell

    After watching this it confirms my opinion that it is virtually impossible for Hillary to lose the election; some of the reasons

    Illegal alien and refugees registered to vote in purple and threatened blue districts. They are not polled. Along with that, open and blatant Marxists lawyer intimidation when votes are questioned by honest poll workers.

    200,000 prisoner votes in Virginia.

    Soros based electronic voting machines.

    Federal judge striking down NC law requiring voter ID but now making voter ID requirements illegal (coming to a state near you).

    Open and blatant crimes by Marxists, er, Democrats like Hillary’s email server being protected from any consequences by law enforcement. They now commit crimes in broad daylight, on camera, flipping America off while doing it and knowing not one thing will happen to them.

    A feckless Depends wearing GOP leadership that does nothing but fall down, roll over and soil itself anytime and every time a Marxist or member of the MSM whispers Boo in their ears.

    Proof of utter, sheer stupidity of voters via Mark Dice video stars.

    The impossibility of price discovery throughout the world due to criminal cronies controlling central banks, fed, IMF and most people thinking it’s capitalism’s fault when capitalism does not and has not existed for years.

    Open and blatant mainstream media support for every criminal leader, especially Hillary no matter what she does.

    And, the complete absence of the rule of law for those in power and a Constitution that has merely become a piece of old animal skin.

    Hence, Hillary cannot lose no matter what she does, no matter how many Bernie voters she ticks off. And yes, God is in charge, however, take a real good look at Romans 1 through Romans 2:1, especially look at the context and WHO Paul is talking to. It ain’t unbelievers. And keep in mind what God the Father PROMISES to do in verses 1:24, 26 and 28 when WE as a body of believers satisfy the conditions of those three promises. I would contend we (most American Christians) are knee deep in that hooplah of satisfying the three conditions. So, yeah, God the Father is in charge and if you’re not that “You oh man” believer in Romans 2:1; fear not. Since the nation is now experiencing all three “gave them over” promises in 1:24, 26 and 28; I’m pretty sure there’s MANY more of us believers who should be very afraid. Romans 12:1-2 is how to fix the problem and it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with “taking the country back.”

    • mark

      Hi Ken,
      You wrote :” take a good look at Romans 1 through Romans 2:1, especially look at the context and WHO Paul is talking to. It ain’t unbelivers.” Ken, please reconsider your statement that just because this letter is addressed to the saints in Rome (Hagios Gk.) or, those who have been sanctified by faith which is in Christ Jesus and live in Rome, that Paul is speaking here ABOUT those who are the recipients of this letter. Clearly he is laying the groundwork for establishing a cogent and logical presentation of the wisdom of God in Christ Jesus with respect to the gospel of which he is not ashamed because “it is the power of God unto salvation” considering himself a “debtor both to Jews and to Greeks” with chapter 3:21 being the significantly crucial pivoting point from this introductory section which reveals the righteousness of God as the foundational component that “has been revealed apart from the Law, which is confirmed by the Law and the Prophets. God’s righteousness comes through the faithfulness of Jesus Christ for all who have faith in Him”. (Common English Bible). The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Ken and with all who come here to read and post. Fear Not. For “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” 2 Tim 1:7.

  48. Tulips

    Loss of rule-0f-law is ubiquitous in the USA. The Constitution declares that treaties are the supreme law of the land, taking precedence over federal and state laws. One treaty is the UN Charter, which we wrote, which states that member nations may not attack another nation, nor threaten to attack another nation, without UN Security Council mandate. Thus for Bush, Cheney, Obama, Clinton, McCain, etc. to attack or even threaten to attack other nations, that violates the UN treaty, which by our Constitution is supreme domestic law. Why are they not arrested? Who will enforce the law when the law enforcers are the ones violating the law?

    • Bill

      Ken Russell: The phrase “gave them over ” speaks to those who have been tried, found guilty, sentenced, and given over to receive their punishment. By that time its all over!!

      • James Hastings


  49. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Definitely one of the best interviews in a long while. Karl Denninger is right on with his treatise on “The Rule of Law” — it’s long but not too long. You should maybe put up a page on your site for quality work such as that so it will still be available if Market-Ticker goes dark. That said, we’ve been discussing Rule of Law here for quite some time before Comey gave Hillary a pass. Sad that all the hypotheticals came true and despite the argument for her guilt, the conclusion was to not indict. We’ve been on this path for over two decades but now it’s just in our face and there’s not much we can do but whine — the corruption is so pervasive and self-supporting. I was so focused on the oligarchs who got stupid rich in Russia that I didn’t see it was already here.

    All that said, Trump needs to keep his eyes on the football and stop taking the bait every time some pissant nobody says something derogatory. He is constantly getting into the mud to wrestle with pigs owned by Hillary. This is for all the marbles and he keeps playing small-ball. His staff needs to keep him focused.

    • Ken Russell

      No. The past tense used in the Greek emphasizes certainty to those in verse 2:1 who will be given over for doing the same things. The unbelievers to whom Paul refers in chapter one satisfying the conditions for the three promises, “God gave them over”… Paul then tells the believers in Rome that they are doing the very same things in Romans 2:1-5, and it follows a fortiori that those believers will also experience the same results as the unbelievers for satisfying the conditions for the three promises. Not me, but the first five verses of chapter 2 eviscerate your argument.

      • Russ

        I am not at all familiar with Romans and you seem well versed. Please tell me in your own words how my statements are eviscerated. I don’t see how Romans applies.

        • Ken Russell

          First of all if you’re not familiar with Romans, why would you make something up about the passage in your first reply when it’s simply not there to begin with, then ask how verse 2:1-5 eviscerate your argument? And, you want me to use my own words? I’m referring to the Bible. Why don’t you read THOSE words on your own, use simple comprehension skills, don’t input what’s not there and comprehend what is, and simply follow the context. It’s not hard. It’s real clear what Paul says both in chapter one and two. It’s real clear to whom he is talking (the Greek word HAGIOS means “different from the rest, set apart, holy ones, saints”). Saints are those who have already believed in Christ so they are saved. Paul starts off talking about three conditions that his audience assumes unbelievers have satisfied. Paul tells those Roman believers what God did because they satisfied those conditions. THEN in chapter 2, verse 1, Paul tells those same Roman believers that THEY are presently doing the same thing the unbelievers did. If they are doing the same thing unbelievers did and God “gave them (unbelievers) over” then a fortiori God will do the same thing He did to the audience of believers who are presently satisfying the same conditions. Verse 5 is in the present tense and it applies, present tense, to BELIEVERS and not to unbelievers. There ARE consequences for believers who are doing verse 5 and 6 stuff. These are already believers and Paul knows it otherwise he wouldn’t have said in 1:7 “To all who are in Rome, beloved of God, those who are called saints”. Unbelievers aren’t saints (set apart ones) nor are they beloved of God. It’s in the present tense. They don’t have to keep doing those things and if they do, they will not receive blessings in eternity but show up with a naked resurrection body and nothing else.

          So, in my own words? It’s a warning with promises to believers, all believers regardless of where or when in history they live. If you as a believer satisfy the conditions detailed in chapter one, then you as a believer will experience the same things the unbelievers experienced in chapter one. If LOTS of believers in a country or region satisfy those conditions, God will do the same thing. Look around. It doesn’t take a genius to see this nation is satisfying all three conditions akimbo.
          If you do nothing else, please just read the book yourself. That’s more important than any of my pathetic “own words.”

          • James Hastings

            “Many are called….few are chosen”…Those decreed as Saints….shall “Rule as Priests and kings”…I just hope to be…”Those who came out of the great tribulation”

        • Ken Russell

          Russ, I apologize profusely. Like an idiot, I clicked the reply on your original post instead of replying to Bill. Then when you said you were not familiar with Romans, I still thought you were Bill from above and thought he was saying he was not familiar with Romans. Anyway, please forgive me for being a moron in the incorrect reply clicking department.

  50. Alan

    Referencing your Friday wrap from last week I am not as optimistic as you in believing HC will not win the November election. This past week the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit nullified North Carolina’s voter-ID law stating it was a direct assault on blacks. It is interesting that this takes place within one hundred plus days of the POTUS election. It is interesting that the three member panel of judges were all Democrats, go figure!
    Then the 5th Circuit knocked down Texas voter-ID law by a 9-6 majority stating that the law was not meant to be discriminatory but had that effect on minorities. BTW, we WASPs are a minority now in Texas so who the heck are they concerned about? See for reference.
    Basically, all organizations that are for anything other than fairness and constitutional rights are pulling out all the stops to ensure HC becomes the next POTUS. There is no law other than the law that benefits the TPTB. Once HC gets the win whether by voter fraud which includes vote as often and as much as you like, voter machine manipulation, lost ballets just to name a few, we are done! The American public will vote themselves into a darkness the likes of which they cannot comprehend.
    I believe Karl Denninger’s assessment of our current situation is spot on! Crime at the top is one thing but down at ground level where the majority of us live it will be hell on earth. There will be no place to escape as I have lived in the country and been robbed, property destroyed and no legal recourse. So living in town or out in the country will not matter either way no matter what the “experts of survival” post on a daily basis.
    In closing, I believe America turned her back on The Lord back in 1962 with the Warren Court decision on school prayer and we have been heading down hill every since. Does anyone really believe The Almighty will allow us to get away with murdering 100 million unborn without paying a massive price?
    Thanks for your efforts Sir!

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not.” Never give up my friend.

  51. Ron Spoonemore

    Economic and moral decay is the fate of all great societies. The same thing has happened through history. Just a matter of when..

    • James Hastings

      A well read man.

  52. Doug

    Greg, Have this guy on every month. Greg, go and look at that video. It starts five to ten minutes before “the pig’ shots the black guy. The black guy is holding his hands up at all times. Then find and I seen it on Facebook. The black guy in the hosiptal, said he ask the “PIG’, (not his word, MY WORD,) why he shot him the pig said he didn’t know why! Then seen scene on face book, later, the “PIG” said he thought he had a gun. That is why I am in favor of “PIGS” being shot the death. I don’t care if the PIGS” don’t get home at the end of the shift. The more dead “PIGS” there are, the happier I’ll BE. ( If you plan an ambush, SHOT THEM IN THE HEAD!!!! Also, Yea I was thinking about voting for Trump, but now he is going the be an “LAW AND ORDER” president. That scares me more then Hillary taking away guns. At least I know “ALL” these gun owners with their big talk , remember this quote’ ” They”ll have to pry my gun from my cold fingers!!!!” These BIG gun owners will have to start shooting “PIGS” if they want to keep the freakin gun.

    • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper


    • Tracy Welborn

      Double wow.

    • James Hastings

      “But now, let him who has a purse take it, and likewise a bag. And let him who has no sword sell his mantle and buy one…”….Luke 22:36……

      • Charles H

        Yes, quite overlooked. And the Lord’s own words at that. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear…

  53. Larry Galearis

    Rule of law or rules of procedure ignored, either one will eventually destroy a country or many of them. I admire moralists in general, and those that speak publically are the unrecognized heroes of our time. And it doesn’t take all that much if one just helps to inform even another person about what is real and what is fiction that is presented as real. I don’t know how many people are publically recognizable and definitive heroes in the United States – in foreign affairs I do not exaggerate to say, only a very few – literally. Stephen F. Cohen is at the top of the list and so is Ray McGovern.
    A recent (and short Cohen interview):
    And for a piece to blow your socks off about how corrupt the American Intelligence community is by McGovern (and an historian’s panacea):

    And, of course, there is you, Greg and people like Denninger. And accolades also to your commenters who, like yourself and Karl, (and moi) are likely on some list; we are all outraged and very worried about what we see happening out there. The why and how of it all just makes it all just more pressing. Please follow the links.
    Best regards,

  54. Tracy Welborn

    A lot of the “cut and paste” scripture christianity I find on this site is depressing. No wonder people don’t go to church. The Jesus I met was full of love and grace. He took all sin off the table more than two thousand years ago. We either believe in him or we don’t. That’s it. I continue to sin on a daily basis and He continues to forgive me on a daily basis. Sin’s not a problem for me anymore, it is only disbelief. Aren’t all our problems rooted in disbelief in one way or the other. Either I abide in Him and surrender or try to do things on my own – that’s my only issue each day. Jesus is incredibly simple because his yolk is easy and his burden is light. If you’re new to the faith or agnostic, please don’t let the “sin” talkers get you down. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God for as long as we are on this earth. Be hopeful and joyful in your faith.

    • Paul ...

      Tracy ,,, you say: ” I continue to sin on a daily basis and He continues to forgive me on a daily basis (so) Sin’s not a problem for me anymore” … Oh God! … I bet you and Hillary have the same religious viewpoint … you are voting for Hillary I presume … as you both seem to have a lot in common!

      • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

        Shame on you, Paul, for equating someone’s faith with politics, and for belittling them about their faith.

        When Joshua asked the Lord, “Are you for us or for our adversaries?” the Lord answered, “No, but as Captain of the Lord’s host am I now come.” – Joshua 5:13, 14
        Joshua was mistaken in assuming that the God of Heaven was low enough to “take sides”.

        God is neither liberal nor conservative; left or right. He doesn’t respect America more than Iran or North Korea.
        He’s not “for” Trump but “against” Hillary.
        Instead, it is the duty of man to join ourselves to God; to submit our will and desires to his.

      • Tracy Welborn

        Yes, Hillary and I have sin in common. However, I’m a conservative who will be voting for Trump.

        • Paul ...

          Tracy … as you probably know … I don’t like to believe that sin has no consequences … that God simply forgives everything bad we do … and my temper flares at those who express that belief … I’m sorry for being so judgemental … but seeing that you will be voting against evil … by your actions you show you are with God!

          • Tracy Welborn

            Yes, sin has its consequences – always has, always will. Yes, God does simply forgive everything bad I do. Not trying to get in a pissing match with you. I just know Jesus really well.

    • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

      Tracy, I hear you and you’re 100% correct. Jesus died for the sins of the world and his sacrifice was effective and powerful. Sin is not the issue anymore; the issue is whether a person has accepted the new birth.
      As you know, ALL sin was taken out of the way by the cross of Christ. Those who say America and the world are being “judged” simply don’t understand the love of God.
      Thank you for your defense of the faith.

      • Charles H


        All sin was paid for – not taken out of the way. My sins were paid for, as were all other sins: but the payment is made only in appropriation by faith, where others who have no faith – have not. It is an issue of God imputing the price paid by personal faith. Sin is still an issue in the world, otherwise Repentance isn’t necessary: and it is. If you sin as a Believer: do you not have to confess that sin and Repent of it? Or are you just going to hold-on to it?

        • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

          As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.
          – Psalms 103:12

          • Charles H

            Yes, Robert – it was an absolute sacrifice of perfection. The metaphor gives the word-picture of such absolute-ness: but sin, when it was nailed to the cross and taken out of the way is for those who look and live- just like Moses lifted up the (brazen) serpent in the wilderness: so must Christ have been lifted up (on the cross). ONLY those who looked at Moses’ serpent lived; and ONLY those who come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ have their sins paid for. Also you must be careful to use Old Testament verses in New Testament contexts. Not all automatically cross over, or apply.

        • Tracy Welborn

          In my darkest hours when my faith is weak and I have stumbled, Jesus is there for me all the more. I have found that in my weakness he is made strong. This is just MY experience. We all have different experiences.

        • Paul ...

          Charles … I agree with what you say that “Sin is still an issue in the world” … and we should not be using God’s mercy to get away with unlimited sinning! … like a kind parent God lets his children get away with a lot (but not the murder of women and children) … there are limits to God’s patience … and when that limit is reached God takes some serious action (like nuking Sodom and Gomorrah or bringing on a worldwide flood)!

      • Tracy Welborn

        Amen Brother 🙂

    • James Hastings

      “Many are called, few are chosen”…….”Now the woks of the flesh are plain: immorality, impurity, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, selfishness, dissension, party spirit, envy, drunkenness, carousing, and the like. I warned you before, that those who do such things shall NOT INHERIT the kingdom of God.” Gal 5:19

      Salvation is not a “give me”.

  55. Lynn

    The rule of law has been gone for decades. When inflation runs about 10 percent a year, homes are overvalued by 50 percent, when your kids have college loans til their 90 yrs. old, and your food prices have made it hard to eat a good meal, THEN, the mood changed, the people woke up, they are now seeing what has happened to them, why this has taken place, and Hillary, the Dems, Repubs, LIbs, the media, the government are all a scam as they have almost always been…HUNGER, BILLS FOR HEALTHCARE, ETC, CHANGES EVERYTHING. THEY CAN’T HIDE THEIR SCAM ANY LONGER,,,,And we have to make sure we thank the Federal Reserve TOO!!! Print some more so we can begin eating our pets like Venezuela. Prepare people….

    • Paul ...

      One dozen eggs costs $150 US dollars in Venezuela or about seven (7) one ounce silver coins! … one could set up a nice business buying eggs in America and shipping them to Venezuela … but as Karl says the “big corporations in control” won’t allow you to do it!

  56. Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

    Please just remember that Law Enforcement Officers are the good guys – even by Mr. Denninger’s measure. It is only a tiny fraction of a percentage of LEO/citizen interactions that results in a negative outcome – and most of those are resolved in favor of the LEO. Most Law Enforcement Officers, if asked, have never met another officer who is involved in any kind of internal investigation.

    On the other hand, every officer risks his life just by clocking in.

    Every person here, if faced with an emergency, would instantly call 911 and expect professional help to arrive within a minute after hanging up the phone.

    • Paul ...

      Before the neocons say: “I shot the Sheriff” and laugh about it (like Hillary laughed about Qaddafi) … the Sheriff should now be surrounding himself with “good patriotic deputies” like police officers, veterans, military men, and other “bad ass good guys” … deputize them immediately … and begin planning on how the posse he puts together is going to storm the gangsters hideouts … every town in America must do this … take every piece of “used military equipment” the government wants to get rid of from Humvee’s, Tanks, even rocket launchers … because “our deputies” may have to fight UN troops the neocons bring in to protect them … Russia and China can play a big part in stopping the UN from acting by using their veto power … the gangsters robbing our banks have to be brought to justice (paying only a fine is lunacy) … do you think our grandparents in the Old West would allow their banks to robbed on a constant basis if the bank robbers simply paid a “fine” of one percent of their heist? … do you think our grandparents of the Old West would even think of “electing” the chief bank robber to be their Sheriff?? … come on patriots wake -up out of your trance the MSM has put you in … lets vote for Trump this November and take our country back from the gangsters the way God took back Heaven … lets make a Biblical statement to the world and make the vote 66.6% for Trump and 33.3% for Hillary … lets put our Nation back in God’s hands … and kick the Lucifer worshiping neocons into Hell the way God did!!!

  57. pat the rat

    The more the world goes without the rule of law , the more I become confused !

  58. wondrouscat

    Generally, people with some wealth (made legally) think well of the police, because they see them as protecting them. Conversely, generally, people who are poor view the police as enemies, as “pigs”. Maybe, at traffic stops, if people would behave with genuine respect and openness, instead of a veneer of contempt and uncooperativeness, there would be less violence – because the police will always react to a deteriorating situation with force. In every situation where these people have been shot to death, or thrown to the ground and arrested (like that woman who later died in her cell after a traffic stop), or even Mr. Gardner, there was a resistance, an argument etc., a fight or flight response. So put out your cigarette already, don’t argue about it, – understand that a lit cigarette can be a threat to a police officer.

    • helot

      Dear wondrouscat, when you use the phrase, ‘In every situation’ you are mistaken. Have yo ever read any articles written by William Grigg? If not, you should. He writes about the obligations of submitting and obeying, and what is or is not expected, in a way that is quite different from the picture you and Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper paint. So too, does PCR.

      America Destroyed – By Paul Craig Roberts August 1, 2016

      ‘Over these years I have received many letters from former policemen who write that they gave up their profession out of disgust of the corruption and unaccountable brutality, or as a result of fear that they would be forced to participate in the corruption or become a victim of it. Generally speaking, police departments are unaccountable’ …

      Paul Craig Roberts: The Rule Of Law No Longer Exists In Western Civilization
      Jan 6, 2016

      ‘only the mega-banks and the One Percent have legal protection, and that is because these people control the government. For everyone else law is a weapon in the hands of the government to be used against the American people.’ …

      The Police Threat Is Too High – By Paul Craig Roberts
      January 12, 2015

      ‘Other countries manage to have police forces that do not indiscriminately gun down their citizens. Yet most Americans will support the police until it happens to them, but keep in mind that every time you get in your car you have placed yourself in far greater danger from police than you face from terrorists.’ …

      Call the Cops at Your Peril – By Paul Craig Roberts
      May 10, 2014

      ‘Last month wedding guests at at the San Luis Hotel in Galveston, Texas, were set upon without reason by 34 crazed goon thug cops. The guests, including the father of the bride and the bride’s brother were brutally beaten and maced along with many guests including 13 who were arrested for asking, “what is going on?” The brother was so badly injured by the goon thugs that he had to be rushed via helicopter to a hospital. […]
      Psychopaths and bullies are naturally attracted to the police by the privilege of using essentially unaccountable force. […] On May 8 a goon thug in Hearne, Texas murdered 93-year old Pearlie Golden. The elderly woman was shot five times in her front yard.’ …

      What Is The Real Agenda Of The American Police State? – By Paul Craig Roberts
      November 15, 2013

      ‘The police operate according to Obama’s presidential kill power: murder first then create a case against the victim.

      In other words, dear American citizen, you life is worth nothing, but the police whom you pay, are not only unaccountable but also their lives are invaluable. If you get killed in their line of duty, it is no big deal. But don’t you injure a police goon thug in an act of self-defense. I mean, who do you think you are, some kind of mythical free American with rights?’

      • Greg Hunter

        Not sure all the police are bad. There are a lot of covert operations out there the rank and file police have anything to do with.

    • clare doll

      Are you writing while white or what?

  59. Chip

    Greg and Karl, quite an awesome interview, loved it and best of luck to Karl. One thing, the math is worse than Karl laid out… Chip

    In March 2016, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs’ Population Division estimated the world population at approximately 7.4 billion.

  60. Mohammad

    Japan’s Bond market is imploding.
    The carnage is going to hit home after US bonds are locked and loaded fleeing Japan’s bonds.

    Look at the spike in US bonds following Japan’s bonds bloodbath:^TNX/news?p=^TNX

    The wolf packs will turn to US bonds soon….


    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Mohammad. Thanks for the links.

      • Mohammad

        They will hold it with a bandaid and a piece of gum until the elections.

        Eery feeling that we will see Obama for a third/extended term + Martial laws.


        • Greg Hunter

          You may be correct.

  61. Deanna Johnston Clark

    1970 was the watershed year for Harvard Business School to betray decent capitalism into barely legal criminality. Few recall that once upon a time business was respected and usually a help to civic life. But who noticed the sea change? Who cared?

    In 1974 my Dad sold pocket business machines. The brand he sold decided to get out of that industry without telling any of the 600 retailers who sold the product. Only one sued…my Dad. He won, of course, and got a good seed start for another business. There should have been a great class action, but nobody tried.

  62. Old Hippie C.B.

    Judge Napolitano: What if the fix was in for Hillary at the Obama Justice Department

    ·Published July 21, 2016 ·

    What if it was found out Killary toppeled KaDaffy to get his gun’s, to gun run them to Isile to topple Assad, to give Assange reason to leak E-males to topple Hillary? Its all to true to be real? Is Sterling Hayden come back as Killery?

  63. Hatemail

    Yesterday I was stopped for a burned out license plate light.
    A blinding floodlight was shining through my rear window.
    I was so happy the rule of law was still being enforced.

  64. Donna

    FBI Director ,James Comey protecting the corrupt Clintons US has hit rock bottom.Satan has another notch in his belt

  65. Davis Wall

    A week or so ago I wrote a piece asking when the public would reach its tipping point in regards to the ongoing human slaughter at the hands of Islam. Well today I reached a tipping point of my own. Not in regards to Islam per se, but in regards to all the whimpering, crybaby, selfish, petulant jerks of the so called Republican pundit class. These self appointed Czars of conservative orthodoxy have finally pushed to far.

    I can’t and won’t claim to speak for anyone but myself, but I know I am not alone in the feelings I am about to express. But I would appreciate my readers who share this opinion to pass it on to any and all of their like minded friends.

    Collectively this entire bunch oh know-it-alls has been bellyacheing about the poison of political correctness for the last two decades at least. For nearly as long we’ve heard lecture after lecture about how foolish and destructive Bush Derangement Syndrome was/is and that it was little more than a rhetorical distraction from the political class’s (both Republicans and Democrats) inability and to get anything done beyond running their mouths about what they claimed to think needs to be done.

    Well now the primary season is over and for the first time in over a third of a century the Republican voters have demonstrated loud and clear who and what they want. And guess what, it is exactly what these selfish jerks have been claiming they stand for for just about as long. Only problem is Trump actually means it and he is giving no indication that he is going to sell out to the apparatchiks of Wall Street and the one party state.

    None of this is to say that some of these pundits haven’t produced some insightful work. Charles Krauthammer and George Will have had their moments, even if George is past his expiration date and would be better served to retire and concentrate on writing about Baseball. Bernie Goldberg’s several works on the naked bias of the news media remain as relevant as ever. (Perhaps he should go back and read some of them while looking in the mirror.) Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” is an absolute 21st century tour de force and should be required reading in every history AND philosophy curriculum in the country. That leaves Bill Kristol who isn’t even a has been, he’s just a sanctimonious never was, with money as far as I’m concerned.

    All that said for all their past efforts, come 2016 and Donald Trump, who clearly has no interest in bending to their interpretation of what conservatism is or should be, they all have their panties in a massive collective bunch. We get it, they’re not particularly happy about having a Republican nominee who espouses his disgust with political correctness, his contempt for the fecklessness of the Democrats, expresses his desire to put the interest of the American people first on his agenda and but at the same but time has no interest in kissing their backsides or advancing the aggressive neocon agenda of endless war and endless debt. So rather than shutting up and holding their noses for Trump, exactly as so many of us did for Romney, McCain and the Bushes, they have responded to this giant hemroidal panty wad by effortlessly and collectively, taking the shoe of political correctness and Bush Derangement Syndrome off of their left foot, crossed off Bush, added Trump and slipped it back on their right foot without the slightest bit of discomfort.

    Through all this apparently none of them can see nor admit what pathetic hypocrites they are making of themselves. All their pontifications in their weekly columns about wanting what’s in the best interest of the country and the people is exposed as just as much of a lie as the same garbage when it comes out of the mouths of the Democrats. No different than the Democrats, they are wedded to the interests of the party, Wall Street bailouts and neocon globslist interventions.

    These jerks, every one of them know perfectly well that a Hillary Clinton administration and her appointing the next two or three Supreme Court Justices will be the end of the American experiment in Republican representative government just as surely as Augustus’s reign sealed the fate of the Roman Republic. Many of them have even said so themselves. But they have let their smallnes, their petulance and their own high opinion of themselves come to out weigh any loyalty they had to the Constitution, the Republic and the American people. And yes I deliberately constructed that last sentence in the past tense.

    Today’s column by Bernie Goldberg, insinuating that Donald Trump was nothing more than a cat’s paw for the Clintons has simply pushed me over the edge of civil restraint. As the title of this piece says: Enough is enough is enough. So rather launch into a string of well deserved vituperations, name calling and my own insinuations about their characters, I will issue them all a fair warning.

    Should Hillary Clinton prevail in November it will not just be by whatever corruptions and frauds she and the Democrats cook up. It will be equally because they have continued to spread deception, dissention and division on the right. They will in fact be even more responsible for the death of the Republic than even Hillary herself simply because they know better.

    As part and parcel of the destruction of our rights and freedoms that she will bring about, they should not be so further deluded as to think they will be immune from the wrath of those patriots who will not go quietly into the dark night of socialist tyranny. The politicians might be able to spend our money to build higher fences around the White House and Congress. Hell they can wall off all of DC for all I care. That won’t change the fact that we know exactly who these sniveling little worms are and what they will have done. I’ll leave it to their own imaginations as to what their fates might become should righteous indignation come combined with broken patience.

  66. Mohammad


    Your friend Greg Mannarino was RIGHT ALL ALONG calling the top of Dow.
    If you are pricing it with sound money (gold) DEFINITELY HE CALLED THE TOP AND HE STANDS PROUDLY CORRECT WITH HIS CALL:

    Look towards the end of 2016 how Dow/gold ratio is nose diving.

    Great job Mr Mannarino calling it ahead of your competitors right, JUST PERFECTLY RIGHT.


    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Mohammad. In gold/Dow terms it was the top.

      Thank you.

  67. frederick

    Anybody notice Gold and Silver are rising on a stable dollar Are people buying more or is the cabal losing control? Either way Im a happy camper

    • Mohammad

      Am a scared camper…


  68. mannfm11

    Damn I miss you KD. There is the rule of law and then there is the law. Legal and lawful are 2 different things. Legal tender and lawful money are not both lawful. One depends on the exponential expansion to continue to exist and hold its value over time. Inflation isn’t low, it is high. The masses have lost the ability to consume other than basic needs. There is plenty of inflation. It is the money landing in the hands of a few, who through possession of it or access to money at near zero, acquire the property of the rest of us.

    Republic and this type of system can’t exist together. The rules have always been bent for the banker class. The US government was set up to aid and abet the few, at the cost of the rest of us. It behaved itself, as long as power wasn’t centralized. War and Republic can’t exist together for long. People moved away from the centralization, until they ran out of room. The carpet baggers followed, with the assistance of the Federal government.

    There are 2 means of existence or support. The political means and the economic means. The economic means equals working for a living. Those that work for a living support the political mechanism. That includes the bureaucrats. They may work for a living, but they derive their support from the working class. Most operate systems in the government that are geared to redistribute resources, upward and downward. Capital has a price, meaning that taking anything from capital is paid out of future wellbeing for all of us. Debt based money has no solution and exists only by decree of the government. Are bank runs allowed any more? What can you get out of a bank, but the debts of a bank in the first place. That is how absurd the system is, working on the debts of an insolvent. Legal, but not lawful.

    Printing money? If it was that easy, prosperity would have never left us. Why work, when you can get it out of thin air. Cartels? They exist only out of government decree. There are several in place in the US and around the world. Medicine, you bet. Credit. Who guarantees the banks? The depositors, as they always have. The difference is the banker never has to show they can perform, unless they are in a position of no capital. All government protected. Education? As long as they peddle the governments propaganda. What is milking the economy of the US today? Credit, Medicine and Education.

    All of this is coming to an end, because the game is predicated on the masses producing and being able to consume, educate their kids and save for retirement as well. They are not only to share in the progress of capital investment, but participate in the investment as well. To pretend it is this way today, one must wish the law as they want, rather than what it is.

    This is the best interview

  69. Steven

    There is something about the law that says one can not set a price for his silver or gold bar or coin that seems criminal to me. Such things are private property and possession and all rights ought to belong to the owner and none other. Buyers have the choice of saying yes or no to a transaction.
    Or they could make a counter offer.

  70. bastiat

    Greg, if you have any influence with Karl Denninger, please ask him what sense there was in removing all of his archives.

    I can understand that he does not want to spend any more time writing, but I see no point in him apparently erasing all his previous hard work, as well as making it impossible for his readers to talk to each other through their comments.

    I hope you never decide to delete all your posts one day.

    • Galaxy 500

      There is a site that archives the Internet daily and they have been doing it for a decade or two. You should be able to find all of KDs articles
      Not sure that helps but the data is there

  71. Faith

    I said that if Hilliary was not indicted it would mean that there was no longer any Rule of Law in the US. It looks like Denninger has “gone Galt.”

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