Bad Economy is Why Trump GOP Nominee-John Williams

john%20williamsBy Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Economist John Williams says don’t believe the hype about the U.S. economy being good—it’s not. Williams explains, “I love America, but we are in a deepening recession.  The economy collapsed into 2009 . . . we never really recovered from that.  We had a few bounces higher, but generally, we went into low level stagnation, and now it’s turning down again.  We just had a revision to the benchmark GDP (1.2%) and the numbers are nonsense.  The numbers are a lot weaker than they appear. There’s no question we are in a recession.”

President Obama keeps telling the public that the economy is great. Williams, who computes economic data without accounting gimmicks that make things look better than reality, says, “If that were the case, Donald Trump would not be the Republican nominee.  The voters are telling you we’ve got a problem here, and they sense it.  The average guy in Main Street USA knows what’s going on.  That’s what’s giving you such an unusual election year.  You cannot discount that.  Main Street USA knows a lot better than the bureaucrats in Washington when you are in an election year, and people might want to play with the numbers a little bit.”

Williams says don’t expect the government to start a new round of money printing before the election. Williams explains, “Let me put it this way.  At such time it happens, and I believe it will, you will see heavy selling against the dollar which will tend to hurt stocks.  When you get massive selling against the dollar, you are going to start spiking inflation. . . . So, the dollar weakens and gasoline prices go higher.  That’s been the biggest variable in the headline inflation numbers since the panic of 2008.  You see gasoline prices rising again, and you’ve got an inflation problem again.  That will start all sorts of issues.”

The global economy is weak, and a black swan could hit anytime and take it all down. The next crash will be the greatest ever, and Williams contends, “It will certainly be a world class event that people will be talking about for centuries.”

On gold, Williams says, “I’ve been bullish on gold for as long as I have been bearish on the dollar and calling for the ultimate collapse of the dollar and hyperinflationary depression that will eventually unfold. The best hedge in that type of circumstance are the precious metals.  I am talking about physical ownership of gold and silver.  Personally, I prefer coins because they are liquid.”

How will you know the mother of all hyperinflations has started? Williams says, “It will hit once you start seeing the dumping of the dollar. . . . There will be massive amounts of dollars the Federal Reserve is going to have to absorb.  Once you start to see a panic decline in the dollar, I’d be real cautious because it can happen quickly.  You will see a decline in the dollar first, and the likely trigger for the selloff in the dollar is the move back into quantitative easing.”

So, what is the timing for what Williams says is a coming hyperinflationary depression? Williams says, “You could have a crisis at any moment.  The circumstance is not stable for the economy or the global financial system or the banking system.  There may be some type of banking crisis before the election that would force the Fed to move on quantitative easing (money printing).  I think the Fed will try everything in their power to keep things stable until after the election.   So, most likely the dollar selloff will come after the election.  Once the dollar selloff starts, I think you will be seeing the stages of early hyperinflation well within a year.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams, founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

You can always find some of John Williams’ analysis and charts on the home page of A subscription to detailed analysis is only $175 a year.  Click here to subscribe.

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  1. Paul ...

    Bernie got all the Democrats “who hated what the bankers were doing” into his camp and then “delivered them” to Hillary by endorsing her … the old bait and switch tactic … Hillary loves the bankers … and they are currently baiting the entire US electorate with phony economic numbers and as Williams says will switch to quantitative easing after the election … I bet when Hillary’s mother asked “who ate the cookies out of the cookie jar” … Hillary blamed her brother … when her brother showed proof that Hillary did it by the cookie crumbs all around her … she would concock a story about how “it didn’t matter anyway because she needed the cookie jar to hold the Charitable Contributions made to her by other kids in the neighborhood” … she told the kids in the Village that they could “blame her” for eating their mothers cookies and get them off the hook for a proper donation … the “fix” has worked so well for cookies, contracts, fighting other peoples wars, etc. that Hillary’s Charitable Fund is now well over $100 billion dollars … when Hillary gets to the Pearly Gate of Heaven I’m calling God over …
    God: “Hillary have you ever lied?”
    Hillary: “I can’t recall exactly but if I did lie I really didn’t mean it … what I did was for the benefit of all the children in my Village some who eventually became bankers and brokers on Wall Street.”
    God: “What about that server?”
    Hillary: “Everything was just personal messages my Lord and Savior.”
    God: “You are going to lie straight to my face Hillary and expect forgiveness?”
    Hillary: “The FBI said I did nothing wrong.”
    God: “I just sent all the FBI to Hell for Treason along with your banker buddy’s you helped to steal cookies when they were kids!”

    • Paul ...

      Low and behold … in God’s infinite mercy … God told Hillary she could enter Heaven’s door … later that evening I confessed to God that I switched the signs over Heavens door and Hell”s door and sent Hillary to Hell instead … God said: “I forgive you my son … say three(3) Our Fathers and ten(10) Hail Mary’s” … such are the mystery’s of faith!

      • mark

        Paul my friend,
        I would urge you, difficult as it may be in regards to Hillary and her prospects of “entering heaven”, to please consider writing from a more sober frame of mind when commenting about the corruption of Hillary and her many (known) acts of evil especially with respect to, as you said, “the mysteries of faith” which to me are epitomized in the grace of God extended in and through the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Son of God, now designated Lord and Savior and High Priest forever according to the order of Melchizidek (and not according to Aaron) Who ever lives to intercede for us based upon the perfection of the spotless sin offering of His own Blood, shed once for the entirety of all humanity, including the likes of Hillary and much worse. Please remember Paul, the wages of sin is death and it is appointed unto men to die once and after this judgment as the writer of Hebrews tells us, so in reality, no one “gets away with anything”, at least in the long run and it is clear to me that while Hillary is caught up in a scheme of sin and deception, much of it fueled by her own greed and lust for power, by which many acts of evil, including murder, have been committed and for which an accounting will be made, we should not be mistaken that the grace of God in Christ Jesus is able to reach someone even when they have fallen to such a degree as seen in Hillary’s present state so that if, and that is a big IF, she is willing to repent from her selfish ambitions and acts of evil and receive by faith the reconciliation which God offers to all in Christ Jesus by simply calling upon His name to receive the forgiveness and cleansing of her sins by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit sent forth into her heart crying “Abba Father” she would become just as much as any of us who have believed, a new creation IN CHRIST JESUS with the hope of sharing in that soon to be revealed glory of the Firstborn Son of God as one among His many brothers of whom He is not ashamed. It is surely worth noting that whatever list of evils Hillary and those associated with her in this present evil scheme of deceit are guilty of , that the apostle Paul writing concerning his own experience reminds us that he as the “foremost of sinners”, he was shown mercy because being ignorant he acted in unbelief and that “faithful is the word and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am foremost. But because of this I was shown mercy, that in me, the foremost, Jesus Christ might display all His long-suffering for a pattern to those who are to believe on Him unto eternal life. Now to the King of the ages, INCORRUPTIBLE, invisible, the ONLY God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.” (1Tim. 1:15-17). So may all of us, not just you Paul, exercise great care and soberness when speaking of the evils of others so as not to make light of their plight or despise the grace of God in Christ Jesus because of it’s simplicity, but rather to pray for their repentance that they may be saved from a judgment which they will surely face and that we, having become forgetful of the grace of God in Christ Jesus which reached us who believe become too confident in our own self- righteousness which is also no more than “filthy rags”.
        So I say to you Paul, and to all who come here to read and post, the GRACE and PEACE of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Paul!

        • Paul ...

          Mark … is it self-righteousness to believe in the Ten(10) Commandments … Moses went through a lot of trouble to bring “God’s spoken words” to Mankind … God specifically said to us: “Don’t put false gods before me!! … “Thou shall not murder” … “Thou shall not steal” … etc. , etc. … that’s not me being self-righteous that’s me being sober! … I know being good “is tough” … but lets not “interpret” the Bible and Christ’s words to make things “so easy” that the 10 Commandments become meaningless!!

        • James Hastings

          I must disagree with you Mark…..God is not stupid. We could say the same for Hitler or Stalin or Mao..or a serial killer in Chicago. There is no secret phrase for death bed converts. Once saved always saved is incorrect also.

          “Now the works of the flesh are plain: …….those who do such things SHALL NOT inherit the kingdom of God.” Gal 5 :19

          “Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he also reaps.” Gal 6: 7

          Hillery won’t have a great conversion, neither will she be resurrected at the return of Christ….Rev 20:5……Zech 14: 3

      • Tracy Welborn

        Your comments are a shame. I’m tired of reading your self-righteous crap. Don’t bother with a response. I’m not coming back.

        • Paul ...

          Before you leave Tracy … you know what I wrote was “a hypothetical story” right? … the “point” I was trying to make was that if Hillary can be forgiven of her outrageous sins then so can I be forgiven for switching signs … “the mystery is” … if everyone is forgiven … Why Do We Need The Ten Commandments???

          • Mark

            Hi Paul,
            Russ is correct in that I did not fully understand your point or method of illustration before responding, but I am thankful you clarified the issue in your response to Tracey by asking “Why do we need the 10 commandments?” because in that regard I do believe my comment has relevance, though lengthy and detailed. Please remember Paul that with the giving of the Law through Moses, there was also given the Priesthood and sacrificial system which was a temporary arrangement for the children of Israel until “the seed should come to Whom the promise was made”. (Galatians 3:19), which promise ” that in you shall all the nations of the earth be blessed” was made to Abraham 430 years earlier. (Gal.3:8, 15-19). The purpose of the law was to shut up all under sin so that mercy may be shown to all (Rom. 11:32), because out of works of law shall no flesh be justified because through the law is the clear knowledge of sin. (Rom.3:20). Now in my original post I mis-spoke by saying that “we should not be mistaken that the grace of God in Christ Jesus is ABLE (and here I should have written UNABLE) to reach someone even when they have fallen to such a degree as seen in Hillary’s present state.” I am simply stating that as the scripture says ” through one man sin entered into the world and death by sin, so death passed to all men because all have sinned” and therefore, when it comes to that eternal state of glory reserved for The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Beloved in Whom the Father has found His delight, none of us can prove ourselves worthy of deserving a share by any “works of righteousness which we have done”, but through His once for all sacrifice we all are given opportunity to participate in it by faith as the many brothers of the Firstborn Son of God because of what God has done in Christ Jesus to secure for us a place in that selfsame glory about to be revealed. Consider the apostle Paul’s own testimony as seen in Romans 7. While the commandment says clearly “thou shall not covet”, he said that sin, “seizing the opportunity through the commandment, deceived me and through it killed me”. Through the experience of trying to establish his own righteousness by works of law he recognized a “different law ” working in his members which made him a “captive to the law of sin which is in his members” and therefore became aware of the weakness and “wretchedness” of his own condition and utter inability to carry out the requirements of the Law which set him up to look away unto Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of faith in expectation of a salvation “beyond what one could ask or think” which he expounds upon starting in chapter 8 of Romans, that most wonderful and central chapter of the Scriptures. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Paul and with all who come here to read and post.

            • Paul ...

              Mark … you speak lots of words … trying to distill it down I’ll quote this line where you said: “[None of us can prove ourselves worthy of deserving a share by any “works of righteousness which we have done”]” … so what you are telling me is: There Is No Need For The Ten(10) Commandments … I don’t accept that God’s words can be discarded as useless trash in the “new interpretation” of the Bible that says “every sinner can be saved” just by saying “I believe in Jesus” … this is the reason we have such evil people in the world … they think they get “a free pass to Heaven” no matter what evil they have done!

              • Charles H


                You center, center, center on the Ten Commandments: and when anyone points away from the – you jump on them, and bring the same words to their mouth of being discarded or ignored. You aren’t being quite fair here.
                The Old Testament is a basis and launching-point for the New Testament. The “Law” indeed is still a basis (incomplete) toward faith; and is superseded by the operant principle of Grace (that completes). What you seemingly do not capture, as well as many others – is that Grace demands not only the obedience to the Law: but ‘going the second mile’ of obedience to Conscience – which encompasses ‘loving your enemies’, and ‘doing good to those who despite you’. In this sense – Grace is superior, and WHY so many here promote it above the Law alone.
                In comments, many leave the Law behind and center upon Grace – because inability to 100% obey and complete the Law is the reason it drives Believer to Grace. And it seems you cannot accept that God can be gracious to extremely evil people. Forgive me if it offends you to suggest that – as a human: we cannot begin to guess, or gage, or impose our own limits on the Grace of God. And I fear you you do not give God credit enough in patience, long-suffering, and mercy – and so under-estimate or misunderstand Grace itself. Be kind on these pages. You and I both agree that Easy Believeism and a ‘canned prayer’ isn’t where real faith resides. We are ALL still on a Learning Curve, by the way. Be sober; be temperate; and perhaps even – brief.

                • Paul ...

                  Charles … So lets forgive Hezbollah for killing Israeli women and children … and lets forgive Israeli neocons who kill Palestinian women and children … and keep turning the other cheek year after year continually forgiving unconscionable evil … until when? … God is going to keep saving evil men and saving evil men until all the women and children are dead? … that sounds like a false god to me (namely Lucifer)!

                  • Charles H


                    Again – no, that’s not what I am saying. The piece in Ecclesiastes 3; 1-8 – a time for every purpose, under Heaven. We must work and make our way honorably through the world, following after peace. In self defense, if necessary: to kill would be the highest moral dilemma, where and when – you must answer only for yourself. To guard or save those you love and are bound to: I believe I would rise to occasion to kill for them, and it would not be wrong.
                    I cannot solve the problems of the world; only adequately act in my own spheres. God allowed evil into the world – so that man has to act in-between the polar opposites, on moral basis’. You are really being ‘glass half-empty’ and fixed on evil. I thought Faith had the purpose of fixing someone on the Good. All I can say is – if you keep blasting people: nobody is going to read you.

            • Native Respect

              what are you even saying mark? get to the point… you sound like a main stream modern Pharisaical Churchianity talking point wearing gentile glasses.

              • Charles H

                A ‘harmony of Scripture’ – like a word-picture: doesn’t always need a ‘point’ – it’s own expression is it’s statement. And even it is rambling: there’s no need in being unkind.

              • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

                Please ignore Native – he is only trying to start an internet fight. He used to comment on Yahoo boards all the time saying the same thing.

          • Bill

            Brother Paul salvation is in Jesus Christ, blessing and curses are associated with the commandments of God and Jesus said if you love me you will follow my commandments

        • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

          Don’t go, Tracy. Just skip past Paul’s well-meant but theologically inaccurate comments.

      • Allen o

        I am back in town catching up, only to find out trump is stepping all over his tongue , and Hillery is LYING ABOUT WELL ER, LYING. BAAHHHH
        Gerald Celente has it right, “presidential reality show gone wild”

    • eddiemd

      Go away. You comment too much.

      • Paul ...

        eddiemd … I think I don’t promote God’s word “often enough” … especially in this day and age when the Ten(10 Commandments are being trashed daily by “religious leaders” who interpret the Bible to make getting into Heaven “so damn easy” … look around you … is it any wonder we spawn people like Hillary (and all the other neocons) doing evil in the world?

        • aussie jeff

          Paul…..i have followed your posts ever since i joined doggers,i dont always agree with you,however i fully accept your rights to share your opinions,even though at times i think you maybe puffing on a bit of hooch.
          Anyways for what its worth…i do think your one of the good guys…peace to you.

      • Faith

        Eddiemd: I agree. Commenting and then replying to yourself is very annoying. What bothers me the most is that the poster cannot write a complete sentence and, somehow, is under the delusion that posting random thoughts and connecting them with … translates into a coherent thought. It does not which is why I skip that posters comments because they insult me, as a reader.

        • Paul ...

          Faith … You are probably an English teacher so I won’t put any dot dot dot in this reply. I suggest you look up how the ancients wrote. You will be very surprised!

          • Faith

            You are a pompous arrogant fool that has, obvioulsy, not read my posts for the past year.

            I pity you. Pride goeth before the fall.

    • Russ McMeans

      Dear Paul; love your story/analogy about Hillary! i.e., the evil one. Reminds me of how Michael Savage paints a story. I don’t know if Mark got your point… Looked like attorney writing stuff. Keep it simple, we don’t have time- it’s not on our side, but God has time. Plenty of it too!

      • Russ McMeans

        Mark is correct, but Hillary has had a life long dream of being President. Her approach to that goal – I’m sorry to say, is about the same as Satan’s goal to take God’s place as Lord And Commander over the little people. Because she knows best what’s good for us……

        • James Hastings

          I don’t think God views us as “little people”. Hillery obviously isn’t in the same class as God…in real reality….and he has given us a chance to be “sons”…..not peons for the rich. 🙂

  2. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Many Israelis are afraid Jewish-Americans are so left (pinkos, they say) they will vote for Hillary…whom they distrust deeply. It’s hard for them to get anyone to listen to them here, they say. The one’s I read like Trump because he has Jewish family members and close friends whom he cares for personally. Perhaps some of them remember that Truman backed the State of Israel at the request of his close buddy, Eddie Jacobson. This is an interesting subject…any takers? I bet Mr. Williams has ideas!!

    • Paul ...

      Israelis better be worried about Jewish-Americans bringing Armageddon down upon their own countrymen by voting for Hillary … if Hillary gets in … war with Russia is almost a certainty … that is why Russia is pulling out all the stops … trying to help Trump by releasing Hillary’s incriminating e-mails … we must bring to heel the Lucifer worshiping neocons that have no compassion or empathy … Trump is our best hope since Andrew Jackson of removing the Satanist snakes “fangs” out of our monetary system and bring back real money!

      • Paul ...

        Many Jewish-American fear Trump because his father was of German ancestry … however mothers have an overriding influence on their children … and Trump’s mother was of Scottish ancestry … he is more a MacLeod from a long line of “fishermen” … now isn’t that interesting … that God would influence “a fisherman” to run for President to take out the evil neocons ! …

        • Paul ...

          Hillary Clinton’s mother Dorothy Rodham would often say, “Oh, those damn Jews are so cheap” and “That Jew has to watch every dime.” Although Dorothy Rodham’s father was Jewish her own mother often called her husband a “cheap Jew bastard.” Wow – nice family!
          Hillary’s cousin Oscar Dowdy says, “Hillary is Dorothy’s daughter. It’s unfortunate. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. To me, Hillary and Dorothy have a lot of likenesses.” Witness her treatment of Israel as Secretary of State and her often reported “hot temper” … her ancestry is Welsh, English, Scottish, French and distant Dutch!

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          With all the Israelis there who have German as well as Jewish ancestors, I don’t understand the prejudice. German Jews thought of themselves as Germans just as American ones think of themselves as Americans. I had a good friend who was so horrified as a child seeing the Catholic priests bless the weapons in WWI, she listed her religion as NONE on her school form. She was Jewish and Austrian Catholic! The gestapo had no record on her. How many people had stories like that? Very odd, to suspect Donald Trump of cruelty and hatred of Jews because one parent had German ancestors….

      • Deanna Clark

        Basically, that’s what many smart Israelis believe, too. So many of them are Russian Jews and the Orthodox church has always been more neighborly with them. The big exception was when Czar Nicholas, under western influence, expelled so many in 1906. My Georgian friends told me they never heard anti-Semitism until they moved to the US….and of course, that’s very little compared to some.

  3. Tad

    Of interest to many stackers, that should Hillary win the election, the precious metals will accelerate upwards, the day after. The dollar selloff may start simultaneously.

    No mystery here: she’ll push for more federal spending, especially the military side.

    • Paul ...

      Tad … hope your not voting for Hillary just to make your gold “go up” … what good would that do if you are simultaneously “blown up”!

      • Thomas

        You actually want Mrs Clinton?

  4. JC Davis

    Greg would that 33% GDP be caused by hidden inflation ? I stopped the interview to ask this so maybe it gets answered.

    • JC Davis

      It did not get answered. There is a world of economics operating the world of economics we think is real. This is the only explanation as to why we have not already seen a crash. Nothing is working normal yet everything is functioning ????

  5. Dr Darryl Jewett

    John Williams is my statistician hero – thanks, Greg.

    • Russ McMeans

      The gyst of Mr. Williams amazing hard work crunching numbers….. Buy /repair all your important stuff while it’s cheap. Now is the time.

  6. Royce

    The so-called fed says it collected $2.7 T in taxes so far this year, yet all the employed people in the USA wages totaled $2.8T. Since multinational corporations pay next to nothing in taxation, and the bottom 50% of Americans get more back from the Fed than they pay in… how did the fed collect almost all the money earned in taxation? Can someone finally expose the Federal system as a total lie? Please

    • Pappy

      You’ve got a point there. Federal/State and Local government spending in total has exceeded the total amount of money earned by citizens and corporations for decades.

    • JC Davis

      Royce. Things are not right! yet they keep on going. Man I don’t know how.

      • JC Davis

        Royce keep in mind we just gave terrorist 2 billion dollars in Iran. We cant fund the protection of our own grid????

    • Paul ...

      Royce … the lie is called “fractional reserve accounting” … whatever the Fed takes in in taxes is immediately multiplied by 10 … so if the Fed says they took in $2.7 Trillion it was in actuality $0.27 Trillion in “actual dollars” … the rest was simply printed up out of thin air!

    • Russ McMeans

      On Big Gov’s record tax receipts ; … They’re stealing it. You might call it extortion.

  7. darren

    Greg…Great interview as always… Would love to see a compilation of all your guests views on the subject of Gold & Silver…That would be interesting..Thanks again..:)

  8. JC Davis

    Interesting. 10 year ago . Aug 18/2006
    Silver, cents/oz. 1201
    Gold, dollars/oz. 612.10
    Yet we are told we have recovered back to 2007 levels.
    Just look at the price of a vehicle compared to 2006.

  9. Danielbartekjr

    Thank you for your honest reporting,and
    Other reporters !! Once again The pea-
    Agents will”. Pay the price” for wall
    Steer bankers,and the political games
    Of the lAst 15years!!! Commisthillary
    And me sanders. You -checkout info America free press-deluge
    Report as-possible info sources ????

  10. Bobby

    I love john Williams but he has been calling for hyperinflation for almost a decade now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wrong Bobby,
      Williams’ first prediction of Hyperinflation was 2014. This is going to be so big of an event it will not matter if he was a few years early. When this hits everyone will be asking “Why weren’t we warned?”

      • Bobby

        actually Greg, the 2014 report was a slight revision of issue 41, April 8, 2008 where he said hyperinflation could come as early as 2010.

      • allen ols

        Definitely worth thinking about!

        Think about it.

        In Chaos Theory, the “butterfly effect” is the name given to the sensitive connection between initial conditions in which an insignificant event in one state in non-linear systems, can result in sometimes catastrophic events in the universal state.

        In other words, although unlikely, it is possible for a butterfly flapping its wings in Texas to cause a typhoon in the Japanese Sea.

        Case in point: in mid-20th Century America, an extremely loose 18-year-old hippie female in a Honolulu college had sex with an older, alcoholic Kenyan man on a student visa, who had a wife and child back in Africa. And this less than significant event started the collapse and dissolution of the United States of America.

        • Charles H

          That was sharp.

      • Jerry Lobdill

        I recommend that you interview economist Michael Hudson regarding this interview of John Williams. You will get a whole different take on the GDP…one that explains why the part of the economy that doesn’t relate to industrial production grew by 33.3% while the reported GDP grew by 10.6%

    • JC Davis

      Bobby try to buy a new car. Maybe not, so buy a new motor cycle. Well just buy a suite of cloths. You will say I can remember when.

      • mark

        Hi 8 ball,
        No one could have imagined to what extent of criminality the powers that be would go to in order to keep the system going. John doesn’t strike me as someone who takes into account the utter criminality of those in charge of policy to maintain the appearance of “normalcy”.

        • 8Ball

          He spent some time apologizing for people working in the government statistical agencies… “I know these people, I’ve been doing this for 30 years…” Are they chained to their desks? Do they no longer have free will or the choice to do right or wrong? Or is it that they just want to keep their government jobs and choose to toe the line?

          Apparently there has been a purge in the DNC ranks after the leaked emails. Put the fear of Hillary in them… that will keep them in line.

    • David Morris

      You cannot have hyperinflation of the dollar while it’s the words reserve currency!!!

    • JMiller

      Thanks Bobby and 8Ball for pointing out just how long Mr. Williams has been predicting hyperinflation which one day will come. Just when and how bad know one knows.

    • Russ McMeans

      The boy who cried “wolf!” was wrong time and again…. You see he was with the flock of sheep in the meadow, surrounded by the forest at it’s edges. The boy could hear them rustling around in the dark forest, but couldn’t see them. He was alarmed and cried “wolves!” over & over. But everyone ignored him. They couldn’t hear any wolf activity in the forest because they were watching their big HD TV’s inside their houses. THEN THE WOLVES CAME OUT OF THE FOREST INTO THE MEADOW. …..

  11. andyb

    Since the elites are all in for Hillary, I expect no dramatic economic happenings until after the election, so we all still have a few more months until the SHTF. The DOW will be + or – 18,000 (thanks to PPT purchases), the numbers will still be manipulated. As for the domino effect if any of the European banks implode, the PPT will come to the rescue. Can’t have any bad economic news help Trump or derail Hillary. Amazing, isn’t it that the sheeple do not understand how all the elite criminal psychopaths are salivating for a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

    • Michael


      Totally agree. Trump is right, the elections are rigged for Hillary. the 3 largest swing states all have electronic voting with no paper trail: Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and I expect they will all go to Hillary regardless how the people actually vote. Fireworks will start soon after the election.

      • allen ols

        Michael, Deanna;
        Ha, Do u remember H A N G I N G C H A D S in fla. during the bush/gore election?
        The game has always been rigged, it will be rigged again, look how clitons e mails/bengazi/etc. has been rigged by the fbi/media/attorney gen/ b. cliton jumping off his plane to run onto lynches plane to discuss golfing/grandchildren. baahaaaaaaaaa
        Be sure to boat this election folks.

        • Freebreezer

          Allen – I am not sure how boating will help, but I always enjoy being on the water!

          • allen ols

            boating instead of voting, should we call it cynicism?

            • Freebreezer

              … or just a little fun … it never hurts to smile.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          I think we’re all missing that Hillary’s health and emotional state are more precarious every day…and impossible to hide from the public. This may be the real game changer.

          • Charles H

            I fear mental illness has never stopped a despot.

    • Deanna Clark

      I’m hoping the ludicrously biased TV and radio will cause many to reconsider. I mean, really, it’s a joke now.

  12. Joanna

    Hey Greg,
    If John Williams tells you to be prepared, you better be prepared! Wow! Great interview (as always)!!!!
    I’d really love to see you ask John or Greg M (or any of your guest) the BIG question, which is “can America be saved?”
    I know it’s bad, real bad BUT, can someone like a Trump and key people (maybe even John Williams) brought into his administration, save this country?
    I believe the Fed (and the powers that be) are holding this together with bubble gum and duck tape, waiting for the “new” President to arrive in order to dump it on them (specifically Trump). The same thing they did to Obama!
    My question is, if Trump wins the election, does anyone think he can save the country?
    I think all of us are holding on to a little bit of hope that someone will ride in and save the day. Sure would like to here from of your guest on this but also the commentors because as we all know, USAWD has some of the smartest people commenting.

    • Arthur Barnes

      In a word, NO. America is too far gone to be great again, too much corruption, too much in debt, too many entitlements, too many slackers, too many American haters, too many, too many, just too many problems; period.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Arthur, but I disagree 10,000%. “Never, never, never give up!”

        • Native Respect

          its great you comment reply to even the smallest of us that read your articles but i disagree with you and agree with the above… too bad for too long makes for a bad outcome and nothing good can come from it. at best the tree gets watered and many years down things may start to repair… keep in mind 7 million died during the great depression when 90% were self sufficient, now its less than 10%. we have not seen numbers this bad since the great depression and the reason we dont see it is because our EBT cards are our bread lines. just because we say it doesnt exist doesnt make it less real. be positive, but be real. facts are not being pessimistic.

          • Greg Hunter

            I have one simple rule in life. It is “Never, never, never give up”!!!

      • allen ols

        I have to agree with art barnes, no offense, the bible says good will be called evil and evil good. We have passed the threshold, bring on the anti Christ, false prophet, beast.

  13. Larry Galearis

    I have mentioned that CIA analysts are not allowed to do their objective jobs and now John Williams is (at least) hypothesizing that the same process of political influence from above is taking place in this department as well. It is all a crock! Old school types like John are loathe to come out and say it, but that is basically what he is saying that the MSM is the same as the CIA, which is the same as the DOD, as the etc., well, you get the idea. So Washington is painting a Bugs Bunny cartoon picture for those that can still be exploited and are naïve enough or patriotic enough to believe it, and the realities are all the other way. Why isn’t everyone freaking out against the Matrix as Paul Craig Roberts describes it? The answer is that there is a reliable core population of ignorance and denial in the US population that is sizeable and dependable for believing in the government. Comparatively speaking, Americans may be rather unique in this regards in the world and therefore “exceptional”. And they may be a recognized factor (as much as the system attempts to marginalize them) as worth protecting for their subjective realities against the reality of a break down in both political institutions and social order. So the MSM (Aka the Ministry of Propaganda) continues to coordinate an infrastructure of lies for them. So I ask the question again: how can an American call himself a patriot and support such a system? How long can “my country, right or wrong, be the rationalization for a people? And the answer is both one of denial of scale and a recognition from the government elites that they can keep the deception going for as long as this attitude persists as a myth of reality.
    And Americans may wake up dead one morning because of it.


    • Russ McMeans

      Excellent writing Larry. The MSM really is the problem. Also this ‘PC ‘ crap. Very destructive to our society.

      • Charles H


  14. Dindo

    We are reallly in for it. I wonder what they will call the new money? If it takes +15% democrat polling to get Hitlery a lead, we are looking at a Reagen/Mondale. Or a revolution. I think I am gonna be ill.

  15. Tad

    Egon Von Greyherz’ take. Timing is very similar.

    • Brad

      ” It took the US over 200 years to go from zero debt to $8 trillion but Bernanke managed a similar increase in just 8 years.” — von Greyerz

      ==The exponential function==

      In other words, Bernanke doubled the debt in 8 years.
      That is an approx. 9% increase every year. That’s all doubling in 8 years represents.

      Von Greyerz sounds like he is sensationalizing this increase a little.

  16. Pappy

    If inflation were true to the numbers reported by the Fed during the past 30 years we would all be rich, we would have so much excess income we could all retire at 25, just like half the welfare moochers that will never work a job ever again have done.

  17. James Hastings

    I do enjoy John Williams. An honest man. A light in the darkening world. I agree with him on Gold and Silver too, I buy… keep. Todays scripture was inspired by his comment….about….integrity… Sodom and Gomorra first, the world threw water….and soon, once and for all….the destruction of this system, after 6000 years, and the beginning of the new….

    Why are we collapsing..?

    “Wilt thou indeed destroy the righteous with the wicked?…Suppose there are 50 righteous within the city…? Oh, let not the Lord be angry, ……suppose ten are found there..? ”

    Ten were not found, Sodom and it’s sister city, were destroyed. Gen 18 & 19

    “The city that went forth a thousand shall have a hundred left, and that which went forth a hundred shall have ten left to the house of Israel….” Amos 5

    Very exciting times are coming. 🙂

  18. Mike R

    I like John Williams. He seems like a genuine guy. But like him, I and others have been expecting this dollar decline for what seems like forever. The reason the dollar remains strong, is that quite simply, there is no other currency that is supported by a government that for all our faults, is no stronger than the US. The one guy who has gotten the dollar direction call right, is Charles Hugh Smith. In fact, he’s gotten the call right generally on the stock market. If the FED resumes raising rates, that will actually serve as a prop to make the dollar even stronger relative to the basket of currencies it is competing against. A stronger dollar, would continue then to attract more money from foreigners, and more money into stocks. We also have government debt that still currently has a yield, and if the Fed starts raising rates, those yields aren’t likely to go negative. Being that we remain the world’s reserve currency, and an economy who’s imports exceed exports, we can get away for much longer periods of time, the extension of credit to many other businesses outside of the US. Oil keeps trading in dollars, no matter what any other country threatens, principally because once again, countries accepting US dollars for their oil, know they can buy a ton of other stuff in US dollars. It will take decades to unseat the US dollar from its reserve status, especially given there is no other economy that is able to import and consume as many goods and services as we continue to do. . . .

    • Brad

      A few years ago Stewart Thompson told his subscribers the DOW would eventually get to 40,000 (around 2020 if I recall correctly). Now others are starting to say that. (Armstrong I think). ST said it would be a Fed-driven BS rally, but it would happen anyway.

      Thompson seems to really know what he’s talking about and his predictions actually came true. I tracked some of them.

      After watching James Turk for a while I got the feeling that then a G&S price drop was coming he’d get on KWN and make sure his Goldmoney customers didn’t offload, if you know what I mean. Well that’s the feeling I got following his moves.

    • Chip

      the fed cannot raise rates. reason being every 1% raise in the rates will translate to a 200 billion dollar annual raise in interest payments due on US debt. that is game, set, match. they painted themselves into a corner. only a massive QE can get them out of it and then here comes the massive inflation that John is talking about… Chip

  19. Jerry

    I would highly recommend that you and your readers read this recent executive order, and then decide for yourself how much trouble we are really in.

    Civilian casualties? Pre-and-post strike measures?

    • eddiemd

      Both foreign and domestic civilian casualties.

      The weapons systems and command/control have been fully tested in Iraq/Afghanistan for use against US citizens in both urban and rural areas.

      Pre-strike measures…cut off the power, blockade food shipments, shut off the water, drone surveillance, jamming communications, RDF…

      • Jerry

        I think you nailed it. Not even a whiff from our MSM about this executive order. It seems our alleged government is more concerned about “domestic terrorist” than ISIS. What does that tell you about their agenda?

    • Paul ...

      There he goes again … our (s)elected Nobel Peace Prize Winner is violating the US Constitution once again by using the US Military against US citizens … this is clearly forbidden by the US Constitution which states that the State National Guard and our Sheriffs have total control at the local level!!

      • TPTB

        Jerry, eddiemd, and Paul, my question for each of you is: Do you think that society would be better off if TBTP stood back and let the game end, and let individual citizens and/or groups dictate the course; or would it be better for society in general for the TPTB to try and forestall the end, even if it were for just one…more…day?

        • Paul ...

          To the powers that be (TPTB) … you steal all the air (jobs) out of the economy’s tires … you disconnected the brake system (banks are unbound) … and now the economy is like a bus speeding down a winding mountain road with cavernous cliffs and only a wire cable between us and death … and you want us people in the bus to trust “you” to forestall the end? … perhaps the individual citizens on the bus can come up with a better idea like tying a rope around you and tossing you out the back of the bus (using you as an anchor to slow the bus) while pulling on the emergency brake to try and prevent a total catastrophe!

        • Jerry

          If you’re ready to die, and you’re right with the lord, it really doesn’t matter, does it? Even vultures will become someone else’s meal in time.Elites are no different.

    • Jerry

      Looking for work? The Army is hiring Internment and Resettlement Specialist.

      • Paul ...

        Jerry … Hope all those coal miners (Hillary and Obama are putting out of their jobs) see this add … we need good honest hard working people in control at those FEMA Camps!

    • Chip

      Jerry, having read the entire order, seems to me this is an exercise in the US Gov documenting the success, or lack thereof, of any strikes outside of declared war zones and the affect it had on any local civilian populations. I personally despise obummer but I don’t see this being directed at US citizens… JMHO… Chip

  20. Kevin

    Decent interview Greg. Your professionalism letting this knowledgeable gentleman get his point across gives an all-round thoughtful listen. Thanks again Greg. Kev the Canuck.

  21. Spurr

    I dont know what John is talking about when he says ” when the Fed start quantitive easing”…! I’ ve read on multiple fronts… the Fed has never stopped printing full blast money since they said they were going to ease! The figure that is going around is 250 billion every month, in the last 6 months $1.4 Trillion. The US government is broke… they have no choice… they need money for payment… they print, it’s as simple as that! Lately Benanke went to Japan and brougjt with him a whole lot of quantitive easing… $290 billion to sustain global banking!

  22. Spurr

    Forget about a collapse under Obama… there will not be any and when Trump is in power he will negotiate a full debt free reset… no collapse!!! But there will be a price for to pay for the reset… lost of US hegemony!

  23. Scott P- in Arkansas

    Greg- just want to say thanks for your dedication and hard work. Your guests (and you) are great to listen to and have enlightened me over the last year or so. Keep up the good work and also appreciate your unashamed Christian walk. We know who wins in the end and that’s the most important thing. Godspeed.

    • Diane D.

      Scott, that’s a good point regarding Greg’s “unabashed Christian walk”. What a breath of fresh air.

  24. The Mohawk

    Thank you Mr. Williams for your wonderful reporting. I would humbly request you attach a PDF file of the Class Action Lawsuit your organization has filed (a fair assumption you have indeed filed one) against the Federal Reserve System, The BLS, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, the member banks whom have ownership of this private banking system and associated reporting agencies for fraudulent reporting of legally binding statistics of unemployment and inflation since 2001. Also your request for arrest of certain individuals if this information has indeed been illegally and fraudulently changed and/or reported. That sir, is a felony and their reporting is legally binding. Your organization has reported a 160% increase in inflation since 2001 and the BLS has maintained 4.9% unemployment for this fiscal quarter. Inflation has been reported at less than 2% for the last several years (sans food and energy but in October energy was included all of a sudden–oh, gasoline prices dropped precipitously—maybe thats it—rent? housing? never mind–we’ll get to that).

    Thank you for your wonderful work. Keep up the good work.
    People of little means, men of conscience, ethics and morality and those on a fixed income (not mutually exclusive to be sure) are anxious to read the details of your lawsuit, the outcome of required Discovery aspect of your actions and their response and detailed inclusion of information unveiled upon the Discovery process including net assets held, purchased, sold, all real estate transactions foreign or domestic, alias names used and alias companies utilized, salaries paid and taxes either paid or shielded by charitable Foundations or foreign subsidiaries and any government contact or communication transmitted to and from including names, addresses and positions. Thank you sir.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

  25. Boo Who

    5 minutes and your hooked, Just what did Trump say that’s so bad?
    The problems are republicans, the kid has nailed it. Praise the Lord and pass Hill more ammo! Their [the mainstream media] are shooting her in the foot. Now she cant even climb the stairs?

    What say you Gina Macaronic?

    • eddiemd

      Trump should call for the release of Clintons medical records or at least attack her history of the “blood clot on her brain” from her delay in testifying at the Benghazi hearings.

      Apparently she had a clot in her leg in 1998. Based on having a second clot I would say that she is now on anticoagulation permanently.

      Typically a first time clot in the leg would require a work-up for an occult neoplasm.

      She obviously has medical problems. Sometimes her appearance suggests she is on prednisone or any steroid.

      I am wondering if she is hiding a colostomy bag underneath her clothing.

      • eddiemd

        Interesting to note that Zerohedge has published an article today on Clinton’s health. They note that there is a “doctor” that follows her and is supposedly carrying a “diazepam” injection pen. Perhaps she needs the diazepam in case of a seizure. The intramuscular (IM) route is not the preferred route for seizures but it can be done. IM would be preferred for anxiety in a pinch. I would guess she may be on other anti-seizure, central nervous system altering meds. Don’t give her a firearm.

        Which brings up the question of her medications. What medications is she currently taking? I don’t believe we will ever know. They will cover this up.

        Her VP candidate may get his chance to be president if she fails to complete her term. Maybe that is the real plan.

        • Paul ...

          Like your analysis Ed MD… “don’t give her a firearm” … lets instead put 1800 thermonuclear hydrogen bomb missile warheads in her hands … with her “hot temper” … it’s Armageddon here we come!!

      • allen ols

        yes, a colostomy bag with tube running up to her brain to drain off the puss which is interfering with her ability to remember if she lied or tried not to lie, or forgot to lie, when she felt she didn’t lie, and then short circuited and remember, oh, need I lie. I’m just glad I don’t lie as much as she does, and that I am not a risk to others. 🙂 be warmed and filled.

        • Charles H

          Try being a little LESS GRAPHIC, will ya, al? People around here gotta EAT ya know! That, or put a warning on it!!

          • allen ols

            C H
            …thick yellow fluid? ok

  26. Just'n Observer

    As always – Thank you Greg and John Williams…!
    Like minded – Andy Hoffman… he expects it to be soon as well !

  27. Manfred

    The Fed and central banks are buying up the world debt and the stock market using counterfeit fiat. In the end they will own everything, all paid from money they created out of thin air. War, why have a war when you can simply buy everything using counterfeit fiat. I can image a day when China owns everything west of the Mississippi and the Rothschild Banksters everything east, all without a single shot being fired. I’ll laugh the day Wall Street [worldwide mega corporations] discovers that the central banksters aren’t playing on the same team with them, the banksters represent themselves and will defeat the multi-national globalists and leave them penniless.

    • Charles H

      The Bankers WILL own everything for nothing, or next to it. They own or control the militaries too. Most people are oblivious to the content of your first two sentences. War is a tool; but for what?

  28. Andrew

    John Williams, along with many other experts, predicted hyper-inflation too early because they couldn’t imagine the extent of the manipulation and outright lies affecting the official statistics. For hyper-inflation to take hold the population has to become aware of the deteriorating value of the currency they hold and be motivated to convert it into something tangible. Now that the control of the western central banks is in so few hands (Goldman ex employees / Roschilds / Rockafellas / et al) they have ensured that fiat currency printing has been coordinated worldwide. As a result, all fiat currencies have been losing value against unprintable gold money BUT the consumer has not been hit with higher prices of imported goods because all fiat currencies have been printed in unison. A rising gold price could have informed the world population about the destruction of their fiat currency savings so it has been vigorously suppressed.

    John Williams quote of the year: “Wait until the crisis is over. If you sell your gold at $100,000 per once and it goes to $100,000,000 per once, then you will still have lost everything.” This truly explains what happens during hyper-inflation. It’s going to happen to all fiat currencies but no one can predict the timing.

  29. Pinocchio

    I am afraid that as soon as hyperinflation starts, every man on the street would suddenly proclaim himself as the Conan The Barbarian and many buildings would look like Alfred P Murrah federal building in Oklahoma.

    Secede !!!!

  30. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg!

    The mainstream media are defiantly playing a different tune.

    People a reeled in for everything that have and then whack!

  31. Fred

    If the central banks come out with a digital currency, it seems that changes Williams’ predictions. They can generate all the “money” they want if it goes digital. It is also how they will control everyone since if they don’t like you, they can just turn it off and you won’t be able to buy food, travel, etc. Perhaps destroying paper currency is just part of the plan.

  32. Linda

    All your readers must read this book. Pretty much tells us about the future as recounted here. Tips! stock up on toilet tissue, and don’t hide your gold under the garden

  33. Nick-Dog

    What a fabulous interview with the ultra-sober and ultra-insightful and intelligent John Williams. Thanks for some awesome work, Greg! As mentioned elsewhere, when John Williams says its time to prepare, one knows there can be no debating the matter. It’s hard to think of anyone more ultra-informed of the numbers on our economy than John Williams. Anyone who might be, as you mentioned, is likely already in consultation with his research.

    With that said, what drove me to comment are some thoughts or questions with respect to post-collapse. After most of the dust settles, will we even have a country (aka stable government that’s clearly in charge) and a US dollar to price metals and everything else in? Will the banks that hold our mortgages and the governments that protect them even survive? In other words, would it even be worth paying them should silver and gold skyrocket in dollars to say, Bix Weir’s numbers (I believe that’s possible)? What has been described by most of your guests is a biblical event that reshapes everything, not simply an Argentine-style collapse, but all that and more.

    Does one pay off a mortgage to an insolvent bank that is going to take our money and run as it collapses, or does one hold the metals as a means of purchasing power in the new feudal society that arises, if that’s where we are headed? Maybe the answer is having more than one or two ounces of silver with which to operate (again, using Bix Weir’s numbers). After the collapse, what becomes money and how we spend it is going to be more of a moving target that it already is.

    As I ponder how everything could play out, for me it boils down to whether or not we will have a right to private property that is (ostensibly, as it currently is) protected by the current state/federal governments. If that paradigm comes crashing down, which it could, and it’s every man for himself long-term, not just short-term civil unrest scenario, it’s a whole new ball game that is going to alter our ideas of what are valuable.

    I pray it’s not this latter scenario. If we escape with only Great Depression 2.0 to the 10th power, that would be preferable. But whatever it is, I believe, as Mannarino points out, that we can “be on the right side of the trade,” whether it be monetarily, spiritually, or physically. Visiting this site regularly has provided the best intel on what’s coming and what we honestly face, hands down. I just pray we all make it through to other side of this.

    God Bless everyone.

    • andyb

      The likelihood of bank closures during the next year is high. That’s why you need cash and a well stocked pantry. If this lasts for more than a few weeks, then the agenda to control us through food distribution will become apparent. Plan ahead, or give up whatever freedom you have left.

    • Chip

      I see us going Venezuela in a long slow burn. That could change if there is some black swan event but look to current Venezuela as a picture of our future… Chip

  34. Charles

    Upon listening to this interview ,its almost word for word what was printed On Dec 14, 2009 John Williams was quoted as saying this on ZERO HEDGE !…..The U.S. government and Federal Reserve already have committed the system to this course through the easy politics of a bottomless pocketbook, the servicing of big-moneyed special interests, gross mismanagement, and a deliberate and ongoing effort to debase the U.S. currency. Accordingly, risks are particularly high of the hyperinflation crisis breaking within the next year.

  35. Charles

    John Williams’s Shadow Stats has the US in a depression since 2009 ( Definition being negative GDP between 2 quarters and 3 years a recession , 3yrs and 6yrs a Depression, and a Great Depression lasting over 6yrs ) So why is he saying we have been in a new recession since 1st Qtr 2015 ?

    • Paul ...

      Charles … the Bible also makes predictions that haven’t happened yet … lets give John a break … remember “those who can see the future” always think it is right around the corner (as it is so obvious to them) … this is a special gift they have … and though their timing may be off some … their warning can be of great value … most people have no clue as to what the future may bring … they usually “ignore all warnings” (and just project the present into the future) … until “all of a sudden” they are rudely awakened!

  36. Jerry

    I’m starting to get reports from various sources, that Russia and China are planning on resetting the gold price after their September 5th meeting ahead of the upcoming G20 meeting.

    I can’t confirm this information but it does make sense. The Yuan is being given full SDR rights on October 1 by the IMF. Its in their best interest to back the Yuan with gold that has increasing market value so traders would most likely pick the Yuan to exchange with over the dollar giving their investments a larger safety net to fall back on. This one is worth watching.

    • Sven

      Yes, this is starting to look like a real possibility, Jerry. Between Brexit and the events coming up September through November, we could be about to witness epochal change in the world, and for the better. However much turbulence we experience during this potential shake up of the world order, it has to happen. To continue down the path we are currently treading is the worst of all scenarios for anybody of sound mind.

    • Macray

      THANK YOU!!!
      I’m watching : )
      After 9-5 (completely agree that it makes sense), but before 11-8?
      Please keep your awesome posts coming!!!

      • Sam Hill

        Definitely after 11/8. Probably well after. These things take time and there is still a lot of inertia in the system. Jerry’s blind spot is that he always thinks things will collapse next week or next month at the most.
        But it will happen.

        • Jerry

          So you say. What else you got besides blindness.

          • Sam Hill

            That would be a question much better answered by yourself.

      • Jerry

        Someone is beta testing the communication grid for takedown. Look at the attached link. All major metropolitan areas are painted in red.

  37. Bill

    GREG: John Williams says he prefers gold coins because they are liquid. What about a one ounce gold bar, I would have assumed both would be equally liquid., Am I misinformed??

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes you are misinformed. The bar may need to be assayed before you sell to make sure it is 100% gold. Usually gold (and silver) bullion coins do not and are much easier to trade for goods and services.

      • gregd

        I slightly disagree with you. All gold and silver – coins , bars or junk (jewelry) are suspect ,but the MOST important factor is a receipt from a reputable provider. Like Miles Franklin, Schiffgold, , jm Bullion etc. This is the one thing all the coin dealers I have dealt with told me. They want to know where you got it from.
        I have both bars and coins. The bars came with the receipt stating from what mint it came from and they were all enclosed in individual sealed plastic sheets. I hope that helps.

        • Greg Hunter

          You make a good point but in a full meltdown nothing will trump a gold or silver Eagle especially in the USA.

          • Chip

            Pre 1933 gold coins are what I recommend as they were all legal tender money… Chip

        • helot

          RE – ‘the MOST important factor is a receipt from a reputable provider.’

          Seriously? You’ve GOT to be pulling our legs. Other than returning an item to a store you bought something from, receipts mean, nothing. Nothing.

          RE – ‘This is the one thing all the coin dealers I have dealt with told me. They want to know where you got it from.’

          It seems to me you deal with some really nosy busybodies. I have never heard of such a line. Imho, ‘The Only Thing’ that matters is what happens when the electronic tester touches the metal.

          I think maybe you need new contacts.

  38. Leah from Seattle

    Hi Greg, Off topic but important to note:
    ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is
    married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

    CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of
    Ben Rhodes,Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic

    ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married
    to formerWhitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

    ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is
    married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

    ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother
    of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

    CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to
    former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
    And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.
    Think there might be a little bias in the news?
    This may also explain the cover up of Hillary’s private server and emails,
    Benghazi, Obamacare’s soaring costs, $20 trillion U.S. debt. etc.,etc.,
    Isn’t it interesting that every place you look in Obama’s administration
    people fill positions because of who they know, not what they know or how competent
    they are —— and you wonder why our country has so many problems?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Leah!!

    • James Hastings

      Didn’t know, had no clue, now I know………THRASH in the streets blows the same way. “This man is the king for this post”

  39. Arthur Barnes

    Greg and bloggers, inflation is running raged now, many things I buy have been up 40 percent since a year ago, some other things not so bad. But hyperinflation is coming like the guest said. Its on the way, its working throughout the items we buy everyday. Pay attention when you shop and you will see the increases, small priced items are the worst offenders right now, that is because you don’t argue over or really notice $1.25 now as opposed to $.80 yesterday, but that is a sizable increase nevertheless. Our money is becoming worthless little by little, all the while our labor & or income is stagnate. I suspect its just like the elite want it!

    • JC Davis

      Art we are being cleverly deceived into a state of delusion. With all the crazy things going on around us counting quarters is a waste of time for most that don’t know the value of a dollar. You and I see it because we have always counted our money. Credit debt at all time use, people just want to keep a job. There is a hidden inflation larger then the counted inflation.
      I don’t see this game of deceit lasting long.

    • James Hastings

      Thanks Arthur. Your right. Cancer is slow and insidious. If your smart….stock up on some stuff, keep some cash out of the bank, withdraw from society and become more self sufficient. Less dependent and controllable.

    • Diane D.

      We have been s-l-o-w-l-y building a house in the Pacific Northwest for the past 2 years. Much of the materials has gone up 20%.

      Like Arthur Barnes said, watch the small priced items. Yesterday I bought more cement bricks from Home Depot. They were. 60 cents each. The same bricks were 48 cents two years ago. That’s 25% higher! And don’t get me started on screws and nails. They have gone from nouns to verbs!

      • helot

        RE – “Much of the materials has gone up 20%”

        Reminds me of this:

        “Between 2010 and now, the Burrito Index has logged a 30% increase” – Charles Hugh-Smith

        In other news – According to the junk mail, JP Morgan Chase no longer provides Overdraft Protection for checking accounts, related annual percentage rates will apply until the balance is paid in full. I bet that’s ‘sum fun’, for some people, both ways.

        Also – The local grocery store mailed out some coupons, in large bold lettering it says that if you get a flu shot, you get 20 Cents off per gallon of gasoline. They advertise ‘high does and quadrivalent available’, it’s even available for Medicare recipients. Lucky them, right? Psft!

  40. Wayne

    I like John. Must be the suit and tie. #godblessoldschool

  41. pat the rat

    I agree that the money is becoming less and less valuable over time, the price of little things go up. Hyperinflation I don’t about yet?

  42. Christian Gains

    Whew! I MUST say Greg, you have a VERY DIVERSE and interesting group here…LOTS of “Good ole’ American Genius!”

    Folks, you do our Country honor!

    Paul & Mark’s comments warmed my heart…THEIR TOPIC is what’s MISSING in American Culture today….Tho, you’ve ALL touched upon various manifestations of the lacks in our culture today: The Lack of character, morale basis, ethical restraints, common decency, honesty, and kindness.

    The French writer & researcher, Tocqueville,{sp?], really summed up our predicament: “America is GREAT because Americans are good, (he was referring to the vast number of Christian Churches and God fearing folk; NOT self-righteous, “Holly Rollers”, but simply people who took the Bible seriously, and attempted to obey the Lord in their lives).

    Then he added: [my paraphrase]: “As long as Americans are good, America WILL be GREAT!”

    BUT! I MUST add that our Nation’s present predicament is GREATLY exacerbated by the loss of our “FEAR OF YAHWEY”, and “REVERENCE OF CHRIST’S SACRIFICE”…Simply put, TOO MANY have turned from LOVE, to SELF, and we are about to learn the lessons Jeremiah warned, that a Nation who turns away, MUST be taught…to bring them back once again. (Prodigal son).

    Our feeble attempts to understand our financial state, is a waste of time now…Our SEEKING to find the LORD’S “perfect Will”, (in EACH of our lives), [Rom. 12:1 – 2], is what we MUST begin pursuing, in order to be in the “right place, at the right time, for the right reasons, to produce the best results”. May the Lord bless you, each one!

  43. Faith

    Okay this site has turned into a preaching site. I am fine with a website based on Christian principles. It looks like my comments are being deleted because I disagree with the majority point of view. I was not mean nor abusive with any of my comments.

    Good luck to everyone. Tough times ahead.

    • Linda L.

      You’re right about what you said. After listening to Greq’s guest and then browsing through this commentary section today, it felt like I was wading through a potpouri field of different religious stances/beliefs, with only a few serious thoughts shared regarding guest Mr. William’s serious comments/opinions. I think that John Williams also deserves more consideration.

      • Faith

        Linda, thank you for the reply. It should be obvious that I am a Christian. If there are any doubters, yes, I am a Christian, and have been a Christian since the age of 15. I was baptized in a non-denominational church and have the document to prove it. My baptismal record.

        I think Mr. Williams is brilliant and has been trying to educate people on how the numbers are manipulated. He is an unsung hero doing yeomen’s work. Mr. Williams provides facts. The US government provides nothing but lies. Am I harsh? Yes.

      • Charles H

        Faith – your generalization is not quite true. Ones like Jerry, al ols, and others don’t get into their faith. (Well, al gets off on Hillary all the time, and that’s off topic)
        Linda L. – with your point taken, and agreed with – I ask: what is more important? The problems in the world you cannot affect or solve? Or the beliefs you hold and base your whole life on? (Because people don’t practice what they don’t believe.) Some, like myself, have formal and external beliefs – that make demands on me. If this is not the case for you, then I beg your patience or indulgence for those like me. Not all my comments, and even those of others, are ALWAYS in a religious strain either. That said, again: you’ve made a good point.

  44. Tommy

    John says that people vote their pocketbook. I heard someone on the radio yesterday saying that people know the economy is bad and they will vote in their own best interests not what the phonied up statistics are telling them. This used to be true. However, half (at least) of the electorate is living off the government (remember Mitt Romney’s 47% comment). The economy makes no difference to them. They get their welfare, SNAP cards, low income housing, free healthcare, etc. no matter what the economy is. If they work for the government they get their wages, raises, healthcare, and retirement. Unless you are working in the private sector, have a business or are retired and living off your IRA the economy doesn’t really matter when it comes to voting.

  45. Lucho

    John Williams tells it like it is. Good work from the both of you!

    Somewhat off topic: recently you aired an interview with ex-Clinton insider Larry Nichols. One of the things he talked about was the possibility of the establishment/Deep State putting up an independent candidate to siphon off conservative votes from Trump. It seems Nichols was right on the money:

    • Paul ...

      The old divide and conquer strategy … well Trump can divide his opponents also … simply offer “more in tax breaks” then any of them … Trump simply has to take the school tax burden off the shoulders of homeowners … promise “real” cost of living increases for retirees and working people … and fund it all with a gold backed bond that pays 5% interest!! … he would decimate the establishment and independent candidates!!

  46. Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

    Greg, once again I would like to thank you for your excellent website. I’m talking about the lack of pop-ups, very few ads and simplicity of navigation. My compliments, and thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you. I only have Google ads and I have very little control over them. Advertising is how I keep the lights on.

  47. John M.

    John Williams made a very important point. When the dollar falls apart, you will likely not to want sell your precious metals at any price. Even if gold hits $1 million/ounce.
    The guy is right on.
    His timing is not perfect, but neither is mine. I’ve been expecting an economic and monetary apocalyptic event for over ten years.

  48. winston Smith paints a pretty grim picture for the U.S.A by 2025 predicting the population will decline to approx. 61.000.000 the following is an excerpt:
    The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the States. This unseen situation for the States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy. Jobs offshoring will surely end with many American Corporations relocating overseas thus becoming foreign Corporations!!!! We see a significant part of the American population migrating to Latin America and Asia while migration to Europe – suffering a similar illness – won’t be relevant. Nevertheless the death toll will be horrible. Take into account that the Soviet Union’s population was poorer than the Americans nowadays or even then. The ex-Soviets suffered during the following struggle in the 1990s with a significant death toll and the loss of national pride. Might we say “Twice the pride, double the fall”? Nope. The American standard of living is one of the highest, far more than double of the Soviets while having added a services economy that will be gone along with the financial system. When pensioners see their retirement disappear in front of their eyes and there are no servicing jobs you can imagine what is going to happen next. At least younger people can migrate. Never in human history were so many elders among the population. In past centuries people were lucky to get to their 30s or 40s. The American downfall is set to be far worse than the Soviet Union’s one. A confluence of crisis with a devastating result.

  49. Dee Garmon

    It’s always a pleasure to listen to John Williams.

  50. Jason

    No, not fabulous. Hehe

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