Bad & Good News on North Korea, Obama Wiretapped Trump, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 302 9.22.17)

There is bad news and good news about the tensions between North Korea and the U.S. First, the bad news.  President Trump threatened to “destroy North Korea” if the country continues on its nuclear path and tests more ballistic missiles.  North Korea says they will deal with President Trump “with fire.”  Now, the good news.  China has agreed to enforce stricter sanctions on North Korea (NK) through its banking system.  The U.S. has called on China to cut off North Korea from doing business with China’s biggest banks.  That doesn’t mean the problem is solved, but it is a huge step by China to curtail NK’s missile testing by cutting down on the flow of cash going into North Korea.

Remember when President Trump said that the Obama Administration “wiretapped” him in Trump Tower? CNN called Trump a “liar” and said his accusations were “baseless.”  This week, CNN, among other mainstream media outlets, had to eat their words and admit that Donald Trump and Trump Tower in New York City were, in fact, wiretapped before and after the election.  The so-called Russian collusion story falls apart a little more every day, and that is also good news.

The Federal Reserve Head Janet Yellen spoke this week and told the world that low inflation numbers were a “mystery.” Gregory Mannarino of says there is no “mystery,” and the Fed knows it.  Mannarino contends, “The economy is dead in the water, and the Fed cannot admit it.”  That’s why there is low inflation at the moment.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Gregory Mannarino is the founder of, and he will give us a pivotal economic update and be the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.”

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  1. Frederick

    Illegals hurt many others other than entry level believe me They are taking a lot of good skilled jobs away from US citizens in NY that’s for sure All the construction trades are rife with illegals My ex boss has ten or so depending on the season/ workload

  2. Paul ...

    Instead of Hillary being “locked up” by Trump … Hillary has Trump “locked up” at the White House “by her neocon buddy” General Kelly … and Hillary is going around the country saying “the only reason I’m not President” is because of all those non-neocon men “who believe in God and reject Satan” told their wives to vote for Trump! …

  3. Frederick

    Gabe Zolna ” The Zolna Report” has done a five part series on 911 I encourage all Watchdoggers to take the time to watch these 5 videos Total of Maybe 30 minutes of your time and well worth the investment if you value truth

    • William Stanley

      Thanks Frederic, I’ll take a look. Right now I’m reading “Solving 9-11,” by Christopher Bollyn.

      • sk

        When you finish, may I suggest another fantastic source of truth – Ryan Alford’s “Permanent State Of Emergency”, 2017, McGill-Queen’s University Press.

  4. Silence is Golden

    Great Wrap Greg.

    When are you having Hugo Salinas Price back on ?

    This recent article published by him gives a very concise description on the mechanics of the OIL/RMB/GOLD trade deal that China has set up and due to go live with very soon with the Oil Exporting Nations.
    All should read it and understand the consequences for the USD and their standard of living. I stated almost 2 weeks ago that there wasn’t enough awareness or coverage on this topic. Interestingly I’m now seeing more acute analysis coming to the surface from some very well respected people.
    Take notice everyone.
    It truly will be A GAME CHANGER.

    • freebrezer

      SiG – The standard of living for most Americans is going to change drastically. Look what happened to England when they lost the world currency … the pound devalued by 40 + % … I hope America fares as well! The same is coming for most Americans. And as Greg rightfully points out – the poor pensioners. I bet they end up with, if lucky, 5 cents on the dollar worth of purchasing power per dollar owed. The big question I have, is do the general American populace recognize the consequences of corrupt, greedy, power mad politicians pushing socialism or do they blame the US constitution? Scary in that it is a toss up

    • Silence is Golden

      “A Total Game Changer” !!!
      Nice turn of phrase.
      Interesting comments section though.

      I want to state that I did make my post before the above was published.
      Anonymous postings are a downside. Absolutely ZERO credit.
      I take great comfort in knowing that this site is a bona fide source of feed material for influential financial writers /commentators and wealthy individuals.
      I’m happy that they are spreading the message.

  5. Paul ...

    You know … we had Obama going around violating the American peoples right “to privacy and freedom” by “Deep State slave masters” under his control … and his Demon-rat followers “who want to enslave the American people” … want to tear down all the statues of the men who fought to free the slaves?? … how about we take down all the statues of Obama (who trampled upon our right to freedom and privacy) and bulldoze down the Obama Presidential Library right along with the statues of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!!

  6. Paul ...

    Janet Yellen is the head of the bankster manipulated fraud (the Fed) that has been an albatross around the necks of the American people … they are manipulating a depression upon the American people so as to make sure “they can’t find any inflation” … and therefore can print as much fiat money out of thin air as they need to save their bankster buddies without it boosting the prices of everything … the people who know what gold is (money) … and have been buying it as the Fed has been printing, doing their QE and Operation “Screw” have not seen the price of gold reflect “the inflation” that Janet Yellen pretends she can’t find … because the banksters have kept a lid on the price of gold to “prove to the American people” there is no inflation to be found! … the fraudsters at the Fed must be fired and the Fed building demolished with a bulldozer for keeping the American people “slaves” to their fiat money … slaves who’s jobs were sent overseas … slaves who’s working hours were cut to 29 hrs per week (with ObamaNation Care) … “enough of their Satanic evil manipulation of our economy into depression” … “enough of their false employment numbers as they put American businesses into bankruptcy” … “enough of their generosity” giving us zero cost of living increases so we have “no money to spend” and they can keep the VIX at zero … while they print hundreds of trillions for themselves (all magically without inflation because these evil Satanists purposely put us into a depression for their own private gain)!!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Paul, do you think that the globalists’ wars have a sacrificial function, as well as a strategic aim, in order to satiate their god of choice?

      • Paul ...

        No doubt about it TSI … they try to make killing “legal” in their warped demented minds by looking upon mass murder “as a holy sacrifice” to their god Satan in order to justify their abhorrent immoral behavior … and starting more and more lethal wars (killing more and more women and children) is just part of “their religion of unending war” … after war … after war!

  7. Paul ...

    Trump’s neocon Generals simply have to stop their war games on the Korean peninsular and Kim -un said we won’t detonate any more hydrogen bombs (none on land or in the Pacific) … Hillary’s neocon General “Kelly” put his hand over his face and shook his head when Trump said “every Nation has a right to be Nationalistic and do what they think is right for their people” … because what Trump is saying takes away the warmongering neocons “thunder” and takes away their power to impose their Satanic will on other Nations!!

    • Paul ...

      The Deep State that “gave to N.Korea” Hydrogen bomb, ICBM and missile guidance technology … are now “all of a sudden worried” about N.Korea having this technology? … give me a break … they knew exactly what they were doing when they had Clinton pass “this secret technology” to N.Korea (probably for a very big contribution to the Clinton Foundation) … so now the warmongers want to kill millions of people in S.Korea and Japan to take away from N.Korea what was freely given? … what kind of Indian givers are these evil neocons anyway? … they need a war so badly “they are willing to kill millions of innocent people” in another giant “False Flag Operation”!!

      • Paul ...

        Remember how Truman sent American boys to die on Iwo Jima and other Japanese islands … so he could use nuclear bombs on Japanese cities and claim it was “to save lives” (all those Japanese islands could have been bypassed if saving American lives was the real goal) … so don’t think the warmongering neocons won’t allow American boys to die in S. Korea to give them the excuse they need to destroy a “sovereign nation” (that unwittingly “took the bait” that Clinton offered to make them into a target for the neocon warmongers)!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Do not agree with you on this one Paul. So you are OK with North Koreas constant threat of nuking the U.S. and out allies??

          • Paul ...

            No … I’m not Ok with threats of nuclear war Greg … both sides must somehow peacefully resolve this difficult situation (that was created by Clinton) … without war but by negotiation … both sides have a deep love for their respective countries they want to protect (by all means possible) … but why is it millions of innocent people have to die before those peace negotiations take place!

            • Greg Hunter

              Ask Un that question.

              • Ray

                His surname is Kim…….not Un.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Yes Ray, I was showing some disrespect.

                  • Ray

                    Ha Ha!!!

            • Craig Furlong

              Paul…nope. The problem was not created by Clinton. You must go back to 1953 to see how it actually came about. Nevertheless, going to war over stupidity is never an answer.

          • Russ

            NK is watching as the US is marching across the middle east overthrowing governments and destroying countries that can’t defend themselves. NK, Venezuela, Iran and Syria are under constant threat.

            Of course NK is going to arm up. Washington has never attacked a nuclear power.

            Trump’s behavior toward NK is the most immature I have ever witnessed. This man appears to be mentally unstable.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Who’d have thought Kim Jong-il would turn out to be the nice one!

      • Greg Hunter

        You should live there for a few months. Bet you would change your mind.

  8. Paul ...

    All the US Generals that were fired by Clinton, Bush and Obama should be called back to the White House by Trump … sit them around a big round table and announce that “they” are the True Kinghts who have fought for this Kingdom and empower them to remove the Satanic pedophile devils that are still in control of our Nation!! … let us hear them speak with one voice as they rise to pledge allegiance to God and Country … “One for All and All for One” … the battle against Satan is on!!

  9. dachsielady

    The first part of this week’s commentary was spot on regarding the mainstream media. I do not watch television but did watch several MSM TV weather reports about the hurricanes that streamed live on an Internet platform.
    It occurred to me that the general public has to, must, be able to rely on the MSM to give us balanced and accurate news about hurricanes. That was not provided to us. The reporters were inciting fear and spinning the facts, and they were very lax in giving the sources for their information and statements. It was “fear porn.” Fear sells. The hurricane crisis must be used, not wasted. The media made hurricane reporting somewhat of a party and celebration and exciting game. It was about what network provided the most watched, highest rated, coverage . The MSM had to take advantage of their sudden increases in viewership so they had to sell the crisis via fear.
    Why should I expect “fair and balanced” reporting on weather when every other subject the MSM reports on is totally distorted for manipulation purposes?

  10. Jerry

    As we move closer to October I can’t get this picture that was on the front cover of the Economist magazine two years ago (who is owned by the globalist) out of my mind.

    I find it very interesting that the Federal Reserve Bank has decided to clear its balance sheet in October (which is basically a dollar selloff) at just about the same time that China is set to launch its gold backed Yuan petroleum benchmark ( which is also a dollar selloff). How in the world can the dollar continue as the worlds (no pun intended) reserve currency when nobody wants to use it for trade?

    Now take another look at the Economist magazine cover picture. Notice the dumb founded schoolboy playing with his toys (which is how the globalist see most Americans) who suddenly realizes that the economic plink-o is now suddenly shifting from the Fed to……….China? Coincidence to what is going to happen in October? Maybe.

    • freebrezer

      Jerry – about 40 % of currency used in global trade are dollars … and yes a lot of countries/business/oil purchases would prefer something else. When only 1.7 % of currency used in global trade are RMB (Charles Hugh Smith), this can not be entirely switched over in a month or a year! Though, I agree, the dollar is going to get smacked, but it is going to be over time … In my opinion, this will lead to a major decline of purchasing power per the dollar- again over time, but not death. A gold back Yuan is not an imminent catastrophe but another “brick in the wall” (to quote one of my favorite bands) per the US $ … Not everyone is going to/ or can switch in one month! China’s financial markets are not mature (see Kyle Bass on China) and in no way can go from handling 1.7 % to 40 % of global trade in such a short period. After the next huge recession washers over the world (imminent), it will be interesting to see which countries are still standing.

  11. Paul ...

    Hey Satan … you may be immortal but you are “damn evil” … and God created “me” to “judge you” … now isn’t that the height of ridicule … God knew just how to “get at your evil almighty ego self” … create a lowly mortal being with the power to pass judgement on an immoral “evil God”! … it is not only me … all of mankind is now rising against you … All for the One True God … and the One True God for All … the final battle against you has begun … and you are toast Satan … pack up and get back to the center of the Sun where you belong … where you can “enlighten our world” with heat “to keep God’s people warm” and “enlighten our world” with sunshine so plants can grow and provide God’s people food … get back to doing your “official job” as God ordained … “Tend the Fires of Hell” … we don’t need you here on Earth killing women and children to bath in and drink their blood … your unholy followers will willingly drink your evil blood when we “chop off your serpent head” … no more Christian heads will fall before your evil minions … so say it the Lord as ISIS is destroyed … a savior of our world is here now … who will defeat your Satanic globalist agenda !!

  12. Jerry

    When all else fails the globalist take us to war.
    Does anybody else think Donald Trump is being played by the globalist? I do. How can you fight an unwinnable war? Attacking North Korea is tantamount to China attacking Canada. Did we not learn anything from the last Korean war? Communist always stick together.

    • Silence is Golden

      Trump is just another puppet on a string.
      Every move he makes is controlled.
      Don’t be fooled into thinking he is acting of his own volition.
      If they want to start WWIII as a distraction to the failing KING DOLLAR…then they have cause…and Trump is the conduit.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are stating your opinion as proven fact and it’s not.

        • Silence is Golden

          Actions speak louder than words Greg.
          We will see what transpires.

  13. Tad

    Supposedly Iran had nearly $150 billion in American banks while the JCPOA was being negotiated.

  14. Paul ...

    Well, well, well … it only took one week for the Deep State and the Vatican to shut down an industry that would have “prevented the blackmail of people in power” … how can evil operate if they don’t have pictures of politicians sleeping with “real children”, “murdering them” and selling their organs? … you can’t blackmail pedophiles who simply sleep with “dolls” … so the powers that be shut down the one industry that could have worked to make evil men who hurt children “more moral”! …

    • Paul ...

      Seems we have the evil ones really running very scared by the swiftness of their action … but it won’t prevent us from taking away their power … we don’t need dolls (which was the more human way to “treat the pedophiles medically”) … the Deep State has made its own bed now by shutting down the production of “dolls” for the pedophiles … we will now have to go to option two(2) … castrate all the pedophiles (after legal due process of course) … now Trump doesn’t have to disband Congress and hold new elections … he can simply leave them in office “without balls” (which they really didn’t have anyway to stand up to the Deep State!

      • Paul ...

        Let’s start with that no good immoral Hillary loving Weiner!! … then watch how all the rats start jumping ship and running to countries without extradition laws!!

        • Paul ...

          Actually I think the Demon rats would prefer being “de-balled” as most of them believe in a religion that promotes the “de-cliting” of women … once the pedophiles are safely de-balled we can make them wear a green arm band (like they make their women wear burkas) so everyone can know their children are safe when around them!!

          • Paul ...

            Pious Christians may not want to take part in such actions (for the good of the country) … that is why God created Atheists (to do the dirty work) … remember “de-balling” the pedophiles is not as bad as what they do to us (chop off our heads, create depressions, stand down as they manufacture 9-11’s) so Christians should at least show some participation … perhaps by making the green arm bands!!

            • Paul ...

              Laugh … laugh loudly in Satan’s face … laugh at the traitor right along with God … and the evil snake will wither away to some “black hole” off our Earth … so be gone Satan … God makes you are a joke among men … Adam and Eve were to innocent of your evil ways … but not their children … be gone Satan … killing our women and children will not be tolerated anymore!!

        • Occasnltrvlr

          I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as a “Hillary-loving Weiner”.

  15. JC

    As Jesus would say I find no fault with the. Go and sin no more.
    Trump was brave to take on MR Global in his own home.
    Trump looked more presidential then any president in my life time.
    Trump proved he will not back away from his plan to drain the swamp.
    The list of valuable qualities Trump showed in this speech was braking news, yet so far not good enough for MSM.

  16. Macray

    The United States has become the complete propaganda state. No truth ever emerges.

    It is only the US government, which is not a government of the people, that has ever threatened another country with total destruction as Trump did to North Korea in the CIA’s UN speech.

    This is a first. It trumps Adolf Hitler. The US has become the 4th Reich. It is doubtful that the world will survive the foreign policy of the United States of America.

    Paul Criag Roberts

    • Paul ...

      Trump’s UN message to the world … “We respect the sovereignty of all countries … but the US will impose sanctions on countries if they do not do what they are told” … what dumb ass Deep State speech writer put that message into Trump’s UN speech?? … are they trying to make Trump look like an idiot???

      • Greg Hunter

        I heard a very different speech with a very different message.

      • Silence is Golden

        I agree.
        Completely out of left field.
        There are ominous signs in that speech…..Red Flags…if you will.
        UN is pre-cursor to One World Government and NWO.
        Sovereignty …Huh ??
        The US ( I’m ashamed. to say), being a colony of the British Empire, has become the No. 1 destroyer of the last few remaining sovereign nations on Earth. The World’s watchdog and policeman. Corrupted on so many levels.

  17. vincent_g

    One thing you didn’t cover on the problems of Puerto Rico is the tax break that President Ford put into place was rescinded by Bill Clinton.

    Seems The republicans were being good to the people in Puerto Rico and the Democrats were not being so nice.

    Just how much did taking away this tax break hurt Puerto Rico?
    How much of that debt was due to Bill Clinton?

  18. Beverly Jenkins

    Very well done…AGAIN! One thing Mr. Janda said about investigations comes to mind when I think of Mr. Comey: The longer you stay undercover in an investigation leads to the bigger fish. Sometimes I wonder if Mr. Comey IS PART OF AN INVESTIGATION and has been gathering information on the big fish. I know a silent coup to bring America back to a Republic and bring down the corrupt establishment has been in the works for I would guess several years (possibly around 17 as Mr. Trump thought about running in 2000). Interesting also, is Mr. Mueller was put on the 911 investigation and Comey was the assistant attorney general at that time. We shall see what comes out with this Grand Jury on the supposed “Russian Collusion”….maybe, just maybe, IT REALLY IS A SECRET, but leaks keep the Cabal away and the players safe….just saying.

    • Frederick

      Beverly He’s an orthopedic surgeon so it’s Doctor Janda

  19. Alex

    On the “immigrant” issue, I have heard several media outlets claim there are 11 million undocumented foriegners currently residing in the US. Some refer to this as an immigration issue. I would call it an INVASION! A wall is fine, but I feel that curtailing or eliminating the “social services” and other monetary benifits these 11 Million (and breeding fast) receive would be the most effective deterrent to the ongoing invasion.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Alex – If you eliminate social services for 11-million illegal immigrants, they will pose a greater-than-significant health problem to the general public. That’s one reason the illegal immigrant problem is so bad. There are many others. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. That’s why preventing entry into the US in the first place is so important. And really the only option. Once they’re here, they’re holding the population and social services hostage for ransom. There’s not much that can be done without imposing upon the Constitutional rights of citizens. For the record, I have no problem with people from abroad entering this country legally. It’s a good thing. But why are 11-million immigrants here illegally? (And from my own research, the number of illegal immigrants in the US probably does approximate 11-million.)

  20. Robert

    What low inflation? Been to the grocery store lately? So what if we have cheap interest rates, look at the price of things that get financed!

    • Silence is Golden

      Real World is polar opposite to the MSM/ FED speak world.

      noun: propaganda; noun: Propaganda
      1. information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.
      – the dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy.

    • Frederick

      I haven’t since I’m living overseas but I have read that Lidl the German grocery firm has some very very low prices Not sure how true it is or if it’s just a promotional thing to get people in the store

  21. Larry White

    Regarding North Korea:

    This may be the most important article I have ever published on the blog:

    I held back on this even after my first email exchange with Jim Rickards back in August because this is such a serious topic. But events since then and further input from Jim Rickards caused to me to feel an obligation to share the information. I know Jim hopes he will get this wrong as do I. But this is his honest opinion based on the best information he has at this time. Obviously, if he is right on this, people need to get ready for some potential problems in markets along with just the problems of getting into this kind of war.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry for posting this. Rickards is smart and connected!!

    • Paul ...

      Larry … it looks like the warmongering US neocons are using the same strategy Roosevelt used to get Japan to attack the US … the only problem now is that our aircraft carriers are vulnerable to EMP attack that makes them “dead sitting ducks” in the water … so with regard to Jim Rickards guess of an 85 to 90 percent chance of war … I think it is probably closer to zero percent! … the warmongering US neocons may be dumb politically but not completely stupid militarily … and the Russians and Chinese have shown the neocons in no uncertain manner that their entire Navy is completely vulnerable to attack (this is likely why the Deep State has Trump spouting “fire and fury” … but Trump still got in his own shot against the Deep State at the UN by saying all Nations have “a right to be nationalistic”!!

    • Jerry

      I can’t go into specifics for security reasons, but I have a very reliable high level source that conforms everything that Jim Rickard’s is saying. The month of October should be unreal. The 6000 pound elephant in the room is what China will do. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

    • Tad

      As long as he’s making predictions, what has he told you Larry about the market collapse?

    • Gary

      Larry, thanks for publishing the update from Jim, I have read his book
      and hope he is WRONG on this one. HOWEVER if he is right then it is time
      to go in to the prep mode, etc stock the freezer, have extra cash, reduce transfer agents between you and your assets.

  22. Ken

    Greg, I am sick and tired of the false narrative put out of the msm about the “undocumented immigrants” are good for our country. They have get hacked off when we label them “illegal aliens”. Well we need to step up the pressure and say what it really is.” Illegal Colonization”
    The Democrats want to over run this country with these people to force us into a socialist utopia that they control. They are already pushing to get rid of the electoral college. Hillary was on the record just in the past few days saying the direct vote would be a better way to go. So from now on I am using the label “ILLEGAL COLONIZERS”

  23. flattop

    If our economy is dead, then there should not be any further need of the FED ??

    • Silence is Golden

      That’s ridiculous.
      How would “the City” be able to continue to harvest from the American people.
      The FED is a very important institution. TBTF on many different levels.

  24. Eagleye


    Are you aware of any maneuver that the counter party to the luciferians are staging so that they can be brought to light? I think this is very important so the sheeple can see the real issues and stop with these non-sense issues that the Hegelian proponents have been somewhat successful in engaging people as evidenced by their presence on the streets. These people from antifa and blm are thinking that they are doing the society some good when in reality they are just pawns for the NWO.

    I love it when you emphasize the comfort state that we should be in when the word of our Lord is within us. I fear not because of His word and because there are still people like you Greg!

    • Paul ...

      Neocon’s don’t have to be eagle eyed to know that they can’t use reverse psychology on Iran to make them build a nuclear bomb (the way they did with N.Korea) … Iran has enough FAB’s (fuel air bombs) right now to completely defend itself … these “fuel air bombs” are just as powerful as nuclear weapons without the problem of fallout … so it’s about time the neocons give up on Iran … as for Venezuela they may have some leverage as they are eating dogs and cats … the true evil ones in the Middle East are the Saudi’s and they (unlike Iran) are moving quickly to obtain nuclear weapons!

  25. Diane

    Excellent Greg

  26. Steve Twitchell

    Best news wrap up of last three years. People are waking up and this is good. I especially liked the pastor reference. Dr. Janda was very correct on the issue of control. I have worked on many campaigns and have heard many stories similar.
    Trump and healthcare reform is missing the biggest elephant in the room. Costs. There are restraint of trade issues with how insurance companies and hospitals charge and discounts applied. As per usual, the more centralized the more abuse.
    The economy is dead in the water. Ad agencies see it and know it. Money is like water and seeks its own level. If the US does not apply intelligent tariffs which act as money flow dams then our standard of living will be equivalent to India. Blanket worldwide tariffs need to be applied for all industries and countries that are based on the country’s minimum wage and environmental protection. i.e. China’s lack of pollution control makes a vary uneven playing field for all US manufacturing. Countries that continue to pay workers an average wage of $3 per hour are not creating an ongoing middle class that can later buy our goods. Tariffs need to be globally applied to create a world wide minimum wage of $15 per hour. ie. you pay your workers a minimum of $15/hr then no tariff. If not, then a tariff to make up the difference. Big corporations won’t like this but the big corporations are the problem. They have no loyalty no matter what they say. They always go for profit without human integrity.

    • Greg Hunter

      I need to call you and I am so sorry I have just bee covered up with work.

      • helot

        RE: ‘so sorry I have just bee covered up with work.’

        It’s too bad you couldn’t hire a teenager for less than minimum wage to help you out – The Empire – and those who support it (knowingly, or not) makes that unlawful, just like how, ‘they’ drove the teenagers and all 10-year olds out of business from selling nightcrawlers for fishing bait out the back door of thier prents house as had been done for ages in the MidWest. e-rased.

        “And, I said nothing: because I wasn’t a teenager, or a pre-teen, nor did I sell fishing bait, nor did I operate a lemoande stand which paid less than a, ‘global minimum wage’.”

        That’s how empires crumble.

        …Sorry, just thinking out loud. Such thoughts, should be illegl and are Un-American, according to many. Imagine: a pre-teen trying to turn a buck selling fishing bait or lemonaide, why – they are undermining America – I tells ya!

  27. Hugh

    Thank you for all you do. I know you still have faith in TRUMP and he will do the right things, but I have my doubts now that he is siding with the democrats, especially NANCY PELOSI, on the national debt. PELOSI is about as deep state as we can get.

    Also, who is this JERRY person that continues to put article after article and comments about the reset. He is the only person on the planet that seems to think and talk about this in such great length. Nothing has come true of course, just has very few things that your guest speakers say. I am sure that one of these days things will blow up, but we have no idea how much money these clowns have printed to keep this game going.

    I am, like so many others very frustrated, I am prepared, but 8 years of my life has seemed like an eternity. Yes, I know careful what I wish for!! I have been trading in these markets for 35 years and I can say with a straight face that I have never seem things that I see now, nor have I seem such a messed up USA.

    Thanks again for all you do keeping us informed. God help us.

    • Bill

      Hugh: Agree with you about Jerry, and add Paul to the list

  28. wondrouscat

    Greg – If your name is John Peter Smith it would be written Asian style Smith John Peter. Kim is Kim Jong Un’s sir name; his first name is Jong, middle name is Un (rhymes with June). So he should be referred to as Kim. Thanks for all you do.

  29. Jodyp

    This could be nothing,but has anyone else noticed T.S. Jose (Joseph) hanging off the east coast waiting on Hurricane Maria (Mary) to play catch-up?

    • Paul ...

      Joseph and Mary?? … Jesus Christ … what are they planning??

  30. Tom D.

    Please ask Mannarino this Sunday about the likelihood of a debt jubilee I commented about after his last interview. Is he aware of the proposal? I’m neither in favor nor recommend this kind of action, but it does look like a way to delay the crash he is talking about. It is just another devious way to fool the American people into thinking that everything is under control and enables them to continue their fiat, unconstitutional, debt based monetary system.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      In the current monetary system, there is no currency without debt.

      A “debt jubilee” could not perpetuate the current system, it itself would be the deflationary implosion of the world’s monetary system. For every unit of debt erased, some unit of asset also disappears.

      • Greg Hunter

        Spot on and concise. Bravo.

    • Silence is Golden

      The most likely course of action is to inflate the debt away…..this implies currency devaluation.
      Two nations with insurmountable debt are the US & CHINA.
      Look to Gold as the Metric for understanding the grand theft.

  31. Rick

    Hi Greg,
    Your podcast is going to the GODs. To much religion and irrational thought for me. I wish you well but it looks like the horse has died so I’m getting off.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s “GOD” as in Jesus Christ and I am not changing a thing. All the best to you.

      • Frank Dalto

        I have never commented before and in general never comment on any websites because it seems like a waste of time. I wanted to comment now because I have to agree somewhat with Rick. I comment in an attempt to be helpful. This is in no way a personal attack. I actually agree with so much of what YOU say in regards to the economy, the government and the up and coming crisis. This message is important. I enjoy most of your guests. I really appreciate the variety of opinions of your guests and your willingness to listen to them. You provide an informative and entertaining program. However, I do NOT believe in an entity know as Satan, and am not religious. I do believe Hillary is a very, very sick person. I realize you believe completely in what you say.
        However, when you do slant heavily towards the good vs. evil, Jesus vs. Satan and talk about the luciferians, you are going to lose a part of your audience that may want to hear what you say, but is not very religious. Maybe you decide that your message about Jesus is more important to you than the message regarding the economy and government. If it is, then that is your choice. I have noticed that when people challenge you or disagree with you in the comments section, that you can respond quite harshly or be dismissive. Just something to think about. I will still watch the shows that I like and if they get too religious for me and start to go to far “off the tracks” for me, I just don’t watch. I do believe there is probably an energetic “force” that animates existence, but I have no way to define it or refer to it.

        Sincerely, Frank

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for your comment Frank. Yes I think my message about Jesus is way more important than the economy. I also firmly believe that this is a battle between good and evil. This is a free site and you are free to stay or go. Your choice.

        • Charles H


          In a way – everything is to be ‘taken with a grain of salt’; and one must accept the good with the bad in all realtionships or dealings. The same can be said of this site, and by authorship, the owner.
          It is one thing to express one’s dislike or aversion: that’s opinion. It is another thing to attempt to direct or change the tone or content of someone else’s material: that’s manipulation.
          There are some guests that I don’t finish the interview; and some where I don’t view at all: but NEVER do I suggest Greg Hunter should make changes to fit my expectation or likes.

          Besides – it is speculation that Mr. Hunter will lose viewership because of his views and convictions toward God. I suspect the oppostite is actually true – that so much many more will applaud and join his stance to speak for a long and historic Faith a great portion of the WORLD also confesses. Perhaps the one in the dark – is you.

    • Paul ...

      Hey Rick … before you go … did you hear of the Uber taxi’s being banned in England because Islamic men driving them would rape any women that is unattended … don’t you think they need to be informed about a God that preaches human dignity (Jesus Christ) … informed that women are not animals to be used by perverted sexualized deviated men who deal in human trafficking and incest … and this is not me picking on any one religion … I’ll pick on any religion that thinks killing and raping women and children is OK … we have sacrifice cults right here in Hollywood that are killing 800,000 kids a year … we need to inform these murderers that “God” does not accept such immoral actions … and I see that Uber has been “de-balled” and put out of business … this is a good start … but we must begin to “de-ball” the rapists themselves!!

      • Rick

        Hi Paul,
        With all due respect, the solution to one bad religion isn’t another bad religion. To a person holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Chrisianity doesn’t exactly have a stellar record either. Read your bible. Read other holy books. I’d get off that pedestal if I was you.

    • flattop

      Rick: I agree with you that there is too much religion, its all about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  32. Sylvia

    Churches with a 501 C3 status by the IRS, are “government churches” . They follow the dictates of the government, not necessarily Christ. Why would any thinking person attend , or follow their dictates. Today’s churches are the biggest violators of Christians beliefs. They are apologists for the government.

  33. Tommy

    I noted that Sally Quinn was on Coast to Coast last night. I don’t listen when Noory has people on about the occult, mysticism, people who talk to dead people, etc. so I didn’t hear her but I notice that there are reviews of her new book in the media, including the WaPo and USA Today. Quite disconcerting to say the least. Just another confirmation of what Dr. Janda was talking about. While many people will scoff at such things those who know God realize that the devil is real and has real power. Anyway, thanks for the WNW, keep the faith and onward and upward.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tommy for adding this info.

  34. Linda L.

    Broadcasted in California/emergency format to scare the wits out of folks regarding a rare star alignment over Israel on 9/23/17 and Rev. 12, 1-2.

  35. Rick Geisler

    Agreed. The best thing anyone “awake” can do is totally unplug from the indoctrination. I have for years now. Still, I keep a few lines open just so I can keep tabs on what direction the “Ship of State’ is headed. Yours is one of those lines. Thanks Greg

  36. Linda L.

    Mainstream in action. Gotta be glad you got out:

  37. Hatemail

    Just vlog a daily rant. The heck with guest interviews.

  38. leo bissett

    I just saw Ken Burns “Lewis and Clark’ documentary . Wow what a man was Lewis. There was a man of great intelligence and courage far beyond the boundaries of present day Americans. There are no spirits like this today. We have nothing but mushy nihilists who have short tempers, drive cars and trucks they have no business buying, slurping pumpkin lattes and only live by the 11th commandment . “Thou shalt not be found out.” Pot smoking porn loving numbskulls, gimmydats. Pray all you want cause judgment is surely coming soon and there is no way to avoid that. These storms are only the first of many birth pangs. Oh well as Dr Leo Marvin said in “What about Bob” Oh well lets not let in ruin our vacation.” Clap clap.

  39. Paul from Indiana

    I have always understood inflation in the traditional way: an increase in the money supply which manifests itself, in a normal economy, in price increases, based on the fact that more of something cheapens it in most cases. What I have learned in this surreal economy, which some call “fake”, because it is based on credit and not production, is that increases in the money supply, whether by printing or easy credit (loaning the money into existence) without demand, as evidenced by money velocity, is not effectively inflationary. We now know that the growth -dampening effect of debt burden cannot be offset or overcome by money printing or availability of more credit. That is the “new” lesson here. Back in the ’70s, we didn’t have this debt load, government or personal, and when funny money hit the economy, inflation roared, because of money velocity of the time. Regulars on this site know I often take Jerry to task on his predictions of a dollar armageddon, but he has been also touting the crash of money velocity for years now. And on that, he is 100% correct, as experience now shows. Best always. PM

  40. helot

    ‘Blanket worldwide tariffs … Tariffs need to be globally applied to create a world wide minimum wage of $15 per hour.’

    And here I thought you guys weren’t in favor of the NWO. It all sounds so very, Progressive-like, too.

    Dartmouth economist Doug Irwin had a pretty good bit in the WSJ recently, ‘Economic nationalists say their protectionist program will ignite an economic boom. In fact their poor understanding of history will damage the American economy and leave the country weaker.’

    Here’s a summary, and a link to his National Bureau of Economic Research research paper, if you’re so inclined:

    • Greg Hunter

      A “research” paper written by a leftist/Marxist college professor that has never met a payroll. Bannon has at Breitbart and he should give him the opportunity to rebut this hit piece.

      • helot

        Thank you for the reply.

        I did not know he was a Marxist. If true, that’s most unfortunate. Let us pray he changes his tune.

        However; it’s the facts which he presents which matter, if they are true, that’s all that counts.

        Or, as Ron Paul said once, to paraphrase, it’s not the conspiracy which matters, but the facts.

        A back and forth between the two would be a good thing, I hope it happens. I wish it would make a world of difference, but I doubt it.

        The People of the world will go on without caring, without giving a second thought about what’s what. …I wish they would give a Hoot, but they refuse to do so.

        Peace, to you. On this path towards truth.

        • Greg Hunter

          You can bet the other side would have some “Facts” too. Thank you for your comment.

  41. Dennis

    [email protected]..DENNIS FROM CALGARY,ALBERTA…WHOS GOING TO JAIL. Sessions needs to start investigating The rats in the swamp….the longer he waits the longer the crap goes on….I know have my wife watching you….the truth will set you free.

  42. Tim McGraw

    8 Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

    10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’[e]”

    11 Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.

    Does not this Bible quote prove that all governments are in the service of Satan? For does not Satan promise to turn them over to Jesus Christ?

    Have not governments, the state, proven more dangerous to the human condition than any plague, terrorists, earthquakes, hurricanes, global warming, etc.?

    The state is our enemy. The state is run by the devil.

    • Greg Hunter

      You better crack that Bible open again and turn to Matthew 28:18. This is AFTER the Resurrection when Jesus said, “All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” Please note the word “ALL.” Satan is a weasel, liar pretender and he has ZERO power.

  43. Tad
    The Seattle market is too hot. Probably will follow the way of Vancouver, or just wait until the general economy collapses.

  44. Tad

    From a Ron Paul-style peace and prosperity aspect, this is good news. A US false flag military and trade war that ultimately puts US companies in charge of DPRK mineral resources looks unlikely-for a number of reasons.

    The next regional bombshell to drop would probably be South Korea de-dollarizing. Perhaps slowly, a subsequent US withdrawal from South Korea could occur.

    Hope springs eternal.

  45. dachsielady

    As Miss Piggy used to say, “You gotto go with what you got.”

    No matter what anyone thinks of President Trump, the word of God, the Holy Scriptures, commands us to pray for our leaders, for their protection and their strength and courage. So please pray for President Trump and those who surround him.
    No matter what things look like on the surface, understand
    there is an infinite quality of difference between the Divine Plan ordained by God and the Humanist Agenda energized by Evil.

    Now to him who is able to do all things more abundantly than we desire or understand, according to the power that worketh in us;
    Ephesians 3:20

    (P.S. Please to not refer to that entity in Rome called Francis as “the Pope” because he cannot be the Pope because he is not Catholic. Please do not refer to the proceedings emanating from the Vatican in Rome as “the Catholic Church” because the traditional one, holy, catholic and apostolic church that Jesus established called “My Church” only exists and operates “beneath the radar” since the death of Pope Pius XII. There have been several periods in Church history that there has been no pope and we are in one of those period right now. The same Judeo-Masonic faction that has infiltrated all of society and Christianity is the same faction that operated a coup on the Church. The traditional Roman Catholic Church will exist until the great day of the Lord when this whole shootin’ match is a done deal.)

    Cling to and follow Christ and love Him more and more each day in your every thought, word and deed.
    God bless us each and every one.

  46. John M.

    Greg, you are doing a tremendous service by mentioning God so often, and His mighty power. It’s something that the MSM and the secular public school system would never do.
    God (Father, Son and Spirit) can do all things, even heal this nation that has been heading to perdition for quite some time now.
    I would encourage all to see a new 2017 movie for general inspiration and spiritual healing, called “The Shack”. It’s a unabashedly Christian movie that deals with good vs. evil, trusting God, and healing the soul. THE SHACK the best movie I’ve seen in a while, and is so unlike all the garbage that comes from Hollywood.

  47. helot

    I was not aware of this, I wonder how Trump supporters are responding to all of this? It seems like a pretty big deal:

    Trump, Pence, McConnell, And Washington Establishment Vs. Judge Roy Moore
    Published: Thursday, September 21, 2017 by Chuck Baldwin.

  48. Paul ...

    Tulip Bulb Bubble, Cabbage Patch Bubble, Real Estate Bubble, Dot Com Bubble and now the Bit Coin Bubble … … greed is the easiest way Satan’s minions can make schmucks out of Ponzi Scheme dupes … two crooks just have to do “wash sales” back and forth between each other to dive bit coin prices higher and higher … ((for example: one fellow buy’s a “bunch of bit coins” at $500 … then sells one(1) to his buddy for $1000 … he’s buddy then sells one(1) back to him for $1500 … he then sells one(1) back to his buddy for $2000 … who sells one(1) back for $2500 … he sells one(1) back to his buddy for $3000 … who sells one(1) back for $3500 …. then … you sell “a bunch of bit coins” to some greedy schmuck for $4000 )) … that’s how it works folks!! …some “lucky idiots” may be able to make some money as this “wash sale” scheme is in progress … but most likely these “lucky idiots” will turn out to be the schmuck at the end of the wash sale line … because “greed” will make them invest not only their quick profits but more money besides (likely by selling their gold, silver and the family farm)!!

  49. pat the rat

    China is now attacking bit coin in there country, weather bit coin will become cyrpto money of world or not is at stake? Maybe Lynette Zang is right if bit coin is beaten or not is the question? China victory would mean a one world crypto tied to the S.D.R.

    • Paul ...

      And a one world crypto tied to the SDR means curtains for Bit Coin, LiteCoin, etc., etc., etc. … buyer beware!!

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a Russian site and it will only report what the Russian state allows. Not sure I trust this.

  50. Dan The Man

    Inflation? She must be talking about price inflation, cuz we already know they are inflating the money supply to parabolic levels. So why does the Feral Reserve and their puppet want me to PAY MORE for the goods I buy? Is this confirmation that they are literally trying DRAIN THE MIDDLE CLASS? To send us into the poverty well, so the bankers can be the oligarchs of the world, and go forth with the New World Order at an accelerated pace? I don’t wish to may MORE FOR GOODS, I want to pay less! I’m not making a dime on my bank account bc these sob’s have short term rates at ZERO FOR 8 YEARS! So an increase in prices is detrimental to savers. When are we going to abolish this criminal cartel that has absolutely NO CLUE what it is doing!

    • Dan The Man

      to add………do you know what a statement like that is by the Feral Reserve? This statement (that they want more inflation) is CONFIRMATION that the Feral Reserve is nothing more than a WEALTH TRANSFER SCHEME. Period. They want it all. They want to deny us income through higher interest rates AND they want higher inflation so we have to pay more for goods!

  51. Ray

    Thanks for this week’s wrap Greg…..another good analysis.
    My view: It’s a bit rich for Trump (whom I support) to stand up at the UN and accuse Iran of being a nation that supports terror. Please…….
    Someone needs to give Trump a mirror, at the very least, and ask him to look into his heart.
    How much terror has come via the CIA…..the Council on Foreign Relations……how many $US Tax Payer Dollars continually go toward the subjugation of our Planet so that America stands tallest at the expense of ACTUAL TRUTH REGARDING WHAT IS GOING ON?
    I don’t see Iran doing any of that……NO ONE DOES.
    How many military bases does Iran have spread across this planet again?? That should give us a lead on who is subjugating who.
    Of course……we all must aquiesse…..”Don’t you see….. The Emperor is wearing the finest of clothes”.
    The USA is kidding itself it if thinks it has a clean shirt in this filth game.
    Blessings of goodwill to all here at USAwatchdog.
    “Killing and wiping out enemy” is flat out last on God’s list…..if you think God cheers when you “kill your enemy”….you are nowhere near the heart and mind of God.
    I believe God taught “turn the other cheek” (Or so it is written in the Bible)
    But, sadly….some nations and commentators thereof consider themselves “Exceptional”….even as they profess Godliness.
    That will be their lesson when their life concludes and they stand in front of The Creator.

    Ray, Canberra, Australia

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