Banking Bummer Not Over, Crash Coming?, CV19 Vax Deaths Ignored

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 580 5.5.23)

The banking bummer Jamie Dimon said was over is far from over.  More banks are going down, and more banks are finding themselves in deep financial trouble.  The banking collapse of 2023 is already far greater than the banking collapse that touched off the so-called “Great Recession” in 2008.  Did I say it was far from over?  In a new Gallup poll, almost half of all Americans are “worried” about their deposits in the bank.  That’s reassuring!!

To make matters worse, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is warning that if the debt ceiling is not raised by congressional legislation by June 1st, the USA could default on it’s debt.  Yikes!!  That has never happened before.  This sounds almost unreal, and yet it is from the mouth of our Treasury Secretary.  The sailing is not going to be smooth, even though a bill raising the debt ceiling has already passed the House.  In the Senate, at least two Democrats are going to side with the Republicans to whittle down the price tag.  This should be interesting and dangerous at the same time.

People in large numbers are becoming disabled and dying from the CV19 bioweapon/vax, and yet folks in power ignore it and act as if nothing is wrong.  Money manager and number cruncher Ed Dowd said on USAW that 30% of the workforce is either dead, disabled or chronically ill from the injections – so far.  The trend is not turning down, and this has huge implications for the economy and the readiness of our military.  Keep in mind the demonic powers running our country have war in Ukraine and probably one coming in China, too, in the not-too-distant future.

There is much more in the 50-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 5.5.23.

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After the interview:

Michael Snyder of and author of the popular book “End Times” will be here for the Saturday Night Post to talk about what his recent book says, and he tells you what you can do to get ready.


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  1. bill

    Listened to Danielle DeMartino Booth tonight. Janet Yellen’s ‘Run out of money June 1 date’ is false.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree, but why the lying?

      • Trinacria

        Simple gamesmanship. Democrats always lie and try to instill fear.
        I hope the 20 or so republicans in the house hold firm in order to get real cuts and cut the crap out of the weaponized bureaucracy for openers. These demon-rats have really crossed lines that have never been crossed before. People need to realize that this is NOT the democrats of JFK; these are hard core Marxists, and one cannot play nice any longer. There is enough money coming in to NOT default on the debt and pay the social security/Medicare. The rest needs a priority plan to marshal assets similar to a bankruptcy proceeded. We spend 1 trillion on military while China spends less than 200 billion and Russia less than 100 billion.

        • ricky ray joe bobb

          Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is warning that if the debt ceiling is not raised by congressional legislation by June 1st, the USA could default..

          What a crock…they pull this crap on a regular basis, only to swoop in and ‘save us all’ from certain disaster. I WISH THEY WOULD DEFAULT JUST ONCE.

      • John Collins

        what’s with Rick Ackerman trashing you on Howe St 4/27/23?

      • Mary Marentette

        Lbut why the lying?” hahahahaha, only language they know. We’re in deep doo doo however I think the debt ceiling will be raised again because that ALWAYS happens. Always! We get down to the wire & whew somebody “saves the day.” And dementia Joe will take the credit.

      • Mike

        Washington DC Whitehouse and Capitol get hit by drones. America is saved. Future headlines?

    • Anthony Australia

      Exactly they have not run out of money, only we have. They are not running the printing press for us anymore.
      A look into the future on China where you can’t even grow your own food.
      Totalitarian regimes are the norm now.

      • c

        The distrust of politicians is in the air.
        You still look at and read the politician propaganda.
        Be careful of the returns of spreading made up stories.

        • Anthony Australia

          Propaganda is all over everything and every platform, mainstream and alternative.

      • c
        This is what anti-China propaganda does to Aussies.

        All your words, actions, thoughts and wants leave energy imprints and attach to your soul until they are resolved.

    • odysseus

      None of the posturing matters. The U.S. dollar is the greatest crime scene and fraud in all of history. It has become a total, complete scam. I greatly admire Ed Dowd, and agree with him on most everything, but I think he is totally wrong about the dollar. It is not going to be a “safe haven” that people are going to rush to. The whole world realizes that the United States has become the most corrupt, war-mongering, evil empire in the history of the world, and they are running away from it as fast as they can.

      • Rick

        The SVB and First Republic failures are far more serious than most people believe – and is probably the start of a more lengthy banking crisis (if 800 years of history is any guide) – by historical metrics both stocks and real estate will be very vulnerable to “a systemic banking crisis” that could last for years – two finance professors (Andrew Metrick of Yale’s School of Management and Paul Schmelzing of Boston College and Stanford’s Hoover Institution) did a study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research in late March 2023 where they argue the FDIC bailout of Silicon Valley Bank was not an isolated event “and was instead symptomatic of a much larger problem” (the professors reached their conclusions by comparing regulators behavior in the current crisis with how regulators reacted in the past during almost 2,000 historical banking-sector interventions in 138 countries dating back to the 13 century) – and from the past pattern they concluded the current crisis will be more severe than many investors dare to realize – since writing their article the banking crisis “has gotten a lot worse” – the First Republic bailout is the second-largest in US history – and now PacWest Bank is on the ropes – so more then likely we are already in the beginning stages of a “Systemic Bank-Distress Episode” where a “systemic banking distress crisis” is a situation where a large number of a country’s corporate and financial sectors experience defaults (resulting in non-performing loans “that exhaust the banking systems capital” accompanied by depressed stock and real estate prices) – yet – the Fed continues to raise interest rates (like they are “trying to create” a systemic banking crisis – so as to bring in their “new digital currency” that will better control how people spend their money – and Digital Currency will give the Fed the power to “subtract money right out of peoples saving accounts” for any crazy reason they choose (i.e. like if you ate a beef steak instead of a bug burger – or – your Social Score declined because you don’t like the taste of bugs and you farted to much eating beans)!!

    • odysseus

      None of the dollar posturing makes any difference. The U. S. dollar has become the most corrupt currency scam in all of human history. I greatly admire Ed Dowd and agree with him on most everything. But I think he is totally wrong about the dollar. The whole world now realizes that the United States is the most corrupt, war-mongering, evil empire in the history of the world, and they are running away from it as fast as they can. Their greatest hope is that the northern-hemispheric nuclear annihilation the U.S. neocons lust for and are working non-stop to achieve will not wipe them out. At this point, anyone who believes that there is a strong future for the currency of a lost, evil empire is going to be financially destroyed. When it comes to the dollar, Ed is looking in the rear view mirror. Sorry, but he is not seeing the future. There are very few global taboos. One of them is incest. People all over the world despise that. But there is something else they universally despise: bullies. The United States has become the epitome of a corrupt, bankrupt, arrogant bully. The people of the world are sick of it. And they’re not going to tolerate it any more. They are going to dump dollars in disgust, as they should.

      • Tin foil hat

        I agree with you and Ed Dowd. Yes, the world is sick of the dollar but they are stuck with it for now. It’s just not that easy to completely shake loose of the dollar. It would be a lot easier with the euro but not so much with the yuan.

        I think we still have 5-10 years unless the Deep State pulls another rabbit out of the hat.

    • Alexander

      Dear Greg,
      we’ve been big fans of you and your informative reporting, continuing into the future. The topics you are covering, and their content are alarming, urgent and distressing in and of themselves. It would be helpful to the avg. listener if the stress level could be turned down somewhat, by just reporting on them w.o additional emphasis, as we all already share in the justified outrage you’re expressing. Namaste:-)

    • Peter

      I just heard the IRS say that the government will run out of money on June 7.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Our acknowledged national debt is $33 trillion. I’d say we are out of money quite some time ago! Best always. PM

        • Tin foil hat

          Lol, you nail it. Perhaps “For crying out loud” is more appropriate.

      • Rick

        The IRS may be running out of money “but not ammo” – the IRS has stockpiled 4,500 guns and five million rounds of ammunition including 621 shotguns, 539 long-barrel AR-15 rifles and 15 sub-machine guns – while the American public has to jump through an increasing number of hoops in order to own a gun – federal agencies have been placing orders for hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow point bullets and military gear – take a look at the Veterans Administration they purchased 11 million rounds of ammunition (equivalent to 2,800 rounds for each of their officers), along with camouflage uniforms, riot helmets and shields, specialized image enhancement devices and tactical lighting – seems the Deep State is developing its own “Standing Army” (which is growing at an alarming rate) – the Department of Health and Human Services just acquired 4 million rounds of ammunition, in addition to 1,300 guns, including five sub-machine guns and 189 automatic firearms for its Office of Inspector General – so what is going on?? – why the rapid “Militarization of US Executive Agencies”?? – even the Social Security Administration recently secured 800,000 rounds of ammunition for their special agents, as well as armor and guns – and the Environmental Protection Agency owns 600 guns even the Smithsonian employs 620-armed “special agents” – and Amtrak and NASA both “have their own SWAT teams” – now for a Nation with 15,000 Thermo-nuclear Hydrogen Bombs amd all kinds of advanced Weapon Systems costing us taxpayers a Trillion dollars per year to maintain – What In The World is the Necessity for having a “De-facto Army of Administrative, Non-military, Paper-pushing Bureaucrats (Which Is Not Necessary for Our National Security)??? – Tell me why our Department of Agriculture needs .40 caliber semi-automatic sub-machine guns and hollow-point bullets, ballistic vests and body armor??? – This “Deep State Standing Army” being created has the power to completely disregard our Constitution and Rule of Law “by force” (exactly what America’s founders feared) and this danger should not be ignored.
        But then an obvious question arises in my mind – Why is it that the Banks (which are effectively Quasi-government Agencies) not in need of Armored Personnel Carriers with Gun Ports, sub-machine guns with 30-round magazines, precision battlefield sniper rifles, and military-grade assault-style rifles and carbines (to protect the Banksters when they begin to take the American peoples money out of their bank accounts) when they do their bail-ins of our digital money???

  2. Richard T Bruno

    The video doesn’t come up.

    Try this Richard:
    (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

  3. Jayna Williams

    Not worried. We have tons of liquidity MORE than we did in 2008. So, $564b is not much compared to the liquidity we have now. So, I really don’t see anything too horrible. Yeah, it bad, but not THAT bad. Just make sure your accounts are in the bigger banks.

    • Greg Hunter

      The 4 biggest banks have $188 trillion in derivatives. Is that safe?? I don’t think so.

      • Brian Vaci

        Add to that the fact that all LIBOR contracts must be converted to SOFR contracts by June 30, 2023.
        Trillions of dollars converting to new contracts with different rates.
        What could go wrong?
        Now there’s a story no one is talking about.

        • AJ54

          And the head of JPM just took a trip to China, first one in many years

      • jill

        Exactly. Moving your money to the big banks is what Yellen wants you to do. Don’t do it. As far as I can tell, they are ALL lying to you ALL the time…..Biden, Yellen, Jim Cramer, the msm…….

      • Shiloh1

        Bank Derivatives and more –

    • odysseus

      It is simply astonishing the denial that people are in. “Not worried.” That will go down in history as one of the most idiotic comments of all times. And who are you, Jayna? Do you have any educational or professional credentials whatsoever to support your comment? Do you have any right whatsoever to lure your fellow citizens into complacency and idiocy with your moronic observations? Where do you get your information? CNBC? “Yeah, it [sic] bad, but not THAT bad.” If you cannot even express your thoughts in basic English, how are we to believe that you are some kind of geoeconomic genius, Jayna? What would “THAT bad” be, Jayna? Can you enlighten us? I mean, we all know that you are a banking, currency and geoeconomic kingpin, because you posture that you are. You have informed us that the situation “it bad,” and you know exactly what “THAT bad” is not, but don’t leave us dangling. Please share with us your deep, deep analysis … we can’t wait to hear it. Share with us your deep insight as to what “it bad” and “THAT bad” really are. We desperately need to know. People had better buckle up if they are actually listening to empty, idiotic, basement-dwelling clowns lecture them about their financial futures, which are about to collapse.
      Idiots posing as experts should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. David Gordon Dunne

    Deceit and lies are all Satan has and he has most the power on earth but God wins in the end. We live in Thailand and people over here just think that so many Taiwanese want to reunify with China and this is the Political Party coming in power there. Why a war over this and not come home and get our country straightened out as time is running out now?
    Open Borders are going to take our country down all the way and the Commie Demoncrats are all in on this.

  5. goat

    Isaiah 32:5-8
    5The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful. 6For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail. 7The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right. 8But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.
    King James Version (KJV)

  6. goat

    Liberal \Lib”er*al\ (l[i^]b”[~e]r*al), a. [F. lib[‘e]ral, L.
    liberalis, from liber free; perh. akin to libet, lubet, it
    pleases, E. lief. Cf. {Deliver}.]
    1. Free by birth; hence, befitting a freeman or gentleman;
    refined; noble; independent; free; not servile or mean;
    Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

  7. barsoom43

    The US is at the end of the Tytler Cycle just as he predicted over 200 years ago.. The last stage is dictatorship.. If the Future Fuhrer wants complete control, they must disarm us which might explain all these mass shootings as a pretext for disarmament..
    If those idiots in DC could balance the budget and have so little as $50B/year to pay against the debt of $31.8T, it would take over 600 years to retire it.. That will never happen.. The US is going to collapse and breakup just as did the USSR.. The sane amongst us have hope in our state governments.. The insane neo-commies will go on to form their idea of the Workers’ Paradise..

    • Paul from Indiana

      The end you describe is inevitable. The Roman Empire is no longer, but a political entity known as Italy currently occupies the original ground. What awaits this continent? As Napoleon famously said, “After me (comes) the flood.” Best always. PM

    • RichMac

      Yes, I thing the last stage is dictatorship indeed. I imagine a reign of terror of the anti-Christ coming next/soon. Sheeple and many good folks will be duped into thinking he is a great man or entity and some kind of “savior.” Beware as this could come right after the SHTF. We need to stay close God and the our Lord, Jesus Christ through prayer so we can receive personal revelation for ourselves and families more now than ever. I am personally watching out for the UN, as I think the anti-Christ could rise from there…. Gaining power here in America first, and rule the world with much oppression on then later conscentrating on persecuting the Jews in Israel. These are the impressions I get when I pray after reading Daniel and Revelations. The oppression will be so bad this time that the Lord will not suffer the persecution of His people and He will return to cleanse the world and bring in the Millenium. So I try to stay faithful, as things will get so bad but the return of the Messiah will be absolutely wonderful. God Bless.

  8. goat

    One free from restraint; one who acts according to his impulses and desires; now, specifically, one who gives rein to lust; a rake; a debauchee.
    Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

  9. Jolie1

    The average American does NOT WANT this UKRAINE CONFLICT & the federal government is NOT us. People are frustrated with the situation.

  10. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter a great analysis.
    Here in the UK we have the coronation of our WEF King and if we don’t like it,tough!
    Sad really as the King is surrounded by poisonous characters as are our government.
    Well at least our economy is just so appaling and our people so lethargic that any ivading force can walk right in and will be applauded,rather like May 1942.
    As for the political body being on our side well,
    Rather depressing.
    Ant the UK has been sending arms for use by degenerates in the Ukraine
    Many of those weapons turn up back in Europe and the UK how ironic.

    • Felicia Music

      Maria, I’ve heard that you will be required to plead allegiance to King Charles or you won’t be able to “buy or sell”. King Charles is deeply committed to Satan – the royal family is known to be involved in extreme evil practices and rituals. And…it’s being discussed that Charles will be revealed as ruler of the world and an allegiance will be required. (I’m awaiting a book going into the details of Charles and the royal family’s links to the dark Satanic world. The author spent 10 yrs researching for the book)

  11. neil

    Lying is their language Greg, their one and only language.

  12. John Kamikawa

    What happened to your “Fear Not…” comment at the end of this week’s broadcast. I miss it….

  13. Lynn Scott

    Greg are you Jewish? Do you know Jesus as your savior? Do you believe he is the messiah? I hope so. I sincerely don’t want you or your family to go through the tribulation. Jesus is the best only answer

    • Ray

      Fair Dinkum Lynn!!!!!
      Did you even watch the video?
      No wonder America finds itself in the situation that it now stands (kneels) in.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

  14. Trish

    Are credit unions safer than banks?

    • andyb

      absolutely; no derivatives plus majority of assets are home and car loans which, in case of default, bring close to par now at sale.

      • Wayne


        You are mistaken about credit unions not having derivatives. Some credit unions actually do. Here is a list of credit unions that have them.

        Also, the majority of banks do not have derivatives either. In general credit unions have the same problems as the banks with the sharp rise in interest rates. Some credit unions, just like many banks, have some of their securities classified as held-to-maturity (HTM), which means that you do not really know what the current market value of those securities are. The current market value of those held-to-maturity securities are almost certain to be less than what they state in their financial statements. Currently some credit unions are probably insolvent just like some banks if they were to price all of their securities mark-to-market (MTM). I would say that the average small local bank is in general pretty much like the local credit union. One needs to judge each financial institution separately to find the best choice.

    • Wayne


      You asked, “are credit unions safer than banks”. In general, they might be depending on what you mean by safer. You can’t judge all banks and all credit unions as being the same since each bank and credit union have differences like how well capitalized they are, the amount of liquidity, the quality of assets, how profitable they are etc… I would say that there are some banks that are just as “safe” as most credit unions and even safer than some credit unions. One needs to do some research on each individual financial institution to make a determination.

      Here are two websites that I use to look at the financial condition of a bank or credit union. The second one, Weiss Ratings, is probably easier to use for the average person since it gives their ratings of each bank and credit union.

      Please note that that the ratings from Weiss are not always going to be a very good indicator on the health of a financial institution however most times they are. This can be seen in the links below which gives a list of bank and credit union failures and their ratings at the time that they failed.

      • Trish

        Thank you for the information!

  15. Anita Harkrader

    The VA hospital here in Boise idaho just sent out a memo stating that it will still require all hospital employees to be vaxxed with the death jab.

    • Jerry

      IMO the VA hospitals are a waste, the service is less than desirable and for that reason I do not go. This is a travesty!!!

  16. The Meek Shall Inherit EARTH!

    FULL Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. interview on CNN Smerconish (2023)
    Michael Smerconish 120K views 5 days ago

    • Ski

      Smerconish is a POS! Don’t believe anything he says and follow the oppspite of what he says. Do some research on him.

  17. Thomas J. Jefferdson

    Many who believe in evolution assert that God does not exist or that he will not intervene in human affairs. In either case, our future would rest in the hands of political, academic, and religious leaders. Judging from the past record of such men, the chaos, conflict, and corruption that blight human society would continue. If, indeed, evolution were true, there would seem to be ample reason to live by the fatalistic motto: “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we are to die.”​—1 Corinthians 15:32.

    By contrast, the Bible teaches: “With [God] is the source of life.” (Psalm 36:9) Those words have profound implications.

    If what the Bible says is true, life does have meaning. Our Creator has a loving purpose that extends to all who choose to live in accord with his will. (Ecclesiastes 12:13) That purpose includes the promise of life in a world free of chaos, conflict, and corruption​—and even free of death.​—Psalm 37:10, 11; Isaiah 25:6-8.
    With good reason, millions of people around the world believe that learning about God and obeying him give meaning to life as nothing else can! (John 17:3) Such a belief is not based on mere wishful thinking. The evidence is clear​—life was created.
    “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a well-known phrase from the United States Declaration of Independence. The phrase gives three examples of the unalienable rights which the Declaration says have been given to all humans by their Creator, and which governments are created to protect.

  18. Colin Maxwell

    Hi All

    So many strange things going on at the moment including the fact that a very well-known financial blog site, which at this stage will remain nameless, poses as a bastion that asks the real questions which so urgently need to be asked about the unravelling US financial casino.

    Yet clearly this site has some hidden agenda as they hide from the big uncomfortable questions. I ask the question – does this entity get off on operating an echo chamber in order to control what appears to me to be a kingdom of grovelling sycophants, OR is there something much more sinister behind this tight rein on the subject manner and narrative?

    The principal of the site is a full-time professional – surely he could shoot me down in flames in a jiffy if my post was ill-founded or based on misinformation.

    The comment went into moderation and then disappeared completely. I kept screenshots of the post, time and date, and proof of the subsequent beginning because I find the behaviour of the site to be highly suspicious.

    I also absolutely welcome critique of all/any of my premises, if they are out of line, from the many astute commenters here on USAWD.

    Anyway, without any further ado, here is the actual comment…
    Wow, Wolf… you said in reply to Mike… “The big problem this country now has is INFLATION.”

    IMO you are both wrong, as the entire US casino financial model is just one giant insolvent Ponzi scheme anyway.

    INFLATION is only one of the problems and in essence, it is simply a function of a fiat system unravelling and a systemic breakdown that will make the 2008 GFC look like a Sunday school picnic by comparison.

    I don’t even put INFLATION on my list, because it is purely a function of other idiocy – furthermore, it has no correlation to business cycles. We need to start putting the cart behind the horse, not the other way around, as the Fed and the Treasury persist in doing.

    As Rickards recently pointed out (and Richard Werner constantly does too) GROWTH and INFLATION are empirically unrelated.

    1960s – Low inflation coincided with high growth
    1970s – High inflation coincided with low growth
    1990s – Moderate inflation coincided with high growth
    2010s – Low inflation coincided with low growth

    The Fed focuses on all of the lagging indicators and basically fixates on the rearview mirror – in doing so they persistently get everything “wrong”. Albeit not wrong for them because this admirably fits their age old pump and dump playbook.

    Of course, in general, the primary function of any central bank is to ensure the survival of the commercial banking system.

    This is all the more stark in a model like the Fed where all shares are privately owned. Given that between Citi and JPM, they own more than 70% of the shares of the main money spigot, the New York Fed, of course we know who they will carry water for.

    Little wonder then that it was going to be one of those two banks that got to carve up the FRB carcase and to get to keep all the good cuts. Nothing the Fed ever does is for the good of Mainstreet or to foster healthy growth and sustainable long-term wealth of society.

    Their sole purpose is to line the pockets of the plutocrat owners and cronies at the direct expense of the country’s labour resource and the real economy.

    So here is my 2-cents worth list of what I regard as “big problems” – actually, the are not just big – they are all in themselves monumental …

    #1 The petrodollar is literally on fire and as such the US dollar no longer has any backing other than trust – that trust is mostly gone too – refer to reasons in #2 to explain why that is the case.

    #2 The need or desire for other nations to hold US dollar reserves is in freefall which will lead to hyperinflation. 90% of the population of the world is clamouring to join the BRIIC+ bloc which is quickly moving into hard-backed sovereign currencies and trade instruments, which will further undermine the use of and trust in the US dollar.

    #3 US citizens, including babies, have an average. debt (adding in unfunded liabilities) of $500K.

    #4 For US taxpayers this debt is a staggering $800K. The entire economy is farcically insolvent, leaving zero basis to move back into a functional economy without first going through a complete meltdown so that something sustainable can emerge out of the ashes.

    #5 As the asset bubbles burst, as a result of totally irresponsible interest rate policy for more than 20 years, the balance sheets of all banks will suffer and this will further restrict their ability to lend which will further stifle the entire economy.

    #6 We are not seeing the full effects of the BTFP where the Fed will pay out banks with long-dated bonds at face value and those banks hold that money for a year. If they lend this back out into the market it will provide extra liquidity but what happens in a year’s time when the Fed will supposedly ask for this money to be paid back? That would be QT and another predictable market disaster.

    #7 Now at ~$32T, Govt debt is growing by $1T every 6 months and if off-balance-sheet debt is added in, then the total public debt is probably well north of $200T. The US Treasury is massively insolvent and the only way out is default or hyperinflation which is technically default anyway.

    #8 Obscenely large derivative books held by all the large banks which in turn are a time bomb when you consider #1-6.

    #9 The fact that the CBs of the world, including the BIS, worked as a team to protect the major Western currencies – not anymore. Since the new Basel rules kicked in Dec 31 2022 the Fed is on its own and it is no longer feasible to protect the dollar by globally manipulating the gold paper market in order to mask the now inevitable drop in the dollar compared to physical deliverable gold.

    #10 The Fed fight tooth and nail with the Treasury and this is no way for any country to function even in good times – with an imminent systemic meltdown they are a completely dysfunctional disaster.

    #11 Subprimes, including the massive CRE elephant, lurk around every corner and combined are exponentially higher than the catalyst that brought on the 2008 GFC and reverberated around the world. 2023 sees all the underlying fundamentals far more serious than the 1929 crash where stock markets took 25 years to return to pre-depression levels. As these asset bubbles domino, what will this do to bank balance sheets and the desperate need for liquidity in an economy in terminal decline?

    That’s only 11 reasons but each of these is enough on its own to bring down this massive house of cards. I could come up with a lot more than this but I would hit the word count limit.

    With all of this happening concurrently 2023 is set to be a tragically wild ride.

    Thank goodness the BRIICS+ bloc has spent a very patient 20 years getting their systems trialled and installed so that at least some damage control can come out of this debacle – they are deploying new trade instruments and systems that no longer rely on a currency and hegemonic financial system that is in rapid terminal decline.

    • Shiloh1

      You had me at “Wolf”. C’mon man, he lives in San Francisco!

      These are good questions for John Titus, when Greg has him on next time.

      • Colin Maxwell

        Yes indeed Shiloh, I did provide a wee clue with a first name, didn’t I.

        And all the while I was trying to be ever so discreet – until I suddenly remembered what an arrogant SOB he is!

        You get it, especially the SF location factor- well spotted!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Ironically, any, or several, of those items you mention are the saving of America. A complete collapse is what’s necessary to force a restart and replacement of the government, which is out of control and has been since 1913. No pain, no gain. Observation through a life of 70 years is leading me to the conclusion that people are not generally capable of effective self-government. Best always. PM

      • Colin Maxwell

        Absolutely Paul… precisely my thoughts!

        This will be the mother of all socioeconomic renaissances in 2000 years. And yes, it will be a very painful birth.

        I have clung to this rock for 68 years and in my time not a single year has passed by where the AAZ alliance has not been at war with at least one country around the globe.

        This renaissance will be the end of the perpetual banker’s wars. At least we have that to look forward to and to actually celebrate the fact that we have had the incredible privilege to witness and be part of, the most momentous event for humanity in more than 2 millennia.

    • Naomi Pierce

      “WE STAND at Armageddon and we battle for the Lord.” With those words, former U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt applied the term “Armageddon” to a political battle in which he was involved. So, should we search for Armageddon in the political arena?
      Several years ago, the Canadian magazine Business Life carried an article entitled “Economic Armageddon.” A subtitle asked: “Could Third World default on debt trigger our economic collapse?” Today, the west is primed for economic and atomic warfare disaster! But should we think of Armageddon as a financial
      or WWIII, disaster?
      According to the journal Newsweek, the world’s end became a campaign issue during a 1984 presidential debate. On that occasion, then U.S. president Ronald Reagan “was asked if he truly believes that the world is headed for a ‘nuclear Armageddon.’ Reagan acknowledged ‘philosophical discussions’ about the coincidence between current events and Biblical signs portending the last days, but the commander in chief insisted that he has never said that ‘we must plan according to Armageddon.’” Yet, should our search for the meaning of Armageddon focus on military action that threatens nuclear holocaust?

      Many religious people say that Armageddon is a battle. But early in the 19th century, Bible scholar Adam Clarke wrote: “How ridiculous have been the conjectures of men relative to this point! Within the last twenty years this battle has been fought at various places, according to our purblind seers and self-inspired prophets! At one time it was Austerlitz, at another Moscow, at another Leipsic, and now Waterloo! And thus they have gone on, and will go on, confounding and being confounded.” Included, too, could be “anguish of nations, not knowing the way out . . . while men become faint out of fear” because of events taking place in the heavens above and in the seas around them. (Luke 21:10, 11, 25-32; Matthew 24:12; compare 2 Timothy 3:1-5.) In contrast to all of this, but as part of the sign, Jesus foretold a global preaching of the good news of God’s Kingdom despite international persecution of his followers. (Mark 13:9-13) Does that description specifically fit the time in which we are living?
      Searching for the meaning of Armageddon clearly raises some vital questions. What is Armageddon? If it is a battle, who will be the participants? Why will it be fought? Where will it take place? And when will Armageddon occur? Greg’s guest tomorrow, should be very enlightening. As we stare down the precipice of not knowing a way out of this bloody mess we find ourselves in.

    • Ray

      Excellent post Colin……thank you.
      I will put this as brief & succinct as I can.
      The blog at Wolf Street……..its proprietor and the majority of its audience, their #1 concern is MONEY.
      The blog at USAWATCHDOG……..its proprietor and the majority of its audience, their #1 concern is HONESTY.
      Therein layeth the difference (and quite possibly, the way forward that is required to fix your valid concerns 1 through to 11).

      Keep the good stuff coming mate…….loved the logic and wisdom in your post.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Colin Maxwell

        Thank you Ray – you hit on it, and no doubt know the location of that blog too, and of course, its proximity to some of the worst rot and most obscene wealth in the nation – Shilo and Paul did too.

        I have long read and enjoyed the wisdom of your posts on WD, but took a long hiatus from commenting as I was unceremoniously banned from commenting – in essence for forthrightly predicting that the Fed ownership model would wreak havoc not just on the US but eventually on the entire Western global financial economy.

        Apparently, that was far too unpalatable to print back then – not so much now – funny that.

        I was called a “godless commy whacko living in a black hole of nothingness” for predicting back in 2014 exactly what I stated here again yesterday.

        I also wrote on this subject last year too, right at the beginning of the Russian SMO – it’s all about a train ride – if you would like to take the journey, Ray, it backgrounds why the likes of JPM and Citibank enjoy these extraordinarily obscene privileges at the expense of the entire US economy –

    • Colin Maxwell

      When I wrote this comment, I neglected to specifically mention the question of moral hazard, which in itself is so humongous that this factor alone is enough to bring down the entire Western financial casino.

      Charles Hugh Smith beautifully outlines one aspect of this in the link below. Of course, moral hazard gone wild runs deep, right through Western financial “capitalism”. There is much more to this than just the way the massive expansion manifests within the Fed’s balance sheet – it also feeds endless asset bubbles, leads to all manner of malinvestment, the creation of boondoggles, subprimes, and endless toxic debt.

      … quoted…

      “The problem is the trading-rats’ confidence in the Fed Put incentivizes a near-infinite expansion of moral hazard as the trading-rats can expand debt and leverage without any limit because the consequences (potentially devastating losses) have been taken off the table by the Fed’s “guaranteed” reversal of any swoon in risk assets.”

      This is also yet another reason why it is farcical to even refer to the Western financial system as “capitalism” – it is nothing of the sort…

  19. Mat G

    If the vax doesn’t kill you maybe your neighbor will…

    An Illinois man using a leaf blower on his property was allegedly shot and killed by his neighbor this month, becoming the latest in a string of shooting victims purportedly targeted while doing everyday tasks.

    • Mr Nobody

      the dumbest sick armry under the complete controll of the obama regime is turning good people against each other. Infrn agrd members have the mark of the beast app on their phone, and they believe whatever the lie is that comes across tgheir phone. Then they get to play secret agent man for the corrupt fbi, and target their innocent neighbors because of the lied the fbi spews to its minion nazzi members.
      Nazzi germany did the same thing. They built a dumbest sick army and turned people against each other.
      You are either with us or the terrorists was a true statement. If you refuse to joint eh dumbest sick army you are a terrorist and you will face helles children every single day.
      You inferngard members will anwer to the Lord for just following orders.

    • Colin Maxwell

      Hi Naomi

      You asked… ” Armageddon?​—When?”

      I’d say a complete “Armageddon” will only eventuate if the crazies in the halls of power invoke the Sampson option when they begin to see the entire casino going up in smoke.

      I believe the meltdown will happen within 3 months and that will be the point where this debacle will become an existential threat to the survival of the human species.

      The most dangerous players from this point of view are those that have evangelical rapturous beliefs, as they actually glorify, and even welcome a final cataclysmic showdown.

  20. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

    • Ray

      Hey Roger,
      I see your note thanking Greg each week…’s clear you are a regular here.
      I’d love to receive some comment from you on all that’s going on in the world.
      Speak up, Brother 🙂
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

  21. Marie Joy

    Get as much of your money from the bank as possible and put it into PMs and tangibles.
    Fortify your personal security and your home security as high as you can. Fortify windows and doors. Get a visual security system. Don’t answer the door without knowing who it is. Don’t let strangers inside.
    Fortify your state of mind and body. Exercise inside your house if possible.
    Russia has to retaliate or Putin will look weak.
    It will all come down very fast, like over a weekend.
    I expect grid down.
    Ammo up. Reloaders. NOW!
    Stop watching TV. Stop buying from the country across the sea, if you can.
    Jail for traitors and mass murderers is NOT enough.
    IF you had the bioweapon. take Ivermectin, and more, for the rest of your life. 12 mg per 100 pounds of body weight, every day, forever. IF you’re exposed to the jabbed, it may be a good idea to protect yourself from their shedding the same way.
    GET IN BETTER SHAPE and get ready.
    I think it will be up to us.

    • Mat G

      Add an armed robot security team to the list.
      But who can afford armed robots for protection?
      Only the elite, warns John Rubino.

      “This single question occupied us for the rest of the hour. They knew armed guards would be required to protect their compounds from the angry mobs. But how would they pay the guards once money was worthless? What would stop the guards from choosing their own leader? The billionaires considered using special combination locks on the food supply that only they knew. Or making guards wear disciplinary collars of some kind in return for their survival. Or maybe building robots to serve as guards and workers — if that technology could be developed in time.”

  22. jomer

    Greg, was your friend who states Biden only has a 9% approval around back in 2016?

    The reason I ask is because, if you recall, Hillary had a big firework display planned for her inauguration, but then cancelled them the Thursday before election day. She must have had known she was not going to beat Trump.

    Maybe your friend was the one suppling her with the real numbers? If so, it would confirm their accuracy.

    • Greg Hunter

      9% approval rating right now. Maybe, but I do not know.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Martin Armstrong, among others, has reported that number. Common sense and observation confirm that the general approval rating of the current administration is nowhere near the 40% that is being handed out by the captive MSM. Best always. PM

  23. Tommy

    Why have a debt ceiling? We just keep raising it every year so why not just have no ceiling? The sky is the limit. It’s all going to end the same anyway.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, it’s silly, but it’s all part of the show, carrying on as if any of it has any meaning at all. I’m with you; remove the ceiling and get it over with. Besides, “they” just might let us get away with it! Best always. PM

  24. John Barry


    Please ask Shelia Skiba of Kings Gate Media about this fulfilled prophecy:
    Please ask Scott Stapp about this prophecy;

    HE has a rescue plan and I wrote about it and none believe. I have the scripture proving this and none will listen. Will you? I see your concern but maybe it is time to investigate this? I have a Trump prophecy as well;

    HE is taking me to the wilderness today on second Passover as it is to be fulfilled and the rescue begins because HIS daughter Immamuel is coming to me today.

    Much Love, John

    • i: a man; travis

      Jesus fulfilled the law….. and the prophets

  25. andyb

    Regarding traffic problems, especially on Interstates and freeways:
    I maintain that the majority of the vaxxed have cognitive issues that are responsible for the spike in highways accidents and deaths. You must be totally aware WHEN DRIVING; no phone calls or texting, and keep appropriate distancing.
    The life you save may be your own.

  26. Stephen Ryals

    April 2023 Trump still took credit for the vax. Still says get boisters. Martina bratoliva fox business interview Trump and he said safe and effective. U can not repot vax death and damage and support Trump u look like a psyco. Trump still takes full credit for it. 700-k voted on this site he has to denounce the vax. 3 years later nothing. Do the math. No one wants Tbone around. He was Epstien best friend. Donated millions to clintons. 4 days after elected gave clintons a standing ovation at White House gala. Lock her up. Lol. U can’t stop the stupid can u? U look insane.

    • Shiloh1

      He was mainly rolled by Jared. Who does he report to?

      If there is an Epstein connection to the family history, then it was with Ivana, who purportedly went ‘scouting/shopping’ with Ghislane.

  27. Jim Hebert

    Farma could have fulfilled the contract by providing ivermectin. Pres, Trump said that they can do the right thing or be destroyed. They chose destruction.

  28. Don

    Hello Greg, I agree wiyh you about Trump, I wish he would come out and explain he was duped on the vaccine’s and so much more! Nobody could of or would have did the job he did. (If someone thinks so, point this person out to me please! There was and is nobody… period !) I will never forget his Presidency! It was exciting, thrilling, humorous, and never seen so much accomplished, against so much resistance that was historical in my lifetime. I will remain loyal to the “Donald”, amazing how some follwers are falling off! You know the adage, “your only useful to me as long as your doing something for me” is true! Your weekly wrap up is the best in the country, You crush the Main Stream Media, and the alternative’s! Love your endings, Fear not, God the Father his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are firmly in Charge! God Bless!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Great president, but it’s not in his DNA to admit fault. You’ll wait in vain for that. Meanwhile, the world moves on. Best always. PM

  29. Shiloh1

    New paper from the Fed, courtesy of William Banzai –

  30. Fred Engel

    What have they done to Trump? nothing and he’s getting free press and exposing the deep state at the same time. Mueller hearing to impeachment hearing, nothing no- thing.
    Listen to his posts he says when he’s I’m back in office. The IRS will meet the military, the US Military has authority over the alphabet agencies. Trump will be back and house cleaning begins.

  31. Stan

    The Gold crash has begun. It will be swift, brutal and unforgiving. I warned you – did you listen?

    • Wayne

      Boy I hope that you are right (for a change). I want to buy more before it heads to $5000.

      • Rick

        Stan loaded up on worthless First Republic Bank stock hoping for the Public to begin jumping in – the only ones who have “a need to buy this essentially worthless stock” are the short sellers – who likely based upon inside information began dumping the stock when it was over $150 dollars per share (and will probably be sued by the shareholders who lost everything taking back any profit they illegally made)!!

    • Ray

      I heard that Marcel Marceau used to listen to you Stan, on a regular basis.
      Blind Freddy also listens to your outlandish gold prognostications, but says he cannot see the logic in them.
      How’s Bentley going? Give him a carrot for me mate.
      Got any new ultra expensive cigars to tell us about?
      How many friends have you actually got over there at the NY Fed……can you name JUST ONE so that we can call them up and ask them if they have ever heard of you?
      What’s the happs over in La La Land Stan?
      Pray tell…….what are all the other Mum & Dad basement dwellers doing with their time between say 3.00am and 6.00am each day?
      I am asking on behalf of your old mate Theodore……..he says you haven’t been in touch in ages and has concerns for you.
      Oh…..and whilst I remember…….how’s your old mate Steve Wynn going?
      Theodore told us here a few years ago that Mr Wynn had to have you personally removed from one of his casinos after you broke the bank there.
      What mirth ye doth deliver unto us Stan!
      God Bless You mate.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Stan

        Ray: My Bentleys are fine, thank you for asking. As for cigars, I’m enjoying a Davidoff Double R right now as I sit in the captain’s chair of my Bertram 61. I heard you are looking for a job. You can clean my Bertram 61 weekly here in St Maarten. Are you interested?

        • Ray

          Hi Stan,
          Mate……I’m disappointed actually.
          For all your fabulous wealth……CASINO BUSTING, GOLD SHORTING WEALTH……you only have an 18m boat?
          No thanks…..I am gainfully employed and wouldn’t clean someone else’s tug boat anyway, no matter how much they paid me.
          Thanks for the entertainment & mirth…….keep the good stuff coming.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  32. Claude

    Dear Greg,
    I don’t have access to Ed Dowd’s email, but perhaps you do. We know that the lipid nanoparticles enter ovaries and testis and there are menstrual irregularities and miscarriages. Some of the harm from the Vax should be reflected in fertility clinic data. Could you ask Mr. Down to see if there has been an increase in young people enrolling in fertility clinics? To help Mr. Down out, here are the ICD-10 codes to screen for: Z31.81, Z31.69, Z31.41, N97.9, N46.9, N97.0

  33. Gisela

    Tried to get Converso. Wouldn’t work.
    They’re bringing down the banks to implement CBDCs

    • Paul from Indiana

      CBDCs are coming, banks or no banks. Best always. PM

  34. Rob

    Will the BRICS let us join?

  35. Randy Doubosiff

    Did not America JUST send the UK another 300 million !!!!

  36. Dave

    Agree they will get Trump on sedition as they did the Proud Boys yesterday. That makes him ineligible to be President. Look for the prosecutor to have Trump put under house arrest during the trail – that or being prohibited from saying anything about trial. The GOP establishment expects this which is why Haley and others are focusing their guns on DeSantis and not Trump at this point. DeSantis is being criticized across the board (even by McCarthy) for taking on Disney and the woke agenda and for wanting changes to SS to make it solvent. Even Trump is criticizing DeSantis on that. They want to prevent DeSantis from getting the nomination. The plan is a Haley/Scott ticket or some similar establishment pairing.

    The Dems are confident about 2024 after their wins in recent elections in Michigan and Wisconsin. Their turnout was huge compared to the GOP and they used ballot harvesting and other shenanigans to facilitate that win. Rona McDaniel and the RNC did squat in those elections. Charlie Kirk is sending up a red flag that Biden has a good chance of winning in 2024 because of GOP inaction at the grass roots level.

    • Paul from Indiana

      DeSantis can turn the tables on them by not running. I don’t think it’s his time. 2024 is a over a year away, a veritable lifetime in politics. Best always. PM

    • Marie Joy

      WE are letting all this happen without even a whimper.

  37. Randy

    Clif is calling for death of the dollar by this Summer (possible as early as next month). He says it will be so bad that government employees will no longer show up for work because it’s not worth it.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Best news I’ve had all year. We are experiencing death by government. Best always. PM

  38. Fred Dakke

    There are only about eighteen months remaining until we have our possible final opportunity to elect ourselves back to an America that we might recognize. What makes anyone think that the historical nature of man will change within the next eighteen months? Of course, we should do what we can to stop the final demise of America, but we cannot merely wait to see what happens.

    In the article linked below, General Flynn made a projection that makes me think that it is important begin the preparations needed to survive in a Marxist dominated America.

    General Flynn Article – May 05, 2023:

  39. Fred Daake

    A Warning From General Flynn’s Article:

    “If, after destroying our economy, our military, our border, our culture, our Constitution and just about everything else, the senile buffoon somehow ends up with a second term, we will all know in our hearts that the 2024 election was stolen and that we will never again win the White House.”

    General Flynn Article – May 4, 2023:

    • Paul from Indiana

      When I was a kid, this was known as “better Red than dead”. The only people who care about this are OLD anyway. How are we going to fight a revolution at 70, 75, 80? We will have to try to deal with what comes, just like the Russians did. Got vodka? Best always. PM

  40. Brian Roy B.

    June 1 (says Yellen) then July 1 are the next 2 big dates we have to watch for. July 1 is when the USA and the Federal Reserve may declare Force Majeure, and a reset of currency is required as banks turn off all electronic cash and we are on our own possibly until the end of July to early August.
    In effect, the entire US economy (businesses, the Government) stops, and chaos, riots, ;looting, mayhem ensues in urban areas, and since communications go down, we don’t know how badly. If China invades and activates sleepers, the Western USA could be gone in 3 weeks, and we wouldn’t know it until it is over and communications go back up.
    Sorry, we sold you off to pay off our debts, might be the answer on the other side? Hopefully we don’t go that badly.

  41. Jeffrobbins

    I went to a union meeting last month and listened to some people talk about a contract proposal- in a building trades union we negotiate with independent contractors. One of the guys wasn’t sure about the length of contract due to the dollar being rejected around the world, along with a few details. There was probably 200 people there- more than a Biden rally. At that moment i realized something important— a lot of people, of all walks of life are paying attention to these big issues. One person can easily tell a dozen- Jesus’s model. That’s encouraging.

  42. John Maskell

    Great work Greg ! When you mentioned the bio weapon vax I have chills running through my veins . My in-laws are having their 4th shot of this crap . I have screamed my lungs off at them . I’m the the most red pilled guy out there , but they are determined to have it. I have giving them all the statistics of death and side effects , along with the UK VAERS reaction data but no they want it. I told my
    wife to prepare for the worst . I pray that this killer vax is not stored correctly at temperature or is a duff batch but they are playing Russian roulette with this killer. So frustrating and irritating . Looking forward for Saturday night interview . All the best from the UK .

    • Greg Hunter

      Just remember your family can shed on you and make you sick. Get Ivermectin and Nattokinase to combat the shedding. it helps the vaxed too!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Sounds like an update to the lyrics of “Your Cheatin’ Heart”… “your vaxed loved ones will shed on you!” Best always. PM


    Thank you Greg, You covered so much in the news so calmly it was really nice to hear. I truly believe we crossed over a spiritual wall not that we won’t have battles because Jesus said “we are to fight the GOOD fight of faith,why is it good because Jesus said we win” and if we look at the end of the Bible Jesus already said He won and if Jesus won and we have Jesus we have already won. We pray, we praise God for the answer believing we received when we prayed*that’s the good fight part* and do what we can do in the natural.Mark 11;;22-24 Have faith in God. God Bless Ed Dowed for all he’s doing what a dedicated man and not for money when you asked him if he was going to write another book and he said no because he just wanted to put out the facts for people to wake up it showed his character*excellent* no love of money. I could see a sadness about him because of what he see’s, knows. Take hope Ed.
    1 Corinthians 13 Jesus said, Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of these is Love. I cover you Ed with Faith, Hope & Love.
    Great job your children will be proud .

  44. Pamela Hankins

    It seems to me that this is part of the plan to “save us all” from the dangers of the status quo with the advent (and supposed necessity) of CBDCs. Look like the good guy, bail everyone out, make the Government bureaucrats look we need them: and most people will be glad to give them even more power. We are being ‘corralled’.

  45. Karen H Halpenny

    With all that military gear you’re talking about it reminded me of something. I remember during Obama’s terms his alphabet departments were doing the exact same thing. They the (Communists) are building their own army. When push comes to shove we will be fighting them to stay alive.

  46. Mary Marentette

    It says Michael Snyder is on after your piece, but I don’t see that?

    • Greg Hunter

      Mary I forgot to add for the “Saturday Night Post.”

  47. Linda Puetz

    The world is a better place because of great men like you Greg. I wait with eager anticipation for your name on my email list
    Be best,
    Linda Too

  48. z

    `19 banks getting bailed out with 32.6-50 Billion dollars. This is not on cnbc or bloomburg.
    Hidden bank bailouts. CNBC jobs report ? Nope. Its a secret bailout.

    investors business daily.

  49. ken

    IMO this ‘bank’ crises is on purpose. They knew the interest rate rising so fast would be like two covid shots and a booster. They need consolidate banks to bring in the CBDC.

    These people are not stupid but they are psychopaths willing to do whatever it takes to get their CBDC baby rolling.

    Too bad we aren’t as willing to do whatever it takes to stop them.
    There is a price for apathy and passivity. The price we will pay for CBDC will be unbearably painful.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Genius summary. Maybe it all blows up BEFORE they can get their program implemented. That’s all we’ve got, really. Best always. PM

  50. Tommy

    Great News!! Today WHO announced that Covid is over. Yes, it’s over. But you should still keep current with the boosters. I can’t remember which booster we’re up to so I just have a drip bag hooked up to a mobile pole so I can get a continuous infusion.

    • Jerry

      Yeah it “over” alright! Now we wait and see what happens next. But wait we know what happens next! Its not over!

    • Marie Joy

      Someone, smarter than I am, had to tell me that’s sarcasm.

  51. Linda

    Greg, I have a great idea! You should have a physical meet-up of your subscribers. Your sponsors could have booths etc. We could all get together and make s’mores!

    • Jerry

      That’s not a bad idea, in fact I like it! There should be a meet up. The like minded need to stick together!

  52. Marie Joy

    Ivermectin and Colon Cancer on YouTube. The channel is The Cancer Box.

  53. Edward Sno

    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla knew bout this while he was lighting menorha candles months ago.

  54. Kosmo

    The white hat military generals that were supposedly “really in charge of the military” it was said they would re-instate the true winner after the approval of crooked joe sank to below fifteen percent.
    And of course, it never happened.
    Personally. I think it is all one big production, and Trump is just another actor.
    Meanwhile the WEB catches and kills all the awakened fish they can find, as fast as they can, intent on rebuilding society with stolen children and brainwashed humans.

  55. Cosmic Debris

    You know I see so many complaining about those people – friends and family who do not listen to them regarding the vax and money and the end of life as we know it – stuff – and I don’t even try because I love mankind – I love everyone – but so does the christ that was in Jesus – but what did Jesus say more than once – “YOU BETTER LISTEN UP – IF YOU HAVE THE EARS TO HEAR.” === so he was talking about the spirit of the person not their hearing ability – like did they have any spiritual discernment – also we can see that Jesus did not stick on one place and keep repeating the same message over and over – he was a traveling man – often I wonder how we got in the habit of churches – seems to me that the Church that Jesus attended was the church of the soul and it had no walls – but anyway – why get all stressed out if people don’t want to hear you – don’t want to listen you – if they ask you will speak – the will have the ears to hear – otherwise your wasting your time trying to be a good human and make I don’t think you earn any points with god aggravating people who are spiritually dumb asses. Just love them silently and cross the street when you see them coming.

  56. Marie Joy

    “The more you jump. The more you submit. The more you bark like a seal for the fish… The more they’ve got their full control over you.” Alex Jones

  57. Marie Joy

    WE are letting this happen.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes. Did you expect otherwise? Best always. PM

    • Paul from Indiana

      That’s true, but it doesn’t invalidate it or make it any less real. Best always. PM

  58. Marie Joy

    AJ has a Youtube channel called Information Warfare.

  59. Marie Joy

    Lately, Social Security payments have been coming into banks, digitally, 2 days BEFORE their scheduled date. It may be to give the elderly one more month of life before their monthly payments disappear. That’s just a guess.

    • Jerry

      Hmmm, strange? VA payment for this month May would have normally been deposited on the 1st. as always. But instead it was deposited on the 28th. of April.

  60. Prospector


    In the short clip he calls it ” A License To Live “. What began as a Covid contact tracing , vaxx passports and QR check in’s , will become the Big Brother Digital Identity , NO Privacy and a CBDC to track and control all purchases.
    ( He is like the Rand Paul from down Down Under )

    🚨🇦🇺 Australia-DIGITAL I.D 🇦🇺🚨

    Like with Covid – Ozzies leading the way in the Tyrannical Authoritative stakes- this time with Digital ID

    Senator Malcolm Roberts tells it as it is, which is TOTAL Government control which will be used to usher in a Social Credit Chinese system
    Twitter : Concerned Citizen @cotupacs

  61. Marie Joy

    This was on Information Warfare, AJ’s Youtube channel, today, titled “Yuval Noah Harari Endorses AI Directed Thought Discrimination”.

  62. Shiloh1

    Latest on Gonzalo Lira – on Automatic Earth blog post today – arrested by Ukrainian secret police.

    Another thing that has jackass neocon Blinkin doesn’t know any thing about, I’m sure!

  63. regaleagle

    Just as an aside…….my son and I did celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Lupe Tortillas yesterday with their Grandioso……a platter of grilled beef, chicken, and bacon wrapped shrimp with all the sides……just because I’m a native Texan and it may well be the last Cinco de Mayo we will have an opportunity to celebrate. I have no Mexican descent at all, but in Texas it is kind of a tradition for all Texans to eat Mexican food on this day. IF you live in Texas now and are not privy to this Cinco de Mayo tradition……well now you are. The restaurant was packed with waiting times of up to 1.5 hrs. Most likely my last splurge before the financial purge.

  64. Miles

    Greg, you forgot “Fear Not, Prepare yourself mentally, physically and the most of all spiritually, God The Father, Son and Holy Ghost are firmly in control!”

    • Greg Hunter

      It was a first. So sorry! I did bring up Jesus.

      • Miles

        Definitely not a reprimand…I just like hearing you say it every week.
        Thank you for being a beacon for our Lord and Savior every week!
        God Bless you in your mission and a hedge of protection around you and your family! Psalms 91

        • Greg Hunter

          I like saying it too and just forgot. Greg

  65. Prospector

    What colors do see at coronation ?

    And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: Rev 17-4

  66. Prospector

    He’s right , you know.

    Remember when @SpeakerMcCarthy
    said no more “blank checks” for Ukraine when trying to take the House?

    Now he says he will continue giving weapons and military assistance “as long as I am Speaker”

    ( but for sure he will stand firm on the debt limit …… riiiiight ??? )

  67. Mark

    Hi Greg,

    Holy smokes! Did you see this video from Sen Kennedy? Did he inadvertently let the cat out of the secret government bag re: “geoengineering”?!!!

    Start listening at the 1:25 minute mark up to about the 2:35 minute mark…he states “it’s worth supporting geoengineering”

    Maybe Dane Wigington would like to see this?

    Best regards,


    • Greg Hunter

      Kennedy is for using geoengineering!!!!!!!!! He is an idiot!!! Geoengineering is what is killing the planet!!!

      • Mark

        Hi Greg,

        Yes, I KNOW he is for geoengineering, of which I am AGAINST. I am saying that he PUBLICLY stated “geoengineering” (which the authorites have been silent for decades) is a very big story! I don’t recall any gov official EVER say the word “geoengineering” in PUBLIC.

        I AGREE Kennedy’s opinion is INCORRECT, and that’s why people need to push back against his stance! Of course, spewing aluminum and barium in the atmosphere is NOT GOOD for the Earth or humanity.

        THEREFORE, I think it would be good for Wigington to know about this, so he can push back publicly. Also, I would think progressives who are into saving the earth would be against geoengineering, if they were educated on it. I see this as a opportunity for Wigington to educate people.

        Your thoughts?

    • elle

      Yes he did saw video to bad about him.

  68. Bio Wreck

    Jamie Foxx suffered an aneurysm.
    And, yes, he is fully vaccinated.

  69. elle

    My guess is Putin knows most USA people do not agree with its government so any attack here probably NY, Washington DC, SF,LA TARGETS. On Tucker I think hes going to run for President or vice.

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